3 Ways Women Have Ruined Video Games

The video game industry and culture changed substantially when women started to get involved. Whenever a successful male industry is created, a biological urge to change it comes from those with two X chromosomes. Here are e three ways that women have ruined gaming culture:

1. Inclusiveness

The videogame culture of the 70’s – 00’s was about making fun games to sell to consumers. This could mean controlling Bill and Lance from “Contra” to Duke in “Duke Nukem.” You bought video games that appealed to you and didn’t support the ones you didn’t like. Women don’t understand this basic formula. They would rather screech about a game not including a strong female role model than actually make a video game with a strong female role model.

A female Youtuber named Anita Sarkeesian used this premise to rally for more feminist narratives. A normal alpha would use Kickstarter to make a high budget game that appeals to them. Anita instead spent time begging on Kickstarter and used it to raise over $150,000 dollars to make snarky videos on an iMac. Females always want to be inclusive without putting in the work themselves. One example is this fat lady named Heidi.

Narrative as a Tool for Inclusiveness

This is an example of a woman who wants to write a poly-amorous love triangle  in video games instead of working on a new physics engine. It’s also not surprising that she’s a fat single mother with a useless degree. If we had this chick developing games instead of Shigeru Miyamato, Mario would be a transgender Eskimo amputee and he would beat up racist men instead of saving the princess. It would also mean that video game companies would go out of business. Since the type of feminists the “social justice” games would be marketed to rarely support businesses that aren’t clothing, decadent food and media publications.  In the big scheme of things, video-game companies need talented men to produce content that would be used to subsidize feminist outreach programs made by the same companies. Every time you see a conference or panel at a convention hosted by a video-game company about getting more women into the industry, you know that these wouldn’t even be possible without Joe Nerd spending 16 hours a day, 7 days a week unknowingly subsidizing it. Women want to be involved in things but don’t want to do the actual work to do so.

2. Video Game Journalism

Women and beta males have made video game journalism an entry point for dilettantes with humanity majors. Most major publications like Kotaku, Gawker, IGN, and Gamespot rather complain about how “sexist” GTA is than write actual meaningful game content. Video game publications have turned into tabloids with female writers at the helm. Most people can’t name a female game journalist because they coast on their male colleagues who do the actual work.

You’ll never have a Louis Theroux in the video game industry because women who work in the industry would bitch about inquisitive questions. They would rather write about some dumb ass model dressed up as a video-game character than something substantive.

girl gamer

3. Gamer Girls

The last part of this trifecta of regression is the culture of gaming brought in by women. The beta males of video gaming culture are the thirstiest betas in existence. When a former porn star can make more money by streaming video games for donations instead taking a fat dick, you know there has to be betas behind that.

You go to any Youtube channel about gaming and it will have a useless pretty chick talking about her experiences with Pokemon as a child. These women are not actual gamers but women riding a fad. They’re called “Gamer Gurls” for the reason to mock the gurl phrase that feminists like to use. These semi-attractive chicks have learned that they can get the princess treatment by pretending to be a video game enthusiast. Also another type of chick started to pop up. These women though don’t have the facade of being attractive. Instead they use videogames to up their social status. The land whales realized that if they could fake their enthusiasm for games, some video game beta would find them attractive as well. The betas fight over these chicks and since they’re all manginas of the highest degree. This is one of the reasons that betaness and even omeganess are the norms in video game culture.

Gamer gurl

Because of these reasons, video games have declined since their great rise in the 70’s-00’s. Girl gamers and their beta male hangers-on rather buy Call of Duty than support quality products. Don’t let women in to your sub-culture unless you want it permanently disfigured. Too bad they already did it to my favorite sub-culture.

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812 thoughts on “3 Ways Women Have Ruined Video Games”

  1. Best post this week, good job RedPiller! Mia Rose looks like a pig. Completely agree 100%

  2. Look up that “ICING Model” that dumbass invented.
    Literally has no practical value. She’s nothing but window-dressing

    1. Window-dressing for what? Is there a HAES gender-positive LGBTQ-friendly vegan version of Gamestop?

    1. I had a friend who used to do that in an MMO. He was a 40+ and 300lb+ dude who told everyone he was a 16 year old girl who couldn’t voice chat because “Her dad was overprotective”, all in the name of getting freebie items in-game.

  3. Agree, agree, agree, but don´t fuck with Felicia Day (THE gamur girl) or I´m coming for ya.
    To be fair, the Day does insane amounts of work; it feels like she has a big one with eternal batteries up her arse.

    1. I don’t understand why people are so impressed with Felicia Day. What is it about her exactly that’s so appealing?

      1. She is fairly pretty and she makes tons of good videos. But of course she is appealing because she makes videos for “betas”, she understands their necessities. Is like “the perfect girlfriend”: she will understand your jokes, and play videogames with you; she would absolutely love the superhero movies you watch with her, and probably dismiss the chick flicks. She is a mate, but also a pretty girl.
        Yeah, it is an image, and it works for her, but I don´t think her private life follows that pattern.

        1. I dunno, I´m not going into a Google hunt. She is well connected to a famous geek filmmaker (and has been for many many years), she probably lives in a nice place, etc. I don´t think somebody like Felicia Day would go out with a normal mortal.

        2. Calling her “pretty” is a stretch. She escapes being called “ugly”, but only just. I’d be willing to concede to “cute” given proper lighting and a flattering angle.
          Personality wise, I get the impression that she would be a little too left leaning for my taste. Liking video games and certain aspects of nerd culture is cool I guess, but it does not compensate for Feminist sympathies. Plus she’s famous, that’s extra difficulty without any adequate benefit to make the effort worthwhile.

        3. I like redheads. They look so weird. The girl that played Amy Pond in Doctor Who is my kind of beauty.

        4. “Pretty is relative”. I had the pleasure of meeting her when she was a special guest at a shadowcast performance of “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog”. She was kind of outstandingly gorgeous. But we all have different tastes. One person’s hot 10 is another’s ‘meh’. Or maybe you don’t like redheads.

        5. Actually, I do like redheads. Just don’t understand why all the fuss about this particular redhead.

  4. The ” new” women in tech as a whole are mostly garbage too. If you are in tech and you are not Eletrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, programming or coding ( basically the shit that requires advanced math) you are taking up space. Back in the eighties and early 90′ s women in tech earned it, and were few and far between. Now any woman can work with a tech company running their marketing and social web sites .

    1. We had a saying back in the late 90s when I was studying computer science “I don’t look good in a skirt”

    2. I take it, you, like most of the guys on this forum, are still girlfriendless. It’s ok. Someday you’ll move out of your mom’s basement and experience all the world has to offer. *pats on back*

      1. Yawn. Same old shit, over and over.
        A perfect illustration of the article: a low value chick notices that the boys are all hanging around somewhere doing something that isn’t all about her, so crashes in desperately-fishing for male attention, making every cliched statement in the book to prove that Not All Women Are Like That, only proving that they are. (Even if she’s a lesbian, she still needs to *react* against men).
        Note the standard ‘mom’s basement’ line, proving that, although she has the standard ’empowered grrrl’ curated online persona of being ‘a good person’, (‘*everyone* was included in my magic treehouse built with the power of vagina’), she’ll try to shame men through weight and sexual-inadequacy accusations when it suits, proving she’s a hypocrite, which is standard behaviour for narcissists.
        I wish a woman would, just once, actually surprise me with her comments. This is why game works so well: every special snowflake reacts in entirely-predictable ways to the same stimulus.

        1. We should start asking them if they have boyfriends, and insinuate that no self-respecting man would touch them.

        2. I’m pretty sure women were invited into this conversation by the insulting remarks. If someone hits you, you react. Also, no one said she was trying to be a good person, just trying to prove a point that the way women are depicted in this article is really not how real women act. Obnoxious people are everywhere, it really has absolutely nothing to do with gender. Just play the games and get over yourselves.

        3. Yes, because absolutely everything women do is for male attention and never have anything to do with her own, non-male related, interests because we all know that all women’s interests are male related.
          Seriously, go fuck yourself some more.

        4. I was merely arguing that if women or white knights are going to come in here and start mudslinging by making comments on our dating lives and living arrangements/relationship with our moms, it’s only fair to return the favor. Ad hominem attacks are always logical fallacies 🙂

        5. You really think we’re the ones doing most of the mudslinging? Admittedly, I don’t think there is anything wrong with living in your mother’s basement as long as you’re working on getting out of it. The economy is crap right now.
          I don’t think anybody has to have a romantic partner to be awesome or fulfilled or live a passionate life.

        6. “Uh, not all women want to be touched by men.”
          Nobody gives a fuck about dykes you fucking cunt.

        7. There are lesbians, there are bisexual people who may have consecutive contact only with women, there are also asexual people, people who are straight but have other interests in their life that they prioritize over physical contact. People devoted to celibacy or lack of physical contact for other reasons.
          Also, hello. Reality check. I give a fuck about people of all preferences. And I am not alone.

      2. Oh look, an actual gamer gurl coming in to poison the forum with more feminist invective.

        1. Yeah. We are such skilled hackers to have been able to break the code and view this PUBLIC article.

    3. Even the supposedly hardcore parts of engineering orgs, are often larded with plenty of female deadweight. Seeing this now in the defense industry. I’m sure it’s got something to do with government equal opportunity mandates. As usual, the female whine about the work, contribute little, and react with butthurt/defensiveness when any little thing is asked of them.

  5. “It’s also not surprising that she’s a fat single mother with a useless degree. ”
    What’s sad is that someone actually fucked this woman.

        1. That’s even worst because it means an alpha fucked her…that alpha just got demoted form alpha to beta.

        2. Yeah, at least if it was the same beta we could assume she was keeping him in a cage for sperm donation or something…

        1. Newsflash: Yes.
          Plenty of people like what they like and don’t need validation from little boys on the internet to tell them if they’re “alpha”

        2. Sorry, but there are lots of fat people all over the world having amazing fat sex with their amazing fat (or thin, or in between) partners this very moment. Fat people and their babies are not unicorns. They walk by you every day. Some of them just had sex before they passed you in the street. Jealous?

        3. “Sorry, but there are lots of fat people all over the world having amazing fat sex”
          I’m sorry about it too but what can you do!

        4. All this planet needs is a giant tent over it so the whole thing can officially be called a circus. Nothing you can do but laugh, really 🙂

        5. ok other than black guys (thristy fuckers) no one wants to fuck fat chick (unless they are chunky themselves but in that case i still bet they’d prefer a thinner woman)

  6. Tuthmosis had an article some time ago about how feminists are a lot like your bratty little sister who insisted you let her play with you and cried to mommy when you wouldn’t let her in your tree-house. That’s all the women in gaming/tech thing really is; the bratty little sister you don’t want to play with is trying to muscle her way into the tree-house(using other people’s muscle of course).

    1. And beta men never learn to bat them away like the annoying little twits they are … Sigh, it gets ruined for everyone.

      1. It’s so great that the “boys club” has started to ostracize its members for thinking cognitively and employing logic.
        Beta: a term for men who think logically!
        Alpha: fucking morons who don’t know their asshole from their elbows!

        1. You probably dream about getting raped by the “boys club” and that’s why you’re here. Sorry, you’re too ugly to rape.

        2. Rape isn’t about sex, it’s about taking away another person’s power. Therefore, the attractiveness of the victim is neither here nor there, except in cases like Ted Bundy and co.
          You have demonstrated that you don’t know what the word “rape” means, as you have not used it in the correct context; and you clearly have an inferiority complex.
          You are a laughable character, really.

        3. Sorry, but constantly repeating the retarded feminist sayings about rape will not make them true. Rape is about sex. If a beautiful woman and a gelatinous hambeast are thrown into the same room full of convicts… who gets raped, and who manages to “keep her power” by some inexplicable luck?
          Yeah, you are really that stupid, huh?
          Also, everyone knows that rape fantasies are a widespread secret among women. Especially the ugly ones like you. The closest you’ll come to being raped is faking an accusation in court to destroy some man who ignored you. And in the modern courts, men have no defence against rape-fakers like you.

        4. “Especially the ugly ones like you. The closest you’ll come to being raped is faking an accusation in court to destroy some man who ignored you.”
          You’re fapping right now aren’t you?

        5. So… first you say men wouldn’t touch me because I’m too ugly…
          Now you’re claiming that I am a “rape-faker”, which implies that I had consensual sex. Which means that someone would consent to having sex with me.
          But you say that I am too ugly for anyone to want to have sex with me…
          You contradict yourself, outright. Therefore, everything you have said is fallacious. Which means — I assume I have to tell you what it means, due to your inability to use simple words like “rape” in the proper context — every utterance that makes its way through your severely impaired cognitive centre down to your finger tips is invalid.
          Also, personal stabs on the internet is not as effective as you may think it is. It just shows how inept you are at forming an argument. You LITERALLY have not formed a single valid argument.

        6. Duke Lacrosse team never had sex with their accuser. You treat as logical and necessary something that blatantly isn’t either. Often the accuser has not had any sex with the defendant at all. The accuser didn’t get what she wanted, whether it was money or attention, and she uses the best weapon of feminism: lies and fake accusations.
          For all the talk about logical fallacies pretentiously coming from your mouth, it seems you;re the one who’s making all the blatantly obvious errors..You must feel very inadequate right now.
          Blah, blah. Fallacious. Blah, blah. Contradict. Blah, blah, blah. Cognitive centre. (Most of human beings don’t talk this way, not even if they’re geniuses. It’s just stilted and preposterous.) How transparent your pretention is.
          Continue with your intellectual posing. Posing: it’s what women do best, and so long as you’re posing with plus-sized words instead of a plus-sized swimsuit, I’m happy to continue indulging your vanity.

        7. Where to start, where to start. First, there is no such thing as ‘too ugly to rape’. Unfortunately, rape affects women all along the spectrum of conventional attractiveness. Also, what you find ugly, others might find hot. It’s pretty relative. Also? I don’t think any women on this thread want you to find them attractive. Shudder.

        8. BigNatey. I think you need to learn the difference between ‘rape’ and ‘rape fantasy’. One involves the insides of someone’s head or consensual role play. You also need to realize rape is one of the most unreported crimes and there are fewer falsely reported rapes than there are falsely reported muggings.

        9. Made up statistics.
          As many as 10% of reported rapes could be fake, and the widely presented 2% is from rape cases specifically proved false by later exoneration. That’s a very high bar to establish that the accusation was likely fake.
          The real hard figure of how many he-said-she-saids are false accusations can never be definitely determined… but your side has an active interest in promoting false accusations as real in order to expand your power and influence. Suffice to say, without resorting to statistics that we both know are impossible to gauge properly, you must grant that a fake accusation is very easy to do, and the means of disproving a fake accusation, with rape shield laws and sympathetic courts protecting false accusers, are few and far between.

        10. No. No one desires you that way, and no one but you gets hot and bothered at the thought of destroying a man by fake accusations.
          Go play some angry birds, you grrl gamer, you.

        11. Rape is about sex. Yes, I fully understood that, in your world, being told differently by a professor of gender studies unequivocally cements it as a immutable truth of existence that rape is all about power. Continue to rant about logical fallacies while employing magister dixit slavishly.
          But you never answered me whether a hambeast or a bikini model gets raped when thrown in the same prison cell. No one told you how to answer that when you learned “critical thinking” in your gender studies classes.

        12. Plain girls to one man can be beautiful girls to another man. Ugly is always ugly. And if a rapist has a choice, he’s going to rape the prettier girl. I specifically said that if you were attractive, you wouldn’t be trolling this place, so go elsewhere to shudder in repressed glee at the possibility of a man desiring you.

        13. I can totally entertain the possibility that you would find me ugly; I just don’t care. I would only be incredibly RELIEVED NOT to turn you on. The only people in the world who I want to find me hot, already do. You’re going to have more difficulty though. Even if you are hot as hell, that personality is going to be a lot more difficult to augment.

        14. Meh, ugly is just the start of it with most western women. All western women are undesirable both physically and emotionally. Crazy western chicks. Who cares what you like or don’t like? Western chicks are passe. No one wants a white girl these days. Too mixed-up. Too much baggage, too much wear-and-tear.
          I get china girls like crazy. I don’t even talk game or anything. I just be white. Here, feminism is unheard of, and I get instant points for not beating them like the chinese guys!
          Thank god the Chinese government only sponsors real university degrees like math and science. They’ll never have a generation of women ruined by large-scale educational charlatanism like gender studies.

        15. more like
          Beta: like girls and like sex with girls who are fun
          Alpha: Don’t like girls and would rather play with guys
          am I understanding the terms correctly, because this is the vibe all these guys are giving me.

        16. Yes I would rather play against a man, especially if it is a FPS, or Madden NFL. I get enough female time in my relationship. Further more I want to call my opposition a fag, say ” I raped you” , call him a bitch and other insults while I play these games and not have the feminist mob trying to get my X Box account banned. Believe it or not some men just want to play games on line and do well while cussing and making sexually based insults to our opposition while coordinating with our team and dominating- without some chick who whines about our language looking for guys to defend her bullshit definition of offended.
          If you want to play cool, if you want to change things to be more girl friendly ,man up and just play the fucking game. If you don’t like it don’t buy it, but please shut the fuck up and let us get back to gaming to win ,not to ” not offend” .

        17. you’d rather play against men? what does it really matter???
          I’ve played FPS all over the united states and I’ve even placed 3rd on an all girl team.
          I’m a big girl and refuse to man up. I’d rather woman up and be the better person. That is why I ignore people and say good game at the end of a match.
          Although, I must say at tournaments I never ever ever he any of the shit that I hear in online matchmaking.
          Men hide behind anonymity online and would never act that way in person.
          Thank you 😉

        18. On the football field it is like that for real, hardcore shit talking and hits to go with it. Those tournaments are televised or have young people in attendance so player comments are benign at best. Buy Shadowrun FPS ( it may be free ,but it it 3 dollars on eBay. ) play on Sunday night when the good people are on, you will hear how people really talk when they compete to win. I get called nigger so much I though it made white people’s teeth whiter and cholesterol low. Just a part of. Intense competition between men online.

        19. and really???? you are telling me that it doesn’t bother you being called that? I’m pissed for you. I may get annoyed because ever round I play of match making is a hazing for being a girl and honestly it’s just old. But someone calling you that is just hateful and I can’t standby and say that’s okay. I’m a big girl and can take someone calling me a bitch, but what you are saying is a step too far. It’s hate… it’s not a fun competition anymore when someone says that to you.

        20. and if someone said that on a high school, collegiate, or pro field they would be gone, end of story. That isn’t funny at all. I’m angry for you and you can tell me that my attitude is ruining gaming but I ignore most of what’s said to me, which is pretty much every single matchmade game I play (that is why it is old, they aren’t even creative. At least make it entertaining. But hours on hours everyday of the same thing by different people everyday is like blehhhhhhhhh get new jokes. In fact if I ever get alzheimer’s, because I have been call bitch so much, I might actually believe my name is bitch). But somethings are too far and wrong. Telling a girl you are going to find her address and rape her, yes that is too far. Calling you that, yes that is too far.

        21. Seriously it is no big deal because it is online, he is my competitor , and I am not so weak a man that some dude online calling me porch monkey , dumb nigger, or fag really matters. We are gonna play, and we will see who wins. Think I am a fag, then out play me, all I hear is talking. That is a rational approach , for me anyway I cannot speak for my fellow gamers.

        22. they are cowards is what they are, they wouldn’t act like that in person.
          And also, at the tournaments they are nice off camera too. They all want to hang out and we all just have fun. I’ve honestly had guys apologize at tournaments for how they have spoken to me online. I normally don’t even remember them to be honest. If I am getting annoyed because they won’t shut up, I mute or keep ignoring and then say good game after.

        23. Honestly, it is all in good fun, I like hate filled games where I really want to win to make someone feel like shit cause I give insults just as well as I receive . I honestly think the fierce completion and loathing your competitor improves the multiplayer online experience .

        24. I don’t really trash talk, I’m to concentrated on the game and yelling call outs to to talk trash. That’s how competitive I am.

        25. More women should use the mute button in replace of the I am offended change.org petition . It would help a lot.

        26. me and my other female friends try to find ways to laugh it off. My friend Carson is a riot, how she comes up with the clever things she says it mystifying.
          I’ve never heard of change.org

        27. You are the exception in terms of females and gaming. How many days a week do you put in 4 hours or more into a specific game? Do you FPS, or MOBA . I am actually curious, not attempting to snide or sarcastic, I would like to know. Please note the games if you FPS or any genera for that matter. Please do this because I have been reviewing your comments and you may be an actual gamer.i promise I will not insult you I am just really curious.

        28. too many, you can look my stats up on xboxlive.com ElektraFox PMS
          I play any game I think might be fun. Today, I played nothing because I spent the day at the hospital with my mom, nothing serious just eye surgery. I played GTAV all day yesterday with my friends. From 11am to 12am, it was a blast!!!! the day before that I played halo 4 (I’ve logged like 10 days and 6 hours on halo since it has come out and halo 4 does show your days and hours of game play) and boarderlands 2. I was playing black ops II with my friends the night before that (I don’t play black ops II a lot, I’m a low level; I’ve been so busy playing so many games that some games get the back burner). My gamer score isn’t beast, but it is 42,430. I love the pop of an achievement!!!! I’ve recently been trying to go back and finish games I didn’t get to finish in the past because I found myself getting ready for tournaments.
          I play with a lot a lot of girls so it can’t be said I do it for male attention lol.

        29. it’s really too many games to name, with all honesty. I bounce around to what ever I feel like or what ever my friends want to play. I down loaded league of legends the other day because a friend of mine swears by the game and … well lets just say I quit after the first tutorial, it was not my cup of tea.
          My xbox one and cod ghost come in this week so when it gets here I will probably be playing it for a while. #so excited!

        30. If you wanna give in to every woman’s whim and be ‘alpha’ in your own eyes, so be it.

        31. “Who cares what you like or don’t like?”
          Actually, I think you should ask yourself that question. That’s pretty much what I was saying to you when you called me ugly. I’m like, “And?” How is that even relevant to…anything?

        32. “along the spectrum of conventional attractiveness.”
          You’re more full of shit than a biofuel facility.

        33. You have him trained well, don’t you? Now go give him a pat on the head and tell him he’s a good boy.

        34. Story checked out. Ok so your a real gamer and I admit that, however can you admit you are the exception not the rule when it comes to girls and competitive gaming?

    2. Bitch, my mom and I built a playhouse for me and my friends, boy/girl didn’t matter. I was a nice kid. As a girl who plays games online, I can tell you, girls aren’t the ones still crying to their mommies. It is most definitely always guys who do so, well into their teenage years.

    3. hmmm, that analogy reads like it was written by someone who has little to no experience with the subject of feminism.

  7. Man, this is why I love heavy metal (death, thrash, and stoner, if you’re curious) – NO CHICKS! Or at least, easily avoidable ones. Talk about chicks with issues….

    1. I’ve seen rocker chicks, and believe me, they get the princess treatment just as much as gamer girls do.
      Betas/omegas are widespread in heavy metal culture.

    2. You know, there are also very few chicks at gay bars, so you may feel more comfortable there. Just a suggestion. *shrug*

      1. That doesn’t count. Gay men are still technically chicks, so this guy may not be into that either.

    3. That’s so weird. More than half the people I know who love heavy metal are women and I know two women fronting heavy metal bands and no men. I guess we just run in different circles. Clearly.

  8. Serious all-consuming gaming hobby seems to be a primarily male obsession. There are some stats you see to the effect that women play videogames as much as men — but these statistics are very misleading because they’re counting like very casual stuff like Angry Birds and Mindsweeper that bored chicks at work play. PC games like Starcraft 2, League of Legends, nearly every non-WoW MMO, etc, are populated almost entirely by males, and you can say that about the console stuff too (it was mostly dudes lined up to buy the new consoles.) You can argue about the utility of all this gaming and what purpose it serves, but that it’s a male passion is undeniable…and this drives some feminists crazy because it’s indication of the sexes being psychologically different.

    1. I looked up the statistics just yesterday. According to the ESA, 45% of “gamers” are female. Because Angry Birds, Farmville, and Tetris knockoffs.

    2. Of course there’s no POSSIBILITY that the kind of close-minded, vicious, non-empathetic behavior would EVER drive women away from those games!

      1. You probably don’t realize it, but you’re just reinforcing his point about biological differences between the sexes. Women run from conflict, men fight.

        1. Right. That’s why you guys are invisible here on the internet and nobody’s disagreeing with you…because we women run from conflict. *rolls eyes*

        2. How am I running from conflict by making over 30 comments on a site I know will react in a negative way?

        3. Well “disagreeing” with anonymous people from the comfort of your couch on the internet isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when guys talk about “conflict”, but your bravery is duly noted.

        4. Because you smugly know that we can’t slap your shit the way you need it.
          And how do you argue women are driven away from games, then brag that you’re here? Fucking retard. You are not a special woman different from the others simply because you’re uglier than them. If you can post here, other women just like you could play in a “mean” environment–if they had any skills at it, to start with.
          Logic, get some.

        5. “And how do you argue women are driven away from games, then brag that you’re here? ”
          am I representative of all women? no. Are you representative of all men? no.
          “You are not a special woman different from the others simply because you’re uglier than them.”
          Because I think? and have opinions?
          ” If you can post here, other women just like you could play in a “mean” environment–if they had any skills at it, to start with.”
          I want you to imagine this.
          You step into a room. Women are leering at you. No matter what you do, it’s not good enough for them. “You’re not a true gamer,” they say. “Fucking retard,” they say.
          I don’t think you’d stick around for very long.

        6. “I want you to imagine this. You step into a room. Women are leering at you. No matter what you do, it’s not good enough for them.”
          Yawn. Sounds like the premise to any given family sitcom or commercial in the modern era. The straight male is the butt of every joke, and gays are about ten times more common than real life and always the cleverest male.

        7. I was referring to the women you mentioned above who get driven away from gaming by “non-empathetic” behavior. Seeing as you’re so fond of ad hominem, and maybe more than just a little self involved, I’m not surprised you assumed that was all about you though.

        8. Uh, you also can’t “slap our shit” because it’s pretty illegal. And shows you lack of physical control. Which, incidentally, since you guys seem so keen on getting laid, will probably not get you laid. Try to control your load, BigNatey.

        9. Illegal? Fuck illegal. I’m posting from China, and you can get away with anything here that doesn’t threat the CCP regime.
          Laws are just tedious rules that old people pass to keep the chickenshits in line. Laws don’t mean anything unless there’s a violent man behind them ready to rough you up in support of them. In the end, everything in life comes down to who can deal out the violence harder. That’s why your effeminate world is a lie that will crumble eventually.

        10. See my response to the other idiot above who said the same thing. The shorthand is: Context is important. Not everything is about you.

        11. Picture this.
          You try to please a group of feminist gamers. You make a game just for them , with a female protagonist , a deep female focused plot , politically correct and not offensive. It does not sell, they blame you. They blame sexism . They blame sexist gamer culture as a whole. They demand legislation to make gamers buy the game. They are never satisfied, nothing you do pleases them or makes the god awful game you created for them sell. You give up because women make it insufferable even when you are just trying to play fucking video games.

        12. Of course not everything is about me. But as I am a woman and your comments and this article make broad sweeping laughable generalizations about all women, personal details about the woman I am most familiar with are relevant, especially as they deviate from the convenient lies above.

        13. hahaha! how old are you? you sound like a jaded 15 year old. Maybe if you learned how to talk to women you might be able to finally get a girlfriend.

        14. The idea that men in general are more aggressive than women, and hence more likely to fight than to flee when faced with conflict of the type mentioned above by saffysparkles is actually fairly widely accepted. Hell, even Feminists admit that men are more prone to aggresive and confrontational behavior (because it serves their agenda, but still). But apparently you think this is disproved by the fact that a few females can come here and argue with men, who for the main are not threatening physical violence, all whilst protected by distance and the anonymity of the Internet.

        15. “Now what?”
          Let me think about it. In the meantime, asking me what you should do is a step in the right direction. Let the healing begin.

        16. at least you’ve got being funny going for you. I will admit that, even though your jokes can be a little mean.
          I just don’t understand where your hate of women is coming from. I really hope you run into me and some of my friends (female friends) online. You’ll make your comments and if they are funny ones we will laugh. Other wise you’ll just be told good game.

        17. Dammit, your kindness is like Kryptonite to my snark. In my defense, my commenting style is a product of many years of hurling and receiving abuse on the internet. I’ve grown a thick skin and I guess I just assumed everyone else has too.
          But for the record, I don’t hate women at all; I just hate double standards. I’m a libertarian (I support guns, gays and drugs!) so civil rights and individual liberty is what I’m all about. There was a time I even supported some of the feminist agenda, back when Feminism was more of a civil rights movement, not a hipster fashion accessory to go along with that shiny new iPad. The current crop of “feminists” are self-entitled, man-hating morons who demand constant attention. It makes a mockery of civil rights to the point where the word “equality” has become meaningless. It’s truly perverse. FWIW, old school feminists aren’t exactly buying their bullshit either.
          Oh, and thanks for the compliment 🙂

        18. There is a difference between “running from conflict” and “being confrontational”.
          Being confrontational is wanting to/trying to start a fight unnecessarily. “Not running from conflict” is a potential response to someone being aggressive. And people of every gender have been guilty of both.

        19. =) you’re welcome
          those aren’t real feminist. Real feminist would be pissed if you treated them like a delicate flower in game and not like an equal gamer. They would be able to hold their own during the jokes and role with the punches. Real feminist would be searching for equality and not to be treated any different.
          Sadly, most girls who claim to be feminist want more than equality, they want not only the whole cake but a couple of extra too just for being a woman, And you’re right a lot of them are self entitled and are only out for themselves, but that isn’t how it should work. There ratio in the united states is 3 to one, but one of the real reason women find it hard to progress is because most other females are so insecure and jealous that they hold one another back and then blame the problems on me because they don’t act that conniving toward one another. Honestly, they give real feminist a bad name and are the opposite of what real feminist should stand for.

        20. I don’t know what you think that little exercise in semantics proves, but its certainly not a refutation of my point.

        21. Nailed it! Once they’re done neutering men they will be going after their true natural enemies – intelligent and pretty specimens of their own kind.
          It’s genius, really. For centuries power and control was attained by bludgeoning the ever-loving shit out of your foes, not exactly a female-friendly strategy. But fast-forward a few hundred years and rusty battle axes have been replaced with righteous indignation (except in the middle east, where they haven’t fast forwarded a few hundred years yet). You no longer have to put your enemies in the ground to dominate them, you just have to put them in their “place”, and you get to define what that “place” is. Of course not everything is that black and white; true inequality does exist and must be eradicated. Which is why the present-day man-hating feminist is so appalling. They’ve essentially hijacked the equality bandwagon and kicked the more deserving passengers out.
          Oh well, maybe that’s how this will end then … with all of us equally fucked. Cheers!

        22. I have never once run from a conflict since I was a child, I face it head on, because, I used to shy away, and hide, but after being tortured for years by a member of my own family, I realized there’s naught a challenge I cannot overcome. I survived, and am living on this Earth, there is no possible reason to run. This planet gives us the opportunity to evolve and become stronger, for both sexes. So the biological differences have changed and will so, as long as humanity continues to thrive, so will the evolution of species. In my short time alive, I have evolved- perhaps not genetically, but mentally I have. You cannot say all women run, there are many of us who have taken the horror we have faced and learn from it. My abuser will not win, he will not take my passion- my love of life away, nor will he take my strength. So don’t say women run from conflict, because there are those who don’t, just as there are men who run. Everyone has their battles, everyone has their differences, not everyone is the same, so don’t group an entire gender into one category.

        23. Thats a really long winded way to say “Dont generalise”.
          But Im going to anyway. Pretty much every generalisation you can make about any large group has its exceptions, including the one I made above. But those generalisations are still useful as long as they are correct the majority of the time.

    3. Actually, I had to leave gaming because I got too addicted. I played longer than my boyfriend and it started interfering with other portions of my life. There are a lot of women playing all types of games out there, but a lot of them play anonymously so you wouldn’t know it in general.

  9. All I want is a site that covers videogame news without the sickening feminist screed every other article where the reviewer claims he *cried* over the sexism in the game.
    Is that so much to ask?

    1. It is too much to ask, sadly. They have to show their “feelings” and hope to get pity fucks. They scream for strong female leads when Bayonetta, Lightning, Lara, and Samus are everywhere. Heck, most mmorpgs let you choose your gender and class. They can all be feminist barbarians/assassins/templars/heroines/whatever; but noooo noooo they have to complain.

      1. I get women ,but why do grown ass men emasculate themselves like this?
        With crazy lunacy like that guy’s tears, you would think there would be a huge potential for a site to cater to men who like manly fucking game’s coverage.
        And by manly, I just want game coverage devoid of female empowerment and nagging over the lack-there-of.
        Christ, they’ve already infiltrated the NFL, I guess it was only a matter of time.

      2. Have you played Bayonetta!!!!!!! that game is actually pretty hard lol.
        Fyi, I like it when my video games like mass effect, halo!!!! wootwoot!, Fable, borderlands, defiance, elder scrolls, dragon age, even gtav mm!!!! and so on allow me to be a girl. But if they don’t I just think poop I wish they had a girl character and then I go on with my life and play the dam game. Do I enjoy the game any less??? nope. Would I rather be a girl in the game? yep. Do I really care when it comes down to the bottom line? nope.

    2. all i want is a video game where i can frag feminists with an array of the most obscene and torturous weapons.. is that too much to ask ?

      1. all i want is a video game where i can frag MRA’s with an array of the most obscene and torturous weapons.. is that too much to ask ?

        1. All I want is a video game where my boyfriend wont bitch and complain when I want to suck his dick while he plays. Is that too much to ask for?

        2. So, you want to ruin his high score in the game, just because you can’t be the center of his world for a few hours a day? This is exactly why you’re not a girl gamer. A true girl gamer wouldn’t bother him while he’s hunting cheevos.

        3. tmi……….
          All I want is a video game that has free add-ons with more achievements =D
          I am tired of paying $10 bucks for a couple of maps or and hour of game play.

    3. It’s everywhere now: Kotaku, AV Club, Polygon. It’s becoming a world of ‘feels’ and people unironically-using ‘cisgendered’ in articles, and, as such, I rarely read about videogames any more.
      I bought a game called Gone Home that all the sites have all been raving about as an amazing experiment in narrative story telling, and ‘so emotional’, and being something ‘very different’. You walk around a spooky house clicking on shit and get some overwrought dialogue each time. It’s a bait and switch – turns out it’s an overdramatic immature teenage lesbian love story that would be equally tedious if the characters were straight, which a shitty soundtrack of Riot Grrrl songs from the 90’s, which are even more half-arsed than I remembered, because it wasn’t empowering to be even as competent as male punk bands. It’s barely a game, and the story at there is basic, but because it’s about lesbians it scores 86% on metacritic.
      I wasn’t a huge gamer – I’m usually too busy for that – but it was my ‘fuck gaming’ moment. I don’t need it if games are going to be universally-praised for being politically-correct rather than being good games.

      1. I think you’re realizing what the gaming industry is realizing. There is money to be made from providing a diversity of storylines and challenges. There will be plenty of games that still cater to your tastes, it just means there are going to be a lot more new games that appeal to people who aren’t you. And that’s not a bad thing.

    4. I remember when they complained about a freakin’ TROPHY name earlier this year, for God of War. Sony issued a patch that changed the name. Strangely, there were a few women that agreed there likely wouldn’t be an issue if the name was “chicks before dicks” instead of “bros before hoes.”

    5. You know, I would agree with you, except that you clearly have no idea what the word “feminist” is, and just throw the term around as a synonym for “annoying girls who wont S your D”.

    1. And that is what is wrong today. Even if he is not right (Day has done some good video work) there is no reason to fire him. Would a cinema website fire a critic because he says that Nolan movies are worthless semi-veiled fascist parables (which they are)? I hope not. The same applies here.

      1. No, he wouldn’t but insult the goddess of gaming, or the patron saint of gamer gurls, your reputation as a gamer is basically destroyed by feminist gamer gurls and their mangina supporters.

    2. Day is a feminist through and through, but she’s a legit gamer. She was part of the Ultima Dragons back in the early 90s, long before “girl gamers” were a trope.
      Now to his point re: what she adds to the industry, I dunno. The Guild was entertaining for a couple of seasons, but I’m not sure what else she’s done gamingwise.

    3. Probably because someone who writes for a gaming site should know what he’s talking about. He was probably fired for being pretty frelling clueless about someone in his industry.

  10. Regarding #1: Women don’t take action when something upsets them – they turn it into a “social issue”. In a way, they ask permission by throwing a tantrum. “Daddy, this thing bothers me. Can you consider changing it for me?” They don’t even know where to begin with actually fixing or changing something, they just want to gain a general social consensus and then pick it apart.
    #2: Kotaku is trash. The female “journalists” on the site constantly dredge up irrelevant nonsense or invent issues to have a good ol’ fashioned spazz about. They’re the ones behind the “XBox One’s presentation was sexist! That was a RAPE comment! SO OFFENDED!”
    #3: As far as gaming goes, as soon as this fad dies out things will return to (relative) normality. Society’s already shifting away from gaming, internet, and nerd culture, so hopefully it’s only a matter of time.
    There’s an historical pattern regarding this, too. Men explore new frontiers and discover new vistas of genius….and then the chicks show up and “civilize” everything, making sure that it’s family and child-friendly. And then women wonder why guys don’t like them sticking their noses into our hobbies…

    1. Yeah I remember that! That was even dumber than when they complained the PS4 conference didn’t have women in it. Yeah, somebody should be up there simply for having a vagina.
      But as much as I prefer the PS4 over the Xbox One, that was even worse. “I’m dominating this game” became a rape sentence. Really? Fucking please. No wonder men keep saying women are ruining gaming.

      1. You know what will happen when they’ve kicked and screamed long enough that every game is about transsexual unicorns and sailor moon having tea party orgies on a friendship rainbow? They will eat it up and show the industry with their demand just how serious they were!
        Oh, wait, no… they’ll promptly NOT buy it, and walk away from the imploding games industry with a smug sense of satisfaction after having gotten their way. They will NEVER be held accountable for their irrational actions, and will never give a second thought to the media genre they have destroyed or to the countless people they put out of work. Just so long as they “won”.

        1. Oh, wait, no… they’ll promptly NOT buy it, and walk away from the imploding games industry with a smug sense of satisfaction after having gotten their way.

          Just like earlier this year with the whole boy scout thing. How many of those people protesting had out gay sons who honestly felt excluded from the boy scouts? That’s what I thought. They mostly always need something to complain about.

        2. Another one is when God of War Ascension came out earlier this year, and Kotaku complained that the way Kratos killed one of the female enemies was too sexualized and too violent. First of all, Kratos kills everybody. I thought they wanted video games to be equal. Kratos kills women the same as he kills men. He hates everybody.

        1. Yeah it’s pretty much turned into that now. Every time the japanese put out a game with a big-breasted female kotaku loses their shit.

        2. And I think they stopped doing the skimpy cosplay pictures because the (fat and ugly) women were complaining.

    2. I’d kill for an alternative to Kotaku. If Roosh was even slightly interested in videogames, I’m sure he could make decent money off of it. It’s for the best though, the article here about videogames being bad for you is probably true to a degree.

      1. I’m not talking about the last five years, I’m talking about the last year or two. I have my toes in the industry – I’m professionally involved with entertainment closely linked with gaming, and the waters are starting to get chilly. Three years ago, people were excited and enthusiastic about the games they were playing as there was a massive revival of so-called “retro-gaming”. We couldn’t keep up with the demand, we made TONS of money. The past year has been much more melancholy and the previous proponents are becoming indifferent. True, people will buy the new consoles and the new games…for now. I can just feel people’s interest waning in the “nerd culture”. Call it intuition.
        That said, technology is now a part of our daily lives in ways that make it impossible to ever go back. I just don’t think that gaming will be in the front and center of culture for much longer.

        1. yeah these days the young guys are too busy taking snap shots of their lunch to upload to facebook, in a futile attempt to try to keep up with the girls they are orbiting…

        2. So, do you think GTA V is the swan song for videogames? I played it for one hour (I do not own a console). It was so immersive, I was frightened to get sucked in. Nowadays, I just watch a condensed version played like a movie in Youtube of any successful game with a good story (like Telltale´s Walking Dead, better than the TV series). Recently, only “The Stanley Parable” put me on awe of the possibilities of games, and I still watched it like a movie in Youtube.

    3. Regarding #1: Men don’t take action when something upsets them – they turn it into a “social issue”. In a way, they ask permission by throwing a tantrum. “Return of Kings, this thing bothers me. Can you bitch about it for me?”

      1. But wait! History is FULL of instances of men changing the game.
        History is shaped by individuals. Most of those individuals have been men. Ghandi, MLK, Nelson Mandela, Einstein, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther (The original founder of the Protestant movement)…the list is too long to even begin to give a representative sample. The vast majority were self-made men. And yes, absolutely, there’s a sprinkling of women in history who have changed the game. Marie Curie, Betty Friedan (for better or for worse),Claudette Colvin (look her up), Joan of Arc, etc. But they are the outliers in history.
        I would argue that this is due to evolution. Female nature oriented primarily on the social group. Raising children, resolving aggression within the tribe, keeping things nice and “safe”. Male nature, in contrast, involves striking off into the unknown on a regular basis. Finding and hunting for food, innovating new weapons and tools, taking calculated risks that might very well be dangerous. Remember, sperm is cheap. Women like to keep their precious eggs where it’s nice and safe.

        1. ” But they are the outliers in history.”
          “I would argue that this is due to evolution. ”
          Unless you can conclusively prove every single woman in history made her choices entirely independently, without pressure from society or even a closed path blocking her from what she wants to do, then your argument doesn’t hold.
          Women couldn’t even ATTEND most colleges until the 1930’s. Society considered an educated woman unnatural. If you were a woman in the 1800’s you had no choice in whether you could get an education or not. Even if you wanted to. Even if you could have been an amazing physicist, given that opportunity.
          Oh, by the way, the first computer scientist:
          And the first person to create a compiler:
          and if you start talking about how females are already “overrepresented” in higher education, you may want to read up on news:

        2. We aren’t talking about each individual woman here, we’re talking about a population. In that given population, 1-10% will be outliers who don’t fit. That doesn’t dismiss the entire argument.
          Those women that you mentioned, and the ones that I mentioned as well, are just that. They are outliers.
          Something that bothers me to no end with feminists is that they think that every woman is an oppressed special snowflake. Traditionally, education has been the privilege of the wealthy. There WERE educated women, born to wealth or power. Colleges weren’t even a thing in the modern sense until the 18th-19th century.
          But even now, in an age of unprecedented equality, women are – on the whole – failing to “prove” themselves.
          I suggest you check out this article:

          Society Can’t Afford The Educated Woman

          And don’t forget, the only reason that all countries aren’t like Iran is because men are being nice and giving you an equal share of the freedom that THEY fought and died for.

        3. “But even now, in an age of unprecedented equality, women are – on the whole – failing to “prove” themselves.”
          Sure, as the increasing number of women in education (in all fields, including STEM) shows 😛
          “Colleges weren’t even a thing in the modern sense until the 18th-19th century.”
          So? again, if culture throught history disappoved of educated women (which is a statement you cannot disprove, as there are mountains of evidence against you), then there was wasted talent and potential.
          Oh, and have all men made contributions to society? Nope. So the men you mentioned are outliers too, compared to the billions and billions of men who didn’t make a single dent in progress.
          “And don’t forget, the only reason that all countries aren’t like Iran is because men are being nice and giving you an equal share of the freedom that THEY fought and died for.”
          Women didn’t even have a choice in whether they could fight until the modern age. And I’m glad you think freedom is something to be distributed like a commodity.

        4. Actually, women have fought in wars throughout human history. Often disguised. Sometimes not. There have been a good number of heavily documented female military or rebel leaders. Successfully resisting anyone from Napoleon to Alexander the Great. During WWII there were some amazing flying aces (women) for the Soviet Union.

        5. “So? again, if culture through history disapproved of educated women
          (which is a statement you cannot disprove, as there are mountains of
          evidence against you), then there was wasted talent and potential.”
          Women go to college now and still waste their “potential” and major useless garbage majors like queer studies.
          “Sure, as the increasing number of women in education (in all fields, including STEM) shows :P”
          That because that is seen cool now. Women still on a majority hate the STEM fields and despise math the most because it does not feel their emotional needs.
          “Oh, and have all men made contributions to society? Nope. So the men you
          mentioned are outliers too, compared to the billions and billions of
          men who didn’t make a single dent in progress.”
          But the male outlier outnumber dramatically over female outliers.

  11. woah now…. call of duty 2 on PC was one of the best shooters ever (came out almost 10 years ago). you’ll lose my respect if you try to claim that it wasn’t a “quality product”.

    1. Hey, those little kiddies get annoyed when men listen in to their convos or ruin their little sleepovers … and they have no qualms about squealing for entry in our business.

    1. Sorry got carried away for a minute there. I do think Meg is the real thing in terms of a gamer girl though…

  12. So whats the over / under on how much all of you weight? 300 lbs? Or is that to optimistic of a number?

  13. Women will never be anything in video games. Women don’t buy video games. Men will not buy video games made buy women. At most a few sluts will dress up link Princess Peace at ComicCon. This is a non issue.

    1. That isn’t entirely true. There are a good 1-2% of the hardcore players that are both female and can handle their mouse. They aren’t going to win an elite tourney but they occasionally break the top 20.

    2. You know the game that won an award at VGX, Gone Home? Woman. Yeah, nobody bought that game…

      1. Shit game, symptomatic of the rot in the games industry. You are not a real gamer if Gone Home is your reference point for what games should be. You filthy cunt.

        1. Someone who decides who is and who isn’t a real gamer? Man, what do I do in this occasion? It’s like meeting a god! What must my sacrifice be? Will a fedora suffice? I’m sure it will match your flowing neckbeard.

    3. Um, I could probably beat you at Gran Turismo. Just sayin.’ My teenage cousin is a huge gamer and what does he tell all his friends? He brags to them that his cousin Sara can drive the Red Bull car.
      So please stfu and go masterbate for the tenth time today. Also, your mom’s probably wondering what you want for supper, so go tell her how much butter you want in your mashed potatoes.

      1. I’m starting to think that you aren’t actually a chick, but just a dude playing up rabid feminist stereotypes.
        “My cousin’s a gamer, and he says I’m a total bad ass at Gran Turismo – a game nobody ever plays!” Do you kick ass at Mario Kart, too?

        1. Playing games that don’t matter, like Farmville, Candy Crush, or any other Tetris copycat.

        2. You know, you can have a choice on what games you play, so please tell me how battlefield and Call of Duty objectify women again,,,,

        3. Yes, I have a choice between games who objectify and exclude me and those who don’t. Because I’d really love to play games who treat women like objects! Or with people who are explicitly sexist in their remarks about female gamers.

        4. playing video games 40 minutes per week does not make you part of “gaming population”.

        5. Eh, some of us need less time and effort to level up than you do. Honestly though, I went over the edge. I used to play from midnight until 4am every day. Had to pull back on that throttle.

  14. In the gaming world, women are full of shit and *they know it*.
    The internet provides two things that real life doesn’t provide:
    1. Anonymity
    2. An equal playing field
    In the gaming world, if you are good, it doesn’t matter your gender, race, sexual orientation, etc. What matters is if you are making the other person re-spawn or if they are in your base killin ur dudes.
    The nature of the digital playing field is that it comes down to skill (and internet speed) instead of strength, size, or other physical limitations that separate men from women. So why don’t we see more women in gaming? Because they’re lazy as fuck and would rather complain than compete.
    “Yeah, you totally murdered my entire team, but youre still a girl so HAHAHA I WIN” said no real gamer ever.

    1. Women are terrible at videogames though; I thought this was common knowledge.
      Here is the number one Planetside 2 player being interviewed confirming this while simultaneously speaking some red pill truth about the internet:

      1. Want to play bf4? Guys like you are the reason I make my name a girly name so you know when you’re getting your ass beat by a chick. And no I’m not fat…

        1. Does it make you wet knowing that you are beating male ass?
          Why do you care. I don’t care whether my opponent has a dick or not in a video game. I care if (s)he is a decent enough for me to enjoy myself.
          And behind every girly name could very well sit a 300lbs male fuck for all that i know. It doesn’t matter. In that sense:
          Tits or GTFO.
          Pics or it didn’t happen.

        2. lol no it doesn’t, but it’s nice putting guys like you in their place. i don’t get why this article even exists when there are guys that do the same thing. generalizing is so shallow-minded.

        3. Umm, since you’re the visitor here, sweetie —
          Shut your mouth and show some respect. Or go back to the hellhole feminist gamer site you came from. I’d prefer if you did the latter. Thanks.

      2. hahahaha! I am a girl and have played in tournaments, all across the united states, and I have placed third on an all girl team before so idk where you are trying to pull your facts from.

        1. ha! you’ve got jokes and their bad jokes. I don’t play farmville that would be my mom, I play xbox games and that was actually in halo 3 odst turny.
          Also some friends and me, all girls, got payed a lot of money to help write the prima strategy guide book for halo odst too 😉 $250 a map sucka!

        2. also, just as an Fyi that joke has been used throughout this entire post. Next time try being creative and come up with something that will actually entertain me; because if you are not going to take the time to entertain me, I’m not going to take the time to listen

        3. lmao! 3 sentences were too long for you, I can even come up with a witty reply because I can’t stop laughing at your mental misfortune.

        4. congrats for being the exception to the rule. please tell your female friends to not ruin a male space and tell them to do what you do. I have a cousin who plays games with disciple, loses well, wins well with out bragging…this is the kind of girl gamer I like. But her female friends tend to ruin it and sadly this article is truth. Attention whoring and passive aggression has been 99% from female gamers. It ruins the fun.

        5. So much no in this comment.
          First off, the amount of bragging and shit talk heard from male gamers is STAGGERING. So why don’t you start with telling THEM to STFU.
          Secondly, until a penis is required to operate a controller, gaming is not a “male space”.

        6. See once again you do not understand the whole point of male gaming. The whole thing is designed as an ultra competitive environment…so competitive that it even involves verbal tactics to shake of the other gamers…it is all about winning.
          Now if a woman were to receive such insults and psychological attacks, she complains because she is not used to people doing this to her and thus complains on the internet about harassment.
          And even after all this harassment, them ale gamers are good enough to say ” well play” or “good game” once the match/game is over. This is why Men want women out of this male gaming space unless the woman shows she can handle it and compete like a male.
          Male gaming is a space where men can be unapologetically male…and this is what women do not understand.

        7. Oh so it’s ok if men scream at and threaten other people and brag for months and flip shit when they lose. But the moment a woman shows some “passive-aggression” it all the sudden ruins everything. Also gaming isn’t a male only thing, women have been in gaming since gaming was first created. Quit perpetuating the sexist stereotype that you have to have a penis to be competitive.

        8. Passive aggressive is different . It ruins the fun of gaming. It adds a seriousness that lacks competitive play and singles you out as a person who it not in it for the battle and adds negative emotions which take away from the fun of gaming. Sledging, something men, no women, do and adds is what makes it fun, almost like comeback wars. Its like those old high school teasing bouts you would have with other male friends to try to get the upper hand…but at the end of the day . you know there were no bad emotions attached to it unlike the way females do it.

        9. Yeah, still BS. One, women can and are just as competitive as men, and smack talk is just as common in female dominated competitions.
          Two, no, the guys DON’T say well played or good game once the match is over. Plenty just continue talking smack.
          And if shrieking racist, sexist, and/or homophobic slurs is your idea of being “unapologetically male”, then that frightens me more.
          Three, lots of sports actually penalize trash talk because it’s a bull shit tactic.

        10. I don’t think you play much dude. played for 3 years, only met 2 dudes who are real jerks, and plenty of passive aggressive, non- sportman like women. Few women can handle the pressure from online gaming and handle a loss well. Most seek to complain as a means of attention seeking.
          If you get thrash talk, you either ignore it or give some back rather than get all offended.
          Online gaming is not sports..it is entertainment set in a competitive environment with fun and aggression. Unlike sport, it has not being watered down to rules and thrash talk ban…because that is the nature of an unapologetically male space. Gaming is very politically incorrect unlike sports.

        11. Yeah, not buying those numbers at all. I’ve seem more rank assholes than that in 15 minutes in WoW. And again, women can be and ARE just as competitive as men. Stop this BS. I also love how you have apparently gamed with every woman on the net.
          And your definition of online gaming is… fucking sports! I mean, really, that is the most basic definition of the concept that there is.

        12. Dude, it is a competitive environment and a male space…what did you expect. competition to test skills and winning and losing are almost equated to sports in some aspects.
          And ofcourse there are competitive women, I have had the pleasure of play with the few women who play the game with class and don’t bitch and moan…but you need to understand that these women are very rare.
          And like I said I have come across un-sportsman-like(I know this is not a word, but you get what it means) men, but that too is very rare
          You better stop it with your BS. I highly doubt you game or perhaps you just have really bad luck and find aggressive people…in which case…look up to the sky and ask why.
          Video games are meant to be enjoyed and is an outlet for competition . If you cannot see that, not my problem.

        13. I used to game frequently online. I mostly do either local multiplayer or stick to singleplayer. I still dabble online on occasion. What turned me away was the rather unsportsman-like behavior, between cheating, ragequitting, and whining like petulant children.
          Sure, I’d say it’s not the majority of players who act like this, but definitely a significant minority. But overall, I don’t see a majority of women acting the way you describe. In truth, I’ve hardly ever seen it. Like ever.

        14. Well looks like we both have different experiences. I think they are a strong minority because they do the things that are rarely done and that stays in our heads more.
          Of all the crappy behavior done online, rage quitting was the worst . It shows cowardice and I hate cowardice.

        15. To be fair, I would not mind rage quitting if the guy/girl said ” well, ya got me, I’m going to forfeit” or ” gg” or “good game” and then quit . Atleast the class in that statement balances out doing something infuriating like rage quitting.

        16. I heard more women raging and screaming, sure you get the rare man who will do it, but very common for women to rage and scream threats and use shaming language if they lose.

        17. Dude, it’s like mostly men that do that. it’s not the “rare man” it’s the majority of men on gaming.

        18. Nah man, chicks do it way more often. Very rarely will they acknowledge defeat with a ” good game” like the men.

        19. Funny, because when I play games, I will come across another female maybe once a month or so. Most of the time it’s men I play with and maybe about 110 of them will not be total assholes. Most of the men that I and other women game with are constantly screaming and threatening people. Now, the women i seldom play with, they are usually quiet or they are super surprised they aren’t the only woman online. This brings us to the whole “gamergurl” subject, in which they freak out and insult you cause you are another female, and tries to hard to be “cool” and “one of the guys” which in turn, makes all the guys hate you because the girl that “sounds cute”, thinks you are “stealing her thunder”.

        20. I and my friends have had much more different experiences to you. I mean when we bump into a female, she it trying to take control or using shaming tactics and saying stuff like ” go easy, I’m a girl” and that really infuriates us because if you play a game, your gender does not matter.
          Then there were times where we got a woman yelling “fuck you” after we won against her , and we even said good game before she went off on us to the point where we just disconnected.
          You are really lucky you did not get shaming language or hardcore language used on you by females, like when guys use it, it is funny, but when women use it, they know how to cut deep. You do get used to it eventually.

        21. …except most men make fun of gamers like you for their immature taunting tactics.

        22. I think that’s what makes our experiences so different. You’ve only played a few years, I’ve been a female game player since i was 3, and started online at 10. So ive had 18 years of playing to know how the males in the community tend to be.

        23. And dude, im gonna have to tell you. Gaming isn’t a “male space”, females have been gaming since gaming was invented. it wasn’t originally intended for a set gender. Gaming was meant for everyone at first, but guys moved in and made it all about them and scared all of the female gamers away or into silence. some years later companies didn’t see or hear of women, so then they figured, “yeah lets go with it and make it a MAN thing!” Kinda like what some of them are trying to do now. Keep in mind, gaming didn’t really become a “man thing”, until after the super nintendo, and possibly not until the first playstation. As all consoles until then were marketed towards girls and boys. After the playstation it was all boys until the Wii system came out, which was marketed towards girls and families. Even the DS was marketed towards boys unless it was games like cooking mama and those my pet games. You have to admit that it’s kinda sexist.

        24. 3 years is still a huge amount of time in online gaming to know what the general online population is like, and even then, I have met far worst women in that time compared to men .
          Gaming is a male space that lets women in…it appeals to most men and certain female. I would not think shooting up, racing or fighting games appeals to the vast majority of women….but it certainly appeals to the vast majority of men.

        25. No it is not sexist.There is a reason why it is markets towards boys…money. market research will always show that boys prefer games.
          Metaphorically speaking, trying to market video consoles to girls is like marketing nail polish and lip gloss to boys…you will get a small minority into it….just like you get a minority of girls into video games.
          It is all about the money.

        26. like @ 9:00 in this video?
          Not a gamer myself but it’s pretty obvious the REAL reason why females say that gaming culture is misogynistic, sexist, etc.
          Ha Ha Ha

        27. “until a penis is required to operate a controller-”
          Say, you might be on to something there!

        28. Shooting, racing and fighting games do appeal to a lot of female gamers though. And actually, i’m going to give you a quick rundown. Gaming was not invented for men only in mind, when gaming came out it was for everyone. If you ever mingled in the arcades before most if not all of them, shut down, there were equal amounts of men and women there playing, there was no problem, guys weren’t screaming sexist slurs at them. After a while consoles such as the playstation came out and started catering to and showing only boys playing their product. After that boys started “claiming” it and parents didn’t want their daughters playing. After that every console and game, online or not, up until the wii and xbox one was depicted for males. Gaming is not a “male’ space that ‘let’s” women in. I bought my consoles and games with my own money, i am every bit entitled and have every right to play them as often as i see fit. Thay don’t “allow” me to play, in fact, they have no damn say in what I do with the things that I paid for.

        29. Good luck, women consist of half the gaming community, like they would miss out on all that sweet green paper because a couple of assholes, such as yourself, have little dick syndrome, and an irrational phobia of women. Half of that billions of dollars they make selling their products comes from us. We’re consumers, and they are the business, and everyone knows losing consumers, especially 50% of them is bad for business. And you know, we are actually growing in number, and with more and more men dropping the controller, and more women coming out of their male aliases, women are actually going to surpass the amount of male gamers within the next few years.

        30. Yes women play, but it IS mainly played by guys. Very few women play hardcore style. They are more casual gamers. That’s why console and pc games are designed for the male gender in mind mostly. But feminists is trying to change all games to censor all sexy women characters out and turn games into romance books like twilight.
          Ironically though feminists completely ignore that one of the highest selling books and movies was about rape and millions of women not men bought, read, and watched it. Fifty Shades of Grey.
          I guess rape is a fantasy for millions of women as long as the guy is good looking and rich.
          Feminists explain this one to me.

        31. Once a month. Exactly why male gamers don’t want feminists to be any part of the gaming community. Mostly males play games not females and females are welcome to play no one says you can’t, but male gamers don’t want all their games censored to appease a very small group of feminists females.

    2. You don’t see more women in gaming because they keep their mouths shut. I play online but do I talk? No. I listen to all the guys in the room bitch and moan about shit. I just sit there because I know the second I speak up, I’ll get talked shit to because no guy feels comfortable losing a race to a girl.

      1. Amen, my Fellow gaming sister. The ROK dudes sounds just as stupid as the men who belive there are no women on the internet. Heck, even this crappy site has plenty of female readers.

      2. “I play online but do I talk? No. I listen to all the guys in the room bitch and moan about shit.”
        That sounds awful. I take it the headphones are glued to your head? If only there was a way you could remove them so you don’t have to listen to all that smack talk 🙁
        “no guy feels comfortable losing a race to a girl”
        Just stop. Guys don’t like losing to anyone, period.

        1. Actually, real men are just fine losing to a better opponent. It’s part of what makes them men, not whiny bitches.

        2. Thank you for the correction. It sounds like losing to a better opponent is something you have a lot of experience in. Who am I to argue with an expert?

        3. It’s “challenging ones self” and “sportsmanship”, just in case you are unfamiliar with the terms. You do seem foggy on the subject.

        4. Since my subtle attempt at mockery seem to be going over your head, it looks like it’s time to bring out the Clue Hammer™.
          There is a colossal difference between “like” (the word I used) to lose, and sportsmanship. The only people – literally – who actually LIKE losing are by definition, losers. Nobody else LIKES to lose. Certainly not a great sportsman. Michael Phelps, Tiger Woods and the Williams sisters don’t spend countless hours training because they LIKE losing. But, when they do lose they accept their loss with grace and dignity. That, is sportsmanship.
          “challenging ones self”
          I’m certainly unfamiliar with THAT particular term, yes. Did you mean “challenging oneself”?

        5. I got your mockery just fine. It’s why I answered with derision. And the losing with grace and dignity is the part where a lot of gamers fail at, especially when it’s too a girl. And that’s the point.
          Also,yes, that was a straight up typo. Ya got me.

        1. It’s the fact that the moment we speak up, we get a horde of men sending us rape and death threats simply because we are female. Some of them even go as far as finding your other accounts online and stalking you. I got harassed by a group of 7 dudes, that I have never even met for a year because they stumbled across my xbox account, found out I was female, and it, for some reason, sent them into an uncontrollable fit of rage. it’s not the women who have issues. It’s the misogynistic men that run rampant throughout the gaming community.

        2. Wow… that you thought this level of retort was worthy of zombie posting is truly pathetic and sad.
          Next time, check to make sure the post isn’t 8 fucking months old before you reply, okay, douche nozzle?

        3. She’s a dipshit human being. Nothing has to do with her vagina. I’m a woman and I agree with Damian. You can’t refuse to talk to people online and then claim that they talk trash to you. What are you retarded or something? Feminists LOL…

        4. If you don’t chat with people online, you can’t tell others what it’s like chatting with them. Right? That’s the problem. The OP completely contradicted herself. If it’s even a woman at all. I am, and I have NO PROBLEM talking with men on multiplayer online games. Geez you feminazi’s are dumb as rocks.

        5. So play with other girls if you don’t like talking online. Start a girl clan.
          Those group of men you claimed stalked you (if they actually did) are children not men. Men who actually can talk to women don’t do this shit. I know you’re gonna say you shouldn’t have to play with women only. You’re right, you shouldn’t, but if you can’t take rude comments then don’t play.
          Men playing other guys said rude, hateful shit to each other constantly online it’s part of it, but you don’t see us crying about it.
          Again the issue is feminist trying to censor games or change games that are designed for men bc VIDEO Games is a MALE dominated subculture. Instead of designing the games they want to play themselves. Because bitching about it is easier that developing the game themselves. They want to force the male dominated video game developers into spreading their feminist ideology. I don’t want to hear it. Most people don’t want any ideology forced upon them that they don’t agree with.
          I know people are gonna say well don’t play those games. But feminism is trying to change EVERY game again instead of developing their own.
          Before anyone claims games isn’t a male dominated subculture. 90% of hardcore gamers who spend more than 10 hours a week on games are men. When they did a poll to see how many females were playing they included cell phone games like candy crush and any other lame cell phone game.
          I’m sorry but those aren’t the games feminists are trying to change its the games mainly only men play. Which are PC and console games.
          I don’t understand why women can’t let men have their own thing. Women are allowed to have women only gyms, safe spaces, hobbies, etc… but when a male only subculture becomes popular it’s like women just can’t let men have those places where men can be men.
          It’s only when women try to change things in the hobbies that men enjoy, then that’s when men don’t want women to be involved.

        6. I am entirely unfamiliar with that. When I dont reveal my gender its because 1. Nobody cares, and 2. Because I dont want people bending over backwards to help me or give me special treatment.
          Which has been my ONLY gender related experience in gaming my entire life.

        7. i guess i would just contend that if we could look honestly and openly at the feminist (or even simply humanist) critiques of pop culture (not just games) and make the kinds of adjustments that honored everyone’s dignity equally (which isn’t the same as everything being sunshine and rainbows all the time—for instance, even Hunger Games, which depicts severe cultural depravity does so in a way that many, if not all, feminist critiques consider it to be done in a way that is sensitive and is itself a critique of the depravity it depicts, as opposed to normalizing/condoning it), anyway, IF we did, all of us, create pop culture that was generally accepted by the feminist and humanist scholars, i contend that we could still have games (and movies) that are intense, interesting & engaging, challenging, creative, have innovative gameplay & gaming mechanics, etc, etc… to me what doesn’t quite compute is why some people seem to think that they can only enjoy games if they are over-the-top in the ways that sociology would describe as reinforcing negative/harmful attitudes around violence and gender.
          even if to the layperson this doesn’t feel true, you can’t discard all of the findings of the field of sociology which does say that certain things, experienced repeatedly, have a normalizing effect on our attitudes. some of this is for the better, such as when more queers show up in movies & TV, and cultural attitudes become less homophobic. but some are not so great, like when we simply don’t frequently depict girls & women as being as intelligent and capable as they really are, and boys & men seem to overwhelmingly have an opinion of us as less intelligent and capable than we are. this is how sexism works. and no one is immune. as an intelligent and educated woman, even i sometimes catch myself in the same trap, meeting a girl and because of some factor totally unrelated to her brain, i make assumptions — who hasn’t done this?: a girl is super pretty, so we kind of assume she’s not that smart? especially if she puts a good deal of energy into her appearance? ugh, i hate when i do that, but we all do it unconsciously, we all make flash judgments of people, and what informs those is complicated and nuanced and not based exclusively on pop culture’s influence on our opinions (it also influences people to style themselves in ways they think will more accurately reflect who they are on the inside) but we certainly can’t entirely ignore pop culture. and i do think that in a world that’s made up of half men and half women, we all have the equal right to see ourselves on screen as all the roles: scientists, business-people, lawyers, parents, villains, all of it, because in a world where our brains are equally capable, there’s really no excuse for us not being split more equitably in terms of who fills leadership roles and careers, and it also doesn’t make sense that men should find it more enjoyable to see pop culture that doesn’t put women into these roles in equal numbers (in what way is this bad or harmful? we’re just people, and we want to be depicted there, too, just like you do, and it’s not asking that much to treat us fairly, right? unless your fantasy truly is a world where women take a back seat to men and are only there as mothers, caretakers, lovers, and decorations, in which case, i would argue that’s a dysfunctional worldview that doesn’t accurately reflect the reality of the fact that women are half of the people in the world and equally as intelligent and capable as men. but i seriously doubt most of you don’t realize that already.)
          anyway, when i think about what makes a game *particularly* good, i think it’s when the story is particularly engaging (like “The Last of Us”) and the dialogue is witty and spot-on (anything Tim Schafer) and has good voice talent, and feels like it’s truly integrated into the game play, and the controls feel intuitive and you get “sucked into” the game, and when you get to feel a progressive sense of mastery and the weaponry gets progressively better and is appropriately suited to the enemy, and etc, etc… these factors that we generally describe about what makes a game good (instead of just run-of-the-mill) they have nothing to do with whether you can choose *both* genders for the lead character, whether the women in the game are mere decorations, or have agency, whether violence is depicted in a way that glorifies it vs makes us contemplative (not that it always has to do the latter, but it can exist somewhere within that spectrum, or start with one and convert to the other, in a self-conscious way, that creates psychological tension and turmoil/cognitive dissonance for the player). like, i liked how Bioshock (1&2) played around with your sense of morality, and you were often not sure if you were on the “good” side, or whether there really was one in this dystopian, post-apocalyptic future (and forced to choose whether to save or harvest Little Sisters in the first game). that was great. but that would all have been perfectly intact with a female lead, so what would it have hurt to give us the option?
          i just think that what makes games good is separate from what some people seem to be saying can’t be removed from games and have them still be good. it’s as if you’re giving games far less credit as being fully-fledged art forms. that you’re forgetting about how many incredible talents go into a game that add up to it being such a wonderful art form and unique type of entertainment, let alone how much those factors are improving (the music and voice talent, the graphics, all of this stuff, is just getting SOOO much better in recent years, and this is true in all types of games). and i also don’t think it makes any sense at all that women can’t be involved in games and these changes still occur. there are FAR more women involved in film production than in game production, and we’re certainly not seeing any kind of stalling out of the progression of the caliber of films. so women CAN get involved, and their discomfort can be acknowledged, and the men around them take it seriously, and women can be programmers, artists, special effects creators, you name it, and games can continue to progress.
          what i think is holding us back is the fact that we feel like it’s got to be an argument, or that we’re simplifying “what makes games good” into something that has to do with them being just about men, which doesn’t really make sense when you think about it. women’s brains are, at root, the same as men’s, and we enjoy most of the same things… just not when those things are making us feel like hostility is directed at us, and that is overwhelmingly present in too many places, and many of us are saying, ok, cut it out, you do realize how that’s making us feel, right? and some of you are like, “aw, dude, sorry, yeah, we’ll tone it down, we didn’t realize we were making you feel that way” and with those guys, we move forward and it’s all good, but with some guys the reply is “STFU…..[insert defensiveness or aggressiveness and refusal to care/listen here]” and that doesn’t get us anywhere. i guess i just don’t see what the big deal is that we’re like, let’s all be cool with each other. if a woman is really upset, it’s because she really feels attacked, and sometimes it might help if we listen from a place of not being defensive or aggressive and actually understand where she’s coming from, validate her feelings, even if you yourself are not part of the problem, you can still be like, “dude, i’m sorry this culture often makes you feel that way” or “that sucks that so many guys treat you like that, but don’t worry, i’m not a jerk, and i would never speak to you like that, let’s talk!” or whatever. and we can move forward.
          when someone feels threatened and un-heard, they are not going to calm down, and if you respond to someone’s feeling threatened with defensive or aggressive attitudes, it naturally feels like it’s reinforcing of the very thing that’s made them feel threatened. if more guys could listen without having to feel defensive (YOU didn’t make that game, and presumably most of you didn’t say that awful thing, right?) the conversation could be a bit more relaxed and i think we would all get somewhere different.
          anyway, i am going on too long, but i hope i made some sense in there… i feel like the bickering gets us nowhere, and like in all conversations, trying to hear each other and get to common ground, and be respectful, that’s really what works and moves us forward, and i just don’t understand why that’s so difficult, when video games are kind of the best form of entertainment out there, and we all love them so much, and we should be celebrating and coming together on that fact and trying to figure out how to make all of us feel welcome and included.

        8. There are tons of women in gaming that aren’t just window dressing.. Metroid, Bloodrayne, Mirrors Edge, Last Of Us, Uncharted Series has strong female characters, Beyond Good and Evil, Bayonetta, Parasite Eve, Resident Evil, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Halo, Dragon Age etc etc etc..
          There’s so many to even name all of them. There all great, but to suggest that we need to change gaming simply bc feminists desire it I will never agree with. If feminists only cared about more female characters in games it wouldn’t be an issue even though there’s a fuck ton.
          Feminists wanna make it that they the female character can’t be hurt in any game, only men can die or get beaten, they can’t be drug addicts, they can’t make mistakes, if they show nudity or be sexual in anyway or then it needs to be removed if it’s women only of course male nudity is fair game ala Watchdogs 2 (there were naked male cocks everywhere & still are but feminists cried and got ONLY of course the female nudity removed), can’t be saved and the list keeps growing.
          If feminists had there way all video games would be a pixelated block that moves from left to right. YOU WIN! At least this was according to Anita Sarkeesian who gave her vast gaming knowledge her seal of approval for a game that you couldn’t tell was male or female, it was really pixelated, no backstory, no story at all, no idea why this character was doing what it was doing. That’s a feminist approved game. No story, no sex, no motivation as to why you’re doing this, terrible graphics, no voices, and no point.
          I will never support this idea and if feminists want a game that they can play then they can get off their assess and develop it themselves. Instead of trying to demand or police what other developers do with their time and money.
          Feminists have become regressive and demonize male sexuality or become sex negative all together. There is NOTHING wrong with men who look at beautiful women, there is nothing wrong with men enjoying those things and if a male dominated gaming developers design a game that caters to a male dominated subculture theirs nothing wrong with that either.
          Feminists are not the boss of people, they’re not the voice for all women, they’re not morally superior or the moral police. If you don’t like it don’t play the games.

      3. Really? I could of sworn that 90% of the online gaming voices I hear are female. I mean who else has a pitch that high.

      4. That’s total BS. As a hard core gamer myself I have witnessed first hand how most guys react to girls in gaming, which is to either ignore them or try to find out if they are hot.
        The author was correct, many of these guys are the quintessential examples of beta thirst. No one is worried about losing to you in the game.

      5. ok so you’re saying if they lose to a guy they clap and celebrate? lol.give me a break

      6. That’s the dumbest shlt I’ve ever heard. I’m a woman and guys LOVE talking to me on games like Call of Duty online. They’re far nicer and more polite to me than they are other men. And we can even banter a bit when I beat them. Which makes me think you’re either not a woman at all or you are a fat nasty feminist and THAT’S why nobody likes you. Did you even read this article??

      7. Girls playing games isn’t the issue. The issues is the girls who have ONLY started playing games bc now it’s the “cool” thing to do when 10 years earlier those same girls were making fun of any guy who did play games, bc they were nerds, losers, or geeks. Or because it took male attention away from them so they hated the games.
        I welcome actual gamer girls who play the games bc they actually like them for the content and the fun of playing & couldn’t care less if there are women in games that are dressed sexy or can be killed just like the millions of male characters in every game.
        I do not welcome the sjw’s/feminists that come into a male dominated subculture and then try to force their ideology on a subculture that they have nothing to do with and wanted nothing to do with it until it became a billion dollar industry. They can fuck right off.
        All feminist want is to get their piece of the pie and try to force men into accepting their ideology. Of course like this article states not by developing the game themselves. That’s work. They want to force the MALE dominated gaming developers to do it for them and smile when doing it, all the while calling those same men developing the game are being called sexist pieces of shit for enjoying designing beautiful and sexy women.
        Feminism is a sex negative movement especially when it comes to normal male sexuality. When it comes to women’s sexuality it’s half and half. Some feminists say it’s empowering for women to dress sexy and the other half says it’s wrong bc the women who do are doing it for male attention bc they have internalized misogyny.

        1. Probably the most agreeable post I’ve seen thus far. Female gamers who partake in gaming for its own sake and because they genuinely enjoy it are the equals of their male counterparts and are a welcome part of the community. This newer wave of female gamers, on the other hand, be they SJW/feminist types who wish to pervert the gaming subculture with their gender idealisms, or attention-seekers who have taken up gaming because it is now mainstream and trendy, are a malignant cancer who are rightly deserving of derision and ostracism.

        2. Very true. I, in my case, started with Pong, then the original Atari. Along with Intellivision and Nintendo.
          These days I’m more into MMOs like Everquest 1 & 2 that are played using the desktop computer. I like to challenge myself in those games.
          My father who was normally ‘boys are better’ actually encouraged me to play video games. But then I think it was to give my brother someone to play against in the tv console games we had.

      8. They don’t have the manual dexterity for it…IE, they perform poorly at hand eye coordination.
        Lack of hunting in evolutionary terms

    3. Do my eyes deceive me? Did you actually just pull the “because they’re lazy” card? Among other things, you seem to be lacking in social awareness. You realize how fucking hypocritical, how biased, how absolutely fucking backwards you’re being, right? Like, these are the exact arguments racists use against minorities. You see that, right? Do you see the similarities? Do you see the hate speech?
      And you don’t stop and think, “Hey, maybe I can pull from personal experience as someone who has to deal with oppression and bigotry on a daily basis, and look beyond the views that society says I should have, and actually think about other underrepresented humans as people?”
      Nope. Them uppity wimminz is just lazy. Case Closed.
      Get your shit together, man. It’s a low blow to humanity when you run your mouth off without thinking.

      1. Girl please,
        In what way are women discriminated against in the digital universe?
        Is it in production of games, where entry is the ability to write code and be creative? Is there some sort of patriarchy preventing women from pursuing these goals?
        Is it in the playing of games, where skill is the ultimate decider and arbiter of disputes about who is legitimate or not? Is there some sort of conspiracy there?
        We aren’t talking about real life, for fucks sake, were talking about gaming.

        1. @Point 1: Uh, duh, yes. Social shackles aren’t much less binding than real ones. Look at the number of women in COMPSCI courses over the past 50 years: It’s steadily increasing. Why was it less in the first place? It’s not because women are ‘lazy’, it’s because the opportunities presented to them by their environment while they were growing up were biased away from technical and mathematical pursuits.
          In the playing of games, you have to consider a few things at the pro level. Things like, “How am I going to eat?” There ARE women who kick ass at pro-tournament levels — but look at where the sponsorship money goes. Look at who puts teams together and pays for housing and grocery.
          I’ll give you a hint: The exact kind of manly men for men that see women through the lens of “lazy and less-skilled.”
          Seriously though. Swap some of the context around. This is the kind of argument that the KKK uses in regards to issues involving racial minorities and immigrants.

        2. The KKK doesn’t exist you brainless whore. And their arguments are perfectly legitimate: black people are both less intelligent and more violent than whites. If you cannot accept this fact, you are a moron.
          On top of that, women are outperforming men at college and in school but yet lag way behind in math. It ‘s ALMOST LIKE……they aren’t as talented in science and technology as men are. Or can’t be bothered to take actual useful majors.
          The moment women started overtaking men in academic accomplishments and yet lag behind in compsci you lost your argument.
          I literally am not joking when I claim that you do not deserve the vote. You’re a tall child. Nothing else.

        3. “It ‘s ALMOST LIKE……they aren’t as talented in science and technology as men are. Or can’t be bothered to take actual useful majors.”
          Your resistance to any form of counterargument towards this statement is impressive. Congratulations, you earn the Most Close-Minded Award.
          Also, I’m a female who’s taking one of the hardest math courses in the country. come at me.

        4. O.o I can admit to being lazy, I’ve got three favorite hobbies: Writing, exercising, and gaming. Of course I don’t do them all at the same time, but when I do them I get obsessive over them. I can admit to being lazy when I’m gaming, or writing. There’s nothing wrong with being lazy once in a while. We all do it, just as much as anyone else. So no, I see no insult in the fact they called us ‘lazy’, mainly because they are too. ^.^ Not really an insult if they do it themselves.

        5. Arguments like this are more persuasive without insults… Just saying. It is funny to think about who you may have just insulted though. I mean, what if it’s a nun or something?

        6. wow, you’re a brainwashed moron o_O. The KKK doesn’t exist? Do the black panthers? Women don’t do comp sci because for whatever reason in the late 80’s and 90’s, there was this freaky social “push” that said anyone who followed these majors was an emaciated, basement living, pocket protector wearing nerd. I blame Hollywood ;p
          You need to go get a real education, rather than believing your momma when she says “it’s tha devil!”. Grow up you ignorant oaf.

        7. Taking a hard math class? Probably fucking the teacher and/or several smart male classmates. Whatever you gotta do to get to the top and then eat chocolates all day, right?

        8. So, then, you’re saying women are so feeble-brained that they succumb to social “pushes” whereas men carve their own paths and take earnest and deep interest in worthwhile things, rather than superficial associations to reflect social status? Thanks for that.
          Yes, I agree with you. Women are superficial posers.

        9. nope. Doing complex analysis, topology, linear algebra, and calculus on manifolds for 20 hours a week. Proving that the set of real numbers is a field, the fundamental theorem of algebra, that sort of thing.

        10. Linear algebra and calculus are a little entry-level. I don’t know much about Manifolds, but I can’t be impressed by a statement that uses basic prerequisites for an engineering degree like they’re abstruse jargon. Sounds like you’re just throwing a bunch of terms together and posing.
          Yeah, a woman superficially posing in order to establish her social status… crazy world, ain’t it?

        11. I’m not establishing my social status. I’m establishing my intellectual status.
          Yes, we are proving every theorem in linear algebra, including that the invertible matrices GLn(R) are dense in Mn(R).
          Try this for entry-level (hint, it involves p-adic numbers):

        12. whoooooaaaaa easy now!
          You shouldn’t be telling a “man” what he should and should not do!
          Get back in the kitchen.

          ^This is about the extent of any argument put forth by the Brethren of Douchenozzles (as I now refer to the majority of the commenters here.)

        14. No worries, I co-invented fire in grade 7 so I totally understand where you’re coming from … I’m a Pretty Big Deal™ too.

        15. BigNatey discredited my credentials, and thus my argument.
          I presented my credentials, thus supporting my argument.

        16. Exactly! You posted your credentials on the internet, thus supporting your argument and proving beyond all reasonable doubt that you are in fact a Pretty Big Deal™. And, if I might add, a Legendary Internet Genius™.

        17. As you said… As you said…
          Are you entirely sure that you’re in a good university that credibly can have an actual “hardest math course in the country” where they don’t pull out mats and take a nap half-way through the lesson of counting remaining apples after Jack eats one? How’d you even pass the application essay with your low standard of written English?

        18. How’d you even write this comment without looking at the sample of my homework that I posted? 😛

        19. wow… and you talk to your mother like this or would be happy seeing someone talk to you female family members like this?
          There a guys who game that suck at the game really bad and there are guys that are jerks that play games online, the same can be said about women. Please do not stereotype people, not to be mean or rude, but it makes you look closed minded and ignorant. Seriously, I wasn’t trying to be mean.
          Idk how all women are superficial posers that’s just ridiculous and very dramatic.

        20. The KKK doesn’t exist as in, it is irrelevant in this day and age. It is a standard strawman to use to insult people as “wacist”.
          As for women being “pushed” away from compsci: shut the fuck up. The reason why Compsci or any hard science if almost all men is the same reason why basketball is almost all black.

        21. Thanks for showing how even math minded women cannot argue when overcome with emotion.
          You are an individual. You cannot disprove an entire trend you moron.

        22. Lol.. overcome? Seriously?
          nope. I can’t change the way you think. The “trend” does not exist.

        23. Keep on believing that.
          Also, I’m not a degenerate matrix, so this argument has become quite nonsingular.

        24. obviously you do otherwise you wouldn’t hype yourself up to discredit an argument that revolves around trends and statistics
          just wanted to say i think it’s funny you act like you’re winning when you’ve provided no evidence to support your side of the argument aside from your own personal experience, as if it somehow changes the overall argument which is that women just don’t take math or science college classes as much as men do, which statistically is accurate
          you saying you’re the one girl who’s accomplished in something without any verification other than your own statements is literally meaningless
          it’s on the same level as me saying every single woman i’ve met was literally braindead and this justifies my skewed world view where women are so incompetent they can’t even tie their own shoes
          about half of your posts aren’t even arguments really, it’s just a snarky remark or outright insult and then you act like that somehow got you the win
          it’s all nonsense that becomes more silly and ridiculous with all that you say on top of it, like “i’m countering an argument,” or “i don’t care what the internet thinks” or “resistance to an argument is close mindedness”
          that last one makes no sense at all because your entire argument is essentially baseless as you haven’t provided anything to back it up, once again, other than your own statements about yourself
          not that you care because you said so yourself despite trying to hype yourself up and changing what others think of you and this discussion, and not that anything i would say could sway you because you’re so much more educated than not just me, but i guess everyone else in these comments and will be making 6 figure salary as soon as you get your degree in hardest maths in the country or whatever

        25. http://www.nsf.gov/statistics/infbrief/nsf08308/
          Here you go. as you can see, in 2006 (compared to 1970) the proportion of women earning doctorates in mathematics rose by 23%. In the physical sciences, by 25%. In engineering, by 20%. In the life sciences, by 40%.
          Progress has been made. Women are hardly rare in science college classes. I’m not sure what the initial argument was–that women aren’t “good” at STEM? If that was the case, this steady increase would not be occurring.

        26. >it’s on the same level as me saying every single woman i’ve met was literally braindead and this justifies my skewed world view where women are so incompetent they can’t even tie their own shoes
          I can’t tell if this is irony or not.

        27. Holy shit. So not only is this blog mindbogglingly sexist, it’s also racist as fuck.
          I LIVE in KKK territory, and yes it is mother fucking real.
          Please to the world a favor and stop trying to breed. We will be better off with out you EVER having any part in raising children.

        28. No. You god damn idiot. Try catching a fucking point.
          Spent your ENTIRE fucking life being told you can only do a narrow group of skills, face down hordes difficulties, and then tell me how you feel.
          HEY! Here’s an idea.
          Go try being a stewardess. Tell me how that feels. MAYBE then you can comment on the subject.

        29. lmfao that’s college freshman level math.
          I wouldn’t have brought that up if I were you it’s only proving their point lmao

        30. Women lag behind in math and science majors because they are brainwashed by all of society that they are only important if they are beautiful. So if they actually pursue and grow their intellect rather than focusing on beauty they are deemed unattractive, undesirable, “manly” and often “lesbian”. The rampant sexism in those fields also often scares and deters a lot of women from entering those fields. It’s the same reason why a lot of girls in highschool get low test scores in math and science, too busy skipping out on class and studies so they can touch up their make up, and get their tan and highlights done. And the moment they get an A on a math or science class, they are mercilessly bullied and ridiculed for being a nerd, loser and ugly. Girls that focus on smarts are the ones that rarely get a boyfriend and get left out on prom. No one wants to be “that girl”. So they often hide or leave their intelligence behind and fall in line with society’s standards because life is easier when you are the beautiful, painted, popular ditz, rather than the smart, ugly, unwanted geek. And this same thing still applies to girls and women regardless of age. And this is pretty evident through children’s toys as well. Little girl’s toys are baking and cleaning, make up, dress up, playing mommy. In a dazzling array of pink and purple. While all boy’s toys are about being a hard worker, heroic, powerful, smart, independent and creative. It’s ALMOST LIKE…women are taught from a young age that no one likes a smart, creative and independent girl.

        31. Men are able to carve their own paths because they have never had all of society and decades worth of oppression to tell them they aren’t worth shit if they are smart and independent. And a lot of men are guilty of the same thing, so you can’t call women superficial posers without crediting men with the same guilt. Women can and do take earnest interest in things that aren’t superficial. However those women are often viewed as “dykes” as well as unwanted and unnatural. It’s not that they are feeble-brained. I mean look at your below comments, you call women feeble-brained if they are pushed out of interesting and intelligent things. Yet when a woman doesn’t conform and pushes past them, you automatically assume she’s lying, that it’s impossible for a woman to do. That she MUST be fucking her way through it. You are ignorant and a hypocrite, you should learn a thing or two and check your privilege before opening your mouth.

        32. Yeah you do. Or you wouldn’t be investing this much time in bragging
          about your supposed prowess and credentials on this forum. You would
          have left a long time ago, if you didn’t care. You are probably somewhat
          intelligent, but as with all smart women that intelligence is funneled
          through childish arrogance (making you a mediocre intellect in the
          higher metrics of intelligence). The government educational hand outs
          women get have manufactured hundreds of thousands of monsters like this
          girl. Who all think their spoon fed basic education means they are
          ‘smarter/superior than all men’. Don’t fall for this shit, naive guys
          who read this. These girls are on stilts that fail against legitimate
          critical thinking skills. Never give ANY chick ANY credit for being on
          your level, and definitely don’t even fathom them being smarter than
          you. They’re full of shit.

        33. Exactly where did I imply that I was smarter/superior than all men?
          > Never give ANY chick ANY credit for being on
          your level, and definitely don’t even fathom them being smarter than
          And the arrogance in this comment is definitely ironic.

        34. “However those women are often viewed as “dykes” as well as unwanted and unnatural.”
          Easier to say you’re oppressed than to accept that you’re a freak, mutant.

        35. And what exactly makes me a freak and a mutant? If I enjoy generally nerdy things as a woman that automatically makes me unnatural?

      2. “Like, these are the exact arguments racists use against minorities.”
        This is why women do not deserve the vote.
        The arguments that “racists” use against minorities are perfectly legitimate. They ARE lazy.

        1. Yeah. Like the damn lazy Indians and Asians who work harder than the racial majorities in North America and out-score them in school and out-earn them in the workforce too. Bad, lazy minorities and their bad, lazy votes! Where did I leave my slave chains and massa’s whip…?

        2. He y dipshit,I was referring to low IQ people like blacks.
          Upper caste indians and east asians are actually a great counterexample. Nobody refers to them as lazy because they aren’t.

        3. Yeah, working 2-3 jobs, earning minimum wage with no benefits. Lazy bastards.
          Trolling like a mofo, man. Dial it back a little. Too obvious.

        4. “Yeah, working 2-3 jobs, earning minimum wage with no benefits.”
          You literally just made that up.

        5. Google “working poor”. It would take about 5 seconds to educate yourself.
          Oh, who am I kidding. You? Educate yourself? Bah.

        1. Nope, go back and re-read the thread. There’s a shrill, desperate man screaming, “How dare you say that about women? How DARE you?!” likely followed by ample tears and nose-blowing.
          Bet you anything Chris’s last name is “Crocker”.

        2. A vagina also bleed every month and forces me to take a piss sitting down and secreted hormones that makes you make bad decisions in voting and life and make you a crazy emotional wreck once a month.

      3. Oh look, yet another socially conscious liberal telling a black man what he’s supposed to believe. You definitely aren’t racist or condescending toward minorities at all.

    4. I see your point and agree with it: video games are indifferent. Like math, they don’t see race, sexuality, sexual orientation or “Jewishness” (whatever that is). So something else must be going on here. All my life I’ve noticed a trend. A group of guys will get together and do something – lets say math. They’re really excited about their pursuit, and this excitement bonds them so that they for good or bad come to treat each other like brothers, and their cooperation ultimately results in benefits for others who haven’t pursued in this case math to the outer edges of human understanding. Their passion, for whatever but in this case math, equates to attention taken away from the women in their lives. At first the women complain – you work too much, math is so boring, video games are for nerds, etc. But when this doesn’t work, they try to join in feigning interest in whatever pursuit. Needless to say, guys are overjoyed (unless they know better) and are quick to bring women into the fold; “you mean I can have math AND vaginas???” Lol. After some time passes, women who weren’t really and truly interested in whatever pursuit to begin with, claim that they aren’t because the pursuit is in whatever way biased against them, and they begin to transform the activity. The problem is when they do this, men no longer enjoy it and just move on to something else, usually the “next big thing”, which starts the cycle all over again. On top of this, because women weren’t truly interested in the activity, except for that it affords them a new way to gossip, that activity will eventually collapse (or be transformed in such a way that it maintains none of its original characteristics. You think the internet in its original form was really about social media? Ha!

      1. So you’re saying that women can’t have a genuine interest in math.
        I’m sorry to say this, but the population of female math PhD’s, postdocs, and professors are against you.

        1. He’s saying that in his world women are simply vaginas. That’s all I got from that whole wall of text.

      2. …you know that women don’t have to base their whole lives around men, right?
        You know that, maybe, they pick up a game and think, “oh, this looks good” and decide to play it. With no outside opinion. On their own.
        And do you seriously think that women are excluded from pursuing an education in maths for any reason other than attention seeking? Really?

        1. I don’t “know” anything, for me nothing is set in stone. I don’t think women are excluded from anything in academia. I know many university professors and one of my best friends is a professor. Schools are going out of their way to accommodate women and many of the “gateway” positions are held by women who go beyond the call of duty for female students. The fact that women still remain underrepresented in math sciences has little to do with exclusion. The only thing I can thing of that comes near to exclusion is the tendency for the average male student in stem to not place women on pedestals (though there’s always at least a few who will do this). These guys tend to be really competitive about school and grades, and they value intelligence more than some subtleties of social interaction. If you’re smart, you’re in the “in-group” and if you’re not, you may get picked on or at the very least they probably won’t talk to you. If a girl needs to feel loved to learn, she won’t do well with guys like this or an environment like this. If a girl competes by “changing the rules of the game” (being snarky instead of good at whatever) she still won’t get the attention she seems to crave. On a side note, Asian women who don’t appear to be as obsessed with love and attention do relatively quite well in math 😛

      3. where do you get your ideas from? I enjoyed math. I would put my headphones on, listen to music, and get lost in math. It seemed to calm my thoughts down to only thinking about one thing.
        And as far as gaming goes, my grandmother played video games till the day she died and I am sure that my 70 year old grandmother was playing video games for attention. She would play from the moment she go up, and not online, till she would pass out and sometimes she would fall off the couch onto the floor.
        I’ve never said video games were for nerds.Stop stereotyping females, it only shows how much you really don’t know.

        1. I try to formulate me theories based on my observations and my interactions with others, but I also do a lot of reading.

        2. and you should check out “Mileva Maric”
          also, my minor was in computer science, which requires math, and I had above a 4.0 gpa in it =) I graduated in the top 3% of my class. I use math everyday and yes I use percents when I am calculating my totals and tax when I am shopping.

        3. men get stereotyped too. Just remember, you are the exception to the rule. Majority of women are not like you. You should not care if you are stereotypes.

      1. Oh look, another douche nozzle spouting off mindless drivel!
        >he makes a bold statement
        >he doesn’t back it up with any relevant information

        1. Exception, not the rule. In fact the exception is proving the rule , hardcore girl gamers are rare but they exist. Like Jewish people who are Holocaust deniers , the exist but they are few and far between , and just like girl gamers are an oddity subject to ridicule.

    5. I agree. On everything but the bit about complaining. It doesn’t matter if your a girl or a boy in gaming. What matters is how you play. However, being a girl is the main reason I don’t use a mic during games. Which sucks because it slows down response times, but overall it’s better for our team if I stay silent. The seconds I talk, and my team finds out I’m a chick, Their vocab, and gaming styles both change. Like they think I’ve never heard someone swear before, or that I need extra protecting so their willing to die to save the ovaries- (I play L4D)- And half the time I would have been fine anyway. I don’t mind though, I just don’t use my mic. Problem solved. Anonymity. It’s the best thing ever. Oh I wouldn’t consider myself either category of girl either- But when my friends find out I’m a girl I tell them I’m like 300 pounds over weight. 😉 Keeps them from flirting with me… most the time.

      1. You may not be 300 lbs, but you are definitely ugly. Otherwise, guys would be approaching you and giving you more social outlets. Playing internet games is never as good as getting free stuff and being the center of attention.

        1. That moment when we all realize that you are incredibly jealous of women for your generalized statement (bordering on delusional).
          Why else would you be so seemingly obsessed with the idea (delusion) that all women want to a) get free stuff; and b) be the centre of attention?
          Such a sweeping generalization indicates that you are either incredibly stupid, incredibly delusional, and/or really wish you were a woman.
          Thanks for coming out. Go home, you’re clearly drunk.

        2. Most people want free stuff, and most people like getting attention. This and many other simple concepts need to be carefully enunciated in front of you in a sing-song voice, huh?
          However–and here’s the key–it’s the beautiful women that are uniquely positioned to get all that universally-desired stuff with no effort–but only if they’re good-looking enough.
          If you didn’t know that, then men have never considered you pretty enough to show you the special treatment. Question answered: you are really pig-disgusting, and therefore completely ignorant of how we guys treat real women who care about their appearances.

        3. …how is it possible for a person to make as many logical fallacies as you did in five sentences?

        4. I don’t know where to begin. Your starting point is so frelled up it’s like I can’t even communicate with you. Your presets are incredibly unfortunate.

    6. I run with an awesome group of girls. We don’t trash talk and we always say good game after, even when we lose. Life is a two way street and there a crappy people that ruin the fun on both sides.
      I just don’t understand where all of this hate is coming from.

      1. You are actually the type of female I would love to see more of.
        You let your pistol do the talkin and your stats do the walkin. You would end me ~99% of the time, and I know it (and am okay with it) because your skill dictates how you are received.
        Sure, I may say “fuck Misty Barager” but it would always be followed or preceded with “shes good” or a similar acknowledgement of skill and digital superiority.

    7. I will admit there are netfix warriors out there who give real girl gamers a bad name. They rarely play video games and use party chat as a social outlet. But in the same token, there are guys out there who do the same. It sounds like most of your guys experience has been with these girls. I really wish there weren’t so many closed minded ideas floating around here. You run into 1 or 2 female gamers, that you know of, and make a harsh judgement stereotyping all girl gamers.
      I know many girls who have and who are still competing, myself included (past tense) but I stopped competing because college didn’t really allow for me to travel anymore.
      Also, Halo 4 stat tracker shows me in the top 9% and my kd isn’t half bad, so I don’t think I am a complete fail at being a gamer. I don’t play as much as I used to, but that’s because halo 4 is not as good as the previous halo ( halo 2 best game ever! said this girl right here!). Halo has gone down hill. I mean I keep playing but that is because I have loved halo since halo 1 came out. Old habits die hard. Although, 343 swears things will be better with the next halo and that gives me hope <3 =)

    1. Dude. I used to work in Xuzhou. That’s the 金地 Shopping Center! China girls are bitches, truly. I can see it happening.

  15. Anita Sarkeesian is a scam artist…not even a real feminist, yet she gets the same support from the pathetic white knight manboob camp whenever her youtube vids receive negative feedback. Anyway search it on google if you wanna laugh at how easy it is for a dishonest individual to profit off of enraged masses via kickstarter.

    1. People like her ruined Gamasutra, and other trade publications that were once interesting to read.
      Now its all inclusiveness, shrieking feminists and queers.

      1. Boy, if only it were all about inclusiveness! Maybe some day. But there is support for more/better options when it comes to storytelling and challenges in gaming. Companies are realizing they’ve been only trying to target straight men, when “shrieking feminists and queers” as you so nobly put it as well as their allies are a mostly untapped market. Sexism is passe. The gaming industry is changing. Deal with it.

        1. That 3% of the population “I’m a raging rainbow-coloured queer cock-sucker” market sure must be enticing to game companies. Gays are hugely overhyped as a demographic.

        2. Not that overhyped. Until adoption legalized in all US states for same sex couples the GLBT community has a lot of couples with dual incomes and no kids. Artificial insemination and surrogacy can be expensive, but in comparison, gaming is not.

        3. But it prevents women from leading companies and getting real jobs.
          Seems like the world disagrees. 🙂

  16. Um. So. These statistics that you are all pulling out of your arrogant assholes. Where are they coming from, exactly? Any sources? Citations? Or are you just all full of shit, as per usual?

    1. Do you know what a statistic is? Because I don’t see any being mentioned in the article.
      For your future reference, here’s an example of a statistic that can help you in recognizing when they are being used:
      95% of negative comments on this site are made by unimaginative idiots who can’t accurately express themselves or rise beyond the level of communicating in tired cliche.

  17. I knew a lot of people who threw in with Anita Sarkeesian when she did her supposedly “enlightening” series on women in games. Aside from the fact she spends most of her presentations whining about how gamers talk over game chats, she ignores completely any relevant data to her point, instead making it all about finger-pointing. It’s unfortunate that most feminists can’t think for themselves, because if they did, they would see the data that came about from a little game called Beyond Good and Evil.
    In this game, you have what is essentially the feminist gamer’s wet dream: a hardcore game with no cutbacks on violence, maturity, difficulty, or production values, with a herione who is not sexualized at all and never depends on a man. The game received universal acclaim. Sales, however? Nearly bankrupted the company.
    Equal representation is a totally unreasonable demand if you arent going to consume the products produced by your whining.

    1. and then some games starring female heroines don’t even get known. One game on the level of Ratchet and Clank or Jak and Daxter for the PlayStation 2, was called Kya: Dark Lineage and it was for the PS2. Aside from some annoying voice-acting, everything else in the game is BRILLIANT. The music, the setting, the adventuring, it was all there and there was great potential. It also had a female lead. It ended on a cliffhanger. It sold less than 5000 copies.

  18. I hated it when games had fixed genders for classes. If I wanted to be a ranger I had to play as a woman. How much sense does that make? There shouldn’t be playable female characters lol

  19. This is just the tip of the iceberg.
    I was playing Dragon Age 2. All the interesting world building was replaced by you go grrrlism. The writer? Fat Feminist with useless degree.
    I was playing Guild Wars 2: rich lore history until you get to the new content, the “living story,” and then it’s all women making all of the decisions, Mary sue super women, and lesbians are good men are useless. The new head writer? A rapidly approaching the wall female.
    This is why I would love to see Return of Kings develop a sister website for gaming, the women who are screwing up games are credited individuals and things start to make sense when you identify them and publish pictures and explain to the masses the red pill reality.
    Some Omega male or feminist will pop up at gamer websites and publish an article “we need to ruin video games because feminism,” and, amazingly at least half of the commenters defend their hobby. With the proper tools, this could be the first step towards red pill wisdom for these men.

    1. Oh yeah, I remember hearing that EVERYBODY hated Dragon Age 2. And one of the core problems with it was the story, not that I have Dragon Age experience. Apparently, the woman that wrote the story doesn’t even play games and thought there should be a “combat skip” button so that women playing could just watch the scenes. I’d say that’s where they screwed up.

      1. God I would love to see RoK write an article about the dragon age 2 writer. She made fun of the fans of the game and questioned if they ever had sex… and Electronic Arts supported her 100%.

        1. Now THAT I don’t remember. Wow, tells you something. If a man woulda did that to women gamers, there’d be such a big shitstorm.

        2. Yeah, I don’t know the actual chain of events, but apparently the dragon age fans blamed one of the writers (a failed author) for it being a complete piece of shit, so she responded on twitter by calling them all virgins who will never have sex. The entire gaming media stood behind *her* as she roasted the fans. Unbelievable.
          She was a complete landwhale too. Fat people are evil I guess.

        3. That’s news to me. I suppose fat people tend to be on the extreme end of mean and jolly.

    2. Do you guys consciously realize how sexist you are?
      What sad, strange lives you must lead, unable to form meaningful connections with half of the population.

        1. There was one broad who responded to probably 15 of my comments here, before finally saying “Sorry, I can’t read these anymore.” I’m like, why in the blue hell did you comment to me so many times then?!

        2. I’m here for the tremendous respect you all show people. You really seem to know the way to a person’s heart.

        3. Don’t know about you, but I enjoy a good sexist rant. Why wouldn’t I? Sexism, like other accurate portrayals of reality, doesnt get me angry. 😉

      1. Well, when a significant part of half the population are undesirable feminists, then yeah. Who’d want a “meaningful connection” with that beast?

  20. wow some lonely butthurt virgins who must have been turned down by ‘gamer gurls’ and ‘landwhales’. Pretending to be alpha doesn’t automatically stop you from being a beta, neither does sitting in a chair for 20 hours a day jacking off to porn on one screen while pking on another. you’re just a bunch of cancerous chan faggots. you are the ones who ruin subcultures.

    1. wow some repulsive fat accepting obese dyke doing the only thing she knows, man-shaming. go back to carpetmunching your 700-pound girlfriend, that’s what you call not being a virgin.

      1. hahahaha lol, ok will do, i need to go to the next room cos there isnt space for both of us near my desk

  21. This is why I rarely even play video games anymore…I’d rather concentrate on better things.

  22. The Call of Duty series has turned to shit over the past few games…especially with regards to the storyline.

  23. I’m just wondering at what point in history guy’s assumed all rights to gaming and made it a “guys thing.” When I was a kid, it was a “kids thing.” Everyone played them: me, my girl friends, my guy friends, console/computer, didn’t matter. I, too, braved the treacherous, abominable snowman infested hills of SkiFree and fought aliens as Commander Keen. I, too, played the first Tomb Raider for the original Playstation. I, too, spent way too many hours on Cool Boarders. Hell, gaming is the reason I found out Santa wasn’t real. My mom and I had to return a joystick to Kmart when I was 8 and I overheard her tell the clerk, “Well, when I bought it…” *tugs on mom’s shirt* “Um, mom? I thought Santa brought it…”
    The thing is, I’ve owned a console of some sort since I’ve been alive: an Atari, then a Sega Genesis, PS, an old computer with MS-DOS that I played many games on, etc. I have a PS3 now and the only game I really get into these days is Gran Turismo. However, I do play some FPS like Bioshock, Hitman (Blood Money/Absolution), and I love Cabela’s Big Game Hunter. I’ve also been known to beat the pants off of every guy in the room when a Fight Night 3 or Blitz challenge arises.
    This isn’t a feminist thing…when I was a kid, I didn’t know what feminism was. And then a few years ago, the planets aligned (apparently) in just the right way that made guys want to assume the rights to the gaming culture and keep it for themselves. This is one reason I’ll never get on a mic while playing online. I’ll just listen to all the dudes whine and fuss about their current ranking and then take breaks from time to time to go change their tampons or yell at their moms.
    And now, upon reading this article, I get to listen to the online version of, “Mom! Little sister won’t stop playing with my toyssssss-uhhh!!!”
    All this being said, I can’t stand “gamer girls” who would rather spend all day taking selfies with a controller than actually using it. Or even those who consistently wear gamer attire just to get attention from guys. However, I don’t really care what they do as it doesn’t really affect me so much as it just annoys me. But I’m here to tell you, there are girls who play games who aren’t “gamer girls.” I’m a gamer. Period. And I always have been.
    TL;DR Not my problem.

    1. Yes I do. And women that are good are few and far between. The issue people on this site have is not that we don’t want women to play games , we don’t want women to change games. Feminist women are going to fuck games up just like they did education, and the work place, then when no men are buying or playing the fucked up fem centric games they are going to ask ” where are the male gamers” while they play Call of Duty: Womyn in Charge.

      1. “. Feminist women are going to fuck games up just like they did education, and the work place, ”
        Sounds like someone’s a little butthurt.

        1. You are going to be butthurt when you wake up and realize all the actions women have taken to change things to benefit themselves bites them in the ass twenty years from now when all men just say fuck it pack up their shit and say ” have at it bitches I’m out”.
          Already it is happening. Men stop going to college, working hard , or even marrying because of all this bullshit feminism has put in place. Women are going to hate what is coming. Because every time a women invades a mans space she fucks it up. I am black so I already see the future for American women in black society . Lonely, angry , forced to date men beneath them on the economic spectrum, having children out of wedlock, fighting for the attention of a few prime males who grossly exploit their advantage.
          With video games the feminist will bitch and complain till they change the games and the games will suck with shitty characters , predictable non offensive plot lines , and easier non challenging game play. Women will not declare victory at that point , they will keep fucking complaining because you can never please the perpetually offended. The game will suck so hardcore gamers ( you know the core consumer who’s money and dedication make the game finacally viable) will not buy it. The company will lose money ( while winning awards for such an inclusive inspiring game about LGBTXYZ empowerment) and the feminist will say it is because everyone is a bigot that it failed. Fearing bad publicity other game companies will follow suit and all the games will suck and the feminist will complain the entire time. Once all the companies have lost a shit ton of money and no longer release games , feminist will still complain because that is all they do.

        2. “Men stop going to college, working hard , or even marrying because of all this bullshit feminism has put in place. ”
          Again, is anyone forcing you not to go to college? If you think it’s a good idea overall, you will do it.
          ” I am black so I already see the future for American women in black society . Lonely, angry , forced to date men beneath them on the economic spectrum, having children out of wedlock, fighting for the attention of a few prime males who grossly exploit their advantage.”
          ?? This already happens. Not all women do that though.
          “With video games the feminist will bitch and complain till they change the games and the games will suck with shitty characters , predictable non offensive plot lines , and easier non challenging game play. ”
          Bioshock Infinite, Portal, Half-Life 2, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Fez, Dear Esther, Bastion, Limbo.
          Good games are like literature, or art. They make meaningful commentary on the human condition, and objectifying a person is not part of that.
          “The game will suck so hardcore gamers ( you know the core consumer who’s money and dedication make the game finacally viable) will not buy it. ”
          Not really. A big part of the game market is mobile, now, and there are an increasing number of successful indie games that have launched on Steam.

        3. The Mobile game market with angry birds and the rest of the shit you waste time with in line for the bank are not for hardcore gamers. I am talking about real competitive games that men wait in line till midnight to buy like GTA V, Call of Duty, and Max Payne, you know real games. Mobile games real gamers could give a fuck about , fruit ninja is all yours.
          Hardcore gamers spend 4 hours a day playing. Even Halo,a generic easy FPS to gain competency in, has very few women hardcore on it playing daily. They exist but they are by far the exception not the rule.
          Gone Home , an LBGT favorite, sucked balls. No one bought that bullshit, because it sucked. Art is not supposed all inclusive and non threatening , I don’t understand how you could believe art or lititure must not be objectifying of a person and must provide meaningful commentary on the human condition. No offence but art is subjective , and you cannot tell me what I think art is.
          As far as what a good game is that depends on who you are. If you are the publisher it is a game that sells, if you are a consumer it is a game that is entertaining. Feminist based games are neither.

        4. “Art is not supposed all inclusive and non threatening , I don’t understand how you could believe art or lititure must not be objectifying of a person and must provide meaningful commentary on the human condition. No offence but art is subjective , and you cannot tell me what I think art is.”
          No, I can’t tell you how to think. but your basic ignorance of what literature and art are is astonishing. When was the last time you read a book? Seriously? Name a book considered “literature” that is racist or sexist.
          “If you are the publisher it is a game that sells, if you are a consumer it is a game that is entertaining. Feminist based games are neither.”
          Bioshock Infinite, which is NOT explicitly feminist but doesn’t objectify women and instead contains realistic, complex portrayals of women who are real human beings, sold 5 million copies.
          This whole argument is circular. If you want to play whatever games you want, do it. But don’t pretend that games can’t be good UNLESS they objectify women, and that a “hard gamer” is somehow a title earned by having a penis. People like you think that culture cannot be changed because they are more content to absorb media like it’s the soma of our Brave New World rather than question it. Don’t just consume culture. Create it, influence it.

        5. Make a game that sells, then come talk to me about it. Video games are like female rappers, some are good enough for men ( Rah Digga, MC Lyte) but most make girl focused rap for girls ( ill Kim, and every other female rapper). Most gamer girls are like female rappers some are good enough for the guys to actually listen to, but most rap about shit we don’t listen to or care about. Girls wanna game, cool. Girls wanna change the game so it is just right for them and their sensibilities so they are completely unoffended and their image of female independence ( true independence , make your own game that does not suck) while distorting the programmers original idea and intent, not cool.

        6. Lol, you are concerned about couples having children out of wedlock? You’re hundreds of thousands of years late on that train. Dating beneath them on the economic spectrum? Or horror of horrors.

        7. Talk to a black professional single woman, and use that patronizing, condacending tone when you do. It will be an teaching moment for your ass, twice as much so if she is a single mother.

        8. Yeah, I don’t bring up marriage or babies that often in public. I’m talking about it here because you seem to have a pretty archaic and unhealthy view of what constitutes a successful family-raising stategy.
          You seem to think black professional single women are a hive
          mind likely to have the exact same views about marriage and childrearing. That is what is condescending. Or that a marriage contract is required for a proper family or successful child-raising. That is condescending.
          Me finding the pearl-clutching of ‘Oh noes, a child out of wedlock’ archaic is not condescending. That being said it’s up to the couple to choose what is right for them. Not society. Certainly not older generations who still think single parenthood is something to be ashamed of. They are the people who perpetuate ridiculous and unnecessary stigma against single parents. Plenty of couples raise children without getting married. Plenty of married couples are horrible parents.

        9. Look at the my community, the black community , and tell me out of wedlock birth is ” okey fucking dokey” ? You fucking white women kill me with your stupidity. A child form a married household with two involved parents is in a better situation than a child with a single involved parent 99 percent of the time. Having two loving parents is ideal, no child wants his parents divorced, or watch a single parent struggle. When single female parenting is the normal condition for a given community , that community crumbles. It has not hit the white community full force yet because there are so many of you that the effects of single mothers is diluted by the large number of households. Give it 20-30 years , then talk to me about ” single parenting is so great”.

        10. It really depends on the parents. Marriage does not guarantee one or both parents won’t neglect, abuse, children or abandon the family, and that’s in every community, not just the black community. I totally agree with you; having more than one loving, capable parent is ideal.
          It also depends on money. Sometimes one of the parents is a really shitty parent but they bring in a good income to keep a stable household with food/shelter/clothing comfortably reliable. A family might be financially better off if the shitty parent stays but in all other ways worse off.
          There are more and more couples, particularly in the US, who stay together and raise children together, without getting married. So the wedlock factor isn’t really as important as what the quality of the relationship is between the parents and between parents and children.

  24. I’m a woman
    I review videogames professionally. I played since I was 4 with my Atari, and I
    don’t do any of that. Maybe you should write about feminism in videogames, that’s
    not the same as women in videogames… it’s a rude and uninformed article, because
    women have been developing videogames since the Atari like Kellee Santiago, or
    Roberta Williams with the great King Quest Saga for PC.

  25. Lot of female gamers don’t really enjoy video games, they just use it for ego boost/attention whoring

  26. There is a core group of women who’ve been in game development since the 80s, and these women can’t *stand* what feminism is doing to the industry. These days men have to watch their backs lest a feminist tweet something to ruin their career, and it’s having a negative effect on the ladies who’d never do something like that.

  27. Seems like you wrote an article to get attention. This is obtuse, ridiculous and the definition of sexism.
    If this is how you’d like to make your fame, I’d warn you this is a bad road to take.
    You used my friend’s photo as click bait. It’s a still from a humorous web series she was in. But… Hey! Screw actual journalism. Fuck women (oh wait… Fucking women is probably the last thing you’ll ever get to do).

    1. Where was he wrong? I see nothing but obvious trut…. oh your comment was satire. Good one! You aped arguing like a woman who does nothing but name call perfectly! 😀

  28. The misogyny in this post and the comments is staggering. It makes me wonder if the gaming industry and its supporters have any idea on what’s good for business. So far, it’s more of the same, have straight, white males as the titular hero all the time in fantasy adventures. It’s getting pretty boring is that’s all you see in today’s gaming world. So why not have POC, women and LGBT characters saving worlds?
    And what’s wrong with female gamers, especially ones with skills that put male gamers to shame? Women can be gamers too. It’s not a male-only fad. What’s wrong with expanding the video game world to women, not to mention to PoC and LGBT? And lastly, what’s wrong with Call of Duty? I’m just asking.
    Why not put the blame where it really counts, on an exclusive industry that continues to cater to the same audiences over and over again. Why not allow for more inclusiveness, especially if it will help generate sales? There’s nothing wrong with changing the game, particularly if it will benefit both fans and businesses.
    You think of this as the rambling of some troll out to undermine an online male movement. All I’m saying is that gaming should not be exclusive to one group. If ladies want to come on board, welcome them. If they got skills, congratulate them. I don’t see why they don’t get props or open arms.

    1. What is wrong with making a game white males like so much they buy it to the tune of $50 million? and then continue to do that over and over again?
      Why would you demand/ask them to cater to other people? Why must people with the skill be forced to do something they don’t seem to want to do to serve your world view? Aren’t all cultures to be respected?
      Further, what makes you think white male heterosexual programmers are even capable of producing a game that would appeal to people that are not like themselves?
      If you think your way is better, why not just start your own company and try to beat them by selling a product that caters to those other people while not excluding white males?

      1. There’s nothing wrong with making a game for white males starring white males. The problem is that they are most of the main characters in many games. Why must most game feature them? To make money? Why not make more money and feature other kinds of people? Why not incorporate other ideas and hire more POC, women and LGBT who know what the business is all about and are talented?
        Remember, the world is not all about what straight white men think and want, especially considering how they are an extreme minority in this world. I’m not saying they shouldn’t have their say or what not, but reality and fantasy shouldn’t be just limited to them.
        I believe straight white male programmers are capable if they tried.
        I would start my own company if I had the money and equipment to do so. But until then, all I can do is voice how I feel on the subject. All I’m asking is for fair representation. That’s not too much to ask, is it?

        1. “Why must most game feature them”
          Because negros don’t buy video games. They just rob white people in the parking lots of malls between Thanksgiving and Xmas.
          “All I’m asking is for fair representation.”
          The only thing stopping game companies from making game staring blacks, women and queers is the fact that there is no market for those type of games.

        2. I couldn’t care less about LGBTWXYZ, but as far as PoC are concerned (and the only ones I have a vested interest in are Black folks and attractive Northeast Asian women), I have said many a time that it’s about time for Black folks to squad up and start developing our own games. Many of the tools that it takes to develop games are free. We’d have to start small, but we could branch out from there.
          In fact, the women have done it, the queers have done it, the other “PoC” have done it, and it’s on us heterosexual Black men to do it for ourselves (some folks have started; look up Chronicles of Piye).
          Remember, that if you really want power, it is a good idea to make some money. Thus, wouldn’t it be better for Black developers to make games (and thus make money) than for Black folks to go out and beg/buy from white developers, making them more money and financing their endeavors?

        3. We don’t buy video games. We just rob white people. Really? You do know this is the 21st century and not the 1890’s?
          There is a market for games featuring characters of color, females and LGBT characters for the simple reason that they exist and there are members of those groups who enjoy video games.
          Honestly, your response indicates that you know nothing about any of the groups. I suggest you enlighten yourself before making ignorant comments.

        4. Typical chimp rant: ” You iz ig’nant”.
          Wrong Toby. There is no video game market for blacks, and queers. If there was, the for profit, multi-billion dollar corporations would capitalize on it.

        5. Most games feature white males because that is the largest consumer of those games. And since the white male is the one spending the most money on production video games they get to dictate the content.
          That is only somewhat true because there is another massive group that consumes production content. Asian males. And as it happens there are tons of video games that are only released in Asia geared toward that consumer base.
          It does beg the question though. Why aren’t all those Asian games released in the US? probably because the guys that are risking their own money decided they couldn’t sell them to enough white males to make up the cost of translating it.
          Given that white males have already demonstrated a lack of desire in content geared toward asian males, what makes you think they would be interested in content that is geared toward other PoC or LGBT?
          And if you are forgoing white males as an install base for your game, how do you plan on making more money?
          See what you think should happen, and what somebody who actually has skin in the game is willing to risk are two different things. Talks cheap, but you know what else is?
          making video games. It doesn’t take anywhere near the money you think it does. You just need 1-2k for software and the hardware that you and about 4 other guys have laying around your house.

        6. Okay, I see there’s no point discussing race with someone who would make racist remarks. Happy hating. Oh, and by the way it would be best for the industry if there were markets for people other than straight white males, including the racist ones.

        7. Again, just because the companies think white males are the biggest consumers of video games doesn’t mean that they are the only customers they should cater to, especially when statistically in the world population, they are a minority.
          All I’m saying is that there are other people who are not white or male that loves videos, more than many of us know, and they shouldn’t feel left out of the market just because of excuses.
          I know white males are in install base, majorly in this part of the world, but there again is the problem. Most institutions in the West are ran by straight white males, and contraray to popular belief, it is not always about meritocracy. They have connections. It’s all about who you know more often than what you know. It’s all about, like you said, focusing only on white males. In other words, its’ the white man’s version of affirmative action.

        8. Okay let me break this down in a way I think you might understand. You are proposing that BET would be a better television station and make more money if it tried to enhance its viewership by trying to include whites and other non blacks.
          But that isn’t relevant because you say you love video games which means they appeal to you as a PoC or LGBT and there is no need to target you specifically if you are already buying their games. Now if you are going to leave video games altogether that might be a concern for them depending on your age. Because lets face it they aren’t targeting Call of Duty to the 35+ crowd.
          It also begs the question what do you actually mean? Do you just want some superficial ability to reskin the protagonist or would you like to be some sort of freedom fighter in Ethopia or Rwanda stopping the rape and ethnic cleansing?
          Trouble with people like you is you think its a good idea but you can’t articulate specifically how it would be accomplished nor would you even be remotely interested in explaining why that game would sell better than games you apparently purchase and play now.

        9. I didn’t know “Brotha Wolf” is a marketing expert who knows what “would be best for the industry”. Do you work a t Microsoft or did Sony give you a better offer? Here’s a clue: the gaming industry does not value blacks — just like everyone else on this planet.
          Go back to “howl’n”

        10. I never said I was a marketing expert. And I don’t work for any of the larger companies.
          Was that last sentence supposed to make me be ashamed of what I am as a black man. If so, not only did it not work, but it’s pathetic. Then again, I’m not surprised by reading your racist comments, which are nothing new as I’ve seen them many times before.
          Why not take your white racist ass to somewhere like Stormfront or American Renaissance where you’ll feel more like you’re in your little white racist heaven, if you don’t have accounts there already? I’m moving on. As proven, you can’t argue with racists as they are too “superior” to think. LOL

        11. Okay. Let me respond in a way that you will comment in a way that you still don’t get it when in reality, you just don’t want to understand.
          There are many whites and nonblacks who DO watch BET, unfortunately.
          All I’m asking is it would be nice to see other main characters in fantasy adventures that are not just sidekicks or stereotypes. For some reason, that seems to be a problem with you people when almost every facet of entertainment features straight white guys in leading roles mostly as the hero. When POC, women or LGBT want the same that doesn’t peddle on tired stereotypes, then it’s a problem? Really?
          The REAL problem is that even if I or anyone else were to explain how this would likely help the industry, we would not be heard or taken seriously. Why? Because we are not the target demographic. Plain and simple, not to mention (of course) racist, sexist and homophobic.
          To you complaining about is silly, and I assume it’s because you’re a straight white male yourself, which means you have no idea what it’s like to be the “other” because you don’t have to think about it. I, on the other hand, am a person of color, a black man in a racist society who’s tired and want to see change. Why? Because I am a human being, and I deserve the same rights and privileges that certain have that they take for granted.
          In conclusion, straight white men have nothing to worry about when it comes to gaming, because in the end it will still be largely dominated. What POC, women and LGBT are simply seeking is fair representation, not to take over as some of you may fear.
          End of discussion.

        12. Cocoa has resorted to flinging feces. I thought you were done speaking to me. Perhaps you can take a remediable reading class and learn how to write a coherent sentence. Or is grammar and sentence structure “racist”?
          How’s your battle fo’ social justice coming alone, chimp.

        13. You’re arguing with people that do not value your opinion and have no shame about what they do, thus, your arguments fall on deaf ears. You’re a brother, and while I don’t give two shits about PoC and queers, I do care about Black folks.
          Make games, make media, make other things, enter the market. If we cannot go mainstream or sell to other races, we can at least market things to Black People and keep our dollars circulating in our own community.
          There are Black people doing this. A lot of them work for and with nons, so maybe you can get on them for that, but nons have power, nons enjoy their power, and it is a fool that believes that they’ll be willing to give it up. If you ever gain power and give it up or suggest other Black folks that gain power to do the same, then it’s no damn wonder we’re in the predicament that we are in as a People.
          Oh, and please stow the PoC and queer shit. Most of them worship whites and despise Blacks too, so why you waste your time on them when they have power of their own and often wield it against us is a mystery to me.
          “Instead of asking the enemy to stop, look to your brother and ask them how will we go about stopping them.” – ChampionKaji

        14. What kind of imbecile seriously uses the term “straight white male” anyway?
          It’s the “straight” thing that really bothers me most. As if a tiny minority that is essentially mentally ill requires to be considered. (implying ANYBODY deserves to be “considered”)
          Why can’t you simply pretend in your mind that they are closet homos and leave it at that?

        15. “You do know this is the 21st century and not the 1890’s?”
          Blacks still rob whites. At a far highers rate than whites, all else being equal.

        16. How can you be aware of AmRen and dismiss it? You cannot possibly refute any of their arguments.
          Also, you’re a disgrace for a black person. How can you possibly sound like a shitlib white person or even a Jew? Your race has many faults but being SWPL isn’t one of them.
          And whites having superiority over your people is the truth, nothing else.

        17. Oh, of course, because kidnapping their ancestors from their homes, brutally force them to give up their identities and heritages, force them to work for do-nothing slavemasters, criminalizing them after they were “freed”, promote segregation and racial violence, further criminalizing them in modern times, killing them just for existing, and doing as much as possible to covertly screw up their lives today, isn’t as bad as being robbed.
          You need a refresher course in history. lol

        18. If white supremacy is true, how come your grammar is laughable? You seem like a disgrace to whites on that department. lmao.
          Save your David Duke sermon for a spineless brotha who kisses your ass. I’m not buying what you’re selling, and I know that pisses you off that I don’t submit.
          By the way, your white superiority is only based on what little kids would refer to as ‘bullying’. You don’t feel bad unless I feel worse.
          Try again. LMAO.

        19. Sorry. Africans captures and enslaved Africans. The Arabs and the Whites bought their slaves from Africans.
          The rest of what you wrote is more or less true. You shouldn’t have been inferior to the Whites and Arabs if you didn’t want to be our farm equipment.
          Remember all of those Japanese and Prussian slaves in Alabama? No? Huh, why were you property but not them?

        20. The old victim blaming routine, eh? You make it sound like we chose to be inferior.
          The fact of the matter is your sense of white supremacy is a huge joke. Your people in history didn’t get “superior” of other people through honest, hard working and moral ethics. No, the real truth is whites got on top bye stepping on others. They forced slave labor while they got fat and lazy. They cause violence when you didn’t get their way. They raped and pillaged instead of love and respect. They start wars with other nation in the name of “freedom”. I could go on, but it’s futile to talk to a guy with an avatar of a guy fucking the world.
          Oh, and by the way, Most Africans didn’t enslave Africans. Many fought against it. And even if your argument has some truth to it, it just shows how sick you really are.
          You’re just basically trying to turn human sins into a trend. “Hey, they fucked up. So, why couldn’t we?” If whites had the “superior” sense of morality as it has claimed for so long, they wouldn’t have been stupid enough and evil enough to actually turn it into a trend.
          You are some shameless bastard, and I know that flatters you. But in the meantime, your arguments are as weak as your skin when trying to sunbathe.
          Sorry. Try again.

        21. You 3/5 human farm animals were inferior to the white man before you knew of the white man’s existance; before the slave trade. You were inferior to the white man when we decided to beat you with a whip for our own profit and amusement. You’re inferior to the white man today as you fill our prisons, welfare lines and VD clinics.
          Guess what, chimp? There’s a new wave of colonization in Africa and it’s not the White man. You sub-human monkeys or also inferior to the Chinese and Arabs. That is why they are stripping Africa of it’s natural resources to enrich themselves while do nothing to improve your niggardly lives.
          Lincoln should have emancipated the ape-demons from existence.

        22. History has recorded that while Africa had empires, Europeans were still living in caves and clubbed your women. It wasn’t until Europeans discovered Africans that you adopted many parts of their culture as their own. So, if anything, your ancestors learned a lot from us inferior animals.
          Let’s get one thing straight, there is still currently white prisoners whose population is quite numerous, the biggest welfare recipients are whites, and be careful when pointing out STDs when there are members of your people who have it and pass it around.
          Your racism is extremely boring as hell. Why can’t you “superior whites” come up with something new? I tire of this conversation with someone calling me an animal when you’re the one who wishes my people’s death. How pathetic.

        23. I see the chimp is too stupid to understand proportionality. I’m not surprised considering the fact that you absconded farm animals have an average IQ in the low 80s.
          “History has recorded” Sure thing, Koonta.

        24. Look who’s talking, a sheep to racism who believes that whites are born superior.
          Anyway, you bore me. Come back with some new and fresh material.

        25. Chimp, You keep claiming that your done yet you keep coming back.
          “a sheep to racism who believes that whites are born superior” yet you “Howl For Justice Against White Supremacy”. Go back to Colorlines and cry about how “you aint gonna take it no mo’ ” from the mean ole racist whitey.

        26. That’s just– your comment is very hateful. We should value everyone’s ideals, and take into account what each individual group needs. It doesn’t matter what color your skin is (it’s terribly sad I’m saying this in the 21st century), but everyone is important. We shouldn’t be fighting over, race, gender, or sexual orientation. We should be aiming for keeping humanity alive, we’ll end up killing ourselves if we continue to fight of petty things. Hitler is a prime example of taking his extremist views and almost wiping out an entire group of people. It starts small, but can rapidly expand.

        27. I’m sorry Brotha Wolf, you and no one else on this planet, deserves to be called such wretched things. We focus more on each other’s faults, then we do on what makes each group a respected contribute to society.

        28. Eat a dick.
          Niggers are the great great grand children of farm animals. They have not proven to be anything more, therefore I will not treat them as anything more.
          Live like a trayvon and you will die like a trayvon.

        29. We all evolved from the same “starting-point”, which is apes in the case with humans. Also, have you ever heard of Nelson Mandela, he was recently laid-to-rest? He proved to be an awe inspiring man, and was in fact African American. He wanted to resolve warring issues within Africa, he sought out peace and made it his calling to bring about positive change. If that isn’t enough, here’s part one of a lengthy list of inventions created and patented by African Americans. If you don’t like them so much, then perhaps cease using the products.

      2. “Why would you demand/ask them to cater to other people…why not just start your own company”
        Because blacks are the same as feminists. “OMG why aren’t we represented that is Sexist Racist”. So this NAPA will instead of “Battle for Social Justice” or some silly shit instead of putting its [welfare] money where its mouth is and creating the games that it envisions.

    2. “Why not put the blame where it really counts, on an exclusive industry that continues to cater to the same audiences over and over again.”
      Yup. They do so to the tune of billions of dollars per year.
      “All I’m saying is that gaming should not be exclusive to one group.”
      It’s not. Take a look at the credits. No one is stopping you from creating games. I’d never buy one but your still free to make it.

    3. People like you are so far removed from reality that engaging you in actual debate is an exercise in futility.
      How could we take anyone of literally, unironically uses the term “PoC”?

      1. I see even though I left, the hating keeps on. And if you don’t know why I use the term PoC or why it’s used period, then I agree, arguing with you and people like you is a waste of time.

  29. HOLY. FUCKING. SHIT. I think I might have actually found the worst place that there is on the internet. This is fascinating. Your understanding of the world is so far removed from reality that I feel like we have to start from square one. Do you know what things are? Do you know what life is? Do you breathe oxygen? Or are you sentient rocks maybe? It’s either that or you’re all a bunch of corny Batman villains. I couldn’t possibly believe that you are actual people who live in a society of some kind, that would be ridiculous.

      1. You talk about “a market” like you guys are the norm and people who care about other human beings are some sort of weird sub-culture. I really don’t think you understand what a bizarre, insular community this is.

    1. Thanks for reminding me, I need to pick up my obnoxiously colored, tri-toned villain costume from the dry cleaner’s tomorrow.

    2. Just another loser with fake outrage and no ability to think or provide arguments. You’re not worth the oxygen you’re breathing.

      1. I don’t get outraged, and I’m not outraged at this. I’m literally just perplexed. This website is so over-the-top terrible I actually thought it was a joke at first. Now I’m trying to wrap my brain around the idea that there are real human beings who place value in the things you do, because you guys think so fundamentally differently from society that I don’t even know where to start. It’s like trying to talk to someone who thinks 2 + 2 = 5. How do I even have a conversation with that person

        1. A good way to start is to deal with the arguments, but you probably can’t. All you seem to be capable of is endless dismissive verbiage. I don’t know you as a person, but my bet is on you being a person that we should take pride in being hated by.

        2. I mean…what could I possibly argue? “You shouldn’t be degrading to women.” “Why?” “Because you…you shouldn’t! What?” That’s like a basic human thing. I don’t know how to argue someone out of their fundamental understanding of the world. “Don’t murder people.” “Why?” “Cause YOU DON’T DO THAT, THAT’S WHY”
          Sure I’ll help you out: I’m a guy who makes video games; most people consider me pretty affable and easy-going; I like to enjoy life and find the humor in everything, including weird misogynistic websites; contrary to what you might think I don’t actually hate anybody cause I think it’s a waste of energy; generally I’m happy, have good friends, and have found reasonable success despite some obstacles on the way. Also I don’t know my current IQ but it was 137 back when I tested in Kindergarten and I don’t *think* I’ve gotten dumber since then but I guess it’s possible.

        3. Oh ok cool. Well I’m happy and my life is generally pretty great so I can deal with that.

      1. 24 hours later…
        Banninated? Nope. Still here. Also, good to know you want to ban women’s cunts from your life. You’re doing a great job of repelling them and the interest of their caretakers with this whackadoo whinging.

      1. If you feel threatened by people fighting back when you generalize about an entire gender, call a mod.

  30. Poor big men, all butthurt because some chicks snuck into their club. Seriously, how old are you people? All I’m hearing is crying because you have to share your toys.
    Yes, I’m female and I game. I was raised playing NES with my brother and my MOTHER. Met my husband through gaming and we still play together.
    There is a way to have an adult conversation and you people are failing.

    1. Yeah, an adult way that doesn’t involve only talking about yourself. I, I, I…me,me,me! Take me seriously, I swear I’m not an infant!!

      1. That was good, but remember what happened last time! Ignore ’em this time, even though the urge is there, and they’ll go away.

      2. What is it that all you are doing? Trying to turn women into a mass horde just so you can objectify them! All there is going on in the comment section is, ” I hate this,” “I remember back when,” “I wish blah sexist comment blah”
        Grow a pair and have a conversation that doesn’t involve degrading comments.

  31. Women don’t understand their radically low self-esteem is what holds them down.
    Ladies – fuck off and leave video games alone until you grow up

    1. Men don’t understand that their radically low self-esteem is what holds them down.
      Guys–fuck off and stop treating the gamer community like it’s some exclusive group.

  32. If the author had made ANY attempt at forming a thoughtful, persuasive argument, I’d have reason to consider his points. As it is, he uses derogatory, inflammatory language against women and lost any and all credibility. This is angry, sexist, and just plain childish.
    Why are you so threatened by women? Can’t you just enjoy gaming and stop worrying so much about what women are doing? What’s the point other than spewing bile?

    1. Reading comprehension can be tricky. Obviously the point was that women are making it so you can’t just enjoy gaming.

      1. I’m sorry you had difficulty comprehending what I wrote, but thanks for explaining your dilemma.

  33. As if anyone posting about girls ruining video games in the Internet is an “Alpha.” Ridiculous.

      1. That is a pretty big assumption. How do you know that I am not taking classes multiple times a week in Krav Maga and Brazilian Ju-jitsu? How do you know I am not a Golden Gloves boxing champion? Whatever my level of preparedness for a fight, can you really say each and every one of your cohorts exceeds it? Based on what? I would suggest that my assumption– that a gaggle of guys bitching on a blog about how girls made video games suck is much more likely to include guys who got beat up in high school than it is to include guys who banged the cheerleaders– is a much safer bet.

    1. thank you Jeremy! =)
      gu, I would stand in the way of anyone laying a finger on him. Though I know as a gentleman Jeremy would never allow it and I am sure he can take care of himself. It’s sad you would wish to resort to violence because you don’t have the intelligence to come up with an actual rebuttal.The ignorant always resort to violence… =/

    1. You need to step up your game. There’s a whole litany of canned feminist insults you could choose from and you really didn’t play your best hand, did you?

  34. I created a Youtube channel to spread the red pill perspective within the gaming community, and to counter the efforts of duped gaming journalists and the feminist destroyers themselves.
    It’s easily possible to beat back the people trying to install the regime of fear and stifled creativity that is political correctness. At RPGR, the video gaming hobby is celebrated – not constantly attacked as mainstream gaming sites do on a regular basis.

  35. Regarding #1, the author has a point. There’s a kickstarter right now for a farming game that has “same sex relationships” listed as a feature. What does that matter? Just put the gay crap in the game, don’t market it as a feature. Though on the other hand, it’s a good thing they did so people can avoid it.

  36. #3 is women using gaming culture to make money. It’s especially strong in Japan where some women are making a fairly good living being idols for gaming geeks. Since I assume most of us here are free market capitalists, I’m not sure that we should be finding something so wrong about that, except for the fact that it promotes the stupid beta culture among male video gamers.

  37. what’s sad is none of you will have a real girl gamer because you have this mindset. i don’t care if a game doesn’t have a strong female character. i don’t care if the content is geared towards men, that’s how it’s always been. I’m not even some huge feminist, but i can tell you that i’m not ugly, i’m not fat, and i can own some guys on video games, especially bf…don’t generalize.

      1. These are two important comments that highlight how ridiculous women’s approaches “equality” are.
        First off, they assume that “inequality” — always through their own subjective lens — is a result of some intervening event (usually “threatened” men with tiny penises) that thwarted the true equality that existed.
        Second, they create myths about their lives that reflect how they want to be seen by particular groups. I actually know women how are true gamers. They — by and large — grow out of it as they age. It is true for men as well, but not at all in the same proportions. These two female commenters are not gamers. What this article did was puncture their false identities. Always remember — if you/comment on an article, it is for you.
        Third — and this is what PISSES men like me off to no end – we DO respect women who are gamers. We react similarly when men are posers. The trick here is that women take themselves so un-seriously that they don’t give a damn if they are who they say they are, just that others perceive them as such.
        You two dumbass females couldn’t hack it one day as a man because you find out all-too-quickly that men do not tolerate men who play these sorts of insipid games about their identity. But, as a woman, you walk around in one, massive bubble of female privilege

        A 3 Point Primer In Modern Female Privilege

        1. “First off, they assume that “inequality” — always through their own subjective lens — is a result of some intervening event (usually “threatened” men with tiny penises) that thwarted the true equality that existed.”
          What makes the version of equality held by men on this site more valid? Cannot parse.
          “Second, they create myths about their lives that reflect how they want to be seen by particular groups. ”
          Men do this as well. They often pretend to be whoever they think women want them to be. It’s a human thing.
          It’s just weird, you know. Imagine if you were a female person who played video games and visited this site. Would you want to play games afterwards?

        2. Who said we believed in equality? Equality-striving is a myth created by those who don’t really understand how power functions in a society.
          Stop pretending it is the same between men and women. I would imagine a fool like you to complain loudly how men and women are socialized differently and that hurts women and uplifts men? Correct?
          Well, what is it? I just said that society expects less from women, so women learn to expect less from themselves. Hence – appearances over substance.
          That feeds into your last point – one article that makes valid observations about video games could cause a female to give up playing video games???
          How fucking weak do you think women are?
          Sounds like it is you who needs to think about how you see women.

        3. “Equality-striving is a myth created by those who don’t really understand how power functions in a society.”
          I guess racism must be a myth, too. And sexism.
          ” I would imagine a fool like you to complain loudly how men and women are socialized differently and that hurts women and uplifts men? Correct?”
          socialized? no, I think everyone should be held accountable for their actions.
          “Well, what is it? I just said that society expects less from women, so women learn to expect less from themselves. Hence – appearances over substance.”
          Expect less from themselves? Is this not a human trait, not particular to women? Yes, things come from hard work.

        4. What makes you think people who oppose racism actually understand how racism works and how to fix it? Jesus Christ, lady.
          The rest of your comment is unintelligible and your link to that video proves, once again, you see men as superior to women.
          Why are things marketed to girls inherently demeaning? It is because you think males>women and are terrified of being a woman.

        5. “Why are things marketed to girls inherently demeaning? It is because you think males>women and are terrified of being a woman”
          No, they’re demeaning because the marketers assume things about women when they market to them.
          “proves, once again, you see men as superior to women.”
          Lol, really? I don’t think I gave any indication of that, nor do I believe that.

        6. If marketing *assume* things about women and the marketing is successful, its because those are not assumptions. but truths.
          Contrary to feminist doctrine, being a woman is okay. Instituting a reign of androgyny won’t cure sexism, but feminists/liberals have gone 100% in on that.
          Sexism is necessarily distinct from “gender” or socialization. Since women can do anything they want — all the women firster’s happened decades ago — all that is left is the whip women crack on each other’s back.

        7. “Since women can do anything they want — all the women firster’s happened decades ago — all that is left is the whip women crack on each other’s back.”
          Want to list explicit ways in which women are discriminated against in the world?
          Child marriage: More than 50% of Afghan girls are married or engaged by 10.

        8. “I guess racism must be a myth”
          Yes it is you brainless cunt.
          Also lol at “women don’t want to play anymore because of this article”. How did our ancestors think that giving these people the vote was a good idea?

        9. >is a privileged first world woman
          >points to 3rd world countries for thexthism
          PLease kill yourself.

        10. > is first-generation immigrant
          by that logic, you shouldn’t even be criticizing my opinions since you are not a woman 😉

        11. The point is that western feminists don’t merely complain about 3rd world countries. they complain about 1st world countries, which are the closest thing to female heaven. (women in the west are more privileged currently than men at any point of time. rights of adults with responsibilities of children)

      2. Super Mario Brothers released in 1985. The story: male hero (Mario) rescues female kidnap victim (Princess Peach). This particular game has been cited as a specific example of being very much not gender neutral.

  38. And what was the point of all this?? Err sounds like someone got a little pissed about being beat by a girl.. This post looks more like a woman’s rant rather then a man’s… I would like to point out that most of the guys who posted on here have actually no clue. Just because a handful of women did it that way does not mean all women do it that way.. Get your damn heads out of your ass’s.. Seriously.

    1. Some of us have girlfriends. And some of us have boyfriends who we pleasure with élan because mutual respect is a turn on for some of us. Can’t speak for every person here. Part of the beauty of not putting all our value on who we are or are not dating is not feeling pathetic if we’re single. By the way, I currently have a boyfriend. And you only wish someone brought you as much pleasure and thrill as we bring each other. I think there is someone out there for you. But I think that hot level 10 girlfriend you desire is going to skip over you because you have such resentment of women as a whole. People can sense that. It reeks.

  39. Everyone is aware that The Matrix was half created by a transgender, right?
    Also, I would totally play a game about a transgender amputee Eskimo who beats up racists.
    That’s, like…my jam.

    1. He wasn’t a transgender then, and just because he went and fucked himself up doesn’t make the Matrix no longer a good movie.


  41. This reads like it was written by an angry neckbeard feverishly typing away at his cheeto cheese dusted keyboard as his mother calls to him in the background asking what he wants for dinner. “Not now mom! I’m an ALPHA and I’ve gotta prove it by writing an article that I and my fellow redpillers can all masturbate to later!”

    1. You forgot “small penis”, “sad”, “pathetic”, and arguably “mommy issues”, mangina.

  42. It’s hilarious that you criticize women for “screeching,” which is pretty much what this article amounts to. Anyone who blames women for their unhappiness is a loser. There are more cool games available than ever, and no one forces you to read shitty game journalism or lame YouTube channels. Instead of referencing Contra like a hipster, grow a pair and play Contra 4 and get back to us real men.

  43. Wait, what’s this?! Women are speaking opinions and playing games? What hellish nonsense is this. I thought women were supposed to shut their mouths and leave the manly men to play with themselves all day. Most of the ignorant people in this thread are clearly still in kindergarten and don’t know how to share their toys.

  44. Wow. This article is filled with some of the most hypocritical bull shit I have ever heard in my life. Saying girls just complain and don’t go creating a video game about what they want. Then immediately siting a woman who did that and complaining how she didn’t do it right. Seriously? I mean…this article is meant as a joke right?
    I’ve been gamer and a nerd my whole life. I’ve known many others that have as well that are females. Honestly you only hear about us now because we won’t get made fun of when we open our mouths. We’ve ALWAYS been there. So you sir. Can go fuck yourself.

    1. There is a primary different between girls who play videos games to girls who are gamers. Just because you might sit down for an hour or three and play some game doesn’t make you a gamer. Gamers are the people who live part of their existence for video games. Gamers are considered pathetic because they would rather spend 8 hours playing a game than doing something outside, which is false btw. People who play games do it pass time till another event, people who are gamers use every second they are playing a game not time passing but as actually using that time living in another world. A gamer is somebody who would rather play a game than go to a movie or buy a new dvd, a gamer is somebody who would rather buy a hooker and get his load out and then return to gaming, a gamer is somebody who prefers games to our own pathetic world… Since as it has been said “reality is just a shitty game”.
      So I doubt you are a gamer, or your girl friends. Imagine once Virtual Reality comes out or the occultist rift comes with a body suit that can emulate feel is released very little men will go after women when they fuck hot tight and genuinely amazing girls in both body, personality, and lustful desire (plus pedophiles will no longer have sex with real children since they can have emulated children!). Any gender that can be replaced with virtual reality or rift+touch emulation technology is just pathetic… If you question why I said this and didn’t refer it to guys is because guys are available in abundance with muscles, strength, and character. Beautiful women that have good personalities are available in the minority of the upper 1%.

      1. “There is a primary different between girls who play videos games to girls who are gamers. Just because you might sit down for an hour or three and play some game doesn’t make you a gamer. ”
        I’m sure that ALL men who play video games are avid gamers, too? right? 😛
        “Any gender that can be replaced with virtual reality or rift+touch emulation technology is just pathetic…”
        Good luck with that, son. Might want to solve NP-completeness first.

  45. I almost was offended by this article and then I realized it was published on a hardcore anal-and-salad-tossing-lovers site lol my bad guys carry on with the circle bjs!

  46. redpillers articles are the most boring ones on this site, and he always goes for low hanging fruit

  47. Thank Christ someone finally wrote an article about this bullshit. Couldn’t come sooner.
    Nice one.

  48. That awkward moment when video gaming guys hate on girls because real women want men not boys who play dumb games. But Hey…I guess they have to keep their selves busy because they don’t have girlfriends.

    1. Why don’t any of you use your real names? Too afraid to stand up behind your beliefs?

      1. I love how politically correct dregs believe they are brave (brave!) by repeating government-media-academia approved pablum. I just loved it.

      1. Because you are as ineffective at having people banned as you are at getting people to like you.

    1. Newsflash: your getting plowed up, down, left and right in the olden days by anyone with a functioning dick or strap-on doesn’t make you an authority on anything. In other news, even if nobody here had actually had sex, you’d still be an ugly washed-up old hag.

  49. So… What about the females who have been gaming since they were children? I don’t just mean pokemon.. I mean Super Mario, Streets of Rage, Sonic, Resident Evil, Bloody Roar, Spyro, Ico, Final fantasy… I could go on all day. I like how I’ve gamed for about 18 years of my life already and I come on the internet to check gaming news and this stuff pops up in my face. I don’t care about the gender of the characters in game and I don’t want to change games, I just want to play it. Who died and made someone Queen Bee or King to try and tell me my gender means I don’t REALLY enjoy what I’ve been doing the last 18 years…I’m just a big faker who doesn’t know what I’m talking about. There are SO many people in the world, you have no idea how someone was brought up and about them fully, it sounds like everyone needs to have more of an open mind about things and stop letting a few females sway your opinions of them all.

    1. Then this article isn’t addressing you, it’s addressing the poser gamer gurlz and the entitled feminist gamers who complain that a woman has to be saved or that they can’t play as a lesbian in a racing sim.

      1. I can understand that but the article is very generalized like “Women women women, females aren’t allowed in the clubhouse.” It comes across as if they think being a female means you automatically can’t be a gamer. It sucks that someone who fakes it auto kills any existence of any real lady gamers in the eyes of so many. If they want to be lesbians why don’t they play something like the Sims?
        I remember seeing that video where that chick attacked the idea of
        Zelda and Princess Peach and degraded them to nothing but ‘someone to save’. It was pretty ridiculous. 😐

        1. Yeah, Anita Saarkeesian. KiteTales did an excellent job skewering her. And, you could tell that KiteTales is probably a genuinely sweet person, compared to the shrill harpy that is Anita Saarkeesian. But most importantly, KiteTales didn’t bilk stupid people out of thousands of dollars to do what she did.

    2. I don’t think anyone’s really worried about girl gamers who are too busy actually playing games to complain about how gaming culture isn’t inclusive enough for their liking Bri.
      Unfortunately for you, you’re getting caught in the crossfire because the people who are busy trying to wreck gaming with their ideological nonsense are claiming they are doing it on your behalf. Do you agree with this? Do you want their protection? Do you think gaming needs to change to be more considerate of women? If not, you should let those “few females” know that their “assistance” is not required. Because if they are not stopped, they will damage, and eventually destroy the gaming culture you claim to love so much.

      1. Honestly I don’t want anyone doing something on my ‘behalf’ because I don’t agree with them at all. I have never found anything wrong with any game I’ve ever played. I just find it rude that people are classing females as ‘pretty’ or ‘not pretty’ and regardless of their looks they are all fake. Not once are they acknowledging there are real gamers who happen to be females.
        “Don’t let women in to your sub-culture unless you want it permanently disfigured.”
        I’m sorry but I know a lot of us got bullied in the past for being into gaming, comic books, anime… etc. It almost feels like these guys are turning it around and creating bullying WITHIN the gaming culture. Where do the new generations start out if they actually like gaming, when other gamers think its cool to put them down? I’m okay with getting rid of the fakes because I too have watched segments where the women were just pretending and reading scripts… It made me mad because I thought…I thought you were cool but, why are you lying? But… yes this whole crossfire deal is a little crazy. I feel like they can’t map out a fake well enough so they just continue to write hateful articles bashing every female.

        1. Its crossfire again for the pretty/not pretty thing unfortunately. The moment you get women trying to trade on their looks within a community, instead of their ability, you will have guys judging them based just on that criteria. If those women are the most visible within the community, then all women will tend to get tarred with the same brush. Its certainly an unfair generalisation, but the way that Feminists try to address it, by tryng to shame people out of any judgment of others whatsoever, is certainly not going to fly. Not everyone thinks all women are a problem though, the probem is with the female flag bearers – the ones standing up for “women’s rights” , inclusivity, and all the rest of that equalism nonsense. Feminists in other words. These are the people who are doing the damage, but girls like you are cool – in fact I grew up on many of the same games as you did.
          I agree that there is a lot of dickish behavior in gaming. Men are certainly more tolerant of aggression and competitive behavior than women are, but even by male standards, yes, there’s a lot of dickish behavior.

        2. This shit isn’t directed at you hun. People like you are ok. 🙂
          But the “women ruin everything” is true unfortunately.

  50. I’m guessing the former porn star you’re talking about is Misti Dawn, who to me is a geek in name only. It’s amazing because twenty years ago women wouldn’t be caught dead in this culture. When I was a child, I was mocked by the girls around me because I played video games, read manga, and watched anime. Now these very same cunts now are cosplaying Sailor Moon, and playing outdated NES games because their boyfriend told them it’s so cool. These same women are responsible for sexual harassment polices at gaming cons, meanwhile they are wearing outfits so bear that they don’t even have to bend over and you can see their ass. Feminism poisons everything it comes in contact in, and geek culture is something it has poisoned thoroughly.

    1. HEY HEY HEY! Don’t be dissin’ the NES. I’m working on Super Mario Bros 3 right now because that’s the only one of the original 4 Mario games I haven’t beaten.
      But in all seriousness, it’s the status. 20 years ago, video games wasn’t a multi-billion dollar industry.

    2. Lol, considering the way you used the word ‘cunt’ it’s no wonder you didn’t see any women or girls in your circles when you were a child. I would have never, ever admitted to someone like you I shared your interests if there was any hint of that kind of resentment. I read comics alone. I played games with a trusted circle of boys and girls. A lot of geeky pursuits are not always very social anyway. Also, if you’re worried you might get in trouble for sexually harassing someone it sounds like the problem is with you. More than 99% of the people at cons manage to NOT harass anybody.

      1. It’s simply victim-blaming, the last refuge of the inadequate and the same argument that says a woman was “asking” to be raped because of her clothes.

      2. “Lol, considering the way you used the word ‘cunt’ it’s no wonder you didn’t see any women or girls in your circles when you were a child.”
        Yes you stupid cumdumpster, everyone who uses the word cunt to insult women, has issues because he doesn’t get laid AMIRITE?
        It is amazing to me how these subhuman putrid maggots can write this sort of drivel with a straight face.
        Imagine a man whining about being called a dick by a woman.
        I honestly hope you get raped soon.

        1. Actually, I don’t put the same value on getting laid as some of the people who support this community seem to as I mentioned elsewhere on this thread. But if you do value it highly, a pro tip. Don’t attempt to insult the group your potential sex buddy belongs to.
          Subhuman? My DNA test proves otherwise. Maggots are actually pretty beneficial creatures, only clearing out deadweight, so thanks?
          Also, the rape thing? You just completed my internet comment Bingo card, so thank you.

        2. Bingo, the he gets angry, and thus uses raunchy phrasing to get a weak point across. How can you write something so foul with a straight and guilty-free conscious? And could you actually “hope” that she would “get raped soon”? What sort of man are you? A comment like that, is demeaning to yourself. You have lowered your standing by saying something that, I would think, you couldn’t possibly mean? Another thing, as a man, I would assume we all have higher morals- Although, I assume so for every being on this planet. Do you know what a rape could do to a woman? It has a potential to not only mutilate her entire body, but also her mind. Why would you wish something so cruel on anyone? Thing if the cards were turned on you, if someone were to violate your body, how would that feel? It would be highly unpleasant, and could seriously injure or perhaps kill you. Death isn’t something to be taken lightly, and rape can very well cause death. Hm, but to be honest from what I’ve read, and having a sister who’s felt that tremendous pain from some scum who followed her home after a trip to the market, that to live after such a violent crime, most wish they were killed afterward. I will not stand for other men, to be so vile, not just for my sister, but for humanity. As a man, I hold myself accountable for the actions of other men, it’s an unfortunate burden, but I will hold it true until I waste away.

    3. Mericful Zeus, I feel dumber just for reading that bollocks. Well over half of my female friends are serious gamers (hell, one of them has spent the last six months trying to convince ME to play WoW). They don’t do it ‘for the guys’ – heck, a good chunk of them are lesbians, what guys like doesn’t bother them.
      And lets be clear – if you see a woman in a revealing outfit and can’t help but try to cop a feel or constantly hit on her despite being told no, it is YOU who has the problem. A Real Man controls himself, he does not let his baser instincts run rampant. A Real Man respects a woman who says “no” or “not interested”. Only pathetic, alpha-male wannabes keep going, keep trying. Your argument is one step away from those who say a woman wearing a short skirt was ‘asking’ to be raped – and that is logic that indicates a predatory mind and someone who should be isolated from the general community for its safety.

      1. dude…. just… *sigh*… People like you seriously need to be put out of their misery, like a mercy killing.

        1. Odd, I was thinking the same about the original author. I have several swords and am willing to provide the service, for a small fee.

      2. First of all, you use the slippery slope fallacy to designate because I criticize booth girls, or gamer gurls, that I somehow blame rape victims. Secondly, the reason why this article exists is because feminists have been poisoning geek culture for awhile, mind you not women, FEMINISTS! Why do feminists and their mangina servants constantly have rape on the brain, even when gaming has nothing to do with rape? Like the author in this article, I don’t believe women ruined video games, I believe feminists have poisoned geek culture and that most are in this culture because it is popular and profitable, and when it dies, these gamer gurls will go on to something else that men built, and destroy it. Meanwhile, I and other diehards will still be there, picking up the pieces.

        1. If you can’t understand that blaming the victim is the same logic be it for unwanted sexual advances, lewd looks, stares etc OR rape, then I hope you never ever breed, as any child would clearly be at an intellectual and genetic disadvantage. A five month old child can see that it is the exact same reasoning and excuse. Now, you might like to kid yourself, to pretend that you’re better than the rape apologists, but you’re not. You are still blaming the victim – and that is just not on, Real Men do not do so.
          Further, saying that wearing a revealing outfit means they are ‘asking for’ whatever happens (be it simply sexist behaviour or further to rape) is not only demeaning to women but to men as well – it’s a rare thing to be sexist to both genders at once, well done kiddo! Lets be clear, the argument that women in revealing outfits ‘ask for’ whatever attention they get is demeaning to men as well: it says that we cannot control ourselves, that we are so primitive and backwards that we let our primal urges rule us. Now, you Zeta-Males may like that feeling, thinking it ‘makes you a man’, but it doesn’t. A true man, a Real Man, is in full control of himself and his body.
          Are there some pretend ‘gamer girls’? Sure, just like there’s a LOT of pretend men (more like little boys) on this site. And lets be clear, EA booth girls at E3 are very different from cosplayers – they are hired actors/models. I know several girls who cosplay and all are true nerds – one girl I know only won’t cosplay because she thinks she’s fat, despite not being so, but I long ago learnt not to argue with any one convinced about their body, even if they’re wrong. She’s one of the few people who get my oblique Star Trek, Fallout, Skyrim etc references. And wants me to join WoW not so she has a real life friend on there but because it will get her in game rewards. But following your logic, because she would like to cosplay she’s not a “real” gamer.
          Gaming hasn’t been destroyed, it is stronger now than ever before and the input of new game designers – male and female – cannot be underestimated. The article mocks a woman for pioneering new ways to interact with NPC’s in RPG’s. Now, more so than just about any other genre, RPG’s are about immersion – the more realistic and natural your interaction with NPC’s, the greater the immersion. Gaming is thus better for her input. He also uses her field of NPC development to imply that had she led game development we’d have a “transgender Eskimo amputee” Mario and that is, quite simply, an utterly asinine assumption with zero basis in reality. All it shows is the child’s rage towards women.

      3. He is completely right, and Mr. Schonewolf, have you ever thought that maybe the reason females are more active in the gaming industry has little to do with them jumping on a fad then the stigma behind what “boys” should like and what “girls” should like? Until recently, video games, were solely marketed to boys, as were comic books, however if a female was to be seen holding a comic book she was dubbed “strange” or a “nerd”, but that doesn’t mean there weren’t girls playing games even when you were younger. Another thing, Sailor Moon was around for years- so if those same girls are now cosplaying, maybe they just were too embarrassed to say they enjoyed the series and now that Japanese culture is being localized more often to the States (as Japan used to harbor certain anime, games, and other technologies), through internet, now women can find things they relate too. Not every female is going to love Gundam, Cow Boy Bebop, or Gurren Lagann, so when the internet became more prevalent, women could find anime that was made solely for their enjoyment. Also, I must not forget to mention some of the huge companies that have some heavy-hitting female fore-runners. Kiki Wolfkill-executive producer of Halo at 343 Industries, Jade Raymond-managing director of Ubisoft Toronto, Amy Hennig-creative director at Naughty Dog, Lucy Bradshaw-senior vice president at Maxis, Hope Cochran-at King(Gaming), Kate Edwards-executive director at the IGDA.

      1. Haven’t you ever read the definition of what a “meme” is? She was being extremely sarcastic, but you all the other blokes on here went straight for the “low-blow” and decided to completely miss the point and talk about her looks or how you wouldn’t marry her. How many times must I see a girl defend her honor over a website that gives them plenty of examples at how sexist this is, and then be talked down to because they suddenly have a negative opinion. Let’s see, fellow men, how far must we go before the world gets covered in a cloak of hatred? You all cry “feminists are terrible”, they cry “all men are pigs”, well guess what, we’ve ALL shown some not-so-great sides of ourselves so no one is innocent, and no one is singly at fault for what’s circulating around the internet. We’ve all contributed, and we must all decide when enough-is-enough. Enough.

        1. Yes, she was being sarcastic. No shit Sherlock. She was also attempting to be insulting – hopefully thats also reasonably clear to you? So the responses she got back featured a pretty commonly used tactic of pretending the comment was serious in order to fling the insult right back.
          And many men here think that what is currently termed as “sexism” is just a recognition that there are differences between the sexes and these differences may result in different outcomes and neccessitate different roles in a functional and stable society.
          Therefore, we are never going to just accept it if someone tries to control our behavior purely on grounds if sexism, just as Feminists will never stop crying “sexist” because acknowledgement of sex differences undermines their agenda. This is a fundamental difference of opinion on a critical issue. You’re being naive if you think either party is going to start playing nice just because of your empty plattitudes.

        2. “You’ve being naive if you think either party is going to start being nice just because of your empty plattitudes.” *platitudes.
          Apollo, saying that either party won’t change, is basically saying it isn’t even worth the effort. Maybe, I’m wrong about that?? Shouldn’t we at least put forth a bit of effort? The guy isn’t being naive, he’s trying to reason with you all, or at least that’s what I’m reading from it.
          I am a woman, and I really dislike when other girls say, “men are all fucking pricks”, I have a very loving boyfriend who treats me well, and I treat him with the same level of respect. Don’t you remember the Golden Rule?
          ‘Treat Others How You Want To Be Treated’
          Since you say the other guy is trying to “control” your “behavior purely on the grounds of sexism” then why not change because it’s morally right? I’m not talking sexism, or who’s better than who, because then it’s like we’ve mocked all the equality successes we’ve had in the last hundred of years. Not only in the U.S. but all around the world.
          When one side won’t back down doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ‘slow’ down. Who’s to say if this site was to become a little less mean, then you’d have a lot less stuff for the mega-feminists to use as examples. Then their flame might burn a lot less hotter, and once things become more equal the fire can become brighter with both your flame (and passion for difference) and ours (and guess what, our passion is the same-for difference-a simple change, not all women think you’re bad, you know). The reason I want change is simple; I just want the government to stop making laws that have ill-effects based on our anatomy (like denying affordable or free birth-control, it’s not just for sex but it regulates our hormones, acne, and evens out our menstrual cycles, which reduces the likely-hood of cysts and other serious complications from occurring, like cancer). I also don’t want the government to continue making laws that won’t let us to get certain health coverage if a violent crime, like rape is to happen to our bodies, it’s our uterus and it’s not right for anyone but the women to vote on what is ‘okay’ for that part of our bodies to endure or to not endure. Like, I wouldn’t want to vote if there happens to be a bill concerning the prostate, I don’t have one, so it’s not my business. You’re right, Apollo we are different genetically, but we’re not so much different that it should be a concern that may start something terrible in the future. Who knows what could happen if we don’t put forth some effort? Nothing may happen, but I know certain historical events came to fruition after a group of people had a serious disagreement.

        3. Yes, the guy I responded to is being naive by thinking hes going to reconcile the two opposing sides of this argument by spouting hippy crap like “Stop all the hate, man”. A more interesting question is whether a more sophisticated approach that doesnt show complete ignorance of the subject matter would have better results. I’d still say no, but id no longer dismiss attempts like these as ridiculous.
          Regards your suggestion that we slow down, and be “less mean” in the hope that it will encourage Feminists to do the same: Feminists were burning plenty hot before this site was around. If anything, I think efforts like these are slowing them down in their efforts to ride roughshod over everyone who disagrees. If they arent stopped I do believe we are going to have major consequences down the road – you cant maintain a society based on a policy of looking after the interests of 50% of the population while treating the other 50% as villans. Sadly, I think things have already gone too far, and a bad end is inevitable.
          As for your comments on Governments “denying” affordable and free bith control, and making laws that “wont let you” get health coverage that helps you deal with rape: Well… I’ll preface this by saying that Im not a US citizen, so I dont know much about the ACA and the associated debates, so I wont comment specifically on whether your remarks are accurately representative of that situation or not.
          Lets examine your hypothetical desired health insurance policy which covers free/affordable birth control however. You didnt specify, but is this a female only policy, or a male and female policy? Is it Government subsidised? If we assume its a male and female policy, what we have is a situation where men, who wont be making use of the female birth control provisions, will be subsidising that birth control through their policy payments. If its Government subsidised, men get to pay for it through their taxes.The men dont get a say in it though, according to both you and many Feminists, because no uterous.
          And this is an excellent example of one way in which Feminism is harmful to men. Feminists lobby Goverment to provide more and more services to benefit women, which are paid for through tax dollars, which are still largely contributed by men.

      1. They didn’t miss the sarcasm, they replied under the pretense that the “marriage proposal” was real in order to more effectively insult the OPs sexual attractiveness.
        Its funny that I have to explain that to someone who earlier in this thread was smugly boasting about his comparitively superior mental capabilities.
        U m real smart!

        1. If you say so, kiddo, if you say so. Of course, either way the level of maturity and mental capacity on display is amusing.

        2. Yes, I was particularly amused by the display of mental capacity from that one idiot who assumed that a woman grunting a marriage proposal in a comments thread was being taken seriously. Talk about funny! 🙂

        3. Translation – “we fell into her little trap and are now desperately trying to make ourselves look good”. Please, do the world a favour and take a long walk off a short pier, you would improve the human gene pool by doing so.

        4. Translation: “Someone called me out for saying something incredibly stupid just after I’d been preening about how much smarter I am than everyone else. Now I need to distract people from that to salve my enormous ego. And I have a stupid hat”

  51. ROK regulars: Check out the handles of the females commenting…..over half post *exclusively* on celebrity gossip blogs.
    Women bitching about sexism/YEAH FEMINISM spend their time obsessing over what dresses a celebrity wears or what shaft a female or male celebrity is currently licking

    1. Do you really want to open that door? Consider what sort of things you’ve been commenting on recently. Consider your hobbies (secret and public).

      1. It’s like their own little club-house of alpha-male wannabes spouting vitriol against the ‘others’ who have ‘ruined’ their ‘things’. It’s very pathetic – but somewhat amusing at the same time.

  52. …So.. How to phrase this.. You are the reason video games suck now a days. People like you are the reason some developers still develop copy pasted games like call of duty or any other base generic game. You bitch about “beta’s” When the “alpha’s” Tend to be the jerks, the sore losers and the ones bringing the industry as a whole down. Because “alphas” Do not tend to like change and their main priority is minor graphical upgrades they go for the latest game of the same brand they are used too. Call of duty, fifa, grand theft auto, all sports games ever. The games they talk shit over, bitch if they lose and act like they are gods if they win. Because there is such a high amount of douchbags that do this game company’s supply the games as they cost less to develop and they have a very target audience they know will buy it regardless if they add any new features.
    Second. Girls play games. In fact many girls play games. In fact i have met a shit ton of girls who in fact.. Play games. Not just that but are good at it. I have been to PAX along with a few other conventions and have met hung out with, played against and watched these girls play games and well “pwn those newbs” I also know quite a number of industry people who are women and create pretty awesome games like borderlands or elder scrolls or Fallout. In fact the industry has a surprising amount of women working in it. I doubt you could name a title that was done exclusively by men. (for reference Activision the people who made call of duty is about half women) NOW on to the gurl gamer part. Ok this is how it goes, do you play games? Do you enjoy them? Do you like to enjoy your fandom with other people? Then you are a gamer. There is no test to say if someone is a true gamer and defiantly not your opinion on who makes a true gamer. If i WAS to say what makes a true gamer (not that i think it should be an inclusive club at all) I would say someone who has pursued every avenue of gaming from table top games to board games and every genera that video games have to offer. On to cosplay. So those who cosplay do not do it for you. They are not paid nor does your approval really mean anything. You are only hurting the people and the space by selectively secluding people. I believe if we are going to selectively seclude people we should seclude those that are hurting the gaming industry like you.
    Third. Why you do not see girls as whatever.
    You and douchbags like you.
    So pretty much Triple A studio’s likes to appeal to specific audiences so they choose their host appropriately. They know brain dead Bro “alpha male” Douchbag gamers will buy whatever they feel like putting out as long as it has ten different shades of brown and or grey, there is a gun on it and gratuitous use of bloom effects. So they throw either a semi pretty scantily clad lady talking about generic game stuff and then throw a typical male to talk about the “serious stuff” So no its not any lack of effort on the girls side as it is the fact that most marketing and advertising is male dominated.

    1. Advertising agencies, marketing and human resources are female-dominated professions.
      Kill all the “sexist” men tomorrow, you dumbass faggot, and nothing changes. You bitch it is all male-dominated – but SURPRISE – tons of women are working behind the scenes? What the fuck is it Joe? Are those men horribly oppressing the women behind the scenes and instead of forcing them to give birth barefoot they make them, uhh…….do something they don’t want to?
      Is it all marketing, Joe? The only thing that holds the wimminz back is the male-dominated marketing scheme — born out of greed, but hates the women — so they stall their profits at the wallets of men because….wimminz money ain’t shit! Seriously, how fucking dumb are you? Are we men greedy as fuck or sexist as fuck? How much mental energy do you expend upholding these contradictory thought patterns? You are the sort of idiot to believe women get paid less because of sexism? Ever heard of unions and governmental pay scales? Means that non-unionized, private female workers make like 12 cents on the dollar…..Jesus, do you even think?
      Don’t dipshit’s like you bother to think before you open your mouth? You have zero command of the facts (reality) and don’t even realize you are critiquing social narcissism in your first paragraph. Dumbass, if a person has personal delusions of being “gods” and are over top about feeling superior – that is narcissism, not masculinity. If you are upset about people challenging you, join a female forum where you never get challenged and nobody ever grows because nobody ever truly changed without challenging themselves.
      Welcome to ROK and fuck off, Joe, “I Love Getting Pegged By My Co-Female” Floyd.

    2. A number of stupid arguments.
      The reason many copy pasted games get made is because AAA games are expensive so the businesses that produce them go with what they reasonably believe will make them money. Its business, pure and simple, and success is determined entirely by what makes money, and not by what ever ridiculous ideology happens to currently be in vogue.
      And yes, girls play and make games. Not to the same extent as guys, but sure, they are involved. And I don’t think any sensible male gave two shits about this UNTIL the demands for gaming culture to change to pander to certain females delicate sensibilities started. Demanding an existing culture change to accommodate your wishes, instead of fitting in with existing community norms is fucking arrogant. And its typical of the way women operate when they start to enter male dominated spaces.
      Men and women exhibit different group dynamics you see, women are much less comfortable with the aggressive and competitive behavior that men find enlivening and invigorating. So any time women join a male dominated group, they try and curb this masculine aggression, by using social pressure such as shaming, and by manipulating white knights such as yourself to stand up for them. Men generally find that the environment created by this to be stifling and frustrating, and although they probably don’t realize it themselves, this is what is driving their “misogynistic” attacks on the girl gamers who believe they are special princesses who deserve special treatment. These guys just want to be able to play their games without women (and effeminate men) bitching at them about how they need to be more inclusive, or about how the princess should rescue Mario.
      As for your cosplay comments, if you actually believe what those girls prancing round in public in their revealing costumes tell you when they deny they are after attention, I have a bridge I’d like to sell you. Seriously, are you really unfamiliar with the idea that women might lie about their motivations in situations where being honest might make them look bad?

      1. I am not a white knight. I am just not sexist. There is really not that much difference between men and women. Both have the exact same good and bad points that manifest in slightly different ways depending on how a particular deals with social pressure. This whole “gaming is a guys club and girls should gtfo” is the part that upsets me. Not because i am going to the aid of the girls but because something i love and want to share with everyone is treated as an exclusive club that treats people differently because they have tits and a vagina. I would stand up for anyone you call out and say they are ruining an industry if it be race sex or religion. If you think that women should not play games then i personally think you should just stop gaming yourself all together. Put the shoe on the other foot. If you were exactly how you are now but gender switched would you like to be called out all the time because you were born different?

        1. Theres plenty of differences between the sexes, significant ones that result in completely different group outcomes. This is a fact that is deliberitely not discussed in the current politically correct climate because it undermines one of the favored ideologies of the day (Feminism), but that doesnt make it any less true. There are differences in brain wiring, hormonal balance, tolerance for risk, IQ distribution, fertility windows, physical strength and ability, mate selection preferences and mating strategies.
          And I was specific about why I had a problem with particular women, and their white knight enablers in gaming, and that problem had nothing to do with ownership of “tits and a vagina”. Thats a very poor and over used strawman – the problem is with their behavior, not with their sex. Im all for women playing games, as long as they dont intend to crap all over the industry in the process.

  53. This guy is just an anonymous, ignorant hater, somehow brainwashed into believing that girls haven’t been involved in games since the get-go, obviously ignoring the fact that females have been helping create games since the onset. It was only in the 90’s that females and female gamer culture seemed to disappear temporarily. Now that girls have gotten re-involved, this dude, who was probably born in 1985 and -missed- the opening sequence of gamer culture, thinks spouting his mouth off like some penis-obsessed wanna-be “Thuper-man” is something that -anyone-, aside from machismo-obsessed boy trolls, cares about.
    It’s the fact that he’s so unnecessarily vile in his hatred that makes me the angriest. Is he entitled to his opinion, sure. Should he be be so hurtful to women, calling them whales, fat single mothers, etc? Absolutely not. (please note that I said he was behaving -LIKE- a penis-obsessed wanna-be “Thuper-man”, not that he -was- one. There’s a huge difference.)
    Luckily, this isn’t the mainstream view. And to be honest, I do actually agree with some of the points he’s made. We females have the option to buy other games. Don’t wanna see the bouncy, barely covered breasts? Buy something else. There are plenty of games out there. Btw, 1985, they’re still awesome and I can guarantee you that there’s girls involved in the creation of every one. Don’t be so ignorant.
    Do I think there’s a problem in our culture regarding the objectifying of women and prevalence of over-sexualizing of women? Yeah, actually, but it’s not like the gamer culture is the only place it exists. Get over yourself.
    Now I agree that extreme-feminists, the ones that scream at you and don’t want real equality so much as extra consideration and codling, aren’t helping the situation, but you seem to want to imply that just because I have ovaries, I’m included in this group and that’s just ridiculous and ignorant. You’re “black v white” mentality does nothing to alleviate the issue and if anything, makes it worse. Grow up. Just because you’re 29, doesn’t make you an adult, btw, except in the legal system.
    Maybe, just maybe, if you were to approach the issue like a rational, respectful and relevant adult rather than like a baby boy who didn’t get breast fed enough, maybe you might effect actual change, rather than just flaming like the anonymous troll you really are.

  54. Don’t know whether to pity or laugh at people who actually agree with this article.
    Progress is all. Nothing is eternal. Certainly not your average old role model. Neither for women, nor for men. But please, if you like to limit yourself by adhering to self-imposed social “rules” – who am I to stop you.
    That there are persons (totally gender neutral, as there are tons of women who do the same shit wit different “rules”) who are so absolutely limited in their views saddens and angers me. Sometimes. Then I go back to owning nubs.
    Imho the only way gender should matter to a person is for their sexual interest. And sometimes that doesn’t even matter. Otherwise why don’t you try just seeing a person instead of a gender?

    1. Instead of pity can I get a blowjob from you?
      1, what the hell are you on about.
      2. what the fuck am I reading now…
      3. Your opinion doesn’t mean shit, no offence cupcake. Why don’t you just let people say and act as they choose if you’re so against “limiting rules”? Hey that rhymes!

      1. No one’s opinion means shit unless you’re in a position of power to force it unto others. So my opinion means just as much as yours and everyone else posting here.
        You’re the perfect target audience for this article, you didn’t understand one bit of what I said. 😀

  55. Misogynistic, uneducated, small minded and low self esteem crap from a man (and a bunch of male commentators below) who cannot handle women in general. You are the same as racists and others who must make themselves feel better by putting others down. Feel sorry for you.

    1. I can’t help but feel that the so-called “man” who wrote this (and it’s not just sexist to women but to other men too with the whole alpha/beta bollocks) is over-compensating for inadequacies elsewhere by distracting himself with a ‘macho’ hobby like gaming and is enraged that some other group – in this ‘them women’ – is also enjoying it.
      I also find his rage that ‘them women’ are adding things like more realistic interactions with NPC’s particularly amusing. It’s a little peep into the mindset of those less mentally capable than the rest of the human race, we should treat it for what it is – an educational experience.

    2. because “Misogynistic, uneducated, small minded and low self esteem crap from a man and a bunch of male commentators … who cannot handle women in general.” is not putting others down, like, at all.
      How do you know a feminist is a hypocrite? She opens her mouth. Funny thing is, even when she’s not talking she’s thinking hypocritical thoughts.

  56. This is incredibly insulting to women everywhere. While some valid points are being made, the fact remains that this article is biased and shockingly chauvinistic.
    It makes blanket assumptions: women only play games because MEN think it’s hot; MEN do all the real work in games; etc. Evidently, we want to make games about “dumbass models.” Excuse me, sir, but the world does not revolve around what you want in a game. Just as you so aptly advised the female population, avoid the games you don’t want to play.
    I respect your opinion, that women have corrupted this sacred male territory, that we have harmed it in some way. The fact remains that you’re a person that cannot produce an argument that is convincing to females (which, let’s face it, aren’t we the ones who should be reading it? aren’t we the ones who should solve this ‘problem?’) and have produced utter garbage that would repel any woman wanting to make a difference.

    1. “This is incredibly insulting to women everywhere. While some valid points are being made, the fact remains that this article is biased and shockingly chauvinistic.”
      Dear mod,
      Please ban this cunt

    2. One person sullied the shit out of games and geek culture, her name is Anita Sarkessian. I would argue women didn’t ruin gaming culture; feminists did.

    3. I don’t believe any man who believes that there is a problem with women (read:Feminists) in gaming thinks its either necessary or useful to persuade women to agree with the theory. I personally am under no illusions that women will ever take any action against Feminism until there’s overwhelming evidence that its in their best interest to do so. The majority of women couldn’t care less about male spaces being destroyed – the numerous comments here dismissing these concerns as childish whining should make that fact abundantly clear to anyone who wasn’t already convinced. Its folly to expect women to solve this problem.
      No, the way to solve this problem is to get men to stop being such fucking pussies so they cease pandering to Feminists and start standing up for their own interests. Seeing the level of masculinity amongst male gamers though, especially some of the pants-wetters who have come here to make angry noises and cry sexiss, I’m not exactly filled with confidence about this.

  57. Great Muppety Odin, I thought sexism like this died out with the Victorians. Do the entire human race a favour and never, EVER procreate. In fact, have yourself castrated so that there is no chance of accidental breeding.

    1. It’s a shame there aren’t more women in actual software development creating good games. Unfortunately all women in the game industry seem to focus more on soft stuff like “story”