Is Online Dating Ruining Game?

When I first got on OKCupid, I sent out a few messages and got no replies. Since I was curious why, I decided to make a fake account as a woman. I used some photos of a moderately cute female model. I wrote the profile by cutting and pasting text from a girl on the opposite coast. Then I waited, and watched the response.

Within days, my fake account had close to a hundred messages.

No wonder I wasn’t getting replies – I couldn’t even read all the messages my fake account was getting. When I actually did look at the messages, they were terrible. The profile only gets a couple messages a week now, but they’re still awful. Here are a few recent ones:

Hiiii I’m Johnny 😉


you have a rare beauty


Hey my name is rob. You are really beautiful and i was wondering if you would like to get to know eachother and maybe have some fun in the bedroom sometime 😉


your main profile picture is captivating! You have great eyes!


you wanna get dicked down or what?




Want to grab a coffee or drinks sometime?


hello beautiful


Heyy how are you? You seem lovely 🙂

If you think a normal girl would respond to any of these openers, please seek therapy from a qualified professional. I’d say take yourself out of the gene pool, but that would be redundant.

I made this account three years ago. Online dating has only grown since then.

What’s Wrong With Online Dating?

Online dating allows men to do hundreds of low-risk approaches in minutes each day of girls they might not otherwise meet. It also allows women to receive hundreds of approaches from men who would never approach her in real life.

This dynamic hurts men by numbing their social skills. Men who would normally have to learn real world social cues, overcome social challenges, and interact with women face to face, are able to sit at home, blast twenty messages a day, and avoid self-improvement.

This dynamic hurts women by inflating their egos. Women who would normally receive zero male attention are able to get hundreds of offers for sex and validation from desperate men. By using deceptive camera angles and words like “curvy” rather than fat, secret internet fatties are able to experience male attention as if they were actually attractive.


All Social Networks Inflate Women’s Egos

When it comes to validation, every site is a dating site for women. Girls posting their pictures on Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr get as much, if not more validation than they would from men on online dating sites. Plus, the validation on social networks is public, allowing women to show it off to their friends and social circle.

The models I’m friends with on Facebook regularly receive a hundred likes and comments from men on each photo they post – but they only “like” the comments that have game. When a girl who’d been in an Axe Body-Spray commercial as “the hot chick” posted her new selfie the only comment she liked was a guy who simply wrote “gross.” Two weeks later, there were photos on Facebook of them making out at a trendy LA Club, which none of her beta orbiters “liked.”

Social networks and online dating exaggerate existing imbalances in the sexual marketplace. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Before social networking and online dating, an attractive woman might have a couple of men to choose in her social circle. Now she has two-hundred on Tinder. A regular guy interested in her has to cut through the noise of hundreds of thirsty betas.

Fortunately, that’s all beta attention is – just noise.

Could Thirsty Men Actually Help You?


Imagine you lived in a world full of fat chicks (for many, this won’t require much imagination). Imagine that these fat women were constantly eye-fucking you, making passes at you, and trying to molest your dick. Now imagine a cute girl-next-door type walks up and starts talking to you.

Do the fat chicks hurt her chances? Of course not, because they aren’t attractive. Sure, getting hit on by a fat chick might be validating, but most men wouldn’t take her attempt seriously. In fact, it might even hurt your self-image. “Why do these losers think they could get with me?” Ah, now you’re thinking bitchy hot girl thoughts.

Fucking a beta chump is about as exciting to women as fucking a land-whale is to you. If you’re a man with game, some omega writing “hi – ur hot!” on OKCupid doesn’t hurt your chances any more than a fatty waddling up to you hurts the chances of a lingerie model who wants to fuck you.

Getting hit on all the time might sound like a fantasy, but would you really want ugly women hitting on you when you’re just trying to buy coffee or ride the bus? Women might be validated by betas, but they’re not turned on by them. And women love sex.

The experience of an attractive woman is constant male attention from dudes who can’t even act normal around her. A low hum of desperation. It’s the same feeling you get when you pass a homeless person mumbling “change.” You don’t even notice him. Most people have learned to block out the homeless who are thirsty for money, the way most women have learned to block out men who are thirsty for sex.

Game actually works better on attractive women. They’re so used to horrible approaches, that they appreciate the contrast of a confident man more, the way you’d appreciate a beautiful feminine woman more if you lived in a land of rude androgynous fatties. (Again, not much imagination required.)

Men will board a plane and go live in a foreign country just because the women are more feminine. Women will write love letters to convicted murderers just to experience a few minutes of alpha. The dynamics are the same. Betas are the fat chicks of the dating world – and there are more betas than ever.


Men Are Weaker, Game is Stronger

Thirsty omegas actually inflate your worth in the sexual marketplace, the same way the obesity epidemic inflates the value of attractive women.

In every society, the men and women deserve each other. Although American women are worse than ever, American men are too. Most are emasculated, unassertive, and unattractive. If you’re interested in game, self-development, or reading a site like this, you’re already in the top 10%. You’re the “hot girl.”

Remember how I said online dating hurts men? The same way social networks inflate women’s egos, technological distractions harm men’s self-improvement.

Pornography and video games allow men to receive a false sense of accomplishment. Men who’ve never lifted a barbell can log onto World of Warcarft and live as a warrior-god ravaging the plains of Azeroth. Men who’d never meet a model in real life can now watch twenty having an orgy in two clicks. Between Call of Duty and Bang Bus, it’s amazing men even make it out of their parent’s basement. Think modernity is making women worse? The same social and technological forces are affecting men too.

If you have game, you have more sexual opportunity than ever before in recorded history. Only in the past sixty years has safe affordable birth control become commonplace, only in the past twenty has casual sex become the norm, and only in the past five have you been able to go online and contact hundreds of women from around the world using your phone.

When I first tried online dating, I was just starting my journey with game. I spent the following years improving myself, approaching, and learning. Now, getting laid through online dating is as easy as ordering a pizza. Looking back, it wasn’t online dating that needed to change, it was me.

Yes, if you only spend time online, your social skills will atrophy. But you can’t put your dick in a computer. Do online dating right, and you’ll have lots of real world sexual experiences to show for it. Technology is creating new challenges, but ruining game isn’t one of them. Game is more powerful than ever.

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154 thoughts on “Is Online Dating Ruining Game?”

  1. I could use a primer on the online dating scene myself, I’m a little too old school.
    In any case, great piece. You’re right, the beta orbiters are just propping us up.

    1. online dating is a handy way to get real life dates – that means… girls 1 on 1 from the first meeting… if you want to bang them you have to get them 1 on 1, so if you work smart, online can save you loads of time hanging around bars or day gaming….. a good alpha uses what is around him and does not identify with the method, process or other chumps that are using it. online dating has girls that want dates… so go get dates with them…..
      1.) writing a load of total shit on your profile… makes you 1000 times more interesting than the average schmuck trying to appeal to what they think women want – women read as much as they look at pictures…. you have to be ultra flamboyant in what you write…
      2.) put 1 good photo, especially one with a hot ex or your good looking sister… ….. hire an escort or model and take some shots with her… doesn’t matter you just have to look in demand with the girls…. you only need 1 good photo….
      3.) don’t spam… study the profiles and hit the likely targets with catch phrases from their own profile…. use her words against her… i’ve hit up girls online and had them emailing me like crazy for a date and i can’t even be bothered to go…. it’s all in the approach…. she will flick through the 100+ emails for validation if nothing else, and if you put the right things in it, you can catch her eye and get a response… i’ve done it dozens of times….
      4.) assume a date and go for the real life meeting right away …. don’t bother getting to know her online…. just push for a date… this is where your profile comes in, as she wants to know she’s not meeting an ax murderer, she will send your link to her BFFs and analyze what you wrote… study your photo etc…
      5.) amplify like crazy on the first date (game needed)…. and assume sex on the first date, or if she is a good girl or clearly looking for a relationship, be patient, push to kiss her and seduce her on the first date and then back right off… do the same on the second date…. if possible make the third date at or near to her apartment…. and push to bang…. the push and back off method creates a huge tension and excitement…. and has her falling about for you.

      1. Non-sense and bullshit, if your online your only fucking fatties and we both know it. Online dating is a pile of shit and a scam. Probably run by russian mobsters and baltic criminals. Probably how they get credit cards by the 10s of thousands is from stupid smuchs who pay for extra service on these clown sites.
        1. Did it, still nothing but fatties.
        2. I put a photo of a model just as atest run, same shit, this guy was easily a 10 in looks and was better looking than brad pitt. He was at best getting response from a 5
        3. You can’t catch her eye because she has 150 other emials
        5. Amplify, you hardly get responses.

    2. I have a how to article on online dating coming on ROK in the following weeks. Stay tuned.

  2. Online dating and escaping to poor countries: typical behavior characteristics of an omega male.

    1. “typical behavior characteristics of an omega male.”
      Leaving the anglo west is the action of a man in charge of his life.
      I saw an online add for these guys yesterday. A guy called Christian Hudson.
      The add was very, very well done. I have to admit that he hit every key point for giving such a presentation. But what was he selling? He is selling the “Girlfriend Acceleration Program” I think it was called. I watched the whole ad because I was intrigued at how well he presented it.
      But the whole point was to ATTRACT WESTERN WOMEN since his primary audience is in the US. And I just laughed….because the LAST thing I would want to do is to attract a western woman. I would rather attract a rabid dog…much easier to deal with. Much nicer personality.
      As far as online dating goes. When I was still a beta loser I got a and an okcupid account. I thought I would try them out…seemed like a good idea. What a total waste of time. The women in those places are psychos. Total psychos. I went on two dates where the two women were culled out of more than 100 I actually talked to….they were both IN-SANE. So I decided I would never bother with internet dating again.
      I have a very high public profile now….it’s not hard to find me. If some woman wanted to have a crack at being a friend of mine she is quite welcome to try. But why would I go looking to “attract” a woman? I have said it a few times here…”attracting” a woman is rather like “attracting” a shark as a surfer….they pretty much want the same thing.

      1. Once you have attained certain goals or status in life, you don’t need to attract women…they need to attract you. All women, without exception want a man to call their own. That’s what they live for. They feel incomplete without one. It is the ultimate status symbol for them. A man can have his pick of women if he is successful. A woman has a limited amount of time to get her ideal man….she’s on a clock. Time is her enemy. Time is a mans friend. As men get older we become more established. As women get older they start losing their looks and what little power they have. The game has always favored men and always will.

        1. You know I wonder what kind of measures feminists will eventually use to try to keep us tied to Anglo women.
          It doesn’t work when they try to shame us into it. A man being a ” loser” because he gets foreign hotties without giving his arm or leg is a huge paradox that only illogical feminists and desperate manginas can see as rational.
          The American man who heads abroad is damn near always winning, unless he is heading to a country like Iraq or another Anglo country like Australia.

        2. Well in Australia they passed legislation that says any woman who makes an accusation of having sex with a man is entitled to some of his money.
          Not many Australian men know about that legislation. I could only find three newspaper articles about it at the time and two of them presented it as “take money off those cheating husbands”.
          But, in fact, the other article done by a retired law professor if I am not mistaken, pointing out that, in fact, it was the largest ever property transfer from one group to another ever in the history of Australia. He claimed that some evidence would need to be provided but we all know that “evidence” in the family law courts means perjury on an affidavit.
          After all, the legislation was allegedly about “catch those cheating husbands” so there will not be much “evidence” to be had other than the womans affidavits, right?
          The professor pointed out that the legislation was, in effect, enforce marriage via consensual sex. He pointed out that what the legislation said was very much the act of sex meant that you married the woman.
          Does that answer your question?
          Now that legislation is in place in Australia? Every man who has sex with a woman in Australia is married to her. Period. And if a woman is prepared to commit perjury, which they are prepared to do very often, then she can lie and say you had sex with her and that will be accepted and you are married.
          It is then up to the impartial (*cough*) judge to decide how much of your money to give to her.
          It is a shame young men do not listen to me…they could learn a lot from me.

        3. Lucky bastard, I wish I was 50, but then maybe your dick doesn’t even get hard at that age?

        4. They are trying to shove feminism down the throat of foreign women and give “Woman’s rights” to all. Yes they start by trying to give them contraception and tell them to tell men to wear condoms. Then they put up the abortion clinics as part of women’s rights. Then they tell them men are the big bad evil oppressor and send them free text books on how men are evil. And the whole dumping of western sex and the city filth culture into foreign nations doesn’t help. Its like a stepping pyramid to destroy western men’s options.

          “NEW laws that start today leave cheating husbands open to divorce-style litigation from their mistresses, who can now claim income maintenance, property and even superannuation funds.”
          Notice they talk about how this only applies to “cheating husbands and their mistresses”. It applies to ANY man in Australia. This is worth an article on ROK as almost no men in Australia know this happened.

        6. I’m not sure, isn’t the daily telegraph one of those fake news websites who make up stories? I will read and get back, thanks for the link though

        7. well the news is a joke in and of itself but no…the telegraph is not a fake news site in Australia.

        8. Australia is a facist feminist state like the rest of the anglo world, thank you for the information. It is clear men should not live with women anywhere, this will become the law everywhere.
          Women and gov’t are preying on men and men’s desire to have a personal servant and harem. Men must combat it by spending less and fucking more with women

        9. Women are openly and joyfully using their votes as bribes to get the guvmint to legitimise stealing from men.
          This is why I say men are well advised to simply rescind their consent to be governed and stop paying these taxes. They are voluntary.

        10. Well I do agree that the taxes are illegal but I just pay them anyways because if not they’ll just throw you in jail and steal all your property and the female jury will gladly put you on the scrotum stretcher for not supporting their big daddy the guvmint. They know if we don’t pay taxes the welfare check for having 4 kids isn’t coming. If you can its best to move around so much that your not a tax resident anywhere then you don’t pay no tax
          4 months in canada
          4 months in east europe
          4 months in the carribean
          4 months in se asia
          You can’t be taxed by anyone because your not pr anywhere. That is why going mobile is so invaluable.

        11. It is much easier to rescind your consent to be governed which is what I did. I got a letter from the Irish tax office asking me to explain why I had not filed so I asked them to please provide some proof there was any obligation to do so…..never heard from them again.

        12. Most countries don’t let you do that, they throw you in jail. I could only assume you didn’t have enough income so they didn’t care. Unless Irish law allows taxes to be paid voluntarily… which i doubt but whatever

        13. “Most countries don’t let you do that, they throw you in jail.”
          Ah yes…the old “if I stand up for my rights they might throw me in jail so I will be a compliant slave” excuse.
          It is a very popular excuse.

        14. Yes there are alot of americans in jail like wesley snipes for not paying taxes. Its best to just move to a tax free jurisdiction or be mobile. You achieve nothing in places like america or canada by not paying your taxes, they arrest you indict you and the juries will convict a ham sandwhich of rape and murder.
          Its not a battle I think we can win except by opting out and leaving. All you will do is have to pay the taxes plus interest they take all your property throw you in the race prisons where they teach criminals to become worse. And if your still living in ireland your paying all the taxes on purchasing and liket he vat and the employers going to take tax out your check anyways, its not like you are really opting out… I do like your post in general but i disagree with you but thats ok.

        15. Peter Schiffs father Irwin Schiff is also in jail for this non crime. The question is whether any number of men are willing to do anything about it or are men just going to sit back and let it happen….and if so? They can have no complaint when it happens to them.

    2. I recommend that men travel for the purpose of experiencing better pussy, but also for more reasons than just pussy alone. Traveling for pussy is fine, since men of action go out in the world to get what they want. But I recommend thinking about your travel plans as including several purposes — unique experience, maturity, pussy, business opportunities, etc.

      1. Agreed, men shouldn’t be structuring their lives around pussy, it should be, I want to go to rome because I want to see rome and a great patriarchal man run culture, and if you meet good pussy there so be it.

    3. I’m a trained martial artist, make 5 figures a month working online whatever hours I want, used to talent scout and fuck fashion models in the USA, and now travel the world because the caliber of women is just vastly higher off the North American continent. But I’m not sure I get this whole alpha-omega thing. Can you educate me on this so I can be more like you, money sign? You seem like you know what you’re talking about.

    4. it’s not what you do, it’s how you do it….
      famous alphas with billion dollar business, build a wife, kids and family and hold it all down…. cubicle boy has a wife, a child that is not genetically his, because his wife was cheating… is miserable in his family life, passive aggressive, and going nowhere fast… all his wages go on day to day living and etc.

    5. I cannot blame anyone for moving to a different location where opportunities, be they financial, sexual, entrepreneurial, or otherwise are better. Humans are animals, afterall, and animals do migrate and relocate.

    6. Says typical American who has never left America. Typical comment of American in say Colombia “I’m never going home.”

  3. True, true. Using appropriate online game on the side has been earning me a good number of enjoyable notches this year. And it’s as you say. The worse betas become, the more those with game and confidence can shine.

  4. Beta orbiters swing from hilarious to watch to cringe-worthy. I once saw a guy on a night out hold ALL the handbags belonging to a group of woman. I’m afraid not even the manosphere can undo the damage done to some beta orbiters.

    1. Please take a picture next time….and post it! There was all the uproar about Fat Shaming Week….well, there needs to be a Beat Shaming Week also.

      1. Beta shaming week sounds like a great idea but….we are here to help the betas that want to unplug and become alphas. We can have a white knight shaming week. Lol

        1. Either…all I’m saying is that sometimes a man needs a good swift kick in the ass…there were too many people soft peddling me when I was the “Great American Beta Husband”.

        2. We can’t save the world. Betas need to unplug on their own, like we all did. The catalyst to unplugging is constant defeat, rejection, and frustration with women. These are crucial elements necessary for the red pill to sink in.

    2. Betas make me want to throw up but I feel so sorry for them most of the time.
      I just wonder how fucked up a job their parents did with them to make them turn out as feminists.

  5. “If you’re interested in game, self-development, or reading a site like this, you’re already in the top 10%.”

    1. Most men are content to live out their lives in mediocrity. Personally, I vowed that I would become good at game or die trying. If you’re interested in self-development or game, then you’re in the top 10% of men.

      1. One reaches towards the top 10% of men by actually doing the work to improve oneself. Reading about it is indeed an important step for learning how to improve on yourself, but it is not the work.

        1. Fair enough, I agree. When I mean “interested,” I don’t just mean reading the material and saying “I know game.” I mean actually approaching women, finding out what you need to work on, etc.

    2. That stood out to me too, but it’s because guys like us are reaching up to the top, the ones we compare ourselves to. So we think we have learned less than perhaps we may have. But if you compare yourself to guys you meet on the street? You might be the best out of every 8, with the 9th being your peer or better, and you being the 10th. That’s 90th percentile.

    3. Lol. I will believe that when all this working out at the gym, self-improvement, reading this lame blog and learning bullshit “game” actually gets me laid.

  6. Any sane man would realize pretty fast men don’t benifit from online dating.

    1. I tried the online dating thing and got a few hookups and a couple of bangs (one of which was quite good), but I’ve avoided it as of late. The attitudes, the false sense of hotness and the downright lies are just not worth my time. I guess it depends where you live, but where I live 90% of the profiles are either fatties, raging feminists, or worse. One especially bad thing about OKCupid is that it is very racist; if you are not white (which I am not) your chances of success drop considerably (this has been extensively studied, do a google search if you don’t believe me). Whereas in real life, if you know what to do, you can even make your race work out better for you.
      I can get way more done just through day game. Hell, you can probably get way more done with club game. The average girl in a club doesn’t have nearly as strong a bitch shield as a girl on OKCupid.

  7. On the topic of beta orbiters – it’s important to note how much being introduced to the red pill and the manosphere in general makes one more observant to these traits. On a typical night out, it’s interesting to note the social roles and text-book cues men and women play out. You can spot ignorant, entitled women and pedestalizing orbiters like a sore thumb.

    1. Why do we say Thirsty Betas and not Hungry Betas?
      Other than the fact that “Thirsty” makes them sound lamer.

      1. Hydration is more of a dire need than nutrition. Thirst implies more desperation than hunger.

  8. I cant say i disagree that its possible to use game to tilt the balance in online dating further into your favour, but where i do disagree is whether there really is any point.
    If you have enough game to make online work that well for you, you almost certainly have enough to achieve twice the results, for half the effort, in the real world.
    I used to use online exclusively, and it got me a fair few reasonably low quality lays back in my fat days, but as my value has raised the quality of the tail ive been able to get from there has not. In fact if anything ive found that its fallen. My guess as to why is that i now fall into an online dating no mans land where i’m rarely the best a hot girl will get messages from, because they will be getting messages from the top 1-4%, im at best in the top 10% but im good looking enough that the pump and dump material recognise my overtures for what they are.
    I get far more quality from RL approaches, with half the effort and twice the chase excitement.

  9. I did POF (dumber women) and Okcupid (more intelligent, but lean towards feminism and liberalism). My results were good if you consider attracting a throng of fat chicks as good.
    I even got unsolicited messages, but was unwilling to do the fat girl experience. The beautiful women generally didn’t respond or would respond once and that was it, they also never sent unsolicited messages like the lesser attractive women did.
    I couldn’t attract above a 5 with online dating, despite trying nearly everything, so I gave it up. If you want unattractive women with weight problems, online dating is the way to go, otherwise stick to reality.

    1. you maybe right….. it’s been a while since i worked online dating sites… i expect that facebook and other social sites have hotter girls looking inside their own circle more than cold online dating…. working around facebook friends of friends, having a story and a profile could be a better way to get do ‘online dating’….

    2. Most of the women that had viewed my profile on POF – I would be hard pressed to really consider them women. I guess its somewhat hard for me to grasp how out of touch many women become with how to even look mildly attractive and appealing. Their hair styles, their clothes, their hobbies, their boring mundane lives…
      After one month I closed my account. Closest I got a date was messaging a black girl (im white) from my city for about a week that had one pic on her profile, wouldnt add or send anymore, and was maybe about a 4 or 5.
      Online dating = depressing waste of time and bandwidth

    3. The gold standard is, not the two sites you mentioned. Plenty of attractive women to choose from. Giving up is NOT in the alpha vocabulary.

    1. Back in 1993 I bought a copy of Cybersex from some bloke down the pub and it only cost me fifty quid.
      It came in a series of 1.44 floppy installation disks in a shoe box but one of those EMP waves from the Sun must have happened because by the time I bought a PC in 1997 those disks were all blank.

    1. I’ve tried it a couple times when things get slow. Have never really had a positive experience, and I have always had to go back to picking up 7s-8s while getting off the subway or picking up pharmacy prescriptions or etc… sigh…

  10. Online dating is for women and gays. And personally, anybody who calls it online “DATING” is out of their minds. It’s not “dating” it’s online EMAILING. Thats’ it. Nothing more. Someone please beat that into the skulls of millions of dense bitches who think they are “dating” online. What LUNACY.
    But a GREAT way to make money off the DUMBEST population who think ANY aspect of “dating” happens online. If any of you have ever signed up for that nonsense, thanks for your money.

  11. Excellent article, I especially liked “In every society, the men and women deserve each other.”

  12. This, since 2003 this has been my experience. But I had to physically go out to seal the deal. Banging a beyond perfect 20 out of 10 holograph in the future might balance out the playing field between men and women; but I highly doubt people will view you with the same respect a man who physically goes out and nails real life nines and tens in reality will garner.
    I would set up my dates while out to sea, or from the comfort of my own home. Coupled with my charm in clubs, libraries, grocery stores, or just generally any place once charm becomes normal like breathing; and pussy flows like running water. You will forget what it was like in your caveman days when you had to hunt to find anything, let alone a womb to pass on your genes.
    Once ectogenics (artificial womb), and male birth control (RISUG, and the male pill) come out to compliment what men already have feminist will come to realize their real predicament. They were women’s last hurrah of the worship of the golden vagina pass.
    DNA testing, and similiar technologies were merely coopted by women to ensure the shrines (read women and “children’s” hospitals, abortion clinics, and birth control) to the golden vag never wavered in support.
    But their smartest could see the writing on the wall in the seventies, and I suspect this is where the vitriol comes from. Once they realized their greatest weapon, childbirth and the pussy, were neutralized; what would they have on us?
    Too bad they never figured out that it requires great work and hardship to be self sufficient. Not lying on your fat ass and going shopping all day. When the end comes for them, will we even realize or care?

    1. “This, since 2003 this has been my experience. But I had to physically go out to seal the deal. Banging a beyond perfect 20 out of 10 holograph in the future might balance out the playing field between men and women; but I highly doubt people will view you with the same respect a man who physically goes out and nails real life nines and tens in reality will garner.”
      You’re right. Fucking a hologram (the future’s equivalent to jacking off to porn) will never be the same as fucking a real girl but if that real girl forces you to eat shit OR forces you to pretend to be something you’re not before she even considers getting it on with you, well, one has to wonder if fucking a real girl is really worth the effort.

      1. Not disagreeing. Still, a hologram is made to agree with your every desire; kind of like family court for women, but you still pay?! More or less.
        Anyways, if a perfect ten at that point does not want a guy, he knows he has a fall back. Eventually though, I think women are wising up, they will make a change. It is obvious that they are reading about their older, more wayward sistren, and starting to change course.
        The question will be will men accept or not? I think we all know the answer…sadly, they will lick the menstrual spittle in most cases long before women get thrown out with their aborted baby and bath water.

  13. The article sounds good in theory, but in practice, I´ve noticed that women have become more arrogant even in real life approaches.
    I don´t use online game, as I think the odds are heavily stacked against men.
    Here in Brazil, facebook started becoming popular in 2010, which was precisely when I started observing women were responding less to real world approaches.
    Online dating works very well for some friends of mine who play in a well known band, as well as for a guy I know who spends all his money on vanity, status items and steroids (no future planning or intellectual self improvement).
    It´s impossible not to notice that women are indeed pickier nowadays (and I believe this is largely if not entirely due to online dating sites and social media) and this is because they do in fact have access to higher quality men with much less effort than before.

  14. This was a great article.
    I have to add that context is KEY for online dating. I have a couple years of experience with online dating and reflecting on it now I think the authors points are very true. That said, context is huge too.
    When I first did online dating I was in a small/medium sized college city in Florida. Huge college town, you’d think it would be great right? Not at all, and I had almost no responses and aside from one fairly hot schoolteacher, no luck at all. I would go on dates with fat chicks simply because they were the only ones going out. This is with, OKC was a total dead end to me. Although my game was indeed substantially weaker then, simply through demographics it wasn’t working out. Didn’t know about tinder back then. Going out at night was straight up depressing, although I still tried as often as I could just to “feel the pain” and get over it.
    6 months ago I moved to Manhattan, NYC. Got on tinder it, IMMEDIATELY blew the up with by now in the high hundreds of matches, average is a 7. My match account is doing much, much better, but still Tinder is really where it’s at. I also supplement with normal game and what not, but having a girl meet you exclusively on a date, under conditions you control to your advantage, is simply huge. I go on lots of dates with smart, pretty women who have their act together
    The point? Although in NYC my confidence and social status raised somewhat (attending a top B-school, moved to a hip neighborhood), the improvement in my numbers is grossly disproportionate. In NYC, supply and demand are more evenly balanced and you don’t have to rely on heavy incestuous “social circle” game like you did in Gainesville. Plus in my humble opinion the girls in NYC are just way more genuine. They respect a man who makes moves, and they are struggling to get by so they have no time for bullshit time wasting.
    As my game has gotten tighter (still a LOT of progress to be made), my online game has indeed improved a lot. But NOTHING helped like moving into a big city where you can actually learn from the countless opportunities (women) around. Not even a lot of cities in US have this dynamic, maybe only a small handful with high urban density, but do whatever you can to move or visit and be in a healthy social atmosphere, in other words get out of your mom’s basement (where I was), and more importantly get out of your own head.

    1. Very true. I travel a lot, and OKC in Kansas is 2s and 3s, but you can find models on OKC in NYC.

    2. I’ve done the opposite, I’ve moved from a large town to one that is about 1/20th the size of the old one. In the 4 months I’ve lived in this town, I’ve seen 4 bangable girls who weren’t wearing diamond rings. I went back in Charlotte for the Christmas week, I saw 10 in an hour and a half.
      That was just damned depressing.

  15. Online dating is a threat to real dating in the same way that someone who is good at FIFA 14 is going to be selected for the England team this summer.

    1. Bingo! Couldnt have said it better myself. Remember, the caliber of men AND women doing online dating is VERY, VERY low. People who do online dating tend to have extremely low SMV.

        1. Exactly. Sadly I’ve seen more and more women be put off in public settings to real world approaching while they stay glued to their phone for the “online” dating realm for weekends. One can only hope that as facebook dies online dating will too. This online interacting stuff is horse shit

  16. A master Gamer is nothing more than a man who plays by women’s rules better than other men. I’m tired of Game being touted as the Messiah of men.
    Game in its current form only makes women want to fuck you, but it doesn’t improve women either mentally, emotionally, or even intellectually and it certainly doesn’t do anything to undermine the Matriarchy.
    Game only helps men get laid in the Matriarchy, it helps men pump-and-dump in a system which fears and hates men and masculinity, but at the end of the day, even if every guy were to fuck every hot chick in the city, our society will remain just as misandric and anti-male as ever.
    Game, at best, improves YOU, but it doesn’t improve women. And you can’t hold civilization together indefinitely when only men are called for transformation and improvement while leaving women completely free to do as they please.
    Make no mistake. Game is not your saviour. It’s morphine and a band-aid over several bullet wounds and you’re still bleeding profusely.
    Don’t think there will be no consequences if you just leave the bullets in there and pretend all is well just because you can’t feel the pain and you got your Sesame Street band aids covering the bullet holes.
    Something is going to give and Game is not going to save you when it finally does.

    1. Thing is you can only improve yourself. You can’t make anyone else improve.
      If enough men start to improve because they want to though, then society as a whole should start improving as well. We can only take it bit by bit.

      1. I think what Guest means is that even as we can only change ourselves, we can inspire and thoughtfully guide others to change either in direct or indirect ways.
        Perhaps the reason why America is such a mess culturally is precisely because of the wild west and melting pot configuration where the lowest common denominator rules instead of more traditionalist societies, including even Europe, where people consider their actions on a more global or national plane rather than just getting laid.

        1. don’t limit your idea of culture to 500 years.
          try 200,000 years and you won’t see such a “mess”.

        2. America’s problem isn’t immigrants because most the immigrants are coming from countries with rising economies, strong patriarchal cultures and the women are women and men are men. America’s problem is more of our born American blonde hair blue eyed male children would rather act and dress like Lady Gaga or Liberace than John Wayne or JFK or a strong male heterosexual figure as men are constantly vilified.
          From the Simpsons to Al bundy, men are constantly portrayed as buffons so being a buffon becomes the standard for being cool and getting women.

        3. Yeah those Mexicans sure got it all figured out, if only we could be more like them
          Asians weren’t anything until we exported all our work to them. Bunch of commie losers before that.
          The model for prosperity is our own culture at an earlier time, the envy of the world.
          They didn’t make anything on their own, our leaders gave it to them. It was not theirs to give.
          There is hell to pay for that.

        4. Actually those mexicans do have it all figured out. They come here illegally at 16 work as a mechanic and over charge us dumb americans and at age 30 they own a 300k house, muscle car, have 4 kids and a good wife who won’t divorce him and shit all over him. At age 30 American kids are still living at home trying to pay off the student loan of 200k debt are taking the bus and wonder if they’ll ever have a family. The mexicans are probably laughing at how stupid we are.
          Asians weren’t anything except the japs who were one of the 6 developed nations by 1900: Japan, USA, England, France and Germany and Russia were semi-industrialized. But the same can be said of Germany and most of northern europe today. Industrialization in europe starts in england and france and as the industrialist looked for cheaper labour they moved down and outward until most of northern europe because industrialized.
          And if we are so dumb we send them all our jobs to them who is the real loser? The Malayasian and emiratis are building the biggest skyscrappers in the world and we have ghost cities that collapse due to de-industrialization.
          The reality is we have built up a false sense of cultural superiority where many Americans believe America is inherently superior. There was a time during the 1800 and 1900s when anything made in America was good as gold, built to last and meant something. Now almost anything we make falls apart in 5-10 years.
          Even the roads have to be constantly resurfaced for pot holes because we can’t build a road right, but I go to Rome and can show you the road that has been there for 2500 years and was never retouched.
          You buy a computer, how many times you have to take it to the store for repairs?
          Hell to pay, well 50% of our leaders in congress are millionaires, if there is hell to pay, it is sure paying nicely to those who sold us out.
          I agree with george carlin’s premise that if we could do better we would have. America can’t do better its leaders and populous just isn’t intelligent enough. 150 million people will watch gangnam style or what does the fox say but how many people will look up third parties like ralph nader who actually want to help Americans? maybe 5-6 million. Sorry, Americans are just too dumb as a collective to do better.
          That is why the facebook founder calls facebook users dumb fuckers or the ford ceo was laughing because every car since 1999 has a built in tracking device and that information is being sold and he called the buyers dumb fucks. The business elite in America hate america which is why they don’t hire americans.

    2. What guest means is that game is all about pandering to the woman.
      Put up with all her crazy & stupid, pander to her ego and emotions and grow and enlarge her sense of entitlement even more.

    3. This is an issue I debate in my head vigourously. Eventually as more and more men learn game.- first let me say I live in Toronto- this is the place where Roosh visited and saw roams of pickup artist in clubs. I suspect that is going to be the future, and as more and more men learn game and you have gangs or packs of men spitting game at women soon the whole damn thing isn’t going to work anymore and it will be back to ground zero.
      Game is a band aid, I recognize it, the society is going to shit. We cannot fix the society because the government is throwing men out and under the bus at every opportunity to alienate men possible. Game is a coping mechanism. But there is nothing we can do but watch USSA be taken over by the murka whales then the chinese or possibly Saudi-Israelistan. Maybe a strong arab or chinese patriarchy will restore some common sense here.

      1. “Maybe a strong arab or chinese patriarchy will restore some common sense here.”
        No it won’t.
        Their bodies will litter the streets and American men will restore the patriarchy.

        1. I wish, American men created the matriarchy out of beta-dom it started when we let women vote, then go to university and hold men jobs and get equal pay. Then with divorce rape, child support rape and the mother doctrine (the courts view in the 1950s forward that the mother was a better parent and should get custody unless she is a crack addict) etc. it is obvious the men in power in America are completely beta whipped pussies.
          They will only try to send alphas off to war to do all their killing and dying but those alphas come back from vietnam and iraq with no legs and no help from the government and cheating wife who dumps them and takes half their disability payment for life.
          The America of your childhood is dead and gone, this isn’t your grand papis America, it is a feminist cunt state that hates men. If the Chinese invade, I will not protect America, it has proven time and time again it hates men and all men should quit the army in disgust. One has to wonder if sharia law would be better because at least in afghanistan men aren’t thrown up on scrotum stretchers and divorced rape or sent to jail and kill and rape for false rape allegation from females.
          Every president has been a man so far, if one was going to restore the patriarchy, they would have. America just can’t do better.

    4. That’s the point, all WE ALL should do is fuck them. Women are useless for anything else. Example: last night my roommate and I spent 2 fucking hours straight teaching my soon to be ex girlfriend Texas Holdem… long story short- at the end of those two hours the DUMB fucking slut was unable to grasp the names of the cards,- called the King ‘K’ and the Ace ‘A’……WTF?

    5. Game, at best, improves YOU, but it doesn’t improve women. And you
      can’t hold civilization together indefinitely when only men are called
      for transformation and improvement while leaving women completely free
      to do as they please. Make no mistake. Game is not your saviour.

      Actually, Game is a savior and has improved me. Sorry, but it’s not my job to “save” a civilization that doesn’t want to be saved. It’s not my job to “improve” women. I like women–well, the non-bitchy, non-radical-feminist women. I like having sex with women. Game help with that.
      If you want to undermine the Matriarchy, be my guest….

    1. Interesting article but comes up short on guidance. The author lists several messages sent to his fake profile by thirsty betas, but doesn’t go into what messaging would be “alpha”. For example, the “want to get dicked down or what” message, idk if that’s beta. Sounds like direct game. In another article at another time, an author might call that a good direct opener.

      1. I thought it was a pretty lame article. When I was on a dating site for a short time all I ever sent for a message was “hi”. I figured if they like you, they will respond back. So, in the online dating world, like the real world, the guys that have luck are the guys that women want anyway – the ones that dont need “game” or need to work for pussy at all. Found nothing of any use in that article.

      2. I just use normal observation and let my good looks and profile pics to the work.
        For example there was this girl that owned snakes(not surprisingly she was crazy and had mental issues).
        I just made normal statements about the snake like ” you own a snake, my condolences to your hamster . So what’s the story behind owning a snake.”
        Just dumb statement jokes, “talking shit” as they call it.

  17. All things equal, sex is far more enjoyable when it is the end-game in a culmination of moves beginning with a ‘cold approach’, compared with when it begins online. In my opinion, online dating damages the Seduction Narrative. When you cold approach, the narratives that you can possibly evoke in a woman’s mind are vastly more flexible and exciting.

    1. Albatross, have you ever been to a non-USA brothel?
      It’s the difference between begging for food versus going to a restaurant. If someone has begged for food their whole life, they may come to believe that the best part of eating is when a tourist throws a few pennies down the floor towards them and laughs at their antics to procure sympathy. They come to view the begging lifestyle as desirable.
      For the rest of men, seduction is overrated. Most men like getting nookie as easily as possible. Attractive men I know (I’m not one of them) tell me that they don’t have any “game” or seduction experience. They simply walk around and women throw themselves at them. Attractive men who “like” seduction tend to have some kind of insecurity issues (they want to get notches on their bedpost for some reason.)
      Going to a brothel is mind blowing. A man experiences sex with women without having to engage in any pretenses of emotional attachment whatsoever. Afterwards, it’s possible to have an adult, human conversation with a sex worker without awkwardness. I love the scene in One Flew Over The Cookoos Nest where a stuttering young man loses his stutter and becomes confident after such an experience. Feminists wanted legal brothels banned in the states for a reason at the turn of the 19th century. It led to the matriarchy after that.

      1. I understand your point. Nonetheless, there is something about hard work that renders any results more rewarding. Perhaps that is – as you said – indicative of an injured ego, or an ego that craves proof, or a lack of entitlement. But I argue that it is simply due to a more aesthetically pleasing narrative.

        1. It is quantative. People who do well on them are: cold salespeople, cold sales-callers-they can handle the multiple flakes, and just work the numbers.
          normalizing online game is a common issue:
          “There was a time, in these United States, when a candidate for public
          office could qualify with the electorate only by fixing his birthplace
          in or near the “log cabin.” He may have acquired a competence, or even a
          fortune, since then, but it was in the tradition that he must have been
          born of poor parents and made his way up the ladder by sheer ability,
          self-reliance, and perseverance in the face of hardship. In short, he
          had to be “self made.” The so-called Protestant Ethic then prevalent
          held that man was a sturdy and responsible individual, responsible to
          himself, his society, and his God. Anybody who could not measure up to
          that standard could not qualify for public office or even popular
          respect. One who was born “with a silver spoon in his mouth” might be
          envied, but he could not aspire to public acclaim; he had to live out
          his life in the seclusion of his own class.”

        2. I’m reminded of one of my previous girlfriends who saw a man with a sign that said “will work for food” and she stopped her car and ran up and said she had a whole lawn that needed raking and mowing and she’d give him a sandwich and he said: “Get away. You’re keeping people from giving me money.”
          Really? Hard work feels more rewarding? Sure, it feels good when you do GOOD work but even that is highly overrated. Heck, the whole point of game is precisely to maximize chances and results for the minimum amount of work. The typical beta likes to feel good about spending days making cold calls, paying for expensive dates, and wooing women for weeks, or months, to get nookie. The player wants to find a way to get nookie ASAP.
          Granted, there’s some ego rush to tricking women out of their panties but that may be a bragging right similar to the way that women yearn for diamond rings and designer shoes and bags as a trophy.

        3. He was right to refuse, as a sandwich is worth about $2 and raking and mowing a yard about $20-$50.

  18. Can I have a definition difference between beta and omega( not sure if they are used interchangeably)?

    1. Alphas do the best with women, betas are the bulk of average men in the middle of the spectrum, and omegas are those unfortunate men who are repulsive to women and can only get fat fugs if anything.

      1. What about the Zeta male? Urban has a few definitions of Zeta males one being based on males who oppose feminism.zeta being the slayer of medusa…the feminist monster.

        1. I looked at them. Some of urbandictionary’s definitions (at least those which are voted up) seem to apply to alphas, but others to omegas such as MGTOWs and wizardchan members who have completely given up on women. The first definition could be seen as applying to both. And I’d also agree with Gainz’s point about zeta and “Z”, even if one of Urban’s definitions that said the same thing was in fact downvoted (presumably by MGTOWs and “wizards”).

        2. Those actually seem to be bitter betas and omegas who have completely given up, and who act antisocial to women for that reason. Needless to say, it’s not the same as how alphas act toward women, and women can spot it a mile off.

        3. never heard of it.
          zeta-sounds like an omega who is claiming self actualisation.
          “happily omega” without chasing tail, a happy eunuch?A monk?
          Fine.but i’m suspicious.
          But as for “opposing feminism”…maybe this “zeta” has unresolved issues with women. If they “oppose feminism” rather than accept it and handle it, i would think the “zeta” mask is slipping…YUP, there’s a bitter omega under

  19. I’ve hooked up with plenty chicks online, who wouldn’t want to double their pussy intake? All it takes is a good profile and a “hey what’s up” to do it. Your profile does the talking, then when she bites it’s game over.

  20. I lol’d when you said if you’re interested in reading a site like this you are already in the top 10%. Not exactly a “red pill” comment. It’s a blue pill comment dressed up to make the reader feel cool and better about himself.
    Being interested in game and self improvement is completely different than having it.

    1. I like reading ROK, which puts me in the top 10% of men per the author. But I get laid as infrequently as an omega, which would put me in the bottom 10% according to ROK. So, which is it??

  21. It would be foolish in this day an age for a successful man to get married in America. marriage is a deck stacked against men. It wasn’t always so but now it is. Fo a successful man, if he chooses to go down the road to marriage, I would strongly caution him to marry in a forging land that supports the patriarchy over anything. Morocco maybe or a country where men still dominate by law. That way if there is a divorce the woman can’t get half of what she didn’t earn.

  22. For the true alpha male, online dating is one more tool to utilize to pump and dump. The author is an absolute fool.

  23. Sometimes a dude is beta regardless. you have a guy who has alpha mindset and is 5’1…he will be ignored whether he has game or not, eve if he is red pill as fuck.
    Online dating makes women too superficial.
    I do not have such a struggle on online dating since I am tall and good looking.
    But I only get access to 6sand 7s from it. So I use it if I am home and want a quick fuck.
    Online dating cannot replace real beauty you find from women in real life.

  24. This is overall a good article I have enjoyed reading. I am still not convinced about online dating; for me, the thrill and experience you get from doing real world approaches can’t be beat. But yes, if today’s American women mostly sucks they are just half of the problem.

  25. “The profile only gets a couple messages a week now, but they’re still awful “Want to grab a coffee or drinks sometime?”
    Is that really what qualifies for awful, that actually works pretty well in real life, I’ve never been shot down using that line. What is awful is that you have to come up with some magic secret words and shake a stick with a mango over your head like rafiki just to get a response.
    Sorry men using online dating are idiots. You sign up for a website, create a profile on a site dominated by horny men sending out spam horny messages all day to few real active female profiles. And you really expect to get anything out of it?
    this would be the equivalent of going to a club with only 5 women and 95 men, and all the men approach the women and the woman IGNORE 95% of the men and the men are expecting to get results? Why go to such a shit club, why not just leave?
    Has it ever occured to you that a woman who resorts to online dating and is attractive probably has some kind of deep problem that she has scared off every man in real life in all her social circles or is just overly picky and is waiting for brad pitt to come and propose to her.

  26. Actually the losers do hurt you.
    Bonecrkr’s Binge and Purge….your analogy of a world of fatties does not hold when women are insecure and can’t keep their standards around all of the male equivalent fatties

    1. Then on top of that you have a generation of women who have one boyfriend and one alpha male on the side. Everyone loses in this case because women are too insecure nowadays to be alone and too lazy do the steps needed to attract the alpha as a mate.

  27. Online “dating” is a fool’s game, in the US at least. The ratios are even worse than a typical Friday or Saturday night bar. It makes no sense for an average guy living in or around a metropolitan area. I think that time of spamming emails to women who may or may not be real, is much better spent researching places to go to meet actual women. I’d rather find places I can break out of my comfort zone, than waste time spamming emails.

  28. “Imagine you lived in a world full of fat chicks… Imagine that these fat women were constantly eye-fucking you, making passes at you, and trying to molest your dick”
    Wow, that sounds so familiar, just replace ‘fat-chick’ (nice fat-shaming, dick) to ‘men’. Maybe because its what women deal with everyday by men? The man-tears in this article make me want to vomit.

  29. Excellent article. Online dating has created exceedingly high standards for men and women. That is a good news. There is no room for error. No second chances. Men are the biggest losers because they compromise way too much. While all women think they are queens (or princesses), alas, the king knows best. You have to be a king to take home a queen.

  30. A sad article. OP gets action at the expense of his own humanity.

      1. I think Beta is the new Gamma when the only power you have is to write cyber lies about people – how about you use use your crappy World Passport and go and and explain to Rachel Cassidy’s parents why you didn’t give a fuck if you drove that blameless person to suicide? You won’t, because you have NO BALLS!

        1. Oh, I forgot, you can’t leave the land known as Germany until you pay a whopping fine, and you will be arrested in the United States as the Petty Terrorist you are and be duly prosecuted for being a coward and having NO BALLS!

  31. okay….so how do you “game” online??? Do you just not kiss ass and basically neg women like the guy who said “gross” to the ax spray model did? Is that the “secret”? Please freaking expound.

  32. Amen. This article is completely accurate.
    I see this type of nonsense all the time. Thirsty omegas will post all kinds of thirsty message to the pavlovian stimulus of a sexy image from a girl. The end result is the girl gets even more narcissistic and even more shallow, so that when a real Man comes along she treats him just as she does the others.
    I had a similar situation on FB not too long ago. I messaged this 9.9 because i was attracted to her but i did it in an Alpha way (no thirst, just interest) she responded by issuing me a “test” of asking me if i wanted to marry her. When i said no, she responded by saying i passed her test by not indulging in a ridiculous request.
    That inspired me to think she was different but, her later actions proved otherwise. After the obligatory exchange of images (to prove we weren’t “catfish”) she constantly asked me to send her images with special messages to “prove” i was different, when doing so would have made me the same as every guy who would jump through hoops in a similar position.
    I had great hopes for her because her conversation was actually pretty decent but, after one too many requests to demean myself by catering to her ego i finally lost interest in her. I stopped calling her and she did the same.
    I am no one’s circus sideshow, no matter how gorgeous.

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