I Got Played

The following is an excerpt from Bang Lithuania.

I had already decided never to go back to Europe in the winter again. The lack of sunlight and cold temperatures are bad enough, but even worse is that pussy is harder to find. Girls go out less at night and day game is all but eliminated unless you like hanging out at the mall.

It was already late January, the dead of winter, when I arrived in Kaunas from Estonia. I decided to tough it out a bit longer before heading to Ukraine in the spring. The mall would have to do.

My favorite opener during the day is asking a girl where a pet shop is. I’ve done it dozens of times and know how the conversation can play out for me to get a number. The opener goes off a lot more smoothly if there isn’t a pet store nearby because the girl is forced to stop and think of an answer. The biggest mall in Kaunas has three pet stores. It was almost comedy hour with how the approaches were going.

“Have you been to the pet store right here?” the girl would ask.

“Yeah, but they don’t have cats.”

“And the one upstairs?”

“They also don’t have cats.”

“How about the one down the hall? I know they have cats.”

“Are you sure? I don’t think they have cats.”

On my second day in the city, I approached a cute girl named Aista with pet store. She wanted to walk me to a pet store that I already knew had a black cat. I feigned surprise that they actually had this cat and she asked if I was going to buy it.

“Um, I don’t know about its color. I’m not a fan of black.”

“I think it’s a pretty cat. You should buy it!”

Was she drawing me out? I considered buying it just to call her bluff, but then told her maybe I wanted a hamster instead, which thankfully the store didn’t have.

My experience is that even if a girl knows my opener isn’t the truth, she still wants to see me again, assuming she likes me. It’s such an innocent “lie” that I’ve never had a girl use it against me. Aista eagerly gave me her number and we set up a date for Friday night.

When I first arrive in a country, I want to get my flag out of the way as quickly as possible, preferably in the first week. I use night game for that task, since a Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night mission is usually enough for me to bang. I don’t do dates from day game on those nights because of the usually longer length of time it takes to seal the deal, but I made an exception for Aista because winter was raging and I wasn’t sure if I could find fruitful nightlife. I felt that it was worth the risk.

On Friday night, the date got off to a slow start at an Irish pub. She didn’t talk at all, so I turned on my monologue and kept things going until she started opening up an hour later. I caught glimpses of her sexy body with huge titties that turned out to be uncommon among Lithuanian girls. Her long blonde hair draped across the sides of her chest. I wondered how far I could get with her that same night, especially after she told me she had just gotten out of a three-year relationship a couple weeks earlier.

I truthfully told her I was writing a travel book on Lithuania and she gave me a rundown on the culture and some popular venues, including a fun bar she said I had to visit called Republic. My nightlife reconnaissance was going well and by the second weekend I would know the best venues in the city.

“Am I the first American you’ve met?” I asked.

“Yes, you are. I’ve seen a couple other Americans around, but I never talked to them like I’m talking to you.”

“Well, I have to be extra nice so you’ll have a favorable impression of my country. I won’t act crazy or anything.”

She laughed and I knew the time was right for a venue change to a club where things could get more physical. I gave her the keys to the night by letting her pick the club. She chose one that was in the suburbs, so we had to take a taxi. The club was packed and I was the only foreigner there. The music was good, the vibe was good, and after I ordered a drink it didn’t take long for us to kiss.

I was surprised by her intimacy skills. She was only 22 but the way she kissed suggested a lot of experience. She knew how to pull back and how to bite with just the right pressure. My boner was operating at 100% power for much of the night as she rubbed against it through her wool dress. I felt like the king of the club and was pleased with my decision to give her a date on such an important night.

A couple hours after we got to the club (about four hours into the date), she stopped drinking, well short of the intoxication that would lead to bad decisions concerning sex with a relative stranger. Her kissing dropped in intensity as well. I couldn’t trace it to something I said, since we had barely talked in the club, so I chalked it up as a case of her realizing she was moving too fast and wanting to slow things down. She had just gotten out of a relationship, after all.

My experience had shown that not all Eastern European women wanted to fuck right away, so I wasn’t upset or surprised that I’d have to wait for another date. I was ready to close out the night to set the stage for a home dinner date the following week where I could seal the deal and get my Lithuanian flag.

We were both tired of dancing, so we sat in a booth. In case she did want to bang, I told her that just because I might invite her to my apartment later, or at any point in the future, it didn’t mean I was expecting sex. It was a line I had perfected in Poland which made girls more comfortable coming over, of course leading to sex.

“In America, it’s very common to have an afterparty,” I said.

“Okay,” Aista said. “I just don’t want to be entertainment that you only use for sex.”

“While I’m a single man and like sex, I like doing other things as well. We’re talking, drinking, and dancing, with no expectations. We’re just having a nice time.”

She seemed to like that answer, but ten minutes later she got really quiet and started messing with her phone, sending text messages. I ignored that and we sat for another fifteen minutes until I suggested we go to a different bar. My instinct told me that she’d politely decline and we’d take a cab back to the city center. I wasn’t prepared for what happened next.

“I think I’m going home,” she said.

“We can share a cab back to the center,” I suggested.

“Actually, my friend is going to pick me up.”

The music kept playing, but I felt as if it had stopped. I asked a question I already knew the answer to.

“Is your friend a guy?”

She paused for a second, then said, “Yes.”

I had spent hours with her, bought her drinks, paid for the long taxi ride, gave her my undivided attention, and the result of all that is that I had warmed her up to fuck another guy. While I didn’t have the expectation that she’d fuck me, I did have the expectation that she’d treat me with respect. That was a mistake.

My response was immediate. Within two seconds, I was out of my seat and walking away. She gave chase and grabbed my arm, but I snatched it away, not before she could yell, “Stupid man!”

There would be no negotiation or further conversation. I had been played, and even if she had said, “But I’ll fuck you next time we go out,” I would have told her to go to hell.

I felt like the wind had been knocked out of me. For fifteen minutes I moped around like a pathetic sack of shit at the bar. I felt humiliated. All I wanted to do was go home and lick my wounds. She only saw me as a wallet and a stooge, a foreigner who could show her a good time while some local dude got the pussy. I had gotten her buzzed and horny just for him.

I looked at the time. It was 3:00. The club was way past its peak. There was little hope, but even though I was down, I still tried. I did two half-ass approaches that went alright, but nothing came out of them. I walked out of the club, still in disbelief about the reversal I had just faced. Things had seemed to be going so well. Why had she done me dirty like that? I thought only American women were capable of such harshness. She could have at least lied and said she wasn’t feeling well, or that a girlfriend was coming to get her.

A cab dropped me in front of my apartment. Then I remembered the bar she had told me about—Republic. It was just a block from my place. It was probably closed, but I decided to check it out, not to meet a girl but to see if it was worth going to on another night.

I went inside and was stunned to find that it was packed with more women than men. The bar had narrow walkways with people standing up. The music wasn’t too loud. Was I in a bar in America? The logistics were perfect, the first time I had encountered such an American-style venue in Eastern Europe. All that was missing were the fat American girls in flip-flops singing along to Bon Jovi. My mood immediately brightened. I ordered a drink and leaned against the bar. I couldn’t believe I had found a spot that was tailor-made for me.

In my first approach, the girl didn’t speak English, but her thick friend smiled and said, “Maybe I want to dance with you later.” It was a good sign. Tons of girls were staring at me, and there were no Spanish or Italian dudes in sight. There had to be a catch, I thought, but there was none.

My second approach was on a gorgeous blonde. She was a sweet girl who obviously loved practicing her English, but after some time it came out that she had a boyfriend. “I’m not the jealous type,” I said. She laughed.

I knew that talking to her wouldn’t lead to sex, but I wanted some companionship after the supreme diss I had faced not one hour earlier. The blonde made me feel good and I wanted to be with her. Our conversation was fun and I could tell she liked me, but the revelation that she lived with her boyfriend told me I absolutely wasn’t getting laid.

I thought of a night in Uruguay where I went out with two Brazilian girls, one younger and another much older. I wanted the younger one, but the older one wanted me. I decided to stick to my guns and go for the younger one, but at the end of the night I got neither. Then I thought of all the nights in Poland I wasted on girls with boyfriends after thinking that I could seduce them. I walked away empty-handed 95% of the time.

I looked at the blonde and realized that I’d be warming her up for sex with another guy, just like I had with Aista. Was that what I wanted to be to women, a fluffer? The blonde was the type of girl I could fall for, but I wasn’t put on this Earth to serve as validation for women or to make projects of them.

I saw a brunette looking at me while I talked to the blonde. She wasn’t as hot, but still cute. I could tell she was DTF, looking around and barely paying attention to her homely friend. I told the blonde I’d be right back and approached the brunette by complimenting her fur-lined vest. She received it well and asked where I was from.

Her friend quickly left, leaving us to a one-on-one conversation. Later the blonde came and said goodbye to me as she walked out. I told the brunette to hold on so I could say goodbye to the blonde—and maybe even get her number—but my feet stopped after only two steps. As I watched her leave, nothing in my being told me to chase after her. I turned back to the brunette and apologized for the interruption.

It took about twenty minutes to kiss the brunette and another ten minutes to invite her to my apartment. Forty-five minutes from meet to bang, something I would have expected more in Iceland than Lithuania. The brunette’s body was not as good as Aista’s, but my dick couldn’t tell the difference. Her face wasn’t as good as the blonde’s, but again my dick couldn’t tell the difference. She fucked me good, and in the end that’s all that matters.

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31 thoughts on “I Got Played”

  1. I think this is the right attitude to have:
    1) No tolerance of a girl’s BS
    2) Moving on when it became obvious the bang was not going to happen in the second bar.
    Aista was not a complete waste: She told Roosh about the bar where he ended up getting the bang. Good things can come out of bad situations.
    This article makes me want to buy the book…I’ll set aside some money to do so next month.

  2. Maybe mark zolo can help you with your game more?
    Do u only tour eastern europe now?or are considering tryin spain italy greece hell maybe even asia

  3. Rolling with the punches like this is how you become a true operator. Take some time out to recover from the sucker punch (out of sight of the hunting grounds and source of distrespect of course), deal with the emotions and then get up and have a crack at someone else.
    ‘Don’t let it get to you’ is bullshit whitewashing and is meaningless after the emotions have already hit you. Acknowledge your emotions and deal with them, but after 15 minutes or so take a deep breath, laugh at yourself and get back in there.

  4. Yeah those foreign women are so sweet, aint they? Ok no big deal, but shit happens. Something to ponder:
    Question: How can you tell when you are being played by a female?
    Answer: When that hole in her face starts moving and noises emulate from it.
    2 words: Esther Vilar
    Read: Manipulated Man

  5. How can you be sure she was gonna fuck the other guy? As you told the story it looks more like she wanted to go home with her guy friend because, being clear your sexual intentions (even if you stated the opposite), she wouldn’t feel 100% comfortable going home with you, for obvious reasons. But, in my opinion, this wouldn’t have spoiled your chances to bang her on another date (her yelling “stupid man!” is almost an evidence about this.)

    1. Noone “knows” anything. It’s all probabilities.
      And continuing to pursue women that leave with other guys late at night, in a state of tipsiness from drinks you paid for, is a rather low expectation game.

      1. I didn’t say he should have continued pursuing her, I just said that perhaps the girl didn’t have any intention to fuck the other guy, who could have been a simple beta orbiter coming to give her a ride home after she’d had fun with a cool foreigner. In the way you put it (“noone knows anything”), he shouldn’t have paid for her drinks and taxi from the beginning, since he didn’t have the garancy to bang her, that night or some other. But they kissed at the club, so the chances that the next step would have been a bang were pretty high.
        Lithuania is a catholic country, this means that only mentioning the word “sex” can sometime and somehow fuck up your date, no matter how good you’ve been until that moment.
        I have a huge esteem and respect for Roosh (I read all his books) but I think he’s not right in saying he was “played”. He just didn’t use the right words in that specific moment, having the girl smelled that he wanted (or that his primary aim was) just sex.

      2. For guys unaware about how the dynamic works of stealing horniness created by another guy, research ‘buying temperature’ in the puasphere.

  6. Women like Aista behave like that because they can. It gives them a little cheap power rush. Leave them to it, in the end they wind up lonely and miserable, because they are all about power games. They would rather ditch the nice guy and have a nasty quick fuck with someone else, because it’s a thrill. Pathetic.
    Back in the day, of course if they’d treated a guy like that they would have rapidly found themselves impaled on his sword, (the one on his thigh not between his legs).
    Of course these days that kind of thing is out of the question, trouble is us men haven’t quite got up to speed yet, and this guy clearly shines a light for all real men.
    Women are available, abundant, cheap, easy to find and two things show that team men won the battle of the sexes long long ago.
    Firstly women dance around poles almost naked for $1 bills. And secondly even in the most expensive cities in the world, you can get a girl in your bed for $100 or so. This is the price of getting laid. Whether you pay it in dinner and drinks and club entries. Whether you pay it in time spent “treating her right” or whether you pay it in cash, it’s more or less the same result.
    Where it goes from there, even with a pro is entirely up to you. You lead she follows, if you want something long term you can keep her around. She will bend, you define the world around you and never be fooled by the whole monogamy, jealousy, control etc. etc.
    Women can be replaced.
    Don’t get all sentimental, even with a wife, that is for women. In some short years she’ll be older and uglier and you’ll be wishing you could trade for a younger model. This is the hard cold reality…..
    Women make great lovers, but they rarely make good friends in the long term. They are too selfish, too opportunistic and have too high opinions of themselves. They have to be like that because there are so so many of them. If they really looked at their reality, they’ll all blow their brains out.

    1. “Women make great lovers, but they rarely make good friends in the long
      term. They are too selfish, too opportunistic and have too high opinions
      of themselves. They have to be like that because there are so so many
      of them. If they really looked at their reality, they’ll all blow their
      brains out.”
      Ok, but… Are men supposed to be different from that somehow?

    2. Living by rushes of excitement as opposed to achieving ”success” and working towards ”goals” (sleeping with the guy), maybe that’s the better way to live

  7. Let me disclaimer this by saying I haven’t done any gaming in Europe but..I kind of disagree with this play. I don’t let women chink my armor nor would I throw a fit unless there was reasonable expectation it would increase my chance at banging her later. In this case, it appears there was no merit. Playing it cool and planning revenge later would have been preferable. Tell her to come pick you up the next day, game her for sex in your apartment then go to lunch/brunch. She pays. Victory.

  8. Ha ha ha! Welcome to eastern europe. Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, you name it. The big difference here compared to the west is that people have a “sixth sense” for bluffing. You lie about the pet shop, especially when you’re an american – she will abuse your stupidness to think that she will swallow your bullshit and use it against you.
    She knows that what you try to pretend is not the same what you want and feel – so she quickly understands what you really want: either youre a phussy or you just want to get laid. Otherwise you would not have lied or played games in the first place. The women here rob liars and phussies.
    This is VERY common in eastern europe and far east.
    Women here are not stupid. Theyre fking dangerous. More dangerous than men. They fool men with their looks all the time.
    Of course we have the monkey women here as well and the sluts but they are a lot lower percentage. For example the “player” monkey guys are ofter bullied in school and “easy” women are ALWAYS taken advantage of.
    Man, be more careful out there. They take your money and then they disappear.

    1. Ahhh, if that’s true I admire those kinds of women. I love women who can turn a player’s game right back on them. A player cannot be angry with women like this because she is only doing to him what he planned to do to her. She was just better at it 😉

    2. True.
      Since I’ve been married my opinion of foreign men lowered to negative levels, I’m afraid. When I get approached by fellow citizens in my home country, a simple “Sorry, I’m married” would have the man wish me a good day and backing off. Not so with foreigners – Muslims seem to view non-Muslim marriages as void, and Westerners just don’t care. I hate religion with passion and my marriage is strictly civil, but this disregard to my legal relationship is insulting. However, I treated no one badly, until one man told me “Well, I drive my BMW, but I’d jump a Lamborghini if I could.” I smiled, said “True, true”, invited him to a coffee and paid the bill with the agreement that next date is on him. I paid 3 lvs. for his coffee, and he paid 240 lv. for a dinner in a restaurant I’d always wanted to dine in, but didn’t have the means. (I told him it’s a nice small place, he bit the bait).
      Brian, wherever you are now, thank you, thank you so much for the nice dinner! I will remember you forever. I know you will remember me, too. My husband sends you his deepest appreciation for treating his wife so nicely. I hope you still take nice ladies for dinner, but I doubt they would be married ones. Cheers!

  9. I’m glad that happen you foreigner loser. hope the next time guyfriend or the girl will break your jaw or stab you

  10. Men like you are a bunch of babies and sickos, and once women find out how you play them to get their numbers and get them in bed, they will not want to spend another minute with you. Your reaction to Aista telling you that she was going home made you look like a big fucking pig. A whiner. And her reaction tells me that you were either missing something, like it was a gay friend or her boyfriend that she just got out of a long-term relationship with, or she realized that you actually WERE only in it for the sex. Either way you just look dumb as fuck.

  11. If this story it´s true i´m Budda. Like the one about the brit virgin (that was good for a porn movie plot).
    Come on Roosh, east it´s not that cheap.

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