The Harem, The Tribe, And The Pride

“You can’t be one kind of man and another kind of president. You cannot separate the character of the president from the character of the presidency.”

I was a young man when George H.W. Bush spoke those words regarding Democratic nominee Bill Clinton in 1998. Growing up in a strong conservative family, this idea was not new to me – in fact, it was our mantra. The good man was a man of his word, dependable, honest and fair. The good man didn’t behave one way with some people and a different way with others.

I can’t even begin to count the number of times during the first 18 years of my life that my father would get upset with me for a devious action and say “Thatch, quote James 1:8 for me.”

“A double minded man is unstable in all of his ways.”

There’s something to be said for biblical wisdom, and there’s something to be said for our 41st president’s take on a man’s character. When two men, one who was Jesus’ brother and one who ascended to the most powerful office in the modern world have something to say, it’s probably worth a listen even if you don’t agree with them.

And I don’t. I don’t agree with them at all.

What worked for a guy born in 1924 and what worked for a guy who shared a childhood home with the Messiah doesn’t quite cut it in today’s world. Show me a man who is dependable, and I’ll show you a man who is predictable. Show me a man who is predictable, and I’ll show you a man who is used.

Trustworthiness, honor, love, and dependability are characteristics of the modern red pill man, as are shrewdness, viciousness, duplicity, judgment and perfidy. It is the double-minded man – the good and terrible man; the man who can be counted on for nothing and everything; the man of grace and wrath; the man arrogance and humble countenance – who survives and thrives in 2013.

Righteousness may have served our fathers and grandfathers well; traditional and dependable “good man” traits may have yielded them the love of a faithful wife and the respect of their children; dependability and honesty may have garnered them the loyalty of friends and the company they retired from; their uncompromising steadfastness to their principles may have solidified their legacy and caused their enemies to tremble with fear; but those days are gone.

The world has changed, and if we want what they had, we must change with change. If we want the same love, respect and admiration our forefathers enjoyed, we must adapt to our surroundings and meet new challenges in a new way.

Today’s beta male would have been a national treasure 50 years ago – a pillar of society and the backbone of the greatest nation on earth. But now he’s a mid-level manager living in a bachelor pad on the wrong side of the tracks, trying to scrape by on 26% of his earned income after taxes, alimony, and child support. He is a father without children, a provider without a wife, and a dickless wonder with mommy issues if he dares to question why. Every day he is inundated with social messages designed to make him feel like he isn’t doing his part. He is a rapist in waiting, a misogynist, a bigot, and a loser until he proves himself and is pardoned by a legion White Knights and their feminist dependents.

Enough already.

Put the Bible on the shelf where it belongs, bury Grandpa’s lessons in a plot right beside him, tell every little shit-mouthed college student feminist to burn in hell, and acknowledge that while all men are created equal, it’s where they go from there that should determine how you deal with them.

Every man reading this article should ruthlessly judge every human being he knows, label them, and divide them into three distinct groups: The harem, the tribe and the pride.

The Harem


Anything goes. These are the women who serve as your playthings. There is no honor, loyalty, or trust among any members of the harem. It is a loosely managed and dynamic group designed to yield as much pleasure for as little investment as possible. Lie to them, lead them on, waste their time, tease them, fuck them good, be good to them when they serve your purpose and give them the drama they crave when they don’t – and they’ll love you for it.

To disagree with that last statement is to out yourself as a woman or a man who’s never known one.

The Tribe


The tribe is comprised of those with whom you’ve formed a symbiotic relationship. This would include your LTR girlfriend, most of your friends, all of your acquaintances, your coworkers, and your boss. Here, honesty and integrity are tools to be used only when they meet one of two criteria: 1) They benefit you and the other party, or 2) They benefit you and not the other party.

The tribe can vote you off the reservation without reason or notice, so shrewdness is a must. Match kindness with kindness, but when there’s a conflict, never let your enemy live to fight another day. If your girlfriend crosses the line, show her the door and find her replacement. If a friend cockblocks you, delete his number and never speak him again. If a coworker criticizes you and interferes with your ability to earn a living, summon the demons of hell and ask their guidance on how to undermine his career and send him to the unemployment line.

The tribe must be a supportive culture, or else it has no value. Everyone in the tribe must pull his weight and contribute, and you must contribute to earn your place as well. Play fair in a fair game, cheat the cheaters, give only as good as you get, eschew loyalty and join a new tribe when it’s necessary for your survival, and apologize for nothing.

The Pride


The pride consists of those who look to you for leadership and protection and who deserve your leadership and protection. Depending on your situation, this may include your immediate family, your children, a good wife, and that very small group of friends you know for certain would have your back no matter what.

In the pride, there is forgiveness and understanding. In the pride, a man’s word is his bond. In the pride, a man makes sacrifices which are recognized and respected. The pride is fiercely defended and never compromised; a true inner sanctum and Holy of Holies where a man communes with his family. Everything that is good for the man is good for the pride, and everything that is good for the pride is good for the man. All blessings and all worthwhile sacrifice comes from the pride.

There is not one social problem that befalls modern man that cannot be attributed in some way to his inability to discern who belongs in the harem, who belongs in the tribe, and who belongs in the pride.  

Someone reading this article has a good wife in his tribe when she belongs in his pride.

Someone reading this article has a girlfriend in his pride when she belongs in his tribe.

Someone reading this article has a little slut in his tribe or pride when she belongs in his harem.

Judge ruthlessly, audit continually, and reassign people to one of the three groups when circumstances dictate. Slap a big label on everyone you meet – basically do the total opposite of what feminist society and manginas tell you to do. Their goal is for you to never learn lessons so that you’ll meet each and every one of them with an open mind, open heart, open arms, and an open wallet. They cannot perform their parasitic function without a willful host, and any rational thought you put in to managing your own life or determining who should benefit from your efforts is a tremendous threat to their social machine.

Say no without apology, push back without reservation, and determine for yourself who belongs in your harem, your tribe and your pride.

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60 thoughts on “The Harem, The Tribe, And The Pride”

  1. In other words, the way society is naturally supposed to be. Feminists and their enabling ilk should be reduced to misfits and outcasts.

  2. “Put the bible on the shelf where it belongs.”
    No thanks…that book can get you through today’s messes as well.
    You can be a sheep amongst wolves…be shrewd as serpents and harmless as doves.
    Shrewdness means you know what is going on in the world and handle things as they come…harmless means you don’t have to engage with bad people, bad women, or bad situations.

    1. If you believe the nonsense written in the bible you are a sheep. God impregnated the “virgin mary”. Noah had two of very animal on this giant ship? You actually believe people came from adam and eve? Jesus came back from the dead aka a zombie? Get reak.

      1. Atheists who think all christians swallow the bible whole as literal truth are as blinkered as those they condemn.

        1. and atheists who purport their unproven theory as fact are fools engaged in the very thing they are trying to scorn.

      2. The issue I’m bringing up isn’t whether you believe the stories to be literal or figurative…the issue is the book contains a lot of good advice.

        1. That’s the crux of problems we’re dealing with today. The ancients knew what’s what, passed on the knowledge but now we’re so far removed from our roots that even eating properly (Paleo) is up for scrutiny. We have a lot of explaining to do when we see them.

      3. Atheist always gotta voice their opinion and shoot down believers. Why always hating?
        You’re worse than feminists to me.

        1. You mad bro?
          1. I’m not an atheist.
          2. Nobody is “hating” I’m just being logical. I’m worse than a feminist because I don’t believe that jesus came back from the dead? That people didn’t come from adam and eve? That god didn’t impregnate the “virgin mary.” That Noah didn’t live to be 500 (or whatever it was) and had two of each animal on a giant ass boat?
          Okay, I apologize for all my wrongdoings that are far worse than feminists.
          3. @ Earl
          I know the bible has historical significance and has some good stories that men and everyone can use. But it is a work of fiction and there are hundreds of books that are more applicable to men than the bible.
          Modern men can get a lot more knowledge and use out of a book such as the 48 laws of power vs. the bible which is filled with a lot of nonsensical stuff.

        2. Science, however, is not compatible with Christianity. The earth isn’t 6,000 years old and God didn’t create the world in 7 days. But Alex, if you need your bedtime stories and Santa Claus to make you feel good than I understand. I’ll stop hurting your feelings.

        3. I will try and help you out with your misconceptions on Genesis: First some background. The Hebrew language had only 3 thousand words, English upwards above 5 million. This means many words will have multiple meanings and can only be read in context. For example: “yom” which is the word for Day has 3 Literal meanings(12 hour day, 24 hour day, a long unspecified amount of time) In verse 1 we see the creation of everything….all space, time, matter and energy. Then in verse 2 it switches perspective to that of an observer on the face of the water looking up. If this perspective change isn’t taken into account (Galileo pointed this out at the beginning of the science revolution) then things don’t make sense (most laymen readings don’t take this perspective change into account). Also, in verse 1 the verb “Bara” is used, which means to create something brand new which has never been created before: This verb is not used in verse 1:3 which i will discuss below: In contrast to your belief, Genesis describes creation in the exact way science prescribes and has been one of the founding reasons why scientists such as Hugh Ross among others became believers in God, and eventually christian.
          Genesis 1:1 God Created the heavens and the earth (This is a complete telling of the story…everything is made. The next verse then says: and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters of the earth.)
          Genesis 1: 3-5 Let there be light (from the surface of the waters looking up. Light is not being created as the verb Bara is not being used and light was already created in v. 1.1 before the perspective change to that of an observer on the face of the waters) God called the light day is a reference to 1 literal definition of Yom which is 12 hour day. There are 2 more literal definitions; 24 hour day and an unspecified long period. Now the next line is…and there was evening/morning. These get translated into Hebrew as Beginning and Ending. Now as a Hebrew would read it; God called the light day and called the darkness night. (Light is not being created, it is able to penetrate slightly through the atmosphere but still unseen by the observer and will begin the water cycle described in the next verses) There was a beginning and an ending to the work(ie…morning/evening); the first Day (an unspecified period of time that had a beginning and ending)
          Gen 1: 6-8 The next verses talk about the water cycle being set up (necessary for what is to come next). There was a beginning and an ending to the work; the second day (an unspecified amount of time).
          Gen 1: 9-13 Dry ground appears; vegetation appears and there was a beginning and an ending to the work; the third day.
          Gen 1: 14-19 Then the atmosphere clears to the point the Sun, moon and stars could be seen that govern the day and the night: The verb here is not Bara and instead is a verb that means allowing something to be seen. This is also the necessary next step as what follows is creatures that need the light in the skies for biological rhythms as well as navigation. There was a beginning and ending to this work and it was the fourth day (Note: most mis-interpret this as the creation of the sun, while it is only the point when the sun can be seen from the point of view of the observer)
          Gen 1: 20-23 birds and sea creatures come in next as they are dependent upon the lights in the sky for various reasons. There was a beginning and an ending to the work and it was the fifth day.
          Day 6 humans( has a beginning and ending)
          Day 7 Does not have an ending. It has a beginning which means we are still in God’s 7th day which is why creation is only decaying (2nd law of thermodynamics) and there are no new species but only species disappearing. (Now I am not saying there are no new unknown species being found but we have no evidence to any brand new species) The 7th day not having an ending indicates strongly the correct interpretation of Yom is a long unspecified amount of time. This is also confirmed by NT authors such as Paul and other old testament authors as well. Paul denotes that God’s 7th day is on going and that as believers we enter “his 7th day of rest” with him. Psalms and Isaiah also confirm the 7th day as an ongoing event which would then confirm the contextual meaning of the word Yom as a long period of time. So one can say, “I believe in a literal 6 day creation” since a literal definition of day in Hebrew is a long period of time.
          Hope you find this interesting

        4. how´s that? When given the historical document fact that cristianity had an antipathy for science and actively try to undermine it and destroy it cos it sed light into the unknown and destory the superstinctions and power of church over the uneducated mass

        5. yeah Christanity had nothing to do with science at all, except youknow inventing universitys and funding basically every scientific advance until about 200 years ago. oh and dont forget all those monk who hated science so much that they presevered Greek and Roman literature when the WRE fell. seriously this whole Christanity is evil schitk is old.

      4. It is not your right to criticize what other people choose to believe, based on your own short sightedness. If you don’t believe it, fine . But don’t be a dickhead and put people down because their religion didn’t meet your arrival.

  3. When one observes a “good girl” go gaga over a welfare king who has a wife, a three year old kid and a one month old newborn at home, welfare kind who is at the bar spending the disco money (diskoraha… there is even a name for that) going after other wasted chicks; when one observes that this welfare king has more disposable income than most working men.
    When one realises that this young “good girl” will not give the time of the day to any working man, but is after some shiny useless piece of bling, (until she smashes into 30),
    When one realizes that 30+% of one’s working time is taken by daady government to enable these “men” to hang out and entertain “good girls”,
    This article gets a stronger meaning.
    Harem, tribe, pride, parasites, unfuckables, cumbuckets, did I say parasites?
    Entertain your harem, cooperate with your tripe, provide and protect your pride,
    And you know what, since 30+% of your earnings, time, and energy go into feeding the cumbuckets, parasites and others, don’t feel bad if you ever happen to fuck them over.
    I am not there yet, but if someone is, I will not judge.

  4. I love Thatch articles. They’re short and deep. This one has already made an impact in the way I think.
    Thank you, Mr. Thatch.

  5. Firstly, good article. BUT the greatest lie is that, “All men are born equal.” Tell that to Bucket Boy. 🙂
    I agree with the labels, but don’t just restrict this to women. You need a fourth category, the “Scum” group, which applies to anyone who doesn’t show you respect and you can’t gain anything from by being around. This group consists of 99.9% of people out there.

  6. Jesus said to be wise as serpents, but harmless as doves. I believe that means deception is acceptable for survival and self-defense but should not be used to hurt people who have not hurt us.

  7. There’s a great quote this article reminded me of, not about women, but people in general:
    “There are those who waste my time, I despise them. There are those who share my time, I am amused by them. There are those who -enhance- my time, I cherish them.”

  8. You left out an important and predominant grouping – the clan.
    Being part of a large extended family gives one one a natural, genetic bond with other members of the clan. Genetic bonds are the basis for altruism and self-less behavior.
    As a man grows and performs for the clan, as a warrior and a producer, one’s rank increases to become one of the patriarchs of the clan. Harems, or at least polygamy, can easily exist in a clan and sister wives can co-exist within some reasonable level of cooperation and peace – but women will always bite and scratch each other.
    There are downsides to clans, as we see in the Middle East. These include difficulty in establishing larger networks such as nation-states. Inbreeding within a clan reduces IQ and genetic fitness.
    Still, a clan is a fundamental social group and plays very important roles in many of today’s polities.

    1. haha what?
      i think the scope and purpose of the article went right over your head man.
      in 2013, why work your way up a “clan” (?) when you can start your adult life as the patriarch and build your own group of humans.
      the only groups i would add are foes and cattle. foes are the people who wish to harm you and so you put forth whatever effort necessary to destroy them, although these should be avoided as much as possible. and cattle, the people who are useless to you and you shear them whenever necessary for what you need. if we are gonna be ruthless…

      1. The presumption of the article is that man is an atomistic creature, a pure lone wolf. American society is exceptional in the degree of individualism we have but even that has its limits.
        However, that’s NOT the way the world works. The predominant social group is the clan – men bound by blood ties of family. The degree altruism one shows is directly correlated to the shared genetic ties.
        A man alone is a man at the mercy of men in groups.
        As to “you can start your adult life as the patriarch” – the definition of patriarch is a man with adult children.
        Thatch’s definition of “tribe” is really a gang. Gangs appear only in the absence of a controlling patriarchy.

        1. “The degree altruism one shows is directly correlated to the shared genetic ties.”
          hugely true, though this now extends to people of the same tribe and culture.
          india is a hugely tribal society, and where past men where tied by blood, it now becomes that men are tied by mutual cultural interest.
          high caste men stay with high caste men, sikhs with sikhs, hindus with hindus and so on

  9. Agreed. Morals and ethics are a reflection of social circumstances and change from era to era. Quite probably most things that are currently considered “vices” were once considered virtues, and vice versa. Greed, aggression, and larceny are not favored in modern society, but in our primitive human state 100,000 years ago they were probably “virtues” that helped tribes survive. In the same way, the old ethics preached 75 years ago do not equip us as men to survive in today’s feminist environment. A new code of ethics is called for, and is gradually taking shape before our eyes on this website and others like it. Behold the dawn of the new man….let us call him “homo antifeministus”.

      1. I’m with Big Ern. Article seems like a lot of chest thumping with a splash of bitterness. But that’s ok. We can do that. We’re in the process of figuring things out.
        I’m no religious guy and I’m fine with putting it on the shelf, but for other reasons.
        Something that has been proven time and time again for me and as witnessed by me:
        You reap what you sow.
        When you’re momma said “Truth is the best policy” and “cheaters never prosper” she was right. Short term, you can get away with it. But you will crash and you will burn if you make it a lifestyle. You might still achieve ‘success’, but will have no chance for happiness.
        btw the paragraph “Today’s Beta male…” is nice prose but is a complete fabrication. A fiction. If you believe it you are likely a fool– got all your info from media outlets rather than keep your eyes open and explore the world around you.

    1. it’s incumbent on the dissenter to present a reasoned opposition to what he thought was wrong with the article and why. otherwise its just useless chatter, something that is really for the womenfolk

  10. When we say “God,” we know what we mean – it is a shorthand for the superhuman and perfect, for infinite wisdom and intelligence.

  11. the long version: (see above)
    the short version: “Keep bitches and masculinity-killing cowards in check”
    the solution: always be selfish, protect yourself from this cunt society, never contribute anything to “community”

  12. Like the general thrust of this, its definitely important to segregate the people you deal with and have different strategies for dealing with each group. I do think youre missing a category though. There should be another group for people that you know who under no circumstances deserve honesty or integrity from you. Perhaps because they have a history of deceit, or because their views are diametically opposed to yours and damaging to society. Where would an Amanda Marcotte-like Feminist go for example? She doesnt deserve to be in your tribe because she has nothing to offer in a symbiotic relationship, she doesnt belong in your harem, because shes fat/ugly/mannish. There needs to be a fourth group for her, one with whom you attempt to minimise any and all dealings. Call them the Others.

  13. This post is *Gold*! You just got my attention as a writer, Thatch.
    I have known the basic ideas of what is given for some time, but not so quintessentially refined for acting locally. I was using more of a smooth spectrum and letting expedience and valuation place people where they are to me in a fine tuned way with risk of complexity, in which case I simplify and protect my position. The 3
    categories create firewalls: great idea!
    Pride Culture > Tribe Culture > Harem Culture
    Flourishing Western Civilization > Primitive Society > Pack
    Animal Social Climbing (Hypergamy)
    I add Barbarism between Civilization-ism and Tribalism. I put woman into a sociality I call ‘Packism’. Great minds think alike. 🙂 If only I could find/make a pride. I consider my relatives and a few others Tribe and everyone else Harem (Packism sociality). Such is the way of decline. Well written and well conceived post with actionable
    advice. Kicked ass! I wonder how many commenters have any one worthy of Pride status. I just can’t find shit the the real world.
    The Bible is full of absurdities and empty on rigor. You can take away from the Bible anything you want (beyond the political and cultural binds) like one can with the Tao Te Ching, which is why you declared sheep of the invisible and pervasive Lord love it. If you can’t find a sect to suit your validation needs, just like you are where you are mentally, you can be your own sect. Religion is politics is control.
    You men of the manosphere give me hope because it’s the planning not the plan, so believe as you wish and let the ecology of ideas prune and expound.
    Faith not rigorously minimized and calibrated to reality is folly and ultimately hate because it is antagonistic to more enlightened thought and behavior: religion has value only in human cultural evolution, it comes and goes or it adapts to live. A particular religion defines a stage and if useful a step of cultural development. Time to figure out morality without religion, guys, as Edward Thatch has done. As Confucious say: reciprocity. Globalist reciprocity is impossible because mortals compete for limited resources and win by evolving faster, stronger, smarter, better. Who will win the future? the elite, or a rival band of Western men who change themselves to bend the spoon, see the connection, and seize the day. Ghengis Khan said the best things in life were slaying his enemy, seizing their horses and cattle, and ravaging their women. Heartiste says Biomechanics is God, and it’s true; however, I would argue Evolution is God and memes might be liberated from genes and their instincts and hormones, but not for us.

  14. Not all men are created equal.
    All men and women are by nature and nurture unequal. Some are talented, ambitious, industrious, lucky. And in a free society, such men and women will always reap a disproportionate share of fame and fortune.
    Our revolution was about
    liberty; it was about freedom.
    The word “equality” was not
    even mentioned in the Constitution, the Bill of Rights or the Federalist Papers.
    The word “equal” does not make an appearance until the 14th Amendment’s “equal
    protection of the laws” after the Civil War. The feminists’ Equal Rights
    Amendment was abandoned and left to die in 1982 after 10 years of national
    When Thomas Jefferson wrote
    that memorable line – “All men are created equal” – he was not talking about an
    equality of rewards, but of rights with which men are endowed by their Creator.
    He was talking about an ideal.
    For as he wrote John Adams
    in 1813, Jefferson believed nature had blessed society with a “precious gift,” a
    “natural aristocracy” of “virtue and talents” to govern it. In his
    autobiography, a half decade before his death in 1826, he restated this idea of
    “the aristocracy of virtue and talent which nature has wisely provided for the
    direction of the interests of society.”
    Equality, egalite,
    was what the French Revolution, the Bolshevik Revolution, Mao’s Revolution of
    1949, Castro’s Revolution of 1959 and Pol Pot’s revolution of 1975 claimed to be
    Feminism, the gay rights movement and the post-1965 civil rights movement, with their demand for equality not simply of rights but of rewards, cannot be achieved without trampling on the freedoms for which the patriot fathers fought. And they cannot triumph without creating a permanent, mammoth and redistributionist state more powerful, intrusive and dictatorial than anything George III ever dreamed of.
    The freedom of all Americans to compete academically, athletically, artistically and economically must inevitably result in an inequality of incomes, wealth and rewards.
    The only way to equalize rewards is to take from those who have earned and give to those who have not. And that requires the kind of redistributionist regime the Founding Fathers would have risen up against.
    Inequality is the natural
    concomitant of freedom.
    For just as God-given
    talents are unequally distributed, and the home environments of children are
    unequal, and individuals differ in the drive to succeed, free societies, where
    rewards of fame and fortune accrue to the best and brightest, must invariably
    become unequal societies.

  15. To be fair elephants herds are matriarchal, but they do work for two reasons. For one, to my knowledge, not that many animals, and certainly no unarmed men, will fuck with an elephant, much less a whole herd. And matriarchs know how to impose order and discipline, something lacking in feminist human females.

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