Return Of Kings Is One Year Old

I launched ROK on October 16, 2012 because there was no general interest blog for masculine men that I liked. Since I’m not dependent on corporate income, I knew I could leverage my unique immunity to create a site that could weather inevitable attacks from easily-offended Westerners. Since launching, we have survived puny waves from those who think their angry tweets and “you have a small dick” comments will stop us. They feed us instead.

Here are traffic stats for our first month in operation:

  • 20,007 unique visitors
  • 141,220 page views

Here are traffic stats for September:

  • 541,807 unique visitors
  • 1,752,721 page views

There is demand for the content we publish, and since the mainstream media is not providing it, we will continue to grow. I have implemented many behind-the-scenes innovations that ensure ROK can run independently of my involvement.

I will make no bold proclamations for the next year; we will just keep doing what we’re doing. If you feel the urge to complain about our efforts, you are free to make the site better by contributing a guest post. Ask not what ROK can do for you, but what you can do for ROK.

Here are the top 10% favorite posts from our active writers:

Athlone McGinnis



Law Dogger

Black Knight

Emmanuel Goldstein

Western Cancer

Quintus Curtius



Check out our full archive.

I close out with a fun piece of news. Remember Fat Shaming Week? Well, an American news channel from Connecticut did a television report about it. Enjoy.

30 thoughts on “Return Of Kings Is One Year Old”

    1. That’s a great list of things we should keep talking about. The more I look at it the more it seems like a grade A guide on trolling these losers:
      “So the other day this American slut (she had tattoos and piercings) confided in me that she had been date raped by a black man she had invited to her home. I didn’t reply because women are our enemies but if I did I would have told her she has no ass so there’s no way that could be true(and if it was she was probably asking for it). Then I reconsidered and decided to slut shame the shit out of her. I told her since she had no proof she was a liar. For that brief moment I was a noble terrorist blowing up the feminist borg. Later that night I went to Reddit and rubbed it in their feminist faces. Now it so happens that this American slut was an employee in my business, and since I’ve grown tired of her constantly tempting me with her clothing I decided to fire her. She was replaced by a high school Japanese girl who was much more compliant and courteous(I then used my white male privilege to gaslight her all night long).”

      1. As Roissy once said, one goal of feminism is to criminalize all male sexuality and give free reign to female sexuality. That’s what’s happening with this list.
        Nothing on that list is offensive. It’s just that what we consider offensive has changed. Anything that’s male-oriented is considered sinful in the PC world. But you can have a movie like “The To-Do List,” in which a teenage girl indulges in mindless sexual “goals,” and it’s “empowering.” So is Brown University’s “Nudity in the Upspace” (look it up). But if guys try to warn each other about women — that’s baaad!! It’s a sin!!!

    2. Notice how the whole thing was all reaction gifs. Shows that it’s written by an obvious white knight who’s stagnated in life.
      Shows how even hacks can get a job writing nothing.
      Anyway, happy birthday ROK! I was stagnant in life somewhat too, but after finding this glorious community, the improvements I’ve made as a result of this glorious community and the positive mindset it’s imparted on me have been astounding.
      They don’t want that to happen, because stagnant bitch boys tend not to call out the PC orthodoxy.

      1. How the hell can that Buzzfeed manginga even dispute #13?

        13. “Coming from a
        culture where the women are taught to be big-mouthed, rude, and
        disrespectful, the American visitor to Japan will at once be pleasantly
        surprised by the poise, demeanor, and courtesy of the Japanese girl.”

        That’s just a cultural observation. He may think it’s offensive, on behalf of his feminist overlords… But he’s now the Internet’s overlord who can decide what basic, provable observations are acceptable??

        1. Yeah, and it makes you wonder if he’s even been to Japan, given you know, Quintus has, and it’s obvious he knows what he’s talking about.

    3. My article made 14 & 15! Sweet, desperately needed recognition! My narcissism is about to sky rocket!
      I like how in the quote of 14 Mr. Bailey left out the italicizing the MAN. Without those italics it comes across as a flat statement, not the semi-satire it was clearly presented as. The other side can’t even attack our comments without changing key details. We write; “I helped my uncle Jack off a horse.” They re-quote as “I helped my uncle jack off a horse,” then shake their heads how we’re all gay incestual animal bangers.
      I find the lack of diversity in the gif images really telling. Of 16, 10 are focused on white men. Only 3 are focused on women. There is only 1 containing a transsexual, and even then it is an actor whom is dressed to make fun of them. The only real black woman presented is portrayed as a racist caricature of all black women – fat, angry and yelling a variation of “Hell no!” And she has to be portrayed in the company of a white man no less. Beyond the three African Americans (one dressed in drag to mock, not embrace, transsexuals) there are zero other peoples of colour.
      Until Luke Bailey represents more women, transsexuals and other races in his gifs, I will not be reading any more of his buzzfeed submissions. Typical selfish white male. Next thing you know, he’ll be writing articles on Return Of Kings

      1. Notice Doug Packard’s comments… I started cracking up reading the responses to a clear “white knight.”

  1. “I have implemented many behind-the-scenes innovations that ensure ROK can run independently of my involvement.”
    Roosh, Roosh, he’s our man. If he can’t do it, find someone else.
    Happy birthday Return of Kings. We enjoy your contributions to American masculinity and we thank you

  2. Happy Birthday, My gift is another hit on the site… Woohoo! I’ve been reading on and off this site for only one month but I have really enjoyed it and learned a bit too.

  3. Great selection of writers. And I had no idea it was only one year. Here’s to many more.

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