An Amazing Manosphere Blog You’ve Never Seen

Two years ago a man who went by the name of Solomon launched a blog called The Solomon Group. It went on to make a gigantic impact in its short six-month existence, with bootleg copies still in circulation today (pdf). Here’s an excerpt from his introductory post…

As with any wealthy and successful man of influence, Solomon was a pussy magnet. He had 700 wives and 300 concubines. Not surprisingly, this lead to his eventual downfall. It seems not even god-like wisdom can save a man from losing his damn mind when subjected to the coercion and incessant bitching of the fairer sex.

Many men today are members of The Solomon Group. They are successful, knowledgeable and wise in the ways of the world – yet they underestimate how their decisions and interaction with the opposite sex impacts their lives until its too late. In Solomon’s case, his nation began to degrade and his son’s rightful kingdom was divided. Moral of the story: Trust your wisdom and judgment when it comes to women or God is going to fuck you so hard your children will feel it.

This blog is a collection of modern day Proverbs for men derived from personal experience and information gleaned from the most talented writers and insightful commenters in the Manosphere.

On Christmas Day, when everyone was with their families, I sat down to read the entire archive. Here are a few things I highlighted…

Men are responsible for 99.9% of everything worth celebrating, lamenting, embracing and shunning in recorded history. Good and evil are defined, constructed, and introduced to the world by men. Take your societal position seriously, and never allow women or feminized pussyboys to erode what it means to be a man. Never let them use shaming language to strip you of your title.


…my quest is to have a plethora of women bent over my couch screaming my name while their future White Knight husband is working overtime to save money for the house she’ll eventually take from him in the divorce.


Jealousy is nature’s way of letting a man know that he has assigned too high of a value to a particular person or event. If you’re living with jealousy over a girlfriend or an ex, you have placed her in a category higher than she deserves.


Want to know the real reason why women shout “I just want to meet a nice guy”? Its simply because they want the nice guys to identify themselves so they know who not to sleep with.


As men living in a world where women are nothing more than overgrown children, we’re constantly faced with a sobering reality. While both genders have their good sides and bad sides, society has encouraged women to view their weaknesses as strengths and their strengths as weaknesses. In the end, men are stuck with all of the downside and virtually none of the upside of a woman. Women used to be moody but feminine. Now they’re moody but slutty. They used to be irrational and submissive. Now they’re irrational and manipulative. In short, there was a time when men would suffer through a woman’s flaws because there was a payoff, and women would return the favor by overlooking a man’s flaws. In the end, happy unions for the most part and healthy families were the outcome.

Those days are long gone.

It also included the infamous Slut Zone vs Player Zone graph…

Solomon helps you see American women for who they really are, and how to take advantage of the the times to get as much sex as you can. Click here to download the blog archive in PDF format.

Loot while you can, gentlemen.

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64 thoughts on “An Amazing Manosphere Blog You’ve Never Seen”

  1. Thanks for the link! I missed that one when it was online. The University of Man and In Mala fide are two other blogs that were also outstanding.
    Bardamu´s essay: “The necessity of domestic violence” is the most iluminating piece I´ve ever read in the Manosphere. (Me, I favour the term: Bollocksphere)

  2. Is this the same Dalrock that writes the insufferable Christian married game blog?
    If so, he used to be the man.

  3. Thanks! I’ve been looking for this since the site went down and I hadn’t been able to find it… till now. Thank you thank you thank you!

  4. Yeah, I’ve read that material. Thanks for the PDF though, I thought it had all been lost.
    My favorite is the Top 10 lies that women tell

  5. I don’t think you could get him to admit it, but if you read Wired’s recent piece on John McAfee, you’d learn that very successful mean underestimate the opposite sex and it has nasty consequences.

  6. Anyone care to elaborate on this “slut vs player zone” and whether or not they’ve seen actual improvements in “access” with age? If so, what do you attribute it to?

    1. I have (I am 38)
      1) More women to hit on (ages 22-40) vs when I was 24 it was for the most part 22-25
      2) My looks are basically the same since mid 20’s, especially if you keep in shape
      3) Years of game experience, learning from your mistakes
      4) Acquiring more resources, which helps you get women (centrally located place, ability to live alone, larger travel budget, etc)
      Rollo had a similar chart, using “SMV”. As a 38 year old, I find it very true.

  7. One of the proverbs missing from the pdf
    Proverb 26: Rules are Made to be Spoken
    Without revealing too much, I want to tell you about one of my best friends. Let’s call him Bill. Bill is a respected musician on the local Nashville scene, and gets paid rather well for studio time and gigging around Tennessee, Kentucky, and Ohio. I’m guessing he’s in his late 20’s. As far as looks go, he’s probably about average, but he hits the gym four days per week, and keeps an “on stage” tan at all times. He’s a sharp dresser, and is smooth as silk with the ladies. A true natural Alpha if there ever was one.
    Needless to say, he’s nuts deep in fine Southern pussy on a regular basis. I’ve known this guy for years, performed with his dad, and take trips to see him when he needs engineering help in the studio. I knew him before he broke in to the scene, and he hasn’t changed a bit. He’s a genuinely good Southern man from a solid family.
    The other day Bill called just to check in. Of course, we went through the same three subjects we always do in order of importance: country music, gospel music, and pussy. I’m assuming you’re not here to read up on the type of snare used on Lady Antebellum’s last album or find out what I think about Craig West joining the Gold City Quartet, so we’ll get right to the pussy.
    I do my best to write things down when I talk to Bill, because he’s a riot. He’s a real wordsmith who can turn a phrase with just enough country charm to make it memorable. Here’s a firsthand recollection – Southern expressions intact – of the comments he made which inspired this post:
    Yeah man, I was down in East Tennessee at this shit-ass bar watching my buddy play last Friday night. This place wasn’t even big enough to cuss a cat in, but it was nice to take a night off and support a local boy. This little ole’ girl I wring out every once in a while showed up, so of course, I figured I’d dick her again since I didn’t have anything better to do.
    But you know how it is. This bitch was sittin’ there drinking like a fish, trying to fall in love with me and shit. Now I aint got time for that – you know how I am. So I just told her how it is.
    I told her ‘hey, I only see you when I’m out this way, and that works for me. If we’re going to be together, this is how it will be.’ Then I leaned in real close and dropped my voice like daddy does when he sings bass with the Quartet. You know, makes girls all wet and shit. Yeah, I swear to fuck I leaned in, looked her straight in her God-given eyeball and said ‘Those are the rules’.
    Those are the rules? Awesome. What did she say?
    She paused for about five seconds and said ‘ok’.
    Man, I have to write this shit down. How did you know it would work?
    I didn’t know it would work. She could have told me to fuck off for all I know, but I don’t care. She aint the only bitch in Tennessee. Plus man, women like to be told what to do. They like it when they don’t have to think for themselves. They’re like a bunch of goddamn kids, and all you gotta do is raise them in the fear and admonition of the Lord. Of course, the Lord being my cock in this instance. Bitches are stupid, man – and I’m talking even the smart ones are dumb as hell when it comes to slobbering on the man snake. It’s almost too easy. All you have to do is tell em’ how it’s going to be, and either they’ll accept it or they won’t. And even if they won’t, you still get to fuck em’ before they go. Chicks can’t make a decision until they fuck you first. Makes em’ feel pretty or some shit. I have no idea what that’s about, but I aint complaining.
    I hear you. I think sometimes women just fuck to feel powerful, and never realize their power is gone about 30 seconds after the man busts a nut. It’s fun for them, so they just let it happen. Of course the jaded bitches eject from the situation first so they can keep the delusion of power alive: “It only happened once. Besides, I dumped HIM, so it wasn’t like that.” Then they look at a guy’s continued interest as proof that he was really into them when all he wants is another easy fuck.
    I hear women say shit like that all the time. You think that’s what it is? Damn brother, you put way too much thought into this shit. I guess thats good though.
    I don’t know. It’s just a theory. I have no idea why women do what they do. Hell, women don’t even know why they do what they do. I just see this as a pattern with the more adventurous types I’ve known.
    It’s still free pussy, man. Makes the world go ’round. I always figured I better get it while I can before these broads smarten up, but I’m starting to think that just aint gonna happen. They must like it. I mean what else could it be? I’m not hung like a horse and I don’t spend lots of money on them. I just fuck ‘em and send ‘em on their way.
    I’d never let a guy do that to me if I was a bitch. I’m telling you man, ‘those are the rules’ is going to be my new catchphrase. I may even write a song about it. Wouldn’t sell though.
    When it comes to women, rules truly are made to be spoken. You can’t hint at what you want and hope for the best. You can’t just subtly make your wishes known; you have to make a righteous proclamation and demand compliance. I challenge you to be a strong enough man to look a woman right in what Bill calls her “God-given eyeball” and tell her exactly what the nature of your relationship will be. Have the strength of purpose to know what you want from a woman before you even meet her, be bold enough to demand it, articulate enough to convey it in a manner she’ll understand, and secure enough in your ability to find new tail that you’re free to let her walk if she refuses to comply. Forget this communication bullshit everyone is so hot on; communication is nothing more than a means of data mining for women so they can bitch at you later, so demand what you want without apology or explanation.
    If you don’t call the shots, I can assure you she will. Those are the rules.

    1. “Those are the rules? Awesome. What did she say?”
      “She paused for about five seconds and said ‘ok’.”
      This is nothing. If I she were highly attracted to you of course she would agree. That does not mean she was exclusively your’s. She may well have been seeing other men when you weren’t “up this way”.
      Having a long distance relationship with a hot guy you are really attracted to but only see occasionally works well for attractive women who also date local guys when he’s not available.
      Your mistake is in thinking she was only seeing you.

      1. “Your mistake is in thinking she was only seeing you.”
        He was seeing her on his terms, when he wanted to, when he was in town. You think he gives a shit what else she does? Typical hamster, no comprehension.

    2. New Year’s Resolution: Use the line, “Those are the rules,” whenever appropriate.

    3. >‘those are the rules’ is going to be my new catchphrase
      When I read this I imagined Negan saying it in a deep drawl like when he says “you earn what you take” and “this is the ONLY way”

  8. Another one missing from the pdf, suitable for this blog I say
    The Last Proverb: Man of Principle
    There’s so much solid advice in the manosphere, there’s not a man on the planet with internet access who has any excuse for being a feminized beta. But even the best advice will fall on deaf ears if the man hearing it is lacking a principled lifestyle.
    prin·ci·ple [prin-suh-puhl]
    1. An accepted or professed rule of action or conduct.
    2. A fundamental, primary, or general law or truth from which others are derived.
    3. A fundamental doctrine or tenet; a distinctive ruling opinion.
    My old man is a lot of things: Difficult, a Ph.D., a reverend, a published author, a radio host, and did I mention difficult? All things considered, he’s a good father and an epic example of an Alpha male. There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind who rules the roost around our homestead or at the church, and when he speaks, people listen and comply or he exterminates them. The only person on this planet who can change that man’s mind is my mother, and she does it with grace and ease. I’ve seen that 5’2” 108 lb. woman consistently get anything and everything she could ever want, need, or desire out of that 6’6” 248 lb. lion with nothing more than a kiss on the cheek, a glass of sweet tea, and what my sister and I still consider to be the four most powerful words in the English language: “I love you, Doc”. That, my friends, is the definition of a powerful woman.
    But I digress.
    I’ve seen my old man marry the young, bury the dead, and even pay medical or electricity bills out of his own pocket for people he didn’t even know. Picking up a semester of tuition for a single mother who desperately wanted to keep her children in private school, and cleaning out our closets and giving nearly every stitch of clothing we owned to a family who lost their home in a flood or fire was a common occurrence during my 18 years under his roof.
    In my experience, there’s far more snake oil salesman money grubbing ministers out there than there are honest ones, but when it comes to my old man, he consistently practices what he preaches. Whatever came out of his mouth on Sunday, we lived Monday through Saturday with no exceptions.
    If I had to sum up all the advice my father ever gave me, I could do it in one word: Principle. During my formative years, I must have had this conversation with my father a dozen or more times:
    Son, never make a decision when your decision maker is broken. Be a man of principle, so you’ll never have to decide a course of action in the heat of the moment. Decide what you’ll do and how you’ll react in any given situation before it ever happens, so you won’t have to rely on your emotions at the moment of decision. You’ll either grow up to be a man of principle, or you’ll grow up to be a sissy ruled by his emotions. I can tell you right now that sissy men aren’t tolerated by me or respected by your mother and sister. Are you a man, or are you a sissy?
    I’m a man, dad.
    Then why did you do what you did? Is misbehaving in class a matter of principle for you?
    No sir.
    Then you didn’t follow principle, did you?
    No, I guess not.
    You guess not? Either you did or you didn’t. It’s just that simple. Don’t try to justify your actions, son.
    No, dad. I didn’t act on principle.
    Ok then, explain to me your principle on classroom behavior.
    To be good, follow the rules, and listen to the teacher at all times.
    What if someone tries to distract you by talking to you, or starts goofing off?
    I’ll ignore them and pay attention.
    Because it’s a matter of principle, and I have decided how I’ll behave beforehand so I don’t have to make that decision when the time comes. I won’t have to make a decision when I’m distracted or caught off guard, because the decision to do the right thing has already been made.
    Good to hear. Son, the consequences of your misbehavior in class will manifest later in your grades or in your relationship with your teacher. You’ve already received detention and had to miss soccer practice, so I’m not nearly as concerned about your behavior as I am your lack of living a principled life.
    I’m sorry, dad.
    Never apologize to another man, son. It shows weakness. Simply look him in the eye and acknowledge he was right. It shows respect for the other man, while maintaining your dignity as someone who is willing to accept sound advice from another. Remember the words of King Solomon: “As iron sharpeneth iron, so one man sharpeneth another.” As my son, I’m sharpening you right now, and you’re taking it honorably. There’s no need to apologize.
    You’re right, dad. I appreciate your advice.
    That’s a much better response. You’re welcome, son.
    We spend a great deal of time here in the manosphere talking about women and their lack of principle, and how they seem to be slaves to their emotions. And while that’s certainly a topic that deserves our attention, I’d like to encourage each and every one of us to stop and turn the focus back on ourselves for a bit. I know I certainly need a good calibration session every once in a while, so I’ll invite you to focus inward and ask yourself the simple question Dr. Solomon II has asked me countless times over the past three and a half decades:
    Are you a man of principle, or a sissy ruled by his emotions?
    The fact that my own words betray me at times has not gone unnoticed, by the way. It’s funny how the closer you get to the light, the more dirt shows up on your own face. But that’s kind of the point of this post: It’s time for me and men everywhere to start living a life of principle when it comes to interacting with the opposite sex so we never have to make a decision when our decision maker is broken. The text on your left is a perfect example of me getting back to my principle of not spending money on women I’m not banging. And no, hand jobs don’t count.
    What principles do you live by? Do you get sucked into arguments or put up with more trouble out of your girlfriend or wife than she’s worth? Do you pedestalize women or suffer from occasional bouts of oneitis? Do you apologize for being a man with a healthy ego, or cave in to societal pressures demanding you sacrifice yourself for the ever-changing wants, needs, and wishes of women? Do you see a marriage contract as inevitable even though you know the risk is far greater than any sane man would find acceptable? If so, determine *right now* how you will respond or behave in those situations before you find yourself in them, and stick to it.
    It matters not if your principles are found to be socially acceptable by women and beta males; stick to them without apology even if it harelips every dog and kills every furry baby bunny in your County. Know who you are and what you want, and never apologize for it. Be a man of principle, not a feminized Beta ruled by emotions.
    Game is worthless to an unprincipled man, for he will die by his own sword the moment he lets his guard down. The success enjoyed by the Beta male who strives to ascend to Alpha status will be temporary unless he remains principled in his quest. The principled life is akin to the steady beat of a war drum foretelling swift attacks on those who dare not surrender.
    For most women, being consistently unprincipled is a matter of principle, therefore they derive strength from unending rationalization. Because of this, when dealing with women, logic and principle are a handicap for men unless the two are constantly in force. That’s why when the strongest of men compromise their principles, they’re easily brought to their knees by even the most delusional of women.
    So let me ask you again: Are you a man of principle or a sissy ruled by his emotions? If you’re like me and have a little work to do in this area, I encourage you to turn your focus inward for a moment.

        1. Thank you VERY much for this! …btw does anybody have original media files too??? It would be awesome!

  9. You can find a lot of old blogs on
    Most of Roissy’s old blog is there, along with many others. Just type in the URL and it’ll show you what archives it has for different dates. It often has even more than what it initially displays because the dates it gives you are just for that one specific URL e.g. and have completely different archives.

  10. What I’ve noticed in the Manosphere is a lot of misandry toward other men. Example right here;
    “my quest is to have a plethora of women bent over my couch screaming my name while their future White Knight husband is working overtime to save money for the house she’ll eventually take from him in the divorce.”
    Why do you guys hate each other so? Why no solidarity or brotherhood?

    1. Yeah women are one big happy family, they never backstab. Spinning wheel, got to go round, ride a painted pony, let the spinning wheel spin.

    2. Tit for tat. White knight slave isn’t trying to help us so why should we protect his wife’s virtue? The more she cheats early the more likely she is to be caught so t actually is helping.

    1. Nope, the Sisterhood is pretty united and its not racist. We’re in it for ALL women. The Manosphere on the other hand divides to conquer other men whether it be by race, or religion or “betahood” or whatever.
      That’s why the Mens Rights Movement won’t get anywhere. Ever.

      1. The sisterhood is in it for all women, which is why you will fail. You should be in it for all HUMAN.

      2. Hey RadFems, if our strategy is wrong and doomed to fail, you wouldn’t be telling us this. No, you are telling us we will fail, because you are afraid. The fact that you felt you needed to add “Ever.” to the end shows just how worried you are.

      3. I wish I could grant every women in the world the ability to read each other’s minds. I give it one hour before you kill each other.

      4. >, the Sisterhood is pretty united and its not racist
        I chuckled at this. Women are much more racist than men. It just isn’t obvious because they whisper more.

  11. “Why do you guys hate each other so? Why no solidarity or brotherhood?”
    It has nothing to do with hating other men. He is making fun of men who spent their prime saving up to support a used up cum dumster who wouldnt give him a second glance in her prime.
    Do you know how many men spent their physical prime being ignored and ridiculed by these evil witches. ?.
    What he is writing is not hating, its a wake up call. He is telling the truth in order to HELP men. He is saying, dont marry the bitches, dont pay their mortgages, dont help them in any way. Let them die alone surrounded by cats, missed by no one. it’s all they deserve.

    1. “What he is writing is not hating, its a wake up call. He is telling the truth in order to HELP men. He is saying, dont marry the bitches, dont pay their mortgages, dont help them in any way. Let them die alone surrounded by cats, missed by no one. it’s all they deserve.”
      This attitude is precisely why the White European race is dying out. The future belongs to all us brown hued folk. Hope you like chocolate – from milk to dark.

      1. Totally agree with you the white race will go extinct, except its not the white mans fault but the white woman. And I’m already looking for the “chocolate” since for 90% of white men, this is the only way. Unless one want a low quality uber feminist white women who is finally ready to “settle down” after having “found herself” (read, fucked everyone left and right during here youth).

      2. Btw, I PREFER chocolate, even if the white women had decent behavior. So it’s not a problem for me.

      3. Conversely you could look at this as us wanting to fuck all the brown paki women and polluting their dark near-black chocolate into a medium hued light brown milk chocolate.

  12. guys doing awesome in their 30s and 40s …can anyone feel me in on how a guys DHV increases?

    1. The blog’s final post:
      Production of the Solomon Group Blog was made possible by one main writer, two guest writers specializing in field reports, and one sound engineer. Somewhere between the four contributors, a password was leaked and sensitive information including the origin of original text messages, photos, and two audio clips were obtained from the WP Media Library – including media files which were never posted.
      The Solomon Group Blog has been removed and will no longer be updated, and all contributors have been notified.
      Lesson for today: Never use your media library as an FTP site for original, unedited content.

    1. Below us, somewhere among all these comments, there’s a link to the missing top 10 lies section.

  13. Roosh, I am curious whether or not you have ever read proverbs 31, written by Solomon himself, despite all his pussy, still knew what character was admirable in a woman. I’d be interested to what people have to say on here in regard to the reading (proverbs 31, the last 2/3 of the chapter, that is)

  14. “my quest is to have a plethora of women bent over my couch screaming my name while their future White Knight husband is working overtime to save money for the house she’ll eventually take from him in the divorce.”
    This quote sums up red pill better than any other I’ve read.

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