Average Never Got Anyone Anywhere

Meet Joe:

At 34.4 years old Joe has done everything right in his life. He’s married with two children and supports his family with a $32,000/year office job. Joe has a bit of money in the bank, but most of his salary goes to his mortgage and car payments. Having reached his physical prime at 23 Joe stopped exercising like he used to. At 5’9” 175lbs Joe can run an 8.5 minute mile, bench 160lbs and do one pullup.

Joe is content with his life, but a few months from now his wife will give him divorce papers because she found a new man named “Chad” who made her feel alive. Luckily for Joe his wife Jane was a kind woman. All she asked of him was to share the custody of their two children and help out with expenses until the children can follow in he and Jane’s footsteps.

Joe is at his sexual prime and is not too far away from his financial prime. After the divorce he spends his time reminiscing about the 3 sexual partners he had before Jane. He’ll be too scared to call up his high school sweetheart Jessica and will spend the rest of his days working a banal job, going home to watch TV, drinking beer, and eating fast food. He will die empty and completely alone after having sex with only 3 more women.

This is the average man according to various articles on the internet, but how many men do you see that have it ‘worse’ or ‘better’ than Joe? How many of you have friends who aspire to be nothing more than average or slightly above average. They’ll tell you their plans about having sex with girls in university, getting a degree, then a good job, then a family. You’ll ask them “Don’t you want more?” they’ll reply with dream cars, vacations, and children. Again you will ask them “Don’t you want more?” and they will reply “What more is there?”

What More Is There?

It is easy to see that “most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.” This song is passion, ambition, drive, motivation, whatever you want to call it. It is the feeling of testosterone coursing through your veins and the thrill of accomplishment. It’s waking up every day and knowing that you are living for yourself, improving yourself, and doing anything you want to do.

It’s always great to be a man, but only if you work at it. When has the average guy ever done anything great? If you are reading this then you are more than likely far from average. If you set your mind to it you can accomplish more in a year than the average man will accomplish in his lifetime.

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38 thoughts on “Average Never Got Anyone Anywhere”

  1. Regarding the link to testosterone, here’s an article from ArtOfManliness about raising testosterone NATURALLY, rather than injecting synthetic testosterone (which is wildly expensive and down-cycles your natural T-levels such that you’ll be forced to take their T meds ’til the day you die).
    (1) Get your saturated fats!!! (animal meat, basically),
    (2) Get your vitamin D3 (either sunlight or through capsules if you’re not outdoors much),
    (3) Lower your carbs to under 150 per day,
    (4) Get a decent amount of diverse veggies,
    (5) Lift weights and only do light cardio,
    (6) avoid soy like the plague (which is hard since the government and media have pressured industry to put it in everything nowadays)
    That’s it. If you follow those things, your natural testosterone levels will shoot up by 50% at least, and you won’t have to run off to a doctor and pay him huge sums to inject you with synthetic testosterone twice a week for the rest of your life.

    1. So basically Paleo? Finished up week 4 and I’ve lost 18 lbs and want to kill small animals. Its working!

    2. I’d add to try and avoid BPH in plastic, although cruciferous vegetables mitigate the effect somewhat. Eating fish from time to time also helps.
      As for testosterone injections, most don’t aim for a 50% increase but far higher levels (unless it’s therapeutic). You could employ the same post cycle therapy to raise your T levels, which involves taking anti-estrogens and other breast cancer drugs…

      1. JohnGalt2:
        I concur that the paleo/Primal diet absolutely boosts testosterone (as well as ALL of your hormones and androgens, which virtually all use saturated fat as the base molecule).
        The list I gave up there is not totally comprehensive, but just a few of the key points to having productive hormones (T, HGH, and more) surging through your body.
        Congrats on your weight loss. I highly recommend the paleo/Primal diet to all. It is like a miracle compared to the living hell of the Standard American Diet, SAD (as Mark Sisson calls it).

      2. Couple more:
        Daily cold showers
        Masturbation no more than once every 4 or 5 days (basically not every day/2 days like 90% of men)
        Cod liver oil, zinc & apple cider vinegar supplementation
        Intermittant Fasting (best way to drop body fat – body fat suppresses T production)
        +1 to Paleo, heavy weight training, Sunshine, low level/steady state cardio, and avoiding soy
        Do all of that for 30 days and you will be a different person.

    3. Juicing will help with the fruits and veggies if you neither have the time nor the stomach to ingest so many of them in order to get a decent daily allowance. If you’re pissing and moaning about the loss of fiber, then, Christ, put some Metamucil in the juice!

  2. Sometimes it can be difficult to navigate the murky waters that inhabit the oceans of the red pill world. Crushing, even. Then I find myself at one of the ROK blogs that remind me exactly what I would have to put up with in the treacherous desert that covers the majority of the blue pill world. The problem is like the allegory of the cave. If all you have ever known is blue pill life, you think yours is the only reality. Until someone comes along and shows you a reality outside the cave. They shine a light in the dark desert that looks beautiful at night, then when alight, its true nature is revealed. Barren, desolate, hopeless. In the red pill world, at least we have a boat.
    No homo.

  3. Good article, but I dont think being average is particularly bad, it is the fact that being average today means the chances of you getting badly fucked up are greater than they should be.
    Average man 60 years ago=marries a svelte high six/low seven feminine likeable lassie, has a couple of kids, a bit of money together, work which isn’t fucked up and miserable due to HR harpies/Boomer shitheads. Is skinny, but lean, well dressed and eats a 70 percent paleo diet.
    Average man today=marries a high four/low five rotund masculine lassie and looses half his shit to her because she wasn’t haaaaapy, in student debt and is chained down to a particular place due to getting a overvalued house, is overweight himself and eats a 70 percent refined carbohydrates diet, is surrounded by incompetent Boomer shitheads for bosses and a HR department out to get him.
    The tails of the distribution are getting wider and wider. Being average back in the day and you would have a decent, reasonable life. Right now, you’re just asking to be fucked.

  4. What people don’t realize is that it’s not very difficult to be above average. At first that sounds like a paradox, but most people never come close to achieving their potential. Instead, as the article points out, they’re anesthetized by stupid shit like “must watch” TV and happy hours. All you have to do to break the mold is learn to invest your time while others are engaging in mental masturbation. Ask yourself if what you’re doing is worth sacrificing an opportunity to make yourself better.
    In 2013, there’s no excuse for not doing this. As much as people long for the past, the present has one key advantage: the internet puts all of humanity’s information at your fingertips. There’s nothing blocking your way, no quests to the top of the mountain to find the wise man. Not everyone can be the greatest, but until there’s drastic changes in our society anyone can be above average with a little effort.

  5. Hahaha great stuff!
    Yes thats the living hell of modern day westeners…and the other 90% of the planet envy us for it.
    But really it does suck. It does suck to an extend you will never understand as long as you are hamstering your daily routine.
    Ask Roosh. After reading one of his books I believe he found the strength to give up his boring job and changed the course of his life because a certain co-worker girl did marry. It certainly was in him before but this event was the final kick, was his breaking point.
    You too, have a breaking point. It IS possible to quit beeing average and suck up all that shit goverment will keep throwing at you. It IS possible to live elsewhere and more often than not the pastures are indeed greener and live is full of opportunities.
    Today beeing a slave is a choice.

  6. I have to say as well that this article speaks to me. Sometimes I get tired and wonder what the fuck I am doing traveling, doing various projects in an effort to make a name for myself. And admittedly there is something nice in the notion of just settling back and relaxing and being comfortable with what I have already achieved. But then I read this post and then look at the Johnny Lunch-Pail photo and then I recall the promise I made to myself when I scrapped the status-quo life off of my shoe and left America for a more exciting life. Thanks for the reminder Western Cancer.

  7. If this was 30 years ago, living a blue pill existence would kind-of-sort-of be okay. In 2013, being blue pill will get you royally fucked over.
    Being red pill is no longer a choice, it’s now MANditory.

  8. Great article, much truth.
    Just one quibble, you can’t support a family on 32k a year in the US.

    1. That’s partly due to feminism. With women forgoing their naturally given abilities in the 60s and demanding to be “equal,” the working world has changed (along with tax code and plenty of other small changes); this has partly lead to the world today where most average families need two incomes to pay the bills.

  9. Awesome article, reminds me of my favorite quote ever (spoken by the late, great Herb Brooks): “You can’t be common, the common man goes nowhere; you have to be uncommon.”

  10. What’s the point of raising T levels? Doesn’t regular exercise keep them at their proper levels?
    If T levels reach to high, doesn’t that cause health/mental problems?

    1. They are talking about natural levels of T, which are under attack by residual birth control residue in drinking water, toxins in plastics (ask any pediatrician about why menses is happening 2-3 years earlier), and high soy content in food. Exercise, no carbs/sugar, raw food, high protein (no soy), animal protein, etc. You can’t get mental health problems unless you are shooting things in your ass with a syringe.

      1. The problem with soy is not soy itself. Its because its GMO, like corn.

        1. Indian Woman: Nothing personal but your female comments are not welcome in this masculine establishment. They are too distracting. You are free to read, but please don’t comment anymore.

      2. Because I called you a Scythian? That’s a compliment from an India. So many from the Northwest region of India try to claim “Scythian ancestry”.
        You are exoticised and fetishized by some of the most beautiful women on the planet, like me. 😉

  11. The article the author linked to about the number of peoples sexual partners said “29 percent of men, 9 percent of women say they’ve had 15 or more partners” LOL

  12. That is money. Every man has his inner Christopher Columbus that is sadly being extricated from his soul day by day, month by month, year by year, until he’s, well, average.

  13. i’m 39, i KNOW my levels are dropping. even with regular work outs. one of my coworkers is a personal trainer. and told me to supplement tribulus. when i was in kuwait we took a muscletech supplent that
    is a T bridge called cryo-test.
    i was a walking hard on and constantly amped up. there was this little army chick i was hooking up with that took notice and liked the more aggresive me.

    1. props top to the sweet little army chick! How blue balled would you be without the army girl? I’m assuming there was a limited amount of army girls to go around for the other troops in kuwait?

    2. danny, why would a civilian man want to be a walking hard on and amped up all the time?
      Amped up all the time might work for military service, though I could see how that would create problems there too, but amped up all the time would create serious problems in civilian society.
      Plus, its not easy for most men to find sexual partners at the drop of a hat, so walking around with a hard on all the time would be highly frustrating.

  14. I’m thinking about weening myself away from some of my friends. Their lives are vapid and where passion is missing they replace it with gossip, comfort and bullshit. I will be a little more lonely but I don’t want their average outlook on life covertly seeping into mine.

  15. “It’s always great to be a man, but only if you work at it. When has the average guy ever done anything great? ”
    That is all you need.

  16. Average is the kiss of death. Do something to stand out – even if it’s being an a**hole… I’ve always been over the top in almost everything that I do. Business, dating, you name it – and it works. Not only because you’re memorable, but because people remember, and more importantly women notice. More than a few times the women that I’m taking to bed will tell me they saw me at such-and-such and thought I was a d**k.
    I always wondered about that, and found that more often than not, women end up in bed with the guy that they initially disliked. I couldn’t care less – all that matters to me is that when I wanted her, she was available. Of course, more often than not the feeling is mutual, and that can lead to the hottest nights.
    But average is the kiss of death… No one ever remembers Mr Average… They remember the guy that stands out. Of course, some ways of standing out are easier to recover from than others. I’m usually the guy that makes the outrageous comment that everyone is thinking but no else has the guts to say it.

  17. Bah I’ve never met an average person and I’ve met a lot of people. Some people don’t want to start a business or pick up foreign parasites. No need to bash other people for finding fulfillment in life in ways other then your preferred route unless your selling something. All the men I know who got a divorce were a-holes who shouldn’t have gotten married because they couldn’t keep their dicks out of people not their wives (one exception a guy who married a bipolar chick but I only say exception because of uncertainty not that I know he wasn’t a cheater).

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