Why Did Karl Halverson Pierson Attack His School And Kill A Pretty Girl?

On December 13 2013, Karl Halverson Pierson walked into his high school with a gun, wounded a fellow student named Claire Davis and then killed himself. The assumed motive was Karl’s anger toward a teacher at the high school but others in the mainstream media posited their own theories as to the reasons behind the shooting. The usual suspects were called out to blame: prescription drugs, mental illness, gun control, etc. Some have even posited, based on former Facebook messages of his, that Karl was a militant anti-Republican and that that motivated his attacks…somehow. One theory that was noticeably absent from the ‘experts’ who reported on the situation, however, was Karl’s probable sexual frustration.

Here’s Karl.


Here’s a picture of Claire Esther Davis, one of the girls he shot (who later died).


What do you notice right away? Karl’s not a stunningly handsome dude and Claire is a smoke show. As of this writing, there’s not much information on Karl’s sexual history. It’s doubtful that Karl had a girlfriend, and it’s likely that he was a virgin.

By the way, if further details are released in the future which discredit my assumptions, well, ignore the Karl parts of this article obviously. Yet even if I’m wrong in my assumptions of Karl’s life, the basic gist of this article is right and does apply to the majority of normally peaceful men who suddenly turn violent and perpetrate these tragedies.

Return Of Kings has touched on this subject before, but since the cowardly and narrow minded mainstream media refuses to even consider positing such a theory, it’s up to us ROK truth sayers to repeat ad nauseum such observations: women’s selfishness makes men kill. What do I mean by women’s selfishness? The majority of women are consistently sexual only with a minority of men. This is a fact. The percentages aren’t certain (some studies claim a 60w/40m percentage – I personally think it’s as high as 70w/30m based on my own empirical observations), but the basics are a sure thing. In our society today, there are hundreds of thousands of young men with insatiable sex drives who are receiving little to no sex from their female peers—not even the less attractive women whom traditionally would be paired off with less attractive men.

Life without sex is a horrible experience, especially when you’re a young man. Although I get laid consistently, I have gone long stretches without any sort of sexual contact with women. It was gruelling. My unfulfilled sex drive made me jack off on average three times a day—four or more on gym days when I upped my testosterone level. For the vast majority of men their sex life is a central part of their character and a major part of their motivation for all aspects of their life. If men are barred from it (whether they actually are or merely feel that they are) for whatever reason, they feel little incentive for anything else; even if that incentive is to not go crazy and shoot people.

Karl wanted to have sex, and just by looking at him it’s obvious he wasn’t getting much, or any. Claire is a beautiful young woman and is doubtlessly the object of affection for many young men who know her, including lonely and sexually frustrated ones. Karl was certainly amongst them. Karl had no chance to ever be with her and he knew it. And that’s why he encountered her in his school, armed with a gun, he turned it against her.


Unfortunately this picture is blurred, so it’s difficult to see the subtle signs of body language, but notice how there’s four men and three women? And how Karl appears to be the only male alone?

Am I saying Claire should have known better and had sex with Karl in advance? No. Claire was for all intents and purposes (looks, status, wealth) far out of Karl’s league. Yet there’s little doubt that there were many, many women in Karl’s high school who were in his league. So why wasn’t Karl at home relieving his sexual frustrations with a girlfriend on par with his looks instead of simmering in anger alone, writing typical angry teenaged political messages on his Facebook and purchasing guns? It is because the inherent selfishness of all women has been allowed to run rampant in our Western societies.

Women whose level of physical looks give them no right to be picky are allowed to chase after the upper tiers of men with no shame while men who are just as, or perhaps even a little more, attractive then themselves are forced to remain virgins into their twenties and are forced to wait until women’s looks begin to fade around the age of twenty-six before being given the chance to enter into a relationship with them. And even then, the relationship is a farce. The woman has only entered it out of desperation since all the upper echelons of sexually enticing men who used to have sex with her have cast her off and she is emotionally damaged by her selfish experiences.

What future did Karl have to look forward to? Working a mediocre job (if he could even get one), living in a society that does not look out for him or his interests in the slightest (while often ridiculing the people like him in the media – when not actively selling out his future) and having to wait until he was twenty-five or older before being able to enter into a sexually satisfying relationship with a woman on par with his looks (who would be incapable of actually loving him by that point due to her dozens of sexual partners)?

Young men like Karl – who aren’t blessed with looks, or exorbitant wealth, or the top tier social skills of the small percentage of men who are getting laid – have been left in the dust by our female-centric, uncaring societies. And society does not care until men like him pick up a gun and starts shooting. And society will not admit the real root of the problem, even when it’s staring them in the face.

The assumed catalyst as to why Karl went on the rampage was that he was demoted by a teacher in charge of the debate team, and that this caused murderous frustration in him. Do you think Karl would have had so much murderous frustration if he was receiving as little as a blowjob every so often?

So long as society encourages women of all ages to be the inherently promiscuous creatures they are and allow them to limit their sexual choices to the men at the top of the pyramid (when many of them have no right to), sexually frustrated men will continue to lash out with extreme violence. The Columbine’s will continue. The Sandy Hook’s will continue. The Arapahoe’s will continue. Until society sits down and thinks over these problems with an unclouded mind, men will continue the shootings. More people will die just so Jane Doe can continue to ‘explore’ her sexuality until she hits the wall.

Of course, it’s always easier to scream, “PRESCRIPTION DRUGS! GUN CONTROL MENTAL ILLNESS!” and ignore the root of the problem and twiddle one’s thumbs until the next shooting. For many men, hundreds of thousands of them, they live in a mentally ill society. It’s a testament to either their humanity or their cowardice that more of them do not lash out like this. The problem will only continue to get worse and without recognizing some hard truths, it will never get better.

This article was a quickie and I’m on vacation, so I apologize that I won’t be able to respond to comments. If you have something to say the writer, you can email [email protected]

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554 thoughts on “Why Did Karl Halverson Pierson Attack His School And Kill A Pretty Girl?”

  1. Pretty much what I assumed when I heard about the story. Also why I didn’t care in the slightest.
    They can reap what they sow.

  2. The only reason I care at all is that I might be in the library one day when one of these thirsty boys snaps. But if it happens? I’m not taking a bullet for a bitch, he’d have to shoot me cleanly.

  3. It sucks to realize that our culture has lied to men about male/female pair bonding as the main adventure of adult life, once you realize that women consider most men sexually yucky.

    1. It’s totally irrelevant whether or not women think men are sexually yucky. Living with a woman …. is INFINITELY yuckier. So is 99% of the shit she asks for and expects men to do for her. Who CARES if she likes it?
      She’s not SUPPOSED to “like” it.
      She’s just supposed to DO IT.
      Kinda like a fireman isn’t supposed to “like it” when she expects him to run into a burning building to save her pathetic ass. But he does it anyway. I don’t give a fuck if women think “sex is yucky”. It’s her goddam duty for her outrageous list of demands, expectations and unearned entitlements.
      It’s the LEAST she can do.
      …. especially if they are going to insist on being useless for anything else.
      I would pay REAL money to hear a woman calling out from a burning 10-story window “HEEELP!!!!!”. And the fireman down below says “but it’s yucky!!!”.
      I would pay HUGE.

        1. Brilliant! Who do I make the check out to……..?. This short should be part of the trailers before every movie.

        2. Well, joke’s on you. Because one of the men injured in that shooting was only injured BECAUSE he blocked his girlfriend from being fired upon. So fuck you.

        3. Jokes not on me. I would never be that fucking stupid or think a woman deserves protecting. But thanks for giving men another fucking reason to let cunts like you die with no remorse.
          Joke’s on you.
          So fuck you. Dry. In the ass.

        4. Except it SHOULD change the fact that you and everyone else on this site seem to think it’s okay to assume a hell of a lot.

        5. Coulda, shoulda, woulda.
          Do you have anything of value to contribute? Or are you just going to posture and pretend you have some sense of morality.

        6. And another assumption! Good for you for perpetuating the typical RoK reader. Done with you.

      1. If I ever hear another male use the term “Honey-Do” list again, I will spit in his fucking face right there and then.

      2. “Who CARES if she likes it? She’s not SUPPOSED to “like” it.
        She’s just supposed to DO IT.”
        Wow. Just. Wow.
        To each its own…maybe you should focus on learning to make money instead of learning game, so you could get hookers. I’d rather have sex with a girl who desires me, I tried prostitution already and didn’t do the trick for me.
        Chloroform is an option, too. Just kidding!.

        1. Fascinating. Because I’ve never hired a prostitute. So between the two of us, you are the one who has sex with women who don’t desire you. You shot your load, didn’t you? Then it did the trick. So you can stop pretending it didn’t, because that’s exactly why you hired her.
          See, men have a biological need to have sex like we need to take a piss. When you really need to go… do you care that there’s a sign on the door which says “customers only”?
          The difference between you and I is that you would buy a coffee first, just to arc your glob.

        2. “men have a biological need to have sex like we need to take a piss.” Well then why don’t you just screw the hole in the toilet.

        3. Like I said if it is just like pissing, try a guy, a piece of meat, why do you need a women to deposit your sperm?

        4. Because you can’t “go” or “turn” gay you fucking idiot.
          Haven’t you heard? Gays are BORN that way.
          You can’t REFORM BIOLOGY you stupid fucking cunt.

        5. I understand, confessions of having patronized hookers and jokes about chloroform as a seduction tool are widespread among comments over there.

        6. He’s probably a Tom Leykis listener. Tom equates having sex with using a toilet. I don’t agree, but it’s an interesting comparison…

        7. You can’t disagree with a fact. Because it’s not an opinion no matter who you heard it from. Ejac is a physically necessity for men exactly like taking a piss is necessary for everyone. Only a woman doesn’t fucking understand that. Women are the sex that fucks (or doesn’t) for reasons like what kind of SHOES a guy is wearing. Or how much money he makes. Or what he does for a living. Or what kind of car he drives. Or that he “negged” her just enough to give her gina tingles. A woman fucks for a goddam LIE. A woman will spread her legs for “hello I’m a doctor”. That’s what women equate fucking to and remove their panties for.
          Far better to equate it to taking a piss.

      3. I hate to break it to you, but if women find sex with you ‘yucky’, that says a lot about you. Even this site indicates that most women love sex. Chances are you’re either shit at it, or you are just generally repulsive.

        1. That’s not going to fly, I’m afraid. It wasn’t even a good try! You’ll notice it was someone ELSE who said that (“RedneckCryonicist” above) and not myself. You’re just projecting and are a miserable failure at it.
          In fact, I made a comment down below a couple of days ago to a guy who mentioned he directly hired a prostitute which is something I have never done…. and I said “between the two of us, you are having sex with women who don’t desire you.”
          So your abysmal attempt at manipulation fails – especially now that everything is in black and white right before you. You would be more rewarded to take your failure tactics and go get fucked by them.

  4. I’m a 42 yr old guy…who has never dated, had a girlfriend or
    even held a woman’s hand. I would need to be taught how
    to kiss. I only began talking to women (asking for the
    time of day…since that’s all that I’m capable of) 2 1/2 yrs
    ago. Yet, surprisingly….the thought of doing harm to
    others has never entered my mind.
    If sexual frustration was truly the impetuous for violent behaviour
    I should have blown up half of Montreal a long time ago. Granted,
    my situation has been such for so long..that I am beyond feelings
    of frustration…more towards acceptance.
    However, I can empathize with a young guy who see girls around
    him getting hotter & hotter…and coming to terms with the fact
    that he will never have any access to them. I agree that if
    Pierson had a full social/sexual life that he would have been
    too busy enjoying himself to ever entertain any thoughts of

    1. Take an airplane to Thailand ASAP. Do not fall in love, just enjoy it for some months. THEN come to a province in Argentina or Colombia (Argentina better, less interest on your money) and marry the pretty early thirty-something / late twenties that has been left alone because everyone in town marry already and she can´t go to Buenos Aires, or Rosario, or Cordoba. You can fall in love with her.

    2. Dude I can’t help but read your response and see a defeatist attitude and negative self image. Often this sort of mentality creates a negative feedback loop where you interpret everything from that defeatist, negative mindset regarding yourself and what you have is a self fulfilling prophecy.
      Where is your will to power? You would give up your masculine rage for……acceptance?? Shame on you man. At least this kid did something about his anger. I can respect that way more than just accepting your “fate” and not doing a fucking thing to change it.
      You said
      “Yet, surprisingly….the thought of doing harm to others has never entered my mind.”
      I am going to give you a prophecy and tell you that had you entertained thoughts of violence towards others as a way to deal with your internal issues you might actually find some personal relief and I will even say this…..a man’s will to commit violence and carry it out also makes you very attractive to the weaker sex and you likely would have lost your virginity right around the time you willed yourself to accept your violence and anger as a man.
      I do not condone what this frustrated kid did in any way but had he not done it……no one would ever fucking care if this person existed.
      I’ve said this before and I wont stop saying it….learn to fight! Not just other people but learn to fight that bitch ass weakness in yourself and exorcise your own demons. You don’t like the way someone is treating you? Close your fucking fist and run it through their goddamn face. People don’t respect you? Beat the ever loving shit out of them until they are FORCED to make a wide berth when you walk by.
      Are you still breathing? Then you still have a chance to reclaim what was lost and not just “accept” the way things are. My god that is fucking faggot talk.
      A man’s violence can be one of the most powerful things in the world. Women know this and crave for it like the intoxicating drug that it is. They are immediately wet upon just the thought of this sort of man going ham and fucking shit up even if for no other reason than he had a bad fucking day.
      Again I am not condoning gratuitous violence on anyone weaker than yourself or small animals or anything of that nature. I have said before men these days need to learn to fight. Join a fight club/mma gym and truly test yourself. It is all about having a healthy outlet to hone and exercise your manly violent urges. Consequently this actually will make you a more peaceful, confident and sociable person whom women want to be around and also sleep with. You become the rock on which women can take refuge( and cock) and both parties come away knowing this is how its been since the beginning and how it will always be.
      Not satisfied with your lot in life? You have the power to change it all and no one else will ever give two fucks about you if you don’t

      1. Some dark enlightenment red pill there. Violence is a tool like fire. You can’t be competitive without it.

        1. Right. Also a great way to stimulate the economy. You know, Hospitals, Law Enforcement, Attorneys.
          That kind of talk works in Third World countries where you can buy your way out of shit.
          Get a Felony Assault charge on your record and kiss any chance of career advancement goodbye.

      2. Long post
        THIS. I saw both coins of the medal. Raised in an extremely pc society, i was a bit of an “artsy bad boy” between 15 and 25. 5’6 height, average looks, middle class and i was getting plenty of action with girls ranging from 7s to 10s.
        Then i fatefully decided to tone it down, be an agreeable joe and conform: I became weak & nonexistent.
        I have an average job in a highly competitive workplace (tv station, heh) where pussy is the prize, and guys will AMOG you relentlessly to weed you out.
        Soon, even plain janes wouldn’t give me the time of day.
        Even at the time where i weighed 180 “semi-cut”, (for 5’6, that’s a decent weight) the attitude wasn’t there. Gym was still useful to kickstart my drive in the long run but this proves the point that if your inner game is down below, you’re hepless.
        It all went in a downhill loop to the point where i lost all my self-confidence, which translated into a serie of failures which in turn drove my self-confidence further into the ground.
        “D00dz” humiliated me as soons as they saw a good-looking girl withi earshot; there was no fear of retribution.
        Every night before sleep, ALONE, my last thought was “Am i really gonna let everyone wipe the floor with me for the rest of my life?
        Guess what took me 10 years to recover, alternating between self-pity and glimmers of hopes. At one point i was a raging nutcase too. That’s sad.
        Till i said FUCK THIS SHIT. I’ll be the best man a decent person cant count on, but to the others, (especially that particular breed of hard to counter, passive agressive little jerks that gave me so much problem, but thats another story). Cultivated my little inner sociopath too.
        Long story (not so) short, i found back my aggression.
        Anger: it’s like a gun: You don’t waltz around sticking it into people’s face, you bury it in your pocket and almost forget it exists. But when the shit hits the fan…
        “Among other evils which being unarmed brings you, it causes you to be despised” -Machiavelli-
        I didn’t shy away from revealing explicitly that on a practical point of view, i considered it acceptable to headbutt verbally, (or physically if need be) anyone intent to lower my value as a man. Didn’t please some, doesn’t matter. Snide remarks started to cease. Made a point to tell those slow to catch that i wasn’t wasting 2 seconds of my life with their shit.
        I’m basically offering only one compromise: interaction’s gonna work my way or no way. Deal
        Guess what: stuff started getting repaired. in my head. I found inner validation. Work out, drink way less. And it SHOWS so much sometimes it’s ridiculous. i’m getting *at least* attention from 25 y-o sweeties than when i was 25 myself. Restarted approaches recently.
        AND since i was lauded as a promising writer in my college and uni years, then ceased due to chronic discouragement, i restarted working on a book project. That’s the f***ing pinnacle: I will further my self-growth by achieving something that was meant for, that i’m good at. It’s’ quite promising so far. I’m in control again.
        But first because i became a MAN who actively refuses to be put down. And displayed sign that at that point, i was ready to fight for my dignity.
        TL:DR :
        The so-called rules of interactions in our civilized society are BS. The fights still rage on: The clever just made most people “disarm” to forcefully enter their back orifices easily.
        Non-english speaker here, so usual disclaimer applies.

        1. You were born and raised in a society that HATES you and abhors any lone individual’s will to elevate himself above serfdom.
          Despite that you chose to overcome and establish yourself as a person with anger and power and willing to use it at a moments notice if you weren’t paid your respect due.
          For that I commend you and accept you as a brother with whom the burdens and toils of a harsh existence we can gather and learn and build and retake our souls which have been intentionally eradicated from our minds since birth.
          No mercy. None for your enemies, outward and inward.

        2. Awesome. We need more stories like this….so often there are not examples of these simple truths.
          Life’s a bitch when you are like a ship with out a course. Had I only know a long time ago some of the things you mentioned above (and recently discovered myself, as well) then life would have been much improved a long time ago.

      3. “a man’s will to commit violence and carry it out also makes you very attractive to the weaker sex and you likely would have lost your virginity right around the time you willed yourself to accept your violence and anger as a man.” Really?! so how many women have you beat to make them stay with you? Power does need not violence. Violence is not power. There is a difference between control and power.

        1. Perhaps you should have attended the Derek Zoolander center for kids who can’t read good. That way you might at least have a basic understanding of reading comprehension.
          Nowhere in my comment did I advocate hurting any chick you are gaming, fucking, whatever. Just that she percieves you as sufficiently capable and perhaps a little unpredictable is enough to generate massive attraction from her.
          Here is the Dictionary.com defintion of power doofus.
          pow·er [pou-er]
          ability to do or act; capability of doing or accomplishing something.
          political or national strength: the balance of power in Europe.
          great or marked ability to do or act; strength; might; FORCE.
          the possession of CONTROL OR COMMAND over others; authority; ascendancy:POWER OVER MEN’S MINDS.
          political ascendancy or CONTROL in the government of a country, state, etc.: They attained power by OVERTHROWING the legal government.
          Note the caps lock on certain words. Hopefully that will help your brawndo drinking ass.
          Stick to what you’re good at. Like finding gay ass pics of koala bears and posting them on the internet.

      4. What a stupid fucking moron, you are. Doubtless the first to cry if someone launched an unjustified violent attack on you, eh? You cunt

      5. yep at least this kid murdered other innocent people instead of just accepting his hypothetical virginity, great post you goddamn psychopath

      6. “a man’s will to commit violence and carry it out also makes you very
        attractive to the weaker sex and you likely would have lost your
        virginity right around the time you willed yourself to accept your
        violence and anger as a man.”
        How come that didn’t work for this ginger-head Karl? How come right around the time he was contemplating murder didn’t Claire text him to “bring da movies”?

    3. Hey there! You’re in a city which has some of the hottest escorts in the world. If you’ve got the money, set aside your morales and get yourself screwed by some hotties on a regular basis before it’s too late. Maybe I’ll join ya! 😛 (well, not in the bedroom, I mean just partying in Montreal).

    4. “Yet, surprisingly….the thought of doing harm to others has never entered my mind.”
      Hmm, has the thought of harming yourself crossed your mind?

    5. And all of that is your own fault. You are to blame. No one else. I hope you find the means to change. It’s never too late.

  5. Amazing article Billy Chubbs. Thank goodness for RoK where we can discuss real issues without the mainstream herd-mind Feminist / Mangina boot on our throats. I would concur with everything you have posited with this article. Especially that this types of events will continue. It is very sad, but the average young man growing up today is truly fucked. And this has been caused by what else but the universal driver of everything that fucks men. The lust for money and power by those with no heart, no scruples, no morale backbone. Big media, advertising, Feminism, Diversity, insert assorted politically correct bullshit here.
    RIP Karl. You are in a better place.

    1. The average young man growing up in any era was truly fucked. It’s not a lust for power and money so much as an understanding that power and money provide some safety net in what is a very dangerous world. If an average young man is at a greater disadvantage today it is only because he lives in a society that teaches him from birth that it is not dangerous and that a peaceful, idyllic life is possible without money and power.

      1. I’d go so far as to say young men have never had it better, all things considered. Less war, less slave labour, less disposability. We have greater freedom, greater independence and all these benefits we only had before because we busted our asses and risked death for them. Feminists see that we have now the best of genetic independence and increasingly lifestyle independence too. They are jealous, they are calling it many things, but not what it actually is: nature, baby.

  6. Good Im glad that that worthless bitch died, was probably a degenerate waste of space using everyone for what she could. Dude is a huge phaggot too.

  7. This article and “Examination of Cult Leader Game” are 100% certified classic. Possibly the two best articles ever published on ROK.

  8. If that unfortunate young man had been trained in boxing (which should be compulsory for young men) then he would have had the confidence and discipline to keep his shit together during the tough times.
    He would have got some tail as well.
    RIP Dude.

  9. It’s sad to read these stories.
    Had he been told the truth earlier in his life about how attraction works and how to be a masculine man this could’ve been prevented. Instead he has no foundation and is at the hands of society who shames him for his sexual desires and makes him hate himself and feel unworthy of love for being a man.
    Unfortunately Karl and many others like him do not have the capacity, mental understanding and drive to see through the facade and begin to re-mold their personalities based on the TRUTH of how human nature works.
    While Karl and other men feel the same pain, most men will instead live a casually distracted life while slowly dying in a silent desperation. There will be occasional laughs to keep the mind off the pain but it never goes away completely.

  10. Very interesting, very true.
    (To be sure, though, I have zero doubt that the insane amounts of psychotropic drugs young men are being force fed are also a common factor.)

  11. When I was at college I was at a nightclub chatting to a woman who was no more than a 5 but whose confidence made her a 6.
    Then I bumped into her twenty minutes later and she was making out with a nice young boy she had just met. She then smugly said to me “I’m taking this one home”.
    At the time I was glad that I was getting all the tail I needed and didn’t especially like the girl in question but I still thought “What a fucking bitch”.
    She could have / would have hurt a man but would have taken great exception to any man behaving that way to her.
    I always brought my own daughters up to never, ever play with any man’s feelings because as I put it “If you play games then you are going to get played back”.

    1. i’m honestly not sure where a lot these women get their manners from nowadays. you shouldnt taunt men..amongst other things.

      1. I totally agree. I have never understood why innocence is considered to be a virtue so was always open with my kids as to how the world works.
        I pointed out to both of my daughters that in almost all cases women are “raped” because they play games with men and though no person deserves to get raped people will have very little sympathy for a cock tease.

      2. They taunt men because there are no real consequences in the form of possible violence coming from the men themselves or society at large in the form of social shaming.
        Make the consequences real and apparent and the dynamic will change. I have playfully grabbed a large number of women I just met by the throat. I have grabbed other women very hard by the arm when I am angry and told them if they acted up any more I’d punch them in the fucking gut. I’ve thrown ex’s and other women out of bars that I’ve worked at for no other reason than I didn’t like seeing them there or didn’t like the tone of their voice. Never had even so much as a threat of legal action against me. On the contrary most women naturally defer to me and that is the only frame I allow.

        1. There are consequences, all good for her. Per Goobermint orthodoxy and female perspective, she raises her social value by stepping on more ‘betas’. Betas pay their taxes dutifuly either way.

        2. Even so that shouldn’t stop us here from encouraging more men to sack up and finally take the reigns of their life in their own hands for good or ill regarding their relationships with women. I’m hard pressed to think of any circumstance where this is bad advice.
          Even the article about false rape accusations wherein the author’s final advice was to “be nice” I vehemently disagreed with as it is not red pill wisdom.
          Speaking of consequences the women a man chooses to deal with on a personal level should absolutely fear what consequences you are capable of. More so than any government, police or what not. Fear gives way to comfort and respect. Over time she comes to see you as the ultimate, the unstoppable, unmovable force and she cherishes you for that.
          Probably sounds extreme even to many here but I believe it is something every man should aim for in their relationships with women.
          This was said thousands of years ago in the book of genesis
          “Her desire will be for the man and he will rule over her”

        3. In no way do I disagree with you on principle. My point was that the problem is not simply that they CAN taunt men with impunity. The WANT to taunt men with impunity because it is an advantage according to her reproductive mandate from her evolutionary design to step on all except The One. They are not externally controlled to behave that way but externally allowed. Their intrinsic nature has been freed. It’s a minor point as to this specific problem, but I want men to be warned about the Female Imperative and to always strive to control it or otherwise on guard. Women are compulsively relentless in their application of hypergamy. Any opening will be attacked. I agree with your prescription, of course.

        4. Sorry to go off tangent here……but in that false rape example you cited, there IS a difference between being nice (ie – polite, deferential, agreeable, respectful) and not being a total a^hole after sex (ie – zip up your pants and leave without a single word). Women don’t need or want “nice” but neither do they want to be disrepected and treated like trash after they have “given” themselves up to you.

        5. I have a theory that women shaming men into bettering themselves have always, throughout history, been accepted as serving a higher purpose. Righly or wrongly.
          Hell, the reason why men shaved and cut their hair in modern times was because they didn’t want to be shamed by women giving them a white feather for not serving in WW1. However, what women “shamed” men for in the past (cowardice) is totally different from what women “shame” men for now – for very stupid trivial reasons – that is the difference and the source of angst.

    2. Before I got married I would go clubbing once in a while and one night I was with a colleague who was a great guy but chubby and not handsome, though he always dressed impeccably and had lots of self confidence. We were both at the bar waiting for the bartender to serve us and a blonde hottie who was sitting beside him turned to him and said, totally out of the blue as he was just minding his own business, “You’re fat and ugly!” and then walked away. He did nothing to solicit any conversation from this woman, yet for some reason she felt compelled to berate and insult him. Some women really do need to be slapped once in a while!

        1. Granted, by a smart male, “alpha” or otherwise would be well advised to do a lightning fast “cost benefit analysis” on using violence be it on a man or woman. Small infractions can have mighty implications down the road as far as employment and careers. Some stuff on your record wont go away.
          Im not saying be a pussy, but tread carefully and live to fight another day. Remember, females have the Court and the Jury in their hand.
          Revenge is a dish best served cold.

        1. Yet if a woman slaps a man it’s not so bad, but if a man slaps a woman all hell breaks loose. You want equality?
          Stop squawking and take your lumps like a man!

        2. You’re not allowed to put words into peoples’ mouths just because you’re making gross generalizations about an entire gender. A gender that I’m convinced you know nothing about.
          If you would kindly re-read my comment, I was simply saying that it goes both ways, not that any one or the other was “worse”. No squawking here.

        3. As a man who’s had his fair share of women, and was married to a particularly gorgeous one for 10 years, I think I’ve had enough of your damn gender to generalize. 😀
          Trust me, if I found a hairy cock and balls hot, I’d be done with women. Even being hetero, I’ve almost given up on having relationships with women; I’m starting to think that maybe women are more tolerable and more affordable by the hour. 😛

  12. I enjoyed the article and think the author made some valid points but my concern is nothing can be done. We live in a country where many women are obese and therefore unattractive to most men. Females are given constant attention and validation through social media – these women don’t have to leave the house or wipe their ass in the morning. On top of this many women are chasing and banging men who have no intentions of entering a real relationship with them… The cat is out of the bag – there will be more shootings in the future.

    1. If one considers that men will mate with a beautiful idiot over an ugly genius, any day, is it any wonder that we are breeding female leeches who think that having a pretty shell entitles them to everything. We have met the enemy and he is us….or maybe our eyes and our nuts.

      1. I think that’s a really great point, but for reasons of conditioning rather than genetics. One of the things often reinforced in our society – and in fact on RoK as well – is that a woman’s primary value lies in her physical attractiveness, the inference being that the better looking she is the more valuable she is. My problem with this is that you do get a lot of women who either are really very attractive or who believe themselves to be, being incredibly fucking rude and entitled because they think they’ve fulfilled their main purpose in life. They’ve become (or think they’ve become) really physically attractive, and so they don’t have to do or be anything else in order to be extremely desirable and to reap the benefits of that desirability.
        One of the things that I was always taught growing up is that it’s not enough for anyone, male or female, to be just one thing. In order to be attractive and worthwhile you have to be as good-looking as you can be within your natural body. But you also have to be informed; you have to be at least civil to others; you have to make the most of whatever intelligence and talents you’re given in life; you have to take an interest in things outside yourself, whether its a career or a hobby or a social issue. Financial success hasn’t been such a big deal so far because I’m still pretty young and at college, but demonstrating at least the desire to work for a career that was meaningful to you was always another definite plus. In order to be attractive you didn’t have to do or be all of these things at once, but the more of them you attained or worked towards, the more attractive you were, and for longer. Let’s face it, a combination of desirable qualities will last a lot longer in life than a pretty face or a decent job.
        Anyway, my point is this; unless society tells women that their value lies in things other than their appearance, they will not learn to truly value anything other than how they look. They won’t think it’s important to be kind, or funny, or competent at basic life skills, or any of the other things that make people generally likeable. They will think that being pretty is enough to entitle them to any amount of attention and privilege. You can see a similar phenomenon in the ‘Nice guys of OK Cupid’ kinda trend, which Cracked actually did a great article on. Basically these guys are told that women are machines and if you pour enough nice into them, sex will come out the other end. Again, they believe they only have to be one thing – nice – in order to interact successfully with members of the opposite sex. I don’t think anybody in their right minds believes that someone would want to be friends with them simply because they’re ‘pretty’ or ‘nice’. So why would someone want to have sex with you or form a LTR with you for those same, one-dimensional, incredibly boring reasons? Sure it might work for a one-night-stand, but for anyone seeking longer term attention or affection, just being pretty or nice is probably not gonna cut it.

        1. Be careful, now. You are making entirely too much sense for this site.
          Seriously, though, you are spot-on. You can’t bitch about not being able to find quality women when you are contributing to a culture that offers no incentive for women to improve themselves beyond their physical appearance. I am a physically unattractive woman (if I am being kind, I would say I am a 5, at least for the ten minute window between putting on my makeup and stepping outside in the morning). To get any better than that would require plastic surgery and more time and money devoted to maintenance than I could possibly afford. I knew from the beginning that I was never going to be considered beautiful by any man, and therefore, I was not going to have anything handed to me the way my beautiful peers were, and dating and socializing was going to be a lot harder. So, I worked on my education, developed skills, worked in my community, and kept a basic level of fitness and hygiene, and guess what happened? I met and married a strong, intelligent, loving man, and we have built a life together utilizing both our skill sets and abilities, while every one of my “beautiful” high school friends are 30, alone, and no longer quite so beautiful, and there is nothing else about them worth noting because no one ever expected anything more of them. I know damn well that if I had won the genetic lottery like my very physically attractive cousin did, I would have ended up just like her: unemployed, drunk, utterly boring to talk to, and with a stack of Planned Parenthood receipts as thick as her scar-tissue covered cervix, because no one ever taught her, not even her own parents, that she could be more than someone’s human masturbatory aide. I consider myself rather fortunate that I was born a troll, because that meant I was expected to be more than that.
          It takes effort to be a well-rounded, decent human being. If you give beautiful women a pass to be vapid and useless, that is exactly what they will become, because why not? Hell, there are only so many hours in a day, and the amount of work that goes into maintaining peak attractiveness for most women would not leave much time for improvement in other areas of life. A lot of women are happy to devote that time and energy into their looks at the expense of all else because they were told looks are paramount and everything else is just gravy, and who just guzzles gravy by itself? They figure if you don’t have beauty, nothing else will matter, so why even try unless you can nail down the appearance part first?

        2. Spoken like someone with a true inferiority complex… Stop generalizing and bunching people into a category of what you consider them to be, without taking a second to critically think about what you’re saying. You’re no better than the rest of the pigs on this site. Congratulations for being a female that hates females.

        3. It’s amazing how feminists manage to be so out of touch with reality that someone being honest about their shortcomings and advocating being a more well-rounded person to make up for it must have an “inferiority complex.”
          I hate stupid people, male or female.

      2. Your right a 6 with glasses and an 130 iq like a smart Sarah Palin looks real good compared to the Ugg boot wearing, Starbucks guzzling, I-Thing cult of arrogant narcicistic little clone bitches any Mall or City Center is flooded with in The Jewish Bankers Despotic Banana Republic of AmeriKa.

    2. Now that I’m older I hate clubs (not that I particularly enjoyed them much when I was younger either), and since I spend 95% of my waking time at work or with my kids, I’m trying out dating sites. Well, most women 35-50 are totally unappealing, and those few who have maintained their bodies and their looks are for the most part unresponsive. I get plenty of feedback from 5’s and below, but any woman over that is quite elusive.
      Violence is not the answer (of course). If the mountain won’t come to Mohammad, well, you know the rest. Get on a plane and go someplace where good women appreciate good men. Fuck around and have your jollies and if you find a keeper, get that prenup signed and get her over here and live happily ever after. If it doesn’t work out, fucking try it again until it does!
      That’s my plan.

      1. Dating Sites. lol Is it just me or are ‘dating sites’ suffering from ‘adverse selection’. The better quality is in real life where you got to fight for it. Oh yah, these bitches are not worth fighting for. Dating? P&D is the new dating. lullzullzlulz

        1. Meh. I’m too lazy for fight for it; it always came to me. 😛
          As I get older and less attractive to younger women, I suppose I should learn to fight for it, but fuck it, I like being spoiled. I’ll just head to Asia. I’m not impressed with the attitudes of western women these days anyway; however, I have a couple of Filipina employees and I am very impressed with them! If you get a good one, they’ll treat you like a king; they live for the family unit. I like being married and having a satisfying family life. If you’ve read anything about wealth, you’ll know that the vast majority of the wealthy get married and stay married (unless the bitch becomes intolerable….ahem!). I’ll leave the slutting around to the Alphas, as even Alphas get old and lose their game eventually (as with Michael Douglas’ character in A Solitary Man).
          I can’t say that I’m Beta, because I won’t put up with shit from a woman. I’m certainly not Alpha because I don’t play their games. I don’t know what I am and I really don’t care that much. As Popeye says, “I yam what I yam!”

  13. RED PILL TRUTH! Karl was a little punk bitch….period. the world is a cruel horrible place. It will fuck you if you don’t fuck it back. If Karl had chosen to develop his confidence by starting to workout, learning a vocation or developing a talent, while talking to girls in his league, he might have gotten laid (if that was his main problem…which it probably…was). He decided that the world was unfair to him so he was going to take his toy (his life) and go home (kill himself), but not before throwing a tantrum (trying to kill a couple people at school). He couldn’t get the hot girl, so instead of banging some ugly chicks while developing his physical, social, and financial game, he decided to kill her. Every man, when growing up, whether popular or unpopular goes through some form or trials or bad times to get to being an adult….his life is no exception. He was weak and now he is dead. Good riddance! Too many people want to question why he did this or that. How could they have prevented it from happening The truth is they couldn’t. Karl was responsible for his own actions. He chose to be a loser and a little punk bitch. The only travesty is that a very smoking hot girl was killed. Do not pity Karl. By his actions, he showed he was unworthy of living an Alpha life. Let his pathetic life be an example of what not to do and how not to live. Shame him and forget him.

    1. Oh aren’t you full of humanity today.
      The truth was that the poor bastard was never given a chance because society has decided that manly virtues are unfashionable.
      In a non feminist society he might have done just fine.

      1. Men don’t make excuse for their lot in life. They find ways to better themselves or they don’t and accept what life throws them. There is no humanity to have here. HE choose to terrorize a school and kill a young girl. There should be no humanity or sympathy for him. He was the catalyst for his own demise. Do not pity him. What about all the young men who have it just as bad or worse than him that don’t shoot up schools. What about the ones who do better themselves and transform their lives into something Alpha worthy. Ultimately, he had the same opportunity as almost everyman living….He was alive and healthy……the rest was up to him. Look at stephen haw kings, confide to a wheelchair for the rest of his life but he is regarded as one of the brightest minds on the planet…..and he still managed to get laid despite his physical appearance. No excuses. life didn’t had Karl a bad hand….Karl did. Men don’t make excuses, men don’t ask for pity or sympathy….and we don’t expect it either. The reason my earlier statement wasn’t kind or nice or even understanding is because it was the truth….hard, cold…truth.

        1. He was a kid FFS.
          When I was his age I was pretty unworldly and did not understand how the world ticked.
          You can’t judge a boy if he has been brought up in blue pill environment.

        2. Blue pill or Red pill. murder is murder. We were all unworldly at his age…none of us shot up a school and killed a girl. The blue pill environment has been around for decades. most of us grew up in it. none of us shot up a school. Karl was not a kid. He was a young man, capable of making logical decisions….he chose not to. don’t pity him.

        3. What I love about this site is that people can have respectful disagreements without calling each other ‘shills’ or ‘trolls’ or using other left wing tactics such as demanding that people explain their entire life history to prove that they are ‘entitled’ to hold opinions.

        4. You just dont get it. His “lot” in life was that he was a young healthy man.
          All that “life” taught him was how worthless he is.

        5. Really? So, then following your lame-ass logic..how come when I was in high school nobody EVER shot up a school, but NOW they do it all the time?
          Interested in your reply.

        6. I apologize for calling you that. Reading your comments here on this article I can see I was wrong about you. And you are right, we may all not agree on everything – but you are right – thats what makes this site one of a kind.

        7. depends on your age. If you are in your mid thirty’s to forties then, We had a better standard…though not by much. That is not to say people didn’t think of doing it…most never acted on those thoughts. The advent of social media and instant information has helped in allowing most students information they shouldn’t have in order to do more damage.

        8. He chose his own path. No one forced him to do what he did. He chose to kill that girl. he chose to kill himself. he could have easily chosen not to….but he didn’t. Everything that happened was his fault and no one but his. He deserves no pity. He deserves our contempt

        9. He “deserves” exactly what he got for making the decisions he made. He got out of a long mundane lonely existence as an male in a fucked up Feminist society and he took some horse riding cunt along for the journey.
          I have a feeling we will see many more of these incidents in the future.
          I would prefer to replace the word “contempt” with “concern”
          All of us need to help our young men through this miserable journey where the odds are so slanted against us.
          Diversity quotas, College enrollment skewed to the female, Courts skewed to the female, White Knights like yourself skewed to the female.
          We need solutions and changes. Not name-calling over a dead teenage males body.

        10. I, sir, am no white knight. you mistake what I am saying for some chivalrous statement. There will be more incidents like this, make no doubt about that, as there were more before it. This has nothing to do with the “unjustness” of a female centered society and everything to do with the evil act this young man committed. I don’t care if he killed a woman or a man. Contempt is the perfect word to use. The solution is to stop living in a politically correct society. The solution is to raise the standards of our students in school and not accept mediocrity. The solution is to let the students who can’t or won’t raise to a higher standard or education and behavior fail. But that will never happen and even if it could , honestly speaking, you can’t stop this from happening again. No one can. You can only prepare to react. This is the new normal.

        11. White knights are deluded brainwashed men that can be awakened to the real world if they chose to be.

        12. Ticker i think MS.Direct doesnt knoe how to spell because she used an R instead of an S. I wish roosh would ban her….

      2. ” manly virtues are unfashionable”
        If that was true in this case, that little faggot would have been set. This Ultra-Liberal, 140 gangly fuck is the epitome of the PC liberal’s neutered manginia.
        “In a ‘non-feminist’ society’ this little shit would be a slave.

        1. Maybe you are right and maybe you are not.
          The poor bastard never had a chance.
          That’s what I am saying.
          I am also saying that you shouldn’t be too sure who the Alphas are going to be. Billy the Kid looked like a pussy but had the heart of a stone cold killer.

        2. Billy the kid was a stone cold killer….not so much as alpha as sociopath…..but deep down, maybe we all are to a point.

        3. The emotions (and tacit logic) from some people. You’d put Steve Jobs in the field to tend crops? That is why some patriarchies deserve to die vis-a-vis the best patriarchies. Enjoy your rants on this geek technology. Everything you will do today was because free men, mostly thinkers and not much as fighters, systemized the world for you by which you crap on them with such personal convenience. The blue-pill entitlement toxin runs everywhere.

        4. –If it wasn’t for “fighters” there’d be no system whatsoever. If it wasn’t for US Imperialism, backed up by man willing to kill for fun and profit, Jobs, Gates, Zuckerberg would have become $35,000 per year math teachers because there’d be no conflict minerals, clawed from the ground y bared handed Afro-Slaves, to create computers. The US would not consist of 4% of the World’s population but consume 25% of the planet’s resources.
          Jobs was [probably (I don’t GAF enough to read his bio)] a “loser” in high school. Instead of shooting up the school and killing himself, Jobs choose to build an empire. Jobs may not have ever killed a man but it doesn’t get more alpha than him.

        5. I understand that conquest is a requisite of civilization. Might makes right. But life is a race condition. Fighters with spears lose to fighters with guns. The difference is the warriors who appreciate objective knowledge and the men who persue it vs. those with rocks or spears that don’t. There are many types of ‘non-feminist society’. Every society is a patriarchy. Even with rampant feminist, the West is a patriarchy of elites who have effectively wifed up all the bitches from afar. These coupon clippers have outsmarted you and me. It is a moot point so say non-feminist society. Women are feral socializers. Men are societal socializers from savages to the civilized. Progress happens because old cultures die at the hands of the new culture. You said: “In a ‘non-feminist’ society’ this little shit would be a slave. It depends on the cultural sophistication of the society. Little shits of technical know-how are the difference between existance and non-existance of a society. Game is based of feral female socializing. It works because we rank-and-file men are not stepping up to the plate. Don’t believe the hype for the cheap emotional thrills.

        6. Steve Jobs was a genius who walked to the beat of his own drummer and created an empire. This kid was a misguided idiot.

        7. In a way, you’re both right.
          Sure, feminized society (and, tragically often, women) tells kids that the neutered, sensitive mangina is what women want these days. No doubt he worked hard to conform in expectation of reward.
          Of course, we know that attraction doesn’t work like that, and I’d wager it was a realization of this fact that caused him to snap. Could well be a factor, anyway.
          Classic symptom of recent Red Pill ingestion, particularly with Nice Guys, is a ‘bitter misogynist’ phase. I’d say that killing some bitch then offing yourself fits that description, albeit in an extreme form. Cognitive dissonace can drive you crazy…

      3. Before women decided to bury their stupid faces in their smartphones every minute of every waking day people actually interacted with each other. When you go through high school with nothing but the fucking internet and a bunch of female teachers spewing worthless bullshit — wtf do people expect. I feel for this kid, and for his dad.
        You are spot on. Dude never had a chance.

      4. He had an internet connection, hence, plenty of free material to improve himself. Had he clicked on a link of a manosphere site, he might be alive today. I did, and it saved my mental health, if not my life.

    2. It is folly to have such negative emotional attachment (and pretensious virtue) married with such profound truth. Men are civilized because the sublimate and harness their emotions/instincts. You are letting your emotive tail wag the dog because you see that logically you are right. Logically, yes; emotionally, no. There is definitely rug cutting time, a time to kill, but you justify it from a rule of thumb your loins can easily understand. Your rule of thumb is not thinking, planning, or ultimately winning. Our stereotypical ‘Karl’ never had a chance because he was a dependent on his parents, parents, but somebody that shaped him from his formative years. If you blame him for not exercising free will, you have no business planning civilization or being a patriarch. As with seduction, the devil and the best options are in the details. Your vitriol is your poison, not Karl’s. We need all the philosopher-warriors we can get in this fight. Certain memes should not be coddled but killed objectively mercilessly or otherwise quarantined. The dark side of the force is like fire. Be sure you are a wary, vigilant master. That is the essence of manhood, is it not? Independence through strength, of character too.

      1. Perhaps I was a bit volatile in my assessment of Karl, I can freely admit that but, my words were no less true. My emotion towards Karl is disgust and utter disappointment. What a waste. I cannot have pity for a young man that arbitrarily kills his peers because he has had a breaking point day. Most men have gone through what karl was going through. They didn’t kill people. Even after the murder, he didn’t have the balls to stand trial. he took the cowards way out. I cannot pity such an act or man. Neither is deserving of it.

        1. Maybe you know exactly who you are, but others are not exactly you, at least in values and culture. ‘peer’ implies ‘we’. I have had it up to here with the ‘we’ shit. We know the leeches will never allow peaceful secession. Superlative violence always belongs to someone. If there is no risk to keeping it, as the status quo or otherwise, there is no moral distinction between virtue and vice, and virtue and vice are reduced to the degree of violent control one has of others, which is ultimately the truthful core of the greater truth. Morality must lead to results or it is not morality, it is bondage. You man be fine with the status quo, but I don’t see how you can expect any political/cultural order to never be challenged. If an order can be toppled, it probably should be. That is the essence of corruption. If you suppose all substantial corruption was with Karl and not with his environment (aka peers), then that is one perspective, but every perspect is based on vested interest, perhaps temporarily illusional but always eventually actual. The question is, can the corruption be isolated in a few Karls, or is the whole system rotten and the Karls will one day be the solution? Timing is everything. Abe Lincoln the villian is deemed a hero; ‘Old’ John Browne the hero is deemed a villian. It’s a matter of vested interests how human interpret history. What actually happens is a fact of nature. We are not fit to judge nature’s final judgments. That is corruption, which can be rewarded for a time, but it is fire burning out of control. I would suggest to any reader in these parts to become a master of dark enlightenment, both logically and emotionally.

        2. Murder, my friend…is still murder. That fact never changes no matter who puts the spin on it.

        3. Murder assumes moral authority. Dutiful religion or any slavish morality is for the domesticated soul, and domesticated souls are as corrupt as the corrupt masters they support. We can agree to disagree. You know who you are, and there is no unnecessary conflict when men put their cards on the table, so I’m all for men expressing their values plainly.

        4. I can respectfully agree to disagree with you, my friend. I believe no society can exist without some form or moral authority….or else chaos would reign supreme. If society in general cannot hold itself to a certain standard of behavior, you will have the utter destruction of man…….there would be no art, no creation, no civility (false or real). We would live in caves naked and existing as mere …animals. I do enjoy the discourse, though.

        5. Humans make moral authority, and my number one problem in my life is that I lack political agency. I have been excluded from the advantages of moral authority of our system. I AM moral authority. The free market of violence, of ideas, of politics can only be delayed. It’s judgements are what make progress of moral authority or anything human possible. I don’t NEED another’s moral authority. What I need is a fellowship of patriarchy that takes moral authority for itself. I am a mentally advanced man. I may not be the future, but my ilk is going to win one way or another as the next big thing in culture. It was what drove America to become a superpower. It can be perfected to greater degree and greater heights, but that will require a massive displacement of lesser humans. Civilization at all has required massive displacement of humans. Call it all murder if you like. Hypergamy doesn’t care. Nature is amoral too, unless you let nature define moralilty for herself, which is my morality.

        6. Nature is amoral. Man can be. Massive displacement by humans on other humans can be called genocide or mass murder. In nature it would be called natural selection. While I 100% agree that the strong rule and the weak subsist under the strong, man must have a moral authority to maintain order and control of the society he creates

        7. I totally agree. The question is, who’s order? The strong are not the strong for all time. Life is a race condition. Too bad corruption destroys the strong that once made respectable order. Dynasties slowly corrupt, then another one rises quickly, only fade, fade away. I hope with each iteration we are learning something about weeding out corruption sooner rather than later. My accessment is that this is later for us. I get the impression your accessement is that this is sooner. Perhaps you lot is life is more comfortable than mine. It will take mass discomfort to change the guard, always does. Men would rather hang on to leftovers than start from scratch and not enjoy the fruits of their labors, but for me Lockean freedom (to produce for myself) is the fruit. We have been dupped into seeing material riches that are mere bobbles and look past the social/political/cultural riches. Few men prefer freedom because it’s a scary, heavy burden. Women, never.
          Now there’s an interesting idea. Should women have moral authority, and how much? Are women ‘strong’?
          I also disagree with the implication that ‘the weak subsist under the strong’. Yes, technically true, but somethings it is a good idea for the strong to destroy the weak who are corrupt or otherwise incorrigible and only in the way. If resources are too think, even good people must go and the cutoff becomes relative. That’s progress by nature. Sucks. The absolute guarantee is a natural sin.
          I think I need to go do something today, so I’ll be checking out in a bit. It’s been nice communicating with you, Mr. Direct.

        8. “Most men have gone through what karl was going through. They didn’t kill people”
          You are right. They didnt. Didnt is the qualifying word there.
          So, why DO they now?
          The whole point is that high school kids and their senses are so bombarded with bullshit these days that now these kind of events are becoming commonplace.
          My take from your comments is that its more of an individual thing that a societal thing.
          My feeling is that we (schools, parents, teachers, authority figues) should step back and review whats causing the increase BEFORE we end up bagging a whole lot more bodies not AFTER.

        9. The media implies there are more killings: it fits the agenda by creating ‘crisis’.
          If you scroll down, the trend of shoot deaths is down, and I think a bad thing because it parallels our ‘social capital’ per the guy who wrote Bowling alone. Bottom-up law is culture. Top-down law is politics (and insolated from evolutionary correction until it collapses). Here are the long-view charts:
          It seems that 2012 was a relatively banner year, but not enough to be a trend, and hell I think its a good thing because only individual agency and accountability can possibly be civilized, not that it always is but it becomes that way be conflict resolution bottom-up. Recent uptick:

        10. The crisis of school shooting can be directly traced back to the lax in disciple in standards that has happen to the school system. I know people don’t want to hear it, but Taking God out of schools and taking a moral authority out of schools is what started the decline. putting students (children and adolescents) on the level of adults helped to quicken the current situation. lowering our standards in the name of equality help to get us here. making students more powerful than teachers is what got us here. Children are just that, children. They have a right to grow up without being molested. They have a right to a decent education. But in the end Children are the property of their parents until they are adults. they have no right to talk to adults as if they were adults. Now a student can cuss out a teacher or threaten them and if the teacher strikes the student, they are in the wrong. What are you teaching the student….there are no immediate consequences for your actions and they can do as they please. To take back the schools, raise the standard. Bring back corporal punishment. Do away with multiple choice questions and go back to an essay format. make parents accountable for their child’s behavior. Shame the parents through the child. If the child won’t behave in school, send them home to their parents. if the behavior persists, expel them. they are now their parents problem, not the school systems. I’d rather lose some bad apples than risk the bunch. No child left behind is one of the worst things to ever happen to the education system. raise the standard and the child’s performance will be raised. raise our expectations for our children.

        11. I think taking the dad out of the family has had a bigger impact. God was never been any more present in the past as he is now. Children are not property. Discipline does not need slapping to be effective. Corporal punsihment just beats a person down. It sounds like you have not step foot in a school since when the 50’s?

        12. Dad’s are the central most important figure in a family. I agree with your statement about God. He is the same now as then. Children…are property….their parents property. they don’t have the same rights and privileges as adults…thats why their parents are responsible for them. Discipline does not need slapping to be effective….you are correct. Some kids do need to be slapped in the mouth for being disrespectful to adults. it shows them immediate consequences for unacceptable behavior and most of the time fixes the issue. Any physical disciple without explanation to the child of why is useless. It worked….kids back then didn’t shoot up their schools. look around…is what we are doing working now………
          We are not reinventing the wheel here. in order to stop the trend that is happening…go back to what worked before…its that simple. this is not a complicated problem.

    3. In a general sense your post is absolutely correct. This kid was a loser. He chose to be a loser rather than working on himself. He killed someone else’s innocent kid because he was a loser. The great myth of the manosphere is that back in the day sexually frustrated losers didn’t do things like this – that everyone was an “alpha” and knew how to be a man, that there weren’t any losers. Absolute drivel – read up on sex crimes and deviancy during the Victorian era, for example. Third-tier scum like this kid always have existed and always will exist. Where they can be brought to understand their deficiencies, help them. Where they can’t, stamp them out. Learn from their abject stupidity and myopia but do not apologize for them.
      And, please, bleeding hearts, learn the fundamental lesson of life. Almost no one you encounter in your life will give a solitary shit how you feel about anything. Nor should they. Your emotions are yours alone, and you are capable of controlling them.

      1. Well said and profound. My only quibble is the assumption that all ‘you’s can controll their emotions. No, not everyone can, ergo the need to thin garbage from the herd. You called it ‘stamping out’. You might disagree on the assumption that everyone has free will to such a functional extent. I don’t think so. In some respects vocabulary is a prison of thought. Free will and ability of can have some uncertain degree of overlap, but the definitions lead us to believe otherwise, I think as a pretty lie.

      2. What the boy did is inexcusable and should he had survived the incident, death penalty (hanging) was in order in a saner society. However most of what you said is pure drivel. Yes I said it. In the past ALMOST EVERYONE had to be alpha by today’s standards (1800s and before) due to the grim circumstances of life. Only the overprotected sons of aristocrats and physically impaired men were what we would call losers. How do I know this? Look around you, read history with a bit of common sense. Do you think a man like him would have survived his baptism of fire (by his age most men, even in nobility had to participate in warfare and that’s just for starters). Just by virtue of the circumstances (one had to beget 5 children if one expected 3 or 2 to survive adulthood) and the absence of the oestrogen mimicking trash in the environment, most of the males that reached adulthood were what we would call alpha and their pussy acquisition possibilities were limited only by the absence of instantaneous communication, easy travel, religious and ethical principles as well as by constant warfare.
        Bottom line: Had he lived in the Europe of the 1700s and survived adulthood (16 years old and further) things would have been completely different.

        1. I disagree, at least in part, but I appreciate your opinion. There’s no doubt that Karl would have lived a different life in 18th century Europe but I don’t see any reason why a person of his apparent caliber would have any more successful with women then, even adjusting for the requisite skill set he would have had to have had to survive to adulthood. My problem with your view is it assumes that the more desirable women in the past (say, for example, the top 80 percent) were willing to give themselves to 100 percent of the men simply because all men could tie a square knot or had fought in a war. But, of course, this is not true. Women then, as now, were interested in passing on their genes with only the most “alpha” of the “alpha.” In other words, they are interested the in the “alpha winners” of their respective era, not simply men who know basic life skills. Karl may not have survived his baptism of fire in the 18th century but some of his more able-bodied contemporaries would have survived to be the able-bodied sexually frustrated losers of their respective era. Examples of sexual frustration are manifest throughout European history – for example “lycanthropic” serfs who raped and murdered young girls after being subjected to a lifetime of pounding the same old crone or, worse, no one at all.

        2. Keyser, Thank you for your response.
          Most women had to accept what was available because:
          a. It was patriarchal society, attraction was not the first consideration in selecting a mate.
          b. Due to warfare, disease and the nature of most jobs, at least 30% of men were dead by 25 years old. Many women died, but they had mostly only one of death: disease.
          c. Fathers and extended family had a heavy influence in whom they could marry, and yes, in those times it was recognized that male-female friendships were impossible.
          Women were not as frivolous and stupid then, and this was not because they were better but because stricter societal mores and grim circumstances forced them to be…sigh…rational and considerate.
          By the way the examples you mention of were of degenerates and deformed people (Quasimodo like characters) not seemingly normal people. How do I know it? Because unlike americans who for most of their history were isolated from other cultures, us Europeans and to a lesser extent Hispanics, had to live alongside foreign cultures and differences are noticeable. In the case of us Europeans we had to contend with the Islamic world and if there is place where sexual dysfunction is rampant due to women hoarding, is there (as well as in the Far East). In ancient times, until the 18th century they used to prey on their neighbours and their women specially. This action used to alleviate the female scarcity situation by killing spare males and providing females for the survivors. Nowadays, due to the absence of warfare…well you see what you see in the News…

        3. Maybe – but 18th and 19th century literature – hell, even as far back as Shakespeare and Chaucer – is chock-full of examples of female hypergamy. Read Tom Jones by Fielding, Madame Bovary (Flaubert) or Anna Karenina (Tolstory) – all pre-feminist texts concerned with cuckolding and banging alphas.
          There’s nothing new under the sun. The slipping of socio-religious controls has made hypergamy easier to facilitate, but is has ALWAYS been present, and even in more religious times marriage wasn’t a safety haven from the SMV

        4. The little part you forgot is that I didn’t deny it happened, I just asserted and rather correctly that Hypergamy as well as poligyny were confined and repressed in the WESTERN WORLD. However the rich,the powerful and the paupers/tramps have always done as they pleased.

    4. He was a kid. Do you expect a 15-year-old to have the mental stability and social experience of a 30-year-old ?

      1. No, I expect a 15-16 year old to not shoot up a school. Hundreds of millions of teenagers that came before him and those that are his peers didn’t. Make no excuses for the young man. Hold him to account for his actions.

        1. He isn’t old enough to stand trial. He is a child in every sense of the word. I do not condone his actions, however, if he had received some support he wouldn’t have snapped. In order to do something like that you have to be very frightened and very angry.

        2. He is not a child. He had the physical ability to rape, rob, beat and murder some one if he so chose to do it. He was completely cognizant of his actions. He knew exactly what he was doing. A lot of people don’t receive “support” and don’t shoot up schools. That is one of the things that is wrong with society today. Everyone wants to identify and “understand” the killers instead of damning them and their actions. people want to sympathize with their attackers which in itself is an insane action. This young man murdered another human being without legitimate provocation. So what if he was frighten. So what is he was angry. He had no justification for his actions. If he had survived, he would have been tried as an adult. He deserved worse than taking his own life.

        3. The kid is 60 kg soaking wet he doesn’t have the ability to do any of those things. People don’t shoot up schools but become functioning psychopaths filled with vitriol and hate towards the world and themselves.
          I do not condone his actions I want for such things to never happen again. He was provoked and tormented by his peers and his teachers. It takes a lot of guts for a 15-year-old white kid to take a gun and actually pull the trigger. He was well beyond the breaking point.

        4. I’m sorry sir, but I must disagree. No matter what your race color, creed or religion, It doesn’t take guts to take a gun and pull a trigger. It takes guts not to. It takes guts to look in the mirror and take a long hard honest assessment of who you are and what you need to change or improve about yourself. It takes guts to face your tormentors and stand up for yourself. It takes guts to preserver through adversity in life even when you want to quit. It takes guts to be determined and disciplined to better yourself. What he did….was an act of cowardice…not bravery. Shame him for it for all to see.

  14. What I gathered from this article is that ugly women are selfish for not approaching their cowardly, ugly male counterparts for sex. I really doubt this guy ever TRIED to get laid. The biggest thing that separates the guys who get laid from the guys who don’t are that the guys who do aren’t afraid to approach. “Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find.”
    This guys is pretty ugly, but I think we can all agree that there are dudes WAY uglier and awkward looking getting laid. If you are at home all day playing Doom and posting angry political messages on social media, it is not the duty of girls to force their way into your house and sit on your penis, no matter how ugly she may be. You gotta try. You’re point is only valid if the guy in question has approached all the women “in his league” and can’t catch a break.
    This society sets males up to be complete loser pussies from birth. All we at ROK can do is explain how to be a good man and hope that it catches on.

    1. So you are saying RoK might have saved this dude? True dat.
      “What I gathered from this article is that ugly women are selfish for not
      approaching their cowardly, ugly male counterparts for sex”
      That is not what I gathered from the article. To each his own I guess.

      1. Straight from the article:
        “So why wasn’t Karl at home relieving his sexual frustrations with a
        girlfriend on par with his looks instead of simmering in anger alone,
        writing typical angry teenaged political messages on his Facebook and
        purchasing guns? It is because the inherent selfishness of all women has
        been allowed to run rampant in our Western societies.”
        Isn’t that insinuating Karl failed to relieve his sexual frustrations because he tried to hook up with the ugly girls in his school and got shot down? I have a feeling he didn’t try to help himself. I just don’t think you can blame women for losers like this guy.

        1. We are all entitled to our opinions. This kid was in high school. At that age everyone is too young to be a loser. Being a loser is determined on what you do AFTER high school, ie; do you get a job, do you go to college of a vocational school, do you do something productive or do you just try to keep on partying, drinking and smokin’ weed with your buddies and livin’ in moms basement.
          Plus, I would never call one of my fellow males a “loser”.
          Females are losers. They are where they are because of males.
          The kid wasnt that ugly anyway. Little awkward haircut maybe but everyone looks like a douche in high school. He was just an average dude.
          My take on the article was that in a society that hadnt been fucked up by wealth, entitlement, internet / social media..
          Even an average guy like him could have had friendly interactions with females, in class, outside of school.
          If girls/ women did not feel the need to be suck FUCKING CUNTS these days..normal people can smile at each other, talk, introduce each other and at the very minimum acknowledge that they both exist. Thats how it is in Mexico, in Asia, and probably quite a few places around the world. Because you smile and talk to somebody doesnt mean they want to fuck you, or marry you, or want anything from you. We are what was once a social society of human beings that has now turned into some morphodite pig-fucking social media cum bitch shield contest.
          The point of the article was in a normal society kids dont go around doing this shit. Turn society into a shithole feminists and manginas, and this is the shit you bring on.

        2. “Women are losers” is a pretty ignorant statement. I dislike feminism as much as the next guy, but c’mon, women really aren’t all terrible people. This isn’t a forum for hate.

        3. Out of my entire reply — you cherry pick those 3 words out? Not a single respones to anything else, but you decide to White Knight me? I cant even continue a discussion with you. You did not see I was using the comment as a contrast to you calling a fellow male a “loser”. You dont seem to have very good reading comprehension. nor critical thinking or analytical skills so Ill just leave this one. Mangina.

        4. I”ll have a go at cherry picking or is that a “job for losers”. You stigmatise people based on their occupation. Who look down on them because of where they live. You critique those who do a vocational occupation despite how in many cases they are well paying . I can only take from your article that you were not popular in school. Probably quite insecure in your looks and have thus devoted yourself to earning a wage that gas people pander your ego. Props to you. Your comment that all women are losers shows how deeply affected you were at school. im surprised this article doesnt bare your name.I actually feel pity for you.

        5. It’s actually so sad when you see guys make statements like that they have been so disenfranchised that they resent women. They they make completely absolutist statements without so much a crackpot theory or empirical evidence.He literally said that they ate losers” bc of men”. What next shirts are losers because of shorts.At any rate there is not a single woman in his life he can appreciate. That must be so sad.

        6. I disagree with your assessment that high school is too young to be a loser. While too young to confirm it maybe, one is rapidly growing into adulthood. It is only in our society that adulthood is 18. For most it is 11-15.

        7. Yes the are. All the demons of women have been set loose with no social controls whatsoever and massive encouragement, blame shifting, and subsidies when reality happens. No woman in the West must pay the bill for her own stupidity. If men were encouraged thusly we would be right to call them terrible people as they would quickly become so.
          People aren’t innately good. If you encourage everything bad in them (what has happened with women in the West) they will be terrible people.
          This guy was a trapped animal. His age and lack of wisdom wouldn’t allow him to articulate it but his mind and the weight of the lies and what he saw were so horrific that he chose murder and suicide rather than life. The fact that this happens a lot means it is a problem not just for him but many. Only a blind idiot would look at this and assume that all is honky dory in wonderland.

        8. We talk as if those titles are permanent. People change and so do their social title. Not only that one mans loser is another mans hero. How can one objectively call someone a loser?

        9. Titles are not permanent. People can change it.Same way that one can be considered a beta or omega and then become an alpha.
          However, the assessment is that he was at the time a “loser” based on the generally accepted rules of high school. One cannot objectively call someone a loser, but our world is not based on objectivity and that needs to be taken into account especially in social relationships. I do not objectively decide whether or not a girl is hot, yet that girl is still hot to my mind. I have some internal set of rules that make that determination. And if a majority of people have similar internal rules and come to the same conclusion, “the girl is hot”, then the general consensus will be that the girl is hot. That cannot be objectively proven, but for all societal intents and purposes can be considered a hard fact.
          I cannot objectively determine that he is a loser, but by my judgement he is because he is a coward who shot up a defenseless person and was likely a coward in other aspects of his life. Cowardice is a trait of a loser.That is also a general consensus. Losers get ostracized from non-losers. Girls don’t like losers because they want winners. Claire is quite attractive and therefore has her choice of males. Claire is not going to touch a loser male. Again, not a conscious choice but a biological one. Angry that he could not have her, Karl shoots Claire. Again seems to be evidence that Karl is considered a loser in his environment. Not completely objective, but again another indicator that points to him being a loser. Winners don’t try to shoot up their schools. They have lots to live for. A third indicator that he is a loser. We can continue this analysis all day, but what conclusion would you draw about him based on all this evidence?

        10. Dude you are so fucking off base with your analysis and interpretation of my comment that I actually had to read your barely intelligible reply twice to believe it.
          Why dont you and Americanbk get together and discuss my comments. You guys are on about the same intelligence level.

        11. My conclusion is that you think he was a loser. And I think he was just a little frustrated young high school dude that suffered from the blight of too much Internet and its associated social media bullshit living in world full of narcissistic attention whore little cunts and mouthy masculine sexually repressed female teachers and faculty. And, he just lost it. He went “postal”.
          I try to draw judgements on people. While he may have sucked at some things, he might have excelled at others. Sadly, a young life has been lost. We will never know what he a success he might have become. Yet, here in the comment section some of you purported “alphas” are calling the dead kid a “loser”
          Think about how his parents feel. Stop being a white knight.
          My conclusion?
          YOU are the loser.

        12. Ahh the sign of a intellectual lightweight. Not the faintest critique of their points just ad hominem attacks. I know some other groups who is fond of doing this: feminists, cultural Marxists and lunatics. Who would dare disagree with you because when someone makes a point it is so below your erudite intelligence that your brain can’t feasibly “can’t continue the discussion” yet you preface your address to me as “dude” and “fucking off base” well sir you have been measured and have been found wanting.

        13. Mangina? How original. Perhaps you should take stock of your own “critical thinking or analytical skills” before criticizing others.

        14. Really? You’re saying that “sadly, a young life has been lost” and you’re referring to the GUY THAT KILLED AN INNOCENT GIRL?
          WTF is wrong with you???
          Think how HIS parents must feel? Yeah. They probably feel like shit, for raising a bag of shit that threw a toddler-esque temper tantrum WITH GUNS and ended up ending the life of someone that had nothing to do with it and was simply caught in the crossfire. How horrible HIS parents must feel…
          Seriously. WTF is WRONG WITH YOU?

        15. Touched a nerve? LOL. Maybe you can go shed some tears at the official “removal of the saddle” ceremony.
          Cunt. Fuck you and the horse you rode in on.

    2. One of the points Chubbs is trying to make is that no one taught him how to be masculine and court women.

      1. Even if having role models / teachers is one of his points, he talks about it alongside whiny language suggesting guys are “forced” to be virgins. The fact that the word “incel” exists alongside this dumb concept is embarrassing. It makes us look beta and bogus.
        It’s bad framing at best, like a shitty red pill version of the “privilege framing” nonsense. At worst it is a constant way for blue pillers and feminists to mock us. Both philosophically and strategically it’s a lose/lose.

        1. You are missing the point. All “nice guys” do is trying to earn it all the time by being nice, helpful, sensitive, etc. That’s where the real frustration comes from, the comparison of the effort he puts to other guys who just fuck.
          As Viceroy points out he had been fed lies prevalent in the feminized society; anger and frustration comes from the feeling you are doing everything right (you earn it) and bringing the opposite results.

        2. It does come across as whiny. But, that is because he is working from a unique perspective contrary to popular (and even local) views of masculinity: victimization of a male, and male interests. Nothing is inherently wrong with that; victims do exist. It is simply seen as un-masculine or “whiny” to attempt to curry pity for a male entity. I don’t think it is entirely out of place, however. Mercy and understanding is key.
          Really, though, depending on one’s own philosophy, either nothing is entitled, or a higher authority arbitrates what is. In the USA you are not legally entitled to have sex, but you are legally entitled to not be murdered. In other parts of the world, this is not necessarily the case. So, Billy’s suggestion of a sort of moral expansion is worth considering.

        3. > Implying ‘nice guys’ refer to actual nice guys and not scumbags who pretend to be nice to girls for the sole purpose of receiving sexual favors.

        4. There comes a time, when you grow up, when “just fuck” is no longer enough. Someday you MIGHT grow up enough to realize it….

        1. The argument is that women denying men sex is, at least in some cases, selfish.
          I don’t necessarily agree, but that is his argument.

        2. Exactly. Crazy mofos just be crazy. Something like this actually happened four years ago; there was a youtuber who made videos about how he hated women (well, black women) and then later he killed a girl name Asia McGowen. I found out about this because I’d found his channel earlier this year (it’s now deleted) and I was curious as to why it hadn’t been updated since 2009. It’s because after he shot her, he turned the gun on himself. Very eerie.
          Here’s the girl since I can’t post one of the killer’s videos anymore.

        3. Damn shame – she’s a stereotypical ghetto-talking narcissistic American black girl, but she’s damn cute! I’m not usually big on black girls but she’s adorable.

        4. I love black girls the most as I happen to be black myself so I agree she’s cute. but yeah I see what you’re saying. Of course she reminds us all of that one girl we all know. Still, she didn’t deserve to die. Some people just get caught in the crossfire of crazy people.

        5. It might be his argument but it’s also the most ridiculous thing I’ve read to date.

        6. So women either have to have sex with men they aren’t attracted to or men are allowed to kill them?
          What the fucking fuck is wrong with you?

        7. That’s a bit closer to what I said than Geary indicated, but you’re still trying to have this argument with me when I’ve made it explicitly clear that I don’t necessarily agree with the thoughts of the OP; I am only explaining them for discussion’s sake.

        8. wrongwrongwrong is absolutely correct. Just because young men have rampant sexual desires does not make it the female’s responsibility to quell and cater to them. If she chooses to, so be it, but wrongwrongwrong is just pointing out the flawed logic in most young male’s senses of entitlement.

        9. The problem is that you’re making more culpable than necessary the male party by expressly stating that their sexual desires are “rampant,” and responding to an absolute statement neither I nor the OP ever made when you say that is the only reason a girl should cater to them. Once more, that is not what either of us said. If you will reference a previous statement, I said that it is in “at least some” cases selfish.
          If you don’t (or can’t) disagree with the argument offered by the other party, putting words in their mouth is not a fair recourse.

        10. It doesn’t. The author makes the case that had this kid had a better sex and social life, he wouldn’t have gone into rage mode. Not the sole factor, but one of the contributing problems. Weird that the author also said he was laid plenty of times in high school but still nutted in excess of three times in a single day. For all we know, he was headed down the same path.

        11. In the end, Viceroy, that IS what you people say, in your own cowardly, round-a-bout way. You want to be able to intimidate and brow-beat people into having sex with you (aka “rape” them) while also insisting they kiss your ass as some kind of intellectual or moral beacon. It’s pathetic. You keep telling us what you’re really trying to say, what you didn’t say, whatever. Yeah, you didn’t say “have sex with me or die” outright, just “someone’s more likely to die if people not unlike me go without sex and you might be the cause of it. not me with my own selfish, entitled attitude…”
          I’m sure the same applies to any gay man who might want to have sex with you, right?

        12. I think it’s at least a little bit off the mark to 1. group one or two people into a collective “us” when we may not have necessarily expressed such an allegiance ourselves 2. call me a coward 3. get our viewpoints significantly wrong.
          I understand a bit of the psychology that goes behind the unfair dialogue you’re using here, so I’m trying not to be too technical and pick at your language too much. It’s just that I really think you’re getting some things wrong here. What is it that makes me cowardly, what is it that makes me allied with an as-of-yet unnamed collective, and what is this about intimidating and brow-beating people?
          I really do think this is a case of mistaken identity. I’ve yet to really state a position in this argument, but you and a few other people have for days now been trying to argue with me as though I had. So, it’s not really very sensible and logical dialogue we are having here.

        13. That you can’t even tell why I’m calling you a coward shows how deep in the dark you’re penchant for arguing about arguments has put you. You’ll protest this way til the end.
          You are no better than a rapist. That is all.

        14. How ’bout this: sex education services (as in The Sessions movie with Helen Hunt) for young men and women. I know, illegal right now, but probably a good idea. The practitioners should have a masters in psychology and required to get licences to practise (being the only people allowed to). Young girls don’t want to have sex with young boys anyway. They’d prefer someone who knows what they’re doing but they don’t have the experience themselves to choose well, hence the traditions of arranged marriage and young women marrying older men. Problem is young men need to learn from someone too. Prostitutes are perhaps not the best person to teach them to be good lovers to future wives: they’re getting paid to put on a show, not teach how to make love. I agree with the writer that young men deserve sex. Young women do too. Older women deserve to have sex with men who’ve actually learned how to deliver pleasure and not men who’ve been spoiled with prostitutes and quasi prostitutes all their lives.

        15. I get it. I’m not actually against people “paying to learn about sex” (aka prostitution) as long as it’s legalized, regulated & taxed. I’m libertarian on this. However, you can have sex one night as a thrill, but what about the other nights and days in which you miss a truly intimate relationship with a willing (unpaid) partner? It’s putting the cart before the horse. The actual sexual act is much easier than learning socialization skills that will attract mates.
          We elevate sex to a level where that’s the pinnacle of human connection when it is part of human connection – an important part – but not the entire thing. If a guy knows how to master the art of sex, but can’t socialize well enough to get a woman attracted to him, then he’s going to be shelling out bucks for a long time. Besides, I don’t think you can truly master sex without being well-socialized. You have to be emotionally balanced and confident. These guys upset about deserving sex are neither.
          I don’t believe anyone “deserves” anything especially when you have to have a willing partner (via attraction or at least a monetary arrangement). Not everyone gets what they want. It’s not as though women get the men of their choice. Everyone has standards “must haves” and “mustn’t haves” and it’s a matter of getting the lists for both people to match up. Not easy, but the reward is worth the risk.

    3. Women are RELATIVISTS. Builders of civilization are ABSOLUTISTS. The liberated, indoctrinated pussy want top 1%, for every 5 seconds possible. Being graded on the curve of women’s hypergamy guarantees dangerously frustrated men and ABSOLUTE DECLINE. You assume every other man will stay static as a single man improves. Static assumptions on human behavior are mistaken without dehumanizing force the world has never yet seen. Even if our man ‘improves’ his behavior (relative to these throwback entitlement whores), his chances of returns on such behavior diminish with the decrease in per capita living standards regardless, on average, unless and until property rights cease to function, SHTF, and people catch as catch can, pussy, food, etc., like wild animals, which is the social norm of women’s social standards that we should never follow in the first place. Game is a prelude or it is a last hurrah.

      1. “If civilization had been left in female hands,we would still be living in grass huts.” –Camille Paglia

        1. Chrissy: “You know Jack did the right thing. Fighting is uncivilized.
          You know if women ran the world there’d be none of these stupid wars.”
          Mr. Roper: “Yeah, all the countries would nag each other to death.” – Three’s Company

        1. Shut the fuck up and go read the article about the threat white women are to black men.
          Straight men are the best.

    4. That’s not the point. Sure it would be ideal if he improved himself, approached many girls, etc.
      But it isn’t possible to get most men to get over their fear of rejection, so : frustrated men are shooting people, what should we do? Admit the cause of their frustration or deny it and put a bandaid on a gunwound (drugs, gun control, etc.)

    5. The girl is a 7 and the guy is pretty average. Honestly if Asian or even indian guys can become pua’s this guy had no excuse.

    6. “guys who get laid from the guys who don’t are that the guys who do aren’t afraid to approach?
      and what about guys who get laid with prostitutes?

    7. it shouldnt be my responsibility to invest my time and effort into approaching and comforting her only because she has a pussy while sitting on her fat lazy ass like a fucking princess. If they want to have equality they need to put equal effort into relationships
      btw because sex is one of the basic human need (as its with food or shelter), males should be entitled to sex and put as much effort as buying bread in the supermarket in attaining it even if that means using services of sex workers.

    8. Ironically he’d get more pussy if he stayed alive. Shooting people is considered very attractive to a few females, as noted by the love letters sent to mass murderers.

    9. Yes. I think that if he had put in any effort at all, it would all have been directed at pretty women who would have rejected him. If he had targeted women of his own calibre or lower, he would have had more success – not 100% success all the time, but certainly higher than the 0% he gets with hot girls. I have personally witnesses this phenomena countless countless times – young guys getting angry and bitter because they consistently want to play outside of their league.

      1. Incorrect. 4’s and 5’s are accustomed to getting to ride a drunk alpha’s cock every few months.
        They recoil in horror at the thought of guys who are 5’s and 6’s.
        I should know, I bang a lot of 5’s, and none of them will go anywhere near their constellations of orbiters.

    10. Nothing I have read at ROK explains how to be a good man, it sounds like a poor me I am the guy who can’t get laid page.
      A good man respects women, loves unconditionally, condems other guys for talking down about women, fathers/parents his offspring.

      1. A good man respects women, loves unconditionally, condems other guys for talking down about women,
        Masculinity has never been about any of the things youve mentioned there. If you think otherwise then this is probably the wrong site for you. Try the Good Men Project, it has lots of advice on how to be the kind of neutered “man” you seem to look up to.

        1. Better. Respect should be earned, instead of being just freely given to anyone who happens to have been born with ladyparts.

        2. Or even “Good men respect people of both sexes who have demonstrated that they merit respect.”

      2. > A good man respects women, loves unconditionally, condems other guys for talking down about women,
        Bullshit! That’s Courtly Love brainwashing.
        > fathers/parents his offspring.
        this is the only thing good.

      3. True, but (functionally speaking) being a good man gets you alone… be a rotten (obnoxious, too) man and make da bitchez come to you. (See the below video for the short course in this. Women will complain about, but are aroused, by such.)

        1. “Women will complain about, but are aroused, by such”
          Similar to how we guys complain about, but are aroused by. sluts.

      4. Unconditional love is a function of parenting. It’s not even “womanly” in the broader sense, much less masculine. Being honest isn’t “talking down.” I’m skeptical of ROK’s application of his theory to this particular guy and how far he wants to take the point in general, but teen boys’ psycho-sexual environment clearly contributes to these problems. Our culture’s lopsided treatment of boys as defective girls and fetishizing of women in general have helped make that environment toxic, as well as kowtowing by those whose advice is “suck it up, don’t hold women accountable no matter what they do or say.” Women need to earn love and respect just as men do. If you want me to accept a role, they need to accept a reciprocal role. We’ve lost this social balance and that does contribute to the rage and lack of coping skills so many boys display.

    11. Sorry, I don’t see him as ugly. He’s a geek. So what? Plenty of girls like geeks. It’s just that the geeks don’t believe it.

      1. Washout your headgear, new guy (as Animal Mother famously said in Full Metal Jacket) the girls who used to do that are looking up (too far up, but what’s being realistic nowadays?)… and ol’ Karl wasn’t that bad looking either, which is the sad thing.

    1. I have always tried to model my alphaness (Is that a real word?) on Rick Blaine.
      Because you can be an Alpha and still have a heart.
      I’m a pretty cynical person but I will try to do the right thing if push comes to shove.

      1. I stopped feeling sympathy for anyone. I was a looser like this guy, but made myself better. He just did not have what it takes. Natural selection at it’s finest.
        Also, sometimes I am disgusted by my own nihilism, but this is the only way for me to remain sane. Natural selection at it’s finest…I am just adapting to the enviroment, altough I am not proud of it. Waiting for the better times, after this fucked up world crashes and burns, and maybe, just maybe something better comes along. If not, well…

  15. Based on his statements that the US needed to do more for “women’s rights” and “gun control” he certainly was repressed from healthy development, and perhaps even rationalized his attack as an activist martyrdom, though I suspect he was mostly trying to stop his transformation into a fag before it was too late

  16. Hot girls are busy trying to make football player commit, ugly girls are busy getting fucked and tossed out by football player, average Joes don’t get any girls. 10 years later, used and aging hot girls turn to average Joes and marry them out of desperation, ugly girls buy 10 cats. Football player settles down with 20 year old and beautiful family girl.
    It’s funny how feminism was enabled by both average Joes and ugly girls…

    1. Feminism’s the best thing that ever happened to guys who are moderately good looking like me, or have a bit of game like me.
      It’ll suck for me when patriarchy is re-established and I can’t gorge myself on a buffet of 20something grad students deeply in debt anymore.

    2. “Football player settles down with 20 year old and beautiful family girl.”
      Who cheats on him, divorces him and takes half all the way to the bank.

  17. This article sucks. Sexual frustration can be… frustrating, but it doesn’t make you kill. At worst it makes you seek out prostitutes. Expecting women to not be selfish and to give men blowjobs just so they won’t kill is quite pathetic. Women choose a lot of idiots as their sexual partners which doesn’t reflect back on them too well, but why should we want them then? other than for pump and dump. These women should be discarded as unsuitable for LTR. The only solution is of course to learn game so that you don’t have to pay for sex – hit the gym, become interesting in your life pursuits, have strong inner game, etc.. If chicks want the bad boy, just learn how to feign semi-psychopathy – uncaring, indifferent, Machiavellian, unemphatic, verbally aggressive etc. Most of young men’s problems stem not from women, but from the lies they are told about women which fucks up their development.

    1. “Sexual frustration can be… frustrating, but it doesn’t make you kill.”
      I totally disagree. It depends on how great a man’s thwarted potential is. According to the design of nature, a man MUST follow his design, and if that design has greatness thwarted enough, he can’t create but he can perform creative destruction. That is EXACTLY how evolution works and EXACTLY how we got here with a dead civilization being picked over by adult children. The free market of violence IS the solution, in the infinite patience of mother nature. It might not be a solution for you or me as individuals. Mother nature does not care if we suffer, fail, or die straight away.

    2. Used to be the ‘hos weren’t especially choosey (why they were “easy” and sluts, etc. ’cause their priority was getting dicked) but now they’re spoiled… they can get dick, but want better (best) attractive dick their is (not that the can get).

  18. If anyone hasn’t noticed, mass shootings have become the American version of suicide terrorist attacks. A few outliers aside, most terrorists are young, disaffected men who have nothing to live for in their society, so they lash out in anger. It just so happens that a good portion of mass shooters in the U.S. are young white men, who are supposedly the people at the top of the social pyramid who have the most to gain in our country. Individual issues may seem complicated, but really, these incidents are nothing more than the canary in the coal mine. Young men wouldn’t be checking out of society through violence (or videogames and pornography) if they actually had something to live for. Much like projection, we’re willing to acknowledge the faults in other societies, yet can’t seem to grasp those in our own. And because of this, these incidents will continue as long as the core problem remains.

    1. “Much like projection, we’re willing to acknowledge the faults in other
      societies, yet can’t seem to grasp those in our own. And because of
      this, these incidents will continue as long as the core problem remains.”
      Step 1: Re-examine this ‘we’ shit.

      1. ‘We’ represents the general, popular understanding of modern American society. Re-examine this childish and feminine mentality that takes offense where none was apparent.

    2. No man has anything to live for in society any more. Men used to be the hunters and the warriors. They did stuff women couldn’t possibly hope to do. They tracked antelope for days across the savanna under the blistering sun and held firm the gates of the villages against the hordes of incoming barbarians. What’s our modern struggle? What, if anything, is the use for men in modern society?

        1. All I’m saying is, as men we derive our sense of value and purpose from actually being useful. But there aren’t many ways for men to be useful in modern society, hence the low self-esteem and self-value that many young men have.

        2. I can understand that, men are made to feel worthless if they don’t have a car, job, etc. Although if they’re leeching w/o a job, then yeah.

      1. To click the “like” button on Facebook when some attention-whoring cunt posts a new “selfie”?

      2. Posturing and looking cool at the corporate job, bunkie! That’s where it’s at ’cause only losers actually DO STUFF and RISK THEIR ASS for anything any more! (Of course, going around being concerned what other people think of you because “perception is reality” is a thing of Beta guys and women who get their advancement given to them by more powerful folk, but why let reality intrude?)

  19. I remember reading somewhere that right before James Holmes went on that rampage, he tried hitting up some chick on one of those online hook up sites. He got shot down. The rest of the story we know already.

  20. Yeah, if women would just stop being so SELFISH and line up to throw free pussy at every scrawny mentally unbalanced omega nerd on earth, we could all live in a utopia free from senseless nihilistic violence. And while we’re at it let’s just institute a permanent welfare state handing out free sex, money and participation prizes so nobody ever has to suffer, struggle, or earn anything. Please.

    1. Women providing sex to the builders of civilization is the only reason women are even admitted to civilization. If women don’t facilitate civilized men meeting their lower needs, men don’t address the higher needs of civilization. Pussy in any society has a functional obligation to be society supporting pussy. This is not negotiable because it is the natural requirement.

        1. Disagree. He ended up exhibiting great potential for ruthless action and self sacrifice, a couple of the more important cornerstones of both building and maintaining civilization.
          Had his energies been better directed, who knows what he could’ve achieved.

      1. Yeah, but these shooters aren’t the “builders of civilization”. They’re mostly bottom-rung omega males, i.e. men who statistically don’t reproduce in any civilization. I agree with your points in the abstract, but it’s a false equivalency to claim the rise in random shootings is related to women withholding sex from omega males who would likely be sexless outliers under any social contract.

        1. The crux of the matter becomes: Is this Karl an intrinsic Omega or a situational Omega?

          The social order is situational to the population make-up. The power is an aggregate of all individual’s power. Corruption does well like a parasite that needs a host. Was Karl a situational parasite or an intrinsic parasite? Much would be different if there was no fiat money, if women did not get to vote with individual equality with men. The die was cast when the Fed and feminism emerged from the Progressive Movement. The question is whether or not this die cast our Karl as Omega, if that’s what he was, rather than his conception. The video is well worth watching, everyone!

      2. “If civilization had been left in female hands, we would still be living in grass huts.” –Camille Paglia

    2. 80 percent of women reproduce vs 40 percent for men. Due to no fears of being cuckolded, females do not have sexual jealousy like males and adapt to being in some rich guys harem. Female hypergamy and this scenario make it pretty tough for the Karls out there. That said, The ugly nerds of any sex have it bad.

      1. This is why civilization and marriage of one man and one woman came about. We’ll miss that (and some of us already do) when it’s gone.

      2. http://ampbreiareloaded.com/female_circumsions_and_sexual_slavery_in_saudi_arabia.htm
        “My signature treatment is called the harem cut. Many of the western women that are bound for harems I do a full deep circumcision follow by a modified infibulation. Not the sealing of the mouth of the vagina but once the clitoris is removed I tighten the top of the vagina with a couple of stitches after a incision at the top of the labia majora. My clients like this effect as it makes it tighter for her master. Unless requested so I don’t excision the labia minora. I don’t think it matters as there isn’t enough nerves to allow masturbation or climax during sex, though the labia minora may add to the pleasure of the male. The male seem to like my harem cut over the snip or the infibulation. Of course I can do lots of variations…
        If a circumcision is done right, there is no chance of a future climax, ever. The harem cut removes the clitoris and its root. The tightening of the top of the vulva also helps to isolate any nerve
        root that might be left. The tightening helps the male climax faster, thus decreasing the stimulation the
        female gets. Even vigorous masturbation will be fruitless. She might as well be rubbing her elbow. Snipping the tip might leave a small chance but when I harem cut them there is no chance what so ever. She should not be concerned in her pleasure but providing the male pleasure and children.”

        1. Yes. This is terrible and contradicts what I said. I still say that because the female knows the baby is hers, creates a different mating strategy. I think a female can be haremed in ways a male would not.

        2. To end this terrible practice, declare that Saudi-Arabia and Iran will destroy each other, unless they convert to a new religion. God exists, and Hell is eternal.

    3. Yes, this was my thought too. Its unrealistic to expect women to sex up guys they arent attracted to, especially in a society like ours where womens feral natures are allowed unfettered expression. Take care of womens provisioning needs and then encourage them to explore sexually and they will do exactly what they are doing – chase their tingles with the most desirable men while they can.
      Of course this is not to say that society allowing and encouraging women to go feral is a good thing for society. Quite the opposite.
      The old system of traditional marriage is the only solution to this I know of. Is this what the author is advocating for I wonder? This is something that should be more explicitly stated – otherwise it invites misinterpretation.

      1. Yeah, it’s a tricky one. Female hypergamy is pretty much hardwired, so it’s kind of like ordering men to desire fuglies and fatties (ironically, much like teh feminists are attempting to do) instead of slim hotties. Not likely to happen, in other words.
        Still, recognizing the root of the problem is a necessary first step in attempting to solve it. What the solution is remains… obscure.

        1. Yes, thats right. We in the Manosphere are very keen to extol the undesirability of fuggos and the “fiercely real”, so it would be Feminist level hypocrisy not to recognise that women have their standards too.

  21. I have to disagree with this article. The author essentially spent 1000 words on blaming the matriarchy. I call bullshit when feminists blame the patriarchy for their ills, and similarly call bullshit on this article.
    There have always been socially awkward nerds. Boys that had no game and didn’t get laid. The question should ask is why are they, in their modern incarnation, turning to violence? My personal opinion is that male children are desensitized to violence, graphic imagery, profanity, and worst off all, watch network news. Its all trash, pure and simple, and are adult vices used by children. You can play Call of Duty and lay waste to an innocent crowd of people in an airport, that is fine, but god forbid you are under 17 and see a breast in a film. If blame needs to be cast, it should be cast on this mutant’s parents for not guiding him as he approached manhood. Or, as is likely the case, parent.
    As mentioned in other comments, if this child had been raised with discipline, taught masculinity, someone mentioned boxing, all of this would be avoided. Instead he was reading collectivist writings and spending too much time on the internet, where the worst of humanity spews filth with impunity.

    1. I agree with some of your points. If anything this demonstrates why level headed, masculine and present fathers are so important in young man’s life. The mantra, ‘I don’t need a man’ is dashed with incidents like this.

      1. Very true. Raising a well balanced, educated, and strong male child is, in my opinion, the pinnacle of being an alpha male. There are few bastions of masculinity left for a young man – competitive sports, martial arts, mechanics, hunting, etc. All of these disciplines require experienced male leadership. Is a single mother, or god forbid a lesbian couple, going to teach a boy how to throw a football, string a fishing reel, or change their own oil? I’m 30 years old and am constantly thankful that I had a father who taught me all of those things. I’m a damn Renaissance man, as I look at my “peers” who can’t perform basic household maintenance, work with free weights, or setup a tent for camping.

    2. True, but (in addition to unrestrained “sex-positive” hypergamy making things worse) all those divorce-created broken families and the only available male role models for such un-fathered young men being Grand Theft Auto, etc. and trashy sports figures for a generation now) make it really easy for some unhappy guy (like Karl) say “Fuck it!” and reach for the 12-gauge.

  22. This whole mass shooter phenomenon can be compared to another similar trend that’s affected everyone in this country: the suicide bomber. The theory is the the suicide bomber does it, not in the name of Allah, but in the name of getting laid. We’ve all heard line about 100 virgins that await him in the afterlife.
    Fact and evidence support this. The average bomber’s profile is middle class, lacks in game and identity, and can be described as beta (think of the younger Dkhokar). The other has to do with one cultural peculiarity of the Middle East; polygyny. It means women share men. Evolutionary psychologist (and genius) Satoshi Kanazawa wrote about this for Psychology Today in an article titled “Ten Politically Incorrect Truths About Human Nature”.
    He says “by allowing some men to monopolize all women and altogether excluding
    many men from reproductive opportunities, polygyny creates shortages of
    available women. If 50 percent of men have two wives each, then the
    other 50 percent don’t get any wives at all. So polygyny increases
    competitive pressure on men, especially young men of low status. It
    therefore increases the likelihood that young men resort to violent
    means to gain access to mates.” Combine that with 100 virgins waiting in the after life it’s no surprise these men have nothing to lose.

    1. one reason for why monogamy became normalized after agriculture. You cant have a stable society with lots of pissed off rutting males in desperation.

    2. A compelling explanation, but I wouldn’t dismiss Islam as a factor. The underlying motive is still the same, Islam simply exploits it.
      End result is similar – mass murder – only the banner the killers march behind differs. A nihilistic penant for your typical school shooter, the black flag of jihad for your common fedayeen.
      Don’t follow the Cathedral script of exculpating Islam; in Britain at least, the treasonous political and media mouthpieces bend over backwards to avoid linking any atrocity to The Religion of Peace (ha!) no matter how explicitly the perpetrators declare their motivation [see: Lee Rigby].
      Again, the underlying cause may be sexual frustration, but Islam has a definite, dangerous role in catalyzing and directing resentment.

      1. i would call it a mix of sexual frustration and political reason that cause suicide bombing ,Islam in itself does not promote any of these ideas ,both suicide for any cause , and murdering innocent civilians under any cause is prohibit in the Islamic belief.{see Quran 109,1-6 / 5,32 / 60,8 / 2.256} and many more. its amusing to see you guys who always say u woke up from the media’s BS still believing in it .anyway ,a man who is not getting laid could be dangerous, add extra testosterone ,frustration and a bad day and you got urself some trouble, we really under-appreciate prostitutes ,they are really contributing in making the world a safer place.

        1. Like I said, see: Lee Rigby.
          It’s not me you have to persuadee that Islam doesn’t promote these ideas, it’s the likes of his killers, who were utterly convinced that they were acting on behalf of the Ummah, and had their own collections of verses to sanction their atrocity.
          You can say anything you like, but the activities of the faithful tell a different story.

  23. All the guys posting what a punk this kid is for shooting someone just because he was a nerd and couldn’t get laid are half-right. To take someones life because of sexual frustration is ridiculous, but when you consider the insane times we are living in we will continue to see more and more of this. And so what is your advice to these awkward kids? “Man up and Alpha up you nerdy 16 year olds.” Good luck with that in this bat shit crazy Western World.
    Myself as an example, I was a 6’2 jock, much better looking than this kid, and can still recount the number of times I took shit from average looking, and more than a few ugly girls about my lack of perfect male looks. You can cite your examples of game or whatever, and how ugly guys are getting laid, but my guess is this kid would have had to have been in the top 10% of males at his school to get much action.
    So the point about how pathetic the boys who go on these shooting sprees because they are nerds who can’t get laid is more than fair. But what I take from this article is what will be the continued effect of average and nerdy boys at such a young age taking so much shit from girls who are only vastly superior in the looks department in their minds. For some of these kids a smart responsible male would be able to help them understand why plain jane is disgusted by them. But for a lot of them there is no reasonable answer you could give that would help them understand. It took me a long time to understand it, and even now I still have trouble getting it.

    1. This past holiday I was on my sister’s instagram. She’s in 8th grade. Her page was FULL of her friends, and their friends posting picture of themselves. They’d post pictures of their clothes, lipstick, shoes etc. I got a sick feeling in my stomach from all the narcissism. I knew in a few years they would have egos so inflated they’d believe they were naturally entitled to the 1% of men.
      Some of these girls with make up and the right clothes could pass for 18 easily.

      1. I was looking at one my cousins facebook page over the holidays also. She’s a Freshman in H.S. and has “995 friends.” She is pretty and can be a nice girl but from what she was wearing and how her mother turned out and how she’s being raised it’s going to be a long, slow decent on the carousel.

  24. I couldn’t get laid in High School (too scared to try. No car. No social skills) and wanted to kill people because of it too. I joined the army. So did my cousin. My 18 y/o cousin just enlisted in the USMC.

    1. +1 You’ve breached another taboo and interesting topic (like what the original post does). A lot of guys want to express and enhance their masculinity ‘safely’ (as in certainly per the goobermint guarantee). I see a world of difference between militia men and mililtary men. Great point, FLN.

      1. It’s not uncommon. I was a recruiter for a while. They’re were a lot of smart, middle class, white boys who enlisted into the Infantry, Armor (tanks), etc. These where not the “poverty draftees” that the Left takes about. These kids could have gone to college but instead wanted to shoot people in the face. Most of these kids didn’t care about the color, religion or ideology of the souls they’d lay to waste. They were disaffected by the bullshit PC ideals of “Fairness, Equality, Helping, World Citizenship, Social Justice” that their ultra-liberal kike-dyke teachers had shoved down their throats for 13+ years. Others simply wanted to put a bullet into someone because they had never had the chance to put their dick into someone.

        1. Using frustrated young men to do your bidding in wars of conquest for resources for your corporation? Well, duh, that is the way to do it. Hey, Halliburton needs those contracts, don´t be an ass.

        2. God (White Jesus, of course) bless the empire. Every comfort we have in the country is because of US imperialism and I will not apologize for enjoying it.
          African children were enslaved, tortured and murdered in order to procure the materials to make the computer that you are using right now. DO you care? I don’t; Fuck ‘em. Tell your little nephew in Honduras to get back to picking my 59 cent per pound bananas before a “School of the Americas” soldier rapes his mother, burns his shanty and slits his throat.
          The Soldiers whom I described aren’t conscripts. They were not even the “poor minorities with no other opportunities” that the left believes fills the ranks.

        3. They´re still frustrated, don´t they? I agree with the article, as is the same explanation I have for the phenomena. Why there are no shootings in other countries, at least not so frequent? It has to do with sex. I was too worried talking to girls in clubs when I was his age to be worried about buying a weapon and using it on my peers.

    1. Good point. I looked at some other pictures of him online and this article used the worst pic of him out there. He was no male model, but a decent looking kid who probably would have grown up to be a good looking guy. But Chubbs point stands. Because he wasn’t in the top 15% or top 20% of guys he probably felt like a loser while at the same time there were lots of women in his looks range who he didn’t have chance with because in their delusional minds he wasn’t in their league and was an “ugly nerd.”

  25. These kids use to be the pro prostitute killers. Scaring many women straight who had thoughts of the easy road whilst gaining roots and legend in the meantime as Jack the Ripper. Now they are just amateurs that take no pride in their work.

  26. karl pierson was a sorry little self-entitled
    punk-ass bitch who had his panties in a knot over being cut from debate tean and still lived with mommy and daddy in spite of being 18.
    shed no tears. best thing he ever did was take himself out if the gene pool.

  27. I love it how Return of the kings authors claim that it is typical female behavior to blameothers for your own failure yet everything that could possibly go wrong in a mens’ life/ society in general is supposed to be caused by women.
    Mens’ logic I guess.

    1. There’s a difference, cupcake.
      Female ‘logic’ (contradiction in terms) is mostly bullshit
      Wage gaps, glass ceilings, sex discrimination, the Patriarcheeee and all that are pretty much non-existent these days. If anything, the game is rigged in favour of women. So, if a chick fails to take advantage of the host of opportunities that are handed to her, she really does have no-one but herself to blame for her decisions, and she’s (rightly) mocked on RoK if she tries to place responsibility for her failures on to an imaginary cabal of evil menz conspiring against her. That’s feminism in a nutshell, btw, and it’s bullshit.
      By contrast, the likes of the authors here, and within the wider manosphere, are simply pointing out what is.
      Funnily enough, women – even in the light of all available evidence to the contrary – have no problem believing that there’s some shadowy conspiracy dedicated to keeping them down, whilst the harder task appears to be persuading men that there’s an entire industry – that’s very real, very well organized, and very well funded – that’s out to disenfranchise and destroy them.
      Women delude themselves into believing that they’re being victimized, men delude themselves into thinking that they’re not. Places like RoK are about ending these delusions, so men no longer act like victims, and pointing out what cunts women can be is part of that.

      1. Weird how your comment contains so many assumption but not even one evidence.
        “There’s a difference, dickhead.
        Male logic’ (contradiction in terms) is mostly bullshit
        Feminazis, false rape accusations and Paternityfraaaaud , and all
        that are pretty much non-existent these days. If anything, the game
        is rigged in favour of men. So, if a lad fails to take advantage of
        the host of opportunities that are handed to him, he really does have
        no-one but himself to blame for his decisions, and he’s (rightly)
        mocked by women if he tries to place responsibility for his failures
        on to an imaginary cabal of evil womenz conspiring against him. That’s RoK in a nutshell, btw, and it’s bullshit.
        By contrast, feminists, are simply pointing out what is.
        Funnily enough, men – even in the light of all available evidence
        to the contrary – have no problem believing that there’s some shadowy conspiracy dedicated to keeping them down, whilst the harder task appears to be persuading women that there’s an entire industry – that’s very real, very well organized, and very well funded – that’s out to disenfranchise and destroy them.
        Men delude themselves into believing that they’re being
        victimized, women delude themselves into thinking that they deserve
        to. Movements like feminism are about ending these delusions, so
        women no longer act like victims, and pointing out what dicks men can be is part of that.”

        1. Oh and by the way I don’t believe that a certain “mens’” or “womens’” logic exists. I only intended to point out that (conservative) feminism and RoK use the same argumentation structures. Saying men and women are equally deluded in this case.

        2. By contrast, feminists, are simply pointing out what is.
          I laughed so hard at this my sides are actually hurting.

    2. Womyn logic;
      Loss of one stuck up attention-whoring cunt > the depression and frustration of millions of young high school males.

  28. I agree with the main point of the article – if Karl had been getting laid even once or twice a month he most likely would not have even thought about doing something like this.
    However, I firmly believe that any single woman (attractive or not) should be allowed to desire any single man she wishes, just as any single man should be allowed to approach any single woman he wishes. I consider that to be a basic human right. And anything that happens or does not happen between said man and said woman is their problem – not yours, not mine, not the society’s. If you are 18 or over – you make your own choices and decisions, and you deal with the consequences.
    Therefore, it is not the women’s fault for wanting the top 1% of men. Let them want whatever they want – most of them won’t get it anyway, or may get it just for short periods of time.
    Men were not born with the promise of sex. As a man, if you want sex, you have to earn it. You have to be able to do, say, or provide whatever it is that will get you laid legally in the jurisdiction you live in. That’s just the way it is. It’s not fair, but the sooner you accept it and the sooner you start adapting yourself to it, the better.
    On the other hand, I myself have had a few sexless periods which lasted a year or two at a time, so I fully understand the fact that life without sex is not worth living.
    Then I discovered MILFs. I had sex with my first MILF at the age of 28. She was 44 at the time, divorced. Since then I have been regularly meeting and seeing MILFs who are divorcees or widows, and am currently seeing two divorced women.
    I wouldn’t call it ‘dating’ or ‘relationship’ because we are just meeting to have sex once a week or a few times per month. But it keeps me going and it gives me the motivation to keep working on my goals, my dreams, and myself.
    Karl really should have looked at online dating sites or online chat sites where he could meet local MILFs. Even with his looks, I am sure he would have been able to find a fiery divorced MILF over 40, and then he most certainly would not have done this.
    My point is – fuck it. It really shouldn’t be so hard to get laid. If the vast majority of young men and young women just can’t get along anymore, then there are other ways to legally pursue female companionship and sex. Yeah, these MILFs’ age shows in the way they look, but after you’ve been thirsty for a year or two, I am sure most men would find a MILF would be perfectly acceptable.
    And my personal experience shows that they come with MUCH less bullshit than most young women today do.

    1. Agree. Women should be able to fuck whoever they want. Just don’t ask me to support their bad boy demon spawn or to pay for all the the prisons going up in my State and all the other female centric social programs. I agree with this view point but I’ll take a society where the tables aren’t turned to give women advantages in an insane way. Also not fan of Western Bitches telling me I’m loser because I don’t want to put up their shit and go where the game isn’t rigged.

      1. This is the problem with the West, so women should be allowed to fuck whomever they want? Would you apply this standard to your daughter? Women are at their best when the men who run society place limitations on their behavior. The average woman in 1913 was far more respectable than one in 2013. It’s like night and day. Corrupted Western male psychology (letting women in as equal members of society with disregard to their natural biological limitations) has destroyed us. However, this wasn’t an organic development in Western male psychology. Certain corrosive groups planned the West’s downfall a long time ago. We are only living in the aftermath of what will be called the Post-Western Civilization period.

        1. I don’t have any kids because I can’t find a decent young woman to have them with. Plus, I’m not exactly looking – I’m too busy working on fulfilling my long-term goals and dreams, with some MILFs on the side.
          But if I ever have kids, I intend to teach both my sons and my daughters the exact same thing – if you are going to do something, be prepared for any and all possible consequences.
          I mean – this is the 21st century. Even in southern Europe, where I live, you can’t keep your kids under lock and key 24/7. If they want to do something, they will end up doing it, whether you like it or not.
          However, what you can do is make them aware of the fact that they may end up not liking the consequences of what they want to do. I firmly believe that this is the only way for them to grow up into well-developed and non-frustrated human beings.

        2. This is actually spinelessness, no offense. Children under extreme peer pressure from degenerate influences would love to hear a parent tell them “well ok, you have freedom but be prepared to face the consequences of your actions.” Children don’t necessarily understand the gravity of long-term consequences but they do understand the immediate punitive injunctions of their parents. Instruction and leadership without the ability to enforce them through punitive measures is not leadership at all. You mine as well stand on a soap box like a religiously zealous bum in front of them and hope they listen. Children under 18 especially females should not be given a free-rein, especially in these dark times. I’ve seen these bitch dads who allow their daughters from as young as 8 to dress like sluts, behave like sluts and spoil them beyond the point of all decency and humanity. And somehow these beta bitch dads after divorce, alimony and child support wonder how “daddy’s little girl” became a campus slut. And don’t get me started on how these single moms allow their tyrant sons to misbehave either. Sure go ahead and give children in the West complete license with only a warning. Strong societies were formed with strong parental instruction and discipline (Rome, Sparta, Athens, Prussia, etc…).

        3. None taken. However, I believe that all stick and zero carrot can – and most likely will – produce a result that’s just as undesirable as all carrot and zero stick.
          See, if I have a kid who is 12 and wants me to buy him an electric guitar, I will tell him to study hard, earn good grades, and I will buy it for him at the end of the semester. Then he’ll get the amp for that guitar at the end of the following semester. No grades = no gear, you obviously didn’t want it badly enough. Better luck next semester.
          If I just say no, label his wish as bullshit, and refuse to talk about it entirely, the kid might start stealing stuff to sell in order to get enough money to buy that guitar. This is worse than outright buying the guitar for him and watching him get bored of it after a few days and then wanting a different instrument or gadget.
          Instead of saying “yes” or “no” right away, I believe it’s far better to give him a fighting chance. Give him a way to earn it. Then he will appreciate it much more, and it will be good for his self-esteem as well.
          The same thing goes for a daughter and an iPhone or an expensive piece of clothing.
          Now you tell me – if I bring up my kids this way – do you think they will end up going off and fucking whomever they want, or do you think my consequence sermon might actually take hold in their minds? It really is all about practicing what you preach.

        4. Yes, a strong society is a patriarchial society. But seeing as that is not going to happen anytime soon I would just be happy to see States have more power than Washington D.C. That’s probably just wishful thinking also.

        5. True… it’s not just permissive beta fathers who have slutty daughters, but also the unreasonably ultra-strict fathers (who are arguably beta in a different way). You know, how we get the “preacher’s daughter” stereotype.

      2. If you don’t like the rules of the society you live in – you can either try to change them, or you can move out. I am not a Westerner by birth, so I moved out, I went back home after 9 years in the US.
        Where I live now – in my home country, the gender relations are messed up in a different way, but I just can’t put up with young women’s bullshit.
        I have had women my age tell me that MILFs are a waste of time, but I don’t care. We all know that I’m not doing anything illegal, and young women are a far worse waste of time, energy, nerves, money, and resources in general – when all I want is just to get laid in reasonable time intervals without having to resort to prostitutes.

    2. MILFs are OK by definition; MIDWF are not, nor are OABs. Just as an extra tidbit of info, BBWs are disgusting and stand for Big Beastly Wenches.
      Back on topic, Chinese MILFs are my favorite for the time being, but I will have a few young Chinese ladies to snack on too once I get out there.

  29. What’s even more, is that the “liberation” or rather complete license for women especially white women to do whatever they wanted, signaled the nail in the coffin for Western Civilization. It use to be that women were married off by their fathers to well established men of known repute. The fathers would serve as a barrier, interrogator, and analyzer of the worth of her daughter’s prospective husband. Women from the ages of 15-28 (which also happens to be the only time in which they are marketable) just don’t have the mental acuity to select proper mates for fathers. Now that Patriarchy and “fatherdom” has been completely eviscerated, women stripped themselves of protection and their feminine virtue; and by all means as result thereof, they will get everything coming to them. Women have a skewed view of masculinity, which is why they adulate abuse, foul behavior and straight degeneracy because they perceive these traits as “masculine.” Woman by nature in the words of Marlene Dietrich “needs a master.” Men of old understood this, and if a man didn’t exhibit masculine traits to that of a suitable master, a woman would surely find one (as exhibited by their current proclivities towards asshole alphas, such as myself, a role forced on me by society as the only feasible option left).
    The only problem is, is that they look in all the wrong places for mate-selection since Patriarchy has been dead in the West for quite some time. This is why degenerate rappers, pimps, and the general dregs of society have such amazing luck with women. The case could be made from 60-70 years of evidence in the West, is that society cannot function well if women are left up to their own recourses as equal members to their more realistic male superiors. As someone who is partially black, I feel sympathy for the once mighty races of Europe. Whites are completely doomed, not because of immigrants, or even white women but because white men do not and will not take action with “their” women. Women naturally seek out dominant types, and by the very fact that the vast majority of white men in the West no longer exhibit these characteristics or rather no longer even wish to exhibit these characteristics is why white women will go elsewhere. I understand why Islamic and other traditional patriarchal societies vehemently oppose current Western culture. So yeah relating it back to this boy, I can see his frustration. I feel no pity, absolutely none, America brought this on themselves. At this point, it’s all laughable, I’m just going to sit here and watch the whole thing burn and burn it will. At least I still have good music and good wine to serenade myself with, whilst Rome burns.

    1. If you can, profit from it, and make sure that you are not coerced into being a safety net.

    2. To be sure, many Whites have been complicit in the West’s cultural destruction, but I feel obliged to point out that many (most?) of the architects of its decline could not be accurately described as ‘European’ (or ‘American’ either, if you prefer).
      Even hinting at this is a hatecrime, of course, so I’ll leave it at that.

      1. Come on, don’t dick around. I’ll post it for you as Anonymous:
        It is JEWS.
        We all know it, but dare not say it, most not even think it.
        Jews are behind feminism and socialism. It is not hate, simple facts, go look up the founders and leading members of Marxism and Feminism. So many jewish names.
        Likewise, every time you hear or read something really abhorrent, check the name 90% of the time you are reading something written or said by a jew.
        The jews HATE and I mean completely HATE white people. Their culture, their shared history, their identity is based on opposition to white culture.

        1. Sites to intelligently discuss/demystify-

      2. Darwin, Lance is full of shit. The guy who doesn’t even live in the States lecturing on us on our failed masculinity.
        Lance, by the time I had graduated H.S. I had been suspended four times. A couple times for getting into fights and some other harmless things that years ago would have been labeled “boys being boys.” Not to long ago I had two detectives show up at my house because a fat ugly broad was mad I didn’t call her back after she gave me head in my car. I “raped her.” You should also ask Black Men in America who tend to be naturally more masculine than most White Men how that has worked out in this quasi police state.
        So yeah Lance, thanks for the advice, because I really don’t like the laws of America and do hope to move somewhere else. But feel free to come and live here permanently so you can lecture white American men on their pathetic masculinity. Just don’t be surprised if you are doing some of your lecturing with your face in the ground while a cop has his knee digging in your back.

      3. Oh yes! Call for what it is! Out the perpetrators. Jews have possessed the leading role in the destruction of traditional western patriarchy and customs. Third Wave feminism was all Jewish. Betty Friedan, Gloria Steinem, Bella Abzug, Andrea Dworkin etc. The Rockefeller Foundation, the CIA and numerous other agencies were responsible for the funding, inculcation and proliferation of our downfall. In the words of eminent Jewish author Yuri Slezkine in his book the “The Jewish Century” he says, “the 21st Century is about everyone becoming Jewish.”

  30. Me 1 year ago woman are caring,honest(lol), slightly sexual humans
    Me now: Womans are mammals who can speak.

  31. karl is not an ugly dude. He’s decent looking…no homo. What could have saved Karl is, of course, some game. He seems to be above average height; thus, adding some muscle to his frame, getting a neat hair cut, growing some facial hair, and better fitting clothes would have done wonders for Karl.
    What point is there in railing against society? We know that society doesn’t look out for the interest of heterosexual males; thus, let’s take advantage of the situation: learn game + pump & dump these selfish tramps.

    1. I agree with you. However, the article isn’t really dealing with solutions, just pointing out the causes.
      And if solution is Game, the cause must be female hypergamy. Bit of reverse engineering there.

  32. I haven’t got much sympathy for this chap, but one has to wonder whether he had any positive male role models. Men are becoming beta-ized at an alarming rate.

    1. You know, I’m getting tired of all this woe-is-me, there are no opportunities for men anymore, paranoid delusional crap. So what if women are outnumbering men in universities? Hello, men are still there! And men are much more likely to be of the sociopathic nature required to fight their way to the tops of corporations and government anyway. We’ll always be superior to women in sociopathic tendencies, as women are programmed to be more caring and nurturing. It’s not a quality worth praising, but it’s one worth acknowledging.
      And who needs a university degree these days anyway? Getting a trade like electrical, plumbing, pipefitting, etc. seems like a much better choice in my opinion, You can stay at home in your own country and start a small business, or you can work abroad in thriving countries (the oilsands in Alberta come to mind, or working in Asia).

  33. This article makes some sweeping assumptions about Karl’s future. The kid was just in high school. Perhaps the author himself is young and has not seen a man transform in his 20’s from a dweeb to a confident and successful guy that has learned how to both work out and to groom. Many of those high school football players go bald, get fat, and become losers. Just go to your 20 year high school reunion and you will see what I am talking about.
    Still, the points are valid to some extent. Though, since we are all just guessing here, my guess would he a little bit different.
    Was Karl left to rub it out on his own and sexually frustrated? I think that was absolutely true. But what is new about that? Not much.
    Are 20% of the boys in high school getting 80% of the girls and sex? That is also a safe assumption. Again, what is new about that? Maybe 50 years ago, fewer girls would have put out than do today, but it was still true that 80% of the girls focused their attention on 20% of the boys.
    So, what is REALLY different today? I’d venture to guess that the attractive girls in high school are much more obnoxious bitches than they used to be.
    50 years ago, all girls were expected to behave with decency. That has been completely lost. And, in fact, girls are now being encouraged to treat boys like crap. They can buy fashion designer t-shirts that denigrate boys (“Boys are stupid, throw rocks at them”). The basis of feminism is to teach these girls at a young age to treat boys and men with disrespect.
    It’s one thing to be a sexually frustrated boy, which is nothing new. It is quite another to be that same boy and be deliberately humiliated by attractive girls in the school. While getting no sympathy from anyone at all.
    Claire Esther Davis, and her pretty friends, probably made one too many nasty comments to poor Karl and he finally just snapped.
    I’m sad that he will not have the chance to transform into a real man and get his revenge later in life. Still, I have to admit to feeling a bit like Claire Esther Davis got what she deserved. That will outrage people. But if we could get into that high school and hear what was really going on, I suspect I am right that Claire was a bitch that bad-mouthed Karl repeatedly.

  34. Good points all. Still, its not like you can MAKE these women be into a guy she’s not attracted to. The other side of this coin is that natural male behavior is being pegged as “pathological”; being assertive with a woman you’re into? RAPIST! Just catching a look at an attractive girl? CREEP!
    A society that gives women the option to do everything and no obligation to do anything (borrowed that) while labeling men as either pussies or criminals no matter which way they jump is exactly why this kind of thing is just going to keeeeeep happening.

  35. I wonder if it is possible to measure and compare the rate of sexual frustration now vs in the past? There are a lot of sexually frustrated men now to be sure, but is that a greater percentage of the male population than 100 years ago with its puritanical religious mores?

  36. I see guys like this with women like that all the time.I’ve seen a few comments saying the guy was ugly but not that ugly ?Hell I don’t look much better than him but I don’t have any problems finding women that look as good as Clair,older versions of Clair of course.She’s a solid 7 anyway nor more no less.Apparently he wasn’t raised by a strong dad and a lot of kids with issues stem from not having a good dad at home and that for the most part negates any problems with women/girls while growing up.I’m not really saying anything we don’t already know just venting.

  37. Ok, I agree that women in the western world are increasingly becoming more selfish, self-.centered etc all as a result of feminism, but saying that this kid went crazy because an average looking girl didn’t gave him a bj is just bull shit. I can see the kid doesnt seem like the kind of guy that gets laid a lot in highschool but I bet there must have been many other issues that lead him to go full mental (family problems, bullying…etc) god knows how much shit could have been wrong with him. Using this tragedy to try to prove your view on women (which I agree with) Is simply pathetic. Also funny how you try to avoid saying Karl killed the girl: “wounded a fellow student…”, “Claire Esther Davis, one of the girls he shot (who later died).” Seriously, there is a thin line between being “red pill” and going full retard…

  38. Hahaha this is brilliant. You’re actually implying women are to blame if a grown man decides to SHOOT SOMEONE? News flash: men are responsible for their own actions, just like everyone else.
    Also, I thought you didn’t support women sleeping around and that you only wanted to marry virgins? I hate to break it to you, but if that idea comes to fruition and women all start waiting for marriage to have sex, then you’re gonna have to deal with the fact you’ll have to have less sex and stop whinging about not having your cake and eating it.

  39. Kids need to be told that sex is important but not as important as shitting. You can go a day without blowing a nut but not a day without dumping a shit. I think a man far more poetic than I said that with far more class but it still hits the nail on the head.

  40. Maybe if boys didn’t grow up perversely hypersexualized by easy access to hard and crazy porn they wouldn’t be worked into such a frenzy. Geez, when I was a young teen we were lucky to get our hands on a Penthouse, and it was like, “Wow, she’s hot, what do we do with her?” These days boys expect sperm and piss bukkakes and gangbangs and all that shit. Young developing male brains should not be exposed to this shit. (but as for old dirty demented brains, bring it on!)

    1. “Back in my day we had to walk to school in the snow. We didn’t have any of that new fangled ‘Ass to mouth’ porn, with the lipstick parties, and the bukkakes. The Eiffle tower used to be a tourist attraction in Paris. Now ‘One Night in Paris’ mean getting the Clap from a slut. “

      1. I didn’t have to walk to school in the snow, but my fuck, I had to wait at the bus stop in subzero temps while stupidly wearing nothing but a t-shirt and thin black leather jacket.

        1. An urban legend that ,if true, will cause my to end my life for never experiencing the awesomeness.
          1. lipstick party
          A lipstick party is similar to a Rainbow Party. All the girls put different colored lipsticks and give guys blow jobs in the dark. when the lights are turned back on, the guys try to guess which girl gave them the blow job. Referenced on The O.C. on 5-04-06
          At a Lipstick Party:
          Guy #1: Okay, this looks like more of a rose than a pink. Was it… Sarah?
          Girl #1: No, Silly! Sarah’s is a light fuscia! Mine’s rose!
          Guy #1: I think my dick would look good with a little fuscia…
          Girl #1: yayyyy (slut) http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=lipstick+party

  41. I don’t like to use feminist language.
    If you think I am a feminist you should go read all my other posts.
    This article is VICTIM BLAMING CRAP of the worst sort. Perhaps you are not blaming the victim as an individual in this article, but you are blaming the victim because of her membership in a certain class of people – which is actually worse.
    HOW ABOUT THIS INSTEAD: If Karl was sexually frustrated, then he should have just been a man and sucked it up, LEARNED SOME GAME, and bided his time. Instead he wasted his life and the life of another human being.
    RoK must be desperate for (negative) publicity to publish this crap. I hope RoK gets completely ignored instead. Unfortunately, it probably won’t be.

    1. Not everyone knows about the game and it’s not like something that is advertised constantly on the television.
      Also, I don’t think the author was blaming that one specific girl, but the current culture of women.

  42. Firstly I’d like to apologize for my poor English skills.
    I disagree with author’s point of view for I see it as trial of justifying murder. Karl had his problems but we all do. Society is far from being perfect, it always has been like that, and most probably won’t be much better in future. We’ve all been exposed to same feminist bullshit when we were at his age; a lot of us were “beta” to the core, yet we didn’t take a gun and killed people.
    Mr. Billy Chubbs tells us that “Until society sits down and thinks over these problems with an unclouded
    mind, men will continue the shootings. More people will die just so
    Jane Doe can continue to ‘explore’ her sexuality until she hits the
    I am of different opinion, shootings like these will continue no matter how society will look in the future. There will be always a looser with an access to gun. It’s just a matter of scale, there are so many people on earth that some of them are bound to be like Karl Halverson.
    I think that people are responsible for their own actions. The idea that he’s done it because of women’s selfishness just doesn’t work for me.

  43. Women are selfish? Good grief, tell us something we don’t already know and that hasn’t been established several thousand years ago. In fact, if you believe Genesis, it was right there in the beginning in the Garden of Eden. This is something that’s not gonna change just because Billy Chubbs demands it.
    Nevertheless, you do make an important point insofar as such selfishness is institutionalized as a matter of public policy. It’s true that there are indeed hundreds of thousands of frustrated men out there, and that there are hundreds of thousands of fives, sixes, and sevens (and below!) punching way above their weight (often literally) in their expectations.
    What we’ve done to those men, however, is criminalize their efforts to rectify their situation. We’ve also promoted women to compete with them in the workforce, to the extent that men often cannot even support themselves.
    When you can be imprisoned for “harassment” for merely seeking a date, when you have to settle for a dead end job in order to satisfy the “self-fulfillment” of women married to men making $200K to squeeze you out of a $50K job, then it is no surprise that there are Karl Halversons , and more of them.

  44. The word you are after is “coquetry”, the practise of accumulating “admirers” – beta orbiters. It has always been condemned as wicked and stupid.
    This is why.

  45. Glad to see you covering this, I have been watching with interest to see if anyone would. Surprised you didn’t make a guns / penis connection. Not that there necessarily is one, mind you, but it seems like it’s low hanging fruit that most people would associate together.

  46. This article is missing something HUGE. It is missing the fact that this guy is NOT ugly AT ALL. This kid is just an average kid. This means that ALL average guys will have trouble getting laid. Even if this kid did do self improvement (haircut, tan, get jacked, dressed better), he would still have a hard time getting laid and forming relationships with women. Society has become so femi-centric that even average women won’t sleep with their looks matched unless he’s packing in the wallet department. It is easier when your younger however (between 15-19) because females still don’t realize the power of their looks so you will tend to see a lot of average guys with decent-hot young looking teens (just go to a mall and see for yourself). But after that, this kid would not stand a CHANCE. It is sad because it is not his fault. Go to any bar and see all the single guys scattering around, trying to meet some female they like. This is an epidemic…females are so entitled that if you don’t meet the looks threshold of ALL her friends, you will not be accepted. Welcome to the new world gentlemen.

  47. I have to say this is one of the silliest articles I have seen at this place so far. The idea that this murder took place because of sexual frustration at female sexual selfishness has not one bit of sound reasoning behind it.
    On a personal level, the fact that she wouldn’t sleep with him isn’t valid reason to kill – I’ve met bitches who wouldn’t even give me the time of day. Granted, I want to smack their stupid heads so hard their earbuds become embedded in their skulls, but I get revenge through other means (pretending to sneeze on them is good, but only for the bitchiest of twats). There was probably something wrong with him.
    On a societal level, it shouldn’t be shocking to state that most women are pretty dumb. They’re generally sheep, they MUST follow the herd, and they will parrot the ideas they were taught without question. Nowadays, most women are trained to be U GO GRRLL super-ambitious empowerrrrd slutbags. It isn’t their fault that they are taking advantage of the culture – they don’t know or care about the fact that a large percentage of men aren’t able to get sex, support or love from women. It still doesn’t provide an excuse to kill people.

  48. “So why wasn’t Karl at home relieving his sexual frustrations with a
    girlfriend on par with his looks instead of simmering in anger alone”
    They were chasing the same men way above his league.

  49. Is it just me or is anyone else wondering why didn’t he rape her at gunpoint if he was going to kill himself anyway? ha

  50. NO, NO,NO. even tongue in cheek this kind of speculation is horseshit. I know/hate that this is the internet and what I’m about to say will be seen as internet bragging but c’mon guy’s. Women aren’t scary, out you’re league, extra or nothing of the sort. The idea that this idiot killed this child because of couldn’t get with her is insulting to him and spiting on her. You guy’s want a girl? Go right up to her and make you’re move. Put it this way, My girl looks like Kate Middleton with bigger tit’s, I saw her and went right up to her. You want similar it’s your move.

    1. Umm, no. That’s not going to fly for about 80% of the guys on this planet. They just going to get rejected. It shouldn’t be surprising when 1 in 1,000,000 of those goes postal as a result.

      1. Rejection is part of the deal. I know I’ve been rejected thousands of times. Every guy on the planet has been rejected. This is High School kids we’re discussing. I think I kissed two maybe three girls before university, and that means no actual pussy till I was 19. I’m not gonna lie and say I was screwing when I was 12 or 15 or 16 or 17. I know for a fact that guys that say they did most lied and the other well they peaked in middle school. Hell even 19 feels early considering how long ago and young I think that is now. 80% of guy’s eh? On any given night maybe, myself included and I have a naked woman sleep next to me every night. That still leaves 20% of the year, week, month I’m getting laid. I’d lie and say every night but no. weekends and twice aweek is more than enough.

        1. So what you are saying is I can just be proud of myself, and be myself, and I’ll get glorious, wonderful pussy. It’s a numbers game. Just approach like a machine because every woman is a special snowflake and you never know which one is made especially for you and maybe a handful of other guys but no more. You, sir, are a role model. If every man did what you did, the battle of the sexes would be over. I just need to redouble my efforts and be the special me that I am. I just haven’t found the right woman who can appreciate my financial thriftiness or my civil war pewter collection or my exactness with words and ideas. I’ll just stop sleeping and make finding Mrs. Right my 24/7 priority and get to success with that lucky lady that much sooner.

        2. Wow! I take no pleasure in calling you a loser but you sir are a loser. What makes you think pussy is ever going to happen for you? That it’s ever supposed to happen for you? Why should you’re financial thriftiness or pewter junk matter at all to anyone? Why should it matter enough to a woman to let you fuck her? That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard! You think a woman who let’s you fuck’er is a special snowflake? Or is it me? I just carpet blanket bomb all the women I see with invites to my cock and eventually one of them is going to land on it? Is that what you think I mean? Or are you being facetious? You are a coward. A coward unwilling to advance to what you want and resent it’s existence continuing without you. Even though it never knew you existed in the first place. That, that right there is the essence of frustration. Live a live frustrated by cowardice or one of rejection and triumph. Your choice. Me, I cross the dance floor, the restaurant, the line at the bank to meet a woman I like. Envy or resent me as you will, I don’t care, it’s you that should care. One way or the other. PS. The girl in my pic, I saw her eating lunch on a park bench in front of her office. I walked out to her and said. ‘Hi, pretty woman on bench. My name is Andrew. Can I sit down?’ pretty amazing right? Either you can pull something like that off unafraid or you can’t, but don’t resent the fact that it worked.

        3. Or you can keep trying and just fail miserably. On your death bed, you wish that you hadn’t wasted time and resources trying, and had spent that time playing video games; at least they would help to ease the pain.
          Not saying that people shouldn’t try, just putting it out there as a distinct possibility that some (maybe an increasing number of) men are going to face.

        4. There a concept in economics called “opportunity cost”, which you’ve just provided an example of. If you’re busy working hard only to get women, thats time you cant be spending on some other endeavour. You only have so much time, and you cant do everything. Better make what you actually do count for something.
          Its a valid consideration, especially for those who might have to work harder than some others to get women because of their particular flaws or situation. Its wise to ensure that the amount of effort you put in is justified by the quality of woman you will eventually attract, and the benefit she might add to your life.
          Of course you also have to consider that some of the effort that you might put forward into getting women might also have application in accruing benefit in other areas of your life. E.g. getting fit to be more physically attractive will give you more energy and more zest for life, improving your social skills to better talk to women could help in business dealings, etc.

    2. Agreed, thats the practical response for any guy that wants a woman – keep trying til you get one. But dont forget that this wont work well for most guys given the system. Most young men dont have the tools to make this work, with the system working to both neuther them and turn women feral.
      And a system that doesnt work well for the majority of men is a problem for society. Thats what (I think) this is driving at, pointing out the societal implications of this system rather than trying to excuse the actions of one very messed up young kid.

      1. I think you’re right, about the not having the right tools part. For far too long boys have been extending their adolescence and don’t acquire the ‘grown ass man’ tools that woman practically crave. I don’t have an answer, maybe it is the system. Movies, internet, games, school, work, everything seems to work to denude the manly that used to come naturally from father to son. That’s a reason, not an excuse.

        1. Yeah, its definitely the system. Understand that most people are not overly bright, that they are not individual thinkers. Most people take the path thats laid out for them by society.
          The path currently laid out for men has them deny their masculinity and prepares them to be used by women and the state.
          You can argue that those men should learn from their mistakes and take action to get what they want. And Id agree with you. Its an attitude of personal responsibility for ones own fate. But this attitude is also one of the things thats bled out of young people, to be replaced with dependance and entitlement. And while I agree that people should take responsibility for their own lives, its apparent that many people dont think this, and dont live their life this way.
          Society should be set up in a way that making good life choices, from the perspective of the individual AND the society, are the default, easy path. Because thats the path most people will take. This is not what we currently have.
          You say its a reason not an excuse. Well yes, its not an excuse, but Im not so much concerned with excusing this behavior as I am with the impact it has on society. Forget about excusing it, Id like to see it no longer being a problem.

        2. Great comment. Kids these days have too much exposure to far too many things. High school girls become instant celebrities online with Facebook and Twitter. They think that the world revolves around them and their worthless opinions and life, when in actuality is just because of their looks and pussyhole.
          The females are trained by the Internet and their girlfriends to accept only the hottest hunks that are Hollywood standard genetic freaks.
          High school guys that are average get frustrated and dejected by that shit.
          Back in the day dudes used to build cars and race, ride bikes, have other cool hobbies. Now everything so based on this gay social media shit.
          People dont know reality from fantasy anymore.

        3. Yep. Values have changed. True accomlishment is devalued by equalism, positive self esteem movements, lowering of standards and discouragment of competition. Interactive entertainment has also damaged peoples reward systems, making them expecr easy and instant feedback. Likes in Facebook, followers, favorites and retweets in Twitter, and Achievements and Trophies in video games have conditioned young people that they should get back almost instant positive feedback after small amounts of effort.
          Given this its no wonder that people bury themselves in social media instead of doing stuff that takes more effort and takes longer to demonstrate tangible results.

  51. Karl was very unmanly…typical omega male. He should have learned game to get what he wanted. This article seems to give him a pass and attributes the MURDER he committed to the ills of society. It sounds ridiculous when blacks blame society for “the man” holding them down. It sounds ridiculous when women blame society when the they’re not making $150K with an art history major. And it should sound just as ridiculous when frustrated omega males blame society for his inability to make sense of the world. So what if 20% of the guys bang 80% of the chicks. Are you advocating pussy-socialism? That’s life…money and pussy flow uphill. Shit flows downhill. This site is about teaching guys to stay uphill, not making excuses for the sorry sacks of shit who refuse to leave their downhill positions.

    1. Couldn’t agree more. This whining is indeed the pretext for “pussy-socialism”, which is just as nonsensical as the other kinds.

      1. we don’t need pussy socialism, legalized prostitution would be enough to mitigate a lot of the entitledness women have these days

  52. Back to the Neolithic: Broad-chested manly Ogg gets 75% of the females, putting a premium on mate poaching/guarding/spite violence as the of the men fight over who’s left.

  53. Did an online date a few months back from OKcupid, unlucky for me I didn’t read the ROK article “she might be a secret internet fatty.”
    Anyways, she was pretty narcissistic and picky for someone who was so physically repulsive, she called men “creepy” and constantly hinted they weren’t good enough for her.
    How could anyone that looks like her have such incredibly high standards and hold out for men who were far far too good for her (yet she believes these men are on equal footing with her)?
    She repulsed me on many levels, but after a few drinks (she had none) I still fucked her, then subsequently reenacting The Crying Game scene.
    Sex is a need, the leftist media and psychological establishment will not admit this as they classify it as a drive, not a need. To ignore an important need like sex could lead to metaphorically blowing your load into a coveted piece of ass via shotgun.

  54. Women are SUPER entitled. I constantly approach looks-matched females and get turned down without even a chance. I am 6.3, lean, clean and decent face and dress very well but yet when I approach looks-matched females, I get obliterated. I approached 6 girls tonight (4 who were looks matched) and all of them eventually turned me down. One (who was thick, weird fore-heard and plain looking) walked right by me as I asked her how she was doing. It is crazy how these women’s standards have become so inflated. Men have to start approaching women they have 0 physical attraction to in order to form relationships. Even the 41 year old at the college bar was entitled, talking to all different kinds of guys and filling her attention ego. The only way to overcome this is be born with great looks, money or status. You can develop money and status but not looks. Females will go months rejecting her looks-matched males while waiting for an alpha to come rescue her. 90% of males do not get laid at all. Most males lie about hooking up with women and it is sad. Whenever I hear a male talking about his “conquest,” I know he is lying. All I need to do is look at him and it tells the story. IF his facial aesthetics are not up to par, he is fudging it. Facial aesthetics, height and looks are NUMBER 1 in gaming women. Don’t give a fuck what anyone says. LOOKS ARE # 1 FOR WOMEN AND HAVE ALWAYS BEEN NUMBER 1.

    1. If you are really 6’3″, in good shape, decent face and dress well, it’s very unlikely that lack of aesthetics is holding you back. Have a good look around and I’m sure you’ll see plenty of men who on paper are less gifted than you, yet still hook up with plenty of women. You must be doing something wrong. Please don’t discount the role of game, cos it’s most probably the lack of it that is ruining your chances. That, and maybe you have unrealistic expectations. I mean if you are only interested in 9s and 10s, those are gonna be hard to pull off without having a high level of game and confidence.
      What I feel most from how you write, is a severely limiting belief you have that you are not good enough. That will fuck up how you come across. Bitches will smell the sense of desperation from a mile away and be repelled. Work on your inner game, my friend.

      1. Game is a flawed concept. I can turn it on whenever I want and approach a female and act funny, confident, serious or whatever suits her personality. “Game” does not attract women. Your appearance does. The better looking you are, the more attraction there is. All you need is basic social skills. Also, my standards are those that I have for my self. However, hypergamy doesn’t give a shit. If your tall, in good shape and decent looking, you cannot demand that back because your looks-matched female is too busy getting 100 likes per Facebook profile picture. Even your 1 level down is getting her 30-40 likes. Going one level up? No way in hell. I don’t aim for 9s and 10s. Shit, I don’t even aim for 7s or 8s. I aim for 6s and 7s. Maybe an 8 here are there. Like I said though, when you get blown out by females 20 pounds over there healthy BMI with enough make up to fill up a MAC store aisle, you know hypergamy has you by the balls.

        1. You want some cheese with that whine?
          Yours is a mental negativity issue and nothing else. Tell me something: what do you think it would entail for you to get laid? To be some 8 foot tall billionaire from an alien super race with superpowers, three brains and seven dicks? Here you are, in good shape at 6’3″ and normal looking, crying that you’re so disadvantaged. No you aren’t. With those stats, unless you have some hideous disfigurement that scares people or are mentally retarded, you’re actually above average. You say you’re not ugly, and I can see that you’re smart and articulate from how you write, so you’re certainly not retarded either. If you keep yourself in shape, dress well, and cultivate an engaging personality you should be slaying pussy regularly. Many do so while having much less genetic good fortune than you have.
          I’m maybe 5’6″ with shoes on, not rich by any means nor famous, and pretty much normal looking. I just try to cultivate the right attitude, personality and style, and you know what .. while I may not be a Frank Sinatra, I definitely do not live a sexless existence, let me tell you that. You insist that your lack of success is due to genetic misfortune – which is bullshit – while saying that game is irrelevant. Totally wrong mindset. Game and attitude is what will make the difference for you. And in any case, whatever looks you inherited is all you’re gonna get. So the choice is simple. Either you maximize what you have and get your ass and attitude in gear, or resign yourself and crawl into a hole and die. Which one is it gonna be? We certainly hope it’s not the latter.
          Whining about reality will not help one bit. Yes, hypergamy exists. Yes, it’s human nature. Just as men would like to bang the hottest, sweetest girls, girls want to hook up with the best men they can find too. Always been like that and always will be. So? Quit making up bullshit excuses and work proactively to improve your game.
          Your complaint about girls getting hundreds of likes on their facebook pictures tells me you haven’t even internalized the basics of game. You think those girls are banging the orbiters who give them likes and compliments all the time? Not a chance. They instead hook up with those few guys who pique their interest by being different. The more the typical betas salivate at them, the more these girls get disgusted and the more the road is paved for those with game.
          Just a week ago I banged a sexy chick with huge tits whom I befriended on facebook. She’s the type who gets likes and compliments all the time, and mostly ignores them or gets annoyed at all the butt kissing they throw her way. You know how I hooked up with her? I simply never liked any of her posts or photos and never threw compliments at her. Some time ago I just started to have nice conversations with her. Just talking and getting to know each other. I approached her with a relaxed vibe, not showing any special interest and certainly not being awed by the attention she gets. To her that must already be something unusual. When we happened to talk again, she told me she was bored and felt like doing something that night. I told her I had a free evening, so we set a date there and then. That same evening we had a great conversation over a bottle of wine and built a very good rapport. Kissing her was a done deal. We checked out as the guys at the bar were all frothing at the mouth like idiots from seeing her cleavage, and half an hour later I was banging her at my place. It didn’t take anything special, just the right attitude. And that’s what game is about.
          Stop the self defeating attitude right now. Your mindset is what’s holding you back, and nothing else. There’s plenty of good game information in the manosphere. It has changed the lives of many men. It can do the same for you too. I sincerely wish you all the best.

    2. Spot on bro. Didnt always used to be quite this bad. Thanks to Facebook and Twitter all the cunts are celebrities and any dude with less than perfect facial symmetry and the “marquardt mask” looks is destined to be an aloneforever. It must suck being 23 in this society.

  55. LIVING YOUR 20S ALONE IS HORRIBLE. I am 23 in January and have only been with 2 girls and it eats me up EVERY SINGLE DAY; ALMOST EVERY HOUR. I am always above average where I go but that is NOT ENOUGH. I have to start approaching fatties to get lays but I cannot scum to this. If you are not a 7/5/10 or greater in the looks department, it will be a tough life in the women’s department for you. You will try to rationalize every rejection and approach but in the end, you were not good looking enough. GAME IS A MYTH AND IS A FLAWED CONCEPT. Roosh constantly talks about “learning game” but GAME DOES NOT EXIST. YOU CANNOT CREATE ATTRACTION. A girl will decide to fuck you within 2 seconds of meeting her. Her inflated standards decide your faith. “Game” is simply approaching females and hopping the female does not have Brad Pitt Standards.

      1. and do you rely on your hand for happiness? Every male on this planet wants to be successful with women.

        1. I don’t rely on my hand. I’m just not weak enough to let my well being become dependent on women.

        2. So dude, comparing girlfriend = happiness? Not realistic. Think of a girlfriend like a Ferrari. Fun to drive for a few months until it starts breaking down and costing you money and getting you in trouble with the law.

    1. Part of game is making money, make money, go to nevada, buy a hooker, and hit 10s constantly. You are a whiner, you only had sex with 2 girls but will come up with an excuse not to bang 10s in nevada or canada or australia or some other country with legalized hoes where only money is required to bang a hot chick.
      Although escorts are a last resort tool unless your fat and ugly with no personality game should work.
      You can create attraction.
      Male and female attraction are different
      male = big tits/ass/ slim figure/ nice face
      female = sex appeal/ a series of thoughts, gina tingle, looks, tall, deep voice etc.
      This is why woman can often fuck a man who they will profess to hate.
      To fuck a girl all you have to do is to build attraction. Normally a girl sees a muscular man she wants to fuck him and has a series of thoughts associated with that. Game gets her to think about the thought of fucking, and introduce yourself into that scenario through backdoors linguistic tricks. Then you created attraction in her head, she will like you but won’t know why. stop having a pitty party and start learning how to fuck women. There are alot of ugly men plowing through pussy like flavor flav

    2. Not entirely true. Women do decide within the first 2 seconds, but her decision is based on factors other than looks – in particular, the degree of dominance that you demonstrate in those first two seconds.
      Attraction is created in the approach.

      1. The decision is primarily based on looks. No amount of confidence will make up for your looks if you do not meet her looks threshold. Having confidence is good for ourselves; it doesn’t help build attraction.

    3. You need to get out of the USA bro. Save up and go to Asia. There you will be treated how a man should treated. With respect and dignity. Its easy to make friends over there. People are nicer. Everything in the USA is just a clusterfuck set around gay-ass social media and unrealistic imagery – all designed to separate you from your cash. Everyone is dealing with this shit.
      Just keep jackin’ that shit at the gym and stacking money. Fuck bitches.

      1. I have to agree with you to an extent, but “Westernism”, “Americanism”, etc. is spreading in Asia too. Many Asians practically worship the West. Of course, this makes it much easier for Western males, particularly White Western males, to capitalize off of the situation, but it is a double-edged sword.

      2. I don’t live in the US. I live in Canada. Girls from 18-25 don’t really care about your income.

  56. The obvious conclusion to all of the complaints about women on this site (a mixture of good arguments and pathetic longing) is to have sex with other guys. If men are superior to women, why waste any time with them? Sure, we need them for breeding, but they’re unworthy of love. Woman can have children, raise them, and take care of the home. Let’s leave the arts of culture, social interaction, conversation, sexual pleasure, and the refined, enlightened emotion of love (as opposed to the weak sentimentality of women) to those who actually understand it: MEN.
    (Oh, and don’t buy all that modern nonsense about “sexual orientation.” The idea that some men are “gay” and some are “straight” was invented in the 18th century as a device for controlling the population. The ultimate feminist lie is that men need women for anything but carrying our children.)

  57. You should look at Muslim societies and the sexual desert of the mens’ lives in a country where Alphas get multiple wives off the table.

  58. I am more worried that these kids look like 20-somethings. Anyway, the boy could have been saved not by RoK and red-pill nonsense – that would be akin to dumping a gasoline truck in a roaring inferno – but with physical excercise and a does of reality. The boy was probably bullied and tormented by both the kids and the livestock you call teachers to the point of insanity. This could happen to anyone who is young enough to not have developed the mental steel that is needed to survive through this. The media – the misguided fools they are – are pandering to the people who thrive on panic and in stead of actually putting the blame on the other children and teachers they are going on a tirade how guns are bad and depression medication is horrible.

  59. I didn’t even finish this article because there were so many strange statements and sloppy assumptions. Karl Pierson was 18, which is not an age where it is uncommon to be a virgin. I knew many young men who lost their virginity in college. If he was 25, that would be a different story.
    Also, in that blurred out photo the girl standing in front of him in the black dress seems to be his date. They are both wearing matching white corsages. A guy with no date would not have a corsage. The kid in the white suit does not appear to have a corsage and is standing without a girl, so I don’t understand why you wrote that Karl “appears to be the only male alone”.
    Lastly, Claire Davis was a completely average, attractive white girl. The argument that her being a “smokeshow” contributed to him turning the gun on her is ridiculous.

    1. If a man is a virgin at 25 he probably is already having decreased sex drive, not low sex drive, but decreased sex drive that an 18 y/o has. IMO, men between 15-19 have the highest sex drives. These are the men most likely to act out in a violent way from lack of sex. If a man is 25 he will still have a sex drive but has left the school environment as usually learned to deal with lack of sex through either beating off or some other method.
      The girl doesn’t seem to be his date, he seems to have no date. I doubt if he was getting blowed silly by his gf he would have went out and killed over being demoted from some dumb high school club. A high school club is a chore not a privliedge.
      The dude in the white suit is clearly holding hands with the one in the black dress, your comment is a fail.
      Karl appears to be the loner, look how far he is from everyone else in the picture. It looks like someone brought him along so he wouldn’t kill himself alone at home.
      Claire Davis is an average looking white chick, nothing special but in America where 70% of the women are fat and obese, and 10% solidly thin and ugly (less than a 3) I can understand why any thin white non ugly girl would be called attractive.

  60. I have read several ‘Debby-Downer’ comments on this particular piece. Several guys have really internalized this idea that “average” men can not get pussy. I will never ever, EVER, accept that belief. I have known many, many “average” guys who can score decent women.
    I knew a short black guy in the Marines who always had fresh pussy. I knew a short Irish guy who was a Navy seaman puke who was banging the finest bitch on the ship. I’ll even use myself as an example. In college, as socially awkward, shy, and lousy of dresser as I was, I STILL had young college females spread their legs for me.
    If average men couldn’t get laid, the world we be a lot less overrun with humans.

  61. This article wades into very difficult waters. Women (like men) follow their bio-mechanical instincts – simple. What does the writer propose? That to avoid school massacres girls should fuck guys they’re not attracted to? That’s like saying lower tier guys should force themselves to be attracted to fat chicks in the name of social equity – it just ain’t gonna happen. All of us, male and female, are attracted to what we’re attracted to – there ain’t no changing it. We all must make the effort to understand the framework and then to find a way to live within it on our own terms.
    A guy such as the one referenced here could easily sharpen up his looks and learn game, or go to hookers for sex. Everyone has options. Blaming women’s ‘selfishness’ – in reality a drive as natural and intrinsic to them as being attracted to slim chicks with big breasts is for men – is unhelpful.

    1. You just dont get it do you?
      “That to avoid school massacres girls should fuck guys they’re not attracted to? ”
      Where do all the idiots like you in this comment section come up with that interpretation?

      1. The article posits that the guy’s actions were predicated on women’s ‘selfish’ sexual choices. Based on that assertion, what logical course of action would you suggest the piece covertly calls for?

        1. The author was saying that Karl never had a chance because his parents (does he even live with his father?) never taught him how to survive in a society that hates men.

  62. Are you seriously blaming a random girl for a psychopath’s behavior? Jesus Christ get some help before you murder innocent people too.

  63. a lot of gross assumptions made in this piece.
    girls can’t even agree on who they find hot either. a painfully average dude in decent shape will drive a tiny portion of attractive girls wild, especially if he has game.
    Honestly these type of pieces reek of the author being on the internet too long.

  64. This article contains dangerously lazy thinking. The world is chock full of Karls or young men in Karl’s position who do not resort to murder. Why? What was different in this case? That line of inquiry leads to discussions of mental illness, prescription meds, etc.

  65. His problem was that he was fed nonsense about the sexual marketplace and sexual relations.
    If he had been taught to earn and demand respect, and only respect women who reciprocate, and had been taught to not fear rejection, he would not have gone where he went.
    Failure by parents and schools to properly socialize boys ( and girls! ) is the root cause of this.

    1. I’ve said as much in earlier comments and was mocked and praised in equal measure. I find that troubling. Far to many men are content to blame women for their lack of success with women. While I understand the inclination to do so I recognize that bemoaning the sexual politic does little to get ‘stank on the hang low’. The challenge is to recognize the challenge. To see and then ignore the obstacles and overcome them.

  66. I think the point he’s trying to make is that feminism has basically fucked everything up. Back in the 50’s it would of been extremely rare to find someone single by their late 20’s everyone got paired off pretty young with someone of their attractiveness and that was that, everyone found their level.Even my parents got married when they were 20 back in the 70’s and they’re still together. Now Women, even the average looking ones have a free run at the best guys, cause lets face it if a warm holes on a plate for you you’re going to take it. This reminded me of last week when I took a 6 from a nightclub back to her apartment and fucked the shit out of her for the simple reason that she had the balls to come up to me and basically made it obvious she wanted to get fucked. I’m an 8 in looks. This would not of happened many years ago but these average chicks can get the best guys now cause we’re men we ain’t going to turn down a half decent free meal, are we?

  67. Nobody may ever find out what drove Karl to this horrific end. But regardless of what his issues were, I know for a fact that there are a lot of frustrated young men out here, and it’s only getting worse. But no one seems to get the root cause. I’m not talking about ancillary causes like a lack of fathers in the home, confusion as to what being a man means in this country in 2013, and the like. They’re valid culprits in their own right, but not root causes. The truth, and I don’t know why anyone else hasn’t seen this, is that we’ve run smack-dab into the same problem China’s facing, only on a not-so-severe level (though we’re getting there). THERE’S A MAJOR WOMAN SHORTAGE. Yeah, I said it, go ahead and call me crazy. I read somewhere that China’s got it so bad that unless a guy has a house AND a good job, a woman won’t even give him a second look. It’s because Chinese women know THEY’RE IN DEMAND because THE SUPPLY HAS DWINDLED due to China’s one-child policy. That’s why the Chinese government’s scrambling now to change those laws, but it’ll take decades for those changes to have any meaningful effect, and the guys who are already in their mid-twenties to early thirties are probably SOL. Now, look at the U.S. Thirty some-odd years after birth control and lax abortion laws, you’ve got two things. One is the situation a lot of the brothers have talked about on this site: hypergamy run amok because a woman no longer has to take care to only sleep with the guy she intends to marry, because she can now stay on the carousel indefinitely so long as she’s on the pill. The second and less-talked-about situation is that a lot of women who would’ve been born between the late sixties and early nineties never made it here…a lot of women who would have come from good homes. Problem is, guys and girls who come from good homes often go the abortion route to either uphold the honor of the family or to keep from having to drop out of school. But guess what groups aren’t on the pill and aren’t going to abortion clinics? Ghetto hood rats and trailer park queens. You see, while decent, usually middle-class people of child-bearing age weren’t having children between the late 60s and early 90s (or at the most, were having only one child), during the same time period, the dregs of society, much like the trailer-trash family on “Idiocracy,” were having them by the boatloads. So now, to find a genuinely hot girl, you have to wade through a sea of land-whales. Women know this, and capitalize upon it. The truly hot ones, and even hard 5’s, know there’s no real competition, so they have no reason to be anything other than ball-busting harpies. I’ve heard that there are enclaves of hot women who compete against one another in cities like Atlanta, but I’ve yet to see it. If anyone knows where this mythical oasis of hot women is, please feel free to give me directions to where it’s at. The shortage is made even more pronounced by the fact that you’ve got guys out here who have mini-harems, holding down 20-30 women at any given time (like Shawty Lo, only unlike Shawty, some of these guys actually have hot women in their stables), and CEOs of companies who have women walled away in office buildings awaiting their beck and call (i.e. getting in line to see whose turn it is to get down on kneepads and service the boss…just ask Monica Lewinsky). So there we have it. A lot of the eligible women we’d have otherwise had access to are either not here, in some playboy’s stable, or held up in some guy’s office building. Ever notice how every woman in America seems to work at some guy’s office, or is driving to some guy’s office, and you never see them walking around outside? It’s not like in South American countries, where you actually see hot women walking around in the daytime IN DROVES because not all of them work at a Fortune 500 company or at a college with some Junior VP or college professor drooling all over them. The next time you go outside, take a look around and see just how many attractive or even average women you see walking around in the daytime. You might see one or two at a Fresh Market or Earth Fare, but that’s about it. Seems to me the only option is to either import some fresh stock over here from overseas or for each guy to form his own Fortune 500 company, and while some of us may be able to achieve the latter, you KNOW how hard the feminist backlash will be for anyone who tries to attempt the former. The shortage can’t be repaired anytime soon, but there may be ways to work around it. Anyone got any bright ideas?

    1. From what I understand, at least in the West, we dont so much have a women shortage (in terms of pure numbers like the Chinese) we have a shortage of women who are suitable for traditional marriage. And the reason the women are not suitable is because of the culture and the laws, particularly the Feminist influence of such. Change the culture and laws, change the suitability of women. Easier said than done, and even if we manage it, this kind of change takes time, and it wont likely happen quick enough to be of use to any of us.
      So, if you, a currently of age male living in a Western country, want a traditional relationship with a woman, you’ll probably need to leave the Western world to do it. Thats the most practical way that you, based solely on your own effort, can make that happen in your own life.
      If your goal however is to save Western civilisation, different story.

    2. There is only one solution to this problem. War. Death by the millions. Mass destruction as insane male violence is harnessed and directed.
      After the war, women wear veils (Muslim) or become ultra-orthodox religious stay-at-hom moms (Mormon). Lesbians and radical feminists chased through the streets by angry mobs, hung from lamp posts, etc. That kinda thing.
      Remember, it happened in 1940. Absolutely no reason it could not happen today. Pretty much an historical certainty actually.

  68. If your articles have as much standing as you claim they do why delete comments like mine that challenge your logic? Why not explain your perspective and create a dialogue. The only reason you would have to delete questions that don’t fully support the articles thesis is that the theses of your articles were based more on emotion less on fact or reality. So rather than delete comments explain why you are right (if oyu are in fact, right).

  69. I think this article is basically accurate.
    Is it the guy’s own fault he’s not getting laid? More or less, he probably never had the cojones to make a move on a girl. The problem is that, as a “nice guy,” he didn’t even have “polite society” on his side anymore, because polite society is pretty much dead. In other words, society, instead of saying that premarital sex is bad and that he’s doing the right thing (even if he was secretly unhappy with his “virtuous chastity”) instead encourages all the youth to be highly sexualized, and basically tells high school guys that they are abnormal failures as males unless they have a girlfriend and are having sex. Ergo, instead of laughing off the jocks as being all show and no go, so to speak, he had to face the reality on a daily basis that they really were banging all the girls while he got nothing.
    The girl he tragically vented his frustration on might have been out of his league, but that doesn’t mean it was any less stressful for him on a daily basis to hear stories about things that she and her friends did with various bonehead football players, when as far as he could see, Hell would probably freeze over before he ever got a chance to even kiss a girl.

    1. Good point. However, I can’t help but think of something my cousin asked me awhile ago. Since the nerds, geeks, and other outliers in the social hierarchy know that schools are basically offering cheerleaders and the prom queen EXCLUSIVELY to the varsity guys and the lacrosse team like some sort of modern-day virgin sacrifice, why not form a system that allows them easy access to nerdy chicks? Ideally they’d get less resistance, and since they’d be dealing with girls just as awkward as them, most of the rejection/embarrasment anxiety they’d otherwise experience should be a non-factor. Looking back, I kinda kick myself for pining after the girls I chased after back in high school, because while they were hot, they were all shallow, bitchy, and arrogant with all the trimmings (and probably had a few STDs thrown in for good measure). Maybe if I’d just zeroed in on geeky chicks, I would’ve had much more success. Maybe Karl should’ve looked at things from that angle. On the flip side of that, though, most girls who call themselves geeks really aren’t, and those who are tend to be socially savvy enough to try to hang with the same chicks who are trying to bag the varsity guys. So not only are the so-called “hot” girls shooting the “lame” guys down, but the “lame” girls are shooting them down, too. Plus, you don’t see a whole lot of geek chicks around, even in college. It sometimes gets worse; I can count on one hand the number of girls I know who went into engineering or computer science. Maybe all the geek girls are camped out at Comic-Con and Dragon-Con. A young guy’s gotta have a car and money to get to those, though, and a lot of high-school guys have neither.

      1. Basically today, the system is unchained. The alphas are unrestrained, the female hypergamy which has generally always been reined in by social pressure is running wild, and the beta guys are left out in the cold until reality eventually reasserts itself when everybody is 30 and the pretty girls are less pretty, with ticking clocks, while the nerd guys have been their responsible selves and have solid, boring jobs making 80 grand. Add to this the fact that half the women are fat and ugly and therefore take themselves out of the dating game entirely because they’re jealous of their sisters and hate men for not giving them attention, and a good portion of the guys are both acting on their grandfather’s outdated beta provider game, while acting more sissified than ever, and it’s a sorry picture. Probably, in high school, the nerdy girls would not put out much more for the nerdy guys than the cheerleaders would. Nerd girls enjoy basking in the thirsty attention from all the guys, but they’re not going to necessarily be any more attracted to them -as males- than the other girls.
        Moral of the story: be an alpha and be king, otherwise as a man your life is gonna suck these days.

  70. I knew both of these kids. They went to a school very close to where I went to highschool. It’s amazing how fortunate people are in Colorado but yet deem it necessary to go create unspeakable acts of violence.

    1. Sounds like colorado but be a real shithole for guys if your young dudes are shootin the place up all the time. Why are the girls such cunts there I wonder?

  71. No matter how frustrated and dissapointed, no men should resort to murder.
    Oh and gun’s rights activists, NRA and GOA are directly responsible for this tragedy. And Columbine, Virginia Tech, Aurora, Binghampton and other public shootings as well…
    If guns weren’t available to everyone these things wouldn’t happen!

  72. High School society has its own oppressive caste system often based solely on looks and not academics, much like in the movie “Heathers” At my old high school, there are some attractive girls who were nice, but there were the queen bees whose favorite blood sport was making anyone who was less attractive feel worthless. I am not justifying the shooting but maybe the female victim was a queen bee.
    As for boys like Karl, my advice is that high school is not the real world and it’s only temporary. Have a plan for when you get out. Train for a job that will guarantee one a good income, then visit the Philippines or Latin America

  73. Here are the reasons…
    1. there is no reason to kill or massacre cause you’re loser or nerd..
    2. No self control…don’t like something. Kill . Someone wrongs you. Kill. Immediate gratification
    3. Narcissism…. Like a female this guy thought he and his happiness was the center of the universe. The solution of for that unhappiness was to kill and make others unhappy by going on a killing spree ( see Sandy Hook and Virginia Tech) . A malignant narcissism…

  74. So, when men and boys are violent there is always a woman, somewhere, to point a finger at. This time, the fault is all those teenage girls who won’t put out. Damn them all to hell!
    Nice troll, Thanks guys!

  75. What a retarded article. This whiny, delusional piece of shit of a “writer”has no business writing for ROK.

    1. Was wondering when the fucking Feminazi and their Mangina White Knight supplicants would make their appearance. LOL. Its ok, the thread is long dead and tired now, have at it.
      Dont let the door hit you on the way out…

  76. I’m sorry, are you seriously blaming a poor girl who *died* for some whackjob killing her?
    Are you so anti-women that you can blame her for her being shot? What the fuck is wrong with you?

  77. genital mutilation in america is adding to the sexual frustration as well. these kids are strapped down and have the most sensitive part of their penis lopped off in a horrendously painful shocking experience which has been shown to stunt them emotionally and socially later in life. not to mention the sexual dysfunction and lack of sensation that follows, it’s hard for a guy to fully satisfy that urge missing 20,000 specialized nerve endings therefore he resorts to quantity over quality…ie masturbation.

  78. “Although I get laid consistently, I have gone long stretches without any sort of sexual contact with women.”
    I am surprised you get any sexual contact after spewing on this blog.
    “Attitudes like yours women’s selfishness makes men kill” Attitudes like this is certainly not foreplay, go spew your seeds on the ground if you have insatiable desire.

  79. I think this post is ridiculous. Karl was not some innocent, he was a leftist asshole whose predecessors were largely responsible for the same mess that the OP is bitching about. If he hadn’t self detonated at this age he probably would have wrecked far more havoc in the policy sphere by supporting all the Marxist bullshit that is murdering the country.
    The real problem here is that the jocks were not given free reign to beat the living shit out of this miserable cocksucker on a daily basis. And I say that as a former high school nerd. You blame women for not wanting that smug asshole? Look at his face! Look at that smug little insecure rage face and then tell me you don’t want to put a bullet through his skull just on general principle!

  80. “…I get laid consistently…”
    Nobody who gets laid consistently says “I get laid consistently.” Feeling a bit like your imaginary Karl, Chubbs?

  81. This is the dumbest fucking thing I’ve ever read. Typically I enjoy reading and agree with most articles on RoK but blaming women for this guy’s behavior is beyond pathetic. The idea that him killing them both is a result of her not giving him what he wanted sexually, thus making it her fault, blows my mind. I did not know women were obligated to fuck whoever so desires them in order to avoid being murdered. Huh. What a bunch of cunts.

    1. You should return to grade school to improve your reading comprehension. He specifically stated the girl was out of his league, he did not obligate you or ask you to do anything. But you read it and interpreted it based on your pre conceived ideas and values.

  82. This is the stupidest article I have read anywhere in a long time. Men not getting laid doesn’t cause school shootings, If you’re crazy enough to try and kill fellow students, “a blow job or two” won’t change anything. Why should women have to sleep with someone who is less attractive if they don’t want to? by that logic you should be sleeping with a fattie every week so they don’t go on shooting rampages

    1. I toss the fatties a bone very often however I have never gotten a top tier girl without having to pay.

    2. Fat chicks lack the motivation and courage to go on a shooting spree. And if they tried, they probably wouldn’t have the strength to hold the gun up in thier flabby arms.

  83. I suppose the fact that Karl Halverson’s prom date was on the local news talking about how sweet he was and how unexpected this was doesn’t count. Not that the “sexual history” of a flipping teenager is any of your business. You’re about 8 million different kinds of WRONG.

  84. I hope you have a little girl someday. Look her in the eye and tell her that she has to fuck all her classmates so they don’t shoot up the scool. Hey. We don’t owe you sex. We don’t owe you shit. Grow up.

    1. Lily:
      I have a little girl. I will look her in the eye and tell her to get married to a decent young man.
      PS. You’re an idiot.

    2. 1) You’re missing the point. Youre overly focused on the specific example of this one messed up kid while ignoring the wider societal implications mentioned. Granted, it probably wasnt the best way for the author to make the point he was trying to make, because it has allowed so many people to dodge the main issue and focus on irrelevancies, but the point still stands.
      2) You’re totally within your rights to have sex with whoever will have you, just as you are entitled not to do anything else for any man unless you want to.
      3) By the same token, men are completely within their rights to withhold all of the benefits they currently provide to society and women if they no longer want to provide them.
      The consequences of women acting as if they owe men absolutely nothing are that men are eventually going to realise they owe women nothing in return.

  85. Hey Billy! I am a bisexual and I am thinking about going postal over this article, so why don’t you put your mouth where your mouth is and blow me before I go postal. I mean you don’t want to me to shoot up a school or anything, so on your knees Billy. It is for the good of the country.

  86. So she should have effed him just cuz he wanted her to? Women should just eff any guy who wants it? Sorry! Nope!

    1. Actually because the author knew so many fucking idiots would come to this conclusion, he specifically stated that wasn’t the case.
      You know all those reading comprehension tests you took as a kid, where you were like “this is so fucking stupid,” why do we have to do this. As I got older I realized it is because of idiots like this one. ^^^ this is the conclusion she gathered from the article.

  87. You are fucking insane. Really because a woman//girl didn’t have sex with this guy, it is justification for him to murder a young woman.

    1. Ya that’s what he said, you know if you are so wedded to your beliefs and opinions, why even pretend to read.

  88. i agree with the author’s assessment in regards to columbine, but not for sandy hook. the guy who did sandy hook suffered from severe mental problems that went far beyond a lack of sex. the more that is reveled about him, the more you can see just how f^cked up he was in all cognitive areas.

  89. Brilliant article!! I love it. Just wanted to point out though:
    ” The Columbine’s will continue. The Sandy Hook’s will continue. The Arapahoe’s will continue.”
    should be
    ” The Columbines will continue. The Sandy Hooks will continue. The Arapahoes will continue.”
    Grammar/spellcheck/whatever – otherwise a completely relevant and insightful look into a very important issue many are ignoring in the media because of dominant feminist jews with a secular anti-men agenda.

  90. I find it funny that so many misogynistic viewpoints revolve around the stance that men are such big losers that if they don’t get everything they want the second they want it society will completely shut down. I have to tell ya…last time I went through a sexual dry spell, I managed to not go on a murder spree. If the only thing standing between you and pulling a Manson is some nookie, I think you should seek professional help.

    1. Look at this one, so how long was your dry spell Indy mom? Was it 20+ years, the type of experience the author is describing and which is very on for men today? Are you a man?
      This is the type of entitled existence most women have. She could never even fathom this experience.

      1. Do we have any evidence that this boy was a virgin? I know plenty of guys who got laid in high school who have way less going for him than he does.
        Tell ya what, I’ll be extra slutty this year. that’ll be my contribution to world peace.

        1. “By the way, if further details are released in the future which discredit my assumptions, well, ignore the Karl parts of this article obviously. Yet even if I’m wrong in my assumptions of Karl’s life, the basic gist of this article is right”
          Reading comprehension, you should try it. This article is not about one man.

  91. You’re missing a couple of key points and coming off as self-entitled cis-males.
    If the allegations here are true, why have the number of school shootings increased in the last 20 years [1]?
    I don’t consider myself alpha male; I don’t consider myself beta male; I don’t even consider myself omega male. Those are all labels that you’re assigning to yourselves to rank yourselves in male society (do you really need to size your phallus against others? Oh, by the way many girls don’t care about your dick size — your dick can be easily replaced by a more amply sized dildo..).
    Karl wasn’t a loser (again, that’s a label that you’re assigning yourselves and others). He was a troubled teen who didn’t have an positive outlet for his frustrations (parents, teachers/faculty, therapy), had difficulties interacting with some staff (in particular the librarian [2]) and instead decided to take out his aggressions in an unhealthy manner.
    Instead this article seems to only try and justify the fact that men should control women, instead of the two genders being equal, and the fact that men are entitled to sex from women using reasoning which is a straw man at best.
    1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_school_shootings_in_the_United_States
    2. http://blogs.westword.com/latestword/2013/12/arapahoe_high_school_shooting.php

  92. Love how the women act like they spot all the losers. They use “creepy” as a term for “unattractive” it seems. In the real world, of course, they want nice guys to give them time, attention, and resources, which is why they string them along. The whole bad-boy problem is a dishonesty problem, because the women make a big deal about how perfect their boyfriends are. They call men perverts while they talk incessantly about whomever they’re having sex with, right okay, just dont start expecting me to save your slutty asses when a lunatic decides to pop a bullet in your ass!

  93. 1. Marriage was created as a way to prevent the massive waves of male violence that otherwise destroy societies (and have done so throughout history). Sexually frustrated men pick up guns and kill. They are insane. You cannot prevent them by any laws, technology, or law enforcement that exists.
    2. Feminism has destroyed marriage and thus have caused the coming collapse. Feminist leaders are total batshit morons who yes, have set us on the road to mass violence.
    3. Expect millions, maybe 10s of millions, of casualties. Bodies lying on the street with their brains blown out, lesbians hanging dead from street lamps. That sort of thing.
    4. World War 3? End of the world as we know it? Yep. We have 10-20 years at most. Maybe less. Watch the growth of school shootings and bombings.
    5. Read “The Handmaid’s Tale”. Extrapolate.
    6. What am I doing about this? Preparing to defend my wife and daughter. All I can do.

  94. No sir, I can tell just by looking at a couple photos of this kid he wasn’t getting enough sex and that’s clearly why he shot up his school. Ignore what anyone that knew him has to say on the matter, thankfully my personal ideological hobby horse and a massive amount of projection are here to solve the case

  95. Complete nonsense.
    FYI, my teenager attended this school with the shooter and was there when it happened.
    It’s disgusting that people are focusing on Claire as a target of some sort of frustration. She was not a snooty girl at all. She was well-liked, but not part of the popular crowd. She was a wholesome sweet girl who minded her own business and had a lot of outside activities. Even if she had been a snot, she didn’t deserve to be shot. It’s sick that people would think that just because she was pretty she had “airs” about her and looked down her nose at people like the shooter. She did not. Besides, she had the right to choose whom she wanted to spend her time with just like anyone else on the planet. She was shot because she was in the way. Period. A young person with a bright future died and the people on this blog are ticked because pretty girls don’t want to date them. Get a grip.
    The shooter had girlfriends and apparently went to Prom every year – I saw his Prom photos with a pretty girl on his arm. He was not conventionally handsome, and he was strange, but he did have girlfriends. What’s your excuse? This “oddball weirdo” had girlfriends and everyone on this blog is making him out to be sort of a martyr for guys who can’t get laid. Wow, you guys have to come up with different role models..
    He was bullied, but not in the traditional sense. People liked to provoke his hair-trigger temper However, he had been well-liked by many people who are now beating themselves up because they feel they misread him, he betrayed them and put them in danger. He killed a completely innocent girl that had nothing to do with him. She was just in the way. Anyone would’ve been innocent.
    Up until the time he snapped, he was not a loser. He was a kid with a bright future who ruined it for himself and an innocent girl. He could’ve ruined the lives of more people had he not been stopped.
    No, no sexual frustration for this kid. He had girlfriends. He was a nerd, but that didn’t prevent him from having girlfriends.
    This doesn’t excuse what he did – what he did was horrible. However, mischaracterizing him as a misunderstood guy who couldn’t get dates in order to validate your own lack of ability to attract women is disgusting.
    You can’t change the world, but you can change yourselves. Start now.

      1. I wasn’t involved in the situation, but my child was an acquaintance of the shooter and knew his close friends.
        I have a theory & the more I hear about him the more I realize I’m probably right.
        He’s always had a hair-trigger temper. He was very outspoken, but he didn’t hate Republicans or have problems with girls – so let’s get those 2 things out of the way. He was liberal, but he had Republican friends (most of the area is Republican). You can’t be a highly ranked person on a debate team and be a blowhard. He loved arguing in an intellectual way. He was widely admired and feared for that. Not many people could compete with him in that arena.
        He was nerdy, but he had girlfriends. A friend of my daughter had a big crush on him. Sexual frustration? I don’t delve into the sex lives of other peoples’ kids. He got along well with girls at a friendly and romantic level, from what I’ve been told.
        He and Claire were not well acquainted with each other and he didn’t have a crush on her, from what I heard.
        He was demoted/suspended from the debate team a couple months ago. He didn’t get along with his debate teacher. Being able to debate well was very tied in with his ego. He was very talented, but apparently very disruptive. By losing status, he pretty much lost touch with reality. He didn’t see the big picture – it’s just high school. And, he had a horrible temper which is a sign that he did not get some outside psychological help he needed.
        His motive was pretty pure – kill the teacher that demoted me and who the heck knows what – he also wanted to bomb the school.
        This is not to justify anything that he did. The kids who knew him feel betrayed by his actions.
        There – that’s my take. I really don’t want people to use this tragedy or others to rail against pretty girls not liking nerdy boys. This was definitely not the case.
        I know that many of the guys on this board are saying – but it’s sexual frustration. Even if it had been, there’s no excuse. Guys can’t make girls want to date them anymore than girls can make guys want to date them. It’s not a symptom of girl’s unfairness to boys. Girls should pass out their offers of love and sex to nice boys like party favors so they don’t shoot them.

        1. Thanks for sharing your information.
          I think the regular readership of this site is fairly divided on the issue of who gets sympathy here. I certainly disagree strongly with the article on that point myself.

        2. You’ve written a thoughtful and interesting post, so let me respond thoughtfully to your conclusion. I think you are missing the point.
          Nobody is saying that “sexual frustration is the excuse”. We’re not making excuses for him.
          What we are saying is that sexually frustrated males go insane and pick up weapons and kill people. That’s been true for all of human history and it’s still true now.
          Women in the past 40 years have changed society in ways that makes this problem dramatically worse, by creating a huge increase in the number of sexually frustrated men. We have institutionalized social norms that result in millions, millions of horny, angry young men. The result will be, more and more men will go crazy and start shooting/bombing. That is what is going to happen.
          What is the solution?
          –Gun control? Won’t work. Teenagers can make a bombs from common household materials. Instructions all over internet. Crazy teenage boys can make weapons a hundred ways you can never control.
          — Universal castration of all men at birth? Won’t work. Men and their parents will start a revolution and kill everybody.
          — Ultra high-tech drone-based police state? Yeah we are going to try that. Might work, but it will fail eventually too. The problem is “asymmetric warfare”. It takes very, very few crazy young men with bombs to completely destroy a civilization. You can have 100X police for every crazy, and the crazy will still destroy civilized life.
          The only viable solution to the male violence problem is to bring back the concept of marriage. Which means that society starts putting pressure on women to once again, as we had in the past, GET MARRIED. Additionally we, as a society, need to stop using young men as our whipping boys/witch hunt targets. Stop mocking. Stop disrespecting. Because these young men will fight back with bombs and guns. Uh-oh.
          Bring back marriage and respect for young men, and then these young men will get calmed down.
          If this doesn’t happen, then the problem will grow and grow until the US turns into Iraq. A country where chaos reigns and car bombings are daily. Or we will start a war with China, and we’ll have WW 3 on our hands, with 10s of millions dead. Or some crazy dictator or politician will create an army of crazy sexually frustrated men and use it to attack somebody. This is old school stuff, proven and understood.
          Why do people keep pretending this won’t happen? Man, have you read any history of the 20th century? War, war, war everywhere. Gas chambers. Genocide. What makes you think it won’t happen here? Just because we’ve had an artificially safe, violence-free society for the past 50 years or so? That’s a temporary blip. Get real.
          No matter the scenario, women will suffer the most of all. When wars and terrorism start, women get crushed.
          So eventually it will be a choice for women: take back responsibility for “taming” crazy men. Or be killed by crazy men. This is a choice that your grandmothers and great grandmothers made for all of human history.
          Feminists promised you that you could ignore this choice, that you could have all the fun you wanted and ignored the danger of crazy men. In the next few decades you are going to find out, in horrible ways, that they lied. Modern feminism is one of the most stupid, history-ignoring movements of all time. As my old-school grandmother once said to my mother: “Where do you girls GET these ideas??”
          That’s the point of this article. You are not going to read this kind of discussion anywhere else in society because as a society, we are in massive denial. The kind of denial that Feminists have created and fed with their dominance of modern media.

        3. I think that these problems can stem from dissatisfaction in general though, sexual frustration being one of the greatest kinds of dissatisfaction, given that sex is one of the greatest pleasures and arguably the primary or perhaps sole reason we are alive (to procreate).

        4. Thanks! I agree with you. It’s really sad that people are divided on this. Whatever the motive, there’s no excuse for shooting people.

  96. You are my hero for writing this article. No, I’m serious and i agree with almost every single word of this article. Just for the stats, because I’ve encountered this blog via Rational Wiki’s Clogosphere and I know the usual “Oh-look-at-this-slut-shaming-male-macho-stupid-male!”-bullshit or something like that, I somewhere in the upper regions of the intelligence scale (>99%) and have seen the same for years.
    PS. Forgive me my ineptitude in the English language, it is not my Mother’s tongue.

  97. I have a modest-sized soft harem, most of whom are exclusive to me.
    All of them have beta (or worse) orbiters. I suggested to one of my plates she give one of them a chance. He seems like a fun guy, music teacher, etc. She recoiled in disgust at the very thought of even going on a date with him, let alone sex.
    Someone’s getting excluded from a lot of tail.

      1. Huh?
        The tragedy here is that someone who behaves like an unreformed psychopath (myself) gets exactly the amount and type of sex he wants, whilst someone who genuinely cares about others and produces for society (Mr Music Teacher guy) gets diddly squat.

  98. This kid is just one more casualty of the Feminine Imperative:
    For all the gnashing of teeth about this article, it’s just a small incident in a very big whole. How about the soldiers returning home from their 3rd or 4th tour in Iraq or Afghanistan who off themselves because their wives divorced them? What about the good, dedicated Fathers who kill themselves (and maybe take the wife and kids with them) because he’s been unable to find work for 3 years in this fucked up recession and his wife wants to take his kids and leave him?
    Did you read those stories for the 5 minutes they appear in the media? Did you think “what fucking loser?” Did you think he should have manned up and tried harder? Did you think “well there are too many guns in available to these nuts?”
    Or did you wonder why the incidence of suicide is so astronomically higher for men than women? Did you wonder why these men came to the conclusions they did? No I bet you didn’t.

  99. http://www.bcmj.org/articles/silent-epidemic-male-suicide
    • Male rates are greater than female rates at all ages and substantially greater across most of the lifespan.
    • Men have a shockingly high rate of death by suicide compared with wo­men. Across all countries reporting these data (except China and India) males show a suicide rate that is 3.0 to 7.5 times that of women.
    If women were 3 to 7.5 times more likely to kill themselves as men what do you think the social response would be? Would NFL players be forced to wear pink accessories for the month of October for Women’s Suicide Prevention month?

  100. “Booty is so strong that there are dudes willing to blow themselves up for the highly unlikely possibility of booty in an other dimension. There are no chicks willing to blow themselves up for a penis.”
    – Joe Rogan

  101. “Although I get laid consistently
    Your hand doesn’t count.
    This entire article is “women are just for sex”, “women who don’t have sex with males whenever they’re asked are bitches” and “bitches cause school shooting.”
    Every single thing about that is wrong. No, your opinion doesn’t count. You’re just wrong.
    Basically, you’re scum.

  102. He expressed intent to approach Murphy with a motive to assault him. When he went to look for him and he was gone, Pierson probably became furious and looked for someone else to “take his place.” Upon killing this beautiful girl Davis, he realized “oh fuck I did it, oh my god I am going to jail for the rest of my life, I am such a worthless fuck” which was followed by his suicide.
    I normally enjoy reading ROK articles as they are all refined with truth, but this one pushes the shallow claim that the murderer was in a sexless rage and went crazy from it. Tracy Murphy was his intended target, and Murphy is male. The kid doesn’t have looks , is probably a social misfit and a virgin, but why would he seek out Tracy upon entering the school? Obviously, Pierson was dying to be on the debate team again.

  103. Seriously?? The encounter was by chance. You guys are sick puppies who have no concept of real love or respect. I’m glad I don’t have daughters. And I would castrate my sons if they had turned out like you jackwagons. Glad they were raised to respect women. That’s why they both have sweet, kind, intelligent and beautiful women in their lives.

  104. Those women get their sad wake up calls when they find themselves turning 40 and get their last huzzah as cougars before being cast off into the only suitable as old lesbo material category. Men get better looking as they age as most women go downhill fast. I’ve been proposed to by whacked out of their minds 40 somethings that are desperate for their last vain attempt at getting their stale old eggs fertilized. They get so angry when you laugh at them and tell them they are far too old for you to even consider such an arrangement.

  105. I have to tell you…I’ve poked around on this site a bit and really, I’m clueless as to why women wouldn’t want to have sex with you…

  106. Manboobz drawled more traffic here, by misinforming the post, so all those orbiters and feminist trolls coming here, you can think failure at writing Futrile

  107. This article is based on a false premise, that girl is relatively pretty but not exceedingly beautiful and that guy is not super ugly. Just another socially awkward psycho most likely. God rest that poor girl’s soul.

  108. Beginning to think this is some trolling by radical feminists to make the manosphere look bad.
    If so, it’s working. This is the most unintelligent article I’ve read in a long, long time.

  109. ” Karl’s not a stunningly handsome dude”
    No he’s not, but he is moderately attractive.
    “Claire is a smoke show.”
    No she’s not, but she is moderately attractive.
    Remove the hair from both of them and what do you get? Similar facial features actually. Small eyes, thin lips, rather plain features. But both have clear skin and a well strong, formidable nose. Both appear to have fit, healthy body types. Its the dark long hair on Claire that makes her look good, and its the short, ginger hair on Karl that makes him look nerdy.
    Otherwise considering raw facial features and body types alone I’d rate them the same. And that would be moderately attractive, healthy looking young people. What should be “average”.

  110. “In our society today, there are hundreds of thousands of young men with
    insatiable sex drives who are receiving little to no sex from their
    female peers—not even the less attractive women whom traditionally would
    be paired off with less attractive men.”
    Did American culture used to pair off pre-marital sex partners? interesting, I had never heard that. I had heard that before the Sexual Revolution pre-marital sex was not the norm in the US and that it was even looked down upon. Is that incorrect? You are suggesting in this piece that there was a time when “traditionally” less attractive high school boys were “paired off” by someone (assuming adults, guardians, parents) for “blow jobs” from less attractive teen girls. If this is the case then the culture really has been debauched practically from the beginning, like my parents and grandparents say about it in their attempts to dissuade me from marrying the man from here that I have fallen in love with.
    Traditionally, in my culture less attractive women were not and are not paired off with less attractive men for sex. However they are paired off with less attractive men for arranged marriage, but that is not until mid-20s. Until then the men are not paired off and sexual frustration is the norm. Nobody expects a high school boy to be having sex at all in my culture.
    “women’s selfishness makes men kill.”
    I guess it could be said that my culture’s arranged marriage system makes men eve tease. And in fact this is being said almost every day in our newspapers. But at least they are not doing what this Karl guy did.
    Just another brick in the wall between my parents and the man I want to marry.

  111. Sweet jesus this is the most pathetic attempt to paint a killer as a victim I’ve ever seen. “Selfish girls fuck who they want to fuck, THAT’S the problem”. Holy christ guy you do a lot of fucking whining for a dude obsessed with masculinity
    “And society does not care until men like him pick up a gun and starts shooting.”
    I still don’t care that you guys aren’t getting laid because that isn’t the problem here

      1. Even if that were true, which it isn’t, it still wouldn’t be the problem that needs taking care of

        1. You’re right. Let’s just ignore this issue. Let’s go back to blaming rock music and vidja games for school shootings.

  112. You are easily the most clueless person in the world. Sexist and completely idiotic. “It is because the inherent selfishness of all women has been allowed to run rampant in our Western societies.”
    I would recommend you move to the middle east convert to being a fundamentalist muslim. you’ll find there they treat women with a lack of respect and marry at a young age. Oddly enough they have just as much violence which basically debunks your nonsense…

    1. Agreed. All that kid needs is a trip to a psychiatrist before he killed a girl he liked. Then that should solve why he is having problems. The problem is, we are getting too over sexed by the media, as if that is something we have to do to be happy. But does one encounter do it? NO! Then you want more, just like the majority of guys in this site!

  113. I disagree completely with this article and the conclusions. Yes, the guy had a crush on a pretty girl who wasn’t interested in him. That might or might not have been stressful. But the decision to become a murderer was his, and his alone. No women included. He could have done a thousand other things in order to vent the frustration. He didn’t. So by his own decisions, by his own hands, he became a murderer. Free will and self-control are what make us human.

  114. A lower league girl feels that the upper league guys are equally as selfish…this is just whining about not being a cool kid….get over it and don’t go shooting at your school just because your 2nd (or 5th) string….

    1. I’m sure that frustrated, hormone-imbalanced violent teens will take that rhetoric to heart.

  115. They actually had a ceremony to “remove the saddle from Claire Davis’ horse.
    My fucking god – these fucking cunts and their little bootlicking, pussyworshipping manginas live in the strangest world..

    The Removal of The Saddle. Hahahahahaha omgggg

  116. Um, wow…so this guy literally thinks women should have zero sexual choice and be little more than fuckdolls for whatever craven, ugly little turd happens to spot them? I sincerely hope this man has been mechanically sterilized for the good of humanity….

  117. You wouldn’t have these kinds of problems if fascist governments just let prostitution be legalized. Although I’m a Christian, I don’t think sex should be made illegal between two consenting people. Also, please lower the age of consent from–in some States, 18–to 14 years of age.

  118. you know what’s funny? i know tons and tons of dudes i would never consider to be attractive by my own or society’s standards, and most of them have steady girlfriends or at the very least a few friends with benefits every year. and you know why they have no problem with women despite being typically unattractive, Billy?
    they have personalities. they’re interesting and/or funny and/or genuine, nice people who go out and socialize, are interested in furthering their own education and hobbies, and bring something to the table. women don’t not sleep with unattractive men because women are shallow, selfish bitches who are horrible for… being attracted to attractive people, just like men(how many ugly women are you ‘taking one for the team’ with this month?). they don’t sleep with unattractive men who are unattractive on multiple fronts. if you have an ugly personality, no goals, no engaging personal interests, you cannot expect people to be attracted to you. even someone with the aforementioned negative qualities but a pretty face will not get very far into any sort of meaningful relationship until they mend those qualities(or tone them down enough to find someone willing to put up with that shit).
    stop blaming women for your lack of personality. writing inflammatory blogs on the internet won’t make you interesting. claiming to be an “Alpha” won’t guarantee that your ridiculously overshot standards for women will be met by buxom blonde models catering to your every need. you will have to actually be a reasonable, decent person to be around to get anywhere with anyone in life, unless you find someone stupid enough to put up with your misogynist poor-me pity party bullshit.

  119. Girl gets raped, her own fault for behaving/dressing/acting a certain way. That’s PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY.
    Guy shoots and kills people in cold blood, some girl’s fault for not giving him the sex he’s owed for existing.
    Yeah okay.

    1. His fault, but the point of the article is the observation that most school shooters are sexually frustrated teenage boys.

  120. I’ve always assumed all these school shootings, since before Columbine, are in majority part motivated by sexual frustration. Note, also, how Karl is described as beta, ugly, loser, no-hope — and Claire is described as “a smoke show” — yet they look kinda the same. Truth is, they are about equivalent looks-wise. Karl was not ugly, and Claire was not stunning…
    BUT teen girls are at their ‘attractiveness peak’ and teen boys generally are NOT. Case in point: myself. I am a 45-year-old man who now gets gorgeous 18-year-old girls flirting constantly with me, but to say they paid me no mind when I was in high school would be the understatement of the century. Teenage girls started noticing I existed when I was 28 or so.
    Someone needs to tell these boys that their turn comes later.

  121. “So long as society encourages women of all ages to be the inherently
    promiscuous creatures they are and allow them to limit their sexual
    choices to the men at the top of the pyramid (when many of them have no
    right to), sexually frustrated men will continue to lash out with
    extreme violence.”
    So what you’re saying is we need to lock sexually frustrated men into special prisons or camps so they don’t shoot up schools anymore because they are very clearly dangerous, poorly-adjusted people.

    1. Given that they make up 60-80% of males, that might be a strategically unsound idea.

  122. I’ve never commented on here before, but this article and 90% of the comments are just plain wrong. About everything.
    Short version: you hate women, you have no idea how to interact with other adults, and your sexual advice is weird.
    Long version: After reading a few articles on this website I am honestly stunned by the idiocy. Women do not need to change. Women are perfectly fine as they are. You people need to change. And by “you” I don’t mean men. You do not represent men. Hell, you don’t even represent the so-called “alpha males” you think used to exist. This isn’t the 1800’s. Women have rights now, and can choose to date/sleep with whoever they want. Since when did women exist solely to satisfy your sexual desires? When you start breaking down the gender roles that we’ve all been taught by popular culture, you realize that men and women are not that different at all.
    To those of who who advocate for hitting women or conditioning yourselves to be violent – why? Unless you are being mugged on the street, what will violence solve? You would be lucky to not have charges pressed against you. People don’t respect violent dudes. They just see them as too immature and volatile to sensibly deal with life’s problems. And no, unfortunately, women do not have the “law” on their side, any more than men do. It’s very hard for women to prove rape and domestic violence in court: http://www.uky.edu/CRVAW/files/TopTen07_Rape_Prosecution.pdf.
    And to people who say that non-western cultures are more enlightened when it comes to sexual roles, I will say this: in South Africa, a woman is raped every 45 seconds, and almost nothing is ever done about it. Thailand is one of the sex trafficking hubs of the world. In China, women commit suicide at a greater rate than men, and baby girls are twice as likely to die (mostly due to infanticide) as boys. In Japan, nearly a third of married women have suffered from domestic abuse, and it is estimated that many more do not report their abuse. Although abuse is a major problem in the United States, this country affords women a safer place to live than most other countries in the world. Do you really want to live in a country where the women live in fear and resent men for the acts of violence they commit?
    To those who say that Karl was the victim of female sexual oppression, I ask: what did any woman DO to Karl? Did a woman just… not sleep with him? No one on this earth is entitled to sex. No one. No matter what you do, no woman ever has to sleep with you. Unless you have decided to rape her (which I suspect is not out of the question for some of you), there’s not even the slightest pressure on any woman to ever sleep with any you. And vice versa: no man has to sleep with any woman. That’s how it works. It’s voluntary. And anyone can have any standards they choose. A woman that you might consider a 4 can choose, of her own accord, to only sleep with handsome male models. She can totally do that, and there’s nothing wrong with it. You can do it, too. You can try to sleep with only supermodels. It might not work out, but you can set your standards as high as you want. The sky’s the limit.
    My advice: if all of you are so concerned with ‘getting laid,’ try to meet a woman with whom you have an actual connection. Talk to her, but be your own person. Don’t try to be a “pick-up artist”, or create what you think is an “alpha” persona. Just be confident, assertive, and a bit flirtatious. If things don’t work out with a particular woman, then that’s that. You tried, and it didn’t work. There are about 3 billion other women on this planet. Some are nice, some are mean. Some just want sex, some don’t. Some will like you, some won’t. They’re all different people. Just like men.

    1. You’re missing the point. The author isn’t saying that what happened was good, but that this is to be expected. When 60-80% of males are being denied the reproductive access that is their only reason for existing, violence is going to be the result. Women have every right to have sex with whoever they want, but there are naturally going to be consequences, regardless of feels. It’s involuntary, unintended oppression of at least a quarter of the population, and that’s going to have side effects.

      1. I never mentioned anything about what happened being “good.” I never even mentioned the author making that suggestion. I don’t know what you’re referring to. I simply noticed in the comments section that a few people were saying that men should think about becoming more aggressive and violent. I was expressing dismay and horror at their suggestions.
        And where did you get the “60-80% of males” statistic? I am very skeptical of your assertion that as much as 80% of the male population is being “denied” sex, unless you are also including male children and prisoners for some reason.
        And why would violence necessarily result from sexual frustration? (“violence IS going to be the result” – you). That’s exactly what I was refuting in my original comment. All violence does is make the man appear unable to handle his problems in a mature manner. The suggestion, as I see it, is that any woman who turns down sex with a man she is not attracted to must then fear violent repercussions. That’s absurd. The only natural consequence of a woman rejecting a man is that the man won’t be having sex with her. Any acts of violence, or verbal reprisal, or WHATEVER, are just symptoms of that man acting like a child who did not get what he wanted. “Wah, I wanted to fuck her but she would’t let me.” There are billions of women on the planet. Find another.
        I am also confused by your bold statement that reproduction is a man’s sole reason for existing. George Washington never had children; did he fail to live up to his sole purpose? Or did you mean by “reproductive access” that SEX is a man’s sole reason for existing? I am confused.
        And since when is there a single “reason” for existence? True, men are endowed with an ability to impregnate a woman, but what makes that our “only reason for existing?” Couldn’t a particular man’s reason for existing be to provide food and shelter for the children of others? I mean, given enough time on earth, a single man could impregnate every woman on the planet and continue our species. Does that render the rest of men simply meaningless? Or might our reason for existing be to provide for those children as non-biological fathers?
        And how is a lack of sex “oppression?” Are men being denied a right? Do we have a right to sex? I clearly assert in my original comment that we do not, and I stand by that opinion. If Buddhist monks can take a vow of celibacy and release themselves from lustful thoughts without crying “oppression!” – then why can’t all men do the same? I’m not saying that all men should take a vow of celibacy; I”m saying it’s not impossible to live a meaningful life without sex. Sex is a wonderful perk of existence, to be sure, but it’s not all there is to life.

  123. I’m going to have to be the bluepillfag here, but this guy was obviously beta (and even sub beta) and couldn’t take rejection.
    IF this article said that the girl had bullied the guy I may have had a bit of empathy for him.
    Truth is he could have just mastered on of the STEM subjects and because wealthy individual. He could have turned to PUA shite for help or even let time pass to his advantage…..we all know that beta men can become alpha with time and experience. Or if it became that bad, he could just go tot himself and leave a suicide note.
    Worst article or just trolling?

    1. Yeah, long term planning and delayed gratification are what frustrated teenagers are great at.

  124. Congrats. Never before have I seen such a concentration of stupid, ugly bullshit in a single written excretion.
    Fox News has an opening for you in their “News for small-dicked misogynist peabrains” division.

  125. He could have gotten laid easily, just pick someone on your league
    There are plenty of not so good looking women, they wanna get laid too
    how about the not so fit or so smart? they wanna get laid too!
    He was neither good looking, smart or fit, plus also crazy? bad genes
    But nooooo he probably wanted the model type girl that every one
    likes, a good looking woman will not go with the dorky kid just ’cause
    you get mad at women that only look for the best genes around
    what about men? certainly not running after the girl with pimples
    no ass or chicken legs, right?
    hypocrite bullshit….he was a looser and died a looser
    If your dick is causing you grief ruling your life, just cut it out and be happy.

  126. If you weren’t disgusted reading this, I am 100% sorry for you. Billy Chubbs, you re-define the definition of stupidity. It’s actually astounding how much of a disgusting human being you appear to be.

  127. So life dealt you with average looks – MAN UP AND GET THE FUCK OVER IT. Make your life worthwhile instead of going around shooting people for exercising their rights to screw who they want. I thought that’s what being an “ALPHA MALE” is all about. On the contrary this article whines like 5 yr old child blaming the “selfishness” of women for guys’ own inadequacies. Whatta man.

  128. Something i’ve been thinking about recently is the double standard of slutty sex positive empowered women vs the general repression and shaming of men and boys’ sexuality.
    while the gurrls can be all slutty, the guys are told that they are filthy for watching porn, creepy for asking women for coffee (see elevatorgate), sexist and misogynistic for making mildly sexed jokes (see donglegate), Hell, there was even a feminist campaign to ban guys sitting with their legs open on buses in Sweden.
    All the while the girls are totally allowed and encouraged to be sex positive sluts while men have to be stoic and non threatening eunuchs.
    Even the whole feminist ‘objectification of women’ argument (ie wanting to f**k a hot girl) could- and probably should- be regarded as sex positive for men and boys. It probably IS the logical corollary when contrasted with slutwalk.
    That sexual double standard is only widening and i am sure we will witness many more troubled teenage boys as a result.
    Feminists have created this monster and they won’t stop. More boys will be fucked up and more women will be raped and/or die. But will the feminists ever listen? No. Woman killing is good for business.

  129. Why would you write such an awful article based around nothing more than the photo of a pretty girl? You have zero facts, you should not be writing anything that is supposed to be non-fictional.


    1. Don’t forget the part where if you do actually give it up to all the guys who aren’t getting any you’re a “slut”

    2. I bet it’s the ‘alpha’ males that actually drive the ‘beta’ males to commit murder.

  131. Summary: women, you should have sex with people you’re not attracted to, otherwise it’s your fault if a man murders someone.
    …sorry, but I’ve got some pretty strict standards. I only date guys who WON’T go on murder sprees if they hit a dry spell. I know, I know, it’s weird, but psychopathic disregard for human life is a turn-off.

  132. Yup, its women’s fault for the murderous actions of me. So more women need to start having more sex with more men, but they’re already sluts. What a dumb-ass.

  133. So girls should have sex with guys they’re not attracted to, otherwise they’re being “selfish” and it’s their fault if some guy kills people.
    Meanwhile, if they have sex with more people than you approve of, they will be labeled a slut.
    You’re an idiot.

  134. I wonder if the person picked to succeed his vacated position on the debate team was a girl.
    RestInPeace Karl

  135. How about we *don’t* turn into the type of people who excuse the actions of female murderers at the slightest accusation of male abuse, mmkay? Equality gained by mirroring the stupidest things the other side does is not a prize worth having.

  136. The Elliot Rodgers killings reminded me of this article, ‘sexually frustrated men will continue to lash out with extreme violence’. How right you were.

  137. Poor Karl. Claire would not comply with his Rights as a horny dude and thusly he died of suicide.
    After killing Claire.
    But yeah, poor Karl. Couldn’t take matters on hand… Poor Karl. Couldn’t learn to understand that women are not consumables. Poor fucking Karl.

  138. You do know that $100 can fix your whole “I can’t get laid” problem, right, Chubbs? So why not face the REAL issue: your oversized, alpha-wannabe male ego.

  139. I don’t usually argue, or openly state my disagreement to others opinions, but I would like to indulge myself just once. The fact is that Karl Halverson was in all respects, a pussy. Instead of coping with the harsh reality of life, he ends it. When he sets his mind to kill himself, he loses all aspects of humanity (at least I think so), and he takes others lives, inconsiderate of the effects. Society may have been against him. His own life should have been in nobody’s hand but his own. However the fact that he had to take another’s life, is the sign of a pussy. Manliness is about rational thinking. He never thought of the consequences of taking that girl’s life. The impact it would have on her loved ones. How it would torment his loved ones even more than if he had just committed suicide. I understand a man must be willing to make decisions irrespective of others, suicide may be considered as one of those decisions. Murder with little reason to vent frustration, is the sign of a pussy.

  140. take up a collection and get these poor fuckers laid. private health insurance benefits should pay for the services of massages. not the ordinary zen kind of thing, but those with extras. a least a blowjob once a year. makes for a happier male existence

  141. This is such shallow coverage. So Karl went crazy and killed because he didn’t get laid? First, he was not a bad looking kid. Second, probably the majority of dudes NEVER get laid in high school, for good reason – they’re not ready. Sex is serious stuff.
    Why not look into Karl’s home life, how he was raised, was there violence or mental illness?…it would be a little more work but you might just get to the truth.

  142. This is pretty much the same as what Roosh wrote regarding a shooting by another young man, but thanks regardless for the very well-written and valid article, Billy.

  143. Can totally relate. As someone who did not get laid til early twenties and, after mastering enough game, became reasonably popular, I understand both sides of the coin.
    As an older man whose son has left home, I could go years without having sex at my age, and while not pleasant, my self-esteem would not take a hit. But for believing in yourself, scoring with a girl is a rite of passage for a young man.. You miss out and you always feel lowly and inadequate.
    I do not know the solution. Maybe the Muslim invasion of Sweden will solve that problem. Could be collective karma at work.
    I pesonallly would like to see all these problems solved in a Christian context where freedom, choice, realism and self-control are solutions, but that does not seem possible in atheistic Sweden.
    It would not even be easy with solid Christian structures, but the church could handle things better than anything else I know.
    An anycase, I hope the Swedish feminists are sewing their burkas. They are going to need them in the new Sweden.

  144. Give me a break. Are you really saying teenage girls have an obligation to service their horny male classmates?? If that’s the case, then maybe early marriage during high school years is the solution.

  145. There’s an endless harvest of women. So what if this guy couldn’t get laid in his school? There’s always the school in the next neighborhood or town.

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