Thinking Of Going Paleo?

Take a walk around any American neighborhood and you’ll notice one thing: Americans are big, and we’re only getting bigger and bigger. The cause of this is that our country’s addicted to grains and sugar, the former being a poor substitute for nutrient rich fruits, meats, and vegetables, and the latter being ultimately deadly in the quantities in which Americans are consuming it. We’re a nation of addicts, yet there’s no Grainaholics Anonymous or Sugaraholics Anonymous. Why is that? It’s because there are so many grain and sugar addicts in this nation that they no longer have to be anonymous—they can be nonchalant about their addiction. There’s safety in numbers.

In the days of our fathers, schoolboys took pride in shaming their wayward comrades, with epithets such as “lard-ass,” “thunder-thighs,” and “Fatty McChunks” being hurled on a daily basis to the open approbation of their healthy schoolmates. It was constructive criticism at its finest, with onlookers becoming clearly forewarned of the social ostracization which they too would suffer if they engaged in a sedentary lifestyle lacking in discipline and self control. This world is no more. As a result of a peculiar Western mental disorder, political correctness, America has lost the will to fight. The battle of the bulge has been lost.

Like the alien invaders in Invasion of the Body Snatchers, enough Americans have succumbed to this addiction that those of us who haven’t yet been replaced by the body snatching American diet have no choice but to stay silent when in public in fear of being outed by the ululating cries of the brainless herd. It’s a losing battle, and slowly but surely, we’re all being replaced. This needs to stop, and there’s only one solution to our national addiction—the paleo lifestyle. It’s time to join the barbarian hordes!

It’s going to take time and effort for the manosphere to undo the damage done by political correctness to our nation’s psyche and physique, but nothing worth having can be had easily. The best way to lead is by example, so before we exert force in an outward direction, we’ve got to clean up our own house. For those of us who are keeping America’s retail industry afloat by purchasing a new, ever expanding wardrobe to match our growing waistline every six months, it’s time to Man Up. For those of us keeping America’s fast food joints afloat with 3 a.m. trips to 24 hour joints, it’s time to Man Up. For those of us consuming prodigious quantities of calorie-dense, nutrient poor alcohol as a substitute for inner confidence, it’s time to Man Up.

There’s two parts to being a man. The first is to behave like a man, and the second is to look like a man. Behaving like a man means being disciplined when facing decisions. Looking like a man is the inevitable, natural result of behaving like a man. Be a rock. Let the ocean of crass consumerism break itself on your braced musculature. Looking like a soft, effeminate eunuch guarding the sultan’s harem is not the path to happiness—it’s the path to spending your life in front of a double monitor computer setup with 32 open tabs of Asian porn. That’s no way for anyone to live.

So What’s Paleo?

The paleo lifestyle’s the first step in honing the discipline many of us never learned from our absent fathers. The lifestyle, known as the barbarian or caveman lifestyle, has been gaining in popularity in recent years. There’s many variations of the diet, but in essence it boils down to this, if a pre-agricultural human could eat it: then it’s allowed. Conversely, if a pre-agricultural human was unlikely to have access to it, it’s not allowed. With the paleo diet, when a person is full, their body will let them know. The paleo diet is high in proteins, leading to adherents feeling full for a long time after having a meal. This is not the case when eating meals consisting primarily of grains like pasta, which provide a fleeting sense of fullness due to their low nutrient density, resulting in multiple high calorie meals throughout the day which leave their consumers continuously hungry, yet, paradoxically, larger and larger.

Humans like diversity in their palate, and the paleo diet provides this, making it easy to follow. Unlike the typical American diet, which could best be described as “one thousand ways to prepare nutrient sparse grains and two thousand ways to eat sugar,” the paleo diet has actual variety to it, instead of the illusory variety experienced by those that think that eating a meal of lasagna with soda pop on Monday, pizza with soda pop on Tuesday, and spaghetti with soda pop on Wednesday is a diverse diet. That’s a diet whose calories derive primarily from grains and sugar, a complete lack of diversity, and additionally, a recipe for obesity due to the propensity for overeating that diet creates.

A sample paleo diet meal would consist of a pound of salmon and a side of broccoli, carrots, and cauliflower on Monday, a pound of t-bone steak and a side of mushrooms and asparagus on Tuesday, and eggs with tomatoes, onions, and avocados on Wednesday, with all three days including blueberries, oranges, apples, and bananas as snacks throughout the day. The paleo menu, although occupying only a fraction of the supermarket space that’s occupied by the components of the average American diet, is intrinsically more nutritionally diverse than the average American diet, is easy to follow, and is heavy on proteins, making it easy for adherents to stay on the right path, the path to manliness.

But It’s Too Expensive!

A common counterpoint to the paleo diet is that it’s expensive. On the surface, the argument seems solid, since eating a pound of t-bone steak or a pound of salmon every day sounds expensive, and adding fresh fruits to the mix doesn’t help either, but proponents of this argument are missing the bigger picture. The most popular alternative, the diet of the average American, results in medical costs that can run into the tens of thousands of dollars, and that doesn’t take into account the quality of life issues resulting indirectly from a poor diet, such as depression, lack of self confidence, and masturbatory marathons.

If we, as Americans, allow ourselves to continue consuming as we have been, the problem will only become larger and larger. Signs of our national decline are all around us, even our lexicon reflects the losing battle of the bulge, with ignominious portmanteaus like cankles and moobies, terms unheard of in previous generations, achieving popular usage. The solution is the paleo diet. It’s our duty as men to lead, and the best way to lead is to lead by example. Respect is earned, not given, and with the current state of American men, it’s only natural for American women to look and behave the way they do, they’re only following our lead.  It’s time to raise the bar, Man Up, and join the barbarian horde!

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65 thoughts on “Thinking Of Going Paleo?”

  1. Paleo _is_ expensive. Your argument is correct that the long term costs are larger eating crap and mistreating yourself but you have to remember you cannot just always be in the position to next level into paleo. Some kids reading this have 40$ a week or less to get their food in. For readers looking to improve their quality of diet while maintaining a reasonable cost of living:
    Eggs and Whey (Whatever excess you have spend on ordering frozen meat in bulk from grossfed cows. This takes some patience but the 60$ you spend on 10 pounds of steak is worth its weight in gold.)
    Buy whatever is on sale at the grocery store thats alive. The closer it is to having just been in the ground right before you cook it the better. Don’t buy pre sliced or pre arranged food. Make mushrooms a priority – the natural vitamin d in them is a great mood stabilizer. Focus = success.
    Try every vegetable under the sun. They are all great in their own right. Remember that taste is nothing more then an attribute of your bodies current composition. The worst something tastes, having rationally known its value the more distance it shall bring you closer to your goal. Remember when soda used to taste good? Go drink a fanta now, it will taste terrible. It’s because your bodies composition has changed and your taste reflects that.
    Fall back to wheat and carbs of that nature for post workout meals and don’t go overboard. Paleo is great, but there is a place for carbs and this is it. If you don’t exercise much, skip this step.
    Unsalted organic butter is your best friend other than the fats in your meats
    Lastly omega-3 in pill form is an okay cop out to getting some of that.
    From milk and fruits. If you are even caring about this your too poor for the other stuff like royal honey.
    I am not going to write a fitness blog here but what you said is great it just wasn’t actionable.
    Your just saying – paleo is better than what your doing so do it.
    Your right, but who cares unless you give something to do with it?
    Lastly, fuck your man up comment man. The last thing some dude needs whos reading this is to be told he isn’t doing enough. Once again not actionable. This is the worst shill writing ive seen on RoK.

    1. A shill is “someone who purposely gives onlookers the impression that he is an
      enthusiastic independent customer of a seller (or marketer of ideas) for
      whom he is secretly working.” I’m definitely not profiting in any way from the article. That said, loved your comment, though, it’s well thought out. I’d add that substituting chicken and lean ground beef will get you nearly identical (or even better) results than salmon and t bone (with the fat sliced off), without breaking the bank. Your suggestion of eggs and whey is spot on. I’ve definitely had some JACKED friends on welfare (chicken, tilapia, eggs, and whey on repeat, plus a work out every day). Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

      1. I get my eggs from a farmer. Tilapia is grown in sewage lagoons so that one fish I won’t eat. Whey gives me gas so bad it peels paint.

        1. Oh ya, make friends with a bee keeper. Use honey as your sweetener as its not the same as sugar. Bee pollen is an excellent source of protien and vitamins and contains some natural steroids. Bees and the products they create are very interesting subject

  2. Paleo definitely has its benefits, but mainly for the celiac/gluten intolerant population. Personally I think it restricts food choice far too much for the average person.
    A better approach is to actually take the time to notice and learn what foods affect your digestion and energy levels positively and negatively and adjust based on that. No one-size-fits-all diets exists, but people are often too lazy to think for themselves.

  3. With a little homework and due-dilligence, Paleo really isn’t that expensive, even en lieu of today’s inflationary environment.
    If you want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.
    Pretty simple.

    1. “If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.” Spot on. What gets me is when 300 pound (obese) folk are aghast at hearing about paleo, mentioning they can’t switch to paleo because “it’s too expensive!!!” Okay, but eating enough to maintain 300 pounds of fat isn’t free, even macaroni adds up in those quantities! There’s plenty of other healthy diets/lifestyles to choose from depending on what you’re into (mediterranean, Japanese, etc), but the American diet definitely isn’t one of them.

  4. Too expensive… hmmm. No. Maybe if you are trying to do LC + Paleo, but the meat (leave the fat on, please!) is the main cost-prohibiter for most folks. That’s not really too difficult to get over if you go directly to a producer. Half a steer (minus organ meat) grass-fed and natural around here is readily available for less than $4/lb. including premium cuts, and processed as I ordered. It was a big expense up front, but the freezer is full.
    I have over 80 lbs of venison and plenty of local bass and catfish too. I supplement with home-grown veggies and fruits. I feed myself and my 3 kids by myself (without Child Support or welfare of any type) and we are Paleo. If you don’t want to do it, you are lazy, not too poor!

    1. That’s awesome! When your kids grow up to be as tall and healthy as they can be, they’ll thank you, for sure! : )

      1. Legit comment here. I cosign on this, I got freezers (plural) full of grass fed beef, pork, goat, lamb, and elk, all of which I bought on the hoof for less than $4/lb, or got for the cost of a few days off work and a hunting license. Paleo is doable on a budge.
        “If you think eating healthy is expensive–have you priced cancer lately?”~Joel Salatin.

        1. I’ve never done this, but it sounds pretty great…I really don’t mind the price at the grocery store, but if I could get healthier meats AND pay less for it, well, why not? Looking into this as I type this…

  5. I think most of the complaints about high cost of paleo probably come from younger, active guys with high metabolism OR people that are buying the designer shit they saw in a blog “organic grassfed spa-treated manicured beef heart $35.99/lb” instead of looking at the fundamentals / and buying the staples. For young guys with a high metabolism, they can go heavier on the sweet potatoes, yams, quinoa, etc. Also another mistake I see people make is buying super expensive food or getting too hardcore where certain vegetables are paleo and other veggies are not. Those are the same people I see get on the diet for 2 weeks doing all these intense complicated recipes for a few weeks, then they are back to eating pizza and pasta. You gotta find ways to make it simple/scalable if you are busy. I try to prepare my meals in advance as much as possible, and have some go to stuff that I can make straight of the freezer as a “fall back” – for me that’s salmon patties, spinach, and almonds. Not the most glamorous, but it gets the job done when I’m in a rush and need to cook a meal in less than 10 min. Basically, I think if you hold off on organic versions food, and focus on the fundamentals- potatoes, veggies, meat, paleo isn’t too expensive. Organic shit is expensive though, no doubt about it. For the guy trying to cut costs, I think you’ll be fine following everything else, forgoing the organic shit. Yeah yeah pesticides hormones antibotics – sure organic is nice — but what’s worse, a non organic paleo, or getting frustrated after 4 weeks of spending a shit ton of money on organic and then going back to dollar menu.

    1. Exactly. I’m with ya, I get the whole “buy organic” craze, nothing wrong with it if you’ve got the funds and the inclination, but I’m not about to live like a bubble boy, and with the food supply chain being what it is, who knows what really is or isn’t “organic.” Common sense is a rare virtue.

  6. Meat is great. But it isn’t essential for building muscle. If you need a ton of protein and you’re poor (being on welfare doesn’t count, those faggots have bigger food budgets than I do), Kale has all 9 essential amino acids. That’s protein, and it absorbs faster and more efficiently than animal protein. Spinach and other greens have similar characteristics. Meat is more of a fat source than a protein source. You can also get plenty of fat from cheaper plant sources, too. Plus since plants are lower on the food chain, they don’t have the build-up of toxins you find in industrially raised animals.

    1. bro you gotta be kidding me … your telling me you can get jacked eating fucking kale? dude youd have to eat an acre of that shit just to meet macros for the day

      1. Yeah, that’s the thing with the whole vegetarian/vegan outlook, I get the ethical drive behind it, but practically speaking, getting proteins from vegetable’s not an easy thing. However, if you’ve got the drive for it, it can be done, there’s a good number of world class vegetarian or vegan athletes. Me, I’ve got canines, and I like to rend meat on a regular basis.

  7. I follow a low carb diet (Why We Get Fat) and it works well for me. But I have a question for those of you that follow Paleo: Why is it acceptable to eat the highly cross-bred (maybe even genetically modified), super-high sugar fruit currently produced by the agricultural community, when cave men would have only eaten the much less sweet fruit produced by nature? Does it really matter if the sugar comes from sugar cane or fruit? This is an honest question, not an attack on Paleo, which seems to work for many people.

    1. Some people take it too far, making it an ideology. I don’t like ideologies, I’m a pragmatist, I’ve never been comfortable with people who have the answer before they’ve heard the question. Taking the whole paleo argument, extrapolating it, and applying it literally would lead you to some impractical conclusions, such as the fruit example you cited above. I eat fruit sold at the grocery store, and I’m okay with that. If that bothers some paleo die-hard, that’s okay by me, I feel great and look great, that’s the standard I measure my adherence to the paleo lifestyle by. If at any point that changes, I’ll change my diet to adjust accordingly. To me it’s all about eating healthy and staying fit, and having paleo as a guideline is a great way to live my life, but you won’t be seeing me hunting boars with a spear anytime soon!

  8. I’ve been eating Paleo for a while and it’s almost impossible NOT to get ripped by eating this way. I definitely got super cut!
    It took me a while to get transitioned but it’s easy now and I just eat a lot more healthy fats instead of the carb-insulin bombing I was doing to keep my calories up.
    A great book on this is called The Primal Blueprint. The guy has a blog at marksdailyapple
    I’m interested to see what my cholesterol levels will be this year after taking in so much saturated fats in the form of coconut oil & animal fats. It’s actually suppose to go down. We’ll see.
    Great article.

    1. Thanks, man! I’m in the same boat, it’s interesting how after your body gets used to paleo, stuff you thought was great or at least palatable before, like potato chips and the mystery “meat” used in fast food, just won’t cut it anymore. It’s like your body learns to tell the difference between real food and junk, and it doesn’t want the junk anymore. Going paleo’s like having an amazing girlfriend, once you’ve had one, you’ll never again settle for less, your standards go up and stay up.

    2. high colesterol is a function of stress. your body will produce it if you don’t eat it.

  9. Paleo as I eat it is very simple. Eggs, meat, cheese, and water to drink. Meat can be whatever I want, but it’s usually ground beef, steak, salmon, tuna, or chicken. Sometimes I get liver or sweetbreads for the extra nutrition. Then I juice some veggies every day. I feel great.
    Because I’m not a diet nazi, I have no problems whatsoever going out and drinking, or having a bite of somebody’s carb-laden appetizer, or whatever. What matters is the long term.

  10. I co-sign off on 90% of this piece…my only MINOR objection is the way fat is addressed here.
    Grains and Sugars are only 2/3 of the equation regarding the S.A.D. Omega 6-rich, highly processed vegetable, grain, seed and legume oils are the missing culprit in explaining today’s obesity epidemic. Yes High Fructose Corn Syrup is pure poison, and yes it’s now in everything….but the point is grain flours and sugar have been a staple of the Western Diet for centuries – but we did not get to the current obesity and degenerate health epidemic until the establishment decided to make everyone switch from natural sources of saturated fats to the processed oils of Big Ag.
    Candy bars, snack foods and movie popcorn all used to be made with coconut and palm oil. Now, they’re all made with partially hydrogenated soybean oil and canola oil. Those polyunsaturated fats extracted using high heat and boiling the plant material in hexane solvents are the oils that are in almost all processed foods now.
    Most carbs in the fast food, convenience food and snack food industry are made with these fats. Hot dog and hamburger buns. Taco shells and tortillas. French fries. Chips. Crackers. Cakes. Cookies. Candy. All of these common food items used to be made with wholesome saturated fats. Now….FRANKEN-FATS are in everything.
    THOSE fats combined with grains and sugars have been the perfect storm in creating our current landscape of shambling land whales and war pigs everywhere you look.
    Finally, If you’re spending the money on high quality animal meats (aka grass fed/wild), the fat is THE MOST NUTRIENT VALUABLE part of the entire thing! Never trim the fat of wild salmon, free range chicken or grass fed beef and pork! That’s where all the fat soluble vitamins are stored! Vitamins D, A, B and K…conjugated linoleic acid, lauric acid, DHA and EPA Omega 3’s, choline,…these are the types of nutrients that are found in the animal fats and dairy produce…better still, they are far more bio-available to the human digestion in that form! Furthermore, not only should you eat up that fat, you should also try and acquire the bones to boil to make FAT rich bone broth soups, stews, stocks and reductions for your sauces! All that marrow, collagen, minerals, fat, ligaments, tendons and cartilage are fantastic sources of nutrition!
    Now if it’s too expensive to solely eat grass fed or free range animals for your budget, don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good (H/T fitjuice for that phrase), then yes, buy the conventional factory farmed meat and trim all the excess fat off. Then cook it in high quality butter and/or coconut oil or some other high quality saturated fats.
    The point is “low-fat” is the wrong paradigm. No-Frankenfats….cook and eat the saturated fats to your hearts content. Literally.

    1. Agreed. I haven’t made it to the grass-fed meat yet…but I’ll be checking it out since several posters have been strongly recommending…if it doesn’t break the bank, I’ll be chowing down on it this weekend, fat included.

  11. I know this is not going to be well received but… 90% of the benefits of paleo are from eating lower calories like any other diet.
    Every diet works… as long as you can stick to it for long periods of time.
    People got ripped on high carb, low fat diets eating 6 meals a day back in the 80s.
    People get ripped on paleo today.
    People are getting ripped on IF.
    Hell, there are vegan bodybuilders who are really ripped.
    Personally, I eat a pretty normal American diet, with carbs and everything and am around 12% bodyfat. I use IF and try not to overdo it when I’m eating. If I do overdo it because I eat out, holiday, etc. I simply either fast longer or more frequently.

    1. That and the simple fact palea is not SAD. You take out all the junk food and processed food and really any diet can give you great results.
      It’s interesting to see vegans and paleos go at each other. I feel 80% of what both say is exactly the same. The actual disagreement is with the remaining 20%: basically meat,eggs,dairy vs. whole grains,beans, lentils

  12. Calories is calories. I lost a shitload of weight on fast food and TV dinners through simple portion control. Paleo is overrated.

    1. You’re WAY off base here. Imagine this, two identical kids are born, one is raised on fast food and TV dinners, one is raised on a paleo diet, both eat the same amount of calories, both have similar fitness routines. Fast forward 20 years, which one will be healthier? You’ve got to see the difference, right? Your “calories is calories” statement is fairly accurate, as far as weight loss is concerned, BUT the focus should be on health, not weight loss for the sake of weight loss. You can be thin eating fast food and TV dinners, but you won’t be healthy, your body will fall apart, little by little.

  13. I thought dieting was something only chicks and excessively vain or gay men were into. If you’re hungry then eat. If you’re fat and don’t want to be then stop eating as much. Maybe pick up a weight or chop some wood. You think that salmon steak is going to solve your problems and allow you to live to a hundred? You’re dreaming.

    1. Try it, man. Give it 21 days, and then come back and see if you can honestly tell me you don’t feel healthier and look better (assuming you don’t already eat super healthy, if you do, more power to you).

  14. One thing I’ll add is a2 milk – I’ve been reading about the a1 version, which is only between 5000 and 10000 years old, is not present in African and Asian cows, and whose expression of BCM-7 has some quite compelling links to autism, type 1 diabetes and heart disease. So a Paleo diet would be looking for a2 milk, or at least avoiding black and white cow milk.

  15. While the paleo diet might be a good thing for the majority of the population, i wouldn’t recommend going on any diet without consulting a doctor first.
    If you have an already existing kidney disease going on a paleo diet might do you more harm than good. Kidney diseases like PKD are often unnoticed until kidney failure sets in…

    1. Yeah, right go to your doctor, make sure that paleo is right for you, haha, that’s fucking assinine.
      Most doctors couldn’t tell a paleo diet from a fucking hole in their head. Also your understanding of kidney disease is retarded. High fat, moderate protein, low carb paleo diet is the best diet out there for kidney diseases. Ketone bodies are the preferred fuel for kidney cells, and help them regenerate, while high carb low protein diets fuck up the kidneys even more due to glycation.

        1. The point about doctors is two-fold.
          1. There hasn’t been large, accepted studies of Paleo diets so it has not quite reached its full acknowledgement.
          2. Falls into the realm of conspiracy theory, but why would doctors actually want you to improve your health so much that you in turn did not need to pay for their services any longer due to proper health.
          Paleo is not in the best interests of AMERICAN doctors, insurance companies, government, the agriculture industry, and most retailers. And that is the main reason I see for it not getting the support and acceptance it deserves as the oldest, and most natural human diet.

  16. I don’t believe in paleo. I believe in eating more vegetables and cutting down on the starches ( not completely cutting them out of your diet), that’s what worked for me. Eating without starches is just very expensive.

    1. Do you also not believe in science? Have a look at what gluten does to the body. The great thing about science is that it’s true whether you believe in it or not.

  17. I have a problem with lunches. I can’t bring a steak or fish to work, and I can’t eat out every day. So that means sandwiches and that means bread. Any suggestions?

    1. Eat before you go to work. Eat after you go to work. Take some fruits with you to work. I get where you’re coming from, this has been an issue for me as well, I like my meats fresh off the grill!

    2. Why can’t you bring steak or fish to work? Is your boss some kind of vegan nazi that will chop off your balls if you show up with a porterhouse in your lunch bag? WTF? Sack up and tell that bitch you’re gonna eat steak for lunch, and that’s that. R

  18. I would be wary of all the grain avoidance that is being preached by most self styled “diet gurus” these days. Judging by what you are writing, “paleo” seems healthy enough, but so is moving around enough that spending ones life, all tied in a knot about exactly what one is eating, is superfluous. Interestingly enough, people eat more meat, and less grains, than they did 50 years ago. Yet 50 years ago people weren’t as fat in general. For an even more extreme example, look at Mexicans in Mexico, which pretty much live on grains and beans, compared to their US counterparts, which eat eggs, cheese and meat like it is going out of style (in addition to grains, of course.)
    In general, if you are active enough so that your “calories out” is substantially higher than it would be if you were sedentary, you’ll consume so much food that it no longer needs to be all that nutrient dense. That is no excuse for eating shit; eat the best you can; but in general, if your body is challenged, it will respond by craving foods that enable it to cope with that challenge. Hence, move enough; and if you crave grains, eat grains. If you crave a steak, eat one.
    In other words, you are not what you eat; you are what you do.
    Anyway, the only place I would be really careful about the whole low-carb / paleo / zone / Atkins complex of fad diets, is when it comes to children, particularly boys (girls only ned to be pretty, smart is secondary 🙂 ). The growing human brain does not develop in a vacuum. It is a huge glucose burner, and the easier access it has to glucose, the less impediments there will be on it’s growth. If glucose is kept down, ostensibly to prevent insulin from resulting in increased fat storage, the rational response of a growing brain evolved to accommodate it’s environment, is to reduce it’s rate of growth. Not good in my book.

    1. Traditionally, Mexicans ate grains and beans, in moderation, not too bad there, in and of itself, but nowadays, just like their northern neighbor, Mexico’s health is going down the tube. Now, there are some very poor parts of Mexico where the rest of my statement doesn’t apply, but on average, Mexicans now consume a high amount of soda, tortillas, and alcohol. Despite being economically less developed than the U.S., their fitness levels are now almost on par with ours, which is to say, they’re very poor. “More than 71 percent of Mexican women and 66 percent of Mexican men are
      overweight, according to the latest national surveys,” and obesity’s rising as well. The culprits, processed sugar (soda) and grains (tortillas, alcohol), plus a more sedentary lifestyle (cubicle work). Note: Glucose isn’t kept down with paleo, you can eat fruits, lots of them. However, I agree with your statements, overall, it’s just they apply only when people have common sense and discipline, and quite frankly, most people have neither. It seems we’ve got to spell it out for them!

      1. Thanks for the info about Mexico. By “Mexicans” I was actually referring to the migrant laborers working in Cali. Mostly thin and wiry, as opposed their nth generation offspring who work at Walmart or in some cubicle.
        For grownups fruits is probably fine, but some people take their low carb diets so to heart that they feed their kids that way to. And while I have no knowledge of any meaningful studies looking into this, of this, I would be very surprised if a carb hungry organ like the brain did not adjust it’s growth to adapt to the apparent amount of sugar in it’s environment. Brains did seemingly get bigger after people started farming, but there are probably a multitude of reasons why, many having nothing to do with diets. I’d just be vary of, in the context of my own kids, assuming that increased access to easily digestible carbs had NO part. For an obese adult with an already developed brain, the calculation is likely very different, however.

        1. Agreed, and in the kids’ case, they just need soooo much energy, the extra carbs can’t hurt, they’ll burn them off with horseplay, plus the extra food diversity is probably a plus too. I’d do the same with my kids. No need to go religious with paleo, using it as a general guide works best, I think, for sure.

    2. I eat pretty paleo but would not let my kids eat paleo. In addition to brain thing, eating paleo will cause you to be shorter. Skinner, but shorter.

  19. While I think Paleo is an ‘ideal solution’, the best philosophy I ever received is “Eat clean to get lean”. I enjoy my steak and potatos, I indulge in greek yogurt, and I shove chick breasts down my now like no tomorrow. If 80-90% of your diet is clean, and your workout consistantly, you will have a at worst a decent body.

  20. I’m on a Paleo and never felt better, my hair stopped falling and becoming more vibrant, I’m eating the shit out of myself and hardly gaining fat, look at me on instagram: q8ymaverick // and see for yourself

  21. Eating a lot of high quality protein and fat, fruits… for people in America is affordable, for people in developing countries, it is not affordable. You can do healthy and cheap without paleo, just a balanced diet.

  22. Actually, eating meat will make you fat, give you heart disease, cancer, and so on. And nevermind the fact that the corporations put hundreds of chemicals, hormones, and preservatives into the meats nowadays.
    This paleo diet is a fast track to cancer and heart disease. But suit yourself.
    You want to lose weight? Try a vegetarian diet. At least you aren’t murdering animals.

    1. I love Animals. especially fried.
      Humans are not vegetarians, we only have one stomach and cannot digest grass. Your ‘healthy’ diet requires mass intake of artificial vitamins in order to stay healthy.
      As far as ‘murdering’ animals is concerned, It’s better than murdering humans by feeding them false information in order to ruin their health and protect your precious fuzzy wuzzies. Humans are Omnivorous scavengers, not ruminants.
      If you consider any other species more important than your own, you are a very sick man.

      1. I really don’t understand your logic.
        Human vegetarians don’t eat grass, where the hell did you get that idea. When have you ever seen anyone (veg or not) eat grass
        The only vitamin that isn’t found in plants is vitamin b12, and we only need a few micrograms a day. Plants grown in cobalt rich soil can supply it.
        Once again, we may not be ruminants, but HUMAN VEGETARIANS DON’T EAT GRASS. We eat apples, avocadoes, barley, cabbage, dates, eggplant, figs, grapes, hubbard squash, iceberg lettuce, jalapenos, kale, lentils, mushrooms, nectarines, onions, potatoes, quinoa, radishes, salad, tomatoes, veggie burgers, walnuts, yams, and zucchini, just to name a few.
        And who are you to judge that all vegetarians care about animals more than humans. Vegetarians may not eat animals, but they also don’t eat humans. So, it’s not like they prefer one over the other.

    2. Your “name” is John Rambo, and your argument is “Try a vegetarian diet. At least you aren’t murdering animals.”?
      Seriously? Do you even meat?

  23. Paleo is actually cheap. Ground Bison is cheaper than organic chicken and fresh fish is cheap as well. So is kale, vegetables and fruits. Paleo is very cheap in the beginning and the long run.:)

    1. The Paleo Solution was the original book written by a doctor that I don’t recall the name of right now. I follow myself

  24. There isn’t Grainaholics Anonymous or Sugaraholics Anonymous because grainahol and sugarahol aren’t things.

  25. The thing about paleo dieters, is they always think that their diet is the only healthy diet, and if you don’t follow it, you can die a USDA brainwashed fatass and go to hell. Then they bring up crappy grains and sugars like refined flour spaghetti and refined flour pasta, and they act like eating one grain of rice is going to make them magically gain 10 pounds overnight.
    If paleo is the only healthy diet, then why are health-conscious vegans thinner than the rest of the population, despite eating whole grains and beans (granted there are vegans who splurge on vegan junk, I’m not taking them into consideration, but a paleo dieter would focus specifically on these vegans).

  26. I can understand why money is an issue for some. High quality food is expensive. Ever seen those wretches who live off organic food and ONLY organic food even though they’re flat broke? I’ve seen orphans in Ethiopia with more meat on them than these people. What good is a healthy diet if it leaves you weak as a kitten and as emaciated as a skeleton because you can’t afford to get full?

  27. But we have Obamacare! We don’t need to worry about no stinking costs!

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