America Is Becoming A Homosexual Nation

In an interesting article written nearly ten years ago, a writer by the name of Orson Scott Card has forecasted a lot of what has happened with the rise of homosexual culture in America.

Civilization requires the suppression of natural impulses that would break down the social order. Civilization thrives only when most members can be persuaded to behave unnaturally, and when those who don’t follow the rules are censured in a meaningful way.

Why would men submit to rules that deprive them of the chance to satisfy their natural desire to mate with every attractive female?

Why would women submit to rules that keep them from trying to mate with the strongest (richest, most physically imposing, etc.) male, just because he already has a wife?

Because civilization provides the best odds for their children to live to adulthood. So even though civilized individuals can’t pursue the most obviously pleasurable and selfish (i.e., natural) strategies for reproduction, the fact is that they are far more likely to be successful at reproduction in a civilized society — whether they personally like the rules or not.

Civilizations that enforce rules of marriage that give most males and most females a chance to have children that live to reproduce in their turn are the civilizations that last the longest. It’s such an obvious principle that few civilizations have even attempted to flout it.

It’s not obvious anymore. We now live in age where people’s brains have been so washed that sex, a basic mammalian behavior, has to be legally codified by courts and women’s studies professors, then disseminated through rape-obsessed liberal writers.

In this delicate balance, it is safe to say that beginning with a trickle in the 1950s, but becoming an overwhelming flood in the 1960s and 1970s, we took a pretty good system, and in order to solve problems that needed tweaking, we made massive, fundamental changes that have had devastating consequences.

Now huge numbers of Americans know that the schools are places where their children are indoctrinated in anti-family values. Trust is not just going — for them it’s gone.

Huge numbers of children are deprived of two-parent homes, because society has decided to give legal status and social acceptance to out-of-wedlock parenting and couples who break up their marriages with little regard for what is good for the children.

The result is a generation of children with no trust in marriage who are mating in, at best, merely “marriage-like” patterns, and bearing children with no sense of responsibility to society at large; while society is trying to take on an ever greater role in caring for the children who are suffering — while doing an increasingly bad job of it.

Parents in a stable marriage are much better than schools at civilizing children. You have to be a fanatical ideologue not to recognize this as an obvious truth — in other words, you have to dumb down or radically twist the definition of “civilizing children” in order to claim that parents are not, on the whole, better at it.

We are so far gone down this road that it would take a wrenching, almost revolutionary social change to reverse it. And with the forces of P.C. orthodoxy insisting that the solutions to the problems they have caused is ever-larger doses of the disease, it is certain that any such revolution would be hotly contested.

Fanatical is a good word for what we are seeing today. It’s a complete breakdown of common sense and the knowledge that humanity has accumulated over the ages. Today’s progressive is ready to throw it all away, based on no evidence, to enact policies and laws that make them feel warm and snuggly inside. And the worst part of it is that they’re winning. Their power is increasing.

Calling a homosexual contract “marriage” does not make it reproductively relevant and will not make it contribute in any meaningful way to the propagation of civilization.

In fact, it will do harm. Nowhere near as much harm as we have already done through divorce and out-of-wedlock childbearing. But it’s another nail in the coffin. Maybe the last nail, precisely because it is the most obvious and outrageous attack on what is left of marriage in America.

Supporters of homosexual “marriage” dismiss warnings like mine as the predictable ranting of people who hate progress. But the Massachusetts Supreme Court has made its decision without even a cursory attempt to ascertain the social costs. The judges have taken it on faith that it will do no harm.

You can’t add a runway to an airport in America without years of carefully researched environmental impact statements. But you can radically reorder the fundamental social unit of society without political process or serious research.

You can’t even make a joke on Twitter using “faggot” without getting fired from your job, but you are expected to champion a change to the marriage contract that has worked for the human species for thousands of years. Soon enough, you will be brought under suspicion if pro-liberal positions are not found within your social media accounts.

Once this is regarded as settled law, anyone who tries to teach children to aspire to create a child-centered family with a father and a mother will be labeled as a bigot and accused of hate speech.

Can you doubt that the textbooks will be far behind? Any depictions of “families” in schoolbooks will have to include a certain proportion of homosexual “marriages” as positive role models.

Television programs will start to show homosexual “marriages” as wonderful and happy (even as they continue to show heterosexual marriages as oppressive and conflict-ridden).

The propaganda mill will pound our children with homosexual marriage as a role model. We know this will happen because we have seen the fanatical Left do it many times before.

So when our children go through the normal adolescent period of sexual confusion and perplexity, which is precisely the time when parents have the least influence over their children and most depend on the rest of society to help their children grow through the last steps before adulthood, what will happen?

A nation of burly dykes and butt fuckers. Super.

…society will bend all its efforts to seize upon any hint of homosexuality in our young people and encourage it.


most parents regard schools — an institution of the state that most directly touches our children — as the enemy, even though we like and trust the individual teachers — because we perceive, correctly, that schools are being legally obligated to brainwash our children to despise the values that keep civilization alive.

A lot of people in Eastern Europe, once they’ve become comfortable with me, ask questions about the weird things going in America, including homosexual marriage. It just doesn’t compute in their mind how homosexuals can get married. I wish I could give them a clear answer of why this is being allowed which involves some logic, but there is no logic. “The American culture is crazy,” I say, and leave it at that. It’s this craziness that is absolutely destroying the family in the West. Considering that one of the goals of communism was to replace the family unit with the state, it makes you wonder what side of history we’re falling on.

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284 thoughts on “America Is Becoming A Homosexual Nation”

  1. A big shit test, all of it. Our society stopped resisting this madness a long time ago which has caused the usual perps to ratchet up their antics in hopes of getting a good slap-down. With none forthcoming they keep escalating their demands and nobody cares. They long for the glorious days of oppression and marginalization, when they were “special”. There is no fun in debauchery if nobody gets outraged over it. As for feminism, soon women will be angry that men allowed it to happen in the first place.

  2. Roosh, did you see how Italian pasta maker Barilla was attacked fiercely by the media last week?
    During a video interview, the CEO was asked why Barilla never featured gay couples in their ads. (WTF of a question is that anyway? Now gay couples have to be shown everywhere?) He replied that they have always had a traditionalist image centred around the traditional family and sees no reason to change that. Cue the fascist leftist media ganging up on Barilla like a pack of wolves and urging people to BOYCOTT their products, because they are “anti gay”! Now even if you are a private company they want to bully you into using your own money, resources and image to promote the gay agenda, or else they’ll use public shaming and calls for boycotts to attack your livelihood. Unbelievable. I’m totally disgusted at this manipulation.

    1. Definitely a good example of the current state of affairs and the lavender mafia. Where’s the religious right when you need ’em?

      1. Where’s the religious right? Protesting a dinosaur dig, and talking about the sacredness of women, because they never bothered to learn their own theology.

        1. Doesn’t help that the new pope condones gays and atheists, while tolerating the gay lobby in his church. I doubt the new pope ever read the bible.

        2. Would you like to eat a dish of half shit and half ice cream? Didn’t think so. That’s what these modernist so-called popes are doing. Shoveling shit at you, then some ice cream to keep you asleep.

        3. Every so often I read something about Francis being a hippy liberal, but when I go to the original source what I find is genuine Christian charity, chock full of judgementalism and love.
          He doesn’t have the fire & brimstone of the degenerate churches, but that doesn’t mean he’s open-minded; every quote I’ve read in context is strict with its morals, but reaching out with an open hand.

        4. I feel you’re correct- he’s the ultimate Christian- leaves the judging of the individual to God, not man, but demands obedience to the law as it exists. I suspect that once the love-in with the press ends, he’ll be known as holding a mailed fist in a velvet glove.

      1. Of course you have, which is your right. But instead of buying an American product, like Prince, you buy a brand from socialist Europe. #UnAmerican

      2. Grilled chicken with piment d’espelette, combined with some Burgundy sautéed mushrooms, freshly steamed vegetables, and Barilla pasta served with garlic and beurre du pays (Charentes-Poitou, of course) …
        Eat well, my friends.
        PS. Real men eat like kings.

        (If Tony Soprano can get ‘er done, so can you.)

    2. I always wonder how much of this bullshit can be explained by the decline in testosterone in males today.
      Just take a walk down the street, every second guy is talking with a high pitched gay voice…

      1. Don’t underestimate the social influences on testosterone; men are like bonsai cats, force them into a feminized bottle, and you get a pretty little emo boy as the result.
        Gods, it was bad when I was in schooll, I can only imagine how bad it’s getting now.

        1. one of the biggest problems is actually female birth control hormones in the water supply…. sewage treatment doesn’t get them out….. many plastics also mimic estrogen…..
          they found rivers in the UK where all the male fish had turned female due to contamination with estrogen type chemicals….

        2. Damn sounds like that’s how boys became gay. The gay population has dramatically increased overtime.

      2. yeah, and this mental disease (and the stds that go with it), are not about to finish spreading. this has a lot to do w/ environmental toxins and diet(after all how is the human body and mind supposed to react optimally without decent nutrition, and toxic stress eg. choosing pounds of organic meat and veggies rather than a chemically laced pizza).
        as far as indoctrination goes it’s disgusting to have deviant gay parades encouraging “confused” young teenagers to “come out,” (and even parents painting rainbow flags on their babies’ faces, yes i’ve seen it!), what a gross degenerate future is awaiting us.

        1. *as far as taxpayer’s money goes, i don’t know about the US, but in europe, there are many colleges/uni with student groups/clubs, the “LGBT societies” that receive subsidies/funding for events they organise. using taxpayer’s money to brainwash the young and influential is sick. whta can we expect with the number of people choosing philsophy, and the commie”equality studies.”

      3. Mutha’ Fuckaz are forgetting how to breathing into their balls (sex center)…project their voices with assertiveness and reject reactionary responses.
        Plus, the whole ‘white knighting’ craze has morphed into more of a buddy-buddy competition between these men and some females, resorting in a total need for one to mimic the other in order to deem reversed results.
        Sickening, I know.

      4. Yeah its sickening. Every single day I deal with people. And at least one time every day, a person is gay. You can tell it in their voice. Easily. This is no accident. 20 years ago this was not the case. We are definitely seeing a dramatic increase in faggots. Only a fool would ignore the idea that the government or some power in the world is behind all this. Biological warfare. Moral principles need to come back to the family unit. And I do have the faith that GOD has a plan for how he is dealing with things in the world today.

        1. WRONGGGGGGGGGGGGGG! It is extremely unreliable to tell whether someone is gay or not by their voice.

    3. Italy seems to be the least crazy of the major Western European countries, at least for the moment. Germany is the only other one that hasn’t legalized gay “marriage” yet, but it has its own stifling PC problems, such as a rigorously-enforced ban on homeschooling.

    4. The CEO of Barilla said “gays can buy someone else’s pasta”. And we will, it’s that easy. I’d prefer to buy a brand made in America instead of in socialist Europe, anyways.

      1. You would be better off buying liquid nitrogen and pumping it up your ass.
        Fuckin’ idiot.

  3. All of the above as stated, and let’s add in the demonization of heterosexuality and the classic family we see throughout the media. here is an errie glimpse of the not too distant future:

  4. The only real problem that I see with any type of Marriage is that the State has forced itself into such private contracts.The State is one of the major reasons why traditional marriages have deteriorated.The Gay Marriage movement is simply a way to cash in on the Government handouts and benefits that traditional marriages avail.
    Despite O.S Card’s objection,Homosexual marriage in and of itself is of no consequence to civilization.

    1. I disagree. Every civilization that has survived has discouraged this behavior, not endorsed it. There are already more deaths than births amongst native Western populations. Endorsing additional anti-procreative sex is not going to help the situation.

      1. Well ,there is a difference between discouraging a behavior and being indifferent to it.I would advocate that the mark of a higher civilized society is to be indifferent to behaviors that are consensual but perhaps subjectively distasteful. And not just homosexuality,this also extends to Incest marriages,Polygamy,etc.
        If your gripe is that such behaviors are shoved in our faces as being normal ,or even superior and virtuous,then I agree with you.
        But if you claim that the existence of such behaviors in and of it self are detrimental to civilization and must somehow be nullified ,then I do not share that view at all.

        1. I’m not indifferent to something that erodes the very brick of civilization itself, the nuclear family, and spreads disease at a far greater rate than heterosexual sexual behavior.

        2. Besides, it won’t stop with gay marriage. Even though most gay marriage advocates haven’t thought this through, every argument they use in favor of it can also be used to justify polygamy. If “man + woman” is antiquated and can easily become “man + man”, then why not “man + man + woman”? Why not “man+man+woman+woman+woman”?
          Even if gay marriage in and of itself doesn’t directly affect the very nature of the institution, it uses arguments that can and WILL affect if for everybody else.
          If you think a polygamist America will retain our current levels of prosperity, you got another thing coming.

        3. Tell what you said to the gays and they will freak….
          No one wants to “nullify” anyone but detrimental? Here’s a few: Homo same sex unions don’t make kids and no propagation of the human race…
          —Gays get AIDS, syphillis and Hep C at MUCH higher rates..
          —Gay parents will make more gay kids so less children , less propagating, less humans…
          —Gays are outliers. Not immoral. Not deviant but society should make laws that effect folks that behave under the bell curve of social norms.. e.g 4% of the population telling the rest what to do i.e. the tail wagging the dog…
          —societal anarchy. If gays can get married why not your toaster?? Tri/bi sexuals? Bestiality? Harems? Polygamy? Tell the gays the legal reasons to deny them the right to marry…

    2. yes but when you present this solution to the “gays” they scream and holler and insist on marriage. I agree with you the answer is to keep a separation between marriage and state. No state recognition of marriage. Marriage is 100% private , on your own, Catholic ,druid, civil whatever. But you present this to “the gays” and they want marriage cause they want the VALIDATION. They crave acceptance and they will use the force of law to get it. It’s one big temper tantrum really.

      1. Homosexuals can get married to each other, the state isn’t going to do anything about it. The gays just need to force this into everyone and get recognition of gay marriage. It’s not even illegal stop having the state threaten Christian pastors to marrying gays that’s against their First Amendment rights.

  5. Gay marriage is about fair tax-law, nothing else. if the government was out of the business of marriage entirely no one would care if the government made gay marriage legal.
    Question: if reproduction is the sole purpose of marriage should we have heterosexual men and women go through fertility testing? Should older couples be barred from marrying because they can not reproduce?
    You also tied single-motherhood to gay marriage. is there any evidence as to how gay marriage will lead to single motherhood? or vice versa? I don’t know of any prominent LGBT organization that condones single motherhood in the slightest. Most actually advocate that two parent households *are* superior to single parent households. And much more superior than having an ‘accident baby’ stay in an orphanage or foster care
    The gay community is still in its adolescence because it is still a big deal to be gay. Gay teens are still kicked out of their families because of their sexuality. As soon as everyone sees homosexuality as a (albeit uncommon) natural phenomenon, homosexuals will not make their sexuality a big deal.

    1. Gay marriage is about pagan idolatry and ulcerating butt-sores. Advocates claim the blasphemy that two same-sex parents are superior to male-female parents.
      My wife and I are older and cannot reproduce. But when we walk past a playground holding hands it sends a positive message to impressionable children about a greater society based on natural impulses. Even elderly man-woman couples are respected in sane cultures.

        1. Maybe, maybe not. I’m in a class of educated, employed earners, with better access to heathcare.
          But my statement is still correct, they are old and will die soon.

        2. When uncle Elmer is old he will die with dignity, but you my friend (wait, you master cocksucker) will die wearing diapers covered by your private social insurance.
          Get the fuck out of here, you hate too much and you hate the wrOng things.
          I want to hold hands and walk with my wife on the streets of freedom when I am old. And then I want to die the same way I’ve lived: with dignity.

        3. Hi Conner! I am better educated and make more money than you.
          Despite your claims of impending death I still get a lot of looks and cleavage shots from the young ladies. This always makes ForeignBride horny as she enjoys other women affirming what a handsome stud her husband is. Any interaction we have with young females almost always is followed by pleasurable bedroom times.
          Oh, I won’t say anything until she blurts out “You want to fuck her?!”. I might say “Honey, I was not even paying attention to that girl…”, then later “Shutup Bitch! You can’t stand it that all women want to fuck your husband!” as I rogure her rudely. Maybe I will add “You have nicer tits than her.”
          She loves it.

        4. @Connor the wonderful butterfly:
          You suck as a human being and no one gives a fuck about you in real life.
          Attend a bug party or take a walk in the desert naked and without a compass.
          The world will be a better place after you die because you are sick and we really have no cure for you except for ground and pound or straight torture.
          You are a loser like all your ancestors. And you are the last one of them. This is where your fucked up genes disappear from the face of the earth.

    2. More like if the government wasn’t subsidizing homosexuality homosexuals wouldn’t be interested in marriage.
      What percentage of gays get kids from orphanages? Probably 90% of gay families are lesbian couples reproducing polygamously, though of course the family is irrevocably broken by excluding the father.
      Childless marriage is a bit of a farce, but fertility is too tricky to screen for anyway unless there is a shotgun-wedding-only policy, and it’s not inconsistent to recognize the behavior even without the results.

      1. 99% of normal healthy men and women can have kids with each other. 0% of homos can. So you can have a healthy marriage based on presumption of fertility because the exceptions won’t hurt the base presumption. I would support something that women over 35 have to be tested for fertility before they get married just because of all the feminists it’d rile up.

      2. There have been pleanty of primitave (culturaly bigoted statement)cultures where there was no wedding until after the bride was pregnant.

    3. Gay marriage is all about the gays. It is nothing more than a collective hissy fit by the gays. You don’t need anyone’s permission to get married…knock yourself out. Spend a few hours at a lawyer for estate planning and you are as good as married. But nooooo the gays want approval. They want VALIDATION by the state. You will see an explosion in gay kids from gay parents . How could you not?? Kids are a bit of a blank slate…the cues and socialization they get from their homo parents—–one big queer family—FAAABULOUS!!!

        1. In this dystopian feminist dictatorship I do not call being a heterosexual male as getting lucky. I believe that if homosexuality was a choice lots more men would choose it. This is why male homosexuality has always been repressed while female homosexuality has been tolerated; because male heterosexuality is what builds and maintains civilization. If men can opt out then lots of them will and civilization fails. Our civilization is currently failing and I see no way to turn that around.

    4. “Gay marriage is about fair tax-law, nothing else.”
      That is demonstrably false. Civil unions and marriage-like contracts have been rejected. Gay marriage is about forcing acceptance and gaining legitimacy.

  6. Our society is sick and suicidal. I mean just look at it – homosexuality is held up as “normal” and encouraged by the Cathedral (government-media-industrial-education complex) while normal heterosexual male behavior is demonized. In America, men can go to jail for paying a girl for sex (perfectly legal in most of the world) but two men sodomizing each other is perfectly okay.
    As I pointed out in an earlier post, women are even find perverse delight in eliminating their own offspring via abortion. This is also encouraged by the same society that will toss you in jail for destroying the eggs of a Bald Eagle.
    “If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you, then you’ll be a Man my son.”

    1. Double standard
      When a man is raped and reports it to the public, nobody gives a fuck. In fact he probably becomes subject to humiliation, laughter, taunting.
      Not advocating raping women but when a women gets raped, the whole world(media,court,govt) lose their minds.
      Double standard 2
      When a guy has a harem, and he’s rotating women frequently and it becomes known to his immediate surroundings. He’s demonized as a misogynist/womanizer
      When a girl is jumping on/swallowing every cock in her vicinity, she’s simply ‘liberating’ herself

      1. “When a girl is jumping on/swallowing every cock in her vicinity, she’s simply ‘liberating’ herself”
        Everyone still think she’s a slut, they just won’t say it out loud. And she will pay for it.

        1. Agreed. I’ve never heard someone say that a girl acting slutty was “liberating herself” except for the girl actually doing it. Everyone else just thinks she’s a slut.

        2. So true. But heaven forbid a man accuse said cum bucket is a slut then everyone will gang up on him and defend her non existent honor.

        3. Not anymore. In America, she’s definitely “liberated,” so sayeth the mainstream media.

      2. Double standard 3
        When a man sleeps around he is simply “doing as a man does.”
        When a woman sleeps around she’s a slut who can’t keep her legs closed.

        1. What world do you live in? Man whores are routinely denigrated by society. Female sluts used to be punished by society as well. Now a days the male slut is still deemed as a worthless sinner and a threat to our saintly women by society. While, as stated above, regardless of our private opinions the female slut is protected from any public shamming.

        2. I gotta disagree with this one. There is still enough common sense left in the mainstream thought that people internally admire a man who is banging several hot women. Why? Because every man would like to be able to do that but few can. A woman can easily be railed by just about any guy she meets, so there is no skill required. A key that opens many locks is a master key and a lock that opens for any key is just a shitty lock.

        3. They are protected from “public” shaming, but the most damaging thing to women is the behind closed doors shaming that women do. So no, they are not getting away with it.

        4. No, remember the liberal/feminist dynamic.
          Rather, healthy, attractive females are going to get increasingly shamed while fatass and hog-faced ones will only become increasingly encouraged to be sleazy.
          An attractive female have no interest in post-modern feminism, on the contrary.
          We know the feminist demographic goes toward ugly and/or fat, very much bad news for an attractive female, considering the bitterness and jealousy of these categories.
          A female that is independent-minded, have a strong will have no interest in post-modern feminism.
          Why? Because post-modern feminism reduce independence and will to being mererly bitchy.
          Feminism effectively promotes being dependent and emotionally fragile.
          An ambitious female have no personal interest in post-modern feminism either.
          Post-modern feminists want to get their advancements through special treatement, through privilege (just what they complain about) and not achievement.
          If you want to be a genuine boss and accomplish some big things, sycophants and yes-girls are rather cheap.
          A female gamer have no interestst in feminism, because with feminists in charge, video-games would become rather dreary and boring.

      3. Or that woman is known not have found Mr. Right. Or she is cheating but because shes bored of her husband.

    2. Doesn’t help that there are truly sick puppies called “bug chasers” who want to get HIV by hosting bday parties where 1000 gay men take turns trying to give the gift that keeps on giving to the “negatives”. Everyone should watch it and see what really goes on in places like San Fran, Hollywood and such.
      Many gay men have hundreds of sexual partners, I wonder how they can suddenly learn monogamy.
      Since marriage is no longer between one man and a woman. The mormons should propose to legalize polygamy.
      MSM already calls for it.
      No wonder Jesus will be furious when he returns and God has no compunction wetting his sword with the unrighteous filth.

      1. Saw the documentary “The Gift” (2003) About bug chasers going to bug parties to get HIV by having unprotected butthex with 1000 men… lolzz
        Truly sickening. First movie I ever felt nauseous, repulsed and had to stop watching.

      2. I don’t see why gay marriage should be legal and polygamy not…. both are lifestyle choices…
        once you let the genie out of the bottle the whole thing unravels… if you roll back boundaries where do you stop…. ?
        when they let an oil company patent a genetically enhanced bacteria that eats oil spills… suddenly you have Monsanto and genetically engineered crops… where previously it was impossible to patent organisms…
        if you start giving lifestyle choices and priorities to minorities… pretty soon any kind of normal is a minority…

        1. So you’re advocating rebellious anarchy, instead of righteous rule of law and holding people accountable to certain standards?
          GMO food has been scientifically proven to cause infertility and cancer in 3rd-generation rats that were only fed GMO diets. The results were total destruction of reproductive organs and unusual hair growth in the mouth.
          I’m sure they won’t care when they write you a six-figure check, when they’re making billions off these foods.

      3. That is truly sick, they have to be mentally unhinged to want to get HIV, though to be gay in the first place there is often something wrong with them. However Jesus doesn’t exist, and it makes this site sound ignorant to talk about God smiting people.

        1. Jesus did and does exist, did you know he is the most historically documented individual on the planet by various higher educational institutes and reputable historians?
          If you deny the existence of Jesus, then you sure don’t believe in Cleopatra, Julius Caesar or any Egyptian pharaohs since you don’t trust historians, historical accounts and record keeping. I suggest you watch Richard Dawkins getting wrecked by Oxford Theologian John Lennox.
          As a materialistic existential nihilist I’m sure you’ll say “if you don’t see it , it doesn’t exist” but gravity, higgs field, the wind and color exists even if the blind say it doesn’t. What’s more comical is that the Higgs’ field was called Aether and known by Plato and Aristotle.
          Read the bible. God is above that way of thinking and much more divine and infinitely complicated than you give credit for, for he can use his angels and human agents to carry out smiting or “punishing” people. Or just leave you to your own destruction and sin, so you have no one to blame but yourself.
          “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”

        2. How so? Be specific besides “repeatedly demonstrated” and resorting to ad hominem and red herring attacks like a reprobate.
          What if I told you I’m not white, cosmopolitan and a Northerner? There goes your stereotypical prejudices and association fallacy.
          You left because you couldn’t handle the truth, wanted to satisfy your fleshy desires and chose with your free will to lower yourself to society’s standards.
          “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction.”
          If you’re content with your present circumstances why bring up your past?

    3. Sodom and Gomorrah. It’s what happens when you abandon core Judeo-Christian values. When you hate race instead of hating values, you create enemies needlessly and miss your target by a mile. And you build an opposing coalition of the other. The opposing other now includes Latinos, Asians, Blacks as well as Sodomites. These groups have formed a alliances in America because they fear WN racism more than they despise cultural debasement. I know this because, like many visitors to this site, I am conservative and a classical liberal. But the Repubs will not be getting my vote.
      Christian values are race and color blind. In fact, while the West has abandoned christianity. Africa has increased its Catholic population sixteen-fold and is the strongest continent in terms of *practising* Catholics. And the Anglican church is majority African. There, protestant churches are growing massively. Priests there do not diddle boys as they here. Etc, etc. Is it any wonder then that, while the West’s families are failing, Africa’s remain strong.
      And, yes I’m black so downvote away.

      1. I have you say, you are absolutely right about all these claims. I have friends from Africa and they’re much more socially conservative than blacks in the U.S. and even the staunchest Lily White Republican you can find. It’s common for women from Africa to remain virgins well into their 20s, as they’re saving themselves for marriage. You can’t say that about anybody in the U.S.
        Christian values are color blind, and even though the Cathedral (government-media-education complex) claims to be, watch how it (the media in particular) treats race. Don’t listen to what they say, watch what they do. They’re constantly saying everything they can to convince people that racism should be eliminated, but they do everything they can to stir the pot to make sure that doesn’t happen by pitting the races against each other. Stories are created or statistics fudged to make it seem like one group has an advantage over the other.

      2. Um, Asians are usually victims of this stupid Latino-Black-Liberal coalition. How many Asians have benefitted from bullshit like affirmative action again? That’s right, AA works AGAINST Asians because they are apparently “overrepresented” because they have simply worked hard and stopped complaining.

        1. Asians are the biggest beneficiaries of affirmative action because they are among the highest scoring minorities on test scores. An Asian will get a job over an equally qualified white man and since only a moderate size of hispanic and african americans are going to score high enough asians come out on top of affirmative action societies

        2. That is true I never heard about Asians in the US get anything for minority sake. Thats why they are considered the model minority. They dont bitch and complain except for their women probably.

        3. What’s also especially ironic is how American popular culture mocks Asians, while the Asians handily kick everyone else’s asses economically.

        4. Another major point of irony is how American popular culture mocks Asians, while the Asians handily kick everyone else’s asses economically.

      3. Race is instinctive, even babies can recognize that an adult is of a different race than their own.
        This happens for a reason because natural selection have made it so.
        Judeo-christian? What great civilization did the joos have? What great innovations and engineering? None.
        The Greeks had their city-states and the Roman Empire had a great civilization and conquered a territory nearly half the size of the United States and when their military met the judean one, they crushed it like a bug and judea became a small province of their Empire.
        The joos later revolted but where again defeated, crushed and a lot of them deported while their temple was destroyed.
        At least their arab cousines, while being filthy goat loving primitives themselves, spread from their peninsula all the way to North Africa and not as deportees.
        Islam spread throughout the middle-east, to southern europe, central asia and India. Mohammed beats Moise and David put together by a long shot.
        Western societies, especially at their peak, where more Roman-Christian or Greeko-Roman-Christian than Judeo-Roman.

      4. I agree the republicans dropped the ball, instead of focusing on color blind christian and western values like hard work, limited government social conservatism, civil liberties and general racial equality (all races being treated the same) they get so caught up in bad mouthing minorities like blacks and hispanics and asians that they drove away what really could have been an important part of their base.
        Now you have the democrats as a coalition of the other. Poor white, black, hispanics,asians, gays, immigrants, medicinal marijuana users, hippies, college educated white etc. So the republicans cannot even defend against the hardcore feminist policies or radical gay marriage policies because they alienated so many people. The problem is the republican and conservative white men I encounter don’t want to hear none of that (I am white) and the repubs don’t understand that they are doomed. We’ve been redistricting districts for 15-20 years just to try to carve out republican enclaves. Once the house goes democrat in the start of a decade that will be the end of republicans.

      1. I’ve heard of “AIDS martyrs” before. Disgusting pieces of human filth, walking AIDS missiles who actively sought to get it! They should all be shoved into blast furnaces before they infect somebody who DIDN’T want it!

    4. I watched bits of the DPRK’s “Propaganda” video, and although it’s full of a lot of “Dear Leader” bollocks, I have to admit there’s some truth in it.
      I think it’s the sick, out-in-the-open commercial paedophilia that stands out the most, but your ex-pat friend is right.
      Lot’s wife got turned into a pillar of salt because she looked back so she could check her status — she wanted to know whether what she was heading into was better than what she was leaving, the threat of imminent death from divine provenance be damned (literally as well as figuratively).
      I understand a lot of American ex-pats don’t want to look back, and maybe given this frame, I can understand. There’s clearly something corrupting as well as corrupt when the things you describe are not only allowed, but also are commonplace.
      I suppose if the Bible were to be written today, there would be a section of scripture that would say, “And you shall know them by the worst they allow” …

    5. That’s the truth. The vagina went through several millenia to adapt for penetration not the anus.

    6. The human mother has a very good reason for killing the fetus. However, you should not have to be thrown in jail for destroying eagle eggs, but just be very careful around them.

  7. Do gays really want marriage? Many homosexual men only want the ceremony. However, their unsatisfied sex drive will make gay marriage an absolute joke. The lesbians may sign on, but there will be conflict between the two, since the natural cattiness of women will drive them apart. The whole thing would be rather silly if it were not so damaging to society.

    1. Gay women “divorce” (dissolve their unions, whatever) twice as often as gay men. Men will often bring up how women file 75% of divorces, and the typical counterclaim is something along the lines of, “sure they filed, but that doesn’t mean that they caused the relationship to all apart.” Filter out the men, and women still break their vows/contracts with reckless abandon, so that kinda flies in the face of said counterclaim.

      1. the gay marriage thing is about only 1 thing : MONEY!.
        married couples get tax breaks, not just on income, but also on sharing assets after death.
        gay couples are often higher income earners with higher assets.
        Govt. resisted giving away those billions of dollars in future tax revenues.
        That’s all it’s about… no one gives a dam if you want to have same sex…. it’s not important and in fact, some of the finest writers, artists, actors, musicians, politicians and so forth were gay or bi….

        1. Yes, gay couples are often higher income earners with higher assets because…we are better educated, have better jobs, and invest our money better. We are smarter and prettier!

        2. “Yes, gay couples are often higher income earners with higher assets because…”
          …because they don’t have a family or kids to support.
          “We are smarter and prettier!”
          Ok, pretty boy, let’s see some pics.

        3. As far as gay guys go, the reason they have ore education and money is because they don’t sink their money down the rat hole that is modern American Women.

  8. I think that often times homosexuality is a farce. Why have all these people “come out of the closet” now? Because being gay is now a status symbol. Gay guys are adored by babes because they don’t have to worry about them like the heterosexual beasts they deem us. Gay friends are like girl friends-effeminate, weak, emotional. Only a select sect of these gays are bonafide alphas, and it’s almost taboo. If America went to shit where’d the gay guys be? Gone, since there’d be no need for them. This fad will come to its inevitable end in the not too distant future.

    1. Fucking dumbest shit I’ve heard in a long time. One question: if you think that pretending to be gay will help you score with the ladies then why don’t you go full retard and start dressing, and talking, and walking, and sucking, and swallowing, and wiping shit off your dick like a faggot? You never know, your theory might just work in your favour.

      1. That’s not the point. It’s a fad, like anything else liberal. You know, gun rights, affirmative action. It will die out eventually. The only reason it’s so popular is because feminists want their beta gay manginas at their side. It’s popular right now, and if they’re gay they’re popular. Could you think of any other reason to betray logical, evolutionarily acceptable means of attraction and reproduction. They’re gay, not transvestites (only the British love that shit)

        1. Actually that’s one thing I like about fags, they go against procreation. I mean, you are proof there are too many dumb fucks in this world. At least the fag (and lesbian, for that matter) can’t reproduce… unless they start fucking around with sperm donars and surrogates and shit, which fucking pisses me off more than anything.

    2. You clearly do not know a thing about gay men. Google “bear culture”, then get back to me.

  9. Whoa… who gives a fuck? It’s all bullshit, it’s not about God, or heaven or hell, the only factor in getting married is on the legal side of things regarding money and shit. If the fags wanna go that route, I’ll say it again, who gives a fuck? In fact I’m all for it, since it pisses of them religious folk a whole bunch.

    1. Jeebus, Groucho, why not pull your head out of your ass, and study the historical and social dialectic here. It is not about “fairness”, or the “legal side of things”. It is about the purposeful erosion and takeover of a social contract and civilization. It is about the planned destruction of a society. And, ultimately, it is about Red Pill awareness and a determination not to follow the herd and be a sheep, blithely doing what you are told and being lulled by the bread and circuses into slavery. You do not give a fuck; that’s cool, you can continue doing whatever it is you do and not giving a fuck. At least until you run afoul of the consequences of your not giving a fuck. Then you will wish that you had given a fuck.

      1. What fucking consequences? I’m not about to get married or become gay so I couldn’t care less about those things.
        What does concern me way more than anything else is all the white countries getting taken over, not by fags or feminists, but by non-whites. Hell, that’s something to be pissed about. And in case anyone says I’m racist, guess what, I am. Deal with it. But ask yourselves whether Africa or Asia or South America’s getting run over by whites? Whether any non-white country is getting overpopulated by people who have no business being there.

        1. Now that is something I agree with you on. But, I believe that the proliferation of non-whites is something that the homosexual and feminist lobby is supporting in order to weaken the fabric of our society.

      2. homos are hardly the majority herd…..
        they’ve been given rights to share the same financial and tax benefits that couples share… big deal….
        the only reason the hardened red pill players would find issue in it, is because they’ve boned so many women, that subconsciously they are thinking of moving onto men…
        being a homo has the added advantage of not having kids (accept with a huge amount of planning)… also something that PUA and Red Pill aims to avoid….
        ops…. funny how the homophobe is often revealed as a homo in the closet…

        1. Hahaha. Using the adjective homophobe to try and win the argument. Making fallacious statements and ad hominem arguments. The Red Pill lifestyle, being an Alpha, is about so much more than banging women. I encourage you to expand your mind; read Roissy. Read Vox. Then maybe you will understand.

  10. I really don’t see why this is a problem. There are far larger issues than this. Quite frankly, decisions of what is socially/morally right/wrong shouldn’t be in the hands of central planners/corrupt morons in government(politicians). It’s simply too powerful a tool for them to have.

  11. And it won’t stop with gays either. feminists are already doing beastiality awareness seminars. polyandry will probably follow shortly (but not polygamy) and the biggest hamsterizing will occur when they try to justify pedophilia but I’m sure they’ll manage somehow.

  12. Gays don’t really want to be married, they just want the right to be married. Deep down, despite what they may say, many homosexuals have a lot of guilt and bad feelings about their sexuality. They view legalized “gay marriage” as society putting a stamp of approval on their behavior. Just look at the countries where gay marriage is legal — gays aren’t getting married. Our society shouldn’t redefine marriage just so a small minority of the population can feel better about their deviancy.

    1. I think you’re hitting a central truth that a lot of people miss. The movement is about acceptance, norming and eventually protections for deviant behavior. Its all in the name of being inclusive.
      I makes me shake my head when I hear people say that those who are opposed to gay marriage are on the wrong side of history. Take a step back, look at the entirety of human history – every culture, every civilization – and see how deeply deluded proponents have become.

  13. A lot of people in Eastern Europe, once they’ve become comfortable with
    me, ask questions about the weird things going in America, including
    homosexual marriage.

    Well, that’s encouraging, as far as it goes.

  14. Medieval and ancient India had periods of unrestrained sex, and they lost big time to outsiders that had traditional values (like Muslims who enjoyed their sexual orgies on diplomatic visits, but refused to make it law for its craziness after conquering them).
    Same thing in Europe and other places; Rome, Asia. Traditional values, speak for themselves, and if you don’t hear it’s voice, it gets help in the form of financial collapse, or worse, war, disease, pestilence. Homosexual men often have to wear diapers in old age from all chimney sweeping their anus received from other men. Not to mention the damage done biologically to the men pounding the gay message home, with methane gas, bacteria, and not least of which shit.
    Without our modern healthcare, homosexuality would be easily recognizable for the bogus crap that it is, an unnatural form of sex. Just like polygamy, beastiality, and incest; the results of these practices are catastrophic in most cases. Except maybe straight polygamy has it’s short term advantages.
    Even with our modern healthcare, modern economies, and all that they bring; homosexuality will still most likely be seen for what it is. The positive that I suspect that will come out of this fiasco is that with the Internet, and mass storage devices, homosexuals will be outed for all time. It may take a while,a nd perhaps governments will hide it in favor of their little pets. I am maybe wrong, but I think that homosexuality in times past exposed itself and those societies rightly rejected it as bad, nightmarish ways of living.
    I think that when even modern technology and ideology fails to keep it in a positive light, homosexuality will be outed for all time. It will get relegated back to where it came from in the 90s; the societal closet(s).

    1. “Medieval and ancient India had periods of unrestrained sex, and they lost big time to outsiders that had traditional values”
      Isn’t your entire theory based on the idea that correlation implies causation? That sir is a logical fallacy and your entire argument is nonsense.

      1. A logical fallacy? Keep dreaming fella. It was not just India, but Rome, Carthage, even here in the USA I see the signs of them all and many more civilizations that fell. It is not the ramblings of a incoherent madman off his meds you read here. More like historians as doctors prescribing medication to a thoroughly well read, and deconstructed disease.
        We know the cure, strong marriages between men and women, we fail to see the many symptoms. Homosexuality, rampant and unnecessary divorce, greed, hearts as cold as stone to others, severe sense of entitlements to whatever we want, whenever we want, and all at the dime of someone else as we can’t be bothered to exercise restraint, or responsibility.
        Maybe you like being in the Vanity Fair? As for me, I see you riding the carousel of public opinion, and fail to understand how you can’t see the real reason you rear ends hurt. It is not because the ride is faulty, but that you failed to see that it is merely following what it was designed for; your destruction.
        Homosexuality by itself is not the problem, again, it is a symptom. The source is the frailty, and evil nature of human beings. Rarely do we seek leverage for noble purposes, but merely to gain advantage like crabs in a bucket dragging each other back down to the frigid bottom; fearful the escapees will get something we will never have, and leave us in our dank hole with no thank you to take us out. The difference between those who seek righteousness, and those who don’t is how we answer our fears. There are those who answer their fear with courage, and the willingness to accept the fact they cannot do it on their own. The rest, merely lie to themselves in saying that there is no problem, for shear fear of changing the demons that haunt their psyche in the night.
        You want your prison, stop using your weak shaming language to scold me for leaving mine.

        1. The fall of those civilizations is basically economic. The main reason empires can’t last is usually because the cost of financing them far dwarfs the benefits that they bring. Take a look at India being held by the British Empire as a simple example. It’s the same thing with the “American Empire” today. The costs of being the world superpower involve propping up puppet governments, holding the reserve currency(this a curse, not a blessing), etc catch up to them. Look at the costs that the British government had to bear to prop up the East India Company’s ruinous wars after a while.
          Over the past 300-400 years, there were basically two “superpower” empires: the British empire and the American empire. The British empire was ran from some island off Europe that ended up running the show! However, Britain also had the world’s best technology stemming from the world’s best financial system, which is exactly how they won their war. How do you think that the UK won the Battle for Britain? Germany didn’t have all those cultural issues that the UK did, but they lost. The US never had the strict culture that Japan or Germany did, but it was the US that won World War II on both fronts. The reason that the US and Britain won is primarily because they had a better productive capacity and better innovation. There was actually a gay mathematician by the name of Alan Turing who was a key factor in the British intelligence and his cryptography really allowed for some British breakthroughs in World War II. He broke many, many German codes, but he was also a gay atheist. In the case of the US during World War II, the US was a country made up of immigrants. Albert Einstein was a key factor in the development of the Atom Bomb, but he definitely didn’t fit the stereotypical viewpoint that you’re point at for a man to be(he was actually the exact opposite).
          We need strong marraiges?! This is not the problem with society! The problem is that we don’t have the same risk-taking, go for broke, stand up and fight mentality that we used to. The society has become pussified. Honestly, I think the idea that we need to go back to the “traditional” way where dissent is not tolerated, where authority isn’t questioned, and where free thought isn’t allowed is the most dangerous idea.
          I don’t touch Vanity Fair dude. Quit coming to conclusions about the shit I read, you have no clue what they are.

        2. Did you seriously just accuse me of riding the wave of public opinion? I’m actually about as much of a contrarian as you’ll ever meet, much more so than you. It’s the societies that have successful institutions that encourage risk-taking who succeed. It’s the societies that are able to bring the best out of everyone in the country that succeed, not the ones who are the most socially conservative.
          The most important factor in having a successful society/civilization is one that:
          1. Has robust mechanisms of correcting mistakes
          2. One that has the ability to identify good policies
          3. The one that is able to bring the most out of its people
          The ideal civilization is one that uses crisis and mistakes as fuel whereby the system gets stronger. The society you describe does none of those things.

    2. “Homosexuality in times past exposed itself and those societies rightly rejected it as bad, nightmarish ways of living.”
      You are absolutely right. There’s a reason its strongly discouraged in the ancient texts that became the Holy Bible.

      1. God could come out of the sky and turn San Francisco into salt and progressives still wouldn’t believe anything is wrong with homosexuality. I’m a libertarian so I’ve always been a do what you want in your private life but the other side is clearly violating that agreement by celebrating deviancy.

      2. The bible is a joke, i admit i am agnostic, but the Bible has so many plotholes, the ancient testament forbids sex between men, but don’t say anything about Lesbianism, search about it

    3. I agree with what you said, accept the polygamy part. There’s absolutely nothing annatural about men having multiple wives. Frankly speaking it was the norm throughout history. I would even say polygamy is still the norm today. The only difference is that we don’t call the man’s women wives (except his main chick) but girlfriends, mistresses, friends, acquintances etc.

      1. Polygamy is one of those things that while they are natural, is highly destructive to ANY civilization that practices it. Large numbers of lonely men since high status men usually use force to hoard most of the desireable mates, unless you have war machine that will always get female prisoners for your disaffected men, unsustainable in the long run. For its deleterious effects see Islamic world (most of it).

      2. Polygamy had it’s uses, but men and women are incapable of satisfying more than one or two partners. Also, if 30% or more of men had two-five wives, not only would their family drama read like a reality TV show, but many men would be left adrift.
        Civilization, perhaps human beings long before, developed monogamy out of necessity, and scarcity of that which one family controlling the future of all others brings. It sounds great, but if you truly gain five women as mates, and give them all kids, you will be stuck with the bill to provide! Unlike playing the field with several casual dalliances, you cannot just walk away when you feel like it. As much as I hate family court, I understand why the lies that sold it to the masses were so compelling. No one wants to pay for the sexual escapades of the unwashed irresponsible.

        1. not if the beta men were invited into the poly alpha’s fold and allowed sex as a privileged for good behavior….
          i could do with someone to mow the lawn and clean the gutters…… a second wife and a beta orbiter that gets the odd BJ would work out much better than some illegal and his beat up truck….
          more over only the strongest and best alpha leaders would be able to hold down this setup… whilst the weaker males would be put inline by the alpha females….

      3. There’s nothing “unnatural” about rape, either, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good thing.
        Polygamous societies typically result in tons of excess males with no chance for a wife at the bottom strata of society, while the rich dudes at the top have fifteen. The excess males have no chance whatsoever of getting any action, contribute nothing to the economy, and get extremely violent. Such societies are horribly unstable.
        We shouldn’t be trying to emulate Saudi Arabia.

        1. Agreed. Polygamy worked in small scale societies, but I can’t imagine it possibly working in a very large and complex society like the US. We already have millions of young males all over the country who are aimless, shiftless and basically hopeless. Exponentially increase the difficulty of acquiring female companionship and we’d have suicide bombings every day.

        2. I live in Saudi Arabia. The number of violent Saudis I have encoutered in 12 years is zero. All of the violent people I have encountered here have been white alcoholic western expat trash. The number of Saudis I have seen raise their voices in anger is zero. Some terrorista did kill some people in the town where I live seven years ago The Saudi police hunted them down. They are all dead. I have witnessed more bloodshed on my vacations to Paris, London, and Dublin than living here.

  15. Amen Roosh, great article. Your sign-off at the end is priceless. The clamor with which the GLBTQ(WXYZ…?) lobby and their supporters insist they’re on the “winning side of history” makes me wonder if they’re trying as badly to convince themselves of that as much as everyone else. As per the reaction against Vladimir Putin’s recent policies, you can really see how the perspective of the former Eastern Bloc has become a bit of a fly in their proverbial ointment. The people in Eastern Europe know firsthand what a mess you get when you destroy the individual family, and it kind of makes you wonder whether or not Putin and his ilk are behind the curve or ahead of it.
    Keep it up.

  16. We know that gays don’t want to marry at all, since they aren’t monogamous. “The gay marriage” issue, it’s just a way to provoke people who have good sense and avoid this psychological sickness as something neurotypical. I just feel bad many girls support it (most feminists). But they will have their price. Most of these feminists have relationship with “weak man”, and since no man stand their personality and “weak man” are easily hurt, they will turn homossexuals, because our society teach them “It’s not feminists are bad to be with or you don’t know attract real woman, it’s because you’re little pink butterfly inside your heart and didn’t know it”. That’s why most (if not all) feminists end up alone. We just have to work hard to put our children far from people.

  17. Communists wanted collective care of children, where children would be living under multiple tutors instead of living in one nuclear family. Western culture simply wants children to be as retarded as possible, in order to become consumerists and to obey government 100%. Actually they are supposed not to have any different thought other then “buy” and “obey”.
    Recently, and Orthodox patriarch in my country said that terror they faced during communists is nothing compared to terror they are facing from Democracy. During communists they were forced into a passive service, and it increased number of people who actively practiced religion. In “democracy” today, there is a state funded aggressive propaganda which is instead trying to divert people from values of Church. Because some of the communist values, such as modesty and patriotism actually was similar with those of church.

  18. Wow, I did not read OSC’s actual comments Roosh. Jesus what a moron I was, I should have read what he said. All I saw was the media coverage of how homophobic he supposedly is. Thanks for pointing this out to me. I’ve been a fan of OSC for a while, I should have trusted that the man had earned his place.

    1. 98% of what the MSM tells you is a lie or a severely twisted truth. The 2% that’s true is probably reserved for sports scores.

      1. This was just one of those instances wherein I ran out of time to explore the truth and was therefore forced to accept what the MSM vomits out.
        I feel bad, but OTOH, how exactly am I supposed to know the truth of everything when there is no trustworthy media?

  19. Great article, and needed to be said.
    The key point is undeniable: social mores that have served civilization well for millenia are being casually discarded today with no thought for consequences. And the arguments used by these people is shallow, false, and has no basis in historical precedent.
    Of course, homosexuality has existed in all eras. No one denies that. But what the forces of decomposition want is something very different. They want to take things to levels never before seen in any society in history.
    It’s amusing to see them try to use the ancient world as an example. Of course, homosexuality was tolerated in many ancient cultures: Greece, Rome, and Persia were known to have such ritualized behavior. But even in those societies, the concept of “marriage” between two adult men would have been ridiculed. Homosexuality in ancient Greece and Rome was permitted to exist only within very strictly defined parameters. It was ritualized behavior, and had much to do with coming-of-age rituals. It was pretty much confined between men and boys, and even then was often ridiculed in literature and speeches. The idea of “marriage” between two adult men would have deeply shocked an ancient Greek or Roman.
    In fact, in my survey of history on this issue, I can’t find a single example of a society where marriage between the same genders has ever existed. I challenge anyone to find an example.
    I don’t think people really understand just how revolutionary (in a bad way) the idea of gay marriage really is. I have no problem with people doing what they want in their personal lives, but actually calling it “marriage” is something that has never been seen before in history. Ever.
    Are we, in this era, now somehow more wise and wonderful than our previous thousands of years of history and evolution? More likely, we are an aberration. And our society is digging its own grave. Marriage now means nothing. Families now mean nothing.

    1. These are my sentiments. Do what you want in your personal life, but don’t expect society to endorse your behavior. And yes, homosexul marriage in revolutionary, in a very bad way.

      1. But lefites of all stripes don’t want mere tolerance, they want acceptance. Nobody’s trying to prohibit slutty behavior, but that’s not good enough because some people still frown on it. Same goes for certain racial issues.
        “Do what you want in your personal life, but don’t expect society to endorse your behavior” will NEVER be good enough. We must needs eliminate all thoughtcrime.

        1. They now want support for their cause. Support from people that would not benefit from their crusade.

        2. For many Lefties, their worldview is “I’m right. You’re wrong. I will not accept any other viewpoints. If you go against me, I will do everything I can to destroy you and your reputation.”
          Just like what they did in Russia, China, Cuba, and of course, North Korea…

    2. Right QC. There are NO examples of state sanctioned same sex marriage anywhere in recorded history because homos can’t reproduce. It’s simple. The state and religion put its’ imprimatur on marriage so as to perpetuate one’s people i.e. more Romans , more Comanche etc… Judge Alito said the very thing in his arguments against gay marriage.

    3. Civilizations are born, rise, reach a zenith, decline and go out of existence. The power with real power are looking 10 moves ahead, and they have decided to use homosexuality as a tool. they can clearly see that there are FAR too many humans on Earth and our population has to be controlled somehow. Ebb and flow. Things come, things go. Homosexuality will never be mainstream because it nature itself proves that without heteros there can’t be any homos. Nature rejects homosexuality, and as civilizations cycle throughout history so will some future group.
      Some time in the distant future, this will all happen again.
      ‘All that is new is old, and all that is old is new.’

      1. This is very wise. Modern civilization thinks it is the absolute zenith of the human experience, but the very ideas that took us to the moon were actually developed in Greece and Rome 2,000 years ago.
        Unfortunately, the human species is a boom and bust species. Instead of those ideas taking us to the moon a millennia or more sooner, the Rationals of our species are subjected to the tyranny of the masses, and are merely along for a whitewater ride down the river of time. So, we all get treated to periods like the Dark Ages in between the light of civilizations.
        As Jacque Fresco has stated, “This shit’s got to go” if we are to become a species that transcends geological time.

        1. This is true, though one of the main contributors to the dark ages and suppression of rational thought was religion. Christianity held back Western Civilization for centuries, if we are to truly elevate ourselves as a species then we must completely discard religion.

        2. In particular, the ‘sky-daddy’ religions of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam must be discarded. Some religions and spiritual practices can and did benefit humanity, like the beliefs of many ancient peoples that the Earth and all the creatures on it were sacred and should be treated with respect and reverence.

        3. Absolute horseshit.
          The Church was one of the main things that kept the basics functioning after the evaporation of the Roman authorities. It provided services and did its best to keep warlordism under control. It was the monks that transcribed some of the ancient wisdom of the Greco-Roman world, and without them that little knowledge that we were able to retain may have been completely lost.
          Certainly it was not without its problems, as once observations began to suggest that some theological worldviews might not make sense, the Church cracked down, and I don’t need to remind anyone of the Inquisition. But nevertheless the tired e-Atheist point about blah blah blah Christianity held back Western Civilization is overly simplistic at best, and blatantly misleading at worst.
          And this is coming from an Atheist so don’t try to play the religious bigot card.

        4. It also preserved and transmited the learning from the classical period. However a lot of that was saved by the Muslims and was brought back from the crusades as loot.

        5. Atheist is right. The key foundation of Western civilization was the Enlightenment. It was the kinds of radical and revolutionary thinking during the Enlightenment. It wasn’t the religious/traditional values bullshit. It was the idea to reject the status quo. The ideas of rebellion and risk-taking were all fostered during that period.
          Christianity and the Bible is a load of horseshit dude. Same with Islam and Judaism as well; they’re all horseshit.

        6. Elevate to what? I would take the dark ages over this feminist/gay rabid era.
          I’m no Christian but after the decline of Christianity in the US the nation is now crumbling. Nobody on the left admits to this because they’re blind to devotion by the very new modern religion of their own making. As long as they don’t call the liberal dogma a religion that’s okay right? Bullshit.

        7. Ironically the Enlightenment as you call it became what it hated. An absolution. Refusal to accept ideas outside it’s own forced to stagnate in ignorance and malice of an ancient long dead rival.

      2. Feminism is the disease that will limit world population growth. Most demographers say that we are at the peak population or very near it now. From that point on the world population is going to be declining. Search for the video, “Demographic Winter”.

    4. Sounds like a worthy topic for an article, though you may want to talk about the rumors about the Spartans and Sacred Band of Thebes, etc, and definitely make mention that there was no evidence that Alexander the Great was fooling around with Hephaestion.
      On this issue my libertarian streak tends to show itself. The reason why it’s such a big deal is because of government subsidies for marriages. End the subsidies, and get government out of the marriage business, and the issue will stand or fall on its own merit.

      1. correct sir but the problem is that this would solve the problem and the gays want this issue. Gays are perpetually aggrieved…..

      2. Homosexuality in the ancient world (pre-Christian Europe and the Near East) did not have the stigma that became attached to it later after the rise of Christianity (and later, Islam). The power of the man was pretty much absolute, and any man of means could fornicate within his means. In fact, there is much of Latin and Greek love poetry that could be considered to be directed at boys.
        But that is not the point here. Remember, we’re not talking about homosexuality itself: we’re talking about homosexual MARRIAGE. As I said before, there was never any such thing as “gay marriage” in the ancient world. An ancient Greek or Roman would have thought of this as totally insane and quite unmanly. Homosexuality in ancient societies was tolerated and permitted within very restricted, circumscribed boundaries. It’s an interesting anthropological subject and I urge readers to read up on the subject for themselves. Gays have tried to hijack this issue and are spreading misinformation about it.
        No one has any problem with what people do in private. I have no problem with gays or gay behavior. But two men trying to get married, or two women trying to get married, to me is just insane.

      1. True. According to an article I read about ancient Greek sexual mores, homosexual acts were generally confined to “rubbing” the penis between the thighs of a youth, and vice versa. Actual penetration was apparently considered an insult.

  20. Excellent article, Roosh! It is fast becoming apparent that the homosexual lobby does not just want recognition; they want to destroy values and rub peoples faces in it. To them, tolerance=acceptance=celebration, and they will settle for nothing less. It is sad that so many aspects of the human experience- arts, industry, civics- now have to be evaluated based upon how they reflect or opine on anal intercourse. Very sad indeed.

  21. The U.S. sided with the Bolsheviks in WWII. That’s the side that won. This is the natural progression of that victory.

  22. Another hidden, unstated reason I think the powers-that-be are pushing a pro-gay agenda is a clever attempt to divert unsatisfied male lust that might otherwise be channeled into violent protest against the system. They find it expedient to push homosexuality as a way to distract men from noticing the fact that there are so few decent women in the US worthy of having a relationship with.
    The theory goes like this: the bottom has fallen out of the market in the US for decent girls in the 5, 6, and 7 range. This range is the pool from which most guys are going to have to try to find mates.
    But over the past 40 years, this pool has shrunk drastically. Drastically. As women have embraced fatness, feminism, tattoos, piercings, loser-ism, drug use, single motherhood, etc., there has been an explosion in the population of women in the 1 to 4 range. And most guys will not be able to get an erection for a disgusting fatty in the 1-4 range. Essentially many women have opted to eject from the sexual marketplace completely.
    And there are only so many women in the 8-10 range, and most guys simply are not going to be able to pull in this range, no matter what. Athlone’s recent article yesterday can be read as a case study on the empowerment of girls in this range.
    So, bottom line, you have a lot of frustrated, angry men looking for mates, and they just can’t be found in the US. So, more guys are either going abroad, or are embracing (by default) homosexuality. A lifestyle that was previously discouraged is now encouraged, because the establishment needs to keep the angry mass of males under control.

    1. very, very true. I was just thinking about this during lunch today. Males 16-30 are by far the most dangerous group of human beings, and cause the most upheaval and chaos in society. Keeping this group distracted, sedated, and under control is an imperative for the system to continue to churn along.

      1. I actually just tweeted something similar this morning. The problem lies first and foremost with men. If men at least attempted to make themselves the kings of their own worlds, this vapid, feelings-based politically correct culture would disappear overnight.

    2. It’s attack against the church. Now that gay marriage is “legal” they will have to allow it in their church or be labeled as biggots and lose their 501c tax exempt status. The weak churches will cower to not go bankrupt and change their values and traditions.
      Anything the gay + female lobby touches goes to crap. I.E. Media, government, banking and now church/military.

      1. Just happened in my country, Denmark. Our Lutheran state church marries same sex couples now, by decree of our church minister Manu Sareen, Radical Liberal MP and indian hater.

    3. Good points.
      America has in effect adopted a prison mentality, whereby lack of suitable females for otherwise straight men has created a need for effeminate ‘bottoms’.

  23. “You can’t even make a joke on Twitter using “faggot” without getting
    fired from your job, but you are expected to champion a change to the
    marriage contract that has worked for the human species for thousands of
    Like a PUA cares anything about marriage. Hypocrite.
    Like it or not, homosexuals have the same rights as everyone else. And their rights do not depend on agreeing with them, or just understanding them. They don’t answer to you.

      1. What that rabbit does is that rabbits business. The ducks can do what they want. Rabbits don’t answer to ducks and ducks don’t answer to rabbits.
        I just find it funny that a PUA cares so much about marriage. I guess they care about it only as far as it supports their position on one specific topic.

        1. Well the red pill thing is kind of biting it’s own tail…. because on the one hand it’s about winning back masculine values and learning to be the boss where women are concerned….
          but on the other hand it’s totally degenerate, because marriage and any kind of stable relationship with a women is abhorrent…
          You can’t have it both ways…. a guy boning his way through hundreds of women is probably causing more harm to stable society than some homos in a disco…. and hell at least if they get married they are hopefully out of the dating pool and not encouraging other men to jump the fence as well….
          the player is actually more damaging in the long run….he’s enabling women to have more free sex, he’s enabling sluts, he’s discouraging marriage and community, he’s a selfish pick, ruled by his cock…. leaving a trail of sullied women in his wake….
          isn’t reality a bitch….

        2. I think the “red pill thing” is about calling BS when something is clearly BS, however popular or unpopular that may be. Its about bursting little deluded bubbles that deny prima facie truths.

        3. Yeah, I have to agree with this.
          I mean two homo guys doing whatever the fuck they want to do with each other isn’t causing me any harm. What causes me and men like me actual harm are players with their rotating harems who create and enable sluts, and ruin these women for marriage or any kind of long term relationships. Because who wants to marry a whore who’s been fucked by multiple men? While I don’t disagree with the notion that legitimizing gay marriage isn’t advisable, it is really players and people like Roosh, and their accomplice i.e, feminism, which is really licence for whoredom for Western women, which are the bigger and more powerful forces that have undermined marriage.

        4. Your comments and others above have made me think about the downside of ‘red pill’, ‘PUA’ and ‘Game’; something that isn’t talked about often. In a sense life is like a roller-coaster, and the extent any one individual can exert control over many many lives is probably negligible. So really, we are all collectively on this ride, trying to find our way through until it’s time to get off the ride and go back into the dirt.

        5. I agree… the original red pill of cutting down entitled 20-30 something bitches doing as they please, having multiple partners, stealing good men’s jobs and still expecting to get happily married and have kids… is certainly a giant bubble worth popping….
          but while we are at it, how is a guy that makes a career out gaming innocent women, largely to numb his own insecurities…. any better ?
          it doesn’t make you more of a man because you can sweet talk a chick at starbucks into sucking your cock in an hour… it makes you closer to a faggot than anything else….
          A real man says it like he sees it….
          A real man wants to build and create a better more comfortable society….
          Players take us closer to monkeys in the trees that just hump whatever comes along by puffing their chest bigger than the other males…
          That world you can keep my friends….
          That doesn’t mean that game is bad, it simply means that game needs to move to the next level, beyond banging for the sake of it and into control, power, kingdom and so forth…..

        6. I agree… the original red pill of cutting down entitled 20-30 something bitches doing as they please, having multiple partners, stealing good men’s jobs and still expecting to get happily married and have kids… is certainly a giant bubble worth popping….
          but while we are at it, how is a guy that makes a career out gaming innocent women, largely to numb his own insecurities…. any better ?
          it doesn’t make you more of a man because you can sweet talk a chick at starbucks into sucking your cock in an hour… it makes you closer to a faggot than anything else….
          A real man says it like he sees it….
          A real man wants to build and create a better more comfortable society….
          Players take us closer to monkeys in the trees that just hump whatever comes along by puffing their chest bigger than the other males…
          That world you can keep my friends….
          That doesn’t mean that game is bad, it simply means that game needs to move to the next level, beyond banging for the sake of it and into control, power, kingdom and so forth…..

        1. Do stay. I think it is important that you are exposed to and understand the reasons for opposing the redefinition of marriage.
          Its not a witch hunt, its not some secret club, purpose built to exclude homosexuals.
          All the re-framing, newspeak and fancy footwork in the world don’t change the basics. That isn’t intolerance, that IS reason.

    1. The world does not revolve around you. This isn’t about what rights an authority figures grants you but what is about what’s best for who are not you (children).
      Jesus, you hit the nail on the narcissistic head with your comment. You are not a voice of reason, but a self-absorbed person who only cares about yourself.

      1. I see you have a sense of humor.
        This is too funny.
        PUAs are worried about the lack of family values, and how marriage is such a great institution that is under attack by those godless homosexuals.
        And there’s the “won’t someone PLEASE think of the children” argument. How original that is.
        I’ll say it again: People do not have to answer to you for how they live. They live their lives, you live your life.
        You’d make a great NSA voyeur or a TSA granny groper. You like having arbitrary authority over others because the world revolves around you.

        1. The only reason so many men are interested in PUA in the first place is that society has cheated them out of their hopes for a traditional marriage.

        2. That’s true. But they can go elsewhere, if they want a wife, If there’s a will, there’s a way.
          They can go where it is not only unnecessary but counterproductive to engage in PUA AMOG IOI SNL ONS silly games, Instead, they hunt in clubs for bar skanks on a binge, looking for 3rd rate pussy attached to a sick mind. Being a good PUA is like having a doctorate in crapology.
          I don’t think they care about marriage at all. Those PUAs that have traveled could have found wives, if they wanted to. But they don’t want to.

        3. yeah… so tell me who is more degenerate… the homos who keep to their own kind … or the players sullying thousands of women…. discouraging any kind of marriage or stable relationships…. and completely anti women, anti children, anti society….
          the redpill community has a point… but it also has a dilemma….
          they claim they are just responding to the social situation…. but by their argument… if a hurricane comes it’s ok to shoot my neighbor and steal his food and water….

        4. The only fag I knew had fucked over 500 guys…mostly from gay bars…all before he was 24. And yes he is HIV positive…but he picked the HIV up about 15 years later when he was in a common law relationship with his “partner”. They broke up and his partner sued and won 50% of his assets…LOL…Nice victory. Gay guy has to pay his ex “partner” out $100K and he gets HIV to boot!!!
          I think we have to stop painting gays and their progressive bitches as the moral saviors of our Western world. Most are mentally ill.

        5. Homos are extremely promiscuous…the idea they are monogamous is laughable and an outlier at best.

        6. Scratch out “homos” and substitute “PUAs”
          If that is the lifestyle chosen by PUAs, more power to them. Their path is their path and no one has the right to try and force them onto another path,
          But stop with the double standards. Don’t try and pretend to care about the awful state of marriage, and stay away from moralizing against something like marriage when there is no interest in marriage. It’s like me being an adviser to the Pope, when I don’t give a damn about him or his pedophile protection racket known as the catholic church.

        7. I wonder about the STD rate in the PUA community.
          And I think PUAs are just as promiscuous. Some love to be able to type a “+1” and count notches and flags, as if it really means something. Who are they trying to impress?
          I dont see how anyone thinks gays are any kind of “savior”. Since “jesus” can’t get the job done, what chance do gays have?

        8. PUA is not the only Red Pill response to society as it is. Try MGTOW. They have taken the red pill and now say abandon this dying culture to the best of your ability. Let the whole corrupt mess burn down and hope that something useful can be built on the ashes. I am old, and pretty much have contributed all I am likely to, but I am coming around to that way of thinking.

        9. As Larry Kramer (HIV+ gay activist) put it to a gay audience, “I have recently gone through my diaries of the worst of the plague years. I saw day after day a notation of another friend’s death. I listed all the ones I’d slept with. There were a couple hundred. Was it my sperm that killed them, that did the trick? It is no longer possible for me to avoid this question of myself. Have you ever wondered how many men you killed? I know I murdered some of them. I just know. You know how you sometimes know things? I know. Several hundred over a bunch of years, I have to have murdered some of them, planting in him the original seed. I have put this to several doctors. Mostly they refuse to discuss it, even if they are gay. Most doctors do not like to discuss sex or what we do or did. (I still have not heard a consensus on the true dangers of oral sex, for instance.) They play blind. God knows what they must be thinking when they examine us. Particularly if they aren’t gay. One doctor answered me, it takes two to tango so you cannot take the responsibility alone. But in some cases it isn’t so easy to answer so flippantly. The sweet young boy who didn’t know anything and was in awe of me. I was the first man who fucked him. I think I murdered him. The old boyfriend who did not want to go to bed with me and I made him. The man I let fuck me because I was trying to make my then boyfriend, now lover, jealous. I know, by the way, that that other one is the one who infected me. You know how you sometime know things? I know he infected me. I tried to murder myself on that one.”

    2. “Like it or not, homosexuals have the same rights as everyone else.”
      This is true, but not in the sense you’re claiming. Homosexuals already have the right to marry, they can even marry another homosexual. There’s no “sexual orientation” box to check on a marriage license.
      The problem arises when you would like to redefine marriage as something other than the union of an unrelated man and a woman. Your proclivities are your business. Society’s contracts are society’s business.

      1. I don’t want to “redefine marriage”. I want to see it destroyed. There is no fixing this mess.
        So marriage is between a man and a woman? You’re forgetting some people here. You mention the marriage license. Think about that. Licensing marriage? Marriage is a function of both church and state. The state and the church need to get the fuck out of it.

    3. The Bill of Rights is not a document that enumerates rights of the people, it is a document that restricts the rights of government. As such, there is no valid constitutional question as to whether or not the government should have to protect or restrict any class with respect to marriage, because really the government has no right to say anything about marriage.
      However, because a whiny minority made their cause more important than, say, all other causes like a crumbling economy, trashy educational systems, urban decay, single parenthood destroying the family, etc… everyone is led to believe (by the mass media) the bullshit that gay rights are an important problem to solve.
      Understand this, Gay marriage is not an important “problem” to “solve”.
      You are told it is an important problem by the mass media. You are told to care about this and form an opinion, so you do and you feel convinced that you’re being a good American by choosing a side. It’s all bullshit.
      In the overall scheme of things, it’s meaningless and should be ignored. Far more important than allowing gays to “marry” is whether or not all kids are being raised by two loving parents, or whether or not our currency is being printed into oblivion (it is), or how we’re going to address the over-regulation of our labor market and production industries, etc…

  24. Liberals like to pretend that only backwards, fundamentalist, Christians believe in “traditional marriage”. They also only like to use “evolution” as vehicle to attack religion and undermine Western Civilization, they abhor the idea that evolutionary biology could inform reactionary social policies. So I like to hit them with this one: Think about it- from an evolutionary perspective, if homosexuality is NOT a choice (as you insist) then what it logically means is that your genetic material is so inferior that nature it’s self as moved against you to make it physically impossible for you to naturally reproduce. Basic human biology has conspired to prevent your genetic replication – that is how weak and useless you are to humanities collective gene pool. The look on their faces are priceless.

  25. Great article Roosh….you cite Orson Scott Card. He’s taking a terrible beating for his views. If you notice his opposition to gay marriage has nothing to do with religion or “morality”. Estimates are 4% of the population is homosexual. This 4 % decides for the rest of us?? When does it become “tyranny of the minority”….

    1. It’s a scientific fact that in communities of rats above a certain number that all kinds of fighting, degeneration and homosexuality starts up… as it does in cities of humans above a certain population density… it’s like a release valve for social tensions….
      generally when a city reaches 1 million population… that’s when gay communities, homelessness, drug abuse, bad parts of town, urban decay, pollution, corruption etc. etc. become evident problems….

  26. Liberals like to pretend that only backwards, fundamentalist, Christians believe in “traditional marriage”. They also only like to use “evolution” as vehicle to attack religion and undermine Western Civilization, they abhor the idea that evolutionary biology could inform reactionary social policies. So I like to hit them with this one: Think about it- from an evolutionary perspective, if homosexuality is NOT a choice (as you insist) then what it logically means is that your genetic material is so inferior that nature it’s self as moved against you to make it physically impossible for you to naturally reproduce. Basic human biology has conspired to prevent your genetic replication – that is how weak and useless you are to humanities collective gene pool. The look on their faces are priceless.

    1. The difference between a god and nature is that nature don’t care about it, is not a living being, a god is supposed to be against it

      1. I don’t see the distinction. Nature obviously ‘cares’ enough about it to deliberately hinder biological reproduction.

    2. From someone who has studied evolutionary biology I can tell you that this is an extremely shallow and flawed way of looking at a complex set of processes. Homosexuality and fitness of ones’ genetic material is not known to be connected in any way and your implication of “nature itself” moving against someone as if it is a living entity has no scientific basis.
      While I’m sure whoever you were speaking to was floored by your clever layman’s ideas about genetics, that doesn’t make it true.

  27. A lot of people in Eastern Europe, once they’ve become comfortable with
    me, ask questions about the weird things going in America, including
    homosexual marriage. It just doesn’t compute in their mind how
    homosexuals can get married. I wish I could give them a clear
    answer of why this is being allowed which involves some logic, but there
    is no logic. “The American culture is crazy,” I say, and leave it at
    that. It’s this craziness that is absolutely destroying the family in
    the West. Considering that one of the goals of communism was to replace
    the family unit with the state, it makes you wonder what side of history
    we’re falling on.

    Change “crazy” to “evil” and you’ve hit the nail on the head.

  28. Faggot Faggot Faggot Faggot Faggot Faggot Faggot die fags die die die fucking fags fags

  29. The color changes (dark letters on a dark background) to your blog make it unreadable. Please fix it because I like your blog.

  30. Eminent Harvard historian Niall Ferguson was recently slaughtered in the media for daring to criticize the homo-hegemony.
    He suggested that the ‘screw the future, spend it all today’ mentality of Keynesian economics came from homosexual John Maynard Keynes’ lack of biological investment in the future.
    “A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.”
    Whereas a homosexual is only interested in trees as a great place to pick-up dudes in parks.

  31. Roosh… I whole heartedly agree with you that the gay thing is out of control…
    However, it’s pretty hard for a guy who writes books about traveling the world and fornicating with hundreds of women to lay down any kind of moral or social advice to the world without sound like a degenerate psychotic paranoid hypocrite.
    ban me if you like.. .you’ll just prove my point…
    alternatively…. in what way do you think that Bang! helps any of this social decay going on in the world…
    you cannot be a pimp and drug dealer and a priest…

    1. You’re the one who looks stupid here. Roosh’s lifestyle is an extreme reaction to his extremely broken environment. He followed the rules and it got him shit, so he fled the country and invented his own rules. As an outsider, he is in a much better position than you to diagnose the problems of the society he abandoned.

      1. so tell me Joe… or is that Roosh ?
        how is the the guy in the broken single parent family whose mother desperately wanted a daughter, and brought him up to be so effeminate he eventually became gay…. felt persecuted and formed a gay rights movement….
        ultimately any different from
        the guy blaming society for being broken and rebelling by fornicating his way through hundreds even thousands of women’s lives….
        both are fucking degenerates… i’d be glad to pull the trigger on either…. .

    2. When Roosh jumps on the sanctity of marriage/family thing, I too have to wonder how he reconciles his own lifestyle with these alleged values.
      I get he’s not crazy about gay marriage. Fine. Just say you think it’s disgusting and leave it at that.
      But please don’t talk about how it’s destroying the “family unit” and somehow miss the hypocrisy given your own lifestyle.
      And why wouldn’t you want gays to be openly happy? I suspect lot of assholes in society are really just sexually frustrated homosexuals. If they’re free to live their lives, it’s better for all of us.

      1. I don’t see any reason why two guys who live under the same roof and openly support and care for each other shouldn’t share the same financial and tax breaks as a regular married couple…. especially one without kids….
        the mistake of the politicians was allowing the financial issue to become merged with the social issue of gay acceptance…
        gay marriage, tax breaks and inheritance etc… does not and should not equal validation and acceptance and open encouragement of the gay lifestyle…
        they should have quietly been allowed to have the same contracts and financial / tax rights as regular married couples and shut the fuck up…
        instead the issue has been hijacked by activists and politicians grandstanding where none was needed or warranted…

      2. I think it is quite simple how Roosh can be in favor of traditional marriage and live the life he does. I would like to life the simple rural life in the agrarian society propounded by Jefferson. However, that life is not on offer, so I live as best I can in the context inwhich I anm forced to live (for now).

      3. I think it is quite simple how Roosh can be in favor of traditional marriage and live the life he does. I would like to life the simple rural life in the agrarian society propounded by Jefferson. However, that life is not on offer, so I live as best I can in the context inwhich I anm forced to live (for now).

  32. And of course, Orson Scott Card has had a hell of a time since these comments were made aware in the minds of feminazis everywhere. The recent “Adventures of Superman” comic and upcoming Ender’s Game movie are prime examples of targeted works, simply because a man has a different opinion.

  33. So, when did the manosphere become less about being masculine and more about gay bashing? You guys are aware that homosexuality has been around for a long time, it just wasn’t as open in society. Why are you worried about gays? My point of view on the matter is that its less males to compete with against to get women. You know what else was frowned upon in the so-called “glory days”, interracial marriage and fornication. Yeah, that means any writer of the manosphere who isn’t a pretty little white boy wouldn’t be able to fucking those pretty Eastern European white women without having to sneak around.

    1. “My point of view on the matter is that its less males to compete with against to get women.”
      Gays are not our competition by the very definition of the word, Raul. It’s not a point of view, it’s just reality.
      P.S.: Gay bashing? What kind of man type like that?

      1. I have to disagree. It is a point of view. 2+2=4 is reality. Saying that gays are going to cause of the fall of society is a point of view. It’s a valid point of view, but there are still counter-arguments and counter-points.
        And I don’t understand what you mean by “P.S.: Gay bashing? What kind of man type like that?”

        1. The problem is not gays themselves. Except for the pedophiles who should be tortured a la Inquisitionstyle.
          The problem is that the media and the govt. are reinforcing homosexual values and our children happen to be in the middle of all this chaos and the worst thing about it is that they do not understand too many things and cannot defend themselves.
          I think The Pet Shop Boys are gay but their music is very good. So let the motherfuckers be but do not let them impose their homosexual stuff on us.

        2. It’s not the cause of the decline…it’s the symptom of it…
          When society has so much wealth and abundance that it has time to give a damn about degenerate sexual activities and the rights of those that like to practice them…. we’re reached some kind of apex…..

        3. Same arguments could have been made about the civil rights movement or any other form of progressive changes. “Who gives a fuck about the blight and rights of the negro, asian, or latino in America. We have more important things to focus on like those god damn damn communists.” Technological advances and social advances are not mutually exclusive.

        4. What exactly are gay values? Letting people live their own life and their own lifestyle? As oppose to “traditional religious values” which seek to micro-manage peoples lives and morales?

        5. “What exactly are gay values?”
          Here. Next question.
          “…which seek to micro-manage peoples lives…”

  34. “You can’t add a runway to an airport in America without years of carefully researched environmental impact statements. But you can radically reorder the fundamental social unit of society without political process or serious research.”
    That is probably the most succinct thing I have read in years.

  35. “Can you doubt that the textbooks will be far behind? Any depictions of “families” in schoolbooks will have to include a certain proportion of homosexual “marriages” as positive role models.
    Television programs will start to show homosexual “marriages” as wonderful and happy (even as they continue to show heterosexual marriages as oppressive and conflict-ridden).”
    This is likely to happen. It is very sick.

  36. To put the candles on this cake, look at what writing that article cost Orson Scott Card. One of his young adult fiction books is being released as a film next month (‘Ender’s Game)’ and you can be sure there’ll be a stink. His publisher dropped him after the referenced article was published, and he’s never been nominated for any sci-fi awards since, despite being regarded as the most cerebral and among the most talented writers across genres today.
    It’s not just him. Another writer, Dan Simmons, another award-winner, got thrown under the bus for writing something equally pro-traditional marriage. Both writers are advocates for individual liberty and social accountability, and both took it in the seat for publicly standing behind their words, which are still reflective of the opinions of the silent majority.

  37. ROOSH: “Considering that one of the goals of communism was to replace the family unit with the state, it makes you wonder what side of history we’re falling on.”
    This is indeed the way of cultural marxism. There is however this time around a potentially major mitigating factor: artificial reproduction.
    Science so far has been able to produce sperm from bone marrow, which means now lesbos can procreate. A few years back the japanese announced an artificial womb. human embryos I assume will not be difficult to either come by or clone at some point. In short, we are evolving into something truly bizarre.

    1. Once the genetics and artificial womb is a reality.. .it’s hard to imagine why anyone would want to be a woman…. they have a crappy weak body designed for sex and reproduction…. monthly periods, tits, weaker bones, thinner skin that ages rapidly etc. etc…..
      perhaps women and the uterus will go the way of the type writer…. obsolete…..
      on the other hand since this humanity is totally godless and selfish, probably it’s the dark ages for another two thousand years… mad max here we come….. stock up on shotgun shells…..

  38. First of all, I do not see how whether homosexuals are allowed to sign a contract and call it ‘marriage’ affects heterosexual marriages. Unless the heterosexual couples are really insecure and start thinking that suddenly their marriage means something else than it used to. But as far as I know, the laws that allow gay people to marry do not change the conditions under which non-gay people are married. Their marriages still mean as much – or, indeed, in many cases as little – as before.
    You offer a lot of unconventional and politically incorrect insight into the dynamics between men and women, their differences, and so on. Your
    honesty and integrity to stick to and pursue the truth in these matters is admirable. So I think it is too bad that for you it goes together with this animosity against anything ‘queer’.
    Ironically, many of the same gender issues and questions that you write about come up within such communities. One example is trans women, who have often been criticized by feminists for not being ‘radical’ enough in their gender expressions, i.e. their femininity does not sufficiently transcend the traditional roles assigned to men and women, and which the feminists imagine to be purely imaginary phenomena, the mere acting out of an intricate but superficial play, rather than deeply ingrained into the personality and determined to a large extent by biology.
    Now, you may not like the idea of a woman once having physically been a man. It may disgust you. But it is still true that you both value the feminine and that you both face a form of feminism that more often than not wants to achieve equality by making women more masculine rather than to value their feminine expression and tradionally female roles.

    1. I don’t know why the state elevating the status of my playing house to the same level as the basic building block of civilization in every society the world has ever known would bother anyone else.
      I’m going outside in a ten gallon hat and pretending to ride a horse. I’m a cowboy!

  39. On a related note, that Macklemore song “Same Love” is probably my least favorite song of all time. For one it was just a money grab by those guys, took no balls at all to write it today (if they’d done it 30 years ago it might have been impressive), yet some think it’s this revolutionary gay anthem. And it’s also just a really lame rap.

  40. “Soon enough, you will be brought under suspicion if pro-liberal positions are not found within your social media accounts.”
    This is worrisome. At some point will a guy not be able to get a job if HR can’t find a pink and purple equal sign (that gay marriage sign) posted somewhere on his Facebook page? Maybe.

  41. I wonder how long till they make it a public requirement to have gay sex to prove you aren’t a bigot.

    1. You have not listened to a Ron White comedy act where he explains to his red neck cousin that until he has sucked a dick and not liked it he is a potential Homo.

    1. The entire North AMerican continent is becoming the same culture. Mexico is fighting a losing battle to be culturally distinct. Feminist Canada and Feminist US have already culturally merged. (I am so sorry Canadiens, but I had no hand in it.)

  42. Some things in the manosphere I just can’t agree with. Gay bashing is one of them. A man shouldn’t criticise someone for something they cannot change. Do some people here think it’s a choice to be gay? I’ll admit that some of the over the top homosexuality that gets shown in the media annoys me but I don’t have to pay attention to it.
    I’m waitng for the post suggesting we should take away some rights from black people because the traditional family was stronger before the civil rights movement.
    I’m sure there are others who think the same way but aren’t going to comment because it’s Roosh who wrote it.

    1. I totally agree. If the red pill manosphere is to take off and become mainstream this race and gay bashing stuff has to go.

  43. A comment I once read over at Half Sigma deals with this;
    “jaakeli –
    “There is no double standard. If someone campaigned to end Christian marriage, there would be plenty of outrage. Gay marriage isn’t going to ruin anyone’s heterosexual marriage and anyone claiming that it does comes across as either delusional (fearing that acceptance of homosexuality is going to spread it wide) or hateful (being so disgusted with homosexuality that the mere association feels harmful to marriage).”
    Really? Did you forget how the law actually works?
    Equality implies an equivalence. Not only must homosexuals be treated the same as heterosexuals, but heterosexuals must be treated the same as homosexuals. Once gays have the legal standing to marry, they will then have the legal standing to alter the laws as they see fit, especially through the courts. Any such legal changes must directly map to the marriage laws that underpin heterosexual marriages.
    In other words, heterosexuals will be treated like homosexuals under the law. What would that entail?
    Well, what is a feature of gaydom? Gays are very promiscuous and their relationships are essentially open. Gays will import their “open” relationships into their legal marriages. After all, why not? If openness was not a problem before they were married, then why would it be a problem after they were married? And if cheating is not an issue in the marriage because the gay couple did that before they were married, then why would it be an issue in, say, a divorce? What prevents a gay partner from arguing that his cheating on his spouse is inconsequential and should have no bearing on a divorce proceeding?
    Poof…gay marriage has now introduced de facto polygamy into straight marriages by reducing the consequences of cheating. Remember, divorce is only no-fault when a party is initiating a separation. It is not no-fault when it comes to money. Fault matters when discussing child custody, alimony, child support, and assets. Cheating still determines whether a woman gets anything out of a divorce, especially if a man initiates divorce first. With gay marriage, women can cheat to their hearts content and never have to worry about getting called on it.”
    I also left a comment over there on this issue;
    “The thing which worries me about gay marriage is that the norms surrounding gay long-term relationships will be imported into the concept of marriage.
    (The above is a media write-up of a study that found that in a study of 566 gay couples, only 45 percent had made the promise to be sexually monogamous. This is an example of a different moral norm surrounding gay long-term relationships.)
    (In the above link is a NYTimes piece arguing that homosexual marriage could modernise (that is import different norms into) marriage as an institution.), specifically; “The traditional American marriage is in crisis, and we need insight,” he said, citing the fresh perspective gay couples bring to matrimony. “If innovation in marriage is going to occur, it will be spearheaded by homosexual marriages.”
    The importation of a moral norm like the one above surrounding gay long-term relationships would destroy the institution of marriage for heterosexuals who wish to pursue a long-term mating strategy. I don’t know many men who would sign up to an institution where the partners are expected/morally obliged to be emotionally faithful but not sexually faithful. It is much easier for women to get casual sex than men, so any man signing himself up to that deal would be signing himself up for cuckoldry and cuckoldry is the absolute worst thing that can happen to a man pursuing a long-term mating strategy, (and it is the evolved moral norms surrounding the long-term mating strategy which marriage as a cultural institution is/was developed around/for.)
    Of course, if people became more knowledgeable about evo-bio/evo-psych and instead started calling marriage essentially what it is, the social-codification of the long-term mating strategy in humans, then this concern wouldn’t really matter. (No worrying about importing norms anti-thetical to the reproductive interests of one party in the relationship and subsequently which disincentivises the pursuit of the strategy from that party as its definition is strictly evo-bio/evo-psych.)
    (On a side note, the reason I’ve given above is also why I think a lot of religious people are against gay marriage, they fear that it will change the institution and expose them to cuckoldry. This wouldn’t be the first time that religious norms have been developed to prevent cuckoldry/ensure paternal certainty; see
    Of course, I doubt these fears will be allayed as doing so would go against the feminist establishments desire to create a matriarchial/matrilineal cad society where all men are cuckolds (if they aren’t cads that is), but that’s a whole different issue.)
    More evidence of different moral norms surrounding homosexual relationships:
    see “In his book, The Soul Beneath the Skin, David Nimmons cites numerous studies which show that 75% of gay male couples are in successful open relationships.”
    This is the link to the actual study from the newspaper reports.
    This one provides a good review of the literature. But it is pay-gated.”

  44. Holy fuck, you guys are seriously the biggest pack of bigotted whingers I’ve ever heard. Grow the fuck up.
    You are all like, “Oh no, that homosexual over there wants to marry their boy/girl-friend. Even though it doesn’t affect me at all, I think I’ll whinge about how shit my life is becoming because of this thing that won’t ever affect me. Even though they have been an oppressed minority for thousands of years on the whole and are only asking for equal rights not special rights, just equal, I think I’ll whinge on the internet about how as the most dominant gender of the most dominant race in the history of history I might just have to work a little harder and share a bit more. It’s outrageous.”
    Don’t be fooling yourselves that you are men. Real men have enough strength of character, enough integrity, to not feel emasculated or threatened by helping the less fortunate or standing up for minority groups or in treating people as equals. Real men build: boys destroy.
    Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  45. ROK has really started to decline, and that is disappointing. Men need sites like ROK, but quoting Card? Orson Scott Card is a Mormon religious nut.
    Homophobia is not merely intellectually disappointing, it’s one of those “who cares?” issues. Men have more important concerns. Homophobia is no virtue, it’s asinine.
    As a straight man, I am far more concerned about the unfairness of family law court, false domestic violence charges, the feminization of grade school education, gender double standards in the work place – the list goes on. Gay men want to sleep with other gay men? Ugly women want to sleep with ugly women? Awesome! I don’t care. Besides. The numbers work better for the straight man.
    However, perhaps I’m biased – two of my bisexual girlfriends just banged me senseless,and I only date bi girls. If the homophobes of the world had their way, my preference for bi girls would be disrespected back into the 1950’s.
    No thanks.

  46. All of these are great points, and it looks like a lot of thought has been put into them. Thing is, what are we gonna DO about all of this? Where’s that strength of spirit that wrested this country from the Brits during the Revolutionary War and turned it into the most powerful nation on earth? I look around, and all I see is people who have dropped their heads, shrug, and say “there’s nothing we can do.” While Occupy Wall Street may have had its flaws, at least its proponents took to the streets and TRIED TO DO SOMETHING. And saying you feel at odds because someone in your family’s gay is NO EXCUSE. I’ve got relatives who are weedheads and deadbeats…I love ’em, but I’m not going to carry any signs around and march in support of their lifestyle because IT’S DETRIMENTAL TO SOCIETY. People have to stop putting their heads in the sand and saying “how is what the other guy is doing affecting me?” I’m sure Sodom and Gomorrah started out like we did, with a lot of heterosexuals in the majority. But little by little, more and more gays became more and more vocal (with nobody putting them in check or questioning their views), got more and more “rights,” and before you knew it, they became the dominant voice of society. All of a sudden, you couldn’t find TEN STRAIGHT PEOPLE in the whole society. People used to understand that wrongheaded ideas have to be put in check QUICK because they spread like H1N1, or like that virus on World War Z. Notice that there’s no sweeping campaign to make everyone straight. You only see ONE ideology that demands acceptance by all and sundry. It’s all on TV, it’s in your magazines, everywhere. You’ve got people listening en masse to nutjobs like Lady Gaga who called this nation “the land of the free and the home for the gay.” The author of this article says “America is becoming a homosexual nation.” Sadly, at the rate things are going, we’re only a few years away from that. Who’s going to further the human population or ensure the continuation of society when THAT happens, hmmm? Notice how they’ve never formed a society of their own at ANY point in history, though they have the wealth and resources to do it (San Francisco and Hollyweird have so much collective wealth that they could form their own small nation-state if they wanted to, but why do that when they can ride on the backs of others (pun very much intended)? They’ve always hijacked a society after it’s been built and carried to its zenith by heterosexual, well-rounded, moral-minded men and women. I challenge anyone to find me a viable society at any time in history that fully endorsed gay marriage or “gay rights” as the norm, and if such a society even existed, I further challenge anyone to show me that such a society ever invented anything, built anything of worth, or otherwise brought anything of worth to the world stage. So, I ask again, what are we going to DO about all of this?

    1. Occupy Wall Street never had a chance, as it was basically full of pretentious hipsters who were complaining about their I-Phones. The media preceded with that narrative and OWS was soon rendered irrelevant and reduced to a joke.
      OWS also never tried to become a political party, the way the Tea Party did to take on the Republican establishment. Occupiers just spent all day in the streets protesting, which ultimately went nowhere.
      As a culture, Americans don’t rally in the streets to get politicians to listen to them. They do it at the ballot box, despite the painfully obvious fact that the two-party system in America is completely rigged, corrupt, and sold to the highest bidder.
      The Silent Majority of America is simply not interested in any kind of Revolution. They simply want to go to work, do their 9 to 5, and go home. That’s it.
      My guess is that American Society will simply have to collapse into anarchy before anything happens because there is so much apathy and indifference.

  47. One more thing. Some may wonder how the gay agenda is affecting the manosphere. Here’s a theory. Why is it that no one promotes anything on TV or in any other media that’s conducive to men and women getting along? When’s the last time you heard REAL TALK on tv about making male/female relationships work, and not just some comedic farce? Why do women almost always have the ubiquitous gay buddy who’s telling her that men aren’t worth a crap? (and yes, I’ve known guys who were c-blocked by the gay buddy). Who do you think would benefit the most from seeing men and women at each other’s throats? The first benefit is the most obvious. The LGBT gets to step up on a soap box and say “heterosexual couples are in chaos, why not let US do whatever WE want to do?” Second, if men have a harder time getting women (because Hollywood, daytime tv and the like have told her she doesn’t even need a man and that a man has to bring a checklist worth of stuff to the table just to get the opportunity to hold her friggin’ hand), you”ve got a greater opportunity for some of our more weak-willed brethren to say “oh, screw it” and play for the other team. Sound farfetched? Not all men have the strength of a lot of the guys I read about on these posts who actually decide to go their own way and stick by their guns. I myself have refused to give in and marry a Precious or a chick with five kids just because it seems like the path of least resistance, and that other “alternative” I mentioned earlier is DEFINITELY not an option. I’m holding out for a true queen, a woman with inner and outer beauty, the Cortana to my Master Chief, if you will (a little bit of my inner geek showing there). Celibacy is a helluva better option than those other three scenarios. But alas, the LGBT is gambling on the kind of guys who are so hard-up that they’ve gotta get it from somewhere, even if it’s from other dudes. Do you think gay dudes in jail started out that way? A lot of them were dudes who were getting it in with a lot of hoodrats and trailer park queens on the outside, and now that they’re in the joint, they can’t contain themselves. You’ve gotta remember that it isn’t a bunch of morons who put together the “Cathedral” as I’ve heard it called (I personally like to refer to it as “the Matrix”). They’re some crafty buggers, and we’ve gotta be craftier to keep up with ’em.

  48. I suspect, given the dynamic of “liberalism”, that healthy, white, attractive females are going to get increasingly shamed while “diverse”, fatass and hog-faced ones will only become increasingly encouraged to be sleazy.
    An attractive female have no interest in post-modern feminism, on the contrary.
    We know the feminist demographic goes toward ugly and/or fat, very much bad news for an attractive female, considering the bitterness and jealousy of these categories.
    A female that is independent-minded, have a strong will have no interest in post-modern feminism.
    Why? Because post-modern feminism reduce independence and will to being mererly bchy.
    Feminism effectively promotes being dependent and emotionally fragile.
    An ambitious female have no personal interest in post-modern feminism either.
    Post-modern feminists want to get their advancements through special treatement, through privilege (just what they complain about) and not achievement.
    If you want to be a genuine boss and accomplish some big things, sycophants and yes-girls are rather cheap.
    Same thing for a female interested in engineering or computer programming, no need for ego-boosting.
    Yes, post-modern feminists whines about there being not many female engineers and computer programers but are they enrolling in such courses?
    No, they prefer gender and “ethnic” studies, they simply aren´t going to support any female who want to do that, except by lowering standards of admission.
    A female with work ethic and believes a good job is its own reward? Nope, no interest in feminism either.
    A female gamer have no interestst in feminism, because with feminists in charge, video-games would become rather dreary and boring.
    In terms of self-interest, a lot of females have individual interest in feminism but feminism is also complete and utter poison to a lot of other females, get what I am writing?

  49. Everyone should be free to sleep with and marry whoever the fuck they like, whether gay, straight or whatever else. As long as everyone is of the age of consent and consenting, then they can do what the hell they want with it. I don’t understand what part of that idea is so difficult to grasp or unreasonable.

  50. And yet men have no problem sexualizing and harassing femme presenting lesbians? If you watch “lesbian porn” you have no business denying us our rights.

  51. Meanwhile our so-called president, went over to Russia a while back and met with gay leaders to take a snub at Putin because he is not ballsy enough to challange him on issues that actually matter. When you have your leader in-chief too busy promoting gay marriage at home and abroad where he has no business in then you know all is lost.

  52. Classical Greece had widespread homosexuality. Was one of the pinnacles of western civilization. Didn’t collapse because of it. Your perspective is false.

  53. Eastern Europe in general sounds like they have their heads screwed on right. I swear I’m tempted to buy a one way ticket to a Latin American or EE country and then petition for asylum on the grounds that the USSA is just fucking mad and I fear for my wellbeing.
    Hell, I got some friends who live in Ecuador and I know some Spanish. Maybe I’ll go for it.

  54. Well. We can still have lots of children and teach them that faggots are what they are. I have never seen the likes of all the gay asses in the world today. Especially in children. There is definitely a conspiracy going on. Maybe in the water. The main thing is that the world is ruled by evil. And anything that will break the GOD intended family unit will be installed upon us. The MAN was the original creation. And it is the aggressive nature and ideals of the man that is the key component for raising children. Even though the mother is equally as important. But without a real father figure, a child nearly always grows up foolish and unwise. Now we see a bunch of fags raising children. A new generation of fools. The government thrives on foolish people because the government is controlled by evil. The story of Adam and Eve is a great example of how evil works in the world.

  55. Nobody is asking for the heterosexual contract of marriage to be changed. “Letting” degenerates make contracts of their own seems such an obvious matter of liberty that the State shouldn’t be involved in curtailing. I’d much rather they make their contracts and call it whatever they want than have to hear about it with every election cycle. It’s a distraction that keeps media attention away from real issues, and don’t make the mistake of thinking that that isn’t exactly by design. Orson, as a dogmatic Mormon, has his head in his arse, and lives in a land of fiction. We should give “gay marriage” the attention that it deserves: zero. By letting them “marry”, we can stop giving the issue energy. Until we do, expect to hear about them every single day.

  56. The other day I was watching Sense 8 on netflix it was suppose to be a si-fi movie, as my son and a female friend and myself was sitting waiting for the action to begin, we got action alright first scene was two people making love this was uncomfortable as it was ( mind you we are fully grown people) the love making was hot and heavy, when it was over we realized the person on top was a female who proceeded to unstrap a rainbow colored penis from her waist, it plopped on the floor steaming and glistening oozing with a white liquid. we got sick and turned to something else. Welcome to America home of the free.

  57. Long ago elementary school aged children talked about things that you would expect children to talk about, now as a school teacher I hear the words, gay, bi sexual and other unbelievible explicit conversations amongst students and that just the first graders. I guess soon we will have to vote on the rights of pediphiles, should or shouldn’t it be made legal. What a mess, God save America at least bring back her morals.

    Basically you think straights won’t get married if gays get married…why?
    The ability of gay people to get married under the law has simply no way of affecting the marriages of straight people other than by offending their religious moralities. Letting gay people marry will just extend the very same rights and protections enjoyed by straight couples over gay couples and will in no way reduce these rights. Marriage rights are not a negative sum situation where giving some people rights takes away from everybody else and there is no realistic justification for preventing gay couples from marrying.
    In the secular law, marriage is simply a contract between two individuals that ensures certain societal and tax considerations. Married couples enjoy special tax rates, a protection against compulsory testimony in criminal proceedings (spousal privilege), and several other benefits that unmarried couples don’t get. In secular law, the sanctity of marriage is little more than a bond between two people recognized by the state and given special privileges, thus the genders of those involved really shouldn’t matter (e.g. how could the genders of those involved possible effect the process of joint asset tax filings?). Denying marriage equality is less a matter of secular policy and the integrity of the secular marriage contract, then it is religion bleeding into secular policy.
    When talking about the “sanctity of marriage” in regard to gay equality, it is important to make the distinction between religious marriage and secular marriage. A religion has the 1st Amendment right not to perform gay marriages if doing so would be in violation of their religious tenants, but this is not what is at issue. What we are talking about is letting gay people be married under secular law and getting all of the benefits that come with the marriage. In short, a religion may deny the “sanctity” of gay marriages and refuse to recognize such bonds for religious reasons, but the secular government should not be able to deny the secular benefits of marriage to gay couples that wish to marry.
    Personally, I have always found the idea of gay marriage attacking the sanctity of marriage to be an amusing concept, particularly considering many of the champions of such attacks. I simply need to ask, if right wing champion of the “sanctity of marriage” Newt Gingrich’s pattern of cheating on and divorcing his wife when she gets sick or too old doesn’t damage marriage, how could giving the right to marry to a committed gay couple do any harm?
    Why must reproduction be a must for marriage?
    The ability to reproduce is not, and has never been, a legal requirement for marriage. Adding such a requirement for the right to marry now is both unfair and would have serious legal ramifications.
    First of all, adding the ability to reproduce as a requirement to marry is just an excuse to discriminate against gay people. There is no rational reason why the government would impose such a requirement on couples who wish to marry (we aren’t exactly facing a shortage of reproducing couples). Put plainly, this requirement is reverse-engineered to ban gay marriage equality and serves no purpose in the secular law
    If we should prevent gay couples from marrying simply because they cannot reproduce, then why shouldn’t we stop other infertile Americans from being married as well? Men with low sperm counts, who have had vasectomies, or who have another type of reproductive disorder are as unable to reproduce with their partner as any homosexual; the same for women who are post-reproductive age, infertile due to illness, or who have undergone sterilization surgery. Banning gay marriage based upon this requirement would throw the marriages of these infertile individuals into question and would illegitimize a huge percentage of marriages.
    Anybody to make this argument should be very careful what they wish for: if they get their way, they may find that their marriage ends as soon as they are too old or sick to reproduce.

    1. This pedophilia normalization activist has been trolling this topic for 5 years. He’s also been trolling Dailystormer and VictimsOfGayBullying. Get to know him..
      Troll ZOGBOT Jacob:×150.jpg
      You don’t know when to quit do you?
      If you are going to keep trolling this dailystormer website like you trolled VGB, and like you even got booted of skeptics forum, I’m going to keep telling everyone where you live. If you want to role play the victim just because I share this publicly available information about you, as you use your real name it isn’t hard to find. If you want to play that victim, then WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU STILL DOING HERE TROLLING AFTER YOU WERE GIVEN YOUR MARCHING ORDERS? As you know I’m not in America, but you may tempt fate if you keep coming on here.
      Here’s news about this clown proving he has a mental ilness and barely passed college with his jew charity for mentally handicapped austic special people, who couldn’t get in college the way normal people do.
      If you start defending or “trying to debunk” some video that’s critical of some gay child fucking dog fucking boy murder plotting faggot cop that even the FBI put 3 press releases out on Christopher Kent Bowersox, that just also happened to stop me seeing my first born child being born, that I latter thrashed in court you are going to get an arse whooping boy.
      See the story on this @gaydads baby flesh trader employed fag zogbot here:
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      And below is the mainstream news coverage of the gay child fucking dog sex loving boy murder plotting criminal fag cop this clown tried to defend.

      Here’s a tribute video to a gay animal sex loving JIDF activist just like Jacob. I can see this video was inspired by real people. Art imatiting life indeed.

      Here is why Russia made those “anti-gay” pedophile anti-propaganda laws..
      Australian Gay Marriage Activists raped a Russian baby – the back story is here. Fag member for Sydney Alex Greenwich MP called Russia “Homophobic” in his letter to Bob Pedo Carr for cutting off supply of white skinned boys for $5000 after one US and one Australian gay marriage activist “gaydads” couple bought one, that were members of Alex’s Australian Marriage Equality and filled the little boys passport up with stamps on a global Gay Marriage Activists baby fuck tour, that was made possible by the Australian government breaking it’s own requirements for DNA tests for surrogate parents, and they were of no biological relation. See the link to hear a JEW ABC journalist praise the baby fuckers and listen to them call Russia, Australia and America “homophobic” for delaying their 20 month anal child rape and since two week old child sex toy from leaving Russia… with love. Who can deny love right? Gay marriage is just two men loving each-eachother and fucking young Russia orphans. The next photo is from a Singapore Gay Activist’s blog who posted this after the baby rapists were arrested to use this child rape victim as a poster boy for gay rights and decrimilizing sodomy in Singapore. That’s right – gay marraige activists are using gaydads babyrape victims as a poster boy for their movement. FYI The Signapore government just prosecuted this faggot and first man to own a gay orgyroom sauna for scandalizing the courts and defaming the former prime minister. It looks like they need to finish him off.
      Gay Dads BabyRape Victim being used as gay marriage poster-boy after the rapists arrested by world famous gay activist here ->
      Singapore government prosecuting the faggot:
      And remember my dad and my friend are being prosecuted for the crime of critising published gay marriage activists raping babies. You must not dislike the act of gay marriage activist baby sex, because you must not vilify in action. You must not critize gay parenting. All of them need their little boys and the state says you must not get in NAMBLA and way (see the link above – or see the caselaw John Sunol V Garry Burns 25 June 2015, compared to this video – it’s a crime to link to it 3 faggot judges ruled)

  59. If you can’t even be in a discussion without resorting to foul language, then I have zero respect for you. Also, I am in absolute horror at some of these comments. I suppose I am the only woman on, but some of you are removing yourselves from the gene pool with these opinions alone.

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