The Most Amazing Takedown Of Hipsters I’ve Ever Read

I have a love-hate relationship with hipsters. While I dislike how their culture degrades the appearance of women and encourages them to mutilate their bodies with tattoos and piercings, I do like how hipster girls seem to want to have sex with me. Either way, I couldn’t help but smile when a French-influenced writer took down the whole sub-culture

To live ironically is to hide in public. It is flagrantly indirect, a form of subterfuge, which means etymologically to “secretly flee” (subter + fuge). Somehow, directness has become unbearable to us.

How did this happen? It stems in part from the belief that this generation has little to offer in terms of culture, that everything has already been done, or that serious commitment to any belief will eventually be subsumed by an opposing belief, rendering the first laughable at best and contemptible at worst. This kind of defensive living works as a pre-emptive surrender and takes the form of reaction rather than action.

She argues that hipsters became ironic because they have nothing to live for and no big dreams to accomplish. Their only goal is that of a nihilistic aesthetic where they ask themselves if they appear interesting to the mirror mirror on the wall.

…ironic living bespeaks cultural numbness, resignation and defeat. If life has become merely a clutter of kitsch objects, an endless series of sarcastic jokes and pop references, a competition to see who can care the least (or, at minimum, a performance of such a competition), it seems we’ve made a collective misstep.

The men I’ve met through my blog and forum have displayed a surprising lack of irony. I believe communication with men should consist of an efficient exchange of value in the form of stories, information, and wingmanship, something that the hipster culture seems diametrically opposed to. Sadly, hipsters seem content foraging through the past instead of living in the present.

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  1. “Scoffing at the hipster is only a diluted form of his own affliction.” Perfect.
    I am often accused by extremely unhip people of being a hipster. But of course I actually hate hipsters. And for the same reason as everybody else: because they get more pussy than me. I hate them because they do things I only dream about, such as starting a band, while I am being browbeaten under florescent lights and acoustical tile. I hate them because they pick over the clothes at the Salvation Army at 11am on a Tuesday and take all the good shit first, while I am working.
    I hate them because if being a bullshit DJ is so fucking easy and gets you so much pussy why didn’t *you* do it, and the answer is: because I’m a chickenshit. And they’re not. They can take my hate all the way up into a sweet piece of ass with pink hair out behind El Prado while I’m already asleep dreaming about getting chewed out over a memo. We can laugh at their stupid mustache, but, who’s laughing now, you know?

    1. You work in a demanding office environment and the stock at the Salvation Army concerns you? You’re doing it wrong.

  2. that article was the best thing the New York Times has posted in years.
    they are pretty much a product of their environment though..the timing in life

  3. Their behavior, costumes, and affectations are subversive, and this is intentional, but few if any of them have any idea what makes them subversive. Moldbug had the right idea when he wrote about the tweed craze. In your headline image we have beards and plaids worn as a challenge. Who finds these ancient symbols of masculinity offensive? The lumbertwerps celebrate what they think they’re mocking.

  4. Great insights into Hipsterism. Having lived in two Hipster hotbeds, I appreciate this assessment. Living “ironically” is completely shallow, a symptom of having no true beliefs and nothing to fight (or even work) for.
    I agree, Roosh, that the denizens of the Manosphere are refreshingly direct and earnest. I believe it is because we have a true cause, a vision for the world we deeply believe in, and changes in both ourselves and our society which we want to see enacted immediately.

  5. The directness of manospherians is because the first part of the red pill is facing truths, no matter how ugly. In turn, we become willing to face the truth and present our true selves.
    That’s really the strongest argument in this piece: hipsters make irony a way of life so that whenever they fail, they don’t have to admit that they were trying their best and just not good enough.

  6. I must be old in that I don’t get all the hair-pulling over “irony”. Those guys in the top photo dress the way I looked back in the 70’s. All they need after trimming their face pubes are a pair of gabardines, clean, matching shoes and belt, a crisp shirt, and a masculine watch and they’ll be slaughtering hipsters and career gals alike.
    Here’s an essay theme for you to explore, courtesy of your Uncle Elmer : The Power of Betas
    “The Power of Introverts” looks like a big meme right now to bring self-esteem to wallflowers. I googled “The Power of Betas” but found nothing. Ripe for the picking. It would be full of irony.

  7. We are infested with hipsters in Brooklyn, i personally can’t stand the guys. Its almost like they are “mocking” poor people by dressing like crap, while living in 3000 a month apartments…

  8. Hipsters suck. They have nothing to contribute to this world besides their stupid opinions on things and their fashion, which, I think looks bad. Those beards need to be trimmed. I don’t give two shits about their faggot ass opinions and lifestyle.

  9. I hate the hipster men because of the stupid effing skinny jeans. Some of the girls are nice to look at.
    Unfortunately, much as it was with the hippies, you have to look at 100 unkempt hipster womYn to find a single cute one.

      1. Hipster troll S.J.W alert! Someone is all about free speech unless it hits home a little too hard. Typical of a hipster… Thin skinned and cant handle opposing ideas without rounding up other s.j.w for a social media mob rule witch hunt.

  10. Hipster shit isn’t as serious as this makes it out to be.
    They’re always going to be the people who aren’t interesting so they try to be obscure and unique as possible with their “tastes”. Liking something just because others don’t, disliking popular things just because it’s popular.
    At least, they act that way. They might say, really like Star Wars IV but will pretend to like Episode III most as if they’re now interesting and quirky and their personality isn’t shit.

  11. I know this is an old post but i thought Id put in my two cents anyway like I usually do.The guys are some of the most miserable, uninspired douchebags Ive seen. I guess I would be too if I didnt have a brain of my own, mindlessly followed a stupid trend and wore some of the most unfunctional and non flattering styles ever conceived. I guess the same goes for the girls. Its almost like they dont want to be attractive and fuck like normal people do. They’re their own worst cockblocker.

  12. I’m not 100% sure what a hipster is. If it involves skinny jeans, being an eye-rolling smart-ass, and using ‘meta’ in every sentence then I’m 99% sure a punch in the mouth is the perfect hipster accessory (or the less legally risky ‘good, hard shaking or boot in the ass’).

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