Having Sex In Iceland Can Destroy Your Soul

Here’s an email I received from a guy who bought my book Bang Iceland before traveling there…

Christmas Eve – 2nd Day After Christmas:  The entire city was shut down.  I mostly just walked around the town.  It was somewhat lonely, especially since I just broke up with my girlfriend several days before.  However, I am still building off of the positive experience I had in Costa Rica getting 1 bang

Wednesday:  Didn’t go out, but I should have.  Heard it was amazing.

Thursday:  I ended up getting laid within 1.5 hours of going into a bar on Laugavegur Street.  I took your advice – I got an apartment literately where you could throw a stone to the bar from my apartment window (Room With a View – and Downtown Reykjavik Apartments for the off nights).  The girl was about 32, and approached me drunk out of her mind.  Initially she seemed just like a “party girl”, but I quickly realized she didn’t spend Christmas with her loved ones (huge in Iceland to do) and was lonely.

She talked about how depressed she was about her boyfriend of 14 years (she met him while she was in high school) and they had split up.  She was drunk out of her mind before she even got to the bar, and wanted someone to be with.  I was her guy.  I didn’t use the “after-party” routine, because I had already drank the vodka for several days. She cried while we were having sex, and afterwards while we were walking back.  This was extremely awkward, and I never want to do this again….

Afterwards, I wanted to double down and go for normalcy.  However, I struck out.  I couldn’t get my game going.   I felt like an awkward tourist. I wasn’t drunk anymore and I wasn’t in the mood.  I need advice on how to approach random girls on the street or in the bar.  I used the “tourist” routine but they weren’t receptive at all.  Damn it.

Icelandic girls only like having sex while on the verge of being blackout drunk. This can often lend to unsatisfying sexual experiences. But hey, he got the Icelandic flag!

Another guy went to Iceland and had a much more positive experience, but did notice how shitfaced the girls would get…

Drunk people everywhere at this convenience stores. Eventually get them to agree to walk back, and her two friends drop out and take a taxi home. Get my girl in my room, she won’t take off her pantyhose and underwear and keeps saying she’s on her period. I told her I don’t care but she wouldn’t relent and then passed out. In the morning she woke up and threw up twice and left.

The irony is that after my book on Iceland came out, I was the one who got criticism for hurting the reputation of Icelandic people.  They seem to be doing a fine job of that themselves.

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6 thoughts on “Having Sex In Iceland Can Destroy Your Soul”

  1. Yeah, you should’ve seen how the feminists (and by american level, they are radical) here twisted your words. This country has a rampant alcoholism that is justified with being an scandinavian culture. But how can you blame us, during winter (ca 7-8 months) it’s dark except for 3-5 hours and the weather is literally trying to kill us every day with extreme winds, cold, volcanos or earthquakes (hundreds every year). Depression is rampant.
    I understand your frustration and since taking the red pill I’ve become angry but yet relieved knowing that there is a way to control this sexual marketplace, we got some hoooot looking girls here. Thanks for all the information.

    1. i know this post is 2 years old at the time but i wanted to suggest something to you seeing you are an icelander. during your long winters you as a people could be digging into iceland its self. like the dwarves in Lord of the Rings. imagine your people building an entire civilization under that old and strong ground yes?

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