8 Cars You’ll Never Be Able To Afford

1. Bugatti Veyron Super Sports $2,400,000

Easily the most expensive street legal production car available on the market today, the  Bugatti Veyron Super Sports can go from 0-60 mph in 2.5 seconds. It is also the fastest street legal car in the world.


2. Aston Martin One-77 $1,850,000

Only 77 units of this 0-60 mph in 3.4 seconds automobile exists, hence the extreme cost. The sheer power of the 750 horse power Aston Martin One-77 is capable of melting female passengers panties almost instantly.

3. Lamborghini Reventon $1,600,000

The Reventon is hands down the  most powerful Lamborghini ever built and it looks like it came straight from 2050 instead of 2007, hence the exorbitant price tag.


4. McLaren F1 $970,000

Built all the way back in good ol’ 1994, the McLaren F1 was the fastest and most expensive car in the world back in the day. Despite it’s age, it has a top speed of an astronomical 240 mph and can hit 60 mph in 3.2 seconds.


5. Ferrari Enzo $670,000

The most popular supercar ever built. The Enzo has a top speed of 217 mph and can go from 0 to 60 mph in 3.4 seconds. Only 400 were produced, hence why many are sold for over $1,000,000 at auctions.


6. Pagani Zonda C12 F $660,000

Produced by a relatively obscure Italian brand, the Pagani Zonda C12 F is one of the sleekiest and most expensive cars in the world. It delivers a top speed of 215 mph and goes from 0-60 mph in 3.5 seconds.


7. Mercedes Benz E63  AMG Sedan $90,000

You’ll need to make upper middle management to afford this wonderful feat of German engineering.


8. Subaru WRX STI $34,000

This is a speedy car that will get the heart pumping of any female passenger you happen to have, but at $34,000 stock it is out of reach for most middle class men in America. The Toyota Prius is a more economical choice at $24,000.


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57 thoughts on “8 Cars You’ll Never Be Able To Afford”

    1. Agreed and every man should learn to ride a motorcycle….well. Not just wheelies and going fast on the straights but doing a track day or five, ride in shitty weather on purpose and long distance touring.

      1. I used to use a motorcycle for my main transportation and averaged about 15K miles/year. When I was working out of town a number of years ago, I used to occasionally stop by a biker bar about 15 miles from where I was staying. One chilly February evening I stopped by and was the only bike in the parking lot. When I got inside, there were quite a few guy in colors (aka biker “club” members). I found this to be highly amusing.

    2. Yeah, motorcycles are sleek as hell and cheaper than cars…it’s got me seriously thinking of learning.

  1. I think a Prius would help you pick up Hipster and Artist type chicks, but would turn most others off.

    1. I thought I was the only one who did a “WTF?” at 7 and 8. NOTHING unobtainable about either. Besides they are common as hell.

  2. Regardless of how deep any man’s pocket becomes, and assuming you are buying a car for status to get chicks (which is most likely) I think sinking this insane amount of money in a vehicle smacks of beta-dom and trying too hard.
    A nice second hand Mustang, then deck it out just a bit with mag wheels high performance tires is good enough to get many hot chicks. And the bottom line when it comes to females, hot is hot. The only difference between a hottie you get with a decked out Mustang and a hottie you get with one of those seriously über expensive rides shown above is that their girls price. And there comes a point when a chick aint worth it no matter how hot she looks.
    Used Mustangs or Corvettes, or Camero properly done up and over hauled will be much cheaper. Any of those rides, plus a gram of coke and you’ll score like a rock star.

    1. A 55-66 TBird convertible is simply the ultimate cool car. I don’t think it will ever go out of style. Show up in one of those, and a Veyron driver looks like a tool by comparison. There may be cars with more cred amongst car guys, but nothing stops civilians in their tracks like a well maintained ‘bird.

      1. Depends; most girls do not like “old cars”, no matter how classic or stylish it is among those “in the know”.
        In the end, buy and roll a car YOU like. F#ck what women think of your car. If you buy a car to impress women [especially a sports car] you’re a “poser” anyway, and will get no respect from women, nor car guys – ie other men.

  3. If I woke up tomorrow with a ka-jillion dollars, still wouldn’t buy one of these douche-bag deluxe dork mobiles. These things are worse than a sequined feather boa on a double-D fake-titted waitress carrying a plate of sizzling fajitas…”look at me! look at me!”
    And the next time anyone thinks of throwing a spoiler on your commuter-car, punch yourself in the face.

  4. Can this site stop with all the lists. As well lets concern ourselves with things we can achieve in the near future and things we NEED to achieve as men. Not auto masturbatory fantasies.

  5. <<< Cars You’ll Never Be Able To Afford
    I just dont get it?
    Well they are selling, so some can afford them and i am sure some here [like myself] CAN AFFORD to buy *some* of them
    My ultimate car, is my own design and built

  6. For fuck sake get this P dog clown to quit writing articles.How old is he 14?? Midle class men can’t afford a $34 000 car..wtf? Zyzz the greatest bodybuilder? seriously,get this stupid fucker off of here before you become an even bigger joke than you already are.

  7. Cars are a manly pursuit. Most guys whose balls have dropped would happily sacrifice one of them to drive a car with 0-60 times like these.
    That said, in my experience most girls couldn’t care less what kind of car a man drives, and while they might gravitate to Ferrari-guy because he’s most likely a rockstar or tycoon, they’d be hard-pressed to tell the difference between a $100,000 Benz and a five year old Honda, just so long as the latter has leather seats and a sunroof.

    1. Gender stereotypes are incredibly accurate; all of the above cars look the same to me.
      Sarcasm aside, girls can most definitely tell the difference between expensive cars and less expensive cars, we just don’t care as much as males do. 😛

  8. I have a blue WRX hatch and it works very well.
    It’s just the right spot that let’s you understate what you drive so you are not trying to impress “what do you drive? Oh just a Subaru” I’m a surfer in California so this is seen as a positive choice as you are a guy that needs 4wheel drive and likes to go up to the mountains. When they actually see it and get in, it wets the panties as its electric blue and when it fires up has a great rumbler, then doing a fast drive on hair pin mountain roads on the way back to my place on the coast with leather heated seats gets things moving in the right direction.
    Keys here, a decent exciting car will always be attractive to girls, know how to drive it fast and well, always keep a blanket, flashlight and condoms in it. Girls will not be impressed with your car if you brag to them about it, but if you offer them a lift and they see its not a family sedan or a junker and you can drive it with excitement, it is a huge DHV
    S2000, BMW, Mercedes, Camero’s, chargers, or a well setup truck will all work in this case, but the key is to always make your ride no big deal and let her get excited about it when she sees it.

    1. L/Rover,…….WTF
      Had one, put the mechanics kids through private school, paid for all his holidays and wifes jewellery and bling
      Made In Uk and automotive…..stay away!

  9. Should replace #7 and #8 with Audi RS8 and Porsche 911. But even so those are cars a successful professional can afford in his late thirties, forties, fifties.

  10. Oh yeah? Try moving to Brazil, Singapore, Malaysia.
    See if you can afford a $40,000 Toyota Camry.
    We Americans got it damn lucky with the cheapest cars in the entire fucking world.

  11. Just echoing others regarding the quality of this piece. What is the value of it with regard to masculinity and becoming a better man?
    Perhaps it is time I submitted an article of my own…

  12. My prime player days are (mostly) in the past. But I did just fine with my Nissan. They didn’t even know what car I had until we were headed back to her place.

  13. A good article and a good selection, but where’s the Bentley GT Continental?
    And folks, if you don’t like the article at least don’t make it personal. The sniping at the author comes across as kinda omega.

  14. Vacuous and immature article. Buy a Tesla. Has a 20 inch ipad built into the car to get any woman wetter than shit. 0-60 in 4.4, with -full- torque off the line, which is actually what gets the panties wet the most. Save shitloads of gas. Buy the last car made in America (of course it took a rich European CEO to buck the American way of doing things by union and consensus, aka teh suck). Around 50-100 grand depending on the range you want.

  15. The Porsche 911 is the most winning car in autosports history, yet doesn’t make the list. I assume then the writer knowledge of cars is limited to looking at pictures.

  16. Those WRX STIs are double that cost in my country, whose currency exchange rate is roughly on par with that of the US, and I can still afford one quite easily. And this is with me working well under my possible earning capacity. I question whether the author is indeed “aiming high” if he believes this car will always be out of his grasp.

  17. It’s been stated multiple timea already, but I just have to pile on. Since whe is a $34,000 car out of reach of the middle class?!? In America the average price of a new car is over 30 grand. Most of the best selling pickups and SUVs sticker in the 40s. These are what middle class America is buying. Hell my family car cost nearly twice what a new STI cost and I am dead center in the middle class.
    Roosh, I know you have faith in this author, but as stated by others; his basic awareness is off!

  18. PORTIA
    This is a speedy car that will get the heart pumping of any female passenger you happen to have, but at $34,000 stock it is out of reach for most middle class men in America. The Toyota Prius is a more economical choice at $24,000.
    I believe the point behind this is that while most men could technically afford an STI in the middle class, most won’t because of the other more viable options out there. If you’re stuck with a $35k budget you’re probably going to get something with better gas mileage and cheaper insurance. It’s in that too expensive for the people who want it, but too cheap for anyone to take it seriously, category.

  19. “$34,000 stock it is out of reach for most middle class men in America”
    Is $34,000 considered a lot for men in America? What a sad country!

    1. No retard. He’s probably not even from america. I drive a brand new 2013 Audi TTrs. Its still cheap-.-

  20. why is the Subaru and e63 amg on this list, it says cars you will never be able to afford….i can understand the rest of them, but these two are both under 100k especially the Subaru, which is like 34k…def not unaffordable. The AMG also could be someone’s reach, and doable if they have a decent salary and credit line, making financing a possibility

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