Feminist Delusions Around The Lewinksy Fiasco

Sometime in the early winter season of 1995, Monica Lewinsky met  Bill Clinton and had their first sexual encounter. Over the course of two years they had nine encounters that, allegedly, never amounted to sexual intercourse. Further, it was alleged she blew Clinton in the Oval Office, with some of his semen staining what would become her very famous blue dress. In 1996, she was moved from her post at the White House because it was perceived they were too close. 

[Image: Starr-large_%281%29.jpg]

Kenneth Starr

Let’s go through the breaking of the story and his eventual impeachment trial. Linda Tripp, a coworker of Lewinsky’s, began to record her conversations with her in which Lewinsky recounted the sex acts and her relationship with the President. Eventually, these tapes were turned over to Kenneth Starr, an independent prosecutor.

Clinton had been previously sued by Paula Jones for sexual harassment. The suit was settled in late 1998, with a key element of that trial being his deposition in which he denied a sexual relationship with Lewinsky. While the allegations of sexual trysts between Clinton and Lewinsky didn’t surface until January 1998, it did not explode in the media until Kenneth Starr dropped the Starr report in early fall 1998, making strong, controversial allegations of the sexual relationship. When the allegations surfaced Bill Clinton famously drawled, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.”

Clinton was served with articles of impeachment by the Republican House on December 19, 1998, with two counts – one of perjury (in the Paula Jones lawsuit) and one of obstruction of justice (same deposition, the allegation his testimony amounted to altering the course of justice because of his lies). It was a quick and highly political process. Democrats were minorities in both Houses, especially in the House. The House was crucial in this process, from a Constitutional perspective, as the allegations have to voted on by a majority of the members to move to the Senate, where impeachment accusations have to be voted for by 2/3 of the Senate.

From a political perspective, anti-Clinton animus was strong in the House, as even a few Democrats voted for impeachment. However, the Senate could not meet the 2/3 threshold, as every Democrat voted against impeachment, while a good number of Republicans did vote against it, as well. Understand that at the Senate level, it is treated as an actual trial. The Chief Supreme Court Justice presides over the proceedings, and House members preside as prosecutors. The accused have access to counsel, and the Senate as a whole serves as the jury, as they vote for or against the charges. After a private deliberation the House prosecutors failed to garner the necessary 67 votes, which would have led to Clinton’s impeachment and forcible removal from office.

Feminist Reactions To The Affair

Let’s talk about the feminist reaction. Understand that Clinton knew he had to appease feminists politically as the 1990’s had a strong feminist vibe to them. He appointed Janet Reno as Attorney General to placate feminists. Also, consider his marrying of Hillary. That could have been a calculated move by Clinton – a female with impressive credentials marrying an alpha male. Even in the past election, feminists praised Clinton for marrying Hillary – “proving intelligent and capable women can find love through who they are, not what they look like.”

In general, the feminist response was supportive. To be sure, it was muddled for some, but in order to support Clinton, they focused on Lewinsky. They complained loudly about the media depiction of her – her looks and weight were discussed and she was treated as dumb and entitled. Even one feminist proclaimed that when Starr released his report, she wondered whether the literary relationship between Starr and Lewinsky was consensual.

Feminists were upset Lewinsky was threatened with imprisonment for her actions and allegations. This was the sticking point – they were upset that a woman made a choice to sleep with a man and the choice could potentially blow up in her face. Which brings me to an article penned at Ms. Magazine that highlights the feminist response and the feminist relationship with alphas, hypergamy and their sexuality.

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSK2M7IanpcvZAvW8ODbgS...JmfT9CqmDA]

Susie Bright wrote aforementioned article in which she refers to Lewinsky as a “sexual superstar” for seducing the most powerful man in America. Notice the implicit admission of hypergamy – Bright never even considers her assumption powerful men are attractive. Second, is her assumption that Lewinsky seduced Clinton, like she is some sort of latter-day Cleopatra. There were pictures of Lewinsky staring adoringly at Clinton – yeah, a clinical narcissist falls for somebody? The evidence doesn’t even back the seduction up – Lewinsky was in photos clearly being the swooning person.

She then treats Lewinsky as a sexual blueprint to snag powerful men – if you want to bag powerful men, you must start packing on pounds. She even comments that if women start gaining weight, men will cry a sigh of relief, as they have always craved fat women – men have used thinness a weapon to oppress women. Finally, she discusses Lewinsky’s supposed brain. She claims Lewinsky is a genius and should have been groomed for great things – like being President.

When women sleep with a man, often times they pretend to have the traits he has. Lewinsky sleeps with a charismatic genius; she must be a charismatic genius as well. Women like to pretend they sleep with an equal; however, they know on some level they sleep with more powerful men. They are repulsed by inferiors and turned off by equals. However, in our society, women like to pretend they are equals to the men they bed. Part of this is the impetus for feminism – I can sleep with and marry lawyers, why can’t I be a lawyer? I must be smart enough because he has sex with me. He isn’t attracted to my looks; he is attracted to my brain. We must be equals then.

Bright concludes Lewinsky’s problem source from two reasons: patriarchy and her father’s decision to only pay for community college before university. The community college “issue” is bizarre and reeks of typical feminist privilege. Community college isn’t bad at all – in fact, if you are looking to avoid deleterious levels of student loan debt, community college is a great choice.

As for her second point, she claims Lewinsky had to seduce Clinton in order to climb the political ladder – she treats it as some sort of second-class citizenship situation where women have to sleep up the ladder to get there. She ignores the fact that men respect people who work hard and put their nose to the grindstone – she implicitly admits that women are more concerned with likeability than competency when promoting people. She also keeps pushing the point that Lewinsky seduced Clinton, but not just for lust but because she had to in order to climb the sexist patriarchy. She sees Lewinsky as sex icon, talking about how beautiful she is and how the nation will be reeling from Lewinsky’s beauty for decades.

This highlights the absolutely confused & bizarre response feminists took towards Bill Clinton & Monica Lewinsky. Susan Faludi, a very strong feminist, was quoted on the matter saying, “If anything, it sounds like she put the moves on him,” agreeing with Bright. Recall the feminist response to the sexual harassment allegations against Clarence Thomas by Anita Hill. Feminists were uniformly behind Anita Hill. To be sure, Clarence Thomas is black & Bill Clinton is white, so you can’t ignore racism. However, there is a huge, qualitative difference between feminist responses to both allegations of sexual harassment.

Evolutionary Psychology & How Feminists Get Sexuality Wrong

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTD6mFgEgkKIBN0hUL271H...lT3uBmNSmo]

Let’s step through some evolutionary psychology before I go through feminist psychology around human sexuality. Matt Ridley penned the “The Red Queen” in 1993, at the height of feminist power in America. In his book he talks about how men and women are different because of different biological impetus’ based on different evolutionary needs of men and women.

He argues women have a biological conflict with the men they sexually desire. At the first level – lust – they desire powerful (alpha) males; however, they have desires of a second and third order related to companionship. In essence, they lust after alphas and then want beta male attention. Notice how when women are pregnant or rearing very young children they are very receptive to beta male advances. That is evolutionary – they are weak and need protection and provisioning. This can also play out with women seeking male commitment, then being open to advances of superior, more powerful males.

Many feminists were unable to resist Bill Clinton after the allegations of dalliances with Lewinsky surfaced. Feminist Erica Jong made comments she was glad her President was active sexually, commenting, “Imagine what it would be like to swallow the President’s cum!” Tina Brown commented on how much more charismatic & handsome he appeared after the scandal. Many other feminists talked about his sexual appeal, his physical appeal and most assuredly approved of him sexually.

This wasn’t the only feminist response to his dalliances. A few were disgusted with the unabashed expression of female sexuality of their sisters. They claimed to focus on the constellation of allegations against Clinton related to his sexual indiscretions. This is where the feminist consternation was concentrated. However, the real focus was most likely the uncomfortable relationship feminists have with sexuality.

Let’s have a discussion about the feminist psychology with respects to alpha males – the men, like all women, they are sexually attracted to. First, America is a society founded on puritanical values. This is reflected in the feminist reaction to sexuality in general. American society is not generally supportive of a positive sexuality for either sex. To be sure, the reigns have been loosened socially, but the underlying discomfit still persists. Further, American society is also a society steeped in narcissism – in other words, it often is very self-absorbed. Both of these issues are obvious when feminists are faced with their sexuality & the implications.

Puritanically, there are two processes, both based in fear, that a feminist can go through psychologically in order to balance feminism & female sexuality. Either a feminist can purely deny her sexuality: I am afraid of my sexuality, I perceive that society & authority figures do not approve of my sexuality, I don’t want to lose their approval, therefore I will not express my sexuality. The other process is projecting their base desires onto men. Many radical feminists have some crazy thoughts about what men think about sex and women – far too specific to be anything more than psychological projection. Otherwise, she can blame the patriarchy for inculcating bad thoughts in a male – usually centered around expressions of sexuality outside of what they think sexuality should be. Turn off the lights and only missionary.

However, let’s talk about the feminist psyche around alpha males & beta males. Here is a quote from a previous article I wrote on RVF:

As usual, the guys would abuse women will do so with impunity – they often have anti-social tendencies so they don’t care about what the social mores are. For guys that would not beat their girlfriends or wives all it does it create unnecessary fear on their part. It is beyond predictable that women target their psychological equal – the insecure beta male. Unable to control the men they desire – alphas – they double down on asserting supreme control over beta males. It is never satisfying for them.

Women are torn. The competition for status in their hierarchies bleed over to their competition for alpha males in two ways. They falsely assume the need to demonstrate social superiority in their approach. Sure, some men prefer higher-status women – that is true. However, social status does not nearly have the same effect on men as it does on women. Women, by and large, are supremely unhappy with the beta males they end up settling with. This reality usually turns into narcissism.

Feminists are not comfortable with male sexuality because, by and large, they do not have the ability to get the men they desire and the betas they get are unappealing. Affairs like Clinton & Lewinsky are appealing because they get to pretend alpha men like Clinton prefer chubby women like Lewinsky. The narcissistic exposure here is the delusion that reality reflects their belief that unattractive women, like Lewinsky, can get & keep the attention of a man like Clinton. Further, feminists don’t understand what men want because of this narcissism – they cannot understand any sexual desires that they don’t value in the same way.

This feeds into the feminist assumption that men & women want similar things sexually. This assumption causes many issues when feminists consider male sexuality. Men and women don’t want the same things sexually. Women desire to test for dominance in a way men don’t; women value intelligence, confidence & wealth in ways men don’t. Anti-fat shaming and beliefs that beauty standards are socially constructed feed into this narcissism. Feminists engage in these deconstructions because they don’t matter as much to women, however there is a more important reason. They seek to deny male sexuality while trying to alter sexual standards so they rise to the top of the sexual hierarchy. Not only that, but they want their expressions of sexuality to reflect on who they see themselves as a person.

Remember Susie Bright? She portrayed Lewinsky as a seducer of Clinton. She repackaged his alphaness as her seduction of him. They want to be the best – Bright considered Lewinsky as Presidential material. However, women are attracted to the best – money, power and influence. Again, this is where narcissism comes in. They substitute actual greatness – Clinton’s life – with brushing against that greatness. They get to live out their fantasies of power and influence by coming into contact with it. However, they really don’t want that power, just want the illusion of it; they don’t want their fantasies comprised by reality.

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTUYwwZ7m3wCFfR2DLXmSY...IxKGe9846Z]

In reality, Clinton moved on and, recently, gave a rousing speech at the 2012 DNC. As for Lewinsky, she still is deeply in love with Clinton. She is now over 40, no kids and very much overweight. Like Roissy once said, five minutes of alpha is worth more than five years of beta. This case proves it. She allegedly only blew him nine times, but that was more than enough for lifelong love. She will spend the rest of her days recounting her days with Slick Willy. Like that one woman who released a book on her days with JFK – just days – remember that alpha males will always win. Women will always defend alphas – many feminists here proved that. They decided to defend Lewinsky, but they were implicitly defending Clinton while talking about how sexy Clinton was.

Never doubt the sheer power of the alpha male.

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28 thoughts on “Feminist Delusions Around The Lewinksy Fiasco”

  1. Wow, what a great, well written article! RoK has always been an admirable website but with contributions like this it’s reaching a whole new level.

    1. Thank you for the kind words. Expect more posts like this in the coming weeks & months.

  2. “They substitute actual greatness – Clinton’s life – with brushing against that greatness. They get to live out their fantasies of power and influence by coming into contact with it. However, they really don’t want that power, just want the illusion of it; they don’t want their fantasies comprised by reality.”
    Like I always tell my cousin time and time again, using WWE as an example:
    “Women want to watch the wrestling show, men want to find out the backstage politics, how things are set up, what direction creatives are going, etc”
    Basically, they want to “Walk in the moment”, and not actually understand the concrete which has gained them that moment to walk on.

  3. …let ’em drive, let ’em vote, and this is what you get; a never-ending flood of female commentary and hebrew interns celebrated for their fellatio skills.

    1. I could be reading your needlessly brief comment wrong, but what do you have a point?
      Why are temporal issues so important? Is this analysis more appropriate in 1958 or 1953?
      The most relevant question is whether my analysis is right or wrong.

      1. yes, understanding real history is extremely important if you want to do anything in the future….. you will find John that even masturbating in your shower will be improved by understanding its history…

  4. I was going to say something about the Alpha/Beta paradigm being fit for the dialectic of women, but suffice to say that even the most Beta of men is worth 100 cock sucking whore cannot be illustrated except to say that even on a Bronze Age Battle Field the Betas would be peltasts and slingers, and the gurls no where to be seen.

  5. One thing that this case clearly shows is exactly how futile hypergamy is in modern society. Think about it. This is a woman who took hypergamy to the ultimate level – from zero to sex with the President of the United States. Yet, it brought her nothing of value. She ended up becoming the laughingstock of a large group of people. She was used for a few quick blow-jobs then cast aside. The President didn’t even consider her worthy of sex (considering the implications it would have had for him). She essentially served the role of a piece of tissue paper. She is now overweight, old, no family, and no long-term relationship. Like all other hypergamists, her only choice now is to settle for a beta male. If she had actually used her marginal beauty in a wise way, she could have had a meaningful life. Instead she’s forever stuck in the moment she swallowed the President’s jizz.
    There are a lot of evolutionary holdovers that are doing us no good in modern times. The desire to eat anything and everything is one. Hypergamy is another. It might have been useful in the paleolithic (sex with the village chief had a lot of perks) but no longer. Lewinsky’s case is just a more public example of what goes on every day with millions of women.

    1. kick ass article…. worthy of the New York Times (after they shoot the feminist staff) …..
      to be honest…. i think we are headed back in the direction of sex with the village chief… where alpha males man up and take on 3+ wives and a host of other women…….. and then share the lesser ones out with the beta males…..
      this would make for the most interesting family….. for example I really can’t see something like Star Trek working with the current level of sexual awareness….. there was a porno with Jenna Haze and others all dressed as start trek crew…… that’s about the size of it…..
      alpha on top… women around, beta men controlled by alpha women…..a futuristic tribal structure…. the alpha gets total control (he’s happy), the alpha women get beta men and women to boss about (that makes them happy)… and the beta men get to work their balls off for the occasional sniff of pussy…and that makes them happy too….. and the beta women are controlled by the alpha male, who occasionally gives them a treat…. and the alpha women who keep the bitchy beta women in their place…. perfect…..society run by the alpha male and managed by the alpha females under him…. everyone else shuts up and does what they are told…..

  6. Like all other hypergamists, her only choice now is to settle for a beta male.
    No, her choice then was to settle for a beta male. Her choice now is to settle for a Gay German hairdresser whose real love is for his pekinese but who wants a Green Card.
    And don’t forget, she was not just used for blow jobs. According to Starr’s Report there was anal-oral contact as well. Classy!
    I can imagine the line of guys who want to man up for her.

    1. True. I can’t imagine even the most beta of betas ever signing up for that.
      I guess I should revise “She’s forever stuck in the moment she swallowed the President’s jizz” to “She’s forever stuck in the moment she licked the President’s hairy asshole”, then.

  7. “She sees Lewinsky as sex icon, talking about how beautiful she is and how the nation will be reeling from Lewinsky’s beauty for decades.”
    If not for this article, I would have continued to forget all about her. However last time I heard about her she had to move back in with her mom.
    Broke, over 40, single, living with mom…
    Beta female loser.
    If she was truly desirable and seductive,she would have received something from all of that seductive lust she projected besides digesting presidential baby gravy.
    There is no turning back now.

  8. Just previous to Clinton getting elected was the Clarence Thomas “high tech lynching”. Apparently black supreme court nominees post bork aren’t sufficiently alpha.

  9. Great piece! Lewinsky is more like those ’60s rock groupies who thought that because they slept with the Byrds (or whoever), they were also legends. But at the end of the day, no one plays their blow jobs on the radio. Similarly, no one cares about anything else Lewinsky did but that blow job (in fact, “giving a Lewinsky” was briefly slang for blow job at one point).

  10. Of course her five minutes of alpha would render her impossible of connecting with any other man, but even beta males and white knights still have enough sense to stay away from a woman who had sexual relations of whatever sort with a super-alpha. No wonder she’s an old maid.

  11. My two favorite comments about the whole thing came when Monica Lewinsky was interviewed and quoted as saying, “I don’t want to be known just for this.”
    One columnist said, “She better start working on a cure for cancer.”
    Another columnist later answered that with, “If she does cure cancer, her encyclopedia entry will have as its final sentence…And she also cured cancer.”

  12. I started reading this, but it felt like 1998 all over again and I just can’t stomach rehashing all this crap. I hated Bill Clinton not because I’m a prude but because of this story and its dominance in the news at the time. I got so sick of seeing his fat stupid face on TV and on the front page of the papers. I’m sure this is a great article but as a red pill male I know the truth about it all anyway and why feminists were so gung ho about Slick Willy. Had he been a GOPer Lewinsky would have been a “victim.” The whole thing made me want to puke and still does. But the younger crowd should certainly read this as I’m sure it’s another great ROK piece.

  13. Monica Lewinsky only a cum dumpster. She let herself become one by volunteering for this. she should e reminded every day that her only value is being a cum dumpster, not a worthy woman which she could have become. Most worthy women become that way by becoming good wives and good mothers. Some women become worthy for service to others for example Catholic nuns or Buddist nuns. The fewest women become worthy by doing something truly worthwhile like discovering uranium which is what Marie (Skladowska) Currie did, but even she was also a good wife to her husband, Pierre Currie, and a good mother to her children.

  14. Hmmm. This article gives a new insight as to why Clinton was able to dodge his critics and come up on top. My poli-sci 101 professor in college always talked about how Clinton’s vital edge over his opponents was his popularity with women. He showed us poll numbers on how Clinton had the female vote by landslides of over 60 percent. Upon leaving office, his approval rating was above 70 percent.
    As of late Obama has had no luck in this department. He’s been getting pounded by media, including the Beta Times, over the past few months. This is despite the fact that Obama has accomplished more in his first term than Clinton did in eight years.
    I believe this criticism has a lot to do with Obama’s social status as a greater beta than it does with the political opposition he faces from conservatives and even members of his own party. Despite the fancy drapery and strategic alliance with Hillary, Bill maintained the status quo when it came to the things he did while in office. However, he did it that alpha grin.
    In contrast, Obama looks tired, asexual, try hard and quick to appease his constituency. Now, us loyal readers of the manosphere how women react to a man like this. He got even slammed hard recently by complimenting attorney general
    Kamala Harris on her looks. It is clear then that Obama is under the thumb of his feminist masters, much like the loyal beta husband under his wife.

    1. yes, it’s amazing how much Obama has accomplished…. nearly $18 Trillion dollars of debt he’s run up… quite an accomplishment….. even for an African President….. (anyone for Yams, and a nose ring ?)… then we can have AKs in the street and a huge bloody civil war that causes a famine…. what an accomplishment…..
      it will be funny to see adds on TV in Nigeria and Kenya for appeals to help the starving Americans…. hahahhahahahaha…..
      Perhaps Bill Gates will get to monopolize America a second time with his charitable foundation…. hahahhhahahaha…..

  15. this is a fascinating article… probably one of the best on ROK…. something that requires an IQ higher than that of the door man in hip hop basement club….. my five bangs in a week…. yeah congratulations…….now go bang your head on the wall…..
    the question is : why couldn’t Clinton come out and say … yeah sure … I fucked her in the ass and loved it, and I also have three other chicks on the go… and when Hilary behaves herself and licks my balls correctly…. I let her do the ugly one with her strap on…… oh and btw…. one of my lovers is pregnant….
    I mean don’t you think this shit is going on anyway behind closed doors… These people put on suits and perfume, but they ca dirtier than a vegas brothel i’m sure…..
    the only reason its not open is because the democratic system gives everyone a voice…. so all the betas and feminists that aren’t getting any…. get jealous and vote the guy down….. bring in a Kingdom with a ruler…. and this behavior will be perfectly normal… in fact I think it’s healthy…… the only prevaiso is that the ruler doesn’t get too carried away with his power…. it should be used in the bedroom, and not in board room…..

  16. Good article but watch out for the tendency to over-use the word “let’s” when starting your sentences, i.e “Let’s examine…”, “Let’s have a discussion…”.

  17. Interesting article. Many good points but there are always few more.
    Have you considered that feminist support might have been purely political? Fisting-plus activists found a nice chair on the left and they really don’t want to get up.
    Perhaps because I was raised in a Soviet Union status does not impress me. He can still be a tool when it comes to social interactions or women. His choice of marriage material is questionable at best.
    Politics aside, (I might be biased since I find the whole notion of ‘Alpha-beta’ thang insignificant) I would never consider a feminist male or a male supporting feminism as Alpha.
    Another point is if he fucked her out of desperation because Hilary wasn’t putting out or he just wanted to have some fun with convenient, super-sized poon. Neither option raze him in my eyes but I would be happier with the latter.

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