Who Is The Biggest Alpha Male On Game Of Thrones?

Sword fights, severed limbs, and doggy style sex are all trademarks of HBO’s latest flagship television series. In other words, it’s awesome.

Now in its third season, we have a good sense of the prominent characters, their values, and their histories. But who is the most masculine – the most alpha – in this giant power orgy?

The Players

Before I continue, yes I left out a few players such as Ned Stark, Littlefinger and Tywin Lannister. There’s millions of characters in the show and I’m tired. Get over it.

Tyrion Lannister

tyrion lannister alpha

“I’m a monster, as well as a dwarf. You should charge me double.”

Alpha Characteristics: The ultimate conversationalist and a borderline genius. He consistently dominates everyone and makes them eat their own words. He also has a lot of sex. Much of which comes from whores that he puts down three at a time.

When push comes to shove in the largest battle of the show to date, he takes the place of the beta king and leads an army into battle – despite no combat experience.

Beta Characteristics: He’ a midget.

Grade: A

Jon Snow

john snow alpha

“First lesson, stick em with the pointy end.”

Alpha Characteristics: He would´t even be in this conversation the first two seasons, but this bastard child has developed over time. A late bloomer if you will. Solid in combat and unafraid, despite numerous attempts to intimidate him.

Beta Characteristics: Just lost his virginity, although he dominated in his rookie appearance. Used to be a bitch.

Grade: C

Jamie Lannister

jaime alpha

“Has anyone ever told you you’re as boring as you are ugly?”

Alpha Characteristics: A true asshole, but a funny, charming one. Also an amazing fighter. He pretty much doesn’t give a fuck and does what he wants.

Beta Characteristics: He bangs his sister and he stabbed a king in the back.

Grade: B

Stannis Baratheon

stannis alpha

Alpha Characteristics: A cold blooded killer with no other desire than obtaining the crown. He sees everything a means to an end.

Beta Characteristics: He is borderline controlled by a woman.

Grade: C

Joffrey Baratheon

joffrey beta

“You can’t talk to me like that.”

Alpha Characteristics: None.

Beta Characteristics: All of them.

Grade: F

Robb Stark

robb stark alpha

“I asked him, How can a man be brave if he’s afraid? That is the only time a man can be brave, he told me.”

Alpha Characteristics: Sticks to his principles regardless of the situation, ignores inconvenient conventions, and consistently takes bold actions despite opposition.

Beta Characteristics: None.

Grade: A

Sandor Clegane (“The Hound”)


“Fuck the water, bring me wine.”

Alpha Characteristics: A beast of a man who crushes in battle.

Beta Characteristics: Has little to no sex.

Grade: C

Khal Drogo

drogo alpha

Alpha Characteristics: A silent barbarian king with badass fighting skills. He commands the utmost respect from a group of untamed, chaotic alphas. When one steps to him, he cuts his heart out. Don’t fuck with him.

Beta Characteristics: After rough sex consisting of little more than violent thrusting, his partner (see below) learns some tricks and begins to lead in the bedroom.

Grade: B

Daenerys Targaryen



Alpha Characteristics: A sexy blonde who controls a barbarian army. Oh, and three dragons. Not to mention she takes zero shit from anybody, does what she wants, and emasculates seemingly alpha males on the regular.

Beta Characteristics: She’s  a she.

Grade: A

The Winner

Based the grades above, it is obvious I believe the competition lies between Tyrion, Robb, and Daenerys. A hilarious midget, a bold king, and a powerful woman. Three distinct personalities, but all with larger than life presences that dominate whatever room they enter. However, I have to disqualify Daenerys based on gender. And Tyrion based on my minimum height requirement. So Robb Stark takes the cake.

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72 thoughts on “Who Is The Biggest Alpha Male On Game Of Thrones?”

  1. Usually I love this blog and the manosphere in general, but now I gotta comment.
    So here we have Robb “YOLO” Stark who makes nothing but the wrong decisions. He marries the first broad who comes along, who winds up also dominating him. He is owned by his mother, who he lets fuck up consistently and FORGIVES. His “principles” change every day and he always seems to shit the bed. I disagree, this guy is beta as fuck. Do you even read the books? If so you’ll see why…..
    Meanwhile, Stannis bangs a hot bitch who spawns tactical nukes and yet is somehow less alpha than Daenerys? And he fucks up anyone he doesn’t like and gets a C?
    Then we have Daenerys… oh boy what a shit-tier character. she is. She has no personality. She is completely controlled by her beta orbitters who only stay with her because they want to bang her. Even though they generally RUN THE SHOW she still doesn’t sleep with them. She’s uninteresting and the only reason she has ANY power is because of her late husband, and because the author decided to drop some F-16s on her just because. She has no political savvy or personal development as a character. THe only reason people like her, INCLUDING YOU, are because she’s hot and has dragons… but NO skills aside from that.
    Melisandre is infinitely more alpha than this cunt.
    Also, Tywin “Mothafuckin’” Lannister and Olenna “You Now Suck” Tyrell as well as Petyr “Littlefinger the ex-Beta” Baelish aren’t this… why?
    Seriously, this list sucks. I say this as an avid Return of Kings, rooshv, and Game of Thrones reader/watcher.

    1. eh dude, you’re taking this list way too seriously.
      And it’s meant to be biased to draw reactions like yours for increased paged views.
      With that said if you read the books you’d realize that Robb Stark was not controlled by his mother; he forced her hand in almost all decisions, and moved to cast her aside when he felt that she meddled too much in his affairs. His “forgiving” of her was also a calculated tactical maneuver so that he could keep his wife. And he made all the right battle decisions just wrong ones outside of it.
      Dany is also excruciatingly annoying but not for the reasons you listed above.
      Relax, it’s just a book/show.

      1. I disagree. Daenerys is a boring, undeveloped character who makes nothing but the wrong decisions and is rewarded for it.
        Meanwhile Robb’s “principles” extend to all but his own stupid decisions.
        Anyways you can argue it’s “just a book/show” but hell if we’re here to talk about it then we may as well disagree with statements. And seriously if we’re talking “alpha/beta” then Daenerys and Robb CANNOT compete with the likes of Tywin Lannister or Littlefinger.
        Also I hate, Hate, HATE the stark love-fest which seems to consistently me by people who watch the show and like the characters who most crudely fit the beta-ass moralfaggotry of the West.

    2. Yeah, anyone who calls Robb an alpha will be in for a surprise in coming episodes.

  2. lol this is supposed to be a comic relief post but for argument’s sake Robb Stark:
    potentially threw away his empire FOR A WOMAN by choosing to marry that nurse instead of Walder Frey’s daughter.
    So he can’t take the cake.

    1. And on top of that he lets his wife and mother be present when he’s holding court which causes him to make poor decisions.

      1. It’s decided then. Women should have no place in decision making. Make it so men.

  3. Alpha Characteristics: A beast of a man who crushes in battle.
    Beta Characteristics: Has little to no sex.
    Is that due to because he is crushing men all the time…or because he stinks with the ladies?

    1. It’s because he’s too busy crushing bros. Although I heard he does bang once or twice in the book.

      1. Sounds to me like he’s the alpha of the bunch…having sex would drain him of the desire to destroy his enemies.
        Imagine how long feminism would last if guys took this mindset. It would be gone in a heartbeat and as a result guys could have sex with more attractive women.

  4. Tywin Lannister.
    Takes no $hit, dominates everyone and crushes his dissenters. Without a doubt, the Elite Alpha in the whole series of books and show.
    Utilizes his strengths to manipulate and gets what he wants through any means possible. Also an extremely dangerous alpha of epic proportions.
    The only difference between Littlefinger and Tywin is the amount of resources they were born with. But both were born to lead and make others tremble. By far the two best characters in the entire series.

    1. Another vote for Tywin.
      You forgot Khal Drogo’s other beta characteristic: wears tons of emo eye makeup.
      Really enjoyed the post.

    2. Little Finger gets my vote…. smooth, calculating, runs a brothel, climbed up from nothing, fosters influence with everyone, and yet seemingly doesn’t crave the power and position…. he’s the real red pill guy, just out to feather his own nest and have a good time….. he’s a player…. he’s made it all into a game…. the other characters take it seriously….. he’s just doing it because he can… because he wants to test himself out….
      you notice in life that the most successful and powerful people, are usually the ones that don’t covert it that much….

    3. One important point I disagree with you on is that Littlefinger doesn’t make anyone tremble (except for his whores); although he does use people’s contempt for him to maximum advantage.
      Tywin on the other hand can break just about anyone with just a glare. He even made Jaime, probably the most natural superalpha on the show, flinch in his first scene on the show (“Where you about to say something clever? Go on, say something clever.”)
      And Bronn at least deserves an honorable mention.
      1.Came from nothing, now a knight.
      2. Badass in a fight and absolutely fearless.
      3. Enjoys the company of women but never gets attached to one.

  5. Holy shit, really, you all talk about self improvement and then obsess like histerical cheerleaders on a fucking show. A FUCKING TV SHOW. “Who is the most alpha??” Surely not you, random fanboy sitting on your computer, randomly going to the gym to say “I’ve started my journey to become an alpha”, and fapping to porn while struggling with approach anxiety. OMG! IT MUST BE KHAL DROGO! HE’S SO HOT, SO ALOOF, I WILL BECOME LIKE HIM IN A FEW YEARS, WHEN I GET 45!

    1. I love how taking a break and talking about a tv show brings out the game haters.
      It’s just a post about a tv show, don’t let it destroy your world.

      1. you just said it: “it’s just a post about a tv show”, so why the fuck can’t you simply enjoy the tv show without masturbating on who’s the biggest alpha, just like normal people did before this fucking internet?
        Also: taking a “break”??? OMG, better get back to work, reading stuff about how feminism is making us butthurt and how to learn the new smirk technology practicing 4hours at the mirror #alpha4life

  6. Great show, so many alphas. I was just thinking about this question earlier this morning.
    Littlefinger? Please. The catty scheming and beta pursuit of Lady Stark take him out. Robb, yes, but he quickly developed a case of oneitis. Jamie strangled a loyal servant for personal gain.
    Alpha is about being a man. By this criteria, most of men of the Knights Watch, though celibate, are more alpha than all but one of the Lannisters. And that of course is Tyrion. Personally I think one should take into account the obstacles people overcome. Tyrion Lannister is three feet tall and always the biggest person in the room. He’s also the most morally sympathetic character with a Jesus streak (he sees the whores as real people–recall his first ‘wife,’ and he doesn’t demonize opposing houses). Consider how he handled the berating of his father, who whined about how the imp ‘killed’ his mother during childbirth.
    Arya Stark (the 12 year old girl with a sword) deserves an honorable mention. Recall how she kept her cool in the holding cell for the torture chamber. Toughest girl her age on TV ever.

    1. I came here to say the same thing. To date, Tywin is clearly the biggest alpha on the series. Judging from the second-season audio commentaries, the actor who plays him (Charles Dance) is a super-alpha in real life, too. Everyone talks about how imposing and intimidating he is, and how he carries himself with such confidence and gravitas. In one commentary, Michelle Fairley (who plays Catelyn Stark) describes how she met him when she was a 19-year-old and had a small part in a movie in which he had the lead. She started by describing how tall and imposing he was, and I kept thinking “…and you found him irresistibly attractive.” Then, as prophesied, she dropped how handsome she thought he was…

      1. Top comment with 34 likes: vaneytito 3 weeks ago
        i don’t know why but….i think that Charles Dance is sooo handsome :B

  7. it’s a great tv show, though i think analyzing the alphas is pointless…. the real message in the show is how to create the patient influence that some of the lead characters foster… it also demonstrates how trust runs only skin deep and that often taking action that appears cruel or even self defeating ultimately produces results.

  8. Jamie Lannister is the most Alpha character on the show, aside from his father Tywin. FUCK YOU

      1. Because it was stupid. He should have just told him not to tell and if he does, ignore and deny, because he doesnt have proof and no one would believe a little kid. Instead, he let his emotions take over and tried to kill him.

    1. He lets his wife badger him into making stupid decisions (on top of those that he makes due to being shitfaced most of the time); he gets disqualified for the same reason Khal Drogo did.

  9. Funny that Rob not following his principles is what leads to him dying in another three episodes. Oops, have I said too much?

  10. Are you fucking kidding me? “Who is the most alpha character on game of thrones?” This site just lost whatever shred of credibility it was clinging to. Enjoy your nerdfest.

  11. You’ve made a mistake, Tyrion midget status doesn’t make him less than Rob, it makes him more.

  12. lord tywin lannister is a bigger alpha male than robb stark..sorry.

  13. Definitely Tywin Lannister! Followed by Jaime Lannister. They do what they want and don’t care what anyone thinks. Rob Stark isnt alpha, he married the first girl he banged, and is being bossed by his mother. Dany doesn’t count because she’s a girl. Also, she has an army now but for entire season 2 she was just an entitled, whiny little bitch.

  14. Robb gets killed because he blows off his most powerful vassal to marry for love. Jaime embraces duty and goes into into celibacy. Little Finger is the one who orchestrated the bankruptcy of the kingdom in the background.
    My memory is terrible, but Robb’s vassal sides with the Lion of Casterly Rock. Jaime fumes at daddy and Little Finger was financially backed by him to the tune of 3 million gold. Tyrion’s the least restrained of the bunch, only limited by . . .
    Tywin Lannister is the badass of the story.
    George R.R. Martin still has two books to go, but I bet he makes Snow to be the one who comes out on top. Part of the – misfit teenager discovers inner strength then grows into the hero – motif. I’m still rooting for Tyrion, though.

  15. obviously, this dude barely has watched the show (or read the book series for that matter; I read all the books)
    for one, if you watched the show, or read the books, Sandor discusses how he likes women and drinking, but LOVES killing. Also, Sandor has alot more on his mind than tail…..His life purpose right now, is to kill a certain man whom he HATES…read the books, i dont wanna spoil it
    Lol, at calling Tyrion a beta for being a midget……thats a crappy reason,….if anything, he’s a beta for falling for a whore, and pretty much relying on his dad’s money……his alphaness still overcomes that though, when you consider his smarts, wits, and his awesome humor.
    Jaime Lannister fucking his sister…..dont think he does that for reasons of desperation….his mind is screwed up that way, i guess…..but he does have a lot of tail thrown his way (read the books, and you will see)
    I somewhat agree with your description of Khal Drogo and his beta-ness…..allowing some ‘western whore’ to be something of meaning to you after a few fucks is kinda beta, especially when you consider how much of an elite warrior he is…..but hell, i wouldnt ever say that to his face.
    Robb deserves an F grade…..he pretty much kills a few of his servants (Karstarks) inorder to just to make a moot point, when he could of just comfortably jailed them…but no, he had to react on emotional impulse,..a very beta, and very feminine, womenly thing to do……those men, have spent centuries guarding Robb’s family and lands, and he does them really dirty, especially considering how many men the Karstarks lost to avenge Robb’s father and honor him….yet, he lets his mother off scott free, despite her freeing Jaime, and man who killed many men under Robb’s control (pretty much leaving families fatherless and husbandless)…….he has double standards, much like feminists and man-haters we encounter in life……….he also does a beta move in chasing tail, when he couldve simply put her on misstress status, and married the Frey……that action pretty much loses them alot of potential support, thus getting more of Robbs men slaughtered……Robb is a big of a beta in my eyes as you can get…..he doesnt care for his men under him, and just seems to carry himself like a Highschool girl teenager (spoiled, stuck up, selfish, entitled)
    also, the fact that your list doesnt carry or make mention of Petyr Baelish = ARTICLE FAIL……come on man, anyone who has watched a minute of any of his scenes will tell ya.
    anyway, I appreciate you puttiin up a GOT articles, and allowing us fans to mix game and fiction fantasy into one.

    1. drogo didnt allowa western whore to become valuable,she was valuable.she gave him claim to an entire kingdom. youhave to look at how things were back then,she was his property when dude insulted her it presented a direct challenge to his authority if he hadnt answeared it he wouldve looked weak and he wouldveeventually lost his throne

  16. also, stannis Baratheon needs to be on this list, my man. IMO, he’s the most alpha character in the series.
    If you read the books, is says how is regarded as one of the greatest military strategists/generals/leaders in the HISTORY of Westeros. He also is an accomplished fighter and sailor. Not to mention that he doesnt play the BS games of flattery and fakeness in the courts of Westeros. He doesnt kiss anybodys ass. If he has something to say, he will say it,…none of the politcal correct bullshit, like we have today, or even on some of the show.
    He also has the strongest sense of justice, and the reason he was given Dragonstone was because he was only man suited for the job, as that place had alot of rebel remnants.
    ANother strong alpha element of Stannis is that he is the only high lord in the show to fight and lead his men in the thick of combat. this was especially in good contrast to how Joffrey was hiding like a bitch during the battle of blackwater. Not only does stannis lead the charge, but he kicks ass, and doesnt like hide behind a vanguard like manyy other poser warrior kings. This alpha trait earns the upmost loyalty of his men.
    FUN FACT: Stannis is so alpha, that he puts his status and accomplishments before women and whores, like other nobles. It is mentioned strictly in the books that he has sex only twice a year, with his only wife…..he puts it ‘as doing his duty’…..some of u may not regard voluntary celibacy as alpha, but I do, especially when u look at his accomplishments…..its the equivalent of ‘fuck ho’s, accquire currency’ kinda thinking.
    He also happens to be really funny without intention,..with sarcasm and deadpan…plus he contains other alpha character traits that women love, like aloofness, non PC, non flattering, etc.
    the books are alot more fun IMO than the shows lol

    1. How can Stannis be the greatest military leader in the series? He totally screwed up the Battle of Blackwater Bay, lost his Navy, then failed to see Tywin coming and lost his army. Failure should be proof enough that he’s actually the most foolhardy battle commander.
      Robb, beta and poor strategic thinker that he is, nonetheless excelled at battlefield tactics. He’s the best battlefield commander, just not good at the politics.

      1. That was only because half his fleet was destroyed in a surprise attack and he thought Tywin was still fighting with Robb Stark. He’d have won if not for the wildfire.

        1. Great military leaders don’t forget about military intel. Stannis should have had a Varys type, cluing him into Tyrion’s defense plans and the status of the Lannister / Stark campaigns to the south. Perhaps that’s why Melisandre said she should not have been left behind. The fires know…
          The only battle he’s won so far was thanks to his/her shadow assassin spaun offing his brother Renly, unless you count the battle at the wall.

  17. Robb Stark is led around by a medieval version of a liberal womyn’s studies feminist cunt. He’s beta as fuck.

  18. How is Khal “motherfucking” Drogo not considered an alpha? Just because Drgo let Dany be on top a few times during sex doesn’t mean he lost his alpha male mojo. Please, that man radiated dominance! Maybe he just simply liked the view with her on top. Plus, Drogo had to be the alpha male of his entire Khalasar, he wouldn’t be their leader if he wasn’t. Remember, the Dothraki do not follow a monarchy, They follow whoever is the strongest and most dominate in their clan. Khal Drogo’s Kalasar had an estimate of 40,000 men! of all those people in one Khalasar, his people chose his to lead. That shit fucking MEANS SOMETHING!
    Khal Drogo is a text book alpha male.
    He was a major go big of go home kind of guy, just look at the way he kills.
    Ned Stark’s brother Bran was also a big time alpha male as well and Robert Baratheon in his prime and Tywin Lannister. Most of the Stark men (save for Ned older brother Bran) though good and honorable men are all betas. I’m only including Ned, Robb, and Jon (I consider Jon a Stark) because Bran and Rickon as still just boys and we don’t really know anything about Benjen Stark, so we can’t really judge them.
    However, Jon does surprise me every once in a while when he does decide to turn his alpha male on. Jon does have it in him to become a major alpha male, but he’s to humble and insecure about his whole “Aw…I’m a bastard” sad story to really reach his full potential. Jon is his own worse enemy. Once he gets over that whole issue and just learns to accept himself (like Tyrion told him to) he’ll be well on his way to becoming a true alpha.

  19. I disagree with the verdict… Robb proved to be less of the Alpha male he was, when he seemingly lost all atom of common sense after he fell for a daughter of eve on the battlefield

  20. Tyrion… Yes… but a bit handicapped to do justice to the title… But Dany has everything an Alpha should have except she is a female

  21. Biggest Alphas in the books would have to be:
    -Euron “Crow’s Eye” Greyjoy. Great fighter, steals women from others on the regular. Many bastard children. Zero fucks given. Bonus points for still being alive.
    -Oberyn “The Red Viper” Martell. Great fighter, although proves arrogant. Many wives and offspring. Cares about his family, otherwise he doesn’t care what anyone thinks of him.
    -Robert Baratheon (in his prime) Best fighter of his day. Fathered at least 16 bastard children from anything to tavern wenches to royalty. Loses points for getting fat and putting up with Cersei.
    There may be better fighters and leaders than these three, but no one else comes up as strong in the pussy department.

  22. I love the Starks to death, but you have to admit… They are pretty pussy-whipped, and that’s probably why *SPOILER ALERT*
    they get fucked in season 4. You might as well put Mance Rayder or Roose Bolton on the list…. Tywin is the biggest asshole and undisputed alpha in the series. He pimp-slaps Cersei and Tyrion each time into obedience. He plays Joffery like a violin. Only Jaime ever really stood up to him.

  23. The Alpha/Beta model is seriously misused here. It’s not a good fit for analyzing these characters. Best example: Joffrey. Calling him a Beta is so totally off the mark, anyone who reads this and had not seen the show would get the entirely wrong idea about him. He’s a psychopath, and thus is innately a coward and horrifically abusive to any and all living things, except perhaps his mother. One could make the argument he is the most Alpha on the list: he is glib and superficially charming, able to take control without seconds thoughts, never gets nervous or bumbling, and gets sex all the time; it’s just that sex for him is torturing and killing people, not coitus. Sure, he’s a coward and a liar, but that’s what a psychopath is.
    One really can take the “alpha/beta” model too far. No model is supposed to apply to every situation.

  24. All Starks are fucking betas, i´ve can´t believe they belong to an important house in the show, trying to live with rules in a no rule world, no long term decisions, extremely naive traits, loosing leverage over and over…

  25. Given that Season 6 just ended, now would be
    a great time to do a sequel to this post.

  26. Tyrian is a bad ass midget with an axe… He shot his shit of a father in the balls with a crossbow… Hell yeah He is THE alpha in my book… Robb Stark is dead. Disqualified.

  27. Why in the blueberry fuck are Tywin Lannister and Roose Bolton not on this list? They exude complete alpha traits. Strong, wise, feared, and not letting women control them one bit.

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