7 Reasons Why The Twin Cities Are Great For Men

Lately I’ve noticed that there’s a negative in the manosphere. We’ve been posting a lot about why American women suck, and why certain cities in America suck. Well I figured it was time to pump in a bit of life to show that not all is lost in America. Luckily I didn’t have to look beyond where I’m currently residing, the Twin Cities. Now I don’t want to be a proponent of supporting the Twin Cities just because I reside here; however there’s enough factual evidence to back up my claim.

1. High Level Of Attractiveness

Travel and Leisure ranks Minneapolis/St. Paul as the no. 10 for city with the most attractive people. The only cities that beat out the Twin Cities are places in the southern half of the United States where winter doesn’t exist. Of those places south of the border, most are directly linked to a beach. When you factor in Minnesota being winter half the year, and only having access to 10,000 lakes, it’s pretty impressive.


2. Mall of America

The country’s largest mall, this place has endless possibilities and advantages. Primary advantage one, is the fact that there’s no sales tax on clothes here. That means you have tons of options under one roof for a good wardrobe, and you never pay tax on it. Advantage number two, is the opportunity for gaming women, no matter what age. Being it’s as large of a mall as it is, anyone from high school through their 40’s can run game here and find plenty of opportunities. Additionally, it’s a fair tourist destination so whether you’re a local, or visiting, you still have a fair opportunity to find something that will work.


3. Sports

Albeit not the most successful teams, there are plenty of teams based here which provides plenty of options for the sports fan who wants to catch a game. The advantage to the teams not having a great history comes in the cheap ticket pricing. Plus if you like hockey, well it’s the state of hockey. Options include, NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, WNBA, professional lacrosse, and professional soccer.


4. Women Still Want To Be Wives

Now I realize a lot of people on here aren’t big fans of marriage, however the discussion often comes up that people hate marriage because there’s no one worth marrying, and every marriage ends in divorce. That’s true, except in Minnesota for some reason people get married, often and young, and they stay together. Honestly when I first moved here I felt like I hit a time warp and ended up in the 1950’s with women who cook and clean but no, it’s just Minnesota. Good to know that there’s still a foothold where feminism hasn’t ruined everything in this country.


5. Statistic Round

Since there’s a good following of people on this website that like to view statistics for proof here’s a few simple statistical facts. The ratio of men to women is slightly in favor of men for Minneapolis showing 100 men to 103 women.  St. Paul is comparable, with 100 men to 107 women. While a 1 to 1 ratio isn’t the best, compared to places like DC and Portland, this is a dream. If you’re curious about how old people are in the Twin Cities, as well as how much they make, well that’s listed as well. Age can be broken down as men being approximately 34 years old and women 35.5 years of age. Overall that means this is a pretty young city in the grand scheme of things. The average household income is over $50k for both cities. It’s not the highest, but the cost of living isn’t much here either.

6. Healthiest Place In America

According to Forbes, the Twin Cities is the healthiest place in America right now. What does that mean? Well as a guy you have to hit the gym if you want success. But that also means that the woman you pick up is likely to take care of herself and be in shape as well. If you visit the neighbors to the east first you’ll see a tremendous difference in appearance.

7. Food

Lastly, what every man loves, food. The Twin Cities are home to the beastly manburger known as the Jucy Lucy, a cheeseburger with the cheese inside. That’s not all though. Altogether the Twin Cities have had over 40 restaurants featured on various television shows, all due to their delicious menu items.


And just in case those reasons weren’t all enough,  the Twin Cities are currently ranked number 11 in Best Cities for Men in 2013 according to Men’s Health. So there you have it, a place in America that’s still pretty awesome. It’s got money, food, women (both looks and ratio) and the countries largest mall. And of all places, it’s in the Midwest.

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77 thoughts on “7 Reasons Why The Twin Cities Are Great For Men”

  1. I think that you’re overrating Minneapolis. I’ve spent some time there. It has a great quality of life and it’s probably fairly easy to find someone to get married to, IF you grew up there.
    The cons? It’s is absolutely freezing (only Fargo and Winnepeg are colder and there’s a snowstorm there RIGHT NOW in late April!
    Not many single post college women, it’s fairly liberal, and people in Minnesota can be arrogant and passive-aggressive.
    It sounds really great,, but after spending time there, it’s overrated. It’s not a bad place in any way, but i’d rather be in Florida for women.
    And btw, the Mall of America is the lamest place in America. Can’t believe you’d name a mall as a great reason to live there.

    1. the article says “Is Great” not “The Best.” You’re griping is over minute details.

      1. If the article claimed it was lame, you’d have whiners defend it.. everyone always needs to complain. Personally I I have no problem with the girls there, I came from phoenix and its like shooting fish in a barrel. You just have to have personality.. the gym will only get you so far. That said, I love snowboarding, snowmobiling, and bangin’ down to earth bettys in a hot ice fish house. Also love the boating, wake boarding, and camping. Also all the city life is fun too.

        1. I’ve got a buddy who use to live in Tempe so I’m very familiar with Scottsdale/Phoenix having been there myself and love the area. The reason why it’s so easy for you here is obvious. The competition in Minneapolis is not the same way as it is in Phoenix. It’s llke going from the NBA to the D-League.
          In Phoenix You got guys who are jacked into 40’s. Hell even  the women in their 40’s look better then the average 20 year old in minneosta. There are Maserati, Ferrari’s driving everywhere and you have model caliber women walking in packs at night doing barhopping. Having a thick skin and tight game are very important if you’re just a average guy in phoenix.  My buddy is doing so well down there. He has no problem like you getting laid “back home” but he’s struggling mightly in Phoenix
          My buddy was making 70K a year that ain’t shit in phoenix. 70K in Minneapolis as a single guy can get you into a nice condo uptown or even a house

        2. Not sure if serious.
          It’s actually the exact opposite.
          Minneapolis is significantly wealthier than Phoenix. It’s not even close. Maybe you saw a couple Ferraris in Phoenix over your time but those were anomalies.
          Median household income in Minneapolis: 70K
          Median household income in Phoenix: 54K
          The cost of living in the PHX is also significantly lower. Expatistan.com Phoenix was built for old, middle class retirees. It’s dirt cheap.

    1. If you like burgers, they’re pretty good. The food in general is good but there’s a lot of weird stuff that picky eaters probably wouldn’t even try. The summers are really nice because it’s stays light really late and it’s not blistering hot but I don’t even want to imagine how terribly cold it is in the winter.

  2. I used to live in Minneapolis, and it has many wonderful attributes. But it is inundated with hipster and granola chicks, as well as a bunch of people who epitomize the “book smart, not street smart” stereotype. And if your politics are anything resembling libertarianism, tea party, or social conservatism you will be discriminated against. (Unless you live in certain suburbs.)

    1. it goes both ways if you’re 40 or under then yes but if you are over 40 or talk to people over the age of 40 they’re mostly Republican and libertarian as well

    2. If you’re anything other than the type of liberal who puts women and gays on a pedestal you will be discriminated against. I’m an anti-corporate leftist who believes in GENUINE gender equity (not the bullshit “feminist” version), by local standards I’m a REPUBLICAN because I refuse to apologize for being a man, it is that extreme and twisted here and I would describe the attitude toward heterosexual men as genuinely bigoted.

  3. Grew up in Wisconsin and visited Minneapolis often and always enjoyed it – awesome, friendly people. There is definitely a good concentration of HB’s there for a Midwestern city, probably because it has a huge college population and is the biggest metro area/financial center in the region outside Chicago (Detroit doesn’t count). Still, you couldn’t pay me enough to live in the Midwest – just not my cup of tea. Too cold, too brown and grey, and even the cute women are mostly pasty and blonde (not my thing). But again being a university town you will find some variety in Mpls. Also the people can be friendly although they have the typical Midwestern passive-aggressiveness. Summers in MN are beautiful and the landscape (north and along the Mississippi) can be gorgeous. Anyone who grows up in the region should consider U of M for college at the very least.

    1. It isn’t New York or San Francisco but it is probably the most expensive big city in the Midwest. Of course, it depends on what kind of neighborhood you want to live in. Utilities are one factor here that need consideration too. You will be paying a lot for heat, and you will probably need air conditioning for part of the summer too.

      1. That narrows down every city. It depends what hood you live in.. really?!I can live in LA or Miami for cheaper than Minneapolis…DEPENDIING ON WHICH HOOD I LIVE IN

    2. It depends on the area. Right downtown is pretty expensive. The suburbs can get pretty cheap, but it depends which one you pick. Also depends on how much you look around. The only utility I am billed for is electric (heat at my place is gas which is included and my stove is gas as well). Also depends on what your background is. There’s a lot of money to be had in the Twin Cities if you have the right background. It has a major airport with cheaper real estate compared to Chicago.

  4. Forgot to mention, any minority from Black to Asian to Latino to Indian has an edge there. I know a Latino and an Indian guy who have managed to get so much initial looks there because they are exotic looking to them. It isn’t like a southern town where you have to be the all WHITE American male to score or the Northeast where you have to loaded with cash and decent looks to land top talent.

    1. The Twin Cities have lots of diversity now, so if you want to sample black/African, Asian, or Latina girls, it’s really good if you’re into that.

    2. Midwest girls are so ignorant, they think some dirty illegal is “exotic” ..I’m moving down south, sounds like I have an automatic in.

      1. Your frustration is apparent, it’s just you dude, even if you went to North Korea you would not get laid. The closest you ever got to pus$y is when you were born and that’s it for you … ROFL

  5. I’m actually surprised that Travel thing rates New Orleans in the top 20, unless they’re counting tourists on Spring Break or Mardi Gras. Outside the areas around the expensive private universities uptown and some MILFs in Lakeview, New Orleans is where girls move after college and put on 30 pounds in 3 months.

  6. I love Minneapolis. Sick layout, especially in the Uptown area. Lots of babes and good bars. If it wasn’t so damn cold there half the year I’d be there in a heartbeat

    1. O and just to add on, there is also a horse track. Getting day wasted on Saturdays blowing cash on the ponies is always a good time

  7. My dad was stationed in Minnesota with Air Force, late 1950’s
    He says back then it was known as “Clap City”. lol

  8. Sorry, I believe you’ve been misinformed. Been here for 20 years and you need to discern between the rural parts of Minnesota and the Twin Cities. The rural areas are fine for marriage material/nice girls, but the Twin Cities is basically a spoiled suburbanite princess-land. Yes, there are some hot chicks, yes good game will get you SOME, but mercy, they are the most snooty girls I’ve ran into and extremely lefty and hipster. It’s a very cold Portland of sorts. If you need to go to a midwestern town go to Chicago. The women are much more approachable, open to having fun, and less mind games. If you need to go to Minneapolis, visit, but don’t plan on moving here.

    1. Yeah, couldn’t have said it better myself. The women are pretty, and plentiful, but they are decidedly NOT “1950s housewife material.” They are liberal, feminist, and enthusiastic riders of the cock carousel. Good for an old-fashioned pump-and-dump, not good for an old-fashioned marriage. The rest of the state is very rural and there are plenty of more wholesome girls there. (That’s not saying much, though, because this is America after all, not Saudi Arabia.) Those girls move to the Cities to go to school/emulate Sex And The City, and let their inner slut out to play.

      1. What you guys are talking about are every where, with the “cock carousel” thing in the U.s.. However only in Minneapolis will you see a hot chick with goofy looking guy or a schlub. If you approach chicks without buying them drinks or like a drunken douchebag that alone will make you stand out It’s not that hard here if it is then your game/aesthetics/high value (you’re not alpha) is off and you best go back to the drawing board.
        The whole small town are wifey material is a myth. It’s not a secret that Mankato, St Cloud, Rochester and other small towns have some of the sluttiest chicks in the state. Sure you can meet someone who wants to settle, but why would you when you got young chicks who wanna slore around?
        If you can’t get laid in Minneapolis you’re doing something wrong

    2. Yeah, couldn’t have said it better myself. The women are pretty, and plentiful, but they are decidedly NOT “1950s housewife material.” They are liberal, feminist, and enthusiastic riders of the cock carousel. Good for an old-fashioned pump-and-dump, not good for an old-fashioned marriage. The rest of the state is very rural and there are plenty of more wholesome girls there. (That’s not saying much, though, because this is America after all, not Saudi Arabia.) Those girls move to the Cities to go to school/emulate Sex And The City, and let their inner slut out to play.

    3. I lived in Mpls for three years, and I unfortunately was a lesser beta at the time with only rudimentary game, but I would say that it actually wasn’t that bad, especially near the U of M. If I went back there, I’d probably clean up.

      1. I’ve had good luck with Chicago girls. I would recommend anyone who wants to move out of the shithole Minnesota to move to Chicago!

    4. Update
      A  year later things have changed and I wanna apologize to Aaron!
      I fear with the feminist liberal propaganda/ the brutal winter of 2013 and the rise of Tinder Minneapolis has gone to the dogs
      First I’m not gonna get into it deeply but with elections coming up the feminist propaganda has rammed up and who are they targeting you guest it women.  The recent “Bar Louie” fiasco is proof of this. The Minneapolis liberal media has nothing else to report but nonsense
      2nd. The winter last year was truly brutal and has made cold approaching this summer horrid. You would think with a winter where it was below zero for 50 days that once It gets warmer it be easier to approach. Not so The winters truly have made the women more bitchy and less approachable. Also with the summers those hotties have all gone back to their homestate this year has been brutal. Minneapolis has turned into a “niche” state if you don’t have social circle/ or a niche(i.e. niche game, good looks, status, etc) it become more and more generalized. If you’re an average guy like me it’s become harder
      3rd. Tinder also has ruined it, yes you heard it Now those hot chicks you’re approaching most likely are banging a plethora of dudes (who won’t commit to them). Hypergamy has gone rampant now. I personally know this, having seen firsthand women in my own social circle bang a different guy of Tinder every week and these women are only 21/22!. Minneapolis only has 400K in people but trust me if you’re in the “IN” crowd word gets around fast how slorish some of these women are. If you’re not in the top 25% don’t bother using tinder. It’s really sad to go to the bars and see 3 girls standing in a corner furiously swiping left at bars. 
      I know it’s only been a year but the nightlife scene is terrible. Saturday I went out thinking it would be fun for All Star weekend and places were dead downtown. It’s really gone downhill

  9. Minneapolis is in my top five favorite major cities in America; this is why. I’d add one more thing I love about the Twin Cities (and that part of the Midwest in general): people are social! You can talk to people as an outsider and they’re genuinely eager to get to know you and are very welcoming.
    The major disadvantages to Minneapolis: cost of living (high, but not as bad as New York or Chicago), awful traffic, and the weather (though I’ve lived in North Dakota; Minnesota winters are nothing in comparison). Also, stay out of Phillips unless you want to be mugged by Somali gangbangers.

  10. Solid Post Mikael
    If you love winter MInny is the spot for you, if you don’t it can suck especially this year since winter has dragged on forever.
    To answer the guys question above, if you make 40-50K in Minneapolis and know how to budget you can live like a boss.
    I have friends who do it, and they live in  the city (Uptown) and Party every week. If you decide to come through summer time is best
    Some Spots
    Stella’s-Ratio is solid on saturdays, the rooftop is amazing, and you’ll see nothing but Showstoppers going there on summer time ratio is great as well (2-1) if your aesthetic and got solid game it’s like shooting fish in a barrell
    WIlliams peanut bar–This is where all the Pua’s go, solid place, the ratio is ridiclous as well but don’t wear your nicest shoes (peanut bar!)
    Uptown Tavern–I use to get it in back when it was called “Drink”. Great place to Party, depending on the night either you run into douchebags or cool people
    Bar Abline–this is the spot to go to at the end of the night, its all about looks and dancing here and slores who just wanna have fun
    other places Cafteria, Chino Latino
    Brothers–great place to pregame and also warm up
    508–Good spot to party, decent music, decent sloots
    Sneaky Petes–never cared for that place, but all my buddies love it, girls get hammered there and there is a pole for them to sloot it up
    Seven sushi bar–if you’re into classier spots this place is nice, however bring your A game and charisma, tons of gold diggers, don’t be surprise to mack on a chick and see Adrian Peterson sitting across from you with 200000 hotties like a boss
    The W–Tons of hotties glaore, once agian bring your A Game, no joke, tons of showstoppers
    Aqua–if you into the young bitties this place is cool, however I hate the lay out to small but there some hotties in the VIP (thats where you can find me!)
    Pourhouse–use to go there tons, during my game days. I just bring the shotgun approach the ratio is good early but gets messed up late. Once again if you got aesthetics and just approach its too easy. Youll kill at will here
    The library

    1. There are some hot, crazy Latinas in Albucrazy, and the socio-economic situation makes almost guy above poverty line worthy of a hypergamous trade-up. It’s as worthy as Portland of a travel story.
      PS You have to get the latina chicks before they turn 25. That’s when they fall on the starch grenade & blow up like the Michellin man.

      1. Well, I have danced a bit of Salsa with some of the local ladies but am hardly qualified to speak about the young man’s dating scene, though one good venue for meeting locals is the Tuesday night Swing Dance at the Heights Community Center. Perhaps should ask my son Hermann, who’s frat was recently placed on “probation”.
        Many of the scenes from TV’s “Breaking Bad” were filmed in my neighborhood, such as the “HiLo Market” and the “Dog House” vignettes.
        Could use some rain here.

  11. In general the Midwest is actually pretty sweet place to live if you’re a dude. La Crosse, Madison, Iowa City, and The Twin Cities; are all really fun places with friendly women and a cheap cost of living.

    1. The most fun I’ve had at a campus bar scene was in at U of I. And it was summer! And I’ve partied at ASU, ISU, and SCSI..in winter

  12. Can’t say much about things there now, as I left in 1980. I came there to go to grad school at U of M and stayed (didn’t really want to go home to the Bronx–would you?). But then again, Rhoda Morgenstern came out there too 🙂
    It wasn’t quite as bad as it is now, but political correctness even back in the 70s meant that you had to put up with a lot of ideological shit tests. Lucky for me I found someone there who didn’t give a shit about politics. If only she hadn’t been so sick all the time we might have had a life together.

  13. If you have any alpha qualities you immediately go up the ladder with women.
    Most men in the cities suffer from “Minnesota nice” which is another term for beta or are gay.

  14. Have to disagree. Ive lived 4 years in Minneapolis and I now live in DC… Yes the women are hotter in Minneapolis but they are less approachable. Also less interesting…unless u are passionate about reality TV and the twins. NYC, Vegas and Miami are the places to be.

      1. Uptown bars…Abilene and Stella’s are the two names I remember. Yeah DC is a downgrade in terms of looks, but it’s easier because they aren’t local and thus more willing to deal with guys doing cold approaches.

        1. Insteresting
          Uptown is hit or miss
          It’s more social circle based at stellas, Abilene is more cold approach receptive,if you go on the right night you can find girls that are DTF.
          Other places in uptown its a yuppy crowd depending where you go, so you gotta dress/act the part, I know my friends do really well because they dress in that “Holister” style that those swallow chicks like. I personally don’t care for the pretentiousness of chicks in uptown (you have girls who are teachers who think their hot shit) but they’re hot,

  15. The cold isn’t so bad if you pick up winter sports and snowmobiling. I used to use my snowmobile as pick up tool. You ride to the bar and give a girl a quick spin at the end of the night and suddenly she wants to cuddle up at her place to warm up..
    The girls are crazy with being passive aggressive though. They will stop talking to their best friend for a year if they don’t come to their damn tupperware party.
    They are better looking than most areas as well. I couldn’t find nearly the pretty girls in NYC as Minnesota.
    I left and got spoiled by Italian women while in the military though so single I remain.

    1. I stopped reading after the New York part. You clearly have never been to manhattan

      1. You clearly picked your name from all that quality time with your hand.

        1. and you clearly have never been to New York City or don’t have ANY game that’s why you’re praising Minneapolis so high. Anyone whose been to New York City (and Minneapolis )knows that the plethora of diverse women shits on Minneapolis any day of the week. New York City is the mecca for models, and aspiring actresses you run into models in soho, upper east side manhattan everyday. In Minneapolis seeing a model during the day or night is an anomaly I’m talking legit not some local “Hooters” or “Vikings cheerleader” b.s. Which Part of Minneapolis are the models in? what part of Minneapolis are the women that you praise so highly off? Please let me know I’ll gladly go there tonight and will write a field report (pics and all) You sound like a troll and not even a funny one at that.

        2. I found New York gals on the boring pretentious side. Oh you must be a NYC gal! And who’s trolling a year old comment from his moms basement? That would be you forever solo with you hand.

        3. Ad hominem attacks will not make up for your lack of game. Keep thinking that Minneapolis chicks are hotter then NYC chicks though, It’s obvious your game wasn’t good enough to hack it on the highest level
          p.s. those are Minneapolis chicks btw…..none of these chicks would get in any of the venues I was at in Manhattan
          These chicks are the norm in downtown Minneapolis

        4. You are correct. NYC has the best collection of women …
          David has obviously never stepped into NYC or is just being obstinately ignorant.

        5. He’s never been CLEARLY there is just no comparison…..NYC is the mecca for many things hiphop music/basketball and hot chicks as well in the U.S.

  16. If you buy the outfit directly off the mannequin at Hollister, put a BMW key chain on your keys and buy them a drink, your in. In any city. Women are easy to trick with smoke n mirrors. I got so much tail in my $900 ’94 lexus just because it had that “L” on the grille. …going to the gym all of the time only impresses other guys, like a loud system in your car. You have to get a personality and think outside of the box to plow trim.

  17. Only problem is Twin Cities women are among the most spoiled, elitist, arrogant, and downright mean on the face of the earth and their interest in being dutiful corporate slaves exceeds their interest in having anything to do with men by a wide margin…..Twin Cities women just LOVE corporations but don’t really value human beings very highly. And a massive percentage of them have little or no interest in men, many of them have bigoted feminist attitudes toward men of a more extremist nature than anywhere else in America. I’ve been in towns of 800 people where the women dated a more diverse pool of men than Twin Cities women. Unless you love toxic personalities and women who value the lives of men at pennies on the dollar compared to their own, you will want to avoid the Twin Cities like the plague. There are some decent women in Minnesota once you get at least 50 miles from the Twin Cities. The obvious problem with that is you’re talking about some of the most sparsely populated territory in the U.S. so we’re not talking about very many women when we talk about outstate Minnesota.

  18. Mikael is correct: Everything is relative but the best American women are in the upper midwest. There’s something about the harsh climate that keeps ’em honest. That and the work ethic which the Midwest is famous for. These are Germanic, Scandinavian and Eastern European cultures which generally stress fierce self reliance and a “get it done and don’t complain” worldview. I dated long distance in Chicago for quite awhile and it was worth every mile flown. My live in GF/web designer now is from central Illinois. Many are at most 2 or 3 generations from farm life. If you meet a hottie from the midwest who has not yet been corrupted by your warm climate tinsletown or even better that still lives in the midwest, fly or drive to see her; you won’t be sorry 😉

  19. Minnesota has to be the laughingstock of the United States.
    Minnesota is full of obnoxious jerks who think that Minnesota is the
    best place to live in the world. I beg to differ… I’ve lived here my
    entire life, and I hate it!!! Nothing to do, expensive, etc. The
    “natives” that are proud to boast that they’re from Minnesota need a
    reality check. I would love to know how many people can hardly wait to
    move to Minnesota; there’s some serious self delusion at work here!!!
    I’ve got one question that will anwser this debate.If mn is
    soooooooooooooooo great its not by the way . Why then when you type the
    question why do minnesotans suck on google do 10 web pages people count
    em 10 pages at least solid of sites devoted to hating this shit hole why
    people why is it so good again?

  20. I have lived in Minneapolis for 2 years now…including Saint Paul.
    Since moving from the South, I realized that I’m not that bad looking and a lot of cute girls do give me indications of interest. my only problem is that I grew up in a part of the country where people generally more bold and self-reliant and a bit more passionate. As much as I want to go out and meet girls and people…I can’t deny the feeling I get that people generally aren’t very honest around here or lead lives that are truly interesting and that is enough to keep people at arm’s distance….including the hotties. I try very hard to open up and go out and game but I simply can’t because it’s most likely going to be a waste of time and an invitation to get caught up in someone’s bullshit mind games. The only thing that has worked out for me in the Twin Cities is the money…. There’s lots of money here 🙂

    1. Of course the girls will lie to you, but use it to your advantage.
      For every girl whom i met who says “I’m looking for serious relationship” but than was gagging on my cock at the end of the night I would be a millionaire!

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