The Red Pill Diaries


My buddy’s pissed, I kept him up all night banging a random tinderella the night before. Same script as always, go to same wine bar, get same bottle of wine, same suggestion to go to my place to try a caipirinha, and then bang. He gets over it, he knows I’d do the same for him and we head out Friday night to a supposed hot spot in town. After 30 minutes in line, we get in and bouncer gives us his card telling us to just email him next time in advance. Pretty sure wearing suits and not acting like a 20 year old college frat tard helped.

Warm up with some older girls, long enough to scope out the situation. Bid farewell to the golden girls and walk around more. Buddy hooks a girl, I entertain her ugly friend. No idea what she’s blabbing about but my buddy and I know to give each other at least 15 minutes to work on our respective targets. He leaves with his girl to another area, so I stay longer with the ugly grenade. Finally can’t take it anymore. She had mentioned giving up cigarettes nine years ago so I ask her if she wants to go smoke. Obviously says no, but there’s my polite way of getting out in case my buddy is still with his girl so grenade doesn’t get all pissy. Have to think ahead.

Find a group of girls and one gay guy. Girls weren’t having it with me, but I know the disarming value of a gay guy.  Tell him let’s go have a smoke. He agrees, I parlay his gayness into opening a girl outside. She sticks with me and he goes back in. Hooters waitress, keeps getting hit on by numerous guys, I calmly disarm them one by one. An hour later she seems into me but says is waiting for a friend here. A friend named “Michael.” She already has the dick on call. I try the robbery she won’t budge so I give up and get her #.

Later find a cute blonde near closing. Her friend is dancing with a guy and she is standing there with her arms crossed.  “You look like you’re having a horrible time.” She laughs, I comment on her body language. She’s into me but is visiting town and has to leave with her friends. Enthusiastically gives me her #. Probably useless but you never know. Regardless I feel like anything less than a bang from night game is a failure these days.


I wake up the next morning and take my dog for a walk. Outside I see a girl jump in a cab wearing heels and a dress, obviously from the night before. Nice job, random guy who banged her. I appreciate the fact that such girls exist for my enjoyment. But I also feel sad for the same girls as their sexual market value decreases with every day and bang that gets added to their lives. And they don’t even realize it.

Go back inside my apartment, make some eggs and get on the forum and ROK. Send some emails out to clients and do some work. Think about Russia and search for more language instruction. Found one, sign up. Time to go meet a client.

Put my suit on and head out. Read a book on the subway while thinking about having sex with every attractive girl I see en route. This no masturbation thing fills me with unbridled coital desire. Meet with my client’s assistant and we drive out to the meeting. He tells me of his two year relationship with his girl and how he is close to proposing. I can tell he is doing so because he thinks he has to, not because he wants to. I imply, carefully, about how men’s values increase as time goes on and for the girls it lessens. I have to be careful because of the work environment. He laughs and agrees, but I know he won’t do anything about it.

I have a group chat with friends. Check it and they are talking about everything from reality TV to their kids to their marriages. I think how far away I am from that. I’ve voiced my red pill beliefs before, they do not go over well with most of my friends. Most think I’m nuts, some think I’m in a phase, and only a few really get it (and therefore me).

Another friend texts me a screenshot of his texts with a girl and asks me what to do next. I’m no expert, but I’m ages ahead of most plugged in guys in America. I give him some suggestions. Later another buddy says a few girls didn’t respond to his texts, I tell him to text “whats up flake” per the Heartiste gem of a post. It works, conversations reignited.

Chat with other red pillers about life, dating and girls. I like conversating with people on my wavelength, it’s refreshing. Break down the previous night’s game with my buddy. I put a lot of effort into this, for better or worse.

I tell my date to meet me at a wine bar down the street from my apartment. Same routine over and over again because it usually works. I get there early to make sure I get a logistically sound seat – I don’t want to be sitting across from her. I find a guy sitting with empty chairs beside him on both sides, I ask him if they are free, he moves for me so I have two seats. I feel bad, he is there alone. So are two girls on his right but he doesn’t talk to him. C’mon buddy.

Date arrives. I can tell within 15 minutes she is not going to bang me. Lose interest and she won’t put her phone away, we get into argument, she leaves. Even the bartender was giving her shit. I pull out my phone to see what my buddies are up to, and do a quick tweet about the date to kill time until I finish my drink:

I turn to the two girls now on my right and start a conversation. They are receptive but not attractive enough for me to put in effort. I leave and go meet my friends at the bar. Three of us there now. Within 15 minutes I get called an asshole by two other girls. I guess I was just on point that night.

Three girls walk in, we pair up one guy one girl each. All are receptive. My hand is on her back almost immediately. Have no idea what she is saying and I’m pretty buzzed so I go on auto-pilot, having done this hundreds and hundreds of times before. I go out a lot at nights. I think we made plans to go to a sock hop.

An hour later my hand is already inside her shirt caressing her stomach and back. Take her to the couch and try to make out with her, she refuses. I keep trying and tell her to walk away if she doesn’t like it. I know she won’t. And she doesn’t. Women like persistence.

We each try to get our respective girls to come home with us, neither will do so. Two of us get numbers, the other doesn’t…the one that did not try to make out with his girl. On the way home he recognized his passiveness cost him. I reinforce his acknowledgment, girls don’t punish you for trying for sex. But they will punish you for not trying.


Wake up, walk my dog. Go to gym. Have another date that night, tell her to come over, cute girl I bedded on first date last week. Sweet girl, low self-esteem, white and super thin. My type. We make guacamole at my place. She has no idea what the hell to do in the kitchen. Looked at cilantro like it was quantum physics and told me this is the first time she’s seen an avocado “in it’s natural form.” American girls are just sad. This would never happen in Ukraine.

After sex we talk about various things. I gauge her bisexuality – she’s had a threesome before. Of course. Part of me is happy, a potential loophole into threesomes right here. Part of me was sad. Just once I’d like to be surprised that not all girls are slutty. But I’m desensitized by now. It’s a hard truth to accept, but it’s the truth nonetheless. She leaves, I go to sleep.


Get up, walk my dog, do some work and start writing this article. Fast forward to the night, date at wine bar again, this time with girl from Russian background. She takes out her phone, just to silence it and says she will put it away now. Manners, how lovely.

Go to the bartender to order same bottle of wine. She is hot, but dressed like a hipster. First time I’ve seen her here. Go back to Russia, pour wine and begin to sexualize conversation per usual. She won’t fuck unless it’s with a boyfriend but loves giving blowjobs.  First off an EE girls that likes blowjobs? Doubtful, but I can work with that for now at least. Make out on couches, try to finger she stops me. Try again, she stops me again.

Go close out with bartender, she’s drawing something. Go elderly on her, she’s a designer, has a shop, etc. etc. Asks my name, we exchange them. Some interest I see. I ask her what nights she works. Make a mental note to show up those nights with other dates, so as to dial up her competition anxiety, instill preselection, (insert other manosphere terminology).

Russia tells me she will help me with my language lessons. I get visions of tutoring sessions followed by blowjobs. Russia comes upstairs, stays true to her word. No sex, but blowjob. She’s way too good at this, I think of Clerks. 37 dicks in a row. Whatever makes her hamster happy I guess. Fall asleep spooning for an hour, she gets up and leaves. I go back to sleep. Wake up the next morning, walk my dog, do some work and finish this article.

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96 thoughts on “The Red Pill Diaries”

  1. The fact than you needed to tell the girl to put her phone away on the date is the most depressing fact to me. I encounter that too but what I want to know is who raises their kid to think that is acceptable behavior?

    1. nobody does. women are herd animals – if one does it, the rest will be corrupted sooner or later.

    2. Think of it as a form of passive aggressive body language. It is a hint that they are bored or uninterested. Only the true socially impaired don’t use their phone as a silent message to their date.

      1. ^^THIS
        Yeah i had this happen to me on a date, she kept looking at her phone, I called her out on it, told her it was rather rude. She STILL kept doing it. I should’ve dropped her right then and there, but I ended up trying to close her in my bed. Guess what….she didn’t want to fuck, weird right ? Made an attempt or two to hangout and close again, obviously no interest and I deleted her number.
        Next time a date does that in front of me, I’m calling them out once, if they do it again, I’m closing my tab and getting out of there. The more I’ve been gaming the less tolerance I have for bullshit and stupidity.

      2. They are bored or uninterested because they themselves as females are boring and uninteresting.

      3. I think it’s a little of both…the body language and the fact that, they too, are pretty boring (nothing to talk about past reality tv).
        It’s not only the men that need self improvement. Also, I think the phone and all of the apps are an addiction (people can’t go 5 mins without looking at it).
        Try this as an exercise: stop carrying your phone around all of the time (leave it in the car) and I promise you, you will not miss it. Phones are becoming a social crutch for too many, today. You may have to actually talk to someone face to face (hello!).

  2. Ah, the sometimes dissolute lifestyle of a man unplugged. Since you’re getting rather blase about your routine, perhaps it’s time to completely switch up your life so you don’t get stuck. The Russia plans do sound pretty cool, however.

  3. Not to be a downer, but this sounds expensive and very time consuming. CPN probably running $250-$300. I would turn my job into pure consulting, relocate out of country, and reinvest the CPN inefficiencies into a luxury Penthouse. My 2 cents.

    1. I fully agree with your second sentence, and I work and plan every day to reach that goal (well a variation of that, but no need to delve into that now). On your first sentence, I guess it may seem that way but I genuinely enjoy going out. I have my buddies with me, I enjoy the hunt, I enjoy meeting and talking with and trying to bring back girls. Sometimes you fail, sometimes you succeed. I love the chase more than the actual sex, most of the time.

      1. Fellow attorney and counselor-at-law here. I feel the same way–I enjoy going out. I enjoy the drunken revelry, the thrill of the chase, and the even greater thrill of success when it comes to fruition with a woman I barely know. This despite the fact that many people talk with disdain about going out to meet women at bars and clubs. To hell with them, it’s fun! Why shouldn’t we enjoy it? Because a few prudes and judgmental types criticize it as “hollow?” Well here’s a nihilistic newsflash: EVERYTHING is hollow, if you consider the fact that we’ll all be dead some day. So enjoy what you enjoy, and fuck the haters.

  4. Law dogger: I learn from your posts and respect your game, so don’t take this an attack, but… reading a description of a few days of game as practiced, it just sounds empty. Are you happy?

    1. I don’t get offended, so no harm at all. Generally happy yes, but I am not where I want to be…yet. As I commented to OtherSide, I do enjoy going out. I like drinking, and I have a great time when something like the 3 v 3 occurs and I know my friends and I are all having fun with some random girls we met a few minutes ago.
      Actually the more I think about it, I really enjoy going out. I like meeting random people, I like interacting with girls, I like making a girl laugh, I like knowing a girl is into me, I like it when girls call me an asshole, I like strategizing with my buddies on who gets who, and so on. It’s a fun game for me.
      Any lack of happiness I have derives from not having freedom, or options. Right now that is due to my income being tied to the US. Once I break that cord, for good, I know my happiness will skyrocket.

    2. “Just once I’d like to be surprised that not all girls are slutty.” Maybe you should stop searching for sluts?

  5. This sounds so cold and mathematical. I tip my hat to you for having your game down, but try and show more life in your recollections. I love your writing and you are honestly probably my favorite columnist on here – I just like to know that you enjoy what you do.

  6. “Just once I’d like to be surprised that not all girls are slutty. But I’m desensitized by now. It’s a hard truth to accept, but it’s the truth nonetheless.” The saddest part of this is they expect to find “a really good guy” to marry later on in life. Sorry, honey, men don’t want to marry a used up whore.
    However, there are beautiful girls out there who aren’t sluts. They are just rare.

    1. “Just once I’d like to be surprised that not all girls are slutty. But
      I’m desensitized by now. It’s a hard truth to accept, but it’s the truth
      My understanding about American culture is that people go to bars and nightclubs particularly looking for casual sex and one night stands in the first place, so nobody goes to a bar or nightclub expecting to find chaste people and stimulation conversation. Am I wrong about that?

      1. “or just get drunk with their girlfriends because they have no
        interesting or engaging/productive hobbies or interests in their shallow
        and vapid lives besides getting shitty on the weekends listening to
        garbage music while seeking validation from typical male bar/club folk. ”
        from previous comment. This is 99.9 % of females at bars these days.
        Bars are stupid.

  7. yawn… dating low quality girls and hang out at a wine bar… definitely something to brag about
    when are people going to put 2+2 together and realize quality people even women dont hang out at bars…. losers do
    its funny how many of these posts are constant whining about the low quality women of the us but refuse to fish in different ponds… stop hanging out in bars

      1. Actually, there is a lo of truth in his statement. Generally the only girls that hang out at bars and clubs are girls that are looking to get drunk and find some dick to ride – or just get drunk with their girlfriends because they have no interesting or engaging/productive hobbies or interests in their shallow and vapid lives besides getting shitty on the weekends listening to garbage music while seeking validation from typical male bar/club folk. You don’t look for boyfriends or future husbands at bars.
        On the other hand – realitycheck: Law Dogger doesn’t want a girlfriend. He wants sex. Sex is easily had by gaming tipsy girls at bars. Put 2+2 together.

        1. “or just get drunk with their girlfriends because they have no
          interesting or engaging/productive hobbies or interests in their shallow
          and vapid lives besides getting shitty on the weekends listening to
          garbage music while seeking validation from typical male bar/club folk.”

        2. “Part of me was sad. Just once I’d like to be surprised that not all girls are slutty.”
          Sounds like he only gives slutty girls the time of day and then is sad that they are being slutty…

        3. Correction: he only gives attractive, feminine looking-girls the time of day. Beyond that it’s a roll of the dice what kind of person they are.

        4. ” An hour later she seems into me but says is waiting for a friend here. A
          friend named “Michael.” She already has the dick on call. I try the
          robbery she won’t budge so I give up and get her #.”
          He tries to get her to abandon the guy she was going to meet and she refuses. Doesn’t sound so slutty.

        5. Your hamster is falling off the wheel. You’re contradicting yourself. First you say he “only gives slutty girls the time of day” then you cite an excerpt showing he was hitting on a girl who “doesn’t sound so slutty.”

        6. He leaves because she’s already firmly spoken for. You gotta stop trying to dig so deep.

    1. “its funny how many of these posts are constant whining about the low quality women of the us but refuse to fish in different ponds”
      Western women are evil people. We are advising the young men to fish in a different pond….eastern europe for a start.

        1. No one put a gun to the head of women and told them to commit perjury so they could steal a mans children.
          What the guvmint did was offer women the kids, the house, the cars and the cash if they would betray their husbands. And women took that deal IN THEIR TENS OF MILLIONS.
          And their fathers and brothers supported them. In my case Bill Toal (father) and Michael Toal (brother) as well as my two sons Jarrod Robinson and Joschua John Nolan, as well as my father John Thomas Nolan ALL openly supported a woman they knew to be a criminal child abuser.
          All these men (and all the women around my ex) openly supported her in her crimes of perjury, kidnapping. extortion, theft and child abuse.
          So yes. I left the west. I live in Germany now where I am shown the respect I have earned across my life. I have laboured very hard to re-introduce the rule of law into Australia and Ireland. I have spent 4,000 unpaid hours of work, USD500,000 of my own money, and risked my life to do that. To date there is not ONE WOMAN willing to assist me in public in her own name.
          So yes. We are telling the young men GET THE HELL OUT AND LET YOUR SOCIETY COLLAPSE from lack of energetic young men to keep it going. We are telling them NEVER help a woman in need because they will not help a man in need.
          If you women wish us older and wiser men to say anything different to the lads? You are going to have to prosecute criminal women like my ex.
          Here…this is the woman who needs to be prosecuted. I require that all my property is returned to me. I require compensation for the SIX YEARS of effort it has taken me to gain my compensation. Because if Jennifer was not supported by all and sundry I could have simply moved on with my life and sold my software and services and been very wealthy by now. So I need to be paid a great deal of compensation for my 4,000+ hours of work.
          I also need to be paid compensation for the loss of my two former children. I loved my former children very much. Only due to the crimes of Jennifer did I not get to raise my children. Only due to the crimes of Jennifer will I never have grand children. I want to be compensated for that loss.
          People say “a child is priceless”. Well? You women are going to have to put a price on each of my former children and you are going to have to pay that to me. Whatever price is settled on? That is the price that a man will have to pay to “buy out” a womans “share” of a child in the future. So if I am offered, say, EUR100,000 per child then in the future we will take the position that a man can pay a woman EUR100,000 and take the child. We will defend such a man with deadly force.
          So yes…I tell young men to abandon the west. It is clear that the women are EVIL PEOPLE. It is clear that 99% of men openly support such EVIL WOMEN. And there is no place in the west for an honest man of honour and integrity. If a man is an a-hole or a player or a liar or a thief or a criminal? Then please don’t come to eastern europe. Stay in the west….but if you are an honest man of honour and integrity and you want to make the most of your life? We will help you get out of the west as and when we can.
          We want such some to come and work for us.

        2. This is the woman that I expect to be prosecuted. I am posting her photo on web pages to piss off my ASIO trolls.
          This is what Jennifer Toal looked like on her 40th birthday. Now? She is a whale. Seems that divorce was very bad for her. She claimed she had to be in counselling for 18 months for the emotional turmoil of getting divorced.
          If anyone who is reading this lives in Wagga? Her parents live at 23 fernleigh rd Turvery Park. I have been told Jennifer lives back in Wagga now but I have no evidence of that….I sure would be interested to know if she lives there again and what her address might be. I have documents that I would like served.

        3. @Michael Toal and his ASIO buddied.
          I will keep denouncing Jennifer as the adulteress, prostitute, child abusing woman she chose to be just as long as it takes for her to be held accountable for her crimes.
          And here you go gents? This is the evidence Jennifer was turning tricks. She was also sleeping overnight at some mans place and leaving her children home alone overnight…charming.

        4. Hmmm let me rephrase to for you. It was institutional feminism set by the goverment that polluted the pond. Women go to work… more money coming in!! Women are abusive by their very nature.
          They don’t do it maliciously, it’s just what they are!! Now that they just have the system as a backup, their nature just comes out without any consequences.

        5. Americans in general have difficulty understanding cause and effect and they are generally a irresponsible people as a whole. Its a cultural thing. If you’re not from here you won’t get it.

    2. Reality Check.
      Just remember…99.9%+ of western women openly condone women committing crimes against men. Perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse are standard.
      Even when a the best of the best men like me are criminally victimised by an adulteress, prostitute, criminal child abuse like my ex, Jennifer Toal, 99.9%+ of the OTHER WOMEN say that is perfectly ok.
      If you want to suggest that there are some decent women out there? You are going to have to PROVE it. In the meantime? I will keep handing out my books.
      I was talking to a new client of mine today…a 24 year old man whose older brother put him on to me. His brother is 26 and did his strawman recapture a while ago….I gave the younger man his complementary copy of The Truth Be Told for buying the strawman recapture process. He said it took him some time but he read it front to back. Blew his mind.
      That is one more 24 year old man who will never look at women the same way again. Having read the details of my case, the court documents, transcripts etc. He just could not believe that women who are his peers agree that a man like me should be treated like that.
      You women have a real problem with my books. The problem is that they are true. You want to know what we are telling the young men? Buy a copy of The Truth Be Told. Read it and weep.

      1. The only men I care about are my boyfriend, my father and my brother. That’s it. I don’t care what happens to random men or women. Most people operate like that, but men generally still feel protective towards strange women because it’s geared into them biologically. Unfortunately, it’s not built into women or men to feel protective towards strange men. In short, nobody gives a damn about men because they’re biologically expendable.

        1. “I don’t care what happens to random men or women.”
          Then you would agree that us men should no longer care about a woman being mugged or raped in the street, right? You would agree that we are correct and emulating your behaviour if we refuse to risk our well being attempting to save a woman from being raped.
          Go ahead…tell all the men here your position as to whether we should care about a random woman being raped in the street.
          Because you western women have made it very clear you do not care about men being raped in the divorce courts, a far more traumatic experience than there mere non-crime of raping a woman.
          And by the way? You western women do not care about men who are raped by women either.

        2. “In short, nobody gives a damn about men because they’re biologically expendable. ”
          Correct…and that is what I am explaining to the young men. They are considered expendable and no one cares about them…and they are well advised to live their lives in light of this information.

        3. It’s the truth. Nobody cares about the well-being of men. You think divorce courts are bad. At least you’re not being pressed into the navy or being sold into slavery. Yet, historically, men have all been totally fine with horrible things happening to other men. It’s just how we’re programmed as a species. It’s not only women who don’t care about men, it’s other men as well. In fact, men like treating other men terribly. Look at what the Spartans did to their young boys. At some point in time, you’re just going to have to accept the truth that there are disadvantages to being born as a man, just like there are disadvantages to being born as a woman. The disadvantage to being born as a man is that you’re expendable, and nobody is ever going to give a crap about you and that you have to forge your way through difficulties to achieve anything. Isn’t that that manhood has always been about?

        4. “It’s not only women who don’t care about men, it’s other men as well.”
          This is very true and I am well aware of it. Just look how men refuse to donate money to men in need. Just look how men refuse to even buy a copy of my book The Truth Be Told now that I am asking the princely sum of CHF10 per copy.
          It is absolutely true that the vast majority of men do not give a shit about other men….and I have written about this extensively. Here is an entire essay on the topic.

    3. Sure. You know, being the expert you are.
      You don’t go to bars to meet “quality”, you go there to get laid, Which is what the author is doing, while you stroke your dolphin again.

    4. I really didn’t hear much complaining in this article…it was more or less a diary of the week (hence the title…).
      The only real standard (quality) set was based on the type he would pick up, make out with, take home, bang, etc… I didn’t feel as though he was looking for a wife here (lol).
      And if you’re having luck at a bar, church or grocery store (banging women) and that’s the expectation….then you’d go back to that spot (at least a couple of times).

  8. there should be some sort of law that provides that where a girl takes her phone out to check messages during a date, all men in the room should instantly surround her, take out their dicks, and slap her across the face with them. this law should provide for compulsory deep-throating in cases of repeat offenders.

    1. Only if, in the interest of EQUALITY, the punishment for a male offending similarly is for them to be vigorously slapped about the face by the bare bosoms of the room’s females.
      YEP- works for me.

  9. this is where being single sucks long term… the dream is nice, but the reality not so much….
    weekend plus monday = wasting lots and lots of time and spending way too much time with below average company in expensive bars… having a cheap fuck and a cheap BJ as a consolation ….
    where as lock the girl down under your roof, and provided you can put up with her… weekend = not leaving the house and banging every few hours for 48 hours… hahaha…. if you can handle that much sex of course…
    by monday you are relaxed, fired up and ready to hit work to kill it…. and it didn’t even cost you a cab fare…

    1. “weekend = not leaving the house and banging every few hours for 48 hours… ”
      Dream on…..that stops as soon as the wedding ring is on her finger.

    2. What I like to do is have a regular girl whom I see a couple of times a week. On the weekend she spends the night at my place, so we can have a great time from Saturday night all through Sunday morning. We also meet for another night mid week. While we are together we are very much into each other and the sex is great. The rest of the time I am free to do my shit and spin a few plates for some extra flings on the side when they come. I feel it’s a very good arrangement. I get my needs met regularly even on weeks when no new prospects materialize, while still preserving most of my freedom. 😉

  10. Women are meant to enhance a man’s life. They seems to be a chore in yours. You’re doing something wrong.

    1. He works with whats out there…had he been in a better country he would change for sure. But if you want to get “lucky” in the West, this is exactly the way to play the game. That, or dont get anything at all. Your choice.

    2. “You’re doing something wrong.”
      Western women are evil people. It is the women who are doing the wrong thing…not the men.

    3. Right, maybe a few decades ago…but not today (thanks to feminism).
      This generation of women has been told that it’s ok to look like a slob, act like a whore and do what you want to do because in the end your prince will show up. Now, were seeing the results of it and women are puzzled and asking the question ‘where are all the good men?’.
      Well, what happened to all of the good women? You know, the ladies who weren’t sluts, knew how to cook (at least a little something) and knew how to act in public.
      Plus, with all of the inequality in the court system and other areas men are opting out because they are being taken to the cleaners (and women celebrate because they feel ‘it’s payback time’ not equality).
      No thanks, I’ll continue to see (or date) different women and I’ll have a good time. Women past a certain age are looking for someone to pick up the tab because her SMV has dropped quite a bit (from her 20s). She needs someone to help pay for her mortgage, loans, kids, etc…(lol).

  11. It seems lifeless, your doing something wrong, it lacks any type of excitement, live it don’t just do it. To each his own you know, its like even in your writing your missing that energy.

  12. “I wake up the next morning and take my dog for a walk. Outside I see a
    girl jump in a cab wearing heels and a dress, obviously from the night
    before. Nice job, random guy who banged her. I appreciate the fact that
    such girls exist for my enjoyment. But I also feel sad for the same
    girls as their sexual market value decreases with every day and bang
    that gets added to their lives. And they don’t even realize it.”
    – How naive. A 7-up in looks can marry almost any man she wants up until the age of 35 ish. Do you ever see pretty women without a boyfriend or husband for long?
    Didn’t think so.

    1. Of course she can marry and have kids, but she will always miss the multitudes of hard throbbing cocks which she has had thrusted in and out of her weeping pussy from her past. The more cocks she has had, the more willing she is to get a divorce, just to sate the nostalgia her pulsing hole drippingly desires.

    2. Show me a “7-up in looks” and Ill show you a boot-licking, pussy-worshipping douchebag miserably putting up with her bullshit.
      Here at RoK we play the game on OUR terms bitch.
      Not yours.

  13. Man, i’m starting to love these stories! Do you run mostly daygame or nightgame? I like the wine bar idea but i’m interested in younger women not the professional types which you would see at wine bars. I’m 24 years old so that wouldn’t fit me.

    1. Yep..thats pretty funny. Eastern european women love to cook….it is part and parcel of showing off what they have to offer.

  14. “Looked at cilantro like it was quantum physics and told me this is the first time she’s seen an avocado “in it’s natural form.””
    Super funny haha

  15. just used the “whats up flakie” on a prospect..
    worked like a charm.
    now the tart wants to know my full name.
    never mind she ignored my texts from the last two days.
    just to show you that you need to press the right emotional buttons to get a tart to respond.

  16. Very honest synopsis. Relate to what you’re saying about the chase better than the actual sex at times – a lot of women talk a big game about their sexuality but when it comes down to it, few have more to offer than getting nailed as you drive the initiative, which any women can do.

  17. Does the author of the article notice how he instantly loses interest in any girl that he can tell “isn’t going to bang” him, but also silently laments that all girls are slutty?
    I’m far from being a feminist; I believe promiscuous women should be hauled into labour camps. I’m not joking. But if you only pay attention to girls who you can tell will soon be banging you, then of course every girl you spend time around will be slutty. If you want to find decent girls who are not slutty, don’t pick up random hoes in wine bars. Go to a traditional Catholic Church for Mass and get to know the people (i.e., don’t hang out near the holy water stoop hitting on women); go to a Bible study at a Conservative Lutheran Church. I hate to break it to you, but the only reasons girls have to NOT be slutty these days, are self-respect and religion (and often self-respect comes from religion, which tends to teach us about our basic dignity and moral nature). And the only religious girls who are not absolutely insane, are girls from churches that don’t sell vanity-disguised-as-spirituality. I.e., your average Protestant-Evangelical gal is just as likely to be a crazy bitch as any secular bimbo; but find a gal who’s High Church Anglican or Missouri Synod Lutheran or Traditional Catholic, and the chances of her being a crazy bitch might sink as low as 50/50. There is one girl in the Classics department at my high school who is not religious, but who is still a sweetheart and very feminine. Just one. You’re going to have to expand your repertoire if you don’t want a slut.

    1. “Go to a traditional Catholic Church for Mass and get to know the people”
      Dude…western christian women are the worst women of the lot. You might want to listen to these presentations I gave over a year ago.
      “George” invited me on to a closed facebook for his church…there were 800 members. Of the 800 members on the facebook only TWO thought that my ex should be held accountable for stealing and perjury. Those two being George AND HIS BROTHER. The other 798 people on the group took the position that women should not be held accountable for their crimes.
      In Australia there is not ONE minister of any christian church who says women should be held accountable for their crimes.
      I am very proud that when I have explained these things to young christian men some of them have left their church. I am very proud that some young men I have explained these things to have cancelled their engagements.
      I celebrate every time a man cancels his engagement having been informed of the truth by me. I celebrate every time a young man leaves the liars and hypocrites of his church having been informed of the truth by me.
      You christian men are the SCUM OF THE EARTH. You are the MOST DESPICABLE OF ALL…because you KNOW your women are EVIL PEOPLE and you let them get away with their EVIL because you are too gutless to do anything about it.
      And now everyone here knows what SCUM western christian men are.
      So take your crap and shove it where the sun does not shine. No man with a brain will fall for your lies. Your western christian women are the MOST EVIL WOMEN OF ALL. No man with a brain would want anything to do with your EVIL WOMEN, your EVIL DAUGHTERS.

      1. Christian women are often the worst of the lot. But as a practicing Christian who has been both a Southern Baptist and, now, a Catholic, I will tell you what my experience has been. There is about a 50/50 ratio of decent women to insane women in the better Christian Churches. I’m talking younger women; 30 and under, the women tend to be making a conscious choice to embrace their faith; 30 and over, it’s largely a cultural hang-over, but internally they are just as secularized and vapid as anyone else. And, in Evangelical Churches, where “my personal Jesus” is the name of the game, vanity and narcissism are certainly at higher rates, even, than amongst non-religious people. But a nice girl with traditional Lutheran, High Church Anglican or traditional Catholic beliefs, who is also young… in my experience, they are clued-in to the problems with feminism and the fact that men want nothing to do with it anymore. In fact, they’re clued-in because often the men in those places are traditional and, in my experience, many of them are red-pill types. They tell the women, and they understand!

        1. “There is about a 50/50 ratio of decent women to insane women in the better Christian Churches.”
          You are lying and no men here are going to buy your lies.
          FACT: There is not ONE woman of ANY NOTE in the western english speaking world who says in her own name in the public that women must be held accountable for their crimes on an equal before the law basis to men.
          So before you tell the lies about there are 50/50 ratio of decent women? You are going to have to SHOW US THESE DECENT WOMEN.
          And by “DECENT” I mean they are willing to sit on all womens juries in all womens courts and issue remedy instructions against criminal women. And if you want a case to start with? Let me introduce you to Jodi Mohn in Sheldon Iowa.
          This is a so called christian woman who slandered my friend Bill Greathouse and got him fired from his job. She is an EVIL WOMAN. Well? Sheldon Iowa is a very “christian” town. And what did ALL the women christians do? They sided with a CRIMINAL WOMAN against an honest man.
          There MIGHT BE 0.1% of western christian women who are decent people…MIGHT BE…But I have only met TWO… you are really pushing it.
          You want to say it is 50/50? PROVE IT.
          With 100 million adult women in north america? It should not be too hard to find TWELVE to hold a trial for Jody Mohn, right?

        2. Well, that’s your problem; you can’t expect women to be as good at men, when you assign them tasks that only men are capable of doing. Women have no business voting or sitting on juries, and even good women will usually do those things badly. Will a man be a “good man” if he sits in a circle with other men all day weaving and minding a toddler? Why the hell would a woman be a good woman if you sat her on a jury?
          The women I know, are the types that truly feel that their husbands should be in charge, should bring home the bacon, and have their word as law. They would gladly sign pre-nups or agree to be married under the stricter laws that some states used to (still do?) have, whereby the couples agree beforehand to contract a marriage that is not subject to no-fault divorce laws, etc. They are women who want to stay home with the kids, who are smart and pleasant, almost masculine in their ability to step up and be competent, lend an hand, etc. They are women who detest feminism. If you don’t know women like this, it’s because you are either an heathen or an angry downer, or both; they steer clear of you, and you’ve already got them pegged before you even bother learning about them as individuals.
          Don’t get me wrong – I know almost all women suck. I know that even in the most traditional, well-grounded Church communities, the ratio of sane to insane women is 50/50 at best. I’m not interested in getting married, because I feel like even good women, with the right provocation, in this current cultural climate, can suddenly turn on you when you’re 50. But the gals I know, as they are now, would certainly be marriage material for men who feel relatively certain that they can maintain an environment free from corrosive influences for their family as time goes on.

        3. “Well, that’s your problem; ”
          So the tens of millions of men who have had their lives destroyed by criminal women is not YOUR PROBLEM?
          The tens of millions of children who are being abused by single mothers is not YOUR PROBLEM?
          I believe you said you were christian. I suggest you re-read and re-study these passages.
          “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”
          “Love one another as I have loved you”
          “Thou shalt not steal”
          “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour”
          The good samaritan story.
          What you just did was tell everyone here, as a christian man, that the TENS OF MILLIONS of men that women have criminally victimised IS NOT YOUR PROBLEM.
          Why do you hate men so much?

  18. Wow! So if I take the “red pill,” I’ll get to act like a complete asshole, get rejected a shit ton of times, and only sleep with women who have bad self-esteem and don’t know what avocados are!
    Well, sign me the fuck up, bro.

    1. I guess you live by yourself in a cave?
      Have you ever been out in the real world, and met today’s “modern women” in person? If you had, you would find they are about 99.9% EXACTLY like the author describes. His descriptions match mine perfectly, and I live in a different city thousands of miles away.
      He is correct, the chase is usually more fun than the catch. Even the best looking girls are often not that great in bed, usually because they are so self-inhibited.
      You have to approach a lot of women to get anywhere. The odds are against you, as there are so many thirsty men out there, a hot chick gets so many approaches in a night out they are probably like a blur to her.
      Maybe you should just stay home and watch some more porn. Picking up girls is just too much effort.

      1. I don’t like the idea of bashing gamer/pua types too much. I have chatted to some and they are good guys. Also, I had my time sewing my royal oats – there’s no harm in it.
        But something I have noticed about a lot of these guys is their conclusion that all women are sluts. There is no such thing as a saintly virgin waiting patiently for prince charming with her legs tightly shut of course but have you guys never heard of the saying “you are the company you keep” or “you are what you eat”?
        Isn’t it obvious that if you are out to get laid you are going to land up meeting all the slutty ones?

        1. Yeah, but it all depends on what your goal is.
          Mine is: not to get married (cus I am divorced), it is to get laid. But my problem is I am only attracted to very good looking women. Fat/plain/ugly just don’t do anything for me.
          I really could not care less if she is a slut or not. Sluts are usually more fun anyway.
          Would I marry one, or LTR a slut? Hell no! But since my goal is to get laid, a slut is fine with me, as long as she is attractive enough.
          You have to define your goal before you can go after it.

        2. Fair enough…
          “Fat/plain/ugly just don’t do anything for me” – You, me and billions of other men 🙂
          All the effort I could be putting in to bedding women is put in to other things. I have a good career and I intend on owning my own business and making myself very wealthy.
          I don’t see happiness in the pursuit of women to be honest. Happiness is something you have to create within yourself. Of course it would be nice to have someone to share your happiness with but considering how selfish modern women are it is not something I plan on.
          I am not worried if I never get married. Unless you defy the odds and meet a women that is actually marriage/mother material, it’s just a form of slavery.

  19. great post. Loved the diary element. Something new and refreshing on ROK. Hope to hear more diary stuff from you!!

  20. OMG you are making me so fucking horny right now. My cock is soooooooo hard. I wanna keep reading your articles but I need a free hand for, ya know 😉
    btw, that red pill…that’s just slang for that [email protected], right? what’s say you pop one of those reddies and pound my tight little asshole? pleeeeease?
    i want to feel your hot steaming man-love trickle down my throat. yummmmmmmm!

    1. Bear, Return of Jokers prefers skinny, hairless guys to big masculine bears. Bears scare them.

  21. A week in the life of your above average alpha male. pay attention. this article is good information. This is how you want to slowly grow in game and life. The key…he is living life by his terms, his way. There is a reason Frank Sinatra sang the song “My Way”

    1. I’d be glad to have Law Dogger’s life. You can go swallow your shitty blue pill and plug back in to the matrix.

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