The Manosphere Is Becoming An Obvious Success

While undoubtedly, the latest success has been Roosh’s post 9 Ugliest Feminists In America, it appears that the manosphere is starting to take off in the mainstream as well. I was recently browsing CNN when I discovered an article titled Cougars In Training: Young Women Dating Even Younger Men. It was here that I knew immediately, that the manosphere had struck instant gold.

Currently we are roughly through the first half of the first quarter of the year (companies use quarters not eighths), and Roosh had boldly predicted the following back in December:

This is becoming less of a statement and more of a fact and CNN is the evidence behind both the success of the manosphere, as well as the proving grounds of American media addressing it. Below are some memorable quotes that help sum up the article and what it means from the manosphere’s perspective.

The problem is largely cultural at this time. … (There will be) jokes about robbing a cradle. The expectations are somehow that (a woman is) not capable of being with a grown man and has thus chosen to date someone who our society thinks of as a boy.

This is a typical societal expectation that has long made it harder pick up older women. Thanks to advancement in game however, women have found a niche to look beyond age gaps; this is something men have disregarded for much longer.

younger guys try harder to please you.

Men don’t particularly try harder to please women, they are just becoming more aware of what women want and what to do and say to garner their attention. It’s not that guys are willing flocking to become betas. The manosphere has just provided more men with the knowledge and confidence to trip the triggers of women.

With some millennial guys … we’re not seeing more guys who are feminine, but flexible.

I enjoy this quote because it discredits feminism. It’s saying, in a politically correct manner, that men haven’t surrendered to women. Men have just found a way to subliminally manipulate women. Basically, they now possess the knowledge in a widespread basis to counteract what women have attempted to do for decades.

And while CNN has not directly mentioned the manosphere, it is only a matter of time until it happens. Like I said, we are roughly halfway through the first quarter. As soon as the media’s agenda to cover everything anti-gun is ended, I believe the manosphere will be covered through some sort of presentation. It may begin with a continuation of the current article regarding women dating younger, or it may come from a feminist protest. Either way 2013 seems to be a good year for the manosphere.

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46 thoughts on “The Manosphere Is Becoming An Obvious Success”

  1. Good grief.
    Trying to spin that CNN article (which quotes Hugo Schwyzer of all people) as a sign that the manosphere is cracking the mainstream is roughly the equivalent of claiming Heartiste and Jack Donovan are proof that men are finally embracing radical feminism.
    But I guess, if nothing else, this does prove that rationalization hamsters are not exclusive to women.

  2. @ Eric. Correct
    If the manosphere was becoming an “obvious” success, it would not be necessary to point it out. The word “appears” in the first sentence sort of undermines the writer’s argument.

  3. Yeah… not quite sure how this article made it through quality control, but it needs to be retouched a little.

  4. younger guys try harder to please you.
    When women are attracted to the guy they interact with, the guy doesn’t have to do much.
    If women are not attracted to the guy they interact with … he could have the cure for cancer, and he’ll still be worth less than dogcrap to them.

  5. I know that the various facets of the manosphere (PUA/MRA/MGTOW/Traditionalists/Expats/etc.) have some disagreements but I think we are all adding pieces to the puzzle.
    We provide solid answers, and solutions, to questions and problems that are vexing nearly every area of society. And we have no qualms about ridiculing and fighting our enemies blow by blow.
    The only reason why we haven’t hit it big, yet, is due to the status quo’s code of silence when it comes to hearing the opinions of men.

  6. Female journalists have run out of memes to parrot, and the field is getting more crowded every day as our centers of higher learning pump out vast numbers of new career-gals. Most of the essays published on such venues as Slate, HuffPo, NYT, and The Atlantic are increasingly computer-generated by sophisticated semantic inference engines highly optimized to generate the most page-clicks and commentary. Savvy lady journalists are starting to mine the vibrant, robust “man-o-sphere” for provocative ideas and content.

  7. The essay in question is a standard theme along the lines of : “Older women have had it and are increasingly choosing younger men. You players had better grow up and hook one of these prizes before it’s too late!”
    You can file it with other lies such as “A man peaks sexually at X years, and it’s downhill from there.”

  8. Yeah, this makes no sense. Picking up older women is not a hot topic in the manosphere. The article is 100% gynocentric

    1. In fact it has nothing to do with the manosphere because it makes no reference. As was stated, it’s just a gynocentric article about old crows dating younger guys. We will see the manosphere become a success when the writers at CNN use the word ‘manosphere’ and it will most likely be along the lines of The Manosphere Is A Threat To America or something similar.

  9. God if the manosphere does get ‘discovered’ by MSM in 2013, i wish to shit i had shares invested in it

  10. An aside but a great book worth reading is Reinventing collapse: The soviet experience and american prospects.
    Outlines parallels with current day America and fall of soviet union and oligarchy hustles.

  11. IMO, the manosphere is the new counter-culture. Western society has experienced the beats, hippies, punks, and most recently hipsters. Hipsterdom is the deadend of the leftist counter-cultural trend due to leftist ideology now dominating the mainstream. Once you own the narrative you are no longer considered counter, you are no longer considered cool. Two things can happen: the mainstream “discovers” the manosphere and uses it as a scapegoat (all what happen to the previous counter-cultural movements) OR they continue to ignore it, due to the truths being too painfully obvious, and then slowly become eclipsed by it.

    1. This a pretty astute observation on your part. Despite what the comment above says about MGTOW.
      Just think about it, the “counterculture” is the sort of the thing that is “hip”, the thing that pokes a stick in the eye of what constitutes authority.
      Ask yourself, “Is the cool boy, the bad boy, the rebel, is he Manosphere hip and if he isn’t that what does that say about him?”
      It basically says he is fucking pussy. And when some idea can grab the masculine and push any competitive idea into being considered a pussy, then over time, and not a lot of time, it will dominate.
      There is has not been any movement this pervasive, this much of a departure from the norm, for men and boys, since 1971-2. In 1970, the boys all had short hair, the “cool boy” played sports, and really lived some sort of “Happy Days” version of being a teenager or college boy.
      Then, like a switch was thrown, that next year, football was totally blown off by the “cool boys”. My senior year, the high school was lucky to field a team. Almost no one who had played as freshmen and sophomores played. No one attended games or at least not a whole game. We all grew hair, started smoking cigarettes and pot, started drinking cheap wine like Boones Farm, all started listening to Rock and not top 40, all started night life pursuits that was totally different then what had come before. Within 6 months, everyone in my circle, which was pretty large, had done Acid, LSD, and it was considered a rite of passage to gaining a new consciousness. And the boys on the fringe started coming over, and the group grew and grew.
      The “good” boys became the minority. And by 1973, the transition was almost complete. And any boy that followed any other way was a pussy.
      And there were two sides in society. It was a stark line. I lived in Austin, Texas at the time and Austin was a “cool” city, somewhat. But the police would pull you over for having long hair and I don’t mean “long long”. I mean just over your ears. There were redneck cowboys that would fight you over it. Even in 1974, I went in the Marines and when I had gotten out of boot camp and was on boot leave, we stopped at some restaurant out in the country, some roadhouse, to eat, and my first thought was “Should we go in there?” You had to really watch it back then, where you went, and who was there. And I thought “Fuck, you got a shaved head and are in the Marines. No problem.” Remember the end scene from Easy Rider, those Rednecks shot Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda merely because of how they looked. That shit was common, not so much getting shot, but having confrontation.
      But as the months went on, our way, took over. And no boy, no man wants to thought of as a pussy. That societal line disappeared. By 1978, it was gone.
      But it was a transition that really started in the 50s with the Beats, and took a slow trend that was catalyzed by Vietnam and the draft.
      For my group, it kind of accelerated when Billy Moran came back from Khe Sanh and he had 3 very popular younger brothers. Moran was already on the other side, and the younger brothers immediately crossed over. Two other older guys got draft notices and Billy said “Go to Canada. Those pigs will kill you.” And then we were all radical. One of those guys that went north was my best friend’s older brother. His father was a milkman and he helped the boy get to Canada. It wasn’t cowardice. Joe Krauss was not a coward. It was stupidity to go. Moran had been there in Khe Sanh and he had seen how those idiots would get you killed for nothing. And most of us were military kids. My father who was a E-9 career military, like a Sergeant Major, said his best friend, another E-9, called him and said “They killed my boy”, a junior officer in the Marines, and my dad was pretty sure the guy wasn’t meaning the Viet Cong, he meant the Marines.
      So that was the start. And then it took a whole different meaning and concept. And it swept through the boys like a wildfire.
      And the Manosphere is the first major “line in the sand” that I have seen drawn since those days, the first real “us vs them” where you can fucked by believing what we believe, where the forces of society are all against you, where what you believe and how you think life should be lived are “fighting words” to other people.
      And just like then, the line was drawn first, by young boys, young men, 16-25 following the lead of some slightly older men. The women weren’t part of that, yet, in 1972. They jumped on the bandwagon later and Feminism got life from the whole counterculture. But we drew the first line. The women came over when all the alpha boys were on the other side.
      So we’ll win. The manosphere will prevail and it is the new CounterCulture. Any man that believes anything else is a pussy.

      1. “where you can fucked by believing what we believe” I agree Mark. In the beginning phases of the other previous counterculture (beats, hippies, punks, ect.), if you expressed your ideas in polite society that would of been social suicide. This is where the Manosphere is at. Take a moment boys and take this in: We are at the start of a social revolution. The hippies got it right when they said “the personal is political” – by us cultivating a lifestyle where we are improving our personal stature as MEN (aka using game, refusing to get married, shaming feminists, living paleo, lifting weights, hustling) we are living are politics. But the beauty of our movement is that it is not worn on our sleeves, unless we make our views public (like roosh, our martyr) we can live amongst polite society – overthrowing it silently.

  12. Comments on the CNN page are the usual, jealous guys denigrating the pursuit of hot women saying it’s shallow and they make bad girlfriends, they think that the only way to acquire sex is through friendship and a resulting LTR.

    1. So sex through friendship with a girl you’re NOT physically attracted to, is great?
      Do the women return the favour, or are men the only ones required to compromise on the physical standards of the women they honestly want to bone?

  13. not one allusion to the manosphere was made that day by the CNN. and yet apparently this is ‘gold’.

  14. ‘…we are roughly through the first half of the first quarter of the year (companies use quarters not eighths)’
    Watch out, Mr Businessman knows his time periods!

  15. I can’t see what an 31 year-old woman dating a 23 year-old man has to do with game and manosphere…

  16. That article is akin to the ms. Clairol commercial or hair dye commercial with the husband complaining that he is looking older and yet his wife still looks the same because of ms. Clairol. Most of the guys I know who are married, they’re wives are starting to look pretty rough. Even my own ex is looking rough now. She would read this and try to fuck younger fellas and only end up getting pumped and dumped.

  17. I’m consistently surprised at how few of the people involved know what the Manosphere actually IS, let alone what the successes are. I like the optimism in this article, I want to say right off the bat, but this isn’t the evidence you seek.
    The Manosphere (to my mind, a collective reference to Game, MRM, and New Right/Tradcon blogs, have precious little in common on the surface. When you look into the commonalities though, you will see there is a specific glue that binds each of these disparate groups together.
    The rejection, utterly, of Identity Politics. To the point where even social niceties are being harshly evaluated. The corrolary pursuit, one which is only tangentially addressed, is the ‘definition’ of manhood in the modern age (ie, what do men want – a question hardly ever asked).
    The reason the manosphere is so interesting is precisely because we go against the grain, and demand value for our efforts, and give the Church Ladies of the World the finger while we do it.
    So when you’re looking for references of the success of the Manosphere, don’t look for specific links, quotes, or named references. Look for Game concepts, or Politically Incorrect notions, or even anti-Feminist sentiment. Look for concern for unpopular (read: male) issues growing.
    The best we will get for a while are vague references to ‘nascent mens movements’ and the like. But that shit don’t matter anyway (unless you’re looking to cash in on this stuff I suppose)…what really matters is the friggin’ noose around our collective necks needs to loosen, or go away.
    And that’s the only kind of recognition I really care about.

  18. But I was on a site MyDailyMoment, a woman’s site, and I read a story about “5 ways to know he is the one”. This site often has stories like “5 reasons to know he is not the one” or “5 reasons to dump him”. Most are just Hamster food for rationalization.
    Half the comments were from men using manosphere language to bash the story and the writer.

  19. Biologically, it makes NO SENSE to date an older woman! That’s why it appears as strange. A woman passed 30 is more likely to give birth to a retarded child, is more likely to develop breast cancer in later years if she gets pregnant. Plain and simple, it’s NOT healthy to conceive passed the age of 30 for women. That’s why older women younger guys is STILL seen as odd. Nothing to do with society, it’s about reproductive value which is BIOLOGICAL not societal.

  20. The cited CNN article may not be the shit it is claimed to be, but Mark Minter is right that this stuff is bubbling up into mass consciousness little by little. A couple of times recently, Jon Stewart has made specific knowledgable references to alpha males, and Bill Maher has been manosphere-friendly for years. Stay tuned.

  21. If the mini-cougar trend signifies anything, it’s that feminism is getting further entrenched. Some women are now financially not dependent on men and can date for fun.
    What the manosphere tries to point out is that this is a form of carousel riding. Can’t get the hot 30-year-old Alpha anymore? Then how about the 23-year-old Beta? The long-term implications for this, needless to say, are disastrous for women. When the 23-year-old Beta hits 33, do you think he’ll still care about the 40-year-old woman? NO!!! How do I know? I was once that 23-year-old Beta. I’ve written about it in the forum in my comments about why society pushes women to date younger guys and why this screws younger guys up (because they end up being led by a woman with more resources). Look it up. And one word of advice: DON’T.

  22. This article is maybe a little presumptuous in regards to “obvious success.” The true measure of the manosphere gaining wider traction and credibility will come when it starts to be seriously attacked by the likes of the flailing pinko-driven mastheads (feminism enablers) around the world and groups like the National Organisation of Women (NOW), among others.
    As far as “Cougars In Training” goes, the Sisterhood may eventually wake up there is only one winner in that debate – the younger man using the hottest older women without the usual life-ruining entrapment scenarios.

  23. There are some among the blue-pill crowd who will view the re-masculinization of men as some sortt of “proof” that men were the problem all along, and that this just means they finally got the memo and are now manning up in order to please women.
    But like all women who mistake the sexual marketplace with the commitment marketplace, they confuse the short and long term dynamic.
    Men are willing to jump through hoops to give you their dick.
    But they are not jumping through hoops to give you a ring and access to their personal wealth.
    For women, sex is often (at least partially) a series of payments toward commitment, whereas for men it is a payoff.
    If tomorrow, suddenly, acting like the biggest beta mangina in the world got you access to lotsa college poon, PUA sites would suddenly be filled with posts advising you to watch old John Cusack movies for pickup tips. Boombox and blazer manufacturers would be flooded with orders.
    But beta in form would not automatically correlate to beta in intent.
    It doesn’t matter if it is an aloof alpha or a mewling lickspittle that is not calling you back. She gave the bang, he hit it and quit it.

  24. Actually men’s rights are really starting to be in the media: On a recent family guy episode, a character pukes on a feminism book, and later on they declare family laws to be draconian against men.
    This stuff was not in the media before. There’s hope!!

  25. Go read the comments:
    The article is typical feminist crap.
    The comments are a platoon of brothers I have never met, who are becoming bolder by the day. The feminist shaming language is starting to lose its efficacy on a significant contingent of men. With each man who gets bolder, others will follow.
    It’s just a matter of time. The comments section is something you would never have seen 10 years ago.
    There is now a manosphere commenter on almost every news column I read.
    Bold men embolden other men. Rescue the white knights that can be rescued, and humiliate and shun the rest. Know a mangina? Do whatever you must to destroy what is left of his soul and his pride.
    If he won’t join us, then finish off the job the feminists started: ruin what is left of his self respect. In doing so, you bring him closer to the point where he can take the red pill.
    What if women threw a gender war and the men didn’t show up? Well, that was the last few decades.
    What if the men finally woke up, and showed up for battle tired, irritable, and ready to bring the conflict to a swift conclusion. That would be now.

  26. I am curious as to this definition of manhood. If this type of manhood is all about getting laid, then doesn’t it require feminism to exist? Don’t you need liberated women who are willing to be “laid ” ?
    I am not a feminist and therefore was unwilling to “give it up” for just anyone. In fact I waited for a real man on my wedding night.
    So I propose that in this manosphere that you men aspire to real manhood. Marry a good woman who can trust, surrender, and nuture while you provide and protect.
    Anything less is just as shallow as feminism.

    1. but isn’t what you propose, which is “man provide and protect” more and, in fact much more in favor of women?!
      why it should be like that?
      you have a definition of “real man”, manosphere has one, people who focus on getting laid has one definition … and so on.
      how can we compare which one is more “real”?
      seriously we just use the term to support our own way of life and towards our own benefit, because this term has been pushed on us, the value and social status of a “real man”, ” be the man,” , …
      I wonder how the society would be if it was very important to be a “good human”

  27. I respectfully disagree that the manosphere will go mainstream this year. The collection of blogs and ideas called the manosphere won’t be explicitly referred to by CNN. I don’t see it happening.
    It might get a passing mention, and in fact it already has by the author of the book ‘War on Boys.’ The ideas are to valid to dismiss, though.
    A coincidence that I came across this article today:

  28. It’s June now… and I don’t see the “manosphere” really going mainstream any time soon. Better luck next year, fellas.

  29. It really wouldn’t matter if CNN had reported on the manosphere at all. We know that the reality is that MSM does a great job at ratings (drama, entertainment, etc…) which equals money but does a terrible job at actually reporting the news (or anything new). I stopped watching the news years ago because these large outlets where the last ones to find out about new trends regarding anything.
    They’ll be as useless as newspapers and print magazines soon enough.

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