The War Against White Knights

1. Becoming aware of the scourge.

One day I went over a lady friend’s house to do my thing and something horrible happened. She told me she was no longer cool with our casual arrangement. I was confused. I didn’t remember allowing her to dictate the terms of our “relationship”. I asked her if she was feeling alright. She informed me that some guy brought her to church. I told her I did not care what she does when I am not around and asked her why her clothes were still on. She attempted to explain what being a good Christian is to me but I zoned out and focused on the lavish bible with its gold trim and leather cover on the nightstand. At that moment I had the shocking epiphany that I was cock-blocked through time and space by god. This church going gentleman with his fancy bible and attempts to turn a bad girl good ruined my Tuesday afternoons for awhile.  On that day I realized something must be done.


2. Who is the enemy?

What is a “white knight”? In reality, a white knight  is a man that irrationally places women on a pedestal and acts as her doormat and slave. In the white knight’s mind, he is her righteous defender and honorable consort, personifying the ideals of chivalry. What would cause a man do to this? It could be mental illness, indoctrination, or ignorance. Whatever the cause, the problem exists and must be dealt with.


3. Why must they be fought?

In my short time on this planet I have realized that white knights are more dangerous than the silly jokes they appear to be. They are the enablers of certain deleterious social movements, behaviors, and attitudes that plague our society. Various elements they support work against the interests of me and other men like me. I’ve also noticed that while those they support might have certain protections, white knights do not. No one will defend a white knight and so they are vulnerable.

Why strike them wherever they may lurk? They are a cancer that tends to spread if not stamped out as soon as possible. With their weak minds and lack of knowledge of the world they are easy targets. Depending on how devious you are and how hard you want to crush them, there are many methods to combat this pathogen. Some white knights might be reformed and cease being white knights, others will be oblivious and continue with their ways, and some might double down on their beliefs, but the effort must be made.

This article is not a “how to” in engaging the white night but a call to arms to take the fight to them. They are a worm that eats at the apple of masculinity. A lot of the groups they enable would not be able to  stand without the support of white knights. These quislings need to be treated for what they are and deserve no mercy.

4. Conducting operations against them.

Usually their motivation to be a white knight is the key to destroy them. If they put a woman on a pedestal due to some bizarre belief of chivalry, use the dark soul of a woman against them. If they are motivated by the suicidal altruism of liberalism, serve them up some delicious “cultural enrichment”. The sky is the limit. An agile mind come up with many devious and dastardly  methods to bring the battle to the white knights.


In a previous article I mentioned the game where I would order fruity drinks to draw certain types out of the woodwork. Another method I use at the bar to engage the white knight is exploitation. If I observed a white knight that likes to buy drinks for the ladies, I’ll send my lady friend over to get one from him and bring it to me. I make sure he sees this. Most of the time he remains quiet and possibly questions his belief system. Sometimes he’ll say something along the lines of “I bought that for her” to which I reply “and she gave it to me”. Rarely they question the manners of the woman exploiting them but if they do I tell them to look into how the world really goes round.

5. Why we fight.

To anyone who knows medieval history and the feudal system, the current revisionism of chivalry is an abortion that does not apply to men these days. Odds are you are do not speak French, are a vassal of some lord, or have a license to kill. Fantasy play has its time and place. It is cool as a child or maybe at a medieval fair, but not at a bar or in a modern city.


If you find yourself acting like a white night, stop it. If you see someone acting like a white knight then “see something say something”. If enough men take up this crusade there will be positive change. Such change could include better sex ratios at the club, less female entitlement complexes, and a general return to the natural order.

Like a timid soldier cautiously moving down a block for fear of improvised explosive devices, white knights will think twice before they shit up a place with their nonsense after being hammered a few times. They should feel safe nowhere.

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103 thoughts on “The War Against White Knights”

  1. I hate white knights, worst thing invented since the emotional hamster.
    Instagram and just social media in general is a serious enebling groud for women via the huge population of chody white knights. I hate dealing with them on the internet becuase a huge swarm of them gathers to shame me and I end up getting blocked. I tried to sugest that a pudddy chick was not hot becuase of her square body…debate went on for 3 days until I got blocked.
    But they are easy to deal with in person. This is one way I deal with white knights in person;
    I assert myself and repeatedly assert myself while remaining calm. There is something about remaining calm that throws of both wome nand white knights.Then you must “stick to it to your guns”. For example when discussing why I like to ONS chicks rather than have a relation with them, I tell them that it is my choice in a calm and forceful way even though the women and white knights are constantly throwing shaming tactics ( ad hominem) and insults my way . Also the key rule is to not shame a white knight, as it just makes you look bad to the chicks, and you want to bang those same chicks that don’t agree with your lifestyle choice.
    I also had a great ownage with 2 white knights and 2 girls in my social circle without looking bad regarding violence agians women. They kept on saying that rihanna was a victim and Chris Brown is bad , and I said ” well what did you expect, she should learn not provoke someone twice her size”, then they responded with ” so you think violence against women is good” <– this is a trap question that allows them ot platform into shaming tactics. then I said” only if the woman hit first ” . They said ” it is never okay ot hit a lady” , I said ” it is never okay to hit a woman or a man “<— By using inclusve language, I difused the situation of emotion and won the debate at the same time. They had nothing and some of them wanted to say something back, but had back because they had not logic of emotion to respond with
    Emotion leads to shaming language. Walk around this, and you win against white knights.

    1. You’ve learned the same thing that I have only recently learned, which is that either true confidence of genuine humility are rare traits that throw off the average person, but when used in conjunction, they are unstoppable. You remove a person’s ability to introduce chaos and logically fallacious dialogue when you are confident, and you diffuse the argument totally and put yourself in a good light when you remain humble, even kind if emotionally possible.

  2. Well done. Few comments:
    The incident you describe in paragraph 1 is very familiar, and most men have been there before. She was testing you. The whole speech about “we can’t have sex anymore unless you commit to me and buy into my program, etc, etc.” is a chick subterfuge to try to gain control over the relationship. Her goal is to turn you into her bitch. Do not take the bait. The correct response is to blow her off completely. Express surprise at her unreasonableness in a polite but firm way, and walk away. Do not simp, do not pursue. You have to be able to walk away, and mean it. If you cave to her bullshit, you’re done.
    About white-knightism: in essence it is a male neurotic reaction to the tortured sexual landscape of modern America. It is an attempt to try to get into the good graces of women by men who do not understand them. White-knightism is a sophisticated form of ass-kissing or simping, that is all. Men who lack the discipline or willpower to hold the line and refuse to give in to chick bullshit adopt this philosophy. And the paradox, as you have observed here, is that the women still don’t bang them.

    1. Yeah in response to “no more sex without commitment” I would just say “Cool! Best of luck finding a guy to commit to!” and walk away.
      The other day I overheard an annoying woman telling her gal pal she was going to make ultimatums to a guy she has been “seeing” and I kinda wished I knew her guy so I could give him advice.

      1. Make ultimatums? Women are delusional.
        So either I do these unreasonable requests and become your slave or you leave and I get the freedom to go after other chicks and do whatever I want.

        1. Sadly, it works on a lot of guys. I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but most guys have no spine when dealing with women. I try to tell guys to let go of all their fears of “losing” her.
          If you’re happy to walk away at a moment’s notice, with a skip in your step, she has no power over you unless she does something really cockeyed like entrap you with a pregnancy or make a false accusation.

        2. The problem with that one is that you WILL lose her. Sure, you and me just get another, but we have to realize that not all men are like us. They can’t deal with it. I can’t blame them.

        3. Some men prefer torture with a woman they know the the promise of crumbs of sex over freedom with the possibility of fun and perhaps better sex.
          I get it with those guys…I don’t agree with it though.

        4. While it’s true that some men can’t handle it, we can’t be another man’s emotional tampon for mistakes he refuses to learn from.

    2. I think it’s coming around now. More guys are taking the “highway” when presented with “my way or the highway”. But nonetheless, the amount of ego in some women is still quite shocking. And it seems like the ones with the biggest egos have the less to have an ego about, which makes them just come off as try-hard and insecure.

    3. The situation was not as people here have interpreted. This gentleman was actually trying to spread salvation, to the point he gave me a book on “christian living”. The girl in question was actually sold on “a better life through christ” …..for a few weeks. Then everything was back to normal except that she was lower on the totem.

      1. The priest or whatever was probably giving a speech on pre-marital sex, she got all excited and decided to see if she could goad you into a relationship.
        A girl that was recreationally putting out does not convert to christianity overnight.
        This is where you play hard to get. She wouldn’t be putting out if she wasn’t interested. So say something along the lines of, “I liked hanging out, but I’m not interested in anything serious.” Most likely she’ll be more desperate for you at this point, unless she’s already got someone lined up.
        I’ve been in this scenario, however it didn’t include religion. If it works out in your favor, you totally have the upperhand.
        Long-term she will get bored, so don’t expect this to work forever.

  3. In my experience, the best way to shame white knights is to harangue them with sloganeering about women being strong, independent, equal, etc etc etc.
    Because only a misogynist would think strong and independent women need to be cared for and aggrandized by dudes, right?
    I don’t actually believe most women live strong or independent lives but we might as well use the propaganda of our enemies against them.

  4. Whatever man. I fight white knights everyday, and the delicious melding in my mind of an offensive comment in their general direction, to only have them see me walk away with a foreign hotty who makes her own money, is only trumped by the look on their face after the delivery and subsequent and inevitable denial afterwords.
    Which leads me to my query…you.
    Case in point: Your first segment about one of your regular watering hos giving you the Godly pink slip of mass lubrication and stroking alone begs the inevitable question: Why is that my problem? Also, how does that translate into a Crusade against white knights? A wall is there for those who are willing to over come it after all. LOL
    I could care less that now you have to dupe another white knight out of his mistake in identifying a aspiring street professional from her craft for a week. Find another one and quit whining, it is sad to see no matter how funny you tried to write it.
    Which brings me to my last point, why do I need your self-absorbed narcissistic example of being dissed sans Holy Matrimony by an an aspiring would be ex-street walker’s quest for Holy aquittal, and lead me to read countless articles by men who will see this merely as a fad, and then go bang more of these local cock savants in their respective areas?
    The war on white knights is not a race, but a slow and successive tightening of the noose. It would be much better if many women had red pill pastors who brimmed fire and brimstone on them for being the carbon copy of everything bad the Bible actually excoriates in almost every verse. Coupled with a campaign that turns white knights from their slumber, and start them on the journey towards being a n actually aware man, and not the used vagina juice taster they are now.
    A rallying call led by a butt hurt hurt mangina turned red pill convert is not the sound of a successful alpha campaign, but the eventual failure and simultaneous eye jerk of me seeing the eventual butt hurt cries on the Manosphere.
    Go back to the drawing board, this is not a terrible idea, it is claiming to have invented the wheel while driving an Escalade with Onstar and all wheel control. Get off it.

    1. Your try-hard faux intellectualism really gets on my nerves sometimes.
      ” your self-absorbed narcissistic example of being dissed sans Holy Matrimony by an an aspiring would be ex-street walker’s quest for Holy aquittal”

      1. try hard Faux intellectualism? LOL
        Nice one. Although, I guess based on your reply sarcasm is lost on you yes?

        1. He’s mocking your diction. I think it’s slightly excessive sometimes but it’s certainly not pseudo-intellectual, because you aren’t writing that way out of arrogance, but in the interest of having beautiful writing, which is a noble interest, not a pseudo-intellectual one. In all honesty you probably intimidate him.

        2. Thank you for the honest critique. Honestly, it is a little excessive sometimes and I am aware of that.
          My personal challenge on this blog has been diction, or better, the use of it. Too much, or too little. Some here are obviously appalled and prefer not to use correct spelling and punctuation. They view that as alpha.
          Personally, I use to be the same way. Now that I am getting older, I can’t get away with that as easily, nor is it a great idea to wear sleeveless shirts and board shorts. Though I am fit enough that I can.
          Eventually I will figure it out. Thanks.
          I don’t sense he is intimidated, just expressing his view like the “alpha” type I stated earlier.

  5. You got cockblocked by God.
    That’s what happens when she meets the real Alpha.
    ORRRRRRRRRRRRR…her time was running out fast and she found a rich beta who happened to have a fancy Bible for her and a cash flow she can get into when she divorces him.
    Those conversion stories with women are always so inspiring.

      1. Very plausible. This is a shitty example of a White Knight and just someone with better/different game than the author. And so the author effectively wants us to join in a crusade against a man with better/different game than him.
        Again, no thanks.

        1. Yup. Had he left out the religious as white knight inducing rhetoric, and not called for a Crusade it would have been fine. However, then it would be more of a useless article.

    1. God is the Alpha ANDDDDDD the Omega!! That means he slays some serious pussy and then retreats to his mancave to play some WarCraft!

    2. That wasnt God. That was the devil pretending to be God.
      The agents of God are the ones going around and encouraging men to look after themselvs, to learn game, to protect themselves from government thugs, coporate wars, divorce court, etc. Those men who do that and tell you to pray to God are agents of God. That other one was an agent of the Devil.

  6. In The Four Horseman’s famed essay on The Misandry Bubble, one of his major points was that men who know what’s up, and their ministrations to women, deprive white knights of dates and attention from women. So they’ll either wake up, give up, or become even more blue pill and grotesque to women.
    I don’t think he suggested deliberately going after white knights but I think it’s fair game.

  7. see something say something? its not my job to game white knights. waste of time. those that want help seek it.

    1. Here here.
      Furthermore… why was he going to her place?
      If it’s casual and you’re going to hers, you’re already putting in too much work. No wonder she felt comfortable demanding more from him… his actions told her a different story from his words.

  8. White-knighting is different. That guy wasn’t white-knighting. He was just running some solid Taterearl game.

    1. I don’t have fancy bibles, but I will show her the truth.
      Besides the last gift I gave to a woman was a bag of Skittles. I value my bibles.

      1. I don’t even do that. I take them to Starbucks “religiously.” LOL
        If they don’t impress me by “exercising their feminist demons” and buying me a coffee in true equality; I give them one strike. Then I give them a gift of a cheap five dollar or less coffee. Sky’s the limit girl friend, Cappuccino is a whopping 3 dollars!
        If she is cool with that, I can slowly continue. If not, strike two. Then if there is not a strike three with the conversation (which depending on how bad it is could be a one strike and done if she is terrible), if she passes that I may give her the “gift.” If you catch my drift.
        I’m sure all you so called Christian feminist” ladies can allow me the Forgiveness and Grace of God right? RIGHTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT???????????
        Thought not, I must be a perfect virgin, with lots of money, and a surgeon who prophetically witnesses to starving kids in Africa while using my skills to fix their ailments if God does not miraculously heal them through me right?
        Oh yeah, oh Daughter of God, what have you done for him lately?
        Oh, I’m your perfect man, and you are God’s gift to me after having purchased the Costco mass consumer’s discount of eternal ecstasy on the Cock Carousel since before you got your women’s studies degree in co-ed’s lover’s lane in the frat houses at college? WELLLLLLLLLL, let me put a rock on that finger, and give you the whole SHEBANG! Also, since your degree is worthless, perhaps our date at Starbucks has enlightened you as to your future career, and the small amount of money you make that will be graciously called your money as well whilst I pay for everything. The Lord be praised.
        Yeah, Apostle Paul’s call to celibacy seems to be getting stronger every day.

        1. I had a priest tell me that I reminded him of St. Paul. That was the best compliment I had all week.
          And this was a week where I had a woman call me perfection.
          St. Paul was the best mix of outcome indifference, being a psychopath, and having a never ending passion with his mission. He was as crazy as he was brilliant.
          And when you are a virgin, with lots of money, and a surgeon who fixes aliments in Africa through the grace of God…you need these traits in your personality.

        2. LOL
          True. Society has gotten good though at steering men like this through pre-fabricated social hoops to keep them ignorant. For if these types just up and refused everything society felt was important, they would be out of luck.

  9. I’m confused. Don’t we of the manosphere often criticize women for being sluts? Shouldn’t this bible-thumping man be commended for using game (in his own way) to get a woman to snap out of slutty behavior? And if this guy was a white knight, wouldn’t he be defending her (as you put it) bad-girl behavior and making excuses for it, rather than actually getting her to change?

    1. I doubt 3 Bible studies has changed anything about this chick.
      Women don’t go from the throes of passion with PUAs to Virgin Marys because some guy with a bible showed her the way. Did she make any account that she regrets her past life? Or that she damaged herself for her future husband? Or that she is even aware that she sinned?
      She probably saw his bank account…lined it up with her diminishing returns and decided to take that path to “Heaven”.
      Give her time…she’ll be back into the arms of a tingle generator once the ink has dried on the divorce papers.

      1. I agree. JM is in the right general direction; but it heavily depends on the character of the woman in question. Also, does she really want to change? Or is she using the Bible to try and guilt trip this supposed alpha into a life filled with being pumped by his short stick?
        Women, such complicated wittle creatures.

        1. Thanks for that, great article.
          Whether it is purely aimed at me, or in agreement with me, I get it and thanks either way.
          I cannot stand it when “AMOGed” and hopefully people here do not feel that way except in obvious cases. As I have no problem with AMOGing if you actually are AMOG.
          However, sometimes in these comment sections it is hard to see what someone really means since you cannot view their body language. Huh, go figure.

    2. Your thinking is correct here. This guy was just using religious game to get laid, cockblocking Douglas in the process. He probably has used this game on several women, and will continue to do so in succession with other women. Douglas is just whining & sniveling because his easy pussy is now someone else’s for the time being. I find the story hilarious.

    1. Calling someone a loser for not fucking a girl anymore puts women on a pedestal. Being a slave to your sexuality, and shaming someone for not being one, This is an example of white knight mentality. Rejection is a daily occurrence for men. It does not diminish a man to not fuck a girl anymore for not placating to her whims..

      1. You are correct. But notice how the author is whining & sniveling about it. That’s why he’s a loser. He complaining that he got cockblocked and that now he has to go work for some new pussy. If he was alpha, then he would just move on instead of crying about it here on the internet.

        1. Yeaaaah…I can see that perspective. I glanced back up at the article and this line stuck out.
          ” This church going gentleman with his fancy bible and attempts to turn a bad girl good ruined my Tuesday afternoons for awhile.”
          It does come off as a little sore.

        2. LOL. That is one of the hardest things about web page comments; you can’t see the non-verbal communication as if you were talking face to face.
          I get what you are saying.

        3. If the author has the same attitude as Anonymous about this girl leaving him, then he is alpha, but if he is as bitter as (some of) the writing makes him sound, he is not.
          Losing access to nookie would make anyone feel bad, because you are losing something you want. But it is the way of the world. It is not wrong to be bitter to the appropriate degree, but it WOULD be wrong to be insulting, perhaps to the “better” man who “won” her “in the end.” That shows a lack of respect, which shouldn’t be the reaction to “losing” something – you should respect the person who “won” it from you, and learn from your “mistakes,” had you even made any – as we all know being in the right place at the right time is all it takes, so there may have been no mistakes made on the author’s part – walking away was certainly the correct choice.

        4. I agree. I consider that fact that if its seduction, game, relationship heavy lifting etc…men do their lions share. So It’s natural to feel down over having your efforts go down the drain. Most men in general don’t have the ability to jump from woman to woman in such a limited time frame. It’s why I don’t get how when a woman gets caught cheating, the default action for many is to attack the guy. Not saying to attack the woman instead. But direct the anger where it belongs if there is any.

        5. I agree with you and viceroy. Anger is best left out of it. Even if you had been married for a decade or more. The thing about narcissism when it strikes is that it makes the person want to satisfy their ego even more by their betrayal. Not only has she/he cheated on you, BUT, you also still want them. It is a chemical seduction of their ego in their own mind. Even though they destroyed you, it was not personal, in their mind. They were not even really banging the other person or you; but the rock star version of themselves they have in their mind. The other person was a a physical manifestation of the mental implement they had been using in their fantasy all along.
          When you show that it has no effect on you; it dashes their dream, and therefore their self image. It is also hilarious to watch them explode.
          This is why a bitter ex who cheats hates it when you marry and they don’t. They now realize they are the one who lost out, and this is why they attack you in the courts.

      1. And the end game for when she gets a kid and then decides to leave him high and dry after a judge demands he hand over everything he has ever earned and will earn.
        Poor little vixen; her life is sooooo haaarrrrdddd.

    2. “ruined my tuesday afternoons for awhile” lol the “awhile” has ended . lol learn to comprehend

  10. White knighting women incentivizes socially destructive behaviours, whereas chastising women/men/kids for unproductive behaviours is more pragmatic. Its horrible, but its like classical conditioning or ‘dog training’. Except women and white knights aren’t dogs. So its just really annoying to have to counteract their self-destructive behaviours.

    1. In principle, sensory perception (feedback for good or bad behavior) applies to humans in the same way as dogs.

  11. While I find white knights annoying, I’m still trying to figure out why I need to fight them. Yes, you say, “They are the enablers of certain deleterious social movements, behaviors, and attitudes that plague our society.” But in the scenario you describe, it sounds more like you are the one enabling deleterious social movements, behaviors, and attitudes that plague our society, e.g. anti-Christian, FWB, NSA hookup culture.
    Count me out, liberal.

    1. PUAs enable physical destruction of women…and white knights enable their mental destruction.
      So let them fight each other over who gets to destroy her first.

      1. I think that they would have to take white knights seriously in order for that to be the case. I feminist women just view white knights as “useful idiots,” and the rest of women kind view them as a variant of beta-orbiter.

    2. I am not a liberal. I believe society will not improve but must be rebuilt. In order for that to happen, the current system must collapse.

  12. Dear Douglas, there are plenty of bitches in the sea. Leave the white knight and his temp bitch alone.

  13. The best way, imo, to combat white-knightery is to be seen, often and everywhere, with desirable women. Exploiting them for drinks is solid, too; I’m gonna start using that one.

    1. Yeah this is fun.
      I once was gaming a girl at a bar. She had an orbiter nearby. She left his company to talk to me. But she would go back to him now and then to pick up new drinks for us. He paid.
      I remember the glint in her eye. She knew what she was doing and enjoyed exercising her sexual power.

  14. Eh. This isn’t really White Knighting. A Christian guy would be telling a PUA to stop fucking just as much.
    But really…with the state of the American church today, her Christian friend is probably trying to get her away just so he can fuck her.

  15. White Knights? Yeah, I saw one last night. I am hanging around in New Orleans for this week and went to Bourbon street. There was a man on his knees tying the knot of a girl’s shoe in the middle of the street. Once he was done he requested her phone number. She politely declined and walked away; staring at him like if he was some homeless hobo. I don’t correct White Knights unless they get on my way. If they cannot update their obsolete mating strategies then they will not prevail. And if they don’t prevail then good bye good riddance. The only White Knights worth fearing are the government White Knights; those who enforce the feminist agenda and ready to kill and imprison on their behalf.

  16. White Knights are effeminate cowards with a peculiar taste for power. They are the same semi-men you find in multinational corporations, churches and bars.
    The women that associate with them are insecure and have been masculinized by society to some extent.
    The White Knight pussies want power and status within the existing hierarchy. Their weapons are gossiping, political correctness and highly developed networking skills that only work in environments dominated by masculine women and weak men.

    1. A woman that looks for the approval and support of weak men is just playing power games. They are a waste of time.

    2. Speaking of being masculinized, I think all that American women are missing is a cock to complete their long-desired transformation.

    3. Right fucken on! Frank Underwood from House of Cards, is who I thought of. The guy thinks he’s alpha, but he’s a manipulative beta.

  17. were you drooling on the keyboard when you wrote this, douglas? did you have a dumb little smile on your face, doug? oh, i’ll bet you did, dougie–but the problem is, you didn’t make ME drool or smile. because frankly, a reasonably educated individual can tell when you’ve been picking your sunday words out of a thesaurus, or recalling the odd medieval vocabulary term from your WoW days. yep, i’ll bet you came when you used the word “quisling.” i’ll bet you did. and how tall are you anyway? my guess is about 4’2″…but seriously man, what is this shit?? all you did in this article was use a painfully drawn-out metaphor (the ‘white knight’) to prophecy an apocalyptic battle between guys who go to bars and buy drinks for other people, and guys who go to bars and do not buy drinks for other people. sounds like a pretty fucking boring war, doug, and it was a useless fucking article. learn how to write.
    p.s. what kind of a man refers to his girl as a “lady friend”?
    p.p.s. doug does. doug calls his girl a “lady friend.”

  18. For a woman to go to church a few times “because some guy brought her there” and start dictating sexual chastity is extremely self serving. The ideal christian relationship requires compromises from women that, frankly, many are not equipped to handle. If a woman did that to me, I’d say that she should stick it out for a period of two years. At the end of two years, ask her to explain the skills and morality she learned in detail. If she can’t, or the answer is incorrect, you know what you’re dealing with.
    A big mistake that some people make is that sexual chastity means no sex. In reality, it means no sex without the total commitment of both parties involved. That’s not what we have today. The law on the books as written is essentially “Total commitment until one party bored or uninterested or wants to screw the other over and then the man is on the hook for 18 years of payments,” If a woman wants to change ideology, fine. People do that all the time. But a man has a right to see disrespect in the specifics. True christian womanhood is about respecting and obeying the man.
    Tell her that if she can handle the total lifelong submission, you’ll talk.

    1. totally agree. i am not religious.. that is what sexual chastity means and it works, also female submission is important in long term relationships.

      1. I am happy to see an intelligent woman like you emphasising the need for “female submission”.

  19. Apparently my attention getting example was too effective. To clarify, the bible giving gentleman was actually looking to save souls. If he were a player trying to get laid, I would understand the logic and rationale behind his actions. He wasn’t though and even gave me literature on christian marriage and such.

  20. a group of white knights put me in the hospital once after seeing me argue with a girlfriend in public. dead serious.
    I shouldn’t really care because she gave me a blowjob soon after getting discharged, despite being all battered purpled and bruised….
    …but I agree, WKs need to be dealt with. they are almost as toxic as foreveralone/incels.

  21. The girl with the bible perhaps she was testing you but maybe she was just getting attached this happens with “casual relationships”. Friends with benefits what is this? It is easy sex for men and women accept it because we are stupid and have ruined things for ourselves. I’m saying this because after being widowed 2 years ago I’m being encouraged to get one of these “friends”. I don’t believe deep down any woman feels happy with this arrangement and if they do they have too much testosterone in their body. If this is the future I’d rather die alone with a cat. At least I’ve known love a lot of women never experience this and are unlikely to.

  22. The unfortunate thing about White Knights is that even red pill men fall suspect to it.There are countless times where guys have enacted violence on another male over a woman. It’s disgusting in every form but to make white knighting into a blue pill only thing is disingenuous. Any beta male regardless of his belief system will white knight in the right circumstances.

  23. “If you find yourself acting like a white night, stop it.”
    If you find yourself acting like a white knight, please KILL YOURSELF IMMEDIATELY.
    There, I fixed it for you.

  24. My boyfriend is a white knight. He does everything I tell him to, and says things like, “it makes me happy to see you happy” all the time. Any woman who doesn’t want to date a man like that is totally insane. I can’t believe modern women would treat men like that poorly. They deserve every ounce of pain guys like you inflict on them.

    1. I am happy for you and your pet worm, I wish you both a long and happy life.
      However, there is nothing insane about expecting a man to have a spine and testicles.

      1. I chose my boyfriend based on what kind of husband and father he would be and I’m extremely confident about my choice. He’s kind, patient and hardworking, and he is very protective of those around him.
        The reason I think it’s crazy for girls to choose a man based on how “alpha” he is, is because inevitably, on that scale, the most attractive men would all be psychopaths. Normal guys just can’t show more dominance than somebody who can kill somebody in cold blood for “disrespecting him”. I also don’t think it’s a good idea to encourage this kind of mating behaviour from women, since it’s already extremely prevalent and destructive to the fabric of our society. We would have far fewer problems if all women dated white knights instead of guys that are “exciting”.

        1. This description of a responsible, loving and respectful person is definitely to be envied. Congratulations on finding a good man, they are a rarity.
          Your prior description of a yes-man who only exists to live in servitude (“He does everything I tell him to”) left much to be desired.

        2. I don’t have any children. I don’t even have sex, in case I get pregnant before I’m actually ready to raise them properly. They’re going to be my contribution to humanity, so I take this really seriously. I mean, the one real duty of every woman is to have and raise superior children. Everything else is just made up for propaganda reasons.

        3. We’re both Christians at any rate, so per-marital sex is not allowed. I’d keep going, but I just read the latest posts, and I don’t think women are allowed to post here anymore.

        4. Yes, most women do not like this type of guy. This is the reason they are being weeded out of existence currently. In a few generations, there will be no white knights left and all men will be player-types.

  25. I love the term “white knight.” Thanks y’all. I’ll protect women all day long from you spineless boys.

  26. Dude, I know where you are coming from. I also have been white knighted by fags who chastised adult women for doing just what they wanted to do. I bemoaned the loss of “free” girls, who gave their dainties to whomever guy she fancied, to the chains of monogamy and religion.
    But the man in the pulpit is only doing what he should do. What he is doing is encouraging the girl to do what she should do, that is, not sleep with us. We all know the girl, the one who slept around, got knocked up and became a single mother on welfare. She should have done better for herself; she should have done better for her kids, they deserved more but she did not hold out for it and life condemned her for her poor choices.
    I know that I am preaching to the devil here but even the
    devil knows that he is NOT good for people.
    Even I knew that, though I had lost a shot, lost a source, what was bad
    for me was good for her. I figured this
    out once I stopped thinking like a 13 year old boy, a Faithful husband, home, family
    are much better for her and her kids than some “*ç%hole who would use her and
    leave her stranded.

  27. While manginas / omega males (of the male feminist variety) are more annoying. White knights / beta males (THAT revolve their lives around women. Not normal beta males since some men just HAPPEN to be so) are a bigger threat that should be neutralized.

  28. The actual knights would slap modern ladies for being complete sluts. That’s what the more virtuous knights would do. The less-than-virtuous knights would pork them and leave a penny. They won’t coddle them like Care Bears at all.

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