Why Sex Ratios Are So Important

There seems to be a belief that has developed in the PUA community where game is so powerful it can even overcome common sense. I often wonder just how much theory is put forward by guys who are actually getting laid with any regularity and how much of what they say is based on real life experience or any noticeable results they have had at all. I cant help but think that for every half decent PUA out there, there are tons of keyboard warriors who simply miss the point completely. I often imagine tons of basement dwelling geeks who seem to think that they can unlock some sort of secret combination of words or actions that will lead them to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. A nice neat formula that they can follow in a systemic manner which helps them overcome the lack of social skills they have.

It does not matter how good your skills are or how good you think your game may be, there are always going to be mitigating circumstances that increase or decrease your chances of getting laid. There are a few basics that either make your life easy or make your life hard. A basic understanding of this will allow you to calibrate your approach accordingly for the sort of results you are looking to achieve.

Game Is Paper Mache

Game is the illusion of real social status, its not actual social status. Its a basic understanding of female psychology that allows you to present yourself as someone that gives her the tingles and makes you a fuckable prospect. All you are doing is projecting an aura of high status and pulling on her emotional strings. Its not the be all and end all though, its merely one aspect of a man as a total package. The more a man has to offer as a total package, the hotter the women he is going to fuck on average.

This is something men need to learn to accept. Shit like money counts. So do looks. So does a good body. So does genuine social status. Nothing is ever a complete deal breaker or a prerequisite which is why men are lucky, but the more you have going for you the better your chances are of getting laid and the less effort that will be required on your part.

Your perceived status is relevant to the men around you however, because there needs to be a comparison that is made for any hierarchy to ever exist in the first place. It’s the same with women, whose status is determined predominantly by their looks relevant to the women around them. This is a very basic fundamental and there is no getting away from it.

Simply put, competition determines success for both men and women and it’s why ratios count as much as game, looks, physique or money. When ratios favor women, the end result will be highly picky women with bitch shields a mile high, even though looks-wise they would be considered very average. When the shoe is on the other foot however, women are forced to deal with slimmer pickings and their attitudes will adjust as a result. There is a basic psychology at play here, and the simple fact is that game is nothing more than a play on that psychology at the end of the day. The crappier the ratios, the harder it becomes to adjust for it. Anyone who says that ratios make no difference and good game is good game, simply has no understanding of game or female psychology in the slightest.

Location Matters More Than You Think

What this means is that one of the most productive ways to ensure you are maximizing your chances of getting laid with hot women regularly instead of fat, drunk whores is to ensure that you are choosing the right sort of environments in which to concentrate your efforts. I don’t care how good you think your game is, how beta you think everyone else is, there is no getting around the impact ratios will always have on your success rates. A model in a dive bar is high value, that same model at a Victoria’s Secret event is average. This is why you don’t spend your time looking for sausage fests—you look for happy hunting grounds where the ratios are in your favor. Yes, sometimes you can score when competition is high, but your chances are slimmer and the quality you end up with is not always going to be high when you are dealing with average women who have had their own status elevated by all the ugly women surrounding them.

Now with this is mind, I want to get to the point I am trying to make. For some reason, there is a substantial chunk of mentally handicapped “Pick Up Artists” who constantly berate men who prefer to hunt abroad. According to these keyboard warriors, men are going aboard because they cant get laid at home.

“If they had game, they would not need to go anywhere”.

Clearly, few of these experts have ever traveled.

Contrary to popular belief, the only guys fucking swathes of hot, fresh ass the minute they get off the plane are the guys banging out pros and semi pros. Or they are not used to much attention from good looking women back home, and to them one new notch a month is a pretty big deal. Foreign women actually tend to be far more conservative than the Western whores we have the pleasure of dealing with, which means that while they are still women and many do still put out early from time to time, they generally require far more effort in many cases. Throw into the mix cultural differences, language problems, the social pressure on them and the occasional stigma of being a possible sex tourist in some places, and you only complicate things further.

Its not that foreign women require zero game to fuck, it’s just that there are so many hot women the ratios begin to skew in your favor and this gives you more opportunities with hotter women. You think you are on a run, when in reality you are just in a place where the women are hotter on average. This is the miracle of going to countries where obesity has yet to reach epidemic proportions, which is the primary reason why the women are in a different league.

To drive that point home further, and contrary to popular belief yet again, your social status is not elevated simply because you are a foreigner either. In many cases, it can actually be a huge disadvantage for you. If you think the whole world will want to bang you because of the passport you carry, you are a fool. Sure, it can be an advantage in some places, but it’s not always the case. In fact, the easiest women to bang are often the Western tourists, who are looking to get drunk and laid while on holiday.

The Bottom Line

If you are not hitting new ass regularly at home, getting on a plane is not going to going to solve your problems either. Women are women, attraction is attraction, their options determine attitude as much as their culture will. The only thing that will improve is the quantity of quality women, and not just looks-wise either. They are more feminine and they are more natural. Many do not suffer from the same levels of psychosis and entitlement that Western women do. They are, simply put, far better to spend time with on average and far more pleasant to fuck.

In the end you must ask yourself this question: Why would any sane man want to spend his weekends at an over-fished pond that has been ravaged by pollution, chasing the legend of the big cat fish in the deep, when he can just jump on a plane and spend a few weeks chasing big game instead?

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29 thoughts on “Why Sex Ratios Are So Important”

  1. I have to disagree with you on the “game is just an illusion of social status” line. Game is its own status. If it were true that game is only an illusion, then game would be useless in LTRs since they would eventually discover your”trick”. The rest of the article is spot on though, ratios give you an edge and people dont pay enough attention to them.

    1. I agree with the author. “Alpha” in the purest sense is a rank. PUA’s think it’s an attitude but in actuality PUA’s learn to mimic character traits that are characteristic of someone with high social status. Females have naturally gravitated toward high status men (evidenced by their traits) and find manifestations of status attractive. “Game” is not status, ‘Game’ is status mimicry – or as the expression goes “all hat, no cattle.”
      Game in a LTR is really just being a man and handling your business. This used to be normal for men prior to the brainwashing of the PC Feminist movement upon young men. So now young men are learning it all over again.

      1. If alphaness was merely the character traits of high status people, then it would follow that high status people are all alpha. But that is not the case. Mark zuckerberg is rich and famous but his girlfriend is a hard 5 with thunderthighs. Brad Pitt is rich and famous as well, but he is still tangled up with jolie and raising kids that arent his. And thats just off the top of my head.
        Alphas tend to have high status, but their alphaness was not bestowed upon them by virtue of their social status. watch this youtube video:

        There are a lot of adjectives you could use to describe this kid, and not all of them would be good, but I fail to see how anyone could call him ‘beta’.
        I think this whole hangup on social status has a lot to do with taking the alpha/beta dichtomy too far. Its meant to be taken as a useful model for what girls find attractive. Its not supposed to be taken in the purest sense.

        1. Funny as, I know a girl who lives near him, she tells me he has a kid with some huge raging slut.

        2. “Brad Pitt is rich and famous as well, but he is still tangled up with jolie and raising kids that arent his.”
          Those kids are not her’s by other men, they both choose to adopt those kids, its not the same as cuckoldry (the kook’s cock is old so let me get younger, hotter, more exotic cock and have the “old cuck” raise the seed, hence “cuckoldry”).
          Plus Jolie is hotter than he is and I’m sure they enjoy an “open relationship” as most Hollywood couples do, so its not like either one of them is beholden to just one for the rest of their lives.
          As far as “But that is not the case. Mark zuckerberg is rich and famous but his girlfriend is a hard 5 with thunderthighs.”
          Have you seen Owen Cook’s (Tyler Durden’s) baby mama?!
          What about the man who made the most money off of PUA – David DeAngelo aka Eben Pagen? Have you seen his wife?!
          Those are just two of the best known names in the PUA business but all of the PUA’s girlfriends/wives/baby mamas that I have seen are average at the very best, and some of them being downright odd looking.

  2. I’ve never been out of the states, so I can’t say about that. But within the US, you’re right on, man, about where you go to pick up chicks being a big deal. I’m married now, but back in the day, you wouldn’t find me looking for chicks in a sausage fest sports bar, the ratio is all messed up there.

  3. Great Article. Location is a key point people often overlook and also often under analyze. I have very little success in my home state, doesn’t really matter what city I go to, outside of that state however is a complete 180.

  4. QUOTE: “Throw into the mix cultural differences, language problems, the social pressure on them and the occasional stigma of being a possible sex tourist in some places, and you only complicate things further.”
    Some places in Eastern Europe a foreign man walking down the main street is perceived as a sex tourist or some guy desperately seeking a wife. How to determine this is easy; If the city and or country has nothing to offer for tourism i.e. if its an industrial shit hole or wasteland that nothing that would attract a visitor, then the natives will assume (and most likely) that the person is either pussy mongering or seeking some form of female companionship.

  5. “To drive that point home further, and contrary to popular belief yet again, your social status is not elevated simply because you are a foreigner either. In many cases, it can actually be a huge disadvantage for you.”
    So true. Whether abroad or just in a different city (yes, I am using Social Kenny’s definition of foreign), it’s often way harder to game. Girls are often wary of the “out of town,” as they realize that he’s no going to be there long; and dudes will get jealous and cock-block like madmen, least some outsider steal their women.
    As much as it gets hated on, social status is important, and this is coming from a guy who loves cold approach pick-up.

  6. I think a lot of the “ratios don’t matter” talk revolves around betas/omegas.
    Basically saying that if you are beta, you could be on a desert island with 100 models and you’d still be jacking off in your cabin.
    This is how Roissy describes it anyway.
    Good article here. However this article started talking about ratios being important and eventually led to a discussion on foreign women (your specialty).

    1. Haters believe that you are a loser if you leverage your strengths (money, looks, status, ability to live abroad) while minimizing your weaknesses. You must suffer in the city that you were born or else you’re running away from life.

  7. Game barely exists. More important are logistics, style, ratios aka female choosiness. Game is more like “don’t fuck up” which is what I run.

    1. Oh boy, more of this nonsense.
      Game puts words into your mouth. Words that make the girl start to think of you as more of a stud, more romantic, more high-quality.
      Muted references to past girlfriends, fun thumb wrestling, and cold reading that shows that you “get her”, are pre-selected, are desirable, and are confident that you will be be one of the best times in bed she’s ever had.
      As the cherry on top, if fills the void of conversation, so you don’t say something stupid to ‘fuck up’ and lose her.

  8. This rings true on many levels. First, just taking a plane ride for me has vastly increased the frequency by which I find myself with more attractive girls. You are limited to your environment more than you think.
    Additionally this portion really struck me:
    “The more a man has to offer as a total package, the hotter the women he is going to fuck on average.
    This is something men need to learn to accept. Shit like money
    counts. So do looks. So does a good body. So does genuine social status.
    Nothing is ever a complete deal breaker or a prerequisite which is why
    men are lucky, but the more you have going for you the better your
    chances are of getting laid and the less effort that will be required on
    your part.”
    I see this time and time again. You can have the best game in the world, but if another guy has more to offer the woman you want, she will gravitate towards him.

  9. great article harry.
    i dont think guys can fully appreaciate how much things improve when they move away from the anglosphere. fat and unfemine women are the exception not the rule. it will be a cold day in hell before i move back to the US permanently. shit, even when i make short trips to visit friends and family the glaring problems with the females i encounter leave me thinking how did i last as long as i did in the US.
    i think most people who hate on other who go abroad and expell the virtues of the women there are nationalists unable to give a critical look at how their own country might not be as ideal for women as somewhere else.

  10. The best female to male ratio you will ever find is in a hot yoga class. There are usually 2 guys per class of 20+ women. Plus, you get to check out the prospects while they are almost naked. If any reader doubts this, go to a drop in class and experience the best hunting you will experience anywhere in the World.

    1. Indeed. Better make your peace with left wing politics before going to yoga, though, because the yoginis are mostly hippies or at least wanna-pretend-to-be hippies. Can you say “Om”? I think you can …

  11. It’s obvious game isn’t everything. If 2 guys have the same ‘game’ in terms of how good they are but one has more money than the other, who’s a woman gonna pick? I think we know the answer.
    Having said that, I’m personally not for commitment anyway so if that’s what the girl wanted if I was in that spot myself, too bad. I think of commitment as a monopoly by which the same woman can eventually drain the man she picks anyway. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Just try not to get robbed

  12. I go to Colombia a lot. Maybe it’s just my spot and my particular physical situation works there. I’m very tall and very blonde. And I speak Spanish like a motherfucker, know the country, the customs, the jokes, the neighborhoods, etc.
    And I can say, for me, personally something fucking happens between getting on that plane in Miami and coming out of that same plane at BOG, MDE, or CTG. You can all say there are drawbacks about being foreign but I can say, at least in my situation, I get more than I lose.
    Literally as I walk down that Jetway into immigration I turn into a RockStar in attitude. Bitches, I am motherfucking here. And it starts with that girl running the XRay machine to check my bags and stays with me until the girl XRays them again when I leave. It’s not just me, it’s them and how they treat me.
    No, Colombian women don’t fall all over me, but I get the benefit of the doubt, I get a chance, I get a level of attention and consideration that I can’t get here. And my ass is old. I couldn’t even be in places here that I can be in Colombia. I can get away with crap I could never get away with here. I can stop them on the street and say “Amor, ayudame. Soy muy muy perdido” Help me, I’m very lost. And because I am foreign, they stop. I’m no threat. Or on the metro you can ask about stops.
    And I am gonna say one thing that some of you might think is my imagination but I don’t think so. I have literally seen Colombians relax, like if I come onto a train platform, or up to bus stop. And it’s like they think “It’s OK. The gringo is here. Nothing bad will happen.” I am the motherfucking international sheriff. My ass is American and I am the international Good Guy. My hat is always white. Maybe it’s just me. People trust me mostly because I am an American. I locked my keys in the car at a restaurant and 15 hours later I was at the owner of the restaurants house and he was insisting that I not spend money on a hotel. I was with a girl and I literally had to say I want to fuck her and I don’t want to worry about her noise.
    Or in the grocery store you can ask about food. Or advice for nightlife. Or stores. Or anything you can thing of that fits the situation. Or even something as stupid as “I just want to practice Spanish” when the girl is sitting at a table, even with other girls. And I can spend a few minutes pointing at body parts saying “Que es?” like my nose, my lips, then her arm (kino), her shoulder (more kino), and reply each time with a little better spanish and then she says “I think you know how to speak Spanish and you just wanted to talk to me” and you can then act all “Me? You think I would do that just to talk to a pretty girl like yourself?” And there you go.
    When I just walk in to somewhere, just the act of showing up in the door, everyone from the guy at the door and everyone I pass thinks “Gringo!”. And they check me out, for better or for worse. They look to see what jeans I got on, what shoes, they fucking stare at me like I’m a martian. And I can almost break every rule of approach and even tap women on the shoulder. And they turn around with their eyes at what they think is a typical eye level and they’re looking into my chest and then start to look up, and there’s a big ass blonde gringo standing there, that shit works.
    Yes, there are obstacles, and shit test questions, but you are still that mystery man, and even though this author minimizes it, you still are the holder of a blue passport and all the wonders and possibilities that entails and you still have some cultural and economic pre-selection on your side. Yeah, they flake, they stand you up, they use you to pay for the night. But better to go to Colombia for 10 days, (a week and two weekends), go out 10 nights, and get laid three times. That’s pretty fucking good results to me for a 50 something year old man. And most of the time, in 9 different trips from 10 days to four months in length, usually someone I was dealing with online paid off right when I got there and I had steady stuff for the whole trips and forays alone were the exception rather than the rule.
    I had one circumstance where literally everything had collapsed. I went to see girls that were entirely too young, like 18. And on a Wednesday night after arriving on Friday, everything had dried up and mostly fallen apart. I went to a disco, alone, in the main ass tourist area, Parque LLeras, and only went in this disco because the girls in the line outside were cute. I got picked up, literally picked up, by a dentist who had kids and was out with some French club, exactly because I was a gringo on vacation with a hotel room and a plane ticket out of town. She was DTF recreationally and wanted no strings attached because of those kids. She literally escalated, literally put the car in park and said “I want to see what this penthouse you rented looks like”, literally asked to be shown around, literally laid on my bed and patted the space beside her like “lay down”. And also while I was in the disco, I was literally in a sea of women like you would never see in America. I had a table on an aisle and there were 5 tables around me, two in front, two in back, one on the other side, and all five had 4 girls, literally 20 to 1, Poblado Paisas, white Colombian girls. In Medellin, Colombia. Top that in your town.
    And if you can dance, then that opens massive doors. And you have a massively developed functional set of internet sites that can open a lot of doors to you and if you stack dates, even stack them up at the same time, and go with whoever shows up first. You can do quite well.
    At least I do, and I do exactly because I am an American.
    If you go and run the mainline tourist runs, without language, without friends, without using the internet, without any knowledge of anything, then I can see where a lot of these statements come from.
    But for me, being a big ass blonde haired gringo works.

    1. Sounds to me like you’ve found your niche which greatly improves the odds as well. There are so many different ways to optimize your game. It’s silly for men to hate on the methods of others because it seems too easy. Success is all about overcoming obstacles and reaching goals the best way you can.

      1. Hating is so common in the pua community because status seeking “my way is better” narcissism abounds. Don’t get caught up in the drama guys. Get educated and do what works for you. I’ve got a knack for love tourist world game and I’m not going to stop knocking off hotties because some jokers think its too easy overseas. I have to navigate enough obstacles without adding extra myself due to ego.

    2. I get the same treatment when I travel to India for my yoga retreats. Its called “hospitality” and brown colored countries have it in droves. White colored countries – barely. We whites are too much into “our own space” and “privacy” and “rugged individualism” to bother with hospitality.

  13. The author doesn’t dispute that other things are needed as well besides good ratios, but ratios definitely matter. I remember the shock of moving home to DC from Toronto-Occupied-Ontario and seeing my SMV soar simply because women could not be as choosy. This was when I knew nothing about game.
    Yeah, that’s how much Toronto sucks.

  14. I had a friend in bogota who works in the Army and visits his GF for only 2 weeks a year.He lives in Baltimore and is a 5’4 jacked asian guy. He gets no attention in the USA because he is consider a “nice guy.”
    We are sitting in the hotel lobby and his colombian GF arrives. She is super hot!!! Best of all, he had another girl show up 2 hours later and literally argue with his GF while the doorman and I watched in amazement.
    Location is SOOOO important! Just think about your favorite athlete that plays on a crap team and never performs well. Soon enough, there is a trade and then this so called bench warmer makes the All-star team.
    Your location is 90% of the game. 10% is looks and money. This applies to the average joe. If you are on superstar level (David Beckham, Lebron), then you will pull anywhere.
    Dating is like real estate. Location, Location, Location!!!!!

    1. Yeah, but…
      A guy who doesn’t have fundamental game skills will still do bad in a location with 70% hot women. He’ll stand on “Death Row” holding up the wall of the club, and will get mentally labeled and exiled by the women there as “that creepy weirdo”.
      Read through Roosh’s many travel guides, where he has to do the work and approach, except in the rarest of circumstances.

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