The 15 Magical Years of Womanhood

One of the bigger problems plaguing today’s woman is that she’s lost touch with one of her most powerful evolutionary advantages—a well-calibrated internal clock. Remnants of this ancient gift are still visible, if you look closely. On average, I’d say, women are more consistently punctual and meet deadlines more often than men. In college, it was always the girls who left the library the earliest, having finished their work for the day. Past, say, 10 pm, the 24-hour library on campus always became a brutal sausage fest. Say what you will about the quality of the work, the female gender—everything else being equal—is better at getting shit done on time.

Whenever I’ve kept a girl around long-term, my efficiency has skyrocketed since, like the Microsoft Office paper clip, they’re constantly nagging me back on track. “Come to bed.” “We have to leave by 12 to get there on time.” “I’m hungry and don’t like eating dinner after 8.” The other day, I cooked a huge dinner—from scratch—at 3:30 in the morning. I’m single.


For much of human history, this monitoring of time included a keen awareness of the time-limited nature of their fertility and their most valuable evolutionary commodity—their beauty. A properly raised girl used her prime years to lock down a quality man who, enamored with her youthful charms—and the prospect of enjoying them for several more years—signed up for the long-term membership. Women made sacrifices, but understood that the alternative was also a sacrifice.

But more recently, the false promises of feminism have lured girls away from this system—which worked for millennia. For at least the last two generations of women, an ideology that promised them that they could enjoy the benefits of their prime years indefinitely, while also getting everything men were getting, was devastatingly persuasive and irresistible. It seems foolhardy in retrospect—and from our male vantage point—but who could blame them?


Between, say, the ages of 15 and 30, the world is theirs. A woman of even average looks, but a well-kept physique, enjoys a massive amount of power and access. And the cocktail is absolutely intoxicating: constant attention, countless invitations, daily freebies, instant credibility for no other reason than you’re pretty and female. Life is a fast-moving party, with more offers and activity than you could possibly service. If you shadow a hot girl for so much as an hour, you can see the stratospheric quality-of-life they enjoy. In the U.S., their day-to-day is the closest thing we have to royalty status without being famous. The promise of enjoying that for life is seductive, even though it should be patently obvious that–like anything else with all upside and no downside–it’s simply too good to be true.

The great equalizer, of course, has always been that it does come to end. Men may not, on average, enjoy this kind of reward early in life, but their access increases as they enter their late 20s and 30s. Despite minor adaptations to current realities, and individual variance, the arc of a woman’s beauty—and, by extension, power—has remained largely unchanged for generations.

The Timeline For A Girl Of Average-Or-Better Looks (Version 2013)

Age 15

By this age, most girls—with the exception of the latest of bloomers—will have gotten their first taste of the power of their femininity. Boys at their school will have already started doing things for them, in lame attempts to win their favor, and men on the outside will have started to lavish them with attention–setting off a long flow of ego-stroking validation. But, most girls will still be new at manipulating this new tool that’s fallen into their lap. What’s more, their underage status limits their opportunities to hone it, though Facebook, cell phones, and general social permissiveness has accelerated this process in recent years.

Age 17

By their senior year in high school, most girls have at least two years of experience using their female power. As a result, they’ve developed intermediate girl-game, which places them (a conservative) 8-10 years ahead of boys her age in terms of social intelligence. They spend a lot of their day admiring their own (and their peers’) beauty—mostly by constantly snapping pictures of each other and attention-whoring them out to their growing chorus of fawning admirers in the digital world.


Age 22

The four-year carnival called college is coming to a close. During this time, she’s enjoyed the absolute ride of her life—non-stop parties, trips, and gorging herself on the buffet of cock available to an American college girl—without the uncomfortable social stigmas of generations past. At a time where previous generations of women were getting nervous if they hadn’t snared a husband, today’s girl is “just getting started.” At this age, today’s girl is irretrievably drunk on her power. Any cautionary advice will be greeted with hubristic ridicule and disbelief.


Age 25

The first alerts—which go unheeded—that this ride isn’t forever start to rear their heads. The combination of a few harsh pump-and-dumps, and the knowledge that some of her smarter friends are getting hitched, start to impart a hard edge on her personality. Still, with ample beauty left over, most girls will continue to draw from the bank account with impunity.

Age 29

After repeated pressings of the snooze button, it starts getting harder to ignore the clangor of the alarm clock. Having gotten her fill on the party lifestyle—and starting to feel, if not fully understand, the diminished effectiveness of her fading looks—she declares herself “ready to settle down.” Regrettably, the combination of having very little beauty-capital remaining and impossibly high standards—the product of years of enjoying the high life at the expense of her future solvency—will conspire to keep her single.


Age 32

The magical years are officially gone, and the long descent to complete invisibility to the opposite sex is well underway. Thanks to social programming (e.g., Sex in the City and the myth that “a woman’s sexual prime is in her 30s”), she can rationalize that her “Mr. Right” will arrive any minute. However, she’s likely to become little more than a second- or third-stringer in a player’s long roster of options. A few of these women will get bailed out by blue-pill betas, who still buy into the marriage trap, and don’t realize (or care) they’re buying a used car with the odometer rolled back. But this marriage is almost certainly doomed to divorce-failure, since nothing can ever compete with her 15-year prime-time binge. She will be nagged by dissatisfaction the moment her last party–her wedding–ends.

She enjoyed the Sweet 15, but she’ll enjoy little more.

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233 thoughts on “The 15 Magical Years of Womanhood”

  1. The age 17 thing about snapping self photos….and admiring beauty.
    I’ve seen that start as young as 4 and last well until their 40s. Get that male attention by any means necessary.

    1. I spend a lot of time in European cafes, probably more than anyone here, and no matter where I go, and what age the other patrons are, you see women snapping pictures of themselves. They won’t stop.

      1. Often when I pull up to a traffic lite behind some female she tilts the rearview mirror to get a good look at herself. It’s because women don’t have balls to scratch.

      2. Roosh, I find it adorable. Belgrade has a fantastic pedestrian culture, and this is the perfect time of year to see this part of Serbia.
        The women here are much more feminine and ‘in touch with their power’ (not trying to be men) than even in Slovenia and especially Croatia.
        Understanding some of the intentions and social engineering going on here, within the backdrop of the geo-politics, is going to help.
        Croatia – and your experiences there – mirror what is going on in the countries that Croatia desires to emulate – Northern and Western Europe. Their general trajectory is to enter the EU
        Serbia – and my experiences here (I’m still here) – mirror what is going on in the country that Serbia is emulating – Russia and to a lesser extent, Turkey.
        The public opinion is to ultimately join the Eurasian Union of Russia.
        It’s just unbelievable that this site hasn’t covered Belgrade and Serbia, which for men of the world and famously in history has been the capital of beautiful women, especially for those who find both mediterranean and eastern european women the most attractive.
        But I’m glad about that – would hate a flood of sex tourists in my lovely Belgrade. It could fuck up perception and game for me!
        There are primarily the blonde/blue north-west Slav types and the brown-black South-Slav (yugoslav) types which are often indistinguishable from the Itallic or Iranian types except for that they are significantly taller.
        Culturally this is a place where feminism is a bad word.
        Women here fundamentally understand that unless they were born in that small percentage of unusually masculine men (in terms of being ‘driven’ towards male ventures or perhaps being a lesbian) – or unless they were born with an unusually high IQ (like 140 +) which makes them more valuable as an engineer etc. – the women here fundamentally understand that their best bet in life is to find the right man and harness his horse power, to make him a beast of burden, using their beauty to tame him.
        They make you coffee, breakfast, dinner, provide amazing sex, stay fit, raise happy and numerous children, keep up with fashion trends, and always look good for you and play the role of warm host for your friends and close business associates.
        The women here are reasonably allowed to sleep with 2-4 men before settling down at age 24.
        Most women are willing to make an exception for a foreigner or other limited quantity merchandise.

        1. Agree 100% with everything except this:
          “2-4 men before settling down at age 24.”
          Come on dude, are we talking about the same city? I don’t know where you were going out and I would call Serbian girls a lot of things but chaste would not be high on that list.

      3. I concur with that. Technology is spreading some of the worst of western culture like a virus. It’s extremely unfortunate.

  2. …agree 1000%. …except for the idea about women getting shit done on time. To a woman, getting shit done on time means calling some guy to do it for them a few hours before and flirting/hassling the fuck out of him until its done…on time.

  3. Pithy article… the MS-‘paper-clip’ is a great wife analogy… and just as annoying.

    1. Microsoft isn’t having much luck with windows or phone…
      Maybe they should try companion or spouse?

  4. “Come to bed.”
    I’m not tired…no.
    “We have to leave by 12 to get there on time.”
    If I’m driving we can leave at 1 and still be there early.
    “I’m hungry and don’t like eating dinner after 8.”
    Make the food and eat it when you want to eat…and I’ll eat it when I’m hungry.
    Yeah I get nagging is annoying…but it sounds like ‘no’ has been taken out of a man’s vocabulary.

  5. Known many women throughout the years that had the looks and the attention from many men only to end up lost and hitting rock bottom merely because they never recovered from the one guy that got away. Or dumped them. And then got on the carousal INTENTIONALLY and were on spin mode from then on. Never made sense to me then.

  6. Well ladies, I certainly hope you’re not listening to these idiots, because I’m here to assure you that the party lasts pretty much as long as the sex ratios are in your favor or ‘forever’ to put it another way. All you have to do is
    Keep your figure (honestly, are some of you even TRYING?)
    Don’t go through menopause. At that point the men have started dying off, not that you’ll care anyway.
    Wear the item which renders you irresistible catnip to the male sex – YOUR WEDDING RING.
    That’s it. All you need to know.
    And you guys – who do you think you’re kidding? I’m sure you have your preferences, but when you come right down to it there’s nothing more reliable than the male erection, or ‘control rod’, as I refer to it.
    And you spoiled rotten, entitled princes have nothing to complain about. Thanks to modern medicine today’s 35 year old looks better than a 20 year old of the past who probably had 3 kids, a ravaged complexion due to smallpox and on top of it all lost a couple of teeth due to bad nutrition.
    Now kindly get back to your manly functions of building roads, protecting women & children and shutting up.

    1. Are you sure about that? Older women seem to be lost especially as their actions indicate desperation. Sort of like the old broad that once spread her legs open to me in a bar one night only to watch me look away in disgust. Better wise the fuck up because women don’t appreciate with age in this day and age.

    2. Sure your party may last, but who’s in attendance? Your fellow ring-wearing, menopause resisting sisters and a room full of weak beta males? You’re ability to “manipulate” the “control rod” of an Alpha male has clearly come and gone as told by your spiteful tone and illusion of “the party lasting forever”. Sure someone wants you, but no one masculine and powerful wants you. They’re still enjoying the 18-24 year olds and will be until they die.

        1. I’d say you’re compensating for looks.. Pics to prove otherwise or your compensating.

    3. Modern medicine doesn’t stop biology or aging.
      And the lifestyles most 20 year olds entertain these days ages them in dog years….so that they look 35 by the time they are 25.

    4. Hot flashes today?
      Don’t kid yourself, angel. A wedding ring does not render you “irresistible catnip” to us. I don’t know where you got that delusional bullshit from, but that’s your hamster spinning its wheels this morning.
      Bottom line: we have options. You do not. A man in his 40s and beyond can still look a decade younger with proper discipline and can get with girls in their 20s and 30s. I know because I do it.
      The only guys buying your menopause-enhanced shit sandwich are the broke-dicked beta orbiters who are unlucky enough to be manipulated into your gravitational field. I will grant you the fact that you have profited from the lowering of standards in the US. That is true. Your cellulite ridden ass would not be given a second look any self-respecting country, but here in the US there are so many pathetic simps out there willing to kiss your ass, that your reality is more warped than a light beam rounding a quasar. But the distortions in the sexual marketplace will not last forever.
      Enjoy your delusion…while it lasts.

    5. sure, i’ll go back and build a road after you finish satisfying my cock….. a deal is a deal…..

    6. Thank you for this public service announcement. Sluts are people too and young men really need sluts. Sloots, sloots wherefore art thou?
      In my younger days, I was full of love and desperately needed somewhere to dump it, bucket loads of the stuff. Y’all were there for me. Sluts allowed me to practice my specialty g-spot pounding technique without harming some livestock.
      Sometimes, I get very emotional and teary eyed when I think of all the love these amazing women were able to handle. On behalf of all the young dudes out there, thanks for your service; may you find a nice guy who is cool with leftovers.

    7. eda ibis,
      I actually agree with almost everything you wrote except for the bit about “wedding rings.” What did you mean by that?
      Stop kidding yourselves. This is nothing more than a ridiculous nerd revenge fantasy that with time women will get what is coming to them and ordinary guys will gain a leg up over them in life. Nature dictates that women always come up on top relative to guys. Women in their 30s can be very attractive unless they have gained a lot of weight, had multiple kids, were hardcore drug abusers etc; it is simply ridiculous to assume most women lose their looks by 30. Furthermore a lot of women can finally afford to take care of themselves better and make cosmetic enhancements in their 30s which they couldn’t afford to do in their 20s. I’d say that an attractive woman would stay fairly attractive up to her early 40s. Now we can argue against the wisdom of having kids or of matrimony that late in life, but that is a different topic altogether.

        1. Carson D.,
          “Attractive as in comparable to 18-20 year olds? Not by a
          long shot.”
          I don’t know how old you are but if you are in your early 20s you will notice a lot of your female peers actually look better and sexier in their late 20s and early 30s than they did when they were younger. Like I said earlier I think it is because they now have some real money to spend on themselves.
          Imagine a slightly chubby teenage or college chick with a pretty cute face but with bad skin, teeth and fashion sense. Now imagine her with a
          pornstar makeover; with a gym body, boob job, pearly whites, much better
          makeup, sexy outfits and maybe other cosmetic enhancements. Don’t lie to
          yourself, which version of her would you rather fuck? I have seen this happen so many times, I swear. She is also experienced and confident enough to signal her interest in men better and not play as many childish games as her younger sisters do. That is why in my opinion women from their mid 20s to mid 30s are most attractive. I like Tuthmosis but this article just doesn’t register with
          my personal experience. I mean come on man, people (men or women) don’t
          suddenly get hit with the ugly stick the moment they turn 30; and certainly not in modern western societies where we have pretty comfortable lives.
          A different topic:
          The 40s (and beyond) is a different matter entirely. Even though many women still manage to look quite good at that age, the drop off in appeal is undeniable. I mean most women aren’t Monica Belluci, obviously.
          But I notice the same in men too; with weight gain, hair loss etc. And even if this wasn’t the case, the sex ratios still work against us. Think about it, this is simple supply demand. If all men from 18-49 started to pine after these same young women who are 18-29 year old, what would it do to these women’s egos? On top of that, these women most likely aren’t interested in 40 something year old men unless that man happens to be a celebrity or similarly ridiculously successful. So even in their 40s, men would be back to going after their female peers (who are also getting hit on 50 year olds and by horny youngsters going after milfs). Add to this the fact that males always have higher sex drives and you understand how nature has made it so that women always come up on top. So if you are a young man, let me tell you that you don’t suddenly become attractive to all women when you get older and things
          aren’t magically going to get better.
          I don’t say this to put you down or make you feel depressed. But you need to acknowledge reality and focus on the important things that are actually within your control. My advice would be to not put any mental energy
          on resentment towards women and dreaming up ridiculous revenge fantasies. Indifference is the best revenge. Women collectively have given us the middle finger, give it right back. Focus the entirety of your energy in securing your finances. Emigrate if you can. Also take care of your health and obviously avoid getting tied down to any one woman. If you still want some satisfaction, take it in the fact that deteriorating economic conditions and the worsening gender war ensures that these present crop of Americans be they men or women are all going to the poor house and are going to die very lonely deaths. Hopefully future generations learn from our mistakes.

        2. Must rebuild the mound… must ignore statistics… must focus on anecdotes… must convince people that older women look better… must hold on to hope of landing a man at 37…
          BTW — I’m 26. And you’re very wrong.

      1. Sorry Sam, I can take advantage of male psychology, but I really can’t explain it.

    8. That’s wishful thinking. Women in their 40’s have it damn hard finding a good guy, even the hotter ones. They can’t get what they used to get in their 20s.

  7. below is a quote from ‘old man philly’ on solomon ii’s blog that i think is relevant to this, i totally agree with the sentiment of the article, but lets not forget how it can / use to work..
    “A good woman ages beautifully. When I look at my wife, I see the most gorgeous woman in the universe. Her wrinkled hands got that way by keeping up with my two boys and working hard for them while I was on the road. The lines under her eyes are from years of shedding tears for me when I was at war, and those wrinkles on her brow are from decades of worry for me and my two sons. It was her legs they held on to when they were learning to walk, her lap was where they learned to read, and her breasts were their first nourishment. The first kiss those boys ever received was from her lips, and God willing, my last kiss will be from her lips.
    You two don’t know what you’re missing – or maybe you do. But all I know is that she’s as beautiful, desirable, and lovely today as the day I met her, and I wouldn’t trade one second with her for a lifetime of rowdiness with one of those harlots you guys have waiting for you back home.
    You two don’t know what beauty is. In a way, I feel sorry for both of you. I’m not getting on your case, because if there’s one thing I’ve learned from my own sons, it’s that women aren’t what they used to be.”

    1. She’s still beautiful to him because all her memories of sex are also his. When they’re in bed, he need not think of all the dicks that came (heh) before him for there were none. She gave him her best years and he is honored to do likewise.
      She understands that raising their sons to be men like their father is more empowering than pushing PowerPoints for Encorpera.
      After a few years of marriage, she permanently holstered her shit tests, and whenever life knocked him down to beta, she stood by him while he rebuilt himself back to alpha.
      She will never frivorce him for they are one, and one does not divorce oneself.
      So, yes, she is beautiful in the timeless way of old, and if anyone dare say different, he shall rip said person asunder, in timeless way of old.
      But today is a Wednesday in the 21st Century and those days are gone. The magic is gone. So fuck that. Do not get married in the west. As the EastAsian one said, pump and dump, all day erry day. That is all.

      1. if you take the same attitude towards money and career, then you might as well go the whole hog, and become a gun totting gangster …..
        society is degenerating, but if we sit on forums and all agree that the only answer is to run with it, we are a part of its degeneration as much as the next spoiled bratty man or woman…..

        1. I am a gun-toting gangsta. You?
          It appears you live in London, W1. Mayfair? Sloane Ranger? If so, perhaps you are out of touch.
          Society is degenerating but we are not the cause.
          As long as the architects, enablers, and executors of Western decline can push downward without consequence, they shall continue to push with impunity and wild abandon.
          We, the manosphere, are the both the warning klaxon and the bringers of consequence. But we are likely too late. Maybe it’s better to embrace the decline, accelerate it, then rebuild anew, no?

        2. I’ve gone gangster – the only way out is in. As we used to say, don’t hate the players, hate the game.

      2. I’m a 35 year old woman who somehow stumbled on this blog and have been unable to tear myself away because here I am hearing something that men at the very least don’t admit to feeling in ordinary life. I’ve been angry at times, and shocked at times, and saddened at times. But, more than that, I’m grateful for the amazing and honorable man in my life. I’m not so naive as to think that he doesn’t lust after younger women at times, good gosh, they are beautiful to me too! But I think the secret to happiness is not the quick feeling of satisfaction a man feels in bedding a young beautiful girl or the quick satisfaction a young girl feels in being desired by a man,any man really– I would have had to experience it to believe it, but truly intimate sex with a man you ADORE and whose character and heart you know and trust, well, that beats every single speck of attention I ever received from a man at a night club, and though my love isn’t flowery with words, he has expressed the same at times, that on his worst days, coming home to a woman who cooks each meal with him in mind, who thinks everything he says is magic, and treats him like a king, beats an hour with a 20 year old goddess. But I do agree, men and women who value themselves and their significant others are hard to find. Women bought into the feminist movement (which I’ve said for years could not possibly have been truly started by women!) and somehow young woman have lost long-held wisdom that their beauty is precious but only as precious as their soul and their character. Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but I know there are other women out there who think enough of themselves to be able to truly love a man the way we were intended to. I also know that there are men out there who love themselves enough to truly love a woman as they were intended to, because, Thank God, I have found one brilliant example, and have many male friends that I love dearly as well. Good luck to you all that you find deep lasting happiness with a beautiful, respectful and intelligent woman who thinks you are, or should be, the king of the world.

        1. I agree with you 110% and am truly happy for you and moved by your story. If only more women could share this logic. I think it’s important to hear these types of testimonies to prove that this type of love exists. So many sell themselves short, thinking that they have no other option…not realizing that they are part of the problem. If there is no quick, settle for anything opportunity to seize, people will be forced to step it up.

  8. i got to tell you this post is scary and depressing , if the girl im dating is one of this she must be a fucking actress , but this is my first try in american dating game so you know if things go wrong the blame is on her

  9. Tuth- I think a good follow-up article to this one would be to outline the magical years as a man. It will;however, be different for an alpha and a beta male. Perhaps meet in the middle and just say a red pill (enlightened?) man.

  10. This is hilarious, and so full of truth it hurts.
    Well, it hurts those who can’t stand the truth.
    Women wanted to fvk like men, what they never counted on was that men don’t want to commit to sluts. Well, not valuable men.

  11. This article is complete crap. Well, I didn’t really read it, but I scanned the lines in bold and saw the title. Still, complete crap.
    I happen to know a woman who got married at age 39 to a Harvard law graduate who is three years younger than her and she was BEAUTIFUL! Now she travels the world with him and their two adorable children and the two of them couldn’t be happier. And for the record, she’s WAY hotter than these disgusting 22 year olds with tight bodies and a sense of adventure.
    Heh. I always wanted to know what it felt like to do that.
    Excellent article man. Good stuff.

    1. Yes, This article is a pointless waste of space.
      The player feeds on these kinds of party women, and yet this article in
      it’s paternal authority somehow says that women behaving like this is
      bad. If women aren’t allowed to behave like this, then all players will be back to chaperoned dating and marry up or go to the brothel if you want to get laid….
      you can’t have it both ways……
      What this article is really about is a guy that’s not getting laid enough in cheap crappy nightclubs and feels fed up that the girls are having their fun.
      It’s a discredit to the manosphere that tries to understand women and improve men….. this does neither, it’s just trite, built on stereotypes of nightclub type girls…. I dated a 21 year old recently who laughed at me when I asked her if she wanted to go clubbing, (i love house music), but she scoffed that was for teenagers…..

      1. “If women aren’t allowed to behave like this, then all players will be back to chaperoned dating and marry up or go to the brothel if you want to get laid….”
        I don’t have any problem going “back to the days of chaperoned dating”. I don’t want it “both ways.” When I was a college student, I WANTED to find a girl to marry. I wanted to be a “nice” guy, treat women with respect, be gentleman like my mother raised me to be. But I looked around my typical college campus (and later my local city environs) and I was surrounded by materialistic skunks who craved bad boys, and treated nice guys like shit. So I proceeded to start treating girls like shit as well, and guess what? I started getting laid more frequently.
        But something strange happened in college, when I spent a semester abroad (Madagascar). I met nice, beautiful girls who craved NICE boys. For the first time, I was in an environment where it was ok to be a “gentleman.” It was so strange, it was like stepping back in time in America where there was “chaperoned dating and marry up or going to the brothel if you want to get laid….” And you know what Richard W1? It was great! Since then, I knew that I could only consider marrying women from foreign cultures, while pump/dumping the bitches here in the US.

        1. I never knew how immature people were on this site. I thought this was suppose to be men helping men?

      2. Well dude I can assure you that women, regardless of where they go, get their asses kissed so bad they think they’re gold. They can insult people without any consequences, they can get aggressive but go back to special treatment when things get heated, they have special scholarships to enter programs, etc. They’re spoiled little brats who need to be spanked.
        As for going back to prude times, we’re not against it. In a good patriarchal society, there’s the wife, and there’s the mistress.

        1. there’s no hate involved here, it’s a question of culture and a bit of male solidarity. the truth is always bitter.
          “getting laid” might be a means to an end, but what is the end ?
          what i am saying to you Roosh, is that your work is absolutely excellent, very well crafted and thought out, but it’s still a work in progress, and you don’t want to end up misdirecting a bunch of young impressionable guys into becoming the very alpha bulls and humping the very skanks, they disliked in the first place, just so they can get laid 500 times.
          the bull alpha can’t run a good relationship….. he ends up growing old and tired of game…..
          the alpha wolf on the other hand, starts building his little pack, schooling his alpha female and maybe some other females; his community around his leadership.
          too many men that think they were betas, are really alpha wolfs, that got pushed down by mindless alpha bulls, who were going no where in life.
          learning a bit of game and how to get your way with a woman is just the first part of the story….
          the player culture left to run unchecked, is just the opposite side to
          the skank coin…. that’s all it is, and plenty of articles on here
          recently confirm just that.
          once you have a better idea of what women are about, surely it carries with it the responsibility to starting putting the skanks back in their place. pump and dump might help, but it’s by no means the solution.
          the nerds and betas that alpha up and learn some game, shouldn’t get carried away with notches and nights out, lest they end up like
          teenagers with a Ferrari…. don’t lose the nice guy, just because he
          got worked over a few times when he was young…. that’s what i am
          action not reaction…. you want a great life for yourself, any good man does…. plenty of people on here have made it clear that 100 one night stands hasn’t done much for them in that regard.
          limitation creates focus, focus creates real results. so what result do you want ?
          what do you want your legacy of your excellent teaching to be Sir Roosh… do you want to be the guy that schooled a few million new alpha bulls, roving about boning anything they could get their hands on, or do you want to leave a lasting mark as having shaped men of the 21st century ?
          guys should do some “research”, have their 20-30 one night stands, do pickups, run a few girl friends at once, screen them, vet them, dump them making quite clear the reasons (ie. you’re a skank, you’re immature, your needy, your demanding, you over value yourself, etc.)
          then select one (or two) good ones and begin to school them more long term.
          I can guarantee you that the sex with a woman you live with, that you
          know well, and have taken the time to build sexual rapport and body
          chemistry with, not to mention teaching her some new skills and
          educating her how to satisfy a man, (in and out of the bedroom) will be ten times better than any notch.
          it will be a shock to the system for some of the more precious princesses, but you can knock the corners off her…. 200,000 years of genetics are not replaced by 100 years of feminism, that’s just a veneer, a virus that needs wiping from the female operating system.
          I can also guarantee you that one of the most erotic experiences you can ever have is helping your woman bring your child into the world, and birthing it yourself, with your own hands.
          until you’ve done that, you’re just a boy…. 500 notches or not.

      3. The old “not all women are like that” argument. Well yes..yes they are, or at least the majority of them are. Have you not been out on a typical Friday night in anywhere American in the last half decade?
        Meeting a “nice” women in church or volunteering to help injured puppies is simply not a viable reality for most red pill guys.

        1. the problem is not the quality of the women per say…..
          what i am saying is that the LTR problem is no different to the nerds problem in a nightclub,
          when nerd boy changes his attitude and makes the correct approach the vamp skanks take him home for the night.
          when player boy that’s fed up with hollow one nightstands and lame girl friends on rotation, decides he wants something more, he can find that….
          Roosh has written some amazing material in as far as the nerd’s problem goes…. but taking that attitude into the LTR does work…. it’s a different set of dynamics but it does work.
          you have to think past the basic problem of getting laid, and trust me, it’s much easier getting laid with a committed girl that lives under
          your roof, than chasing all over town for randoms.
          that logic alone should show the player the way forwards.
          grab the right girl, school her and direct her… that’s what they all want…. that is what the player does in the nightclub, and that is what the smart alpha can do in a LTR.
          what’s more that direction is going to create a mini community around the man, and make him more than another bull alpha jerk out on the prowl….
          there is no point in the nice guy or the nerd turning into an alpha jerk…..

        2. It’s so much easier when you start with women that were not raised in a western country.

      4. As soon as I read the words “Paternal authority”, you lost a lot of credibility with me. Pseudo-psychological phrases like the ones mentioned hold no sway here I’m afraid.

    2. I think the manosphere, especially the PUAs, also delude themselves into thinking the male party lasts forever. It is between the ages of say 20 and 40 that most alpha males can make hay. After that their appeal to women dwindles. And as for betas, they never get a taste of that power even when they are young.
      All in all it makes sense for women to do what they are doing, as long as some beta is waiting to snap them up in their thirties. Once the blue pill beta pool dries up, then the feminist strategy will collapse.
      the Rah-rah triumphalism on display from men regarding how women’s SMV plummets with age is juvenile. We can’t see the same thing happening with us, we think we are immune to nature and time.

      1. it’s all a lot of immature posturing really, which is not surprising since most ‘game’ is built around night clubs and immature 20 somethings….
        nonetheless guys do have an advantage especially if they stick to cropping dollars not notches…. anyone who spent their 20s and 30s focused on partying and getting laid isn’t going to have much to offer later on… regardless of what sex they are…..

      2. No one says men are immune, but our “peaks” are spaced out over a lot longer period. Unless we’re semi-celebrities, we never in fact enjoy an all-access, straight-to-the-front-of-the-line party like women do during the “Magic 15.” But we can easily enjoy 30-plus years of access. A man in his 40s who makes the proper adjustments remains supremely relevant and appealing, whereas 99 percent of women become invisible–regardless of what she does. Higher peaks, higher valleys.

        1. If a man is in his 40’s but takes care of his body and is a multi millionaire will the party still last? 🙂

        2. Yes, but this is limited to alphas. A large percentage of women attain that peak during their prime years, but it is a much smaller percentage of men who can maintain 30-plus years of access to women. Or even 10 years. The proportion of unfuckable women is much lower than the proportion of unfuckable men (without accounting for the obesity epidemic).
          Free female sexual choice is a curse for most men – in the past, this freedom was balanced by the freedom of dispossessed beta men to band together and engage in violence against the existing alphas to claim some tail for their own. Now the rejected men have no options but to sit back and twiddle their thumbs. The ones who can learn and profit from game may do so, but for many others it may just be out of their reach.
          Curse for women too, since they are faced with younger, tighter hotties putting out for their man after they themselves have hit the wall. Disaster disaster nearly everywhere the eye can see. The only people who benefit are the few real alphas (maybe 5% of men), and lesbians, gays and trannies.

        3. Word, Tut…you nailed it, man. A real positive message, and an inspirational one. The great thing about getting a little older for us men is that you get some seasoning and “field experience” under your belt in many different countries, and many different relationships. The fires of youth and over-eagerness cool a little, and you become more adept at handling all the slings and arrows of life. People can sense it, too.

        4. “Higher peaks, higher valleys,” and only celebrities enjoy the sexual attention that young women do. Intelligent observations.
          Additional point is the female attractiveness-age function is way more “egalitarian”, in that almost all young women can be quite, if not very, attractive- without modern fatness, they’d almost have to try not to be attractive. Even if they compete, everyone is a more or less winner. And all old women can’t be attractive; everyone is more or less a loser (except, fingers crossed, to someone who fell in love with her long ago). But, the attractiveness-age function of men is not egalitarian. A fraction of men are never very attractive, while others are for many decades (and I’m not even thinking of celebrties, here). The variance of the male experience is greater.
          The age 30 deadline is a painful realization for this 27-year-old, single woman, but c’est la vie; reading the manosphere has brought a bit of enlightenment, maybe a needed kick in the ass to develop weaker aspects of myself to compensate, in my future husband’s eyes, not for fading looks any time soon (I have faith in religious sunscreen use to give me an extra decade, visually), but decreasing value because of the ticking of the clock. The realization is that effort to look young can’t compensate for not being young in the dating pool, whereas I didn’t doubt that before.

        5. Speak for yourself. I’m 46, have a 25 year old, 29 year old and soon to be 35 year old. Currently building my pipeline. But, yes I’m in good shape, alsways had above average girls in looks, make 150K+, have a biz, intel and decent game. Of course I worry about shelf life and its getting damn hard to spot the quality for an LTR, but with tons of experience its easy to spot the bad habits, daddy issues, BPD, batshit crazy, selfish, and the delusional chicks with their unprecedented 465 bullet proof checklists.

        6. I’m 55… my latest scores are 3 university girls… one is 20, one is 21 (law student) and the other is 23. All are 6 to 7.5… and all are asking to come back for more. Now I agree that I won’t get the same attention as someone 35 with the same attributes as me but… I’m doing ok.

        7. The trannies are gaining now more than ever. Mostly because straight men are becoming increasingly frustrated with the entitlement princesses that are the genetic western females of today.
          Many straight red pillers who can’t escape the West and don’t want to turn gay have made a compromise. They go for the trannies. The more passable the better.
          And it’s working. Trannies are now more popular than ever. And the party ain’t gonna stop for the tgirls anytime soon. If anything, it’s gonna get even more fun for them.

        8. dick isnt the same as being raken seriously for marriage. any woman can get laid. but just laid. forget about being taken seriously for the long term.

        9. Hah judging from the way you talk about women, your daughters are probably the bat-shit crazy ones with daddy issues you described 😛 how awkward

        10. hahahahahha… I will remember that will my little sweetie is sucking my dick and you are jerking off in your mom’s basement 🙂

        11. lets take a look at a few examples. Man A is a waiter. He is hot AF. Naturally blessed with good looks. His access years will probably end around age 45-50. After that he will be broke and women won’t be interested in him because his only assert, his looks have faded. Man B is beta AF. He’s had to work to get laid and when he has finally gotten laid, he hasn’t experienced the adoration of a woman. If he increases his value financially, he can grow old and become a sugardaddy but women still won’t really adore him. Man C is alpha AF, genetically blessed and aquires material goods. If he’s smart, he enjoys the fuck fest well into his 50’s. If he gets tied down and betified, it’s game over and he will probably buy hookers on the side to satisfy his needs somewhat.
          You simply can’t generalize.

        12. Knowing our looks fade, we should work on having happy successful careers and being able to afford lots of plastic surgery.

        13. “dick isnt the same as being raken seriously for marriage. any woman can get laid. but just laid. forget about being taken seriously for the long term.”

      3. Of course the male party doesn’t last forever, nothing does.
        If a man makes the effort to stay in shape, though, he can easily be attractive to women in their 20s well into his 50s. Bear in mind that most women do not find age in and of itself unattractive in the same instinctive unconscious way most men do. Many young women are attracted to older men.
        It’s not a matter of whether it ends or not, it’s a matter of when.

        1. Indonesia? You don’t have to go that far big dog! Sherman Oaks, Van Nuys. Horny 18-22 year olds these days chase cats in their 40’s, trust me. (And you really gotta card these girls, a day under 18 and it is all sorts of shitshow). And in some cases, the upside of post-feminism, is they have been programmed to see themselves as “players” same as us. Question is, is it a problem to be what amounts to an occasional booty call for a girl 20 years younger? It always amazes me how many guys that IS somehow an issue for. The downside of a stubborn male ego, I say. There’s also some lingering, moralistic social stigma attached to an older (non-rich and famous) guy dating a much younger chick, but you’d have to be perma-beta to let that flimsy shit stop you.

        2. Keep in mind, men have lots dry spells and unless a man is reasonably well off, age can be a turn off. Like I had a sexy ass 45 year old man but he didn’t have money so I lost interest after less than 2 years. I knew I was wasting time. Ultimately women are attracted to older men because of what they provide financially. It’s not a looks thing. We don’t go after a 50 year old because they are hotter than a 28 year old dude… No… We go after them because they are more reliable, a little bit more respectful and financially stable.

        3. Girls only chase older guys if they are going to “spoil” her. Those “40 year old cats” are paying in one way or another.

        4. You misunderstand (or purposely deny) the law of supply and demand. There are tons of young women available for men with even a bit of game. And thats in LA alone. Its even more lopsided in San Diego.

        5. Again, your whore sisters are devaluing your market because all it takes is a regular ass job. But make yourself feel better however you like.

        6. You probably have HIV too. Having sex with kids in Indonesia. You are sick. Teenagers are NOT adults. Poor girls have fallen victim to you, you sick predator! My girls, thankfully, have a very loving father and mother who have taught them their worth is far above rubies! They are precious! That is why they are still virgins and waiting for marriage to give themselves to a man.

        7. It can refer to girls under 21, not necessarily under 18.
          Also *waiting to give themselves* that speak a lot about your mindset.

      4. I was at the pub/bar last week and I saw one of my friends younger sisters and her friends, all very attractive 17 and 18 year olds. At one point I overheard one of them talking about how badly she had the hots for my friends dad, the sister/daughter said “That’s gross he’s 48!” to which her friend replied ” I don’t care I’d love to sit on his lap”.
        He’s actually a slightly chavvy old boy racer, no style or class or much money.

      5. The “rah-rah” triumphalism regarding plummeting SMV may be politically incorrect or insensitive to discuss in public or among certain groups but it isn’t juvenile…it is stark truth and reality.

    3. Just walk around a city and look at the expressions on many women’s faces in their 40’s+. Not happy.

    4. OH snap is your anecdotal evidence supposed to describe the average of all women, moron?

  12. Change change change… Then these women on the sidewalks start asking for change. “I’m not bagging a beta husband, put more societal pressure on men to get married, please” “I can’t compete in the working game, change the rules, please.” “I’m fat, ugly, and can’t hold a job, spare me some change?”

  13. “For over a thousand years Roman conquerors returning from the wars enjoyed the honor of triumph, a tumultuous parade. In the procession came trumpeteers, musicians and strange animals from conquered territories, together with carts laden with treasure and captured armaments. The conquerors rode in a triumphal chariot, the dazed prisoners walking in chains before him. Sometimes his children robed in white stood with him in the chariot or rode the trace horses. A slave stood behind the conqueror holding a golden crown and whispering in his ear a warning: that all glory is fleeting.”
    – Gen. George C. Patton

  14. I propose that feminism is deliberately leading women down this primrose path in the knowledge a large percentage of them will become permanently hateful, bitter Leftist femzombies by their early 30’s.

    1. It also provides the lesbians who power feminism with happy hunting grounds in perpetuity. Black America has more lesbians than white America because feminism has ravaged black women for far longer. Female rejects are easy prey for lesbians.

      1. Maybe. I know women are way more bi-flexible than men but that doesn’t mean they dive into it like a fish to water. I’ve dated several women who dabbled in bisexual dating and more than a few have said “I can see why you guys get annoyed at women. I prefer men.”

  15. They are good for getting shit done on time because they are good at processing assignments, which is exactly what our schools train them for. They need someone to tell them what to do however, and only men take the necessary risks required for innovation and job development that creates their assignments. When all the men have been pushed out of Encorpera to make room for women’s careers it will implode from the vacuum caused by the loss of male dynamism.

  16. I’ve often thought that modern adolescence has extended beyond the childbearing years.

  17. “Say what you will about the quality of the work, the female gender—everything else being equal—is better at getting shit done on time.”
    No, they are more likely to quit working when they want, regardless of whether the work is done or any good.

  18. 100% spot on article! I’ve met quite a few women over the age of 30 who can’t comprehend that no one wants to date them because they spent their 20’s whoring around and are now the equivalent of a derby car.

  19. The real problem for girls (& I use that term instead of “women” deliberately in this context) is that it takes some wisdom & perspective to see what’s going on – and wisdom & perspective largely comes with age and experience.
    Most people, men & women alike, are idiots in their teens and early twenties.
    Maybe they are intelligent idiots, but they are still idiots.
    The great advantage of being a man is that your peak sexual attractiveness comes at a time in your life when you’ve had the chance to gain some wisdom – by the time women gain wisdom they tend to be past their sexual prime.

    1. Women gain wisdom from all the dingalings they get in them. Men get wisdom from the years they’ve been living, as normal people should.

    2. Your thinking is far more realistic, and humane, than that women are slaves to feminism hype and tripe. Teens and early-twentysomethings of both genders make a shit load of mistakes. A solid fraction have regrets, eventually. Your elders or the wisdom of the ages might know better than you on some points, because they can guess your future wants on some points better than your current self, so submitting to their decisions might be preferable. But, it’s at the cost of not finding your own way. Also, and how to recognize the good advice from the bad? I was never into just following orders without rationale. Re casual sex… After I got my first boyfriend at 18, I realized what a relationship was, and couldn’t stand letting someone touch me casually sexually again. Before then? It was like a backrub, emotionally… why do something that feels like almost nothing, but why not, too? Backrubs and physical closeness can be nice, and they’re easy to come by. I’m glad I didn’t want to have sex, though. Saving that for the right person has made so much difference… Now I realize maybe to my married happiness, too; never considered that one before.

    3. Not exactly. To place men and women on the same timeline in terms of their minds, but not their bodies is inaccurate, and provides women with cover for their irresponsible behavior. Women also “mature earlier.” They’re bombarded with wisdom-imparting experiences–if they’re paying attention–way earlier, on average. They’re also wired (or socialized) to be more communal and social, meaning they have access to the “wisdom” of their robust social circles. The best way to confirm this is to talk to a high school teacher (or be one yourself). If you’re discerning, you see the startling differences every single day.

      1. There is perhaps some truth to the idea that women are born with a (slightly) higher level of innate emotional intelligence than men. They need it to cope with the faster pace of their sexual lifespan.
        For most of them, though, that is not sufficient for them to look their own mortality square in the face & see the end of their party coming when they are still essentially teenagers (who think they are immortal) and have never even once had that experience of “the party’s over” since their party began at age 15 or so.
        It’s a problem of “no second chances”, as Maldek says.

    4. Hahaha spot on!
      I was an intelligent idiot well into my 20s. Now in my 40s my personal SMV is higher than it ever was back then.
      If I was a female that wasted 20s years would be lost. No second chances.

    5. I think it’s a failure of motherhood (and society by extension). In the old days someone would tell a young girl how to behave so she would have a happy life long term (don’t whore around, don’t give up your body too easily as it is the only valuable asset you will ever posses, find a good man early on and be loyal to him, etc, etc).
      Who was that someone? Her mother. (and other women close to her that she trusted.)
      She would be too young to have that wisdom herself (like you said Real, it takes age and experience to gain that perspective). But she was educated to that wisdom. But now, that is gone replaced by social programming and the media.
      Therefore a big failure of motherhood.
      And Parenting. and by extension: society.
      Which of course can all be traced back to the evils of feminism.

  20. I find it frustrating that the girls get to their sexual playground so early, while I’m stuck with game and time, and lays that come at longer intervals than the girls.

  21. This time line is very common in the porn industry, young girls in their 18-19 and early 20s exploit their sexuality and then after no being profitable anymore trash the industry and men who watch porn.

  22. Great article, it resonates a lot with me and a lot of dudes out here. Take what I’m about to say for what you will.
    I took a great deal of pride in the fact that I had never called a woman a bitch (to her face) as a result of the values I was raised with. I just said ‘fuck it.’
    Idk what happened to some of these females. Idk if they just started to feel prettier so they figured they could treat me like they’re above me. Idk if they got around other people and felt they had to be some kinda way because of them. Shit, maybe they’re the most common form of bitch; the bitch that’s been pretty to so many people for so long that they never got put in their place the way they should’ve been because too many people were trying to fuck them to bother correcting their bitch ass behavior.
    But that doesn’t really even matter right now. All that matters right now is the fact that any of these bitches who try to violate me in any form or fashion are gonna get the full effects of how I’ve been feeling about all bitches from as far back as I can remember.
    Chris Brown just keeps looking more like Jesus day by day.

  23. This all depends on her beauty. Yeah, the average chick is done by 32, if not earlier, but the 8+ women, i.e. the ones we actually want, can often ride it out until they’re damn near 40. Also, the average to below average chicks don’t really come into their power until their late teens, early 20s, when the full range of adult males have access to them.

  24. Great article, definitely going in my next ‘Best of the Manosphere’ on ‘Female Age and Sexual Market Value’.

  25. I think most women would read this article and feel offended. Well fuck them. To me though it speaks truth. It does hurt, I will admit. My life hasn’t turned out this way, partly due to my personality, partly by mistake *cough*accidentalpregnancy*cough*. I’ve never been the partying type to go out and get wasted every weekend and sleep with a barrage of men, but that is down to my low self-esteem, having been overweight the majority of my life till recently. I skipped the party stage almost entirely. However now that I’ve had a child my biological clock does not resonate as loudly in my mind as it would do if I were still a single 20-something-year-old. It used to be the norm that women would rear children in their late teens/early twenties. Now I see the majority (at least in the West) having children into their thirties and even forties. These women tend to be university educated, successful career women. It seems feminism has levied us to trade our youth and beauty for financial success. Now kids are growing up with two fathers and are mothered by their teachers and the TV; and they wonder why men lack sympathy for the modern feminist. There needs to be a drastic reversal. As much as I may hate to hear myself say it, our pre-feminist era had it right about women belonging at home – because that is where we belong. Women are the heart that sustains any home and family. We’ve lost our tenderness. Now we’re getting old, ugly, rich and barren. Truly sad.

    1. “Women are the heart that sustains any home and family.” That is just the norm that you were raised up with. We the patriarchy have made you this way. You are in our grasp and will always be! Hahahaha..! We, men, are evil like that. But seriously, nothing wrong with being at home, or being at work. But we are still mammals with certain needs.

  26. This is surprising. The girls I have dated and indeed the one I married are terrible about being on time. If I need to be on time, I tell her we are expected thirty minutes before the true time. That way we are only ever 5-10 minutes late. I dont actually want to be right on time, but I hate keeping people waiting more than 10.

  27. The “Tuth” has been spoken. Allelujah!
    I wonder how many people out there in the “blue-pill” world actually see this as a problem.
    It seems like if a man does want to get a decent girlfriend or even a life partner (i know…), they should be looking at girls in the 19-24 age range. Problem is how do you find one that doesn’t subscribe to this “I still have time, let’s party on… and bigger, better deal will come along” mentality that is in the West. Go abroad? Find a non-western woman in the West? Find a Western woman with traditional values that doesn’t subscribe to the 15-year party mentality?

      1. especially with her profile pic and the “SexyDoll” caption on it rofl, she’s basically exactly who this article talks about, truth hurts, honey?

      2. especially with her profile pic and the “SexyDoll” caption on it rofl, she’s basically exactly who this article talks about, truth hurts, honey?

      3. especially with her profile pic and the “SexyDoll” caption on it rofl, she’s basically exactly who this article talks about, truth hurts, honey?

      4. especially with her profile pic and the “SexyDoll” caption on it rofl, she’s basically exactly who this article talks about, truth hurts, honey?

      5. especially with her profile pic and the “SexyDoll” caption on it rofl, she’s basically exactly who this article talks about, truth hurts, honey?

  28. I’m amazed at how widespread this mentality is amongst modern Western women. I even overheard a couple of Mormon girls I know talk about how they enjoyed riding the carousel and one has already frivorced at age 25.
    Based on my experience, you can rarely find a quality woman in certain ethnic enclaves in America, but the native stock of women is poisoned and cannot be saved. They’re only good as pump and dumps.
    The more I travel, the more I come to see American women as being androgynous and generally just painful to be around.
    I relish the time I spent in Latin America and look forward to more adventures in Asia soon.
    The toxic situation in America that feminism has wrought can cause you to die a soul death unless you see it for what it is and start looking for something better.

  29. It looks as though I ought to move to America (I’m English). At 23 I would love to get married within the next few years, ideally to someone 10-15 years older… but every 30-something I meet is living in extended youth. I never thought that being a virgin would be a disadvantage, but curiously enough, it is. You go on a few dates, bring up the fact that while you’re not a prude you would appreciate a few months to get comfortable with them before sleeping together, and poof – they can’t wait to get away. Or criticise you for being frigid as opposed to a porn starlet. And the 40-50 year olds won’t touch you, because they’ve been schooled by the media to believe that they will be shamed and shunned for daring to look at someone so young. Women and men barely interact in public.. everyone just stares through one another. (Unless they’re a tourist – the only group who won’t interpret a friendly smile on the train as an incitement to robbery). Yes… I think I should head for the states!

    1. Show us pictures of yourself and we’ll consider you as a candidate.

  30. What I think is hilarious is to see old “hot” classmates at the local supermarket 10 years later. I ain’t a pimply juvenile anymore, but they are single mothers now haha. Became fat most of the time. She didn’t want to date me then. I have money now, and date her 18 year old sister. She likes guys a couple years older. Sweet revenge.

  31. If it makes her feel good then its fair. If it makes her feel bad then its not fair. This is how the vast majority of women Iv met think. I guess thats why when the roles are reversed things become unfair to most of them. Getting old is just a part of life for most men. Getting old for most women is unfair.
    Anyhow any intelligent man already knows that marriage and children are scams set up only to transfer his resources to other people via state enforcement. Don’t believe me? Try to find 5 legal reason a man should get legally married. Not even a Google search can answer that.

  32. Wow you must really hate woman. If you don’t like them so much, don’t look at the, don’t talk to them and don’t go near them if they are so useless. But, oh yea, go near the ones that have beauty though, NOT FUCK YOU GO DIE ALL WOMAN ARE AWESOME
    Don’t be too sad if you are single, because you might actually stay that way forever.

  33. This article and most of the comments comprise the biggest pile of manure I have stumbled across in a long time: completely juvenile and classless. I’d laugh if I didn’t know that you people actually “think” like this. Disgusting……

  34. Statistically speaking the later in life a person has their first marriage, the more likely they are to stay married. Just thought you should know.

    1. Why the fuck do you come here? Seriously? Btw, in your profile picture you look like a dude.

  35. Great article! I agree with every words and you’ve done a great job describing what usually goes unnoticed in daily life! 🙂

  36. God this was so enlightening. Everything you write just seems to make the world a better place. My favorite highlights of your article are the insinuations that the goal of every woman is to get married to a man, and that women are only of value so long as they are “visible” to the general misogynistic world, rather than in their careers, personal communities and so on. Also- thanks for remembering to include the line about “nagging”; fact: all women nag. Fact: all women care about what men think. Fact: the 1950’s can still make a comeback. Again, truly an inspiration. Good luck to you as you continue your quest of trying to whittle down the emotional condition of over half of the world’s population to a point where they can no longer contribute to anyone or anything. I bet you are just a delight over a cup of coffee.

  37. Very smart. No matter how much progressives lie (to themselves and to others) – they cannot fool Mother Nature.

  38. Really guys? This is a pathetic nerd revenge fantasy, and so disconnected from reality it’s just sad. Dudes age too. Weight gain, hair loss, etc. That’s just reality. You’re not going to magically get better looking and start getting laid like crazy at 40. Stop with the thinly veiled resentment and the revenge fantasies and you’ll do much better.

    1. It is sooo absurd it is laughable. For argument sake, lets say that the author and the deluded nerds cheering him on are in fact right…that once a certain age is reached…much of the fun comes to an end. So what? At least as females, we had (in many cases, certainly not all) a series of exciting & memorable experiences…something that the Slave Gender (i.e. males) will never have. The amount of V-envy on this website is…well…considerable.

  39. This entire article is a fail. There are plenty of women who stay beautiful LONG beyond 30. Particularly dark-skinned women. I have Latina and black friends who are in their 30s and could easily pass for 18. Not to mention that not every woman sleeps around.
    Oh yeah, and the fact that women are more than just their looks. There’s that too – although that will go over most people’s heads here.
    And every statistic will tell you that women who marry in their 30s tend to have longer lasting marriages.

    1. Rosie, What you don’t understand is age is a factor regardless of looks. A desirable man, considering two women, everything being equal including the woman’s appearance, but differing in age, will almost always go for the younger women no matter what. Men have egos, and nothing strokes a man’s ego more like being with, and being seen with, a pretty woman. For marriage and having kids, the younger woman will always get the mans’ attention. It’s notoriously well known that older women have fertility issues. Men are hard-wired to prefer younger women. Single pretty women are depreciating assets. Men are appreciating assets – women are not as focused on looks, but the man’s achievements which increase with age and experience. if you don’t believe me, do a google and wikipedia search on Mickey Rooney. Do you really think that if Rooney was a janitor he would be getting the women he did? Young women need to lock down a man before age 25.

      1. “Young women need to lock down a man before age 25.”
        Funny, because most of the young women I knew who “locked down a man before 25” ended up divorced before age 30. People, including women, just don’t know themselves well enough by that age to be able to make a smart, lasting decision about who would be a good mate. Sure, it works out for some, but at that age it’s a crapshoot.
        I understand age being a factor FOR YOU – what I am saying is that it’s not nearly as important for guys who live in the real world rather than the manosphere. Don’t act like I’m missing something or I just don’t get it, because it seems you’re the one who has the glaring blind spot here – in not understanding that just because YOU value a certain quality in a woman doesn’t mean every man does. It’s pretty arrogant to assume that just because you want a young woman no matter what, every man feels the same way.
        Also, a man who is truly secure and confident in who he is, and has a lot going for him, does not need a hot young trophy girlfriend/wife for validation. He is validated already.
        And not all men are all about their egos and thinking of women as trophies rather than partners. I have plenty of female friends who are single in their 30s and still getting attention from quality guys.
        And about men being appreciating assets while women are depreciating – that is one of the delusions that a lot of guys on sites like this seem to cling to for their own self-esteem. Sorry, but it’s not true. Women can make their own money now, so we are caring less and less about a man’s success and more about what he brings to the actual relationship. And looks-wise, unless he’s one of those guys who ages like Benjamin Button, a 35 year old guy has declined significantly in appearance from how he looked at 25. And most women these days would pick the broke yet kindhearted 25 year old over the wealthy, cocky 35 year old guy any day of the week.

        1. You’d choose the kindhearted 25 year old who has no spine & will allow you to tell him what to do rather than the 35 year old who’ll stand up to you and tell you “no” when it’s warranted? You are kidding no one.
          And chalk me up against your scientific survey about men who shouldn’t be with younger women. I’m 38 & I’ll take a care free 21 year old with a nice personality who’ll treat me like a man versus your bitchy entitled attitude any day of the week. Sure, you may not be able to marry her but who said I wanted that? I want a companion, not a nagging hag such as yourself.

  40. Hmmm…for me, ages 15 through 17 were when I had acne and gained a whole bunch of weight. At age 22, I had been to maybe one party my entire life. There was no cock carousel – in fact, I hadn’t even been kissed yet. Age 25 – still a virgin, just starting to lose the weight and become confident enough that I could even talk to guys. Then, I developed severe agoraphobia and couldn’t even leave the house for almost two years – this was not a choice that I made, but a genuine illness.
    Age 29 – where I am now – the attention I’m getting from guys is at an all-time high. For the first time in my life, I’m comfortable in my own skin, and I actually feel attractive. There are no crows feet, laugh lines, or anything like that at all. In fact, I ran into a guy I went to high school with the other day – he actually came up to me and asked me if I was [my] little sister. He couldn’t believe it when I said it was me (“but…she’s MY age, and you can’t be!”). People mistake me for a teenager all the time, except that I’m much more attractive than I was as an actual teenager.
    Guys younger than me want me, guys my age want me, and guys older than me want me. And yes – I have reached the point where I want to settle down, but not because my looks are dwindling. It’s more because I’m
    And I’m just one of many exceptions to your rules.

    1. It’s looking better for you now because you didnt follow society. All of that which you been through truly made you a better woman. Only settle for a King (compassionate/honorable/hardworking/romantic/etc)

    2. I’m a 27 yo woman who is looking to marry soon. I haven’t had my first kiss yet. Do men even want to wait until marriage for kissing? Too many seem impatient.

    3. The article did say all but the latest of bloomers. Apparently, you are a late bloomer and have an appalling lack of reading comprehension.

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    ….Who The Hell Does That “Kutchie Pelaez” Think That He Is?….”Frankie Valli” Or Someone Like That?
    ….It’s No Wonder That People Are All Calling Him “The Most Interesting Man In The World”,…Big Girls Don’t Cry…Do They?….
    ….Don’t Cha Just Love Em!?….We Sure Do!….

  43. Wow, you’re single. Such a shocker…..I thought girls loved to be thought of barely more then an object….

  44. Why does a “peak” have to be defined by how attractive a woman is to sexist men that are only fishing for looks? I think anyone can peak whenever they want, or whenever the situation is prime for them to do so. Yes, I’m a feminist. Yes, I’m out to smash your narrow world view. And, while I’m not STARTING with this article, it’s still important to include in my rally against views like those expressed here. So WHY is everything based on looks? I dunno, but I DO know it SHOULDN’T be that way.

    1. Sorry, but that’s just the way the cookie crumbles. Enjoy growing old with your cats… if that’s what you consider a “Peak”, good for you

    2. This article outlines what happens when women develop nothing but their looks for those 15 years. Not every woman has to go down this course, but if all are is an empty, vapid shell of beauty, they will be ignored later in life when that beauty fades.

  45. so basically what you are trying to say here is that all attractive women are unintelligent manipulative whores who once they surpass 30 will immediately become ugly and they will have no chance of ever settling down and having kids because they are to much of a whore and will miss there whorey past?

  46. I think it’s really funny that this is supposed to be a website for men, but a significant fraction of the articles are meant to put down and bash women. If you were at all secure with yourselves, you wouldn’t feel the need to write and comment favorably on articles such as this one. And for the record, there are many women who actually look just as good or even better in their 30s than in their 20s, depending on their features and the ability of their skin to stay smooth and supple. You would love to believe that women are past their prime at 25 and done completely at 30 because these thoughts make you feel superior as males, but for a lot of women, this is not the case. Sorry.

    1. For the few that actually stay in shape & stay out of Micky D’s, sure. But this is America and that isn’t the case most of the time. For the vast majority of American women, they are done past 30 as they are lazy and refuse to take care of themselves to be visually pleasing to men. They are just so pre-conditioned by society that they’re too dumb to know it.
      Truth hurts. Deal with it.

      1. So that’s why women should take care of themselves – to be visually appealing to men. Not to be healthy and happy for themselves. It’s all about men. Get over yourself, the world does not revolve around you.

        1. Yes, that’s exactly why women should take care of themselves. To be visually appealing to men. If you want to catch a man who will take care of, provide & protect you that is. Your ancestors (and it doesn’t matter what race you are, were all human with the same basic instinct) thought this way & God programmed us this way. Woman was made for the man, not the other way around. If you have a problem with that, then take it to God, not me.
          And you’re right, the world doesn’t revolve around me, it’s supposed to revolve around God, but we’ve since forgotten that. Again, take your beef to him if you have a problem with it & you can’t accept it.

  47. you should do a chronolgy of sexual market value for men by age Tuth. This was a good post.

  48. And what are the men doing during this time? A similar article about them please 🙂 also some info on how the girls should be doing it? Would it be have a ltr from say 17 to 20.then fine an older man of 28-38 age?

    1. The girls should have marriage in mind & their parents should be marrying them off at 16 to an older man like they did in the past so they don’t have a chance or the desire to ride the carousel. That’s the way it should be. Our modern laws & feminism did a number on all of us.

      1. but what the men in their 20s whom they marry doing for sex before they marry the girls? are you telling me that they should be virgins to? if not, who are they fucking?

        1. Yes I am telling you that they should be virgins too. Nobody is supposed to be fucking anybody until they’re married. That’s the way it was supposed to be anyway.

      2. You haven’t answered me question. What are the men doing during the time between teenage years and getting married? (unless they get married at 16 too) Who are they fucking? why do they get to fuck for a few years?

  49. The revenge fantasy aspect of the article is sooo absurd it is laughable. For argument sake, lets say that the author and the deluded nerds cheering him on are in fact right…that once a certain age is reached…much of the fun comes to an end. So what? At least as females, we had (in many cases, certainly not all) a series of exciting & memorable experiences…something that the Slave Gender (i.e. males) will never have. The amount of V-envy on this website is…well…considerable.

  50. Well Said. I’m in my early 40s and have seen this take place many times. I will be honest and say that I do enjoy the carnal pleasures of all women, but older women who take care of themselves and fight “the wall” are the perfect short-term partner. Lots of sex without the persistent nagging of “when we getting married? When we having kids? When we moving in together or buying a house?”
    Women on here, take note, if you want to secure a family and marriage do so when your are young and highly marketable. Men (myself included) like party girls who are familiar with the “cock carousel” for fun, but women with a lot of mileage are not desirable given the high incidence of divorce.
    Anyways, marriage is overrated nowadays and smarter men who retain their looks and have a decent income and a car have a large selection of women to have fun with.

  51. I have seen beautiful girls blow up, I have seen ugly’s turn into pretty swans. Men get older too, lose their hair, get wrinkles in their forehead, the gray kicks in etc. And being almost 30 this happens to me too, but seeing the girls you hated as a teen turning in to ugly broads is just fantastic. Sometimes I grab a beer and type in some names into facebook. Guaranteed hour of laughs and amazement. Wott? This broad I sat next to in Math class already has two kids before 30? I spill my beer laughing when I see that shit. Not because she has two kids, but as a result looks like a walking wale. Others just need some lotion because their skin already looks like a vintage leather bag.

  52. I’m not sure about this article anymore. I know several of my wifes friend’s in their 40s that have dates almost nightly… with different younger guys. Many of them have received marriage proposals from the younger guys but these women are just enjoying all the young sex too much. Frankly, I hate it… and I just don’t understand why these pathetic younger guys would be willing to commit unless their generation is just really that bad.

    1. I reluctantly agree – but to an extent. Thirst is so strong out there that these washed up broads can easily get fucked by young studs. However, if these women want commitment from anyone other than a blue pill beta, they are shit out of luck… I’m unconvinced young studs are lining up to wife up these old tarts

  53. i’m sorry real women won’t come near you, but this is a pretty sad thing to resort to. I hope you all feel vindicated by the scores of other bitter divorcees coming to commiserate with you on this site.

  54. These articles are so negative and hating towards women. It is no wonder why we still have women being stoned to death in the world in 2015. When did commitment and marriage stop being about love and start being only about physical beauty? No wonder you guys get cheated on and divorce filed for. You should be choosing a partner for her inward beauty, not her outward beauty. And isn’t two incomes better than one? Just saying… Less work for the man to do seeing his partner is helping him out.

    1. You don’t get this article, do you? Because the modern day women has turned away from traditional romance and courting, and is using her looks to fully exploit her situation, this is what she is left with.

  55. Thirst is so strong out there that it is still very easy for old chicks to get laid by young studs. However, men need to make sure that these old cougars are only for pump and dumps… they are absolutely foolish to see these washed up carousel riders as anything else

  56. “The magical years are officially gone, and the long descent to complete invisibility to the opposite sex is well underway.” …Amen

  57. Men throw the marketplace out of balance. In youth they don’t chase good girls: church girls, brainy girls, sweet one-man-women. Instead they chase the most promiscuous, least clothed, easiest lays. They get raped in divorce court and become bitter. If they had chosen women based in character instead of looks and slutty behavior they too could have a good partner. Women have been doing this for milennia and it’s served them well.

  58. White knights and feminists can come to the comments section and try to say all this is not true but it’s a cold hard fact. There are exceptions as always. I’ve met women who lose their looks way before 30. Seriously, they pop one baby out in their early 20’s and simply never bounce back. Game over. There are women who remain beautiful and desirable well into their 40’s. They will always be the top of the crop for their age group and, if not bitter and jaded, they will always have a higher quality man then most. American women need to realize that they are not quality wife material like foreign women. White women age terribly, they are “tomboys” and absolute sluts. They don’t worship or respect their man. A European woman is feminine, soft, passionate and stands by her man. She ages like fine wine and allows her man to have an affair every now and then. The American woman ages and turns into a fat pork with a double chin popping out lots of babies and then fucking her husband over for alimony, child support and the house ultimately emasculating a man and taking away everything HE worked for.
    Men, if you find a good quality girl, marry her with prenup. If she starts playing the no sex game or starts getting porky, let her know that’s not what you signed up for. Plain and simple.
    This all coming from a woman in her mid 20’s. I agree with most of this article and I make a daily choice to not be like the women mentioned.

  59. What in the heck are you talking about? LOL. I am 37 and feel like life just keeps getting better and better. I look better now, having lost a lot of weight, than I looked in my 20’s. Not every American woman’s looks degrade after 30, lol. I am very happily married and still get a lot of attention, just going to the store or gym. I think we can retain our attractiveness well into our 60’s and 70’s. This article is ridiculous.

  60. I really do wonder what lead to this completely toxic view of women it really is a hideous article. Reading this actually gave me chills there clearly is something very wrong with you, the fact that you continue to degrade and demonise a whole group of people is completely morally wrong.

  61. And then there are women like me: In my late twenties, but everyone assumes that I’m 16… 18 if I’m lucky. And when they see me walking around with my four children, I get many shocked and confused stares.
    My husband doesn’t mind having a “girl” for a wife, of course. : )
    But when it comes time for me to look my age, I’m not worried. I plan to have long hair and glamorous vintage style well into my old age. Style and class are things that time cannot take away from you.
    Carmen Dell’Orefice, a model in her 80s, is a great inspiration.

  62. Great article. One every father should read. 15-30 is the magical time and is a conclusion I have come to before seeing your article.

  63. This is an accurate portrayal of women without morals. I married a woman who was 23, I was 28. She a virgin on our wedding night. Now we have 6 kids and life couldn’t be better. I bring home the bacon and she cooks it. Actions have consequences.

  64. I have a really hard time believing that anyone on this website actually lives on Earth, just based on their “observations” of human behavior…

  65. Not necessarily. Life is much, much more complex than this.
    I at 27 look the best I have ever looked and attract more male attention now than I ever did. From both older and younger men.
    Plenty of good looking, smart and nice girls I know have gotten married in their 30s, 40s etc.
    Plenty of guys I know who aged terribly in their 20s and 30s.
    There are no hard and fast rules. The amount of external influences that affect how things work out in the end is endless…

  66. I am married in my 40’s, At church, I help out with the youth (12-18)
    activities on Tuesday nights, it is crazy to see this as a fly on the
    wall, rather to be in the middle of it. The bulk of the boys are usually
    quiet around the girls, or stick to themselves. The boys may talk about
    girls when we go on camping trips, but most act intimidated when doing co-ed activities. The good
    looking girls, on the other hand, joke with each other openly about how this
    guy or that and how they asked her out and they shut him down They
    lavish in the attention, and are cold. There are a few girls that are not as good looking and may
    not get the attention, and they like the boys, stick to themselves.
    I was in high school, I didn’t realize how cold girls were, I just
    thought there was something wrong with me. Now that I overhear the girls
    talking, I realize that they were just being fickle, like the second grader that suddenly doesn’t want to be your friend anymore, because so and so said something.
    Those girls are drunk on their own power, and destroy lives. I see lots of articles on how we need to learn game with these girls. I don’t think so. We need to teach our young men to not care about these nasty witches, despite how they look. Until there is a balance between how much attention girls get with the amount of attention a guy will get, things will remain the same.

  67. that video only counts for the pretty girls. As you can see in the video, average girls don’t
    get this attention and have to wait in line and don’t get contract
    killing offers by strangers, because with men it’s somehow the same
    80/20 relation as with women. 80% of men go for the top 20% of women and complain that
    it’s so hard. I did not get much got attention for my looks,
    except sometimes from older men who consider everything young as
    attractive. Like, Kylie Jenner’s pre surgery self would not have
    gotten much attention at my school back then. I was not totally ignored but I was
    defenitly not spoild, I was average.
    TodayI chuckle at such articles. Maybe it’s not your fault because you are
    wired like it, but in the end you’ll give the 10 with the mini skirt
    more attention than anyone else. I’ve seen narcisstic borderline like
    women destroying their families children, husband, everything, and they
    moved right from the spot to the next man. I was friends with kids whose
    parents got divorced. No one would believe me what I’ve seen there.
    Father was destroyd, mother moved into a penthouse with her next man.
    her secret? She looked good, trophy like.

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