8 Ways To Spot A Transsexual

There are many people trying to trick us in this day and age. This varies from bullshit health advice to the blue pill nature of most of modern society. There is also another way men have been tricked and it can be from our own XY chromosome brethren.

That’s right. I am talking about transsexuals who are “male to female”. It’s not just betas and closet conning alphas trying to hold us back. It’s cross-dressing men who are so mentally ill that they think they’re women. They’re delusional omega men who think acting like a caricature of the women who don’t give them play is how they can finally get some sexual pleasure from unwitting men. A lot of players won’t admit to this but it happens to a lot of us.

Trannies will try to trick a player to get some loving.  I’ve been fortunate enough to avoid the pitfalls and I want to make a simple easy list that anyone can apply to check if that ‘freak’ in a dress is an actual freak of nature.

1. Trannies exhibit the most feminine hamsters by their names alone.

That’s why one of the most quintessential ways you can tell one apart in the Anglosphere is just by the name. It’s very common for them to have a conventional name but with some tweaks to it. Like the name Jessica but spelled as Jessika. Even if they do go with more conventional names, they pick something trashy like “Natalie Mercedes Langley.” Take their perspective as a special snowflake unique woman with the urge to change their name. It never really ends well.

2. Trannies require others to prop them up and support their delusions.

A little fun test is to imply the hottie in the dress is a he. Most normal women would laugh at that and chuckle, allowing you to game on and win them over. The tranny views this as an attack on them and will get hostile with you. Expect a “pronoun” check with some snark.

3. Trannies either grossly overcompensate or underwhelm with their feminine mannerisms and dress.

It’s easy to see them undercompensate because it looks like a frumpy NFL line-backer in a budget dress. The ones that overcompensate though will go full on out—they will wear 7 inch heels with a tight form-fitting dress. They will act like a special Anglo cultured sex-in-the-city snowflake.

4. Trannies, like most feminists, are NOT likely to have employable skills.

Trannies will have long periods of unemployment typically, and when they do work, it’s the fun time for a handbag special. They will be like any other gold digger try to leech off you. They always expect some mythical figure to pay for their whims.

5. Trannies have cut marks on their bodies.

Transsexuals have an incredibly high suicide and drug abuse rate. Just a good rule in general is to avoid mentally sick men and women who have those traits.

6. Trannies talk in make-believe ivory tower academia terms.

If you hear things like “social justice”, “kyriarchy”, “patriarchy”,”Cisgender”,”gender binary”, “transgender”, “privilege,” get your game on somewhere else. Male/female/it are so psychologically poisoned that it’s just not worth your time in general. There are many attractive REAL females without that academic poisoning.

7. Trannies require extensive surgeries that almost no government will subsidize.

This also requires years of therapy and other extraneous activities. Most trannies won’t even remember it all. Just remember to keep a critical eye for the uncanny valley. If it doesn’t feel right, investigate and draw your own conclusion.

8. Trannies are masters of destroying relationships.

I’m not a mental health expert but they’re broken psychologically. It’s quite easy to see a person that burns bridges.


This mentally ill man calls himself “chloe sagal”. He is famous for e-begging on Kickstarter back in March for surgery to remove shrapnel from his body as it was causing “metal poisoning” . When called out about the fact that he was asking for the same amount of money required for “gender re-assignment surgery” he went in to denial mode. The gaming communities criticisms and Kickstarter asking for proof caused this man to have a meltdown. He went on to twitch.tv a famous game streaming website where individuals can stream themselves playing games to announce his suicide. Trans people who are known to be histrionic wrecks do this type of activity for attention. When cutting himself lightly with a steak knife and taking pills, he commanded his friends to call the ambulance. The life of a mentally ill man is not a glamorous one.

The last and final drastic step of all of this is to do a TSA-style pat down. If that doesn’t work just remember that tranny “vaginas” have no natural lubrication. It’s quite easy to tell if somebody isn’t getting wet. We as red pillers must even tell the most beta blue pillers in existence when the “hot girl” at the bar is really a lying mentally ill man in a dress. If we stand up to their mental illness and call them out instead of making their delusions worse. It will inspire these disfigured men to stop being omegas and start being true men again.

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933 thoughts on “8 Ways To Spot A Transsexual”

    1. I bet “its” an Atheist too.
      Atheist, feminist and other sorted freakshows have the highest suicide rate.
      As Roissy put it the monsters in our midst have turbo sized hamsters spinning the emotional delusions.

      1. Gotta love the craziest crazies: “GOD made me this way, I know GOD loves me and would want me to be happy…”
        The hybrid leftist/churchian is way worse than either one alone.

        1. I’m pretty sure no God has ever said “Do as thou will.” How do they reconcile the crazy with religio… oh, so that’s why unitarians exist.

        2. It’s the loony new age “Only God can judge me!” biz. The problem is that even the Bible says that you are allowed to judge others within reason–i.e. not being hypocritical.

        3. Yeah, really. I could handle a Mormon or Jeho Wit better than some deluded nut job spouting “God made me this way.”

        1. How so? Be specific besides resorting to Ad hominem attacks and repeating Dawkins’ talking points.
          “According as it is written, God hath given them the spirit of slumber, eyes that they should not see, and ears that they should not hear; unto this day.”
          Our reality is material, physical and metaphysical (atoms, dark matter) all created by the grand architect and source of all energy. As long as your soul, spirit and biological body live in this universal existence, you play by God’s rules.

        2. The Major seems to be majorly stupid authoritarian. His philosophy of governent is no different than that of the Taliban. He needs to mind his own business, and stop trying to shove the Bronze age myths of his imaginary friend down everyone’s throats.

        3. If you know anything about theology Allah is not God and preached by a false prophet. Last time I checked the Towelies were Muzlim.
          I was until weak pussies like you start giving concessions to the sodomites aka the 1% of the population to destroy the institution of marriage and further destroying the moral, cultural and social fabric of the USA.
          What do you call a government when the agenda of the 1% dictate the agenda of the 99%?

        4. Religion at least exists in the metaphysical realms where empirical evidence and direct observation and common sense allows for speculation and creativity of formulation. When a man says he is a woman there is no possible way to see it except as a manifestation of extreme psychosis.

        5. Nobody cares what you have to say when you keep your comments “private.” Obviously you are too ashamed of your perverted deviant depraved self to let others see what you have said in a way that they are able to gain context.

        1. I guess double entendre is way over your old little head.
          Wow, just wow. Takes one to know ONE! OMG like LOLz

      2. Speaking as a lifelong atheist here, neither I nor anyone I know has ever considered suicide. All of my friends are feminists, and most of them are atheists (two women I know are Muslim). I’m more preoccupied with getting my Captain Kirk costume just right for my hot date tonight than I am with your laughable statistic.

        1. So since you’re all rank narcissists and believe you’re small group is so special.. you speak for all atheists right?
          It’s called hastily generalization fallacy.
          “Religiously unaffiliated subjects had significantly more lifetime suicide attempts and more first-degree relatives who committed suicide than subjects who endorsed a religious affiliation. Unaffiliated subjects were younger, less often married, less often had children, and had less contact with family members. Furthermore, subjects with no religious affiliation perceived fewer reasons for living, particularly fewer moral objections to suicide. In terms of clinical characteristics, religiously unaffiliated subjects had more lifetime impulsivity, aggression, and past substance use disorder. No differences in the level of subjective and objective depression, hopelessness, or stressful life events were found.”
          Source: http://www.jstor.org/discover/10.2307/2095660?uid=3739696&uid=2&uid=4&uid=3739256&sid=21102899157737

        2. Congratulations, idiot. You just lost respect with me. Since I didn’t have any respect for you in the first place, I now have NEGATIVE respect for you and your deranged beliefs, your “sources”, and your apparent belief that religion is a good thing, despite things like the Spanish Inquisition, Ken Ham, and Bryan Fischer. You are a loathsome hypocrite, and the only reason that I am responding to you at all is because you just won me 50 bucks by responding to my obvious trolling.

        3. How is any of that an argument? Congratulations for making your self look like a small minded blithering idiot.

      3. So tell me how believing in an imaginary sky-god is not delusional again? Walking on water, parting the sea, turning water into wine, raising from the dead…I could go on and on.

        1. Healing the physically and mentally sick. Yes as a God incarnate, only the true messiah can truly live a sinless life that is accordance with the gospel and to be a living testament.
          Hypothetically speaking if you were God, how would you go about proving it to a bunch of mental midgets? It would certainly take miracles.

        2. He Who created water, could He not walk on it? He Who created the sea, could He not just as easily part it? He who created the process of fermentation in the first place, could He not make wine out of the water He also created previously? He who created life and living, could He not just as easily restore life to one who had life before already?
          The problem with pea brains and goombahs is you don’t really think things through. You are shallow and superficial and not at all deep in your thinking. Because you think like a very low form of animal everything remotely metaphysical goes way over your head.

    2. The biggest tranny problem is online — OKStupid, Plenty of Whales, etc.
      When you’re scrolling through profiles, look for the ‘woman’ who is dressed in ridiculous outfits and always has sex talk in the profile.
      Too bad the ‘tards running those sites won’t let you flag the profile as spam/fake profile for such false advertising and visual blight.

      1. There are probably laws on the way to cement their “right” to be viewed as whatever gender they see fit so as to co-opt any dating site that wants to be taken seriously.

        1. The laws already exist, lol. But don’t sweat it. I’m sure that you’d jump on a cock to at least experiment with it if you weren’t such a pussy for what others might think of you.

        2. Actually, moron, private businesses in more than 50% of the states can refuse service to disgusting trannies, or force trannies to properly classify themselves as such.
          And as for your sexual fantasies, research shows that 90%+ of men are sexually excited only by women and vaginas, not penis.
          Take your putrid fantasy talk elsewhere.

        3. Not so much, what with the recent FEC rulings on gender discrimination as sex discrimination. Either way, moving forward thx 😉

        4. So the Federal Election Commission has issued rulings on sex discrimination?
          You’ve been making up nonsense in this entire comment thread — pulling it out of your sliced penis hole.
          B+ trolling, mate.

        5. Ah, mixed up acronyms. Try EEOC, mmkay? 😉
          You’re ignorant and you thought you caught me… when it’s not my job to educate you anyway.
          A+ loser, mater.

        6. Using the word Pussy to mean weak-willed? How feminist of you. Doubting a person’s stated sexuality? How tolerant of you.

        7. That’s the thing: long gone are the days of 2nd Wave tripe.
          1) There’s nothing wrong with pussy, so it’s only an insult meaning “weak-willed” to misogynists, ascribing to them what they project onto women.
          2) It’s a legitimate suggestion, given a “closeted” population. The world would be a better place if everyone tried what they wanted to try (between consenting adults, of course). Ever wonder how man “straight” people watch gay porn?

        8. It’s such a confusing world for a poor little tranny!
          The tranny switched its official gender to female but forgot to stop using female anatomy references as derogatory speech.
          And the tranny thinks that every man is just like it and is sexually excited by penis, forgetting that studies show that 90%+ of men are only excited by vagina and women.
          Poor little tranny!

        9. More tranny hamster logic:
          – Make up nonsense information
          – Get called out on it
          – Blame the other person (!)
          You’ve actually picked up a lot of the worst traits of women while you’re pretending to be one! Nice work

        10. “not my job to educate you”
          Those who follow all the bullshit on TumblrInAction will recognize that phrase as the current slogan of “Social Justice Warriors” the world over. Good job outing yourself, tranny.

        11. Again with your weird fantasy. The only way straight people watch gay porn is if it’s a guy watching rug munchers.

        12. EEOC, I win. You actually don’t have any good traits to begin with, which is you’re MRA/MGTOW or whatever it is that you are, little anon

        13. Ding, ding. That’d be the majority, which now supports lgbt rights, marijuana legalization and other past “Social Justice Warrior” causes like civil rights. EEOC wins, loser 🙂

        14. ~40% adult males “not straight.” If you’re not into penis then what is it? Dry humping each other in fox costumes? 😛

        15. Aaaaw, is little baby man scared that the nasty transwomen will hurt his little nut and his microscopic penis? No need to cry and make shit up, baby man. No women, whether cis or trans, will ever voluntarily touch your genitalia, or even go on a date with you. Enjoy your mom’s basement while we’re off teaching at colleges and saving the world and so on.

        16. Based on your Disqus history, your ‘job’ is yelling on Republican websites about how normal trannies are.

        17. Hahaha.
          Penis insult. How original.
          I think you missed the article on “7 Least Original Feminist Insults”, you dumb tranny.

        18. Have fun refuting those numbers — that is, if you’re capable of performing an Internet search, tranny.

        19. You think the EEOC is gonna protect all the trannies?
          More than 85 percent of all small businesses (you know, the people who dislike government interference) don’t fall under the EEOC’s jurisdiction, so they can fire your ass.
          And the EEOC is toothless in most cases anyways. A smart employer will document all the bullshit drama a tranny bring along to the job. EEOC won’t even give the case a second look.

        20. More tranny lies…sigh. Everything out your mouth really is a deception!

          3.5% of adults in the United States identify as lesbian, gay, or bisexual and an estimated 0.3% of adults are transgender.

          (UCLA Williams Institute, 2011).
          Men who self-identify as heterosexual generally have no statistically significant sexual interest or penile arousal when confronted with photos of men or penises. (Chivers, et al., 2004, 2007, 2009, 2011) (Lippa, Patterson & Marelich, 2010).

        21. Hahaha. Thinks that calling someone transsexual is an insult. Wow, that’s pathetic and unoriginal. Bye bye, baby man.

        22. Oh, speaking about which, read some articles written by him and scroll down to the ‘About the Author’ section. He actually said he has a small dick. I wonder if that’s true… I think it is…

        23. I’m with you. We need to start shaming people for physical charities that they are born with.

  1. About time someone made a handy guide to avoiding trannies. Unfortunately, I am in need of one at the moment, though, in order to use he/she/it to dig up a dog skeleton located in Virginia, for undisclosed reasons.

  2. There are some people who are born in the wrong body for their innate psychological makeup. They struggle from a very small age with confusion over this. They need our empathy and compassion.
    I’m not saying “sleep with them”. But extend a helping hand or listening ear.

    1. Just looked through your Disqus comment history.
      You’re a liberal woman. Nobody cares what you think. Tits or GTFO.

    2. There are some fatties who are born in the wrong body for their innate psychological makeup. They struggle from a very small age with an inability to put down burgers, large fries and supersized drinks. They need our empathy and compassion to fat shame them,
      I’m not saying “sleep with them”. But extend a helping hand by taking away their damn sandwich.
      There, fixed it for you. You’re welcome.

      1. It’s actually proven that trans have a brain make up that doesn’t match their assigned sex, you can’t compare obese people to a cognition that’s actually proven.

        1. Of course it is and for each study that “proves’ it I’m sure their is a study that “disproves” it. But I thought feminists and manboobs wanted us to believe its freedom of choice…but now its actually brain cognition, so its not choice then?
          Hey drek, like the subtlety of can’t comparing fat chicks to something like “cognition” that’s actually proven. Last time I checked I proved fatness just by looking at her.

        2. Such a scientific term, “brain makeup.” “My brain makeup totally just won’t let me have hetero sex, you know? It’s like, my brain makeup totally wants me to cut my dick off and reverse the skin into a fake vagina.”

        3. But Buddy, for a transexual, “hetero sex” is homo sex because they are completely opposite gender identified. This is why it is so confusing for them when they are children trying to figure out the world and themselves. Have some compassion.

        4. I don’t believe that compassion is something that should be given out at random to anyone who claims to need it. This article is about how to avoid sleeping with dishonest trannies, because trannies have a reputation for tricking men into sleeping with them unknowingly. If I were in that situation, compassion would be the last thing on my mind…

        5. No proof of that and even if there was it would be a lot easier to change their thinking through the Ludovico technique rather than mutilate their body to try to make it look like the opposite sex.

        6. Never argue with the insane or deluded.I used to read comments on the boob’s site and other feminist sites and it was immediately apparent to me that all of them were suffering from some psychiatric disorder.

        7. I’m reading that in the literature that tranny brains are nothing like a woman’s brain. Homosexual(male) brains are completely different too.
          I wonder what it means. We’ll probably be able to screen for this in the womb before long.

        8. I find it peculiar that we are being told that:
          1. gays are born that way, they can’t change, and should not change
          2. If you are born male, but you “feel” female, you ought to change.
          You can’t change from gay to straight, but you can change from man to woman. So they say.
          Cognitive dissonance anyone?

        9. Good point. “Compassion” is in the eye of the beholder. If one of my kids “feels” he is Superman and wants to prove it by jumping off the roof, it’s compassionate for me to stop him, but in this goofy tranny worldview, I should leave the kid alone, if he “feels” he is Superman. I think that helping a person accept reality would fit the definition of “compassion,” but the left thinks compassion is helping a deluded person stay deluded.

        10. Actually, it’s not proven. On the contrary, what was proven is that there is very little difference between the brains of men and women and what differences exist, the majority of the time, are a result of conditioning, not some innate quality. It’s called “neuro placisity” and has been around 60 Years now…
          Men come from women, it’s why they have vestigial tits. We are NOT as vastly different as many folks like to think. Our major difference comes down to gamete production, not brain type.

        11. “but the left thinks compassion is helping a deluded person stay deluded.”
          And that is the whole point in a nut shell. Where would the left be if people were not deluded and sick in the head and heart?

      2. false equivalency reductio ad absurdum — behold the ignorant bliss for which one doesn’t even try to think.

    3. If they weren’t so outwardly disgusting trying to trap heterosexual men, I’d have more compassion for them. I also demand compassion from Taiwanese women so that Black men can score out there, and I am asking that they sleep with me.
      Thank you kindly.

      1. I really find it surprising that black guys have trouble getting asians. Asians seem to be the most into western novelty and culture (even more so than westerners), so it seems like the exotic black man would be a big draw.

    4. bullshit….. throw them in the army and route march them over a mountain range in the pouring rain with a 30kg back pack and someone taking pot shots at them……they’ll soon man up…
      the problem is not the people – it’s the society that’s gone soft….

        1. I think that’s because they forgot to sit on their helmets when they were in the helicopter and had their balls shot off. Making the best of a bad situation.

        2. Is that so?
          I’d be curious as to what the infantry/pog ratio of trannies that are ex military are.
          Just remember, my prediction is that they’re mostly airforce HR soldiers.

    5. I have tried to teach transsexual’s game. It doesn’t work. They rather be a bootleg woman than a true blue man. The mental programming and group hive-mind transsexuals have made any personal effort null. I use to be an heterosexual LGBT activist back in Philadelphia and personally dealt with over 40 transsexuals. I sadly have personal experiences with transsexual omega males. If we could only get society to tell them to cut it out and be stern with them. These omega males can learn to be alpha instead of a cheap Chinese rip-off. All of us have had problems with gaming women. That doesn’t mean we go gay. Just because an omega male has a bad existence and a mental illness. It doesn’t mean he should wear a strippers outfit screeching about “proper” pronouns and trying to trick people in to thinking that he’s a genuine woman.

      1. Part of the problem is that there are men out there (straight and gay both) who are very open to having sex with them. So some transexuals assume that when they show interest in him, that the man somehow *knows* what’s up and are into it.
        I think its time we humans re-develop our pheromone detectors.

        1. > So some transexuals assume that when they show interest in him, that the man somehow *knows* what’s up and are into it.
          What? So the guy in the comment above was offered two beers by a silent stranger, and she didn’t have anything to hide? LOL.

    6. And suppose they have the right body for a male (XY) but have something wrong with the brain or are suffering from some psychiatric condition.There are all sorts of psychiatric conditions where a person is confused about their identity including people who believe they are dead because they are unable to recognise themselves in a mirror. It’s due to some unknown damage to the area of the brain that has to do with facial recognition (there’s no cure) Perhaps we should kill them because they already believe they are dead and conform their body to what they believe they are lol Well, that’s the same thing you’re doing with transsexuals when you perform sex change operations.

      1. Well, I’m no doctor or scientist so I don’t have all the answers. As the field of neuroscience increasingly develops, I’m sure we’ll get answers to a lot of things.

    7. Ok empathy and therapy NOT MUTILATING SURGERY. I challenge the validity of the TG/TS diagnosis. The TG/TS thing was decided on by a small group of psychiatrists /academics in the 70s and shazam it was settled law , written in stone that these people need permanent , mutilating , disfiguring surgeries and lifelong hormone treatment. The TG/TS diagnosis has never been re studied either because of PC and the researchers would lose their jobs. It’s a tragedy AND now of course the taxpayers are now having to pay for this madness ( California not shockingly…..)

    8. The problem is they want to mutilate their healthy functioning fertile body to make it conform to their sick mind, instead of the other way around. And communist politics has latched on to the transgender insanity so it can use it to sow chaos and stupidity and insanity and by driving people crazy increase their ability to manipulate everyone. I believe that a person who is fertile and functioning as the sex their bodies obviously are obviously is that sex. Now, if someone’s physical body is actually in truth physiologically ambiguous, then they have a rational basis for supposing they are something other. But most of the time this is not the case. And like I said, this bullshit is all about communist politics now, not anything else.

  3. Look for an adam’s apple, or a style of dress (chokers, high-cut necks) that would conceal one.

  4. This hot young *woman* had an entire cast of handsome bachelors vying for her attention and competing to be her chosen one.

      1. Did you watch the video (scroll to the end where she’s in a low cut dress)? Out of all the transexuals I’ve seen, her “work” has to be amongst the best.
        She had all those bro-types fooled as well. Watch part 2 of the video on the side of the youtube screen for what the young man she chose to spend an exotic vacation with decided.

  5. Pretty disgustingly trans phobic article, plus you even insulted feminists.
    This isn’t really journalism and more just an idiot’s rant.

        1. This article could b considered to be made for no purpose other than to rile people up…
          It outright calls trans freaks and feminists unhirable.

        2. Are you inferring that this is not a website for serous discussion?
          That it is just one big joke to not be taken seriously?

        3. They ARE unemployable. How could someone with a wig and a hair trigger be productive in a team?

        4. since real men are sliding into a minority… surely their opinions, habits, traits and so forth as just as protected as other minorities…
          gays like to fuck each other in the ass, they openly declare their sexuality and they want to get married to people of the same sex…… they are protected…
          real men like feminine women and dislike gays, TS, feminists etc… why don’t they deserve the same protections ?
          we might be old fashioned, bigoted, misogynistic and so forth, according to politically correct attitudes…. but we deserve the same protections as any other minority….

        5. “real men like feminine women and dislike gays”
          Aren’t some gays real men, like that author of “The Way of Men” Jack Donovan?

        6. you can always find a way to intellectually seek some kind of smarmy counter argument for the sake of it….
          the point remains…. that with everyone now possessing and demanding the right to free expression of their sexuality…. why should red blooded males be treated any differently…. ?
          not least since they are the ones that gave their sweat and blood to build the planet and technology to the level it is at now….

        7. Jack Donovan may not have been your best choice. He is a homosexual man who is not gay and hates faggots.

        8. Rrriiiggghhht. Good luck arguing for your “class” as the one true Scottsman. Sorry, but society isn’t protecting haters anymore

        9. I remember one Manosphere guy rationalizing Jack Donovan by saying, “sometimes there are men that are so extremely masculine that they cannot mate with women”!!!

  6. Just googled “Natalie Mercedes Langley.” Wow. He’s like a goblin in a wig.

  7. I’ve been “tricked” 8 or 9 times now…
    they give great Bj’s though…
    you’d think I’d be able to spot ’em because of the big hands and adams apples…
    don’t get em mad cuz they punch like a guy…
    most embarrassing time was when I met one at Black’s Beach, a nude beach…
    shoulda known something was wrong when “she” wouldn’t take off her bottoms.
    I hope this doesn’t make me gay, I like masculine men, not limp wristed H1B’s from India who I have to work with at Qualcomm.

  8. “Kyriarchy” was a new one for me. Had to Google it. I don’t know how the libtards keep up with all the absurd terms they invent.

    1. “Kyriarchy” was a new one for me. Had to Google it.”
      Ha, me too! But now that its in my vocabulary it will come in handy next time someone points out my “privilege”. I’ll just say, “well under our kyriarchal system I am sometimes privileged and sometimes victimized, just like you.”

  9. Good grief. You don’t need 8 ways to spot a trannie.
    1. Look at their hands.
    The end.

    1. Anglo-American women tend to have masculine hands so that’s not always the best way of telling an Anglo-Am trannie from a real woman.

      1. If you look closely enough it could be. The ratio of Index finger length to ring finger length is correlated to prenatal androgen exposure, although I see your point.

        1. Admetus, I wasn’t thinking of finger length or ratios (can you explain that to me?), but rather width and non-delicateness of hand. Anglo-American women often have wide and non-delicate looking hands. And they tend to have thin lips too, I’ve noticed, as do the men. Its not a sensuous, welcoming look.

        2. Basically, the digit ratio is a heuristic for determining masculinity rooted in an early exposure to testosterone. The ratio is typically smaller for men than women, thus any person with digits of roughly equal length will most likely be a woman, and anyone with a noticeable disparity [while the hand is laid flat on a table] is likely a man. Interestingly, effeminate men and masculine women will have higher and lower ratios (respectively), thus making any determination of sex somewhat of a dicey proposition based on this ratio- especially when these are the ones we’d like to put to the test. I have papers on the subject, but the Wikipedia article is serviceable and replete with citations, studies, controversies, etc.: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digit_ratio

        3. Well thanks for the info. But looking at pictures, to my eye anyway, the hands with the fingers that are more equal look more masculine. Other countries have the tow thing. That if the second toe is noticebly longer than the first, big toe, then that person is going to be a leader. Some say that person is going to be controlling of his or her spouse. But I think in generally it means a “strong personality” which is often a positive thing.

        4. I’m not familiar with the toe metric, do you have any citations, or is it just gran’ ma’s wisdom from other countries? It wouldn’t surprise me either way, it’s just that your reference to “other countries” makes it suspect. I tend to think of the “small index finger” as “small hands” too, but it’s far from it. While the disparity does not indicate higher T-levels in adults (since these vary even across an individual’s lifespan), it does indicate something along the lines of what we’re discussing (innate masculinity or femininity).

        5. It may have nothing to do with testosterone and is just a genetic trait of the male.It was the male who did all of the fighting and hunting and having a longer index finger may have made you more prone to injuries or breaking the finger.T has more to do with whether you have hair on the medial phalange on the ring finger.

        6. Why might the higher ratio, relative to hand, indicate “handedness” (i.e. “right handed” or “left handed”)? In other words, the larger the index finger, the higher probability that the hand is the dominant hand. Your theory would indicate that “handedness” would be correlated to a smaller digit ratio, while the opposite is true.

        7. “It was the male who did all of the fighting and hunting and having a
          longer index finger may have made you more prone to injuries or breaking
          the finger.”
          I thought it was if the index finger was considerably shorter than the ring finger that its (according to the Admetus is sharing here) an indication of T. If the ring finger on the other hand was closer in length to the ring finger, meaning longer than in the above scenario, that indicates less T.
          Which brings me back, Admetus to my personal observation which I stated before. Hands with all the fingers of similar length look masculine to me and I’ve seen lots of Anglo-Am women with that straight across same sized finger look on their hands (with veins popping our or visible) and it looks “working class manly” to me. So what is it – a less or more disparity in length between ring and index finger is T or not T?

    2. “She had man hands. The hands of a man. It was like a creature from Greek mythology. Half man, half horrible beast.”

    3. If that doesn’t do it, the pottymouth is usually a giveaway. No sailor could ever out-smut a trans or a lesbian.

  10. I went to a concert at this tiny indoor venue in Chicago with three friends. I approached a blonde chick in a colorful dress right after we walked in. She wouldn’t speak to me no matter what I said. She just kept smiling and nodding. Then she handed me a full bottle of beer and just walked away. I was like “That’s weird, but whatever. Free booze. I’ll take.” I went back to my friends and watched the show. Later on I saw her again standing by herself. I approached again and she immediately gave me another fresh beer. I stood there and tried to talk to her for about two minutes and she would not say a word. She just kept smiling and nodding at everything I said and occasionally rubbing my arm. I was like, “This is probably the weirdest chick I ever met.” I finally left because I got annoyed that she wouldn’t talk. Then about 45 minutes later I’m watching the show and someone taps me on the shoulder. I turn around and it’s her again. She hands me another full beer. The third fucking one of the night. I say, “Thanks your really generous tonight.” She just smiles and nods and starts rubbing my arm. It still hadn’t hit me yet. I was just thinking “What the fuck is wrong with this chick?” Then I leaned in a little bit. I don’t know if it was the light or the angle or what, but BAM it hit me like a bucket of water. MAN FACE. I swear to God it was like one of those optical illusions where you look at a picture from a different angle and suddenly it’s something completely different. I spun around in horror and it started rubbing my shoulders so I turned around and told it to fuck off.
    So, I’ll add a couple more to the list:
    9. Sometimes trannies talk low or refuse to speak because they know their cover will be blown when you hear their man voice.
    10. Trannies act like betas or omegas. They hand out free drinks all night in hopes of 1) Winning your favor and 2) Getting you so drunk you don’t notice the Adam’s Apple.
    He’s lucky I didn’t get so drunk that I went in for the kiss or something. I have some sympathy for these freaks, but if I get tricked into kissing a dude I think is a chick someones getting punched in the face.

    1. If you travel to Thailand, where transsexuals are considered to be just a “third gender”, talk with other travelers to warn you. Adam´s apple and other stuff will not work in Thailand, some of them are “women”. Be warned.

    2. Wow… How ignorant can you be?
      9. Any man or “man” can sound like a woman by speaking in head voice and doing pitch exercises.
      10. Really? The only drink I buy is my first one of the night. Then, I let you guys buy them for me. Example: Flaming Zombie (I pay), Vitamin C (Edward pays), Bloody Marry (Edward), Bloody Marry (Tyler pays), and then Tyler offers to buy me another and I refuse.
      You’re lucky you haven’t tried to get violent with the wrong person. If you tried to kiss me I’d avoid you (because I already have a man), but if your masculinity were so fragile that you freaked out and tried to attack me, then you’d have Michael, Steve, Edward, Smitty, Steve-o, Kenny, Brenon and other better, more secure men all over you.

      1. haha, that’s a pretty good parody of just the kind of zany reply we’d expect from a tranny.
        “Ignorant.” Hah! Classic. Great parody.

        1. Nah, it was literal, LOL. Any man can sound like a woman or like several. Ex] Nick Pitera of “One Man Disney Movie.”

      2. Actually, dipshit, more than half the states don’t enable that ridiculous tranny behavior and employers can terminate to their hearts’ content.
        When even the feminists think you’re too much of a weirdo nutcase for them, then you’re truly disgusting.
        By the way, since you admitted:
        1) you’re the sort of piece of shit who pretends to be a woman so men unwittingly pay for your drinks
        2) you would egg on other, real men (or trannies?) to try to attack a guy who reacted to your deception,
        I hope you get fired from your next 5 jobs for it.

        1. Dude, every state has a means for legal change of sex, so… Derp. And thanks to ENDA, we’re moving forward. 🙂
          The feminists you’re talking about are 2nd Wave TERFs. They hate everyone, lol.
          By the way, y’all admitted:
          1) You’re the sort of piece of shit who buys me drinks hoping to get into my pants (but I’m out of your league, lol).
          2) You’d get your ass handed to you by, for example, Smitty: the ex-recon marine bouncer at my favorite bar. You attack me, they attack you.
          Not likely, because no one can tell these days. In fact, if I had a mind to, I could sleep with countless guys, spreading the cooties without you knowing >:P

        2. Hmmm, how wrong can a tranny be in one response?
          1) You might be able to change your sex on your government documents — but when your boss notices your disgusting behavior, you can legally be sent packing in more than 50 states.
          2) ENDA isn’t going to be passed by the Senate anytime soon. Well over 40 senators oppose it. And the House? That’s a laugh. The gay and lesbian groups will sell you trannies down the river (and keep it legal to fire you), long before the Republicans let it go through.
          3) I don’t buy women drinks when I meet them — or men dressed as women, for that matter. Neither do most of the men (who still have their penises) commenting here.
          4) You can’t always have a group of men around you. One of these times some tool — the sort of guy who buys drinks — is gonna figure out your “crying game” and is gonna put you in a world of hurt.

        3. 1) Really, because that’s not how it works here on the west coast. What with laws like CA AB 1266 and NV SB 331, etc.
          2) Sad day for you, but progress moves forward at any pace and you’ll be extinct.
          3) Ah, well. Not complaining because there’s an ocean of guys happy to buy drinks. For every one I buy, four or five are bought for me (I lost count at the ratio 12:48)
          4) What game, lol. What they see is what they get in terms of conversation and dancing, and then when I get bored I just tell them I’m married (and I am). Good times. I don’t always drink, but when I do, it’s free.

        4. 1) The states that legitimize your lifestyle are full of liberals. Try pulling your shit elsewhere and see what happens to you.
          2) You think “progress” moves forward? You people claimed that there would be ‘civil rights’ (thought-crime) laws for trannies by the 1970s — forty years ago!
          By the time that law might eventually pass, the medical research will be good enough to identify the tranny mutations in the womb and fix or abort that fetus before it fucks up humanity.
          3) and 4) Maybe you’re more of a sneaky woman than I give you credit for. You learned to be a clever whore.
          In other words, you took on *the worst* of American woman traits.
          You deceive about your actual sex, whore out time for drinks, and lie about your ‘marital status’.
          No wonder real woman flock to your drag queen shows and gawk (before they mercilessly make fun of you).

        5. Your Cavern of Doom is probably like some dead mackerel that’s been on the beach for a month, the kind that made the seagulls puke.
          If your body matches your personality, you would make any male, female, or goat run screaming out into the street.

        6. 1) Not much, because I pass. Just ask the other ladies in the locker rooms. 🙂
          2) Who claimed that, lol? Moving on
          3) and 4) Yep, I don’t even have to sleep with you guys… but that kinda defeats the whole whore insult.
          Deceive who? And now it’s possible to whore out time? And what lie about my marital status? The truth sets me free of you horndogs, lol.
          No wonder “real” women can’t tell ^_^

        7. Apparently not, because I drink for free and am actually married unlike you sex warrior social rejects. 🙂

        8. We may be “sex warrior social rejects” (whatever that is) but we didnt have to cut off our dicks to find someone..

        9. that’s because you didn’t need to find someone, period, lol — you’re find all by yourself, I’m sure ^_^

        10. I can affirm that not even people in California like this tranny madness. I live in San Francisco of all places and there are some neighborhoods where Trannies are not welcome, even if they make up a large segment of the population–The Tenderloin, for example–where they are treated like lepers, and rightfully so. The mentally ill have no right to walk the streets making children and old women scared. fuck that.

        11. It probably smells like dead mackerel, too; I can’t imagine how a closing-festering wound that is surgically shaped into a vagina can smell.

        12. the person who goes out of their way to make transgender people feel unsafe and victimise them online is probably the mentally ill one, if i am being perfectly honest. mind you, as i am a better person than you, i feel sorry for you for being such a pathetic piece-of-shit rather than judge you and victimise you.

        13. if trans people are mentally ill, then sickos that obsess over us to this degree are definitely fucked up.

        14. are you just born without the part of your brain that tells you that it’s fucked up to call acceptance of people who aren’t you “madness”?

        15. do people call you names ? the word tranny or trannies are use to put down trans women. plus cars have trannies

        16. Uggg. Disgusting mental patient, please go and take a long walk off a short pier

        17. Yes we can we can X-ray you and see if you have a uterus or ovaries and a natural self lubracating vagina. I swear if any man fucks you and say it was good ! I can guarantee you he was already gay sir. Bitch boy you will never have a baby! I can fuck your gay boyfriend anyday and have his baby just to spite your man ass!

        18. Right it’s a fucking wound that would PROBALLY close up if untended too on a daily!

        19. they have to dilate them every day or they close up. sounds like fun, right? they also have ass bacteria that grow in there, which is why they tend to have a particular stink to them, along with the hairballs.
          but they’re ALL WOMAN.
          the tranny cult is psychotic.

        20. I’ve only ever heard tranny used for transvestites and I’ve never been sure if it was negative. Then again I’ve never thought negatively about transvestites.

        21. :l Woah woah woah!!! Asses are made mostly of fat. HRT affects fat distribution. SO it is highly unlikely that her ass resembles a man’s. 😀 The comments section of hate posts are so much more fun than the disgusting posts themselves.

        22. Rather than focusing on the outdated medical procedures that are used so that transwoman can feel more in tune with their identity let’s instead focus on developing new techniques! We can grow ears on a mouse, lungs in a lab, babies in a tube. Given time and a little bit of attention proper SRS procedures could be developed. Also most transexuals are up front about their past so your odds of being “tricked” or “conned” are fairly slim. ALSO! Bacteria growing in there? Not if you properly clean yourself.

        23. Lmao it’dpathetic that people a’re scared of this. You sound like you think you’re the victim.

        24. hey guess what? youre officially labled all over the internet as a flamebait peice of shit~! congrats 😀

        25. That’s pretty far-fetched. My wife had her uterus removed after giving birth to our son.

        1. not really, because I don’t have any kind of masculinity LOL not any that’s of any value, anyway 🙂

    3. wow….he/she was trying to “beer you up” in order to get the “beer goggles” operative . That’s sneaky. Tranny give aways:
      1. man hands…large and with veins.
      2. adams apple ( although good plastic surgeones can reduce this..)
      3. man feet …size 12 EEE in Jimmy Choos….
      4. man voice…
      5. 5 o’clock shadow…facial hair…

  11. It sounds like this writer must have picked up Lola lol It’s a song by the Kinks for you young ‘ens.

      1. And that’s fine because you don’t have to since we have legal gender changes and anti-discrimination protections. So huff and puff to your heart’s content, but no one really cares.

        1. Just because you don’t get hired, doesn’t mean the spoken reason was the main reason you didn’t get hired. If you got hired work would be a minefield of discomfort for everyone else, as men have to deal with you waltzing in their bathroom like you’re a man, or if you went the other way women have to deal with a man walking in the bathroom like he’s a woman, people have to hush up and walk on eggshells around you, it’s just crazy and selfish to put people through that because of something YOU did to YOURSELF. Transexual/genderism makes even less sense than homosexuality itself.

        2. If you think trans women can’t get hired, then I laugh at your ignorance, for you haven’t met many trans women. I, for example, waltz right into the ladies’ locker rooms at my gym, and waltz right into bathrooms at my university or at the bars… and none of the other ladies’ can tell. And even Lisa at the soup kitchen (where I volunteer on Saturdays) couldn’t tell until the subject of gay rights came up and I casually mentioned my past.
          As for walking on egg shells, nope. Other women have no problem changing in front of me, or peeing in a stall next to me, or exchanging hugs when we meet up or depart. It’s mostly you guys with your fragile masculine egos who worry about where trans people go potty 😛

        3. I never said you couldn’t get hired. And your ideas of being grossed out by trans people having anything to do with “ego” are just ludicrous. Men do not belong with other men, nor do men belong with men wanting to be women.

        4. No, because I AM black. I’m also sick of LGBT trying to use my race for their erroneous “causes”-like you just did.
          Interracial is in no way comparable to homosexual. men and women were designed specifically to complement each other, not men and men nor woman and woman.

        5. I agree with you, girl. A lot of the guys in this site are a bunch of insecure jerks that want to bully others so that they can boost their egos.

        6. trans women are women and gay men are men. It’s really not that difficult to understand. Who says we wanna be with anyone? I’m happy exactly as i am :o)

        7. Having sex with a trans woman or with a gay man there is no risk of babies, so that makes sense when you don’t want any. Anyway, nobody objected when i went in the men’s washroom so ypu are just being a whiny SJW special snowflake complaining about our “waltzing”.

        8. Trams people have done a great job at latching onto other more legitimate groups, that’s clear to everyone. Yes, gay men are men but, so are teams women.

        9. Hahaha how many “kinds” of women are there ? How many were there 100, 590 a thousand years ago ? It is all about gender to you simply because you are a gender obsessed pervert. Only you people are like that. See how that works ? Yes, there are men and women. Sorry. Other than stating so, in what way are these men actually women ? Because they are a totally fake “social construct” ? Gender is a social construct remember ? How are these people women any more than someone who is an anorexic overweight ?

        10. Spoken like a cartoon of a picture of a photograph of a woman lol. Why do all of these real women have names like Carmen lordess Sanchez, or Victoria Knox Steele ? Lol

        11. well my Rudi boi, humanity is a dimorphic species. We evolved distinct instinctive behaviors to fulfill the different roles we have to play in propagating our genes and survival as a species. This is what we call gender. It is innate and not a construct.
          I’ll grant you that most females have feminine gender and that some males have masculine gender (but not so many these days).
          Alas in a tiny minority our gender is from the opposite sex. This condition we call transgender, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be lovely girls for the men who do want us… does it?

        12. What biological mechanism is served by people self identifying their gender differently than their sex ? Of course not ! The same way that a gay man is a man, so are transsexuals. There’s no judgment and ther is no desire to make anybody change or shame them. You don’t need to give me a reason to treat someone with respect and curtesy. Adopting the trappings of a woman is simply someone’s lifestyle choice. That doesn’t mean that someone is a woman because they say so. Sex is innate, gender is a construct.

        13. Yeah, gender is simply a byproduct of our sexes. If a guy wants to pretend that they are a woman what’s he problem, why do we all have to pretend that they actually are a woman ?

        14. we are born with female gender, so having a sex change makes us women :o)
          However, seriously now: Society teaches boys they are bad. When we are effeminate they maliogn us for not being masculine… so we can’t win, and it’s only reasonable to demand equal respect as equal to other women.

        15. Just men who prefer to adopt the persona of a woman. Lots of feminine energy I guess. Hats ok, and people deserve to be treated with respect and kindness… But still, absolutely not women. It doesn’t really matter what “they” say, there is no pleasing them. I can appreciate how that would encourage one to push back. Not criminals, not dangerous and not necessarily bad people, some great people but not women.

      2. You are probably one of the guys on the DL that act all tough in public but then blow me up on TransDate.com asking for a date!

    1. Trans surgery turns a man into a woman about as effectively as Pelosi’s lifts have turned her into a sexy young woman.
      In other words: doesn’t work!

      1. USA Education turns an ignorant child into an educated intelligent person about as effectively as hitting them round the head with a bat.
        In other words: doesn’t work!

        1. The American education system is flawed, but there are plenty of highly intelligent and educated people that come from America. What does this have to do with the conversation?

  12. You know something is wrong with the world when at least a few of the Thai trannies look more bangable than Western fatties.

    1. You’re speaking about “Katoeys” the cross dressers in Thailand. The ones you can’t tell the difference is in Polynesia. Where families have equals in how may boys with girls. A family has 4 kids with 3 boys & 1 girl, the youngest boy will be trained to do womens chores/dress/ act & look like a woman for life. In Tahiti they called them Manus” in Tonga “Fakeleitis” in Samoa they call them Fa’afainis..

      1. Do your home work as you are wrong re this.
        It is a common non PI story that Fafa…. are ‘made’ to bring equality within the family but that is not the case at all. I know and have many amazing friends who are Fafa’fine

  13. Saw the movie “The Crying Game” last week, after not having seen it since it came out. Looked dated and pathetic.
    When I first saw it, I saw it with a Japanese GF, so I had good memories, but the movie itself was just…lame. Tranny propaganda.

    1. Usually that sort of movie does not date well. Kiss of the Spider Woman is another. Whatever is “controversial” when released is usually a huge bore 20 years later.

  14. I actually feel very sad for male-2-female transexuals. Straight men don’t want them sexually because they are not biological women. Gay men don’t want them sexually because they are no longer men. Lesbian women don’t want them because they are not biological women. And straight women don’t want them because they are no longer men.
    So how will they ever know the joy of romance, sexual love, and orgasm?
    I think this is why many of the are depressed and commit suicide.

      1. “I’m a short, heterosexual Black man with Yellow Fever. how will I ever enjoy sexuality?”
        Easy. Grow your hair out. Move to the Caribbean and work as a “Rend-a-Dread”. Not only will you “enjoy sexuality” – you’ll get paid for it too! (And yes, some yeller ladies vacation there too!)

        1. I don’t like White women, especially crusty old and/or overweight ones. Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese, and that’s it for me. I’d settle for Korean or Filipina too if she was hot and made the moves on me, but that’s not really me cup of tea.

        2. I don’t blame you, but not even the majority of female sex tourists to the Caribbean are old, fat and crusty. Many are under 30 and are not there as “sex tourists” per se, but are on the look-out for some lime in the coconut from the local Cadbury’s Fruit-n-Nuts. 😉

        3. I don’t blame you, but not even the majority of female sex tourists to the Caribbean are old, fat and crusty. Many are under 30 and are not there as “sex tourists” per se, but are on the look-out for some lime in the coconut from the local Cadbury’s Fruit-n-Nuts. 😉

    1. Are you really trying to speak for every member or every class? Seriously?
      Fallon Fox is a lesbian and so is her wife. My husband identifies as straight and we’re in straight marriage. There are gay guys who’ve dated a lot of trans men… because they happen to like shorter guys.
      What you have to realize: more and more people just aren’t sweating the small stuff anymore.

      1. “Are you really trying to speak for every member or every class?”
        Seriously not!
        “What you have to realize: more and more people just aren’t sweating the small stuff anymore.”
        I’m glad to hear that, Toni. I have a few trans clients and they have psychologically suffered a lot but through my meditation trainings they have reached a state of inner contentment and are even off their anti-depressant meds. I wish them the very best.
        My All Beings Be Released From Suffering

        1. Oh, now that’s an awesome sentiment. It’s people like you who in silver line the clouds in these dark, exclusive corners of the internet. 🙂

      2. Oh, so whether someone had their penis sliced off and pumped themselves full of hormones from the opposite gender is “small stuff”??
        Hahaha, you trannies crack me up. You should have a stage show, “Toni” Huttman.
        Best part — your “straight” husband… Hahahahaha…. Looks like you found someone who’s as big a head-case as you are. Congratulations!

        1. Yep. It’s actually cut in half, folded inside, reconstructed to a vulva and vagina then undergoes internal metaplasia to form a hairless, depigmented stratified squamous vaginal mucosa. Human anatomy and physiology — fascinating, really.
          Hahaha, you “anons” crack me up. I’d say you should have a stage show but you hide behind keyboards, lol.
          Yep, and our straight, legal marriage. The darn federal and state governments are so whacky 😛

      3. So you and Fallon Fox are all trans people in the world? You have to be a women, no one else could make such a shitty argument.

        1. Nope, would you like more? Buck and Elayne Angel, Nikki and Thomas Araguz, Lana and Ilsa Wachowski (That’s right, lol, the whole “red pill” thing comes from a trans woman’s movie). All in all, it’s not that hard to get married or stay married when you’re not a foaming-at-the-mouth sexist sex warrior. 🙂

        2. Yeah, there are some dudes out there with weird fetishes to marry other men who had the penis sliced up and pushed in.
          It takes all types…

      4. Yeah, I’m a straight guy and I don’t mind dating a male to female transsexual. Just as long as they have a pussy and make a very passable woman, then I’m fine with that. As for female to male transsexuals, that is a no-go. They look and act like guys and so I would treat them as one. I have a friend who used to be a lesbian but is now a straight guy with a girlfriend (His girlfriend considers herself straight) and he is still one of my buddies until now.

      5. Fallon fox is a guy and his wife is straight or bi, because Lesbians don’t marry men.

    2. When I was an RA in college there was a male-to-female kid dating a female-to-male kid. Usually though, the reconstructed ones tend to prefer the real thing- it’s just a complex, twisted form of opting out of reproduction.

      1. That’s how it should be. Trannies dating trannies. Some men probably would consent to a tranny, but most men wouldn’t, so trannies should be up front and open with their “lifestyle”. Trannies caught fooling heterosexual men should be considered rapists, and REAL rapists should be put to death.
        Those that accuse people of crimes that they didn’t commit should receive the punishment of the crime that they accused the innocent of. Unfortunately, I’ll probably never be in a position to have these notions enforced, but one can dream.

        1. You don’t respect a man enough to want to protect them from being sexually assaulted by trans people, but you want those same men to use the language that makes you comfortable? Ha! You get respect when you give it.

        2. trans people sexually assaulting men wow is that a good one. are you on any medications ? are you smoking anything ? gave me a good laugh thanks

        3. No it’s not, it’s just short for transsexual. If I call Martin Marty is that insulting ? His is simply a desire to control.

    3. There are people that are bisexual. You could be gay, straight or bi. Have you ever heard of ‘tranny chasers’? Oh, and other transsexuals date each other. They are not alone, you close-minded bigot!

  15. “It’s cross-dressing men who are so mentally ill that they think they’re women. ”
    FINALLY, somebody has the cojones to say this outright.

      1. If they’re dressing like the sex they think they are post-op, they’re still cross-dressing.

        1. Ah, well then you’re just factually incorrect, as they’ve likely already changed their legal and medical sex at that point. 🙂

        2. I’m pretty sure that changing what the medical record says can’t change reality anymore than getting a sex change will lower a tranny’s suicide rate (post sex change studies show that the already high suicide rate increases).

        3. I think if Chaz ever gets a really good look at HERself, there will be a suicide attempt.

        4. Pretty sure you fail to realize the medicine is a field of applied biology. And which studies, sweetheart?

        5. “Long-term Follow-Up of Transsexual Persons Undergoing Sex Reassignment Surgery”
          Cecilia Dhejne et al
          This one is significant due to being relatively recent, covering a 30 year span, and utilizing solid controls in the research methodology.
          Apparently, trannies are 10x more likely to suffer from Autism. Asperger-like fixation with changing one’s gender is only temporary and, unfortunately, the “fix” of making oneself into a Eunuch is permanent.

        6. The tranny is probably too dumb to understand the study — so here’s the golden nuggets on suicide for sex-changers:

          Mortality from suicide was strikingly high among sex-reassigned persons, also after adjustment for prior psychiatric morbidity. In line with this, sex-reassigned persons were at increased risk for suicide attempts.[…]
          First, male-to-females had significantly increased risks for suicide attempts compared to both female (aHR 9.3; 95% CI 4.4–19.9) and male (aHR 10.4; 95% CI 4.9–22.1) controls. […]
          This suggests that male-to-females are at higher risk for suicide attempts after sex reassignment, whereas female-to-males maintain a female pattern of suicide attempts after sex reassignment (Tables S1 and S2).

        7. Yeah…… and the study helpfully links to several other studies finding: 1/24 [5], 3/175 [6], 0/60 [7], 3/29 [8] and even the finding of the study itself indicates lower suicide rate than trans people denied medical treatment.
          So higher than the general population, and yet an effective treatment for alleviating dysphoria. Apparently, bigots don’t know how to analyze data and, unfortunately, ignorance is permanent in you. 🙂

        8. If you read the paper, you’ll note that they specifically tip toe around that issue and do not compare their numbers to non-reassigned individuals, but the numbers they produce in their study are higher than the general transexual population. Ergo, sex reassignment makes things worse.
          The current theory in medicine is that we need better treatments for people suffering from gender identity disorder. The link between Asperger’s syndrome and these individuals is a huge clue as to why they have such higher suicide rates than non-operation transgendered: Asperger’s syndrome involves intense, transient, fixations with various things in an environment, including goals.
          As Asperger’s is reported to be 10x higher in those suffering from gender identity disorder, I think a large amount of the problem can be mitigated if we disallow such individuals from undergoing hormone therapy and SRS altogether.

        9. Yep, deny treatment because a 41% suicide rate is better, lol. You’re the problem, as suicide rates are high in the overall lgbt community due to bigotry like yours. 🙂
          I get my current theories from the AMA, both APA’s, ACOG, ACPeds and WPATH — not from a single study limited to Swedes and citing others with similar limitations and contrary results.

        10. You bet, I love being the problem. It’s a lot of pressure sometimes, but I try my best to be problematic even when I’m not feeling up to it.
          If you know of a paper which supports your assertions, please share it.

        11. Tranny hamster logic:
          – Questions existence of research showing that trannies kill themselves in higher numbers after sex change
          – Gets shown study that “suicide was strikingly high among sex-reassigned persons”
          – Unable to process information that challenges view, gets mad
          It’s all a big conspiracy against trannies! The doctors and scientists must all have it in for you!

        12. This is slightly different to the exact thing being debated, but: http://www.journalofpsychiatricresearch.com/article/S0022-3956(10)00158-5/abstract
          (basically it says that female-to-male transgender people tend to have brain structures more closely resembling men than women, without having taken any testosterone)
          And: http://www.journalofpsychiatricresearch.com/article/S0022-3956(10)00325-0/abstract
          (this one says that the brain structure of male-to-female transgender people doesn’t clearly resemble either that of men or women but instead seems to be in the middle, again without having taken any estrogen or testosterone blockers)
          And: http://jcem.endojournals.org/content/85/5/2034.full
          (this one says that male-to-female transgender people tend to have numbers of some types of neurons that more closely resembles the number found in women’s brains, and that that number is unaffected by hormones after puberty)
          Though I don’t know if those differences in brain structure could have anything to do with the differences in brain structure that I’ve heard are associated with autism spectrum disorders.

        13. Or could it be that the suicide rate is high because you were born with the sole purpose of reproducing, then cut off your balls?

        14. I thought there were no differences between male and female brains and that was all just a Patriarchy conspiracy.

        15. If you want to kill yourself because people do buy the orwellianism nonsense that a man can be a woman, that’s YOU issue, not the issue of society.
          Many groups of people daily suffer FAR wore abuses and don’t have 40% suicide attempts rates.
          That’s a sign you are crazy, not a sign of being oppressed.

  16. And now that I’ve actually finished the article… [email protected] not knowing that stress and/or stimulus cause capillary vasoconstriction resulting the excretion of gyclogen-rich fluids in tissue post metaplasia.
    You guys set yourselves up to fail so hard, lol.

    1. The only biology and medicine he needs to know about disgusting tranny shits like you is how to break a bottle of beer on your head and crack you in the trachea.
      Cheers 🙂

      1. Good luck, sweetheart. Poor schlubs like you end up getting beaten when you pick fights with us. And it’s not even like we have to be particularly strong. 🙂

        1. Nice try, man.
          A 5-second Google search will bring up plenty of articles and photos of trannies who learned the hard way that you shouldn’t trick another man.
          Take a good look at those photos and learn your lesson.
          Picture related: Google images search for dead tranny after sex discovered

        2. Right, I’m going to ask my hacker buddy to find out who you are and report you to the police. Enjoy your 25 years to life, dirtbag.

        3. You’re a worthless piece of shit. If I ever meet you in real life, I will punch your teeth down your ugly neck and strangle you within an inch of your life. Then I will hand you over to my roommate (a transman).

        4. Oh, you trannies sure do love your freedom of speech when it comes to trying to spread support of cross-dressing and genital mutilation!
          But put up an article about how to avoid trannies — and your true feelings about free speech come out.
          Your hypocrisy is showing

        5. Doesn’t the LGBT community rally for free speech rights to discuss human sexuality, free from violence?
          And you’re threatening violence for doing just that?
          In other words, you’re a giant hypocrite and only care about your little group?
          How special

        6. Let me put it this way, you hateful little shithole. You implied that you support the murder of woman because she was transsexual. That is called a hate crime. You are a hate criminal. That gives me social justification to beat the fucking shit out of you, you inbred little streak of piss. Give me your address and I will hunt you down and turn you over to the police.

        7. No, he implied that transexuals who lie to men to dupe them into sex can be killed for lying.
          And it’s true many males can and do react violently when they find they were forced into a homosexual act via deception.
          No one said they support the murder of women for being transexual. Why would anyone say that? M2Ts aren’t women, they are males impersonating stereotypes of women.

  17. Im 34 years old and havent been fooled yet. I have exceptional tranny detection systems built in.

  18. shit i just realized despite being born with a vagina i must be a tranny since it fits me to a t except the points 1 and 6-8
    at least i’m aware of my faults lol
    not lubricating is kinda cool tho since at least my panties always look like new, at least that’s what i’m telling myself

    1. That just makes you a disgusting excuse for a woman.
      Check out the article 10 Signs She’s a Secret Internet Fatty. Most of those probably apply to you also.

  19. I don’t know how viable this is given that it’s just right before sex, lol, but I heard that if they reach for lube before sex it’s a red flag.

    1. Some of the foreigner-chasing Asian girls are pretty friendly though. Works best if you’re white, but there was a sizable number of them that went for Brothas last decade in Japan.

      1. Probably the most highly valued females on the planet if you can find one with a good background and upbringing. Or even a Filipina thats is part Japanese. The Japanese culture is thousands of years old and their women actually treated men with honor and dignity. Men in return reciprocated by cherishing them, and respecting and honoring them as well. Think about that next time you see some fat tattooed skank, man-hating feminists and self-righteous tranny boys. Men have been marginalized for the sake of the politicians and their wealthy puppetmasters. They do love their useful idiots…

        1. “The Japanese culture is thousands of years old”
          Japan is environmentally beautiful as well. Great people. Great place. It also forces us (Americans) to scale back our world renown gregariousness for a little decorum if we hope to interact with the locals. Great training. A type of global “charm school” for American tourists.

        2. Ah yes, “environmentally beautiful”…I hear Fukushima is wonderful this time of the year and the local sashimi is delicious – a nice bright florescent green and served on a dainty lead plate..The “grass-eating” men there are also so fond of their countries wonderful females…Do you work hard at being an idiot or does it just come naturally?

    2. Mos of the advise given on this site is “Go East, Young Man. Go East!” – for a reason.

  20. How “diverse” and “inclusive” this little website I started reading a few months ago has become. In the beginning I could come here and read awesome articles and comments that related to the things that I – as a single male – have to struggle with in this shitty world and I found it a nice place to go. Mostly other single guys here and it was cool. NOW, I get to read comments by fucktard females with boyfriends, Moms, Dads with kids, Transsexual queerbait underachievers and… I assume the list will go on? Seriously WTF. When a guy tries to find a place to get away from this fucking parasites they seach us out and flock to us to share their “opinions”. Isnt that so politically fucking correct.

    1. Logic has it that an article written about trannies will attract trannies to the comments section.

      1. Logic doesnt apply here. Otherwise what logic would would explain why a liberal fucktard cunt like yourself keeps spouting your buckets of vacuous tripe here on a website for MEN?? Is it your little sympathetic bleeding hard that feels so for us American “5’s” as you refer to us that you offer up your helpful little suggestions like “oh just look for a Korean food festival”??. Please do us all a favor and get the fuck out of here.

        1. “Logic doesnt apply here.”
          Aaaw, has little scared baby man gone illogical on us? Poor little scared baby man with his teeny little penis doesn’t need to worry! I can make that fear go away–and replace it with the burning pain of my boot in your solitary ball.

        2. Penis insult for the win!
          Oh, and gender violence threats to top it off…
          How original, tranny

        3. Oh, little baby man thinks that calling someone transsexual is an insult. Bye bye, baby man. Go buy some health insurance from that Big Lou guy who advertises on satellite radio during my lunch hour.

        4. Oh, little baby man thinks that calling someone transsexual is an insult. Bye bye, baby man. Go buy some health insurance from that Big Lou guy who advertises on satellite radio during my lunch hour.

      2. i wonder do people call you names for no reason? the term trannies is a put down stop using it.

  21. There’s nothing wrong with a good, pretty tranny. They’re very feminine and will do about anything you want in bed.

  22. If you want to know if a girl is really a guy, tell them to put their hand flat on a table with their finger together. If they’re a guy their ring finger will extend farther than their index finger. In other words, the tip of their ring finger will be closer to the tip of their middle finger than the tip of their index finger is. For women, the opposite is true.

    1. I’m CAFAB and both my ring fingers are longer than my index fingers. Oh ho ho! What now, cis scum?

      1. CAFAB????
        hahahaha, oh boy, you wackjobs will just keep coming up with nonsense until your entire manifesto is written in abbreviations.
        Have fun toots!

      2. You’re CAFABULOUS
        (Coercively Assigned Female at Birth Unwittingly Leaving One Uninspiring Statement)
        Your ring fingers are longer than your index finger… exactly. Just what are you disagreeing with?

    2. You are a gigantic asshole and overpoweringly stupid. Overpoweringly stupid. You are the biggest fucking idiot I have me today. I’m a living counterexample to your idiocy–I’m a dude (always have been, probably always will be barring freak accidents and/or loss of genitalia), and my index fingers are longer than my ring fingers.

  23. Dont give these females and trannies a podium to speak from. They have their own spaces on the net. This place is for single men. We need to resist responding to them. Totally marginalize their asses and they will go away. Really, I personally am not interested in the viewpoints of comments of trannies or females. Dont we have to put up with enough of their grandiose bullshit in the real world as it is???

  24. Obviously been watching too much Jerry Springer, or hanging around Drag queens and not many True M to F Transsexual women as, although there may be a few that would fit all of these rules, most wouldn’t, however you can just about say these things with other groups in our society, as there is always someone like this that we know

    1. Serious question: How did you pass 9th grade English class without learning about the period?


  25. Good article. I would tack on an addendum to # 6: When you hear ANY woman spouting pseudo-intellectual d00-d00 like “patriarchy” and “cis-gender,” point your feet AWAY and head for the exit. Yeah, it’s likely that the woman is a lesbo, a trans, or deeply screwed-up bi chick. But thanks to our education industry, there are some hetero chicks that actually buy into this crapola. And boy, does that make for a smooth, lovey-dovey relationship, when the cliches like “patriarchy” start to fall out.
    Men, do a pre-emptive strike: See if you can bring “patriarchy” into the conversation, be subtle, lubricate it with a little chuckle, and if the woman actually looks SERIOUS, get those feet moving and don’t look back. Leave the patriarch-haters to turn lesby or become bitter old maids, or both.

    1. Ok, you do that shithead. Meanwhile I’ll keep treating my girlfriend with respect, avoid being a creep like you suggest, and keep getting lots of smoking hot Star Trek roleplaying sex. The best sex is when you’re dressed as Captain Kirk and she’s dressed as Uhura (original series version). And yeah, my girlfriend is black. If you’ve got an issue with that, fuck off you racist shithole.

        1. Sorry, don’t like furry costumes. Too hot, and there’s no way to cool off the dorm because the windows won’t open. At least give suggestions that make sense, dumbass.

  26. This is hate, straight up. Oh, I’m not American, I’m very much female, and I have a high-ranking job as a product manager in tech. I love being effeminate. And this is gross. Check your manhood. Understand that hey, most people aren’t born exactly as they’d like to be. Gender/anatomy is a very critical component of that.

    1. “Check your manhood” ??
      Hey babe, your gender studies professor just called and said that you never turned in your thesis paper.
      You must’ve accidentally pasted it here by mistake.

  27. Courtney love has man hands.
    Always thought she was a tranny. But then again I don’t think curt was TOO into sexy,feminine women.

        1. If we have an article on 8 Ways to Spot a Feminist, it should definitely include “Unibrow”.

        1. You must be one of the gayest looking fuckers Ive ever seen. Are you considering getting your dick cut off too?

        2. I’m sorry, but the grown-ups are talking. Come back and let’s talk once you get over being a beta and get enough guts to abandon the anonymity.

      1. I see that you didn’t have the gall to write as yourself instead of an anonymous icon. That really goes against this websites, “We are manly men and we act like it,” ethos, don’t you think?
        Tinder is a crap app. Its only function is to allow people to eye-fuck everyone with the swipe of a finger. That might be all right for you because you’re a dog, but it’s not all right for decent people. A good thing takes time to build, and we have a team of both men (the good kind that you’re not familiar with) and women working on it. Nice attempt to personally attack me, but I’ve been on the internet since I was 11 and know better than to take anything that an anonymous-web-douche says to heart.
        And of course, because I’m a woman, you figured that an attack on my appearance would hurt the most. Hah. You’re a joke, anon. And you probably have a small penis. (See what I did there? I’m sure that you have 1,000 dick pics ready to prove that you don’t.)
        I’ll talk in terms that you understand, “You’re a pussy, bro.”

      2. Go kill yourself, you hateful bigot. It’s the only way you’ll provide any benefit to society.

    1. The common accusation against PUAs is that they “trick women into having sex with them.” You can’t be against PUAs and yet take offense to warning people about being tricked. Actually, you can. Just call yourself a feminist and no one will expect you to be capable of moral consistency.

  28. Most disgusting article I’ve ever read. It should be illegal to throw around slurs like that. Fuck cishet pig scum.

    1. Tsk, tsk, sweetie.
      You forgot the “white, hetero-normative, Eurocentric” before the “cis”.
      Your gender studies professor wouldn’t be very proud of you for that

  29. 1 surefire way to spot a bigoted douchenozzle who is insecure in his masculinity and sexuality – he claims that trans women are men.trying to trick men into sex. Ooh, scary. About half of trans women are lesbians, dude. Get over yourself, you ain’t nobody’s type.

    1. Read some of the comments left by trannies.
      Some of them are very proud about tricking men.

    2. You forgot the part where he has a small penis and lives in his mom’s basement 😀
      Other than that omission, good work on arguing like a typical woman 8/10!

  30. Oh, fuck off. No one gets “fooled” by trannies. They’re obvious. There’s only one reason a guy needs to learn to “spot a transsexual.”

    1. There are plenty of trannies who are open about their disgusting surgeries, so nobody need to go the trouble of hunting one to try to find a tranny, if they’re into that.
      You can take your fantasy talk back to the fetish board websites. Thanks.

        1. Nope. You’re the tranny fetishist. That’s why you’re reading articles on how to spot them.
          Get it? That was my original point. Your reading comprehension sucks.

        2. Clearly you play hide Johnny’s salami in the tranny.
          It’s a free country, so you can do your disgusting shit. But leave the rest of us out of it.

  31. “It’s cross-dressing men who are so mentally ill that they think they’re women. They’re delusional omega men who think acting like a caricature of the women who don’t give them play is how they can finally get some sexual pleasure from unwitting men.”
    Well said, bro! I agree 100%.

    1. -A cross dresser, is not a transsexual. Fact check fail
      -Not all male crossdressers are into men, fact check fail
      –not even all female transexuals are into men. Fact check fail
      -cross-dressing is a form of gender expression, so sexual preference is irrelevant, another fact check fail. Shall I keep going?

      1. Hahah. That’s a pretty extensive “fact check” for a commenter who gives “zero fucks” .
        Get your little feeewings hurt, tranny?

  32. I’m glad I don’t have to live my life constantly in fear of people that are different then me. Have fun having your peer group slowly dwindle because you’re a biggoted asshole until it’s only you and the other transphobic people left.

    1. “Transphobic”?
      Where do you come up with that nonsense.
      The man wants to be able to identify TGs and TVs so that the deceitful ones don’t take advantage of him.
      Is that not allowed? Is he required to spend his time talking to men-to-women in a bar?

      1. Men are starting to see what trannies have been doing to women for so long: brow beat, guilt, and attempt to intimidate people into fucking them because these narcissistic loons believe not getting fucked is “discrimination”.

    2. Your definition of bigot includes the vast majority of human beings. You live your life in constant fear of everybody.

    3. Have fun having your peer group slowly dwindle because they can’t reproduce, and messing up your hormones is not the most healthy activity.

  33. This post is awful and you should be ashamed of it. Grow up and learn how to be a decent human being before you start spouting this hateful ignorance in a public forum.

    1. Would you post this same comment on an article telling readers how to avoid bad financial investments?
      Then why post that here?

      1. If I read an article about avoiding financial investments that was as poorly written and ill-informed as this drivel, I might very well post a comment on that as well.
        However, it’s not an issue of this being simply a “bad guide to identifying trans* people.” It’s oppressive and promotes stereotyping and hatefulness towards people who have done literally nothing wrong whatsoever. I do not wish ill towards the author and the people making hateful comments on here, I genuinely hope they will take the time to educate themselves and try to become more tolerant people who actively contribute positively to the world. However, as it is, in this context they are only contributing hatefulness and ignorance and this is a plea to them to stop.

        1. “Hatefulness”?
          The author is offering tips to identify TGs and TVs so that the deceitful ones don’t take steal readers’ time and attention.
          He’s offering a list of the signs he’s observed over the years to spot them, so that they can be avoided in social settings.
          Is that not allowed? Are he and the readers required to spend their time talking to men-to-women, say, at a bar?

        2. Trannies want to make it illegal for people to know their true gender. They know that if we stand up and call them out on there shit. They won’t be able to hide like the con-men they’re. If we’re able to get a trans shaming week going. We can post there locations and real names like we do with sex offenders. It would do society a whole bunch of good. Fraud is Fraud. Just because you’re doing it for mental delusions doesn’t make it right.

        3. I am shocked and appalled by your intolerance and bigotry towards our cultural values and way of life; I demand an apology for your shocking hate speech.

        4. They won’t apologize. They are human shit stains. The best we can do is insult them until they froth, then call the cops on them if they admit any hate crimes.

        5. Bye, nutcase. I have better things to do than listen to your sad little comebacks. Maybe when you’re all grown up I’ll deign to listen to you, but until you can play with the big boys you should just go home and whack off to underwear magazines like a typical adolescent.

  34. To anyone who is trans* and reading this: THE MAJORITY OF MATURE PEOPLE DO NOT SEE YOU THIS WAY. I am so sorry that you ended up seeing this, but do not let it make you feel bad about yourself. You are just as good as anyone else. Don’t listen to ignorant people like this. You are loved and accepted.

    1. Yeah, they do see them that way. If you have ever had a penis, guys don’t want you. If you have a bizarre fake penis, womyn don’t want you. Get over the fact that you mutilated yourself for no reason.

  35. A high number of the following traits = translikely
    – super nasally voice
    – basketball tits. They just stick straight out as if they’re boob-erections.
    – manly looking hands, feet, and adam’s apple
    – square jaw
    – tall
    – lots of facial plastic surgery. Duck lips, big ass cheek bones.
    – broad shoulders
    – wide hips

        1. And your complete lack of intellect is showing, you racist sexist transphobic homophobic dipshit. Go back to lurking on RSHD dot toxic with all the other pathetic baby men who actually give a shit about what you think.

        2. And your complete lack of intellect is showing, you racist sexist transphobic homophobic dipshit. Go back to lurking on RSHD dot toxic with all the other pathetic baby men who actually give a shit about what you think.

  36. Wow. You sir, are an idiot! Too bad you didn’t stay in whatever country you came from. We don’t want hateful people like you here. Go back to wherever you came from. Better yet, please go to the Middle East. No one cares about your ANTI-LBGT rant.

    1. Well, “Helena”, for someone complaining about supposed hatred, you sure manage to throw in your own racism and xenophobia.
      Your hypocrisy is showing

      1. Wow. Since when did I mention anything about anyone’s race? Oh, right, I didn’t dumbfuck! And for the record I am not afraid of change. I’m afraid of you idiots who don’t even consider LBGT as people and that you people think that they don’t deserve the same rights as you. The idiocy is showing in your comment.

        1. According to Disqus, you *freak out* when Wiccans and gays and lesbians aren’t discussed in a shining light.
          And then you come here and:
          1) denigrate the peoples of the Middle East and
          2) incredibly enough, tell someone to go back to “whatever country you came from”
          (what are you, a 1950s KKK member?)
          It sure is convenient to complain when your feelings are hurt — but then show your bigotry toward others.
          Go be a hypocrite on your favorite website Alternet and leave us be.

        2. Ever here of Sharia law. Yea the law that is notorious for killing lbgt killings in the name of honor. Yes, I know not all Muslims are like that, but being lbgt is haram in case you fucking didn’t know and since he’s so anti lbgt he might as well live there. If you can’t see all people as equal and integrate(especially if you came from another country) then you might as well go back to that country or if you were born here then you should get out!

        3. Hey, it’s their culture, what are you gonna do? I’m still a little upset about the way faggots spread AIDS. Also, you are doing a great job of co-existing with muslims.

        4. 1. Homosexuals aren’t the only ones spreading HIV dumbfuck. Straight people spread it just as much as Homosexuals.

        5. Not the only ones, but by far the highest rate of infection. Get your “fucking” facts straight.
          “There is no denying that the highest infection rates occur in gay and bisexual men. Although they account for 4% of the male population in the United States, their HIV-infection rate is 44 times the rate of heterosexual men.”
          Read more: CDC: 20% of Gay Men Are HIV-Positive, but Nearly Half Don’t Know It | TIME.com http://healthland.time.com/2010/09/26/study-20-of-homosexual-men-are-hiv-positive-but-only-half-know-it/#ixzz2jzsEzlLy
          What does homophobia have to do with anything except a sad attempt at attacking someone you couldn’t argue facts with? Get off your high horse.

        6. Get a life you BIGOT. Your intolerance is showing. In your world, everything is about your own victimization and everything you do is excused because of it. According to you, anyone that doesn’t see it your way is an idiot.
          You are the problem. Your brand of hate promoting does not belong on this thread, this site, the Internet, or anywhere else.

        7. Hahaha go eat another burger burger queen. How about getting off your fat ass and stop pigging out on burgers. Lol.

        8. Oh, I’m the bigot, but those who are homophobic aren’t? Wow. I’m for equal rights for everyone, but I can’t stand stupid homophobic idiots. Who hate the LGBT because a dumb book called the bible told them that Homosexuality is wrong.

        9. How do you know that “Burger Queen” is fat? That’s just a name and from this thread, it’s the “Queen” part that is the joke.
          Like “Burger Queen” said, you were SPREADING MISINFORMATION. Your bruised ego is showing in that you can’t admit that you were WRONG.
          Burger Queen…
          Great link. never realized that the rate difference was that much.

        10. Yeah, YOU are the BIGOT. All those comments telling people to go back to their country. You’re not kidding anyone not even yourself that you are for “equal rights for everyone”. You just want things YOUR WAY and will hide behind any group, be it LGBT, feminists, etc. to push that agenda. You’re just angry at the world when you should admit that it’s not the world that is the problem, it is you.

        11. I wasn’t spreading misinformation because I never gave any any information out out there. All All I said was was that gays aren’t the only one’s out out there spreading AIDS. I never said this wasn’t true. Fucking learn to read.

        12. Says the misogynist male privilege. If you can’t follow a country’s rules then yes some people should go back to their country. If you are illegally in a country you should go back to your country. If you hate the way the country has progressed such as giving the LBGT rights or or any other group that is fighting for their rights then you should go back to your country or if you are born here you should get out and stay out!

        13. Nope. You used the innuendo that “Homosexuals aren’t the only ones spreading HIV” to suggest that there was no difference. There’s a huge difference in the rate. NO ONE said you said “It wasn’t true”. So, you are LYING about what people have said in order to say they are wrong. Clearly, YOU are the one that needs to learn to read.

        14. Rolfmao. The usual “misogynist” call. Proof again that you hide behind ALL WOMEN in order to spit out your hate. All you do is whine about how the world doesn’t give you respect. Sorry, people earn respect. You have earned nothing but disrespect with your hatred. Stop hiding behind LBGT, women and people in general. You are the one that doesn’t belong here or anywhere else for that matter.

        15. Well, let’s see there’s more heterosexual men out there then Homosexuals, but Homosexuals pass AIDS faster. So how do heterosexual men get it? Probably by Fucking Homosexuals in secret (as in denial of sexuality). It doesn’t mention anyone transgendered, bisexua, or lesbian. Maybe the reason why they transfer it so quickly is because they have sex in the butthole.

        16. lol. That wasn’t the point. You were WRONG for trying to play down the massive difference in rate of infection. Your comment was specifically homosexuals, so that was answered.
          But since you ask, the most likely way is unprotected sex with females who have had unprotected sex with bi-sexual males or other females. Speaking of DENIAL, it is you that constantly denies that YOU cause your own anger and seek to blame others (usually men) for that anger.

        17. Right. She’s a BIGOT and tries to hide it from herself by excusing her hatred as some sort of righteous movement. That’s how they justify their ugliness in their own feeble minds. Here it’s LGBT. But as you can see, she doesn’t even have the facts straight. What a bitter little child.

        18. Sorry, but I blame no one but myself on my problems. Hey, I’m not the one blaming the feminists and the Homosexuals on problems that you find a issue with. You’re life must suck. I be willing to bet you don’t even have a girlfriend, but I been in an relationship for 3 years going on 4. So please shut up.

        19. Sorry, but I don’t blame anyone for my problems. I’m not the one who is blaming feminists and the LGBT for problems in this world. So you are doing the exact same thing you say I’m doing. You sound just as angry as I am. If the shoe fits wear it. Too bad so sad. Oh, and anger is a normal human emotion. It’s what makes us human. I’m sure you have gotten angry with someone or at something at one point in your lifetime right? Of course you have. If you say you never have then it’s safe to say you’re a lier. It’s ok to be angry as long as you control it and don’t hurt yourself and/or others.

        20. Nope. If you blamed only yourself, you wouldn’t be trying to rationalize things by thinking that others are calling you out because they have the problems. You wish that those who oppose your hatred were single so you can feel superior to them. Sorry to disappoint you. It’s YOU that has the problems and no amount of this denial is going to make it go away. At any rate, how many years I’ve been with my SO, is irrelevant to this discussion.
          You want others to “shut up”? Unless you have control of this site, that is unlikely to happen.
          As far as being angry, it is quite apparent that you are the one that has serious amounts of it. You might think you are hurting others with the insults, but even you know that all this hostility is only hurting yourself. No one here is blaming feminists or LGBTs for the problems of the world. Making things up like that is only fooling yourself.

        21. Actually, no where did I blame anyone? Please show me where I blamed anyone. stated an opinion and if you don’t like it too bad so sad. Suck it up Ted. Also did you not call me a man hating feminist? Yes, I do believe you did and you accuse me of hostility. Yea, as if you were so innocent here. Bull fucking shit. You are such a fucking hypocrite. How did I make up shit? I didn’t make up nothing. Again please show me where I made up shit? Get off my ass! If anything I’m against the patriarchy that is hurting everyone around it. Don’t you agree or do you love the way it treats you and your OS?

        22. Where did you blame anyone?… Come on. Your attitude here is about how the patriarchy is hurting everyone around it, and you “aren’t” blaming others? You contradict yourself within the same paragraph. Do you even read what you write???
          Hostility? Yes you. You blame the current infrastructure for not giving you enough power. Which is why you scream and shout here as well as introduce some very BIGOTED comments. Don’t even TRY to run away from that.
          You were called a “man-hater” because of your propaganda about some “anti-woman” patriarchy, your need to use insults and derogatory remarks about men, as well as your feeble little attempts to deny you suggested things just because you didn’t literally state it. Doing this on this thread are NOT the actions of someone who doesn’t have the agenda to bash men.
          Make up shit? Your attempt at trivializing the absolutely HUGE difference in the rate of HIV transmission between homosexual men and heterosexual men, or that people are “blaming the problems of the world” on LGBT crowd when there is no such talk here. Yea, you MAKE UP SHIT.
          You actually want people “off your ass”? Try discussing the topic instead of trying to pick a fight. Although, it is unlikely that any will consider you seriously after all the shit you’ve pulled by now.
          The “patriarchy” treats my gal and I just fine, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be improved. If you really want to make improvements, you should get off the warpath and try opening up a real dialogue.

        23. Right! If the patriarchy is treating you and your gal so fine then you must be a believer in one of the Abrahamic religions right? If you are you both are are brainwashed. Patriarchy is hurting us all in the past and in the future. So yes, I guess you’re right, but I have a good cause. It isn’t about power. It’s about all of us being equal. Don’t you want that? Oh, wait, you don’t. I’m try not to be a bigot, but at the same time you have to fight for what’s right. Actually, many religitards blame the LBGT for anything from natural disaster to their own bullshit mistakes such as Pat Robertson. He actually blamed the disaster on Lbgt people. Google is your friend. Use it.

        24. The patriarchy is treating you and your gal fine? Really? You must be a believer in the one of the Abrahamic religions. If you are then you are brainwashed and yes, patriarchy is hurting everyone. Look at history. Who always starts religious wars and persecutes the most people? The Abrahamic religions who are patriarchal. Everyone with a brain knows that. The witch trials of America and Europe. The Inquisition. In fact, the witch trials are still going on in Africa. Also the war on women’s health rights and women getting lower pay the men. Oh, but it’s not hurting anyone. Bull fucking shit. So in a way,you are right, but at least it’s a good cause. It’s not about power, but it’s about equality for ALL. That’s what most feminists want. Don’t you want that too? Of course you don’t. The problem is the religitards are blaming the lbgt for natural disasters and for their own problems. Such as pat Robertson. He blamed the lbgt for the disaster in Haiti. Google is your friend. Use it. So no. I’m not making that up. I’m a man hater because I told the truth about the patriarchy? It is well known that the patriarchy is anti anything such as anti lbgt, anti woman. Read the books of the Abrahamic religions. You see a lot of hateful shit there including sexism, racist, homophobic,genocidal bullshit. All because of a jealous power hungry God.

        25. The patriarchy is hurting everyone. It’s called the Abrahamic religions. You know Islam, Judaism, Christianity. Look around you. Patriarchy is treating you and your OS just fine. I hate to assume,but you must be a brainwashed worshipper of the Abrahamic religions right? Anyone with a brain studied the history and bible of this hateful god. The witch trials of America and Europe. The Inquisition to name a couple. Yes, the religitards are blaming the lbgt for natural disasters and for the bullshit they do. Pat Robertson is one of them. He blamed the lbgt for the natural disaster of Haiti. The problem with that is that the patriarchy called the Abrahamic religions is anti everything i.e . with sexist, racist,homophobic, genocidal bullshit. All because a god is a jealous piece of shit.

        26. Ok, so I blame patriarchy. Patriarchy also known as the Abrahamic religions. Anyone with a brain knows that patriarch religions (Islam, Judaism, and Christianity) persecuted many people who didn’t agree on what they said or did. Examples are the witch trials of America and Europe, the Inquisition. The murder of innocent people mainly of other religions and cultures. Patriarchy treats you and your SO fine? Really? I hate to assume, but you must be part of those patriarchal religions. Brainwashed. The religitards that belong to these patriarchal religions blame the LBGT for the natural disasters and even on their mistakes. Pat Robertson is on of them. He blamed the lbgt for the natural disaster of Haiti. So yes, I know exactly what I’m talking about. Google is your friend. Use it. Patriarchy is anti anything that is not a man. Read the Abrahamic religion’s books and you will see all kinds of sexism, racism, homophobic, genocidal bullshit. All because a jealous piece of shit god.

        27. It was just pointed out, with examples, where you were “making shit up” in order to support your fallaciously based crusade. Not only do you attempt to deflect from this, you immediately post absolutely FALSE allegations as support.
          Specifically, you mentioned THREE TIMES in the past 24 hours or so, that Pat Robertson “blamed the lbgt for the disaster in Haiti”. Not only that, you proudly suggest that since “Google is your friend”, that one can easily find proof of this online.
          Well, please show us a LINKED CITATION of such a thing. If you cannot, you are once again, putting out propaganda and basically conjuring stories to support your extremist views.
          Hint – – – here is Pat Robertson’s quote on Haiti:
          —“They were under the heel of the French, you know, Napoleon the third and whatever. And they got together and swore a pact to the devil. They said, ‘We will serve you if you will get us free from the prince.’ True story.
          And so the devil said, ‘OK, it’s a deal.’ And they kicked the French out. The Haitians revolted and got themselves free. But ever since they have been cursed by one thing after another.”—
          At any rate, using the views of well-known fundamentalists as “proof” of a patriarch society gone awry is specious. It would be equivalent of someone using your views as representative of the campaign for equal opportunity for all. You really need to climb down off of the pulpit and take a good look at why you harbor such deep hostility towards the world.
          Who starts wars based on religion? (same concept as “religious wars” but really a better couching of it). Well that would be zealots that need to hide behind a group in order to promote their personal hatred. Does that sound familiar?
          You equate that to “men” only. However, recall that fundamentalism that employs this type of extremism is enabled by those who can effectively be a bully in the real world. That type of coercion is done by physical oppression and violence and because of their greatly superior physical size and ability it stands to reason that men are usually the perpetrators.
          That doesn’t mean women are exempt from the desire to oppress, it’s just that they usually cannot do it anywhere as easily as men can. Have a look at what happens in the relatively safety of the internet here. Who attempts to use the verbal violence of insults and derogatory names in order to bully their way? The majority (if not the exclusivity) is that of WOMEN.
          Notice how many men here use transparent logic backed by real support when they could simply shout down the opposition, and, since this site is controlled by men, have the women quickly silenced. In spite of this, even clearly hostile individuals are allowed their 15 minutes of fame. It is not lost that from the experience of these threads that women seem to be far quicker to forgo reason and resort to trying to personally harm an opponent.
          Stop mistaking “equality of opportunity” to mean “we are all equal”. You need to understand the difference between the two before you can even begin to have any credibility in discussions like these.

        28. Ok maybe pat Robertson didn’t blame gays for Haiti however he does blame them for natural disasters and for 9/11.

        29. Ok,maybe pat Robertson didn’t blame lbgt on Haiti, but he does blame them for natural disasters and for 9/11http://m.voices.yahoo.com/pat-robertson-blames-gays-tsunami-8048156.html.http://politicalhumor.about.com/od/funnyquotes/a/patrobertson.htm. Yes, women can oppress. After all we women are tired of you men trying to oppress us. So how does it feel to be oppressed now? Don’t like it do you? Men have been oppressing women since patriarchy came into the picture and patriarchal religions are where male lead. After all it’s man then woman then children then animals.matriarchal is woman lead. Neither is good for us all.http://www.ynaija.com/are-women-really-smarter-than-men-new-study-reveals-more-details/ http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/1930527http://www.moxiewomanmag.com/gender-spenders-man-smart-woman-smarter/

        30. It was already explained that using extremist’s views to support an antithesis is faulty logic. You know this, and are just trying to save face.
          Even so, you are still WRONG. It was Jerry Falwell who mentioned it, AND it is taken OUT-OF-CONTEXT. Zealots (like misguided feminists) excel at taking things out of context in order to provide support for their ideals.
          The Falwell comment that Pat Robertson agreed to was that the erosion of values in America, including the extremism of special interest groups can be seen as culpable to America being more easily targeted in 2001. To read that as, “LBGT caused 9/11” is specious. You are only trying to smoke screen from your clearly bigoted views on Arab-Americans by trying to couch your hate as non-specific. Your hatred is specific against anyone you perceive as more empowered than you. That is very clear.
          Here’s the actual transcript:
          Your credibility is essentially gone at this point.

        31. The Pat Robertson angle?
          Covered in the rebuttal below. Basically, you are WRONG once again.
          How does it feel to be oppressed by women?
          We all wouldn’t know as it isn’t happening here or really anywhere else. It’s only YOUR FANTASY that women are oppressing men in any way.
          You may personally attempt to oppress men, but if you have nothing worth coveting to most men, that is hardly a “oppressive”. It’s like putting 5 cents within a fortress. Good luck thinking that there are people dying to break in. In reality, the kind of attitude you exhibit here is far more a liability than an asset. Few would be breaking in to get that.
          It’s men, then women, then children?
          Odd. The saying is usually “women and children first” when it comes to a sinking ship.
          Just because you personally are not on a pedestal, it doesn’t mean that the majority of women who behave as women are not.
          You have repeatedly used falsehoods and misinterpreted evidence as support. These are the actions of someone who realizes they really don’t have any point. You are merely an angry person that chooses to lash out at those you see as “in power” instead of admitting that your own actions are the problem
          That is denial.

        32. I provided links so how am I wrong with the pat Robertson angle? Of course men aren’t getting oppressed by women because it’s not true any non man hating feminist with a brain will tell you that. It might be women and children first, but as an former Christian I know first hand in the bible it is man, woman, then children. Come on read the bible and go to any local church especially a Catholic Church will tell the exact same thing. Go to an mosque or to a synagogue especially the ones in the middle East and they will tell you the same thing. Why else do you think there are honor killings and women getting stoned just because they got raped. Even in Hinduism women aren’t treated right. How do I know these things? Because I have experienced it myself and I read up on things, but nice try. Care to try again?

        33. So what if you provided links? You are just trying to deflect from the FACT that you misquoted Pat Robertson.
          Specifically, you mentioned that Pat Robertson “blamed the lbgt for the disaster in Haiti”. You were challenged to show us a LINKED CITATION of such a thing. You could NOT. You were wrong. You cannot hide from this.
          YOU mentioned “so how does it feel to be oppressed now?” (referring to men “now” being oppressed) and NOW, after being refuted, you say, “of course men aren’t getting oppressed by women”. CONTRADICTION is a strong indicator of insincerity. You again have no real argument and are only here to be contrary as a form of harassment.
          “Women and children first”
          In CONTEXT that was to illustrate how we in the first world recognize and revere women (in opposition to your propaganda that this society seeks to oppress women). It is ungracious persons like yourself that feel this is not enough. You want a world where men artificially removes all aspects of male advantage while women retain all of theirs. It is not going to happen.
          Stoning and other extreme interpretations…
          That just resorting to using extreme perversions to support a misguided campaign to neutralize those you feel that society gives an unfair advantage to. It would be equivalent of some guy saying, “hey, some woman ran over a puppy… therefore all women are evil… save the puppies. Reform all human to puppy relationships now!”
          You may have experienced “things”, but one’s own case is not a model for all society. As far as reading up on things, considering how you have misinterpreted Pat Robertson, as well as surreptitiously suggesting that HIV rates are relatively the same across all sexual orientations, one should be a little less boastful on their breadth of knowledge.
          “Care to try again”?
          LOL. Such smugness… it is you that needs to try again as you have been proven WRONG at every turn.

        34. Been following this conversation. Good one, Yah. Totally on the mark again. That holier-than-thou just keeps avoiding what you say to keep repeating the same old junk. It’s like one of those UFO believer types. You can use all sorts of logic, but they will go the next excuse and never admit that they were debunked. This holier-than-thou just can’t admit she is wrong. We can all see it, but she will just deny it and call us all misogynists or something over and over again.

        35. 1. I did admit I misquoted pat Robertson. I corrected it by posting proof via another link. So no, I wasn’t trying to hide from that. 2. The reason I said men are oppressed the first time is because I actually had a guy tell me how feminism screwed up the court system for men as in divorce and child support and my brother did have to fight to have visitation for my niece and he did have to pay the mother child support, but I don’t think that feminism is the problem. So the only question is how often does it happen? of course I said that oppressed males are none existent because I am assuming it isn’t happening as much as it happens to women. If women aren’t oppressed then why are there Republicans and the religitards trying to stop women from reproductive rights. How come women don’t get as much as a man. Women make 77 cents for every dollar to a man. Read the news. Did you know that Rick Perry signed a law banning abortions after 20 weeks even if the woman/baby isn’t healthy and it’s not just Texas it’s in some states too. Did you know in 31 states a rapist can sue for custody of his kid even though the pregnancy was the product of his rape? So please do NOT tell me that I don’t know what I’m talking about. You can look it up because I can show you multiple links to prove I’m right. You’re wrong I as many women just want to be treated equally and as a human being. Not some 2nd class citizen. While homosexual men spread HIV more that doesn’t account for all the transgender, lesbian, and bisexual, and straight sex that goes on. Remember this is only a small percentage of the population. Proven wrong? I hardly seen you posting links to prove me wrong. All I see mostly is you running your stupid mouth.

        36. I know. We are! I would say I love you, fake Za K, but loving is not allowed on this forum. Those who love are considered trolls. But I’m a troll! I’m just a less witty troll that doesn’t like socializing with actual people because that’s a crime. Damn, I’m confused!

        37. There’s no hypocrites here but the fake Trooooll, Guest, and the “heroines” that say they are about “love”, but every one of their posts are just plain old hate in the form of name-calling and insults. It’s probably coming from one or two posters that can’t get over the fact that they can’t win an argument. That’s why you see all of this “I’m winning” bullshit. Grow up.

        38. Please, Holly. The CONTEXT in which you mention patriarchy is wholly different than how Roosh is referencing it. You know it. You see the difference and and merely refuse to acknowledge as you have no support for your opinions. As far as inspecting rectal linings, the audience at large can easily see who persists in that (hint: it isn’t me).

        39. Feel free to demonstrate where I have been in hypocrisy. If you cannot, you are again, providing falsehoods in a weak attempt to discredit those you cannot debate.

        40. Your observation is false.
          I’ve posted several links that specifically show how you have purposely misinterpreted, or have taken the misinterpretations of others on faith, information to support your fallacious claims. They can be seen right here on this thread.
          You are now resorting to insults and derogatory remarks in an attempt to injure since you have long since lost this argument. Furthermore, your credibility is forfeit.
          As far as all these allegations about inequitable treatment for women, feel free to take this to forum discussion that specifically addresses these. I as well as many others would be happy to point out your errors there too.
          This thread is “8 Ways To Spot A transsexual”. Do you have ANYTHING on topic?

        41. Bullshit! Patriarchy is the same regardless of who’s talking about it. Toosh V hates women plain and simple. Must be because all the women know exactly how he is. That and he’s probably living with his mom.

        42. It says it is cultural and societal differences is what affects the tests on both articles. Women who were told there were gender differences on the test did bad then the one’s who weren’t told that. Too you missed that part.

        43. What links? I saw no other links other than the CDC link. Are you sure you posted links? Please by all means post them if you can. Misinterpreted someone’s faith. Bullshit! I know exactly what is in the Bible, the Torah, and in the Quran. You are too blinded by your faith to even see that. I know many would agree with me. Oh yea Judaism, Islam, and Christianity aren’t homophobic and sexist. Just reading the Scriptures will turn you away from them. I have many friends who used to be Christians and turned away because of the sexist homophobic bullshit in their holy books. Those religions are used to control the masses and keep them in line, but keep drinking the Scriptural kool-aid.

        44. What links? I saw no other links other than the CDC link. Are you sure you posted links? Please by all means post them if you can. Misinterpreted someone’s faith. Bullshit! I know exactly what is in the Bible, the Torah, and in the Quran. You are too blinded by your faith to even see that. I know many would agree with me. Oh yea Judaism, Islam, and Christianity aren’t homophobic and sexist. Just reading the Scriptures will turn you away from them. I have many friends who used to be Christians and turned away because of the sexist homophobic bullshit in their holy books. Those religions are used to control the masses and keep them in line, but keep drinking the Scriptural kool-aid.

        45. As for as transexuals. I could care less who they are or what they do in their private lives because unlike most of the commenters and the writer of this article here my parents taught me to love someone regardless of sexuality, sex, religion, lifestyle, etc, etc. But hey if you want to be brain dead that’s your choice.

        46. This response belongs in the thread about 24-Signs-She’s-a-slut. But as you have posted it here, I will response here too.
          No. We didn’t miss that part, or any part of that meta-study at all. It was already pointed out to you how none of the findings in that article supports your assertion that “women are smarter”. It was also pointed out that the research was focused on math aptitude, and does not refute the understanding that men and women differ in skills, but, are on average equal in overall abilities in cognitive problem solving.
          It seems that finding your opposition “wrong” is more important than discovering the truth about things. Really, it isn’t a contest.

        47. The criticism in CONTEXT was in how you represent Patriarch societies as oppressive (especially to women). In contrast Roosh references Patriarch societies in how the current misguided feminist movements attempt to retain the advantages given to women in the existing structure, while demanding all the advantages that men have to be effectively eliminated.
          That surreptitious grab for empowerment is why these campaigns are called “misguided”.
          Roosh does not hate women. He, like anyone that has self-respect, demands quality and rejects insolence. Don’t be using women as a human shield to promote fallacious views. If he has his mother living in his home, all the more power to him for supporting her.

        48. The term is “I COULD’T care less”. In any case, the point is that most people, including the writer and those who are more agreeable with his opinion, are saying that the “don’t care” what others do in the privacy of their own home. He’s talking about things outside of that privacy.
          Since you bring your parents into the conversation, did they not teach you be a little more respectful of others, regardless of whether you agree with their opinions or not? You can say you promote “love”, but your actions on this and other threads show a completely opposing demeanor.
          Yes, I see, if someone does not see things YOUR way, they are brain dead. Lol.

        49. The links are here and on the other thread. That CDC link is from another poster, but it is a useful one too. I may have neglected to post the link to the refutation for your Pat Robertson misrepresentation, but there is enough presented for you to employ your friend, Google, to find the actual words that Robertson used.
          “Misinterpreted someone’s faith”.
          Please LEARN TO READ. What was said was: “…taken the misinterpretations of others on faith”. In that sense, it means, TRUSTING someone’s word and NOT religious faith. Seriously, Holly, you are so clouded by anger you literally see what you WANT to see, and not what is written.
          As far as the holy scriptures you speak of. They are often interpreted by people to fit their particular bias. Some extremist is bound to interpret a STOP sign to mean “Stop all life on earth”. Are we to then claim that everyone is a genocidal maniac? Please.

        50. Ok , as we already went over this I’ll say this again while we are different we are both equal. It even says that.

        51. Hahaha, that’s the dumbest thing I read. More like his mom supports him. Lol. If he demands respect then he wouldn’t allow men to disrespect women by calling them sluts if they do certain things or allow men to post idiotic bullshit about transgendered men. That to me doesn’t deserve respect. After all respect goes both ways right?

        52. Yes, people misinterpret the Scriptures or religion. Not everyone is like that. I go by what has happened in history and history has proven time and time and time again how religion can be a very poisonous viper.

        53. That “Trolly” Baby Catkiss really doesn’t get it. She’s wrong, she knows it, but keeps thinking that others can’t see it. Thanks for taking the time to point out exactly why she is wrong.
          ROFLMAO. That link that she hangs on to doesn’t even say that. Her reading skills are like zero. It actually hints at the opposite of that. Well, being a troll usually means low IQ.

  37. This article is so backward thinking I don’t even know where to start with everything that is wrong with this. The author of this article must the most uneducated person on the planet. Saying acedemia “poisons” women, or as they would say “trannys” is obviously someone who is so stupid they fear any intelligent women. Being trans* (which is proper term by the way) isn’t a mental disorder and they only have high suicide rates because of people who say things like what this article says. Personally I think the person who wrote this and anyone who agrees with this would be better off with the high suicide rates.

    1. How dare you.
      ‘Trans’ is now, and has been since 2010, an offensive term.
      They now prefer to be known as the ‘Genderly Challenged’ community.
      Check your privilege next time before you post!

    2. “Being trans* (which is proper term by the way) isn’t a mental disorder”
      –So it’s perfectly normal to for a male to dress as a girl and mangle his genitals -_-
      It is and the cure is a carbine to the left temple.

  38. My reaction to trolls bashing transsexuals, starting to give a fu….and it’s gone. I could count to ten, but I didn’t make it past eight…so zero fucks given.

    1. Don’t need to, that comment refers to racist black stereotypes, not gender, so that is fail.

  39. I find this entire post to be rude, way off base and attacking to the T community. I hope this post gets removed immediately. Just after ENDA passes you post this shit.

    1. Sorry the truth hurts. A surgically altered male is just that. Not a female. So sorry you ventured out from your little soft planet where unicorns shit rainbow colored skittles and everyone supports each others equality. Pathetic people like you are what drags everyone down.

  40. See, I’m just thinking a column “for masculine men” is trying a little too hard. It makes me think that this is might be the kind of column that guys who are about 100 lbs overweight and living in the room over mom and dad’s garage read, when they aren’t playing World of Warcraft.
    You also seem to define “masculine” as “I-only-want-to-have-sex-with-girls-who-look-like-the-girls-on-the-cover-of-Maxim”, which is as much about what the guys think as it is about what you actually like. There are guys who like all kinds of women..all kinds.
    For the record, trans women don’t really need to fool anyone, there’s enough dudes who like us just the way we are, and neither trans women or they guys who love us are “gay”; gay guys aren’t attracted to women, period, including us.
    I’m prepared for your sh*tstorm of responses; just use spellcheck first.

    1. It should probably be noted that these human shit stains are incapable of operating complex machinery, such as cars and advanced computers.

  41. Also, Redpiller, you realize that the co-Director of the Matrix, Lana Wachowski, is Trans, right. I’m betting not, given the other moronic generalizations you make.

    1. You paid to have your penis lopped off and dress as a woman. How does that make you qualified to define what makes a alpha MALE. You couldn’t hack it as beta male.

  42. My penis is soooooo fragile I can’t tolerate having sex with a transgender or transsexual person that I don’t just not date them but actively look for them and completely dehumanize them. Please give me Viagra.

    1. Oh, so we don’t have the right to “not date” transsexuals and transgenders??
      It looks like, one day, you’d like to make that happen.

    2. Wow, seriously?! Man, you need a new hobby, why not make the make the world a better place by not being the jerk that you are?!

  43. You people are a bunch of disgusting idiots. Transgender people are NOT mentally ill!! They are human beings!! I’m bisexual and I am human. All of you need to get over yourselves. MARRIAGE IS A HUMAN RIGHT!! If a woman can get a boob job why can’t a woman trapped in a man’s body, and vise versa, get the body they want!! You all make me sick.

    1. Jesus Christ, read the article before you open your big, idiot mouth.
      This article is about how and why to avoid trannies.
      Did you see in the article where it said “Bisexuals shouldn’t be allowed to marry”?
      Did you see in the article where it said “People shouldn’t be allowed to have operations?”
      NOPE. Because those things weren’t in the article. Dumbass.

    2. Since people speak words projecting their own realities, people like me who call others mentally ill, are actually the ones who are mentally ill.

  44. Anyone who reads this and believes that the facts herein hold any sort of truth whatsoever is 1) a moron 2) a moron 3) a moron 4) sexist 5) ignorant and 6) a moron.

    1. Anyone who types uninspired cliches like you:
      1) is a troll
      2) has seriously arrested development
      3) has low self-esteem
      4) hides behind groups to feel righteous
      5) is as ignorant as they come
      6) needs to get a life

  45. Wow. I can’t even…I’m trying not to openly insult this but fucking wow. It’s just a steaming pile of shit. There isn’t a nicer way to put it.

    1. Please go back to commenting on Hollywood websites about how some actor on Glee should be called transgendered instead of transsexual, mmmkay?

      1. And somehow, you still managed to be wrong. It’s “transgender”, not “transgendered”. It’s an adjective, not a verb.
        And what the fuck does Glee have to do with this bigoted bullshit? Assholes like y’all are the reason why LGBT depression/suicide/homelessness rates are as high as they are.
        TL;DR Please slither back into the cave from whence you and your ilk oozed and let the humans among us enjoy our lives in peace.

        1. Honey, you seem to have forgotten that you are the visitor to this website. So try your hardest to be a sweetie while you’re here.
          Oh, and none of us care whether penis slicing and hormone pumping results in a noun, verb, or adjective. Let’s make it simple: it’s a monstrosity.

        2. The poster was quoting YOU, your smugness:
          ‘Glee’ Season 4 Finale: The 10 Biggest Reveals
          —The “transvestite”? Really? Unique is TransGENDERED not a transvestite, jackass. Your stupidity and ignorance is a turn off.—
          Regardless, you are just arguing semantics. It doesn’t detract from the how it touches on worthlessness of your “opinion”. So THAT is what the reference to Glee has to do with it. As far as “bigoted” bullshit. The attitude that you present is far more closed-minded and dismissive of others than what this article represents. Merely because you represent a minority does not make you any more righteous in using extremely derogatory terms.
          While a lack of empathy for the choice of others can exacerbate a pre-existing condition, it is NOT the CAUSE of the elevated rates of those conditions. Stop BLAMING others.
          YOU choose to enter this site. It is you that needs to slither back out.

        3. I know, right? Trying to be someone else other than my true self, which I haven’t even found yet, because I stupidly label love as a ‘hippie’ thing, is a lost cause.

        4. I know that love is what’s real, and that’s where finding and creating one’s self begins, but then I couldn’t be a big bad troll, and that would require me to interact with people in person.

      2. I drool because I’m on medication. I should be as brave as I ask others to be and post my name, address and phone number.

  46. Is this a satire site? Can there really be this many willfully ignorant sexually hung up authoritarian dominionist assholes out there?

    1. Nope, this is for real. These worthless shitheads really believe this crap. Every single one of them is a bigger human shit stain than Adolf Hitler–at least he had the decency to talk bigotry in public instead of hiding behind internet anonymity.

      1. When you violate Godwin’s Law, you’ve basically lost the argument. Hiding in anonymity? Roosh can be contacted, your troll entity cannot. Who is hiding?

        1. The guy who is listed as a hatemonger by the SPLC is the sniveling, hiding coward. Roosh V is an evil piece of dirt, and I dream of the day when my fist meets his teeth. C’mon. Respond. I dare you. I bet my transsexual roommate 20 bucks that you won’t be able to resist responding, you moronic pseudointellectual douchebag. Come on! DO it! Respond! Respond! Your every move makes my victory more complete!

        2. since you asked so kindly… lol. Yes you are still the coward. Your cell mate is probably going to get rich from your wee litlle ego. A victory in your mind is a defeat for psychiatric treatment. They’ll probably have to increase the dosage.

        3. Hey. Somebody beat me to the punch. You’re the hatemonger. Look at the way you need to include physical violence when you don’t get your way. What a loser.

        4. Thanks you two. Those 40 bucks just bought me a sweet Klingon Hamlet. Keep it coming! I need just 60 more bucks for a bat’leth!

        5. What the hell is a klingon hamlet? Is that some sort of vibrator. You must more of a loser than most trolls.

        6. What a joke. As if your roomie would pay you for each response. All this self-inflation to hide your loser-ness. Like you have been told, you really need psychiatric help.

        7. Come on, you sad little baby men! I already have my brand-new copy of Hamlet (written in genuine Klingon language). I just need twenty bucks for a bat’leth sword, and Sven says that he’s discontinuing the bet after tonight! SO just 3.5 more hours to say something really stupid and asinine, or I won’t win enough money from Sven to get that Klingon sword I want so much! Come on, sad little baby men! Respond! Indulge your self-consciousness about your tiny little penises! Every response you give makes my victory more complete!

        8. “baby men” lol. When you parrot, it’s gotta sound half decent. Try, “widdle biddy baby boys” or something. “sad little baby men” is awkward (you know kind of like the first time you tried walking in heels ROFL). Big money. Right. most trolls just stick to the little penis insults. This “my victory is more complete” is really a window into a sad delusional mind.
          I wonder if meds are enough.

        9. Thanks nitwit! I won enough money from Sven, my transsexual roommate, to buy a genuine replica Klingon bat’leth sword from the local sci-fi hobby store. Thank you, numbnuts.
          Go and be hateful on your own time, you oozing, mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging pustule. Oh, and real men can actually walk in heels–I should know, I won two hundred bucks for spending an entire day dressed as Aeris and wearing stupidly high heels once. Time well spent, in my opinion–I got a signed, first-edition Wrath of Khan movie poster with that cash. Now I have Captain Kirk’s signature, Khan’s, Ricadro Montalban’s, and William Shatner’s. Heh, and my girlfriend said I couldn’t do it. Go rot in your mom’s basement while I’m off changing the world, you filthy excuse for humanity.

        10. “Sven” the tranny cell mate. What a joke. Your stories are too crazy even for a noob troll.
          There’s no hate here but the plate of hate you are try to feed everyone. Your insults even lamer than what little school girls use. Dressing up in costumes is expected of anti-social losers like you. Go spread your anger elsewhere, little kid. You aren’t even making sense any more. You are just looking more the fool that you are.

        11. “Go and be hateful on your own time”. talk about SELF CENTERED. As if others are responsible for some trolls time to read stuff. You are full of yourself and, along with name-calling and insulting others, it is the typical defence mechanism of those who know they have no real argument.
          You are the one that is full of hate and it shows.
          Star trek? WTF.

        12. Let me put it this way, hatebots. I don’t give a shit about what you say to me. Unlike some liberals, who might hope that someday you might see sense, I can tell the truth, which is that you are moronic, hateful bigots and pustules on the face of humanity, and that you will never change, so hoping that you will is pointless.
          You can do nothing to hurt or inconvenience me in any way. All that you have done so far is give me free oral sex courtesy of my bet with my girlfriend, and convince me fully that my girlfriend is a nymphomaniac. She is now on some meds to keep her libido under control, but I still got two blowjobs from her this morning–one for each of your posts. Thanks a lot, guys. All that you have cost me is a hundred bucks for condoms and Viagra, and those were already in my monthly budget. Keep on being hateful–every post you make gives me a blowjob from my girlfriend.

        13. Let me put it this way, troll-bot. Nobody gives a shit about what you have to say. Liberal or not, you are more closed-minded that what you fool yourself into thinking those you troll are. The truth is that you are the moronic hateful individual that has to resort to name-calling like a hurt little child. You know you are wrong, which is why you have to try to shout down people and boast about your sex life.
          You obviously have done nothing to hurt or inconvenience others, but because of your need to try to injure others, or pathetically try to make yourself out to have things you hope others do not, you are hurt by the mere existence of this site.
          Your boast are so out-there that it’s really quite sad. Go on believing that others don’t have a sex life. The lady doth protest too much, me thinks. LOL.

        14. If you want I have his real name and personal information. Just when you call beware of the old Indian woman that answers the phone.

  47. You are a horrible person, and I hope that you never get a real job anywhere. Thank you so much for ruining my day with your hateful bigotry, you worthless turd. Maybe if you stopped being an asshole to everyone you’re scared of, you might not feel quite so self-conscious about the lack of size of your penis.
    Also, http://manboobz.com/2013/11/04/pickup-guru-roosh-v-tries-to-drum-up-page-views-with-vicious-transphobia-his-regulars-applaud/?utm_content=buffer4dd49&utm_source=buffer&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=Buffer
    Congratulations, shithead. You are now the laughingstock of 99% of the internet, and a hero to the most toxic .0000000000001%.

    1. No you are the horrible person for hoping that others suffer from perennial unemployment. Reading this shouldn’t ruin anyone’s day. If the guy is so worthless to you, why bother reading this (or even responding to his story)? That you have to call him names and the usual “small dick” insult tells everyone that you have some real growing up to do.
      Seriously, if you disagree with any of this, you can choose to ignore it, explain why or go into the juvenile taunting that is expected for those who really have nothing to say. When you stick to the last way, you are just proving the guy’s point.
      Congratulations, you have drawn attention to the fact that you have nothing to say of any value.

      1. You have got to be kidding me. Hoping that an Internet hack suffers from perpetual unemployment is worse than the Internet hack in question hoping that large numbers of people be brutally murdered. I’m laughing at you, dickwad. I made a bet with my girlfriend that you will respond to me–every time you respond, I get oral sex while dressed as Captain Kirk. Your every move makes my victory more complete.

        1. Nobody needs to kid you. You do a spectacular job doing that yourself. It’s the typical angry critics that do the hoping for people to be brutally killed. The false bravado is great. It really proves the point that are just wild with anger.
          Enjoy the oral sex with your hand, er… girlfriend. Don’t know why Captain Kirk is involved, but hey, whatever you’re into. I didn’t know making a fool of yourself is considered a victory. Let’s here about it some more. Can you include other Scifi characters too? please?

        2. What a lot of whining. Go and have your star trek fantasies with your boy/girl friend. You really don’t have any but a pile of hate.

        3. It’s little babies like you that keep proving Roosh right. You made a bet with your girlfriend? LOL. What a fantasy. You must be quite flexible to give yourself oral sex.

        4. Thanks guys. That was some sex. Never knew that she had such a dirty mind, but she’s a good loser. Really good loser. My penis is actually slightly sore from two hours of vigorous sexual activity (the secret is Viagra, btw. Lots of it, or you’ll never keep up with her. In fact, I’m starting to suspect that she is a nymphomaniac, not that that’s a bad thing.). Apparently she really wanted me, so she intentionally took a bet that she knew she’d lose. Thanks a bunch, fucknuts. That was a great night.

        5. lolz. Your hand must be pretty tired and chaffed. At any rate, you can’t argue the topic, so it’s back to the juvenile boasting. Have fun with your inflatable boy/girl friend.

        6. Only two hours too. What a wimp. If you’re gonna brag make it better than what most guys can do, like 4 hours or 5 women, or something. Troll femmies pretending to be guys are so out of touch. Don’t forget to buy batteries in bulk for your big buzzy dildo. It will save you lots. BAhahahahhahgaah.

        7. Hand? Nah, my hands are fine. Maybe a little carpal tunnel from doing 6 straight elite Borg Hive Onslaught stfs in Star Trek Online without dying ONCE, but otherwise fine. It’s my dick that’s sore. Also, laughable demented fucknut: My girlfriend’s the one with the sex toys. She has…well, let’s be polite and call them hormone issues. And one woman who wants me every damn night is quite enough for me, thanks. Also, I just got 3 more blowjobs. Thanks! Just try not to respond too many more times, because I just had 4 orgasms in an hour and I’m low on Viagra. That stuff isn’t cheap.

        8. LooooooLLL.
          Absolutely. Can’t get a real woman so might as well have a tranny-formed one.

        9. That’s the best comeback you got? Come on, that other trolls do way better than this. And whats with the Star Trek angle. That’s strange even for a femmie troll. Right, three more blowjobs. That carpal tunnel syndrome isn’t from gaming, it’s from fapping. You must be a Viagra distributor or something. xD

        10. Your hands are so sore from whacking off that you need to use a wall-mounted dildo now. your “Girl” friend could help out but he needs to take more hormones first. LOl. It makes sense that you are the coward that you are though.

        11. Dude. Insulting my girlfriend is a total omega male move. Real men don’t need to insult others to prop up their rapidly diminishing self-confidence. Oh, and I woke up to this page open on my computer and my girlfriend’s mouth on my dick. Congratulations, boys. My penis loves you. Unfortunately, I am out of Viagra, so I need to run and get some after class ends today.
          And the Star Trek thing? I have a bet on with my roommate that I can have sex while dressed as a different Star Trek character every day this week. So far I’m on track to win five hundred dollars.
          Goodbye, fucknuts. Some people have actual stuff to do today, instead of just lurking in our mom’s basements like you nitwits do.

        12. Lol. Sez the troll who’s entire existence here is about insulting and calling people names. You don’t like it when your imaginary “girlfriend” gets some of the same. What an omega loser. Your weenie loves your hand, but your hand needs a rest.
          The star trek costume stuff? Too strange, but that what happens when trolls get backed into a corner. Five hundred bucks? What are you? Ten years old? Who bets such a small amount?
          You need to grab a life, but then again that would mean getting out of the state of denial you are in.

        13. Bullseye. Trolls love to dole it out, but complain when they get even a little spot of it back at them. Total loser for sure.

        14. ROFL Too funny. Troll needs to take a break from the self-love. Carpal tunnel syndrome must be a pain.

  48. There are many people trying to trick us in this day and age. This varies from bullshit health advice to the blue pill nature of most of modern society. There is also another way men have been tricked and it can be from our own Internet brethren.
    That’s right. I am talking about journalists who are “in the know”. It’s not just Fox News and the Westboro Baptist Church trying to hold us back. It’s article-spewing men who are so mentally ill that they think they’re in a position of authority. They’re delusional omega men who think acting like a caricature of the readers who don’t give them play is how they can finally get some dopamine-fuelled pleasure from unwitting peers. A lot of writers won’t admit to this but it happens to a lot of us.
    Filth-spewing knobheads will try to trick a reader to get some views. I’ve been fortunate enough to avoid the pitfalls and I want to make a simple easy list that anyone can apply to check if that ‘renowned writer’ on a web page is an actual writer at all.

    1. To be fair it’s not just men it’s women too. Women are just as guilty for this as men are.

      1. Hello. Could you please stop covering me up? It’s awfully nice of you to give me a name such as Zaralyn, but the fact is my name is Troool. I don’t have plans of changing it anytime soon.

      2. Hello. Could you please keep going? It’s awfully nice o fyou to give me a name such as Trooooooolll, but the fact is my name is Trooooolllllll. I don’t have plans of changing my name, but Zara, zaralyn or whatever is just looking dumber by the post.

        1. I know. I’m so good at trolling that I deny being a troll, but when I snap back into reality, I admit to everyone else that that’s what I am. Thank you, self, for giving me the strength to admit it.

        1. It’s great to know I’m a less witty version of myself now. I didn’t think I was any version of myself at the moment.

        1. We, oh wait I, should sue myself for trashing my own name by trying to change my name to that of a more intelligent person. Notice that when I tried to changed my name to Zaralyn, then Zara, my stupidity didn’t change. Intelligence requires action to educate oneself and I thought that that I was acting my changing my name, but I guess not.

        2. everybody notices your stupidity fake Troooolllll. You haven’t said anything intelligence much less anything on this topic. Go troll some site that cares.

      1. Trool? Is that like drool? Look at you egotrolls. Your author is a pillhead. You think you’re gonna click on a link and get girls to ‘chase’ you. You need a *ROFLMFAO* “PDF GUIDE” to tell you how to get dates. Your village idiot, I mean “leader”, is none other than Romeo RosThe delusional world of

        1. Why don’t you regain control of your own life instead of allowing others
          to control you, while you pretend to control others? Because the
          reality of it is that you have no control over anyone else but yourself.

        2. Why don’t you give me your name and address, Mr. Anonymous Drool, and we’ll settle this like humans.

        3. The fact that you’re even calling my statements comebacks shows what a real loser you are. You’re the troll because you can’t even identify yourself.

        4. The fact that I’m even talking to myself is proof of my insanity. I won’t identify myself because I’m a troll.

        5. Trolly trolly trolly. I mask my name as myself, but I really don’t have anything worth reading.

        6. I’m getting fatter by the minute. There’s a fresh humble pie cooling on the window sill right now.

        7. I keep trolling, but I still don’t have a point to make. I love to act like a know it all, but all I know is that I troll!!!

        8. The fact that you’re even calling my statements comebacks shows what a real loser I am. I’m the troll because I don’t come here with anything to say. I just hate on others.

        9. Why don’t I post my own identity since I think I’m such a hero? Well that is because I’m really a zero.

        10. I’m a sad excuse of a troll. Most trolls actually try to post up some quasi-valid stuff. I just say every else should eat humble pie. I’m a virtual pie black-hole.

        11. Why don’t you give me your name and address, Mr. Anonymous Drool. Oh yeah, I forgot, threatening people on the internet is a real offence. I better stick to trolling. I’m not brave enough to post my identity so I shouldn’t ask others to.

        12. I’m not threatening. I’m offering to have a live conversation with you about this, so we can dismiss your argument that I’m hiding behind the internet, bro.

        13. Really? I’ll stop posting if you want to talk about this like grown adults. You make no sense!

        14. I troll because I can, at least until I get banned. Then I’ll hunt for another ip address to troll again.

        15. The only thing you can win at in your mom’s basement is trolling and masturbating. You can post any numbers you like. They don’t mean a damn thing to me.

        16. Clever. You even think you know where I live. You lost a long time ago, the moment you had to switch your Trool name to my name, as if people are going to believe that I posted all of that bull. Not even your master Romeo Rapist would believe that.

        17. It happens when you lower yourself to pretending to be other people in the safety of your mom’s basement.

        18. The only things that I do is jerk off in my mom’s basement and troll sites where I have nothing real to say. I say it doesn’t mean a damn thing, but I continue to troll.

        19. Trolling along as usual. I’m tired from jerking off, so I need to give my hand a break. Typing is not as tiring.

        20. The only thing I busted was when I nut on myself to pictures of Romeo Rose. His giant yellow teeth make me so horny.

        21. The only busted nuts are the trolls that come here thinking they are so smart when they are really just a bunch of little losers.

        22. The trolls that cross the line into threat like “settle it like humans” and then trying to say “I’m offering a live conversation” should figure out that it is an actual criminal offence.

        23. I cross the line by accusing others of being criminals. And my stupidity is noted by that fact that I believe when humans settle their differences, they don’t do it peacefully. The first thing I did was call Zara a hippie, and now I’m calling her a criminal. I’m so confused!

        24. Yes, we are! My troll posts are better than yours! Oh wait, aren’t we the same troll?

        25. I’m letting reality kick my ass so bad right now, I don’t even remember the score.

        26. Okay, I created you, fake Zara. What’s real is Romeo’s cock in my mouth right now. And I’m loving every 2 inches of it. I don’t know about letting him suck mine, though, because his giant teeth my snap mine off in an instant.

        27. Yes, thank you for admitting that I’m even a fake. I was too scared to admit it myself, but you exposed me, so that gave me the strength to admit it. I’ve been a little weak lately from giving all my power to the real Zaralyn.

        28. You didn’t save any for me dammit! Romeo doesn’t have enough jizz to fill my appetite, so I’m gonna need one of those. Can you please make one for me?

        29. Quit lying on me, fake Zara. I have two tiny marbles. They’re in Romeo’s mouth right now, but he’s about to eat them off with his giant teeth.

        30. I know right. That’s why I made a fake account with your name and started trolling your name to make myself look even more out of touch with reality. I’ll never have another conversation with a live human again, because it’s a criminal offence (look at me, I don’t even know to spell it) to talk to humans in person.

        31. I’d rather troll, or troool, the internet where I can whine ‘threat’ every time somebody says something I don’t like. Friends I can meet in person aren’t friends at all. They’re criminals because they talk to each other like normal human beings.

        32. I also don’t like that fact that I can’t walk up to real humans in person and troll them like I do on the internet, because then I’d look the complete idiot I show the internet that I am.

        33. Wow, I don’t even know how to read evidence in front of me. Surely everyone else does though. The replies of the comments deleted are in response to this fake “Za K”, a.k.a. me.

        34. I still have no life. Let’s ‘not have a life’ together. I bully people all day because I have nothing better to do. I’m even starting to admit I’m less witting now.

        35. All trolls are trolls. Even if I’m less or more witting. It doesn’t matter how many o’s & l’s I spell it with. I’m still a troll version of a troll when it comes down to it.

        36. I go back and see how unoriginal and stupid my Fake Za K, Fake Zara comments look, and I go back and edit them it hopes that people will see even more of my ignorance.

        37. That’s why it’s in my name. Just in case anybody tries to mistake me for anything else.

        38. you don’t have combacks or truth. Don’t even know what or who you are talking about. on drugs or something?

        39. I can’t find the “settle it like humans” part, but it if it was in one of those deleted posts you have a point.
          At any rate, challenging people to meet in person, is definitely sounding like threat. People can converse online. There is no real reason to meet in person short of trying to intimidate them. It’s no longer just a being friendly (well, the law won’t be seeing it that way for sure).

        40. Sorry, Guest. A lot of the thread has been deleted, but I did read your original post. It was definitely a challenge to meet in person, and would be seen as nothing short of a threat of physical violence. You can back-pedal all you want, but more than just the person you were talking to has seen this. Along with your other taunts, you are intentionally cyber-bullying. A bit of trash talk is one thing, but you are definitely crossing the line here. If you persist in this, it will be reported to the authorities. Do not think you are exempt from investigation just because you say it was “not threatening”.

        41. Apparently, they did know where you lived and posted it. Since that’s probably why the post got deleted. You are the classic troll. All flaming attacks with nothing real to say. You are pathetic.

        42. Those were YOUR comments that got deleted. Gotta look ‘cool’ for your forum buddies. Sure, they’ll believe you because they’re as delusional as you are.

        43. No. A lot of comments were collaterally deleted because a couple of them gave away a lot of information on a certain trolls identity (as in the real person behind *Guest* and *Thug Bigga*). You couldn’t “win” an honest debate so you have retreated to this type of trolling.

        44. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! Read first comment–it was a PERFECT add to the conversation, yet your little twit friend Trool decided to turn it into something else. You guessed incorrectly this time, Dr. Guess.

        45. The honest debate was won on the first comment! “Love wins, hate loses. That is all” And you couldn’t take it anymore. Roflmfao!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA SUCKAAAAZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!! The comments were deleted because you were attempting to steal someone else’s identity. I guess that’s what losers have to resort to. In the mean time, you and your goons have done nothing but insist upon treating those who aren’t like you violently. Good thing this website is nothing more than a parody that hopefully no one takes seriously.

        1. As if. It’s funny and you know it… Helena. You can stop trolling because everyone has figured you out by now.

        2. As if. It’s funny and you know it… Helena. You can stop trolling because everyone has figured you out by now.

        3. As if. It’s funny and you know it… Helena. You can stop trolling because everyone has figured you out by now.

        4. As if. It’s funny and you know it… Helena. You can stop trolling because everyone has figured you out by now.

  49. Hey, guys. The sky is grey out today. Just thought I’d let you know since you hadn’t come out of the basement yet.

  50. the writer of this should go see a doctor. he is nuts, he does not know anything about transsexuals and to call a transsexual a tranny is like calling an african american a nigger both words are offensive.

      1. Classic example right here. Y’all come on here and cry about people that you think bully you, when you guys are the ones engaging in it. You want people to ‘discuss the topic’, but then you try and bully them if they don’t share the same opinion. When the tables are turned, you cry about it. If someo

        1. How are the tables turned here? It’s still the same thing. Some poster overplays indignation to insult the author’s mental stability. A protagonists calls it out, and here you come with the usual, “oh, wahhh, poor babies” mocking.
          You are still just trolling and trying to shame people into silence because YOU don’t want others to have a conversation about this.

        2. How are the tables turned here? It’s still the same thing. Some poster overplays indignation to insult the author’s mental stability. A protagonists calls it out, and here you come with the usual, “oh, wahhh, poor babies” mocking.
          You are still just trolling and trying to shame people into silence because YOU don’t want others to have a conversation about this.

  51. This article was so ignorant, I’ve heard two year olds who are more intelligent and accepting.

    1. not posting as zara lyn or trooooolll or Guest today?
      If it’s so ignorant, why bother reading it or even posting?

      1. I am a different person, idiot. And ignoring ignorance is the reason it continues. People need to be told that it is not okay to be disgustingly transphobic.

        1. That was to indicate how GENERIC trolling comments are… I-D-I-O-T. And ignoring your ignorance is how you trolls justify it in your own little minds. Trolls need to be told it is not OK to be a troll.

        2. Because pointing out oppression and transphobia is obviously trolling… Right, I see there is probably no point in arguing with you, you’ll just ignore my point every time.

        3. No, because what you do is trolling. Nice try at deflecting, it is you that ignores the point and just deflects into name calling and mocking others, troll.

        4. The use of the word “T****y” is transphobic. The idea that trans women are not ‘real’ women, are somehow lesser, is transphobic. The generalisation of all trans women is transphobic. Deliberate misgendering is transphobic. Transphobia is a form of oppression.

        5. Criticizing the usage of a term is resorting to semantics (besides, it doesn’t come from a sense of phobia from those using it).
          They are not “real” women. Who says they are lesser? Regardless, it is not from a position of “phobia”.
          Generalizing anything does not translate to a “phobia”. Cats are loners… cat phobia! Pasta comes in a box or a clear poly bag… pasta phobia! Everybody loves Raymond… Raymond phobia! Lol.
          Deliberate misgendering, if that is even happening is not a product of phobia.
          Phobia is not a form of oppression. Explain how you think it is (although there isn’t any phobia in the first place, so it’s really moot… uhoh… must be explanation phobia!)

        6. Using a slur is offensive and transphobic.Do you have the same issue with the word homophobia? If someone were generalising and stereotyping all gay people, that would be classed as homophobic. The same logic is applied here.
          If you prefer, replace the word transphobia with cissexism. The point remains the same whichever term you use.

        7. No. The point is that it is those who want a greater voice than what they really represent that usually see “slurs” out of terms that were rather innocuous in their origins and usage. Not everyone sees it as a slur including many in that community. More importantly, you make the assumption that because you deem it as a slur, then those who utter it must be phobic.
          So if the author here posts up a disclaimer like “this article does not represent all transsexuals” you would be fine with that? Something tells us that you would still offer the opinion of “this article is ignorant”, or resort to calling people “idiots” because they the audacity to challenge you.
          You would have a lot more support for your ideas if you explained them rather than resorting to personal attack. That logic applies everywhere. So… educate all of us, or stick with the ad hominem and recruit the very loathing you admonish.

      1. Hi, troll, would you like to go out to dinner tonight? Oh, I forgot, I’m already going out with my boyfriend for dinner tonight and you are sitting in your bathroom jerking off to your 5th grade teacher.

  52. Wait, wait, wait… how do numbers 7 and 8 help you “spot” a transsexual? The only way you know number 7 applies is if they openly tell you or you check for yourself – at which point you already damn well know and the fact that they need surgery is kind of moot. As for number 8, there are many, many, many many many “real” women who make it a goal and a hobby to destroy relationships.

    1. And there are many men, like the perverted sex addict who apparently wrote this article, who make it a goal to offend be crush dreams.

  53. “..just remember that tranny “vaginas” have no natural lubrication. It’s quite easy to tell if somebody isn’t getting wet.” Lol, just because you’re too much of a disgusting asshole to get laid doesn’t mean your partner is a transwoman…

    1. There are plenty more differences than just lubrication. The depth, texture and physiological reactions (such as tenting and extension) are totally different.
      Women have pelvic floor muscles which can squeeze our urinary tracts shut and cause a wave of contractions up and down our canal. M2Ts don’t have that internal musculature.
      When women orgasm their uterus contracts, their labia swell up and redden, they can ejaculate with coordinated pressure on certain internal spots, dudes with inverted dicks don’t have any of that.
      Real women have cervixes at the back of their canal, we don’t have lateral scars on our labia, we have natural fluctuation in color, we don’t have seems up our taints, even the placement of where their dicks are inverted is different from where a woman’s canal sits in her pelvic floor. And the smell is totally different.
      Most trans people have their fake vaginas made of dick skin sewn to colon. Their bodies do not produce the flaura, fauna and yeast that vaginas do. A Woman’s tract feels totally different, women are full of mottled and ridged wet enveloped skin that does NOT contain any hair folicles. A fake vagina is no where near as intricate…

  54. You guys are sick. I am currently dating a beautiful transvestite who is in the process of gender reassignment and she is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

    1. Dude, nobody needed to know that. If you want to be with a man woman, that’s your business.

    2. Troll alert. If the situation were real, you wouldn’t have called the person a transvestite.

  55. wow, there’s nothing that straight dudes are afraid of more than being attracted to another dick.

  56. Oh… wait… this isn’t supposed to be ironic? I was reading it and was like, “Oh, haha! This is poignant and terrifying satire. Way to mock bigoted jerks and bring light to the tragedy that is transphobia.” but then… I read the comments section. One should never read the comments sections…(I’m still kind of hoping I missed something and that this is like, some politically active thing….)

      1. And why, exactly, do you have an “affirmed opposition” to TG people? Sounds like baseless hate, or even worse a fear of losing his precious manhood.

        1. Nope, I don’t care if men want to dress like women or what not, but let’s not create arbitrary definitions regarding gender to please a few mentally ill people who ask for too much as it is. They should be lucky they’re allowed to live in the same society as normals, really.

  57. One way to spot a transsexual is if they literally nag you for sex on forums or try to question your sexual preferences–real women almost never do this, because real women are always in high sexual demand, unlike trannies, who might as well be dirty tootsie rolls on the bottom of the candy barrel