Will Your Daughter Be A Buyer Or A Renter?

Nicole has been saving all her life for this moment. She was denied an allowance growing up; instead she spent summers working as a camp counselor and weekend afternoons tutoring bratty kids. Now she has enough to buy a car. She’s not sure she’ll have a chance like this again to make the right choice.

She starts to research cars exhaustively. At first, it’s the pricey and shiny cars that catch her attention. An Audi TT perhaps, or a Mercedes SLK. But reality intrudes as she learns more about cars, and she realizes that those cars won’t give her the stability she ultimately wants. She lacks the credit to lease a car, and she’s always envisioned herself owning a car anyway.

She doesn’t want to waste decades’ worth of savings just to become carless once more. The glitzy cars steadily lose their luster, as it becomes clear what a liability they are, and how quickly they depreciate. No, she realizes, she needs a car that can remain reliable for decades. She starts to pore over the Toyota Carollas, and the Honda Civics, cars she had initially reject out of hand. Their reputation for reliability and low maintenance costs slowly win her over. Their low initial cost, plus their low ongoing maintenance requirements, virtually ensure she’ll always be able to afford running them.

Sure, those Japanese econo-boxes may look a little hum-drum. But she won’t go broke keeping one around. Nor will she get stuck on the side of a freeway one night, feeling alone and abandoned. She spends many hours deciding on choosing a car, thinking logically and calmly about which one will suit her needs for decades to come.

Finally, she chooses one. It doesn’t make any of her friends jealous. Her rivals have a quiet laugh at her. But that’s okay, because she’s content to just have a car all to herself, to enjoy for a long time. And while all cars lose value over time, to her it’s just the opposite; with each passing year her attachment to it grows.

slutty daughter

Enter Nikki

Nikki – a name well suited for this free spirit. Growing up, her father always gave her what she asked – she was his princess after all. Daddy showed her that working to get what you want is just something losers do, because they don’t have a Daddy that loves them.

As her sweet sixteen approached, she knew she HAD to have a car. Among her circle of friends, she’d be a nobody without one. And it would be even worse if she came to school in something as hideous as a Toyota. Even a Lexus would be questionable. It had to be European. Nikki didn’t want to have to come early to school every morning, just to hide the modest car she drove.

To show what a unique individual she was, she had to get a car that none of her friends had. Porsche Cayenne, Mercedes GLK – all old hat. It wasn’t long until she settled on one – the Range Rover. She had vaguely heard of them being unreliable, but she found that with enough begging and pleading, Daddy agreed to sign the lease for her.

Years pass, and Nikki keeps leasing new cars. As she gets on in years, Daddy starts to get fed up with her dependence on him. Not to mention, his retirement accounts aren’t getting any bigger, while Mommy can’t help renovating a kitchen she never uses. Daddy gives less and less money to Nikki for her new car leases. One day, after Nikki complains that “all the good cars are taken” by people spending more, Daddy decides he’s had enough, and cuts Nikki off completely.

Nikki despairs. She can’t afford a new car lease, or even insurance payments on a car. Without the crutch of her shiny trappings, her friends aren’t too fond of keeping her around either. She shudders, but eventually concedes: she must buy a bus pass.

She starts to take the bus every day. She comes to befriend Jules, a retarded homeless black man, who is enamored of his own incontinence while aboard the bus. But even Jules isn’t enough to tide her over – the despair of a lush life lost is too much for Nikki. Depression takes hold as she sees no end to her life on public transit – she has only her siamese cats and pints of Rocky Road to console her now.

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248 thoughts on “Will Your Daughter Be A Buyer Or A Renter?”

        1. And besides, I didn’t even mean to test drive it, I was going by the dealership on my way to church and it “just happened.”

      1. Range Rovers are not only uneconomical but very unsafe. one can only hope that she one day takes the range rover for a dest drive and flips off the road leaving no survivors.

        1. A lot of people own these Landrovers where I live as an extra car. They are good for going up long driveways covered with snow and are good on and off road. They’ve also been used for a very long time on safaris, rough terrain, in sand etc so you have no idea what you’re talking about. Some of them even have a built in wench to get yourself out of being stuck in mud or something like that.
          And no one who buys these cars which cost around $50k as an extra car on the estate really cares about the sort of economy that you worry about (they are economical enough in their range) If you’re worried about getting the cheapest car and the lowest cost to run then buy a Volkswagon beetle or the like.

      1. A pass for 80s era Porsches?? Have you driven a Porsche in the last five to ten years?Porsches aren’t for looking – Porsches are for driving. And wow are they thrilling to drive.

        1. They certainly are extremely fun to drive. I’d like to drive one, but never get caught or seen with one, thanks to the douchebag trying too hard factor.

        2. I’ve gotta say that the market for the 70s 911 has really taken off. You used to be able to get them for practically nothing.

        3. Indeed.
          The 1980s-era Ferrari 308 is the current car you can get for “practically nothing”. Teenage girls seem to be impressed by 1980s-era things, too, which puzzles me.

        1. Buying a car for the sake of the status is not the way to go. You can’t buy status; you earn it for yourself.

        2. Guys like Jase don’t understand that you don’t buy a Porsche for the status. You buy a crappy Bentley for the status. You drive a Porsche because it is an astounding automobile and a thrill to drive.

        3. A Bentley is a good car but it was always second fiddle to a RR. In fact I think I’ll get a RR because it’s nice and solid and is good protection against the peasants who all seem to drive these stupid SUV’s these days. The dumb proles are always causing problems and inconveniencing real people and forcing us to spend more money just to protect ourselves. When I bought an Aston Martin Lagonda in ’86 it seemed like a large enough car (it’s a 4 door sedan and I still have it, it looks new) but with all of these monster SUV’s around I’m always worried that some dingbat running into me. Fortunately there are no pickup trucks around here so I don’t have to worry about some dopey peasant hitting me. I rarely drive the Aston but even the Mercedes seems too small with all these SUV crap on the road.

  1. The older I get, the more I respect the allegedly “outdated” wisdom of our ancestors. They had the right idea when they emphasized delaying gratification, planning for the future, saving money and shopping for value instead of flash.

    1. Of course, there is balance. You could save and save and end up dead of a heart attack without really enjoying life.

      1. With money you can buy health care. A lot of people haven’t figured out yet that medical imaging has undergone a technological singularity, where physicians can look inside your body noninvasively and find things like clogging arteries and aneurysms which surgery can correct well before they could kill you.
        Seriously, today’s medical imaging centers can do things now which looked like science fiction a generation ago.

        1. Well that’s true but at some point you are still going to die. Replace heart attack with car crash. I don’t think anyone died wishing that they had spent more hours in the office.

        2. When Isaac Asimov was asked what he’d do if he knew he only had one day left to live, he responded:
          “Type faster.”

        3. I too may want to “type faster” on my last day on earth. If only to dispel the irrational statements. But each to their own. I believe it was Neitzche who said “any man who spends more than a third his day working died a slave.”

        4. Cancer is predominately lifestyle related. IF you sit around with a laptop on your nuts and a cell phone in your pocket eating fatty processed foods in artificially lit rooms while stressed and the only way you relax is alcohol and cigarettes contributing to a highly reduced immune function in a city that is highly polluted from all the cars then I too imagine that would be a contributing factor to your cancer. If you enjoy the outdoors, eat healthy and execs. You won’t need to worry about cancer.Hope you get better and wish you lived a better life Steve but now you will die not knowing the beauty of the world because your boss didn’t promote you and left you a menial job while you pay alimony as you were always at work.

        5. The point was that some people have arranged things so that their work is what they wish to be doing.
          The band was on the Titanic because it was their job. They played Nearer my God to Thee as it sank because . . . they were musicians.

        6. To a point.
          Always save a bit. 10% is a good start.
          Don’t forget to live! My grandfather had 9 kids (Catholic) and told all his kids something very important. That was, don’t forget to live. You do young things (rock climbing, et al) when you’re younger, save, but don’t forget to get experiences and LIVE.
          I’ve moved up steadily, but I have money sinks (small plane, but in a partnership) so I can have experiences and live.

        7. Without money you can have health insurance. It is called Universal Healthcare (or as we call it around the world, “healthcare”). You can find it in your nearest developed nation (except one) and in a bunch of Third World countries.

        8. A related concept is call welfare, where you also get a flat, a TV, a cell phone and money for each child you brought into the world.

        9. Some people do something that is their passion and are not monetarily focused. I’m sure the band on the titanic wasn’t asking for spare change for their performance as they were swept in to icy abyss.

        10. America is too big and too broke for universal healthcare. There is a trade off. The more people on universal healthcare the worse the service.

        11. You have lost track of your own premise.
          If you wish me to argue that my job is not what I do, simply choose another. I do not disagree with your foundational point of view, only the flaws in your expression of it.

        12. Is not obligatory to give money for each concept. The UCA in Argentina (Universal Children Allowance) has a limit on the number of children counted for the allowance. The effect in the short term has been to take countless people out of misery, and a higher presence of those children in school (they must enroll to receive the UCA). In the long term it could disproportionally benefit
          single mothers, but there is no mancession at this point, since we are growing just in the areas were men work (industry, engineering, etc).

        13. Either way, it’s still immoral to take from some against their will to give it to others – even if you believe the motives are noble, which I don’t.

        14. It’s honestly not that hard to grasp. If I take your example of the band playing on the titanic do you think they were concerned about their balance sheet, stock investments and retirement fund as the ship was sinking? If you are not paid for your job you can not by definition call it a profession.

        15. It is called “civilization”. It gives you roads to take, hospitals to go if you are sick, and some other stuff.

        16. No, roads are given to me by people who build them, hospitals are given to me by doctors and nurses.
          To claim that politicians did that is an insult to the people who actually did it, as well as those who actually paid them to do it.

        17. I never said politicians. The task of politicians is to determine the laws and the general management of the State, for which they participate in a competition. The one that suck less gets elected. It is the best system we have, and depending on the country, it can be really representative of the population. Some people prefer strong presidencies, some a parliamentary system of consensus (watch “Borgen” for a good series about politics in Denmark, as an example).

        18. Cancer can and does just happen. My father never drank, smoked, he was also a vegan. Neither of his parents had cancer. He was never in an environment with cigarettes(he hated smokers) he was very active and loved life. I’m sick of people pouting about how foods will give you cancer blah blah blah. I also know a few diabetics that are far from being over weight. Knowing all this I have thrown caution to the wind, I am now a smoker and eat candy, cake and red meat daily.

        19. You are a collectivist and a democrat. You believe that politicians representing the population is a *good* thing, I believe it’s a bad thing. You only have to look to the democratic government of the gaza strip to see how moronic this idea is. I don’t think of “peoples” as moral agents and I don’t care what “we” (we the nation? we the race?) have – I don’t have any loyalties outside my monkey sphere.

        20. People like Pablo conveniently ignore the fact that we already provide “healthcare” to those that are too young, too old or too poor to take care of themselves. Self-aggrandizing goofballs like that are easy marks for politicians.

        21. I’m a physician and you’re obviously a kid. Sure, it’s better to have money to do things that a poorer or a person whose insurance won’t cover certain procedures allows you to do. But almost all disease is the result of ageing and until some scientist figures out how to slow the ageing clock, and even here it won’t matter because there will still come a time when nothing can be done to save a patient (just a little later). People also just die of old age. Yes, heart failure, liver failure or something else will be on the death certificate but it’s really old age where everything is just failing or malfunctioning and the person dies from the combination of conditions caused by age.
          “and find things like clogging arteries and aneurysms which surgery can correct well before they could kill you”
          That’s assuming that the procedure doesn’t kill you and on your age. Most of the time especially with old people it may be just better to let them live with the condition because the outcome of many procedures do not extend life, or even make them feel better. With old people it’s usually just relieving pain or discomfort not to cure them or extend life. Is someone fell and broke their hip, or had a tumour blocking the intestine you’d have to do something but it’s really just a palliative treatment.

        22. Cancers are the result of ageing, like almost all other diseases. The longer you live the more likely you will contract some disease. Exercise? Has no effect on health or longevity. As long as you just walk around a little (like a 1/4 mile a day) more exercise will do nothing for you. A doctor proved this 40 years ago. Diet? Has hardly any effect on health unless you’re an alcoholic and just drink your meals. Fat? only if you’re over a critical weight level. A 160 lb female may look crappier than a slim one but that’s not heavy enough to effect health.

        23. Weight loss is a sign of diabetes. And as I said, diet means very little and it’s only people who already have a condition who may be put on a special diet. The condition wasn’t caused by the diet they were eating.. I wouldn’t recommend smoking but I recall that in the original Surgeon General’s report in the 60’s that smokers that smoked 10 or less cigarettes were in the same risk category as non smokers.

        24. no. where are you getting this from? it sure as hell isn’t from the field itself. mr, ct, us, cr have all undergone tweaks and changes, but are essentially unchanged since the late 80s. it’s just physics. the technology is significantly faster than before, which is a godsent, digital processing and all. but they are no less invasive in their respective technology than before.
          mr is a super conducting microwave oven at low power – my favorite – take a nap, but don’t stay in too long. ct is a giant high-rpm spinning ray gun – my second favorite – you’ll only take a few minutes to bake in this one. they are best viewed as sorta complimentary, not even remotely equivalent. each imaging modality has what its good for, with only minor overlaps in differential diagnosis potential.
          that said, you can buy your own 1.5T mr trailer and park it outside your house for $30k. can’t bill patients, but you can scan your hearts content. lots of slightly used equipment out there in the field right now. don’t need a license to own one 😀

        25. bill clinton was force or cajoled to sign workfare abled bodied had to apply and seek work it was successful not perfect. today its not done just sign here

        26. many hospitals, schools, aiding the poor etc was traditionally done by the churches and people used to support that but gov took over or put lots of rules and regulations making the charitable more expensive and harder and attitude changed to let gov do it but for $1 in aid given the gov spends $10
          and they came up with so many taxes on people they do not have the means to donate any more

      2. You should spend a sum of money that you can afford whether it’s on a house, car,clothes or anything else. And by afford I mean being able to buy it in cash (currency, check/debit, Amex) If you can’t just go into say a Volvo dealer and write a cheque for $50k for a car then you’re not in that class. If you can’t afford a $1200 suit at Brooks Bros. and have to put it on a charge card(not Amex since that must be paid in full monthly) then you’re not in that class either.
        The only exception to the loan rule would be for business where the money you’re making from taking the loan easily pays the loan and interest and you’re making a profit even after paying the debt.

    1. A girl who is legitimately into classic cars is reasonably masculine = completely DTF. Every girl I have ever known who was a self proclaimed “car girl” or “gear head” was a total slut – classic muscle and new tuners. It’s a masculine hobby that breads masculine traits

      1. Since I’m part of the story for a long time, girls who are into classic cars fall into 3 categories.
        1. Bad girl wannabes. They heard female who owns V8 is empowered.
        2. Daddy’s girls. They are actually nice, rather traditional and conservative, tho they are not broad in their knowledge, they know couple of cars and that’s it.
        3. Hippies

        1. I agree, a stupid slut Im banging now rides an R6. All her bike buddies gangbang her all the time… Bottom line: She’s a whore if she rides a bike or her friends are all guys.

        2. The manual transmission point is only valid in the US. In most of Europe and especially Eastern Europe nearly everyone drives a car with a manual transmission…

    2. A good woman is like a classic car that appreciates in value – but only in your book. To everyone else, she’s increasingly more trouble than she’s worth.

  2. All I can say is, I got significantly more admiration of the poosy variety when I had my Denali as opposed to the Subaru I drive now.

      1. Yes and no. It’s a great, reliable car. I highly recommend it to anyone. On the flispide, I’m a full-size truck kind of guy and a sedan is a farcry from a fullsize truck; I bought it for economy reasons I changed jobs a while back and needed something a little more realistic for commuting. Missing the Denali.

  3. The first girl ends up marrying some ass hole who is alpha and knows better either from experience, naturally or both women “love” a-holes.
    The second girl rides the cock carousel through her youth while getting beta bucks. She really probably would have been able to use the industrial family complex to rape a man or two financially when she was getting past her prime. Her own stupidly could lead to a bus situation though unlikely even for a fat chick well versed in the ways of beta bucks alpha fucks.

    1. Alphas don’t generally get married unless there’s something in for them, like a wife who works and provides free rent.
      It’s unbelievable how many girls miss out on the chance to snag a provider beta at age 29 because they decided to wait until they’re 31.

        1. If you want kids you are a beta NOT Alpha. Let me break it down for you.
          Betas want:
          Loving home
          Be a provider(sucker)
          Alphas will:
          Pump and dump(your future wife) or (girlfriend)
          Never marry
          Not have kids
          Spend cash on what they want to buy

        2. “”If you want kids you are a beta NOT Alpha. Let me break it down for you.””
          Not buying it. Wanting the extinction of your genetics is beta. Notice how the idea of fucking the lioness but not filling her up with babies is generally only pushed by self hating libtard gentiles?
          There’s a reason.

        3. Most ridiculous shit I ever read. A society of alphas under your definition would self-destruct. Any society that is non-perpetuating or inherently unstable is a failed society. I only need to look at the ghettos of America where your definition of alpha is already the norm. Only difference is that they have not forgone kids, the men just don’t stick around to support them. You are creating a false dichotomy with your definitions.

        4. ‘If you want kids you are a beta NOT Alpha’
          Anti-White much ?
          Every White country is flooded with 3rd Worlders who we’re expected to assimilate’ to create a ‘melting pot’ of ‘blended humanity’
          That’s Genocide
          Previously people who refused to participate in White Genocide were called ‘racist’ ‘supremacist’ and even ‘naziwhowantstokill6milionjews’ but ‘beta’ is a first.
          If you insult people who refuse to participate in White Genocide, ie creating a World without White children, then you are Anti-White.

        5. All organisms are coded to reproduce and adapt. Honestly, alphas are the primary method of reproduction in many species. Why shouldn’t they be in humans?

        6. More power to you. When you blew a load in that chick and got her pregnant that day day you relinquished all your Alpha privilages. You no longer get to swap her for a newer one… You bought the cow, and everyone else just drank the milk. Should have started reading ROK sooner and you would know what HOFAX is.
          Almost forgot, how is it nowadays-can you drive if you’re a deadbeat? Heard the corrupt state changed that law. Happy new year.

        7. Change the laws and Ill gladly blow loads in every 18 y/o woman that crosses my path… I surely will not be sticking around for 18 years with only one slut. Fuck that.
          Happy new year.

        8. You sound like more of a bitch than the one I met at the bar last night. Grab your cock and balls-rip them out and throw them in the garbage.

        9. “Most ridiculous shit I ever read. A society of alphas under your definition would self-destruct. Any society that is non-perpetuating or inherently unstable is a failed society. ”
          Luckily the majority of men in America do not have enough dignity nor self respect to GTOW, and they will be the ones marching off to the gallows of matrimony.
          Herein lies the problem — society succeeds when people procreate, but when the majority of men wake up and realize the whole family thing is a scam under the current conditions of the western world, they decide it aint worth it, period. And thus potentially the human race simply dies out. So be it. There is no cosmic law that states that I nor any other man are required to make such a sacrifice. And if the HUman race does become extinct, then I will chalk this up to simple evolution, and in the nature of things on this planet.

        10. ” current conditions of the western world” are confined by definition to the Western World.
          Asian countries aren’t anti-Asian and Black countries aren’t anti-black, it’s not ‘humanity’ that will disappear, just White countries.

        11. Alphas are sexually successful with women and leaders of men.
          Betas want what alphas have:
          – Sex with women (usually 60% of the time leads to wives and children ) ( In fact reproductive success is absolutely necessary for the concept of the Alpha male to have any relevance, to anything )
          – Respect of other men

        12. Exactly, remove laws and other social constructs and alphas will have the most children, like evolution intended it to be.

        1. The brunette was in Scrubs and The Big Bang Theory. The blonde was in Gilmore Girls.
          They both hail from rural Pennsylvania, work in LA, can observe, think and, gosh darn it, have a sense of humour.

        2. The blonde was completely naked in a long scene in a shitty indie comedy called “Hell Baby”. Yep, she is cute. I have shared that video with so many girls. The answer is always “this speaks about me!”

  4. Full disclosure: I almost always rent cars. I own a car, but I drive it just enough to make sure it doesn’t rot from sitting still too long.

  5. I thought this would be about whether your daugther will be the kind of girl to be bought and kept or the kind of girl who will be rented and dumped when she expires

  6. Good article, I agree. I live near DC, and I see a ton of these “keeping up with the Joneses” type of women just in my neighborhood. When you go out, it’s even worse. The people who have had to work for a living tend to avoid the expensive money pit cars and purchase something like a Subaru or a Toyota (because you can run them into the ground). The people who have everything handed to them buy less reliable, expensive cars for the name.

    1. I know someone whose grandfather died a millionaire.
      He left behind a 15-year-old vehicle, “lovingly” maintained. When the fuel pump died a few months later, there was a replacement sitting in a box in the trunk.
      That guy’s parents drive minivans, and will probably die with even more money than the grandparents.

    2. I used to live in that area. Unless he comes from money, if a guy has an expensive car to impress girls, chances are he lives in a hovel. Women can break your bank there, and they have this strange sense of entitlement where they can be car-less couch-surfers, and at the same time, look down their noses at guys who take the metro home to nice studio or one-bedroom apartments.
      Pro-tip: If you are under the age of 30, don’t go back to a girl’s place. She will be living in filth and have two evil, backstabbing, roommates who will cock-block and/or sabotage relationships/arrangements before they start. (In reading that, you probably thought I was referring to one incident, but… no.)

      1. Um, don’t let a girl come back to YOUR place. The time to head her place is after the deal’s already been sealed.

    1. Side note: she no longer discriminates because of decades beta mate guarding propaganda. And the propagandists are scurred because they have lost control.

  7. The problem with this story is the Nicole can’t find work because all the things teens used to do to make money is now being done by illegal aliens

    1. Yuppies are starting to wise up to the fact that the person tasked with raising their child is a functional illiterate (i.e. Juanita from Oaxaca). So there’s still nannying opportunities for nice white girls with fruitless liberal arts degrees. And waitressing jobs for babes.
      If you’re a dude, well you’ll just have to off yourself.

      1. “If you’re a dude, well you’ll just have to off yourself.”
        No kidding!
        There is no better time to be female in the Western World than now.

      2. You just forgot the millions of very nice girls from Third World countries that have a college education (and a Masters), that speak at least three languages and can take care of those kids as your worthless degree debt-ridden blondie can´t.

        1. The first and third world concept is dead. In the next 25-50 years there will only be wealthy and poor. It will not matter what country you are from(except maybe a few sub saharan african countries or Scandanavian – both ends of the spectrum). There will no longer be capitalism or socialism. It will be basically those with capital and a means to produce giving peasants enough to keep them docile.As we move to a hyper globalised economy so to does the nature of the socio-economic climate become globalised. I take it that you are from Argentina. Argentina has had one of the greatest wealth disparities in the world. At the moment there are those who are gaining wealth at the expense of other countries but the poor will only get poorer in comparison to those with a means to capital. Personally if I was part of the American wealthy elite i would not hire “blondie” with a arts degree or “Juanita”. Neither are capable of providing them with the type of education they need as a child. They don’t need guilt about how they are so entitled ;which is what they will get from both blondie and Juantita.

        2. “It will be basically those with capital and a means to produce giving peasants enough to keep them docile”
          You just described Capitalism. Welcome to the dark side.

        3. I described socialism my problem with capitalism is best described by GK Chesterton :the only problem with capitalists is that there are far too few of them. Redistribution of wealth is socialism. Socialism maintains the status quo and makes it harder for new venture capitalists to break into the market thus keeping the “old money” happy!

        4. >2013
          >still acting as if there is an alternative to capitalism
          How about reading 20th century history?
          Your above average intelligence leads you to not see the forest for the trees.

        5. Socialism is not redistribution, but the democratization of the means of production. It is like having “more capitalists”, but since a capitalist is the guy that makes money from the work of others, it is called something different (“socialism”), since in this system the owners of the means of production are the same people that use them to produce. Do not confound with “State Capitalism” (the URSS or you could say China or parts of the economy of Cuba).

        6. There is so much wrong with that paragraph, its hard to know where to start. Socializing means spreading around the costs, that is exactly “redistribution”. A capitalist uses his money to buy capital, which he puts to work to make more money. Capital could be a factory, it could be a laptop, it could be an apple cart. Workers may or may not be involved.
          The biggest flaws in your reasoning, besides the factual errors, is that you have a strange faith that people can mange these complex systems and somehow be smart enough to optimize these otherwise voluntary exchanges. Not only that, but you trust politicians (aka vote whores) to optimize the system for everyone equally (already magical thinking) instead of for themselves and their political allies and short term interests.
          In short, socialism concentrates power and creates perverse incentives. No, thank you.

        7. 1) Capital does not work. Workers do.
          2) We never spoke about the market (incentives). In Market Socialism there is “free” market (as free as a market can be). Hence, incentives.
          3) Stop taking the American popular take on a concept as the real meaning of that concept. Socialism is not what pundits say in Fox News. Read the Wikipedia definition first.

    2. Once can never please an American. When you have free market you complain about aliens, when you have obamacare, you complain about taxation.

      1. Most Americans don’t want free markets. Not even libertarians. Because libertarians also want the ability to discriminate against foreigners and those that hire foreigners.
        You clearly have no idea what Obamacare is though. It has nothing to do with socialized medicine. All you would have had to do know that is read any 100 of the 2000 pages.
        Its basically a way for the healthcare industrial complex (doctors, hospitals, insurance companies, pharmaceuticals) to extract more money form the middle class.

        1. “Because libertarians also want the ability to discriminate against foreigners and those that hire foreigners.”
          Yes faggot, because not wanting to be bred out of existence by invaders from the third world is a bad thing.

        2. John gotta say that i Like your line of thought. Marx knew that there was no way to destroy the true “elite” the “old money” the aristocracy. Marx was about destroying the “middle class” the “skilled labour” the bourgeois. By destroying middle class you create a stagnant economy. You limit change and you definitely end social mobility. The only way to do this is through increased taxation and huge cost to become skilled labour. You also place more and more power in the hands of the aristocracy.
          No country in the world has a system where they can stop a man who wants power from acquiring it even if they were to take away all money men will create symbols of status. Marx would have known that the aristocracy has and always will exist and if the aristocracy are to keep and maintain their power then they must make damn well sure that the “poor” the “unskilled” the proletariate are kept docile with no illusion that they can reach a middle class but with the illusion that they can make the aristocracy.
          This is evident is music and sport culture. The lotto etc. Orwell’s 1984 had the lotto for the poor they always had the illusion that they can make it to the aristocracy but never was there any illusion that they can make it to the middle class.

      2. America’s tax supported socialized medicine programs are Medicaid for those of working age and Medicare for those of retirement age. America spends more money, per capita, on those programs than any other country in the world does for its socialized medicine.
        Obamacare is facist medicine, paid by for the people as if in a free market, to the corporate insurers, only under threat of tax penalty by the government for abstaining from the system.

      3. The attempt to destroy USA through 3rd World immigration and ‘assimilation’ is GENOCIDE
        Who wouldn’t oppose Genocide ?

        1. That’s the most anti-American thought i ever heard. America was founded on immigrants and extermination of natives. That lesson was learned once, why repeat it again. Genocide against who ? Germans, Irish, Africans, English, French, Lakota, Inuits ? If there is one thing that is pointless to talk about in USA, that’s DNA. You either want a country of opportunities, or country of nanny state. Either is legitimate, your call.

        2. You can’t opportunity through an unfair market mechanism. There are concepts to the free economy that undermine your over arching theory of how a free market economy operates. There are conditions within a free market economy that dictate where there is unfair competition. e.g market collusion,insider trading, market monopolies and dumping etc.mass immigration is a means of dumping capital. When you dump capital you don’t do it for gain you do it to undermine the domestic price mechanism. You inherently limit competition among domestic supply.

        3. There is certainly a genocide in America and Europe at the moment. Genocide is not only ethnic but culturural. The conquistadors made an effort to destroy the cultural works of the Aztecs. When you destroy a man’s culture you destroy a mans identity to what he believed in namely the ideals of the first men. those that wrote the constitution etc. To the new demographic majority these become symbols insecurity. When the Goths and Vandals sacked Rome they could not comprehend what they saw ironically they thought the Romans were backward.When the Golden Horde(mongols) destroyed all books in Middle Asia( Iran,Iraq) they did it because to them they were meaningless a sign go weakness for they could not read and wanted them to adopt their beliefs. You don’t need to physically kill people to end their existence all you need to do is out breed them and destroy their culture.

        4. I agree, but destructors of American culture come from inside, not from outside. People who come from outside are mostly assimilated, to the point where they acquire anglophone names etc… Creators of global politics come from moslty Anglosphere, and their goals to destroy ALL global cultures and replace it with common one.
          Is it good or bad, it’s up to you to decide.
          And no, Genocide is only related to one ethnic group intending to exterminate other one.

        5. Yes you are right the end goal is both a global culture and racial composition. You are partially right when you say ethnic group. It is any group whether ethnic, racial , national or religious group. You don’t need to agressively kill a group to exterminate its culture which is genocide ( this point is still contentious sure) but I point you to schindlers list and Amon Goeths speech where he talks about ending the Jewish culture in Europe that had been there for 500 years. It’s very cultural and the destruction is partially from within. Depends on who you think is pulling the strings.

        6. One who is pulling strings are same ones you defend. They do not need to destroy anything or anyone. Particularly not in USA. USA was is and will always be melting pot. But they need to destroy stubborn ones such as Asian and eastern cultures. To replace collectivism with welfare, to replace family culture with consumerist culture, to replace holidays with sales etc.
          Some people claim that it is a positive thing. And they would be less contradictory than you.

        7. USA, like EVERY White country, and ONLY White countries is flooded with 3rd Worlders we’re expected to ‘assimilate’ to ‘blend’ humanity
          Nowhere is an ALL White anything allowed to exist.
          That’s GENOCIDE
          ‘Anti-racist’ is a codeword for Anti-White

        8. But I will add if they destroy the foundation for liberty and prosperity in a vertical nature they will run themselves into decay from within. The US will look like Iraq when people realise that those in power stole their birth right

        9. You are wrong. China, particularly cities, is FLOODED with white people. The only reason why they remain minority, is because Chinese nation is huge, and Chinese cities are Huge.
          When there is economy going, there are immigrants. And yeah, every illiterate white guy can get a job as an English teacher in China.
          Ofc westerners won’t occupy Papua New Guinea.
          And also, for majority of people, race is not secondary, but tertiary identification (i think America is only place on earth where it is THAT important). Everywhere else, nation comes first, than culture/religion.
          “Blending” of races works both ways. Even Russia has succumbed, sometimes now as a pristine white place without immigrants. They need to boost manpower, plain and simple. Putin is trying to find people of similar cultures who know Russian, but ultimately, he is getting Mongolians and Caucasians.

        10. You simply have no idea how much people are ready to endure for sake of temporary security. You don’t make them big changes suddenly, every politician knows that. You spoon feed people crap until they get adjusted, than you spoon feed them more and more.
          Difference between you and an Iraqi, is because you have choice, you still have it, and plenty of it. You can still find conservative states in USA. If you are liberal, you can always move to Canada. If you just need an opportunity and excitement in life you can volunteer for : Marines, Submarine force, Navy, Rangers, whatever. You can do a dead end job, or you can learn some skills and start private business, or you can go into politics and try to climb that ladder. None of that costs too much.
          For an Iraqi to be able to achieve anything, he needs insane stroke of luck. No wonder why they all hurl to emigrate.
          Your government realizes that there is still enough to be taken from you to cut the costs. First industry, than liberties, the they impose more monopoly to cut people from doing private business, then put everyone into cubicle offices and give them a TV.
          Immigrants are the least important issue.

        11. Trust me, Chinese don’t give a crap about USA as long as they don’t have any business going on there. Nobody is going to invade USA or West. With spending 1 sixth of USA military spending, Russia and China are bound to maintain defensive policy for decades. If they don’t think of something good, it will exhaust them eventually.
          Oh, and interesting fact. Russia and China are actually one of the VERY FEW states in the world where western websites are not most popular and most visited ones. In like 90% of globe, Facebook and Google are absolute leaders. In Russia and China, local websites are most popular, in Russia it is Yandex.

        12. There are more Asians in China alone then there are White people on planet Earth, there is no danger of Asians being washed away in a sea of White.
          If every last White person married a non-White there would still be tens of millions of Blacks and Asians, ONLY White children would cease to exist.
          The attempt to destroy EVERY White country through 3rd World immigration and ‘assimilation’ is GENOCIDE
          ‘Anti-racist’ is a codeword for Anti-White

        13. As Roosh used to say, white nationalist complains about extinction of white race. Number of fornication with white women = 0
          Who do you expect to be making babies for you, government ?

        14. Now you are attempting to excuse Genocide
          The attempt to destroy EVERY White country through 3rd World immigration and ‘assimilation’ is GENOCIDE
          ‘Anti-racist’ is a codeword for Anti-White

        15. Dude, you seriously need to google Genocide to actually figure out what you are talking about. For simple procreation you need 2 babies per EACH family. Not every second, not every third, EACH family. For populaton to raise, you need more than that. Plain and simple.
          How many kids did you say you have ? Or are you waiting for government to make them ? Well, i guess “being fucked by the government” will gate a new meaning some time soon.

        16. Genocide is a systematic destruction of a group whether religious, ethnic or racial. The means of doing this as per Wikipedia include reducing birth rates. The system encourages middle class typically white families to not have or have as few children as possible. While it encourages other groups to have as many children as possible and places and incentive to have children. This is genocide and its amazing how complicit people are in this activity. As per any liberal propaganda the destruction of culture is genocide. This is what you will be taught in any genocide studies class. Because that culture is what caused the genocide therefor when you destroy that culture you destroy the crux of what you oppose. Rwanda the Hutus didn’t kill the Tutsis bc they hated blacks they too were black of the same religion. They had some preferences and generally had higher paying jobs through their culture. There is also a reason that historically they kept women and children alive after genocide they wanted to assimilate cultures. Breed with the women and kill the boys. This is the nature of genocide. Jews were expelled from Britain in the 15th century it wasn’t because the British hated Jews for religious purposes although that was a common guise they controlled the wealth through their culture. This they despised Jewish culture.

        17. Yes it’s a slow process, a process built on our evolutionary nature. Our ability to adapt. It takes time and this is the fastest moving period in history since the industrial revolution. But as snowmen said in his Xmas speech your children will grow up in a world with no privacy or freedom. It depends how much our generation can be compensated and we generally are well compensated for selling our freedom and civil liberties. But the next few generations will not be so well compensated for the next sale of liberties.

        18. Dude, you seriously trying to DENY that EVERY White country is flooded with 3rd Worlders who we’re expected to ‘assimilate’ to ‘blend humanity’ ?
          The attempt to destroy EVERY White country through 3rd World immigration and ‘assimilation’ is GENOCIDE
          ‘Anti-racist’ is a codeword for Anti-White

        19. Yeh how’s that working out for Russia? Haven’t they got the fastest growing and largest growing neo nazi group in the world. After defeating hitler now public officials commiserate his passing. What a world!

        20. There are lost of neo-nazis in Russia because government refuses to recognize the problem and deal with it. And because commieblocks are full of dumb people without education or employment who got somebody to blame because they suck at life.

        21. No, that is not Genocide. Genocide is extermination via killing of certain ethnic group at hands of another ethnic group.
          Unless you have 3 kids you really don’t have right to talk about white being in danger. Even if not a single immigrant lived or moved to white states, white people would STILL be dying out because very simple – THEY DO NOT REPRODUCE. Even if ONE SINGLE immigrant hadn’t mixed with white or inhabited “white lands”, white race would still be in danger of extinction.
          If white people don’t want to reproduce, than that is white people’s problem.

        22. So ultimately, your point is that white people are responsible for their own extinction because they impose onto themselves shitty laws and shitty lifestyles. So why bash immigrants then ?

        23. You are just trying to Justify Genocide.
          You’re claiming that ‘Because White people reproduce responsibly and at environmentally sustainable levels that Every White country,and ONLY White, countries MUST be flooded with 3rd Worlders who refuse to reproduce at environmentally sustainable levels….
          There’s NO excuses for GENOCIDE
          The attempt to destroy EVERY White country through 3rd World immigration and ‘assimilation’ is GENOCIDE
          ‘Anti-racism’ is a codeword for Anti-White

        24. You are just trying to hide the fact that WHITE population is DYING OUT even without immigrants (hence, you would conclude that it is self-exterminating using your logic).
          So not only whites would face demise as they already do now, but if it was up to you they would also have to suffer recession in their states as well (as Japanese are for decades thanks to their extremely low birth rate)

        25. Ok, now we are getting somewhere. You admit that the current situation leads to a World without White children but instead of opposing this you excuse it.
          The attempt to destroy EVERY White country through 3rd World immigration and ‘assimilation’ is GENOCIDE
          ‘Anti-racism’ is a codeword for Anti-White

        26. I’m not excusing it, cause only ones who need an excuse for not reproducing are white people. Immigrants are to blame for extinction of white people, as much as white people are to blame for extinction of natives. Despite war and oppression, natives did not reproduce. Despite war and invasions, ancient Romans thanks to their culture and political organization, did not reproduce. They had low birth rates.
          Barbarians with multiple kids per family easily overcame ancient peoples in population.

        27. Given the consequences of allowing mass non-White immigration are known to you, the fall of Rome being the example you mentioned, WHY are you so keen to defend flooding White countries with non-Whites who get special benefits and free health care (in almost all of our countries) at White peoples expense ?
          The attempt to destroy EVERY White country through 3rd World immigration and ‘assimilation’ is GENOCIDE
          ‘Anti-racist’ is a codeword for Anti-White

        28. Because you only care about skin color. If white person immigrated you would not give a damm. Then there would be genocide, no benefit talk, no health care. Just as long as he is white in appearance.

        29. The attempt to destroy EVERY White country through 3rd World immigration and ‘assimilation’ is GENOCIDE
          ‘Anti-racist’ is a codeword for Anti-White

        30. You believe my people, White people, must be forced to compete in some reproduction baby race in our own countries.
          That is very Anti-White
          The attempt to destroy EVERY White country through 3rd World immigration and ‘assimilation’ is GENOCIDE
          ‘Anti-racist’ is a codeword for Anti-White

        31. No, they are supposed to maintain current population, not race for more. Otherwise population will constantly age, having severe consequences for economy and development.
          Right now not only current level is not maintained, but there is a decline.

        32. So instead of exploring options to encourage White couples to have more children you DEMAND the only solution is to hasten White Genocide through 3rd World immigration instead of White immigrants from poorer White countries such as the countries of Eastern Europe.
          The attempt to destroy EVERY White country through 3rd World immigration and ‘assimilation’ is GENOCIDE
          ‘Anti-racist’ is a codeword for Anti-White

        33. Countries in East Europe have worst natural growth in the world. The only reason why western states did not share their destiny is because of immigration (well, whites immigrated too)
          Well since they did not figure any way so far on how to encourage reproduction, the only left thing to do is bitch about it while having 0 kids yourself.

        34. Now you are trying to Justify Genocide.
          The attempt to destroy EVERY White country through 3rd World immigration and ‘assimilation’ is GENOCIDE
          ‘Anti-racist’ is a codeword for Anti-White

      4. That’s because of two reasons:
        First, a substantial part of America has become rather anti-capitalist – as is obvious in the election of a socialist for a president.
        Second, conservatives mostly complain about Mexican immigration, and there is a special political problem associated with Mexican immigration. I’m not sure if they’d have the same problem with Asians, for example.

        1. Immigrants are coming because they can find bottom-end job to do, that will pay as much money as if they were doctors in their own state. Once, an American could raise a family on a bottom end Job, true. But also, once, America had industry, so not every man without qualifications worked in a bar or wallmart. Now, government is pressing industries to outsource production to the 3rd world. It makes money. In return, because of shitty work conditions they give to people in 3rd world, they come to USA for better. It earns money. American government is not gonna change it for one simple reason
          It makes America more rich. It makes individual less rich, but America as whole is getting bigger. And corporations, of course. That is the way in which corporate capitalism is essentially going. It allows America to maintain it’s status as a world superpower. You can either choose to find your way to the top of that system through climbing social and wealth ladder, or you can emigrate to Canada, at least you have choice.

        2. Look at the Amish or the Mormon colonies in Mexico for examples of a hard-working, self-sufficient people for proof that all this anti-capitalist rhetoric is garbage.

        3. You make a great point as to why the USA needs to limit immigration. A person from a 3rd world country who is a Doctor comes to american because he can earn more in a menial job which doesn’t benefit the country he has come from and increases unemployment in the the USA. Firstly his country of origin trained him most likely though a socialist program and he has not returned their investment into the country. He is part of a brain drain. The country he /she was from now has less services, higher prices and so the cycle continues. There is a social imperative to make sure the educated from other countries benefit the countries of their origin or america will eventually look like the country of their origin. As the USA is fundamentally stealing that countries asset.

        4. I understand why you think anti-immigration would be better on long run. But if you came to American president right now, he would provide you with FACTS about why immigration is good and necessary. Not for you, but for him, as a leader of a world number 1 state which intends to remain that. For him, immigrants are 1) benefit for corporations (which America can thank for it’s might) 2) benefit for manpower 3) more taxation 4) more horizontal social issues than vertical ones 5) they impoverish enemies of America, while they make America more rich
          You could not beat him in discussion about that.
          You could only tell him that because of immigrants, average American has slightly less opportunities, but they are already aware of that, and that is price they are willing to pay. In future they might level some of those issues through better organized welfare.

        5. I understand why you think anti-immigration would be better on long run. But if you came to American president right now, he would provide you with FACTS about why immigration is good and necessary. Not for you, but for him, as a leader of a world number 1 state which intends to remain that. For him, immigrants are 1) benefit for corporations (which America can thank for it’s might) 2) benefit for manpower 3) more taxation 4) more horizontal social issues than vertical ones 5) they impoverish enemies of America, while they make America more rich
          You could not beat him in discussion about that.
          You could only tell him that because of immigrants, average American has slightly less opportunities, but they are already aware of that, and that is price they are willing to pay. In future they might level some of those issues through better organized welfare.

        6. It’s not anti-capitalist. I’m merely stating that capitalism has changed different phases and in different places is trying to adapt to needs of a state, global competition,and keeping citizens quite, happy and stuck in their TV screens.

        7. That’s the reason of tyrants. I have no obligation to my home country (Germany) to make a return of invest for them. I never signed a social contract. It was their choice to have a socialist education system, a system I strongly oppose.
          Also, the fact that America makes it easier for Mexicans to immigrate than for Germans isn’t in Americas interest at all. An intelligent policy would be to attract the hard-working and the elite. Most first-world countries do the opposite.

  8. Nikki’s dad should have been arrested for child abuse. He should have taught Nikki the value of a dollar. He raised her to be the way she is, and now he’s fed up with her behavior? Nonsense. I figured he’s a pussy-whipped blue-pill slave for the ladies.
    And to answer your question, good sir: my daughter will be neither a renter nor buyer, for I intend to have no children.

  9. Nice allegory; however, you completely glossed over the total and wretched heartbreak of driving a Range Rover.

      1. When they’re not catching on fire and/or spending time at the Rover dealer (because nobody else is masochistic enough to work on one) yeah, they’re fine.
        I owned a LR Discovery briefly, which was a comfortable and capable 4X4 when I was able to drive it (couldn’t drive it in the rain, because I’d get soaked from the dual, leaking, sunroofs). My Suburban, however, beats it in every way including gas mileage and – especially – cost of ownership.

  10. Fucking ‘eh. What an entertaining read. It all comes down to parenting, guys. At least at the heart of it. I can proudly say frugality is an important part of my life. Thanks for illustrating that sensible women have the capacity to exist. =D

        1. The gathering of a context is important here, as I was under the impression I was replying to my boyfriend. We both frequent ROK, and I was with family for the holidays. We had plans upon my return and so with the use of our usual pet name you can understand my confusion. My context was very different from yours.

        2. “My context was very different from yours.”
          Of course. Mine was meant to test yours.
          “our usual pet name”
          Protip: “Babe,” is a totally generic pet name entirely devoid of personal meaning. Waitresses call me “babe” or “hon” because we don’t have a personal relationship deep enough to have an actual, personal, pet name. Players use babe so they don’t have to remember your name and accidentally call you the name of one of their other women.
          So, anyway, can you ride fixed and stoke?

  11. Car loans are for losers and broke people. Anyone worth a damn has enough cash around to buy a decent used ride. The 95-99 M3 used to be a bargain, now it is hard to find a nice one though. For $7k you could have a hell of a car. People are so broke, it is easy to walk up to a craigslist deal, offer cash, lowball, and not be afraid to walk away. People need to sell their car to get out from under it and will likely call you back that night to accept your cash. Oh yeah, any real man can also turn a wrench, research how to fix a problem on the internet, and keep that baby rolling. Old 911SC’s pull beaver all day, every day.

    1. America have many drawbacks, but cars aren’t one. In europe you have to be rich to afford an old M3 (gas is 1.6€/liter, and anything over 130hp cost you an arm in taxes).

    2. Red pill comment been down voted, shocker. Got my last back around Christmas time for a fourth of the price using your method Sir.

      1. My aborted witty reply was something along the lines of:
        There’s one in every crowd. Usually it’s me, but as necrophilia isn’t my thing I’m going to let you have this round.
        Once upon a time in a game of “Would you or wouldn’t you” I suggested Gilda Radner and took a whole bunch of, entirely serious, shit about doing a cancer riddled corpse.
        People are funny critters, especially when they stop being funny.

  12. We’re talking about guns here right? Your daughter should definitely BUY a gun instead of renting one. Samuel L Jackson will give you the details.

    1. The only problem with that gun is the ejection port location. As you look down the sights, its located under your eye. That smoke from spent shells burns pretty bad.

  13. Lol. I drive a Daewoo… That I liberated from my folks. Free is free. Have enough cash for a Kawasaki/Honda bike, I just need to learn how to ride the damn thing.

  14. Can I rent the daughter like a ZIpcar?
    Rent the daughter online and when it’s time to “drive” her, just smack that smartcard on her ass!
    Yeah, yeah, I know, I’ll have to pay the state and county “slut shaming subsidy” taxes, in addition to having to settle for a lot of “mid-range” models …

  15. Another steaming pile of shit makes it way on to ROK. Love the “subtle” racism crowbarred in at the end by the way- but I’m sure that you and the “demographic” that you are blowing the dog whistle to will attack me for mentioning that.
    So, are some of ROK’s contributors on transfer from Stormfront? And many of those who leave comments have rather well developed views about racial classifications.

    1. You’re a goddamn idiot; go read one of the recent articles concerning the dangers white women post to black men.
      What struck me in this article is that the retarded homeless black man is portrayed as a more upstanding individual than Nikki.

      1. No more an idiot than those who pontificate about being red pill and “progressive” men but who either turn a blind eye to smart ass racism such as that contained in this (admittedly low quality and pointless) article; or even try to “justify” it. There is a sub group of men living in the USA who are incurably racist and their poison breeds hate when they spew it over their favourite spot; the Internet. This hate always comes from the USA.

        1. “This hate always comes from the USA.”
          You can’t have spent much time in Cyprus, or the Balkans, or Japan, or Norn Iron, or Thailand, or Egypt, or . . .
          Or maybe you are just so filled with hatred that it makes you blind to anything but the object of your hate.

        2. The man who got angry about someone pointing out that this article contained a gratuitous racist reference is now accusing others of hating? Nice re-frame attempt if tiresomely predictable.
          Can people like you not go one day without harping on about how much you hate “blacks”?

        3. Remember, the “blacks” are not responsible for your finanical and personal problems. I’m sure you have a Klan meeting to attend now anyway.

    2. lol I have used the bus several times and seen retarded homeless people on it, some of them black. Maybe I should have written ‘A person of indeterminate skin color, mental status and sex became friends with her.’

      1. That’s right, those goddam blacks are persecuting you and your right to free speech!
        Yeah, but you made a point if associating certain traits with black people. You really had to force a black character into your tedious little story; why did he “have” to be black? No need to answer.
        Don’t worry buddy, we all know where you are coming from; after all you have all the subtlety of a jackhammer.
        Next time just be a man and tell us what you think of black people without dressing it up as some form of “comment”or “social observation.”

        1. You twice tried to block me from leaving comments before free speech boy; and there was me thinking that you were a champion of freedom of expression (as long as you can impugn those pesky blacks anyway).
          I am actually a fellow whitey since you are so obsessed with peoples’ racial classification. Now you know. I just don’t casually insult people because they are black- but I’m sure you will portray that as a fault.
          Your real position on black people is hardly a riddle! Does the bad black man in the video scare you as much as people calling out your racism obviously does? What now? Delete any posts criticising your anti black agenda?

    3. My car was in the shop for 2 days while I was geting me bumper replaced. I took the bus on the first day. It was filled with negros who reaked of piss and newports. This was in Olympia WA which has a 2% black population.
      Never again. I rode my bike on the second day.

  16. Working hard for something you want really bad is character building stuff. The pleasure and sense of accomplishment that comes from finally owning something you slogged your arse for as opposed to simply being gifted that thing is the most amazing feeling in the world.

    1. Whether or not someone is a virgin is a pretty vague thing for which to suffer. Some virgins are really bad at sex compared to some non-virgins, for which you can suffer.

      1. so do you just chat with the other stormfront boys about how much you hate the blacks online instead? when is your next “article” due to be published blaming african americans for the banking crisis?

        1. actually we meet up in person at Starbucks for iced chai lattes every other Saturday and snapchat each other selfies of our pencil mustaches.

        2. It’s like reading the words of a 14 year old adolescent who believes that he is funny despite all the evidence to the contrary.

  17. The only problem wit this analogy is that women get a dependable beta boyfriend, not have much sex with him and instead bang out hotter less reliable guys behind his back and even have their baby instead of the dependable boyfriend.
    I know this all too well…after all , I’m the guy that steals chicks off beta boyfriends, haha.

  18. Will your daughters…? You hedonists are not supposed to be breeding, you’re supposed to be fucking anything hot, young and skinny that moves for free as long as you can and then buying prostitutes when it’s no longer free, remember?
    You don’t produce women, you are incapable of loving them. That includes any daughters that you would wisely get vasectomies to avoid having.

  19. Where is the editor of this website. I can’t ever get the time back I spent reading this 9th grade bullshit.

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