How To Bang A Brazilian Woman In 5 Easy Steps

Of all the women I’ve been with it’s hard to beat the sheer sexiness and beauty of the Brazilians. They’re also super friendly and easy-going, not to mention some of the best lays I’ve had in my life.

They’re not, however, the easiest women to bed because one-night stands are less common when compared with the English-speaking countries and Scandinavia.

Not deterred by a few dates?

If so, here’s how to do it in five easy steps:

1. Book a ticket to Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is still the best city in Brazil to have fun with its sexy female residents.  Doesn’t really matter when you come, either — Rio is a hopping place year-round.  And, no, you don’t have to come during Carnival.

2. Go to Lapa on Friday and Saturday night

Grab a cheap beer or caipirinha from the street vendors then warm up by hitting on a few random girls.  I’ve found the crowds before the Arcos (Arches) to be younger and less classy than the crowds after the Arcos (near the traditional Samba clubs such as Carioca da Gema).  On Fridays there’s more of a street-party feel, while on Saturdays people usually head to the clubs.

3. Hunt at the club

My favorite Lapa club is Rio Scenarium, where, unsurprisingly, many of my bangs came from.  I recommend showing up at the line not later than 10:30pm.  In Rio, nightlife begins and ends early because Rio’s residents (Cariocas) are primarily day creatures and would rather enjoy their days tanning at the beaches instead of nursing the previous night’s hangover in bed.  Once inside the club, approach relentlessly.  Brazilian nightlife is all about “hunting” so don’t be shy about approaching and getting rejected quickly.

Brazilian girls kiss quickly so if she’s still there 10-15 minutes into the conversation don’t just stand there — grab and kiss her. If she rejected your kiss attempt, keep hunting — you’ll have better luck seducing the next one than “convincing” her to kiss you again.  Once you get the kiss spend some time with her before getting the number.  Since it’s rare — although not impossible — to bang the girl the very same night, you’ll probably need more face time the next day before sealing the deal.

4. Meet her the next day

Brazil is not America, so don’t wait a week before contacting her. If you got her number on a Friday or Saturday night and the following day is full of sunshine, you can be sure she’s planning to go or is already at the beach.  See if you she’d like to go to the beach, park or walk around the lake (Lagoa).  Meeting her at the beach is also the perfect opportunity to see and feel her body when you’re busy “saving her” from the “deadly waves” near the shore.

5. Transition to a bar and then to your place for the kill

As soon as the sun starts to set, feel her out and see if she’d like to grab a few choppes (draft beers) at a boteco (local bar).  Grabbing a drink at a boteco is a very informal affair so unless she has other plans or doesn’t want to bang you, she’ll readily agree.  My top pick is Devassa in Ipanema or Leblon but any bar is fine.  Create an intimate environment by sitting next to her, touching her and making out.  After an hour or two, ask her if she’d like to come over.  If she doesn’t give a quick no, assume a yes.  Ask for the check and grab the next taxi.  Once at your place, proceed as usual. Didn’t get the bang? Simply repeat step 5 until you do.

Have fun hunting. :hump:

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269 thoughts on “How To Bang A Brazilian Woman In 5 Easy Steps”

    1. I have to agree. There’s even some good tips here, but you forget that people are the same anywhere in the world. If a girl wants to have sex she’ll accept.
      The cake recipe more important you do not put here, beauty is most important.
      And apparently you know nothing of my Brazil.
      If I were writing tips here would not fit in just five steps. Also, you only know the Lapa and some nightclubs.
      Aaaah, I almost forgot, here are some tips were given by Brazilians for people that wanted. But that was years ago, things changed.
      Things are not limited to these tips and those few places.
      It’s time to update it, or people will end badly.
      Sorry for my bad english ..

  1. This is probably some of the worst “advice” I’ve ever read.
    Does the author even address important things like which language to communicate in, how much this courtship costs, and logistics on where best to stay in Rio?
    Oh, wait, that’s because this isn’t really a guide on how to “get laid.” It’s the author’s self-serving attempt at making us think he’s a badass for courting a third worlder.
    I mean, if all you want is to “get laid,” then I’m sure there are tens of thousands of full-time and part-time prostitutes to choose from.

      1. I’m pissed that I’ve never had the guts to travel the world like you are and write books. I just can’t quit my game denialist addiction. What do you suggest?

      2. Assanova,
        For a guy who is a game denialist, you sure spend alot of time learning and reading about game.

    1. The language is called Portuguese, most travel guides explain this in the first couple of pages. Most Cariocas (Rio residents) speak a little English (with enthusiasm).
      The courtship, like any game seduction, should only ever cost you a few dollars. The vacation will cost you more.
      Logistics – find a vacation apartment or a hotel that won’t give you hassle for bringing back late night guests. South Zone (Ipanema or Copacabana) or better yet Lapa which is cheaper and closer to those clubs.
      Admission to Rio Scenarium costs around $15 US on a busy night, but it is worth it even if you strike out. Which you won’t if you make an effort. It’s a beautiful venue with great live music.
      The women of Brazil are but(t) one reason to go. If you travel there, enjoy the place, and its women, my guess is you’ll feel better than if you simply hired a prostitute.

      1. You forgot to explain how to apply for a passport, how to buy a plane ticket, how to get to the airport. This is crucial information still left out.

      2. Love hotels abound in Rio for reasonably priced rooms (and often logistically superior isolation) if your hostel doesn’t allow ‘guests’.

      1. Why are you laughing at a statement that perfectly describes what this post is?
        Also, I’m aware that Portuguese is the national language of Brazil, dipshit. Most of the readers on this site do not read Portuguese, so one must assume that there might be a solid grasp of English present there. Either that, or you’re so dumb that you didn’t think to include that fact here.

    2. I agree with Assanova on this one. I mean, does Maverick Traveler expect us to Google Rio and try to pick a place to stay on our own? There’s beaches on all six sides of that tiny little Island, and Maverick didn’t give any real advice that matters. There’s far too many unanswered questions left for this to be a helpful article.
      1. Should I use regular or synthetic oil to make sure my car will get to the airport?
      2. How much does airport parking cost?
      3. Is there a Starbucks in Terminal A?
      4. What exactly is a passport anyway?
      5. Should I set my DVR before leaving home so I don’t miss my shows while traveling?
      6. When I land, will the natives try to sacrifice me to Yemanja?
      7. Do they have taxi cabs on that side of the planet?
      For what it’s worth, I spent 11 days in Brasil. I only got one notch, but it was a hell of a notch. My personal experience was similar to what was stated in this article in every way except the “quick kiss.” I only kissed two girls, but they both made me work for it.
      A small minor detail, and given my short time there, I’m inclined to go with MT’s recommendations when I go back.

      1. Rio is not an island. My God! Look at a Map and see that Rio is a tiny state in Brazil, which is huge. The 5th biggest country in the world and it stays in a continent. America continent. This is so stupid, so basic geography… I can’t believe I am teaching you this.

      2. I was laughing out loud at this one….well done, Thatch. A dunce opened himself up for ridicule and got what he deserved. Voltaire himself would have chuckled at the skewering.
        I think the people who are criticizing Maverick’s article are, for whatever reason, totally off mark. I’ve been to Brazil many times (and counting) and can say that Mav is spot on correct. Why all the hate? I was even able to shack up with a cabeleleira (hairdresser) in her Ipanema apartment for a couple days. No BS….
        What I am surprised to see here are all the negative posts from Brazilians. The usual anti-gringo diatribes, laced with the nascent brand of Brazilian neo-feminism that seems on the upswing there. They should be honored that we pursue their women so fervently. I personally wouldn’t give a rat’s ass if foreign guys came to the US to land American chicks.
        Well done, Mav….let the love flow.

    3. wait is this, THE assanova?
      as in the guy who used to espouse game, and then suddenly declared that all attraction was decided by looks alone, and that game was shit? then deleted his blog?
      lol long time dude,

  2. By the way, it’s nice to see you’re hosting ads and making money. Can you give me a discount to advertise my blog?

  3. Assanova do you know what the BRICS are.
    Brazil is not third world, are you having a laugh.
    São Paulo is the economic powerhouse of the Southern Hemisphere and property is expensive in Rio.

    1. Sao Paolo is not the third world (its economy is larger than of New Zealand and Israel) while Rio defnitely is).
      Parana at first looks like some boring sterile and perfect european country (and indeed Germans,poles and Ukrainians live there).
      But than you have Fortaleza.Its like Haiti).
      Amazing country really.Nothing is the same there)

      1. Do you even know the first thing about Brazil? You seem like an ignorant, obnoxious and annoying gringo. Frankly, have you ever had a geography class in your life? I mean, a proper one, not that rubbish that americans tell to their kids. First of all: “third world” is a category that isn’t used since the end of the ussr. Because without the ussr there isn’t a “second world” anymore. Today, people use developed countries (such as England, France and yes, America) and developing ones (Brazil, South Africa, India, China). Even the use of this categories is controversial, because it assumes that the western model of economical development is ideal, which is not. Also, you don’t seem to know how to say if a country is poor or rich. You don’t analyze city per city, you analyze the GDP, and Brazil’s got the 5th bigger in the world. Of course, some other indicators are important as well, but if you want to know how much money the country has (and not wealth concetration, etc), look at the GDP. About your unfortune comparation between Haiti and Fortaleza. I bet you’ve never been to either of those places, or you’re really, really dumb. Google Haiti. Then google Fortaleza. Does it look the same to you, moron? No, because Fortaleza is one of the most important tourists points in Brazil, not only for foreigners, but to natives as well. Turn off your computer and go read a book, instead of saying shit in the internet about other people’s country. You’re not obligated to like Brazil, or even respect it. But if you want to be a “Brazil expert”, get your facts together.

    2. Agree with Caliente’s comment . Many parts of Brasil are indeed third world. Virtually all of the city of Salvador is. I’ve been to some filthy cities in my time and Savador is right up there with the worst of them. And a whole lot of Rio you could also label 3rd world. Rio is much bigger than the Zona SuI. Ever visited the Baixada? Abject poverty and a very high level of violence is what you’ll find there. Many residents live there because it’s much cheaper. I knew a couple of girls who lived there. That is the real unmasked, unvarnished Rio to me.

  4. Clearly Assanova has some trolling anger issues, but I would also like to know about language use and limitations. Are there areas where it’s wiser for gringos with less than conversational Portuguese to go than someone who can speak it nearly fluent?

    1. Lapa is the easiest for getting laid, but may require some Portuguese knowledge (Spanish will also help). If you want to game in English, then you need to head down to Zona Sul but those girls are harder to pull.

  5. Truly pathetic to see that this roosh pussy is now altering posts that point out the fact that he is hosting ads for Russian prostitution scams on this site. I’ve hit a nerve somewhere, clearly.
    How do you mopes feel about the fact that he’s not only pegged you as consumers for prostitutes, despite this being a “game” blog, but he also believes you’re stupid enough to take the bait?
    Also, I’m pretty sure he has a mild form of Asperger’s or is medically sociopathic, as I cannot fathom how he can call somebody a “game denialist,” as if it’s a bad thing, while hosting ads where you pay for prostitution.

    1. You obviously are hungry for Roosh Pussy, I don’t think he bats for the Fairy-team but a Manly man accepts all compliments. ;D

    2. You know the value of a man by the vitriol of his haters. Roosh seems to be doing quite well me thinks.

      1. You’re right BUT… come on, anyone can see that Roosh’s primary objective is being a salesman (and I don’t mean that in a bad way). He’s selling a lifestyle, a way of thinking and, yes, he’s selling stories. Do I believe that Roosh wouldn’t dare embellish any of his heroic tales of conquest? Fuck no. But this is the internet, who cares? If 10% of his stories are true he’s still doing quite well out of “game.”
        It took me 2 seconds to realise that there’s definitely a link between this site and European “prostitution.” Just look at the number of threads devoted to pussy in Europe. Again, who cares? I’m not buying it.
        End of the day, it’s the internet, if you don’t take every bit of advice and/or facts with a pinch of salt (unless you cross check) you’re an idiot.

  6. As a br guy that has been seven month into the game, this guide is high level but real.
    The main points are:
    – Kiss early. The times I went to a date without kissing when we met things where akward and I felt the girl categorized me as a guy wanting a serious relationship, not a fun guy.
    – You can try a one night stand, she wont get offended if you ask, but it is rare to work, don’t insist.
    – Get the number, and do the follow up, call, whatever, this will make you stand out, since most guys just want some kisses and never call (the br way, go figure).
    I am 33 and have much more sex now than when I was married. I live in Curitiba not Rio, the vibe is a little colder here, but works pretty much the same.

      1. lol southeast asia is an incredibly easy desitnation for men 40+. ask Elmer he’s quite happily married and often posts on the joys of the far east

  7. Haha the haters on here are hilarious. This is a short blog giving you an idea of to expect. Are you guys that lazy you can’t do a google search for information on Brazil ? Or check out the links on this blog to other blogs that break it completely down on where to stay, how to get there and how much?
    Would you also like the author to come hold your hand and push you from behind while you are fucking a girl ?

    1. i think you’re forgetting that there a few hangers-on after roosh’s epic ugly feminist thread. these hangers on are desperate for attention so they post and repost under different pseudonyms.

  8. Want some male opinions. The following is a typical, average looking young Indian woman. Do you guys think she’s attractive or not?

    1. Assuming you’re not trolling or spamming for views — she’s just under a 6. *If* she made herself look better, with some decent hair, makeup, and clothing, she could probably top out at just above a 7.

      1. 6 is still above average. Decent hair? What’s wrong with her hair? Its nice and thick. Also, her skin is clear and eyes are large and dark so I don’t see what sort of makeup she’d need. Maybe a touch of lip gloss at the most.

      2. She only is seen from the front. Otherwise pretty Indians are often ruined by huge hooked noses. If she has a small, straight nose, I’d give her an 8 as is, with potential for a 9.

    2. Very attractive. Reminds me of Indian women I’ve known.
      They can be sexy as hell, without seeming self-conscious, calculating, conceited, etc. about being sexy.
      Why are you asking?

    3. She’s very attractive. Indian women I’ve dated were sexy as hell, without being calculating or conceited about it.
      Why are you asking?

    4. I met a lot of indian women in the U.S. most of them are not very attractive. as for the woman in the video…too plain, too conservative..not feminine or pretty by western standards. not sexy or senusal. judging by her appearence i would give her a 6 on a scale of one to ten..but she has the potential of becoming an 8, though she will never be a 9 or 10.

  9. I have discovered an alternative method which works well with Brazilian hotties:
    1. Be blond with blue eyes (optionally athletic).
    2. Show up in Brazil.
    3. Wear a condom.
    Your mileage may vary but it worked for me – hehehe…

  10. I have an addendum to Maverick’s 5 steps, here’s 5 MORE STEPS TO BANG A BRAZILIAN GIRL
    1. Strip her naked.
    2. Strip Yourself Naked
    3. Locate Brazilian Fun-hole!
    4. Insert Gigantor-self in Fun-hole.
    5. PUMP AWAY! ;D
    Yours Truly

  11. i’ll need to bookmark this. i retire in a year and am planning a 2 week vacation in Brazil. i have a friends from Brazil and she’s given me some good advice, but we all know about woman advice from women.
    thanks for this. mental note made.

  12. “Brazil is not America”
    Actually Brazil IS America. The continent on which Brazil reside is America. Brazil was also named “America” in the first ever geographical map ever drawn of the continent America. In that map you couldn’t even see the “United States of (the continent) America”.
    Also, the man from whom the name “America” come from, Amerigo Vespucci, didnt even put foot on north America, he first visited Brazil and the travelled on south America.

    1. I have lived in South America for 1.5 years and not ONE person I met called themselves “American.” Stop being an idiot.

      1. yeah, cause we don’t think we should be named after the whole fucking continent, dude. hahahahah we call ourselves Brazilians, just the way Venezuelans call theirselves Venezuelans and Argentinians call themselves Argentinians and French call theirselves French and so on. you people from USA are the only assholes who think you own the continent.

      2. That’s something you call ego. In Brazil, people don’t call you “americanos” but “estadounidense” what is actually the real name and is from “Estados Unidos”.

      3. The United States earned the right to call themselves Americans because they were the first ones to become an indepent nation from European powers. By the time Brazil got around to declaring itself independent, the USA had been recognized as its own country for more than 30 years.
        And they gained independence from an Empire that was beginning, not dying.

  13. Been to brazil, I think OH has this spot on…
    the key step is booking a ticket to brazil. The rest is easy…

  14. Planning to head to Brazil again in 2014 for the world cup. Any recommendations for which of the world cup cities to visit that is NOT Rio or Sao Paolo? We want to hit up some other city since we’ve already done those two, and secondary world cup cities will be easier to find accommodation. Cities teeming with university chicks welcomed.

    1. Consider Porto Alegre, Curitiba, and/or Belo Horizonte.
      MT has some good points here; however, people do not speak very good english in Brazil (I am a Brazilian living in the USA) but they are usually friendly and the language barrier will not be the biggest problem.
      Finally, I recommend you guys watching episode 2 of Scam City to be aware of the scams in Rio, especially beware with drungs on drinks, especially if travelling alone or small groups.

    1. Nice one Lucas, I’m a Brazilian girl and u guys who believed in this shit article are such A ASSHOLE!
      First of all get a brain and after all try bang some girls in your own country!
      Oh wait now I got it you guys have to spend a lot of money coming to Brazil because the hookers they you guys are usually pay off is sick and tired to bang stupid and nonsense like u guys!
      Get a brain and them try to bang a girl!

      1. “First of all get a brain and after all try bang some girls in your own country!”
        Why would we bang girls in our own country when we can go to Brazil and pump ‘n dump all that big booty to our heart’s content?

  15. WTF? I live in Rio de Janeiro and that’s the most disgusting post I ever seen. Go get a job,you dumbass

  16. Hey, ladies:
    1. Let the gringo approach. You know he’s not brazilian because a) he is a very unfashionable figure, b) maybe badly tanned – too white or too red, c) he has no rhythm. At all.
    2. Let him speak as he was Casanova for 10, 15min, laughing on the inside.
    3. Let him think he’ll score.
    4. Kiss a brazilian guy in front of him, so he can learn a little bit about sexiness.

    1. Best advice ever kkkkkkk lol
      Yeah gringos have to calm down a bit… the object here are aware about what you want. So strive for it well said girl

  17. 6) make sure to do not step into the wrong neighborhood in Rio or you are pretty dead

  18. You forgot the most important step: Get some Viagra. “American” men, are completely useless without it. 🙂

    1. As a brazilian women and carioca, I utterly disgusted with this article. Some dumbshit americans still have that imperialist thinking that can colonizate south america with their dicks. Bitches, it has changed a lot. Women here can see way clearly when a trashy gringo wants only to play with meat. So, get you asses together and go see a hooker in your filthy hometown. And yeah, most of you REALLY need a viagra hahaha!

      1. Anna, “You forgot the most important step: Get some Viagra. “American” men, are completely useless without it. :)”
        Juliana, ” And yeah, most of you REALLY need a viagra hahaha!”
        I’ve heard the same thing from other foreign women. Doctors and scientists are blaming it on porn.

      1. It´s still stupid and ignorant. Who do you think you are to classify women and places? This website shouldn´t be online because it promotes to spread the prejudice, ignorance and how to be the worst men in the world.
        Luckly there are nice and smart guys with brain. Brazilian guys have to teach you a lot.

  19. Lapa is really a great place to bang some brazilians!
    I’ll give you a tip.. Usually they aproach you, offering to share a caipirinha.. When they do, go for it! It means they are horny and want to have sex

    1. Cindarela
      Your encouragement is a double edged sword. The drink that you promote is spiked. Right ?

  20. I’m from Brazil and this post is disgusting. Really, you’ll need much more than two days to get laid with most women. And, sorry to say this, but most brazilian girls don’t like white-almost-pink americans. Don’t be such idiots!

  21. I am brazilian and I can say that every brazilian girl dream on marring an american. So, just be nice that you get laid with with whoever you want. But use a condom, brazilians girl are not much clean.

  22. You forget to say we dont like ugly stupid an poor man!
    And in Rio.. There are the best of lawyers.. ( woman) In Brazil and im knoq what imean.
    By the way im carioca and live in London!

  23. Americans are not able to satisfy a woman anyways, so they have to go to poor countries to get laid with hopeless girls. And they are proud of it! hahahaaha…. you are pathetic!

    1. They go to any contry of Asia to find girls, because asian girls are much easier than an american girl and also any american loser with small dick is like a king for a small asian girl. Thats is funny as hell!

  24. Shame. You are obviously an asshole. You do not respect women, and you think you’re better because you are american. This is a big mistake, you are unhappy. I’m brazilian and I have american friends, and I think your friends and compatriots are ashamed of you.

  25. I’ll teach you some Portuguese, guys:
    Vai tomar no cu! 🙂
    You’ll never fail using that quote to approach at any brasilian girl.
    I’m waiting for you all in Lapa!

  26. figure it out: a pinkish white guy, with hips that move like a dead robot, wearing sandals with socks and t-shirts under his shirt, even if it’s 40º, smelling like hell in the underarms, the yellow hair glued and greasy. You can see a bunch of them in Lapa drinking the cheapest drinks, eating the cheapest food, and staying in the cheapest hostels in town. They’ll get layed, of course, with their pairs, the cheapest girls in town. And they’ll feel great and tell their friends back home! After all, they come from a country where children are arrested for sexual harassement when they kiss goodmorning at school. Imagine what it feels like to get to know real humans. Yes, come to Rio, maybe you’ll learn what it is to be civilized, out of that hypocrite American society of freaks. And yes, we are educated and polite and sometimes even speak english. Unlike yourselves that still think we speak spanish over here. Get a life.

  27. Hahaha of course you would get laid!
    Theres desperate women everywhere!!!! And you just think the ladies that you got are worth it. Well, they are not!
    About the viagra thing… If women from all over the world say that it probably means something, dont you think?
    And if you think you get a chance being a gringo at my wonderful country… You have no idea how brazilian guys are success over here (yep, i live in america and know you american guys very well)! Not even thr american ladies want you… I actually feel bad for you that have to pay at least 800 just in tockets to have a hopless/desperate/probably ugly girl in brazil.
    And easier to get laid there is just going to any fucking club in the US! You dont even need to leave the club… Things happens with clothes and everything in front of everybody in that horrible dance, haha!! And the women come after you… Soooo easy…
    Your article doesnt teach 5 steps to get a brazilian amizing girl… It teaches you to get a no and a no and a no and another no till you get anyone.. A drunk one or whatever like every place/city/country has. Duuh

  28. I’m Brazilian and i have more tips, better than this. In Rio, get a taxi and ask to go to MANGUINHOS, in the LEONARDO BULHOES.
    There is the paradise, walk for the streets, the women stay right there in the middle, walking inside the neighborhood.
    When you see some guy in there, u say: HEY VIADO, VOU FUDER TUA MÃE, and he’ll help u to find more easy girls.
    Try it!

  29. Dude, you right on the money, but why the fuck would you be publishing it?
    Its a damn strategy that takes years to develop now you’re just giving it up to any god forsaking drunken anglo saxan dick to come here and compete with us who found out about this years ago.

  30. I’m a Brazilian girl and I feel really OFENDED with this ridiculous text. I don’t care if you think we are “easy” ou “sluts” or whatever. If we want to fuck with someone, we will and you guys have nothing to do with it. I’m just pissed at the point where the guy says: ” If she rejected your kiss attempt, keep hunting — you’ll have better luck seducing the next one than “convincing” her to kiss you again.” WHAT THE FUCK, MAN?????? “NO” MEANS ~NO~. We are not a thophy. We fucking don’t care if you are a foreigner or not. We just want to be respected.

    1. > “We just want to be respected.”
      You want to be respected? Don’t be a slut. Learn to say “No.”
      No one runs around saying that you “Must respect men.” If men want respect, they have to earn it.
      You want respect? DON’T BE A SLUT! Legs closed. Don’t be like American women. No slutty feminist “sex positive” bs. Be respectable and you’ll earn respect.

  31. As a Brazilian, first of all, I think it is just despicable, disgusting and maybe eye-opening to see how superior Americans think they are after reading such a poorly written, sexist and even xenophobic text like this one. As a woman, I’m utterly offended and disgusted. Every line of this text and even the comments made me realise there is absolutely no way any of the stupid men who believe this bullshit could ever attract ANY woman, ever, let alone a Brazilian woman who is used to kind, welcoming people who have real manners. It is a terrible shame to acknowledge people like the man who wrote this are allowed to enter my beautiful country, treat women like objects and then tell the world about their deeds. If it were up to most of the Brazilian people, people like all of you would never set foot in our territory.

    1. Your country is becoming more like ours. And your women are sinking to our level. If you are offended, disavow feminism and its debasement of women.

    2. I don’t care if I come across as “Beta,” you have a point, Alice. P.S. I’m not American. I’ve met nice Americans and I’ve met ones who think they’re superior – just like with any other country. Though the ratio of American’s who act superior as opposed to not is (almost definitely) way higher than in other countries.
      So I’m glad you’re pissed off, next time I’m in Brazil I’ll happily announce I’m not American (actually wouldn’t have to, accent gives me away) and work that into my game. Hey, why isn’t that a top tip, manosphere? Haha.

  32. as a brazilian i just have to say that shoot and kill kids at school sounds more “third world” to me. we dont do this here…

  33. Losers! Let’s get it straight: your beloved USA are in R.E.C.E.S.S.I.O.N. You all are looking for financial investments in Brazil. Your businessmen are leaving the country to search for JOBS and Brazil. Face the reality. Your days are over. Put your pride in your asses. DEAL WITH IT.

    1. in other words: America’s economy ain’t as good as 10 years ago.
      So that’s your best argument? Talk about money?
      Not sure if YOU remember, my darling, but Brazil is the 6th biggest economy in the world.. ok, but…
      still number 84 on IDH out of 187 other countries. You have reach 0.718 points.. not enough I guess eh?
      80 BILIONS reais are lost by your politicians every year. Strong corruption network.
      still 104º country of the world with the WORSE infrastructure
      16 MILION people living on misery
      115º on public education quality
      Deal with it

      1. Even with all of our problems, we still better humans beings than you such called ‘americans’.
        We don’t drop nuclear bombs just to show ourselfs up, ou explore minor countries in order to claim our status quo. We don’t have blood in our hand in exchange for some good price oil.
        And we dont let our people die just because we are too selfish to have a public heath service.
        Don’t talk about solving problems when the major problem of the world is your beloved United States of ‘Money is all that matters’.

      2. Please, reach google, and find out WHO fired first: Japan or USA?
        btw, I know u’re not really into searching so I’ll tell u by myself.. Japan destroyed Pearl Harbor. So as u say in BZ ‘cutucar a onça com vara curta’ or whatever it is
        And public health service? So I guess you’re pride of SUS? Does it really work? hahahah

      3. I’m american, but I live in Brazil since I was 6
        that’s why I speak ur language, and know a little about all the problems u have here.. hahah
        thank’s god my parents move to paradise hahaha

      4. Wow, nice argument. ‘They did it first, teacher!’
        Vietnam did it first too? What about all the military support for Israel, killing all that palestinians? That without mentioning the Iraq disaster. Oh, thats right, they started that too, by not doing what you guys wanted.
        SUS is not the ideal, but in most of the time is sufficient. And even when its not, we’ll never send someone to die at home just because he can afford to stay in the hospital. Slathering your owns because you cound’t spare a dime.

      5. Mentira, não passa de mais um liberalzinho tupiniquim republicano baba-ovo de americano, Raça que, AINDA BEM, jamais chegará ao poder nesse país. Deal with it! 😛

      6. and what about Brazil’s old war with Paraguay?
        Ah wait.. such a bunch of pussies soldiers had to gather up 3 whole armies to put PGY down haha
        And American health service ain’t perfect either.. but is enough. Once I have heard about a boy who almost died in BZ cuz SUS denied him treatment..He was epileptic. Was even on TV.. Sad story :/
        Meanwhile, keep using our planes on ur airlines, keep buying our cars, keep sending us niobium, and keep having 2 to 4 english classes per week on school 😉
        We are glad u speak our language 🙂

      7. What Brazil did back them wasnt right and its really far from justifing the US actions. But its also barely comparable.
        As for your concern, we dont just have english classes in our schools, we have spanish too. And the last time I check, its not your language. Former England’s colony, right? Thats why its called ENGLISH.
        Even with us buying your stuff you still manage to be in a recession, how clever. Keep buying our food, our coffee, our Aids treatment, our water treatment and specially our oil. ‘Cuz money is all that matters right?
        Thats why is so important the cost of ‘The Game’.

        1. Brazil’s actions in the war against Paraguay is much worse than anything that the United States has done. They almost wiped out an entire country off the map, similar to what Germany did to Poland in World War 2. Only 29,000 Paraguayan men over 15 years old survived Brazil’s genocidal brutality.
          And here we have Julia, a carioca who probably has a big butt, trying to get angry at an American man who has consensual sex with Brazilian women. We don’t care about your opinions, we only care about how sexy your body is. Go to the beach, exercise your bunda, and do some samba dancing so we can get aroused.

      8. Ok Miss 😉
        But.. there’s one real sad point on that.. It doesn’t actually matter how pissed off u may be, how much hate u may have over USA, how much bitching about game u can provide.. whatever u do, players will keep coming to brazil, want you or not.. that’s something you can’t fight off.. no matter how loud you yell, it will go on… There’s probably ALOT of foreign dudes arriving in SBSP or SBRJ right now due to carnival.. naked woman, thats what carnival is.. besides a huge money factory..
        Talking about money, what do you think about burning Sao Paulo favelas to sell those terrains at a good price? I thought you guys didnt do that 🙁
        Or maybe, as u say, “Money is all that matters” :p
        [insert devilish laugh here]

      9. O teu país é um jogo de interesses. Os judeus governam o teu país.
        O teu país é uma praga no mundo.
        Teu país é altamente dependente em várias vertentes…
        …Obviamente o Brasil tem seus problemas, principalmente a corrupção, mas de longe é um melhor país que os EUA.
        Não é por acaso que o mundo odeia os EUA.

      10. Your country is a game of interests. Jews rule your country.
        Your country is a plague on the world.
        Your country is highly dependent on various aspects …
        Obviously … Brazil has its problems, especially corruption, but is a far better country than the U.S..
        It is no coincidence that the world hates the U.S..
        Oh, wait… American pussy soldiers come here to train with brazilian COPs.

    1. Mr. Brazillian White Knight. Instead of mouthing off here, ask your women why they are so easy to fuck.

    2. This web site is for heterosexual men. There are many gay sites on the internet for you to visit.

  34. OK, I’m a young Brazilian woman and after reading this, I need to say some words.
    1) We are not easy: we like to fuck and have fun like all the young girls around the world.
    2) You GRINGOS are easier than us. We know we’re being easy and that’s just one reason for that: you’re GRINGOS.
    3) We laugh on you before we laugh with you. Or you really think we don’t know you come here and try to seduce us just to have sex? GOTCHA!
    4) Usually, you are better to get laid. And, you know why? Because we’ll go back to your countries after spending lots of money here, you’re cute and we can also practice our English. Isn’t it great?
    5) Yes, we speak Portuguese in Brazil. Actually, specially in the south zone of Rio (Ipanema, Leblon and Copacabana, as you said) we speak English too. So, we speak two languages and one of them you can’t understand. So, we can say you’re an asshole without you understanding that.
    6) No, you don’t speak Portuguese if you say “boteco”, “chopp”, “Lapa”, “Copacabana”, “bunda” and “obrigada”.
    7) You’re right when you say people can come to Rio all the seasons. The most beautiful city in the world with the most beautiful women in the world will be always here to say “hi, welcome!” even if they are like you.
    8) I’m so sorry if you need spend some dollars to get laid only coming to Brasil. But, as I said before: it will be a pleasure to have you GRINGOS here!
    9) Oh! And be careful! After being an asshole with a brazilian girl, you can fall in love, and it’s true! And that’s all because “They’re also super friendly and easy-going, not to mention some of the best lays I’ve had in my life.”

  35. I wanted to thank all the Brazilians for taking their time to come together and add their meaningful thoughts and astute comments.
    Having said that, I can’t wait to go back in order to “fazer pegação nas ruas, nas boates, e nas praias.”

    1. American (WASP) in general they have small dicks because they have less testosterone. And also they have less sex drive too. Ask this for any brazilian girl who dated an american. If you compare an tipical american with a brazilian, american is just a little sissy. Even in USA they are less masculine them afrincan american and latinos. They are afraid to gey punch in the face all the time when they go to a place with blacks and latinos. For example: here in Brazil when we see an american guy we fell that he is like a little girls, everybody can beat him.
      Another thing is that american are intidated by american girl or other westers girl by many reasons (small dicks, independent girls, less sex drive, weak in the bed etc). Many american girls don´t want them so, this is the reason many american guys are dating asian girls, because asian girls is more inocent, have less sex drive, more submissive and will not divorce them. So they have to date a small asian flatted ass girl. If american guys cannot handle and american girl (much less hot than a brazilian girl), do you think they can handle a brazilian girl? Nope. Just asians girl those american looser (I didnt say all americans) can handle. They can get brazilian girl not because they are a strong guys, full of mucle, tanned, a jiu jitsu fighter, but because they are from a rich country, just that. Money.
      But you all american are very welcome in Brazil. You guys can have very fun here. We are very friendly and the girls here are very hot. Just don’t try to mess here otherwise you and your budy will not go back to USA. Be polite and fridly thats everything is gonna be ok!

      1. Brasiliero, “Another thing is that american are intidated by american girl or other westers girl by many reasons (small dicks, independent girls, less sex drive, weak in the bed etc). Many american girls don´t want them so, this is the reason many american guys are dating asian girls, because asian girls is more inocent, have less sex drive, more submissive and will not divorce them. So they have to date a small asian flatted ass girl. If american guys cannot handle and american girl (much less hot than a brazilian girl), do you think they can handle a brazilian girl? Nope.”
        Interesting observations. Myself I’ve noticed that Brazilians are very romantic, sensual and erotic. Its true that some White American men are deficient in those areas. I think that’s why so many white Americanaas go for black and latino men – they are seen as exotic, sensuous, romantic, and good in bed. Of course I’m sure not all are, there is some fetishizing and projection of one’s own ideals going on obviously, but I have heard A LOT of women, both American and foreigners, complain about the lack of rhythm, vigor, sustainability, and overall lack of eroticism in the bedroom wrt white American men.
        Probably because these are one night stands? I would imagine that men in relationships are much better lovers? Lets hope, at least.

      2. @Sati Savitri
        Actually the main difference is that american men are usually worried only about their own pleasure (this article is the proof of it) while brazilian men are worried about giving pleasure to their women (even if it’s a one night stand).
        Of course there are exceptions both ways, but if you hear a conversation between american guys you will hear descriptions of “how he banged her” while hearing a conversation between brazilian guys you will hear “how he drove her crazy”.

  36. Hi man. Comming from a 27 year old Carioca alpha male, GREAT POST!
    I also liked the top 5 clubs to get laid post…. Since I am a Casa da Matriz local…. Very accurate description and your advices are on the money, on both posts. So it made me very inclined to go visit the other 4 clubs, but not planning to go to scandinavia anytime soon…
    Thats it gringos, Brazilians kiss quicker then most other places… They are not shy to kiss in public. On the other hand Carioca girls are known for being snoby, full of themselfs… The reason for that is that most Carioca men are aggressive and annoying in their approach…
    I still cant see my city as an easy place for tourists to get laid… specially with the prime material that Rio has to offer…
    Lapa is a great place, so is Botafogo, Copacabana and Laranjeiras… in the rest of Zona Sul girls are more snoby…
    I could give you more specific advice, but i really dont want a bunch of gringos crowding up my playing field… I hope you understand…
    You already gave away Casa da Matriz.
    Anyway, got any tips for Southern France, Austria or Tchech Republic?

    1. Maybe Brazilian Women wouldn’t so “snobby” and “full of themselves” you stopped treating them like objects and preys…
      They’re People you know… souless hole.
      Grow up.

      1. I said Carioca women, not Brazilian women… and this is just a comparison… so i meant snobby relative to other places.

  37. Todas as meninas aqui reclamar, porque eles sabem que não podem obter um gringo.
    Todos os caras aqui reclamar que sua namorada está indo com um gringo.
    All thes Brazilian haters you’re getting simply mean you’re telling the truth. Girls hate being told they aren’t unique little snowflakes and manginas/white knights can’t stand the fact that other people are getting laid while they have to settle for jacking it to albino-amputee-midget-pron.

    1. ahahahahaha… you wish!!!
      It is clear that having a vagina is enough to have an american. And the kind of women you can get in Brazil is only interested in having their drinks paid (that’s why you have to choose well the places you go). I repet, you are so pathetic!
      Don’t forget to post how you got robbed in Brazil during the World Cup! I’ll be waiting for!! hahahahaha

      1. Let me see if I understand this, you are proud that your fellow cuntry women are gold diggers, and that at an international event people are likely to get robbed? So, how are you not a 3rd world country again?
        I’m going to take a wild guess and assume that you are 26-30 years old, 10-15 kg overweight, and enjoyed slutting it up with several gringos in your younger years, while you got betas(from brazil and abroad) to pay for your drinks. As you got older you realized guys bought you fewer drinks, and the gringos invested even less time in successfully fucking you.
        Now you can deny that what I am saying is true, but I am guessing that since you took the time to answer the comment I left above that it must have irked you so much that you just had to let us know that independent and stwong womyn you are and how woud you can woar!!!
        Face it, you’re trolling this board because you know its the only place you can elicit any sort of male attention.
        Seu bichano é mais flexível do que um pneu furado.

      2. Uhmm… exactely where did I say Brazil is not 3rd world? I lived in US for 1 year and now I live in Italy so I can tell Brazil is 3rd world even compared with Italy, that is one of the less european country to be called 1st world. I’m not from Rio by the way, I’m from the south of Brazil.
        I’m not proud at all about the brazilian gold diggers but I cannot deny they exist, can I? They exist everywhere. I’m just saying that this kind of woman is the only one you can get in Brazil with the attitude you are willing to have and I don’t see any reasons to be proud of getting them. But if this is what you are up to, go for it! As long as they are grown ups I don’t see any problem.
        I’m not even offended by the post, my response to you was because all comments were about how easy is to get a brazilian girl and then you said brazilian girls were offended because they can’t get a gringo (it doesn’t make sense, if you are going there just to get laid, how is it difficult to get one of you?). Not sure if I made myself clear.
        Of course I’m not proud either of foreign people getting robbed while there but with all honesty I think it would be a nice treatment for those with no respect for the native people there that are very kind with everybody.
        Not sure why you had that guess of how I look or how I feel but you are not even close, sorry. I’m glad I don’t understand half of the insults you wrote and I’m not making the effort to translate them because I’m never using it. And last but not least, I have no clue what your google translated last sentence means, it doesn’t make any sense.
        Take care!

  38. I agree with the Autor! hahaha you guys must follow him! Easyyyyyyyyyyy and straight to the point.

  39. What the hell is wrong with you people? Since when is being a sexist, racist, xenophobic douche who supports war/sex tourism/social exclusion is ok? You’re all disgusting.
    Thank god there are still some nice people in this world because if you were the only ones we would all be fucked up.

    1. Since forever, baby. Hell, if it wasn’t for sexist, racist, xenophobic douches who support war/sex tourism/social exclusion there’d be no “Latin” in Latin America. The entire New World is a monument to the power of sexism, racism, xenophobia, douchebaggery, war, sex tourism, and social exclusion.
      Don’t hate.
      P.S. Maybe you didn’t get the memo. “Nice” guys are “creepy”. So I think I’ll stick with the sexist, racist, &c., thing, if it’s all the same with you.

  40. If only this blog had good writers apart from this one, maybe one little interesting article? I’ve searched through every page and all I can find are poorly written texts by what I assume are desperate men trying to prove their manhood or whatever. Please, guys, this isn’t high school anymore. Some good, informative writing is always necessary.

    1. Alice, nao da bola! A unica coisa que a gente pode fazer é dar risada, eles sao muito ridiculos. Coitados, nao devem ter mae nem irmas pra falar assim das mulheres.

  41. Actually, you don’t need the 5 steps to get a brazilian girl. Beeing a gringo you got our attention, especially if you’re cute. If you’re pretending to be a “good guy” and we know you’re going to leave the country in a bit, probably there’ll be sex. But that’s because we want to. Easy sex w/ a cute guy and no strings attached. Sounds like a good deal.
    The problem in the end is just one: as the guys are usually self-centered jerks that just want sex and doesn’t care about the woman doing it with him, the brazilians get the fame of being good in bed, and you guys of beeing very bad at it… We end up beeing one of the best fucks of your life and you’re that cute gringo that wasn’t so good.
    So you get to cross “brazilian” out of your “to do list”, but you didn’t get to know how it really is to have sex w/ us. Congrats, you’ve just spent a bunch of dollars to have a ordinary sex!! Go and tell your friends, because here other girls will certainly ear all about your “great” conquest! hahahaha

    1. Haha, I love it… so true but yet so sad. I want a Brazilian woman like you… tells it like it is… now where can I get one

    machista desgraçado. _|_

    machista desgraçado. _|_

  44. This advice lacks depth, to say the least. To think that a brazilian woman would go for moves like this is ludicrous. You know what’s you’re going to get out of all of this if you follow this dude’s advice? You’re basically tagged as a tool for all to see. A TOOL. I’m from Rio, and I’ve read some ridiculous shit today. Learning spanish will advance your game in Brasil? fuck off. No brasilian enjoys hearing spanish when they ought to be hearing portuguese from someone’s else mouth. All that shows is how much of an ignorant bastard you are. Want to hook up with someone? Want to have a decent conversation with someone? Learn a few words and sentences IN PORTUGUESE and let everyone know you speak English. Brasil is only starting to become a world power right now, we don’t expect anyone to know our language well. But speaking spanish is a sure-fire way to make you look like a flaming douche will you’re around here.
    Also, PLEASE don’t take this dude’s advice as the truth. Brasilian women, and women from Rio especially, are tough to hook up with. Take it as a challenge. Take it as a triumph. You’ll be glad it happened and it’ll be one of those memories you cherish for the rest of your life….. Just don’t act like a little bitch, something that, if you heed the words of this “brilliant” game adviser you all so dearly like, will surely be the case.

  45. I’m a young girl from Brazil (if you track my IP you’ll see I’m not lying) and I didn’t feel offended by the author (and I think it wasn’t the author’s intetion). I think my angry brazilians sisters above misunderstood.
    He’s not saying we are sluts or easy girls. I dont know, it’s kind of those tips/advice for men, nothing to do with the personality of brazilian girls (if we are sluts, easy, whatever…), it’s about woman in Brazil, got it?
    I think it’s like: “Hey guys, try to get lay with some beautiful woman, how about brazilians? they are beautiful and cool unlike american girls” not “Hey guys, let’s fuck brazilians, cause they are easier and sluttier than american girls”. Could be any kind if woman who is interesting for them, could be russians, argentine girls… But the author has better acknowledge about us (brazilians).
    But it’s ok girls, it’s your right to disagree with the guy who had writen this post, but this is not mean that you have to offend every american or other foreigner and be unpolite.
    I mean, these girls above are FAR to represent all brazilian people and brazilian girls. Foreigners who visited my country know I’m not lying. When we are against to someone opinion we show our arguments politely. It’s not that hard. Put this hate far from my country. So girls, STOP make me and most of us, brazilians, embarassed.
    And please, try to fit in the beauty standard of our country (your hate posts tell me you’re frustrated cause you don’t fit), cause losing time making hate messages instead of improve your appearance, personality, intelligence, whatever will make not just americans, but brazilians and all kind of guys run away from you.
    PS.: Before some hater try to offend me that I’m desperate to be banged by american: No dear, beautiful girls aren’t desperate. But desperate girls turn haters.
    PS.: Sorry mistakes in my humble english. As you know, it’s not my mother tongue :/

    1. the peoples who said/think so must be son if a whore.. how one can judge a female? so don’t pass judgement , my wife is Brazilian and i respect her more than any girl on earth so pls respect your mother and sisters

      1. I didn’t offend or judge anybody unlike my sisters and brothers above. I just made points about the brazilians who left hate messages above, not all population. Read my text again.

    2. Finally, an understanding and sympathetic comment from a Brazileira. Thanks, Natalia.

    3. Well said my love! I must say that I am very interested in BRAZILIAN women, they are the most beautiful creation from JAH! Look, if you spend your time being angry about people’s stupid comments, u are as stupid as they are. No disrespect intended. I will go to Rio soon to see what the fuss is all about, but I am not going to let my first experience be my first impression about Brazil. “One must first learn to walk before he can run”.
      Perhaps I’ll meet a nice Brazilian lady who I shall cherrish and respect, what ever her decisions may be. Even if she doesn’t like my American ass, that’s cool baby. I know we all have our likes
      and dislikes, respect to all women, they are the reason we have such devine women of Brazil!!!!!

      1. This is bullshit. The most beautiful girls are from Ukraine. The only good thing about brazilians, they got a nice round ass, but no tits. And they love money. So if you don’t speak portugese, be prepared to get fucked, especially from the ones, who come from the slums

    4. Well stated and I’d be happy to teach you English at your convenience. : ->

    5. You poor thing. You’ve never experienced respect before (or you are a young homosexual male looking to hook up with another male here). If you are not male, I’ll let you in on a little secret: The writer of this “article” (aka right wing conservative nut job trash) is insane and belongs in a loony bin. He’s what we call in America: a sleeze bag or dirt beneath your shoe. Hopefully, in time you’ll come to realize that not all men are out to treat you like cattle, that you deserve respect and that you will read this “article” for what it is: pure nonsense.

    6. From reading the article as an american.. It definitely sounds like American girls are much sluttier. No comparison.

    7. That’s so racist. There are beautiful and ugly people in Brazil and also in America. if you think you’re better than us, THAN FUCK YOU. beauty isnt important anyways, intelligence is first and personality. so if you’re beautiful but dumb, guys would only fuck you and then dump you

      1. They are better tho. I think I smell denial and jealousy. Bow down to the brazilian broads.

      2. Brazilian women are the most beautiful women second to none….well maybe French Guyana but its pretty close….I have been to many of countries and the Chi is my home….but A Brazilian 5 would be a 15 in the States….

    8. Mother tongue, I had to laugh. Before coming over here and helping spread the bad, you should mind your LANGUAGE.
      I’m a brazilian woman, I know a lot of guys from UK because of my work, and I feel offended by this article because YES, BRAZILIAN WOMEN DONT HAVE A GOOD IMAGE OUT THERE AND THIS ARTICLE IS NOT HELPING.
      Your comment just have shown how shallow you are, thinking that women should fit beauty standards before being able to have an opinion – that’s how ridiculous your point is. I get really frustrated when my beauty gets in the way and it’s disturbing how many men have no manners – brazillian and visitors.
      And you dont speak for most brazillians. This comment section just proved how wrong you are, since most people who are agreeing with you are MEN. Of course.
      And I’ll leave a photo to prove my point. A website once REFUSED my photo because they thought it was not me. But I’m an actress and this is what I work with, image. And you, little girl, are SO WRONG.

      1. Try not to waste your time with these losers. If they had anything going for them character-wise or a real career, they would not be in search of easy women, as the women come after you when you are a winner.
        Save the photo for someone who respect you and sees you as their missing half.
        After 24 years in the Navy and the rest working across three continents, all women deserve respect. It is the intelligent ones that are had to get, if that is your aim. But then if this is all but a sport for you losers out there, you are wasting your life and have missed out on what is to be a man, let alone finding a woman worth her weight in gold, like Natale

    9. This article made me laugh. The only thing you will achieve in Brazil is a big black dick in your snow white ass, gringo.
      South America is known for having one of the highest rate of rape in the world (50,000 per year in Brazil), and guess what who are the most tourists raped in Brazilian cities? Right, Americans.
      When I see these cases of Americans being raped on television, it gives me an orgasm. Brazilian rapists don’t differ who is a man, woman or fagot, they fuck with everyone, but it’s the true rape, not like in Sweden, when you just look at girls you are considered rapist.
      An example, you can check on CNN:
      So, it’s the tip…editors of Return of Kings, you can write an article about How to suck correctly a Brazilian dick, because we love american’s pussy… and don’t forget men’s butts too.
      Ohhn, Do I broke your fellings? If i do, you can find me in São Paulo with a Taurus Raging Bull in each hand.

  46. How can a woman, brazilian or not, NOT be ofended by a proposition such as “If she doesn’t give a quick no, assume a yes.”….GO TO HELL YOU SEXISTS, I hope your ignorance and pride never come to my country.

  47. “Since it’s rare — although not impossible — to bang the girl the very same night”
    HUEHEUEHEUEHUE (I had to laugh as a typical brazilian on internet). If the laugh didn’t revealed my identity I have to say: I am a brazilian, and that was one of the most stupid shit I read on the internet. Are you a pick-up instructor or what? This can’t be true. Oh, wow… It is really easy to have sex with a brazilian girl on the first night.

  48. I don’t see why Brazilian girls should be offended by this article.
    In the beginning the autor writes:
    ‘They’re not, however, the easiest women to bed because one-night stands are less common when compared with the English-speaking countries and Scandinavia.’
    He writes that American, Australian, English, Scandinavian people are more slutty…

    1. and by the way, it’s the Brazilian media itself (look at a typical Novela) that whorships blond hair and blue eyes.

    2. i’m American, this is highly offensive. I didn’t even have sex until I was married and right now I’m 25 and happily married with the only guy I ever had sex with.

  49. I’m brazilian …
    I have to agree. There’s even some good tips here, but you forget that people are the same anywhere in the world. If a girl wants to have sex she’ll accept.
    The cake recipe more important you do not put here, beauty is most important.
    And apparently you know nothing of my Brazil.
    If I were writing tips here would not fit in just five steps. Also, you only know the Lapa and some nightclubs.
    Aaaah, I almost forgot, here are some tips were given by Brazilians for people that wanted. But that was years ago, things changed.
    Things are not limited to these tips and those few places.
    It’s time to update it, or people will end badly.
    Sorry for my bad english ..

  50. About Paraguay war: the brazilians who did those atrocities with people from Paraguay, were ordered by Count of Eu, he was french not brazilian, he hated latin american people (thats includes brazilians and paraguayans). Most of brazilians who went to war, was forced to go. Brazil has a big shame about it though.
    Anyway I think kind of idiot people who judge people from a country because their government. It was american government that makes war, american people just pay for it. I’m not american lover, but it’s not fair to don’t point it.

  51. Just for the record… it is not offensive because you are describing women in my country
    but it is offensive because it describes women only as an object.
    Of course there are all the sorts of women around the globe but really not all brasilians are the same
    and not all the americans are the same.
    It is a shame that you left the impression that men that come from your country are not interested in culture and they are only concerned with their penis.
    Would you like that we said the things you described about your mother or your sisters? I don t think so.
    There are loads of brasilian girls that only want a family, to work and to be part of the society and have somebody with smart things to say.
    Men like you are just usefull and meaningless and lonely.
    I feel sorry for you and…. you have been to Brazil and you didn t took the best of it.
    Enjoy your useless life
    You are not even what a great and wonderful and real woman would wish for… you are just trash.

    1. Good thing we have officer dipshit on the case to protect the honor of all those easy brazilian girls.

    2. “This website has just been reported to the Brazilian Federal Police. Thank you.”
      Is telling the truth a crime in Brazil?

    3. OHH NOO
      Having sex with women is an illegal act and must be punished, apparently! What are we going to do, guys? I’m shaking in my boots.

    4. The Brazilian Federal Police just called. They would like to thank this website for helping them to get laid.


    1. More free publicity for Roosh. Word of mouth really is the best advertisement.
      I expect the Brazilian Thought Police to appear in Apache helicopters and hover above Roosh’s apartment building in Poland like in the opening scene of Team America.
      FUCK YEAH!

  53. You (I mean, everybody here) have to note one thing: the easy brazilian is different from the easy american girl. I will explain.
    Some brazilian are “easy”, because brazilian people are very affectionate people. I mean, its not because they love to have sex, is because girls here in Brazil (easy or not) have sex with people who she likes. And brazilian people are easy to like someone. Brazilian likes to show their affection turns to people who they likes.
    Therefore, some brazilian girls thinks that having sex with people who she likes, it will makes him likes her as she likes him. But american girls (I had a american friend exchange student) seems to have sex just because she wants to, and no other reason.

      1. Natalia is right, there are many countries where this is true, and we’re way more demonstrative with emotions such as affection and excitement about people. It’s exactly what she says: easy to like someone!

  54. Websites like that make me feel even more in love with my boyfriend, who has the most amazing and beautiful penis. He can passionately fuck me until I faint, anytime I want (and I want it all the time), have meaningful conversations with me, respect me for who I really am, bla bla bla. He’s so perfect it sounds boring. But it’s true. What can I do? I guess I am very lucky. I hope you unhappy sexist pricks are able to love a woman one day. (Or your fellow “game” buddies, perhaps, and sleep with them too).Your life will be much more plentiful. Ever since I discovered this “game” thing I’ve been kind of obsessed about it, I guess I do love wasting time reflecting upon the magnificent stupidity of men in general. Wow. I really do get a kick out of that. Thanks for amazing me.
    And out of the goodness of my little heart, I’ll give you some simple advice: Yes we brazilian girls LOVE sex (like all normal girls everywhere). Just be interesting and we WILL fuck you, don’t you worry. For FREE. Woo-hoo. Yes! We love one-night stands, meaningless sex, dirty talk and a bit of objetification sometimes. And, fuck, we ARE hot and we know it. But we are still human beings and appreciate the exchange of ideas, feelings, rather than only fluids, with the RIGHT ONES. You poor creatures will never be the right ones though. Seek psychological help before you kill yourselves with your own inner emptiness.
    All the best and again thanks for amazing me, guys. XOXO

    1.…why these guys offend you so much? are the type of woman these guy need..

    2. Renata, what did I tell you about playing too much on your iPhone. Get back in the kitchen and cook me up some rodizio.

    3. Most American women dont love sex. They can go years without it, no problem.
      They only have sex to test their attractiveness with men, or use it against men.

  55. I don’t really get the argument of the up-tight Brazilian girls here that foreign men come to Brazil and fuck girls that don’t have money….of course girls with money are going to be harder that live in places like Leblon…Your point? So foreign men shouldn’t bang the sixes and sevens that don’t have the time, access, or $ that is required to bang patricinhas?
    You nouveau riche Brazilians should stop being so damn arrogant as well…

  56. I’m Brazilian and the angry comments posted by some fellow Brazilian girls have made me laugh. Why the fuck are they even on a site like this in the first place? what did they expect exactly? haha.. anyway I enjoyed reading the post.
    Beijos 😉 xx

    1. I spent time there recently and had amazing time in general… Both Brazilian men and American men… (And women) use sex as a recreational tool.. Just happens to be from my limited experience that the Brazilian women look at it do much more intensely than American women… I felt the heartbeat of these women in many ways. Passion in and out of bed. Love you all. Can’t wait to come back. You gals rock

  57. What the fuck has my picture to do with this post? In what way is it sexist and mysoginist as this post? Yes, the Brazilian Federal Police is aware of this Website and so is The Rede Bandeirantes de Televisão. You were going on the air that night i posted it but something happened that they coudn’t finish the story in time. But i’ll insist. And what the fuck makes you idiots think that i’m not kinky myself? I’m a first class fetichist, but i’m also a first class femininist. And i agree with everything Renata said. That does not mean you can refere to Brazilian (or any women) like fucking objects. And my bloody picture is badass.

    1. Your pictures objectify women to a farther extent than anything posted on this website. You sound like a sad, pathetic, lonely and vengeful humanbeing…..not to mention somewhat of a boy who cries wolf… probably think everyone’s cognitive capabilities are as hampers and limited as your own, hence your pathetic attempts to scare free speech rights of blogs by empty threats that a any child would see as being just that, empty. Think you need to get a life, or your head examined, or maybe both…..Kind Regards, Kevin.

  58. “..Brazil’s actions in the war against Paraguay is much worse than anything that the United States has done. They almost wiped out an entire country off the map, similar to what Germany did to Poland in World War 2….” B.S. The U.S. was built on the graves of it’s indigenous people who were nearly pushed to extinction & a majority of those decedents(which are now one of the smallest minority groups in the country) are currently living in “third world” conditions in the richest country on the planet. Of course this situation exist in any colonized land. Brazil & South America in general still have a large indigenous population. Modern U.S. foreign policy has either been directly or indirectly(funding) nearly every major conflict in the globe for the last half century. Several South/Central American incursions have gone on in the early part of the last century on behalf of U.S. corporations. Perspective from non-Anglo Americans differs greatly. The comments in this “article” are far more informative than the title would lead you to believe.

  59. My Brazilian wife says this only works if you’re good looking and have money… There’s a difference my wife says betweer rio and real.

  60. I’m brazilian and when I read the text’s title I thought with myself: ” Oh, another stupid guy talking about Brazilians girls. Why am I not surprised?”. But , yeah, I was wrong. All this is about “How I supposed to do to dealing with people who didn’t come from the same place that I am”. Would be ok if all this was about getting friendship? I think we know the answer.
    Why talking about sex is always a “unspoken” thing here in Brazil anyway? Really, I can’t understand. Everybody makes sex someday – and this is very (very) normal, so, talking about that is normal too. That is all.
    Sorry, i don’t know how to write in english very well. =]

  61. The only issue i see with this article is the “if she doesnt say a quick no, assume yes”
    Now thats just borders rape. Silence is a freaking no. Only go if theres actual consent, and dont force the girl into anythong she isnt comfortable doing please.
    Also the “keep repeating step 5”. After some times youll just be annoying and a creep.
    Speaking as a brazilian girl.

  62. not quite sure how I got to read this post, but I did, and for fucking sake, really do you want us to believe that this natalia is a real brazilian girl? if she is, well, then she is one of the majority who makes me feel ashamed of being brazilian. idiots like you guys think the way you do about brazilian women because they behave accordingly. it is amazing how the open the legs quite easily – they just try to play difficult – for any gringo, especially if he seems to have a bit more money and blue eyes. no need to say that they also spend far more time at the gym or watching novelas than getting educated and reading. i am brazilian, in my late 20’s, have lived overseas – in many different parts of the world – for many years and have just returned to brazil for work. am planning to leave asap though. and when overseas i rarely tell ppl where i am from, and ppl never guess cause i do not “look like” a brazilian – which i guess its because i am not stupid, am actually quite successful professionally, and dont wear the tacky clothes brazilian like to wear. women here just disgusts and embarras me. if you just knew how the whole world think of you girls…i wish i could have have born in any other place in earth. even argentina would have been pretty good!

  63. so… Mr Maverick womanizer stupid. You should think million times before you open your mouth to talk bullshit. Isso foi um tremendo insulto.

  64. I’m a brazilian girl from Rio de Janeiro, and I understand the author and agree. I don’t feel offended. Here in Brazil, mainly in Rio, we have a lot of “easy” women as all the countries, but is not all the women that are easy, I’m not like that. But let’s face the truth, basically if you say that you’re from other country they’ll already be interested. And, I have to say: not all of them are beautiful lol
    But like I said, there are a lot off “good girls” too, not all of them are sluts, but there are some only looking for a one-night relationship

  65. I’m a brazilian girl from Rio de Janeiro, and I understand the author and agree. I don’t feel offended. Here in Brazil, mainly in Rio, we have a lot of “easy” women as all the countries, but is not all the women that are easy, I’m not like that. But let’s face the truth, basically if you say that you’re from other country they’ll already be interested. And, I have to say: not all of them are beautiful lol
    But like I said, there are a lot off “good girls” too, not all of them are sluts, but there are some only looking for a one-night relationship

    1. You should see Australia, MOST girls are looking for a one-night relationship, unless you are a criminal or a footy player, then you might be considered boyfriend material

  66. LOL OMG this might be the stupidest article I’ve ever read. You actually think you can just come into a country in hopes of fucking foreign “exotic” women you objectify and fantasize about? I’m Brazilian, have lived in the US for 3 years, but I’ve come back and now live in Brasília (for the dipshits: Rio isn’t the capital city. Brasília is.) As a female, you don’t know how fucking PISSED we (males included) get when American men and media depict us as “sexy and mysterious”, because A)Not all of us look are babes that look like Giselle Bundchen or Alessandra Ambrosio or have killer bodies. Guess what? We’re normal looking. Both the guys and girls. Get over your neo-colonist fantasies; and B)Just cause you’re an Anglo-Saxon foreigner, it doesn’t mean that we’ll all be over you and your dick. Of course, people will probably treat you better than average and try to converse with you IF you’re nice. We Brazilians love tourists, as long as they’re respectul and have knowledge that Brazil is a PORTUGUESE speaking country. The last thing I’d want to see is an American tourist practicing his/her god awful Spanish with a local.

  67. yea i am a brasileira and i say this fetishization is awful and people defending this should feel awful
    im not going to be nice, a racist preference is racist
    deal with the truth fetishizing gringos

  68. Reading this makes me want to go and live in Brazil.. Maybe If I can generate enough to go to the world cup, I’ll meet a few amazing Beautiful Brazilian women.

  69. Vai tomar no seu cu viado. As mulheres brasileiras que dorme na 1 ou 2 dia com gringos são putas. Querem o dinheiro do gringo. Brazilian women are like any other women from around the planet, there are easy fucks which normally depict a whore that is interested in the gringos money. Also just because you are blonde and have blue eyes means sweet fuck all. Many male and female brazilians from the south, florionopolis and santa catarina are blondes with blue eyes, so in brazil we have all kinds of mixtures. Getting a decent brazilian girl is what the objective should be, and if she is hard to get into bed, all the more power to her.. there is a saying that states, things that take time to accomplish or attain is more satisfying in the long run.

    1. Congratulations, my friend, you really know what you’re talking about. And you got my respect. Yes, brazilian woman right here.

  70. Doesn’t sound different from any race of women. Brazilian women may be sexier but that approach could be tried on women of any race. If you try to kiss and they reject, try for the next one.

  71. You will just get a hot beatiful brazilian girl if you are a masculine alpha male. If you are like a typical slow american man with little testosterone is better you try an asian flat ass girl because you will cannot handle a brazilian gil for sure.

  72. I am brazilian and do not feel offended by this article. I’m from São Paulo, and women from each state are pretty different, as the country has many cultures and it is too big. This description certainly applies for the cariocas (women from Rio de Janeiro). Actually, most of them (not all of them, of course) are easier than that.
    Try to do the same in São Paulo or any states in the south and you will never get laid. As the author said, the one-night stands are not common here.

  73. Idiots, really so you guys really think that brazilians are that easy hehehehe, yeah if you find a whore for sure, like you can find easy pussy all over the wolrd.
    You guys made me laugh very loud!!
    Try to come to Salvador and use all those weak tips loosers hehehehe!!!!

  74. Is it true that Brazilian women would rather than anal sex instead of vagina sex because then it wouldnt consider a sin in the catholic faith ?

  75. I was searching for Brazilian girl names and found this post…. People nowdays needs text guide/tutorial to bang girls…
    this is insane……………….

  76. I don’t know why everyone thinks brazilian girls are easy. They are not! They are just more friendly and easier to talk to. Gringa girls are much easier because gringa girls get drunk and are much more wild and will go home with you more easily. Us gringos like brazilian girls more though because they are different for us.(maybe thats why a lot of brazilian girls like gringos…because we are something different), Brazilian girls are much more sexy and sexual then gringa girls and also much more passionate, friendly and feminine. What a lot of brazilian girls don’t understand is that most gringos aren’t here to try have sex with as many girls as possible. (We would just pay for it if we were) A lot of us are here because we like brazilians and would maybe like to have a brazilian girlfriend for the reasons i have said above. This guy going around saying stupid things about the brazilian girls here is giving gringos a really bad reputation. every country has easy and difficult girls but Brazilian girls have much more charm and are much sexier then gringa girls! guys like this guy wouldn’t get any attention in his own country but girls here are much friendlier so he thinks he is killing it here! Idiot! If i wanted to get easier girls i would stay in australia but aim tired of that!

    1. This… honestly it sounds corny, but in Brazil you will fall in love. I met so many beautiful women that I would love to have as my girlfriend. It is so depressing to come home to Australia and have to put up with the disgusting, bitchy, manly feminists we have here. As much as ROK complains about American women, Aussie women are way worse. And yes, I have been to America, and I had no problems having sex with attractive women (I was in San Diego and Newport Beach). All my mates say the same, America is a place where you can push your limits and get the sex you always dreamed about.

  77. And shall we assume that all this is possible with “English” as the primary language of communication?

  78. Guys, I lived in Rio de Janeiro for a year, and trust me, despite what you may have heard, and despite the tiny bikinis and party lifestyle, there is NO WAY Brazilian girls are easy. Obviously, I am referring to the attractive middle class girls, not the trashy favela chicks you find at baille funk parties. You can kiss loads of beautiful girls very quickly, but I found them very difficult to bang. My conversion rate was horrendous, like nothing I have ever experienced in any country in the world, and I’ve been to a few! In Australia, where I live, if you kiss a girl on a night out, you have a way better than 50% chance of fucking them that night.. Australian girls are definitely very slutty, but quality is a problem, and they have all swallowed the feminist pill, so you have a double whammy. Because of this, I would rather have sex with a Brazilian girl, even though with the same effort I could sleep with 10 Aussie girls.. they just ooze femininity, have killer bodies and tans, their sex appeal is off the charts. Logistics make it tough though, as most people live in apartments with their families well into their 20s and even 30s. Brazil is also a deeply Catholic country, and I think that makes the girls less likely to just jump into bed. Good luck

  79. Dont dress very expensive or the chicks will not feel free talking to you , most of them will think ur a bad guy, dough they like bad guys but you should only use your mouth to say that .

  80. Its very easy if you just present yourself like honest person by saying your name and where your from and what you do for a living ,then if she likes you then you will know because Brazilian chicks are open minded enough to make you know if she wants you or not .

  81. Sorry by my enclish, I am a man from Brazil.
    And besides I can speak and write in english, I simply refuse to do it so.
    If this guy talk so bad about brazilian girls, he most at least know to speak portuguese.
    Então vai em português mesmo.
    Esse cara deve ser antes de tudo um crianção.
    Deve ter beijado muito travesti achando que era mulher (nada contra os travestis).
    E ainda por cima deve estar mentindo.
    Provavelmente só conseguiu comer mesmo foi uma piranha (sexo por dinheiro).
    Ou quem sabe até um travesti.
    Ficou com tanta raiva e vergonha que preferiu inventar esse monte de bobagem.
    Obviamente, não sabe como tratar uma mulher, por isso só consegue mesmo comer alguém nessas condições.

  82. This is a good general guide although I found Brazilian girls don’t need much alcohol to get in bed. The most important thing is getting good logistics in Rio. You need a place to bring your girls on a regular basis. I made the mistake of staying in a hostel with dirty backpackers. Sure, you save money but you limit your sex life a lot. When I wanted to get intimate, I spent extra money for a hotel room. Apartments are the best. Apartments > Hotels > Hostels when it comes to getting girls in the sack.
    You don’t need much technique to get laid in Brazil. Brazilian women are very flirty without acting like a slut. In contrast, American women are clueless on how to flirt yet come off as huge sluts.
    I’d like to add the importance of a good apartment or private room within walking distance of the nightlife. If you don’t need taxis, you will bang more girls because you can walk to your room. Less barriers = more action 🙂
    Another tip is to screen heavily for interest. Brazilian girls either like you or they don’t. It’s okay to be a bit aggressive. Don’t force it too much but it’s okay to be at least 25% more aggressive than you normally are. If she sticks around, you are gold.
    Lastly, bring your own condoms. Brazilian condoms are terrible. Buy in bulk before you head to Brazil.
    Check out my kindle book for more tips on Rio de Janeiro including the 7 biggest mistakes to avoid on your trip.
    Don’t end up getting mugged or ripped off. These tips alone could save you future headaches. I wish someone told me them before I landed in Rio.

  83. I take this comment more of a joke and satiric than actual reality 🙂 The reason being is that Gringos are too shy to complete the step 2 – warm up hitting on a random girl. I can easily imagine that one buys ticket to Rio, then goes to lapa, takes the beer and then… another beer and another one.. until he gets disgusting and no girl wants to talk to him 🙂 I have a gringo boyfriend and he told me that people from his culture are actually extremely shy. Let me re-phrase you tutorial to even easier steps: 1. Create profile on and make a date on the site. 2. Select your brasilian girl who wants to meet you. 3. buy ticket to Rio, 4. meet your girl (probably Lapa is not the best on place for a first date, go to outback restaurant and be charming). – completing this gives you a better and easier way to accomplish your goal 🙂

  84. this only works for tall white american men in brazil…. everyone else dont bother

  85. This article made me laugh. The only thing you will achieve in Brazil is a big black dick in your snow white ass, gringo.
    South America is known for having one of the highest rate of rape in the world (50,000 per year in Brazil), and guess what who are the most tourists raped in Brazilian cities? Right, Americans.
    When I see these cases of Americans being raped on television, it gives me an orgasm. Brazilian rapists don’t differ who is a man, woman or fagot, they fuck with everyone, but it’s the true rape, not like in Sweden, when you just look at girls you are considered rapist.
    An example, you can check on CNN:
    So, it’s the tip…editors of Return of Kings, you can write an article about How to suck correctly a Brazilian dick, because we love american’s pussy… and don’t forget men’s butts too.
    Ohhn, Do I broke your fellings? If I do, you can find me in São Paulo with a Taurus Raging Bull in each hand.

  86. ”If she doesn’t give a quick no, assume a yes.”
    ” Didn’t get the bang? Simply repeat step 5 until you do.”

  87. a quantidade de BR com complexo de vira-lata que apareceu neste post me impressionou!
    eu já sabia que veria coisas Ridículas e excesso de pessimismo por aqui, mas não imaginava que o nível seria tão alto assim.
    se um gringo diz um absurdo deses é até desculpável considerando que provavelmente ele é ignorante sobre o país, mas um Brasileiro se rebaixar tanto ao ponto de vir em um post e simplesmente Difamar seu próprio pais? isso já é ridículo!
    vocês não percebem que quando fazem isso estão rebaixando vocês mesmos?
    ou você acha que só pq você disse que os outros são assim e mas você não, já vai fazer os gringos terem uma impressão melhor de você?
    deixem de ser otários!
    você não precisa mentir e dizer que tudo é lindo e maravilhoso… até pq, nenhum lugar é perfeito… mas sejamos honestos… o brasil também não é só desgraça.
    você teria que ser muito mentiroso pra afirmar que só existem coisas boas ou só ruins no Brasil.
    até parece que vocês nunca viram nenhum lado bom.
    enfim… SE VALORIZEM e parem de se rebaixara a esse nível.
    e lembre-se! sempre que você fala mau do seu país a alguèm que não convive com você e não te conhece, você automaticamente entra no mesmo barco e cria uma imagem ruim de você mesmo para a outra pessoa… mesmo que você diga que você não é assim

  88. that stereotype of Brazilians girls make me sick.
    we are women, not objects.
    so stop talking like that. I’m not gonna offend you ’cause I’m more than that.
    but I have to say to you that Brazil has te most beautiful girls in the world, that’s right, in the same way, this beautiful girls are full of character and doesn’t want to “bang” some weirdo jerk from other country.
    we are better than these stereotypes.
    I’m sad for u

  89. I would say better. Just go to some dating websites ( I have used, and see if someone is interested in you or not. It is much easier this way I believe. You can find someone that shares the same things that you do and just go with the flow. Be very carefull on fake profiles, of course.

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