Fat Feminist Lindy West Goes Berserk Because She No Longer Fits In Airplane Seats

It’s no secret that I dislike Jezebel writer Lindy West (I previously named her the ugliest feminist in the world). She has enabled the degradation of American culture through her writings on fat and slut acceptance while heralding the emasculation of men. If she was given a Tumblr blog to exercise her crazed rantings, there wouldn’t be much in the way of harm, but Nick Denton, a homosexual who is head of the Gawker empire which owns Jezebel, has given her a huge voice to pollute the masses. Fat feminists throughout the country look up to her for encouragement to remain committed and unembarrassed fat feminists, brown skid marks on America’s soul.

It now pains me to remind everyone that fat feminist beliefs have real-world consequences. As of today, because of Lindy’s slothfulness, gluttony, and impaired thinking faculties, she is too fat to fly in airplanes.

This year, for the first time ever, I got on a plane and discovered that I didn’t fit in the seat. I’ve always been fat, but I was the fat person that still mostly fit. I mean, I couldn’t fit into clothes (MORE TUNICS PATTERNED LIKE A PARISIAN SUITCASE, PLEASE), and I had to be careful with butt safety (I’ll take the chair side, not the banquette, thanks), but I was still the kind of fat person who could move through the straight-size world without causing too many ripples. Until this fall.


People’s butts might be getting bigger, sure, but it’s a certainty that seats are getting smaller. I fit in every other chair. (Some people don’t. That’s fine too. Those are good bodies too. Those people deserve respect and accommodations too, without caveats.)



If you happened not to fit in an airplane seat, you may take that as an indication to lay off the Starbucks milkshakes for some time. But not Lindy. It’s not her fault that she is too big—it’s the airline’s fault for not making seats wide enough to accommodate her monstrous frame. If that was the end of the story then we could go on with our lives with only a shake of the head, but it only scratches the surface of the noxious spew she released in her rant. She finds blame not just with the airline, but with the man sitting next to her and a pervasive “fat shaming” culture (i.e. everyone who doesn’t share her love of Chipotle burritos) for causing what appears to be a bad day where she was not graced with positive attention, romantic love, and complimentary in-flight Cinnabons.

Here she is instigating a fight with her seat neighbor after holding up the plane because she was partying hard the night before in a bathtub filled with pina colada…

I’d almost missed the plane—I was that person staggering on board just before the doors closed—and I’m sure he thought he was going to have the row all to himself. I flashed him an apologetic smile (I know that aeronautical heartbreak too well!) and pointed to the middle seat. “Hey, sorry, I’m over there.” He looked at my body, sort of glared blankly at my hips, but didn’t respond or make eye contact with me. Then, as I went to put my bag in the overhead bin, I heard him mutter something sour.

“[Something something] say excuse me.”

My adrenaline went bonkers. Was someone being a dick to me? In person? At 7 am? In an enclosed space? For no reason? When I have a hangover? And we’re about to be stuck next to each other for the next five hours? I’m used to men treating me like garbage virtually, or from fast-moving cars, but this close-quarters IRL shit-talking was a jarring novelty.

Me: “What?”

Him: “Nothing.”

Me: “No, you said something. What did you say?”

Him: “Nothing.”

Me: “No. What did you say? Tell me.”


Re-enactment of Lindy West arguing with her seat mate (add 300 pounds)

She continued to harass this individual during the flight with what appears to be assault and battery.

As soon as he fell asleep (with his mouth open like a NERD), I passive-aggressively jarred his foot with my backpack and then said, “OH, EXCUSE ME,” because I am an adult. We ignored each other for the rest of the flight.

Poor man—he was not only anxious about a plane crash but also if Lindy would continue her aggression by sitting on him and ending all of his life functions. I like to think of myself as hyper-masculine, but I’d be downright fearful to be attacked by a person shaped like a large box, male or female…



She received an intense barrage of criticism from her very own loyal readers:

“Recently, I had to get up early for a 7 a.m. flight to attend a family member’s funeral. I only had about an hour’s worth of sleep, because I was back and forth between phone calls making arrangements. Things at the airport were crazy as usual, and the flight wasn’t looking like it would get out in time. Right at the last minute, the flight attendants let a young woman on the plane – lucky for her, last time I was running late they wouldn’t let me board. Oh well.

She made a beeline for her seat, which was next to mine. She reeked like booze – must have been hungover – and then fumbled with her luggage bumping me several times. I wasn’t feeling my best, so I mumbled ‘would be nice to hear an ‘excuse me’.’ Big mistake. She went ballistic on me, screaming ‘WHAT DID YOU SAY?’ over and over without dropping it. Finally I repeated myself, and she continued to huff and puff about the situation. The plane finally took off and I tried to get some shut-eye. Unfortunately, she kept kicking me and saying very loudly ‘EXCUSE ME.’

I tell you, sometimes people are just jerks. As if air travel wasn’t enough of a pain!”


Let’s review an excerpt of where she describes her corpulence. It’s so superabundant I’ve received word from academic circles that noted anthropologists have called dibs on her body after she succumbs to the diabetes.

But even worse than any physical pain is the anxiety of walking up the aisle and not knowing what plane you’re on. Am I going to fit this time? Will I have to ask for a seatbelt extender? Is this a 17-incher or an 18-incher? Did I get on early enough that I can get myself crammed in before someone comes and sits next to me? Is the person next to me going to hate me? Doeseveryone on this plane hate me? I paid money for this?

People’s butts might be getting bigger, sure, but it’s a certainty that seats are getting smaller. I fit in every other chair. (Some people don’t. That’s fine too. Those are good bodies too. Those people deserve respect and accommodations too, without caveats.)

I’m sure some fat people are fat by their own hand, without any underlying medical conditions, but a lot of other fat people are fat because they’re sick or disabled.

Rest assured she does not have a medical condition causing her obesity (though we can’t rule out a mental disorder). She has actually flaunted her suicidal overeating on Youtube by eating neon orange cookies that don’t even seem to have real food origins…

This is the woman who is a role model for American females today. This is the woman whose ideas are so important to the mainstream media that she recently won a “Woman’s Media Center” award for being a “fat activist” (here is her surprisingly articulate acceptance speech). This is the woman who has one of the heftiest voices on America’s largest blog for women. This is the future of America—a future of premature deaths by diabetes, strokes, and heart attacks, a future of women screeching about how men and the patriarchy sent them to the grave by allowing them to eat 5,000 calories a day.

Is this who we want having influence in our country? Society must realize there are consequences to fat feminist beliefs. They range from the concrete (not fitting on airplanes) to creating a class of perennial female victims-seekers who have no notion of personality responsibility. Instead of focusing on self-improvement, they seek to blame everyone else for their problems, even innocent men on airplanes who have their property damaged from the canckled legs of deranged women.

Lindy West is externalizing her 200 extra pounds onto others. She is externalizing her great unhappiness in life by belching hatred about men and society, or outright attacking men on airplanes who she believes should compliment her obesity or ask her out on a date to TGI Fridays. The road to feminism and obesity is a sad one indeed, and my only hope is that the women who read her angry scribbles wake up to the fact that there is no pot of gold at the end of a fat feminist’s rainbow—just a shovel and a big pot of lard.

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399 thoughts on “Fat Feminist Lindy West Goes Berserk Because She No Longer Fits In Airplane Seats”

    1. How cool is their pricing policy :-). Seriously:
      “Passengers on Samoa Air do not pay for a seat but pay a fixed price per
      kilogram, which varies according to the length of the route. The passengers
      nominate their weight and are then measured, along with their baggage, on
      scales at the airport. ”
      I had to fly to a foreign school and HATED it when my luggage was limited to 20 kilos (me being 60 kg wimp at the time). All the while FAT FUCKS weighting 150 kilos paid the same price and could take the same 20 kilos luggage.

      1. I can see how a lazy fat person should lose weight but paying per kg would be unfair for buffed guys and specially very tall dudes. I would just make obese people pay for two seats and have removable arm rests.

        1. Nah, it would be completely fair as it would require everyone to pay for the fuel they used. It may not have the social outcomes you desire, but it would be a helluva lot better than subsidizing heavy people’s travel. You already use more gas in your car than if you were 5 feet tall and 98 pounds. Is that unfair? Should we subsidize your lifting any more than a lardass’s overeating?

  1. At least this sort of degeneracy can’t get any worse. Talk about the dregs of humanity stretched to their limit.

    1. But don’t you see? If she is fat the rest of society has to accommodate her rather than the other way around. So what if the airline losses money because they have to give her another seat for free? So what if the person next to her (and this goes double if it is a man) is smothered and has to put up with her malodorous carcass spilling over onto his seat?
      To ask her to pay for two seats because she takes up two seats is out of the question. Society owes her as she is sassy, funny, smart and has a killer personality (to hear her tell it).

      1. eugh… yep, if someone takes up more than one seat they need to pay more. I don’t want to put up with that, gross.

      2. Airline tickets are dirt cheap compared to the 60’s so charging them 2x as much for a large seat in the peanut gallery or the larger 1st class seats is till cheap.You didn’t see these fat sobs in the past because the tickets were more expensive and as you go down in class the people get fatter and fatter.

    2. With airplanes it’s a fact of physics that the seating area and especially weight that a typical plane can carry is limited. The only possible way you can accommodate super-obese people like Lindy West is by charging them extra due to their weight. But no, these people want to be able to fly ‘without caveats’. Basically, what she’s asking is that the airliner raise ticket prices on everyone. It’s this kind of stuff that makes me angry. I can live with a special extra-wide ‘fat people’ row at the back of the plane with twice the ticket cost. But I’m not going to pay extra so some super-obese person gets her entitlement to air travel.

    3. I had this happen to met on a standby flight (yeah, it sucked – no other seats). It was a 5 hour flight and I had to sit next to one of these ‘big people’ who took up half of my seat.
      But I guess that was my fault, too? They should have placed the women in the luggage department of the plane. I don’t mind if they want the freedom to become as big as a trunk or piece of luggage (but they will have to ride in that compartment as well).

  2. Roosh, you’re pathetic. It’s obvious you’re in love with Lindy West and want her to smother you between her pendulous udders, and all these bitchy blog posts are just passive-aggressive attempts to get her attention. Why don’t you man up and woo her the way all full-figured real womyn love – with two tickets to a romantic candlelit all-you-can eat buffet. Of course she’ll probably spend both tickets on herself, but at least she’ll know you care.

    1. Oh yeah “AMAZING”. She’s an “AMAZING person”.
      “AMAZING”. Her Starbucks double whip latte was AMAZING. That dinner was AMAZING. And OMG the dessert was AMAZING. The chocolate icing is AMAZING. You should try it. it’s AMAZING. And then she saw the most AMAZING movie. These French Fries are AMAZING. This salad dressing is AMAZING. The chip dip is AMAZING. These chocolate chip cookies are AMAZING.
      So as long as she thinks EVERYTHING is “amazing”.
      Why wouldn’t she think she is an AMAZING person?
      It’s simply . . . . . well . . . . . amazing!!!

      You guys see any AMAZING fat women in that video?
      But don’t let it get you down sweetie.
      You’re an AMAZING person.
      Here try one of these candy corn donuts. They are AMAZING.
      (Ok I’m back. So that’s what “sarcasm” is like. Holy shit that was exhausting. How do Jezebels keep that shit up and still manage to be fat?)

      1. That’s a pet hate of mine. It seems women are easily-impressed with everything *but* the men around them.
        I always laugh when they describe their ‘amazing’ single friends, wondering why they can’t get dates.

        1. • It seems women are easily-impressed with everything *but* the men around them.
          SO true. I recently saw a picture of a woman scared of a spider. The caption was “OMG IT’S HUUUUGE!!!!”. A 1 inch spider is HUUUUGE. But a 7 inch penis is not enough for her.

        2. However “tiny” you think it is, it’s always going to be bigger than yours.
          A woman attempting to mock penis size is like a person who takes the bus to work making fun of someone’s car. Dumb and embarrassing.
          And since every woman thinks a 1-inch spider is “OMG HUUUGE!” then I can’t imagine what the fuck you’re implying.

    2. The number on the scale also won’t tell you when you’re going to die of a heart attack, but it will be sooner rather than later

      1. Sometimes people like living in their fantasy worlds, only to deny the reality that the weight is there, it’s a problem, and it won’t go away unless you stop bitching and start exercising.

      2. Taking your blood pressure will give you a much better indication of cardiovascular health. People have a very hard time denying that to themselves, so many people at risk for high blood pressure don’t bother to find out. In terms of health a good weight can be very different for individuals based on height and muscle mass. An in terms of appearance it can depend on how an individual distributes fat, for instance you can have 20 pound breasts making your weight height but have a tiny wist. So yes people can be right when they say not to trust a scale…but they know if their body is not honestly performing or looking it’s best before they even step on a scale looking for a number to deny what they know

        1. Great post. But I’ll add this is more true for men than women because men generally carry much more muscle when they are in good shape. A womans baseline weight would only change dramatically if she was to get fat.

    3. I like that the scale is called Taylor. I can totally see a fat feminist bitch with that name. “It’s just a number Taylor, really.” You probably remember her from high school, where she usually wore too-tight t-shirts that spelled out “princess” in rhinestones across the front.

        1. And you ought to stop typing stupid shit with your fingers, and do something constructive with them. Like sticking them up your ass, for starters.

        2. When are you people going to accept that not everyone likes that sort of stuff? Leave it to a liberal femtard to consider that “doing something constructive”.

      1. I really doubt that an anorexic person needs to live in constant delusion. At least they’re trying to correct a problem. Stuffing your mouth is not a solution.

    4. I don’t think the original picture is so much targeted towards fat people as it is to people who have an eating disorder (anorexia, bulimia) and are underweight. I don’t really care about what people choose to do with their bodies, but after having the displeasure of being seated next to an obese man on a 9 hour flight (luckily, just for a few minutes as I managed to move to an empty seat), I decided to look this up and it amazes me how people seem entitled to encroach upon another person’s space if they don’t fit in their own seat…like excuse me, I paid for this space ffs.

  3. Great article. Why didn’t the guy just call a flight attendent and tell them that this woman was harassing him? I mean goddamn, how fucking BETA are American men nowadays?
    One time, I was using snuff, that is, Copenhagen, dipping tobacco, and I was standing in front of a glasses shop. I spit the tobacco on the ground and one older lady walked up and said “EXCUSE ME! I AM GOIN TO HAVE TO WALK IN THAT!” and caught off guard, I was like what? Then she repeated herself and I told her SHUT THEF UCK UP YOU STUPID FUCKING GODDAMN BITCH and walked off.
    If more men would stop being such FAGGOTS and stop tolerating shit from women? Women would stop acting like rabid animals. These faggot men have no one to blame but themselves.

      1. LOL yea that is what I was saying, some angry bitch just walks up to me and say “I AM GOING TO HAVE TO WALK IN THAT”, it took me a moment to realize what the fuck she was talking about.
        As for the above faggot who said “I should have stuck around”, well, what? Stuck around for the bitch to call the cops? Yeah real smart move there, faggot. By the way, she was so off put by my reply to her, that she had nothing to say. So, the conversation was basically over. Seems like that is the first time a man ever spoke to her that way.
        By the way, my father was with me, and I don’t think he wanted to stick around either too and see what outcome might have occured.

      2. This uncivilized “Aryan” shitstain was spreading crap on the sidewalk. The moron supports the extermination of “non-Aryans” and he complains because an “older lady” called him out like the Nazi apologist he is. “John Doe” is a disgrace to humanity.

        1. LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          Dude, have you ever been to a 3rd world country? Are you even aware that in 1974, Henry Kissinger wrote an essay which became official US policy, and in it he said that overpopulation in the 3rd world countries are the primary threat to civilization today.
          Eugenics is the ONLY way we are going to save the human race and avoid an “Idiocracy” type of situation in the future.
          GMOs, vaccines, birth control, abortions, any way we can reduce the useless eaters from reproducing is good work. Unless we stop the useless goyim from reproducing, they are going to eventually take over the world and the world will go completely to shit then and the only solution at that point will be to simply destroy this fucking planet and make the human race extinct.

        2. Why don’t we start with you John, you can volunteer for castration. So john how are we going to decide who gets to live and who gets to procreate. Have you ever taken an IQ test john? Something tells me you wouldn’t fare too well. What makes you think you are worthy john?

        3. I have no problem admitting that I am a useless goyim. Are you also willing to admit that you are a useless goyim?
          As for an hero. Nah, I won’t be an hero now. I want to live long enough to see the Zionists crucified publicly.

    1. why`d you walk away, then? seems like someone with the brass balls you think you have would have stood his ground. i agree with the ” don`t take shit ” philosophy, but cursing and running away is what kids do. i`ve been noticing your over-the-top comments on recent articles and they strike me as being the work of some insecure douche who talks a lot of smack but couldn`t back it up for shit in real life.

      1. What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I’m the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, kiddo.

        1. I write under my own name, and my avatar pretty much sums up my view of life. I realise that most people on the web use a webname, but I feel that it is important that people know who I am.

        2. Don’t be silly. No one cares what nonentities write. This guy is about as important as a gnat on an elephant’s arse

      2. Just remember that when a man does stand and fight the rest of you men don’t help at all. Indeed men actually attack me for standing up for them. How about that?

        1. Nolan, you’ve been boring everyone for years with your tale of woe. And apparently it took you until middle age before you woke up so you’re definitely no expert or do you have the experience to instruct any other man. You were obviously some straight laced naive boy who learned certain things about female nature late in life and it’s made you bitter.Men and females have nothing in common outside of reproduction (sex) and possibly caring together for their offspring. In the animal world the female cares for the offspring to a certain age then abandons it and does the same thing the next season. The male doesn’t matter at all and in fact the male babies generally get kicked out of the nest/home earlier while the females stay with the mother until they’re ready to breed and then are abandoned.I’m not going to go on because I’d end up writing a thousand pages explaining everything in detail for you so all I can say is that you did not understand female nature until it was too late and you were screwed.

        2. “Nolan, you’ve been boring everyone for years with your tale of woe. And apparently it took you until middle age before you woke up so you’re definitely no expert or do you have the experience to instruct any other man.”
          This man and his younger brother disagrees with you. Link below. And since I just got him out of a nasty situation with his divorce after just 2 years marriage he has now became a friend as well as a client.
          So, By all means, you are welcome to make the claim that I do not have the skills or experience to instruct other men in my areas of expertise. You would by lying. And that is a very common trait among men today.
          It never ceases to amaze me how quickly men lie today. This did not happen when I was a lad. When I was a lad one lie was enough to get your integrity questioned. Two lies was enough to have you branded a liar. Today? Most men, like you, can’t get through a post on the internet without lying two or more times.
          And “boring everyone for years with your tale of woe”? What I have been telling men since 2009-11-26 was how to AVOID getting in to the same position. Indeed, I have been telling men they can rescind their consent to be governed and not pay alimony or child support.
          How many men have the opportunity to benefit from learning how to rescind their consent to be married so that they can NEVER be screwed over in the divorce courts? TENS of MILLIONS if not over ONE HUNDRED MILLION MEN.
          And you call this effort to contribute a book that benefits a possible one hundred million men “boring everyone for years with your tale of woe”?
          Are you just a stupid, lying man hater or are you a paid shill? Because the Australian guvmint has been paying internet shills to tell lies about me for a long time now.
          You hate men because you do not want them to hear the good news they can rescind their consent to be married and avoid the hell of divorce courts.
          You also hate men because you reduce the act of criminal victimisation down to “you were screwed.”
          Like I said. Are you just a stupid man hater or are you a paid internet shill?

        3. So, with you and your alter ego you have 2 members on that site. Ever thought that perhaps you’re doing something wrong? I’m not even defending the female and others who may have done you wrong but you apparently have been so disturbed and warped by your situation that you’re really not thinking straight and believe that you can just dropout and say no to the government. If you had your own country and a military to defend it then you’d be able to ignore court orders issued by Irish or Australian governments and judges. So you’re either hiding or they just consider you so nutty that they don’t even bother with you.

        4. “and believe that you can just dropout and say no to the government.”
          “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”
          United States Declaration of Independence, July 4th, 1776.
          “So no matter where it takes hold, Government of the people and by the people, sets a single standard for all who would hold power. You must maintain your power through consent, not coercion.”
          Barrack Obama. US President. Cairo, Egypt, June 4th, 2009.
          If you do not know that government is only by consent? You must be a slave. A man can only be governed by consent. Therefore it is obvious he can withdraw his consent, just as I did in 2009.
          If you do not know the meaning of the word “consent” then I recommend you look it up. You are looking pretty stupid right now…it is not like the declaration of independence is an obscure document.

        5. Thanks for telling me about that Declaration because I’d never know
          about all of this. I almost forgot that one of my father’s ancestors
          signed it. The Declaration of Independence is not the law of the US, it
          was merely a declaration sent to the heads of State around the world
          informing them that the US was now an independent country. They still
          had to back it up with power and a war. You don’t have any power and
          you’ll find that in the real world things are quite different from what
          some lawyers wrote in a Declaration and all of this nonsense about
          consent means very little. About half that stuff that Jefferson wrote
          about the colonists’ gripes was incorrect too.When the new government
          took over they were just as or even more oppressive and they didn’t care
          about consent much either and in fact only 1/3 of the people even
          wanted Independence.Washington certainly put down the Whiskey Rebellion
          with force and none of them gave their consent to be taxed.Years later a
          number of Southern States didn’t give their consent to be governed
          either and you know the outcome of that and they also had an army. Do
          you have an army to back you up when you refuse consent? I’ve known
          people like you so you’re not unique and none of them have even gotten
          anywhere where this withdrawal of consent nonsense.Aaron Burr the then vice President also tried to form his own Republic and was put on trial for treason.The people can withdraw consent by electing a government more to their liking. Do you see enough men doing that? You’re not the government but merely a citizen of a country and if countries permitted their citizens to withdraw consent at will then the country would cease to exist because almost everyone has some gripe and they would just disregard anything the lawfully elected government enacted laws about.You got screwed by your wife because you were not on top of things and one step ahead of her and you’ve been crying about it ever since.And that silly video you made involved a case where the female was suing you for less than a $1k lol You also complain about some co. that was worth nothing but that you claimed was worth 1/2 a million that was stolen from you. That’s bullshit. Your wife divorced you and apparently the experience warped you to the extent that it addled your mind and in your deluded state you came up with this consent nonsense and have been harping on it ever since.And for your own sake I suggest that you put this experience behind you and forget this obsession before you end up in some asylum because I’ve seen all of this before.You’re very naive about human nature. People are not influenced by some blog but by what happens to them personally.And since this divorce nonsense has been going on for some time and millions of men have been effected adversely there will be a backlash but it will have nothing to do with anything you write so stop wasting your time.Feminism and all of this misandry are finished so while it may not appear that way to you you should remember that the worst battles are right before the enemy is defeated.
          Actually the US
          Constitution is the law of the US and when they wrote it after the war
          most of it was modified quite a bit from the more radical language in
          the Declaration.

        6. “Actually the US Constitution is the law of the US”
          No. It is not. The US CON-stitution has absolutely no standing at law. If you bothered to watch my education channel you would know this.
          You are very ignorant. And you are very arrogant about your ignorance believing very arrogantly that the lies you have been told are true.
          No man is bound to the rules of any other man save by his consent. It is the arrogance and ignorance of men that the Illuminati is betting on…..and it is a good bet too.
          Try these links.

        7. Try reading Larken Roses book. You will find out how ignorant you are.
          Funny how a man who claims to be intelligent, when faced with the truth that shatters the web of lies he has been told, responds with “You are pathetic” rather than with “thank you for noticing my ignorance and pointing me to education material that I can learn from”.
          You are a great example of all that is wrong with western men. They are ignorant in the extreme and arrogant about that ignorance.

    2. They take away the spitoons, but then get all uppity when you have to spit on the sidewalk. I use the snus ( yes call me a pussy but its easier to use) but if they brought back the cuspidor/spitoon, I’d totally be dippin, hell, I’d get some Red Man and chew on that (luckily the PC crowd hasnt banned that name)

        1. Not if he pretends to be asleep. Then when she kicks him, he could just kinda sling an arm out there and pop her a good one. “Sorry, I was having a weird dream. You scared me.” lol

        2. You should have apologised to her for being an uncouth lout. Do you think she wants customers tracking your stinking germ infested chewing tobacco into her nice store? Do you think that normal people want to get that disgusting crap on their Gucci shoes and bringing it home with them? You’re like a kid who spits bubble gum out on the pavement and has to be scolded by an adult.Your pappy should have scolded you for spitting that crap out but he’s likely a bigger dumb arsehole than you.

    3. Its outfuckingside on the ground! She las to walk on piss stained concrete. What the fuck is she complaining about! good job!

      1. HAHAHAHAA! She’s just a dumb fucking cunt. And if she didn’t have the govt and mangina legal system to protect her, I would have bitch slapper her and dropped her ass right then and then, dawg!

        1. Bitch smack your pappy for not teaching you how to behave around normal people. This Jewish woman was within her rights to give you a tongue lashing and send you on your way with your tail between your legs for being such a filthy slob. Now why don’t you and your pappy go buy some Night Train and go drink it down on that Skid Row flop house where you live.

        2. Bitch smack your mama little boy. And btw, let me advise you as a lawyer that hitting a person over 60 is aggravated assault. You’d be arrested and since you’re piss poor wouldn’t even be able to bail yourself out. You’d end up as a bitch yourself in jail. They’d put a dress and lipstick on you and your pappy and make you both squeal like pigs.

        3. haha you are so funny when you bitch slap little gutter boy DoeDoe
          A real man does not disrespect woman like this дурак boy Doe

        1. Go to any major city…..they all have piss stained streets. whether you realize it or not. I’ve been to Mumbai….those are shit stained streets lol.

      1. He’s an inbred racist who supports replaying the Holocaust. Not surprised he doesn’t know how to behave in public. Filthy inside and out.

        1. You know, you shouldn’t accuse someone of being a racist because usually it’s just a matter of them being stupid and lower class. Apparently his pappy is an uncouth cretin as well since he didn’t reprimand his dopey son for spitting on the pavement.Spitting and spreading germs (and who knows what this freak may have from those $5 crack Hos who are the only females he can get) and it is illegal. If I saw this slob do this I’d grab him and his retarded pappy and hold them for the cops and they’d both get a summons.

        2. No, he’s some some lower class twit with an inferiority complex who thinks annoying his betters makes him a big man.

    4. You sound like an ectomorph faggot hiding behind some stupid masque. And where the hell are you from that you spit disgusting chewing tobacco on the street? Are you some Chink from Korea or just a homegrown ghetto dwelling stumblebum? And apparently that Jewish female took one look at your Delta- look and clothes that she felt superior to you and chastised you like a little guttersnipe for your peasant behaviour. I have never once in my life been spoken to the way this female believed that she could speak to you (rightfully so) and in fact females always defer to me whether she’s the Secretary of State or just some lawyer.
      And if you’re going to engage in dirty tobacco chewing then get yourself some real snuff and a platinum snuffbox along with some Hermes silk handkerchiefs to wipe your nose. You chewing tobacco dipshits don’t belong with civilised humans.

    5. Dats just dumb. Elderly woman and you go bananas and run off, I bet flustered and almost in tears. LOL real alpha

  4. This post is extremely disgusting, in a metaphoric context. She is repulsive and so are her beliefs. Stupid bitch, if you want to fit on the plane, don’t weigh 300lbs and stuff your face with oreos simple

  5. Yep..that is about how western women act now. And people hate on me when I say these women are evil people? Really?

    1. 90 percent of men in the West are pathetic beta male manginas.
      Frankly, I hope the Illuminati starts World War 3 soon and kills off all of these useless eaters. On one of Roosh’s recent articles on his blog, he points out that because there has been no widescale WAR over the past few decades, there are too many beta men. Usually, war is what keeps the human population in check, and keeps the male to female ratio at 1-2 as it should be. So yes, I would love to see WW3 start soon and see a bunch of these retarded betas go fight and die in some idiotic war. That would be heavenly.

      1. Betas aren’t going to be the ones dying. Alphas are the ones most willing to fight and assume more risk. Betas will be serving in the non-combat positions.

        1. Actually, betas are perfectly happy being enlisted cannon fodder and taking orders. They get a snazzy uniform that might impress the ladies. Alphas, if they do join the armed forces, are more likely to enter the officer corps.

        2. I was an 18C for 5 years. You aren’t going to get a greater collection of alpha personalities than that. And our officers were much more beta than our enlisted. Combat MOS’s have have much higher percentages of alphas in both enlisted and officer ranks.

        3. Let me re-align your perceptions, bro. Any man stupid enough to go die for a country and who is brainwashed by such concepts as nationalism, patriotism, etc, IS a brainwashed idiot beta.
          Alpha = open minded, enlightened, intelligent man
          Beta = brainwashed, close minded, stupid fool
          Apparently, you guys have an entirely wrong conception of what an alpha and a beta is. Being an “alpha” means having such self confidence that you are willing to follow your own path in life, even if it is very politically incorrect or unpopular.
          Whereas being a beta means being so weak and cowardly that you just blindly follow the sheep and are afraid to do your own thing and be your own person.
          And yes, you Americans sicken me. The vast majority of you are such brainwashed, stupid people. Even though you may consider yourself an “alpha”, you are not. You are a brainwashed SLAVE. ANd soon, the Illuminati will use you as the dumb stupid animal that you are and sacrifice you to LUCIFER in a world war. World Wars are actually massive Lucifierian sacrifices, which is why they rejoice at the greater number of people dead.
          World war is basically a satanic offering or sacrifice to Lucifer. So yes, go die and be sacrificeid to Lucifer, you stupid fuck.

        4. Yes, going to foreign countries and murdering innocent civilians is so fucking “alpha”. John, you are a fucking incredibly evil piece of shit. You are going to burn in hell, you satanic fuck.

        5. The first two paragraphs of this made sense. The third and fourth are incoherent babble.
          My opinion: Alphas serve because they have to (drafted). Betas serve because they want to prove that they’re “men” to themselves and women.

        6. John Doe you just talked about how ‘orgasmic’ a world war that would result in the death of millions of people would be, then call him evil for being in the military? You have the rationale hamster of a young school girl who puts out on prom night.

        7. To me, this guy is either out of his mind or a troll. It’s looking more and more like he’s the latter rather than the former.

        8. So King Leonidas was a beta because he sacrificed himself for his country? The spartans, the samurai, modern day spec ops, all betas? Lol.
          And you have the gall to call others closed minded when you believe in ‘luciferian sacrifice’.
          By the way, going on huge rants on the internet isn’t very alpha either

        9. Incoherent babble is the Jezebel house style.
          Remember girls, multiple exclamation points are your friend! !!! !!11!!!1!

        10. I wouldnt mind dying for a country and for a just cause. But no way I would die for a country full of hating lindy wests and their omega orbitters.

        11. Uh, no . Beta does not mean cowardly. Or stupid. Beta means the average, everyday man. Alpha may have the most confidence sure. But Beta does not mean loser. No matter how insecure many men may be that they are one.

        12. I never had the illusion that my time in service was for a greater cause than my own inclinations. Nor did I ever deliberately harm anyone that wasn’t trying to harm me first. And I hate to break it to you but there is no afterlife.

        13. There is one, and only one, true measure of an alpha- his ability to dominate another male in direct competition. Alphas don’t join the military for the nebulous reasons you listed. They join because combat is the purest expression of masculinity. The rest is just window-dressing.

        14. “Alpha = open minded, enlightened, intelligent man” +
          “, go die and be sacrificeid to Lucifer, you stupid fuck.” Feminist then, are ya?

        15. “World Wars are actually massive Lucifierian sacrifices, which is why they rejoice at the greater number of people dead.”
          This much is true. Also, the word “holocaust” literally means “sacrifice” or “burnt offering”. Zionist leaders helped orchestrate the “holocaust” in order to justify the occupation of Palestine and formation of the state of Israel in 1948. If you want to make an omelette, you have to crack a few eggs.

        16. Let me re-align your perspectives bro. Lucifer is the ultimate alpha by your definition. This has to be a really young person with such contradicting views.

        17. At least in the American officer corps your likelihood of becoming a casualty is greater than if you are enlisted. This has been true at least since WWI.

        18. Kinda makes me think of what Nietzsche said:
          1882 Nietzsche ” God is dead”
          1900 God “Nope, Nietzsche you’re dead buddy”

        19. I can respect that much alone. But I am seriously tired of hearing these military boys tell me I should appreciate them because they are “fighting for my freedom.”
          You motherfuckers aren’t fighting for my freedom or anyone’s freedom. You are helping drive the final nails of freedom into that already laid down deep in the grave coffin.
          These lower level military kids love to come to bars and get drunk and cause fights with random people and fuck up their good time. Until they run into someone like me who actually knows how to fight in unarmed combat. With a gun in your hands I dont want to be anywhere near you guys but drunk talking shit at a bar with no weapon in hand I beat all your fuckin asses every goddamn time.
          Just dont cry too hard when the cuffs get slapped on your bitch asses after you took a well deserved beating.

        20. In religious mythology, Lucifer is supposed to be the devil while Lord is supposed to be God. But suppose that in all of these ancient writings, which were obviously taken from oral histories before they were written, and may be stories from 100k years ago, that both Lord and Lucifer were just humans very similar to the earth humans.They may have existed on earth at one time or came from another place. Lord and Lucifer get into a big fight over how the earth people are being treated and how much they should interfere in their lives and what technology they should be allowed to have. To me it seems like Lucifer was the good guy who wanted to improve the humans while Lord was the bastard who just wanted to follow rules and orders. It was Lucifer who gave the humans the gift of knowledge and was going to give them the secret for longevity(tree of life) when Lord to prevent this banished them to some crappy area and made them live with the really savage humans. Lucifer gave them a mark (it was some sort of weapon) to protect themselves with. Only a handful of the people were true men (the Adamites) the new genetically improved savage before the experiments were cancelled.

        21. You are absolutely right. Service members are not fighting for Western liberties. And yes, many Joe Snuffies are mindless idiots that have never had an independent thought in their lives. But some are actually capable unarmed combatants and they often travel in large groups so I don’t care how effective you are one on one you aren’t going to win against a group.

        22. what about us alphas who want to kill (you know the fun shit) fuck proveing myself i want to see what its like to disabowel some sand nig and then ill fuck his daughter

        1. off topic, but i wonder what will become of this specific short sighted behavior. it isn’t mentioned loudly, but in the medical profession it is quite visible. and it’s picking up speed. the problem is even more amplified with sperm banks as it allows for sex selection more impersonally. the process is a simple size selection based on sperm heads (2x is larger than xy). it’s just so easy, the parents can’t resist. and the children are going to be so messed up; the choices the parents make illuminate deep maladaption and psychopathology that will be imprinted for generations.
          perhaps our girl surplus will pair up with the india/china one-child policy boy surplus? tough call.

  6. What a corpulent, rotund, ignorant, scapegoating narcissist. The spokespeople and icons of this generation of Western society are the rock bottom of our cultural history to date. This is not even funny; it’s downright ugly and embarrassing. This “woman” is the archetype for what is wrong with the TypicalAmerican.
    Blood pressure risen. You had to post this on a Monday? At least it’s New Year’s…

    1. This is the year that Miley Cyrus was in the running for Time’s Person of the Year. If that doesn’t tell you how fucked we are..

  7. As one of the few childless folks in my office, I typically work around the holidays. I went out to lunch with my coworkers the Friday after Christmas, 3 men and 4 women, all similar ages, 25-30, all manning the fort so to speak. We went to Uno’s, which is not a great chain restaurant but is local to the office. I watched in amazement as the three men ordered things like chicken salad, grilled wraps, and the women, to a person, ordered the salad / personal pepperoni pizza combo of the day. The Uno’s personal pan pizza contains 1750 calories. In utter disgust the 4 “empowered” women powered through almost my entire daily caloric allowance in an orgy of pork laden massacre. Looking at the fellas all of us were in shape, and if not male models, at least pleasant in appearance. The American female is a fucking slob. I got some stink eye from one when she asked “why we came to a pizza place and nobody ordered the pizza?” and I replied “I can’t eat that much at one time” which is the literal truth.

    1. Way back in 1986 a woman from canada who was morbidly obese was working with us in IBM Australia. My first day at lunch with her she put so much food on her plate I couldn’t believe it. When she saw the expression on my face she said “Look, I bought a can of TAB instead of coke…I don’t know why I put on weight.”
      I couldn’t eat that amount of food in 2 meals…..truly.
      When I was working in New Jersey for a newspaper they had a diner in the parking lot. When I went to buy my first dinner I couldn’t believe the amount of food they gave me. I asked them to doggie bag half of it.
      Because I was going to be working there for 3 months I started asking them to serve half the meal and put the other half in a doggie bag when they made it. They were quite happy to do that. So I would re-heat the second half the the meal the next day. I am 105kgs and 187cm tall…so I am a pretty big guy. But I can’t eat the food served in american diners….that’s two full meals for me.

        1. Agreed, Bliss. I was in California a few months ago, and couldnt even finish a quarter of all my meals. The waiteress would look at my unfinished plate when i asked to take the rest home, she replied, “youre not from around here, are you?” Thank god.

        2. I was in NYC and a restaurant gave me dessert on the house all because they thought I didn’t finish the main course cuz I didn’t like it. xD

    2. They are empty on the inside and they don’t know why so they have to fill up with something. Anything. Food is cheap and it makes them as sexy as Porky West so they belly up to the trough and shovel it in.

    3. That “personal”pizza is obviously meant for more than 1 person if it has 1750 calories. I looked up some pizzas and that Stouffer’s French bread pizza is 450 calories so you’d have to eat like 2 boxes to get 1800 calories. Most people would eat just 1 serving (450 calories)
      Overeating on occasion does not have any effect on your weight. It’s the constant breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks etc overeating that makes a person fat. Even if you overate once every day but had little or nothing for the other 2 meals you wouldn’t get fat.
      So when you see a fat girl you’re looking at thousands of dollars of food wasted and just turned into flab.

  8. Is it possible that we can locate the man who was assaulted on the airplane to file charges with local authorities? Maybe a lawyer can shed light as to which jurisdiction you file if the assault takes place in the sky. Based on Lindy’s self-incrimination, I think we have a case.

      1. Agreed. If the roles were reversed, then we would have heard about this news (on all major news outlets) the very next morning (or that afternoon).

    1. Vox did a post on Black Knighting the other day. It was about a photo of a woman kissing a soldier on his helmet visor in Italy. She had her eyes closed and the photo went viral supposedly because it was an incredible example of … something. Anyway the soldier in question said afterward (and his sargent backed him up) that he would be filing sexual harassment charges against the woman and would fully expect them to be followed through with an arrest and inquisition. Naturally many days later the woman was interviewed and it turned out that she was predictably a typical feminist wench bent on using this guy to make her ridiculous point and had no love for him – I think her words were something like I’d take his bully stick and use it to beat the pig. Black Nighting. What a great idea.

      1. “We have accused the protester of sexual violence and insulting a public
        In the US criminal libel or defamation hasn’t existed for awhile (there may be some very rare exceptions that I don’t know of) but generally it’s no longer a criminal charge.OK, I just thought of an exception where it can be criminal;if you spread false information about an insurance co. or bank and claim something false like they’re going bankrupt or the co. is being run by thieves, that would be criminal.
        But what most of you here probably don’t know and apparently these females don’t know is that it exists in many countries.If I were say in Moscow and wrote or even spread some gossip about a public official (it may even apply to private individuals, I’ll have to ask my Russian lawyer female friend) it is not just a civil charge where you can sue for defamation but a criminal charge. If I were to say that the Mayor of Moscow was a crook and a member of the Mafia I could be charged criminally.
        That American female, Knox, was charged criminally in Italy for defaming the prosecutor and I believe she was fined (not sure if any jail time was added). She was also fined on the spot for $3000(it was a criminal offence so if she didn’t pay they’d give her time in jail) for implicating an innocent man and had to pay him this. Now, that’s not a lot of money for a guy who was held 2 weeks I believe but in the US the guy would have to sue her to get anything (he may still be able to sue civilly in Italy, not sure). The problem with suing though is that females never have any money so getting a judgement against them means nothing, but where it’s a criminal offence where they can go to jail these bitches will figure out a way of getting the money even if the parents pay for her.
        The US has the very worst system (yes Nolan, even worse than Australia) when it comes to suing for defamation (libel, slander) because you have to prove malicious intent and where if your a public person it’s almost impossible to win a case. This is absurd because it really doesn’t matter what your intent was if you damage someone’s reputation. Even if it was just negligence you still damaged the person. And btw, in civil suits (even in the US) you can’t use certain defences if you’re being sued. Mental illness, insanity or even if you’re retarded is not a defence in a civil case because it’s not a criminal case where you can be imprisoned.

        1. P.S. we’re going to have to make certain types of defamation criminal offences. There are too many bitches who think they can behave with impunity on blogs and other female media sites and accuse men, naming names,and claiming the guy assaulted them or writing something about the guy that is false or disgusting. These sorts of things can ruin a man’s reputation and once they’re on the Net it’s impossible to delete them.

        2. I tend to side with the anti-feminists, but WTF are you going on about? Folks can voice whatever opinion they please regardless of whether it pleases you. If it is a genuine case of slander/libel and harms someone (usually those cases are frivolous) by all means, I hope the person making the claims gets their just desserts. But typically it’s just more BS. Do you really want the government interfering every time someone calls another person a name or accuses them of some kind of malicious gossip?

        3. You know, I made a real effort to make what I wrote as simple as possible so that even a layman would understand it but apparently it wasn’t simple enough and I can see that the reason is that the average American knows absolutely nothing. Regardless of how simple it is there’s still the problem of explaining these simple ideas and things that everyone should know by a certain age even if you are not involved in the subject area.
          First of all, I would have to explain to you what constitutes an “opinion” because apparently you don’t know. You can say that Coke is better than Pepsi;or that Justa Beaver is cuter than Tommy Fagola. That’s an opinion. But you can’t say that Fagola is a homosexual and has AIDS (that’s defamation) You can’t run some college site and write that your jock date, Jimmy Blowhard, stuck his cock in you while you were asleep.
          The government is not involved in civil cases (unless they happen to be party to the case) The plaintiff initiates the suit and the burden of proof is on him. He also includes court costs in his complaint and must prove his case by the preponderance of the evidence. Generally it involves 6 jurors and depending on where you live 4 or 5 jurors must agree to get a judgement. And no, these cases are on the whole not frivolous, it’s only some nobody who has nothing to lose who would say that. And btw, “malicious gossip” as you put it is defamation. Suppose some nitwit nurse spreads some gossip that a surgeon is always drunk at work. Hmm? Even in the Bible, character assassination is equated to murder.
          Honey, I’m afraid that we’ve tolerated certain things for so long that the average female does not even think it’s wrong to defame a man. A female’s gossip in the past didn’t matter as much because they were viewed in the same class as children and no one paid attention to them. If a man defamed another man, and I’m talking here about a man of substance not some prole or village idiot, it could end in a real fight. If you’re in Manhattan go over to the cliffs on the Jersey side to Weehawken and you’ll find a spot where Burr killed Hamilton. It was a duel over some defamation. And if you had a wife or daughter for example, who liked to gossip you may get a warning from the man or his lawyer to keep her on a short leash or you may find yourself in a duel or at the very least involved in a defamation case. Duelling was illegal but that didn’t stop Burr and he was even charged with murder (he was VP and got the charges dismissed)
          Pushkin was in a number of duels and died in the last one all because of his stupid trouble making wife.
          Criminal Defamation should be brought back and as I get older I can understand why it was a crime in the past.No, it’s not going to be about someone giving you a dirty look or mocking you for wearing skinny hipster jeans (lol)but about defamation that rises to a certain level, like a female going around telling people you raped her.You can prosecute this in court yourself as a citizen’s criminal complaint and of course you’re going to have to prove it or you may end up getting sued.

        4. Good response. Some people don’t understand the fact that the First Amendment protects us all by protecting the rights of people we don’t like.

      2. What does that have to do with this article? But yes, anyhow, that woman’s actions were disgusting and should be prosecuted (the same as if a male had done it). It’s not “peaceful” it’s sexual harassment. It’s no example of non-violence… peaceful non violent protest generally does not involve sexual gestures or acts. Anyone hailing this as a prime example of non violent protest really should brush up on their… hrm, nah, just f**k off/die/whatever is appropriate.

        1. why are women so obtuse!!!!
          it has EVERYTHING to do with the article..
          Men discuss law and ethics.. women discuss “feelings”.

      3. The sleeping giant is waking up. How soon do you think it’ll be until they pass a law stating bullshit like this can be tolerated?

    2. Damage to property, harassment and gender discrimination I’d say. All by her own admittance. I can’t think of a bettwer way to ruin a flight than having to sit next to that grotesque lump of lard.

        1. I’d just get the fuck off the plane as quickly as possible. Even if it was 30,000 feet in the air.

    3. We? You don’t have standing in the case. As far as the man who was assaulted he’ll get nowhere too. Her so called confession on some blog means nothing here and wouldn’t be admitted under the hearsay rule so you couldn’t use it against her.
      If at the time he complained of the assault to the stewardess or other passengers he may have a case. If he got the pilot to inform the cops on the ground and they took her into custody when they landed it might mean something. Or if after he was assaulted he jumped up complaining she injured his leg, that can be used. Even if the other passengers didn’t see it their testimony could be used under an exception to the hearsay rule (excited utterance). And btw, I’m sure that females do this all of the time in regard to hearsay. If some female tells her friend something then that would be inadmissible as hearsay but if she’s all excited and upset (or just a good actress) and goes to her friend a judge will admit her friend’s testimony under the excited utterance exception to the hearsay rule.

        1. lol I have a degree in medicine and law and am old enough to be your grandpappy, kid.
          And since you appear to be some little wisearse ‘tween twit show me where I have ever made an error in anything I’ve written when I’m writing seriously. Go ahead son, you have the floor.

  9. It’s amazing how fat people deny reality, and even sad incidents like this can’t get them to change.
    I had a similar situation once when I went to an amusement park with my fat cousin. We were having fun but sadly he had to miss one of their best rollercoaster rides because he was too fat and couldn’t fit in a seat. He cried a little and waited for me to finish the ride. I felt sad for him and was sure it’s a breaking point and he would start exercising more and eating less… Nope, I was wrong. Two years after that, he just as fat as before. 🙁

  10. The comments on the youtube video are even more disguting than the video itself:
    “lindy, you are amazing. also, and unrelated to the disgusto oreos, you truly are an inspiration to me and more than a few people i know. you’re strong and wise and give-no-fucks and i love it. thanks for saying what the rest of us are thinking, 150% of the time.”
    “Just wanted to say that you are gorgeous, chica! (…)”
    I can kinda understand why other fat feminists would show support, but what I simply can’t comprehend is why a non obese man would fuck this self-centered, obnoxious, porcine woman (she has a non obese boyfriend)

    1. have you gotten a look at this boyfriend? He is the prototypical beta. She is much more of a man than he shall ever be. Thank goodness they have taken each other off the market.

        1. You are showing compassion for a beta that does not need it. He is the perfect person to take her off the market. I wish them the best. 🙂

    2. He’s going to be really pissed when he finds out that he’s never even gotten close to her cooter. He’s actually been porking a sweaty fat-roll the whole time.

  11. I don’t mean to piss an already neck deep pool of piss but
    do you know any engineers?
    If you do how many of them do you know who go apeshit for a
    woman who is this rotund and this rotten?
    I sadly not having had the proper guidance became an
    engineer…and now work with many chubby chasing engineers and let me tell you
    these boys would step over their own mothers to get their hands on her robust posterior!
    If you thought black guys loved the angry self centered fatties…my good man you
    have yet to meet the engineers….oh they LOVE LOVE LOOOOOVE the fatties!
    Extra points are given if said fattie is 1) Angry! (check)
    2) Self centered (check) 3) Poorly dressed usually rocking glasses like some
    over feed hipster (check) 4) Blaming others for her chunk (check)
    So if you know any plush plus sized puff cakes who think
    they should be loved as if they were a Victoria’s secret model introduce them
    to the sinking pile of humanity we call the American Engineer!

  12. Great post. Her article is a perfect example of the way feminist think; I hope they leave it up. I can’t believe she kicked that guy while he was sleeping – I doubt she would’ve kicked just any guy though. I for one would’ve kicked her back full strength right in the shin lol.

    1. And she’s just so empowered that she had to do it while he was sleeping. Talking problems out or letting them go? Nah, too.adult.

  13. Only in the Anglosphere could a pathetic creature like that have any chance with me that weren’t ultra low status. If my options ever got that bad i would just stay celibate. Who wants to pork that tub of lard? It’s bad enough listening to her.
    American women i n the South and Midwest are so fat it is ridiculous. I screwed a solid 7 from Iowa many years ago and i was shocked when i recently found out what she looks like now. She is fat as fuck and covered in nasty tattoos. And she still thinks she is all that. She tried to sex chat with me last week and i politely declined. The thought of sex with her repulses me. She has zero problems getting laid too.
    You guys really fucked up. Then again, so did we: I’m Australian.

  14. Do women like this go on courses to learn how to be assertive, in their minds? I ask because I have crossed swords with more than one and they all seem to speak the same way. Let me give you an example:
    St. Anne’s Square, Manchester, now has a pretty good sweet shop that sells all the goodies that I used to love back when Harold Macmillan was still Prime Minister. I was standing at the long counter at the back of the shop one day, leaning on my walking stick, and drooling at the delights on offer.
    “Excuse me, but there’s a queue here,” said this female voice, very firmly, from somewhere down below and to my right. Looking there I saw that it was an early forties woman in a mobility scooter.
    Normally when I meet a fellow crip we often chat about our respective aches and pains, and I do make a point of telling people that use the scooters that one such device is going to be my fate in about a decade or so. I only hope that they are turbocharged by then…
    However, there was something about that voice that made me decide instantly that I did not want to engage in idle chit-chat with the woman. It is hard to explain, but she really sounded like a very bad actress who was repeating lines that she had spent hours learning. Or at one of those feministfests that silly girls attend, where they are taught to speak like robots. Who cares? Life is too short… Well, mine fucking well is, anyway.
    “I am just looking,” I told her, mildly. Then I stepped back so that she had more than enough room to drive her scooter past me.
    Clearly I had caught her in some way, because instead of just smiling and passing on, the silly bitch decided to explain just how people cut her up and ignore her presence and how she felt that a stand had to be made, and so on and so forth.
    “I’m not interested,” I said, still in quiet tones that bespoke sheer indifference. With that I turned and started to walk to another counter.
    “I’m talking to you,” she said, her voice going up several octaves.
    “No, you are talking to my back,” I replied over my shoulder, as I carried on walking.
    I heard her moaning at the counter assistant, but I did not take any notice of what was actually being said. The prattle of women, like the cackle of hens is of no real importance to me.
    The point about this tale is that once a chap realises that these women are not the sharpest knives in the drawer and that the things that they say are really little more than lines that they have been taught, then he can catch them out. This woman expected me to behave in a certain way and when I didn’t she became all flustered. Although I did it all by accident, it did teach me a valuable trick in dealing with mouthy women like her.
    However, the really good news is that this shop still sells gob stoppers and I have not eaten those sweets in over half a century. I bought a quarter of them and went to sit outside in the sun, with a cheek full with just one of those monster delights.
    And life was good.

    1. “The things they say are really little more than lines that they have been taught” I’ve noticed this too. To my eyes, most women are just a flock of noisy parrots, filtering any genuine feeling they may have as human beings through an opaque lens resulting in nothing but gobbledy gobbledy goo and a caricature of humanity.

      1. The ancient Japanese Kanji (character) for the word ” kashimashii ” meaning noisy or boisterous is actually comprised of three small characters “Onna” which is the Japanese Kanji for woman.
        The same word also means wicked, mischief, seduce

    2. Some insecure and usually unintelligent women go on assertiveness courses where they learn that being loud, obnoxious and ignorant is empowering.
      Other women who are not stupid and insecure know that being confident is about being secure, courteous and sure of themselves without being bitchy and immature.

      1. Hello Lana, and yes, I agree entirely. The problem with this taught assertiveness is that it sounds so incredibly false, and all the women who use it sound almost exactly the same! It’s like talking to an automated telephone reply message, or an I-speak-your-weight machine. They have been taught the stock answers to expect, so if you give them something out of the ordinary it throws them in a most entertaining way.
        As you said, confident women tend to be courteous. I might add that such women tend to get their own way and quite rightly so.

    3. Am female. Does not compute. Must receive oil change. Whine, whine, whine… oil change necessary. Exterminate! EXTERMINATE! (heehee)

      1. If you don’t appreciate the reference/implication and just think of it as more female chatter, well then… hmmm. Lost cause.

          *makes angry whirring noises while waving around an egg beater*

    4. How to deal with these types of women: Shake your head, turn and walk away (without saying a word).
      It’s just not worth wasting any time on these types.

    5. With that great one..No You Are Talking To My Back..Coffee would have been on me my friend!

    1. Because sheeple find it easier to worship those they can identify with (low level scum) than be inspired by the truly wise .

  15. I can’t believe you guys don’t get it. It was PATRIARCHY that built that airplane (most likely 20+ years ago, no less) and it was PATRIARCHY that completely failed to fire up the jaws of life to get Lindy in and out of that seat. She’s not fat, she’s healthy!

        1. they’re actually hyped up about a movie right now, just because it features abortion as a main plot point. crazy buncha bitches.

  16. Absolutely despicable…. should I complain to Boeing for not accommodating my 28 inch thighs? Should Boeing have to pay extra just because I enjoy lifting weights? I was crammed into an economy seat on a 13 hour international flight and never complained about the size of the seats. Besides, fat spills over so its not like her nonexistent muscles were crushing her… I feel for the poor soul that was forced to endure her sea of fat spilling over onto his space…

  17. Before I discovered the manosphere and got into hiking and weightlifting, I was very fat, and very large. Like, 6’3”, 315 pounds fat. So fat I went to the amusement park with my girlfriend, and had to stay behind while she rode the roller coasters because they couldn’t get the safety bar down on me. So fat I once went to Quiznos and ordered two of their extra-large subs for dinner. So fat I was eating Chipotle almost daily. (Coincidentally, a Chipotle burrito isn’t that unhealthy for you, if you look at the nutrition stats. It’s the chips and guacamole that will absolutely kill you.)
    Despite all this, and that’s quite a lot, I could still fit in an airline seat. How fat is this woman that she couldn’t? She must weigh 400 pounds at a minimum!

    1. Avocado (Guacamole) is one of the best things you can put in your gut. Yes, it’s loaded with fat… but good fat. Chips and soda is what quickly turn to blubber and kills. Loading up with shit carbs and doing nothing is what makes sloppy fat. Not all calories are equal.

    1. Ratings disabled on the oreo eating video. Why, I’m so surprised such an empowered liberated woman can’t handle criticism.

  18. Look at those eyes, those beady hateful eyes! There is such malice contained within. Those are the eyes of someone who is angry at the world and life. It’s the first thing I notice about her – not her enormous ass. Claxons go off on my head warning me of danger when I see eyes like that.

  19. God, this is disgusting. I actually have a fear of flying next to morbidly obese people–they smell, they’re bulky, and they’re just plain gross. And this lady has her own following of fat females? This country is going down a slippery slope toward the dumps.

    1. +1!
      We call it the “Plush” seat. Every time i get on a US flight I fear it.
      Oddly in Europe…this is not a problem….i wonder why?

    2. Wait a second…
      A good looking young female who despises Lindy West and can’t stand fat people?
      I knew not all hope was gone.

    3. Damn, quit with the coddling.
      From RoK’s “About” section:
      “Women and homosexuals are prohibited from commenting here. They will be immediately banned.”

      1. You would think if there were any one single social community on the entire Internet that would NOT orbit and coddle women it would be here. Nope.

        1. 90% of these pua losers here are sex starved teen and 20 somethings who would jump at the chance to shag even the fat girl. I’ve been studying these pua (bullshit blogs) and they all have the same thing in common. They’re not betas or omegas, that would at least be something, but complete misfits who before the Internet gave them a forum you wouldn’t even know existed unless you lived near one of them and then would be thought of as a rather queer duck or oddball by the neighbours.There’s a hierarchy in the world and no amount of “game” or tutoring is going to change or improve a person’s skills in life once they’re past a certain age and even that is doubtful if they’re always been a misfit during childhood.

      2. Yes, they’re all manginas lol They’d sell their soul and their momma for a taste of pussy, even if it’s some internet fag posting as a female.

      3. In my defense, I thumbed it up before the thumbnail loaded. A good comment is still a good comment!

    4. There should be a fat section or peanut gallery on all public transport. If you clearly are obese this is where you should sit. It should just be a bench, for example, the size of 5 ordinary seats where 5 obese people must sit. Let’s see how they like it having to contend with other fatties and let them learn what it’s like when they sit near normal sized people.5 fatties get the space of 5 seats and they can figure out how to distribute the weight to make themselves comfortable on a 10 hr flight :o)

    5. Stop looking for validation. You just want everyone to say you’re pretty. Its so obvious and you look dumb.

  20. “she was partying hard the night before in a bathtub filled with pina colada…”
    Yeeaaahh, nope. I’m pretty sure the last thing she wants is to reenact the Taft bathtub incident.

  21. But even worse than any physical pain is the anxiety of walking up the aisle and not knowing what plane you’re on. Am I going to fit this time? Will I have to ask for a seatbelt extender? Is this a 17-incher or an 18-incher? Did I get on early enough that I can get myself crammed in before someone comes and sits next to me? Is the person next to me going to hate me? Doeseveryone on this plane hate me? I paid money for this?

    LOL, Lindy is a Grade-AAA Idiot. With all her internet saavyness, has she not learned to use the resources available online to figure out which plane is used for which flights, and how big those planes are? Jesus, it’s like she’s a first-grader.

      1. Probably not mine soon either. One of the girls I was referring to, I’d seen her in a photo wearing the female symbol on her shirt. Might be reading too much into it but I hope that doesn’t mean she’s a crazy feminist now.

      2. I’ve never met one who wasn’t as ugly on the inside as she was out. They look the way they do because they hate themselves and life.

  22. What will happen to her when being fat, loud and arrogant become uncool? Imagine how high she will fall from her sugar pedestal, and the ensuing splatter.

  23. Lindy West seems to think she deserves a pat on the back for this behaviour. She fits the ROK definition of an Americunt perfectly: fat, unaccountable and unapologetic.

  24. Problem is, plenty of thirsty guys are still willing to bang her. What has the west come to ? Imagine a guy shaped like her, no way he would ever get any.
    Is that supposed to be equality ?

    1. Dude… any man who is even CAPABLE of getting an erection for such a fat ugly bitch like this needs to immediately commit suicide. Amen!

  25. She said she had a boyfriend? Can everone see this guy or just her? And if he is a real guy…are you sure he’s not gay?

  26. I’m so glad Not All Women Are Actually Like That.
    There’s a special seat in hell for fat feminists. Special to accommodate their wide girth.

    1. You should write a piece about how you turned on the degenerate sisterhood. A former jizzabellite confessional if you will.

  27. Aren’t fat women supposed to be nice, smart and jolly to balance their
    looks? When did that stopped? ( I mean, I’m here trying to be nice.
    Didn’t got the memo, I guess) XD

    1. Some fat chicks are pleasant and have great attitudes, because they’re smart enough to realize that if they’re not going to lose weight, they’d better bring something else to the table. I personally would not get into a LTR or wife up a fattie, but I can see how some thirsty guys out there would if they met a fat chick that was smart, funny, had a great attitude and fucked like her life depended on it.

      1. Sure. But got the tell ya, no all guys who like bigger (meaning size 8 to 10, maybe 12, not whales like this bitch right here) women are thirsty. At least, not the southamerican ones I know.

  28. I will say airplane seats are way too small. And it has changed in the last 15 years because I haven’t gotten bigger. My butt fits fine, but my legs now are pressed against the seat in front of me and my shoulders are now wider than the seat causing me to pull my arms which gets uncomfortable after a while. I would probably hate flying if except I am either flying with my kids who are small, business class, or with my wife who is petite,

  29. Sorry. I just ate, and trying to read the article but the pics of that utterly disgusting behemoth really have my stomach turning now. So….
    Excuse me.
    While I go barf…

  30. I’m 270 lbs and 6’5 and I fit in the seat fine, I’m by every determination a large man. How fat is this woman? And more to the point, how on earth can she not see the obvious, she eats to much and it’s making her fat. Society has nothing at all to do with what she put’s into her gaping maw.

  31. It’s 8pm and so far today I’ve eaten a cup of watermelon chunks and a cup of pineapple chunks and I’ll probably have a little cashew butter before I go to bed.
    It’s not that hard to cut back on eating and lose weight if you have WILLPOWER and DETERMINATION. I sometimes give fat people nasty looks if they’re so overweight that I have no choice but to gawk in revulsion and disbelief; otherwise they are nothing to me. Why should I feel bad about the sense of disgust that comes naturally at the sight of such gross obesity?

    1. That’s just crazy, 2 cups of water fruit and nut butter is not how a man of any weight eats. Eating like that for any extended period of time ends in death.

  32. She’s a fucking threat to all on board.
    Cause of crash: “Although the pilots had totaled up the take-off weight
    of the aircraft before the flight and determined it to be within
    limits, the plane was actually overloaded and out of balance, due to the
    use of incorrect but Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)-approved passenger weight estimates. When checked, the National Transportation Safety Board
    found that the actual weight of an average passenger was more than 20
    pounds (9 kg) greater than estimated. After checking the actual weight
    of baggage retrieved from the crash site, and passengers (based on
    information from next-of-kin and the medical examiner), it was found
    that the aircraft was actually 580 pounds (264 kg) above its maximum
    allowable take-off weight, with its center of gravity 5% to the rear of
    the allowable limit.”
    Fucking fatties and their apologists will kill us all.

  33. One good thing has come out of this. Out of the hundreds of comments people left on the article, probably around 90% were telling her she fucked up. Even other fat chicks were ripping into her. A lot of people have lost a lot of respect for her.
    So at least that shows a) most people aren’t dumb enough to sympathize with her, and b) she is truly worthy of all the shit she is given

    1. Good point, it also shows how much she has bought into your own greatness, I mean fatness. She misread her audience thinking they would side with her because she is so special, the award winning chosen one and instead they told her she fucked up. Egos gotta love them,

    (clears throat)
    That is all.

  35. There’s a rule on most public transportation that it’s illegal to occupy more than one seat. I don’t see fatties bitching about public transit.
    For the vast majority of people, obesity is a self-inflicted illness. Why the fuck should the government (or any private industry) cater to you because you chose to eat 4,000 more calories a day than was necessary?

  36. When I first read this I thought it was a hoot, I ended up laughing myself out of my chair. I left a comment on Jezebel, but like all comments I leave there, it was probably banned by the mods. It seems like feminism is creeping it’s ugly head everywhere, even in the game community, where this female PUA tries to teach women game, only to look like the joke she is, oh and she thinks she’s qualified to teach game because she’s one of Mystery’s notches….What a joke.http://www.xojane.com/issues/return-of-the-female-pickup-artist-defending-seduction-in-the-wake-of-the-redditor-kickstarter-scandal

  37. When I first read this I thought it was a hoot, I ended up laughing myself out of my chair. I left a comment on Jezebel, but like all comments I leave there, it was probably banned by the mods. It seems like feminism is creeping it’s ugly head everywhere, even in the game community, where this female PUA tries to teach women game, only to look like the joke she is, oh and she thinks she’s qualified to teach game because she’s one of Mystery’s notches….What a joke.http://www.xojane.com/issues/return-of-the-female-pickup-artist-defending-seduction-in-the-wake-of-the-redditor-kickstarter-scandal

  38. When I first read this I thought it was a hoot, I ended up laughing myself out of my chair. I left a comment on Jezebel, but like all comments I leave there, it was probably banned by the mods. It seems like feminism is creeping it’s ugly head everywhere, even in the game community, where this female PUA tries to teach women game, only to look like the joke she is, oh and she thinks she’s qualified to teach game because she’s one of Mystery’s notches….What a joke.

  39. When I first read this I thought it was a hoot, I ended up laughing myself out of my chair. I left a comment on Jezebel, but like all comments I leave there, it was probably banned by the mods. It seems like feminism is creeping it’s ugly head everywhere, even in the game community, where this female PUA tries to teach women game, only to look like the joke she is, oh and she thinks she’s qualified to teach game because she’s one of Mystery’s notches….What a joke.http://www.xojane.com/issues/return-of-the-female-pickup-artist-defending-seduction-in-the-wake-of-the-redditor-kickstarter-scandal

  40. “she believes should compliment her obesity or ask her out on a date”
    Oh nooooooo. That would be objectifying her or oppressing her or maybe even sexually harassing her or something.
    Enjoyed your article. I just found your site and it kept me up late so tomorrow I will be tired and it’s your fault you nasty misogynistic oppressive agent of the patriarchy.

  41. Hey, I like Chipotle burritos. I just happen to find contentment with one of them, instead of seventeen.
    While flying coach is not particularly fun with a 6’5 frame, you won’t find me bleating about how the airlines hate my knees. Personal responsibility, it’s an amazing thing.

    1. Definitely.. I’m 6’4 350lbs and can hardly squeeze into coach.. I don’t fly that often, but when I do, it’s First Class..
      BTW, Andrea Dworkin’s uglier, by a whisker.

  42. Wait, I’m confused the plane was actually able to take off with her on board? That aircraft is a true marvel of engineering.

  43. Lose weight, beyatch! (Other than that, there really are no other lessons– well, beside maybe that common courtesy is a good idea– for her here.)

  44. While obesity is much more complicated than simple sloth and gluttony , it’s also not something to aspire to or accept . Tolerance is ok. I have compassion for the obese the ones that recognize they have a problem and want help.
    Late , hungover , unable to fit in a seat that can accommodate most professional athletes , this would be considered rock bottom for many people , that would be the entire post ” I finally hit rock bottom” the end.

  45. Does she not care about all the extra greenhouse gas being created by the plane’s engines to haul Her Royal Portliness’ “generous” bulk around? My God, think of the children…THE CHILDREN!

  46. Reading the headline alone made my day. The many whale jokes in the comments were also enjoyable. Thanks Roosh and commentors, for bringing more happiness into the world.

    1. Overweight or not she still has some MAJOR crazy eyes!
      I wouldn’t want to sit by her even if she weighed less than 100 lbs.

  47. I had a thirteen hour flight from the US to Australia and some fat bitch sat next to me. It was horrible but the flight attendant (male) gave me a free 100 dollar duty free voucher as I was getting off the plane as an apology.

  48. I think I may have a solution for this. I did not read through all the comments so maybe it has already been brought up already.
    What we should do is have rows set aside for fat people! Now When I saw rows set aside they would be nothing special. The seats would be the same size and spacing as regular seats. No extra room at all. So when we seat a fat person next to a fat person they can see why we do not want to sit next to one of them. Of course these rows would have to be near the wing to keep the plane in balance. Other than that no special treatment.
    They can’t really complain about that right? After all I’m sure the one sitting next to them has a gland problem or some other excuse. I think it would be rather unpleasant to be seated next to a fat hungover woman with a chip on her shoulder.

    1. Love it. Just have a pigpen in the back of the plane where the fatties can all just wallow in their own shit.

  49. This fat, ugly sow should merely roll wherever she wants to go. Jesus fucking Christ, it’s not that difficult to FUCKING LOSE THE LARD. What a delusional cunt.

  50. My Brazilian buddy and I once saw in NYC an obese woman pass by wearing a bitch face. “In Brazil, fat women are always smiling,” he told me. I paused, then deduced, “because they know they can’t afford not to be.”

    1. “because they know they can’t afford not to be.”
      I always heard that was the answer to why fat chicks are good at giving head. (not that i would know)

  51. Obesity is a horrendous plague. I’m not making excuses Roosh, but to blunt some of us were raised by ignorant lower echelon people who were bad stewards of us as small youth when we were devolving as little tiny kids and let us eat cookies and trash until they damaged our cells giving some a propensity for fat storage. It’s rotten and as a small boy my Doctor got after my Badkwoods grand parents who were making me obese. They were Southern County folk who said there like thar and yeah like yee-uh… You get my point. It’s no different in the projects- ignorant bad stewards really cheat their kids in many ways. You are right obesity is a sad, pathetic affliction. All I’m saying is there’s little kids out there who got screwed over by the negligent and ignorant and yes they should still strive to improve but remember some of us came up with less intelligent guidance than is required for optimal development.
    Lindy West has deep rooted pain- you can see it in her eyes. She’s needs spiritual and psychological help. I pray she would get the healing of mind, body, and soul she needs and that site wid use their influence as a tool to restore male/female harmony aka the building blocks of civilization. Feminism is a tool of the Rothschilds and Rockefellers to destroy civilization and make us all slaves to the illuminati aka Zionist Global Central Banking System. Dr. Henry Makiws book explains it all- “Cruel Hoax-Feminism and The New World Order”.. His site is http://www.savethemales.ca and explains the sneakiness and evil of feminism, socialism, and all these other isms invented as mind rot as a tool to destroy kinds, bodies, and souls for tools of the evil elitists.

    1. And ow could I forget to mention-
      RealJewNews.com and Brother Nathanael. Ou want to know the roots of the banking system, communism, political partisan jive, feminism, environmentalism, political correctness, degradation of Occidental institutions (Church, Family, Community)) Nathanael explains it all very clearly. Russia and Eastern Europe are largely Orthodox Byzantine inspired Christians and hey e got their act together and are growing while Zionist controlled AmeriKa is going down the tubes and gives more money to Israel than all other foreign aid combined-this is no coincidence. AIPAC runs America and has lied us into all these wars and thought police crap we presently suffer from. Since they are Satanicall inspired tyrants they will repeat the mass murder of the Newish tab Soviet via gulags and mass state ran tyranny in due time in America. The NFL watching, Facebook texting, Starbucks ugg boot I-thin using hordes are not aware of it yet but things like the Holdomor and the gulag will come to their land of ignorance and complacent via the founded in a basement in Jew ran Brooklyn ideology of Communism aka the Illuminatis tool to kill, steal, and destroy like their god Satan does. The Orthodox Christians in Russia know all this and are a light of truth and hope unto the World and cannot be stopped- praise to Jesus!

  52. To be fair with the fat lady, seats in many cheap airlines are getting smaller. Fly Emirates, Turkish or any good eastern airline. Those are not more expensive.

    1. Really? Good grief, you have startled me with the vehemence displayed in your comment. Would you care to tell us why you feel this way about us? Don’t be shy, but please don’t write entirely in capitals as it makes you look like the town spaz who cannot use the shift key properly.

    2. Really? That your even allowed to post you’re opinion is proof enough that your wrong. If any man went to Jezebel and posted what you did here they’d be kicked and banned within five minutes.

      1. Yep..I was banned from all those places for pointing out women condone the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse in the family law courts.
        No women want to hear the truth in the west…which is why I have decided that with the new year I will simply call western women EVIL PEOPLE because that is what they are.

  53. Even big thick fat feminists have no respect for betas (lol calling the man she assaulted while he slept a NERD) Take heed, boys.

    1. yep…women HATE betas….absolutely despise them….I used to be one and I was pretty surprised how much differently women responded to me as an alpha. I knew there would be a difference but it is much larger than I imagined.
      As I have said elsewhere…that women respond to me so differently as an alpha when compared to being a beta actually pretty much disgusts me.
      The difference in being alpha vs beta is not that much when you consider my overall character and what I have achieved over my lifetime. So to be so despised as a beta and so rewarded and an alpha with everything else cast into the “I do not give a shit about that” category was quite an eye opener.
      I now often say that women, especially western women, have been the greatest disappointment of my life. I really had thought I would get a wife like my grand mothers, mother, or aunts. But women like that do not exist any more….I would have just as much chance of marrying a unicorn.
      Even my fav#1 is not cut from the same cloth as my grand mothers….not far away but not that close either. Women have gone a long way down hill in the last 40 years. A LONG way down hill.

        1. “Sure, that’s why your wife dumped you.”
          It is always amusing when morons go for the “shaming tactic” of “your wife dumped you”. The fact is that she asked me to take her back again and I said “no”. I had taken her back FOUR times before on her short lived promises.
          Indeed. Here is an email from Jennifer in May 2007 begging me to take her back. Her spelling mistakes and all.
          So many people like to tell such blatant lies about me that are so easily disproved and mark themselves as a liar in doing so. It staggers me that you are prepared to be denounced as a liar over such a trivial matter as who rejected who in my marriage. But since you like to tell lies about me? You can hardly be concerned about your own credibility, right?
          This letter is in both my books. It makes it clear that Jennifer was 100% responsible for making our marriage unworkable. She says so herself in her own words. And she went on to steal money from our company and commit perjury. So there was no way I was taking her back once she attacked me and betrayed me.
          But you? You decide to throw away your personal credibility with a cheap shot “your wife dumped you” that has been attempted a thousand times before, all to no avail since I know who rejected who.
          Jennifer could have chosen to stay married to me if she agreed to handing over all the property for me to manage so that I could manage our finances to ensure a comfortable retirement. She refused on this point. So there was no alternative other than to divorce her because I wished to have a comfortable retirement and she was stealing money and overspending.
          In short? While she insisted she could steal money and spend it? She had to go.

  54. Congratulations, Roosh – you just gave Lindy West & Jezebel a ton of free promotion for their troll post. I thought you were smarter than that – thought you had a deeper understanding of how the internet promo game works … oh well.

  55. Whenever I see an overweight person I earnestly wish for them to take the step forward towards bettering their health and live through proper diet & exercise. There only lies benefits to such initiatives.

  56. ‘But even worse than any physical pain is the anxiety of walking up the
    aisle and not knowing what plane you’re on. Am I going to fit this time?’
    Really? When you make a reservation you can check to see what plane it is, and reserve accordingly. For example, my mother was afraid of small planes so when she flew to see me, I’d book her on a 757 from Boston to Atlanta, the biggest plane they used on that route, and not an MD-88. It doesn’t have to be a guessing game. Why don’t people know how to use the resources at their fingertips? Ms. West just makes any old reservation and then prays she fits in her seat? (shakes head).

  57. I dont know what wanted to make me kill myself more with that video, her god awful jabba the hut voice or watching her gargle food down her gullet like it’s the last drop of semen she’ll ever taste.

    1. Her arms won’t actually go down by her sides. She looks like a SPHERE. That is nature’s most efficient packing shape for volume. It is also the way a balloon behaves when you over-inflate it. The fact that the video shows her scoffing at non-food, food-like substances but she STILL PUTS THEM IN HER MOUTH proves what a serious eating disorder she has.
      I strongly suggest gastric bypass surgery, as this pig-woman is clearly on the downward slope towards an early grave.

  58. Hahah why does she even bother with wearin makeup in that video? Its not like that facial cake is going to hide her 300lbs pear shaped body. Jesus christ what a disgusting creature.

  59. If we all ready have to pay extra for excess baggage due to weight why is it unreasonable to charge these fat bitches extra to fly ?

  60. It felt foreign to be confronted so vocally and so publicly (and for such an arbitrary reason)

    SHE confronted HIM!

  61. Ouch, I am hyper masculine and since feminism has declared me inferior I am emblazoned by self righteousness. This fat load is canon folder, had that been me next to her…oh sh*t, she’d be eating liquid candy corns and oreos for months maybe the rest of her pathetic life. Assault is assault, fatty, and since you think women are exactly the same as men, well….

  62. Visualise this horror: there are now Lindy West clones.
    You won’t believe this either until you see ’em — be warned.

  63. Ok, so, here’s the thing: everyone eventually gets sick and goes to the hospital. It is a daily fact for healthcare workers that heavy patients are more difficult to provide care for. People who are charged with the task of lugging the infirm around are under constant threat of injury due to our ever-expanding patient population. It is inconsiderate to be fat.
    If you need to shop in a special store, use a seat belt extender, or think you might need a special coffin when you die, stop. If you find airplanes uncomfortable, can’t ride “bitch” or fit your belly into a diner booth, stop. If someone would injure themselves transporting your fat ass… Stop!

  64. That woman is unhealthy, obese, and in need of a diet! Being fat is just as unhealthy as being skinny! But yeah, there are still going to be guys with a fat fetish that would want to date her if she stops being feminist fat activist.

    1. Think of it as an extension of Quantum Mechanics. The built human environment presupposes a typically scaled human within a fairly wide range of dimensions. But ONE = ONE, never ONE = TWO.
      In order for modern society to work efficiently, the AVERAGE PERSON’S NEEDS are accounted for in business and the public sphere. A car seat, a seat on a bus, at a restaurant, even the gurney of an Ambulance is scaled to a normal person. Once a person exceeds 300lbs. a ladder won’t hold them, a winch might not pull them into a helicopter, they may not be able to use a parachute, or fit through an escape window in a basement.
      If we made accommodations for people of this monstrous size in all cases such an extraordinary amount of resources would be WASTED because so many other people don’t need the additional space, cost and materials that society would grind to a halt.
      Unless you are 7 feet tall, if you are over 300lbs, LOSE SOME WEIGHT.

    1. Here is the self description:
      “Jes Baker is mental health professional, pastry chef, ex-art major, crazy cat lady, fatmodel and fiery advocate. She blogs at The Militant Baker.”
      Please note – CRAZY CAT LADY
      The hilarity in the article is the SYNTHETIC INSISTENCE that EVERYONE MUST find these MORBIDLY OBESE food-aholics SEXUALLY ALLURING…
      OR ELSE!
      You know, I personally find a wide range of weight, -5lbs. to maybe +40lbs as potentially attractive, depending on the person and other factors.
      But what if it is +50lbs(Child), +100Lbs(Lady), +150lbs(Man)? That is another whole PERSON of fatness. Airlines should charge DOUBLE for that shit!

  65. This woman is definitely not a role model for women of today. I find her absolutely pathetic. Perfect example of feminists taking things so far. However, a lot of ROK articles go to far in the opposite extreme. I feel like ROK and feminists are both too caught up in their own battles…both need to chill out and find a middle ground somehow; a sense of mutual respect between men and women, and an acceptance of differences. I believe that women should have respect in society but should earn that respect through feminine virtues. Also, I believe that men should have a certain degree of dominance but that dominance should be complimented with a sense of nobility and decency. I kinda wish I could have a discussion with one of the blog writers but they probably would be unwilling, because I am a girl and thus do not deserve respect for my words (even though I am not nearly as unreasonable as all the feminists they have to put up with on a daily basis)

    1. What you say sounds quite reasonable to me, and as such pretty much what many readers and writers on this blog think as well.
      They won’t all think it, and there’s a fair amount of diversity of opinion. What you describe is basically the traditional role model of men and women. Femininity in exchange for chivalry. I don’t think that’s an unpopular stance here at all.
      Obviously there’s going to be guys who tell you to shut your mouth, but you don’t have to listen to them!

      1. How do you “enforce” traditional roles though.
        A woman can pretend to be traditional to get married. After she is married, she can do anything that she wants.
        The guy is on the hook, If she decides to stop being a “housewife” such as cooking, cleaning, etc, he has no power to do anything about it.
        He is still financially on the hook regardless of what she “does for him”.

    2. What you say sounds quite reasonable to me, and as such pretty much what many readers and writers on this blog think as well.
      They won’t all think it, and there’s a fair amount of diversity of opinion. What you describe is basically the traditional role model of men and women. Femininity in exchange for chivalry. I don’t think that’s an unpopular stance here at all.
      Obviously there’s going to be guys who tell you to shut your mouth, but you don’t have to listen to them!

  66. I personally can’t stand the chick, but her being annoying and sanctimonious has nothing to do with ‘feminism’ so stop using one to disparage the other. She’s doing a good enough job of that herself. Any guy who automatically equates feminism to hatred towards and the imminent emasculation and demise of men just sounds like a scared, insecure little boy. That said, she seems all too willing to blame all of her problems and shitty behaviour on others- anyone but herself.

  67. I am so glad someone took notice of this and wrote the article that existed in my mind. Living in NYC I am subjected to this wilderbeast… this overentitled pig… My mother is a rather large woman, and I have always had a soft spot for the obese. The difference is that my mom never made her short comings (large comings?) and problems about others, she never transferred the blame for her obesity onto the airline industry or in Lindsays fat ass case, EVERYONE. Mom would try and diet and accepted the fact that if she went to Chinatown and ate a bowl of food, she would suffer the health ramifications as well as the social stigma. Not this pig.. She is redefining beauty. She is the torch bearer for a overindulgent society who needs to eat their full bag of Oreos without suffering any repurcussions. I HATE THIS BEAST AND ALL THAT SHE REPRESENTS

    1. He came off just fine to me.
      She is some fat slob who cries about “rape” jokes.
      No one would rape her. Look at her.

  68. She is one of those people to whom you could tweet rape threats all day because no one would actually believe that any man would put his dick in her.

  69. Why did this fat woman get some “award” recently from Jane Fonda?
    I have no understanding why such worthless people are getting “awards”,

  70. You know, you raised good points about Lindy and about the dangers of being overweight – but you using such degrading and insulting words/language to describe overweight people makes you UGLY INSIDE – and unfortunately nothing can make you LOSE that obscene part of yourself. Sad really.

    1. You would be right if he was accosting some stranger in the street minding her own business. But Lindy West is deliberately putting herself in the public eye as someone to be emulated and admired and who blames the world for everything, demanding acceptance for everything, and never looking inward.

    2. Bullshit all he has to do is offer her some Pecan pie flowers and Chocolates and he is kind and pure once again.

  71. Jhc I hate these FA twats. The only good thing they do is inspire me to work out harder, and stop shoving junk food into my face.

  72. Well on the plus size…erm plus side…at least at this rate she won’t be around much longer to spew her nonsense. Everything is upside down these days where things that rightfully would have been shunned and shamed are now championed. How in God’s name can something as dangerous to someone’s health and a massive burden on society be pushed on the masses as acceptable. It’s a serious character flaw and weakness.

  73. I maintain that “fat acceptance,” alone, is capable of accounting for MGTOW.
    The average woman in the States, in what should be her “marriageable prime,” now weighs 162 lbs at a height of 5′-4″. Her waist is now as large as her breasts were forty years ago. She now weighs almost as much as a man her age weighed forty years ago.
    In sum, the average young woman is not at all attractive to the average young man. The average young woman today would not have been remotely attractive to the average young man of forty years ago. He would not have given her any consideration at all as a romantic partner. And if there’s one thing we know, it’s that male desire, especially at a young age, is largely unchanged from generation to generation.
    Yet, this is the average young woman today. Given this, her behavior is essentially irrelevant. Based even just on physical appearance, how can millions of men do anything but “go their own way”? Where are the women for them to pursue?

  74. It was hilarious to see West’s own loyal readers make her eat her words.. and there’s a stingy meal if I ever saw one. And no, Lindy, airplane seats are not getting smaller.. in fact they are getting bigger, on account of the constant widening of the average flyer’s ass. No my dear, I’m afraid it’s your flabby buttcheeks that are on the upward bound to “eight-man-lift”.

  75. fonestar wanted to find out what all the fuss about Return of Kings was about? Thought if the media hates this guy he must be doing something right! Was not disappointed…

  76. I hadn’t heard of this woman until I was listening to her do some segment on This American Life in June 2016. I couldn’t get through the segment because she was just such a vile, obnoxious person. She wants to be fat. Fine, whatever. It’s your life, live it like you want. But then she is so egotistical that she wants the entire world to bend to her will. Men should find her attractive. Doctors should approve of her obesity. Apparently now airlines are supposed to custom tailor seats to her. She constantly compares her treatment for being fat to the ill treatment homosexuals get. Except…. being gay isn’t a choice. Being fat is.
    She’s like some sort of stereotype of what the Right thinks liberals are. Entitled, unable to accept any responsibility for her own actions, insisting that every bad thing that happens to her is society’s fault.

  77. Hey Roosh don’t diss homosexuals – you kind of did – some of us are manly homosexuals who dislike Ms West as much as you do. And PS you are hot.

  78. I feel badly for that guy on the plane. He din’t do anything to deserve that treatment. I’ll admit, he was a little passive aggressive, but that kind of behavior was not warranted.

  79. This fat Hippo is angry that in her 600 pound life isn’t worshiped and accommodated by normal bodied people?? First of all the code word is Seattle..in itself a city with the largest concentration of mentally unstable individuals. If I were leader of this Country I would have her big ass strapped into one of those G Force Machines for a couple hours.

  80. If I couldn’t fit in the airplane seats, it would definitely be a reality check that I’m getting too fat. I would be embarrassed and would never put it all over the internet.

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