All Girls Like Muscular Guys

I’ve never been much of meathead gym-rat. I played sports in high school, including track and field, but was fed the line that weight lifting would “bulk me up” and “slow me down.” I never really had much more than a slender, athletic build—muscular, but thin—a development that I attribute to several subsequent years of running distance to stay in shape. There was a time where I’d go on 10- or 12-mile runs like nothing, getting even thinner in the process.

My fitness decisions were based on a series of embarrassingly inaccurate myths, including the notion that endurance training was best for my “overall health” and— more importantly— that most girls “didn’t really like muscular guys” anyway. In more recent years, I’d gradually degenerated into a skinny-fat build borne from a combination of boredom and laziness—not horribly out-of-shape, but with a weak-looking question-mark posture, a slightly protruding man-pooch, and nascent man boobs.

The whole thing came to a head, hilariously, when I was examining a sex video I’d made with an ex-girlfriend, and I saw what my body looked like from a distance. Here I was, filming this for posterity, and I couldn’t bear to look at myself. Something needed to change. I went back to what I knew. I started jogging, doing light resistance training with an emphasis on reps over weight, and quickly noticed a difference. Within, I’d say, two months, I looked noticeably thinner again. I was back at zero.

This time around, though, I had a theory I wanted to test out. For years, people—including chicks—had been beating that same drum that only a small subset of girls liked muscular dudes. Years earlier, I’d abandoned taking advice from most people about girls—especially from girls—realizing it was irretrievably stupid. So why would this be accurate? I basically hadn’t gone back and revised that part of my knowledge base to new realities.

So I decided to run an experiment on myself. “Let’s see what happens if I get a little ripped.” I picked up a series of weightlifting books, revised my workout routine with a focus on strength training, bought some weightlifting gloves, and started hitting the gym on the regular. One of the bread-and-butter components of my Workout Routine 1.0 had been a home workout. I’d do a series of body-weight exercises, with an emphasis on flexibility and endurance. I updated that process to focus on muscle-gain. I made a concerted effort to eat at home more often, eating protein and vegetables at better intervals. I started taking vitamins, including zinc and magnesium. I played hype songs on loop while doing push-ups and dips like a prison inmate.

It wasn’t long before I was in a zone. I was lifting at the gym three or four days a week, and supplementing that with a day or two of home workout. The differences in my physique and behavior were noticeable. Previously fitted shirts became snug around my arms and chest. My posture improved, making me look longer and sturdier. I threw out the trash shirtless.

Girls’ reactions were a lot more interesting. I’d catch them staring—sometimes several times during a conversation—at my arms and chest. Girls’ hands would linger on certain parts of my body when they would do one of those you’re-so-funny pawings. The nerdiest, most bookish girls, the kind who like sci-fi and talk with a slight lisp—who most people never-in-a-million-years would imagine cared about such things—would oooh and ahhh when I’d tell them to feel my biceps and half-jokingly explain that I was “in the middle of getting ripped.” I had unwittingly leveled-up.

Here’s the thing: if you were to see me in the street right now, you’d never call me buff. By any serious measure, I’m just getting started. As 2013 gets underway, my “resolution” is to cement these gains and push them to the next level. Interestingly, at the same time that my humble progress has gotten me better attention from better girls, it has become less and less about them. Working out has become my thing.

But, if you pick up anything from my little experiment, it’s this: every girl—regardless of what she, or anyone else, says—likes muscles on a guy. Don’t believe otherwise.

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  1. You should post some photos of the ideal physique. Most girls prefer a michael phelps type look compared to the roided up option.

    1. Because either you are ottermode swimmer or a roided up ripped freak.
      Oh yeah, no way there is anything in-between.

    2. Phelps is on roids.
      Having been around enough juiced up bouncers, to say that women don’t like the roided up option is dead wrong. I’m not saying they looked like Jay Cutler, but, they were fucking huge in comparison to your average guy.

  2. Women will adamantly say they don’t like ewwww muscley guys r grosss. But like everything a woman says, you should largely ignore it and instead pay attention to what they DO rather than what they say.
    The words of a woman are worth less than the airwaves they travel on. But a woman’s actions are worth more than their weight in gold.

    1. Women claim they don’t want guys with “big visible muscles” but then you show them a picture of Greg Plitt or Rich Froning, and they have to go change their panties instantly.
      Revert to point #1: They don’t know what they want, so get under that damn barbell.

    2. Exactly. A woman’s words are not credible on these matters. There is massive cognitive dissonance between the logic that women vocalize and what their programming impels them to actually DO.

  3. According to my completely unscientific survey of females who know who he is, Georges St. Pierre is what you’re aiming for.

  4. Solid post. I need to get back on the program I was doing when I was still Active Duty in the military. I have to get off the bitch train and take the time to establish a solid regiment.

    1. This song had a huge hype-related impact on me too, which is why I opened the post with it. When I first discovered it, I listened to it on loop for like three days straight.

  5. I literally just wrote a blog about the same exact thing last night.
    you will note that my version is dated Jan 1. 13.

  6. I’ve been described as a handsome, muscular 200 lb. guy at a height of 5’11” for most of my adult life. Things certainly changed for the better when I began to lift weights religiously when it came to the opposite sex. While I can’t deny that women appreciate muscles, I have been overlooked for taller, thinner guys all of my life. There are groupies for all different types of guys, but It all comes down to height and status for most women. Height and status are the only things women can accept from a man without having to admit what they really crave: security.

    1. your problem might be your height weight combo. 5’10” above a weight of 180 starts to become bodybuilder esque. if you’re not that ripped to be bodybuilderesque then your problem is you’re not shredded enough. Abs win all.

      1. Abs win all… once your shirt is off.
        But unless you’re at the beach/pool, bedroom, or in some other place with an excuse to be shirtless, your abs, specifically, won’t win the day.
        Visible abs are, of course, just a reflection of low body fat percentage and a strong gym work ethic. In sum: lower your body fat through better gym and kitchen work, and the rest will follow.

    2. It’s easy to look try hard if you’re short and muscular. Particularly next to taller guys. One thing that seems to work for short, muscular guys, is to adjust their looks and demeanor to become more threatening, perhaps thuggish. This will cause tall handsome hipsters to defer more to you in social situations.

    3. 5’11” makes you already taller than most men.
      Your height is not at issue.

  7. “As a good-looking, buff dude (sprints & Crossfit FTW!) I have some personal experience with this phenomenon. My experience is that bulking up is good for a man’s notch counts under two conditions, 1) he bulks up for himself and not the ladies, and 2) he adjusts his Game to be synergistic with his newfound physical reality.
    The first one has to do with inner game. If your primary reason for working out is to look hot, then you are a woman. A bitch. Because that’s what bitches do. Women live and die by their looks and so only a woman (or highly feminized male) does that. If you workout to impress women, then your inner game is weak and you are already fucked in the field—this mindset is rampant and explains a fair amount of the failure you see out there. Workout because men have always exerted their strength of will over objects through space. Workout to improve your health. Workout because you insist on becoming a fierce and physically vital human being in an age of trans-fats, fattitude, and dull, sedentary cubicle jobs. Whatever your reasons, don’t make it about bitches.
    And the second issue is just a failure to adjust to a new state of affairs. When you bulk up and become physically imposing, you have got to make changes in the way you spit Game. My Game consists mostly of inner game/frame control and physical escalation. And a fair amount of comfort building when needed. I mostly just try to play defense and not make mistakes. Being good-looking and physically imposing means girls are less inclined to shit test or challange me—I go months without needing to neg serious prospects and I get away with ignoring most shit tests that do actually come my way. You’re basically shooting for what Roosh once called “horny, nice guy” game. When you’re buff, women are already primed to believe that you’re alpha and a player…so zig where they zag. Contrast is king.
    No amount of bench presses can overcome weak inner game or a failure to react and adjust to your situation. Trust me it’s not the muscles that are tripping guys up.”

  8. Please note, for growing muscle you wouldn’t necessarily do the same routine you would do for increasing strength. Ideally you can do both, but the regime is actually not the same. If you want to grow muscle the most efficient way is high volume, good form, long negatives. Going low rep high weight won’t make you more attractive to girls usually even when it increases muscle size (you will look like powerlifter). People should read up on this. Don’t do Rippetoe Starting Strength if aesthetics is what you’re after.

    1. Bullshit. Starting Strength is the FIRST thing I recommend to just about everyone, as it teaches proper training movements and mechanics. If you choose to eat like crap while doing it, that’s your problem, not the program’s. 80 percent of your physical aesthetics is determined by your diet. There are plenty of guys that used Starting Strength and later the Texas Method and have lean and impressive physiques (Take a look at Justin Laczek over at
      Powerlifters look the way they do because they don’t give a shit about the way they look, and thus consume junk food as an easy source of excess calories in order to fuel their ridiculously heavy training session. There are plenty of athletes who do the exact same workouts while eating clean (closer to a Paleo diet) and end up looking like Greek gods.

      1. You’re misleading people. If you’re muscular you didn’t become that way with crossfit. No one ever does…the thing is a scam.
        Circuit training and HIIT are good for becoming lean and for body composition, but the crossfit fad is gay. And none of the guys in it who have good physiques became that way with crossfit.

      2. It will get you ripped if you do it right. Which pretty much no one outside crossfire coaches other hyper type a’s will ever do.
        It won’t get you huge, but plenty ripped enough.

      3. Depends on your programming. If you’re at a shit box and all they program are 40-min HIT met-cons (10,000 burpees for time!), then, yes, you’re going to end up a skinny girl. But if you are following programming closer to CrossFit Football or the Outlaw Way, you’re going to get strong and jacked as all hell.

    1. has an unofficial saying: “Crossfit: turns men into women and women into men.”

    2. If your gym is doing it right, CrossFit certainly will make you ripped. My box had beasts! Even I was deadlifting over 435lbs and looked great. Then the coaches changed and their focus over-emphasized met-con. Heavy lifts went out the window once the classes got big (rack space), so I left.
      Follow the dot com workouts and you’ll see great results. If your body isn’t responding, maybe add in or substitute low rep, high weight, phosphogen days – like those in Starting Strength. I’m an average 6′ guy and SS got me repping out 405lbs back squats (hips below the knee) in a just a couple of months. Its a great way to ramp up and get ready for more nuanced programming. I wouldn’t recommend doing CF and SS programs at the same time, but you can augment CF with SS if your gym is dropping the ball.
      Warning: Strictly following SS will NOT get you ripped. You have to give up cardio, but it will make you very very strong and thats a great jump off point.

  9. I think a lot of women who say “Most girls don’t like muscular guys.” are really saying, “I am not hot enough to attract the most scrumptious of men so I will preemptively disqualify them in advance.”

    1. Some women are intimidated by muscular guys, some men get intimidated by gorgeous women, because they are not confident in who they are and in what they have. (especially women have all sort of inferiority complex) A man once told me: it doesn’t matter how do you see yourself, it matters how he sees you. He was right.

      1. actually, any quality woman LAUGHS at muscular guys.
        Seriously, some of you people need to get out more or get to the city. Big fat muscular men and/or body builders do not fair well socially nor professionally.
        Look at actors… how many are bulked up? NONE
        how many body builders are on a magazine’s “sexy man of the year”
        barely any Men’s Fitness models are bulked up.

        1. Clearly – CLEARLY – he wasn’t talking about steroid using bodybuilders. Of course women hate those – the guy who wrote this article wouldn’t even deny it. He was talking about the average guy who doesn’t take steroids. For the average guy, lifting weights will only make you more attractive to women (since people can’t naturally gain enough muscle to look “gross” – that only happens with steroids). The sort of actors you’re talking about – Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Brad Pitt, Shemar Moore, etc. Women LOVE those body types. And they are “muscular.” You’re conflating “muscular” with “steroid-level muscular freaks.” They aren’t even in the same ballpark. And you can’t get “too” muscular without steroids. So his point stands – women like muscles (don’t get confused again and think I’m saying women like 300 lbs freaks).

        2. mwuahahahahahaha…
          like that has ever happened to anyone, let alone someone of my stature.
          continue seething jealousy and insecurity like an effeminate wussy beta male cvnt stain.
          Id slice your throat wide open and use the gushing blood as lubricant to fvk your dripping cvnt of a wh0re mother up her fat welfare @$$.

        3. wow. how big was the dude? you know, its just a girl you lost. if you lose your attitude like that over some cunt then yeah, maybe you should do something about your insecurity bro

        4. you just got your wimp @$$ handed to you … BADLY
          and you sit there like a frozen little frightened girl.
          god, I despise pu$$ies like you.

        5. are you 13 years old with all that @,$ and so on? why cant you write normally? besides, i have no idea what you are talking about. did you forget to take your pills today boy?

        6. project a bit more there cupcake. We’re not yet convinced how effeminate and wussy you truly are.

        7. where is your leetspeak? i guess you learned a bit. kids grow so fast these days, eh

        8. The article is pretty obviously not talking about huge steroid injected freaks. And as far as actors go its a lot easier to name the ones that aren’t fit, than the ones that are fit.

        9. You’re either trolling or you have a double digit IQ. Or both – they aren’t mutually exclusive. But there’s a 100% chance that at least one of those is true. For your sake, I really hope you’re trolling. If not – you have the cognitive abilities of a dodo bird.

        10. I am more impressed by what is in his mind, and how that might influence his body (i.e. he cycles or jogs or hikes to keep fit, not huge muscles) than him having a ripped physique. My best friend agrees. Smart men are the best men, everywhere. Unfortunately they are a dwindling resource 🙁

    2. THIS….Happened to me a few times, with the added “whey is like steroids” batshit banter.
      There’s this video on youtube with Joe Rogan going off on some fat chick who calls him fat. He then showcases his 6-pack to which she obnoxiously starts saying “eww” and points to nonexistent fat on his body.
      It simply boils down to insecurity and intimidation and as you’re saying David; instead of acknowledging that, they’d rather be preemptive to avoid dealing with the rejection.

        1. yeah, some idiot who says “I seen” vs “I have seen” really knows what they’re talking about.

        2. Oh Yeah?, some retard who thinks the lack of knowledge of grammar can preclude a person from having general awareness, is commenting on others’ intelligence.

        3. one’s inability to present themself with what is considered a grade school education absolutely DOES destroy your credibility… then again… let the idiot’s statement provide the overwhelming facts: its all subjective, speculative and presumptuous… anyone out in the real world would never commit to such an outlandish statement…
          its okay Ollie … you wouldn’t have known: you’re obviously not bright nor clever enough.
          (god, I enjoy crushing amateur newbies to the net)

        4. Do you really have that much time to lose ? Crushing newbies on the net… Like YOU are an experienced user, right ? Wow, what an accomplishment… Pathetic way of thinking… I didn’t intend to participate in this debate, but seeing your hate filled comments just made me wonder what kind of stuff you must have gone through to become like this. Did you ever consider that he may not be a native speaker ? Like myself. Talking about credibility, your previous comments made you look like a retarded prepubescent teen, with all your $ … And yes, returning to the debate at hand, fit actors (Chris & co) do make panties drop all over the world. Money and fame are sure both important facors too, but their ripped appearance sure helps. If you still find a “clever” answer, or find a new way to insult me, ask yourself some questions or go see a shrink.

        5. Go read Marcus Aurelius. He states in meditations that committing the style over substance fallacy is the first thing his grammar teacher taught him to avoid. If someone says 2+2=4 with terrible grammar and someone else says 2+2=5 with excellent grammar, the person with perfect grammar is wrong. Language is for communication, it is not a logical proof.

    3. I don’t consider myself hot, or hideous. I just like skinny men. 🙂 …and I’m not intimidated by anyone except my boss, and she’s a woman!

      1. I’d like to see what your definition of “skinny” men is. I’m guessing it’s not what men would define as actually skinny, but rather fit, lean and defined. You should redefine your a preferences for what they really are: muscular, lean guys with a swimmer’s build. Get real.

        1. jealous much?
          you cant get her on your best day and now you’re hemming and hawing like the beat male wussy you are.
          what does DB stand for? D*che bag?

        2. errrrr right
          what is that insult? like circa 1997?
          dude its a new century, get new lines.
          now p1ss off before I drop you in a pool of your own blood you cvnt stain wussy.

      2. I bet you just like to dominate them too huh? You used to be a dude maybe so like petite sexual partners? Just confused on why a woman would wanna date a person with womanly features? Are you somewhat gay?

        1. jealous much?
          you cant get her on your best day and now you’re hemming and hawing like the beat male wussy you are.

        2. Definitely born a female, and no… I prefer my relationships equal.
          There is nothing womanly about being thin… women naturally have more body fat than men, so, uh… that’s awkward for you.
          If I was gay, I’d fuck women.

    4. you sound pretty insecure and like you have not the first clue what you’re talking about.
      Very attractive, confident, successful, intelligent alpha women that have a choice in men do not like bulked up “fat” guys (includes body builders).
      Stop trying to rationalize it or lie to yourself.
      Women with far less options and choices will settle for gym rats.

      1. Again, you’re confusing muscular with “bodybuilder level muscular.” Do you honestly not realize they’re not even in the same ballpark? No one is saying women like big fat power lifters, or bodybuilders. We’re saying they like guys like Brad Pitt in Troy, Chris Evans in Captian America, Christian Bale in Batman, Henry Cavill in Superman. Those are the types of “muscular” bodies he means. And yes, they are muscular. They had to lift weights like crazy to look like that. Go read about Henry Cavill’s training, for example. Just nuts. But it leads to a very attractive, muscular, athletic look that women love. The people you’re talking about (300 lb fat bodybuilders) take massive amounts of steroids – they don’t represent “muscular” bodies. Don’t immediately jump to some 300 lb monster that no one finds attractive the second he mentions the word “muscular.” Lol, you have some sort of insecurity, or weird bias, if you jump to that conclusion without provocation. He didn’t say a word about bodybuilders. Not a single word. Why would you even go there? A bodybuilder clearly doesn’t represent the “muscles” he’s talking about

        1. Umm… Good one? I guess? Honestly, what sort of empty response was that? It would have been better to say nothing at all. You just made yourself look silly by broadcasting the fact you can’t possibly engage my actual argument or any of my points (since you know I’m right that “bodybuilders” and the muscular men referred to in this article are 2 completely different groups. The only word that refers to bodybuilders is bodybuilders. “Muscular” guys refers to guys like any popular male actor with moderate muscle that women swoon over). Since that’s just a fact that you can’t refute, you resorted to name-calling. So again…. Good one. Real good.

  10. <———– See the guy in this avatar here? That’s me. Followed the above line of thinking for years because I thought the muscular guys get the girls. Worked on self improvement in all areas. Two college degrees. Masters on top of that. Top of the game in my job. But guess what? Being a muscular, intelligent, some would say good looking introvert who finds it difficult to socially interact also makes you the LEAST laid guy ever. No girl has ever been attracted to me because of my physique even though I’ve won a state bodybuilding title only a year ago. It might help some guys with other facets of their game already in place, but not always.

    1. Yep. Yes being muscular can definitely help. But we shouldn’t exaggerate its importance.
      Status, physical attractiveness, and game are more important.
      For example: an average looking muscular guy will not pull as much as an above average looking guy who doesn’t lift, assuming similar personalities and backgrounds.
      As Roosh has observed, girls are really shitty at discerning how well built a man is, except at the extremes. The thing is, we can’t change our genetic endowment as far as facial features and height are concerned. So, while it’s not as important as looks, working out on balance will help your game.
      But if you’re working out to the exclusion of developing a full social life and hobbies, then forget it. You’re better off laying off the weights. There are many men out there who work out like mad and have no other hobby except drinking.

      1. I totally agree. Facial looks are DEFINITELY important. However, what you said about the extremes is correct which is part of why I SUCKED when I was skinny. No matter what I was wearing, it’s REALLY easy to tell how skinny I was when I was 6’2″ and weighed 150 pounds. I was EXTREMELY skinny so no matter what, I was doomed with anyone but fat chicks. Now I’m almost at the other extreme so unless I’m wearing a jacket, EVERYONE can tell I’m well above average muscularly.
        One of my best friends is one of the average body guys but EXTREMELY good looking otherwise and he’s proof that if anything, your face is more important than your body. And he knows how good looking he is so he’s confident because of that, even though he SUCKS at talking to women. Despite that, he’s been with more girls than anyone I know, even though he has less game than I did when I couldn’t do much more than stutter to a woman.
        But social aspects ARE important too. A good looking guy who cant hold a conversation won’t hold a woman’s attention very long, even if he can get her attention in less than a second.
        Basically, for ME, getting bigger improved my confidence, which improved all the social aspects, so that combined with actually looking better is probably what made all the difference.

    2. Your problem is right here->”difficult to socially interact”.
      Absolute number one thing women like is confidence, social dominance and charisma. If you don’t have that, then yes your muscular body works against you. Women actually find it repellent for a handsome man and/or a muscular man to act meek and timid. They hate that.
      As an introvert you can’t and shouldn’t try to be an extrovert, but you need to learn confidence.

      1. So, wait. They wouldn’t find an average built guy acting meek repellent?
        If being muscular puts even greater demands for game, then how is it a big advantage?
        See all these comments are just reaffirming that being muscular is, all else being equal, a plus. But a modest one compared to game, status, physical attractiveness, and wealth.

      2. I think that women are more repulsed by betas who seem like they should be alphas than by betas who seem like they should be betas.
        I’m a good-looking guy and would often get “the look” from across the room. When I approached and seemed awkward, it felt like I inspired downright revulsion.
        If you’re an ostensible alpha but act like a beta, they probably assume that something must be seriously wrong with you. If you’re an ostensible beta who turns out to be an alpha, it’s a pleasant surprise. However, you’ve got more initial obstacles to overcome. That’s why looking like an alpha and being able to back it up with your personality is your best bet.

        1. that’s rich Martel, seeing how you epitomize the very definition of “beta male” and effeminate wussy.

      3. IMO and to further elaborate on Martel’s response-
        Average built guy acting meek and timid -> bad
        Muscular built guy acting meek and timid -> even worse
        Consider muscles a force multiplier for your confidence and game…but also for your anti-game. Decent game combined with muscles lets you pull a woman better than what you could get with decent game and an average body. But muscles don’t make up for bad game, they just make your bad game worse.

      4. “Women actually find it repellent for a handsome man and/or a muscular man to act meek and timid. They hate that.”
        That’s not my experience at all. I’m a fairly handsome guy (got the “You’re Hot” message on OKCupid, which is apparently real) and I have a square jaw and used to wear a leather jacket. In college I was socially awkward and withdrawn. There were a lot of girls that were in to me.
        Honestly, if I look objectively at my own personal experiences, a lot of them don’t fit the whole alpha/beta game narrative. I think the only reason it gets repeated everywhere is because it’s easy to ignore evidence that doesn’t fit. For example:
        * Girls who are bisexual. Supposedly like 30% of the female population can potentially be this way. Think they value masculinity above all else? I doubt it.
        * The most popular porn star among women is James Deen, who famously lacks the typical ultra-masculine porn star personality that men think women want.
        * The whole sensitive emo guy thing that was popular a few years ago.

        1. i would fuck James Deen from here to the moon if i had the chance, only porn star i would ever fan girl over and he knows the rules of bdsm, and omg that voice, more men need to be like him: adorable, sexy as hell in bed, and completely for gender equality. Circumcision is also a must for me but some people prefer natural so to each his own.

        2. seems like you’re living ina delusional, paranoid, fantasy world there Johnny boy… along with YOUR perception of what YOU thought you were like in college and what YOU thought how women viewed you.
          YOu just sound naive and inexperienced more than anything…having trouble grasping the reality that you’re not what most women want… hang in there cupcake, there are niches for beta males like you.

    3. I think that your mindset and perhaps your lack of experience with game, is fucking up your obvious major advantages of aesthetic appeal and muscles.
      So it’s not that they aren’t bonuses, but that perhaps you’re in a funk socially that takes away your major competitive advantage (compared to the average bloke)

    4. My experience says otherwise. I’m a bit of an introvert myself and it’s ALWAYS been EXTREMELY difficult for me to get a woman’s attention. I did good with the fat chicks but that’s about it. Then I got deployed and gained about 35 pounds over the course of a year and a half, and I’d say about 25 of that was muscle. All of a sudden I come back home and getting women is NO PROBLEM for me, and I’m not talking about the fat chicks. I’m talkin attractive women. Now, is part of this because my physique helped my confidence? Absolutely. Confidence is VERY important…but it can’t be faked effectively. It’s gotta come from SOMEWHERE. Here’s the thing, I tried and tried and got nowhere when I was skinny as shit. Got buff(er)…still nowhere close to where I wanna be…and I say even LESS to women and get MORE women attracted to me than I ever thought possible. Bottom line, improving my physique increased my game more than tenfold without me doing ANYTHING else.

  11. This is very true.
    Size and the display of strength is an aphrodisiac to girls because it triggers an attraction response in them that the men are able to protect and take care of them.
    My cousin who’s no muscle man by any stretch of the imagination is naturally a big framed guy. And girls seem to love him because of it. All he has to do is hit the gym a few days a week for a month, and he’s money.
    For me, being naturally athletic looking. I’ve never had as much luck. So one of my goals are also to hit the gym and get bigger and more muscly. Its simply what women respond to in the western world.
    The stronger and bigger you are, the higher quality girl you’re going to get.
    Girls in that category will only ever want the strongest mate because they want the guy to fend off all the other men around her.
    In fact, i would add to that, the ability to fight and protect yourself. If you have muscle but look like a pushover. It’s as good as not going to the gym in the first place.

  12. male physique types:
    female physique types:
    i’m currently between builtfat and chubbyfat (got a great profile, but my gut needs to fucking go)
    i’d love to look ripped/athletic but my size is larger, so best i could get is probably built.
    Briefly considered endurance running to lose weight, but heard one too many horror stories about how much muscle is lost, by switching to just endurance all the time.
    Tuth is right though, people only get weirded out by strongfat and bodybuilder types. and even then there are still girls that go for that look.
    On the girls body archetype you can see that pretty much everything but chubby, fat, and supersized are desireable (average is arguable, personally i wouldnt go for that look, similarly some girls can pull of stick figures, others… notsomuch)

  13. Being more cut and more muscular will make you more attractive, all things equal.
    The problem is that a lot of girls and a lot of great girls roll their eyes when they see a guy who is too ripped or someone who is obsessed with his appearance, because they assume that there is nothing else to him but his muscles and he is probably self absorbed.
    If you can defy that stereotype by being smart, interesting and funny guy and not making it look like your life revolves around fitness, than your more fit body will compliment you and will make you more attractive and desirable.

    1. The other possibility to consider when you hear a female say “I don’t want to be with a guy who is too built up and cut. yuck!” in truth, what she may really be saying is “I don’t want to be with a guy who is spending his time taking care of himself when he should be spending that time catering to my princess demands.”
      I assume this article is for men who still want to impress USA shit women? Roosh did a blog entry a while back and according to him he observed in east europe having a muscular physique was not a big priority.

      1. Yeah, I stopped bringing my cell phone in the gym for over a year now unless I’m expecting an important call/email. No matter how many times you say what your schedule is, they never seem to understand that this gym shit is a lifestyle, not a hobby.

        1. its my hobby. been weightlifting for 9 years now. lifestyle? i just don’t eat crap anymore. the gym doesn’t revolve around me. i just use it to get in my workout and go.

    2. True, there have been many instances where during dates or being in my social circles, I’d reveal things about myself personally and professionally that would outright shock the females I’m with at the time. The unfortunate circumstance of having a great physique is that you have to sometimes go out of your way to let people know who you are to avoid the “meat-head” stigma placed on you.
      True Story: Sometimes on dinner dates, (YES…I already had sex with the girl prior to the dinner) I’d order some healthy meal in a nonchalant manner, in which the girl I’m with would get flustered and double-down on her healthy meal. They’d know they wanted to eat a burger with fries, but because I’m eating salmon and veggies she suddenly wants diet water with arugula….

    3. Yeah when you come off as all those things then they start assuming 100 things r wrong with you because “how can you be single” which leads into the point that MOST women like muscles!

  14. The problem becomes when guys who’ve spent years in the gym sculpting their physique, watching their diet, and taking supplements become emotionally invested that they now *deserve* to get ass simply on account of it. Or tied to the belief that what notches they’ve gotten are a result of their muscular build.
    The truth is, getting ripped is a long-term project if you’re starting from scratch. I chose the working out path as a teenager and am committed to it, but honestly, if I did it all again I’d focus more on just being in good athletic shape instead.
    I wonder if being jacked is more helpful for some groups than others. For example, if you’re an Asian dude, might being big be useful in countering stereotypes?

  15. You know what, im a girl and i dont really appreciate big, huge and humogous muscles.
    I think they look scary because you’ll have a very distorted figure as if there are some overgrowth lumps under your skin.
    And my perception of overly muscular dudes are that they are like peacocks! They are full of ego and pride and not to mention that they are great big show offs too!
    A toned man is nice to look at, yes. But an overly buffed one makes our eyes sore!

    1. A girl once said to me, “Eww I hate visible abs. They gross me out – its like an insect or something, those things under the skin.”
      She was a pig.
      This post and the comment thread is fucking inspiring. It inspired me to go lift even though I had decided to make today a rest day.

      1. Most of my clientele like buff men but dont like abs. They say it reminds them of starving men who can’t feed themselves let alone provide security to her and her children. One of my favourite humourous clients said if she wanted a man with abs, she would head to Sydneys soup kitchen. Very funny.
        I personally love ’em big, the bigger the better but hey I’m just the matchmaker!

      2. errrrright…and then you woke up Mark.
        you realized you’re some insecure,effeminate wussy beta male that simply bombs out with women and therefore you try to rationalize and classify it as “they’re problem”…. yes, everyone else is at fault…it couldnt be YOU, now could it?

    2. Naddy,
      I don’t believe you.
      And everyone here knows women love guys full of ego and pride and who like to show off…as long as they are competent in what they are showing off.
      You may honestly believe what you are saying, but you are lying to yourself.

      1. David….ummmm… how would you know anything about what women love or desire?
        you’re naive and inexperienced…. you clearly know nothing of what you’re talking about.
        Stop reading online Pick up guides and other bullshit that simply doesnt work on confident, intelligent, REAL women in the REAL world…
        its idiots like you that are easily duped into believing anything in exchange for a couple of bucks.

    3. You’re so full of it that it’s amusing. I’d love to see your mental fap folder.

    4. I’m also a woman and I think we are impressed by muscular guys but we don’t (always) prefer them because they intimidate us so it’s more ” safe” to put off. Because of our lack of confidence we seem them unapproachable. You can walk beside an ” Olympian god ” on street only if you tolerate higher levels of eye pressure and the unspoken words” what the hell is he dating her?”

      1. ahhh… one of the insecure gym rats writing from a fake profile, pretending to be a female.
        how pathetic.

    5. You have very obviously not had a lovely, muscular man. Try a power-lifter, they are the best. Body-builders are a close second.

      1. ummm, yeah, women that have no choice in men probably would like a power lifter or body builder… look at the women who date those type of men… we call them TRAILER TRASH….
        you will never see a confident, beautiful, sexy,intelligent, alpha female with her choice in men dating something like that.

  16. size matters.
    that there is even a discussion of whether or not a lean muscular physique is beneficial or not in seduction, shows how effective the man hating media is in distorting our views.
    muscles show off your superior DNA or your hard work ethic, or both, and that is attractive to all humans.

    1. Generally, these days, muscles beyond the corporate fitness center standard, particularly if obviously displayed, primarily show off lack of better things to do than lift weights.
      Brad Pitt shows “superior genetics”. Jay cutler not so much.
      Another issue, particularly for guys with small heads, is that a big neck and upper body makes them look almost retarded. Not

  17. The whiny feminists that say muscles are scary really equate it to body building and the guy who spends all his time in the gym. the one who has the body & the attitude but can’t quite construct a full sentence in proper English, a neanderthal dumbass with aesthetics as the only thing they bring to the picture. When you have a guy who has a great build, shows status, has good social skills & game, and takes control of the situation, every one of those panties will be soaked in the room. The skinny betas & chubby dudes will be left holding all the girls drinks. It’s not just about size, it’s how you use it.

  18. Heres the truth — girls like muscular guys, of course…but…
    Obsessing about ideal bodytype is just mental masturbation. Work with your genetics. As D&P said, don’t be so skinny the wind will blow you over, keep a rather low bodyfat percentage…and most girls will find your body attractive. Work out hard on the basic compound lifts, focusing on strength rather than looks. Eat well, and a lot if you are skinny.
    Starting Strength is an excellent recommendation. Great for smalI guys. I only weigh 152 at 5’10”, but the confidence from having a near 1000 total squat, bench and deadlift is a huge inner game boon.
    The vain aesthetic-focused types in the gym reveal themselves in their vanity, going to the gym with gelled hair, flexing in the mirror, etc. They do it all for women. Don’t be one of them. Work out for YOU.
    Set new strength PR’s. Squatting a bit over twice my bodyweight for reps, I get puzzled looks from the smith machine and lateral raise obsessed faggots…but instant respect from the truly strong guys who know whats up…big guys who work as bouncers.
    As for ideals…and being hyooge, check this out.
    TLDR version — Scroll down and look at the pictures. The 4th or 5th image is what you should shoot for, and is also realistically attainable for most guys.

  19. Like most game blog posts, this one assumes that women are attracted to more “alpha” characteristics. But what do the bodybuilding blogs say?

    I hate to bust your bubble lil’ buddy, but women don’t give a shit beyond a guy looking reasonably fit. Lower than 10-12% body fat won’t make an ounce of a difference. If women is your main motivation for dieting, don’t bother getting shredded. Women have similar delusions in terms of thinking men like them super-skinny.

    I don’t doubt there is something to the whole alpha/beta thing, but the effect isn’t as strong as it’s made out to be, I suspect.

    1. It’s true man. I’m not a young man, been around and I’ve seen both personally and second-hand. Being ripped is not the be-and-end-all of game. Not even close.
      As often as not, a slim out of shape dude with a devil may care attitude will get the SNL while the swole guys who put in umpteen hours in the gym get no more ass or less.
      Yeah being ripped helps *on balance*. But fuck it, to be clear: if your game ain’t tight already and you’re not getting girls same night do not bother to lift and workout unless you’re doing it 100% for yourself. Because it’s damn near irrelevant to improving your odds with women.

      1. I don’t think I have the same age experience as you, but It’s kind of exactly what I have been noticing after some years…

  20. I think it’s like guys saying they don’t like girls with makeup, but what they’re really thinking is they don’t like girls who do it badly or use it like face paint. Or guys who say they don’t like big tits, when they’re thinking of huge cartoon sized porn start tits, not typical big tits.
    Similarly with those girls who say they don’t like guys with muscles, they’re thinking of those guys that make it cartoonish. Like mr.balloon animal vs typical ripped guy:

  21. At the end of the day most blokes who are buff would take being buff over not being buff any day regardless of chicks. An ideal situation would be to be in a social circle with other buff people. If more women worked out the way men did, it would be better.

  22. I think this is similar to saying that All Men Like Big Breasts. Many men will tell you that they prefer smaller breasts or that they are in fact “ass-men” and don’t care for breasts. But in the presence of a large breasted woman (who is also at least somewhat attractive overall); just about all men will be drawn to stare at the woman’s breasts with a magnetic attraction that is hard to resist. The curiousity to touch and fondle them is most certainly there no matter the man.

    1. I’m an ass man. Prefer athletic girls with very small breasts. Do not like big breasts at all, so you are not talking for all men

  23. Bench press, squats, dead lifts, and military press- that’s about all most people really need. Keeps the focus on the main muscle groups, and also releases the most testosterone- one of the main reasons to work out. I also do sprints as well.
    Fuel with chicken breast, vegetables, tuna, and protein shakes. No white foods(rice, bread, milk, etc) or sugars. Life can be simple.

    1. Don’t forget the dreaded bent rows w barbell. They are like doing penance for looking so good.

    2. I’m curious, why no white foods? I mean man, I love me some chocolate milk, milk + cocoa, yogurt and I like rice (esp. rice + curry + chicken).
      I don’t eat any kind of junk food and sweets, except for some occasional (but VERY rarily) chilli flavoured potato chips. Anyway, passing on milk products and rice would be a torture for me, why is that so important?

  24. Two words response to girls saying eeww to muscles:
    Magic Mike.
    That was such a box office bomb because women don’t like muscles, correct?

        1. Hey, horses for courses- some guys like skinny women, some like ’em curvy. Same goes for women too- if we all liked the same thing, most human diversity would have died out a long time ago.

        1. Haha I’m sorry, does my preference upset your figure? Some men like their women skinny, others like ’em curvy- why is it difficult to believe women have diverse preferences too?

        2. True @Ignorant_Awareness:disqus, but the majority of men want their women to be within a set height-weight-fat ratio. Are their men who’re into fat women or emaciated women? Sure. But those are the exceptions to the rule.
          And let’s not forget that many men you see walking around in our society today have settled for whomever they’re with. Many a man with an overweight wife has told me that he like his women “curvy”. This is simply a way to save face when what he really means is, “I wasn’t successful with women and this is the best that I could do”.

        3. you’re a totally and utterly clueless dipsh!t.
          its clear you know nothing about women, what they prefer, what they want and how they think…
          you don’t even know how men (real men, that is) think and prefer….
          stop humiliating yourself, talking on a topic so authoritatively when its embarrassingly clear you havent the first clue what you’re talking about.
          Im getting “wussy beta male” from you, trust me cupcake; you have no clue about women/dating/sex, etc.
          stick to what you know nerd.

        4. your jealousy, insecurity and presumptuous disposition really reveal how young, naive, inexperienced and sheltered you are about this big world cupcake…
          yes, my long dry streak since the weekend must be why Im calling you out on your bullshit, right?
          It couldnt be that you’re full of shit and have no clue what you’re talking about, could it?
          wow… how manly you are… you feel threatened and then you use the age old Jr High comeback of “you don’t get laid” (only projecting your lonely, empty social life).
          (what a dumba$$, I doubt he can even follow the fact he’s being slapped like a b1tch)

        5. @scott_st_clair:disqus You should make youtube videos every time you get drunk and feel like posting online.
          You’d have a thousand subscribers overnight ;->

        6. keep projecting newbie…
          interesting how people only reference what they know.
          damn, Im destroying this idiot.

        7. @scott_st_clair:disqus
          I hope for the public’s sake that you get laid before you flip-out and turn into the next Elliot Rogers.

        8. Well then, there you go. You said it yourself- exceptions to the rule do exist, so why does me being an exception to the rule somehow make me ‘unable to tell the truth’?

        9. @Ignorant_Awareness:disqus
          Exceptions to the rule do not disprove the rule—–nearly all rules in life have exceptions.

        10. I never said it disproved the rule- I was just asking how me being an exception to it justified your assertion that I am lying (ie- ‘not able to tell the truth’ would imply that I *cannot* be an outlier to the rule)?

        11. I’m not saying it disproves the rule – it DOES however disprove your assertion that I am lying. I am not ‘unable to tell the truth’, but rather an exception to the rule (& giving Magic Mike its box office hit status) 🙂

  25. It made $165 million and was classed as a success. Ever since Marky Mark who was the original Calvin Klein underwear model and frontman for the Funky Bunch, the media has gone from showing images of thin men to muscular and more and more men are hitting gyms in the Angosphere. Sales of supplements and the online availability of steroids and pro-hormones is seeing an explosion in bodybuilding. It would be realistic to predict that steroid use will become almost normal within the next decade.

  26. I don’t know why anybody believed this myth in the first place. I don’t have a body builder physique, but I have a nice, muscular body that I’ve kept up since I’ve been in high school because I played football and then joined the military and still keep up right now into my life. I’ve always noticed girls wanting me to flex and being really happy when they saw me naked and saw my flat stomach (though I don’t have a six pack.) Having a muscular body just has too many benefits to ignore.

    1. sounds like you havent been around many women and lack experience… awww.. poor wittle baby

  27. Like many things muscle building is subject to the law of diminishing returns…
    Everyone should workout to be in good shape but at some level the necessary efforts simply outweigh the possible gains…

  28. Solid Bro.
    Good video choice too. I unfortunately go in and out of motivation. I am halfway through Arnolds books as per Roosh rec and it is pretty fucking motivating, esp. when you want to see a winning mindset. The mental attitude obtain through working out alone is worth it. And the few times when I was really in shape, I do remember girls looking with an extra second of glare. Nice. Keep it up.

    1. They needed a C right between A and B (but a little closer to A than B.)
      I bet a C would have gotten even more votes than B.

  29. A lot of it is because girls don’t really always get what “muscular” means. I don’t really see nearly any woman saying that Brad Pitt is too muscular. When they say they don’t like muscular men they mean Mr. Olympia contestants or guys with necks wider than their heads.
    And of course, there’s outliers in everything. Anorexics, fatty lovers, and so on… Tastes vary but there’s no point in comforting yourself in that some weird girl somewhere might fancy your unhealthy body.

  30. Tuthmosis that’s like saying every guy likes big tits, so fucking what. I’m sure skinny male models do just fine for chicks.
    You really need to broaden your horizons and get out of hicksville

        1. Pretty sure women aren’t into you at all.
          But don’t worry maybe after 10-15 years you’ll find a worn out skank.

        2. That comment is just full of fail. Walmart doesnt manufacture computers dipshit. And for the record I bought my computer at Best Buy.

  31. Woman care about muscles because they are told by the media muscles are an alpha trait. Being buffed as an alpha trait is a part of the male gay culture that has gone mainstream. Male gays find muscled bodies desirable because they are men so they are visually oriented and interested in the pleasure they can get from their partners bodies. Females are mostly interested in what you can do for them in bed, they expect you to be the fucker not the fucked.
    30 years ago guys interested in body aesthetics and dieting were qualified as pussies because body aesthetics and dieting for looks were considered extremelly femenine activities (they are!)
    In fact today even when you have to look buff you must not tell the girl you are into dieting because you want your body to be muscular and lean, because if you do that you are for a really long night of just jacking off after she laughs on your face.

    1. And the sole fact that this is a new, modern trend totaly gives it away as suspicious shit

    2. Then explain to me why most gay men are skinny unathletic dweebs….
      If being buff makes a man gay. Then I guess all the NFL players blow each other in the locker room.

  32. all girls like guys who are toned and in good shape. but getting too muscular will turn some girls off. it says to me: spends all his time in the gym and probably has no brains/we probably don’t share interests if his only interest is the gym/tries too hard to impress people, namely other women. It’s not that it doesn’t look good, its just a physical demonstration of your priorities. If you can manage to be both muscular and interesting at the same time, more power to you. But it’s rare. Just like girls that are very tan, have impeccable make-up, and nice cleavage rarely make for great conversation. Same concept. Their priority is their appearance and attracting meathead muscular guys.

    1. God, I love an athletic guy, especially arms… something about big arms that sets of primal triggers. But I agree with Sally, there is a line that seems to be crossed when a guy looks obsessed with his appearance that stops being attractive. Lots of guys today think that getting muscles in a gym is the same as getting muscles from sports and physical work. It’s not. The most masculine and attractive guys are the ones who lead healthy productive lives outdoors. So hot! … if I’m going on a bike ride to the beach to surf and my guy is spending the whole day at the gym… I don’t know. Why doesn’t he come to the beach to work out, plenty of stuff you can do with your own bodyweight… or mine 😉

      1. “Lots of guys today think that getting muscles in a gym is the same as getting muscles from sports and physical work.” This. There’s a difference between manufactured health and that ‘carefree’ attitude that leads to health almost as a side effect of happiness. I prefer my men skinny, but that means natural skinniness (not anorexia or even just over-grooming). Also, there’s nothing like a guy coming home covered in dirt and sweat after working with his hands 😉

    2. a lot of beta male, insecure guys over train in the gym… they think they have nothing else tooffer and fool themselves into thinking that working out will make up for their lack of intelligence, personality and ambition.

        1. cry some more like a beta male pvssy you weak, spineless cvnt.
          There is a reason why guys like me bully wimps like you and women laugh at you all the time.

        2. Listen white knight. You wouldnt wanna pick a fight with me. Im not one of those faggy 5’11 180 lbs pretty boys. If youre not at least 6 feet you have no business acting like this.
          Also I didnt lift for women. I did it for my own satisfaction.
          Are you from england?

        3. pffft….
          you’re a joke little wussy man.
          you are crying way too much to be a tough guy… trust me, Ive knocked people’s teeth down their throat that would tie a dork like you into a knot and flush down their toilet.
          Save the whole “Im a bada$$ on the internet because I say so” routine….
          I can smell your weak, cowardice a mile away.
          What a wimpy little crying cvnt you are.

        4. Funny how you mention lack of intelligence on a previous comment. You cant even spell write. Or you just suck at typing. Its funny how you call me an “Internet badass” when youre the one claiming you can beat everyone up on this site. You think im sposed to believe ur little sobstory about how im no match for people you supposedly beat up (Im guessin spoiled college/highschool kids)? Even if you did what am I supposed to do? Just stop replying? Cower in awe? Recoil in despair? Just remember this: In a fight the baddest motherfucker doesnt win. Its the smartest. So kindly fuck off shithead.

        5. “you cant spell write”…
          “im sposed”
          uh huh… imagine the irony…
          I haven’t mis-spelled ONE SYLLABLE…
          however, your piss poor grammar (e.g., dangling prepositions, beginning fragmented sentences with pronouns and split infinitives, not to mention missing punctuation) is quite clearly revealing you as someone NOT WELL SPOKEN, WELL READ NOR WELL WRITTEN… in other words, its clear you lack fundamental cultured skills to be successful in life, career and socially.
          its always those that have the weakest arguments that present red herrings such as “grammar” or “street cred” as a diversionary tactic… but what’s ironic here, is that your own weak and obvious diversion ends up making a fool out of you.
          BTW… I have not ever made any statements about “beating up everyone on this site”. That’s just a blatant lie and very lame, weak attempt by you to yet again divert the topic due to me exposing you for the idiot you are.
          good job dipsh!t
          you’re only proving me 100% correct; then again, I’m always correct; I never lose 😉
          Now, if you’ll excuse me… some of us actually have a life and have friends (and women 😉
          I’m off for my first weekend at my newly acquired beach house for the weekend! Neighbor’s huge party tonight and tomorrow, I’m hosting …
          seethe more with jealousy you effeminate, wussy beta male.
          Im the one who actually gets laid and lives a good life… so sorry you don’t
          get lost loser

        6. Watch it folks we got us a tough talking (coughs “homo”) internet jock named Scott St Clair.

        7. What? Never heard of slang talk? Because you aint doin it right if thats what you were trying to do.
          I have not ever made any statements about “beating up everyone on this site”.
          Oh wait! You didnt? “Ive knocked people’s teeth down their throat that would tie a dork like you into a knot and flush down their toilet.” Well im guessin that you either have a poor memory or you got hacked by someone. No I win this again cunt.
          And no I will not excuse you because I call bullshit on the supposed party that your hosting. And I also call bullshit on your supposed “beach house” Then again I can see that happening if your selling your ass out to a man.
          And there you go on your previous post making false assumptions about me not even knowing who I am, what I look like or how I live my life.
          You come off as some high school dork with nothing to do on his hands other than bitch and moan online and act like some hardass when in reality if he ran into these people on the street he’d crap his pants.
          Youre in school kid learn something. And if you are over 21 I suggest you act like it. Lest you get your ass shot.

        8. wow, I must have destroyed you badly… look at that drama queen tantrum you just threw
          what a little wussy.
          ruined your pathetic, struggling, low income life… LOL
          you leaving comment after comment in an obsessive way,
          posting silly pics in lieu of standing like a man and facing me…
          it didnt take much to annihilate you cupcake… you folded like the true beta male we all thought you were.
          damn, I must have intimidated the hell out of you and made you feel so threatened.
          another easy kill

        9. Funny cuz that actually looks a lot like U but in drag costume.
          You almost had me.

  33. You are all so stupid its unbeliveable. Bunch of wanabe shrinks. Everyones opinion counts, and the problem half of you have is when you are not at the gym youre on forums like this, looking for other people to make you feel better about your selfs, and have friends equally as stupid as you and therefor have the same views, thats not the same as everyone woman wants this or that.

  34. I’m a girl and I don’t typically like muscular guys, so it’s not ALL girls, ya dimwit. I like guys who have the physique you USED to have… lean and fit, but not lanky or scrawny. Like… soccer players. Not that I wouldn’t date a muscular guy should I be attracted to him, but I find that I typically don’t have much in common with meat heads anyway and rarely talk to such men, so even having sex with such types wouldn’t interest me. Thinking about it, I actually get very turned off when I see a guy with noticeably large muscles, especially when they’re posting pictures of themselves on Facebook to show off their “progress.” Ugh. Guess I’m just a freak.

  35. i had a good read and i think you inspire alot of men to work moarrr on their bodies.
    as for the muscle build , in my experience girls rly appreciate it if your a healthy looking guy and someone who takes care of himself.
    I’ll tell you guys a story , haha.
    I once had a good relation with a girl who i became friends with now but before she was kinda my sex buddy i guesse and she rly liked to touch my bodyparts even more cause of the muscles.
    So it’s always good to have some muscles build , but at the same time i’m 6’3 foot long and weigh 78 kg and have a fat % of 9 so i guesse thats a pretty ideal body type if you ask me….
    As long as your muscles don’t take over your brain and your good personality you should be ideal for da womennn :D.
    Gl guys and again Thx for this amazing article.

    1. 170 lbs (78 kg) is skinny for a male of 6’3. If you want lean muscle you should get your weight up to 195 (88 kg).
      I lift. I know.

  36. every girl—regardless of what she, or anyone else, says—likes muscles on a guy.
    So damn true.
    So im laying the rails to this girl who is dating an overweight guy, the day after she tells me “I’m not really that into muscles”.
    Oh really? Then why am i balls deep inside you?

  37. even the guy with the cutest of faces are not attractive unless they have a body to go with it..usually an athletic build…and that combination just drives me nuts..there;s a guy like that in my class…and I DON”T KNOW HOW TO GET OVER HIM!!! Help me..!!

    1. Dude your wrong. Ive seen chicks choose skinny men with a 9/10 face over a butterface bodybuilder.

  38. At the risk of sounding borderline misogynistic woman often don’t know what they want simply because of the modern world. The whole ‘treat me equal’ bs that’s going around has been taken to a ridiculous finality where we’ve become ashamed of the differences. My experience with weights was very similar to yours and the looks you get from women, whilst flattering, are more of an indicator of a significantly deeper and more primal relationship between the sexes. Most of all, a strong powerful person male or female is something to be celebrated simply because it represents something to which we can all aspire. Never hide strength, being honest with yourself is attractive all by itself.

  39. is like saying all guys like skinny starving girls
    some guys like a little pudge
    some want to see some bones
    some just want big tits and a nice ass
    others like small chests
    personally i like a little lean muscle or some pudge
    either way there isnt one look that will just get you any girl

  40. is like saying all guys like skinny starving girls
    some guys like a little pudge
    some want to see some bones
    some just want big tits and a nice ass
    others like small chests
    personally i like a little lean muscle or some pudge
    either way there isnt one look that will just get you any girl

  41. Muscular guys make me sick. They are so gross. They think they are soooo rad with their muscles and their flexing and their showing off, it makes me laugh. If a guy isn’t thin and cute then he should fuck off. There are women who like muscular men, no doubt, but most of the women make fun of such guys.

  42. What about lesbians?
    I care not for muscular guys, and I know many people who don’t either so….

  43. Hmmm not really. I love guys who have the lumberjack look. Im very in to fashion and am actually a floral designer. I’m very feminine and petit (5’1″). Muscles are nice but I love having a guy I can cuddle and feel safe in his arms…also beards are hot!!

  44. I dunno, you guys- I actually quite LIKE the ‘question-mark posture’ on a man, & no, I’m not bullshitting you:
    I think it’s because I don’t like the idea of sleeping with a stone- I kinda need some warmth next to me (& being around 5ft3, the idea of being crushed to death in a muscle-hug doesn’t really appeal to me)… big pecs just look like boobs to me, & I’d rather be able to wrap my arms around a waist that goes in, instead of a solidly straight-up-&-down tree trunk =/
    But then again, I guess everything needs to be in moderation (jutting out bones (a la Christian Bale) is just as much of a turn off as Schwarzenegger’s roided up body).

    1. My opinion may not count for jack shit though, since I don’t exactly represent your ‘typical’ woman- I don’t, for example, find body types like Channing Tatum’s or Wentworth Miller’s attractive.
      Keanu Reeves, on the other hand? I would!

  45. A few comments:
    I have heard lots of women say they don’t like muscles before, but when they say that they are ALWAYS thinking of hulking bodybuilders with 1% bodyfat and veins popping out everywhere. If you go put on 10 lbs of muscle and lose a few percentage points of fat, you WILL be way more attractive to ALL women.
    Second point is, as we all know, never pay any damn attention to what women say. Press them on it and they’ll contradict themselves two seconds later. A man listening to a woman for any kind of advice is a sadly hopeless lost soul.

    1. coming from someone who lives in the sticks, doesnt get much female attention, struggles paycheck to paycheck.
      REMEMBER folks… dont take advice off some spineless wimp coward who hides behind a computer screen desperately trying to convince you they’re valuable.

  46. I love muscular guys as long as they don’t have faces like a smashed up crab. The attraction will last two seconds, if the face doesn’t come up to scratch

  47. Weight-lifting gloves? Is this a joke? Women like muscular guys, no shit, you know what they prefer, not being touched with woman-hands, and that, my friend, is what you will be stuck with you keep protecting those delicate paws like a pussy.

  48. I lifted weights for 10 years straight 5 times a week ,until a serious car accident. It’s great exercise, makes you a little stronger, and really gets the adrenaline pumping. I highly recommend it.

  49. Youre a dumb shit. Wow this is fucking stupid. You don’t know anything. I’m a guy who doesn’t even touch them gym and I can get plenty of girls. Go home and stop broadcasting your terrible opinions.

  50. I’m a woman and honestly cannot stand when a guy has too much muscle, it looks grotesque, i prefer lean men, my ideal being little to no muscle but i will accept muscle to a certain point but once your biceps is 4 inches in diameter or more i’m not touching you cause at that point you look gross. And i have had men like that interested in me and said no strictly because of that. Personally i do not find it attractive, other women do but believe me not all women do, i would rather kill myself then date a body builder honestly because i don’t think i could have sex with one without puking.

  51. I had this exact same revelation about a year ago. Started lifting heavier and eating loads of chicken about March 2013. By August I had put on a lot of muscle weight and the attention I got at the end of summer BBQs and festivals was insane.
    I lift for myself, but the attention I’ve gotten from women has been an added bonus!

  52. Being an avidly indulgent transvestite I had decided by age eight that buffed does not look femme in a dress so I then began making a point of avoiding any activities that had the potential to build arm and upper body muscles. Then freshman year in high school they required us to do weight training so the second week I faked a bench press accident and injury that I then used to get my doctor to get me permanently excused from all weight training. The following week the coach then had me help out a girls PE coach and it was there that I found out from some girls that being a student of ballet could get one excused from PE entirely. Then after I got into ballet I had to fill the former PE time slot with some other class so I took sewing and learned to make my own tutus and dance outfits. Since I had no arm or upper body muscles I could not lift other dancers so I could not dance any male roles so I mastered toe and danced as a girl.

  53. Seems like the trick is to get ripped and bulk, not “buff”. People seem to associate the word “buff” with competition body builder type bodies. And when you’re looking at bodybuilders, most of the time they are too muscular (especially women body builders).
    I think that’s a good way for us men to look at it, yeah I love for women to be in shape and slender. But when muscle mass gets to a certain point (mannish, missing some periods point), it will cause something I like to call perceived erectile dysfunction. In reality she looks like a man and you are not gay, but she sees you can’t get it up for her muscular (in her mind “great”) body and assumes it is you to blame. Never happened to me, but bet it’s happened!

  54. I consider myself to be a fairly attractive woman, I work hard to keep in good shape and I don’t think I’m being shallow by saying YES, I like muscular men !!!

  55. One good thing for men about bodybuilding is that it raises testosterone levels. Some days in the gym (before id do my workouts) id think to myself “Why am I even doing this? Im tired I wanna go home.” But at the end of the day Ill be thinking “I cant wait till friday to hit some cute girls./Its friday. Ill take a quick shower and talk to some chicks.” Ill feel pretty good by the end of my workouts.

  56. One of my girlfriends actually said she was afraid to sleep with me the first time. She said it was the first time she had been with a real man. I said, “you know, every guy dreams of hearing that from a girl.” She said, “I know.” I have no idea why I’m sharing this with you. Point is, girls are intimidated by muscular guys (though they shouldn’t be). Doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t like it.
    Also, the vast majority of people, and especially girls, have no idea what it takes to build muscle, or even what it means to be strong. I heard some dumbass – actually, Roger Ebert reviewing Fight Club – saying Brad Pitt in that movie looked like he couldn’t hurt anyone. Hahaha!
    Right now I’m not very bulked up, but I’m lifting very heavy compared to what I’ve ever done. But I look basically like a normal, somewhat fit guy. My legs even look skinny—not skinny, but sort of long and thin, even though I’m doing a ton of weight. They just look like actual legs now. Strength and bulk are only indirectly related.

    1. Yeah, I think I somewhat understand what your girlfriend was getting at- the whole idea of ‘not wanting to sleep next to a rock’, right? There’s got to be a little warmth to a guy to elevate him from ‘what a nice trophy to look at’ status to ‘I wouldn’t mind actually jumping into bed with this guy’.

  57. OP, what is (roughly) your height and weight? It’s difficult to have any idea what your “new” physique is like, because everyone has a different frame of reference of what muscular is. Or link us a photo on the web of a similarly built man.

  58. I think science supports this. Women are attracted to powerfully looking figures that exude dominance and authority, and a muscular male body clearly has that essence.

  59. Because of the skin color a black man who is toned looks better than a white man who is toned. Black muscles tend to look more defined than muscles on a white man and it’s a turn on for those who look for that. Normally a black man will win out over a white man of similar features because he is usually more athletic and more lithe.

  60. Certainly the best thing ever written on that subject.
    There is at least one guy saying something true and useful.

  61. I like a guy who is muscular. I just don’t only see the appearance in a guy and go out with him because of his appearance.

  62. I have been body building for 40 years. While I won’t win Mr. Universe (never took any steroids) I am proud of my flat abs, my v cut abs and my biceps. I still get the stares from women. This morning after a push ups and pull ups workout (from which I got the “pump”), I went and changed for the coed jacuzzi. I got there when a young black chick was leaving. She stared at my pumped arms and chest the way I’ve noticed girls staring many times. I told her “good morning” and she shyly responded greeting. I am 57. This is why I am on a very healthy diet!

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