What A Girl’s Haircut Says About Her

You’ve probably noticed—especially if you live in an urban setting in the United States or Northern Europe—the proliferation of short haircuts among young women.

That includes anything from the chin-length “bob,” to the so-called “pixie cut,” to the supremely repulsive Skrillex do—where a girl shaves one part of her head, while leaving the rest long, in the style of the famous electronica DJ, Skrillex.

One thing I’ve noticed is that there are some clear patterns in girls with short haircuts, versus girls with hair, say, to the mid-back and beyond.

They tend to (be):

More masculine and argumentative.

These girls are more likely cuss to more, challenge you on trifling details, and try to call the shots.

Willing to pay their own way or buy a round.

They may not mean it, but they’ll grope for their wallets and make a convincing “pump fake,” at least.

More interested in emasculated, effete men.

So, naturally, they feel threatened by a “manly” guy. They’ll dismiss a stronger, confident man as a “douchebag,” even before he opens his mouth. You’ll often see them paired-up longer-term with a bearded, vegan, NPR-listener type who doesn’t make a lot of waves.

Easier to get into bed.

In an effort to prove that they can be just like men, they often have sex quickly and with very few hang-ups.

Enjoy their sex on the rougher side.

Instinct takes over in a big way when the stretched out logical rubber-band in their brain finally gets to relax.

Of course there are exceptions and outliers—and these are based on my (still) unscientific sample. But, see for yourself: do you notice any differences in girls with short hair?

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  1. The Skrillex haircut is one of the easiest ways to identify a freak. As is the case with girls who possess multiple tattoos (particularly those drawn near their erogenous zones), girls wearing the skrillex cut seem to be more sexually open than others and much less adherent to common societal norms in their personal lives. This has been my own anecdotal observation, at least.

    1. And a man who’s only had sex with one woman (his wife) his entire life would know this …….. HOW?

        1. No, you’re talking about Athol Kay, author of Married Man Sex Life (the blog and the book). He is a married white male of about forty years of age who hails from New Zealand.
          I am Athlone McGinnis, an unmarried black male of about 21 years of age with Caribbean heritage and without a book or a blog to my name (though I am an author here). We are two entirely different people.
          Athlone =/= Athol.

        2. Athol/Athlone, about a month ago I was sent an email by a Manosphere sleuth who gave various proofs that you were one and the same and using 2 identities to get more data and material for your next book.
          But I’ll play along if you insist.

        3. “Athol/Athlone, about a month ago I was sent an email by a Manosphere sleuth who gave various proofs that you were one and the same and using 2 identities to get more data and material for your next book.”
          A “manosphere sleuth” sent you “various proofs” that I’m a married 40 year old Kiwi in disguise? Really?
          Alright dude. You go ahead and believe that.
          “But I’ll play along if you insist.”
          Several known quantities in this part of the internet (this would include the administrator of this blog) know of my identity and/or have enough knowledge to quite easily verify it. What you choose to believe is largely irrelevant.

    2. Don’t forget piercings, especially those who have their nipples and clits pierced. Navel piercings are too commonplace anymore.

    3. Whenever I see a “Skrillex” partly shaved haircut on a woman, no matter how pretty she is, I think, “Buzz it all off and start over, Girl!” Those cuts shave a woman’s beauty points down by half. They look like the unsightly shave that someone gets before a head operation.

        1. Whos telling you to post here? They need not give a rat’s ass about his opinion. Fair enough. They aren’t the only girls in the world.

  2. Girls with unfeminine hair seem to be unfeminine in other ways with their appearance as well. Most of the short-haired girls I see wear pants, and rock clothes that don’t show as much skin. The girls with longer hair you see out in skirts and dresses more showing off their shit. In LA anyway…

    1. They also don’t have too many feminine physical features. Ever seen a short-haired girl with T&A? They’re like unicorns.

      1. I have long hair and I wear skirts all the time, but what’s wrong with rock clothing? That’s basically what I wear too, just in a different way. And when girls wear skirts and dresses, it’s not so that they can “show off their shit”, it’s because they feel comfortable in that, and they like the way that they look. Same goes for girls who wear pants and have short hair. We’re not trying to look a certain way to please you, we dress the way we do to keep please ourselves, not you.

        1. Liar. You dress the way you do because you sre told by your worthless friends and stupid magazines what is currently “fashionable”. at the end of the day, if those same idiot friends and equally worthless magazines told you to smear feces on your naked body you would be doing that too. When all is said and done, you are ALWAYS backing one group of men or another. Even now, when you huff and say “wel! I will go full lesbian!” Yiu are actualky backing the State which itself is uktimately dominated by men.
          EVERYTHING you do is to please or gain the attention of others. The only question is, which group of men are you backing up? The ones that care, or the ones that are backstabbing animals?

      2. I guess I’m a unicorn then. I also don’t see the problem with wearing jeans and band Ts rather than mini skirts and stilettos.

  3. All observations are on point except for the easier to get into bed. In my life the two women with the shortest hair were actually the ones that held out the longest. Reasons being 1) claimed past sexual assault 2) religion; but that was bullshit… once inside her she epitomized your last point.

    1. Lol the sexual assualt is probably just her getting dominated, and not enjoying bieng the dominator lmfao. it was an excuse to make you the long bearded vegan who doesnt make alot of waves in order to get in her pants.

  4. Boring in bed. Boring in real life. They are not interesting and they must sense it because they have to cut their hair into a “unique” hairstyle to stand out. Feminine, confident women wear their hair long and are not ashamed of dressing well to attract men. They are also more confident in bed and desire rougher, better sex.

  5. Hair consists of: melanin, silica and proteins. All of which are needed in other parts of the body.
    Do you think the body will produce hair and waste precious resources on something which serves no purpose or role?
    Of course not! If it grows on our scalps – it has some function.
    Hair on our heads are extenstions of the brain – they capture emotional information from the external world, including emotions of the people around us.
    Thats why people with long hair are usually perceived as more sensitive, which is indeed, true.
    Cut your hair and your sensitivity and emotional balance is kaput. Thats why in military you are forced to have a “military hair cut”.
    Look at most talented musicians: Bob Marley, Jimmy Hendrix, Slash, Aretha Franklin, James Brown, Led Zeppelin. All had long dark hair. Skrillex is not a musician. He / She? is a DJ LOL

    1. If hair has function if it grows in that place naturally, then
      1. Why is it societally encouraged for men to cut their hair short?
      2. By that logic shouldn’t all body hair(women) and facial hair (men) be allowed to grow without cutting it?

      1. Right. From what I’ve read of Tuthmosis’ postings thus far, men with long hair are labeled as “male feminists”. If the word “feminist” is synonymous with empathy, emotional balance and (inexplicably) musical talent, then yes, I would be proud to call myself a feminist.

        1. feminist is the furthest thing from empathetic or emotionally balanced. It means you follow a doctrine which dictates that accomadationd should always be made for one gender while the other should be shamed, subjugated, and harmed: do you call that empathy?as for emotional balance.m, do you really think that a group of people who can’t relate or even attempt to relate to half of the world doesn’t have severe emotiojal issues? Deep down you know the answer to these questions.later

    2. I absolutely do not believe that hair is an extension of the brain. If it is, then why does hair keep growing during comas or even after death when the brain has stopped functioning?
      And where are you getting this information from? Hair doesn’t possess some sort of magical Spidey-sense-like ability to perceive emotions of the people around us. It exists simply as covering for our heads.
      And no, in the military, you have a “military hair cut” because longer hair would increase your risk of getting hurt. It is impossible to get your buzzcut caught in a helicopter’s rotors or for it to get in your eyes and obscure your vision, but longer hair could. They enforce hair-length rules for the safety of the soldiers, not to get rid of their emotional balance and sensitivity.
      Go ahead, call me all sorts of terrible names like everyone else who agrees with Tuthmosis does to people who disagree with him. I don’t care. I just couldn’t read one more hopelessly misinformed and misogynistic comment like yours and not reply to it. Have a nice day, sir.


    4. This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever read, and I just read the blog post you’re commenting on.

    5. Dude I despise Manginas but:
      “Hair on our heads are extenstions of the brain – they capture emotional information from the external world, including emotions of the people around us.”
      Do you have any scientific backing for that. It just sounded preposterous to me. Just saying.

  6. Yeah I’d have to say this was a pretty good description of skrillex hair chicks. Maybe this should be a multi-part series where you go into various popular hair styles and give general descriptions on the kind of traits of women with those particular cuts.

      1. Way to be unable to form an actual opinion or defend your stance without being a douche-bag. Nice job, asshole.

      2. I read this comment, and I hear ‘the kitchen’ instead. Seriously, Tony, why do you think you can treat human beings this way?

    1. While I’m not particularly proud of your wording, I’m glad that SOMEONE has finally said something about one of these articles. Goodness gracious. The horror chilling my veins as I’m reading these is insuperable.

      1. I doubt you’ll be back, but just in case i have a great solution for you: stop reading. I effing LOVE Jezebel, but I realize it’s equally as vitriolic against men as this site is against women. You can either appreciate the humor, or get your panties in a bunch over it. No one likes bunched panties, so just moooove it along 😉

        1. Well, here I am. I’ve never read Jezebel, and didn’t know it even existed until I came here. And why are there only two options? Can’t I just decide to feel ambivalent about it and move on? No, I don’t appreciate the humor, but neither are my figurative panties in a bunch. I’ve read it, I’ve disagreed with it, and now it’s time for me to not care.

        2. “And why are there only two options? ”
          Well, you could, like, not read blogs about gender issues. That’s an option. If you don’t like it, don’t read it.

        3. Lol you’re replying to a six month old comment I wrote? I forgot Disqus even existed between now and then.
          And yes, I’m aware that I could do that. But it’s not what I want to do, so it’s simply not what I’m going to do. Thanks, though!

        4. How precisely is this a blog about gender issues? It’s a blog condemning women’s issues and detailing how best to judge, categorise and manipulate us. That isn’t an issue men ‘suffer from’ in any way other than the discrimination that comes along with holding this mindset in the first place.

        5. Lol yourself. You are replying to a reply on a six month old comment where yiu even forgot disqus existed. So who is the real obsessive here?

        6. I mean, both of us? Neither of us? I get an email every time someone replies to this comment for some reason, so it’s not like I keep checking back on it lol. Best wishes mate

  7. This is pretty accurate regarding girls I’ve known who wore their hair short. Let us also not forget the fattie with the “I give up” short haircut (NOT referring to lesbians, just fat chicks who have accepted no man will love them so they might as well be able to save some time in the morning).
    I can think of ONE exception: A female co-worker who, despite being in her mid 30’s, looks like she’s in her early 20’s. If she grows out her hair, especially shoulder length or longer, she looks like she’s a teenager. I’m pretty sure that’s the only reason she keeps her hair short. She’s attractive, feminine (despite the short hair), kept a tight body despite having three kids, and is married to a guy who I would say has alpha characteristics.

    1. Wow, you really creep on your coworker…I’m sure she’s extremely flattered!! It’s a good thing she’s not a “fattie”, otherwise she would be all alone and weeping in the fetal position, just wishing that some strong man would come along and give her a reason to grow her out and start exercising. Q. How long is your mothers hair? This blog is very entertaining to me, it’s similar to taking an entire race and making a prejudgment on them as a whole, based on some “unscientific” findings. For example: All or most white men have a less than stellar member. I mean I haven’t slept with nor seen all of the Caucasian genitalia in the world, I am also no scientist just another average fiddle dick with a laptop. I glad people have their preconceived notions and pass judgment on others especially when looking at my haircut, it keeps people that are insecure about themselves at bay. Anywho this was a hoot I’m going to go let the wind blow through my oh so manly ginger colored short locks of hair. On any given day I can ask my husband why he picked me and he would say “because you’re different”! Hope you are able to find somebody that compliments your individual weirdness!!

      1. P.S. My mother is a cancer survivor. During her chemotherapy treatments she unfortunately lost her hair. I watched her suffer and hurt a lot, the most painful part was watching her loose things which made her feel less feminine. I didn’t want her to meet a world that looks at the outside alone and I cut over 12″ of my hair off in November and I would do it everyday of my life so that she would know she is not alone and that she is beautiful.

  8. unless these skillrexd chics have constant alpha to keep their femininity in a natural state of equilibrium (like rusty example above, or halle berry), they will psychologically start to associate with men and assume more masc traits. like butch lezbos and their self-fulfilling prophecies which manifest themselves physically.

    More interested in emasculated, effete men.
    So, naturally, they feel threatened by a “manly” guy. They’ll dismiss a stronger, confident man as a “douchebag,” even before he opens his mouth. You’ll often see them paired-up longer-term with a bearded, vegan, NPR-listener type who doesn’t make a lot of waves.
    Though this is their preferential (and ultimately failed) long-term mating strategy due to compatibility, they crave a more dominant alpha who they can defer and submit to.

    1. *unquote this part.. its the commentary to the above
      Though this is their preferential (and ultimately failed) long-term mating strategy due to compatibility, they crave a more dominant alpha who they can defer and submit to.

  9. this pretty much sums up a young feminist woman i met a while back, fun and easy but ultimately uptight, a bit highly strung and with some unappealing masculine traits

  10. I’m a girl with a chin length haircut and colorful streaks and I gotta say this is pretty spot on. It’s because I’m not pretty enough to pull off longer, feminine mainstream looks.
    In that vein, I compensate for lack of conventional attractiveness by over exaggerating “guy’s girl” qualities. This is just me but I suspect it’s true across the board.

  11. I cut my hair off and donate it as often as possible. I will continue to give it away until my last breath. 🙂

  12. I cut my hair off and donate it as often as possible. I will continue to do so until my last breath. 🙂
    Girls with long hair….well they aren’t donating it consecutively if it’s long now….are they?

      1. Yeah and you don’t need to have an article theorising about all your horrible traits just because you choose to donate your hair -_-

  13. Dude!…. XD I think this information is really subjective, what was that sample you took to be able to get this conclusions??? I know you mention it, but there are some girls besides your “american” sample, there are some people really into tribalism, aesthetic questions far beyond the superficial spot where you are putting this. I have that skrillex haircut, for over a year now, and what´s the reason? Because I actually like the way it looks, I have had my hair down to the waist for more than 10 years, I just want it to change without losing the length, and I have think about it since I was a little girl watching at the Cindy Lauper style… I´m not trying to look as a men, I´m very tomboy, but you can get that even without getting an extreme haircut, a world of lesbians could agree. I´m pretty, not vain, but I know I fit on the beauty standards, which I don´t actually really care. My boyfriend is a tattoo artist who use to wear long hair and sometimes he also cuts it in a mohawk style, or do dreads. You got to keep some other things in mind: music (very important), country, culture, and the way they live and have been raised… Again: this is very superficial!!! I´m from México, and if you go out, looking as girly girl often you get every kind of stupid bullshit from men, I don´t like to be an walking hotspot, but! You say these girls are more easy to take to bed. Even do, I don´t like to get general men or women attention, I love to have my man attention, and I´m a very sexual person, with the person I’m with. I do love weed and rock music, from hippie stuff to industrial through metal, folk and shit (Sepultura, Pink Floyd, NIN, Grateful Dead, Dylan, Inmortal Technique, Rob Zombie, Cypress Hill, CCR). I studied history, I’m kind of anarchist, agree with some feminist ideas and, important!, i´m not a druggie, and I pay my beer, and my taxy, and I go half everytime I can… and my tattoos are spotted in some other parts, not intimate, but still not made to be exposed.
    About the hair cut: the Prodigy lead singer, Jason Newstead who use to be in Metallica, Rihana, Alice Dellal and people on ancient Egypt use to wear it! Why to took Skrillex as the main example? Also Natalie Portman, and my sister, looks great with their short haircuts and are not trying to be nothing.
    My conclusion is that maybe you fall in love with an Skrillex fan modern bitch, who make you pay the hotel and condoms and drops you after getting in bed. Shit happens, get over it! This article says a lot more about your cultural background and personal relations, then about us “weird” girls.
    And note for the rest of lame comments: Dudes! nortamerica is not the world, and nortamerican girls are not the “girls” you have to keep that in mind before doing universal statements! Peace out!

  14. This isn’t true. I have short hair (long hair doesn’t suit my face shape) and I’m not like that. I will however pay for myself if I’m not very interested in the guy. Just so he’s not all “Oh I paid for dinner blah blah blah”. I will always offer to pay for my half though regardless just to be nice, and yes I WILL pay (I don’t go out if I’m broke either unless the guy insists he’ll pay) if he agrees. However if I tell the waitress “Two bills please, Thanks” you know the date isn’t going well….
    And no I don’t like douche bags (“I got so ripped the gym today. Hey braa let’s do shots!”) but I do like confident men. And more so INTELLIGENT men. BUT I think I have an different idea of what emasculated is. A guy can be a bearded vegan and still be strong, confident and manly! A person’s health and lifestyle choices does not makes them less of a ‘insert gender here’. But I do not like men who don’t stand up for themselves. i dated this one guy who told me his ex of 5 years cheated on him with at least a dozen other men and it started within their first year of being together. At first he told me he broke it off but later I found out she did. COME ON NOW. What sort of person lets someone else walk all over them like that and just takes it? Not dumping their sorry ass and staying with them for years? That is NOT attractive! It did not make me feel sorry for him but instead I lost a lot of respect for him. If a person does something I don’t like I end things and I have never understood people who stick around holding onto the relationship like a thread that is breaking apart.

    1. bla bla bla bla…
      typical hamster
      “X correlation is not true, because of this outlier!”
      +50 solipsism points for painting yourself as the outlier

        1. Funny, you dont bother bringing up whether its true or false, only whether or not being honest about his views will benefit him or not,
          From this we can see that truth or falsehood holds no meaning for you, You will say and do anything if its jn your interests. You know what we call that kind of person?
          A LIAR.

      1. The author admits that his theory isn’t remotely scientific. Anecdotal evidence does not in any way justify the creation, much less publication, of a “theory.” This author doesn’t make an observation. He makes a vitriolic sexist judgment because he is intimidated by women who don’t kiss his ass due to his manhood. That’s my “theory.”

    2. “And no I don’t like douche bags (“I got so ripped the gym today. Hey braa let’s do shots!”) ”
      That is your definition of douchebag? I think thats a guy talking to his buddy, talking about how hard he worked out that day and about going out and having drinks together with his buddy. I fail to understand, whats the douchebag quotient here? Has he misbehaved with someone ? Made salacious jokes about a woman publicly?
      Seriously that is just stupid. And seriously, even if you are free to type whatever you want on this forum, I suggest you stop spouting your nonsense about what YOU (as a woman) like or don’t. Nobody here cares. Tailoring ourselves to you women’s tastes isn’t our concern (developing ourselves to full potential is BTW). In any case, collective experience has proven that women are the worst possible sources of advice regarding women.
      Why don’t you go try out the Good Men Project? That haven of Manginas.

  15. This is basically true, more masculine looking = more masculine acting = less attractive…
    You looking and acting like a man is not going to give me a boner. Just sayin. It’s gonna make me leave to try and find an actual woman, not a man with tits.

  16. Or y’know maybe some girls cut their hair short because they like short hair? In my opinion short hair is very cute. It’s extremely immature to judge somebody’s personality over a simple hair cut. Actually, this entire blog is extremely immature. I have no idea what is going through your head while you type the absolute garbage you post on here, but it is horribly sexist and judgmental. Women are not objects. They are people. They can have as much sex as they want, just like men. They can party as much as they want, just like men. They CAN EVEN CUT THEIR HAIR AS SHORT AS THEY WANT, just like men. It’s their body they can do what they want with it.
    The fact that girls having short hair is still an issue is absolutely ridiculous. Learn to respect people you asshole.

    1. Just gonna chop off your dick so easily? I’ll just stay over here and keep banging hotties while you get bossed around by butch girls.

      1. well said mate. The reason women are such masculinised skanks is that we have so many fags masquerading as males.

      1. girl no. you cannot agree with sexism, especially as a women, that is self-hatred. stand up to this fucker and do what you want with your hair. having short hair does not mean anything about your personality/life.

        1. What she’s doing with her life is agreeing with the article. The fact that you can’t deal with that speaks volumes about yourself.

        2. You’re f*cking dumb, girls can do anything right? Then why won’t you let her have her own opinion. And calling it self-hating is the biggest non-sequitur Ive seen all week. I wonder how much more damaged you are since you made this comment.

        3. Isn’t it interesting that feminists are all, “You go, grrrl!”, until a girl disagrees and then it’s, “You? No, grrrl!”. ???

        4. Ever notice that even male feminists (manginas) are against a man telling a woman what to do, until the woman disagrees with their rabid feminism and he responds not by discussing, but by telling them what opinion to have?
          Again Stevie, don’t get mad at me. It’s your self-contradictory hypocrisy, not mine.
          Feminist: “She can do, say, think whatever she wants!!! Huh? What’s that? A wife should look pretty for her husband? Oh, no! You can’t think that!”
          Feminist at Work: “Men should not see women as sex objects!”
          Feminist on Date: “Boy, I hope these jeans are making my ass look hot!”

    2. They can do all that and other people can judge them for it. Nobody exists in a vacuum. This blog is very accurate, unfortunately.

        1. And of course we have the dick atheist who tries to make every conversation about religion. Your type is more annoying than the actual people who believe in religion.

        2. I’m an atheist and Red Pill and hate Stefan Paul’s analogy. I only bring it up to say, not all atheists agree with his post. Not all atheists make a point to attack religion or beliefs, just for the sake of bringing it up. I could say a lot of generalizations about the religious. Plenty of them out there. A few people does not represent all. Now if you were to say, some, or even ‘It seems to me’, well that’s relative. What we don’t need in the manosphere is trad-cons or even libertarians who have no other agenda than to push their ideologies and sucker men into buying their Ayn Rand BS, attempting to co-op Red Pill or even MGTOW. Notice though I didn’t generalize even to all trad-cons or libertarian AnCrap people.
          Now with women and short hair, it is a trend. Are all women with short hair like that? No. It’s an inclination towards the behaviours discussed in the article. Generalization. Fairly accurate in my experience. YMMV

    3. Very very very few truly hot girls have short hair. I mean come on, let’s just be real. Not saying it’s impossible, just very uncommon.

    4. Actually, when women get their hair cut short, their man/men are the last thing on their minds. They have an, “I think it’s cute. I don’t care what he/men think!”
      Now you may respond by saying it’s their hair, etc.. Butfirst of all, they shouldn’t then wonder why men aren’t finding them attractive when they go out, secondly, what kind of attitude is it that says that one partner in a relationship doesn’t give a damn what the other one finds attractive (only women take that attitude), but then throws a tantrum if their man says he doesn’t like something they’ve done and third, with men, whether it’s going out to clubs looking for women, or in a relationship, men do want to look a way that women like. Unlike women, men do not say things like; “I don’t care what she thinks! My friends at work will like it, so screw her!”
      What guy do you know, who gets ready to go out to a club and says; “Wait ’til the guys from work see my new outfit!”?

    5. STEPHEN: The question is; Why do these women keep trying to be “just like men”?
      And why do women who try to be men (short hair, slamming down booze, falling down drunk, cussing, fighting) excite you so? Is there a “preference” question that you need to explore within yourself? Or do you just not do well hooking up, unless they’re falling down drunk? And isn’t that rape? Are you a rapist, Stevie?
      But while you’re trying to figure all that out, let me thank you for the compliment that you just gave men. Twice. You see, you just pointed out that in general (feminism), it’s women trying to be men, not the other way around (well, except for you, apparently), which makes men the goal to strive for. And in addition to that, you cemented the fact that it isn’t about “rights”, but about, in your words, *being* (an action verb) “just like men”!
      You see Steve, you didn’t argue about legal issues and legal rights for women, but about *behavior* that that makes them “just like men”. And in so doing, you acknowledged that men are the gold standard, so thank you for that compliment!
      Personally, I think being feminine women is the gold standard for women. But I’m just making a point about how your own feminism contradicts itself and always will!
      Feminist: “Let’s show men women are better than men!”
      Student: “How will we do that?”
      Feminist: “We’ll be just like men!”
      Now before you get your panties in a bunch Steve, remember, it’s your self-contradictory hypocrisy, not mine. You’re the one buying into women showing independence and individuality by being “just like”, not me. And “just like” the “enemy”, at that! Yea, there’s a brilliant plan!
      Just look at yourself! There’s plenty of ways men are getting legitimately screwed over! But where are you, Steve? Logged into this site, fighting against men, on the side of the women trying to destroy them and any women who won’t hate men and who think femininity is a good thing!
      Feminism – Turning women into men and men into women!

  17. Or y’know maybe some girls cut their hair short because they like short hair? In my opinion short hair is very cute. It’s extremely immature to judge somebody’s personality over a simple hair cut. Actually, this entire blog is extremely immature. I have no idea what is going through your head while you type the absolute garbage you post on here, but it is horribly sexist and judgmental. Women are not objects. They are people. They can have as much sex as they want, just like men. They can party as much as they want, just like men. They CAN EVEN CUT THEIR HAIR AS SHORT AS THEY WANT, just like men. It’s their body they can do what they want with it.
    The fact that girls having short hair is still an issue is absolutely ridiculous. Learn to respect people you asshole.

  18. Why do you all care how someone cuts their hair? And how does that determine their traits? I’ve had long hair all my life, and am more masculine than feminine. My younger sister has very short hair and is one of the most feminine girls I know.

    1. you must be sexing her up then. Send me the videos. I’ll make you famous. I mean, just think about it; “lesbian role reversal”.

        1. Actually most pedos are gay, or effeminate. Ie no neckbeards. Way to support pedophilia with your superficial bigotry.

  19. I don’t see how you could say that this is true all or most of the time. I am 21 years old and have my hair cut short since I was 18, before that it was past my waist. I am the complete opposite of everything this article has said. I am not masculine in the slightest, love everything about being a woman, I pride myself about how compassionate I am and have had a steady boyfriend (who is masculine, extremely intelligent and athletic) for two years now, who NEVER saw me when I had long hair. HE is even more attracted to me with SHORT hair even after seeing my long hair in photos. Sorry that I look like I’m 12 when I have longer hair. Short hair frames my face better. That’s the only reason I have short hair.
    Grow up. Girls don’t always have to look exactly how you want them to look. Everyone is attracted to different things. Why don’t you just admitt that you don’t find girls with short hair attractive? Never mind if they have a personality that you might have learned to absolutely adore. Good luck finding that “perfect” woman.

  20. This is a load of crap. Not all girls with short hair are like that. I’m sure some are and some long haired girls are too. You shouldn’t judge anyone based on looks. Girls also have different reasons for cutting their hair short. Some want to look like guys, some think it looks cute, some (like myself) hate having long hair because it takes a lot of work. After I cut my hair short i went from taking twenty minute showers to ten. then I had to brush it and hardly ever had enough time to dry it when it was long. Regardless of reasoning for cutting it, they didn’t do it for sexist men like you.

    1. A girl who’s willing to spend extra time every day taking care of her long hair is a feminine girl who cares about looking attractive for men. Thanks for making it that much easier to weed you out sweetheart.

  21. Meh I’ve had short hair in the past and I certainly don’t have long hair now (shoulder length) but I did it for pediatric cancer research. My man is truly a man’s man. He is in the military, but I feel like our relationship is pretty evenly handed. Short hair is a style and it does appeal to people more confident in their femininity or people who don’t prescribe to femininity. I feel like this describes the latter rather than the former,

  22. okay let me get this straight, your basically saying girls with short hair have certain traits. So like 2 months ago when i cut by waist length hair to a bob my personality traits changed. and i got my hair cut because i have these traits and not because i possibly might actually like my hair short? and might possibly have wanted to give to charity? perfect logic you got there

  23. The biggest shit i have ever read. You can’t estimate girl’s character because of her hair dear author. I have very short hair cause it’s more confortable for me, it doesn’t mean that i enjoy rough sex. It realy annoy me when people see someone and start telling about how is that person like.

  24. I have had long and short hair, Later today I’m doing the undercut you refer to as “hedious skrillex” or whatever. It’s been around since Skrillex was in diapers by the way and it looks adorable on some people (rhianna, miley, whoever is in your photo at the top of this article, the hot girl at work, my friend who models etc)
    I cuss when I’m mad at my bf or around other girls who swear, and I don’t have much problem putting you in your place but not over stupid things, or at work, or in class, or in front of kids etc. There’s a time and a place and we can’t all be 15 forever.
    I’d also rather poke my eye out with a rusty spork than be with some “passive” vegan tard and neither of the girls I mentioned above or my bff who had short hair alllll her life until recently, would ever date that sort of guy. We do all cuss and will put you in your place though. Our (nto at all femme) bf’s all love that about us.
    The reason you see girls who don’t like really masculine guys is that sooo many alpha/muscle guys are dumb as bricks. they are the male equivalent of blonde Barbie girls. they’re practically made for one another.
    Believe me those nerd types argue and make waves worse than any alpha muscular guy I ever met, because they get less confused while making a point. That “masculine”guy? He shuts the fuck up the second you give him a sandwich and a beer and a game controller. LOW maintenance for sure.
    vegans/nerds/etc will never stop arguing. Ever. They have waaaaay more to “prove”.
    It’s not that the women you are talking about really want some effeminate tosser but women are more interested in a mental connection and if you have to make a sacrifice that’s an acceptable one. To find a partner who isn’t retarded is a priority that young women have more than young men. I mean at 22 do you really care if your girlfriend thinks Sarah Palin is a great role model, or do you just keep staring at her tits?
    Some of us (me, every girlfriend of mine I mentioned above)held out for non retarded masculine guys. -shrug-.
    As a hetero guy who has not played the field with men you obviously don’t really
    know what you’re talking about

      1. You’re not a ‘non retard’ by virtue of being old, alone.
        While it’s true that many stupid 20 year olds CAN grow up to be perfectly functional 45 year olds, it is unlikely that your typical bro frat douche will ever be much else.
        For what it’s worth, I hated the haircut sooooooo much I felt like a bulldyke and grew it out.
        Never again.

  25. Oh shit, I have a short haircut because it’s easy to style and easier to take care of!! I MUST BE A BUTCH AND WANT TO BE FUCKED HARD!!!!
    yeah, no. pull your head out of your ass and realize not all short hair ladies are like that.

  26. This is absolutely true. I find that women with short hair normally aren’t feminine and don’t act like women. This is especially true for young white American females.

  27. You know, it’s things this that let people think it’s okay to push women around. Cutting your hair short is literally just a hair style. In the 30’s and 40’s it was more popular than long hair. It’s their choice to do what they want with their body, and you people have no say in it; that applies to their haircut, and their sex life. I personally have long hair, and swear a lot, oh and plot twist I date girls! Do I still fit your cymbals stereotypes?

    1. “you people have no say in it”.
      We are perfectly aware we have no say in it. But we have 100% say in who we talk to and about what we talk to. Why are you butting in? You go do as you please if you don’t give a fuck.

  28. Seriously? I don’t know what makes OP think that hair completely defines a person. What’s funny is that most women with long hair that I know are the biggest bitches I have ever met and tend to wear the kinds of clothing that make me wonder if they are on their way to a job at the strip club. And a lot of short haired women I have met tend to be shy, laid back and humorous. The personality traits you listed could be applied to both long and short haired women. I have short hair, my boyfriend isn’t feminine and my long-haired friends prefer ridiculously girly men. I’m pretty sure most people cuss and most people tend to be argumentative when something is flat out wrong or stupid. Short haired girls aren’t anymore easy either. Which it’s funny you say that considering 99% of the so called “sluts” you guys talk about have long hair. And I don’t see how liking rough sex is a negative.

  29. Another great article, and I’ve been saying the same thing for years. Long hair is a sign of femininity. You see more and more American women with short hair and this is a direct result of American women increasingly striping themselves of their femininity. But look at the women in Latin culture who continue to embrace their femininity to the point where they are considered by many to be the most passionate women in the world, and they let their beautiful hair flow. I don’t date girls with short hair at all. In fact, they are practically invisible to me. American women take another L.

  30. Why are you so surprised that women have sex with other men, or women, etc? You should spend less time writing your opinions down ask fact and go out and observe the real world with an open, and educated, mind.

  31. I am a female and this is not true. I don’t understand why you would write such false things. I have short hair and am never quick to judge somebody. I don’t cuss, either. And the whole, “easier to get into bed” part? What? This disgusts me. Unless I am dating the person for an appropriate amount of time, then, yes. I will join them in bed. But, otherwise, why would I just jump into such sexual activity when I don’t even know if they have any diseases or not? Please get your facts straight about women before you write a bogus story.

  32. I have only one name which will contradict the entire article. Audrey Hepburn. There was never a more elegant or true lady than she and she was known for her pixie cut. Or if you’re looking for a more recent example, what about Lady Di?

  33. I like having long hair sometimes and short hair sometimes. Who FUCKING cares?!?! Its hair? Men naturally have long hair just like women. Some cut it short..others don’t. Its personal taste. I dated a guy who had hair down to the middle of his back. Then he shaved it bald into a mohawk, then just had a normal short haircut. He changes it all the time. Some people like variety, unlike the boring, sexist man who wrote this ignorant garbage.


  35. I would just like to say that, at the moment, i have a pixie cut because my long hair was too high maintenance and didn’t seem to suit me. I am almost completely opposite to what you’ve said girls with short hair are like. I am probably as girly as it gets. I am no more masculine than when I had long hair. People need to get it through their heads that, yes, some girls are like this, but others simply like shorter hair. It’s much easier to manage than long hair and it gives us a boost of confidence knowing that there’s no hair to hide your face behind. And I’ll tell you something, I have seen countless girls (yes, with long hair) dismiss guys just because they look like a douchebag. I’ll admit that some girls do do that, but it has absolutely nothing to do with their choice of haircut.

  36. I have been reading articles from this website only for a comparatively short time so my statements may not be statistically correct but, whats interesting is that despite the several article on the website that may come off as seriously offensive to women (who cares, the typical feminist of today is just looking for excuses to be offended so fuck them), typically you wont find a lot of women commenting in the comments section. But the minute an article about a woman’s personal appearance pops up and you get a hell lot of (comparatively) women commenting below.

  37. I’m kind of baffled by how hung up this particular author is on women with short hair, as well as how wrong he is. I am a young woman I am an extremely feminine person in most ways, I am in a very long term relationship and therefore not promiscuous and have never been. I don’t have short hair because I am “deranged,” or a slut, which seems to be the only explanation you can come up with. I like my hair short. It is low maintenance and comfortable and suits me well. Oh, and I still get hit on plenty, which was something you mentioned in a previous article, but I don’t see that as some great thing like you seem to. I have a ring on my finger and still have dense, misogynistic men like you hanging their tongues out following me around. Please, do the world a favor and direct your stories to your audience. It says, “For masculine men,” and I guess they need to know what a girl’s haircut says about her? Open your mind.

  38. You know, I’ve never thought about it, but your stereotypes in this article are really true. How many girls have I seen with short hair who didn’t claim to be feminists?

  39. Well, congrats. Another example of how you clearly haven’t interacted with women in a very long time. Personally, I may not have short hair, but how can you make assumptions based on hair length? I am almost interested to hear your opinion about men’s hair styles (short/long/etc).

  40. My hair’s almost long enough to hit my butt, and I’m an evil, witch hunt worthy feminist.
    My mom has cut her hair short since basically her 20s, and yet she has a much more feminine face than me(kind of an Audrey Hepburn look).
    Your generalizations are, yet again, startlingly far-reaching and reliable.

  41. especially if you live in an urban setting in the United States or Northern Europe
    Tuthmosis is a Mexican living in the U.S., and therefore knows jack shit about northern Europe. But like all Americans, and especially non-Whites, he will of course make things up about other countries. Where are the statistics about short-haired women in Germanic Europe? There are none. Don’t just throw out shit on the screen. The vast majority of Germanic women have long hair. It goes well with their superior genes and good looks, that you are far away from.
    There are certain parts of the manosphere – and I won’t name names – where individuals make money from telling prospective book buyers that there are scores of women willing to sleep with them in other countries. It’s mental masturbation, and an excuse (“So the reason why I can’t get a date at home is because the women are bad, it’s not me!”)
    The author must then go to those other countries and take pictures of himself standing next to women in a night club to prove that. He can’t afford to go to northern Europe, and they don’t want him there since north Europeans are far more attractive, and not creepy like someone who can’t get a date in his own country. So naturally he will justify his going to the unattractive Slavs instead by praising the Russians and the like to the skies, both looks and personality (Hah. Hah.), while demonizing the evil Germanics. And Americans, who know nothing about other countries (and couldn’t even place Ukraine on the right CONTINENT after four months of daily reporting) lap it up. That’s what they want to believe – that the countries with attractive people that they can never go to are bad. Sour, said the fox. Familiar with that fable? But that would require a familiarity with facts.

  42. This seems pretty much right. A girl with very long hair is, in my experience, much more likely to be easygoing, feminine, long-term relationship material. Here’s a shot I took of a tiny cute girl near the shore a couple weeks ago — she had her boyfriend there but I was like, yesssss.

  43. Ew smoking fags sure is unfeminine. Ugly as hell. Wait til you see her in thirty years, all wrinkled and dried up with a raspy voice and phlemmy cough. Nice. Sexy

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