Why Is WordPress Employee Kevin Conboy Threatening To Delete Blogs He Disagrees With?

I’ve been using WordPress for several years now. I love WordPress as a technology, but more importantly, I love what WordPress stands for: the free exchange of information between individuals, and the triumph of raw ideas over the governments and corporations that would seek to control them.

Sadly though, it looks like WordPress might not be as trustworthy as we had hoped. On Twitter earlier today, a man named Kevin Conboy (pictured below) appears to have threatened to have a blog removed from the internet because he found the content offensive:


@alternatekev Hunting down cowards on the internet because they’ve just collided some worlds for me and they aren’t going to like it.

@jaydot http://heartiste.wordpress.com/2013/12/30/sociopathy-is-increasing-in-america/ and http://www.manosphere.at/24142/why-did-karl-halverson-pierson-attack-his-school-and-kill-a-pretty-girl

@jaydot if i find enough evidence of incitations for violence in the first link, I can have them removed from the internet.


Since then, he has gone on the defensive and protected his Twitter account. But the tweets have been preserved by the author of the blog that Conboy was offended by, who issued a statement today:

“We hear so much about liberal tolerance and open-mindedness, yet in practice it’s hard, and getting harder, to find actual examples of anything but the opposite behaviour

WordPress is a great platform, and a model for other hosting companies. They have provided a free service that has fostered a true renaissance of ideas …. One wonders if WordPress.com is aware that one of their employees is a gung-ho advocate of disappearing wordpress-hosted blogs for writing things that offend his exquisite sensibilities? I’m not a fly on the wall at WordPress headquarters, but I can’t imagine an employee so transparently antagonistic to the first principle of a company to expand the means with which free thinking men can communicate to the masses would be the sort of saboteur with whom the company wishes to associate.”

The other article was one published here at Return Of Kings, which does not run on WordPress.com.


So who is Kevin Conboy? According to his LinkedIn profile, he has been a key member of the WordPress team for the past four years, with the following experience:

“Complete user interface and interaction design ownership for Polldaddy.com. I’ve got designs and interfaces running on WordPress.com, Akismet.com and more. I managed the incredible team that designed, built and launched restaurants.wordpress.com and the free Confit WordPress theme. Designed free Ideation & Intent WordPress theme. Coded HTML 5, CSS 3, PHP 5.3, jQuery and WordPress plugins and themes for Polldaddy support sites, various web apps, Polldaddy mobile apps and blogs. Objective-C/Cocoa coding and UI implementation for iOS on iPhone and iPad, initial version accomplished by a team of five in under two weeks. Implemented responsive and hi-res CSS updates across the Automattic web presences, Polldaddy in particular. I have spoken at and organized multiple regional WordCamps, including Denver and Boulder. I have worked at Happiness Bars helping users with WordPress problems at WordCamps, SXSW and more. I provide ongoing organizing and leadership of local WordPress meetups and Happiness Hours. I was the lead organizer and designer for WordCamp Denver 2012, and most likely both for 2013. I have written product announcement blog posts immediately broadcast to over 10 million email subscribers, garnering 600+ WordPress.com likes and 500+ retweets. I’ve designed UI and done hi-res graphics production for one of the most popular social sharing plugins available for WordPress in the world, as available in Jetpack. Made complete UI overhaul to Polldaddy WordPress plugin. And so. Much. More.”

In other words, Conboy is an influential person over at Team WordPress. And while I’m sure he’s a talented developer, the real question is: do WordPress users feel comfortable hosting their blogs with a company that employs someone who makes public threats against authors who offend him?

The ongoing Twitter backlash against Conboy suggests that many WordPress users feel the answer is ‘No.’ Some have even suggested that if WordPress continues to employ alleged “fascists” such as Conboy, they will be looking into other content management systems.At a time when internet users are growing increasingly concerned with privacy, surveillance, censorship, and the ‘chilling effect’ on free speech that is the necessary result, it is disappointing to see a company which once stood for free expression and the democratization of information – Automattic (the company behind WordPress) – doesn’t seem to have a problem with employing anti-free speech potential fascists such as Kevin Conboy.

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210 thoughts on “Why Is WordPress Employee Kevin Conboy Threatening To Delete Blogs He Disagrees With?”

  1. My god these liberal communist atheist fucks are getting out of control. It’s time to create a theocracy centered around a common religion. Fuck multiculturalism and fuck all of these tiny dicked liberal mangina faggots.
    All praise to Roosh, one of the gods of the new world

      1. Well if the Zionists would stop intefering in those countries, I am sure that they would become nice places to live.
        You are aware that all Mossad agents have demolitions training and that most of these “car bombings” worldwide are actually false flag terrorist attacks done by Mossad and then blamed on Muslims?

        1. “You are aware . . . that
          most of these “car bombings” worldwide are actually false flag terrorist attacks . . .”
          Yes. You aware that we keep catching the FBI and CIA doing them? Wait, don’t tell me, let me guess:
          The Juice set them up.

      2. You fucking pussy. YOUR ANCESTORS lived in theocracies. Glorious, beautiful, man-centered theocracies. EUROPE was once a network of affiliated monarchies who all, for the most part, kissed Papal ass. That was arguably the most secure period in the history of Western Culture. I’d like to fucking strangle you with my bare hands for implying that all theocracies are benighted, backwards shitholes like Pakistan. Motherfucker.

        1. I strongly disagree on all three of your points. All of those kingdoms were constantly at war with one another, they did not kiss papal ass, and it was not a period of stability. The church was in part responsible for a lot of that instability, playing kingdoms off of one another. Do some reading on the Thirty Years war, for instance.

        2. Yeah it was all game of political chess between the European monarchies. Almost all the monarchs hated the Pope and it was always a dick measuring contest between them and the church.
          The only time that the Euro kingdoms banded together was either forming alliances against each other or when something like the Muslims tried to invade. As much as they hated each other being ruled by the Moors was unthinkable.

    1. religion, man? really? that’s your bastion of reason and fairness?
      p.s. i do hope this time you`ll actually answer instead of copy-pasting “gorilla warfare” threats..

      1. Here is my reply.
        You guys have to understand that you cannot both have your cake and eat it too. You cannot enjoy both the benefits of the modern liberal society and the traditional conservative societies at the same time.
        In the modern liberal society, men and women both enjoy a high level of freedom. As a result, the women become ultra masculine and independent.
        In the traditional conservative societies, both men and women’s freedom is limited, but as a result, you have masculine men and feminine women.
        So you have to make up your mind. What world do you want? Do you want a traditional society where women are feminine? Or do you want a society that gives you almost unlimited freedom but with the side effect that women are no longer feminine?

        1. You keep the cake, I’m just going to eat it.
          Hew to the middle, it’s the polar extremes that are dangerous for society, there are multiple shades of gray between your two extremes of black or white

        2. For thousands of years Egypt was ruled by a theocracy, however, the religion, and thus the state, did not regulate marriage or divorce.
          Your dichotomy has excluded a middle.

        3. Well, the only place in the world where I have found a balance, that is, where it is not too liberal and not too conservative, is Southeast Asia.

        4. And one of the “liberal” freedoms you have, one that you likely take so for granted that you don’t even question it as a liberal freedom, is to travel.
          You may even, if you can find one that is agreeable to both you and them, place yourself under another authority and renounce that which you are now under.
          I might point out that making this an easy thing to do is one of the reasons why the United States of America are a confederation, rather than a nation state.
          I might further point out that in traditional American political philosophy the federal government is not, because it cannot be, liberal.
          “Liberal” has no definition in the American political context. It is a divide by zero problem. It means “giving,” and the federal government was formed in such a way as to explicitly forbid it have much, if anything, to give.
          Liberality is a right reserved to The People.

        5. Well your argument is invalid. If I lived in a traditional society where women were feminine, I never would have had the desire to travel in order to find feminine women.
          Your argument is kind of like arguing “if you go back in time and kill yourself, will you disappear in your present self?”

        6. Your argument is inchoate and your counterargument is simply chaotic.
          It probably comes from you thinking with your small brain, capable only of autonomic response, rather than the rather larger one with the rational brain centres in it.

        7. I have a friend from Pakistan. He has lived under a merciless society where ironically enough, his mother can be the cheerleader for the Taliban. Virtually every aspect of his life was controlled by a theocratic society where you can be guilty of a thought crime. He managed to flee from Pakistan and has disavowed all aspects of Islam and religion in general. You have NO idea what you are asking for. You think your life is bad under feminism? It is nothing compared to the hell on earth in places like Pakistan or Afghanistan. You think you’ll have freedom as a man to do as you please? You think that opening the flood gates to allow religious fundamentalists to take over your country and society will give you a kind of utopia?? Hell will be brought to earth if Islam and other religious fanatics are allowed to rule. At least with feminism, you can criticize it. Try criticizing religion in places like Saudi Arabia or Pakistan. Your head will be on the ground…literally. I for one, have decided that I will fight religious domination of society for as long as I draw breath. You have no idea how lucky you are to be born in America when you could have been born in a 3rd world hell like the places I mentioned.

        8. Feminine women. No contest.
          Also, you have a bullshit understanding of freedom within a non-specific (aka: no extra/unnecessary theocratic rules) conservative society. True, efficient conservatism only limits individual freedom insofar as it would impinge on group rights and well-being. I’ve lived in a high density liberal individualist society my entire life. It’s a hell hole with severe livability problems that will never, ever be fixed. I’ll take a more rule driven, ordered, sane society as soon as it’s offered.

        9. OCD religious bullshit is anachronistic. Islam and other associated “metaphysical scary man” systems for social control are yesterday’s news, insofar as they are not a spreading problem. Like a virus. They are double trouble in the hands of tribes with freely murderous impulse who probably shouldn’t be governing themselves to begin with because they can’t stop freely killing each other, killing other people, and they will likely never stop. The reason du jour is tired and no one wants to hear it anymore.
          The world needs people who can self-regulate; ie: control themselves within a local group as well as within the greater intergroup context. People who can self-impose rules of conduct for the greater good. No religious OCD bullshit required. Anyone else is last millennium’s model, any and all liberals or conservatives that fall within this category included.

        10. You should likely not speak publicly on subjects on which you have no understanding. Just a tip.
          Liberalism and conservatism has zero to do with travel restrictions. ZERO. No argument to the contrary is possible.
          Lol…liberal means “giving”?? Are you sure??
          It does not “mean” giving. The essence of liberalism is the breakdown of group political structure, or individualism. That’s what it “means”.
          “Liberality” huh? Too much…

    2. You Christian right are no better. You sound like an angry child who is just as ignorant (if not worse) than those you criticize.
      God, ROK is being hijacked by American jingoists and right wing radicals faster than Islamists and al-Qaeda are hijacking Syrian rebellion.

        1. Okay, fair enough. But a theocracy? I hate multiculturalism, liberalism, and feminism too, but I’m also an atheist. I don’t like how people automatically group atheists together with those other groups.
          If you want a traditional patriarchal society, you’re better off with fascism than theocracy.

        2. Is it weird to be conservative, capitalistic and agnostic/atheist ? Because that’s how I view the world. That’s why I love this site, that’s why I’m trying to become a better man and an alpha male.

        3. The whole alpha/beta thing is a bit of a joke and it’s also very America centric.
          You guys want to talk about aloof game? I’ve seen guys become celibate monks and actually give up the desire to associate with women. And guess how women react? It drives the women insane and the women are desperately striving to get such detached and aloof men’s attention.
          For some reason, women cannot stand the idea of a man becoming free from the control of women. But they try to bait him and “capture” him, and try to bring him under their control.

        4. I’ve seen that a lot, when you disassociate themselves from women, and go your own way, you start to see past the boobies, and point out their flaws; which they don’t like. Then they try to pull you in, and use sex as a means to an end.

        5. I figured that you were from some lower caste cult that worships bedbugs or something like that lol

    3. Big man.
      As an atheist, religion has done more to suppress speech (and ideas) than any single government or corporation. Well, unless you consider religion a corporation.
      Sure, the original cathedrals enforced a modicum of civility, but they also enforced slavish obedience dedicated themselves to eradicating ‘heretical’ ideas. Ask Galileo about the wonders of the cathedral. Ask the soldiers of the crusades (Christian and Muslim) how ‘enlightened’ those cathedrals were.
      They were brutal dictatorships, led by effeminate men using fear of an invisible sky wizard.
      I am responsible for my actions, not the devil (or whatever the Muslim, Hindu, Brahmic, et al. counterparts are) mate. The cathedral cannot absolve, condone, or grant me license.
      Go back to your dictated existence and let men run the world.

      1. While I agree with you, that everyone needs to be responsible for their own actions, don’t you think it’s slightly arrogant on your part to declare that there is no god?
        You can even support a religious conservative culture and be an atheist at the same time. Frankly, it is the CULTURE which is important, at least in the material sense, because it is the CULTURE which controls women and keeps them from becoming polluted.

        1. No more than the arrogance of assuming there MUST be a God.
          The problem with supporting the religious culture is that you end up indirectly supporting the cathedral that also wants to suppress ‘heretical’ ideas. You also forget that the vast majority of believers reflexively believe in the absolution offered by God and the Devil. Yes, even the Devil offers a form of absolution, and has existed to absolve God ever since Job.
          ‘I was able to succeed because of God,’ says the fullback. ‘The Devil made him do it!,’ cries the mother. This is the result, a group of people unable to accept personal responsibility because of faith. I can’t support that.
          I also can’t accept, or support, a culture that demands obedience to the effeminate men or the sky wizard will cast you out. The cathedral lost that right, regardless of religion, by it’s own abuses. Holy Mother church repeatedly hides kiddy rape. Clerics declare holy wars that allow martyrdom. These are merely some egregious examples of the Abrahamic religions, I’m not even touching the others.
          I may be an atheist, but I have a highly tuned sense of right vs wrong. While it likely doesn’t match yours exactly, I’d like to think we’d be fairly close on the big issues. I’d also like to think that men (real men) don’t need religion. That real men accept responsibility for what they do, without question, good or ill, without trepidation. We may sneer at the idiocy of society, but that we also are critical of ourselves. Being a red pill is saying that you (and myself) hold ourselves to the highest standards. The left and right may lower theirs, they may fall prey to feminism, or Marx, or Rand. We do not hold any idea as concrete except for critical self review to a standard that would make them all cringe in fear.
          We are the standards bearers. We are the leaders. We are the makers.
          We are not your slaves.

        2. Yes, this. Second paragraph. Although, I would wholly reword the last sentence. Also, it’s good for men and, to be consistent with the wording that I disagree with, because it would also better “control” them and lead to less “pollution” (of character, the soul, etc.).

      2. Atheism is a belief system, exactly analogous to any religion.
        Though, I get the noble essence of your message.
        Try agnosticism out. It’s not so much about leaving the possibility open for the existence of a Semitic or other god, though it by default does that, but about being consistent in the logic of free thought. Closing off the possibility of something that can not be proven or disproven, no matter how unlikely, is bad mental hygiene.

    4. Mate, every society in history has been multicultural.
      Its just that each generation defines its multiculturalism in a different way.
      Back in the 1950’s in England the multicultural issue was between Catholics and Protestants. Go back a thousand years and it was Normans v Saxons.
      A few years ago I was down the pub and a very drunk and elderly Scotsman was complaining about all the “immigrants”.
      I pointed out to him that three generations ago he would have been called an immigrant.

      1. Oh, please, you’re not fooling anyone with that crap. Scottish immigrants are not the same as Roma or Muslim immigrants and you know why and why the former are much more preferable to the latter.

        1. Yeah! We need the Scottish immigrants to oppress the Irish immigrants for us! The Irish in turn can tend to our Negros who look after our livestock.

        2. Don’t forget that when the Jamestown colonists realized that there was no plumbing in the New World they immediately began importing Poles.

        3. That’s what people say every time a new wave of immigrants arrive.
          They say “These people are incompatible with our culture”. Then after a period of time has passed another wave of immigrants arrive and everyone has got used to the last lot and start the whole process again.

        4. So you’re saying it will be ok because it’s always been ok. An. Incan or an Aztec might disagree with that. Ask yourself this: has modern England benefited from the last 20 years of immigration? What about the last 50 years? When is enough enough?

      2. Gag on a dick, Lefty. I hope an immigrant crawls through your “flat’s” window at 3am with a machete and a hard on.

        1. “Korea”
          Hines Ward. Issues with Chinese migration since time immemorial.
          The remnants of the aboriginals who stubbornly refuse to die out and blow way.
          Millions of Koreans. A fair number of Filipinos as well. They are Japan’s Mexicans.
          The traditional kimono? As much Portuguese as it is Japanese (and derived from Chinese). In fact, the word for the Japanese under kimono isn’t even Japanese. It’s Portuguese to signify where it came from.
          The American presence was strong before the war, and has totally run rampant since the war. How many kimono do you see in Tokyo on a Saturday afternoon?
          Jeeeeeeeeezus, dude. Haiti is so multicultural it isn’t funny. That’s one of the things that makes it such persistent crap hole.
          Turks, Kurds, Arabs, Armenians, Greeks . . . it used to be the nexus of a major empire you know? Istanbul might well be the most multicultural city there has ever been. London is only playing catch up.
          Remember what I said about empires? The official language is English. Think about it. There are nearly 100 other languages. Some of them are Indian languages.
          Did you even bother to look these up first?

        2. 1. Hines Ward does not live in Korea and they allow almost zero non-Korean immigration. Over 99% of Koreans have Korean ancestry. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/South_Korea#Demographics
          2. Non-Japanese foreigners are less than 1% of the population and Japan allows almost zero non-Japanese immigration. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japan#Demographics
          3. Haiti was multicultural before they killed all the whites. It is now almost 100% black.
          4. Turkey – there are very few non-Muslims in Turkey and they allow virtually zero immigration. Kurds are a distinct non-Turkish ethnic group but they are Muslim and visually indistinguishable from the Turks. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turkey#Demographics
          5. Zambia – again almost 100% African. Well over 90% come from the nine main tribes of Zambia (all black).
          So should these nations be allowed to stay monoracial?

        3. “Istanbul might well be the most multicultural city there has ever been”
          Can you point me to the black or Hispanic neighborhoods in Istanbul?

        4. “The traditional kimono? As much Portuguese as it is Japanese (and derived from Chinese). In fact, the word for the Japanese under kimono isn’t even Japanese. It’s Portuguese to signify where it came from.”
          Should Portuguese immigration be allowed in Japan? Would the Japanese be racist to say no to millions of Portuguese?

        5. “The remnants of the aboriginals who stubbornly refuse to die out and blow way.”
          And who are completely removed from Japanese society. And are indeed dying and blowing away.

        6. “It is now almost 100% black.”
          Black is a pigment density; not a culture. It is a “race” only the absolute crudest sense. The sort of sense that would make you a hamster, because you are a mammal.
          The Irish are not Poles, Finns or Georgians. The Napoleonic culture of Louisiana is not at all the English Common Law culture of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
          It does not seem that your real issue is about culture at all.

        7. The point is they are not diverse. Besides, they are not letting in blacks from other nations either.

        8. So why are there no blacks in Turkey? Shouldn’t they be opening up their borders to African immigrartion to be truly diverse and multicultural?

      3. That diversity was among people of similar European ethnicities.I never saw any blacks in London as a boy. Yes, London!

    5. Goddamit, I just typed 3 different comments and they all fucking disappeared.
      Fuck it. I ain’t wasting time commenting here anymore if my goddamn comments aren’t even going to show up.

  2. People won’t stop using their “content management systems” (CMS). WordPress is the best CMS and is free. What Heartiste may have to do is pay $50 a year for his own domain and hosting (like ROK has) and just port his site to his own domain; which a blog as popular as Chateau Heartiste should have done years ago.

    1. hosting costs…
      CH is quite popular. His only revenue stream from the blog is the donations link.
      These wouldn’t increase if he had his own domain.

      1. http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/heartiste.wordpress.com
        Those are his ratings. It’s actually not too bad but you also have to understand that the Internet is full of a lot of poor losers and kids who have nothing to do with themselves and that even a good rating for a site does not translate into dollars.
        Now, look at Jezebel’s rating
        and Huffington
        You really have to get into the top 1000 to have even a bit of merit and the ability to make some money from it from advertisement

    2. Well the other thing is that if you have someone who is pretty good with MySQL and PHP you can probably download a CMS written in PHP and host everything yourself, 100% and be beholden to no one. The CMS you can find to download might not be as feature-rich and EZ to use as WordPress but it would be yours and no one could tamper with it (legally, anyway.) I am using a small one for my local saddle club website which I just ported from Windows/ASP to Linux/PHP and it was pretty easy to set up and use. I did pay $10 for it but that gets unlimited upgrades and email support if I need it.

      1. There is a BIG distinction between WordPress as CMS and WordPress.com hosted service.
        CH is hosted on Automattic’s hosted blogging service… and, that is where that mangina was planning to misuse his power and delete CH. However, CH has full flexibility of downloading wordpress, set it up on his domain and export everything there. No one can mess up his site at his will…

        1. I didn’t realize that, I know Blogspot used to allow self-hosting but then they changed the policy to only host on their servers. I don’t have a lot of experience with WordPress (or blogspot for that matter – I prefer to roll my own.)

      1. Fun fact:
        Did you know that once someone is hired by the police or any government agency they become morally perfect and never make bad or evil decisions?
        This is why only government employees should have weapons.

    1. Interesting, because I have seen letters from several parents of kids from that school who were there that day who took the exact opposite stance: They praised the armed Sheriff who was there, credited him with stopping the more violence that it was obvious was intended to be done and stated in closing “what we need less of are gun free zones and instead to ensure all schools have armed personnel – including teachers, janitors, staff, etc – anyone who is trained and feels responsible enough to do so.”

      1. “He’s here, and what have we been through together.”
        And just what is it that they have been through together?

    1. WordPress has good reason to be against Heartiste’s site. CH is a race-baiting website running on **private property** (WordPress). If the site’s authors attack people based on race (blacks, Jews, Arabs, Asians, Latinos, etc.), they have a right to take it down.
      FREE MARKET BUSINESS… NOT CENSORSHIP. We are too smart to be carrying water for CH, a site that hates many of the contributors to ROK. Only leftist pansies like CH lose it when private businesses do not cater to their feeeeeeelings.
      If Heartiste wants to race-poop all over the Internet, he can do it on his own **paid for** property. His free speech rights end where WordPress’s private property rights begin. If a black man were preaching white hate on privately owned property, the same rules would apply.
      Businesses have no duty to respect Heartiste’s hurt feeeelings. If he wants to take a dump, he should buy his own potty. WordPress has a right to defend their brand. When a business does that, it’s **free market business**; when a government does it, it *may* be censorship.

      1. You protest too much. Sure, WordPress can take down whatever site they want but this will have a chilling effect on other publishers, and could tarnish their brand name.
        Similarly, A&E network can run whatever programming they want but it is good business to support and stand behind their bread and butter – the viewers – and not take a huge poop by suspending the most popular character in their most popular show.

        1. You protest too much. You should take your protest up with Facebook, Twitter, ROK, Stormfront, and all the hundreds of private, right-leaning websites that ban or delete comments they don’t agree with.
          Explain how Heartiste’s right to free speech exceeds WordPress property rights, right to freedom of association, and Terms of Service. Cognitive dissonance, it’s what’s for dinner.
          A downvote without a refutation is just an attempt to hide speech you disagree with. Hiding speech you disagree with is the exact same thing this article claims to be about.

        2. You ignored my point. You are only focused on your own point like an autistic child. WordPress can do whatever they want, after all they are a private company. I am merely suggesting that it might be a foolish decision to start deleting blogs that contain political speech they don’t like. It might make all their clients writing political blogs uneasy.

        3. Pros run these companies, not internet kids, and they know what they’re doing. You’ll notice that Duck is back on the air don’t you.

        4. OK kid stop making a fool of yourself, we’ve gone over this 50 years ago and you’re just boring us with your kiddiecrap.

        5. Why are you calling everyone “kid” on the internet? You sound like a priest who got busted for kidding around with altar boys and now says “kid” instead of “my child”.

      2. im guessing you’d be ok with black, arabs, jews and ltinos coming in your neighbourhood and fucking your wife/daughet/mother/sister …as ok as they are of you doing it.
        Wake the fuck up and realize the truth about different races. Truth aint so bad, it tell you where you need to improve.
        You sound weird like 10% of the matrix remains imprimnted on you

        1. Just an FYI: I’ve read negative things about my own nationality and religion on blogs. I don’t run to mommy to get them banned. I write a comment to show why they’re wrong or write my own thing. And….sometimes, it turns out, they’re not wrong. The truth is often hard for people to take, myself included.

        2. “black, arabs, jews and ltinos coming in your neighbourhood”
          Dude, throw in Italians and Irish and that is the neighbourhood I was born into.
          The great cities have always been cosmopolitan.

        3. That assumes Weston is not black or Arab or Jewish or Latino. Read the comment again and see if you can tell. Moron.

      3. Downvotes but no one has refuted any of the points made about private property, etc.
        CH has a chilling effect while inciting racial hatred, while using WP’s private property — WP says no just as Twitter, Facebook, and even ROK have done hundreds of times. WNs cannot contain themselves and run to the ramparts. Hypocrisy?

        1. I don’t agree with a lot of the CH racial stuff. That being said, he can say it and it’s no skin off my nose.
          Then again, and this isn’t supporting idiot boy Kevin, if I owned WordPress I could kick anyone off of it I felt like. That’s their property and their right.
          Of course the effects of free speech do not mean protection from the how people react except under very specific circumstances. (e.g., just because you disagree with CH or Lindy doesn’t mean you can curb stomp them)
          As a property owner, I can set a bunch of rules however, and that’s my right.
          Personally, if CH needed to move and had to raise cash I’d make an anonymous donation, if only to watch Jezebel feminists gnash teeth when his site returned (hopefully) bigger and better than ever.

        2. They do, the one’s who own the co. If you don’t like it then host your own website and pay for the privilege.

        3. It’s cheap running your own site so if this CH moron wasn’t a complete loser he would just pay for his nonsense himself. Raise cash? lol The losers on these sites won’t even spend $2 for some e book. If you have no money then you are a loser and anything you write is worthless and from a loser’s point of view. “Game” is some worthless hocus pocus and if you look at its proponents they are all poor losers. That should tell you something but you’re too naive and desperate to see it. The winners are winners as the result of heredity, environment and work, all of their lives from birth. Not some 20 something who things he can “improve” himself (that in itself is a omega idea) by learning a few tricks or working out at some gym lol I think that you gameboys should just accept the fact that you’re ordinary and that you’ll have an ordinary job (if you’re lucky) and may get some 5-6 type girl like yourself. And I’m being very generous here because most of you are in the antisocial misfit class.You can avoid a lot of hardship by just accepting your fate.

        4. It’s cheap running your own site so if this CH moron wasn’t a complete loser he would just pay for his nonsense himself. Raise cash? lol The losers on these sites won’t even spend $2 for some e book. If you have no money then you are a loser and anything you write is worthless and from a loser’s point of view. “Game” is some worthless hocus pocus and if you look at its proponents they are all poor losers. That should tell you something but you’re too naive and desperate to see it. The winners are winners as the result of heredity, environment and work, all of their lives from birth. Not some 20 something who things he can “improve” himself (that in itself is a omega idea) by learning a few tricks or working out at some gym lol I think that you gameboys should just accept the fact that you’re ordinary and that you’ll have an ordinary job (if you’re lucky) and may get some 5-6 type girl like yourself. And I’m being very generous here because most of you are in the antisocial misfit class.You can avoid a lot of hardship by just accepting your fate.

        5. OK – so if someone doesn’t like blacks blaming whites for their problems, you would be fine with them shutting down a black website that does so?

        6. If t’s private they can do what they want. And if it’s some free service then you can object to the owners and if they don’t remove it then just don’t go to their websites and let them lose traffic which effects their income from sponsors.

        7. Well, it is not so difficult. When you negatively categorize an entire group of people based on the color of their skin or ethnic origin, which defines nothing about their cognitive abilities or the like, you are in fact “a racist”. It is not a rational act, it is irrational hatred. And we like rationality, at least we should.
          And Asimov´s rules, of course.

        8. Got it. So when blacks advocate affirmative action or blame others for their problems that is racist.

        9. You do realise that the reason Heartiste’s blog was targeted was because of the topic of “school shootings” not “racism.”
          Yet all of you write as if it was Heartiste’s “racism” which is what got his blog targeted, and then use his “racism” as the reason which justifies his blog removal due to private property rights.
          Methinks the reason that you write that private property rights justifies the removal of Heartiste’s blog, has more to do with your belief that Heartiste’s blog is racist than with the legal or moral philosophy behind private property rights. Otherwise, why in all of your discussions about why his blog should be removed, is the original cause of WordPress’ (hypothetical) actions, the topic of “school shootings”, so transitive?

        10. To be rational would be to look at the huge data sets from international IQ testing and conclude that blacks as a race are significantly less intelligent than whites and asians.
          That is not racism, but scientific rationalism.
          Yet, I doubt you will see it as such.

      4. Very good arguments and I have to admit that you have swung me on the issue. At first I felt that it was a matter of protecting free speech and opposing censorship, but WordPress has a right, as a private business, to disassociate itself from whatever ideas it likes. I still don’t think it is necessary, but they’re perfectly entitled to do so. I’ve read some heartiste posts before, he often writes extraordinarily well, but he is a bit of a racist cunt

        1. Of course they have a right to delete anything they don’t like as a private business. And they are smart enough to make their own business decisions without advice from the peanut gallery lol

      5. CH is entertaining but race baiting is a big part of how he gets his views, if he changes his format he may lose a considerable amount of readers. Truthfully I have no problem with White Pride, everyone should love their reflection in the mirror. White Nationalism I just find hilarious, especially their love of Hitler and fascism. I do not know if CH actually believes all the shit he says, but he is entertaining.

      6. You have a point, Weston. But if WordPress does decide to “take down” blogs for specific reasons, they’ll need to do so in a non-discriminatory way or face repercussions from the public. If they remove writers from only one side of the political spectrum, the fallout will be massive because smart people from all sides will say “what if it’s us next?” and take their business elsewhere.

        1. I’m sure that they’re smart enough to make their own business decisions and don’t need any advice from some poor kid.

      7. The issue is double standards. How many black sites support affirmative action or hate crime double standards or Trayvon Martin. None of them are being taken down.
        In any event CH does not attack people based on rce.

      8. i only agree with you insofar as private businesses have the right to do what they like.
        but frosts article here is an effective and powerful form of shaming that might get this idiot conboy to stop his bullshit

      9. When everything and everyone is owned by private companies (corporate feudalism), there is no such thing as freedom of speech.

      10. You’re absolutely correct. WordPress is a private business and can do anything they please include removing anything they don’t like. The 1st amendment only applies to government censorship, not private. And btw, this little turd at CH aka as Rusty’s Shack seems to like to block anything HE doesn’t like, including blocking whole IP blocks, so let him get a taste of his own medicine. The little basement dwelling loser seems to think that he can crap all over the place on someone else’s money and business.I suggest he get a job and pay for his own bullshit.

      11. I’m amazed at all the up votes this comment has gotten. Imagine for a second that ROK was hosted on WordPress. Now imagine a feminist had come on here and made the same comment, only using gender instead of race to justify WordPress shutting the site down. How many of you would have up voted her comment? How many of you would have (rightly) viciously attacked her, and told her to take a fucking hike?
        You’re either in favor of the free exchange of ideas, or you’re not. You don’t have to agree with everything CH has to say. But to claim that WE have a right to make politically incorrect speech, and he doesn’t because we don’t agree with him is the height of hypocrisy. And frankly, something a feminist would do. Their words. If you don’t like them or agree with them, don’t read them. But if you champion a company like WordPress shutting down someone like Heartiste for unpopular speech, then you have no right to complain when the feminists convince companies like Twitter and Facebook to come after Red Pillers.

        1. Weston’s comment said nothing about ROK. If the ROK site were on WordPress, it would have been removed over a year ago. It would not have survived the Fat Shaming article, the 24 Signs post, or any of a hundred other posts that feminists don’t like.
          Fortunately, the founder had the foresight to get his own hosting and build his own traffic and attract his own readers. Heartiste the Lazy was/is not quite as smart or he was/is too lazy to build his own traffic, etc. so they are now playing The Crying Game and calling for white knights to bail them out.
          Lesson: if you want to post controversial content (especially racist diatribes) on a regular basis, man-up and get your own property. Don’t be a whiny, sobbing, entitled Heartbeeste.

      12. Just because someone has a legal right to deny you something does not translate into a moral obligation that you not be angry about it.
        Facts is, while WordPress is a private company and have a legal right to do with their property as they wish, others have both a legal and moral right to have opinions, (whether negative or positive) about WordPress’ actions.
        Indeed, I would argue, that if WordPress hold themselves out as bastions of free speech and freedom of information, then they have a moral duty to live up to those principles, else be labelled hypocrites and opposed to those bastions that they held themselves out to be supporters of.

      13. Pointing out the fact that black have lower IQs than whites isn’t “preaching hate” you degenerate little faggot.

    2. It’s now 1st search for “kevin conboy wordpress” and 2nd for “kevin conboy”.
      Brilliant. Your tactic of polluting the reputation of those who would tried to take us down is working.

  3. People that want to ban blogs/sites they don’t agree with are just plain dumb because it doesn’t work, it simply strengthens the movement of the ones that you want to ban especially in the age of the internet.
    What would they achieve by bringing down CH? A week maybe of it being down and then it comes roaring back with more publicity and more press and more influence.
    Think about this? Back in the olden days, you couldn’t even really effectively ban books when they written by hand much less the motherfucking internet.

    1. Yep…banning a book was a sure way to make it a hit…..menwondered “what is it that people do not want me to see”?

  4. It’s hard to be tough with your tail between your legs isn’t it, Kevin Conboy?
    Claims he can get CH and ROK “removed from the internet”.
    Then promptly removes himself from the internet.
    Sackless. Autistic. Fascist. Virgin. Kevin Conboy.

    1. I feel the need to post ‘Science doesn’t work that way!’ meme picture. The internet doesn’t work that way Kevin. Have a nice cup of coffee and realize you don’t even run WordPress, much less the Internet.
      I don’t agree with everything CH says, but I take the good with the bad. Just like people in real life, you appreciate them for what you like, and agree to disagree when you don’t.

      1. WordPress is a business. They need controversial blogs that pull viewers a LOT more than they need any one particular techie.
        Conboy is GONNA lose his job to overseas-outsourcing someday, anyway.

  5. Everyone is in favor of their own free speech right but they want to be able to censor and stifle other peoples free speech. I consider myself slightly left-of-center but I have to admit this kind of stuff is much more prevalent on the left. They just label anyone who disagrees with them a troll. It is kinda scary because all censorship’s exist to prevent anyone from challenging current conceptions and existing institutions. But all progress is initiated by challenging current conceptions, and executed by supplanting existing institutions. Consequently, the first condition of progress is the removal of censorship. But many if the left doesn’t seem to understand this concept. I am not advocating for Hateful, blasphemous, prejudiced, vulgar, rude, or ignorant remarks but one should be able to disagree respectfully and intellectually.
    There is no free speech Without the freedom to disagree, it ceases to exist.”
    Everyone is in favor of free speech. Hardly a day passes without its being extolled, but some people’s idea of it is that they are free to say what they like, but if anyone else says anything back, that is an outrage.
    A troll is someone you disagree with…It’s a pretty normal part of politics to acuse people who disagree with you of being communist/liberal/unamerican/troll (choose your insult) to devalue their opinion. Of course anyone who thinks that there are rogue admins is a troll, and can be banned for holding that opinion. Anyone
    who advocates reform or change that threatens the current power structure must be acting in bad faith, so they should be banned. It’s politics as usual.

  6. I sent this tweet.
    @alternatekev Hey loser. How about you stop your military killing innocent men, women and children before worrying about blogs?

  7. This is just the tip of the ‘berg.
    A Red Pill writer has disappeared without a trace and there is no information on his whereabouts.
    WF Price, the writer of The Spearhead, disappeared on the 7th of December without any intimation, but a dire forewarning that ” I am in trouble with Child Services, and this time its serious…… trying to avoid a stay at the King County Hotel”. (Prison)
    As any regular reader of his site would notice, he always prefaces absences with a short post about the upcoming absence but this time apart from a solitary tweet on twitter on Dec 23 he has been nowhere to be found.
    There is no one to moderate, no one to comment, no one to post at his site and no one to reply to the few people who are worried.
    It is ironic, that in this age of “liberty” parroted by the Blue Pill Community, one man can just disappear without a trace and there isn’t even a peep about it.
    We are not talking about a criminal, we are not talking about a thug, we are talking about a father and a good man.
    If there is any one endeavour in which we might take the first step to actually displaying some heft behind our words, it would be to find out any and everything about his current status and ways to help him.
    We have entrepreneurs, investors, writers, businessmen, lawyers, developers… so many people here.
    Do we not have the will to exercise our gifts to do something for our ideology?
    And even if he is not in danger ( fat chance) is this not a time to show that we do not wait for things to happen to us but find out and deal with them, AS MEN DO.
    Save Bill Price. So when they come for you, you will not stand alone.

    1. He is at the new Obama center for refemecation. He will be back soon with a new appreciation for how amazing each and every woman is!

    2. AFAIK, Price still thinks circumcision is a parental right, and is a sexually discriminatory mutilating child abuser himself, so. . .no.
      Let him rot, and be a warning to others not to temporize on the outright industrial commoditization of the sexual flesh of newborn baby boys.

      1. Did you have a circumcision that went tragically wrong or something?
        Of all the men I’ve met who hate their parents and think they were wronged in one way or another by the world I have never once heard one complain about his dick circumcised.

        1. >Did you have a circumcision that went tragically wrong or something?
          No, but as you can see, nobody really needs to have one such, either. The outright industrial commoditization of the sexual flesh of newborn baby boys is more than enough to justify strong opposition.
          >Of all the men I’ve met who
          Yes, well, nobody here at the adult table cares about your personal limited anecdotal experience, sweetie, so why don’t you go on back to the women’s and children’s tables now, mmmmkay? That’s a good girl.

        2. I find your foreskin obsession really odd.
          I know my anecdotal experience on the issue is meaningless to you and all the other manly man foreskin enthusiasts but share it regardless.
          Ill go back to my seat at the gay table or whatever condescending remark table you would like to imagine me sitting at.

        3. Curious why you think the re-purposing of discarded human tissue for the betterment of others is so evil. When you word it as “commoditization of the sexual flesh of newborn babies” it makes you sound like a fanatical creep who is looking for an excuse to have a problem with something.

        4. Translation: “What’s wrong? Baby got his dick mutilated in a superstitious religious ceremony and doesn’t like it”?
          A big Fuck You is about the only logical response to that.
          Fucking animal.

      2. So,
        According to your logic, you disagree with circumcision being forced, fair enough.
        I disagree with it too, but I can bet there are things that you believe in that i disagree with too.
        If i refused to help everyone i disagreed with, especially Men who do a whole lot of good, then when the time comes for you my friend, someone will be writing
        “Let Acksiom rot in Jail, he believes in xxxxyyzzz so let us negate all the good he has done and throw him to the wolves in his hour of need”.
        A rational man understands that disagreements are a part of our lives.
        Be rational, because when you will be in trouble, you will need the understanding of those willing to give you a shot.
        Anyone who has any info or wants to help please mail me at
        [email protected]
        Thank You

        1. Donation made at the Spearhead. I read that post but didn’t know he’d gone MIA. Hope enough people can help to make a difference.

        2. Acksiom has gotta be a major ManginaRightsMovement weeny to care that other men choose to keep covenant with God by circumcising their sons. If you don’t like circumcision, don’t do it.

        3. Thank You
          We require someone who knows on ground status. Donations are good but we want someone who can tell us where he is and how to get them to him.
          All donations may be going to Child Services for all we know, they can access and debit private accounts.
          We want Bill to have use of the money not his latvian canadian bitch of an ex-wife.

        4. Sorry, I don’t know anything. I’m not all that familiar with him except for a comment here and there that showed him to be a decent fellow. I think its commendable you’re taking up this cause and hope it gets spread further. It is absolutely a time to put aside any minor differences and recognize that this is an opportunity to take a stand on one of the most important issues men face today.

      3. I don’t know what he thinks about that but it’s a separate issue to the issue of child support and being incarcerated for non payment based on some crazy “imputed income” standard.

    3. We have entrepreneurs, investors, writers, businessmen, lawyers, developers… so many people here.
      99% of the people here do not fit into any of those categories so stop fooling yourself.
      And I hope that Price has managed to abscond because otherwise he’s just going to be in for years of periodically being harassed and jailed and he’s still not going to be able to see his kids. He won’t even be able to travel without a passport, driver’s license etc

  8. I sent the story as a tip to both TechCrunch and Slashdot. Hopefully
    it’ll get picked up by some larger outlets. I suggest anyone else
    concerned about this issue do the same.

    1. Want the whole nerd collective to know about this? Cross-post this to Hacker News as well (news.ycombinator.com).

  9. Make it well known that WordPress is risky with regards to freedom of expression and watch their business slowly disappear. Having one’s own domain name is better anyways.

  10. Most left liberals have always been Stalinists at heart.
    Witness the British Guardian “newspaper” which has, in the last few years run articles praising the former governments of East Germany and the Soviet Union.
    The typical way left liberals attempt to persuade people to their cause goes as follows;
    1) Emotional blackmail and lies.
    If this fails.
    2) Further emotional blackmail with questions about the sanity and morality of their opponents.
    And if that fails.
    3) Blunt threats to steal assets from the opponents and in some cases to kill them.
    Scratch a left liberal and find a Stalinist.

    1. “”I’d just ask that we make sure to remind ourselves and our users that the partners are just that, not simply notches on the bedpost, as eponymous as this appears to be.”-That’s the beta statement of the year.

    1. You just did. Whether or not you may, or should, are both separate issues.
      Also, define “FIRE,” “middle,” “crowded,” and “blog.”
      Other than that, I appreciate the humour.

    1. took me to a content not found page
      Did one of you guys go back in time and kill his father or something?

  11. Simple, stop using wordpress. They are not “the web”. Get off the web welfare if you don’t like the treatment. You submit yourself to their mercy by continuing use. I mean THIS site is using wordpress and I would highly suspect an attack on the site soon from ruffling feathers in the creators den.
    Man though, I wonder how many hours of WoW developed those robust moobs.

  12. Kevin Conboy’s son was in the school that Karl Halverson shot up.
    That’s why he’s freaking out over the ROK article. I don’t like that he’s going vigilante on WordPress blogs. But I can’t hate on the guy personally. His kid’s life was threatened three weeks ago. He had to sit there and watch, couldn’t do anything about it. He’s still angry and scared. This is his version of being Liam Neeson in Taken. “I have a very specific set of skills… that involve encouraging others to ban WordPress blogs.”
    I can’t pile on this guy. I don’t want him to get fired. I don’t want to be the Adria Richards here, gunning for some neckbeard because he said something stupid.
    If WordPress as an institution starts taking down blogs, they deserve to be fucked with. This guy as an individual just had the scare of his life and is reacting poorly.

    1. “That’s why he’s freaking out over the ROK article.”
      Yes, and that’s why he wants Heartiste’s blog deleted…
      “I can’t pile on this guy.”
      I can.
      ” I don’t want him to get fired.”
      I do.
      ” I don’t want to be the Adria Richards here, gunning for some neckbeard because he said something stupid.”
      I say: fire the fucker. Two can play this game.
      “This guy as an individual just had the scare of his life and is reacting poorly.”
      What a joke.

      1. I find scalphunting distasteful. I don’t like when they do it, and I don’t like when we do it. I want to live in a world where no one gets fired over tweets. If his tweets inspire bad actions, punish the people who act. Fire the guy who listens to this jerkoff and does something.
        It’s moot. They won’t fire him. “WordPress Yields to Misogynist Twitter Campaign, Fires Father of School Shooting Victim for Objecting to Hate Speech.” For a better Huffpo headline you’d need Ted Cruz raping a transgender teen kitten.

        1. “I find scalphunting distasteful. I don’t like when they do it, and I don’t like when we do it.”
          One side likes to punch, the other likes to be a punching bag.
          “I want to live in a world where no one gets fired over tweets.”
          And that’s why you write under a pen name and Kevin Conboy does not.
          “It’s moot. They won’t fire him”
          Of course not. You’re missing the point.

    2. I get your point but that’s not it. He wanted Chateau Heartiste blog to be taken down too, which had nothing to do with the shooting. He’s a typical mangina with a fat girlfriend(check his FB)

    3. While I sympathize with the situation his son was in, neither Heartiste nor anyone at ROK was at that school with a gun. We have also never advocated for killing kids at schools. It’s okay to get emotional about something that happened to your family, but he channeled it by abusing his position as a programmer to threaten censorship of writing he disagreed with.

  13. Kevin is super insecure – he’s not comfortable in his own skin and relies on others for strength; and he’s always trying to buy love. I would say he’s not really a concern: anything he can do will probably be symbolic at most. His strength lies mainly in his ability to influence others (though he also seems like the type to skulk around and be vindictive). Best offense is a good defence – limit dependence on wordpress. But what really hurts people like him is his fear of exclusion/rejection by the people or things that makes up his identity. Autommatic is a huge part of his identity right now; it’s his claim to fame. He may not like being harassed on twitter, facebook, or wherever, and it may bring up past painful experiences. But ultimately, he secretly likes the attention and feeds off of it. He probably also enjoys being whipped, anally penetrated, and having his balls crushed by a dominatrix. Lol. Because he’s like this, talking about him may backfire. Better to target his greatest fears, being alone/rejected/abandoned by the key relationships that make up his identity.

  14. When I hear “fascist” used in this manner, I’m reminded of the scene in The Big Lebowsky: “Stay out of Malibu Lebowski!” [kick] “Owwww! Fascist!”
    The term fascism has been used in this context for quite a while. Stalin referred to Finnish defenders as “fascist” for not allowing the red army to overrun them. Later, the left claimed that the right were “fascists” similar to nazis when the Nazis were National Socialists who have far more in common with the modern left than the right does.
    Fascism is a generic catch-all term for an authoritarian regime that squelches free expression when the classical definition actually means a corporate oligarchy in league with the state (which ironically is what national socialism evolved into just as the USA evolved into that today).
    Let’s be honest here and state that if we support free enterprise then wordpress has an absolute right to restrict opposing views just as A&E did with Duck Dynasty. At the same time, however, such people cannot claim to be noble supporters of free speech if they personally do not support it. It’s funny then when the left turns around and represses opposing views and makes fun of opponents for being “foxnews drones”. In other words, there are two points of view: theirs, and stupid closed minded bigots.
    The final irony is that foxnews is doing far better than most left wing media outlets for a variety of reasons: Even their own electorate is tired of their prepackaged message (how many times do you want to watch a newscast saying the same thing?) and too diversified as well (with 10 leftist news outlets saying the same thing, that dilutes the audience as compared to a right wing outlet serving a similarly sized market.)

    1. You are correct. However, I note that when technical terms can mean anything they in fact mean nothing.
      And when they mean nothing then rational discourse about them is also without meaning. Orwell had a few words to say about that. You might wish to review them.
      I will hold to the classical definition.

      1. That’s awful dumb of you. (get it? “Dumb” having multiple meanings?)
        I find understanding the nuances of words to be rather revealing and thought-provoking. I’m not sure what you mean by the classical definition. The one used by Mussolini or the populist use today?

        1. “That’s awful dumb of you.”
          No. It is awfully modern of me.
          “I’m not sure what you mean by the classical definition.”
          That’s awfully dumb of you, you supplied it.
          I love English. It is the greatest prose language that has ever existed in the history of the world, both for the breadth of its lexicon and the depth of its lexemes.
          I can spend hours lost in its etymology.
          For poetry I’ll take Spanish or Japanese.
          I’m afraid that leaves out the Polish of one of my great grandfathers, who came to America to escape the partitioned Commonwealth.
          Sometimes I go visit the statue of Tadeusz Kościuszko in my city’s town triangle (it’s a small city).

        2. I was giving you the benefit of a perhaps knowing a better source of the classical definition than me. I had done some research on the use of the term “fascist” and I’m unsure as to whether the use of the term by Mussolini is appropriate or whether the modern use of the term is more congruous with its classical origins.
          I found this dictionary.com reference rather amusing: ”
          a person who is dictatorial or has extreme right-wing views.”
          Defining a right winger as “fascist” and therefore oppressive is an action of an authoritarian mindset (pigeonholing one’s opponents as oppressive) and was, as I said, used by Stalin against Finnish resistance.
          In an era of such insanity, it’s no wonder that women are so messed up. The whole country is.

        3. ” . . .as I said, used by Stalin. . .”
          And as you said, used by the left. Do you see a trend here?
          As I said, review your Orwell.
          Review also the purpose of technical language, why it might differ from the prosaic and, most of all, why it matters.
          A dictionary is a wonderful prose reference. It is often more harmful than helpful with, ironically enough, well defined terms of jargon, because it isn’t actually interested in well defined terms. There are other, specialized references for those. You’ll need the complete set to understand the language in its entirety.
          A fascist is a right wing extremist. A capitalist is a right wing extremist. Therefore the terms are identity rather than referring to two separate ideas.
          Therefore . . . the angry socialist mob stones the poor kid who mows your lawn, even though he’s an OWS.

    2. You’re missing the point.
      Frost, Roosh, heartiste, etc are co-opting their language and using it against them.
      Casual observers don’t give a shit about the real definition of fascism.
      They see “fascist” and react as they have been trained- against those that have trained them to do so.

  15. Kevin Conboy seems to have his priorities messed up. Sounds like he’s been making a good living the past few years at WordPress, might even have sizable shares of preferred stock. I bet he’s been turned down by women despite his income that he makes.
    Instead of hating on these sites, he should embrace their teachings. They’re there for the benefit of people like him.

  16. FYI–The Libertarian International has recently had a blog deleted and many others shut down apparently by this fellow/his employees. It is asking others with troubles for documentation for possible large lawsuit ( or series of many to hundreds of local small suits) for breach of contract, discrimination, theft. If you GOOGLE you’ll see many people are complaining. One thing they seem to do is claim you’re ‘scraping’ if you quote someone–then ask you for money to start at their other pay site.

  17. This is why hosted blogging platforms are dangerous. You don’t have full control of your data unless its running on your OWN server.

    1. I am discussing this on the phone RIGHT NOW. Unpopular opinions PERIOD need their own servers. “Ex-Cathedra Webhosting.” Any investors out there?

  18. Liberal tolerance is like liberal debate in that both are oxymorons– unless the point of view is liberal, they don’t happen.

  19. Get a domain name and run it on your own server or if you’re too poor for that get some web hosting co. to do it (it’s pretty cheap anyway) I figure that anything free is crap anyway and you just have a bunch or kids and morons wasting space.

  20. They own the business. They can whatever they want with it. They can ban CH or endorse him. It’s called freedom and it’s usually leftists that want to restrict it. They want Duck Dynasty cancelled, they want Paula Deen crucified, they want Don Imus eliminated and on and on.
    It appears that most people calling CH a racist never read his blog. He writes about “Game” and sex probably 90 percent of the time. The rest is just his social observations. Nothing racist about them unless you are hyper sensitive little bitch.

  21. Ok people it’s political speech being censored and were calling wordpress out for this shot because CH is a mani sphere truth speaker kind if guy. And even if your some leftist who believes in racism you should find it chilling when open forums start deciding what hate speech is. It’s already a crime to incite violence as in plan to kill fat women for example. But to simply write about how horrible fat women are needs to be aloud. I don’t mean aloud by law forcing private companies to allow it as we are forced with femininism and race, sex things. I mean free market wise we can’t be for our money going to people against freedom of speech and ideas. Also Free speech doesn’t exist just try to only serve whites or only hire men etc.

  22. I have noticed an over-, and therefore mis-use of the word “coward.” Kevin Conboy here is a perfect example. Here, he refers to “cowards on the internet”, without really saying or implying a reason for this word choice. He only accuses them of “colliding some worlds” for him, whatever that means. His comments are hot air nonsense, indicating he has a bullshitter personality.
    The articles to which he referrs are clearly editorials written about an event that DID happen, not an event that SHOULD happen, so trying to justify his censorship behind the guise of preventing an incitation of violence is incredibly weak.
    To me, it seems that the real coward is someone who tries to silence a view different from his/hers. The cowardice is then magnified by tough talk and weak excuses.

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