How Thirsty Men Kill Everyone’s Game

Much has been made of the drag social media has become on the dating market. The likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have become inundated with “attention whores”, turning into mere tools for the provision of a never-ending stream of validation for girls. Some tire of this (rightfully so), but I feel few of us really and truly dig at the source of the problem: the simp.

While the conscious attention whoring of certain females can be annoying, it wouldn’t be nearly as prevalent without an army of extraordinarily thirsty men prepared to do whatever it takes to prove their undying loyalty to a pretty female they’ve never even met.

So, how do simps make life harder for you?

1. They build up female egos.

This is obvious, but it isn’t hard to turn a normal 8 into an 8 with an attitude befitting Athena herself if you throw enough praise and unrelenting worship at her.


After she has had a number of men insist that even her excrement is worthy of applause, you can bet that her standards will become harder for you to meet upon your own approach.


2. They build up female bitch shields.

While a lot of women will let the attention go to their heads, most also despise thirsty men. In their rush to avoid stalking threats and put permanent distance between themselves and these pathetic examples of masculinity, some women will become more guarded around all men, and more difficult to approach. They become increasingly convinced that men of worth who lack absurd amounts of thirst and aren’t pathetically easy for them to control are rare enough that they need not bother much with guys at all.


Any male concerned with self-improvement, of course, would work to break through this barrier by standing out from the thristier hordes. The efforts of the simp, however, make this a much more challenging endeavor than it needs to be, and with the rise of Facebook and Instagram the simp can do more damage than he ever could before.

3. They raise the price of the game.

Dating is an expensive prospect in the western world, and it is the simp that has driven much of the price increase. This isn’t hard to understand from the perspective of the female: when a guy is offering you thousands of dollars just for the chance of making sexual contact with you, why not take it?


If men are willing to essentially bankroll your lifestyle simply because you look nice, why not take advantage? With enough offers, it isn’t long before significant personal/financial sacrifice becomes the standard price of admission for some attractive (and savvy) women.



I could spend quite a bit of time writing on this topic, but I think some of the photographic evidence below will speak for itself. Though cringeworthy, the photos are worth viewing: one must always know their enemy, and the thirsty simp is the biggest enemy any red-pill male.












These men do more harm to other males than any feminist could. Their weakness is an embarrassment to the entire gender, and a hindrance to any improvement in male-female relations. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook have become their strongholds, aiding in the constant expression of their thirst.

As annoying as social media has become, it can still play a role in helping a red-pill male move forward by showing him precisely what NOT to emulate in his conduct with women. Pathetic and troublesome as they may be, the thirsty simp can still serve a useful function as fuel for your growth. Examine their weakness, avoid their mistakes, and improve yourself accordingly.

If you find yourself in any way resembling this guy in your conduct with women, you’ll know it is time for a change:


For more cringeworthy displays of thirst, check out this link.

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220 thoughts on “How Thirsty Men Kill Everyone’s Game”

  1. I don’t know what’s more disturbing…the weak male hearts or the fact they want to eat food out of a chick’s ass.

      1. I know the saying…”Don’t shit where you eat.”
        I would also say… “Don’t eat where you shit.”

  2. After reading those photo comments i can’t actually believe that black guys are just as beta as SWPL dudes, asian dudes, and every other type of dude

    1. SWPL beta (redundant): I’ll do whatever you want and love you forever. Black beta: I’ll eat cereal out of your ass.

      1. I think it’s well know that black guys will fuck anything with a pulse and consistently make themselves look like desperate pussy beggars. Most of them are betas without class, instead of telling her she’s ‘beautiful’ or ‘pretty’ they say “Dammm bitch dats so hawt I’d eat partially digested chicken out of yo bowelzzzzz!”

        1. Actually any men can fuck anything with a pulse, not only Black guys… Maigo you can blame a certain group of people for this type of conduct… I’ve seen White Guys and other ethincities just as worst as the Blacks… Especially in some countries where men think they owned women.

        2. They’re still equally both pathetic. A girl has been called beautiful or pretty 1252452 times in her life by “classy” betafags hitting on females they never met on the internet lel

        3. Dude, wtf?! Black men don’t fuck anything. We have completely different standards, but that doesn’t mean we’d screw anyone. The wimps/simps up there are just those of us without any decency. We can be alpha too – and we do it well. That’s why some people think ‘game’ was invented by us…it wasn’t, but we still perfected that shit. It’s why each of these twitter hoes have some pimp they bring their money back to, who screws her, slaps her, and makes her work more. Don’t look at the worst examples of our masculinity to judge our entire race- that’s like saying all whites are nerdy beta white knights or all Asians are skinny math geeks. Unfucking called for.

        4. It actually a scientific fact that black guys are the most alpha. Don’t be mad that they get more women than your virgin ass lol.

      2. My son, are you kidding me? Most of these “betas” are making jokes on thirst traps. “I’ll eat cereal out of your ass” is funny as fuck and makes you stand out from the “classy” beta fags who say “You are the most beautiful, most divine woman I have ever laid eyes on, I would take you out to dinner and pour the best wine while we listened to Seal – Kiss From A Rose” (Commented by a single white male on a picture of a 7.8./10 female showing ass cleavage.) I’m not sure if you noticed, but being funny makes it easier to fuck bitches.

      3. They guy who made the “I’ll eat cereal out of your ass” comment was an Italian named Facchini, look closely.

    2. What I’ve noticed is that Asians are a little less inclined to simp as much as the others.
      Whites and Blacks simp just as much as the other. Whites are just a little classier than Blacks, Hispanics, Arabs, or Southern Italian “Whites”.

      1. “Classier”. Do you know what a white betafag says to make himself feel better? “At least I got class.” That’s when the fedora comes in. The internet knows of the fedora. It knows of the white betafag. Go research on the internet for some cringe threads and beta fag threads. The majority are white males who are “classy”.

        1. No, Whites ARE classier overall. Alpha or beta.
          For the beta, they come of all races and ancestries, but Whites rarely suck up to ladies by making extravagant hand and head gestures, over-the-top compliments and weird cries Blacks, Arabs, Hispanics and Southern Italians do. Whites do keep it a little classier.
          As for the alphas, you have John Wayne, Pierce Brosnan, Clint Eastwood, Kurt Russel, George Clooney, as examples. They’re alpha, and they have a class which is very specific to Caucasians.

        2. You are just stuck in this little private dreamworld where not even facts will take you out of. Not suprised that another child piggybacks off the accomplisments of people not related to them and the only thing they share is the skin color, “He’s white and he’s a famous actor he’s alpha, that means whites are classier.” I laugh at you and pity you. But continue wearing that fedora, you may think it looks classy on you, but the world is laughing at you mate. Good day, don’t spill your goblet of milk.

        3. Race is not about skin color, but descent. It’s about closer common ancestors than the very first homo sapiens. Closer common ancestors Caucasians don’t share with sub-Saharan African, for example.
          We differ in more than just skin color. We have noticeable average differences in bone shapes, skin thickness, voice deepness, impulse control, personality (ego, arrogance, shyness, overconfidence, self-esteem, etc.), natural strength, drug resistance, speech, movement/walking, stature, penis size, inherent muscle tone, non-cranial hair density (beard, chest hair, etc), tastes, and even our attractions to the opposite sex (males of darker races tend to be more attracted to women with thicker legs and buttocks, for example), and so on.
          (I omitted some – not to get too politically incorrect here).
          And all of those do affect the way we interract socially. Including having more/less class.
          If you can’t see any of those differences, then YOU’RE the one living in your dreamworld.

        4. I acknowledge that every race has their own distinct characteristics that sets them apart from other races. Every race has their pros and cons, and if you deny that then you are just ignorant. I also acknowledge that you have a superiority complex. You sound like Leonardo DeCaprio’s character in Django Unchained. You sound like a typical pale beta fag my friend, and I love you for proving my point even more. Remember to clean your sheets when you wake up from your dreamworld. Keep a dream journal so you have something to talk about next time you venture into a comment thread on the internet.

        5. I don’t have a superiority complex. I have no problem acknowledging that East-Asian have had higher IQ’s than Caucasians for decades, and have been regularly outdoing us on standardized tests, even in Western countries. So do Ashkenazi Jews. They also have a sense of discipline that is unequalled in any other race.
          I also have no problem acknowledging that sub-Saharan Africans are better at bursts of strength. That’s why they dominate the NFL and NBA.
          It’s you who seems to be ticked off by the fact that Whites are classier than others.

        6. It just really seems you’re trying to convince yourself that just because you listen to oldies and prefer milk in your wine glass that your classy. Therefore all white men are classy. Seriously, go look at cringe compilations, you will be enlightened.

    3. That’s because of all the jew brainwashing you have been subject to.
      Yes, on average, black males are losers in society. And yes, many do lack self-confidence.

    4. Those simps don’t represent the average black male. Its like looking at millennial betas as the average white guy

  3. Honestly these sycophants need to be shamed for being such servile twerps. No backbone, no pride, no dignity…truly pathetic.

    1. how about you explain to us the steps that you would take to bang one of those girls

        1. Have coke. Offer it at the end of the night. It works. No other tactic needed. Don’t believe me? Try it.

      1. Step 3: Don’t grovel and beg for them to let you lick their asses over the internet.

  4. I’d fuck the red polka-dot bikini and the last girl. They ain’t mediocre to me!
    Oh, wait . . . forgot what I wanted to say.
    Check out the vid. Also, notice how many of the women and the SIMPs in the posts are black?

  5. Almost all of those girls are 6-7 at best, and most likely 5 IRL.
    These are ghetto-looking girls, which means most of those dudes are from the hood, where the obesity crises are hardest hit. It’s no surprise that they’re 9/10’s in their eyes.

    1. All of these women blow the “typical ghetto girl” out of the water by an overwhelming margin. And you know I have always wondered this because what you say here brings up something I have noticed. Men who feel their standard of beauty is superior to someone else’s. And, do men who grow up visually seeing a different body type/shape of woman especially during puberty mentally pre select these women as the most attractive at the exclusion of all the others? Because a man from the hood would say you are full of shit about your choice of women. I have seen guys that want women with no shape to their figure except boobs. Clothing manufacturers actually stitch clothes to slim and hide the figures depending on where these girls shop. And the exact opposite with urban gear. They are stitched to lift and place focus on the butt and hide the tailbone. To each’s own my friend. But Russia is not the standard of beauty for women. I don’t know what you consider to be obese, but I see a lot of flat stomachs in these photos and when I hear the word “obese” that’s the first place I look. If a chick having titties and ass with a flat stomach is obese and low quality, well…that does not make sense.
      Now if these women were really obese and had men lusting after them (and I do have examples of this that put the ones Athlone posted here to shame, I think I will post a tumblr link) that is even more damaging. Because it enables the mentality that being fat and lazy is ok because they will still pull men.
      Also, this actually gives women the belief that ALL men form the hood (minorities, black men especially) like their women this way. And actual obese women believe they will get play. Which is a HUGE, HUGE load of bullshit. This is what upsets me more then the thirst.

      1. There are a couple gems in the above list, but most of them barely look better than the average hoodrat. I grew up in south St. Louis and spent my early 20s in central/southern Florida. When my boys came down to visit they shit their pants and I hadn’t even taken them to Miami. So yeah, I know how boys from the hood get when their standard of beauty are suddenly raised to near optimum level. An average college slut strolling South Beach would shit all over most of these trashy looking broads.

        1. Different atmosphere is always going to look more appealing then the same old shit. I was the same way when i visited NYC, San Diego even the liberal NW where Oregon has SO MANY colleges full of women; specifically White women that didn’t have pancake bodies like many from the hood believe. I was born and raised in Miami. And I lived in nearly all of the local hoods. Including going to High School near the downtown area. 95% of the women in this article are far better in looks then the average hood chick in Miami. Also, Most of the South Beach women there are not native. They came exclusively from somewhere else. When you say “ghetto” and “hood” south beach is neither. The women who live in the South Miami area far exceed the looks comparison to the ones near the free clinic on 54th st and 22nd ave next to the Joseph Caleb center. I know hoodrats, went to high school with plenty. Many of whom are on my facebook. None of those bitches are hot. Even the hot ones some of my friends are dating rate far far below these women. But who am I to say they are not when someone thinks they are. We all don’t have the ability to travel. And many people sadly tend to stay close to the nest.
          Don’t get me wrong I respect the next man’s taste in women. Kinda odd that someone could low rate these women of whom are rare within the actual “hood”. As far as the article, If you could specify which ones you found were low quality I will tell you which I found were low quality.

        2. That was my point. These women are rare within the hood, where they’re obviously from. And guys in the hood are used to staring at landwhales and hoodrats all day so they drool over these girls even though they look trashy as fuck compared to actually good looking girls in other parts of the world.

        3. Not necessarily. Quite a few women who grow up in upper class homes embrace the hip hop culture as a form of rebellion. Diamond Doll is one of those women. And reading your points they have some correlation to the guys that write off attractive women who date or attract minorities as unattractive because they feel minorities are beneath them. Not saying that’s you though. But again, whats actually good looking by your standards compared to what everyone else thinks is to each’s own. I just found it strange that you think these particular women pictured are obese. Which is to be honest, a wild exaggeration. Overweight? Sure for the sake of accuracy they are. However, Diamond Doll would be the closest to obese out of all the ones shown here.

        4. I never said these women were obese. I don’t know where you guys got it from. I love black women when they look classy and feminine (young Halle Berry, Lauryn Hill, Tyra Banks, etc.) not trashy and fake.

        5. those girls are mostly nothing worth fapping about. poor quality makes it even more surprising guys would validate them

        6. What are you talking about? This is the average slut in south beach. The models only live down there from November to April and then fuck off back home.

    2. Black people, Arabs, and Hispanics have sexual preferences that are less adulterated by Western society. You would be interested in the above women (6s-10s – the skinny ones being the sixes, the ones with the pear shapes being 10s) if you were raised before the beauty standards changed in the 60’s. We prefer women with more estradiol – which is evolutionarily better since it helps with reproduction – while you’re just into skinny chicks with personality and maybe boobs – things which don’t really help with reproduction (boobs are kinda helpful, but being skinny actually hurts reproductive chances a ton). If you’ve ever seen a white alpha go after a bigger girl, you know why now- he’s just listening to his dick.

      1. Okay, next time I see a white guy with a chunky girl I’ll be sure to think of him as an alpha who listens to his dick.

  6. Id like to know what the real statistics are in regards to the number of guys who have actually hit it after sending a “I’ll eat syrup out of your taint” kinds of remarks to girls. I assume it’s somewhere between .00304 percent and .00489 percent. If these numbers were published, would guys stop or would they actually think that they’ll be that special guy with 2 stacks that’s gonna get it in?

    1. The fact that they are following these women and not the other way around should be enough. Those women pictured only exist in certain circles (rappers, pro sports players,entertainers, wannabe models). And i’m just speculating here, but from observation, they only deal with and have sex with men in those circles.

      1. True enough. But it’s clear that it is we (men) who helped create this problem and are perpetuating it. It’s our fault that things are this way. It exists in all social and ethnic circles in the US, not just among the dregs and/or hoodrats. By throwing all standards, self-respect, and pride out the window, we have enabled the attention whores and fat chicks. We’ve allowed them to define the sexual marketplace in ways that over-value their worthless asses. Kissing ass, being a mangina, prostrating yourself, and acting like a fucking craven wuss just to try to get laid is the behavior we should be criticizing.

        1. I agree 100%. I know I do my part not to indulge any of this bullshit. Actually I periodically make fun of thirsty dudes. This is the new construction worker cat call of the digital age. It makes men look desperate. It’s fucking sad. What’s just as bad is that the men that these women do go for, they want that kind of worship from them. But they don’t get it. Until they eventually do, then they lose interest.

      2. PReeeeaaccchhhh….. CO FUCKING SIGN…..

        1. Damn, this is sad. Its no wonder I have very few friends and when I roll out, its usually alone. These clowns are hopeless. These are the same guys who would pay for pussy, visit a strip club and pay hundreds of $ for chicks like that to give em lap dances and make them feel “important”
          “Why pay for pussy when the dick is free”? —2Pac Shakur

  7. I almost feel sorry for these girls if guys are always offering to eat their assholes, because that’s going to spoil your appetite if you are trying to eat lunch.

  8. If they’re getting all this ass-kissing, I’d think they’d be really vulnerable to game. I bet negs would work great here and get the hamster wondering “why isn’t this guy impressed like all the others? He must be really high value if he’s not impressed like all the others. So he must be really attractive. So I should chase him”

    1. No doubt, negs pierce the hardest when the female ego is at its highest. These girls having a huge ego or a bitch shield doesn’t mean these girls are un-gameable. The classic mystery method approach is very often the best way to go with high ego chicks – show value to those around you, be unimpressed with her, neg as needed. It’s honestly amazing to me how many people seem to have forgotten about it.

      1. It really is true. I never cease to be surprised at the quality of chicks I’m bottoming out in on a pretty regular basis. The prettier ones are easiest to spread for this approach.

  9. Social media likes have become something which is deemed trivial by women. Yes, women still crave it but it doesn’t do nearly as much for them as you’d think. The effect of a real life pick-up attempt is a thousand times stronger than the points they get on Facebook. It has become something they want on top of normal attention.

      1. Well, if I really think about it, adding in the factor of how much attention the girl gets in real life might be important as well. If she’s basically ignored in real life, something like Facebook likes might mean quite a lot to her. When we’re talking about the really attractive girls whom get plenty of attention in real life, I think that these social media likes are not much more than status symbols, yes.

      2. I agree. Every bit of validation inflates a woman’s ego, doesn’t matter what it’s from.
        School, band, TV, facebook, instagram, college classes, frat parties….
        basically, ANY place with a camera, video recorder, or some way to elevate themselves above their peers, makes women go fuckin nuts… they eat this shit up.

    1. It depends on the woman. On my Facebook feed there are a lot of them who post those attention-whoring “tilted” pics and constant updates to attract Betas. And all the Betas fall into line, salivating over the pics and status updates.
      Look at it this way: if all of this affects me enough to comment here on it, it definitely affects the women putting out the pics.

  10. Alpha Mental Fitness 101 :
    1.) Imagine she has her period, 25% chance she does.
    2.) Imagine she has a bad case of food poisoning with vomiting and diarrhea.
    3.) Imagine she hasn’t h shower in a few days.
    4.) Use your built in mental photoshop skills to a.) remove all her makeup, b.) ruin her hair do, and c.) add 25-30 years of aging and 10-20lbs of body fat.

    1. If I see a chick that isn’t a photo and start getting that pedestal thinking…I go up and start talking to her. Quickest way to rid myself of that.

    2. Still on a patrice oneal kick lately. I like his 1-30 ranking for girls.
      1-10 : she’s ugly as sin.
      10-20: She’s aight (treat her with that mental dynamic)
      20-30: She’s fine (adjust accordingly)
      By doing this it eliminates some of the skewed expectations men get in judging between an 8 and a 6. They have this knack of upswelling a 6 to a 7.5 just because of their personality.
      The new system above takes into account everything and quite often you’ll find what you thought was an 8 in the old scheme was only an ‘aight’ in the new scheme.

  11. In American society the effort needed to get and keep a woman isn’t even worth it. It’s like busting your ass at work for minimum wage.

  12. Is it any wonder women are out of control? Who would of thought 10-15 years of fleeting beauty could cover up so many flaws?
    And the more I think about it the more I agree…weak men and nice guys bring out the worst in women.

    1. Not too long ago I was trapped in a hen house with the ex, her friend (black gal) her aunt and mom. After friend left, the three hens raved about a 160+ pound amazon with thunder thighs…I’m like WTF..this is the extenuation of the social media attention whoring; the same kind when you see the same chicks re-posting different pics of themselves on FB and raking in all the bs compliments.

  13. Yes I agree, if more men would simply stop worshipping women, it would solve many of our problems.

  14. Jesus, this is pathetic and depressing to read…shame the simps. Makes me want to fucking puke. Thanks for calling out these punks, Athlone.
    I even heard the other day there was a internet dating service that offers to send out mass spam emails to chicks…nauseating.

  15. why lawksamussy, that longdicklegend feller certainly has a way with words. I’m feeling quite beflustered!

  16. This is nightmarish, black version of what pathetic men of other races are doing on social media. Black America is predicting our future.

  17. It should be the policy of every real man to deliver a swift hook to the jaw of every simp, white knight, and mangina. Defending the honor of the masculine sex would totally be worth the risk of jail time.

  18. Athlone, You are the man! I look forward to every new blog you post. Even though the simp epidemic has been brewing for quite sometime, you have your finger on the detailed pulse in a way that’s really gonna help us dudes out. I personally think that not only do we need a blown up Athena ego mitigation program, we need a way to pump guys back up and put them on the pedestal. I dunno how it’s gonna be done, or what we have to that can be showcased. I think If you could take pictures of honesty, integrity, intelligence, humour, courage, and wisdom every chick from the hood rat to the runway model would be eating their cereal off of that!!

  19. Athlone, You are the man! I look forward to every new blog you post. Even though the simp epidemic has been brewing for quite sometime, you have your finger on the detailed pulse in a way that’s really gonna help us dudes out. I personally think that not only do we need a blown up Athena ego mitigation program, we need a way to pump guys back up and put them on the pedestal. I dunno how it’s gonna be done, or what we have to that can be showcased. I think If you could take pictures of honesty, integrity, intelligence, humour, courage, and wisdom every chick from the hood rat to the runway model would be eating their cereal off of that!!

  20. Ugh, this is why I tend to not hang around a whole lot of black people (myself being black). It’s like we are the only race people that can’t evolve. Shit pisses me off.

      1. Sorry, not north Europe, I meant to type in west Europe. north Europe does not have quality compared to east Europe, but the men are hardly desperate, like they either get sex easily from ” empowered ” nordic women or go overseas and get an Asian wife.

        1. What do you know about northern Europe, American? Nothing. Pathetic. Of course mongrels hate Germanics. Of course those who fail with women will curse Western women and glorify East Europeans. Which is hilarious, since no women are bitchier and more obnoxious than Russians and those in the Balkans. You build a completely false worldview to justify your failures and to be able to hate those you can’t have.
          “or go overseas and get an Asian wife” –Umm, only a tiny minority do that. Shows that you are just pulling shit out of your ass.

    1. Everywhere’s bad man, aside from industrial shit holes where there are mafia men and other areas with select latino type men.
      India (and i speak from personal experience) is a uber fucked up place, probably worse than the middle east.
      In one state alone they killed so many fucking girls that the guys had to kidnap girls from another state to stand any chance of continue the existence of their meager shitty tribe. This is not alpha shit, this is subhuman barbarian shit.
      their beta’s blow out most other beta’s completely out of the water. their hang up on their skin colour becomes their biggest and undying concern. they worship at the alter of fat british bitches.
      I’m a mongrel, part irish part indian and it sickens me to see how low a lot of indians stoop

    2. You go on the internet and go with the popular oppinion of ignorant white people, good job. You’re doing a great job, you’re swayed like a tree in a hurricane and Sway in the morning.

    3. Dude, wtf? Most of us are respectable people. Just talk to more of us. Look for those of us with muscles or money. We’re above this shit.

  21. Where’s the rewind button when you need it? I can’t believe such simpletons exist…and that i just wasted the last 5 minutes reading their brainfarts….
    Nonetheless, the article was brilliant…

  22. Ive been saying this forever I hate desperate dudes on FaceBook they ruin it for everybody else.

  23. Never really saw this in the Nordics. Actually, the more a girl is whoring for attention online, the more insecure she is and often easilly picked up just by saying a few nice words of praise. We don’t really date here, so pussy has always cost me nothing more than a night out and maybe the cab fare. Don’t have to buy them drinks either since an empowered Nordic woman is above that. 🙂 Since we don’t slutshame them there’s plenty of pussy to go around.

  24. The last comment, while unnecessary and ill-advised, at least has something going for it: audacity. He wrote two massive paragraphs about how he would fuck her into oblivion. Better than those guys above who say they will pay and beg to be face-sat for instance.

  25. …can’t even argue with it. Mind-blowing that these suckers keep up with this “anythingforyoubaby” nonsense when it never fucking ever works…it just ruins it for any man with a spine.

  26. The guys who pay the least attention to these women win. It’s just a matter of not being shy to talk because they have such a fat ass or whatever. There are plenty of girls like this at the college I go to

  27. Some of these are way over the top and obviously beta, but some are just simple comments on a slutty pic. Simple comments among thousands that each of these pics generated. So I do think you are seizing on some of these examples in an irrational manner, but you have the right idea.
    The problem is that whenever women post sexy photos like this, men will comment. I don’t think that there is anything inherently beta about responding to a pic with something like “sit on my face” or some similarly brief, dirty joke, when the context is right.
    That said, if this is some kind of hobby for people then it is a problem and it is a hobby for many thirsty men. Those men stay thirsty because they are usually repellant to women and they actually convince themselves that these women they have never met care about the comments beyond the validation of their looks. This is a symptom of the broader problem that is the echo chamber we call the internet.

  28. As others have pointed out, most of these women are hood women. MOst of the simp commenters are hood guys. Half have probably served time, or are about to. Noone would mistake a coke dealing hoodrat for a real supplicating beta no matter how much shit he shoots about doing lines of some bitch’s ass.
    IOW, I bet may of the dudes spewing thee lines, are still invariably “bad boys” by virtually any Western woman’s standard; hence the comments are not nearly as supplicating and needy coming from them, as they would be from an emasculated swpl. In fact, a touch of betaness may move things along, in a culture where 99% of the dudes bolt within 10 minutes of ejaculation, for fear the cops are closing in on them.

  29. WOW, what’s the point of even approaching a girl anymore.. a 6/10 chick can get a thirsty motherfucker to buy her a car just for a chance to touch her left boob.

  30. YOU HAVE noticed that these are mostly black and Latino guys. You don’t see white guys doing this nearly as me ch, and because of incompetence that,they automatically are seen as higher value by the exceptionally attractive black and Latino women. Minority men shoot themselves in the foot with this kind of behavior,but white can definitely take advantage and automatically be high value by default.

      1. Not really. They marry the Asian chicks,but the Latina and black chicks,they string along. They seem so happy to be with a “selective”white man.
        Youd be amazed at how little effort an average white fella barely puts in to attract one of these women. In the so called hood,there is this unspoken truth that they have higher standards and are only impressed with the most exceptional examples of black and latina beauty.
        Bravo for them. SOMEbody gotta bring these girls back to earth,besides the thug types.

        1. I met white men who travel to South America and marry the Latina women and get used for the green cards. Simping happens at all levels

        2. I agree,but these usually are older guys with few options who resort to this. Im mostly talking about the yuppie who lives in a gentrified hood,who if he wanted to,can have any non hood rat girl whos from there.
          Not ALL women from the hood ARE hood. Alot of them are quite feminine and classy,and despise stereotypical ghetto behavior,and that includes the overly aggressive,bravado
           of alot of Black and Latino men. It is THESE women that usually go out of their way to date upperscale white men,to escape the urban archetypes of the inner cities.

    1. Whats your theory on the phenomenon of white women who have a preference for black men? I personally think its all BS no matter how you look at it. Most white men stay away from hood rats because of the dangers that they believe tend to accompany these types of women and I personally met many Black and Latino women who have contempt for the white man.

      1. The women who have contempt for white men are mostly masculine tatted low value hood rats. The classy,Kerry Washington types, are known to EXCLUSIVELY date white men,and not just for their money. The white women who for the most part are attracted to black men,are the white equivalent of the black hoodrats,in other words, the dregs of womanhood.
        Also,these white chicks who are into Latino and black men, are either fat,or not very attractive anyway. Also,they are usually rejected by medium to high value Caucasian guys.
        The white men always get the pick of the litter of ANY race of women.
        Just the facts.

        1. You drop some major stereotypes based on overstated myths and half truths.
          They date them mainly for the money and status. Or have you not noticed that women are attracted to men with money and status?
          Also, many highly attractive white women date minorities. I used to live in Oregon. A state full of college aged women due to the fact there are like 10+ major colleges there public and private. As a personal anecdote, dated quite a few. Being a severe minority in an overwhelming white area of the country if you have the looks, and your shit is together, attractive white women who are not ignorant would date you. White women find out I have a degree and it’s on.

        2. I’ll agree with you on the scarcity issue. If you’re one of the few of anything in a region dominated by another,then you’ll do well simply for being different,which in a way applies what I was stating also. Being from NYC and now in LA,I see how being scarce works for the few white men in the hood, and they don’t have to be well off.
          Just my experience.

        3. Im Latino.
          It’s just an observation,is all.
          There was a pole recently that surveyed who were the most sought after race of men by most women of ALL races on a dating site,and it was overwhelmingly white men. There was more variety when came to men’s preferences when it came to women. Don’t shoot the messenger.

        4. Online dating < Real life.
          Such a small scope of the human population is using online dating and you base human attraction on that?
          Fuck outta here.

        5. “on a dating site” I didn’t realize his data only came from one site vs multiple. Yo dephormed do you ever campaign for broads in person or do you just interact with the females over the internet? I’m just curious to know.

        6. Stereotypes are one of the major factors why white people are the most desirable. Yes, money and all that. Also, culture and intelligence. Black people have the negative stereotype of ghetto culture (“Yo bitch…”) and being dumb. Asians have the whole negative tiny dick stereotype, Latinos… dunno TBH, maybe negative education stereotype?
          As for my preference for white girls, it’s “mainly” down to culture (as in, knowing the same media and shit). Then again, I like East Europeans, so it’s also looks based preference.

        7. Stereotypes are one of the major factors why white people are the most desirable. Yes, money and all that. Also, culture and intelligence. Black people have the negative stereotype of ghetto culture (“Yo bitch…”) and being dumb.

          With regards to the male side of this equation, the money is actually the key advantage white males maintain over others in this society-they are considered the ideal “providers”. This is, of course, a double edged sword, as the existence of the manosphere/MRA-spehre indicates.
          The other factors you listed are rather irrelevant. If you’ve been in this part of the web for long enough, you’ll know that the modern western woman does not put a particularly high premium on the “culture and intelligence” of her mates, nor is she above fucking “dumb” men. The most sexually successful men in our society are not the most cultured or intelligent among us.

        8. It’s actually a good sampler of what theGeneral population thinks and prefers

        9. I always prefer to meet women in perso. I never troll the internet looking for girlfriends. It’s absolutely hopeless to do so. Approach a lot of women,im mean A LOT,and sooner or later,you’ll find yourself eithera LTR,or my personal preference,a mini harem,which to be honest,I haven’t achieved yet. The problem bring that I haven’t figured out how to make them know that im not like the 90% of suplicant men Latino men in the hood. And circumstances prevent me from broadening my horizons as American born Latinas or the ones here more than two years are actually worse than your average anglo saxon femicunt,and at least as bad,if not,worse than a good portion of American black women.

        10. Sorry to break it to you but no.No it’s not. As a matter of fact it’s quite dismal for everyone.
          “A” single lonely dating site is not a sampler. You have no numbers of how many took this survey. No proof or links whatsoever. Unless you are talking about the OK cupid response rate survey in which that site is complete crap anyway.
          And all it shows, is that there are more white people then minorities who use the site, and they prefer for the most part to date their own:

          That very same site had women rating 80% of men unattractive:

          Again, getouttahere.

        11. OK… Well be careful because now a days you can end up paying child support with multiple baby mothers who have multiple baby fathers and I’m sure you already know marrying one and raising a family ain’t no better either. The system in our society is fucked up.

        12. I just got sick reading that 2nd link.
          1.) I was just saying here on the East Coast (Philly) when it get warms it reminds me of how unlimited power women have in a free society and if i was born a woman I would literally be more successful with the same features (nice hair, hazel eyes, taller than average)
          2.) its sooooooo much easier for a woman to be attractive. All i see all day is tights, heels, tights, sneakers, tights, flats, and with each combination tights makes a woman look crazy sexy. And tights are so fucking cheap that its cheating which brings me to point 3
          3.) How can men actually look attractive? women in general have ATTRACTIVE features, hair, curves, eye lashes, all things that create a visually appealing entity. think about a sexy car has curves. Modern appliances has curves. So women are equipped with every thing thats already considered to be attractive to every human
          but that 80% of men are unattractive is insane

    2. Well white guys just give zillions of “likes” in FB to any foggy instagram pic of a fatty

  31. THIS is why I PAY NO ATTENTION to women these days. If I see them trying to get my attention, I just walk right on by and make no eye contact with them. Simps make it HARDER to get they very thing they want the most. Most of these broads look OK, but I’ve seen them praising fat, nasty and plain UGLY women on facebook and other social sites. I, mean there are MORE WOMEN in the world than men, so WHY ARE WE DOING THE BEGGING???? Last I checked is if we have MORE of something that we NEED it’s called a BUYER’S MARKET!!

    1. That is an illusion. there are more women yes, but women always go for the top 20% of men. It is programmed in their hypergamy. Many university studies have shown this. For there to be more women that man, of the 6 billion peopel in the world, 5 Billion must be women and 1 billion must be men.

      1. Actually, there are less women in the 20-34 age bracket than men in everywhere but the northeast.

  32. what is funny is most of these guys are black and apparently black guys are supposed to have the best game, I can only imagine how bad poor game is

    1. Who the hell says blacks have the best game? Seriously, who? Oh, that’s right, black guys do. Everyone else thinks they’re a joke.

        1. So saying, “I got game, I got game, I got a bitch, I slap that bitch, I got game,” means they invented it? Okay…

        2. The foundations of what is considered modern “game” originate in the African American community. Nobody here attempted to back this up by citing modern rap/hip-hop culture (which you’re mocking here), so your comment is a red herring. The foundations of game that people are referring to pre-date the modern rap culture you’re mocking.

        3. First off no self respecting black person gonna run around speaking like that. Just like not all white men act like an illiterate redneck. The art of seduction goes back all through out human history but the modern concept of game was broken down many times over in the black community through various mediums. Now we have a bunch internet PUA geeks trying to claim the game with their stupid ass acronyms.

        4. First off, I’ve heard black guys speak like that directly to me.
          Secondly, as you said, game is something that has been passed down through history. But where would it have started? Best guess would be with the first proper Empire(s). I’d assume Egypt or, more likely, the Roman Empire. Seem like a stretch? Nope, with Empires there’s hierarchy, wealth and power. Just fill in the dots.
          Note: the Romans weren’t black. As for the Egyptians… bit of a mix, mainly Mediterranean.
          Oh, and if you want to try and say that the first people on Earth were from Africa… well just a couple of years ago scientists found the oldest recorded skeleton in, wait for it, China.

        5. The game used by our ancestors throughout history cannot remain relevant today because just like anything else in life it needs to constantly evolve or be subject to extinction. So I really don’t know what direction you was trying to take with your pseudo archeological rebuttal. It still remains that the modern concept we know as game was already addressed many times over by the black community through various mediums and sub cultures.

        6. With all due respect are you a teenager? If you are then I won’t judge you for your lack of knowledge. Have you heard of Iceberg Slim who documented game going back to the depression era. Please get off the internet and read some books.

        7. With all due respect, “Please get off the internet and read some books.” Hahahaha. So says the latino to the white person.
          Okay, smart-ass, since you don’t know ancient history and dismissed it, saying it was irrelevant, I’m going to dismiss your depression era dude, and usurp you with a more modern overview of who “created” game.
          1. Ross Jeffries was the first to charge people to learn about game.
          2.David Deangelo (pseudonym) , a former student, went on to develop a technique that was cocky-funny that he dubbed, “Double Your Dating”.
          3. Around the same time “Mystery” became famous on the internet.
          4. Neil Strauss, a friend of Mystery, went on to write, “The Game.”
          Now why don’t you go and google those names and check out the images.
          And, no, I’m no teenager. And you’re no intellectual.

        8. Lol @ you thinking that Ross Jeffries and Neil Straus are the originators of game, you obvisuly don’t realize that game goes waaaaaaay back to the 19th century in France of course the “Pua” game that you worship Marcel is watered down version of the pimp game

      1. I disagree… I’m white and I haven’t found a single person of the Caucasian race I’d put in even the same room as Robert Beck.

  33. Paradoxally,when adepts of this resource land on the shores of Eastern Europe believing to the proclamation that “you don’t need any game rather than to be a beta to a E.European plain looking bitch” (you know who wrote it),when they get sex only after 3-5th dates,spend massive amount of cash,believe in the myth of marriage (and ready to defend it by some sham statistics of foreign marriages) ,believe that women are somehow wired different over there (that is -nature somehow oversaw eastern europe and made women there unable to eliminate betas),etc-THEY DO ABSOLUTELY THE SAME THING AS THOSE PERVS from the pictures above.And the girls over there,they know it too….

  34. Paradoxally,when adepts of this resource land on the shores of Eastern Europe believing to the proclamation that “you don’t need any game rather than to be a beta to a E.European plain looking bitch” (you know who wrote it),when they get sex only after 3-5th dates,spend massive amount of cash,believe in the myth of marriage (and ready to defend it by some sham statistics of foreign marriages) ,believe that women are somehow wired different over there (that is -nature somehow oversaw eastern europe and made women there unable to eliminate betas),etc-THEY DO ABSOLUTELY THE SAME THING AS THOSE PERVS from the pictures above.And the girls over there,they know it too…

  35. But I bet you everyone of these dude if you ask them will say that they have “game” or that they consider themselves “pua’s” or “pickup artist”. Really though the only dudes that are really even trying to talk to these extra average women are not just simps but also alot of “game” guys. To a woman it doesn’t really matter who approaches her because just the fact that she gets the attention is everything to her. The problem is not just about simps and being thirsty but about men not having standards anymore. The reason these extra average women act this way is because you men allow them to and even reward them with sex when they refuse to act right. And this goes for simps and non-simps alike.

  36. Always found this e-macking trash lame myself. These guys wouldn’t even be as half as direct in real life.
    Though it benefits the guys who can direct approach

  37. Taken alone, one might not think too much about any one of these posts, but when you look at them aggregated together, you see a kind of sick pathology. I’m seriously revolted and disturbed by this.
    In my own experiences, I’ve met very few women that actually WANTED these kinds of compliments, merely tolerated them because they’re often all they ever see. My own experience is that when presented with the abject worship of a beta’s compliment, or the more reserved, yet confident, praise of an Alpha, they would rather go with someone who offers a small praise with poise, rather than the reek of desperation that comes from someone who gushes platitudes.

  38. I lived all over Europe though I’m originally from the UK. European women are hot and feminine, so even though Ive had relatively few girls Ive never felt desperate as there are tons of hot girls around.
    Ive studied with Americans and even been over a couple of times and I am shocked at how much guys have to preen and have their shit together as there are fewer hot girls. Its really competitive in the US. The hottest girls are the hottest of the world, but there’s so few of them. At least in Europe almost every girl you see if cute or hot (depending on which particular country you’re in).
    Girls need to [email protected] lose some weight and woman up. Unfortunately, having a surplus of horny desperate guys doesn’t help so we’re going to have higher bitch shields and be needing uber-game in the states in the future. DON’T LET IT END LIKE THIS!

  39. Great pics of the black girls, I am glad that at least some men appreciate the beauty of black and brown women.
    At the same time, most men are too fucking stupid and pathetic to realize that if they put women on a pedestal, women will lose ALL respect for them.
    The ONLY way they would ever “conquer” women like that is to be a cocky arrogant son of a bitch who doesn’t give a shit if the bitch rejects him or not.
    Most men in the West are pathetic emasculated faggots who will worship a woman, and then they wonder why they get friendzoned? Stop being such pussies, and start acting like a man, men don’t NEED women. The fucking neediness of most men is absolutely disgusting both to the women they are spewing it at, AND to the alpha males who see that shit.
    Everyone hates manginas. Both women and REAL men.

  40. I refuse to believe that the comments from these men are real. Surely no man could be so pathetic.
    I do notice whenever a girl puts up a reasonable photo of herself on facebook some people feel inclined to “like”. I have never “liked” anything on facebook, why give Zuckerberg additional marketing information about yourself?

  41. Good article Athlone. As retarded as the simps are I don’t know if I should applaud their audacity or face palm. They act like they’re anonymous saying this stuff. That last post in particular is impossible to get off the internet. Your family, friends, and everyone on your network sees that. We already know these clowns have no future success in their cards, but imagine if they became a senator, judge, CEO, etc… and some chick pulls that post out of the blue. Blackmail, extortion, public disgrace, better men than they have fallen prey. We (ambitious) men have to be EXTREMELY vigilant about what we post online.

    1. Very true. Men who are trying to have a successful career have to be extremely careful what they post on-line. My cousin got fired from his “dream job” because he tweeted nasty comments about his manager.

  42. I think this is more a black thing. Wouldn’t find many white guys not automatically filtering out black chicks, they’re statistically the least attractive (according to dating sites).

    1. Dating sites are for the pathetic individuals who lack the courage to engage in direct game. Dating sites is an artificial realm and I would seriously question the validity of those stats. I never used a dating site so my opinion would never factor in. All you have left is a bunch of nerds who seem to have a fetish for a plain jane with an ass that should be advertised on aunt jemima’s pancake mix.

      1. I don’t use those sites either, I was just trying to present the “fact” that “most” guys would never date or fuck a black chick; and I chose to present that “opinion” with statistical backing. About the only black chick I thought was pretty (of the famous ones) was Haley Berry, and she’s half white (which I found out after), so there you go.
        Note my usage of quotation marks, that’s so you don’t get all worked up over me using a word like “fact.” But the fact is, it’s a fact, not a “fact.” Deal with it.

  43. As Fight Club said, we are a nation of men raised by women. These are the types of dudes making these comments. They don’t even know how to deal with chicks because they’re being taught by other chicks.

  44. The problem is, I have noticed women have become such users that some of them expect this behaviour and if they can’t see that you are a total pishover whom they can extrpolate stuff from you, than they won’t bother with you. That’s whay is scary – they won’t go for alphas. Not all of them, but I am noticing this more and more.

  45. LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. And the Oscar goes to ………. clarkpatson !
    Stupidity in action is frightening, but more frightening is that I might enjoy it.

  47. lmao @ these comments with the pics… sad… (-_-). lol. but the summaries are very true..

  48. I love how most of these men are black haha. It’s literally in their culture to blurt out how “gud lookin” a girl is. Me and my “aware” african american buddies laugh about these guys all the time. The black men I know who are the most successful with women never did this publicly, only when we were hanging out together.
    To be honest, I’m guilty of this, but only once. It was just an experiment to see what she would say and what would happen. And we already knew each other for a while and I wanted to see if I could take it to the next level. She was receptive, but embarrassed, and took my comment off lol.
    Now a days I refuse to add attractive and overdone women on my facebook that I don’t know personally, as well as don’t go on instagram. It’s “window shopping”: where you go into a store and look at all the shiny new stuff that you can’t afford and go home with nothing anyway, yet feeling worse than you did before you went in. Not interested.

  49. All I know is these HEAVILY photoshopped women (sorry to break it to you) ruin it for the rest of us. Men’s perception of beauty is so fucked up because of makeup/weave, the ease of accessing plastic surgery nowadays, social networks, porn, idolized celebrities that have all had and consistently have work done. Women like me, who choose to look like my ACTUAL SELF (I work out to maintain my body, I wear makeup out but I know I’m beautiful without it) just can’t compete anymore. Ironically enough, most women like me are also the ones who don’t feel the need to rely on men to take care of us, who have self confidence and want more for ourselves, who see past the simp shit and want something real. Men lust after hoes and then are amazed when they can’t find a good woman. Y’all don’t want one. That’s why.

      1. Is it? Never happened to me. Relationships aren’t a game. Porn and the internet aren’t reality. And women really are actual human beings.

  50. I don’t know what word these chaps live in but whoever told them what they’re commenting makes any sense needs to be hung///

  51. Why are so many of the betas black? You’d think the situation would be reversed for them.

  52. This is 100% true. What is even worse is you see these same comments on pics of great big fat nasty women, these so called BBWs. Ladies if you weigh enough to play in the NFL, you too damn big, ain’t nothing sexy about that. Yes I know fat women get a lot of attention, but that’s because there are a lot of broke men, don’t get it twisted.
    Awesome post man.

    1. it’s so hilarious when “men” (actually little boys) try to talk some shit online lmfao have fun living paycheck to paycheck trying to pay off the debt you owe on porn memberships because you’re trying to fill the void in your pathetic life when in reality the only pleasure you can really get is from your hand. 😀

  53. God they need to seriously euthanize these guys, or ban them from the internet forever. Really just ban them for life.
    I just found this article and I actually threw up a little.

  54. Less than 10% of those simps are white. Just an observation. The black ones are more simply than any others.

  55. Some of these women arent even that pretty. Most of them either got fat asses, to much make up or fake horse hair.

  56. Feminists would tell these women that they have been harassed and objectified by these men. On the other hand, these compliments (however lewd and crass) would positively reinforce these women to self-improve only their looks leaving them utterly vapid and vain on the brink of narcissism. The women would believe they have the power to attract the top 1 percent of men leaving them unattainable for virtually all men.

  57. I would drag my balls through 10 miles of broken glass and battery acid just to shake the hand of the pizza guy that delivered to her door 2 months ago

  58. The Author was right on with this article, man. Social Media will be the downfall of the dating world. This is nothing new. Thirsty men didn’t pop out of nowhere, uh-uh…Back then, it was you either grew enough balls to go up and approach a chick with your game or you were the weirdo sitting on the sideline imagining everything you want to say and do to her. Now Facebook and Instagram have just made talking to broads more accessible to socially anxious men…They still have no chance, but now we can see there thoughts out loud….Either dudes are going to have to come together and boycott these females obvious sex inducing photos or just keep wearing out the chick’s comment section under her picture to the point where she wants to cancel her page. Lol, showing those thirsty dudes comments has to be the best part of this article though…Should have put more. Got a good laugh from it…

  59. After viewing the first few photos I knew I was going to see comments from people shitting on black dudes. I actually thought initially that the responses were going to be geared toward the females since they were not only black……they were fat.
    Yeah chicks got it good these days with all the Dehydrated men (in general) out there.
    There are 3 levels of dehydration, from mild to severe:
    1.) Heat Cramps
    2.) Heat Exhaustion
    3.) Heat Stroke.
    I believe these men are veering into a stroke from being so thirsty. Maybe they need IVs?

    1. Well, the black chicks are the fuggliest of all the women, dood. If it takes black dudes to drool over those pigs, good for them. At least someone is.

  60. The writer of this article does realize that that women generally don’t find those kind of comments anything else than creepy and are more annoyed by them than pleased. They’re sexual harassment not praises and compliments.

  61. The photo comments featured here and on the Instagram Tumblr site reminded me of the Wish Master movies. The first two rocked, the third and fourth sucked, but they had their moments. In one of them, this black bartender was eyeing a pretty girl and said he’d gladly sell his soul or something to the effect thereof to be a zit on her ass and the evil genie antagonist happily granted him his wish.
    How many of those people would do the torturous and/or felonious things they mentioned for real? They’re pathetically desperate (swim up the Amazon with 45-pound dumbbells tied to his nuts with Ellen Degenerate’s queefs as an air supply for a chance to meet her?) and some have a hint of criminal insanity (Punch a nun in the face for a chance to fuck? I wouldn’t put it past some people).
    One lesson you learned in those movies that are applicable in real life: Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.

  62. LOL @ those needy cucky men. You couldn’t pay me enough to touch one of those nasty sheboons or mystery meats.

  63. Tumblr and Instagram have been billboards for prostitution forever. Most of the mystery-meat women on those sites are whores. It’s fine, whoring guys and gals get together, but let no one be confused as to what they are. I’d rather jerk off than stick it in ANY of the broads depicted. The best of them go to Saudi Arabia and Dubai to be shit on for a fee. When the PGA Tour guys go to Dubai for WGC events, the Princes fly in hundreds of good-looking whores for the professional golfers to bang. Tiger, Ricky Fowler, Phil, Jim Furyic, Davis Love, Bubba Watson and dozens of others, married and not, have been guests at Dubai’s Hilton and Trump for sex parties hosted by Princes that are golfing groupies that wanna party with these guys. Professional golfers get more pussy than NFL QB’s. And good for them. But Instagram is the sluice through which these broads flow overseas for prominent athletes and actors to bang in blessed secret privacy. The average simp is getting nothing from any of it.

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  65. Will someone PLEASE BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF THESE THIRSTY ASSHOLES???? It should be legal for red pill men to find these guys and kick the living shit out of them in public as an example to the rest of the little shitheads out there!!! Men have GOT to police these bastards even if violence is needed so be it!!!!!

  66. i fucking hate simps, i wish it was possible to kill all of them
    love what you do roosh and the team, keep up the good work
    tostand, fellow red pill

  67. Yes, thirsty men are pathetic and women the world over despise and use SIMPS AND yes social media makes it hella easy for SLUTS to advertise their pussies BUT I fail to see how SIMP stupidity negatively affects game for men. If anything it makes the game easier. Lets call it as it is a woman who takes money to sleep with a guy is a prostitute anyways. I don’t know about you but dat ain’t quality pussy.
    All of your examples of from social media. Social media is setup to put men at a disadvantage. Most of the guys that comment and like and etc would not even have a balls to go up to a woman in real life. It is absolutely pointless to use social media to pick-up women in the first place. SLUTs get soo much attention from social media BUT when you go to the bar and clubs its a whole different situation all together. Men are very visual and insta-sluts know it. They use every opportunity to show themselves in a good light by using fake-up, filters, photoshop, they can’t do that at the bar or the club. I have seen so many who look “good” on fb and fat in real life. So men don’t be fooled.
    Don’t put the pussy on a pedestal its the fastest way to the friend-zone.
    Diminishing marginal returns
    How many men do you know that have actually been successful dating on the internet. Not many. Women on the internet are flakey as fuck precisely because they get too much attention and with each additional ‘like’ and comment the less of a good affect it has on their mind this is known as diminishing marginal returns. So in the end these same women who get a million likes on social media still want a man to game her in real life. Women very seldom meet random men on-line for a fuck which is what really matters right?
    So who cares what these SIMPS are doing. When one of these insta-whores wants to get her pussy banged out she goes to the club anyways.

  68. I was laughing at the ass which clearly had cellulite underneath it, and generally all the other fat asses pictured here. The fact that I wouldn’t even consider a lot of these girls attractive made it all the more hilarious to me. I have read an article on another site inviting me to punch white knights in the face. Should we do the same for simps then?

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