3 Signs She’s Making A False Rape Accusation

False rape claims distort the pursuit of justice and ruin the lives of innocent men. I want both men and women to know the signs of a false rape so that men can protect themselves and women can avoid looking like a liar if they were legitimately raped.

So let’s get to it. After many years of reading and hearing about various rape cases that were eventually dismissed, I started to notice patterns surrounding false rape accusations. While not any one of these tests are conclusive, if you see two or more of the signs below, your bullshit alarm should be going off.

1. Virtually no evidence of struggle

Contrary to what a lot of feminists claim, girls fight back when someone is trying to put an unwanted object in their vagina. Perhaps the most frustrating form of last-minute resistance known to man is having a naked girl on your bed who refuses to open her legs. How is a man supposed to rape her short of beating her down and tying her up?

Feminist response: “But what if the attacker has a knife/gun/(insert weapon here)?”

Unless the victim was approached in complete isolation, the attacker is going to have a very hard time sneaking in a weapon without being noticed in most public places, let alone raping her in public. And if a woman was raped in isolation, like some kind of back alley, then this test doesn’t apply because she is a true victim.

Feminist response: “But what if she goes over to his house, or he goes over to her house?”

This brings us to our next point…

2. The attacker is invited to the victim’s house OR the victim willingly went to the attacker’s house

Put yourself in a criminal’s shoes. If you wanted to rape a woman and get away with it, why would you rape a woman who invited you over? The evidence is already stacked against you should anything happen to her. The police would know for certain that you were in the same residence as her.

It is for this reason that a woman who claims to have been raped in her own house by a man she knew beforehand is a suspicious claim, since a man looking to rape someone would not pick a target who could identify him to the police.

This is especially true in our digital age – cell phones have GPS tracking systems, cars have GPS chips built in, and if someone so much as accesses the internet at a residence in any way a record is created – so the risk of being caught for any crime rises dramatically when in a personal residence. It would be impossible to create an alibi of being somewhere else.

The same is true for a man raping a woman he invited over to his house: why would he do such an act, knowing he could not deny being in the same residence with her? It doesn’t make sense.

Feminist response: “But according to all the statistics, most women are raped by men they know!”

This brings us to the final, and most obvious sign…

 3. Authorities are alerted days, weeks, or even months after the rape

If your car is robbed, do you wait a few weeks before telling the police? If your house burns down, do you wait a few months before making a claim?

I often hear women do not report rapes right away because they are ashamed or humiliated to report that it ever happened. This is pure bullshit because any rape victim working with the police can request to have their identity hidden from the press, and both the police and press must honor such requests under penalty of law.

The most likely reason a woman waits to file rape charges is because she herself doesn’t know how she feels about the sex she had – “Oh, he was cute but I was really drunk…” – and needs to convince herself she was somehow wronged.

But, in the real world, it’s easy to see when you’re wronged. Things like being raped aren’t ambiguous. The only reason women wait to report a rape is because they are unsure of how to spin a convincing story, or because pangs of guilt prevent them from doing so. Ultimately, when women make a false rape charge it’s to avoid admitting the man she slept with was a mistake.

Thus if a woman says she was “date raped” by a man she already known, and he had her at knife or gun point, ask yourself: How long did she wait to report the crime? Anything less than 36 hours and I would become suspicious.

Applying the tests

Try it for yourself. Go review some famous false-rape charges, such as the ones levied against Dominique Strauss-Khan, Julian Assange, or the Duke lacrosse players. You’ll see in all cases unharmed women who were properly on the same premises as the attacker, and, in the case of Assange, women who took their sweet time to file some charges.

When he was later interviewed by police in Stockholm, Assange agreed that he had had sex with Miss A but said he did not tear the condom, and that he was not aware that it had been torn. He told police that he had continued to sleep in Miss A’s bed for the following week and she had never mentioned a torn condom.

I lived with my rapist for a week?

After looking at false rape reports, be sure to look at an actual rape case:

Lucas arrived Saturday at the doorman building with a pizza for a customer on the 10th floor. Once his work was done, the teen allegedly found his way to the victim’s unlocked door down the hall.

“He goes through the building opening doors,” said the victim, a modeling agent, as she wiped away tears. “There I am with my daughter sleeping. And he rapes me with my daughter right next to me?”

The rape occurred inside a bedroom filled with dozens of porcelain and plastic dolls belonging to the little girl. Cops said the attacker tried to muzzle the victim’s cries by putting his hand over her mouth.

“It seemed fake,” said the victim, who said she woke up a little disoriented to find Lucas already on top of her. “I opened my eyes. I said, ‘Get off. What are you doing?’ I was hysterical.”

Lucas was tracked down by police through the building doorman, who let him inside, and the customer, who steered them to the pizza shop.

As you can see the above case, an actual rape involves strangers, trespassing, and intense signs of struggle. While the three tests aren’t 100% accurate, since nothing can be known with complete certainty, these indicators will be right more often than not.

So learn the difference, and end the abuse of our justice system.

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  1. It’s “Anna Ardin”, not Miss A.
    It’s “Sofia Wilen”, not Miss S.
    Why are they trying to be trendy and mysterious, aka Mr. X?

    1. I’ve heard this one a lot. If she’s fat or ugly, she couldn’t have been raped.
      But I didn’t include this for one reason: I’ve been accused of rape from a woman who was thin, and a 6 out of 10. She was older, in her early 30’s, so when she was 21 she was probably a 7.5 or 8 out of 10.
      Thus I believe it is unfair to assess the credibility of the witness based on her appearance, since men will be more likely to trust the rape claims of hot women over ugly ones. The reality is, it doesn’t matter how hot she is, because false rape can be used by any woman to get power over a man.
      My uncle also had his life destroyed by a false rape accusation from a woman who was quite hot.
      So while it may be true that fat/ugly women are most likely full of shit, it does not mean that just because she’s hot she isn’t full of it either.
      To avoid this confusion, I did not include the fat/ugly criterion in the article.

      1. Be wary, that rape can be grey and thus the woman might think you raped her and you do not.
        Im not saying this was your situation but since I do not know you I am afraid you will start thinking of rape in black and white terms.

        1. Rape has an objective definition and does not exist solely in the woman’s mind. It is forced sexual activity upon another person and it is obvious when it happens.

        2. i got to disagree. A woman can clearly not want sex but remain quiet out of fear. Or say no and yet as the guy remains pushy the woman feel that she needs to provide sex in order to escape a what she believes now is a dangerous situation, as the guy is clearly not understanding what no means. So the woman wonders what else could the guy do to me ?
          I noticed that in some cases men dont take into account the history of physical and sexual violence that women encounter and have heard throughout their lives. If you are man and you fail to notice you are behaving aggresively and pushy about sex aka looking downright dangerous and intimidating a women might end up feeling like she needs to have forced sex. That guy might feel he wore the girl down or managed her to change her mind while the woman felt raped. The woman should have spoken up but the man should have been more considerate. This is for me grey rape, because the women did felt raped but i dont think the guy had the intention of raping. He was just being incosiderate to women’s situations.

        3. Obvious to who? To the offender, who clearly doesn’t care? To the police, who weren’t there and can never know for sure what happened? To the media, and people like you, who choose skepticism over belief because that’s seen as the ‘intelligent thing to do’? I fail to see how the fine details of a rape case – and yes, the details can be as fine as how loudly the victim said ‘no’ and whether the perp heard – can possibly be obvious to anyone other than the two people involved. In the case above, even the victim wouldn’t know for sure whether or not his/her protest was heard. This is the problem with rape, there ARE no simple rules by which you can tell what really happened. It’s one person’s word against the other. And whichever way you decide, someone’s life will be ruined.

        4. That’s why you just clear consent in the first place. Don’t just assume it. It’s not very romantic but at least you cover your ass. With assumptions you enter the grey area. The absence of a no is not consent.

        5. The government has a responsibility to protect its citizens. When a charge of rape comes before the court, truth is the objective, and such truth depends upon physical and/or circumstantial evidence. The government must prove its case. However, there are many factors that can make the efforts to remove a violent criminal from society fallible. The common one by destroying a victim’s credibility. At times before the same court, an innocent person can be sent to prison by zealous prosecution and lies. However, when the most believable and hardworking charity group, RAINN presents statistics that there is a sexual assault every two minutes in the U.S., the crime is an occasion to be taken seriously. Sexual assault is a crime of violence with permanent injury as any reasonable person can see from the victims who bravely posted here.

        6. And even following the initial consent, if there is a “stop”, the new command removes consent. Stop. Do not make someone, and ultimately yourself, a victim of your mindlessness.

    2. Almost half rape victims are under the age of 18. 15% are under the age of 12. Guys, rape isn’t about sex or some loser who was just so horny he couldn’t stop. Men also rape other men, boys and as someone else stated women can also be rapists. Although, more frequently it’s a male committing the violence.

        1. Look up how to properly cite facts and claims… Posting a link to a website that could be as wrong as you are means nothing.

      1. Do you count willing “statuatory rape” (molestation) in with that, or only real rape? If you did, I’d be shocked at how few underage sex arrests there are compared to how many rapes and molestations in total..

    3. “you missed an obvious one: the alleged victim is fat and/or ugly.” I think this one is fair game if the accused doesn’t have a history of spontaneous sexual encounters with women that aren’t really good looking. On its own, I can’t really see using it as more than a “less chance”-argument.

      1. If the accused doesn’t have a history of spontaneous sexual encounters-also should factor that into ppl who are raped. If they don’t have a history of that, chances are they are being truthful.

    4. The “argument from spoiled kids lie more often” might lead you to think hot women are more likely to lie more often though.. we shall have to consult statistics.

    5. That is definitely not the case. You shouldn’t base the victims credibility on what he or she looks like. If you say, “oh she’s fat/ugly, she couldn’t have been raped,” you’re a moron. You’d never know a shred of common sense if it hit you over the head. If you said that to a victim, that would be like a cop saying NHI, aka no humans involved. It means that they shouldn’t waste a lot of time on the case because the victim was a piece of garbage anyway. Now, how would you feel if you were raped and no one took you seriously because you were fat or ugly? Hmm? I don’t think you would like it very much.

      1. Raping fat and ugly people makes less sense than a mindless stabbing spree. Soo, watch where you toss those morons. If we’re arguing over statistics you can’t switch that up when someone makes the argument.

      2. Probably the same way is feel if, as a man, I was raped and reported it just to learn that since I have a penis, it doesn’t count as rape and as such I don’t have a single legal recourse or shelter or support group to help me. Wouldn’t that be awful? Oh wait…

        1. Then make one then. Although a common misconception (though pretty obvious) men can and are sometimes victims of both rape and domestic abuse. Men also are less likely than women to report whether they were abused because of societal sentiment on the issue (men that were abused are weak, etc.).
          What it sounds like is anger and bitterness towards females because of what you think is a common sentiment among them when it comes to thinking as men as the monsters when speaking about rape. What I ask of you is not to generalize and harbor these feelings because they should not be meant towards rape victims and women in general.
          Rape is a serious business. And honestly, I believe it’s as terrible as murder, but not taken as so. What you lose is your peace of mind, Your feeling of safety, REGARDLESS of your sex or physical appearance. It is something that sticks with you the rest of your life.

        2. You don’t think there are support groups for men who have been victims of sexual assult? Check out the RAINN website, there is an entire page dedicated to male victims. Or the organization 1in6, again dedicated solely to male survivors of sexual assault. And male rape is absolutely counted as rape, at least in my state. The definition of rape in Florida is defined by Florida Statute 794.011 as “any oral, anal or vaginal penetration by, or union with, the sexual organ of another or the anal or vaginal penetration of another by any other object” without consent. Rape is rape, no matter the gender of the victim.

  2. I take it that this comes on the heels of the Jordan Johnson acquittal. I remember last week the case was all in the news as he took the stand. There was NOTHING of his acquittal on my news feed since Friday. I had to search for it to find a short NYT piece that left out all of the evidence against the false accusation but did not fail to repeat the false accuser’s claims.

    1. It wasn’t a false accusation. I live in Missoula. I talked to someone who was on that jury. It wasn’t that they didn’t believe her, it was that they didn’t think that there was enough evidence to send him to prison for 30 years. Just because they acquitted doesn’t mean that she lied.
      THIS IS WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS SOCIETY!! They are so uninformed about what their own legal system means and how it works.
      An acquittal doesn’t mean a false accusation. It means that a charge brought against the defendant couldn’t be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.
      Do you know her? Do you know how much she changed before and after? Nobody was in that room but her and Jordan.
      *If you want to look at this from a different angle, think of John Gotti. He was acquitted of many varied charges..there’s a reason he was called the Teflon Don. It doesn’t mean he wasn’t guilty of them. It doesn’t mean that the accusers lied. It means they couldn’t PROVE it.

  3. Real rape victims also wait a long time to “alert” anyone generally. I know impersonally of two for which it took years. Some never do.
    Don’t underestimate the effect of rape on woman (and I’m a man).
    Now the question becomes : how does one protects against such claims ?
    Only thing I’ve found so far, which can become important if you’re rich/famous : record everything. Either videotape it, or record the audio.
    Not that I do this, but…any other ideas ?

    1. You’ll never find a false rape accuser that was thin and above a 6. Only go after cute girls and you’ll be straight.
      Going after fatties is like eating McDonalds. It’s cheap and convenient right now but you’ll pay for it later.

      1. Someday I will share my experience of being falsely accused of rape by a woman who was thin and (almost) above a 6,

      2. The false rape accusers who *are* thin and above a 6 have mental issues. Trust me — they are out there.

    2. “Real rape victims also wait a long time to “alert” anyone generally. I know impersonally of two for which it took years. Some never do.”
      Did you see the girls get raped or do you only know hearsay?

      1. I dated one. She was re-living her rape in her sleep every night. That would be too much acting just to play the victim 😉
        Oh and I meant “personnally” of course

  4. I hate to say this, but rape is such an awful crime in the first place because of how men often perceive women (madonna/whore complex) and the fact that men don’t want to be put into a cuckholding situation especially where inheritance of legacy and property are concerned.
    Rape in the purest sense is not like theft and it is not like assault or battery. A woman may or may not choose to struggle too much, and still technically be raped. She may fear the struggle and simply submit, and so on.
    A woman who has been raped but not battered, reflects upon the rape and realizes that she has not been physically harmed nor deprived of resources (money, valuables, etc.)
    She may have even enjoyed parts of it. This makes the entire concept of rape difficult to define entirely.
    Rape as a ‘crime’ seems more connected to a man’s need to know that his children are his than it is to any actual physical, financial, or psychological harm upon the woman.
    Whereas our reactions to theft and assault are natural and serve also an evolutionary purpose, I would gander to say that some or even a large part of our reaction to rape is a product of social conditioning.
    Feminism makes a big deal about rape precisely because feminism is a continuation of male dispensability and gender roles, as practiced for centuries, as usual.
    The concept of victimhood (or similarly, oppression) is abstract. One is perpetually a victim or oppressed if they ‘feel’ victimized or oppressed. This should not be confused with the concept of exploitation, which is actually being short-changed in objective and quantifiable ways.
    Rape is also very much connected to racism and classism. The US is a ‘rape paranoid’ culture precisely because of the increasing class polarity (keep poor guys away from the daughters of rich guys) and the essentially unresolved race dynamics: keep the blacks and latinos away from the white women.
    I’m so glad I moved Serbia (where the women are hotter than Croatians, I suspect Roosh has a thing for blondes, I do not), where it is not a ‘rape paranoid’ culture. Lately there has been a rash of violent assault-rapes here (about 4 in the past month) by what is suspected to be the same perp. He actually wears a mask and lurks in underground parking lots and basements. That’s a rapist. Not the relatively decent guy asking a woman out for for the evening.

        1. Majority of children are RAPED by WOMEN! >:I That’s not 1 percent, dude. You’re just making up numbers now. >:I

        2. I read page 4. What it does NOT include is the majority of CHILDREN are raped by FEMALES! It also does not include the gender bias when a MALE reports his assailant was a FEMALE! All you have to do is see how they report these 30+ year old women raping boys. They call it “Love affair” instead of what it actually is, “RAPE” AND “PEDOPHILIA!” >:I

        3. Mothers are more likely to physically abuse or neglect their children (single-parent households tend to have a female parent,) but males are more likely to engage in sexual offenses against any child, including their own. Rape is distinct from general child abuse. Pay attention.
          “Studies indicate that females commit approximately 20% of sex offenses against children (ATSA, 1996). Males commit the majority of sex offenses but females commit some, particularly against children.”

        4. I would just like to point out that, no where on the link that you gave as a source does it talk about sexual maltreatment, so it is irrelevant to your argument.

    1. No one in the US is rape paranoid. It happens on a regular basis so we’re more cautious about it when we go out at night for something. And that relatively decent guy asking you out for dinner could be planning on giving you the date rape drug that is known to have the effects of alcohol (dizziness, loss of consciousness, etc.) It’s easy to tell if you have been drugged because you’ll start to feel the effects after one or two drinks and usually one or two doesn’t phase you. Also, you’re from Serbia. If you weren’t born and raised in the US like me, you obviously don’t know anything about how we perceive rape or anything for that matter.

      1. This is nonsense. I live in the US. I’ve heard MANY stories where women get drunk, go home with a guy, and accuse him of rape. They put themselves in that situation.
        Women are responsible for themselves. Don’t want to have sex? Don’t go home with guy when you know what will happen. Simple.

        1. Oh you heard those stories? Well that’s definitely what happened then, if it’s what you heard, Person on The Internet.
          Hey I’ve heard stories of people who make shit like that up to justify rape and justifying hating women, and fearing women. I have heard it so I guess it’s true right?

        2. You’re literally trying to write off an entire sect of people because of their shared common experience, and how you happen to not like their shared common experience. But in your mind, he’s the one who’s gullible. Being shallow loudly doesn’t mean that now you’re perceptive.

        3. You’re right. As an underage girl living in the ghetto with 7 sex offenders in a one-mile radius (since obviously, I can’t control what situation I was born into) I am all too aware of this fact. However. If I wear a skirt, if I wear some cleavage, even if I am completely naked in front of a person, it does not mean I am consenting to anything (not that I dress like that anyway). Unless I explicitly state that I want to have sex with someone, it does not mean I want to have sex with them.
          What if i’m dating someone for several weeks or possibly months, and I decide to let them into my house? Even if they do step into my house, it does not mean i’m letting that person into my bed. It means i’m letting them into my house.
          Spousal rape and boyfriends and girlfriends can also rape their respective partners. How will you know that will happen?
          Women ARE responsible, but at this point, it seems to me that you are blaming the victim.

    2. Oh my fucking god. Rape is cruel, brutal, and means using another human being’s body for something you want to use it for, against their will. There’s no justification for it at all. Turn yourself into the police now you sound like a potential rapist, since you think it’s not even a real crime.

      1. You sound like you’re practicing the art of conjuring up bullsh*t to get an innocent man in jail…you sound like you’re a potential false-rape-accuser.

      2. A person doing drugs in his own home, now thats not a crime at all in my opnion, no ones rights are infringed upon, but rape is so clearly a crime with so little grey area to speak of, that i cant believe lots of men still wish it wasnt one, sadistic fucks. im male btw

    3. Ok so I hate to be crass but I have to jump in here and ask you – if you were grabbed on the street,
      not severely battered (so there wasn’t physical harm or loss of property) and overpowered then raped in the a$$ by another man – would you not feel psychologically harmed and violated? This feeling has nothing to do with the evolutionary question of paternity, but everything to do with with a feeling of feeling deeply and intimately violated and controlled in the worst way.

    4. “She may have even enjoyed parts of it.” That is creepy if you even think for one second a woman might have enjoyed any part of a rape shows how little you know about it. It is really quite a disturbing thing to think or say.

  5. I’ve seen women who “weren’t sure” if they were raped, too. Banging flakes = dangerous fun.

    1. I’ve seen women who were sure they weren’t raped, and went on to be boyfriends with their “rapist”, who were told they were raped by organizations like SPLC.
      It isn’t always dishonesty when they don’t know if rape means forcible rape or drunk sex or what..

  6. Dude, this is bad….you’re way off the mark on this one.
    First, rapists rarely, if ever, think logically about the consequences of their actions.
    “Put yourself in a criminal’s shoes. If you wanted to rape a woman and get away with it, why would you rape a woman who invited you over? The evidence is already stacked against you should anything happen to her.”
    Rape is not typically premeditated but more spur-of-the-moment. And it WILL often be someone who knows the victim – in a moment of anger, the rapist make a horrible decision w/o considering the obvious repercussions.
    Second, you’re last point is completely baseless. Imagine that you were at a party, got drunk, and passed out. The next day you find out that some ugly chick snuck in and had sex with you while you were barely conscious. There would be no sign of a struggle, for starters. More importantly, would you really go to the police right away – or ever? Sure, you would feel violated, but you would also be embarrassed and try to just forget that about the whole thing.
    Now, imagine that instead of an ugly chick, it was a dude who raped you. How likely would you be to run to the authorities then? I know that I would be sick to my stomach with shame – it would take me at least a week or two just to accept the fact that it had really happened. Even then, I might decide not to go to the authorities because I just want to bury and repress the episode. Then, months later, when I realize I CAN’T get rid of pain, I decide to seek the police then and find some closure.
    And that ignores the exponentially greater emotional trauma that happens during a violent rape where the victim is conscious through-out and will have nightmares about the experience for the rest of their life.
    This post shows a startling lack of empathy and understanding. Neither rapists nor rape victims tend to think or act logically during or after the act – expecting them to, and believing that acting illogically is usually a sign of lying, is stupidity, plain and simple.

    1. I agree. Samseau is showing a startling lack of empathy and understanding for the mens lives who were ruined by women and their rape lies.

    2. “The next day you find out that some ugly chick snuck in and had sex with you while you were barely conscious.”
      That’s not rape. I don’t buy into the bullshit that drunken sex = rape. Just because alcohol makes it easy to be taken advantage of, doesn’t mean you got raped.
      If I’m drunk and I go to McDonalds and buy a ton of crappy food when I’m blacked out, and I regret eating that food the next day, does it mean I can go to the police and say McDonalds stole from me?
      Additionally, the idea that laws and policies should be made around drugs like alcohol is laughable, and a true sign of American decadence. People shouldn’t be drinking and getting obliterated all the time in the first place.

      1. Your analogy would be at least a little more accurate if you blacked out and woke up to discover someone had forced junk food down your throat against your will.
        You cannot have sex with someone who is unable to consent. It’s really that simple. Let’s get rid of the word “rape” for a second and maybe just think about the fact that having sex with a drunk person while you are sober is WRONG. You might wonder, “What if she/he says yes, even though she’s/he’s drunk?” But nonetheless, you are in a position of power over someone with impaired judgment, and no matter what that person says or how that person behaves, any sexual encounters you have are going to be founded on an imbalance of power. That is not consent-based sex. And in the eyes of the law, that is rape.
        To argue otherwise opens up other arguments that are much harder to win- for example, what about having sex with people who are asleep? What if they mumble consent in their sleep? What if they don’t react at all? Is that rape? Does that mean people shouldn’t sleep unless they are alone and their doors are locked, as opposed to meaning people shouldn’t try to have sex with people who are asleep? What about people who are drugged? Does that mean people shouldn’t consume any beverages while in the company of others, lest their drink be spiked, as opposed to meaning people shouldn’t spike drinks? And of course, what about children?
        The problem is not women getting trashed in dangerous situations. The problem is predators who believe it is acceptable to have sex with incapacitated people (regardless of either party’s gender). We can all make choices to protect ourselves, like drinking responsibly. But what if I’ve never touched alcohol or drugs, and I’m home with my doors locked, asleep in my thoroughly modest pajamas? Am I immune to rape? No.

        1. Hello Moron. I am feeling generous today so I will dissect you.
          “Your analogy would be at least a little more accurate if you blacked out and woke up to discover someone had forced junk food down your throat against your will.”
          But see, being drunk is irrelevant here. If you were sober, someone forcing food down your throat AGAINST YOUR WILL is all that matters.
          It is the AGAINST YOUR WILL part that matters, the drunk part is just superfluous.
          “You cannot have sex with someone who is unable to consent.”
          Actually, you can have sex with someone who is unable to consent – it’s called rape.
          And someone who is drunk is perfectly capable of spreading their legs.
          “To argue otherwise opens up other arguments that are much harder to win- for example, what about having sex with people who are asleep?”
          Lol, have you ever had sex before? Sex in your sleep? What the hell are you talking about? No one sleeps through sex, unless it’s some really awful shitty sex. Sex is one of the most powerful experiences a human can have. Can you make yourself look any more ridiculous?

        2. First, plenty of people actually fall asleep during sex (and their partners get very angry about it), I know several people who will wake their partners up by starting to have sex with them in the middle of the night (technically rape since it started with no consent, but their partners don’t press charges because they are with them and consent immediately) and it’s a side effect of a lot of medications…so, yeah, sorry to burst your bubble there but that one’s been proven. (You’re really bad at looking up information).
          Second, when a person is intoxicated it effects several parts of the brain, one in particular would be the cerebral cortex. That part is very important in making proper decisions. That’s why alcohol lowers inhibitions and causes poor judgment. That’s why it’s illegal to buy alcohol if you are visibly intoxicated, get a tattoo or piercing, vote, drive, enter into a contract with someone else, etc. There’s a reason that if a person is drunk it removes the ability to consent. It physiologically makes them less capable of making a sound decision. It is a drug.

        3. thanks for trying to sound smart
          “the cerebral cortex. That part is very important in making proper decisions”
          i didnt do too well in criminal psychology but im pretty sure that is the part for thinking in general. but why are you even bringing this up
          sorry about the above, i had to get it out.
          the question is, if getting drunk removes one’s ability to give consent, and i get drunk and buy a burger in mc donalds, can i go back the next day and accuse mc donalds of theft the next day.
          the answer should be the same as can a drunk person who agreed to sex accuse his/her partner of rape

    3. “First, rapists rarely, if ever, think logically about the consequences of their actions.”
      And you are drinking some strong kool-aid if you believe this. No criminal believes he will be caught before he performs the crime.

  7. Stop feeling sympathy for real rape victims. Women and men in the public don’t give a fuck about sexually violated men in prison or the sexually abused boys of single mothers. Also, women routinely grope men by their genitals at bars or even at a supermarket line. If the roles were reversed and men were to start groping women in public the media would start screaming about rape culture and the gropers would be charged as RAPISTS. Women even KNOW they are immune from punishment for any sex crime they commit.
    Here’s an example of the hypocrisy: Watch this video of Justin Beiber being groped and sexually violated by a dirty old hag right there in front of the cameras http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BaQ10aWQ6V8
    Do you think an old man could do the same thing to an 18 year old girl celebrity and not have his career destroyed, his freedom taken away and the media would label him a RAPIST.
    It’s time to hold cunts accountable for their hypocrisy and lack of care for men and stop feeling sorry for these pampered sob story victims.

    1. Agreed. A fat girl grabbed my dick through my jeans at the bar last weekend. If things really were equal, I would have smacked her, 10 white knights would have smacked her, and the police would have been called and she would have been thrown out of the bar and arrested.
      What did I do? Laughed and told her “you wish”.

      1. because in this world, you were pretty confident she couldn’t rape you

      2. I 100% agree that it is wrong for girls/women to grab at men. That is harassment and that is illegal. I also agree that you are right to say harassment is not taken seriously when the perpetrator is female and the victim is male, which is unjust.
        However, I disagree with the statement that when women/girls are harassed, everybody comes rushing to their rescue. I am female. I live in a big city and since the age of eleven or so, I have been routinely harassed on the street (no matter what I’m wearing, might I add). When I was fifteen, I was grabbed at in full view of several police officers, who simply watched and did nothing.
        Sexual harassment is in general a very overlooked issue. There are certainly gender biases suggesting that men can’t be harassed and so on, which is appalling. There are also gender biases suggesting that when a woman is harassed, it’s a compliment, or she just has to deal with it, etc.
        Our societal views on sexual harassment are distorted and problematic, and the gender divide isn’t really the main point. Both men and women are affected negatively and both men and women are capable of promoting positive change.

    2. What? I watched the whole video…it’s his mom…all she did was hug him and yeah I think an 18 year-old’s dad could do that. LOL is this trolling?
      EDIT: sorry, just saw your new post but you can edit your posts. You’re asking for equality in this one area though, you can’t pick and choose like that.

    3. Pampered? Have you ever suffered from sexual assault? You shouldn’t denigrate the victims when you have no idea what they are going through. Sexual assault messes people up for years. As a child abuse victim, I’m so deeply offended and disturbed that you think its acceptable to shame the victim and not hold a higher standard of decency to the people who do this. Rape and sexual assault/abuse/harrassment is unacceptable period, no matter who does it. And there should be consequences
      There should be empathy and understanding for all victims of sexual abuse and assault. Whether they be men, women, transgender- sexual assault is a crime and incredible damaging.
      That’s why consent culture should become a thing because that way there’s less gray area. I agree at bars and clubs, there’s a lack of respect towards bodies and its important to avoid that.

    4. 1) Why would you pick and choose which victims you would sympathize with? A victim is a victim. I sympathize with both male and female victims of sexual assault. Both young and old. I think it’s horrible. It really does mess people up. It leaves lasting scars. I am a child rape survivor. It’s been 17 years since my first rape. My mom was a single-mother…but you only care about boys of single-mothers, right?
      2) Pampered. Yeah. The anxiety when I have to explain to new boyfriends why I recoil when they reach out to hug me (because it eventually happens and I get that ‘I can’t believe you just did that’ look), the nightmares, the panic attacks, the crying, the flashbacks…yeah…pampered isn’t really the word I would have chosen.
      3) I was not aware that men were groped so much in public…none of my guy friends have reported having this happen to them EXCEPT by other men. Is it okay when a woman grabs you, no. Absolutely not. That is your body and you should have complete say over who touches you. Unfortunately, the research shows that men report sex crimes at a much lower rate than women. So it’s not necessarily that women “KNOW they are immune from punishment for any sex crime they commit” it is more likely that there aren’t enough men coming forward to do anything about it.
      4) TV shows have shown women being groped as a compliment for DECADES. They are still doing it. It is supposed to be a compliment. Women are supposed to think that it is a good thing if a man shows them that kind of attention. It means that they are attractive and that they are desirable.
      5) Believe it or not most people look at rape survivors like this…they don’t believe them!! Because of how our society has become. They think the majority are lying, when in fact there are actually only a very small percentage that are.

      1. I can take advantage of the decline while still being outraged by feminism and society’s hatred of men. This isn’t an either-or scenario dummy. I get worked up about badly behaving cunts, but I also loves me some soft feminine college-aged tail. In other words, I’m both the masculine protective boyfriend and the cunt punter. People aren’t black and white, they’re several shades of grey you clownish hipster. By the way, passive aggressive sarcasm isn’t attractive to women.

        1. Guess I struck a nerve. No one who gets regular quality tail would possibly make as many “GRRRR…damn womenz!” posts as you do like clockwork. You’re only fooling the truly stupid.
          Also, when you have the right smirk to go along with it, bitches love sarcasm. Try it sometime. Maybe you’re comments will stop resembling the mirror image of the average feminister.

  8. What is truly disturbing about false rape accusations (and those who work in the criminal justice system can verify this) is that the false accusers are practically never prosecuted in any way. Not even for a misdemeanor or an ordinance violation. Basically, the accusations are assumed to be true, and it is up to the accused to disprove them. The false accuser has an entire phalanx of people behind her for support: social service workers, “victim’s rights” advocates, delusional family members, etc.

    1. Don’t forget the media homie. The media will name shame and demonize the man accused, but they’ll protect the false rape accuser even after her lies are exposed. CNN should be renamed Cunt News Network or Cat Herders Network for its blatant feminist propaganda and glorification of women’s evil actions.

      1. Feminism means you believe men and women were created equal. Nothing more nothing less.
        Also women are shamed far more often even when they were the one raped..slut shaming/rape blaming is a huge huge problem.
        But I agree that the media shouldn’t demonize anyone until the trial is over.

        1. “Feminism means you believe men and women were created equal. Nothing more nothing less.”
          No liar. That has been debunked so many times it’s tedious. It is a hateful ideology that should have gone the way of it’s father: Communism.

        2. Jim,
          I’m confused. Are you saying women being treated equal to men is a hateful ideology, or that feminism and everyone being equal is a hateful ideology?
          True feminism is the same as humanism: it’s true intention is to see equality. If other people take it and twist it into something else, that means they have something else, not that feminism turned into male bashing or whatever else.

        3. debunked by who? neckbeard fedora tipping MRAs who couldn’t get a date to save their life, like yourself?

        4. Debunked by logic and reason deduced by people that put in effort and time to challenge questionable ideals we’ve been spoon fed rather than swallowing the spoonfuls of garbage and questioning nothing like yourself.
          The debates are everwhere, the sound arguments debunking feminism and showing the bottomless pit that is gynocentric society are easily accessible to those that are enlightened enough to, at the very least, routinely question their belief system in order to verify or improve upon that system.
          If character based and directed insults are your first line defense of your beliefs, you best do some reflection on those beliefs. You don’t seem to have enough confidence in them to have anything of substance with which to properly defend them. Only a fool blindly and haphazardly defends beliefs which he does not understand, or rejects new ideas before having understood them.

        5. Feminism has a definition. If you have your own brand you’re toting, that’s something different. You either support feminism as it is, or you supports something else. You can’t cherry pick what you like and still support feminism without still supporting the aspects you don’t like.
          Being equal and being treated equally are two very different things. Feminism is bullshit, just because people blindly sold on it can’t face facts and overcome their cognitive bias delusions doesn’t make it any less of a farce. Telling someone their beliefs are bullshit and explaining why isn’t a personal attack, it’s an attempt to get to a better solution. Yet people take it as a personal attack, as if they are being told they are stupid, which isn’t the case. They are stupid in that they take it that way though.

        6. I asked “who” fuckwad. that means Names and professional Titles. If you think that talking about random nobodies who can make up anything they like in ‘theory’ to “debunk” what is widely accepted to be fact, is going to sway me, or anyone else who isn’t some butt-hurt MRA reject, you’ve got another thing coming.

        7. You don’t think random nobodies came up with that horseshit in the first place? Random nobodies have and will continue to debunk it because it’s as easy as looking at the damage it’s caused in its current unrestricted form.
          The evidence is out there and easy to access. By refusing to look at it and holding onto your preconceived notions, deciding that you already know and only accepting opinions and “facts” that support your already solidified beliefs is called confirmation bias. You have no place at the table until you’re ready to accept that it isn’t perfect, has major flaws and the repercussions of those flaws have resulted in serious damage to society. It’s painfully obvious. Look around, get out of the house once in a while, watch the news. Seriously, watch the news. Your insults mean shit to me, Buttercup. If one can’t laugh at the stupidity of people that want proof while it surrounds them one will go insane.
          Things that are fucked up and plane wrong that are widely accepted as fact refers to the phenomenon of groupthink. Just because more people believe it’s true or right does not make it so, though it can be better to simply agree because those people often protect their bullshit vehemently and sometimes violently. Don’t be a tool. Read and understand both sides, then come at me. Think for yourself. I used to be like you, a little self righteous know it all know nothing peckerwood. The other side of the story is too accessible to miss if you actually seek it, you don’t obviously. So sit down.

        8. Sorry but you are grouping extremists in with the rest of us, and that simply doesn’t work. That’s like saying that all Musilms are ISIS supporters.
          What a load of bullshit.
          FEMINISM does mean equality between the sexes.
          It’s only fuck-knuckles like you and stupid man-hating feminazi’s who think that the only thing wrong with the system is that its tipping towards the wrong sex, are the ones who think otherwise. And the ones who get it so very, VERY wrong. We should not be under a Patriarchal Rule. Nor should we be under a Matriarchal rule, because either way that suggests that one sex is somehow superior to the other, which only perpetuates oppression.
          I suggest you read a book on the matter.
          I’ll even get the page for you:
          noun fem·i·nism ˈfe-mə-ˌni-zəm
          : the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities
          Full Definition of FEMINISM
          : the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes

        9. The argument that feminism states that women are
          better than men was created and is sustained by insecure men who are
          afraid of patriarchy tumbling down on their privileged ignorant heads.
          WAKE UP people and look around you. all those “examples” of brain size,
          decreased male entry into college, etc are just excuses to either
          degrade women or only superficially examine the issues of gender
          FEMINISM IS:
          1.)respecting people of all genders (recognizing the diversity in
          sexuality, from homosexuals, transgendered, heterosexuals and
          transexuals) as human beings that deserve to be treated with respect.
          2.) recognizing the past inequalities that have historically denied
          women access to many social, economic and political spheres that are
          mostly occupied by men.
          3.)Recognizing the result of these inequalities have lasting impacts today
          respecting a person enough to ask their consent before having sex
          not seeing a woman as an object but as a human being, this means making eye contact not checking out her body
          listening to women (and men of course) respectfully as you would men
          if you are a heterosexual straight white male, check your privilege
          when talking about equality and recognize other people’s experience as
          valid instead of monopolizing experiences relating to gender equality
          feminism is RESPECT

        10. The very nature of the word, derived from feminine, says otherwise, as do the results of feminism. Feminism is an extremist belief hidden behind equality. If you’re for equality you don’t push a feminist agenda or identify with feminism in any way. Don’t be naive. The level headed “feminists” are rare and them claiming themselves to be feminists does them no justice. If you’re for equality, be a humanist. It’s not an accident that it’s called feminism. It feminized a couple generations of men, and left the masculine minded boys lost and having to spend a decade or more recovering from the bullshit. That’s decades of masculinity wasted recovering and rediscovering itself. Masculinity is every bit as necessary if not paramount to our society, it should be nurtured in children so it develops in a healthy way and flourishes, not supressed.
          Just because a word has a dictionary definition doesn’t mean people are going to use it correctly. The definition isn’t going to guide the results of feminist doctrines. Wake up, you aren’t that simple minded and surely you don’t think I am either if you deem my comments worthy of rebuttle. I agree that the definition of feminism and the way feminism is sold is about equality. I’m not disputing that. On paper, even for its namesake, feminism is about equality. In the real world application it has undermined the family unit, pitted men against women, wreaked havoc on young boys’ and girls’ devolelopment and lead to increased gender identity issues. I’ll say it again, if you support true equality and you realize our society is in decay and utterly divided and seek unity, then you do not support feminism. I know you want feminism to be good and to be about equality lile the book says, I get it believe me. It’s not easy swallowing the red pill and seeing reality for what it is. Challenging beliefs we’ve held all our lives is one of the most difficult things we can ever and will ever do, but it is, also necessary if we have any regard at all for what is right and true. I implore you to give this issue more careful and open minded consideration. Take care.

        11. And for the record, men are superior in the realm of masculinity and in understanding and pursuing knowledge from that perspective. Any task or position requiring masculine traits is more often better performed or held by an individual predisposed toward the masculine mind, which is usually but not always a male. The same can be said for the feminine side. There is a natural, loosely defined sense of balance tgat could be considered equal in terms of balance but not equal in form or functionality. We are not the same. Loads of science proves we are different, why would we not try to discover those differences to better understand ourselves and each other in order to maximize our potential for communication and growth instead of trying to shove a square block in a round hole by treating sexes the same.
          Equality is a word that was used on regard to race and it got cartied over to gender by smsll minded people, then adopted by sll mindee group thinkers like yourself. Races being treated equally makes sense. Two cars of the same year make and model but different colors are equal. A car and a garage go together well, but they aren’t equal. There is a synergy in their relationship to one another, but they aren’t equal. Should they be equally cared for and maintained? Yes. Men and women should be treated equally in regard to the law and decency. They should be equally nurtured to adulthood, but not the same way. Rather with their differences and synergies in mind. The concept people yearn to see established isn’t gender neutrality. It’s a restoration of the synergy and a return to balance.
          Neither a patriarchy or matriarchy behooves us, but an enlightened society that appreciates who we are, our differences, where we come from so that where we’re going is a place we want to end up certainly would more than how we have been tumbling down a rabbit hole following every catchy groupthink trend and not thinking carefully and rationally for ourselves.

        12. Oh you’re a “red pill-er” huh? well not worth wasting my breath on YOU then, you’re a lost cause, a disgrace to the human race, and should have a goddamned bullet between your eyes before you attempt to pollute the gene pool because you – as a male – feel you are entitled to sex.
          “Masculinity is every but as necessary if not paramount to our society,
          it should be nurtured in children so it develops in a healthy way and
          flourishes, not supressed.”
          I’m sorry is that ALL children or only boys?
          And if its “every bot as necessary” then you are admitting so is Femininity, which should ALSO be nurtured in HEALTHY ways, which means it TOO should be nurtured in both girls AND boys.
          In other words NEITHER is superior to the other, and you just royally shot yourself in the foot.

        13. Excuse me? I should have a bullet put between my eyes? I am a disgrace? Yeah, I sure am the crazy one here. You need to do your research into the origins of the red pill reference (see “The Matrix”) and not assume more than what was stated instead before you go hurling ad hominem and fabricating narritives.
          Wherein did I stare that I feel entitled to sex? You are pairing negative beliefs with my character that I have never and will never support.
          The feminine side isn’t missing in children’s lives. They are over feminized. The missing factor is masculine influence, which provides a side to the equation thar both girls and boys need. I’m not saying there aren’t dirt ball men out there, there’s plenty of dirt ball people of both sexes, but kids aren’t getting what they need. Yes the feminine is important, but I assumed that was a given and since the solution is to bring back healthy masculinity because it is missing I didn’t think I needed to spell it out for you.
          I didn’t shoot myself in the foot at all and I don’t need to admit the obvious, that both the feminine and masculine are necessary. The problem is that healthy masculinity has been squashed with all masculinity because of people like you that bash before think, that assume and attack without asking a question, that refuse to seek to understand before being understood.
          I should have a bullet put between my eyes? That statement shows how pathetic and shaky your stance is, and it shows how irrational and blind you become when you read certain trigger words. You became blind to the message and only held hate.
          People like you aid the enemy and are another obstacle in the way of what is just and right, all because you don’t stop, think, educate yourself, and center yourselves before getting involved. The best you can do is to keep your trap shut until you are ready to discuss issues like a mature adult instead of an entitled little brat that needs her ass paddled. You lack the masculine influence that I’ve been referring to. It’s okay for you to be entit km ed to sex, but it’s not okay for me to feel that a reasonable, equal effort relationship shouldn’t be a little easier to find? I don’t mind working for it, but you women really want it all and that’s just not reality.

        14. I’ve DONE my research thank you. (both online and suffered the attempts of humiliation in real life) and THIS is what a “Red Pill”er is:
          “A Red Piller is essentially someone who believes that women are actually the privileged group instead of men.
          Red Pillers: are rape apologetics, they specialise in the dehumanization of women (seen quite a lot of threads telling how to “train your woman” and shit like that), they claims that men are superior in all forms, that women owe sex to men as a form of currency, etc, etc, etc. “Red-Pill”ers are the most miosgynist people you will ever meet.”
          Here’s a few revolting thoughts from them.
          Yeah yeah yeah, “biased source blah blah blah”. These aren’t fabrications or anything, though. Oh, did I mention that one of the more well-known RedPillers, a man known as Matt Forney, wrote an article entitled “How to beat your girlfriend or wife and get away with it”? Its100% genuine, not some sort of sick parody or anything. I’m not even going to link it because its so messed up.
          Oh, and, uh, I forgot – they use “Alpha” and “Beta” unironically. That alone should be warning enough.
          So please, PLEASE tell me how Masculinity is being oppressed when there are men out there, telling OTHER men that they should train women like dogs to perform sex on command?
          When arguing that ONE thing is missing from the upbringing of a child, no you cannot say “the other is a given that its there” thats like saying “Oh we need water to survive” “what about oxygen, isnt that important too?” “I assumed that would already be there, along with food.”
          That right there is the core of the problem with the arguments you MRAs make, you take EVERYTHING for granted and NEVER actually look at the bigger picture of the problem to solve it. Feminists have and continue to do so.
          We want EQUALITY of the sexes, while you demand superiority. Well sorry, we are NOT about to bow out of this fight and let you have it your way. The time of MEN and only MEN ruling the world is OVER! WOMEN ARE YOUR EQUALS AND WE WANT OUR SHARE!

        15. Don’t give me your “It came from the matrix” bullshit.
          Anyone who was born before the new millennium, in any first world country knows about The Matrix.
          There’s two types of redpillers. They do get confused because they both have anti-feminist undertones, but there’s definitely two seperate ideologies.
          1. The “Women are privileged” type. This is the type of Redpiller who does frequent the subreddit The Red Pill. They’re basically the “Get laid brigaide” they do succumb to armchair psychology that may seem misogynistic. They perhaps have an odd and particularly polarizing view on sexual psychology. a lot which turns people away from
          2. This type’s obsessed with McCarthyism and Fordism, the abuse of the working class since the industrial revoloution and social engineering. They seem to advocate the return of the nuclear family, believing a child needs multiple siblings in order to properly grow & socially, and both parents involved in their life in order to grow a moral sense. They cite the fact that men who grow up without a trusted father figure are incredibly more statistically likely to end up in prison than not. They also, like most other modern 21st century
          people, think they’ve stumbled on some massive conspiracy called “The government is often corrupt.”
          The second type often brings up interesting points when not on one of their tinfoil government rants, the first type is really just PuA’s.
          So which one are you?

        16. That’s easy. That isn’t masculinity. You say “I” demand superiority. Do you read? I am not the beliefs of other people, I have my own. Quit labeling me and generalizing me into a group I don’t follow. Feminism isn’t about equality. It’s about giving women authority without responsibilty and taking men’s authority but keeping the responsibility on them.
          Get real. I’m not an MRA. I don’t need your silly labels, I think for myself. You are dealing with an individual with individual beliefs and an independent mind. I am not under the spell of “group think”.
          Until you address me as an individual, stop trying to shove me into labels I don’t fit into and stop trying to insult me based on those labels your comments and arguments are meaningless. We probably agree on more than we disagree if you’d quit group thinking and trying to corral me into the MRA or extreme red pill crowd that took the info out of context. Your version of red pill has a lot in common with feminism.

        17. Stop. Reducing the argument to two options when there are many more is a logical fallacy. There are more than two types, and you presuming to tell me what I believe or reducing my choice to two options that do not fit is absolutely absurd.
          You don’t get to define red pill philosophy, let alone the variety or parts I may or may not subscribe to. The reality is that I take a very basic approach to my interpretation of red pill and I’m not going to defend it further, because that is not the issue here. You changed the subject and are attempting to shift the focus to target me rather than staying focused on the original issue.
          You have one more shot at a reasonable discussion between two “equal” individuals. One more nlind emotional insult, strawman argument, narratives, shaming tactics or any other logical fallacy and you can piss off. You either want equal authority and responsibility or not, you can’t just have the authority any more you little tyrrant. Be civil, or prove to every reader reading this how feral, ignorant and uncontrollable you are. It matters not to me, your shaming narratives have no power here.

        18. It’s okay for women to shame men into submission, cut them off from sex (in a relationship) and treat them like resource collector and status objects though right? You’re a woman, check your privledge. Whites are becoming a minority for one, two, do some fact checking about white men and then look at all the technology and comforts you use that were invented and perfected by white men, three did I say check your female privledge and show some respect? You have had that entitled sassy disrespectful attitude about you from your first post to me, I didn’t personally disrespect you, Cupcake. Take that back and we may have some room for discussion.

        19. You’ve had equality, then you took more than your share and your basically little tyrants with power that you’ll never wield for any purpose other than to further abuse men and elevate women. Men create, women destroy, as both history and your narrative well show. Such elitist attitude, such a greedy creature, there is only so much I can stomach, Princess.
          It’s obvious you lacked healthy masculinity in your life, else you would know what it is to be humble and respectful before seeking respect and to understand before seeking to be understood. I love women, I am not your enemy. Keep treating me like one, it bothers me not.

        20. Also, if you think the government, corporate and economic systems are not corrupt you are so deluded that you side and aid your captors. Stockholm syndrome. Don’t be naive. If you
          can spin all these stories about what I believe and know me before hearing my tale then surely you are smarter than that.
          Have some faith in the good men out there. You’ll be better served to support them in the coming battles. Prove MGTOW wrong. Don’t try to subjugate men, embrace them for their strengths, encourage their strengths. There are generatiins of nen that were trained to expect and return that. Dont buy into the alhpa/beta male bullshit, all heads fit equally well on a stake and “alphas” are no exception. Again, do not try to subjigate masculine mindee men, when it is tried women lose and societies crumble to dust. History has proven this on more than one occasion, if another lesson is necessary it will be sent louder and wider than ever before seen in recorded history. Continue to fabricate and lie about how bad you have it, about how oppressed you are and fantasize your self as a victim of privledged men like an ignorant first world hussy, please, expedite this stalemate. We hunger for change.

        21. “Men create and Women destroy”? Are you fucking kidding me? When its MEN and ONLY MEN who went to war for hundreds of THOUSANDS of years? Men who raped pillaged and plundered? MEN who dreamed of expanding empires and power? Yeah sure women were TOTALLY to blame for all the things MEN destroyed in their quest to be the number 1 Alpha.
          Give me a break.

        22. No one is trying to Subjugate men. Women are only trying to be free of the Subjugation MEN have placed on them for EONS!

        23. 1) You have NO right to demand respect from me when you REFUSE to give it back.
          2) No one gets “cut off” from sex, because THAT mindset means you think you are entitled to it, and NO ONE is entitled to sex, ever. Even Sex-workers get to CHOOSE their clientelle and can refuse service.
          3) Whites are by NO MEANS a minority – you’re just butt hurt because People Of Colour aren’t being treated like SHIT anymore which encroaches on all that lovely privilege you white boys have enjoyed for centuries.
          4) Using petnames without being friendly with the person IS a sign of disrespect, so don’t call me Cupcake. My name is Jamie.
          5) Women have also been creators of many great technological advances, or doesn’t that register in your male brain? http://www.biztechmagazine.com/article/2012/05/mothers-technology-10-women-who-invented-and-innovated-tech
          6) I don’t have to take anything back, and you sure as hell can’t make me!

        24. We built it, we can break what we want first off. Secondly, too many men gives women too much power. War thins the herd, then suddenly women pretend to be reasonable.
          You’re feral. I’m finished with your empty, baseless, irrational crap. You belong outdoors, you’re uncivilized.

        25. Oh really? You know my lifes story do you?
          You calling me a “Dumb bitch” is proof that your entire gender has a belief that they have a right to keep women in a certain place that is BENEATH men. Well here’s a giant FUCK YOU too mate! I ain’t willing to be under your boot!

        26. Respect is earned. Not freely given, and you cannot demand it of me (like you did to our pre- suffragette sisters!) anymore. I am a woman who is FREE of your shit and you will never EVER control me. You WILL respect women. Or we will make your lives a living hell, as you did to us for THOUSANDS of years!

        27. I was decent in the first comments I made, cow. You were the one hurling insults and being an uncivilized hussy.
          Yea, sex stops happening. It’s a matter of phrasing. It’s not an entitlement thing, you ignorant entitled broad. Quit projecting nonsense. Semi-regular sex is a reasonable expectation of marriage. Women use it as a weapon, don’t try to deny it and stop with your stupid text book third wave feminist bullshit buzzwords. You aren’t dealing with a green 22 year old you arrogant shit.
          You need to get rid of you filters, you aren’t seeing reality. Globally white people are in decline because we’re the only race to consider not having children in such a risky shit environment and when overpopulation is something to consider. White people have been enslaved too, for the record. People of color have many adv a ntages whites don’t. It’s not our fault if they can’t figure it out. I know they can, because I’ve met successful people of every race that don’t whine and cry about oppression and crutches because a few racists. Fuck you. Race is a self imposed limitation, racism largely no longer exists in America except the inequality in laws granting favors by race and a few people raised in racist homes. I’m not among them.
          I meant to disrespect your foul mouthed, feral, disrespectful ass, Cupcake. I’m done with this conversation because you are only here to argue and insult, you have no desire to better your views as I do, you do not seek truth as I do, you think you know it all. You and your ilk are destined to fail. Good day, Princess Jamie.

        28. Stop regurgitating shit memes. Some respect needs to be given in order to present the opportunity for respect to be earned. Don’t put too much stock in some crapt misleading phrase that you never actually considered. It’s not even so much about giving free respect, it’s about not being too eager to be disturbingly defensive and disrespectful. Fine, you have to earn respect, well then disrespect should have to be earned too don’t you think? Do you really think respect will ever be garnered from disrespect?
          And listen to something worthwhile that opposes your typical propaganda. If nothing else learn what yoyr opened is truly about before blasting nonsense.

        29. Also, your hell is on its way. You jack asses don’t have any power against me or those that have reached or surpassed my level of understanding and exceptance. Your threat is an empty one born of fear that more and more men are waking up to your controlling twisted games and your providers are preparing to teach you lessons in humility, gratitude and respect.

        30. No it isn’t. I called you a dumb bitch after how many insults you’ve hurled at me? Oh yeah, double standards. It’s okay for you to insult me, just not the other way around? Riiiight, you’ve lost, Cow. Go bark up a weaker tree that will bend under the weight of your tyranical fat ass. I won’t.

        31. Also, you are beneath men like myself because you use low vibration tactics to get ahead of us by cutting us down instead of doing the hard work of building yourself up. There are no shortcuts, cutting me down won’t make you better. You aren’t changing me, and no pussy is attractive enough to put up with this level if delusional thinking. You live in Bizarro world, toots. And that’s what MGTOW leave behind. You and your simps can have at it. Try to take away MGTOW space and we’ll slap you and society so fucking hard you’ll pass the welts on to your descendents for generations. Don’t fuck with masculinity, once ut breaks away from femake manipulation, in the physical and menral realms it is superior. There is no question. The gulf separating us is vast, laws protect you from witnessing it. Pray your movement peters out and ours builds before we have to intervene with force. You’ve never seen an angry, focuses, self actualized man. That much us obvious.

        32. Our “providers” wow, superiority complex much?
          Would YOU fucking give any respect to someone who has tried to keep you on a short leash for GENERATIONS, after breaking free? No, you wouldn’t. You’d at the very LEAST fight back, and if you had ANY brains you’d go for the jugular.
          Thats what women will do if you don’t start to give us our fair share and play fair!

        33. I laugh at how you assume I am going to cower because a man is ‘angry’. Like FUCK, a man comes at me swinging, then he better get used to the idea of being DEAD because I will fight back with EVERYTHING, and if that means a gun, or a knife, so be it. Don’t think you are going to come out on top just cause you’re pissed off mate! WE HAVE A LOT MORE TO LOSE THAN YOU DO SO WE WILL FIGHT TO OUR LAST BREATH!

        34. Rephrase: Go fuck yourself.
          I’m asexual. Sex is gross and I will have nothing to do with it.
          I am however happy to WHIP the shit out of you if you like!

        35. You can’t just take it back now, it’s too late. Your being asexual and thinking sex is gross explains a lot. You have a heavy bias against men, not bring attracted to them exacerbates this. The fact that you recognize that should, if equality is really what you seek, tone down that bias. Yet it doesn’t, because you unattraction to men leaves you completely unable to empathize with men, and women struggle enough with empathy as it is. People are always able to empathize with themselves and wallow in their own terrible oppressed first world misery.

        36. You are truly ignorant if you think that is enough. First off, it’ll be to reclaim or maintain some semblance of freedom. Second, women are fragile. You’ll need 10 or more for every man because in war most women cannot match one like it shows on tv. Luckily you’ll have simp white knight manginas fighting on your side. Unluckily, these simp white knight manginas don’t see the world for what it is and will be caught off guard often and are feminine minded anyway. I do entertain the occasional genocidal fantasy. It’s that or suicidal fantasies, but I tend to want to preserve myself. I’d rather execute neither, that’s just a result of frustration from having male authority stripped from us and females not willing to to take on the responsibility that must go with the authority or the person just becomes like you. A know it all, zero empathy, self absorbed, bossy, little penis hating (but secretly craving) hussy.

        37. We do. I’m all for female’s taking their share of authority and agency, but they need to take the responsibility too. All of it, not just the parts they don’t mind. The 100%. It won’t be long and most of you willll be begging men to take it back, willing to do almost anything.
          Funny that so many women go slut around but want to be treated like ladies. They say “we’ll men do it”. The thing is, women allow men to do it and those men are forced to take responsibilty. Women slut about and still somehow blame men.
          I’m pretty sure that if women have the time to bitch and argue on the net, and can go ride the cock carousel without a care for self respect and warn just as little as most men you’ve got your fair share. If you believe anything else, then quit letting other people think for you, open your fucking eyes and experience the world for yourself without tj I se preconceived narratives. I don’t need to know your story to know that you were never oppressed and never suffered like some of our ancestors have. You’re here bitching thumping your tits like a big tough woman, you wouldn’t have time for this shit. I’m too familiar with victim narratives. While true victims do exist, you aren’t one.

        38. “frustration from having male authority stripped from us” HA! You admit it! you HAD power, and now you are crying like whiny little babies because NOW women are fighting for their fair share of it and YOU don’t like the change to your level of privilege! THANK YOU for winning this argument for me.
          And i have more empathy in my body than you’ll ever have in your lifetime – just ask the doctor who couldn’t explain WHY i was in such physical pain and trauma when I was just 13 when I was at school, sitting at my desk. Absolutely nothing had happened to me, but I was screaming in agony – when at exactly the same time my Father had fractured his leg in several places at home, and I only found out hours later after they had rushed him to the hospital.
          Yet we were BOTH put in casts and given crutches and medication (mine were placibos) because neither of us could walk on our legs even though there was NOTHING wrong with mine.

        39. Please also explain why when a man gives a piece of his mind, that he is “a leader” “taking initiative” and being “Assertive” yet when I woman does it she’s “bossy”?
          Statements like that just prove the point of Feminists like me and Laci Green over and over again.

        40. Lol “penis hating” why would I hate a penis? a penis isn’t responsible for the shit women have gone through for several thousand years, its everything ATTACHED to the penis that did that! I hate controlling, arrogant, self-serving, hypocritical SCUMBAGS who live in a fantasy world where THEY are the victims, where they believe women have never been repressed and therefore have NO right to fight for anything because “what oppression?” I hate MEN who STILL to this DAY think that women should be subservient to them, and who act like spoiled children who refuse to share their toys. I hate MEN LIKE THAT who come to pages LIKE THIS to cry to each other that they can’t get laid, then turn around and treat women like shit, or worse KILL THEM because they think that they have some right to a sexual relationship, or because they think it will give them some kind of boost up the “male hierarchy” make me sick. And I, along with EVERY OTHER FEMINIST (that includes male feminists) on this planet, are here to tell you that’s just NOT the case. Never has been, never WILL be, and its time you PIGS get used to the idea!
          Men however who understand that women are PEOPLE who deserve RESPECT just for BEING HUMAN, and to have the same RIGHTS as men, are just fine in my book.

        41. Whoa, nobody is crying. We’re just stating facts. The difference is that men had power but also were held accountable for how they used that power. Women now have the power but refuse to take responsibility, that stayed with men. I get it, having no authority or responsibility leads to an apathetic existence. Perhaps the answer here is for people to stop trying to be something they aren’t, stop trying to jam the square block into the round hole. It doesn’t work. Our stengths as men and women are different, but both valuable. Equality is a myth, and it’s the wrong idea to be pursuing. Balance is what we need. We are not the same. We are not equal and we never will be. We are not in balance, but we can be if extreme and moronic concepts like pua, mra, abd radical feminist ideals stop being spread through indoctrination.
          What women have is privledge. Men were held accountable for their authority, so there was a price to pay. Women don’t pay that price. Your existence is privledge. Privledge is a word and a concept that you and many others misuse and abuse. It has a meaning, and it’s not what you try to make it. You are playing a victim, you didn’t live through first and second wave feminism, all you know is the bullshit from the second and third wave.
          You’ve never been oppressed. You’ve always had some mangina willing to bend over backwards for you. You aren’t attracted to men, but you sure lije to make use of what men do for you don’t you? Like bitch about men on a website likely designed and built by men, hosted on a server designed and built by men connected to client computers designed and built by men via infrastructure designed, built and maintained by men. Virtually every comfort you enjoy was brought about by a man to improve your quality of life, and you have the nerve to trash all men like we are the scum of the earth you ungrateful man hating brat? Enjoy your taste of authority without accountability while you can. It’s coming to an end, and brats like you will be cast aside not hated, simply ignored.
          Indifference, in the grand scheme you mean nothing, will accomplish nothing, will be nothing without a man. You preach equality, which can’t exist, but in the same breath you trash men and promote female superiority. Authority without responsibility results in tyrannical behavior, and you are more proof. Of course men are frustrated. Women have the authority but lack the for sight and ability to use it effectively, share it, create balance, quit creating unnecessary divides.

        42. Do more research. That is completely false. For starters the male brain is 10% larger and it matters. Hormones are different, they play a major role. You only spout the feminist propaganda which is a narrative to support feminist agenda. There is zero fact in what you say. Some women are capable of empathy, most often it’s only for blood relatives and maybe, maybe a lover if she is one of the rare few. Men, due to their logical nature and tendency to understand and perform spacial operations better than women on average tend to be more capable to empathize with others.
          Men and women think completely differently. Women emphasize feelings and how others percieve them and each other, socially, while men emphasize inward and outward perception, reflection and thought. I speak of the average, not the useless scum among both sexes or the ouliers.
          If you’re reading anything on popsci, please stop. The name says it all. An idea being popular or believed by more people doesn’t make it right.

        43. I’m not even going to bother replying to this, because Laci has already addressed EVERYTHING you have already said here, LONG before you even said it.

        44. Hahahahahahahaha! Tits McGee, Laci Green, the gal that talks about objectification while she’s sporting her massive cleavage which sends a mixed message. She’s not a legitimate source of information.

        45. Dude there is nothing wrong with enjoying cleavage, but so say that cleavage ITSELF sends “mixed messages” just speaks volumes to me about your mindset.
          Save for getting plastic surgery, NO WOMAN can control what size, or shape her breasts are going to be, and just because they are there does NOT mean they are putting out any damn signals.
          How do I know? How about we go BACK to the fact that I am asexual – and now add in the fact that my breasts have been anywhere from DD-G cup ever since i was 14.
          Am I putting out signals because of a couple of lumps of flesh and fat that grew on my chest? Hell no. And neither is she.

        46. Quit rationalizing. You can’t have it both ways. If it’s going to be okay as long as the woman is attracted to the man and objectification and creepy when she isn’t, that’s a fucked up standard to support. Maybe she isn’t that way, but she probably is since most are. Though irrelevant that is. She should have had the sense to consider that and wear something less revealing for that particular topic. Besides, men are objectified as much, if not more these days. She was wearing a tight low cut shirt that doesn’t leave much to the imagination and she damned well knew it. That was the point, her point. She meant to send a mixed message, she is click bait and loves attention, period. One should take their subject matter into account, she’s either dumb as fuck or she did it on purpose. I lean toward the latter and doubt she is stupid. Mislead maybe, like you, but neither of you are stupid. Stop acting like you are.

        47. 1) Thank you for saying that I am not stupid, while i do not NEED your acknowledgement of that, I am going to take it that means you at least in some small way value what I have to say, and that also indicates that there is some hope that someday you will he able to appreciate all women as individual, autonomous people, worthy of respect for being Human Beings, who should never EVER be objectified.
          Which brings me to my next point.
          2) You want to talk about how it can’t be both ways.
          Well actually yes it can, because BREASTS themselves are not sexual in any way, they exist only to be feeding vessels for infants.
          However, its true that nipples can be stimulated to give pleasure, and THAT can be misconstrued as being sexual in nature. And yet, breasts themselves cannot and will not ever be sending out “signals” to any other human being. They simply are what they are. Lumps of flesh, and Mammory glands and fat, located on the torso, in the chest region. Whether they are A cup or K cup naturally is NO indication whatsoever what of the owner of those breasts wants to do – or NOT do – with them.
          Please stop saying breasts send out signals. They do not.
          A woman walking around wearing NOTHING sends out no sexual signals. A woman giving CONSENT gives out signals.
          And that is the key difference to someone THINKING that there are signals being sent, and actual EVIDENCE that there are signals being sent.
          A woman wearing a bikini is no more saying “Stare at me! objectify me!” than a woman in a sensible pants suit or even a burka is. When a woman WANTS attention from the opposite sex, she will make it known. Verbally. NOTHING else should be considered “a signal” because nothing else is LEGALLY considered consent.
          So no, I have to disagree with you here, Laci Green is not putting out any “signals” because of what she is – or is not – wearing in her videos.
          And a gentleman would IGNORE that and focus on the content – which as you said before, IS the point of the video – rather than getting hung up (take that as a pun if you wish) on what she may, or may not be wearing.
          3) The show is called Braless (used to be Sex+)… it is about Feminism, so yes predominantly the freedom of women, HOWEVER she also speaks about the hell that MEN are forced to endure because of the Patriarchy as well such as:
          Body Dysmorphia
          Men being shamed for being emotional
          Men who are shamed for taking on employment in jobs that are considered traditionally for women (male nurse, airline stewards, child carer, midwives etc)
          Genital Mutilation (circumcision)
          Male Rape victims who aren’t believed by either women OR other men because men always want sex anyway right…?(yeah, no)
          Fathers who lose the rights to their children in custody battles
          Alimony (what the HELL is with that? Glad we don’t have it in Australia! talk about stupid!)
          You yourself agree that these are indeed issues men face yet you refuse to see that it was members of your own GENDER that created these so-called “Social Norms” and that the ONLY means to get rid of them is through Feminism ie Equalising the sexes.

        48. For many people, feminism is synonymous with pedantry, misandry and overreaction. In the West many think that we
          reached and then overshot equality, with women instead receiving preferential treatment.
          This perception of feminism as driving forward rights for women while crushing men underfoot has led to the
          creation of various men’s rights groups, some of which raise perfectly valid points and draw attention to men’s interests in fields where they may be compromised. For instance, UK organisation Fathers for Justice advocates men’s rights for access to their children while Whiteribbon.org raises awareness on domestic violence regardless of
          gender and age.
          “We are living in a world of huge double standards when it comes to domestic violence and our men are on the bad end of the deal,” reads a post on Whiteribbon.org. “When a man commits domestic violence he is punished very harshly. But when a woman commits domestic violence she gets cheers, chuckles or is all too often ignored.”
          The idea that violence against men is not taken seriously is a common theme for those advocating men’s rights.
          “Male victims are almost invisible to the authorities such as the police, who rarely can be prevailed upon to take the man’s side,” John Mays of men’s rights campaign group Parity told The Guardian. “Their plight is largely overlooked by the media, in official reports and in government policy, for example in the provision of refuge places – 7,500 for females in England and Wales but only 60 for men.”
          In 25 per cent of reported incidents of partner abuse, police took no action.
          “It’s important to remember that domestic violence, the type of abuse where you are living in utter fear of your partner, isn’t a one-off incident: it’s about ongoing and repeated
          violence. Women make up 89 per cent of those who experience four or more incidents of domestic violence,” writes Polly Neate, chief executive of the UK’s national women’s domestic violence charity Women’s Aid, in The Telegraph.
          “We have been told by local Women’s Aid federation organisations that they are funded locally on the basis they
          have to provide services to male victims, and they are rarely used despite putting time and money into promoting this. This is happening at the same time that female victims and their children are being turned away because of a lack of space and funding,” says Neate, while emphasising that domestic violence is never acceptable, regardless of
          who it’s happening to.
          “It still surprises me that often when I’m talking to someone about the lifesaving work that we do at Women’s Aid, the response that I usually get is ‘but what about the men?’”
          But the problem with many, if not the majority, of men’s rights groups is that they partake in a wilfully blind critique of feminism, using the movement as a scapegoat for their
          problems while ignoring the fact that we still live in a patriarchy. It is the reaction of a privileged group to having some of those privileges officially revoked.

        49. It comes down to this:
          We live in a society that was designed to put men
          first. Whether or not a person is wilfully sexist, they were still born into a society where one gender – or race or social class – is held in greater regard. We have all been influenced by the structure into which we were born and, while this is gradually changing, things are by no means equal. And THAT has to change.
          The people who were born into this culture and have the advantages of it are going to be loath to give up those privileges, but what they DON’T realise is that there is so much MORE to gain, by giving up a few of those things. That’s the price of Progression. and Progression will ALWAYS win out over conservatives, one way, or another.

        50. Of course, it isn’t only men who grow up into predetermined roles – we’re all familiar with the problems women face with societal expectations of beauty, demeanour, intelligence, submission and so on. But what is a major problem that is so often overlooked is that women are still so frequently seen as victims with no capacity for decision-making, people who are only capable of reacting to the actions of men. Even Emma Watson’s recent speech to the UN on behalf of the women’s rights organisation He For She illustrated such
          “We don’t often talk about men being imprisoned by gender stereotypes, but I can see that they are, and that when they are free, things will change for women as a natural consequence. If men don’t have to be aggressive in order to be accepted, women won’t feel compelled to be submissive. If men didn’t feel a need to control, women wouldn’t be controlled.”

        51. Ingrained gender roles need to be identified and we must work to iron them out, starting with our children. We can’t continue to teach children that to ‘man up’ is strong and to be ‘a girl’ is weak.

        52. Here’s the problem with that, they are sexual in nature currently because millions of people have been conditioned to see them that way. It’s not as simple as turning it off, and it doesn’t mean there is something wrong with us. Indoctrination isn’t limited to that, and it’s the least of our problems with our brainwashed colored lenses. I agree that it would be interesting to try to change this view, but not as simple as that. Much like getting people to see the truth about society and the government is very difficult. It seems so radical that it can’t be true, so they bury their heads in the sand.

        53. Its the people who sit there and shrug their shoulders while crying “thats just the way the world is” who never bother to try and change it for the better – either because the way it is suits their personal lifestyle/agenda, or because they don’t know how, or – and this one is most often true – they are simply too lazy.
          MALES who tell me “its just not that easy” clearly fall into one of these three categories – most likely 1 and 3 because there are plenty of GAY men out there who couldn’t give two shits about tits! So you can’t tell me its “conditioned” can can’t be changed. I call “Bullshit.”

        54. You aren’t sexually attracted, hie the hell would you know? Logic should tell you that if men see them and it arouses them that the response runs pretty fucking deep. Don’t play dumb with me to try to make yourself be or at least feel “right”. I don’t give a fuck who is right. I give a fuck about truth and the best course of action.
          There are people in the world that get turned on by murdering people, maybe we ought to worry about the evil in the world that is winning rather than arguing whether or not I like your tits sexually and who objectified whom. We fucking have roles that we are biologically geared toward. Maybe people need to quit trying to be something they are not and accept that we have different roles. I’m about fed up with this entitled attitude crap.
          Maybe people need to know pain and suffering, so they learn to appreciate what they do have and be humble.
          Your argument against conditioning is asinine and shows that you have no clue. You’re conditioned by your environment too, just as,anyone else. The concept of breaststroke being sexualized has been ingrained for a long fucking time. Tell my fucking cock that it can’t get hard by seeing tits, Ditz. It can’t always be controlled. We aren’t taught how, if such a thing is even possible for everyone. For men in adulthood it would require years of meditation and willful forced change. It would take generations to change that paradigm. Just because you “want” it to happen right now doesn’t mean it’s feasible. Don’t make me retract my statement about your intelligence, you aren’t this fucking dumb. If you don’t know and don’t believe me, then don’t be a fucking coward tgat can’t admit it. Go do some research. I know you can because my mom did it for school.
          I don’t disagree that it seems ridiculous to be aroused by breasts, but asthetically they are more pleasing to look at than the vagina. What gives? Biology? I dunno. Why don’t women overcome their biological tendency to dispose of men once they have fulfilled a woman’s whims? Or how about the nagging? That should be easy right? The attraction to resources and status, i.e. hyoergamy, can women just change that? Fair trade eh? Fuck no they can’t. You are delusional.

        55. Being Asexual doesn’t mean i am blind to aesthetics.
          I know a good looking person when i see one and I can appreciate them just as much as anyone else.
          And of COURSE you can get aroused by boobs, but that DOESN’T mean they are putting out sexual “signals”.
          People are attracted to fat, to feet, to necks, none of these body parts put out Signals.
          So for the love of god, stop pretending that women are “asking for it” in ANY way unless they do so verbally.
          And yes it MAY take a long time for men to recondition themselves in this way, but you CONDITIONED yourselves to the way you are now in the first place, so stop shoving your head in the sand and using the old “its just the way things are” excuse. Nothing changes unless you WANT it to.
          So put in the effort and BE the change, MAKE the change.
          Until the day that THIS saying is no longer true, I will fight for my rights to my last breath:
          Rejection: “Men fear women will laugh at them. Women fear men will kill them”

        56. We didn’t condition ourselves. Lol wow, how could you draw that conclusion? Quit wearing shirts. It’ll be uncomfortable with ogling for a few years but after we’ll be desensitized. Be part of tbe solution, especially Laci Green.
          Women don’t just laugh at men. They often say really cruel shit and spread rumors that cause men real problems, even as far as ending up in prison wrongly accused of rape. Do you know what happens to rapists in prison? They get raped. There are plenty of women that pull that shit too, something much less severe happened to me. There are more than a few of these evil broads. There are more of them than men that mean to harm seemingky decent women they just want to get to know so don’t give me that crap. You could start considering a wider perspective, trying to empathizing more accurately and try to see more possible outcomes before just throwing out here say, crap you read, watched or what someone told you to think. If you really were thinking for yourself you’d never have said such an ignorant, deluded, biased, thoughtless thing. Christ. Men get drugged too. The risk if a psycho woman is just as great, stop the victimhood.

        57. When – as a general rule – women no longer have to fear men’s reactions to their rejecting them – then we can talk again about the other matters.
          You might want to get to know a woman, but that doesn’t mean she OWES you anything.
          Not a smile, not a glance, not a nod, not attention, not conversation, not even acknowledgement, and they CERTAINLY don’t owe sex. Ever.
          And yes – this goes BOTH ways. People need to learn to STOP feeling entitled to something (or someone) just because they are INTERESTED in it (or them).

        58. That doesn’t give women the right to act like entitles princess jerk when they reject a guy. Have some compassion. If he approaches decently, respond decently. Just because you are in a bad mood or aren’t attracted to him doesn’t mean he is a “creeper”. Women usually don’t approach, nobody can read minds, out in public is the main place to meet women, in public women are going to get approached, period. You’re just turning this on men like men react horribly when rejected. They generally don’t. Don’t believe every biased feminist article you read. Lol If she rejects him in a shitty manner, he has a right to respond in kind. You keep trying to victimize women and shower them with special attention. That isn’t equal ad nd it isn’t balanced.
          Here’s to your Laci Green. Listen to a woman with a good head on her shoulders, listen to both sides of these issues while trying to limit your bias as I have. I uses to think feminism was a pretty good thing until I saw the effects of it. It’s time to stop repeating these things that other people put in your head and to really sit down and think and do some self reflection.

        59. Well, none of us have ever seen any of this “true” feminism. Feminists are pissed at being female. Men are a bunch of shitasses; women a bunch of nasty bitches. It takes years of training beginning just out of mamma’s womb to counter this, and even then it’s not real effective at best. If mamma is a nasty bitch and daddy is a shitass, what chance for any of us to be decent?

        60. Neither gender is superior in worth to the other. Males are supposed to be masculine; females feminine.
          “So after [Jesus] had washed [his disciples’] feet…he said unto them, ‘Know ye what I have done to you? Ye call me master and lord: and ye say well; for so I am. If I then, your lord and master, have washed your feet; ye also ought to wash one another’s feet. For I have given you an example, that ye should do as I have done to you.’ ”
          He was their ruler: he served them.
          “The kings of the Gentiles exercise lordship over them; and they that exercise authority upon them are called benefactors. But ye shall not be so: but he that is greatest among you, let him be as the younger; and he that is chief, as he that doth serve. For whether is greater, he that sitteth at meat, or he that serveth? is not he that sitteth at meat? but I am among you as he that serveth.”
          Men and women are supposed to be complementary, not competing.

    2. That’s because women get away with everything, while the men who do the same crimes get harsh sentencing and shunned by society/media. This is not just with cases regarding false-rape allegations, but with murder, theft, everything.
      Compare paul bernardo’s treatment with karla homolka’s treatment by the canadian judicial system (infamous murderers who brutally raped, sexually assaulted, tortured, killed and committed indecent acts upon the victim’s corpse). Guess who’s free, out living on a remote island, with a child of her own?
      Even the women on here are trying to manipulate and twist others’ words around, and accuse some on here of being “potential rapists”. And yet they want to be taken seriously…

      1. In the case of Paul Bernardo and Karla homolka, the reason that Karla got a different sentence is because the police did not originally suspect her of committing the crimes herself. So the police made a deal with Karla, that if she proved Bernardo’s guilt (with video tapes) that she would get a lesser sentence. It wasn’t until after the deal was made and the cops watched the tapes did they realize homolka’s involvement.
        That is why homolka has a different sentence than Bernardo.

        1. ‘police did not originally suspect her of committing the crimes herself’ yup, because vagina…

    3. His court appointed pubic defecator usually will only try to get him to cop to a lesser charge. The lawyer has 500 more defendants to deal with.

      1. So it’s very unlikely to happen? I’m not familiar with the statistics on this, would you recommend something to read?

      1. If she’s not incapacitated, she wasn’t raped. I’m just bringing up the possibility of incapacitation.

        1. Look, I’m no feminist, but I’d call having sex with a passed out girl rape. Maybe she voluntarily took the substances that caused her to pass out, but if you’re fucking an unconscious person, it’s rape.

        2. Do you believe men and women are created equal? Because if you do you’re a feminist, that’s what it means…
          Um actually, if there was no consent, its rape. period.

        3. Are the majority of people on this thread saying that its OK to have sex with women who are voluntarily unconscious – whether by drinking or drugs. what about women who go to sleep, or are handicapped, or who are children. Are you saying that men do have free license to forcibly impose themselves into any woman who sleeps or who is passed out near them? What about men who pass out, are they game too? What about children and all sleeping people? And handicapped and injured people. Criminals are naturally opportunistic, are we to assume that this is men’s main motivation – that men are rightfully annoyed that this kind of criminal attitude should be more the gold standard for manhood everywhere?

        4. If you take advantage of her unconsciousness then you’re a rapist. i mean, why would you want to do that anyways?

      2. If she’s drunk, she can’t consent to sex in the first place, so that would still be rape. Rape isn’t about “She didn’t say no.” You can’t interpret consent. Anything but a clear (and sober) “Yes” means No.

      3. Being drunk and being drugged are too separate things entirely. I have had nights where I had too much to drink and was still able to literally push men off of me and say no. One night, I had less than a few glasses of wine, but I couldn’t do the above b/c I was confused and dizzy. A person who is tipsy/drunk knows their tolerance abilities and knows what they are capable of and is in a different state than someone who is mentally disoriented and off due to a drug or substance. This is esp. true if you don’t know you were given a drug. It can be frightening. Things like feeling the drug wear off can be evident as well. Someone who knows how liquor affects them will not experience the same “lift” as that of a drug that incapacitates them does when leaving their body. It’s something the victim has prob. not experienced before and is diff. from sobering up from a night of drinking some wine. Suddenly, the victim can move freely and think clearly after a few hours. That is suspicious. This is why many rapists put drugs in alcohol drinks b/c they know there is a good chance the victim will blame themselves for drinking too much. They will say,”it must have been that special wine or drink.” Nope. Roosh, if a woman says she was drugged then raped, believe her.

        1. then you are not feminist enough.
          I’ve seen people saying if a woman says she was raped, believe her

      1. I effing hate the Rohypnol ban. Not because of the “date rape” BS, but because it is the only darned sleeping pill that actually work, without leaving yo groggy the next day. If you ever have had to pretend to be sharp a few hours after a transcontinental flight, or even a day after under heavy jetlag influence, you know how important that can be. But of course, the prog drones running most of this dump of a planet, are more concerned about placating alarmist idiots than actually getting quality work done.

        1. what a dumb comment, seriously. Prescription GHB is a thing your doctor can prescribe you. You’re bitching about something you don’t even know about.

        2. You can find a better sleep aide I’m sure. One that isn’t responsible for a vast majority of rapes.

    1. “Virtually no evidence of struggle” That serves as no evidence since most rapists don’t want evidence of a struggle.

  9. Whether a woman “resists” or not, is not binary. It’s not either/or, but rather how hard. Which depends on the cost/benefit of resisting vs. acquiescing. In the Progressive West, that ratio is all screwed up. If she acquiesces, she is not only “forgiven” for her sluttiness and bad choices that led to the encounter with the rapist in the first place, but is even given all manners of support for her supposed “victim” status. Plus, she gets to pretend that she is “sooooooo” attractive that some guy was willing to risk life in prison to get with her. Also, should she still want to fight back, she risks bruising, cuts and other downsides. So, why should she not simply bang the dude, and then call her alpha (the gommiment) to reduce her subsequent feelings of guilt?
    Compare that with some village where having sex outside marriage leads to being stoned, period. If someone tried to rape her, she has every incentive to fight until her very death before she lets him go through with his act; as death is the certain outcome of losing that fight anyway. IOW, the cost/benefit calculation is completely different; and much better aligned with what most people think of when they hear “rape.”
    Now, the secondary effect of this, is that the expected outcome of an attempted rape, for wannabe rapists, is much lower; since he is basically stuck raping either someone unconscious or dead. Plus, he killed someone’s daughter. Which reduces the incentive someone have to attempt rape in the first place, leading to less of it.
    Just one more way in which those darned Muzzies manage to raise their women to be less trashy than “ours”, and in the process create and/or maintain a more civilized society. But, and here’s the crux, one that does not depend on an overclass of lawyers and taxfeeders to referee acts that ought to be left to individuals; and is hence not very attractive to those in those privileged positions.

  10. The situation is really bad, much worse than people realize. The criminal law has been evolving in recent decades in a direction that erodes the rights of the male “rape” defendant. Some good examples?
    1. “Rape Shield” statutes. Most states have these statutes where, at trial, a defendant is not allowed to probe into the sexual history of the “victim”. It is supposedly not “relevant”, which is bullshit 99% of the time. Basically, on direct or cross examination you can’t even go into the sexual habits or practices of a “victim”, which can often be very relevant.
    2. Erosion of hearsay rules. In sex offense cases, judges now err on the side of pretty much allowing any prejudicial hearsay against a defendant. Even statements made by minor children are now given credence that they never would have been given 30 years ago.
    It just goes on and on. I’m not even going to go into the attempt to use “repressed memory” psychobabble to erode statutes of limitations, or the abuse of sex offender registration, or any other of the hundred examples I could cite.
    The goal is to put men’s testicles into jars of formaldehyde, it would seem.

    1. Oh please. A victim’s sexual history or sexual habits has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with whether or not he or she was raped. It isn’t relevant. If someone says no to having sex with another person, it doesn’t matter if the victim likes S & M. They said no, so technically, they didn’t consent.

      1. I agree. If a man gets raped by a woman, would his promiscuity in the past have anything to do with the current case? I love this blog but this article is kind of bullshit.

        1. I don’t deny there are a lot of false accusations, but this post dismisses, to too much extent, other, actual legitimate (hate to use this word thanks to Paul Ryan) rape cases.

      2. The operator here is the word “no”. Many would argue that in a FAKE rape case (got drunk and fucked someone she wouldn’t normally, then woke up, and called rape where no force was used, and no substances forced on the victim ie: roofie) that the word no isn’t used, the reflect on it later and convince themselves that they were raped due to their own insecurity and willingness to deal with their own shitty decisions. If psychological damage is such an important factor. What about the guy who ought he got lucky being told he was a disgusting mistake, and an animal who doesn’t deserve Rights. Fuck all these stupid bitches who think they can just behave however they want without having to deal with the consequences of poor decision making.women aren’t worth MORE than men. It’s time feminists learned what the term EQUAL means.

        1. So wait, explain to me why is having sex with a drunk woman getting lucky? If you know the woman mental capacity is impaired why do you approach her? Men know how this could turn out to be. Because frankly it does look “strange” when a sober guy takes home a very drunk girl.
          If both are drunk as fuck, that a complete different matter. Either way, a vagina will feel different the next morning if the sex was forceful. Problem is that there could be different reasons as to why the womans vagina was painful. Heck maybe he had no idea what he was doing cause they were both drunk… Thing is the woman will think she was raped. Rape is sometimes a play on perception.
          Women might think they were raped when they werent, but most often than not women feel they werent raped when they were.

        2. If you choose to ingest alcohol, you are accepting reprecussions, I.e. altered mental state.
          When somebody gets bombed, then wakes up in a strange bed, clothes lying around, the first thing that goes in their head is NOT “oh god, did he/she rape me?” but rather “oh god, what did I do last night?”
          Key being “I”.
          Now, percieving rape in such a situation is a sign of social disorder, possibly even chronic fear of men. Then again why would such a woman go into a club and drink herself silly?

        3. Would it be weird to assume that women fear what men can do to them? As in is it that of a far fetched idea? Wouldn’t you think that is actually something that is on women’s minds? So if men know that approach the drunken girl with some consideration.
          i also think the repercussions for a woman getting drunk and a man are drastically different and I wasn’t saying that’s what every women feels when she wakes up drunk, that she feels raped. But I could see how, if woken up with bruises or with a uncomfortable feeling in her vagina could lead to that belief.
          ps. Would men even go to clubs if there are no women? A club is social space to have fun, some people get themselves drunk on purpose, some don’t handle it well. Either way when approaching and interacting with a drunken person, you have to know that they have an altered mind and that can be problematic if you wish to have sex with that person, particularly if that said person belongs to a group that is know to experience sexual violence.

        4. Sorry, but no. A sober man doesn’t get to walk into a club and take the drunkest woman home because she “made poor life choices.” I wish men like YOU would wear signs so we would know how to tell the sociopaths from the majority of decent men out there.

        5. If you choose to get drunk it means you’re choosing to get drunk.
          It does not mean your body becomes public property. Drinking is legal in the UK, there should not be a punishment of rape for drinking.
          Next time you go out and get the shit kicked out of you or god forbid get raped (men get raped too) I hope you remember your own disgusting thick as pig shit logic.

        6. “Then again why would such a woman go into a club and drink herself silly?”
          If men believe having sex with drunken women sometimes leaves those women ending up claiming rape, why not just have sex with sober women who are definitely consenting, instead?

        7. Dave, consent is consent, if you get drunk it does not give someone else the right to have sex with you.

      3. A victim’s sexual history have EVERYTHINNG to do with it. Chances are if a girl is highly promiscuous and having sex with the neighborhood, then she most likely had sex with the accused consensually. A leopard doesn’t change its spots. Once a whore, always a whore.

        1. 1) Their sexual history should have no bearing whatsoever on what happened during an isolated incident. That’s WHY the Rape Shield Law was created.
          2) A person can choose who to have sex or not to have sex with at any time. Just because a girl once had sex with John, Jack and Tom doesn’t mean she wants to have sex with Todd. I’m sure that you would agree that men can pick and choose who they can sleep with, right? I mean look at your past. Maybe you’ve slept with a few girls, but you’ve probably also looked over a few as well. Selection goes both ways, believe it or not. Even with the promiscuous ones.
          3) With regard to rape in general ANYBODY can be a victim of rape. A straight man can be raped by a straight man, a wife can be raped by her husband, a student can be raped by his teacher, etc.
          4) A woman who was once promiscuous can actually change believe it or not. It’s closed-minded people like you who actually feel that just drain my faith in humanity. There are several situations that cause people to change. They do it every day. For the worse and for the better.

        2. What is a whore please? Can men be whores? Why does being a whore mean you are lying about rape?

        3. You are so stupid and wrong on TWO accounts Todd. One a person can change. We as humans are funny that way. Two a persons past doesn’t I repeat DOESN’T matter. I’ll let your dumb arse in on a little secret. Come close to the screen I don’t want everyone one to know this. Okay here is goes so pay attention. No means NO!!!!! There are ni ands if or buts about it. Before you even think to yourself I’m a feminist I’m as far from one as you can get.

        4. One more thing even if she had sex with him before, but the next time he wants sex and she says no guess what…
          …it is STILL RAPE. Thought I’d ge nice and try to clear that up for you as well.

        5. That is so wrong for you to have said such a thing! Her sexual history should not matter at all if she claims rape. Just like it doesn’t matter if someone who is robbed at gunpoint is rich or not, it’s still burglary. If a boxer is walking down the street and gets hit in his face and physically assaulted, according to this screwed up logic, you would claim that since he gets punched in the face for a living, that he deserved it or that b/c he’s a boxer, he gets hit all of the time and it couldn’t possibly be assault then. It’s not possible for a boxer to get assaulted then right? A boxer can still be physically assaulted just like a whore can be raped. It doesn’t matter! Ppl have got to get their heads out of their behinds in regards to ppl who claim rape. Nothing about their private life of history should matter at all! If someone can prove this person lies alot, then sure, that is one thing that is debatable. And that is the ONLY thing that should make you question a person’s rape claim. Are they honest or not. That is all!

      4. Hold on. If a “victim” encouraged her partner to engage in violent sexual acts, then turns around and lies out of pure psychopathic cuntery and sheer enjoyment of destroying a man’s life…then it WOULD matter that she was into S&M (masochist). Or say she had a sexual history in the past of having sex then falsely accusing the men of rape. How would that not matter? Sexual history helps discern what type of person the “victim” is, and is integral in the process of justice.
        It seems that all common sense has been thrown out the window, specifically when it comes to this topic.

        1. That all goes under if she is honest or not. S&M does not matter. Does she lie or does she tell the truth DOES matter. That is the ONLY thing that matters.

  11. I agree that too much empowerment is given to women where under the same circumstances a man would fare far worse. The false accusation claims are not only by women but also girls, look at schools at every level. In Australia an New Zealand 90% of school teachers are female, the number of men whose lives have been destroyed by girls because they received a C grade and not an A which they “felt entitled to” is huge. This is now a major discouragement for men entering teaching. Future/current generations of men are being turned into pussy’s for lack of male role models. This attitude by women starts early in school and through validation carries into adulthood sometimes resulting in false rape claims. We need more MEN i.e Manly Men, we need more males to take the Red Pill.

    1. Women are disadvantaged all across the world. To say that men are the ones at a disadvantage is laughable.
      Do you have a statistic for that?
      Also there are multiple ways to be a ‘man’; its important to deconstruct gender norms and enable people to be beyond what the media portrays as normal. How about empowering people in a way that doesn’t encourage oppression? How about empowering by teaching children to respect all people’s basic humanities and rights to their own bodies?

  12. Rape is the most over-blown source of moral outrage in our society.
    Were pure logic applied, rape would be classified and prosecuted as assault.
    Our ancestors had the idea that rape was theft, theft of their most valuable asset – a chaste young woman. Rape meant that the young woman was no longer chaste, and thus her life and value was ruined.
    However, it can’t be said that many of today’s maidens are anything near chaste by the time they reach 20, so rape isn’t really stealing anything from them. It’s assault, pure and simple.

    1. I feel it lies more around the lines of torture. Assaul is getting beaten up. Personaly I would rather get a bone broken than raped. Rape is not only physcial but affects the victim in emotional, social levels.

      1. Rapes occur VERY rarely. The ones that do are generally false allegations or women changing their minds at the last minute without telling the guy.
        The idea that they occur a lot is feminist propaganda.

        1. That’s not true you just made it up you stupid lying piece of misogynistic shit.
          Fuck you.

        2. My best friend was raped from the age of 7-13 by her father. Is that feminist propaganda?
          Is being basically physically and emotionally tortured feminist propaganda?
          How do you even know that they occur rarely?
          The nature of rape makes it difficult to report because of people who think that it’s not real. People who think that ugly people can’t be raped, or that people consent because of the way the look or “because they were ‘asking for it’”
          A girl at my school was raped by the basketball team. She did not report it to the cops because 1)She consented to having sex with only one of the boys (oral) and he called basically the rest of the team. 2) Those men are about twice the size of her and five times as strong. With almost six or eight of those boys there, how the hell was she supposed to fight back or run or defend herself? So she gave them all oral, in order to get out of that situation. Oh! and one of the boys filmed it. 3)As soon as it was over, she told the coach. And he told her, “you were asking for it”. So she went to her parents. Her parents went to the school, and the school refused to do anything because she had no proof (the coach got rid of the video) and the leader of the basketball team, the one that started it all, was an olympic champion and apparently too valuable to the school and the colleges we was applying to. So basically a rapist is loose at my school. A bunch or rapists. This girl was called a whore by a school administrator and all those boys. Because they weren’t able to do anything, she doesn’t want to tell anyone, because she would be blamed, even though she was a victim.
          What i’m afraid of is these boys getting away with this and then going off to college and do this to other girls (or guys, idk) because of their invulnerability. I can see the headlines now, “basketball star rapes and kills 4 girls”.
          It made me hate my school and administrators and made me fear for myself, for that girl, and for others. I already have trust issues. Imagine this. Also, the fact that i’m 5 feet tall and 95 pounds doesn’t help with this fear. Rape has become a reality in my life, and never as much as before. I found out my best friend was being raped by her father from the ages of 7-13. I myself had to face my uncle who had an unhealthy obsession with me and tried to hurt me. I’ve heard about this girl, and what happened to her. HEll, I live in the ghetto, where there are 7 sex offenders in a one mile radius(Englewood, representt). I apologize for the men who WERE falsely accused, because lying assholes exist in both genders and through entire humanity, but please do not spread false information and hate the victim for being so.

    2. Do some actual historical research. The Vikings took rape very seriously. It was not considered theft but something akin to torture as Katerina said, and it was punishable by death.
      Or it’s summed up well here is you don’t want to do any real reading.

    3. It’s not okay to violate another person’s body just because they’re not a virgin.
      Please see a therapist you creepy asswipe.

    1. Nah, they’re not capable of debating actual policy. So they just stick to screeching at Hollywood-style “ugliest of” articles.

  13. Montana: innocent Johnson could have gone to jail for 100 (sic) years … can we trust that the lying girl will now be arrested and charged ?

    1. You do realize that acquittal does not equal false accusation, right?
      If you doubt that, I refer to my favorite example: John Gotti aka the Teflon Don. Just because someone is acquitted doesn’t mean they didn’t do it. Learn what it means and how the legal system actually works.
      ~Go Griz!

  14. I guess I’m kind of confused. In the manosphere, I see a lot of talk about ugly, old, or fat women not being raped. But there is also the realization that rapist are rapists. Not regular men with normal desires…so why wouldn’t they get raped? If you separate rapists from normal men, why do you assume they’ll be attracted to people in a normal way?

    1. not every girl wants to get one…. no one wants to be poked and prodded in the vagina right after being raped

    2. How will that FIX everything? The woman (or man) was already raped? That doesn’t take back her/his sense of safety or confidence. It doesn’t keep them from reliving the past. It doesn’t do anything but help bring the perpetrator to justice, and that’s only if there is enough to evidence to prosecute. Remember the burden is on the accuser. The accused can claim rough sex if he used a condom and then what does the victim do?? How does that “fix everything?”

      1. It’s in regards to people (especially women) making false accusations about being raped, not towards those that have been TRULY raped.

  15. “Authorities are alerted days, weeks, or even months after the rape.”
    This is perfectly understandable. Most police officers are male and suffer from a total lack of understanding, empathy, and basic intelligence. Many rapes are reported late because the victim has already been raped and she is afraid of becoming a victim of ANOTHER attack (rape or even murder) is she has the courage to stand up for herself and report the person who raped her.
    Men who don’t understand this, are simply idiots. Many of them will later turn into bitter old farts who never got laid. Poor momma’s little boys.

    1. Fuck you, Mangina. You’re a sexist and a self loathing poor excuse for a man. Saying that males can’t understand, be empathetic or have intelligence is just proof of your Feminist brainwashing.

      1. You are too thick to read, obviously. He didn’t say ALL men. Just “men who don’t understand this.”
        Many clearly don’t understand it. Including you. But then you apparently don’t understand fucking English anyway.

    2. I don’t necessarily agree that it’s because male police officers aren’t empathetic or understanding at all. (I have met one police officer who told me that my ex removed my glasses from my face before he punched me and that was a sign that he cared (???) so I have met one like that, but the majority don’t fit that description. In fact, I have had several male police officers encourage me to press charges on my rape because I am still within the statute of limitations.
      I know that in MY case, and in the case of many people in my support groups, the reason that authorities aren’t notified is because the first thing you want to do is get the filthy feeling off of you. To feel clean because you feel so dirty. Then you’re numb, or you cry, and you don’t want to get out of bed. By the time you consider going to the police all physical evidence is gone. I mean…what’s the point. And then all you can think of is that the defense is going to say that you were asking for it, just like everybody says of every girl (just like this article). Even though nobody is supposed to tell, everybody is going to know that it is you. I don’t live in a very big city (80,000) and people find out identities pretty quick when something like that happens. So while you’re deciding what to do and going back and forth…before you know it, it’s been forever.

  16. False rape etc are the making of the gender biased laws more than of the woman’s making!

  17. So your theory is that no one can be coerced, manipulated, and raped by someone they have known for longer than a week? If a father rapes his teenage daughter, who refuses to fight out of confusion and fear, she would, by all your metrics, not have been raped. The same applies to spousal rape, which I am assuming you don’t accept as a reality. I am also assuming you didn’t intend for this article to take minors or family members into consideration, but it’s attitudes like the ones in this article that give those fathers the power to abuse their children, and keeps those children in the dark.
    But yeah, it’s pretty difficult being a dude sometimes, I guess.

    1. Pretty difficult being a dude? Really? Yeah it must be so hard being accused of raping someone as opposed to actually going through the ordeal yourself. Poor men.

      1. Way to only focus on the little bit of humor he threw into his post. After reading the first part, it seems pretty obvious that the last sentence was sarcasm. Use your brain a little bit.

      2. Would I rather be raped or falsely accused of rape?
        Let’s see. If I’m raped, I have to have some guy’s schlong in my butt for 20 minutes and then deal with the emotional fallout.
        If I’m falsely accused of rape, I could go to jail for 20 years.
        It’s a tough call, but I think I’d rather be raped.

      3. Being raped is traumatic. Being falsely accused of such a heinous crime is disgusting. Both are messed up, and us fighting over who has it worse prolongs what we should be focusing on: the people that legitimately rape and are getting away with it.
        Rape survivors and people that are falsely accused of rape are not true enemies of each other. Our common enemy is rapists. They are the people who hurt humanity, not us.

        1. The enemy of the falsely accused male is not a rapist out there somewhere. His enemy is the false accuser.

      4. as i said above physical rape ends when the rapist runs away, you can start building back you life, consequences of false accusations never end forgiveness and healing are much harder since you deal with consequences of something you didn’t do all the time. false accusations are a brut act of intimidation and abuse

        1. As I said, as a rape victim it DID NOT END when the rape was over! OH NO it continued on and on. The pain is Still here 10 years later! How do you describe that? Wasn’t I supposed to heal by now?

        2. Lol my rapist actively tried to destroy my reputation, telling everyone I was falsely accusing him of rape (I had only told one close friend at the time) and harassed me over a period of years. (Yay partner rape. As it turns out, you can know someone, go over to their house, and STILL not want to have sex with them! AMAZING. Or you can want to have sex with them, but after they choke you and threaten you, you may WANT TO STOP HAVING SEX but they are CAPABLE OF PHYSICALLY RESTRAINING YOU so you DON’T FIGHT BACK
          I also have PTSD, which is a lot of fun to deal with! Untreated PTSD has cost me years of my life in wasted time and insomnia and general misery.

      5. There is no equation “one raped female / one falsely accused male = 0.” Both are wrong. The equation is “one raped female + one falsely accused male = two wrongs.
        Only one is a crime.

    2. No one is defending incest but to compare a teenage girl in the first scenario to the married couple in the second scenario is ludicrous. If a man can’t get sex from his wife what is the point of being married? Not only that but during the marriage she can be a part time sex partner but he has to be a full time ATM. Even if they divorce and she gets alimony; he gets no pussy yet she gets his money.

      1. A man has a right to have sexual intercourse with his wife. He does NOT have a right to FORCE or COERCE her to submit to him.
        The recourse for the violation of a contract is to sue to void the contract.
        Implied in the marriage agreement is to treat her decently, to at least act as if you love her. To not give her a STD. To not fuck or fuck around with other women. Or men. To keep your asshole between your buttocks.

  18. 1) Look up feminism. You’re using it wrong. Feminist means you believe men and women are equal. That’ sit. You can be a feminist and believe other things too but at its core that’s what it means.
    This is awful on so many levels. Sometimes women go into shock and don’t resist. Unless you have verbal consent while not under the influence it’s rape. It doesn’t matter whether they struggle, unless there’s either verbal assent or they are equal participants its rape. Most rapes are actually committed by people you know…
    Also waiting to report: most women are scared, unable to process, or unwilling to even acknowledge it happened until someone helps you come forward. You don’t want to believe it could happen to you and then its hard to acknowledge it does sometimes because it so emotionally damaging.
    As an abuse victim, I waited 10 years to come forward just to come forward, not even to press charges..my mind had blocked it out because I was a child who could not handle the situation and survive mentally. I still don’t have complete memories. But that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen…
    I agree that some women do make false rape charges, it happens but not nearly as frequently as women making rape charges that are just undermined and not treated well.

  19. you’re a fucking moron. just because there aren’t signs of struggle doesn’t mean she wasn’t raped. have you ever been raped? i was. there wasn’t a sign of a struggle because by body shut down. i was molested when i was a kid too, so my mind developed a defense mechanism, where it shuts down when traumatized. my rape when i was 18 was such an instance. and he was a friend… someone i trusted. i was definitely raped. people like you are what stop us from coming forward and talking about it. stop writing about shit you know nothing about.

  20. You are the problem and spreading these false ideologies is worse than you realize. False reports of rape are less than 2% and the rules you have outlined are erroneous and ignore male rape all together. You grossly misunderstand the topic and your ignorance shows.

    1. THANK YOU! The rate on false rape reports is approximately the same rate as that of false reports of all other crimes.

      1. ..ones that are proven false, as everyone knows is very difficult to prove a positive in this case but always in any much harder to prove a negative of anything..

      2. Yet ANOTHER liar. Like with the bitch above try 30-40%. You know reality not feminist propaganda.

        1. Hey Jim,
          It’s me Natalie again.
          Frustrated is not a liar, they are being honest and also have Harvard university research backing them up.
          What do you have? Oh that’s right, you have ridicule and belittling people to try to undermine their credibility.

      1. Jim
        40% (at least) of accused are falsely accused? Please give me your reliable source and I will consider your argument.
        As for Becca’s argument, she is accurate on 2% of all rape cases are false. Feel free to search Stanford University’s website for a reliable source:
        And one last thing, don’t call Becca “sweets”. She’s not your “sweets”. You were trying to insult her while adding a cute name to the end. It’s an attempt to destroy her credibility by making her seem like a child, while trying to increase your credibility by talking to her as if you are the all-knowing adult. It’s pathetic and your tactics are childish.

        1. the website clearly states that only 2% of rape accusations are NOT BELIEVED i would think.
          “2% of all rape and related sex charges are determined to be false”
          i read this as “98% of rape claims are (legally) believed”
          i would think if i take out the (legally) the 98 would go up to 100
          so please don’t be so aggressive. Jim might need a different attitude but what he is saying is a reasonable doubt followed by his intuition.

    2. Even if that was true (“less than 2%), it’s still a significant issue. There are lives out there being ruined by those psychopathic women, not to mention, real victims of rape will now not be taken seriously because of those liars.
      I don’t think calling these psychopathic liars out is problematic – silencing the truth, however, would be.

      1. Hey Anon,
        I don’t think Becca was trying to say that it’s not an issue; obviously people being falsely accused is a huge and terrible issue.
        I think Becca used the 2% statistic because CuriosOne stated that most rape cases are false, and Becca was supporting her conclusion, that most rape claims are legitimate.
        No matter how small the number of false rape claims, you’re still right Anon: false claims can ruin people’s lives and it is wrong to falsely accuse someone.
        With that, it is not a competition of who has it worse, between rape survivors and falsely accused: we both have our awful ordeals to contend with. We are not each others’ enemies; real rapists are an enemy to both of us.

  21. I cannot even handle how fucking ignorant ALL of this is. Even the comments below are a testament to rape culture. I just hope for the sake of society and the future women of the world that assholes like you die off.

    1. Listen faggot. Women aren’t little precious snowflakes. I would know, I’m one myself and had the “pleasure” of seeing other women’s darksides (ex-friends, relatives, co-workers) – catty, manipulative, clique-ish, back-stabbing behaviour, etc.
      And now that people are finally are calling out psychopathic women for lying about a serious crime, you think THEY should be the ones dying off? Even though the psychopathic lying cunts are hurting actual victims of rape, as well as countless men that are innocent? Just whose side are you on?

      1. Yikes. You don’t sound like a woman. Or if you are, you sound like you hate them enough to be a rapist.

  22. there is some seriously flawed logic here. In #2: the fact that most people are raped by people they know is not a “feminist response,” it’s a well established fact. Regardless, your logic in why it’s unlikely to happen makes no sense; it doesn’t matter if a woman can identify him, proving rape is incredibly difficult (which might have occurred to you when seeing how many cases are dismissed, we’re all considered innocent unless proven guilty after all.) In #3 you fail to recognize that many victims are threatened into silence and have obvious reason to fear for their safety and the safety of their loved-ones. The fact that the police are obligated to keep it from the press does not mean they will (or can) keep it from the assailant (who can tell anyone he or she wants.) As for #1, what about women who have been drugged? how do you suppose they fight back while unconscious? None of this matters of course because you don’t care about logic, you care about publicly justifying your own misogyny. But I thought I’d point it out anyways.

    1. “we’re all considered innocent unless proven guilty after all.”
      Not when it comes to rape, just the opposite is true.

      1. This is very true. Just look at Matthew Barnnett in the Daisy Coleman case. He has been proven innocent by two groups of justice officials and by Daisy Coleman’s own text messages to him, YET, he is still viewed by the public as a rapist and Daisy Coleman as a sweet innocent child victim. When it comes to an allegation of rape, especially a well known one, the man is guilty until proven innocent and usually even afterward.

        1. Spacecowboy43,
          It is not fair for an innocent man to be viewed as guilty, I agree with that.
          There is a huge difference between when people and society think a person is guilty, and if a person is seen guilty in the eyes of the law, and charged for their crimes.
          Matthew Barnnett may unfortunately be dealing with citizens tormenting in for a crime he did not commit. But that is not the same thing as the court of law charging a person of a crime with no admissible evidence. If a person was guilty until proven innocent, the plaintiff would not need to establish any evidence. In reality, the victim must have a solid case with a lot of valid evidence in order

        2. In order for the rapist to be charged.
          Therefore, in the eyes of the law (not society) everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

        3. Im sure that’s how the defense painted her in court. There are thousands of real rapes to fake accusations. Woman who make fake accusations are not thinking. Your not just hurting that man. Your hurting all the women who actually do get raped and create one sided, un educated in the subject, probably will never be accused of fake or real cause they are just tools, type of dudes to even write this retarded shit. Woman if you did it own it no matter what happens after and stop ruining it for real victims that already are scared to come forward. Like to see this dude get raped and preserve his evidence instead of wanting to take a shower. Kings don’t need to rape. They are manly confident kings. Creeps need to rape.

        4. The false accusation rate for rape is 60%. The reasons given for this false accusation rate: spite,revenge,even boredom. These are the cases where the accuser deliberately lied. This is from a U.S. Air Force study by Dr. Charles McDowwell. From the book The Myth Of Male Power by Warren Farrell.

        5. Not necessarily false as in “she lied” but unsubstantiated = insufficient evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt.
          Prosecuting when an experienced prosecutor is not convinced of the guilt of the accused is unethical. Going forward to trial in the hope that the accused will cop a plea to a lesser charge out of fear, when the prosecution knows it has no case, as if it was just a game, is morally criminal. It engenders disrespect for the criminal justice system.

      2. Hey N,
        When it comes to rape, as any other crime, everyone is viewed innocent until proven guilty, in the eyes of the law.
        If a rapist was viewed as guilty until proven innocent, then more people would be in jail for lack of evidence to support their innocence. Instead, there are rapists walking free because there was not sufficient admissible evidence to establish their definitive guilt. Therefore, even rapists are viewed as innocent until proven guilty.

      3. The “innocent (or at least not guilty) until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt” principle is ONLY at trial.
        The police won’t arrest if they don’t think there’s some possibility the accused is guilty. But the reaction of the public, of friends, family is unpredictable. Some will believe the accusation. Some won’t.

    2. What’s angering about this article is that it’s discussing false rape accusations as a huge issue, when victims being blamed and ignored is MUCH more common and distressing (with this being an example). The argument about a particular situation constitutes as rape or not are for a judge who is educated in the legal system to decide, not some fatass in his basement writing blogs based on the experiences of his college bros. Not fighting back can mean she is in fear or passive. Coming to a guy’s house does not mean she wants his penis to penetrate her (this is what rape is), and a naive girl might have a different interpretation of what going over means. Did you know girls can like guys and feel sexually attracted to them not wanting him to penetrate her? Also, did you know, it’s possible that the girl will pity the guy and feel like he maybe got himself in a bad situation, then finding out that he has forced other girls in the past will lead her to press charges? Many times, girls do not come forward because they blame themselves. By the time a girl struggles or attempts to fight a guy off, it’s already a rape. It’s not some sort of battle where just because a girl doesn’t fight a guy off doesn’t mean she wanted to have sex. It’s embarrassing the author published this on the internet with his name attached to it.

      1. False rape accusations are much more common and are EQUALLY distressing. Just because one affects women and one affects men, does not make the female case more distressing. This is what annoys me about modern society. If something is levied against a women it is much more important than against a man.
        Not only this but I fail to see why people say that victim blaming is common. I have literally never seen it. Nobody accuses a rape-victim of being at fault. Not in the UK anyway, it’s taken very seriously. I fail to see where in the world rape can be taken so lightly, because it isn’t here.
        Victim blaming doesn’t exist in the UK, nobody is that heartless. I feel bad for any country that has it, it’s 2014.
        P.S. Just to clarify I think this article is pathetic, unfounded and insufferable. It’s far from victim blaming; so let’s leave out the hyperbole for now. It is however, ridiculous.

        1. Dear NotFromStoke,
          I agree that false rape accusations are awful and that distressing doesn’t describe how awful it would be. Being raped and being falsely accused of rape are 2 different situations, both awful, and do not need to be compared (like who’s got it worse? Screw that)
          I’m glad in the UK, victim blaming is non-existent. And I’m sad to say victim blaming is rampant in North America. I have friends that have been raped, and I am disgusted by how many people (friends and family) that blame the survivor. It breaks my heart. So I’m glad there is a place in this world, like the UK, that has a heart.

        2. As someone who’s been falsely accused of rape… I can say they’re not that different at all. They’re both about control. You can’t control me physically… so you’ll control me socially and legally. Absent physical violence… they’re equally as destructive and evil. Being falsely accused of raping someone… watching your business melt away in front of you… people you thought were your friends turn on you… living in constant fear that at anytime anyone with a vagina can destroy your life if she chooses… all of that… I’ll take being physically raped anyday.

        3. @coach same thing happened to me, I think its more humiliating because if a girl is raped she truly is a victim and it wasnt her fault, why is there any shame in that ?
          However having half the town you live in think your monster to the point you cant even finish your senior year at highschool, is highly humiliating.

        4. same here, I rather been raped than going again through what i’m still going trough. physical rape ends when the perpetrator runs away, so now you are ready to heal and forgive, woman get all the support they need from groups and family but, consequences of being falsely accused never end, you can’t just let go and forgive you get kick out of college you can’t apply to other institutions or your career is destroyed, you can’t seek justice trough a justice court because this woman can fire back to you and get charged instead of her. so emotional rape consequences never end, you can’t get justice and if you do the false accuser get’s a misdemeanor. false accusations are a total act of intimidation, abuse and control.

        5. As a rape victim I can tell you it is horrible. I never told anyone that I was raped I didn’t want to be a rape victim. In the society I live in rapers are rewarded “High five dude!” and victims are spit on. There was a girl before me and she did press charges on him and it all got dropped, people treated her so bad that she had to move away. So with that, I figured I had no proof and it would just be he said she said, so I never told a soul and tried to live with it. This was/is hard. I am still active in therapy been for 3 years now and just now beginning to understand why I didn’t fight back even though I wanted to. You see it is very paralyzing to wake up to having sex, especially if its your first time and you always imagined your first time would be with someone you love and you would want it and be involved in it. What is even worse he told me not to long ago he has raped at least 5 more women since me. He said “Its great, I can have whoever I want when I want and no one will ever cry rape about me because they all know how everyone ran off that girl in high school for trying to come against me” Yeah, so with my experience I know of many girls that have been raped but because there is so much stigma with being a rape victim we hold it in and try to live with it day in and day out. Not only that but a future real relationship is ruined already. It takes years and years of therapy to overcome. I still wake up having nightmares.

        6. I’m so so sorry this happened to you and I completely agree with your assessment (even if it doesn’t apply for every situation). I hope therapy helps you get the relief you need. Be well!

        7. Can i just say that yes the *rape* may end when the perpetrator walks away but the emotional and physical damage can last for some time. (I am not disagreeing with you that a false accusation of rape can ruin your life.)

        8. There is no victim blaming people see the news story guy alleged to have raped woman and they automatically assume the man did it … This happens more often than not and a lot of women do make it up , some for attention , some for revenge , some because they feel like the sex was a mistake…
          I had a situation where this lady I knew and hung out with called me over one day and tried to give me a line of meth , then took off her clothes and was showing me all these bruises that somebody gave her .. Next thing you know she started plumping up her saggy boobs to try and turn me on and then laid on the bed and started trying to ” teach” me what a clit was , because I guess she thought I was a virgin , when in reality I was disgusted by her body , involved in a relationship, and also was questioning her motives … I decided it was best to leave .. This woman was an attention seeker that at one time demanded to use my phone because ” it’s a matter of suicide ” and called her mom to tell her she was going to kill herself … So the thought popped in my head that if I had sex with her she could easily say I am the one who gave her those bruises and raped her . To this day I am glad that I left that house without having sex , because I don’t know what her true motives were and I don’t need to go through that … She had bruises all over her and out of the blue she wants me to fuck her ?

        9. From my experience and observation therapists drag therapy out for years. As a fellow I knew who was majoring in psychology and counselling said, “I’m a rent-a-friend.”
          Oh well.

        10. A big difference is that if a woman is raped she is attacked by another, usually politically powerless, individual. If a man is falsely accused of rape, the immense power of government is set on him.
          A raped woman Isn’t tossed in jail for reporting her rape. This isn’t Saudi Arabia, Pakistan or Afghanistan. Her identity isn’t publicized. Her photo isn’t on the TV news.
          A man accused of rape is, if he is identified, arrested, booked into jail and his mugshot splashed over the news media. The bail bondsman robs him. He loses his job.
          You’re right. Rape and being falsely accused of rape aren’t comparable. If not physically injured, the raped woman’s harm is due to her conditioning.

      2. how many pussies have u been getting irl due to your online white knighting mangina activities? 0 i bet

      3. You are total white knight/mangina. You sound like the next Eliot Rodger.

      4. False rape accusations are usually wed out by good DA’s and the police because they are a resource drain. But if shit hits the fan and you got an overzealous DA and the police makes mistakes then good night brother.

        1. By the time the D.A. has weeded out the false accusation you have been arrested, booked into jail, paid a bondsman, had your name and photo publicized. Any reputation you may have had is worth its weight in shit. “Everyone knows” that you, the rapist, got away with it, not that you were innocent, even if she picked your name out of the phone book.

      5. A raped woman doesn’t get put in prison if the man she accused isn’t convicted and punished. Very rarely, if her accusation was blatantly false, an outright brazen lie, a woman may get a minor penalty. She is entitled to due process of law, proof beyond a reasonable doubt, before a conviction for false accusation. Few prosecutors will take room in their schedules and space on court dockets to go after a false rape accusatrix unless she is a repeat offender.

    3. Thank you Mark Johnson, I know there are logical men out there, and it’s very reassuring to hear you make sense.

      1. It seems your only qualification for a “logical man” is “one who agrees with me”?

    4. Terrible logic. All three of these things apply to my sexual assault, and many others probably. Just overall terrible logic. He wouldn’t invited you over to where you could identify him? Most rapes do happen in a home either the victim’s or assailant’s home as far as I know, and most are not violent, but considered “date rape”. There was absolutely no struggle because it was with someone I knew and trusted, and I completely froze (a very common response), and also was terrified of being raped (I was assaulted). It was in his bedroom, and I never reported it because like most women I knew most likely nothing would be done because of “lack of evidence” and I already felt terrible. Re-living the experience to law enforcement would be even more terrifying.

    5. This also works the other way around.
      #1 allows women to call drunk sex as rape by claiming they were “too intoxicated to consent”. America is one of the few countries where being drunk is an excuse rather than an aggravating factor.
      #2 false rape allegations are almost 100% from people you know.
      #3 “Ignorantia juris non excusat”, police does a great job to monitor people who might be dangerous, so it’s a poor excuse to claim you were “under threat” especially if it’s been months/years
      None of this matters of course because you don’t care about logic, you care about publicly signalling your own beta male feminist status. But I thought I’d point it out anyways.

  23. This is one of the most sickening things I’ve ever read on the internet. This guy assumes that all rape is violent and involves only psychopathic strangers breaking and entering into people’s homes, looking for someone to violate. It COMPLETELY ignores the fact that statistically most rapes occur between the victim and an acquaintance, and that most rapes are not, in fact, violent, but involve the assailant either incapacitating the victim some way (through drugs or alcohol), taking advantage of someone who has been thus incapacitated, or just ignoring the words “no” and “stop”. Oh, and never mind the fact that rape is falsely reported no more than just about any other crime is falsely reported – according to one study from 2010, less than 6% of reported rapes are falsely reported. But that doesn’t matter, does it? All you have to do is apply these “tests” and then we can all go home!
    You know what makes it rape? Not the woman screaming and crying “Get off, help, police!” but the woman NOT SAYING, “YES, I WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH YOU.” Just like most theft doesn’t involve someone holding a gun or knife and violently assaulting them to steal something, but silently breaking and entering, or taking something when nobody’s around. If a woman hasn’t actively agreed to have sex with a man, and that man just “assumes” she’d be okay with it when she’s passed out drunk or stoned, then it’s rape. Just like if I “assume” you’ll be okay with me taking your car for a joyride without actually asking you, I am stealing your car. Or if she says “stop” and he doesn’t, even if she doesn’t start violently thrashing about to try to stop it, it’s rape – just like it’s also theft if someone pulls a knife on me and takes my wallet without me trying to deck him. Bottom line – the vast majority of rapes are NOT violent encounters between home intruders, or in dark allies.
    Oh, and the assertion that “waiting to report rape” should set off bullshit detectors is itself bullshit. First of all, it doesn’t neutralize the statistic that most rape is committed by acquaintances of the victim, like this jerk says it does. The two things are completely unrelated. Second of all, there are plenty of reported cases, and many, many more cases not reported, of police or university administrations thoroughly re-victimizing a woman who comes forward about being raped. “What were you wearing? Had you gone out with him before? Were you drinking?” “Did he invite you to dinner? Were you flirting with him or making out? If yes, then that’s your own damn fault, quit bothering us.” The reluctance to come forward about rape doesn’t have anything to do with the case becoming public, and everything to do with how coming forward will further negatively impact the woman’s life, even among a close circle of friends.
    As a man, I find this article completely reprehensible. It distorts the truth about rape, who does it, and what constitutes it. It further seeks to absolve men from the responsibility of raping women by casting first aspersions on the accuser, something we generally don’t do in crime. If I report my car stolen, the police don’t automatically assume I’m lying about it. I’m not saying all men accused of rape should go directly to jail without a trial, but we absolutely NEED to take accusations of rape seriously, since it involves the most heinous of personal and physical violation of a woman’s body. In direct opposition to this necessity, this article only perpetuates the rape culture it is trying so “nobly” to fight against.

  24. Is it really possible for one to be THIS stupid? I mean, come on!
    1. There doesn’t have to be signs of a struggle. I was taught that if a man ever attempted to rape me and it was clear I wouldn’t be able to fight him off, to lay there and let him finish, then kill him when he was done. What the hell do you think is going to happen if I just lay there? There’s going to be no signs of any type of struggle whatsoever. Just because there aren’t any signs, doesn’t make me a liar about the rape taking place.
    2. If I invite a man into my home, it is NOT my fault that he rapes me. And it doesn’t mean a rape never took place. That is the most ridiculous reasoning I have ever seen. So are you one of those men who believe that just because a woman invites you inside her home after a date, ANYTHING goes? Even rape? Try to rape me in my home and your dick will be face to face with the end of a shotgun barrel and very aggressive dog.
    3. Most rape victims are too scared or ashamed to admit they’ve been raped right away. The rapist may have told them if they told anyone, they would kill them or their family. Another stupid ass point your trying to make, just because a rape vitcim comes forward days or weeks after a rape does not mean they were not rape. Its sexist bastards like you who help men get off rape cases against them.
    There are millions of women out there who have been raped, yet haven’t told anyone. I know women personally who are going through this. The fact that your actually trying to defend piece of shit rapists is sickening.

  25. You really seem to have no idea how rape actually happens in America–it’s much more complicated than an anonymous and violent man beating down a woman. In most rapes, the perpetrator and victim know each other and the victim’s wishes and intentions are ignored. The perpetrator beats down mental defenses using alcohol and whatever other tools may be at his disposal. Almost one in four women in America’s been raped in her life. Don’t blame the victim. There are also almost no misreported cases of rape–in fact, rape is one of the most seriously UNDER reported crimes in the US. You don’t solve serious problems by blaming the victims.

  26. I’m dumbfounded by this article. I’m a policeman; please listen. I have NEVER seen a rape victim report that night or the next day. Sometimes we get reports that are that week or that month, but it is quite rare to get the report that night. The victim virtually always feels some guilt about it: “I drank too much” “I should’ve worn a longer skirt” “I should’ve fought harder”. The report usually comes by accident (a doctor or counselor reports it to police), or because she finally told someone who then reported it or convinced her to come forward.
    In 97% of rapes, the rapist and victim knew each other prior. Rapists are addicts. A man doesn’t just wake up one day and say “let’s try something new”. Like a serial killer, rapists seek out their prey. They may have a certain type they like: redheads, little boys, etc. or they may simply go for opportunities. When I say opportunities, I don’t mean a woman alone a dark alley. I mean the rapist recognizes a weakness he can exploit: women who’ve had a recent tragedy or trauma (especially women who’ve been raped before). Rapists usually start with something cops call ‘grooming’. They maneuver their victim into believing she can trust him completely: providing comfort at the right times, appearing to confide in her, appearing completely unselfish. People tend to see what they desperately want to believe – something rapists take full advantage of. Ever known that girl who absolutely would not let go of a boyfriend that treats her like crap? I am NOT saying her boyfriend is a rapist, but he may have used similar manipulation or the girl is just that desperate. Since they trust the rapist who has befriended them, it’s not unusual for them to go to his house or vice versa – they’re friends, or so she thinks.
    How come the neighbors of serial killers never imagined what he was doing? (1) The guy is good at what he does or he would’ve already been caught. Part of not getting caught is blending in and not arousing suspicion. (2) Nobody wants to believe their friend, co-worker, or neighbor is a serial killer – or a rapist.
    On the day the rapist decides to make his move, it’s pretty easy to get her alone because she trusts him. At the moment he decides is right, he doesn’t grab her and throw her on the bed; that’s a black and white situation which allows people to act with more confidence. He doesn’t want that. He’s going to linger in the grey uncertain area and eventually get to black. He’s already accomplished much of this during the grooming process. He’s done a lot of seemingly innocent things meant to get her used to him being close to her, such as resting an arm on her shoulder or lower back. The first few times he did it may have seemed weird to her, but by the time he makes the big move, he’s already made it commonplace. On rape day, he simply does an expedited form of grooming. Slowly putting hands where they don’t belong. Starting out kissing her “romantically” – something less threatening and she may still consider it grey area.
    Sound like a couple teenagers at a movie? Sort of, with one HUGE difference – hitting the black area.
    Despite feminist rants, if you put the average woman in a room with the average man, the man will kick her ass every time. This is a thought that most people don’t consider until it’s too late… The victim’s situation doesn’t turn black until what I call the “Oh Shit” moment. The moment she realizes he’s paying no attention to what she wants; he’s not even acknowledging that she’s talking. The moment she realizes she’s lost control. That’s when most women first realize (1) they have no idea who this guy is; what else is he capable of?; and (2) her life is literally in his hands. What happens for the rest of the time they’re alone is entirely up to him and how far he is willing to go to get his way. Because of this shock, from the time of the “Oh Shit” moment on, she’s pretty much in fear for her life. And therefore, not knowing how much he’s willing to do to her, she’s scared to fight back or anger him in any other way.
    I would agree women mostly do fight back, but it’s passive. Being scared to piss him off, they usually just tense up or push against him when he tries to move her arm or leg. Think about it. She’s knows damn good and well that if she picks a fight, she will lose. The big question is: How bad will she lose? Will he kill her? Break her jaw? Hang around and cum one extra time just for spite?
    Any guys out there worried about raping someone “by accident”? Don’t be. True misunderstandings are extremely rare. The only reason I call them rare instead of impossible is because I’ve seen it one time. The only reason we found out is because he confessed to it. He said the next day he remembered signs that she really wasn’t into it but was too drunk to care.
    So how can you recognize you may be pushing it too far:
    – She’s crying during sex. Afterward is one thing but if you see tears while in the act, you need to get off her until you know why.
    – She won’t look at you and/or she seems to stare at nothing.
    – She’s just lying there while you “do all the work”.
    – You aren’t getting much response from her, verbally or otherwise.
    – She seems like she’s somewhere else (she probably is).
    Verbally asking her if she wants to have sex can really break the mood, but if you see any of the above, you need to check. Not asking could ruin her life and yours.
    The false reports I’ve seen tend to look like a Hollywood movie: ski masks, strangers jumping out of bushes, weapons no one can find. A liar is working with the same stereotypes the average person has and therefore creates what she thinks is a believable rape. A liar is going to have a clearer story because she’s filling in the gaps with lies. Since no rape actually occurred, you’re not going to get the same sense of guilt from her – she’s just telling a story. She’s trying not to look like a liar so she’s going out of her way to have all the answers. In reality, victims often don’t remember things either because of trauma or because they zoned out with the mentality of just getting it over with and getting out of the situation. Since liars don’t have the truth to back them up, they don’t want to tell a story anyone would question. EVERY true rape situation includes something the average person would raise an eyebrow at.
    This doesn’t make any sense to you? GOOD. Only a rapist would completely understand what he does. Rapists are very sick individuals and defy social beliefs by definition. Their world and the world they bring to their victims is one that does not exist for the average person.
    I despise bad information and those who make false reports – both things help rapists rape another day. If we falsely believe certain things (like believing a report is false when it’s not), we help the stereotypes that keep real rapists in the clear.
    Samseau: I’m sure your intentions are good, but please take this post to heart. According to your signs, every single rape/sex assault case I’ve had (to include cases where the rapist confessed) were false allegations since they fit at least two of your signs. Also, keep in mind, if the situation is hard for the average person to believe because of stereotypes, it’s not as likely to be in the media. The rape cases you hear about are not an accurate reflection of reality.

    1. I despise false reports because they put innocent men in jail, sometimes for a long time. Yes, they also help real rapists. But the wrongful conviction of innocent men ranks very high in my concept of potential disasters.

      1. Something I hate about the feminist movement is that it has defined the issue of rape as men v. women. That’s ridiculous. I see that feeling all over this page. This is not a women vs men thing. For one, the amount of male rapists out there is estimated to be 3% and female rapists to be less than 1%. That means this should be 97% of men and 99% of women vs. less than 2% of the population. Feminists acting on bad information created this gender divide because they started a campaign painting men as crazed sexual animals when the actual crazed sexual animals make up less than 2% of the entire population.
        While innocent people have been put in jail, that has largely happened when we didn’t have the technology or the databases to investigate crime like we do today. We have discovered a lot of these injustices from testing old evidence with new technology. While it’s rare, it is also a shocking injustice for an innocent man to be in prison even one day. The justice system is man-made (or person-made if you prefer) and therefore can never be perfect, but in today’s times, a woman making a false report, regardless of her reason, has a long, unlikely road ahead of her if she wants the innocent man she’s accusing to go to prison.
        It’s insanely hard to get a rape case to court. Remember, our system is purposely set up with the idea that it is better for a guilty man to go free than for an innocent man to go to prison. All the rights in our system favor the accused. The government has to prove the accused did it, but the accused does NOT have to prove his innocence. That’s why courts give the finding of guilty/not guilty as opposed to guilty/innocent.
        The more likely injustice is the mere allegation. Some people automatically take the victim’s side causing problems for the man socially, financially, and especially in his career. When people recognize a problem in society, they over correct it so they start seeing all men as pigs and they go head over heels for every alleged victim. This makes it political with the Male Party in one corner and the Female Party in the other. While we’re fighting with ourselves, the real rapist is laughing.
        TO ALL THE MEN: I know we’ve all heard the horror stories but trust me – You’re not going to prison over a false allegation unless you did something really stupid, like play along with a one-night stand who wanted you to pretend you were raping her. Protect yourself, if you’re into things like that, make sure she’s somebody you know well. In the rape allegations I’ve seen as a cop, I’d estimate the real v. false to be about 60/40! I’d be scared of that if I was a man. What I’d do: audio record it! Video recording is not going to help your appearance of innocence (surprise, surprise) and it’s illegal… but audio can record things like her asking for more or her giving instruction. That would definitely help your case. Check the laws in your state. Video is illegal, flat out, but many states only require one-party consent for audio recordings. I also highly recommend no one EVER knows about these recordings unless you are accused of a false rape. Letting someone hear the tape who doesn’t have a legal reason to hear it may be considered “broadcasting” in your state and cause legal trouble for you. No one knowing about it also helps the cops investigate. Having an audio recording that the fake victim doesn’t know about – that’s money. There are serious consequences for making false allegations. The problem is proving it. Once you go after the victim for false allegations, she now has all the same rights as an accused. Just like it’s hard to prove a rape occurred, it’s just as hard to prove it didn’t occur, which is what you have to do to prosecute someone for a false allegation.
        Bottom line: If you care about other people, even a little, you can’t “accidently” rape someone, and if you didn’t rape her, she may be able to cause trouble with false allegations, but you’re not going prison.

        1. If that is the case then explain to me why we have women lying about rape when there was no sex? Believe me, all you have to is put in rape lies in your search engine. Here some that I have found. Woman lied about rape because the man refused to buy her beer. He’s in prison. Woman lied about rape because the man was out too long getting her cigarettes. Yep, he’s in prison. There are cases when the women randomly picks out men that she don’t even know, lies about rape, and they are in prison. Explain that to me.

    2. After reading all of this and your interpretation of how a rapist ‘grooms’ his victim can you please tell me how my husband and best friend can get drunk and have sex in the same room where i was sleeping and now he has been accused of rape?? He is never violent, never pushy sexually, never had a history of sexual offences, but is now on bail for rape!! Please explain this to me as i do not know what the hell is going on!!

    3. After reading all of this and your interpretation of how a rapist ‘grooms’ his victim can you please tell me how my husband and best friend can get drunk and have sex in the same room where i was sleeping and now he has been accused of rape?? He is never violent, never pushy sexually, never had a history of sexual offences, but is now on bail for rape!! Please explain this to me as i do not know what the hell is going on!!

    4. After reading all of this and your interpretation of how a rapist ‘grooms’ his victim can you please tell me how my husband and best friend can get drunk and have sex in the same room where i was sleeping and now he has been accused of rape?? He is never violent, never pushy sexually, never had a history of sexual offences, but is now on bail for rape!! Please explain this to me as i do not know what the hell is going on!!

    5. I find this hard to believe. The reason is that I have done search on false rape cases. What gets me is all of these cases were based on the word of the woman, no evidence, no DNA, just her word sending innocent men to long prison terms. Funny when the police, and the prosecutors have no evidence, yet they coach the woman what to say. Why is that? Well I will tell you two words: Conviction Rate. I find it hard to believe when they say rape is hard to prove. If it is really hard to prove, then why so many innocent men are convicted, and the guilty walk free? This is the False Rape Epidemic. To me rape is easy to prove. This corruption really makes me sick. Innocent until proven guilty? No, it’s Guilty until proven Innocent. Injustice to All.

  27. Oh, I’m sorry. I must have misinterpreted the situation where someone I previously considered a good friend made a move on me and then “had sex” with me after I deliberately told him that was NOT what I wanted, after we had a lengthy conversation about his feelings and mine, where we concluded I was NOT up for a relationship with him other than friendship and DEFINITELY not a sexual one. You know. I was probably confused when, after all that, he tried to “convince” me by dismissing every “no” on my part, pushing down my hands whenever I pushed him off asking what the hell he was doing.
    No, you’re right. I could not possibly have doubted what to do or have failed to really struggle, because that’s just not something you do. When one of your best friends of ten years forces himself on you, the first thing you do is of course beat him over the head with something you magically happen to have within an arm’s reach, not be shocked or confused or in disbelief at what the hell is happening or he could possibly do that to you.
    And yeah, you’re right. If it had really been rape, going to the police would have been easy. It couldn’t possibly have been rape, cause I was so shocked afterwards and I had such a hard time figuring out wtf had happened. Blaming myself, wondering if it had been real, asking myself if I wasn’t making “too much out of it” because I had the feeling people only considered violent stranger-rape as “real” rape and I was afraid of not being taken seriously, laughed at even… And the sheer disbelief, cause he was my friend. One of my best. Of course the notion that I didn’t go to the police right away in that situation is totally ridiculous. Why wait!
    Yep, I see it now. I’m SO sorry for complaining and ever telling ANYONE I was raped. I am such a filthy little liar, making someone’s life miserable with my despicable false rape accusations. I didn’t put up a serious enough fight. The guy I “slept with” was a -friend- and I failed to report right after. Shame on me for ever thinking I had a right to feel violated. What was I thinking.
    I think you are absolutely disgusting. But then again, apparently you feel the same way about me, since I’m such a dirty faker. I’ll leave your faith up to Karma, and as the saying goes: it’s a bitch.

  28. Fuck you. its not bullshit. You have no idea what other people feel everyone is different. You fucking plece of shit go to hell you are a fuckking idiot oh my god you pissed me the fuck off. please stop making shitty ass blogs you shithead. no one wants to hear your fucking shit

      1. Boo hoo one day you will have your kids and believe me it will hurt you when something happen to them.

  29. This is so bigoted. You have obviously never been sexually assaulted or raped. If you’re concerned with men not being treated equally when they are sexually assaulted and women not being punished equally, then take a stance on that. You are no expert at testing rape accusations, and I personally find this pretty disgusting. Why? Because I was raped, and according to your fool-proof tests, I wasn’t. Ya, I knew him. Yep, I was there by my own will. Here’s an actual fact for you idiots– rape is defined as penetration that was not consented to. Victims don’t always fight back hard enough to leave evidence of a struggle because men are usually physically over-powering, especially when they are raping someone. I never reported what happened to me because I just wanted to forget and move on, but I did wait three months to talk to anyone about it. Why would I make that up? Rape isn’t about sex, it’s about power and control. Being more sensitive and thinking before you speak would serve you all well. Leave it all in God’s hands and have some grace. What would your mothers think if they read this?

  30. You are hideous and totally wrong, how do you know what unwanted sex does to a woman? How do you know how they are supposed to react? How do you know where it may occur and how they should feel and how quickly they should report it? The majority of rapes are not reported. Society tells men who wish to do so that they can get away with rape if the woman was drunk, or if they knew her before. Some twisted women may falsely accuse rape for whatever reason, but your list of ‘criteria’ for false rape claims is exactly the reason so many women suffer in silence. I was raped, and I have never told anybody, because of the shame and guilt society forces on women who suffer this crime, and because of people like you. Take a long hard look at yourself and your evidence.

  31. This is the most full of shit article i have ever read, this person obviously has no gosh damn idea about life!

  32. You’re a fucking idiot. Scurry troll and die. Hopefully it will be sooner than the rest of us.

  33. Okay, this is absolutely ridiculous. #1, if there isn’t a lot of evidence, the rapist probably used a condom and wore some type of gloves if he isn’t known by the victim. #2, a lot of rapes are committed by PEOLE YOU KNOW. It doesn’t matter who it is or where you were. If a man or woman says no, they mean no. Not maybe, not next week. No means no. If the victim is unconscious, they couldn’t have possible consented and therefore, it is considered rape. It doesn’t matter if they were forcible given substances to make them unconscious or if they took it on their own. #3, You asshole. Being raped is one of the most shameful things a man or woman can go through. It doesn’t matter how much time has gone by, the fact that the victim has enough courage to face her attacker is all that matters. Most women don’t even report their rapes. And men almost never report their rapes. That’s why the female rapist statistic isn’t higher. You shouldn’t degrade the victims like this. This article is an absolute joke. It was obviously written by a man who has no clue what it’s like for a woman to be raped. Oh and I saw earlier comments about how rape should be called “assault” instead? Whoever said that is a complete idiot. Assault is pretty much when you fight someone or something like that. When someone rapes or sodomizes you, they forcibly put things inside your body. Rape should be take seriously and not like this crap. With an article like this, the victim is on trial. Not the attacker. I believe I made my point, so, if you wanna call me names and say I’m wrong go right ahead because I know I’m right.

  34. So this website is telling me I am lying about being raped. What the hell? Haha. 1. Virtually no struggled. I had a bruised cervix, that counts as struggle and forced sex but no one can see my cervix to know it was bruised. But I was still raped. I went to my attackers house, like I did quite a lot because we were good friends at the time, then he raped me one day. Still, not my fault, I was still raped. And as for leaving it 8 months before telling the police – that’s down to denial, fear, anxiety and so on. The person who wrote this obviously has not been raped because this article is so closed minded. Every victim/survivor acts differently. Some females take years to open up about their rape. Children that are raped by family, are they making it up for being in their attackers home, not knowing it’s wrong so takes years to open up and have no evidence of a struggle? This article is complete and utter bullshit.

    1. “So this website is telling me I am lying about being raped.”
      Your are not the center of every discussion on the internet, you self-righteous buffoon.

  35. you are the biggest fucking idiot ive ever met and i hope you fucking rot in hell.

  36. I feel very saddened that Samseau belives that rape is unlikely to occur in the victim’s own home, or in the rapists own home, because the rapist would know better than to be that stupid. The truth is that many rapists could not care less about the risk of getting caught; they will still commit rape if they feel like it. Rape is a HUGELY under-reported crime. There are a great many more victims of rape who suffer in silence than there are Men who are wrongly accused. I feel that Samseau is assuming that rapists possess an awareness of how to limit their chances of getting caught and that this reflects on their actions. But one only has to look at some of the places that rape occurs to know that the risk of getting caught is often an after-thought for the rapist or would-be rapist. For example, the young Indian Woman who was gang raped on a bus in December 2012 and then thrown from it and eventually died from her injuries. Were her attackers concerned about the bus driver and the other passengers and her boyfriend being present? NO! If a Woman can be raped on a BUS, then she can certainly be raped in her home or in the rapists home. Another factor is that Samseau mentions a lack of putting up a fight as an indicator that a ‘real’ rape has not occurred. Sometimes rape victims, for whatever reason, do not put up much of a fight. But I think that Men know if they are forcing some-one to have sex, whether the person struggles or not. I am as outraged as anyone else when Men are falsely accused of rape, because it just makes it bad for the genuine victims, and it must be devastating for the Man to be accused of such a terrible crime when he is innocent. But please don’t let people like samseau tell you that most Women are lying about being raped. This is not true.

  37. I am outraged by your article. Obviously you have never been raped yourself. If it happened to you maybe you would have a different take on things. I was too terrified for my life to fight back. I did not report to the police until days later because I was in shock, there are no words it is the worst feeling in the world. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  38. Some people never struggle or report because they can’t talk yet, or they are in elementry & told their family will be harmed, they are afraid to turn in their despised, abusive or even beloved teachers, youth leaders, family members, babysitters, family friends, or husband… I can vouch for a few of these being true reasons.

  39. you say a women would fight back if being attacked, but when a date rape drug is placed in a woman’s drink it is very hard and sometimes impossible for her to fight back making much easier for some asshole to take advantage of her.

  40. Some things men dont understand. That is men dont need a weapon to intimidate women. Women grow up hearing that fathers beat and rape their daughters and wives. That Men murder women and men more often. that women are raped by men and the list goes on! The fact that a guy is being forceful (in other words aggresive in his behaviour) towards you, a woman, demonstrates that the guy is not altogether there. Because tell me when is it okay?
    I can imagine women freezing when out of nowhere they realize they have no control of the situation as it suddenly changed. The nice guy you thought you were seeing is raping you. And so, during rape a women is not thinking i wonder how I should not look guilty. She is thinking is this really happening? will i be killed? what else is he gonna do?
    In school, and I went to an all girls school. I remember being told during a talk. I am not sure if she was a teacher or a psychologist that women when raped SHOULD NOT FIGHT BACK. Can you believe it? Their argument was that men only rape to feel power and as such if you didnt fight back he wouldnt be as turned on because you looked uninterested. Can you believe they told a room full of preteen girls that? Imagine my susprise when I read that usually victims that fight back are those that survive.
    There is more than I want to say, but ill stop now, I do think your last point has some value. But i disagree with the way you have phrased your article. I dont find it constructive at all. Particularly because you dont seem to understand the way people internalize shame. Ever met a person who is being bullied? A proportion of them will say they are not. Its the same with rape. People do not admit easily to things that they find makes them weak and in our society being a rape survivor has no benefits.

  41. First up; women can be raped without any sign of struggle. Most of the time, rapists become more violent when women struggle, therefore leading them to just give up because if they don’t, their life will be at risk. Second; Some women DON’T EVEN REPORT THE CASE. It doesn’t matter how long it took to report what happened, because it takes them a long time to decide whether they want to report it or not. And that’s okay, there is nothing wrong with that.
    AND if a woman sounds like she’s making a false rape, WHICH DOESN’T MAKE SENSE BTW, it’s not her fault, but its the person who’s judging her.
    Oh, so wait, you’re automatically a feminist if you’re defending a victim of rape? Dude, I’m not even a feminist. No, I’m not.This isn’t just about a woman’s rights, this is about a human’s rights!
    P.S. Rape doesn’t just happen to women, it also happens to men.

  42. Dear Samseau,
    I will say right off the bat that I come to this article as a rape survivor. I wanted to hear your thoughts on false claims, and I have read your article through. After doing so, I am strongly driven object to several of your points. I intend to do so as respectfully and clearly as possible.
    My objections are as follows:
    1. Not all perpetrators are male. Not all victims are female. It appears that other commenters have raised this point already.
    2. It is a well-documented statistic that most sexual crimes occur between people who know each other. Feel free to do the research.
    3. Point one is negated by the scientifically backed flight/fight/freeze response, as well as dissociation, manipulation, or threats. If someone were to tell you, “I’ll kill you if you fight me,” his/her words do not leave any bruises but it certainly makes him/her a rapist.
    Also, think about this: what if you are alone with someone in a space that you cannot easily remove yourself from? What if the attacker is clearly bigger/stronger than you, or what if the attacker is armed? What if the attacker is someone with control over your life/wellbeing (parent, teacher)? These are all situations in which the fight is thrown from the very start.
    A victim might come to the conclusion that fighting back would only result in further physical harm, and he/she would likely be right. In short, fighting is often not the safest choice nor the instinctive one because it can further escalate/agitate/upset the attacker.
    4. Rapes absolutely do occur in the homes of rapists as well as victims, quite frequently. In fact, MOST rapes occur in residential settings. You say, “…An actual rape involves strangers, trespassing, and intense signs of struggle” and describe cases outside of this niche as outliers when in fact, it has been proven through copious and legitimate research that the opposite is true (once again, feel free to peruse the sources that back this up- you will not have a hard time finding them).
    Rapists generally are betting on their victim’s silence, and while precautions may be taken not to incriminate themselves, this does not mean that all rapists are A) intelligent enough to avoid incriminating themselves, B) practical and logical enough, particularly as they carry out a crime, to not incriminate themselves, C) believe their victims will file a report after enduring the rape and the likely accompanying threats and shaming.
    5. You say: “I often hear women do not report rapes right away because they are ashamed or humiliated to report that it ever happened. This is pure bullshit because any rape victim working with the police can request to have their identity hidden from the press, and both the police and press must honor such requests under penalty of law.”
    In my opinion, this statement completely the sidesteps the issue at hand. Shame does not just mean, “Gee, I hope they don’t plaster my face all over the newspapers.” Shame also means, “I will never tell anyone that this happened to me for as long as I live. In fact, I myself can’t even face that this happened to me, so I am going to do everything in my power to not think, feel, or remember.”
    Also, consider the state of terror that someone who has been attacked would be in. Rape is an incredibly violating, personally affecting crime and other crimes such as fires and robberies, though devastating and violating in their own right, often do not elicit the same particular traumatic response that rape tends to cause. If your house burns down, of course you will call the fire department. The fire didn’t put its hands on your body and say, “You dirty whore.” The fire didn’t hiss in your ear, “I will kill you if you call the police,” and the fire didn’t smirk and say, “No one will ever believe you, so why would you even bother telling?” Do you see the distinction?
    Furthermore, forget about the timeframe in which an assault is reported and consider this: most rapes are NEVER reported, and I can personally attest to the fact that the kind of false information you are spreading here, however positive your intentions may be, is part of why this is.
    To further establish my point, I am going to walk you through a scenario. Let’s say you are attacked. You feel dirty and panicked, so you take a hot shower. You are terrified. You lock all your doors and you don’t leave your room for two days. You can’t sleep. You feel guilty. You have nightmares. Every sound you hear is His footsteps, coming back to your room. You are not safe; you can feel it in your gut. He’s watching you. Finally, you realize maybe you should call the police. But nobody will believe you. It’s already been a week. Surely people don’t report crimes after a whole week, right? You’ve taken many hot showers, trying to erase the memory of Him touching you, so there’s no physical evidence left. You can’t cry about what happened because you are in shock, so you won’t look upset enough for anyone to believe you, and surely it was your fault; surely you should just forget about it, right? You’re a lying slut, just like He said. You can’t stand the thought of explaining the disgusting thing He did to you to some cop you don’t even know- probably a man. A man with a gun in a little room. And he’ll take one look at you and he’ll know how dirty you are. The trial would be expensive and complicated. And of course, He would kill you. If He even knew you were thinking it, He would kill you. You are sure of it. It’s not worth it. It’s better if you just keep your mouth shut and move on as if it never happened. You head to your kitchen and have a drink without thinking. Without feeling. The drinking becomes a pattern and it helps you forget; it helps you forget what He did and it helps you numb the constant fear that has taken residence in your body. Now it’s been six months. It’s too late.
    I truly hope that you take a moment to think about what I have written here. You do not have to agree with me, but please search within yourself and truly listen. Think about it. I am responding to what you wrote because I believe your words are part of a deeply harmful cultural pattern that is playing a role in the perpetuation of sexual violence. You may think you are just expressing your opinion and of course you have the right to express your opinion (as do I). But I would like to assert that with your right comes responsibility. You have a responsibility, simply as a human being, to be self-critical and think about the impact of your self-expression. It is never too late to update one’s truth.
    An Anonymous Survivor

    1. To add to the above comment…
      There is also the scenario that hasn’t been brought up about inviting the rapist in (before the incident). What if you have had a date with him. Maybe you would like to watch a movie or something and he wants more. You say no, he doesn’t accept it. There are a lot of people in this generation that put out on the first date. To clarify, “Welcome to my home, won’t you come in” does not equate to consent. Also, (as the above comment indicated and as research shows) rape is overwhelmingly committed by someone that the victim knows . Why would you hesitate to open the door to someone that you trust?
      The scenario that was laid out above is completely believable because it is one that many survivors have gone through. Most people that has been in a sexual/domestic assault support group has heard it over and over. The victims blame themselves, they are ashamed, they feel like they should have done something else, that they should have pressed charges (because most don’t), and it’s because they feel like nobody will believe them.
      Even though they were raped the burden of proof is on them. Rape victims who do report are subjected to secondary victimization by the support networks. They get to relive it over…and over…and over.
      The truth is, the research shows that, yes, there are some people out there that make false reports, however, most don’t report their rapes at all.
      Another Anonymous Survivor

      1. If you understand that not all victims are female, then you should also be able to understand why it can take more than 36 hours to work up the courage to admitting to being raped. I have a male friend who was raped, and the shame and feeling of his manhood being diminished by having been raped kept him silent for months.
        Just because you don’t feel it, doesn’t mean it’s wrong or a ‘lie’ for others to have a sense of pride and dignity that they want to hold onto.

      2. I am a male and although what the author said at first glance seemed to make sense to me, i quickly changed my mind once i started reading your response, it had me nodding my head in agreement, very convincing and logically sound.
        However there is one thing id like to ask, and this isnt a matter of me agreeing with the author its just a little inconsistency i noticed.
        How in Gods name, can we POSSIBLY know that MOST rapes go unreported if they are…….unreported ??? That statement just makes absolutely no sense to its core, obviously we can deduce that many people are raped, and that its highly likely that many of those rapes go unreported, but how can you know that more go unreported then reported. If you knew how many unreported rapes there were, then wouldnt they be …. reported ?How can you count something or put a value on something that by definition cannot be counted. i.e. How can you say Reported rapes 1,000? I think you get what im trying to convey by now excuse the redundancy. Although it doesnt undermine the rest of your response, that one sentence “most rapes go unreported” is just inherently illogical and self contradictory.
        Please attempt to illuminate me here.

        1. They don’t report to cops without the consent of the alleged victim unless it is a situation of ongoing abuse. Rape victims will not go to a counselor if they know that the cops will come while they’re still in the counseling place.
          It’s much like going to a lawyer, just coming from the other direction. If you go to a lawyer to defend you from a criminal charge, the lawyer won’t tell the prosecutor if you admit the crime to your lawyer. But if you tell your lawyer about a crime you’re planning to commit, the law requires him to call the cops.

      3. Please don’t call yourself a survivor. At best you’re a victim. Survival implies risk of death.

        1. There certainly is a fucking risk of death, the person could kill you afterwards, or they could infect you with a disease that could slowly but surely kill you. The fuck is wrong with you? Go home and apologize to your mother and father for growing up to be such a rotten potato.

        2. my 15yr old daughter tried to commit suicide because she was raped/molested when visiting her dad by two of his “friends” in my eyes it’s murder i bet your a rapists and are trying to justify your horrible actions!

        3. She’d have killed herself, it’d be suicide. See how ridiculously aggressive you get? “He dares to question our narrative so he must be a rapist!” Get real, unless it’s a horse or something similar, you do not die from rape. End of the story.

        4. This Fantaman is a bigger idiot than the author of this article. Both appear to sound somewhat intelligent while not having any knowledge of the topic on which they speak. Don’t waste your time!
          A word of advice to Fantaman: Slit your wrists and sit in a warm bath. Shame on you!

        5. You are a complete joke and your comments aren’t worth addressing. You obviously know nothing about the topic for which you speak. Word of advice: Slit your wrists and sit in a warm bath. Shame on you!

        6. Dont be fooled by the misdirection that is occurring in Fantamans logic that ultimately undermines his point which is absurd and flawed from the jump. His assertion is that it is not the physical act of rape that causes death and therefore those who have been raped are not survivors but instead “victims at best” is short-sighted AT BEST and completely contradicts and invalidates his own argument as the inclusion of the potential for loss of life isn’t necessary in the definition of the word survivor.
          Oh and Fantaman just fyi: your argument that the cause of death would be from a subsequent action like murder or suicide and not directly caused by the act of rape clearly shows yourself to be incompetent even as a low level internet troll. Every death is the result of cerebral hypoxia but it doesnt make sense to argue for events that occur upstream to be more or less to blame.

        7. Full of shit. Someone breaks into my home, ransacks it, encounters me, shoots me dead. I was murdered as part of a burglary/home invasion. True, the immediate cause of death is a leak in my circulatory system. From a small piece of metal that poked a hole in me. Shot at me at 1,000 mph.
          But it was a burglary-murder.

      4. on this one i will disagree as soon as a rape report hit police a huge mobilizations done I’m from Mexico where most crimes get unpunished with money and first thing rape victims do is to come out.

    2. I am totally confuse. You did say the most rapes are not reported. If most rapes are not reported, then why are there false rape cases where the accuser didn’t file until months, years later? Most of the accused were found guilty, and served prison time based on her word only. No DNA, no other physical evidence just her word only. I will put up links to these cases. The one that was monstrous was a lady who was 17 was looking at porn. She was caught. She said she was looking at porn because she was raped when she was 10. Remember, she is reporting this years later. She said her neighbor raped her. Well, her neighbor moved years ago. She picked him because she thought the police would not track him. He was arrested, convicted of rape with no evidence, just her word. He was serving a 7 year sentence. She confess that she lied. He was released. Here is the full storyhttp://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/08/20/elizabeth-coast-rape-lie_n_3784718.html. There are more stories like this that is based on the woman’s word. My impression is that more innocent men are in prison than guilty men. I am convinced that rape is easy to prove. All you need is just the woman’s word. To me it’s Guilty until innocent.

      1. CuriosOne,
        People underreporting rapes, and people falsely accusing others of rape do not influence each other. There can be both: one does not negate the other.
        The majority of people tried for rape are not convicted: in fact, less than 10% of accused are charged. That information is available on the Government of Canada website.
        I tried following the link you added to support your argument, but it is an invalid link.
        And rape is not easy to prove, it is actually one of the hardest crimes to prove. Again, my source is the government of Canada website.

      2. R-U-N Californica? There, juries are to be instructed that the witness/alleged rape victim’s bare accusation, with no evidence, no corroboration, is sufficient to convict. The fucking place can’t slide off into the ocean soon enough.

    3. Dear An Anonymous Survivor,
      Thank you. For your support and understanding. You are very intelligent and have clearly done research on this subject, and you speak from experience.
      Thank you, for being calm and rational, and being brave enough to discuss your knowledge in such detail, I really admire you.
      And please, if a person does have any questions, do research on legitimate educational sites, or talk to a sexual violence center: they will answer your questions, they are a public resource.

    4. “2. It is a well-documented statistic that most sexual crimes occur between people who know each other. Feel free to do the research.”
      Most of these ‘well documented statistics’ are false rape accusations that resulted in wrongful conviction. Millions of innocent men are falsely accused and are rotting in prison as you speak, and to add further insult to injury, they are included in the country’s ‘rape statistics’, so that their injustices are turned into numbers that feminists can further use against other men.
      Feminists routinely claim false rape accusation occur less than 10% of the cases (a ‘well documented research’), but these only include cases that are dismissed. In reality, false accusation comprise of over 50% of rape reports.
      TL:DR Your precious ‘research’ is based on flawed statistics

    5. The reason women don’t report rape is because of the orgasms. Women have intense orgasms during rape.

      1. So will you, asshole. Don’t you know that the reason you orgasm is because those dicks, broomsticks, beer bottles, whatever, press on your prostate gland?
        Teenage girls can orgasm from the school bus bouncing on bumps, from the vibration of the diesel. Doesn’t mean they enjoy it. More embarrassed that someone will notice.

        1. You seem to know a lot about dicks on prostate glands. Did this guy teach you?

          It’s ok if you’re gay now. Fleece Johnson made you the woman you are today.

    6. great points many of them I can’t argue, but I still think that being falsely accused is way worse !!

      1. I have been falsely accused as well. Put in jail for 3 days, complete with body cavity search till i could make bail, 4 cops tore apart my house with a search warrant while i sat there handcuffed, while they took my property. I could not use any devices that used the internet ( no, smartphone, computer, netflix, pandora, internet banking) per a condition of my bail for 11 month untill the charges were dropped when she confessed she made it up. My legal fees were over $20,000 because i was faci g 40 yrs in prison and the local media had a field day ruining my name. Yes id rather be raped then go through that absolute hell again. And the “victim” walked away with out any repercussions because they dont want to dissuade any actual victims from coming forward. There is no rebounding socially or mentality after an ordeal like that

    7. Well how common you think is freeze response? It is not that common.. More common is fight or flight… What writer intended to say that person will not normally plan to rape someone at home.. If a woman after party is going to house of male friend,she know what all can happen.. She might even engage in sexual activity. But yet due to guilt in the morning, she may file rape charge.. And it is common..I am not saying she cannot be raped if she goes to someone house after party, but I am sure he would have planned to have sex with her and not rape her at very first place.. Rape I believe is not about fulfilling one’s desire but more about dominance.. You say at one place Rape happens more commonly between known person, at other place you say he could have told her I will kill you if you resist.. I wonder why would an adult woman(mind you I am not talking about child) believe him.. In many cases of rape it is between known adults, without resistance and is reported late and many of these cases lead to conviction only on sole testimony of rape victim.. It is not wrong to report a case after long time but definitely problematic for accused to defend such cases..

    8. He almost certainly won’t kill you. Rape-murders are rare. But you FEEL that he’ll kill you. He SAID he’d kill you. He MIGHT kill you. More likely rape you again. He’s already telling his boozer buddies what a slut, a whore, you are. How you came on to him. Your name and phone no. is on the stall wall in the bar toilet.
      Some rapists are sorry for what they did, but most are total assholes.

  43. I envy your ignorance, but that doesn’t mean I’m happy to see it inflicted on the world in this way. Life must be so very easy knowing so little about such a horrific topic. Also for those idiots debating whether or not women are capable of rape, my ex girlfriend raped me, so I feel somewhat qualified to end the debate and assure you it happens. It must be so nice to be so blissfully ignorant as you people

    1. “Also for those idiots debating whether or not women are capable of rape, my ex girlfriend raped me…”
      lol. thank God for the internetzz

  44. You raise some very good points provided that you base your arguments off facts developed early last century. There are a number of reasons why a victim might not struggle and there are even more as to why they might not immediately jump up and report the crime. It is easy to conceal weapons, it is even easier to make use of weapons at hand. You have neglected the drugs issue entirely, likewise the impact of sheer terror on the victim when faced with such traumatic circumstances.
    Getting invited home is a great tool for a rapist to employ because the first part of their defense is that they were asked there or that they came willingly.
    Please don’t forget that rape is about power, not about sex. Sex is just the tool used to exert one persons dominance over another. Please do some more reading and find the actual facts then you won’t sound so silly and ill informed.

  45. You are sadly, sadly misinformed. This is terrible information. I hope no one takes this “article” and I say that loosely, seriously. You need to do some massive research if your going to write, especially about rape. This is just uneducated 5 year olds work. This.. is unbelievably inaccurate. I mean the part where you said its pure bullshit. What you heard, was correct. Your opinion however, is not. For god’s sake research before you write!!! It’s not that hard!!!
    “I often hear women do not report rapes right away because they are ashamed or humiliated to report that it ever happened. This is pure bullshit”

  46. You are an idiot. In fact, you definitely sound like a rapist yourself. “An actual rape involves strangers, trespassing, and intense signs of struggle”. Most actual rapes involve people that know each other that willing enter a social setting with each other. Just because you willing went to a party and had drinks with people you knew doesn’t mean that guy who was waiting inside the bathroom so he could lock you in and forcibly rape you when you had to pee isn’t a rapist. A rape is a rape is a RAPE. Rapists don’t stategically plan a rape to avoid getting caught. That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. They want sex; they take sex. THAT’S WHY IT’S CALLED RAPE.

  47. This article is disgusting and I just pray that men don’t read it and take it seriously. It’s impossible to compare rape to being mugged or any another crime. Being raped changes your sense of who you are for life, and most victims don’t immediately report because of how ou feel afterwards. I lost my virginty to a rape and was also raped with intention to be sold to sex trafficking and am offended and angry at your plain ignorance.

  48. This article makes me sick. Yes rape can happen between people who know each other and just because a girl enters the house of a man or allows him into hers does NOT equal consent.

  49. As some who has been raped I find this article disturbing. Most people who are sexually assaulted KNOW there perpetrator.. and feminists are not the only ones who say this, it’s STATISTICS. Usually it’s an acquaintance but it’s also very common for the perpetrator to be a member of the victim’s family or a friend. Very few rapes are committed by complete strangers. Many women are so traumatized afterwards that they are afraid to tell the police. It’s common for rapists to say things like, “If you tell anyone I’ll kill you”, and the victim will truly believe it. If you actually bothered to read any statistics or books about the subject you would know this…. Maybe you should research this more and actually CITE your info. This piece is based purely on second-hand accounts and your own opinion.

  50. This article is a load of nonsense.
    A lot of the so called “men” commenting on this issue sound like ugly pathetic, bitter MRA losers who have never had any sexual experience outside of watching mind numbing amounts of internet porn and their right hand, which is why they are simply unable to grasp the seriousness of rape and what it does to it’s victims, regardless of whether they’re female or male.
    I suppose I’m harsh really, these types of men are to be pitied as they simply do not understand, having never experienced any kind of intimacy except off their mothers – if even that….

  51. you do not understand rape at all. you are supposed to be a psychologist? have you never come across theories of flight freeze or flop as well as fight when someone feels threatened?

  52. Your opinion here is full of misinformation. Most rape is in fact acquaintance rape. (Here’s one statistic from the Bureau of Justice that might help:” A 2000 study revealed that ninety percent of college rape survivors knew their attacker before the incident.”) Another helpful tip: having sex with a drunk woman is legally rape in many states, because she cannot give consent. I am further disappointed to find that you have written these lines into a piece about rape: “Perhaps the most frustrating form of last-minute resistance known to man is having a naked girl on your bed who refuses to open her legs.” That sounds like the kind of attitude that leads to date rape! Tough cookies, dude. If she’s not ready, wait until she is. Or become a better lover so she doesn’t want to resist you. This pieces comes off as a guy who skirts dangerously close to rape territory in his approach to women and who is angry when women push back. You’re making the rest of us look bad.

  53. This post is disgusting. It’s vile and stupid and inaccurate. It is written by an ignorant turd with no understanding of this issue whatsoever. Let it be understood that this article offers absolutely no good or helpful information to anyone for any reason, and it is worthless shitheels like the person who wrote it are why women everywhere are terrified to name or face their attackers. May you die slowly of syphilis and rot in hell while your genitals fall prey to passing vermin.

  54. This article is complete bullshit! Obviously @Samseau you have never been raped. Maybe you need to be gang raped a few times to see exactly what someone goes through.

    1. It’s easy to tell that by your comment (full of malice), you’re not such a great person yourself.

  55. Well obviously someone never gets laid…. Samseau, i stumbled upon this repulsive rape apologist pile of crap while looking for support as a REAL VICTIM of two separate rapes committed by two different guys. Both times I was too scared to really fight back and instead thought it wiser to just do as he said so he didn’t get more angry and hurt me more.
    I had never met either of these guys before and did absolutely NOTHING to lead them on: my only crime was being on a night out with my friends and being POLITE when approached NOT FLIRTATIOUS in any way shape or form.
    Yes I had bruises, blood covered bedsheets a slightly ripped down earing and teeth marks on my neck to ‘prove’ what happened but I didn’t fight back in the traditional sense and they either came back with me or me with them but I’d love to see anyone try and argue that blocking the doorway, pinning a girl down and shouting at her to ‘open your legs!’ (first incident) or keeping her in your room until she eventually lets you in exchange for being released (second) is a ‘fake’ rape. If a girl is drunk and possibly drugged so she has no recollection of going back with the guy but all of a sudden she’s there and he won’t let her go does that count as ‘willingly going’? Is simply going to someone’s house an automatic ‘yes’ to sex?
    As for ‘oh he won’t be able to deny it if he went to her house’ that’s beyond complete and and utter bullshit. My case was closed due to ‘lack of evidence’ because HE LIED and said it was consensual!
    And as for not reporting for months that’s all because of sad pathetic disgusting little losers like yourself who make us feel like we won’t believed if we do go to the authorities, oh I wonder why!!
    After reading in comment below that you were previously accused of rape I now understand why you would post something so revolting- to cover your own slimy tracks, you are not only a rape apologist, misogynist and victim blamer, YOU ARE A RAPIST, I wouldn’t believe for a second after reading this trash that you are the type of guy who would think twice about that sort of thing, even if your innocent you are just as bad as the rapists themselves.
    That’s all this ‘blog’ is, a sad spoilt-toddler-style tantrum about a girl who once didn’t want to have sex with you oh boohoo! Who the fuck would want to shag a sick, twisted lonely freak sat at his computer day and night posting hate-speech like this?
    I fully agree with the comment below. You should learn what rape is REALLY about and then maybe you’ll learn that it’s creeps like you that are what’s really wrong with the justice system and not women AND MEN (oh yeah you failed to take into account the suffering of male victims) who were brave enough to eventually speak out and face everyone calling them a ‘liar’ or ‘false-accuser’.
    I never got justice for what happened to me, I’m just left with the emotional scars, relationship problems, triggers and flashbacks to deal with for the rest of my life. ALL RAPISTS DESERVE EVERYTHING THEY GET IN PRISON AND MORE because they lost all their rights the day they chose to take away someone else’s.

    1. What gets me is when you do a search on false rape cases, you would not believe cases where the women just lie about rape. There was a woman in the UK where she send 11 men to prison all because she said she was raped. Well, guess what? She lied. As a matter of fact, she hardly knew the men. The court finally caught on when the 11th man went to prison for five years. They asked her why she lied, she said she was bored. Another case where a lady went on Facebook, and picked out two men, and said they raped her. She reported this months later. Just based on her word only, the men are sent to prison for 30 years. She admitted that she lied because she wanted to get back with her ex. There is another case with a Michigan woman decided to said she was raped a year later. The person she accused was like the other one picked off the internet. No evidence, no DNA, just her word only sent an innocent man to prison for 40 years. 10 years later, she was caught lying about the rape, and lied about having cancer. Like I said there are many of cases like these. So, when I hear that rape is under reported, or rape is hard to prove, or most rapists are not found guilty, I find that hard to believe because there are a lot of these stories where the only proof you need is just the word of the woman; therefor, rape is easy to prove, more innocent men are convicted than the guilty men, any woman can make a false claim anytime just her word only with no evidence, no witness, no DNA. I am convinced that it’s Guilty until Innocent.

      1. They don’t care. Women don’t care about false charges, other than it makes real victims harder to believe. The men who have their lives destroyed don’t even register with them.

        1. Woah woah woah woah
          Do not say women do not care. I’m a woman and I care there are false claims, I think it’s disgusting.
          I will not argue, there are some woman that do not care. Just like there are some men that don’t care about real rape survivors.
          But those people are not all of us, and to group all women into such a callous group that we don’t care if men are falsely accused? That’s too far.
          It is despicable that false accusations occur, and it is despicable that people do not care how it effects the wrongly accused.

      2. What I find strange,
        Why are so many falsely accused being convicted, and so many real rapists are set free?
        It’s so weird and really messed up. Makes me sick tbh

  56. OBVIOUSLY the person who wrote this article is not a victim/survivor of sexual assault. If they were, then Samseau wouldn’t have posted this load of bulls*!t. Real survivors know who untrue all of this is. This is so frustrating…

  57. All of this is bullshit.
    Disproving number 1: If the woman was drugged or passed out do you expect her to just pop back up afterwards while they are being raped? I guess she wasn’t “legitimately” raped though, because she didn’t fight being slipped a drug. Also, that “girls are going to fight back” stuff? Yes, some girls will. But have you ever had a 160-260 pound person on top of you forcing themselves onto you? It’s pretty fucking terrifying. Some people will fight back, but not everyone is the same and others will be so scared or threatened they just lay there and let it happen. Wow, that’s surprising. Rape is rape even if the victim doesn’t fight back or say no. Unless they are giving consent by saying yes they are okay this is happening then DON’T FUCKING TOUCH THEM. For some reason a lot of assholes don’t understand this.
    Disproving number 2: You can be raped by someone you trust you idiot. You can be raped by your boy/girlfriend or spouse. It happens and is disregarded because the victim was in a relationship with their rapist. Being in a relationship with someone does NOT give you permission to force yourself onto that person, no matter if you’re dating or married or even friends. Actually, this probably makes you even more of a fucking asshole than you think you are. You’re hurting this person who TRUSTS YOU and you take advantage of them. You are a dickface.
    Disproving number 3: You are just too stupid, I feel sorry for you. You don’t understand at all how traumatizing rape is. Victims are told that they should suck it up, that the attacker was just having fun or “boys will be boys, don’t overreact” or worst of all, they are told they deserve it. They should have known better not to go out at night, they should know not to trust certain men but if they don’t trust these certain men then they are bitches or prudes or playing hard to get. They are embarrassed about what happened, they’ll wonder what people will think of them, maybe they even need time to cool off and calm down or get some help from friends before they decide what to do. Sometimes they’re threatened not to tell. But then they get the courage to tell and what happens? They get told they are liars by pieces of shit like you.
    I’m not saying women are innocent all the time and never rape, because it is a problem, but disregarding over 90% of rape because “women do it too!” “some victims are lying!” is a disgusting thing to do. Rape happens, people are violated and killed and mutilated every fucking day and you disregarding it because women do it too is sickening and it needs to stop.
    The fact that the original poster thinks what he said was true and that he has been accused of rape (as he said in the comments) makes me very nervous and wonder if he was legitimately “falsely” accused.

    1. Right on man. I had the same doubts and speculations. My thought was he had a buddy who was accused. Nobody writes an article like this without a reason…nuff said. Doesn’t mean for certain either way…but it’s a toss up for sure.

  58. You are a colossal turd. You seriously argue that a naked woman who won’t open her legs to you is “frustrating”?? You sure as hell sound like the kind of guy who rapes women but thinks it doesn’t count because unless it’s an attack in a park. Don’t believe you like women at all.

  59. Wow! It’s no wonder so many people are afraid of black men, with one like this author representing them.

  60. Really, u have to be a man,
    You may be a good man but u really need to open ur eyes and talk to woman that have been raped in there own home by someone they know, wow by not going to police straight away? Would you ? It’s not like having ur car nicked u idiot !! It’s would be personal, hurtful and shocked oh and imagine ur partner the one you love the one that is there to help keep u safe ? Wow that’s got be hard.
    Think u need to grow up.

  61. When it is certain that a girl is making false allegation of a rape with her but she has filed a case for the same at police station, how to prove her wrong??? Actually she says the tried to do so and shows her reared cloths which is done by her only….
    Plz respond…

  62. I was raped. All 3 signs are there. It was my boyfriend, I didn’t struggle (but I said stop, so it was rape!!!) and I didn’t report him. This article is fucking awful.

    1. If you didn’t report it and your boyfriend wasn’t convicted by a court of law then guess what ?
      It wasn’t a rape because it is up to the courts to decide if a crime was committed and the accused is innocent till proven guilty.
      You claim you said ‘stop’ but in the end you only have ALLEGATIONS that were not judged by a court of law.

  63. seriously?! this is fuckin balogna..I was expecting this to be posted like in 1995. Really?? There is so much factual information out there about this topic and you’re going to disgrace your name with this trash?? Samseau, I feel sorry for you for actually publishing this and thinking it was good.

    1. disgrace his name? he is an admitted rapist who literally wrote up a list of the “6 qualities of a good rape scene”. he IS a disgrace.

  64. I was raped! I knew him, I trusted him,I went to his house..I clearly stated I was not ready to have sex. A number of times. I did not struggle, I froze, in fear! I was so horrified by what was happening to me, I couldn’t breathe. My hands were pinned over my head. I was praying he would just stop and go away. It was my first time, I was 22, I blocked a lot of the memories of that day until recently, yes I spoke up 10 years after the fact. NO ONE wants to be a victim of rape, it is humiliating. I couldn’t have my parents find out. I was embarrassed, violated, literally destroyed. FYI I just blew your theory to hell. How dare you write such an ignorant article, about something you clearly know nothing about.

  65. Wow.
    I was raped by someone I knew and trusted for three years. Yes, I was stupid as hell to have gotten blitz drunk at all. I passed out on his couch, and I remember choosing that as my sleeping location. But I did trust him.
    I woke up in his bed to penetration. He’d been cowardly about it and left me on my side like I was when he laid me down, pulling my pants down to about my knees, and it was the thrusting that woke me up. Because he wasn’t on top of me, I was able to get away, went back to the couch, and curled up in a little ball. Why? Because I was still extremely intoxicated — judgement doesn’t quite work right then, and all I could think right then was that I couldn’t drive myself home.
    When he came out of the bedroom pissed off, I asked him how in the hell I got in his bed, he said he carried me. I asked him if I said a word, he said no. I asked him why he thought I wanted to have sex with him, he said that when he laid behind me I snuggled up to him.
    Yes, it happened in his house, after him inviting me. If it makes a difference in your little worldview, there was another person present at his house when I passed out, and when the police interviewed him, he said I was still passed out when he left — which jives with what the rapist told me when i asked him why on earth he picked me up: he said that he went to let his friend out and lock the door and I “looked uncomfortable”.
    No, I didn’t report it immediately. I hoped to hell he’d never do it again to someone else but honestly that isn’t my responsibility. I was able to get him off of me, he didn’t continue to hold me down after I actually woke up. I just wanted him to leave me the hell alone. And he wouldn’t afterward, which made things 20x worse. I was already in therapy for it before the police report was ever filed.
    The police report that was filed was for both stalking and the rape. If he had just left me the hell alone afterward, I would have just gotten my therapy and been better off, instead I had to deal with the police and then get told that the prosecuting attorney declined to prosecute, even though when we were interviewed our stories matched exactly — down to me not moving other than snuggling closer to him when he initially laid down beside me (he did not claim I participated at all in the act, just claimed that he didn’t know I wasn’t capable of consenting even though I did not speak, move, or wake up when he initially shook my shoulder before picking me up and carrying me — which he also admitted to the police.)
    Apparently getting drunk in someone’s house is consent, not just in your opinion, but the opinion of the Benton County, Arkansas prosecuting attorney. And they didn’t prosecute for the stalking, either, despite the mountainous evidence. Guess what? Less than six months later, he was arrested for getting drunk and beating up a girl.
    Sadly, I’ve been assaulted again since then. I went straight to the hospital and got treated, but refused a rape kit or police report. If a man can admit that under statute he raped someone — he had sex with someone who was unconscious — and get away with it, I’m not risking my emotional health again by dealing with the police and getting essentially re-raped by having to describe all the ugly details, be asked why you didn’t do this or didn’t do that or why your behavior wasn’t exactly perfect enough to prevent getting raped.

  66. This is dangerous, woman-hating propaganda. If you believe this, you are in real danger of ending up in prison for committing a crime against women. The vast majority of rapes aren’t even reported. Fake rape claims are extremely rare – probably even more rare than men being raped.

    1. Fake rape claims are rare? If they are rare, then tell me when I search false rape cases, I get all of these cases where lie about rape? For example, there are cases where women don’t even know the men, lie about being raped, and they are in prison. There are other cases where the woman lie rape because of the following: she did not like the man, he refused to buy her beer, because she was involve in road rage, picking out random guys at bar and say they rape her because she wanted to. Then you have other cases where women made reports months, years later, where there was no sex, no physical evidence, no DNA, just her word(lie), and yet the men are sent to prison. Why is that?

      1. Men being raped is rare? Not in prison. But ariane doesn’t care about them or the men falsely accused. They’re just men, afterall.

  67. There sheer amount of stupidity and perpetuation of misinformation that is demonstrated in your article and the comments below is fucking astounding.
    Mark Johnson and a few others are the only ones with sound logic and factual arguments behind them.
    The only abuse of the justice system is by those who get away with rape and are consistently excused of horrific behaviour based on these myths.
    Are all robberies where the victim didn’t fight back false reports? And as for the comment on delayed reporting and the privacy of the victims name, have you thought perhaps the victims are even too ashamed or embarrassed to speak with police because they are terrified their report will be met with the tripe listed above?
    Your critical thinking and sense of reason is severely lacking and you are part of the reason why there is such a miscarriage of justice surrounding sexual assaults.

  68. This is absolutely 100% incorrect! Horrible! Someone I knew tried to rape me, and they invited me into their house. Agreeing to hang out with someone does not give them the right to put their hands on you! What is wrong with people?!

  69. I live in Canada and it has become common that I hear a girl with low morals or unattractive claims to have been raped, No cases made and they tend to be dishonest people most of the time.
    As far as any statistic goes they can only be falsified due to simple facts like rapes that are not reported, Rapes that get ignored and of course ones that are lied about.
    Personally and maybe it is because I am not a rapist but if I was to rape someone they would at least have to be worth it.
    I see mothers with multiple kids by multiple fathers(baby poppers) claim they were raped when in truth it wasn’t rape or they made it up to hurt someone.
    I am also aware that some girls put themselves in the position to get raped and then cry about it when it happens even though they know the guy was creepy from the start.
    Oh and what about those girls who will sexually tease the hell out of a guy knowing he likes them to a point he is just about to lose himself and then they return with a lack of interest and or the whole lets just be friends?
    You know in the old days it was just a matter of using a club and dragging them into a cave and that was never considered rape.
    For all we think we have advanced in life we act like puppets and monkeys.
    Oh on another point I was in a psychiatric hospital at a young age and met a girl who claimed she was raped by the same guy all the time in the same area but there was never any evidence. I was eventually told it was all lies which is why she was in there. She had set some poor guy up and he even ended up in jail… Why? was it because he raped her? No fact is that she liked him and couldn’t have him so she hurt him.
    I also think there are two demographics that are totally ignored here which are man on man rape and woman on woman rape.
    I do go under the thought that if a girl claims she is raped too easily as if to get attention she is likely lying, I would assume that if it was that bad of an experience you would not want to share it hence reliving it over and over.
    And what about people who “rape” animals? Does that count or are we just going under the ignorance that humans are special so raping an animal isn’t important?
    I am not stating this to defend rapists or anything like that nor to vilify the innocent but I was reading the comments and saw a statistic and just wanted to point out one of my own… %100 of all statistics are bullshit. Should I dare say %125?

  70. I live in Canada and it has become common that I hear a girl with low morals or unattractive claims to have been raped, No cases made and they tend to be dishonest people most of the time.
    As far as any statistic goes they can only be falsified due to simple facts like rapes that are not reported, Rapes that get ignored and of course ones that are lied about.
    Personally and maybe it is because I am not a rapist but if I was to rape someone they would at least have to be worth it.
    I see mothers with multiple kids by multiple fathers(baby poppers) claim they were raped when in truth it wasn’t rape or they made it up to hurt someone.
    I am also aware that some girls put themselves in the position to get raped and then cry about it when it happens even though they know the guy was creepy from the start.
    Oh and what about those girls who will sexually tease the hell out of a guy knowing he likes them to a point he is just about to lose himself and then they return with a lack of interest and or the whole lets just be friends?
    You know in the old days it was just a matter of using a club and dragging them into a cave and that was never considered rape.
    For all we think we have advanced in life we act like puppets and monkeys.
    Oh on another point I was in a psychiatric hospital at a young age and met a girl who claimed she was raped by the same guy all the time in the same area but there was never any evidence. I was eventually told it was all lies which is why she was in there. She had set some poor guy up and he even ended up in jail… Why? was it because he raped her? No fact is that she liked him and couldn’t have him so she hurt him.
    I also think there are two demographics that are totally ignored here which are man on man rape and woman on woman rape.
    I do go under the thought that if a girl claims she is raped too easily as if to get attention she is likely lying, I would assume that if it was that bad of an experience you would not want to share it hence reliving it over and over.
    And what about people who “rape” animals? Does that count or are we just going under the ignorance that humans are special so raping an animal isn’t important?
    I am not stating this to defend rapists or anything like that nor to vilify the innocent but I was reading the comments and saw a statistic and just wanted to point out one of my own… %100 of all statistics are bullshit. Should I dare say %125?

  71. Oh my god you are so fucking ignorant. The most glaringly obvious answer to question two, you THICK THICK THICK people, is that they know people think like you do! So it’s easier to get away with it! To say nothing of some rapists do not understand they are rapists because they don’t understand that rape = sex without consent. Hypothetical, stupidly arrogant arguments like “well why would someone do x if they were rapist” are SO unbelievably dumb. You seriously seriously think that because something has never occurred to you, personally (clearly an extremely ignorant person), that such a reason doesn’t exist? The only explanations are the ones that you think of? There are LOTS of reasons why rapists target people in their own homes. Honestly you are too fucking stupid to type word I don’t know how you manage to use a typewriter without accidentally setting it on fire and pissing on your own shoes. Please at the very very least leave the complex, difficult, grown up subjects like rape to people who are able to understand the very very basics of How The World Works. You pathetic ignorant sexist stupid little child.

  72. So let me get this straight. You’re basing all of your findings on how many cases in which it was determined that it was a false accusation? I mean, really, I would like to know how many you actually read the information and gathered all of the data (because they usually don’t release all of the details) and how you figured all of these details out and came to these conclusions.
    Because if your number is not even close to 83,000 then you really haven’t even seen a drop in the bucket. According to the most recent completed UCR compilation by the FBI (2011) that is the number of forcible rapes that have been REPORTED, not committed, but REPORTED. Also, there are two things that skew the data of the UCR that actually do cause the UCR to have LOWER numbers than the true amount. (1) All states have counties that do not report all of their data, so that they don’t look bad – it’s been researched. Look it up in any intro to crim book and you’ll find references. (2) Most victims of rape DO NOT report.
    If you’re going to say you discovered a pattern, you may want to tell how many cases you actually looked over because (1) if it’s, say, 10-15…then I’d say your information is very unreliable. In something of this magnitude, you would need to make sure you had a random sampling within your select population and then choose a much larger sample that spanned time, age, sexual orientation (of both the victim and the perpetrator), there are a lot of things that you didn’t indicate that you did (or didn’t do) (2) if you’re talking about acquittals then you’re not accurate on your definition of a false rape accusation because an acquittal means there was not enough PROOF to call for a conviction, not that there was a false accusation.
    How about you do some research first, huh? You said “after years of reading and HEARING about…” Hearing about something is not gathering accurate information.
    It’s called ethics. And it’s used in research. I’m not saying false rape allegations do not happen. But they do not happen the way you are presenting in this argument. In fact, the argument you presented is actually the way a rape TYPICALLY goes down. Sorry, but it’s true.

  73. Hey asshole, you do realize that just because women don’t always struggle means nothing right? A lot of young women are literally betrayed by their own bodies. They are so scared that their bodies literally lock up on them and freeze. I’ve read so many accounts where the victim couldn’t even move or scream even though they were screaming in their head the whole time. This is especially true of younger girls who have never had sex.
    Honestly this article reads very much like you have a guilty conscience. Keep telling yourself these things. It doesn’t mean they’re true. Sounds like a rapist trying to justify why it isn’t really rape. I don’t care if a woman invites you over, gets naked, jumps in your lap and says screw me six ways till Sunday. Once she say’s No, it means No. Stop means stop and any woman has the right to change her mind at any time. Women don’t report rape for a lot of reasons right away. Guilt, embarrassment, sometimes threats, etc. See, people like you are why women don’t want to come forward. Who wants to go through something that horrible only to relive it when there’s a chance that the rapist will walk free? You are a very sick person and need to seek professional help.
    And I don’t give a [email protected] who’s doing the raping, men or women. Rape is wrong no matter who does it. Of course the majority of rapes are committed by men but the women who do molest children are just as sick.
    And claiming a man wouldn’t be stupid enough to rape a woman in her own home, by that logic a bank robber wouldn’t be stupid enough to rob a bank. You really need to think before you open your mouth. Well, it’s stupid to do it cause he’s already got so much stacked against him and uh, he’d be like totally found guilty and uh….really? Really? Rape itself is stupid. Don’t try to put logic where there is none. Rapists do what they do. Robbers do what they do. Murderers do what they do. There is no logic involved.
    I’m very disappointed in someone who describes themselves as a philosopher. I too enjoy a good argument but you laid out your arguments as facts and not hypothetical arguing points. Just because you call yourself a philosopher doesn’t mean you are one. Hell, I guess I’m a Dr. If we’re going to all live in your warped fantasy land I might as well give myself a good title.
    And false rape charges are just as bad, they hurt the true victims of rape. But I’d bet for every false accusation there are a hundred real ones that probably go unreported every single day. Justify it all you want, it doesn’t make a single word you wrote true.
    Please retitle this article: It wasn’t really rape, honestly…here’s why: It was at her house and I knew her plus she didn’t go to the cops and me telling her I’d kill her whole family had nothing to do with it. I know she said stop and No but she didn’t hit me. I really didn’t do it! Besides she was wearing a dress and totally wanted me.

  74. are you fucking serious? You sound like a goddamn crim yourself, mate. Wake up to yourself. You have NO fucking idea.

  75. Fuck you. This is dumb. This came out of your head, and quite frankly, really stupid theories. Gain more knowledge before you open your mouthabout stuff you dont know!!!! IDIOT.

  76. And by the way, the links that you provided, if you actually read the articles that you provided links for, state that the “under-estimation” of false allegations (for instance the estimate of 40%) has been made by people who have gathered information from less than 200 people. That is not a reliable pool of information to be able to generalize to the public. Maybe you should take a course in statistics also before you go around just posting links before you start thinking that you have reliable information.

  77. as a woman who was kidnapped and molested as a child, then raped again as an adult by a member of my church. you are wrong. your body goes into shock and becomes numb. the victims blames themselves and it is VERY easy to be victimized again because their intuitive memory of that sexual context will provoke that numb reaction. there is immense shame associated with being a rape victim and it does not help that police, friends, other authorities, including assholes like yourself will question the validity of your rape claims depending on arbitrary details like “she was drunk” or “she was wearing this”. as a woman, your reputation is automatically in jeopardy with such a claim. as a man, you should always have 100% consent. if it is unclear, move no further. your views about this are the embodiment of WHY there are so many rapes that go unreported and that so many women suffer in silence. fuck you.

  78. this is what rape culture looks like, and there’s a reason guys like you rely on “game” (read: manipulation, mind games, and drugging women) to get laid. go slit your wrists, rapist.

  79. Wow, this article is the worst piece of falsified garbage I have read in a long time. I cannot believe that someone, who clearly has some kind of hate on for supposed “feminists” (a.k.a women who speak out for rape) has wasted their time writing this trash. First of all I work at a Rape Relief center. Every 17 minutes a woman is raped, 80 percent of rapes are committed by someone the victim knows, 70 percent of those rapes occur in the victims home. NOT, because they invited it on themselves, but because they trusted the wrong person into their home. Men rape women they know because they have opportunity to and because they know they will get away with it for the EXACT reasons you listed above. Thanks for contributing your completely ignorant theories that help foster the ever dominant rape culture I encounter everyday. Given your example of having a woman naked and forcing her legs open I can only assume you are writing this out of your own guilt for raping an unwilling woman. I hope that in the future you will know that when a woman closes her legs like that it means no regardless of whether or not you are naked. No means no. Women can change their minds and to insinuate that men are some barbaric creatures that can not take no for an answer insults all men. I hope for the future of our society that men are a lot smarter than this perspective and respect women.

  80. How about a reality check. I am sorry to sound rude truly I am but this hits too close to home and is pure crap! I was raped while I was in AIT (Advanced Individual Training) for the Army. The person who raped me was another soldier that I had known for months and hung around with many times on weekends (NEVER ALONE I DIDNT “BRING IT UPON MYSELF”) with no signs that he would be capable of what he did. After it happened I didn’t report it. Why? Because I was an underage drinker, I had thought until then that I was strong enough to take care of myself and scared to death that he proved I wasn’t, and the he said she said game rarely ends well in the case of rape and statistically ends up having no results from higher authority taking care of the issue (If you don’t believe me watch The Invisible War…If you do believe me still watch it!) It has been 6 years since I was raped and I am still affected by it! I never reported the other soldier but ended up seeking PTSD help with the VA. Your three points are pure crap! In the military alone there are roughly 32000 rapes PER YEAR only about 10% are reported and out of that 10% its estimated that 40 or less are false claims. Yes false claims exist but not for your “reasons” and not to near as often as you make it sound! Rape is a taboo sensitive topic just like abortion or gay marriage so before you go putting out your “facts” I would make sure you actually do some research and not just write an article because you know one person if you even do that made a false claim!

  81. Listen here you ugly loser. Don’t sit there and say that people like me weren’t raped. I was raped and never reported it to the cops. I knew who raped me, in fact I was engaged to him. You stupidity is one of the many reasons we don’t report rape, or take a while to report it. Please stop spreading your stupidity.
    Get a life and a clue BEFORE you spread more of this crap!!!!!!!
    I hope and pray to God you nor a loved one ever has to go through the the humiliation of being raped.

  82. All your theory is bullshit at the point of insult to rape victims. You dont know shit about how a girl feels during/after rape.
    She feels unsafe, unsure and confused. She is in denial so wont go and tell, and also she feels ashamed so keeps it quiet.
    You are a moron.

  83. This is the most ridiculous list I have ever read. Not to mention extremely offensive to rape victims, of either gender.

  84. This is the biggest load of bull Ive heard in a long time and goes against everything we know about the subject, including my knowledge of victims.
    It is INCREDIBLY common for a woman not to report a rape, even a violent one. I know someone personally who still hasn’t reported her stranger rape and it’s been quite a while. It is common for girls to try to act like it didn’t happen, so as not to re-live the trauma, shame and humiliation. This is why the science shows that THE MAJORITY OF RAPES GO UNREPORTED.
    Science also tells us that stranger rape, while on the rise, is the least common. It is usually someone the person knows. This adds to the fear of reporting as the victim believes she won’t prevail anyway so why go through the ordeal. In my experience however, VICTIMS TEND TO FEEL EMPOWERED BY REPORTING THE ATTACK. At a bare minimum, even if no conviction is attained, it’s on the rapists permanent record and should he try it again (and they always do) it increases the likelihood of a prosecution.
    NEWSFLASH- If she;s drunk, it’s rape. If she’d drugged, it’s rape. If she’s underage, it’s rape. If you had to coerce her, threaten her, hold her down or tie her up, it’s rape. There is no grey area here… You “apply your test” and I assure you that you will end up on the business end of the criminal justice system.

  85. 🙁 I was raped 3 months ago. Yes I had bruises, but I thought he was my friend so I willingly agreed to hang out with him and didn’t think twice when he wanted to “show me something”. I still haven’t reported him because I’m terrified to tell my mom. I’m 15 he’s 20. Are you saying that I’m faking? This is another reason why I didn’t report him yet. I knew nobody would believe me :, ( I was going to tell my mom tomorrow and I was looking online for advice but idk if I should anymore. I’m terrified of what he will do to me if I report him and he doesn’t get thrown in jail

  86. This is literally the fucking dumbest article I’ve ever read. First off there was no sign of struggle on mine, because I was too drunk/drugged, and second I didn’t say anything till 3 years later. I was ashamed. You are making yourself look like an asshole. Actually you probably just are an asshole

  87. This post absolutely horrifies me, and the comments below frighten me beyond belief. I detest people stating that rape is a feminist issue. It is not a feminist issue. It is a societal issue, the fact that we allow attacks like these to be perpetrated. I also am astounded that people believe there are so many cases of people calling rape. The effects of a court case on any person are so outrageous, and it is so terrifying – especially when the accused self-represents, because it means they will cross-examine the witness – that any individual attempting to take a false claim to court would have to be extremely audacious. In Australia it is estimated that only 10% of rape cases are even taken to court and with a likely hood of success below 20% it is not too hard to understand why victims are unwilling to put themselves in such a position. Often all victims want is for their story to be validated.
    On your 1st point, just because they are not bruised, it does not mean they have not been raped. There are multiple explanations such as; they have been drugged or sedated – which happens easily and often, they are so frightened by their attacker that they stay silent, or they have been so thoroughly abused for so long – often by a long term partner – that they simply submit because they have what is known as “battered person syndrome”. It is a serious physical and psychological condition suffered by people who have suffered serious emotion, physical, or sexual abuse.
    This brings me to your 2nd point. It is a known fact that 80-90 percent of rapes are perpetrated by subjects known to the victim. Victims of rape do not incite their attacks to do so. Rapes are often thought out affairs and have become a major issue within our society. You are basically suggesting to possible rapists that they should get invited to their victim’s home and then do it because they could not possibly be guilty if they have been let it.
    Finally, your third argument – just because a victim only admits to their rape days, weeks, or months later can be attributed to four different ideas. Firstly, a victim of any serious assault or injury can often repress the incident. Secondly, victims who are continually raped are often so thoroughly abused and mentally tormented that they believe they were raped because they displeased their attacker and that they were justified in attacking them. Thirdly, victims can fear the possible repercussions of speaking out. This can lead to subjugation from their society, fear of their attacker harming them, and people, like you, who simply state that they are lying. And lastly; the fear of taking their case through court – an extremely traumatising experience – is enough to frighten people into silence completely.
    This is a callous misrepresentation of the facts, and is completely nonsensical. I sincerely hope that people don’t believe what you have said is true as it threatens the safety of men, women, and children in our society. Please don’t “apply the test” and go around raping people to test whether or not you can get away with it. The abuse of the justice system lies within the rapists who continually get away with their crimes because the law refuses to punish them.

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  89. As a young teenage girl who was raped out of her virginity, a feminist, and a decent human being, this vile article disgusts me to a point I can no longer describe. You are so I’ll informed about rape and I very much doubt you even know what date rape is. As little as 1% of reported rapes are false accusations, and there are so many more that go unreported (for example mine). Your bigoted and misogynist views prove that society has a long way to go. Do you want to know what rape is? Rape is intercourse when the other person doesn’t consent. That’s it. There is no “well she walked into there house,” there is just consent and no consent. There are no blurred lines and you don’t deserve to be a journalist. I hope one day, be it your daughter, your wife, mother, aunty, anyone who has experienced rape approaches you after reading this and reveals to you the poison you have spoken. Your article certainly makes me question freedom of speech.

    1. “1% of reported rapes are false accusations”
      source please?
      and if your source, like the stanford article someone else gave a link to above, says something like “about 2% of all rape and related sex charges are determined to be false”
      it does not mean only 2% are false accusations. It means only 2% are NOT BELIEVED.
      it also means that if false accusations are more than 2% (which we may never know for sure), a good percentage of people had their lives ruined because of false accusations.
      i do see bullshit in this article, but i fear you are going to the other extreme

  90. You’re a fucking moron. Clearly you have no actual knowledge on the subject.
    #1. A victim unaware or incapacitated doesn’t struggle
    #2. It’s called acquaintance rape for a reason: there is a relationship and trust. Why wouldn’t the victim and perpetrator be alone together at his or her place?
    #3. Because of people like you that won’t believe qhat happened was rape anyway is why it isn’t reported soon. Often the victim denies it’s rape because she doesn’t realize it’s rape because of popular opinion on what rape is, or psychologically cannot handle the fact she was victimized.
    Again: you’re a moron. Leave such articles to experts and go take out the trash.

  91. Rape by deception is a crime in which the perpetrator has the victim’s sexual consent and compliance, but gains it through deception or fraudulent statements or actions.
    The act—is known in Tennessee and California as rape by fraud.
    Also, If a woman consents to sex but, only if a condom is used…and the man slips the condom off during penetration…or penetrates her without one altogether….that is a violation of her boundaries and is also rape. I realize this is not societies typical view of rape. Society thinks it should be violent. But I experienced both situations I present to you (in the same night with the same man). And it was a horrible thing to go thru. Once I realized what was happening..I faced denial, shock, guilt, post traumatic shock syndrome. I felt used, violated, humiliated. I hated myself for a long time. I became very depressed and had dark intrusive thoughts. I wanted him to tell my why he lied, why he treated me the way he did. I thought if I could get him to explain with a logical answer and treat me right…that the agony would go away. But that only enraged him as I was quite obsessed about getting answers that he did’t want to give nor could he. He ended up turning things around on me and lying to other women about me. This happened Mid July of 2011. I am doing better now thanks to support groups and the people who know this man for what he is. But, I still struggle some days. And I probably will for a very long time. I understand that some women do lie about being raped out of anger and to be vindictive and get back at men. But even so, please be careful what about what you post here. There is a lot of info and logic here that is wrong and could end up seriously hurting someone. Thank you.

  92. This is so flawed it’s not even funny, get your facts straight next time on the psychological damage that occurs with rape. I KNOW I was, and the authorities weren’t notified till 4 YEARS after the assaults ended. I LIVED with my abuser/rapist. Go fuck yourself.

  93. You’ve clearly never been close to experiencing your opinion becoming completely invalid when a man wants in on your body. Rape is more than the physical harm of forced sexual intercourse, it is the violation to a woman’s will and stated opinion that leaves them feeling like they are seen as an object and not as a human being with feelings and value. Fair enough, our culture promotes an oversexualized image of women and encourage them to sell themselves as beautiful sex objects (your about us page clearly states that women are valued by their beauty and fertility, so there you go), but beyond that please be aware that when you write these types of articles you don’t represent the experience of many people who are victims of sexual assault. Please talk to a few of them face to face or read their stories, there is more to it.
    I have come in contact with women who make false rape accusations, but your article does not depict their motives at all. My final point is to please ask you to stop spreading utter ullshit on the internet, people will believe you.

  94. This is by far the most heartbreaking thing I have ever read. When I was 16 my next door neighbour began raping me. It lasted years. I never went to the police or anyone. I felt it was my fault. Even though I had said no, he made me feel as if I had no choice. He was a lot older than me. I was young. So I agreed. Are you saying that was consensual? Because I know numerous psychologists who I’ve seen throughout my adult life who would disagree with you. So, I agreed, there was no evidence of struggle. It was in my family home. It’s taken me years to tell anyone. Oh and I’m fat and ugly, so I’m guessing you’d say I wasn’t raped and I’m lying about it? You are a shocking individual, but I can’t even say I hope one day you go through what I did. No one deserves it. Even a lowlife like you.

    1. I was raped by a woman when I was a six-year old boy, and women MOCK me for admitting that.
      Your response proves the double-standards Angle women have, and I am not even of Angle stock!

    2. You say you kept having sex with your attacker for “years” after he first raped you at age 16. So you were having sex with him for quite awhile even after you were adult. I have to admit that I find it hard to imagine all your sexual encounters with him as being “rapes” except in the most technical and politically correct sense. I know that counts for anything sexual these days but I can also see why people could view your experience with a bit of cynicism.

      1. You are an idiot. This website makes me sick. Do your reaserch before saying shit like that to her. Such a piss of shit.

        1. I am sorry you feel that way but when a woman says she was raped, yet, never went to the police AND kept going back to have sex with him for YEARS!! Come On. How can any rational person quantify that as rape. I know that you rabidly politically correct types think a hard look should be charged as rape. I know it is crude and very politically incorrect to say this but if a woman keeps going back to have voluntary sex with a person for years, long after she has become an adult I don’t see any way it can be viewed as rape. I am certainly against any real form of rape by relationships like the one this woman describes should not be taken as rapes . Not the entire relationship. The initial rape or rapes, sure. But after she kept going back to have sex with for all this years after she was of age…That Was Not Race in anything but the most technical of senses and I can not see any court ruling that it was. I know that offends you “Lock up everything with a penis” mentality but that is just reality.

  95. I was falsely accused of rape in college. It happened in my
    room on campus. The women’s weight was around 200-210 pounds while I was 160. She
    had a nickname at school for being highly promiscuous. The sex with her was the
    most enthusiastic sex I have ever had from another person. She was holding were
    legs open and saying fuck me.
    After the claim every roommate she’d ever lived with at
    school came forward to say she was a pathological liar. Her best friend
    testified against her at the pre-trial. I was jailed with a 60,000 dollar bail
    for her lie. Literally caused massive depression. She never recanted her story
    and still maintains that I raped her; she changed her story from not knowing
    who I was and waking up in my room to going to watch a movie in my room. The
    case was dismissed. But I still am dealing with some depression. Theres nothing
    you can do; women have an upper hand in society and if she’s a sociopath she’ll
    have no problem destroying your life.

    1. Sociopaths wouldnt go through the trouble to ruin your life without cause. She probably has “histrionic personality disorder” often runs together with “borderline personality disorder.” I have sisters with hpd and bpd and a brother in-law that is sociopathic. Honestly the sociopaths will use you like a game piece and be done with you which really makes them more bareable than histrionics.
      Obama is a good example of a sociopath. Lindsey lohan and Amanda Bynes are prime examples of hpd and/or bpd. just sayin.

  96. What about literal suprise sex? but you didnt want it, but the guy didnt rly think he was forcing it on you?

  97. This whole thing just pissed me off. I am trying to write an argumentative essay for English and its hard enough being a victim to read this page. You are COMPLETELY wrong. Yes, girls lie, I will admit that. But, girls like me, I didn’t lie. This was 5 years ago. Your brain blocks out bad experiences to protect you. It’s basically amnesia. A lot of victims don’t remember what happened. I know that the guy who raped me, I knew him, he was a friend. And I was 17, stupid as shit. He asked me for a ride and I gave him one. He said he was throwing a few parties in a hotel. Sketch. I took him there and he asked to watch a movie and after that all I remember is crying to my friend and my friend wanting me to go to the hospital. I didn’t go. And I don’t know why. I got my 18 year old friend to get me plan B. And guess what, 6 months later the guy raped another girl. That would’ve shown everyone that I didn’t lie. But because of me, she got raped. Because I told my parents and everyone before she even got raped. So this “little paper” is bs. I did say something, to my friend. People don’t report it because they are scared. Because they don’t trust others anymore. I went to a friend that was a girl.

    1. Keep your false accuser variants in check!
      Rape happens because gynocentric societies like Victorian England and 3rd Wave feminism USA purposely allows and endorses sexual repression; no wonder the Anglosphere have criminals like Jack the Ripper and Ted Bundy from their respective time periods.

    2. I just find it hard to believe that every female that gets caught having sex with someone they shouldn’t, develops instant “amnesia”. Remembering no details but only that they were a “victim”. It “might” happen on rare occasions but not every single time they are embarrassed about what they did the night before.

  98. this article makes me feel repulsed..maybe someone needs to hold you down and see how much you are “able” to struggle and have someone put something inside you., you would cringe with humiliation straight away and regret ever writing such rubbish….you would probably even remove this out of humiliation if it happened to you, BEFORE you went to police i bet!
    after being raped in my own home by an ex boyfriend, this is sick reading

  99. I got over a false rape accusation just a few weeks ago. An ex girlfriend of mine convinced herself that she was sexually assaulted by me on multiple occasions. In the police report, her statement read that we had “consentual and non-consentual sex on the same days.” When asked by the officer if she physically resisted, she said “Not physically, no.” (No sign of struggle: Sign 1, check). We were in a relationship during the time the alleged assault took place, and as such, they allegedly occurred at my house, and at her apartment. (Sign 2, check). And naturally, We broke up 4 months ago. And I was just informed a few weeks ago that she filed a report.
    I, however, did not follow your advice at all. I talked to the police officer, gave them an official statement (it took about 15 minutes on the phone) and I was informed the next day that the case was closed and that I would not be investigated further. To me, nothing says “I’m guilty” like asking for a lawyer for a crime you didn’t commit. I would bet my own ass that if I had asked for a lawyer, this would have ended up in court, which I have neither the time or money for. But I gave my honest statement, and the case was closed.

  100. If you report a sexual assault you have to have a rape kit done- which involves examining and taking pictures of the outside and inside of the vagina, and taking samples. That would be a horrible prospect, even if you knew is was the right thing to do.

    1. only a horrible prospect if you were lying about rape.
      A girl who wants her rapist behind bars will go through the necessary procedures.

      1. Sorry Dheeraj, you’re wrong. People don’t think clearly after terrible events. If you’ve had a shower you might think there’d be no evidence. You might think you won’t believed. And after the trauma of a rape- intrusion into your body, hands all over you, the fear- the forensic examination is going to feel very much the same. I suspect many women just can’t face it, especially if they have no confidence that the case would go anywhere.

        1. If that is how everyone starts to feel that they won’t get justice….and there is no point in going through the necessary legal procedures….then you simply cannot put those criminal behind bars.
          I understand it is tough but you have to go through it.
          many girls these days are taking unnecessary advantage of this and falsely accusing guys.
          Hence the need for procedures.

  101. I am currently writing my dissertation on flawed public perceptions of rape and rape myths, I will be using this as a good example of the flawed logic some people in the public still have, that should have (and is in the mind of intellectuals) been dispelled years ago.

  102. When i was young i took a lot of pharmacy drugs out of confusion and self hated. I grew up with an uncle who would tell me that women couldn’t be anything other than hoes and tricks. I didn’t even know what a trick was; i was so young at the time. My uncle would approach me with pills and when i denied wanting to take them, he would grow violent and verbally abusive. Being young and eager to avoid conflict with family, i would take these pills which eventually grew into a habit. I had a lovely boyfriend in my life. We were dating for about a month and he had begun pressuring me for sex. I had only two physical relationships before. I felt ignorant to being able to please a man so i often would ask for his patience and continue to physically neglect him. He always seemed kind and willing to wait. One day i showed up at his home very disoriented on pills. I remember watching anime together, laying in his bed. I was inebriated. I began to black out. I remember waking up naked next to him. I didn’t recall what happened between watching anime and waking up. I felt violated and shamed. I snuck out as he slept next to me and never saw or talked to him again. I never called the police. I felt like i was the one to be blamed for my whorish behavior. Throughout life I’ve been able to repress this moment in time. But it still hurts. I trusted that man with my safety. At my weakest moment i was taken advantage of. I’ve never talked to him about it. But i feel distrust for men more frequently then i should. Earlier there was a snide comment about women not sure if they were raped or perhaps they didn’t remember. I do think there are many varying factors in being sexual with each other, and even though it may not seen concretely rape, we should avoid hurting and using one another for purely selfish reasons. A person who calls rape, whether it’s true or not, still has been hurt deeply. A person who suffers in silence suffers immensely as well. It’s not okay to draw a line and state that this is what rape is and all else shouldn’t be acknowledged or understood. Was i raped? Whether i was or not, i still hurt. It’s not okay to hurt each other.

  103. I have one scenario that will shatter your entire argument; date rape. I am in no way a feminist, but whomever wrote this is a ill informed misogynist. I admit women can put themselves in position to be assaulted (ie, drugs or alcohol intoxication, taking drinks from strangers at clubs/bars/parties, etc…) but date rape is real and something that shouldn’t be undermined. This article is bull.

  104. I am not condoning rape, however, I can’t help but feel some things need to be said/pointed out. I do realize actual rape happens to both men and women, as does every other crime.
    Throughout the comment section, I see comments that are against calling out psychopathic lying whores for what they are. I can’t help but wonder what their motives are. Why would someone object to hold “victims” accountable and responsible for their actions, especially when false rape accusations are an epidemic – and have utterly destroyed the lives of countless innocent men?
    Part of it comes with the rejection of practicing adult responsibility. The entitled, western, modern, common-sense-less view that many women have today is that the world revolves around them. They think they can go out dressed in next to nothing, get sh*t-faced drunk and passed out on the street, and should not have to risk suffering any consequences for their actions. They feel that everything should work for them or for their benefit, while they do whatever they want. If they have to face any responsibility, and the potential to face real consequences, the “sexually-liberated” lifestyle won’t have so much appeal anymore. If they have to act like their age, or face consequences, it takes the fun out of living the privileged and catered-to life on the white western modern feminist woman.
    The other part? Shame. Once they realize that there can be consequences for acting promiscuous, they realize that what they are doing is wrong and stupid. If there is no responsibility required on their part & there are no consequences, they are not forced to evaluate if it is wrong to do something. They are not forced to look at themselves critically.
    So women, either act like an adult and take some responsibility for what you get yourselves into, or be treated like a child who doesn’t know any better.

  105. Julian Assange is a bad example to use if you’re attempting to prove your case. The facts are that the parties had agreed to sex, but with a condom. Julian decided at the last moment to whip it off (probably a roll it off, but I digress).
    All parties agree to this line of events. Julian claims it’s not rape because they agreed to sex, the Swedish (?) government say it was rape because the girls hadn’t agreed to sex without a condom.
    And before you say it wasn’t rape, does agreeing with sex with somebody also mean agreeing to it in the backside, or the mouth, or being passed on to the next guy like a tramp?

  106. Are you seriously suggesting the Strauss-Kahn affair in the US was a false rape allegation? The woman reported the attack at once, and the physical evidence was very convincing. The only reason he walked was because she told prosecutors a pack of lies about other something else that destroyed her credibility. If it had gone to trial – and it should have – the jury would have to decide just how bad was her credibility since his only defence would have been consent. The suggestion that a hotel maid would engage in consensual sex with an ugly guest twice her age on a whim and without money changing hands would not impress most juries.
    There can also be times when a woman will delay reporting or not report a rape; mostly these are vulnerable women – those of limited intelligence, with mental health issues or teenagers.
    An ordinary intelligent woman who is genuinely raped would show definite signs of trauma unless the guy held a knife or to her throat or a gun to her head, and to rape a woman under those circumstances is again not quite believable. Usually the assailant uses the weapon to terrify her into submission, so when he puts it down and she resists there is again clear evidence of trauma. Check out the case of Antoni Imiela.
    The suggestion that the campuses of America are bastions of rape is frankly laughable. If you credit the garbage of rad-fems, the backstreets of Delhi are safer. But who does?

  107. This is catagorically the absolute biggest pile of horsesh!t I have ever read!!

  108. I think it’s hilarious that people are claiming this article is bullshit. It’s actually very logical overall.
    Woman meets man at bar, invites man over to her house. Man decides to rape her. Woman goes to the police. Man decides to say “oh no! we were just hanging out like best buds!”.
    Sounds likely? Of course not, every man knows they are screwed if they are in the same room and a woman decides to report a rape. Guilty before being proven innocent (and even then, you lose your job!).
    Occam’s razor : the most simple explanation is likely to be true.
    Of course there are exceptions, but in the above case, i would say it’s much more likely for the following scenario :
    Woman meets man at bar, has a few too many drinks. Thinks the man looks like her favourite celebrity. They have drunken sex. Woman wakes up in the morning, feeling ashamed that she had a one night stand and realising the man is rather average. Panics, what would her friends think??? Wheels start turning. She was drunk right? And if she was drunk, she couldn’t possibly judge the real attractiveness of the man or give legal consent…he took advantage of her! It was rape! And if the man gives her money to settle the case out of court, all the better…
    I think the false/unsubstantiated/withdrawn rape accusations statistics do show that women (in general) have a problem with filing false rape charges.
    Also date rape is a myth : http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/crime/6440589/Date-rape-drink-spiking-an-urban-legend.html
    Which is more likely, that there is a massive black market for some magical date rape drug that police cant find any evidence of, completely untraceable and easy for college kids with limited funds and resources to obtain? Or that women are having too many drinks and losing self control?
    Because we all know that women (particularly college age women) have amazing self control and resistance to alcohol right? There’s no way they would be drinking themselves drunk right?
    I remember reading an article years ago where a college girl was interviewed. She said she would often go out, get drunk and sleep with a different man nearly every night.
    And you know what? There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Its her life style choice, perfectly legal. Most women would proceed to slut shame her though (another myth, it’s WOMEN who do slut shaming, not men! men mostly use the term slut/whore for women who CHEAT, not women who have a lot of sex. women on the other hand get really jealous when other women have a lot of sex).
    And i respected that college girl a lot. Why? Because of doing the stereotypical thing and crying rape, saying “oh he raped me i was drunk and couldn’t give legal consent!!!”. She just said “yea i had sex, big deal, if i didn’t want to have sex, i wouldn’t have gotten drunk and been with a guy by myself, i wanted it and i kept doing it every night for sex.”
    More “women” need to grow up and be like that college girl. And admit that they wanted to have sex.

  109. Wow! A factual unbiased article about rape. I didn’t know there was such a thing. I think the Daisy Coleman case is a prime example of the facts in this article. Now that the case is closed, with the boys life is still ruined and the girl having gotten both rich and famous, the police have released the previously undisclosed fact that Daisy Coleman had already agreed, by text, to have sex with the boy before she ever went to his house. The deal was struck that she would have sex with him and then he would provide her with liquor. (BTW, in my part of the country, we call that prostitution.) So the boy was telling the truth all along, yet he was forced to drop out of college and his life will always be tainted by the accusation. Even though it has now been proven that Daisy wasn’t telling the truth about the incident, she is still viewed as an innocent victim and she and her mother continue to profit financially from the lies she told. Our justice system is seriously out of whack on some issues.

  110. As a victim of rape I’m disgusted with you and your lack of knowledge. You don’t have any idea about this topic so please man up and educate yourself before writing such a low profile close minded false article.

  111. “I often hear women do not report rapes right away because they are ashamed or humiliated to report that it ever happened. This is pure bullshit because any rape victim working with the police can request to have their identity hidden from the press, and both the police and press must honor such requests under penalty of law.”
    This right here shows your lack of intelligence and/or humanity. If YOU were raped by some big, hairy guy (and yes, men can be raped), would you be all enthusiastic to report it right the second it happened? The fact that you would compare being raped to being robbed or having your house burn down shows how clueless you really are – rape is more personally invasive, and thus shame is more likely to be involved. If YOU were raped, you could have your identity hidden as well – it doesn’t mean that you would be completely okay with telling a police officer that you don’t even know that someone violated you in that way.
    You’re an idiot.

  112. Please tell me this is a joke…..so the only true victim of rape is someone attacked in a alley? Do you not understand what it is like to truly fear someone 24/7? When you live in a small town and he can be anywhere? I feel your logic is very incorrect but everyone is entitled to their opinion but I think it couldn’t hurt for you to reevaluate yours.

  113. This is all such crap. I was raped by my boyfriend, so 1. I verbally resisted several times, but was too scared to physically resist. I froze. This happens. A lot. 2. Of course I willingly allowed him in my house. He was my BOYFRIEND. 3. There is so much guilt and shame surrounding rape that you would not be able to fathom it unless it has happened to you, especially with date rape and acquaintance rape, which accounts for seventy percent of all rapes. Of course people will wait a long time before reporting because they feel ashamed, plus if you know the person, like most rape victims do, you feel an obligation to protect them or fear them and do not want to report at all.

  114. As someone who has been falsely accused, you would think I would be inclined to agree with an article such as this. However, it is so full of false generalizations and ignorant statements, it will do anyone a disservice to use this as any kind of guide to judge the truthfulness of a rape claim. I’ve seen more informed articles in tabloids. Don’t offer yourself as an subject matter expert if your only interest in it is covering your ass. I would bet you’re the type who pushes women into sex who aren’t really ready or entirely willing, then berates them if they are hesitant or say no. So, if a woman makes a false rape accusation, there’s a good chance some self-important “player”, who thinks tricking as many women into having sex as possible is admirable, actually did rape or otherwise damage them at some point prior. So it’s not “feminism” that is the biggest problem here, it’s morally lacking predators who don’t mind hurting others to feel good about themselves for a few minutes, Much like the demographic that you pander to. It takes more than a swagger and well delivered lies to be a real Alpha male. “Players” are just people with no integrity or substance attempting to pass themselves off as a person they lack the actual attributes of, but can imitate temporarily if their victim is drunk or naive enough. But please do it to someone I care about, and then push the limits after they say no. You won’t be found guilty of rape, you won’t ever be found again.

  115. meta kane of millbrook ny is a rape liar. read all about her drunken lies on facebook at rapeliarmetakane

  116. This article is absolute bullshit. Clearly you haven’t founded any of this on actual evidence, statistics or research and clearly you have never been raped. I think the majority of rapes don’t involve a “struggle” in the sense that you refer. Look up any stats on the rape and you will find most victims of assault are either under the influence of a substance legal or illegal which gives the attacker an opportunity so their victim doesn’t have to “struggle.” Rapists know this much. They don’t want scratch marks on their arms or to have to beat a woman down to have sex with her. They want there NOT to be a struggle. So your first point is NULL and completely VOID. The more complacent she is the better and it’s usually not by HER choice. What the hell does location have anything to do with false reports? (point #2) Half the time you would need technology and a police force who would be willing to actually track that phone to a residence and you know what? So many of these rapists know that the cops won’t even do that much. Many don’t even care! That sure isn’t going to stop a sadistic, perverse man who really wants to rape someone. And as far as alerting the police later on..months to whenever…(point 3) MAN!!! You have no idea what a woman or a man goes through after an assault. No f-ing clue! Obviously! My bet is that you have some buddy who claims he was falsely accused and for all we know maybe that is true..or not. But you DON’T know what it is like to be raped..that much is clear! She or he isn’t thinking “wow that was great…. or was it a mistake?” Most of the time they are in shock or denial or terrified or worried or scared or plenty of time they are just so TERRIFIED about getting up out of bed to face the world the next day and wonder if they can carry on with their lives without having to face this battle and usually it’s ALONE. Man! Your facts and theories are pure bullshit! I suggest you keep your piehole shut before doling out advice on a subject you clearly know nothing about. Thanks for creating a page for a few rape enthusiasts to applaud! And for doing a total disservice to all of those people who have truly been raped. Total disrespect! Here’s a way to KNOW if she’s/he’s truly been raped….follow THESE guidelines…not this jerk’s jargon…. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rape_trauma_syndrome

  117. This is seriously offensive. I was raped when I was 16 at a high school party, I was given drugs that disoriented me, when I came to and realized what had happened to me, I curled up in a ball and cried for hours. I went home and immediately showered because I felt disgusting and awful, I felt worthless. It took me 3 days to report the rape because after the trauma I had been through the LAST thing I wanted to do was have a thorough examination and rape kit done. I didn’t want anyone to look at me let alone examine me. I only went because I told my sister and she forced me to go. Had it been up to me I probably wouldn’t have gone in for another week, at least. It’s been 2 years since it happened and I still shudder anytime someone of the opposite sex touches me. So, it is highly offensive when you sit here and say that because I waited longer than 36 hours to report the rape, I’m probably lying.

  118. You do know that 237,868 women are raped per year and only 2-5% are false claims right? Seriously, this entire article is founded in myths. How dare you tell a woman who was sexually assaulted that her case doesn’t matter if she wasn’t raped a certain way? False rape claims are extremely unlikely. Society deems most rape cases “unworthy”. We only accept a woman who is modestly dressed walking in a parking lot attacked by a stranger. Do you not realize alcohol or drugs can leave a woman unable to fight back? Do you not realize that almost all women know their attacker? This is extremely insulting to women like me who have been raped. There is nothing worse than being told you are lying. And no men are not guilty until proven innocent. Unfortunately, women are guilty and lying until proven innocent in our world today

    1. “Seriously, this entire article is founded in myths.”
      So is your “2-5% of all rapes are false claims” stat. Even Wikipedia refers to a good dozen articles or more which put the rate anywhere between 20 and 90%.

  119. the worse is the blog of annai rhoads kotatis ford and natalieng fabrioni, both of these people stalked family members to find out if they where involved with potential brides from fear their siblings will obtain a portion of their family inheritance, a portion that is there which these girls want for themselves., the location of the property and real estate money is in europe while they stalk their rivals in the USA
    At the age of 7, the mother of Annai Rhoads arrives in the USA with her husband and five children, embezzles the money her husband was making as well as the money both sides of the family offered to help them go to the land of opportunity, gets her ex boyfriend a apartment in Virginia, a car and then splits to Pennsylvania to lie to her own brothers that her husband is a obsessed jealous person and paranoid, claiming he haunted her with false accusations she was stealing money and possibly in touch with her ex., she then plays a tape recording of the phone conversation between her husband claiming it was proof her husband was accusing her and she feared he will kill her, meanwhile these recordings took place AFTER she left him and did just that, she claimed they took place between incidents and she had stayed at a friends because she could not take it any more.
    Un married to another man she takes her daughter ANNA and just two more of the five children to meet her boyfriend in Virginia, later sending both the boys back to their father in NY and keeping the girl, along with deeds to property, land and access to bank accounts with reak estate money from renting it since the mid 70s, after all the laws in the EU country she is from default properties to woman., especially widos or divorce., also if parents are gone the properties have to be shared between the children, this means Anna and her mom have to cut the other brothers out of it., also the deed notaries stress that the property goes to the kids who marry, so they get to work,
    1- during the 80s they tell the father of one potential brides engaged to a brother that HE IS HIV positive., while the family believed it was false they wanted nothing to do with them.
    2- they tell the oldest brother’s wife that he was cheating on him, advised her to move on BEHIND his back claiming he ill react like the father who was jealous etc., which was totally false.
    3-during the 90s anna called the police in san diego pretending they where the fiancé of one of her brothers claiming she was been beaten and needed help, after the police arrived at the scene they where contacted by police radio that the call came from outside the state.
    these methods continued, they bribed prostitutes to claim they where in relationships with another brother and paid them to file a complaint that they where harrassed verbally,
    After one of the other brothers caught on and had cut them off for years including changing his name legally anna found out he had children and contacted the in laws in Europe telling them lies that her brother had been in jail three times for severely beating woman into the hospital adding all his ex girlfriends where fk-ng jews and he will force their daughter to convert against her will.
    the type of defamation here is criminal obviously, and once any crooks find out this is going on and they do have crooked lawyers, they take advantage of everyone.
    so there you go, the real victims never see justice

  120. I was raped at age 9 by a 16-year-old boy–a relative. I waited until I was 25 to tell anyone. Guess I’m lying, huh? Because even a child knows when they’ve been wronged?
    This site is full of cowardly, downright evil males. Notice I say “males” and not “men,” because that’s all you are: humans with the biological attributes of the male gender. You are not, and will never be, real men.

  121. #2 shows how according to the author’s twisted understanding of human relations the only reason for a woman to invite a men to her home is sexual intent. And what if we accept this twisted view, does that mean that the author deny the right of human beings to excercise their will and have a change of heart, whether they want to engage in a sexual act with someone or not, or is this right reserved only for men? What if the man shows trends that are signs for the woman to not engage in sex? What if he becomes repulsive to her, or if she simply decides that she does not want to have sexual contact at this point. Maybe this is where the problem with this “logic” lies – the brazen sense of entitlement to assign functions and roles to sexes and genders. In other words, the “logic”of – “I am a man, she invited me to her house and I deserve to have my sexual needs met”. This is the logic of impotent power. The looking of sexual relations between two or more people as numbers, so that you can brag to the “boys” later how you “fucked that chick”. This is what is sickening about all these “explanations” what is rape and what isn’t. If you are so desperate to resolve to sexual assault of any sort, not to speak of rape, you know very well that you are a self-loathing individual, maybe someone deeply insecure with his gender identity (“a bros over hoes” type of guy, product of a sickening environment). Combine those two – self-loath and sick environment and you have a type of college rapist on your hands. I remember reading many years ago a book by Stephen King, Rage. It does a great job showing the mechanisms in the formation of a boy’s inferiority complex, especially if his father is himself a “bros over hoes”brute. The author should give this book a read. There is nothing sexual about rape, it is an exercise of impotent power over someone that is stronger than you because she/he has showed you that you are undesirable for them. I hope the author is not a member of one of those “man’s rights” groups and can look further than his nose. I also hope that his perception of sexual relations between people is not formed solely on excessive diet of porn as, studies show sadly seems to be the case with many young people today.

  122. I was brutally assaulted by a guy who wanted to, not have sex, but strangle and pee on me. I struggled, sustained significant visible injury (which the dean saw), had to get help to get my possessions back, promptly went to the cops…and they refused to press charges. I wasn’t “raped”, you see. Personally, I think a guy with a thing about strangling folks into unconsciousness and then wetting on them may be a tad more dangerous than your basic date rapist, but that is just me. Should I have done more, if so, what? How many BTK killer types slip through the cracks at university?

  123. This is quite possibly the most illogical argument I’ve ever read. Honestly, so much so that I’m wondering if you’re being satirical. If you believe the things you’ve written, you should do more fact checking and maybe catch-up on your sexual assault research. You and the world of readers would benefit greatly. 🙂

  124. How about when a 13 year old girl’s 15 year old boyfriend tells her he will stop if she wants to; but he doesn’t. Sure she was there naked; he was lined up to have sex with her.He spread her legs apart but she changed her mind she wanted to stay a virgin a little while longer. She tried to tell him no and close her legs but He was stronger he penetrated her and it hurt too much to fight back; she blacked out. She doesn’t want her family to know she isn’t good and pure anymore so she doesn’t tell. So is her rape legitimate enough.

  125. What if a 13 year old, who is a virgin, has a 15 year old boyfriend and he talks her into sex.She experiences anxiety attacks frequently. She meets him in a family bathroom in the movie theater to have sex. They get naked and lay on the floor lined up to have sex; she changes her mind she doesn’t want to do it that way. But it isn’t his first time he’s already had his special first.She tells him to stop, if she screams someone will find her and tell her family.She tells him no multiple times and then her panic attack begins she can’t breathe let alone fight back.He stops when she starts bleeding she already broke her hymen no he ripped her apart internally damaging her in more ways than one. She doesn’t report it she doesn’t want anyone to know or to ruin his life. It was in her mind her fault. Is her rape legitimate? She doesn’t have external bruises, she met him there,and she never reported it.

  126. I agree with most of this but Strauss-Kahn was not falsely accused. Clearly something happened there; if that maid had simply told the truth he would still lbe behind bars now, and she could have sold her story in the process. Instead she padded her personal details with a pack of lies that undermined her credibility.

  127. That’s right. This article is really useful for who exactly? I think the only ppl benefiting from this article are ppl who rape and those who support them. Why? So they can try harder to influence others that those accusing them of rape are liars? C’mon really! Or maybe the should-be-prisoner wants you to feel sorry for him and his upbringing. Why? B/c he has issues like trusting women or his mom hurt him when he was young, so he rapes b/c of it? And some of the worst rapists will feed you a sob story post-rape, so you will feel sorry for their reasons as to why they chose to violate you. “Don’t go to the police. They will not be fair to a man like me. Oh my life is so hard. They always find rich, white men guilty!” This is an actual quote that was said by a real rapist to the person he raped for weeks afterwards. These statements never address responsibility for what they have done. It is all an attempt ot brainwash the ppl they rape, like your article seems to support rape culture. I had a hard childhood, but I don’t go around making justifications for why that entitles me to hurt other ppl and esp. as a criminal. And lastly, you failed to mention just what it was that benefits a woman so much by coming forward with a rape accusation in the first place? What, does she need attention that badly? Or maybe she is pathetic and desperate? Perhaps, she just has a vendetta against some guy and wants him to pay b/c the sex was bad? Yeah right! They aren’t admitting this b/c they want glory in announcing to the entire world that someone hurt them. Oh God no! Who wants that? No one wants that sir. ( i assume you are a man) No one wants to be raped. No one wants the constant nightmares that come afterwards. No one wants the pain and humiliation of having had non consensual and oftentimes painful sex with someone. No one wants to see their entire body and life shut down b/c of an act like rape. No one wants their life thrown into turmoil b/c of someone else’s violent nature. No one wants the inability to trust ppl, let alone a man ever again. No one wants to question things like, “can I ever have sex again? Will I ever have sex again?,” all b/c some man forced sex on her and hurt her. No one wants any of that. If anything, a person who is raped wants justice and part of that justice is seeing the person who raped them suffer a consequence for what they did. The person who is raped has to suffer for the rest of their life over what someone did to them, so it seems only fair that the perpetrator suffer as well. That is what ppl who are raped want. They want what is fair. They want to know that the traumatic event that they somehow survived was not all for nothing. They also want to make sure the person who raped them doesn’t rape anyone else. These are the REAL reasons women make rape accusations in the first place. They do not want to see anyone get hurt as badly as they were. I highly suggest you mull this over and visit your conscience. Then return with a new article entitled,”Why Women Make Rape Accusations and What they Really Want & Need.” Make it truthful and try interviewing women who have actually been raped. My hunch is you’ve never really met any real women who were raped before b/c if you had, then you would have never fathomed writing an article like this one.

  128. #2 is complete bullshit.
    1. People don’t go out with the intention to rape. They go out with the intention to HAVE SEX. And if a woman doesn’t want to, if he’s a rapist, he’ll get what he wants anyway. I highly doubt rapists view themselves as such. For them, it’s about power and control. They view woman as sex objects and nothing more.
    2. “Come over” does not mean “have sex with me”. It’s not an open invitation; it does not indicate consent.
    3. Being in the same residence does not matter. The question isn’t whether they had sex when determining if it’s rape; it’s determining whether the sex was consensual. So the rapist could say he had sex with her but that she wanted it. That’s the angle they usually go for.
    Also, there’s this thing called statue of limitations. So what would be the upside to admitting someone raped you years later? Rape goes unreported because girls are SCARED. Scared that their rapist will hurt them again. Scared of what people will think. (Rape victims DO get judged. Harshly. And by people like YOU, nonetheless.)

    1. Then we can add one more stigma to rape victims: that they’re perfectly willing to let other women be the victims of their “rapist”. – by dint of the fact they choose not to report it.

    2. Returnofcreepswhocantgetlaid.com
      Kings act like confident kings and get the girl. Kings respect their queens and are aware that someone, mom ect.
      Wonder if articles like this pop up because you have trouble getting girls, your actually contemplating the subject and justifying it with your sick self. Sure some women are fast. Maybe called slutty ect. If there are so many of these woman why is rape even needed. I was labeled a man whore, well my whole life. I’m no angel. I was a shitty boyfriend. Being a whore ect was looked at as l Cool for me not for girls. Not fair at all and I agree. But if you know that’s how it is just be aware and conscience that’s how it is. Dude of you if your around women you would probably be looking at your fine ass girl or beautiful little daughter and woulda killed the article. Again I admit to not being a good BF for years. But in now way do I not respect, have compassion, and know the difference between sex or making love and a violation of her body. I have a daughter now and a son. I do not do what I used to because of their view on me. Plus cheating was an insecurity and a def mech for not getting hurt. I will clearly and loudly explain to my daughter and son , prevention. Consequence, not just on you but others as well. More men need to come out and speak for the women so our mothers. Sisters. Wives. And daughters. Don’t have to get her character obliterated in court publicly, called a slut, whore, and what months after she was ATTACKED. Cause that sounds like a long shitty 6months to a year. While they are trying to convince people a man she dated for months really did it. Or a neighbor. Roommate. Slap a nice sentence on false rape charges. Easy to yell rape to hurt a man , when you get away with it but your too scorned to realize all the real rape victims your hurting. If you knew you were gonna do 3-5 years would that make it worth it. Think you would find another way. Men stop it just cause you get away with it in college especially. Cause you may marry that girl who got date raped in college a state away. Then wonder why something is missing or off. Intimacy. Trust. Love. Compromise. Ability to forgive. Rage. List goes on.

    The main way feminist pressure groups have successfully pushed for – Unprecedented, Accuser-Biased, Date Rape Laws – is by their constant and loud assertion… “No women would ever lie about being raped“. Amazingly, this assertion is now universally accepted, by our media and politicians as true. I say amazingly because the evidence to the contrary is so easily found. Here is just a small fraction of what’s out there …
    KELLY-ANN FERGUSON, told police that her husband of raped her but after being shown a video taken by her husband, she admitted to police that she had made up the story because he wanted to separate from her. http://www.mkweb.co.uk/Wife-jailed-false-rape-claim/story-22262642-detail/story.html
    MISS ROBIN LEVITSKI, had accused a man of raping her but finally admitted… “the entire story was fabricated” after police had shown her video evidence which contradicted her story. http://www.centerforinquiry.net/blogs/entry/the_anatomy_of_false_accusations_a_skeptical_case_study/
    CHANEYA KELLY, whose testimony jailed her own Navy Veteran father for 20-40 years for rape, now says she was “coerced by her mother to lie about the charges”. http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/woman-accused-father-raping-lied-article-1.1430957
    “IDENTITY PROTECTED” Female, accuses police officer of sexual assault on camera but is then forced to confess that she lied when she is shown footage from the officers car camera. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=KgxwPU0W-Wg
    NICOLE RICHESS, finally pleaded guilty to making false rape allegations against two soldiers because she “did not want to admit she had been unfaithful to her boyfriend” ; http://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/other/woman-admits-false-rape-claims/ar-BBi0637
    WANETTA GIBSON, now admits, she Falsely Accused Football Star of Rape – He Receives Five Years In Prison, She Receives $1.5 Million of Taxpayers’ Money; http://ncfm.org/2012/05/news/criminal-sentencing/woman-admits-she-falsely-accused-hs-football-star-of-rape-he-receives-five-years-in-prison-she-receives-1-5-million-of-taxpayers-money/
    NATASHA FOSTER, now admits that she “lied to police about being raped” has finally pleaded guilty to a charge of perverting the course of justice; http://www.ballymenatimes.com/news/local-news/local-woman-admits-making-false-rape-claims-1-5518294
    KATELYN WEBSTER, now say she lied about being raped, because she “didn’t want to get into trouble with her father for having sucker bites” http://patch.com/pennsylvania/peters/venetia-girl-charged-with-lying-about-rape
    REBECCA HOWARD,now admits to making false rape claims against two innocent men; http://www.courier.co.uk/Woman-admits-making-false-rape-claim/story-13207942-detail/story.html
    “IDENTITY PROTECTED” Female, had a Man locked up for ten years for rape, but finally came forward and admitted to police that she and her witness had “lied about the rapes”. http://www.japancrush.com/2015/stories/man-serves-6-years-for-rape-before-girl-admits-she-lied.html
    KIMBERLEY WHEELHOUSE now admits to making false rape claims against two men, after attending a house for “arranged sex”. http://www.northern-times.co.uk/News/Woman-admits-false-rape-claim-20012014.
    PHILIPA COSTELLO, had claimed she was raped but later admitted “lying to police” about the incident and pleaded guilty to “perverting the course of justice” http://www.thenorthernecho.co.uk/news/10448146.Woman_admits_making_a_false_rape_claim/
    “IDENTITY PROTECTED” Woman, now admits to making a false rape allegation against a male student, but will not be charged. “Our focus is towards support and care for her,’’said university police chief Pete Andrers; http://lancasteronline.com/news/local/woman-admits-she-wasn-t-raped-saturday-on-mu-campus/article_29f316be-57a3-11e4-8f3c-001a4bcf6878.html
    “IDENTITY PROTECTED” Female, now admits her “rape claim was false” but will not face prosecution; http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-sussex-30132260
    JOANIE FAIRCLOTH, now says… the statements she made to police about being raped by Conor Oberstare were “100% false” http://m.spin.com/articles/conor-obersts-name-cleared-rape-accuser-admits-she-lied/
    ANN-MARIE GOUGH, finally admitted to lying over rape claim against two men in car; http://www.echo-news.co.uk/news/3598117.Woman_admits_lying_over_rape_claim/
    “IDENTITY PROTECTED” Female student, reported a sexual assault in the Texas Tech Student Recreation Centre, but has now admitted her “statements were false”. http://redraiders.com/local-news/2014-10-21/tech-student-admits-making-false-statements-connection-rape-allegations#.VPmzo2IgGSM
    BILLIE JO EADS, now admits to making a false rape claim to police against an innocent man; http://www.theindychannel.com/news/police-woman-admits-making-false-rape-claim
    CHARMAINE RIPLEY, claimed she’d been raped in a park, but finally admitted wasting police time; http://www.thanetgazette.co.uk/Margate-woman-admits-making-rape-park-claim/story-19869011-detail/story.html
    “IDENTITY PROTECTED” female, admitted putting an innocent man behind bars by “falsely accusing him” of rape because she was afraid of what her boyfriend would do when he found out she had cheated on him; http://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/local-news/teen-girl-admits-false-rape-1879187
    SUSAN BRADLY, had accused two men of raping her but now admits “the attack never took place”. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1369536/Fury-woman-cried-rape-sparking-major-police-hunt-handed-80-penalty-notice.html
    MICHELLE GRAFTON, now admits making up rape claim because “she liked the attention” http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10642709
    AMANDA ROLAND, had made a detailed rape accusation to police, but latter admitted that she had “made up the story and staged a scene” at her home to make it appear as if a struggle had taken place. http://www.wjhl.com/story/25099879/kingsport-woman-allegedly-admits-to-making-up-story-about-rape
    MELINDA DENHAM, now admits to “falsely accusing her boyfriend of rape” because she was angry at him for not returning her phone calls. http://www.examiner.com/article/angry-woman-admits-to-falsely-accusing-her-boyfriend-of-rape
    “IDENTITY PROTECTED” Female Student, now admits that she “lied about fighting off Rapist”. http://laist.com/2015/01/23/riverside_community_college_rapist.php
    “IDENTITY PROTECTED” female, who claimed she was sexually assaulted by two male students, now admits “it didn’t happen”. http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/woman-claims-she-was-sexually-assaulted-admits-it-didnt-happen/article/2555018
    BIURNY PEGUERO made a rape claim that saw a man sentenced to 20 years in prison, but finally confesses four years later, to a priest and then to the DA’s office that she “made the whole thing up” because she wanted people to feel sorry for her. http://www.talkleft.com/story/2009/12/10/203014/15/innocencecases/Man-Freed-After-4-Years-Victim-Admits-False-Rape-Report
    GEMMA SCOONES, now admits to making, what turned out to be her “second false rape allegation” but still avoids prison; http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1299310/Woman-admits-SECOND-rape-offence-spared-jail-heavily-pregnant.html
    ELIZABETH JONES, finally admitted she “lied about her latest rape allegation” because she did not like the man she accused of attacking her. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/crime/9894588/Compulsive-liar-jailed-after-11-false-rape-claims-in-decade.html
    EMILY CHATTERS, plagued” police with dozens of calls to make complaints of rape. Only after police showed her “irrefutable evidence” that her version could not be true, did she finally admit…. “Yes all the allegations were false”. http://www.buryfreepress.co.uk/news/local/latest-news/thetford-woman-plagued-police-with-false-allegations-court-hears-1-6322587
    DANMELL NDONYE, had five men arrested after accusing them of gang rape. Only after prosecutors confronted her with a cellphone video that captured “the whole sordid episode” and showed she had willingly participated, did she finally admit she had in fact “lied about the incident”. http://nypost.com/2009/09/18/twisted-motive-behind-rape-story/
    LEANNE BLACK, had made multiple allegations of rape to police against a series of ex-boyfriends, over an eight year period, but finally made a full admission in open court that the “rapes never happened”. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2358759/Leanne-Black-finally-jailed-FIVE-false-rape-allegations-ex-boyfriends-years.html
    “IDENTITY PROTECTED” Female, who claimed she had been sexually assaulted a man, later admitted that she “made a false report” to the police. http://www.harrogate-news.co.uk/2014/08/29/york-woman-admits-making-false-report-sex-assault-allegation/
    EMMA SAXON, claimed to have been raped in a supermarket car park, but now openly admits “the matter never happened”. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2188112/Mother-jailed-making-TWO-false-rape-claims-men-dating-didnt-liaison.html
    MICHELLE ROSSITER, made a series of allegations of rape against one man, but eventually admitted to the police that the rape allegations she had made to them previously “were not genuine”. http://www.cps.gov.uk/northwest/cps_northwest_news/woman_jailed_for_false_rape_allegation/
    JUNE PLUNKETT, accused a man of rape, but finally “pleads guilty” to making a false rape claim which included her “slashing herself” with a blade or razor before making the allegations to police. http://www.newsletter.co.uk/news/regional/woman-admits-false-allegation-of-rape-1-6060694
    AMANDA MOYSE, eventually admitted in open court, to perverting the course of justice by making a “false allegation of rape” against an innocent man. http://www.westernmorningnews.co.uk/Woman-admits-false-rape-claim/story-11722416-detail/story.html
    CHARLENE KIELTY claimed to police that she was raped by a bus driver in the back of his coach, but finally admitted in open court, to “making the false allegation”. http://news.stv.tv/highlands-islands/273275-woman-admits-false-rape-claim-against-bus-driver/
    “IDENTITY PROTECTED” Woman, admits that she made a false allegation of sexual assault. http://www.redditchadvertiser.co.uk/news/alcester/10697043.Woman_admits_to_making_false_allegation_of_sexual_assault/
    MEGAN FRANKS, claimed to have been raped by a man who was subsequently arrested, but eventually admitted to police that she had made up the rape allegations and even to injuring herself to be more credible. http://www.kplctv.com/story/14389364/lake-arthur-woman-arrested-for-false-rape-accusation
    CATHY RICHARDSON, told police officers that she had been sexually assaulted several times but now admits her “allegations were false”. http://www.essex.police.uk/news_features/homepage_latest_news/woman_jailed_for_making_false.aspx
    JACQUELINE McCOMMOND, made an allegation that she was raped, but finally admitted to police that she “made the whole thing up”. http://www.essex.police.uk/news_features/homepage_latest_news/woman_jailed_for_making_false.aspx
    BEVERLY BRANDRETH had “cried rape” against an ex-boyfriend but finally pleaded guilty to lying in court. http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2012/12/03/woman-jailed-after-making-false-rape-claims_n_2233032.html
    MISS SO LEONG-YING, told police in graphic detail how she was gang-raped by four men. But after police confronted her with evidence of the bogus rape and robbery, admitted to “making up the story” in the hope of attracting publicity to her name. http://www.asiantribune.com/news/2003/06/25/false-rape-allegation-hk-woman-gets-18-months
    CHARLENE STEEL made an accusation of sexual assault against a man, but later pleaded guilty to “falsely claiming to have been raped”. http://www.northern-times.co.uk/News/Alness-woman-jailed-for-false-rape-allegation-22102013.htm
    KELLY HARWOOD, claimed that her friend’s son had raped her, later confessed that she “had made it up”. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-north-east-orkney-shetland-29785120
    NATALIE MORTIMER, had accused her grandfather of raping her, but later admitted she had “made it up” in a bid to claim inheritance money. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-north-east-orkney-shetland-25624620
    JOANNA ROBERTSON now admits to “making up a sex attack allegation” — leading to an innocent man being held in custody. http://www.thecourier.co.uk/news/local/dundee/dundee-woman-sobs-as-she-is-jailed-for-false-sex-assault-claims-1.336455
    EMMA BLUNDEN, told police that she had been raped by four men, but was eventually found to have been lying. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-hampshire-11956916
    KATHERINE CLIFTON statements led too rape charges against a professor who subsequently spent nine days in jail as well as being placed on leave from his job, eventually pleaded guilty in court to “making false statements” to the police. http://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/woman-pleads-guilty-to-false-rape-report/
    TEMITOPE ADENUGBA, made a rape allegation to police against a man they later arrested, but subsequently admitted in open court to making “false statements” and perverting the course of justice. http://www.oxfordtimes.co.uk/news/headlines/8203165.Woman_admits_making_false_rape_claim/
    It’s worth noting that in most of the cases above, the woman only admitted to lying because she was shown irrefutably evidence ( video, CCTV, eye-witnesses, phone tracking, DNA…. ).
    I truly shudder to think just how many men are sitting in prison today just because they were unlucky enough to cross paths with one such Vindictive-Fembitch-Psycho-Cunt?
    Of course there will always be False-Rape-Denialists who will try to argue that these women were bullied into recanting and that we should ignore their confessions. But isn’t it funny how they never use this argument when an accused man confesses, even though he is likely to have come under a great deal more pressure from police.

    1. I agree with this and it does happen. Scale wise to actual rape is tiny percentage. These women make the real victims pay as they cry wolf. Slap a mandatory 3-5 year sentence on false rape accusations as character bashing cause right now they are for the most part. Let go. And just like a rapist, if the 90% range you get away with it odds say, it will keep happening and more frequently.

  130. There is so much wrong with the article. Begining with the assumption that any woman who goes to a man’s house or has a man over, automatically is ready to have sex with him. This is the reason a lot of rapes occur because men make this wrong assumption, that the minute a woman is alone with you, that means she is saying yes to sex.
    And also this nonsense about “do you wait to make a complaint about your car being stolen, is ridiculous. People aren’t embarrassed, scared, or shy to admit their car has been stolen, it didn’t involve violation of their naked body.

    1. Or the fact that then woman will be berated by defense in court as a lying deserving fill in the blank. Again gents stop thinking of them as a dumb slut always asking for it and think of it as if it’s your mother, sister, daughter, cousin. Then say this to her and if she’s even brave enough to tell you because articles like this exist. Sit there and tell your loved one she’s lying. Cause rape victims have family too. Women who don’t report it are victims and strong and it’s not their fault. Who in gods right mind woukd want to see their daughter painted in such a degrading way after YOUR daughter was completely violated. “Dad I said no, he kept going, I was scared”. Thinking before you speak and actually learning things before you speak make you sound one smart
      Two humane
      Three like you actually get girls
      On n on n on. Wake up. If say 10% get reported and third are fake. This is what your focusing on??? Not the other 90 women who got raped and their assailant runs free while maybe like someone said blamed the woman which is bs. That’s not the bigger problem. Bigger problem is 9/10 times they blame themselves when it is not their fault. Creates years of relationship issues. Trust issues. Sexual issues. Good job. All cause you invited her up for coffee? Now again. Jump out bushes I don’t know you rape is I am sure a lot easier to report then date rape. 85% of all tapes occur by someone you know. I’m not sure if some of these posts are from ignorant virgin kids or I couldn’t get a kiss in high school.

  131. It’s only rape if the man is not handsome or rich.

  132. First off read about fight, flight , freeze. Say your making out with a girl and it’s getting hot. You reach down there and she says no. You continue for whatever douche reason you tell yourself. Most woman freeze from fear of further aggression. Men need to get that what your doing that one night of selfishness can cause a girl years and years of mental instability. Date rape is very real and happening to 1 in 4 woman between 18-25. 3% ever get reported. So say all of them are the fake ones. That’s 3. Out of 100. Now of course the false accusations would be reported or what’s the point right. I am a man who has been with more then his fair share of women and while I am no saint I never tried to get a girl drunk or drugged to have sex. I’ve cheated ect which I now know what I thought was cool n bring a player was an insecurity. Last thing I want is for a girl to regret having sex with me. Guys who need to get girls drunk or use GHB ect. Simply lack any game, concersation , personality, charm, swag, sense of humor, confidence ect or just need the power trip. Make a woman laugh. Make her feel sexy. You can be quite bold in what you say if your delivery comes out correctly and not like the creepy ass dude with a hatch that leads to his basement. 85% of rape is now date rape or acquaintce rape. This is very very confusing to a woman. Keep in mind this woman could be your sister , mother, daughter. Cause she is Someone’s. Jump out bushes rape is very clear. Easier to report. Ect. If my daughter was raped God forbid of course I would want her to report it. Like anyone would. Until your daughter is berated in public. Torn down by defense and called a whore and she deserved it and was at fault. Oh ya just report it. 3% makes sense now. To the woman out there. Say one firm no then scream kick claw because whatever physical damage you may endure that night will seem like nothing to the next 20 years of mental damage you will take. Now that I have kids I have changed and don’t want my kids to look at me as a piece of yup that cheated on mommy. Mommy was date raped 6 months before we got together. She said she dealt with it. Which what I let go as relationship immaturity as time went on I realized she could not give. I mean I would give in and she would say she promises to do something and doesn’t out of fear of trusting and being hurt. Now she told me near beginning and I and her BF only knew. She wanted to wait until marriage. Was already 21 not like 16 saying it and she is a dime. Dated this tool for 6-7 months. Tried one week she said no he backed off. Following week was offered a drink after coming out of bathroom at a club. She doesn’t drink so it was of course followed by “don’t worry I won’t try anything, just have fun” they went back to a friends house and she wakes up with just her pants off. Ok so your dating s girl for 6-7 months and finally all your gonna do is remove her pants. Cmon. I did GHB and about 30-40 mins blacked out. People don’t get there is a awake but totally out of it stage. Friends told me I burnt my friends new Sanger with a cig. Put my nice watch in the water. Woke up in passenger seat of my Lexus in front of a house. Do not think that using a date rape drug means someone is sleeping with a corpse like body. They are awake and completely not in control of inhibitions. I used to think it just knocked girls out so I wondered how lame that is anyways. 3-4 hours went by before I actually passed out my friends said and I Don’t remember a thing. Stop this epedrmic woman and men need to unite because you don’t even understand your ruining the wives and the mothers of the future to live a normal, healthy , trusting life and have a real relationship. Colleges that can’t control it. Kill frat houses. Anyone caught with a date rape drug should be charged with not a narcotic charge but a rape charge. 1-4 woman. That’s now. 3% reported. What’s that say. They are getting away with it at large numbers and that will just go to 1 in 3. Ect. Don’t talk to kids about reporting it. Read about prevention and not to be afraid but mindful. My family is being torn apart because of this and I have read stories from on a date to a plutonic friend of years. Only fight or flight don’t freeze and men put down the GHB and Roofie and drink some swag juice son wake up next to a woman with a smile and not one that’s laying there thinking wtf happened. Keep this BS about fake accusations. While they do happen I agree most are with an agenda like an athlete payout for silence. These are an extremely small part of the real epidemic. Mothers. Sisters. Daughters. Our future wives. Are the victims and in no way is it there fault or did they ask for it. Say that shit to yourself when you go to prison and it happens to you. I bet you’ll have a different stance on the subject. Take care and educate yourself a lot more before speaking on such family destroying subjects.

    1. Running this post through Hacker Factor’s Gender Guesser indicates it was written by a female, not the male you say you are. If you can’t even get your story about your own gender straight, why should anyone believe you on your rantings relating to date rape?

      1. My story about my own gender huh lol? Based on some troll going on to a website and loading my post (which I never do) into a “Gender Guesser” program with an algorithm written by someone who is clearly a genius at their own right. What proof would satisfy the clearly scorned and lonely, woman hating troll need to reply, ” I am wrong”?. Sorry about the harsh words but I ran your post through Trolls Scorn and Shouldn’t Have Been Born and it said that either your a virgin who can’t get a woman or the above. I am a father. A man and an accused. Stop disrespecting your user name and be a real man, like myself. Troll and a Tool

  133. I would like to do a study on say 1000 men. This has been done and I believe 65% said they would date rape if they knew they would get away with it. Now take that 65% and show them therapy sessions. Destroyed relationships with kids involved. The years of ever trusting anyone. Victims get married. Have kids. Don’t realize all the time what they are bringing or not bringing to the table something that would otherwise be there had some douche not done what he did. Show them the true aftermath of what they just said. I wonder out of the 65% would not say oh shit, never again. Colleges should educate the men in the damage they may cause down the road. To their future wives and possible mother to their children. So out of 650 men who said yes they would , if known they would get away Scott free. I would like to see opinions. I would say more then half I want to believe are naive. Young. I hope. I have to believe half cause that still leaves a third so one out of 3 would do it even if they new the mental consequences. Bad enough saying that.

  134. O.M.G…it’s like all the women coming out wood work 30 years later to say that Bill Crosby raped them, where is the evidence that is DNA, or Sperm that was forced into them. Any women can say that he raped them, and I ask for the evidence, not just their emotional feelings. Why wait 30 years later to tell the world this happened. will it take another 30 years to find out Bill Crosby never done it. I’m not taking sides but in the Court Of Law before you convict a person you must present strong evidence, without it present there is no case.

    1. If you’re looking for reasons why these women waited, obviously no one can say for sure. However, we can use logic/ common sense to subtract some reasons;
      The women aren’t coming forward expecting him to be convicted- I believe there isn’t going to be any trial/ case. It is went past the statue of limitations. So it’s not wanting him to do jail time.
      It’s hard to believe it’s about about black mail. If so, they wouldn’t have gone straight to the media. They have no leverage either. No proof, no trial, no witness, etc. He easily could say “f you.”
      I suppose someone could argue the 15 min fame phenomenon, weirder things have happened, but this is 30 years later. They most likely have lives, careers, families, and would have to deal with negative treatment- especially accusing a beloved famous figure.
      I can only speculate that the first to come forward might have decided to get it off her chest. Maybe something triggered it, like therapy. The other women could have felt “safer” now that they know they weren’t alone.
      It’s silly to argue about the why, when he admitted it anyway. So I’m not sure why anyone would use Bill Cosby as an example – there is no wondering or proving his innocence. He definitely said he did it.

  135. first i would like to say that it is sad to be accused of something that didnt happen. but its even worse to have it done to you….rape is something that takes a long time to understand how can a person who you told that for some reason you felt safe with him and trusted him just three weeks earlier. you wonder why women dont go to the police and report such a sick crime…..i will tell you why…..because i have to comprehend that this person that i trusted and felt safe with did this to me. i even asked why me? to this day it eats at me because i dont know why me, why didnt he leave me alone when he knew i wasnt like other women. why did he prey on me and used ….. who he knew i love deeply to gain my trust to turn around and hurt me. why does my heart or brain not want me to believe my gut. is it because i cant or not want to believe that he is a monster because i will have to open my eyes to all the he has done towards me and to ….. and knowing that every time he did wrong it was on purpose and he was getting his high from messing with my mind, heart and emotions. that it is a game to him. that im scarred to look at him for what he truly is. do i do this because i know that if i listen to what my gut has been telling me i dont know if i can handle all the things he did and said to me. and possibly hurting …. is that why i am a coward to do the right thing because it will hurt to much to have to tell the truth. because i no longer will have a place to hide. where i feel safe. where i dont feel helpless or scared. where i dont have to worry about him shooting me between the eyes. do you see now why i wasnt able to the right thing. being scared of having to deal with it being real……. unless you have ever been raped, you have no idea what it is like, how awful it is. i knew this man for aprox 6 months before he did this to me. i truly believed he was my friend. he called me up wanting to know if i would want to clean his house and make some extra money to go towards the vacation i was going to go on. but even 3 weeks prior i told this man how i felt safe with him and trusted him, but that phone call from him made my gut tell me not to go. but i couldnt understand why my gut or whatever it was told me not to go. but he sounded upset as if he had been crying and he said he wasnt going to go to work. so i told him to calm down and i would be over. yes when i got to his house i asked him what he would like me to do and he told me and i got busy. i then went to his bed room door and knocked and asked if he would like me to wash his sheets and he said yes but you might not like what you find. i told him if its anything disgusting im not touching it that he get it. then that is when he pulled the big gutting knife out from under his pillow. at the time i didnt think much about it because i just figured it was for protection. but i do remember he watch me as he pulled it out, prob to see what i would say or do. but i did all the work he asked even put the clean sheets back on his bed. but had no clue it would be the same placed he raped me. when he pulled me onto the bed on my back he kissed me and i knew that was no normal kiss as i tried to push him away. he asked me where did the f-ing condom go, and i said you dont need any condom because im not doing anything. he said he was going to f-ck me, i said no your not. i tried to get up but he had my arms held down, i tried moving my butt telling him no but he didnt listen…he started raping me and i turned my head to the right and left my body. then i remember i looked back and all his weight was on me and i turned my head to the right again and left my body. then i looked again and his hands were around my neck. i told him to get his hands off of my neck, he said but im not choking you….i then said get your hands off my neck now. he did so but to turn me to the side of the bed and began touching me down there again and i said to him that it felt different and he said he took the condom off and i said dont be touching me down there because you could give me something. he then said oh well i might as well put it in. and he did…..it took everything i had to hold back my crying. it was a feeling i cant describe because this person that i felt safe with and trusted was doing this to me…..then he looks down at me and said, you really didnt want to do anything did you? i said no duh, what do you think no means……at that time i went into the bathroom and when i came out he came over and yelled and yelled at me telling me he did nothing wrong. shaking his penis at me and yelling and saying see i didnt do anything. all i wanted to do was to get out of there… i was scared, confused and really had no idea what to think about what had just happened. i went home and was in bed for 3 days straight. in so much pain down there that perscripion drugs and advil didnt touch the pain. i just laid in bed asking why me……i am scared to go to the cops. i tried but when i got there i started to tell what happened but i couldnt give his name because of the things he said to me. i did try and i was ready but then i couldnt. i froze…..a part of me wants to go and turn him in but the other part is so scared of the things he has said to me that watch my back every day. and this was the person that played me for 6 months to gain my trust….and he had the nerve to say he waited 6 months to be with me it ought to count for something….i said to him you didnt wait for anything you took it from me…. i believe he prob has done this many other times. its a long story and i cant get into everything but when someone comes to you and tells you they have been raped, believe in them because if you dont just because a few dumb people lie about such things, they dont have anywhere to go and turn to taking there own life because they cant handle it on there own anymore. i know i was there and if it wasnt for god i wouldnt be writing this today. but it wasnt my friends and family that didnt believe me….it was me that didnt want to believe….and it haunts me everyday. knowing he sits there and smiles and laughs because he thinks he has gotten away with what he has done. but i am getting stronger and stronger every day. and one day i will have the courage to turn his sick sociopath ass in. yes i dont have any dna or marks on my body but the marks he left in my brain are way worse then any broken bone or cut. because they heal. but the brain never forgets, never…….

    1. “first i would like to say that it is sad to be accused of something that didnt happen. but its even worse to have it done to you”
      Ever been falsely accused of rape?
      Then don’t fucking open your mouth about whether it’s worse than being raped.
      Ever reported your alleged rape to the police?
      Then go talk to them and stop giving us your fucking confessional. If you think you can spill your guts to a bunch of strangers on a message board, you can fucking well spill your guts to a cop.

  136. This is bullshit. I was raped at 8 years old while sleeping over at a cousins home. I didn’t know what rape was or how it would affect me up to this day. I just knew someone was hurting me and I knew I couldn’t stop it. I didn’t fight back. I just felt empty and broken the morning after, never understanding what happened to me. I didn’t tell anyone until years later at 13. I suffered for years from depression and panic attacks after this. I’m not a liar, nor did I report my cousin to authorities, because I knew no one would care years later. Don’t speak “facts” you think that you know from a degree. Do some real research next time and stop overgeneralizing what rape victims do and don’t do. Not everyone reacts the same way to rape.

    1. Why do women continually class child sexual abuse as rape? They are not the same things and they’re not dealt with the same way. Is it because women still think of themselves as children well past the age of 18-21 or something?

  137. Wow! Unless you’ve actually been raped or sexually assaulted,you don’t have the right to say whether or not a girl is lying. If women are drugged or incoherent, how can they fight back? They may only remember bits and pieces of the attack–or nothing at all..This article actually made me sick to read, considering most women don’t get justice.

  138. Because of the way you think….more than half of all men cannot get a woman to come over to watch a movie, have dinner or play chess lol. Until you accept the horrible damage you are doing to men as women, fools who follow you will keep making those numbers rise.

  139. If a two hundred pound man is about to force himself inside me, at 110lbs, anywhere I’m alone with him, I am not going to fight. I have no chance of winning, I will get hurt struggling and he will perhaps get angry and punch me which could kill me or break my jaw. In the 90’s women were told not to struggle to avoid being assaulted physically. Safer to go along with it since you have little chance of winning a fight if you already said no over and over and he’s laying on top of you jamming his knee between yours….he obviously knows men like the one who wrote this article are going to side with him….so for many women, this kind of disloyal gender bigoted ass covering that mens groups are doing is forcing women to stop dating at all…and the stats make it clear dating is plummeting as is marriage and baby making. If those are desirable consequences for the mens movement….keep on keeping on. The victims barely miss the abusers ya know. I can’t say it’s the same the other way around otherwise the sex slave trade would not be doing such a roaring business now would it. With so many men spouting off this male supremacist propaganda that likens to a gender nazi apartheid, it is very hard for women to have the will to even try any more. So the chasm widens and no amount of lies and fake stats and irrational arguments will seal it back up.

  140. I was raped by a man who schmoozed his way into my trust and then turned on me in my own home. I raised the child from that rape without a penny support. This is extremely common. If I was advising a girl now I would tell her never ever be alone with a man. If he rapes you after winning your trust….you will not be supported and you will wind up with the consequences. Can you really afford to take that risk? Stay in public, drive your own car, take a cab and keep your distance. Rape is so common and here we have men saying it only happens in dark alleys. Well it used to be common for women raped in dark alleys to be blamed for it because they were asking to be raped walking alone on a dark alley lol. Yep that was the common attitude when I was a girl. As long as men support rapists, women will continue to withdraw to safety. It’s that simple. I do not know anyone who is dating any more. Nobody is getting any love so this is what the mens movement has accomplished. I have young men telling me women are clearly afraid of them or angry and will have nothing to do with them. It’s sad. I can’t believe so many disloyal men allowed this abuser propaganda to persist.

  141. Ok folks….do we have to go back to the time when women were chaperoned in order to keep them safe or is anyone going to suggest a solution. My personal solution is not to be alone with men any more. I’ve been pounced on so many times I just can’t be bothered taking the risk. I know full well when it’s his word against mine I’m going to be harassed, abused and slandered so I just won’t be alone with men any more. Like I said, it’s so common I bet there are few women who have not been pushed into sex they didn’t want and many who paid a very high price in raising unwanted children or having abortions. it’s just no worth the risk the numbers are so high. Nobody is ever going to convince me women go around begging men to have unprotected sex when I assure you women can barely feel a condom. There is no motive for this many unwanted pregnancies other than men who just won’t wrap it up or put it away. And no, I do not think women should have to ingest toxic chemicals otherwise it’s their fault if they wind up pregnant. If men claim equal rights to children they have to take equal responsibility for NOT making them….

    1. Dude, given by your posting history you seem to believe the Jesuits are out to get you, I don’t think we really need to take you seriously.

  142. You only wanted to go viral, I can´t believe there is people like you in this world in 2015!! C´mon man!

  143. I’d like you to tackle the myth that raped women are “survivors”. You can’t die from rape so they just rebranded “victim” for “survivor” for maximum tear effect.

  144. Samseau, you are ignorant and a joke! Your article isn’t worth commenting on further. Writing about your opinion on a topic is much easier than writing the facts, I guess. Lol

  145. For you to say it is bullshit if a woman doesn’t run to the police right after she is raped how would you know. Have you been raped ??? I was sexually abused by my uncle for months while I was living with him and you expect a 16 y/o girl to run to the police while her father is deployed?? No. Don’t claim bullshit on everyone just because a couple people decided to lie. This article is ridiculous.

    1. I don’t class a 16 year old girl as a woman. That, indeed, is child abuse. But for some reason women like to conflate the two as if they’re the same thing or are dealt with the same way.
      It’s not a “couple people”. Google the studies. Some false rape accusation rapes run as high as 90%, though that one was probably an outlier and the real rate is closer to 20-40%.

  146. I’d like state my story here. My case of rape is a pretty uncommon one. My best friend was living with me for a few months while she got back on her feet and found a new house. Her boyfriend, whom was also my good friend, stayed at my house with her quite often. One night we went out to drink at a friends and I regretfully was smashed. I drank so much that I couldn’t walk, I threw up 5 times, and I partly blacked out. My friend, her boyfriend, another guy that wouldn’t leave me alone all night, and myself went back to my house. I don’t remember the drive home and I don’t remember going into my house. I do remember someone having to walk me to my room and lay me down in my bed. I went to sleep and had a horrible dream that someone had come into my room and started touching me. I couldn’t see who it was because it was pitch black in my room. I could only hear a male voice saying, “It’s okay, we’re alone now.” He then proceeded to take my shorts off, spread my legs, and rape me. I don’t know how long it lasted and I don’t know what exactly happened when it ended except he said “That was fast” and then left my room sometime after. At the end of my dream I remember hearing my friends voice and then nothing. You’re probably wondering why I laid there and did nothing in my dream. That’s because it wasn’t a dream. Someone did come into my room that night and raped me. But I couldn’t move. I was so horrendously drunk that I couldn’t even wake up enough to realize what was happening. I literally slept through rape. If you’ve ever been roofied then you know how this feels. Except being roofied you know you’re not asleep. You know what’s happening you can feel and hear everything. But you can’t do anything about it. You’re paralyzed. When I woke up the next morning I cried at the memory of the dream. I got up to go to the kitchen and realized that I felt sore. Like I had just had rough sex. But I blew it off thinking it was nothing. My dream couldn’t have even happened anyways right? My best friend was there to make sure nothing happened. I went to take a shower and was reading a book. My friend woke up and started telling me everything that had happened that night when I was black out. I laughed at some of the things that had happened. Then she told me that she had left that night to take the guy who wouldn’t leave me alone home because he was trying to lay in my bed with me. She was being a good friend and protecting me. But she was protecting me from the wrong person. When she left the only people in my house were me and her boyfriend. I was asleep. But he wasn’t. My friend claims her boyfriend locked the door when she left and he wouldn’t answer his phone or unlock the door so she could get her cigarettes that she left inside. She said the door was unlocked when she came back but she doesn’t remember what he was doing. I started to internally freak out a little bit. Was that a dream? It seemed kind of real? No way. He wouldn’t do that. He’s not that type of guy! I shook the thought off and tried to return to my day normally. About two or three days later my friend had fallen asleep on the couch while watching movies but her boyfriend and I were still awake. He suggested that we go to redbox and get another movie. I said sure so we went to redbox and left my friend asleep on the couch. On our way back he turned to me and asked me something completely out of nowhere. He said “So, do you really not remember anything from that night?” DING. There went the light bulb in my head. My heart sank and I replied, “What night?” He said, “That night that we went to that party and you were super wasted?” I could feel my heart sink further into my chest. I wanted to cry. “I already told you what I remembered from that night. Why?” All he had to say was, “Just wondering..”
    The next morning I was doing laundry and found the shirt I was wearing the night of the party. There was something on it. Jizz. There was a Jizz stain on my fucking shirt. Are you fucking serious? I was more pissed than anything at that point. Why the fuck would he do this? To me and my best friend? By then it was to late to report it to police or go get tested for rape. I didn’t know how to tell my best friend that her boyfriend raped me. What proof did I have? Who would she even believe? Her best friend of 7 years or her boyfriend of 1 year who had already cheated on her 3 times. I couldn’t tell her. I couldn’t tell anyone. It could ruin our friendship. Or my life. I ended up confessing it to her about a month later when they had broken up for the 5th time. She was in shock. I cried. She believed me. I was so happy that she believed me and relieved that I could finally stop hiding it. But she couldn’t talk to me. She couldn’t even look at me. I understood how she felt. She was betrayed and hurt and confused. She didn’t know what to say to me. So she called another friend over and talked about with her. Not me. I was hurt. This was less than a week ago that I told her. I’m trying to cope with it and so is she but of course he’s denying it saying that he’d never touch me and that he was in the kitchen cooking sausage that night. There was never any sausage in the fridge… she wants me to confront him and get him to admit it. But he wont. My friend and I have barley said a word to each other in 3 days. I’m alone. I’m depressed. I’m angry. I may not be a survivor of a fatal accident or a fire. But apart of me died that day. I cry every night because my life is falling apart all because I finally spoke up about it. Rape can ruin you. It will ruin you.

    1. I somehow doubt this piece of fan fiction actually happened. Alcohol does not work that way…except to justify or disguise a consensual sexual encounter than is regretted rather than being non-consensual. And there is no such thing as a date when it’s too late to report rape.
      Anyone who values their social standing or their circle of friends more than their own bodily integrity — a common theme through these beatings of breast I’m reading here — has their priorities out of whack.

  147. this is dumb and awful. I’ve been assaulted many times, and unfortunately Im a nice person and I go numb. regardless of weapons or not, I don’t know how to react to a bad person. All I can say is whoever wrote this article has no common sense. and clearly has never been assaulted. xx

  148. There are more forms of force than a weapon. Persuasion? Drugs? Retraction of consent? The attacker was invited over? Guess what, most victims know their attacker. Yes they’re going to invite them over, and most rapes happen in the victim’s home. You don’t know anything about rape. Go away.

  149. Very good article. Having previously dated a woman who falsely claimed to have been raped by a previous boyfriend I can testify to the fact that this happens a lot more than people think. In fact in 1985 according to the UK police the false rape report rate was 45% – and those 45% were investigated.
    Of course with articles like this you’ll always get the femispeak thrown at you, which is why it’s all the more important that we keep writing articles like it. People who claim to be “survivors” and that “Date rape” is the most common form of rape are either liars or subscribe to the idea that rape is some kind of regretted sex, drunken cheating sex or rough sex gone wrong. Such people’s idea of a crime is usually anything which hurt their feelings…boo hoo.
    The point AnonSurviror makes about point 3 being ‘negated’ by the flight or fight response is hilarious, as if somehow such biological fear responses can control people’s actions for weeks if not months. In fact they make my own point for me when they say:
    “I’ll kill you if you fight me,” his/her words do not leave any bruises but it certainly makes him/her a rapist.”
    Seriously, just read it – WORDS make someone a rapist – what an unadulterated steaming pile of complete feminist horse shit. I should really thank the poster though for leaving an example of the utter CRAZY that comprises modern feminist and many modern women’s viewpoints.
    Please go fuck a cucumber and tell me how it raped you.

  150. Do you have a daughter, Mr. Seau? Probably not. I bet you have no children that you’re actually raising. You might have unknown offspring from willing or unwilling intercourse. But I bet if you’re a biological father that you have little to no part in the process of actually raising children. And society is glad for it because you shouldn’t be molding the mind of any human being in any way. You should stick to dogs.
    If you do have a daughter, I hope she isn’t ass raped by a bunch of frat boys when she goes out one night to a party at college. I hope she isn’t raped in high school when she decides to have a little fun at one of her schoolmate’s houses. I hope she isn’t raped by one of her uncles. I hope she isn’t raped by you.
    My guess is that you don’t have a daughter. Logic dictates that men–REAL MEN–who have daughters would never write the absolute load of crap that you’ve written. REAL MEN with daughters know that we live in an evil, vile world and are terrified of the demons that threaten their precious child. And they know that rape can happen without overt violence or weapons.
    INTELLIGENT PEOPLE don’t restrict their views of rape to a Hollywood perspective. The guy waiting in an alley. The guy with the gun. The 911 call. No, INTELLIGENT PEOPLE understand that rape can happen out of the mere implication of violence, threat, or from sheer fear or coercion.
    So, it’s extremely unlikely that you have a daughter and it’s certain that you’re not one of those intelligent people.
    But God help us if you’re actually raising a son.

    1. “No, INTELLIGENT PEOPLE understand that rape can happen out of the mere implication of violence, threat, or from sheer fear or coercion.”
      INTELLIGENT PEOPLE go to the police after they’ve been raped.
      More significantly: do you have a son? If you do, I hope he doesn’t become the subject of one of the roughly one in ten false rape accusations that the FBI says occur statistically. I hope he doesn’t have to potentially spend time in prison or deal with years of Google searches on his name alleging falsely that he’s a rapist.
      And before you say: “I’ll teach him to respect women, he won’t rape anyone” — do you honestly think that matters? Rape victims like to say that their clothes, their drinking habits, none of it stopped a rape happening. Do you honestly think him having a respectful attitude to women can stop him being accused of rape falsely?

  151. Excuse me!? I quote:
    “I often hear women do not report rapes right away because they are ashamed or humiliated to report that it ever happened. This is pure bullshit….”
    “The most likely reason a woman waits to file rape charges is because she herself doesn’t know how she feels about the sex she had”
    No No NO…these statements are bullshit! My god! I was raped by my sisters boyfriend in his house. I didn’t report it cause I didn’t know how to tell her and I didn’t know how my family would take it (They had kids together and a life). I was awaken by him molesting me that went to rape! I didn’t know what to do and I kept telling myself that this isn’t happening and its not real. I was embarrassed to say anything to anybody cause I didn’t fight. While it happened I went somewhere else. From that day forth, I have had one hell of a mountain of regrets.
    I finally told everyone and I regret it. I knew. I was told “well you didn’t fight him”. Now my rapist and my sister are married with even more kids.
    No struggle, so no bruising, no reporting, and I was forced to live at my rapist house and continued living there.
    I agree, a lot of women falsify rape claims. A lot of times for jealousy, or revenge. I have seen the statistics, it is more common then people let on…BUT…for your over-generalization….fuck this article! And fuck you!

    1. “I didn’t know what to do and I kept telling myself that this isn’t happening and its not real.”
      So … you in effect didn’t know how you felt about the sex you had.

  152. I encourage men to just go abroad and enjoy foreign women. Seriously why try to jump all the hoops just to get an average American women at best. I never seen (personally) an American girl who is above 6. At best I seen a young white female cheerleader who was about 6 no more than that.
    You can even put HALF of your effort and get a better investment by going after foreign girls who can cook for you, act like women and not try to act like men, and retain better youthful look even when they get little old. American girls have no personality or substance. ALL same… clubbing, tinder, iPhones, text messaging, Posting whoring picture of herself in bikini online so she can get thirty beta male attention, more clubbing, drinking, getting fucked and trashed… majoring in bullshit studies, getting old, getting useless office job and thinking she is all that from her mommy and daddy trust funds and if not she can get a government help from being a single mom later on when she can finish sucking off the beta male’s money.
    American girls are simply TRASH. When you meet a sexy Russian or Lithuanian girls, you will NEVER go back to looking at American girls again.

    1. You nailed that shit bud! I would limit myself to just Russian and Lithuanian, however. Western women are simple TRASH!

  153. More men are raped in the United States than women. America is probably the only country where men are more raped than women. How is it possible you might ask? It happens in Prison where men butt fuck other men. I don’t know how you can even get it up to try to enter a male anus but that shit is fucking sick. I personally know a white male who got his rectum stretched apart inside and out (anyone say PROLAPSE?) and because of his internal injuries, he has to wear a semi looking padded diaper so that he doesn’t have to shit. He got raped so badly at one point that his anal ring came off (his sphincter muscles don’t work anymore) which is why he is wearing a diaper at night times. He has to be careful not to fart to accidentally dispel some shitlets. When he does have to go to bathroom to take a shit, he ends up popping out feces in the size of rabbit droppings. The size of his feces is smaller than a size of a dog.
    The worse part is there is a systematic interracial rape in US prison system and it’s all considered hush hush and the media doesn’t talk about it because the US media doesn’t give a fuck about white male that got raped by blacks, hispanics and even from fellow whites.
    A white prison guard and a black inmate took turns raping this white dude. I got curious of the medical conditions so he showed me his ass and his cornhole was raw and swollen. How did he end up in prison. Well a “good” tattle tell neighhor called the cops because they saw a “suspicious” man. All he was doing was smoking cigarette outside and talking to himself… It apparently freaked her out and she dialed 911. A fucking bitch. Americans are encouraged to rat on each other and a lot of anger is on the cops which is justified but same anger should be on the cowards who call the police for trivial matters. A dumb bitch ruined this guy’s life… all when he was minding his own business. He got emotional when cops showed and when he gave some “attitude”, that’s when the pigs decided to turn his life around and make it “harder” for him and put him in cell with blacks, hispanics and other larger white males who took turns raping him, called him a bitch.
    The interracial hierarchy rape in US prison goes like this … from top to bottom in food chain
    Large size Black male > medium size black male > Hispanics > White male (affiliated with Hells Angel, White power Aryan Brotherhood, or any large strong white male) > skinny average white male > Asian male…
    The Asian male and white male get hit the hardest with rape in US prison and yet all the media craze goes to a thug named Michael Brown and another useless feral trash like Trayvon Martin.
    Blacks don’t usually mess with hispanics because many locked up hispanics are affiliated with MS13 or with Mexican mafia or if you run into some crazy hispanic, your change of running into drug cartel gang is also high. US prison guards also taunt and encourage male rape. It’s disgusting system.
    And when I hear false rape stories and girls with buyer remorse claiming rape, it makes my stomach turn and what’s worse are the SJWs and white knights enabling these behaviors. It makes me sick. These girls with their false rape stories should be thrown into lion’s den.
    For the girls who suffered REAL rape, well my sympathy goes to you. My anger is ONLY on the girls who give intentional FALSE rape story just so that she can get back or because of her feeling buyer remorse. Fuck these whores. Seriously FUCK YOU to shameless girls who make false rape stories.

  154. Again, the only reason why I would never support rape victims (even if they truly are rape victims), is because society never openly supports falsely accused men, and false accusers NEVER receive punishments, not even a misdemeanor charge.

  155. Not sure some of this would hold up for a lot of women (especially on a college campus) Case in point…My college roommate (we shall call Jane) was asked out by a guy she knew (we shall call John). Let me first say that Jane decided not to report anything for some of your reasons. Jane was excited that this great looking guy (we already knew) asked her out on a weekend date. John knew that Jane would be alone all weekend because he heard me say that I was leaving Friday after class. Unfortunately, our apartment door was around the corner facing the back of a dark abandoned building. This helped John gain forced entry without being noticed when Jane said goodnight at the door. He simply put his foot between the door and shoved it open which forced Jane onto the floor. He was on top of her in seconds. She didn’t have the forethought not to wear a full skirt with only her underwear underneath. She said he ripped those off with little effort while holding her down with his forearm and knee. He slapped her hard on the side of her head and she was stunned by the pain. She did struggle but she only weighed 98 pounds to his 6’1 190 pounds.
    I’m sad to say that Jane kept this secret for 2 years before she broke down one night after drinking and cried it out. I of course wanted to do something. She said no, she couldn’t take the thought of her daddy knowing. Anyway, John’s parents knew her parents very well from her father’s position as a state representative.
    This is only one unreported rape case at my state’s university. I’m personally aware of 3 that went unreported by girlfriends. One girl was drugged at a frat party and woke up naked with an unknown guy in bed. She never reported it. Her father was our pastor back home. She couldn’t take the shame. It was her very first sexual experience. She said she just wanted to put it behind her. A LOT of girls just put it behind them. Unless you have clear sign of a beating, they usually blame you.
    The only reported case I know of was a good friend of mine (out of state) was graduating from LSU. She was doing her engineering internship when one of the senior partners got her with chloroform when he asked her to come in one weekend to finish a project. He kept her captive in an old house for 3 days and she was raped repeatedly. She managed to escape through the old floor ducts that went into the crawlspace of the house. The jury did NOT find him guilty. He is in jail for life today. He raped and murdered his 2nd wife’s teen daughter while the wife was out of town on business. The daughter would be alive today if the jury had found him guilty the first time.

    1. Why do you assume that these cherry-picked, unverifiable cases you are spouting in any way reflect general experience?

  156. Hey who ever wrote this article please check your facts first. Women who get raped by men they know is more common than ever. Women who wait to report the crime is very common not that they are lying but you have to realize that when you raped its not only about the police its about tyour emotional health as well, there are alot of reasons why a woman would wait that doesnt mean she is lying or faking it. You bloggers promoting all these false things are the reason why most women keep quiet after being raped coz u mame them wnd guess themselves. Rape happenes in diff situations, circumstances and for diff reasons so you cannnot disregard one thing or the other.

    1. “Women who get raped by men they know is more common than ever.”
      Every crime statistic we have to hand says otherwise. All forms of violent crime have been trending downward in incidence for the past 20 years.
      “Women who wait to report the crime is very common not that they are lying but you have to realize that when you raped its not only about the police its about tyour emotional health as well, there are alot of reasons why a woman would wait that doesnt mean she is lying or faking it.”
      It does in enough cases to warrant skepticism of a delayed rape claim – especially if it is trumpeted to the public in preference to police.

      1. I tend to agree. This “R” word has been so abused that many women believe it okay to punish a man for hurt feelings. This is what harms and diminishes real and serious rape victims. People understand rape better than they do a women’s feelings being hurt. So women choose to exploit this fact. Women do many things through a proxy and when they want to punish a man for any behavior that is the slightest bit unpleasant or (in their view) disrespectful the only recourse they have is the “R” word.
        Many guys in the past may have served (as proxy) to “protect her honor”, but those days where guys beating other guys up for a women’s honor are long gone (as they should be). So, the remaining recourse left to these despicable women is the Police and “R” word. It seems to me to be a very serious psychological problem with these women and should really be addressed.
        I think the US should follow Italy’s lead and pass laws that punish women in instance of bogus rape claims and include mandatory psychotherapy. It’s the right thing to do for the victims (the man) of such abusive, life altering allegations. The alleged perpetrator (like the victim is with rape shield laws) should be shielded and both parties gagged until final disposition of the case. If a women is found to have made bogus claims she should be liable in civil court also.

  157. Mark, there’s not SOME flaw with this logic. There’s TONS of flaws with this logic!
    I worked a rape case in the military (military person raped a dependent), in HER house, NO sign of struggle because she was passed out from drinking (and yes, he had already been escorted out by other friends who were there, and he reentered the home, after everyone had left), she reported to military authorities and no initial action was taken.
    1) the investigator told her NOT to worry about an SAE kit because they already knew who he was
    2) they did NOT process her clothing because they said he consented to ‘consensual’ sex
    3) they did NOT go to the crime AT ALL
    4) she reported the incident to the first sergeant and I was the one sent to talk to them.
    Now, once I arrived, I deposed her and had her walk me through what had happened, along with her husband (who was deployed at the time of the incident in question). Come to find out, she had been interviewed (actually interrogated) by the investigating agency, with NO presence from a support person, victims advocate, first sergeant presence, etc… ALL of which violated the Victims’ Bill of Rights.
    I asked one question, and that’s all it took. Why did you not process the clothes? The response was the same they had given her: because the guy admitted to consented sex. I asked, “At what point did you NOT take into consideration that because she was unconscious that there would be certain ripping or tearing of the clothing that would have corroborated her story, as she would be ‘dead weight’?”
    I presented my findings to the base magistrate and requested a reinvestigation but with a change of venue, as the case had been handled so haphazardly by the initial agency. She couldn’t sign my request fast enough, turning over the investigation to the local authorities (as UCMJ Art 8 by Manual for Courts Martial limits the jurisdiction of civilian authorities over military persons).
    This stuff is WAY off base. Sorry to say by the BS-O-Meter shown above should be on this article.

  158. My son was at a party. Every one was drinking. My son being the only person under age.at the time he just turned 19. Hooked up as its called with a 26 year old female that night. Oh also my son is in the navy. . This female decides 3 months later that my son raped her. My son is now 21 he was found innocent on her being unconscious and innocent on forcing her aginst her will but because this female had a few drinks here SPOKEN YES wasn’t clear consent. . My son is in prison because this female had a boyfriend that found out she had sex so she had to find a way to make it not her fault…. so she cried rape
    Now my son will have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life because of this horrible female. ..

  159. This article angers me on so many levels. I found it while searching for information on how best to support my daughter who doesn’t want to report the rape because she’s afraid.
    I’m the mother of an 18 year old girl who came to me last night to tell me what her ex boyfriend did to her one week earlier. Their relationship had been very rocky because of his temper. She had hoped for better but when it became obvious things were only getting worse, she tried to break it off. She went to his house to do this. They ended up in a fight and she walked out to leave. He chased her down, took her by the wrist, yanked her into the house, shoved her down and then, screaming at the top of his lungs, demanded that he wouldn’t let her leave without sex. She was scared. She felt trapped, so she complied. Then, while she was crying her eyes out, he did his business and refused to let her go, again yelling, until she said she liked it. So yes, while crying hysterically, she said she liked it. I can’t even begin to imagine her humiliation, and have no doubt that he assaulted her in this way to punish her for breaking up with him. His last words to her were, “You better not tell your friends I raped you because that’s a lie. You agreed to have sex.” For five days she walked around trying to push the incident out of her mind, believing he was right. She’d agreed.
    Really? Had she? Scared to death, seeing him shake with rage. His temper wasn’t new to her, but this was a level she’d not seen before. How could he think she consented when he’s yelled at her into submission and she’s crying hysterically while he’s doing his business. What kind of sicko gets off on that? By every “standard” in this article her accusation, if she makes one, is suspect.
    Five days after it happened she finally told a friend, who told her to tell me, and it still took her two more days to do so because she was terribly ashamed. Women who are raped by men they know, especially with whom they have a relationship often are. She’s asking herself “How could I have been so dumb?” “Why did I stay?” “Why didn’t I fight?” and even “Was it rape?” She knew she felt violated, traumatized, frightened. She knew she didn’t feel like she had a choice. He wasn’t going to let her leave, and he was going to keep yelling, threatening, become physically violent if she didn’t say and do what he demanded, but she still questioned it because he’d so majorly fucked with her mind.
    For those who say it happens and then it’s over, accusations destroy lives. You’ll be glad to know, I suppose, she hasn’t accused him. My husband, on the other hand, went to the police, and they want us to talk to the prosecutor. My husband says she needs to do this so he won’t hurt someone else. Right now, though, my daughter refuses to participate. Why, because they have friends in common. We live in a small towns and his family has lived here longer; he has more relatives. She’s afraid of what will happen at school. She’s afraid of losing friends. And she’s afraid of him being angry with her, because she’s terrified of what he will do. And in all that, part of her still cares for him, too. This is the common with victims of abusers. Thoughts and emotions have been twisted into guilt and more guilt, and still more guilt. Everything is the victim’s fault, and eventually the victim begins to believe so. Even now I think my daughter believes she is at fault. I don’t dare let her read this!
    I found this article while searching for information to help me support her, and what to do since she doesn’t want him charged. I just want to do what’s best for my daughter. This article is a total piece of shit and gives worthless, even harmful advice.

  160. I have to play devil’s advocate here on all the logic that is used to explain why these are signs of a false rape accusation, and then the #3 reason. This is the same kind of “logic” that prevents men from understanding women well enough to get laid, be fulfilled, not pull their hair out, etc.
    The fact is women are not logical beings. They operate mainly on emotions they are feeling at the time and if they feel shame etc. from being raped, they are not going to be “convinced” by the logical facts that their identity will be concealed, they will act on their feelings (or in this case not act).
    Now I know someone who was raped – she went after the perps and she put them in jail, so I’m not even saying that women are incapable of reporting rape..
    Just saying come on man. Most of guys who write here are PUAs and you are writing all this shit based on the same “logic” that fails men in the bedroom.

  161. Dominique Strauss-Khan is an exception – that scumbag was guilty as sin. What are we to believe? The maid walked into the room, met a fat old Jewish man for the first time and immediately decided to have consensual sex with him? Then he sped off to catch a flight, but the fucker got caught. He’s a massive piece of shit and should be in jail.
    He got lucky the witness screwed up her statements, something probably brought on by language barriers through her interpreters. But the cops found jizz stains on the maid’s shirt that matched Khan’s DNA, and he eventually settled out of court in a civil matter for an undisclosed amount – something no innocent man would do. He’s an elitist, globalist fucktard who thinks he can do anything.

  162. This is complete BS. I lost my virginity to a date rape at 17. Yes, I invited him to my house. Yes, I was kissing him on the couch on the back porch after midnight on a warm summer night. No, I didn’t get all beat up because he suddenly pinned me so successfully I could not move, AND because I so quickly went to shame, I didn’t scream because I didn’t want the neighbors to see me like this. No, I never ever reported it. I was too ashamed. In the 70s we girls were taught that rape is something a stranger does. Hell, folks like you are still teaching that BS. But the emotional scars have lasted most of my adult life. With the advent of the internet I was finally able to trace down my rapist. He is in prison for rape. No surprise to me.

  163. The man who wrote this is a genius! I couldn’t have said it better. I agree 100% with all 3 points especially #3. As a rape victim you have zero reason to remain quiet in my opinion. Supposedly you were victimized, you should want your attacker punished immediately, why wait? Lack of physical evidence point #1 is quite suspicious as well!

  164. This article needs to be removed or edited as much of this information is frankly ridiculous. No signs of a struggle means no rape? Consult in the eyes of the law is that unless you got a yes it means no. Silence means no just as much as no means no. Many many people in situations of great stress freeze up its a human flaw. It’s not realistic to expect a struggle every time, they could also be drugged into a state where the victim can’t think. 2, have you done any research on rape or talked to a rape victim? Its a proven fact that most cases of rape aren’t strangers but friends or family. If you are comfortable with someone you are less likely to react strongly to their actions. 3? Seriously? Think hard, if you were just raped by someone you supposedly trusted do you think right away “oh I should go to police”. More often then not victims are threatened or struggle in coming out in fear of convicting someone they know. It’s hard to think you sent your brother to jail even if he did wrong you, its hard especially if you fear you won’t be taken seriously or family members may in return hold a grudge against you. Then there is always the very likely possibility you were to young to even understand it was wrong. Example: I was raped by my brother when I was 6 and this continued until 15 when I learned from my friends that this behavior was in fact not right. I feared my parents wouldn’t believe me or hate me or I might even get beaten up by my brother. So it wasn’t until 10 years later I confessed. This has nothing to do with femisism either men are raped as well. Think again before taking this article seriously

  165. If a woman ever accuses you of rape and it goes to trial, we know the courts hate men so your guilty before the trial even started!!
    In order to get less jail time and JUSTICE, buy a gun and put a BULLET in her fucking head! You will serve less time in jail and you will get rid of the witness (fake rape charge dropped)!

    1. Not really I sat on Jury of a supposed “rape” case the defence solicitors/lawyers were brilliant in blowing her story apart.

  166. My husband was falsely accused of raping a known teenaged slur, excuse my language. However if her behavior and lies are acceptable, then my language should smell like rose’s. That little whore ruined my family, my husband got sentenced to 18-27 years in prison. Our son is 6, he’ll be 24 when is father is released. He was at her house with her uncle, and her grandparents. No signs of a struggle, and she didn’t report anything for 2 months. That fucking whore took my son’s father’s because she can’t keep her legs closed. I think there should be a prison for home wrecking whores. Teenaged or adult. Lying about a rape, stealing someone’s freedom, stealing a child’s father, and ripping a family to pieces should be a crime, punishable by prison time. And I feel no mercy for a worthless woman or girl who thinks it’s ok. Everything bad in life that happens to her, she deserves.

  167. I understand this post and I respect this entry is what it is. At the same time, please don’t look at me as a feminist and I certainly will not look at you guys anything but humans. Like you and me, just humans putting our thoughts on this page. I am not asking for your sympathy but your empathy.
    My question is eventhough there were no signs of struggle, yet you already told that guy you were seeing don’t. That man replied he felt rejected. And you didn’t only say don’t once, you said it twice. You end up sleeping, but you ended up giving in to this ma while you were too tired and also this guy you trusted and said don’t to ended up making you aroused. You get aroused but it wasn’t because you wanted to be. You ended up having sex with this man you thought you trusted not because you wanted to have sex it was because you were broken down to the point where you just complied. Not saying this man is awful but should another human be broken down to the point eventhough that human said don’t to comply to sex?
    Like I said, you guys have every right to you opinion, but would you want this to happen to your