The Anti-Male Commercial

The above is but one example of a very common motif of TV commercial that’ll surely be familiar to you. It comes in many variations, but the premise is simple: the dumb, clueless, inept guy (often a father) bumbles his way through life, while an in-charge, competent, and disappointed girl (often a wife, daughter, or girlfriend) looks on in disbelief. The men are man-child imbeciles who can’t fend for themselves, even in the most elementary of human functions.

In the early 2000s, Carl’s Jr. (Hardee’s) ran a whole campaign predicated on this ineptitude of men. “Without us, some guys would starve” was its tagline, which was voiced-over a multiplicity of bone-head guy scenarios. In one especially blatant spot, a guy is trying to make guacamole. For the whole 30 seconds of the commercial, he blankly stares at two avocado halves rumble around, un-broken, with the seed, in a blender cup. Needless to say, he doesn’t know what’s he doing.


A common variation on this theme depicts the woman performing traditionally masculine functions. The man—usually a weak, timid specimen—is bossed around and obediently obliges.


These commercials, though ubiquitous in their own right, are part of an even larger theme visible in movies and television. Watch any Judd Apatow film and you’ll quickly recognize men—of all races, ages, and stations—being raked across the coals whenever possible. Dogging on men, in short, has become a “safe” joke. Kicking a ball into a guy’s nuts, or depicting him as a clueless moron, offends no one.

This, I’d argue, is part of a bigger cultural emasculation of men–one that’s driven by the feminist imperative to erode male usefulness. Ask yourself a question: would putting a woman in the man’s position in these commercials raise a firestorm of feminist complaints and spark calls for its removal?

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    1. This red pill isn’t the only one. I found it similar to what I felt after reading “Atlas Shrugged”. All of a sudden, I saw this rot in every newscast, every sitcom, in every conversation, damn near everywhere.
      Rand got the red pill, though (the sex scene in “The Fountainhead”. She also had a great take on feminism. Per a commenter at Heartiste:
      “Rand asserted that ‘the essence of femininity is hero worship – the desire to look up to man’ and that “an ideal woman is a man-worshipper, and an ideal man is the highest symbol of mankind.”
      At the link the creator of Dagny Taggart and Domique Francon (who I really would love to bang if she existed) gives her take on feminism:

  1. I blogged about this very thing this morning, after seeing an advertisement on the tube. This kind of advertising is currently all around us, but there are signs the tide is turning – I recall reading a few manosphere blogs recently pointing out examples of savvy marketers beginning to appeal to our masculine sides once more.

  2. men, by and large, run Hollywood. however, women are its largest audience worldwide hence those they idolize are women too. women dress for women not men. women scrutinize celebs men don’t. they influence the market and the dollar leans to the influencer. the merchants of cool have sold out the men and mocked them all the way to the bank. objectification of women ie public acceptance of what men really care about in a woman has moved to the dark corners of American mass media. and yeah. it’s. everywhere. look at fashion: how many guys actually want to bang some underfed underaged freakishly tall, androgynous waif? women cry foul that men make them forced to undereat or atkins but it’s women who read and buy fashion magazines and actually care about couture. men want curves and lips. the browning of america will hopefully shift this tide but don’t hold your underheard breath.

    1. Gay Jewish men run Hollywood, more than anybody else. I get pretty impatient with people blaming shit on “the Jews” OR “the Gays”, but let’s face it, European Jews are kinda matriarchal. Ask one. It’s a thing. Except their women are still to some degree raised to actually value betas. That’s dying out, of course.
      Anyhow, there’s a lot of self-contemptuous Jewish humor and euro-Jewish cultural bullshit in this, that just happens to fit perfectly with the feminist misandry Dworkin and Friedan and others cursed us with. Wait, what kind of names are those again?
      Sephardis are different, from the few I’ve known. Easier to be a zionist if you know sephardis, I find.

  3. A side note, the commercials aren’t themselves creating a more emasculated world, they’re trying to appeal to a world that is becoming more and more emasculated. If the commercial didn’t get results they would get pulled even faster than if they depicted women as the brunt of the joke.

  4. Ad agencies defend this by saying the ads are meant to appeal to women since they have the purchasing power in most households.
    I noticed these commercials a long time ago and just shrugged. But now I find it disturbing to think boys are growing up surrounded by this garbage.

    1. It should say something that what “appeals to women” is the insulting and emasculation of men. Frankly, I think this is similar to what weak and desperate dudes do in bars. They throw themselves–and their friends–under the bus in hopes of impressing women and getting what they want (getting laid). The difference is that these are weak, desperate dudes in executive boardrooms rather than bars, and what they’re trying to scare up is sales. They’re cannibalizing and cockblocking ALL MEN rather than their just their friends.
      Only red-pillers, and a small percentage of intelligent viewers, are pushing back against this. For the very few exceptions, I don’t see this diminishing in any appreciable way.

      1. So true! I’ve seen it dozens of times where women have been given an advantage or a job for no good reason other than “diversity”. That’s why I do whatever I can whenever I can to even the score and give a guy the leg up. But I can never gloat unfortunately… it’s my secret.

  5. This is mainly for North American markets. I’ve never seen anything like that in Asia or South America where the men are men and women are women and everyone knows their role and their position. I’ve seen numerous commercials in Asia and South America where the opposite is painted, where the clueless and dumb woman is rescued by the strong, smart man or made fun of. All over the place in Asia. I’ve even seen in China a big billboard where a gorgeous Chinese woman is kneeling to propose to a Chinese man. It’s the NA culture that is sick and pervasive.

    1. Unfortunately commercials like that are starting to pop in Brazilian television. I even saw a kid’s commercial like that.

  6. I like what gunwitch has to say about this. He says feminists who get upset over a random thing where a woman is made fun of do so because they don’t have an identity outside of their gender. Men usually do. I know I do. That’s why I really don’t get offended by any of the above. If you do you just being a male counterpart of a feminist imo. Who gives a fuck if women make fun of “men”? I understand the trend as such may be interesting. You missed two key examples in your description though: Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin.

    1. I see your point, and that’s also my natural inclination. Unfortunately, that’s what they’re using against us.
      It’s against our nature to complain about this sort of stuff. We don’t want to consider ourselves to be victims (what could be less masculine than a whiny bitch?), so we let this it slide. How could a tough guy like me be bothered by some dumbass commercial? Let women get their panties in a bunch over being “objectified”.
      So for me as an individual, it’s no big deal. I don’t give a shit who makes fun of who. I’m me, I’m not the dillhole in any of these commercials, and that’s that.
      However, even though I’m not “offended” in that I feel no emotion whatsoever when I see this sort of thing, I do recognize how detrimental it is, especially to kids. This stuff teaches boys not to respect their own future selves because manhood is a joke. Girls are less likely to even suspect that this isn’t how men are supposed to be.
      I don’t want men to ever consider themselves to be victims like feminists and so many minorities. Nevertheless, there is injustice and unfairness, and it needs to be pointed out and solved.
      We live in a society in which the most “offended” win. It shouldn’t be like that, but it is, and we have to adapt. Eventually, if we get our shit together, we can get rid of the whole “tears will get me free money” crap altogether.
      I don’t want sympathy, I don’t want government programs to help me. I just want them to get the hell out of my way.

    2. homer simpson has changed over the years. he was originally conceived of as a struggling everyman of good heart but unexceptional intelligence, a characterization which clearly holds through the glory years of the first several seasons. he grapples with difficult moral choices but inevitably chooses the path which keeps his mildly dysfunctional family together. fast forward a decade plus, and he has been turned into the buffoon which follows the dynamic expressed in this article. sad, but killing homer’s roundedness killed the show.

  7. if you noticed it’s almost always a White guy they rundown
    I was done with TV because of this stuff in the late 90’s. I can only imagine it’s worse now

    1. Don’t play the victim.
      It’s because white people are still the majority and have most of the purchasing power (white women especially) so these ads are targeted towards them. If you watch channels like BET, you’ll see some of the exact same commercials, frame for frame, but with black people.
      You guys like to blame all this on minorities, etc. but it’s white women hating on white men. And they do so because they can, and do, get away with it. White men put white women on such a high pedestal and beta-ize themselves. This is the result.
      It’s just easier to blame somebody else and not take any responsibility.

      1. I made two statements and blamed no one in either. nor did I say I was victim of a dam thing
        reading comprehension, do you have it?

  8. “The ability to speak does not make you intelligent.”
    Women couldn’t do 80% of what men can accomplish. I’m sorry, but I’ve been around for a while on this earth and talked to enough women to know that they’re just not wired to lead, much build a civilization. Giving them credit than they deserve is nothing but pandering for products sales, pussy, or attentions.
    Women, by in large, are dumb as rocks, and should be the ones portrayed as flaying around, screaming and jumping over something as superfluous as a Justin Beber or George Clooney.

    1. You’re putting Androgynous Justin Beiber in the same sentence with George Clooney?
      George actually has talent and something worthwhile to say. Not tho mention that he is the Alpha that most of the game learners are trying to be.

      1. Beiber may not look particularly tough and he has the pretty boy look that young girls like and men hate, but he has already punched a photographer and knocked a girl up. He’s more alpha than you give him credit for.

    2. Just never kiss a woman…all you are doing is kissing a lot of other men’s dicks. American women lead the rest of the world in being pigs…That’s their idea of empowerment.

  9. This is all about money. American women control 80% of the household spending. Corporations and Jewish media sell “dreams” to their idiotic consumers. I do not see a connection to emasculation on this post. Only bigger corporate profits, increased shareholders dividends and larger executive bonuses.

  10. Jonathan Frost says this in freedom 25, he uses everybody loves raymond as an example. I think he uses the word ‘mangina’.

  11. In freer times, there were lots more to joke about. Jews, blacks, whatever. Now, you cannot do that, as the stormtroopers of progressivism will sue you. So you’re limited to making fun of safe targets, of which men are the most obvious.
    Anyway, the joke on the guy with the avocado isn’t that he cannot himself make guacamole, but that he is too much of a schmuck to have his broad make it for him.

  12. The fact is, this is undermining everyone. Yea so advertisers are catering to the desires of women as they are the primary buyers in the marketplace, and feminists also urge on advertisers to run these destructive ads but in the end most of the income is MAINTAINED by men. Most of the time(in the real world) a woman either works for a man or a man is maintaining the larger portion of income in a family or a man has created a solid foundation(pedestal?) for a woman to stand on. The only thing advertisers are supported with is the weakening abilities that women have in manipulating men for income and stability.
    85% of men work 40 hours a week in the U.S. What do you expect will happen as the steady increase of men become more informed about the current conditions of society and the sentiment these advertisement brings. Fact is, you will either see some of these companies bankrupt or adhering to a more positive view of males for their own survival because I sure as hell ain’t buying anymore of their shit. The cost of enjoying the benefits of their products now doesn’t just involve spending dollars, now you also pay the price of listening to and supporting their messages that enable the outcomes of living in a culture that would have you and me denigrated and antagonized as a man. Keep the money in YOUR pockets gentlemen no need to go to the voting booth you have the best one, just fill it up with a couple of Abraham Lincoln’s and Benjamin’s and choose the companies you wish to stay alive that benefit you.

  13. Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin…ahh
    At least in Family Guy and American Dad, the women are ridiculed resoundingly too, the wives being airheads.

    1. The way Family Guy portrays women is amusing. Lois is a bit of a whore, and Meg a pathetic loser.

  14. Another good example of a (rare) exception is the animated show Archer. They portray Lana as an in-charge, hard-hitting chick, but they ultimately make her feminine–sexual and temperamental. Cheryl (the secretary) is a slutty airhead who loves extraordinarily rough sex. If you haven’t seen the show, it’s worth checking out just for the entertainment value, though the male-female depictions are a nice extra. TV execs often KNOW how to appeal to men, they’re just become afraid of women. I swear it’s just like in the outside world.

  15. I see these commercials and I used to rage against them, now I think…adapt. I for the love of christ cannot stand working for a woman. I am a very direct, results oriented person and that does not fly, my most amicable bosses have been men and lesbians.
    So, what do I do to adapt? Start my own business and sell appropriately. I do 99% of the work and I do all of the selling to men and I have a woman who does sales leads from women. Women now have skills and a market to sell to, put those skills to work for you and sell to that market, and rely on their inability to work together without back stabbing each other to keep them from un-seating you.
    If ads pander to women, they must be profitable. Sell to women, take their money and opt out of the system once you have the means to do so. Let the revolutionaries rage against the machine.

  16. Roosh
    Here’s the thing…people are forgetting that the ONLY people who used to have it as good as most people on here are saying, are white men, so now people are discriminating against them, because they aren’t on top. And I’m not saying that it isn’t true, but understand that the reason that black people are flocking in droves to the liberal party 8: because white men are not saying SHIT about the very obvious advantage that they have had for ALL of AMERICAN HISTORY. WHY ARE NONE OF YOU TALKING ABOUT THE WAR ON DRUGS!?!?! You could even get black and Hispanic women on your side if you spoke against the war on drugs, but none of you do. As a black man, trust me, I get it, women are TAKING OVER. Ask my single mom who never hit my sister, but hit me and my brother, she will tell you that we are mistaken, but I get it. Trust me. The problem is, women are a collective population. Men are not. And that’s the problem, we dont help each other on even the most BASIC and OBVIOUS of issues. So, if you all wonder why women are taking over, I believe that it’s because the male lust for superiority goes unchecked, even amongst the most intelligent of men.

  17. Women like these ads bec
    A woman likes these ads because they counteract what she knows to be true but has been told is unacceptable: That men are superior.

  18. Ok these adverts boil my piss but I can’t help but smile to my self sometimes because what they also show is grown men having fun and just generally not giving a shit about what these moaning whences complain about constantly . I personally find it hilarious that women waste so much of their time judging guys for being ‘immature’ and child like etc because at the end of the day they themselves are just mindless boring retards with no sense of humour or spark for fun. These adverts just make women look exactly like they are… Pretentious and controlling ., at the end of the day, complain all you like ladies, moan like hell but you’ll still be doing our cleaning and cooking ( in theory) so who laughs last ..

    1. Spot on. I don’t care about feminism as much as I care about not losing my inner child. Plus a tonne of women secretly (and not so secretly) envy guys who can act like dickheads and not give a fuck. So if these ads teach women that real men want to be clowns and have a laugh, I’m all for it.

  19. This strikes close to home as it’s something I have been talking about for years now. Funny thing is this – since I moved to Spain I don’t see commercials denigrating men anymore. Actually quite on the contrary – the Spaniards at least prefer to portray functioning families like the ones we all strove for 50 years ago (with varying success I concede).
    Anyway, during my time in the U.S. my response was rather simple: Any brand that denigrates or belittles men will henceforth be boycotted. If more men would adopt this position then this kind of crap would go away really quick. But for some reason the bitchboys out there are bending over and asking for more.

  20. if i recall correctly, there were two versions of the “Taco Bell : Winner” commercial: one with the two chicks providing commentary, and one without. the one without was shown during sports, whereas the one with the commentary was shown everywhere else. it’s like the chicks on the screen have to give a snark-laden explanation of absurdist humor to the chicks watching at home.

  21. The guy in the Taco Bell commercial obviously has some sort of cognitive disability. Really. That’s something that a person with an IQ of about 50 would do. Those two women are mocking a man who probably lives in a group home. If I was at that party I’d be saying “hey, good for you, buddy! Let’s go sit down and kind of chill out, what do you say?”
    If one of them were his girlfriend, I’d be high fiving him. Job well done, pal. You beat the hell out of THOSE odds.

    1. Oh my god dude! That comment made me laugh so hard, I just had to sign in and thank you. And so true, it seems these ads are aimed at women with mentally challenged husbands/partners, not actual real-life men.

  22. First you emasculate men. Then you tell them that if they don’t get laid it’s because they need a bigger car.
    Smart, vert smart.

    1. I think you’re on to something there. The corporate world gains a lot from emasculating men. Turns them into vapid consumers rather than creators.

  23. Someone above mentioned Everyone Loves Raymond as having similar undertones, but it goes much farther than that. Think about all the sitcoms we watched growing up:
    Home Improvement
    Full House
    Fresh Prince
    Family Matters
    The list goes on. Stupid male figure-head guided by female wisdom.
    George Lopez is a more modern one in the same vein,
    Here is the thing to remember though: women and men in the media business are only portraying men the way we let ourselves be portrayed and the way audiences respond to. If the American public was turned off by this kind of thing, it wouldn’t be on TV. The media puts out there what people respond to. So the author of this post is right that there is a painful absence of reaction to this kind of thing, and we are ultimately to blame.

      1. Probably none. Uncle Phil, even if he was what the cretins would call fat, was still a veritable alpha male.

  24. personally i liked the t-mobile commercial. it may try to make men see like idiots but i think it shows men doing fun, man stuff. i mean who hasnt thought of doing something like that with a lawnmower. fun, dangerous. you know, man stuff.

  25. I’m in total agreement with the overall point, but these particular commercials are far from the worst examples I’ve seen.

  26. Wow, I was, as a woman, going to ad my voice of support to this cause but after reading the piggish and childish comments below I don’t think I will. I was also going to say “Not all women are the same” but chances are, none of the ‘men’ commenting on this page ever get close enough to one to know the difference. Grow up already.

    1. We give a fuck and wish we could ‘grow up’ into the ‘men’ you wish us to be.

  27. The second commercial strikes me as less an anti-male commercial and more a show of the fact that those guys are having a blast and the women have sand in their vaginas.

  28. Agree completely. My Dad and I were just taking about this. One of the most recent culprits, CPI Security Systems. Mom frowns at her son for tripping the alarm. CPI dispatcher asks for password. Mom replies, “Princess Lyla,” while smiling at her daughter. Later, wife is alone in her bed. She doesn’t need a husband, she’s got CPI. The anti-male sentiment couldn’t be more obvious.

  29. The American woman is a worthless whore & pig who would serve society better if they pull a plow.

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