5 Reasons Why Lululemon Is Awesome

A few weeks ago, yoga pants made the news. Lululemon’s founder and chairman made a simple, but true statement – buy clothes that fit you.

This caused a ruckus. The national media came in to save the day, and defend all those poor souls who couldn’t fit into the company’s signature product. This led to the resignation of Chip Wilson, Lulu’s founder. Apparently it caused their stock prices to fall, too.

Honestly, I don’t care. All this fiasco did was remind me to appreciate the finer things in life. Like Lululemon yoga pants, for example. Yoga pants in general are great, but Lulu takes it to the next level. Below are 5 reasons I think Lululemon is awesome.

1. The staff


In a world where being fit is becoming more of a dream than reality for many people, I appreciate that Lulu practices what they preach. I’ve never walked into one of their stores and not had a smile across my face. The girls that work their are fit – and they’re all decked out in Lulu gear. It’s a win-win combination. I’m sure it boosts their sales more than a little bit, too. Both to men, who drool over the counter, and women, who are jealous and idolize their looks.

2. Dat Ass


There’s nothing more refreshing than walking down the street or across the gym floor and having a tight butt in your face. It will reinvigorate your energy and mood. Lulu is adding value to society by increasing the natural beauty we all encounter in our daily activities. This is a classic example of a situation where everyone wins.

3. Pants Don’t Lie


Sure, yoga pants can have a tightening effect, producing an overall smoother image than what the flesh holds, but only to an extent. If you see someone similar to the image above walking around your neighborhood, it’s safe to say you should stay 100 feet back – for your own safety. Yoga pants can perform a small favor here or there, but not miracles. And if you see the Lululemon logo, rest assured, she is fit – as our friend Mr. Wilson confirmed.

4. The Message


Lululemon is at the forefront of women’s fitness. I don’t have any statistics, but I imagine their branding is responsible for getting millions of girls off their ass and into the gym, or yoga studio. Yes, it has an air of exclusivity, but one that motivates people to make healthy choices in order to join.

5. Their Men’s Clothes


It’s expensive, I know. But it’s awesome. If you’re in shape, it will fit very well. Moreover, while it’s meant for the gym and exercising – it’s classy enough to be worn as casual daytime clothing. Also, it’s extremely high quality, will last a long time, and many of their items are made to be odor-resistant – so you don’t have to wash it every time you wear it. And none of this even touches the fact that it all looks amazing.

So while Lululemon has gotten it’s share of hate lately, I honestly find it to be a great brand. I had to give it the recognition it deserves in these dire times. It compliments fit people’s shape, improves their look, promotes a healthy lifestyle, and is high quality. What’s not to like?

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47 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Lululemon Is Awesome”

  1. “it’s classy enough to be worn as casual daytime clothing.” I have to disagree with you there. Pants which are tight enough to outline woman’s individual buttocks are as “classy” as short-shorts which cover as much as underwear and blouses which reveal excessive décolletage. They all signal whoredom.

    1. I thought he was saying the men’s line of clothing was classy enough for daytime wear.
      Do women wear the men’s line? I’m not sure what you’re trying to point out.

      1. You’re right – speed-reading mistake. I was distracted by the pics of women that went along with the text. I’m editing the comment now.

    2. They’re only whorish because the women tend not to wear a shirt or a skirt with those pants, so you can see all the goodies and whatnot.

    1. I highly doubt it had anything to do with what he said. It was just about money. Its always about money.

    1. I, for one, demand that we turn this car around and go back to those days. Women respected men, the clothes were hot, AND a much larger percentage of women had the bodies to wear said clothes. Rawr.

  2. I agree with the points, but at the same time I will say that it perturbs me when females use the yoga pants as work attire in other types of environment – particularly when shirt and tie are required for the men.

    1. Agree. And how come these bitches can wear open-toed shoes at work but men cant. I dont like it. Its discriminatory.

      1. And also how they need to be paid as much as me for 40% of the work and 80% of the attendance, but I digress.

    2. never noticed this before but upon thought about it, it is true. yoga pants are the lazy girls skirt and leggings haha

    3. Yeah exactly. They are yoga pants. Not shit you wear out at night or “casual” wear. Maybe I’ve been in Europe too long but I know when I see a Canadian girl the minute I spot a girl wearing lulu as dress or casual wear. What’s the first thing I see when boarding a flight to America or Canada? Some broad wearing lulu. You wouldn’t catch me out on the town wearing Under Armour. Ridiculous. It looks good at the gym but let’s not extend the “look good” feature to provide an excuse for wearing in the general public.

      1. As long the venue is not too upscale, I personally don’t have a problem with it… So long as they have some semblance of an ass. Seeing a girl with no ass wear yoga pants is almost as visually assaulting as seeing a fat chick wear them.

    4. Why do you care? I hope for the day when females can come to work in underwear or even ‘butt nekid’.

  3. the only men who should wear lulumelon are the ones who do nothing but yoga for their exercise. they need to be stamped with a badge of vag.
    also, do women start exercising because of a clothing line?

  4. It really sucks that Chip Wilson resigned. He didn’t do anything wrong, but his resignation will reinforce that he did.

  5. The media really loves to make a big deal out of nothing. This guy shouldn’t have felt the need to resign…

    1. I’m sure he has plenty of money, and with his statements causing his company’s stock to fall, he did what was best for his employees. What’s important is that he did NOT make an apology. That’s what counts.

      1. No, as a majority shareholder of the company (he owns between 30 and 40 percent of the company’s shares and was planning to sell 13 percent of his shares around the time of the debacle), he doing what’s best for his pockets.
        Unfortunately, he did apologize, which sucks. Because at the end of the day, attractive fit girls like Rana don’t care or take offense to Wilson’s comments. She will keep buying her Lululemons and in turn, her fat friends will buy them just to keep up with the Joneses.

        1. Ugh. Fucking brutal. 2004 Ernst & Young Canadian Entrepreneur of the Year for Innovation and Marketing, and one of the top 500 wealthiest men in the world – another self-made successful man swallowing his pride and being chopped down for speaking red pill truth to the masses.

    2. Word on the street is he was forced out over problems with the product, and the comments were just an easy way to usher him out the door.

  6. Perhaps it’s normal in the USA, but IMO wearing yoga pants on the street is just wrong on so many levels.

  7. yeah man this is capitalism. if you don’t like the company’s opinions don’t buy their product, if you do, buy their product. if enough people like their opinion and product then they will be successful, and they are. so obviously fat girls don’t yet control the opinion of the masses and this angers them. thus, futile critique. makes sense to me.

  8. “The girls that work their are fit” I wonder if you do this to initiate ticks in psychopathic grammar nazis that are almost always female. The rest of us like to say “hey I think you meant “there””. It makes their heads explode, so I commend you for this.

  9. Take it from me. I refuse to wear any other brand of boxers anymore. Ive tried other climacool ones, and they do not fit the same especially around the balls. Their pants and other jogging gear are unparalelled. Any man who bashes another man for wearing lulu is indeed a virgin loser and is beta. TORONTO REPRESENT

    1. Yeah, TORONTO REPRESENT! We all wear overpriced womens clothing here! If you dont you are a virgin loser who lives in his moms basement!

  10. I mourned the passing of low-rise jeans from women’s fashion but Yoga pants helped me get over it.

  11. Chip Wilson is the owner it doesn’t matter if he’s Chairman. He has the majority shares so he elects the Chairman.And all of this brouhaha means nothing and won’t effect sales. The slim girls will still wear the stuff and the fatties will too just for spite to prove they’re not fat lol

  12. I love thin women in yoga pants with their sexy yoga butts. If you are fat just avoid yoga pants like you avoid the gym.

    1. my question is how fat is fat. a bit overweight might not affect the elasticity of the pants as much. more than 10 pounds? 20? 30? 40? Is obvious that that woman who’s pants were trying to escape her in number three had to bought pants two size too small.

      1. How about honesty here, no weight is fat. 300 pounds or 160 pounds are the same. The only time where fat is concerned is if it affects her beauty, so if a girl can weigh 160 and look the same as a girl who is a little shorter and weights 120 then ok neither is fat. However if that girl weighs 95 pounds and looks fatter than a girl who weights 160 pounds then I will choose the 160. Weight doesn’t always equal fat, only looks can determine it.
        So in short, if she looks thin but weights alot then who cares. So long as she doesn’t look fat she isn’t fat.

  13. 5. Their Men’s Clothes
    “Moreover, while it’s meant for the gym and exercising – it’s classy enough to be worn as casual daytime clothing”

  14. Not overpriced crap, but overpriced, and yes I’ve been forced to spend hundreds of dollars there.

  15. I owned a pair of Lululemon yoga pants and the quality was TERRIBLE, I purchased my correct size, washed them according to manf. instructions and after 1 spin class and 1 yoga class the stitching unraveled?? SERIOUSLY I’m NOT a BBW, overweight or have an unacceptable BMI there pants were poorly made. That said Chip Wilson SHOULD STILL be the CEO period, he said/did NOTHING wrong and as much as Roosh detest women on here, I elieve I am a fairly well behaved one…….

  16. Chip Wilson DID NOTHING WRONG, SAID NOTHING WRONG and SHOULD NOT have resigned as CEO. However I owned a pair of Lululemon yoga pants and they fell apart after 1 spin class and 1 yoga class

  17. theres so many whores running around toronto with these pants all day everyday its insane…

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