Why Feminists Did Not Cause Feminism

Feminists regard the history of their movement as a process of liberation propelled by ideas.  They think of it as parallel to the civil rights movement.  They think The Great Feminist Thinkers wrote books and pamphlets filled with world-changing ideas that raised the consciousness of women who, in turn, threw off the shackles of housework, child-rearing and honoring their husbands in favor of careers and self-discovery.  They are, of course, wrong.

Feminist writings were mainly self-contradictory, whiney, pick-and-mix grab-bags of enlightenment and Marxist thinking with the pronouns changed. They desperately chased the credit for a change that was already happening. The liberation of women was not a movement propelled by ideas but a movement propelled by boredom.  Boredom allowed for by the inventions of labor-saving household appliances and the resulting surfeit of free time.

The Golden Age Of Capitalism

The late 19th century and the early 20th was an incredibly productive time: between the industrial revolution and the First World War there was a swell of technological creativity resulting in not only the creation of so many of the machines and technology we take for granted today but also the means by which to mass produce and sell those inventions.  By the 1950s there was a booming economy in the US, the Golden Age of Capitalism, resulting in a rapidly growing middle class the members of which could afford the new devices that were increasingly advertised.

Feminism is a middle class phenomenon (as pointed out in the ROK article Why Modern Feminism is a White Woman’s Privilege).  The reason is that white middle class women, historically, have had the time for it.  There are also two eras where middle class women became far more numerous than they were previously.  These are the two great expansions of the middle class that have occurred since 1800: the first following the industrial revolution and the second following the Second World War.

These growths of the middle class coincide with the first two waves of feminism and it is perfectly reasonable to see the correlation between middle class growth and increased feminist activism and to go one step further and say that the expansion of the middle class causes feminism.  This is especially true if you look at feminism not as the result of the writings of a few social activists.  If it was that, then there would be many more feminist movements in the history books. Even though there have always been feminist writers of some description (Christine de Pizan b1364, Anne Bradstreet b1612, Mary Wollstonecraft b1759, and many male writers advocating for various sorts of rights for women from Plato onwards) there hasn’t always been feminism.

The liberation of women or the rejection of traditional female roles by women was not brought about by feminist theories but by the widespread use of labor-saving household appliances.  Feminism, mostly, just claims responsibility.  In doing so it tries to identify itself as a liberating intellectual movement rather than an unfortunate consequence of widespread affluence.


Kitchen Appliances

Perhaps the greatest time-saver is the washing machine.  It has been in a process of creation and recreation over hundreds of years but a version using the principles of modern washers was invented by James King in 1851.  Then, in 1908, Alva J. Fisher invented ‘The Mighty Thor’; the first electric washing machine.  By the 1960s front-loading electric washing machines with heating elements and automatic spin cycles that could wash, rinse and spin at the touch of a button were being mass-produced.  Perhaps a middle-class woman like Betty Friedman was left with lots of time with which to write about her unhappiness in The Feminine Mystique (1963).

Certainly, the thousands who read this book and who agreed with its premise – that women of the day were unhappy in the role of homemaker, wife and mother – probably did not consider the idea that it was not the role of homemaker that made them unhappy but that a large proportion of that role was increasingly being performed by machines.

Clothes washing could be done by automatic washing machine, dish-washing by the dishwasher, and clothes drying by the tumble dryer.  Working class women, those for whom homemaking was still a full time job, were kept busy by that role and probably did not have an idle moment in which to become dissatisfied with it.

It was middle class women who found temselves idle, and it is they who claimed to be unhappy.  They probably were unhappy, since a person with no role to perform is a person who experiences ennui: listlessness or dissatisfaction arising from a lack of occupation.

Modern Family

An even more problematic invention than the washing machine is the microwave oven, invented by Percy LeBaron Spencer in 1954.  The washing machine gives a woman some free time, as do most other household appliances. This free time can be used to read feminist literature but it does not eliminate entirely any aspect of her traditional role.  The microwave oven, on the other hand, arguably does.

In the 1970s and 1980s microwaves became more powerful, more efficient, affordable and an increasingly common feature of the modern kitchen.  In 1976 Andrea Dworkin wrote and published Our Blood and she was at her most prolific during the following decades: New Woman’s Broken Heart (1980), Pornography (1981), Right Wing Women (1983), Ice & Fire (1986), Intercourse (1987).  By this point in the history of feminism (where second wave blurs into third wave) feminists like Dworkin had rejected women’s traditional homemaker role in its entirety.  Even that aspect of the traditional role that allows for creativity and which requires a certain degree of artfulness – cooking – was rejected.

The loss of the art of home cooking is a massive blow for the traditional family.  However, the theoretical rejection of the role of home-cook by feminists can have no affect on society at large without the widespread availability of something like the microwave oven.

The microwave oven, more than any feminist tract, destroys the traditional family roles and eliminates the necessity of family meal times.  When any member of the family can heat up a pre-cooked meal at anytime the idea of a home cooked meal and of the family sitting around the table to eat at the same time becomes obsolete.  Another large chunk of the role of homemaker is eliminated without any pen of Dworkin, Brownmiller or Friedman having to touch paper.  All that was necessary was the microwave and pre-cooked TV dinners.


 The Devil Makes Work For Idle Hands To Do

These are just a couple of the domestic household appliances that have handed women the spare time to become dissatisfied with family life and become feminists.  I’ve not even mentioned the vacuum cleaner, the iron, the fridge-freezer, disposable diapers, indoor plumbing, waste disposal machines, or the dishwasher (invented by a woman called Josephine Cochran in 1886 who, somehow, found herself not oppressed by the patriarchy).

In many cases the traditional roles of women were eliminated by male inventions leaving some women to, perhaps, become feminists almost by default.  These inventions of men whose natural curiosity, inventiveness and propensity to solve problems – even problems that were not their own – led directly to women being free of laborious and time-consuming household tasks and, in turn, to their abandoning the responsibilities of housekeeping or to those responsibilities falling away.

We shouldn’t curse these men with our hindsight.  They had no clue they were paving the way for the collected works of Andrea Dworkin.  After all, the women, finding themselves liberated by the mechanisation of the household, didn’t have to become feminists.  They could have used their time to do almost anything else.  They could, at least, have retained the ability to cook.

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270 thoughts on “Why Feminists Did Not Cause Feminism”

    1. The only way to defeat feminism is if men band together publicly protest and demand and end to all the anti-discrimation laws that have been passed over the past 40 years. That’s the only way to get society at large and the politicians to listen.

      1. False. That’s a misconception. Feminism FAILS the moment you refuse to subscribe to it. You defeat it by doing NOTHING. The politicians will wonder what the fuck happened when enough men WALK AWAY.

        Feminism is built on a foundation of lies and will cave in on itself not when men “do MORE”….. but when enough men do NOTHING. Less effort. More effective results.

        1. I’ve WALKED AWAY. And I’ll be walking straight onto a plane bound for sexcation in Asia. I must say, I can’t stand many women anymore, but as long as I still get erections I suppose I’ll have a use for them for an hour or so. It took a long time to subscribe to the “use & abuse” mentality, but it’s the only way to survive as a man these days.

        2. Write a post about this please. I get the Red Pill philosophy but I need a mental framework for “use and Abuse”

        3. Some time ago I was doing a contract job when one of the matriarchy (48+) needed help carry something down to her car. “Are there any big strong men who can help carry a box?”. I pretended I didn’t hear it (because that shit pisses me off)…. but I can FEEL her looking at me, because I happen to be height/weight proportionate to Superman.
          I’m thinking this feminist haircut with linebacker shoulders needs help with a box? …..
          Then I see the box. The size and weight of a large BluRay player. Are you fucking kidding me? She didn’t need any “help” she just wanted to be seen using a man to do her “heavy lifting” while we walk down to her car through the hallways and past other people.
          So I smile, tap her on the shoulder and say “you can manage. Easily”. And I went back to work. Fuck, did that ever piss her off just perfectly.
          Doing nothing is not the same as “use and abuse”. I wouldn’t endorse that. Let’s be clear. It’s the western WOMAN who’s trying to “use and abuse” for her own ego stroking. That’s ALL it is. And a man just needs to say no.

        4. “Use and abuse” is totally different than opting out. Remember the western woman is looking to “use and abuse” , control you & extract your resources etc.
          A “red pill philosophy” is not about using and abusing women. It’s the complete opposite. You leave her to fend for herself. You encourage the impedance that they want so badly. Doing NOTHING (and ignoring) is not the same as “treating her badly”.

        5. “Are there any big strong men who can help carry a box?”
          “Are there any entitled women who can suck a cock in return?”

        6. By “use and abuse”, I mean that the only thing a woman is good for is sex, and should be treated as nothing more than a sex toy. Use them for sex, (emotionally) abuse them for sex, treat them with absolutely no respect, whatever. If I didn’t have testosterone I’d never bother with the cunts. I’m surprised it’s come to this, but I think I’m a misogynist; other than their curves and their holes, I hate them! 😀

        7. You are a realist, sir. Until women are in their place, they are working against civilization and for wild poverty below even the station of the savage. And you have the requisite attitude for tight Game. lulzllulzzlulz

        8. Let me add that modern woman wants to be ‘used and abused’. I don’t condone adding to human suffering pointlessly, but to let their only redeeming value go to other men or their entitlement isolation and to accept the conquest is silly.

        9. Believing “woman is only good for sex” is not misogyny. What man would be willing to throw his junk into something he truly hates? It’s not like you run around setting their hair on fire. That would be a “misogynist”.
          But you’re right in that women are the sex that drags a man to divorce court because he is “too nice”.

          He should give her what she WANTS!
          He should give her what she PREFERS.
          He should give her what she thinks she DESERVES.
          …. to be treated like CRAP.

        10. Don’t worry. We hate you too! Please leave us well alone, you won’t be missed! 😀

        11. Bravo, this, and the article are succinctly what needs to happen. The other day I told a feminist cunt that women have rights, men responsibilities. She called me an asshole and left. This after I told her about selective service disparity, and how men should be able to walk away from a kid without penalty if we are to have equality. She was massively pissed. But several men listened, and will now go on with that in the back of their minds.
          If they use it great, if not, what happens to them is their own fault.

        12. You just lied. If he won’t be missed, how do you explain all the millions of women who are pulling out the shaming language and tears that they can’t find boyfriends and husbands to take a bullet to protect them, that “chivalry is dead” , and to pull them out of the MESS they now find themselves in?
          Perhaps you should start telling your sisters to stop publishing those “man up and marry me” articles because you’re not fooling anybody with that CRAP.
          He’ll be missed and LAUGHING HIS ASS OFF AT YOU.
          You’re desperation is palpable.

        13. I don’t know any women that moan about that – most of my female friends are happily coupled up, including me, and doing just fine! Just from the way you talk I can tell women aren’t exactly lining up to date you, so believe me, none of us will miss you at all!

        14. Just from the way I talk? you can tell…
          What exactly?
          What kind of accent do I have? How many languages do I speak? Is English my first language? You haven’t got a clue about “the way I talk”.
          Are you suggesting if I TYPED something YOU agreed with that suddenly women everywhere would line up to date me? It’s just as preposterous.
          You’re lining up to talk to me right now!
          Instead of your own husband / “boy”-friend.
          (Does he know you want my cock?)

        15. The last time a woman presented me with that challenge I posted a picture of myself and she REFUSED to believe it was me. (I guess she thought I was too good-looking).
          But I would prefer you think of me as a -1 in the looks department. Here you can think of me as looking exactly like Steve Bushemi, He’s “paired up”.
          Doesn’t prove a fucking thing. Does it.

        16. Excuse me, but you still have some of my cum in the corner of your mouth. Here’s a towel. Now run along to your boyfriend… and don’t forget to check your breath! Atta girl.

        17. There are several easy solutions to the problem of millions of women living near the poverty level.
          Number one. Keep your fucking legs together
          Number two. Ditch the fucking smartphone and read something
          Number three. Read number one and two again.

        18. It’s funny, you write 3 lines for every 1 I write, and respond almost instantly. Is someone keen?

        19. Unfortunately that’s not going to fly, because women don’t think of the consequences of their own actions until it’s much too late. After all, you’re the sex that gets together and VOTES to make/keep paternity fraud legal in all 50 states – which it is. Women have no moral compass, so you can’t expect them to grasp such simple concepts.I mean just look at the shit you need explained to you.
          Women are much too horny for you to ever tell them to “keep your fucking legs closed”……
          And give up their “smart” phones? Forget it.
          That’s only a fraction of the reason why they are complete and total failures in their personal lives. Well at least you got an education today. So the day’s not a total loss.

        20. ‘It’s funny, you write 3 lines for every 1 I write’. He wrote five lines and you matched him.

        21. Hahahahahahahaha
          You should have replied:
          “Men are nothing but wallets, and a penis. Had I not had estrogen, periods, need for children, and a serious withdrawal if I don’t go shopping with a rich man’s bank account every two weeks (at least right?); I would have gotten rid of you hateful creatures eons ago.”
          The sad thing is sweetheart, we don’t care if you say it. We are just acting on your obvious impulses. And you won’t be missed either.
          See ya. Don’t let the doors hit your botox induced billboard for your tramp stamp be hit on the way out.

        22. It’s the ‘shake the blue shit out of ya’ kinda video. Did it for me almost 3 years ago…

        23. Just a question.
          Why would someone that is “happily coupled up” with “most of your female friends coupled up” have any need to peruse and post snarky comments on a mens website devoted to game that is for men only?
          Are you spying?
          Does your male underling know you are here?

        24. Yeah you know it’s always the woman who says “I’M coupled up and doing just fine”….”I AM in a good relationship”….. “MY marriage is wonderful”……. but you never hear the testimony from the guys. You don’t even hear her MENTION him.
          Just “I”…. “ME”…. “MY.”…. “MY wedding”….. “MY ring”… “MY honeymoon”…. “MY relationship”….. “MY bridesmaids”….. that’s when female solipsism really shines.
          Then you look at the guy and he’s like a beaten dog with a completely broken spirit. Like the “frog soup” story.
          Drop a frog into a pot of cold water, and at first he’s just THRILLED to be there. No predators. Water’s nice and cool. He loves it.
          …. then you turn the gas on.
          Even when it starts to warm up he’s perfectly content. But by the time the water starts boiling, it’s too late to do anything about it, and he’s turned into frog soup.
          That’s every married man.

        25. That marriage stat is why it’s amazing to me that women these days don’t even want to demonstrate loyalty by taking the man’s last name without hyphenating. A man risks so much and the woman won’t even do that much.

        26. tom —
          Frog soup is stable, frog soup is predictable, frog soup is … boring.
          This naturally leads us to the core premise of this article, but I have to wonder: is the success of “Game” mostly because guys are giving Rationalisation Hamster 2.0 something to do instead of being bored (or being boring, which is far too often the cause)?
          Maybe this explains Mystery’s tricks — “Oooh, entertainment! I’ve absolved myself of all my responsibillities, and I’ve found ways to shirk hard labour, so I’m up for oddly interesting leisure because I have little else to do!”
          These women could start being interesting, just as a change in habit …

        27. @Jones.
          If I understand your question correctly, I posit “game” as something women are certainly be amused and entertained by. After all… “game” is about giving women what they want/like… regardless of what they SAY they want/like. (i.e. negs instead of compliments… indirect answers to questions.)
          Women are frightful bores themselves. But I would only apply “game” to make the interaction fun and interesting for my OWN entertainment. Not hers. Her entertainment is just a pleasant side effect.
          Recently an LA8 asked me what I do for a living, within 60 seconds of meeting on a walk. The usual boring & predictable female question. I would find a woman more interesting if she asked me ANYTHING else — or even indicated that she takes an INTEREST in knowing anything else. But they don’t.
          So rather than answering her question directly, I applied “game” to amuse myself and told her I was an astronaut. She said “Bullshit really? I’m not sure if I should believe you. Where do you work?”
          I pointed at the sky. “That’s my office”.
          And she busted out laughing.
          It doesn’t matter whether or not I was telling the truth., The interaction was now entertaining for both of is. Answering her question directly would have resulted in a dead end… because women are fucking boring, not creative, funny, or clever enough to write shit like that on their own.
          So it doesn’t really matter whether I told her the truth, she doesn’t care. If she is amused and entertained, you’re in. Plus it makes an otherwise dull interaction amusing for YOU.
          You know how women always say the same bullshit on their dating profiles “I love to laugh and travel….”?? Well those words actually MEAN something. Take her someplace else – ANYWHERE ELSE – (even if only in her imagination) and she will love it.
          Forget having a meaningful or sincere conversation with her like you would have with another bloke, because women are just not interesting enough to engage in awe-inspiring conversation.
          Tonight, I randomly met a very interesting chap at a coffee shop and we talked about cars and motorcycles …. and before we knew it , 90 minutes had passed and we hadn’t even exchanged first names – nor did we have any idea what the other did for a living. Those are just the details. The real meat was in outlooks, perceptions, theories, comparisons and the exchange of ideas. When it was time to split, we finally exchanged first names and handshakes.
          This kind of meaningful interaction just doesn’t happen with women. I have stopped expecting women to be interesting on any level. So I am afraid it looks like it’s always going to be up to us.

        28. I’ve seen Steve in person.. He’s got that ‘something about him’ that makes him very attractive indeed

        29. That *something* is called “money and fame”. But if he were flipping burgers at MacDonald’s your vagina would dry up faster than you can say “Steve”.
          Let’s not forget that you’re the sex that would fuck Lionel Ritchie just because he can sing. He’s got a face for radio too.

        30. I bet she’s a committed feminist, totally, that sounds like equality right there /sarcasm.

        31. how did you know she was a feminist *vulgar term to describe a woman’s anatomy*?
          Women are objectified, and men paint themselves as super human and then unsurprisingly fail to live up to it.
          The draft hasn’t been used since 1974.
          In equality, anyone should be able to walk away from a kid.

        32. You are a misogynist. Women are fucking people dude, just … how can you be so inhuman? How can you lack so much empathy? Have you ever spoken to a woman as a human being, not just as an obstacle to sex? What about your female relatives?

        33. No, she doesn’t. She’s socialised to romanticise it, but she doesn’t really want it, she’d always rather be treated as a human being.
          We’re fucking people dude. PEOPLE. People have redeeming qualities other than their bodies, how can you be so hateful??

        34. We’re socialised to think we’re at war. Most people accept it.
          Don’t buy in. Those women think we’re all at war, prove them wrong, offer them jobs the same as you would a man, let them have sex with who ever they want without being pressured into marrying them the same as you would a man, let them be pissed off at people trying to hurt them the same as a man and let them learn to protect themselves from legitimate risks.

        35. 1. Never have sex again, you’re a woman, orgasms and pleasure are not for you, they are for men, who are big and strong and don’t get pregnant, because birth control isn’t a thing in the 21st century.
          2. Everyone can afford a smartphone, and never use it to learn anything of value, whereas reading instantly get’s you qualified for top jobs.

        36. Being in a relationship or not is nothing to do with someone’s worth or society, it’s to do with the people you’ve met and how much you get on with them. Though if you treat every woman as a shallow manipulative evil whore, she’s proabably not going to fall for you unless she’s got a self esteem the size of a pea and really believes she is as bad as you think she is.

        37. If a man doesn’t get a prenup he risks losing his house, kids, sometimes other assets to his ex wife. In addition, he may even have to pay alimony on top of child support, which alimony is complete bs because he is forced to pay for a woman he no longer has romantic associations with.

        38. And women don’t earn money that can be lost in a divorce? And women don’t have kids that can be lost in a divorce? And women don’t have to pay alimony?
          Wow, that justice system sounds sexist as hell, kind of like they think women don’t earn money, are naturally preferable caregivers and never want to divorce their spouse.

      2. They won’t listen. Feminists are useful idiots to them. They spread fear (rape culture) and make both sexes distrust each other. Then people end up alone and confused, and the government, like a messiah, will come to the rescue: “Fear not, citizens, for we have a solution to your problem. Just vote for us and give us more money.”
        Single moms, for example, are a product of feminism, and they mean certain votes for politicians, because they’re most likely on welfare and need the state. Women in general are socialists. They want security and comfort, and access to men’s wallets. And their votes reflect that. Notice how we have more regulations and higher taxes since women got the vote. Their wet dream is to live in a world where they have all the rights and no responsibilities, where everyone else does all the work, where feelings beat facts. Just imagine it:
        Female judge: “So, you say you killed your husband because you felt like it?”
        Female murderer: “I guess so… He never listened to me, you know!”
        Female judge: “I see… Well, I understand your feelings, and I don’t feel like dealing with you right now, so you’re free to go. But that man sitting in the third row has a weird aura surrounding him. I feel threatened by him the entire time. I sentence you to… let’s say ten years in prison. We can’t have you walking around oppressing people with your presence.”

    2. Women were told by the bankers through all sorts of media, that men oppressed them. This was intended to get women into the workforce to be taxed, and more importantly, to divide and conquer the family and society. This has succeeded and even the bankers have no use for feminism any more, as by their twenties, most people are too brainwashed to be able to change. We now have several generations of ‘feminists’ who cannot revert back to creating a constructive society. Women do not produce profit in most cases as men do construction, building, tech; and energy extraction.
      Only the younger (under 20) generations might be saved en-masse. The older generations are goners.

      1. Yes — I didn’t read your reply until after I wrote mine, but we are certainly on the same page Seth.

      2. While the community discussion is about patriarchy it isn’t about oligarchy. It’s ironic that the useful idiots that are carrying out bankers idealogy are most likely progressives that claim to hate bankers.

    3. to be more specific it was white men that allowed it. Its ironic that the most sheltered and protected female(white girls) that got all the luxurys are the ones rebelling. Them being put on pedestal blew their egos up.Ingrates. Better learn from the 3rd worlders on how to keep dat pimp hand strong.

      1. In a way The White Man is getting just what he deserves for torturing, lynching and murdering Black men falsely accused of “raping” White women back during slavery and the Jim Crow Era when these “innocent white girls” did everything in their power to lure, seduce, beg, borrow and steal black men into their vaginas.
        THAT’S how Feminism began – with false rape allegations levied toward black men and white-knighting of the white false accusers.

        1. But a side effect is that black women stood by their men and likewise… But now black women and men don’t want each other.

        2. but black women make 70% of the unwed mother population in this country. a very troubling stat for sure. black men and women both have the wrong ideas about each other.

        3. I use to avoid conversations with your brand of hatred. Because I was left unsure about the history I was being taught in public school.
          To be sure, lynchings did happen very frequently, and yes, Africans shipped over got a raw deal. However, it was not all black. The Irish got it just as bad for the longest time, and that history is never covered. So to did all the Europeans the Moors of Africa stole away during their raids and purchases. What goes around does in fact come around.
          It is still true, that when a white girl screams, a black man often goes to prison. I guess that is a step up from lynching, but not really. Perhaps those who still hate you fear the repercussions put in place by people like me.
          But honestly, read up on the true nature of American slavery. You will find that it is much different than taught in public school history text books.
          Africans still got it the worst overall, but the textbooks, leave out a lot. When they say indentured servant, they are talking about the wealthier people shipped over. They leave out the slaves of “freedmen” and the Irish, unwanted poor and politically convenient to Shanghai to the Americas, Australia, and middle-east/Africa.

        4. 72% of children of AA descent are from unwed mothers. The problem is, those who often tout that statistic on the news purposely fail to point out that it is mathematically impossible that 100% of those black fathers are dead beats.
          More than likely, over half of the cases at least are due to dead beat mothers who know they will get free education, funding, housing, and moral support by marrying the government for 18-26 years, not to mention child support by/from the government all for kicking dear old dad out.

        5. As a black guy, I can say that it all goes back to women’s selection of men. Black women will have multiple children by multiple felons and wonder why the children father (s) are dead beats.

    4. Well hold on now. Let’s not get too crazy and blame chivalry and traditional masculinity for sustaining it.

    5. Yeah, it’s terrrible having to compete with women, we might loose! QUICK, OPPRESS THEM AGAIN!!

  1. Great post. Even the art of home cooking doesn’t require as much prep as it did before the advent of industrial agriculture. 50+ years ago women outside of cities grew vegetables and fruits in backyard gardens and often raised chickens and other livestock, too. They had to process and preserve it (canning, drying, freezing) as well. It was very time consuming and sometimes half their day was taken up with preparing meals. Not so today-even if dinner is made from scratch using fresh or canned food it can be done relatively quickly with modern appliances, in an hour or less. It’s also possible to throw meat, veggies, water and seasonings in a crock pot before going to work and having everything done by the time you get home.

  2. Nailed it. Perfect. Congratulations.
    The other thing that drove feminism, at least in the 1960s, was the incredibly spoiled attitudes of the 1960s girls, and their resentment of their 1950s parents.
    Their moms and dads had lived through the Depression, in which people starved and scraped through garbage cans, literally like dogs, and then the dads (and brothers and uncles) had been maimed and slaughtered in the terror of WW2. The men and women of WW2 came home and wanted nothing more than to have a home and bake cookies. The women in the 1950s could care LESS about feminism, they had see horrors and starvation beyond belief, they had seen their men crushed and devastated, and they wanted only to settle down, have kids, and live in peace. They understood that family life is the root of all true joy and goodness.
    Unfortunately they were not able to communicate their wisdom to their daughters. Their daughters became the most spoiled brats in history…the hippy girls…who had never seen a hard day or missed a meal in their lives, who could not be bothered to remember the horrors of starvation and war. They were the spoiled narcissistic little shitheads, the rich white girls, the Gloria Steinems of the world, who launched modern hate-based Feminism.
    Now we are headed for WW3. It will be Feminism’s fault, although this will never be spoken in public. It will be China vs. Islam or Iran vs. Europe or Domestic Terrorism vs. the Police State, or whatever the trigger is. But once again, millions of people will starve and die in horror, and the next generation of women will curse Feminism, curse lesbians especially (the ultimate carriers of evil in women’s society) and hope again for the simple joy of home and family.

    1. When I watched Rebel Without a Cause on TCM a few years back, I didn’t understand what these middle-class white kids in 1950’s L.A. really had to complain about. James Dean: “You live here, don’t you?” Natalie Wood: “Who lives?”
      Well, Anne Frank a dozen years earlier would have considered that fictional character’s situation “living,” indeed.
      These teens lived in a booming, peacetime economy in a much freer country that the one America has turned into, and in a nearly ideal climate. They enjoyed good nutrition, regular baths, clean and attractive clothing, access to 1950’s health care, public schooling, the possibility of going on to college, and even exposure to the cultural riches of the world to expand their minds (for example, the planetarium scene). James Dean’s character even owned his own car. And their parents had decent paying jobs and the ability to afford suburban, middle class housing.
      Seriously, these youngsters had it made. They lived better than my hillbilly mother in Tulsa during her teen years in the 1950’s.

      1. And the same holds true today for Americans who complain about their lot in life. Seriously? You’ve got a computer and the internet and a cup of coffee and a “paleo” gluten-free bagel at your side and your complaining about – what exactly?
        Spoiled and entitled.

      2. Problem is, the Diary of Ann Frank was proven to be a complete hoax well over a decade ago. It was written by Ann’s father and a Hollywood ghost writer after WW2. The ghost writer eventually sued Mr. Frank because he got greedy and the whole thing came out in court. The original diary was found to be written in a Man’s handwriting and in ball point pen, which wasn’t available until post WW2. Typical shameless, manipulating J-tribers.

    2. Thanks to them we get to die in starvation, or in WW3. Or both. I am so fucking greatful. They can kiss their pension goodbye for starters.

    3. You say “..the rich white girls, the Gloria Steinems of the world..”.
      Do you deliberately misrepresent Steinem as white, when she was a jew? Almost every single influential feminist has been a jew. Why do you try or want to make this as if white people had anything to do with it?
      Feminism along with marxism/socialism are allmost entirely jewish movements.
      What’s your motive?

      1. Bullocks! Feminism was invented by White men during Slavery and the Jim Crow Era when their White women jocked big black d*ck and then cried false rape.
        Follow the torture, lynching and murder of innocent Black men.

    1. Take your fetishes somewhere else, buddy. I noticed that lately many people have been posting various fetish pictures and videos here. This place could use better moderation, these offtopic posts are distracting.

        1. It’s inappropriate and totally unrelated to the topic. You don’t walk into a conversation smacking on a Big Mac and say: “this is delicious”. It’s like eating soup at your desk surrounded by other workers. No matter how good it might taste to you… it’s fucking gross.

    2. Take your fetishes somewhere else, buddy. I noticed that lately many people have been posting various fetish pictures and videos here. This place could use better moderation, these offtopic posts are distracting.

  3. “The loss of the art of home cooking is a massive blow for the traditional family.”
    And to our health as well. That’s probably part of the reason cancer rates are still increasing: the prefabricated crap most people ingest on a daily basis.

    1. I often wonder….
      Were dishwashers , dryers and microwaves invented by men to make lives easier for WOMEN? Or were they invented for MEN so we no longer need her.

      1. I think it was invented for her, due to the fact inventors of that time were dutyful betas.
        But if they wanted to replace her, they should have started with the sexbot not the microwave.

        1. It’s a tough call. You know they think FEMINISM was also “invented for her” too. But it wasn’t. It was created to tax the other half of the population. The CIA actually funded Gloria Steinham and Miss Magazine.

          So I really have wondered about the modern appliances. Were they really for women? A woman turns a dial on a dishwasher and COMPLAINS that “housework” is so grueling… but as a MAN, I’m grateful that’s all it takes so I can work an extra hour and bill someone for it.

        2. Betas are the creators and maintainers of civilization.
          Betas created God in their own image.
          Betas are consciousness itself.

        3. That’s old news here in the States, as well as India considering Steinem was working as a CIA plant in India at the time she got called back to the States to “start a revolution”.
          The EE must be really slow on the uptake if you haven’t heard this – decades ago.

        4. I have heard about this CIA – feminism connection, but never looked into it.
          I dismissed it as a hoax. Now reality bit me on the ass.

        5. Well then better sit down before you fall down laughing, because she was also getting fucked by Henry Kissenger. Valuable to know that their feminist twats tingle to be pounded by alpha cock. Even Gloria Steinam, who doesn’t even deserve anal.

        6. Right… Obama gets the Pulitzer Peace prize. The destruction of our freedoms is called the Patriot act. Further destructive educational system… No Child Left behind.

        7. We live in a completely upside down world now: murderers get peace prizes, fascists get freedom prizes and lying scum bags get Nobel prizes. It’s like that inside joke of the British MI 5/6: you know someone’s a pedophile for sure when they get knighted by the Queen… I don’t don’t it at all.

  4. Great post! To it I’d like to add: when women were needed for house hold chores they had some power/control and were valued as helpmates. With their traditional role gone, and for a few other reasons, a lot their usefulness went with it. It’s hard for people that aren’t near to each other in power to associate.
    While the gap between men’s and women’s power in the absolute sense cannot be denied, in the past, men needed women for productivity’s sake. Since the second world war, this has no longer been the case. A woman in that situation is forced to give up more of herself than she would care to. And if she doesn’t, she’ll be readily abandoned and replaced. Often without alimony or access to her children. Most women today carry a chip on their shoulders and even if they haven’t been abandoned, they act as though they themselves were abandoned through divorce, lost their children, and were left destitute. In reality, they’re merely repeating to themselves generation after generation the societal abandonment of femininity.
    When you add the blows suggested in the article above, women’s subsequent loss of control over men (men needed them less and less), the feeling of having been abandoned by men, and women’s already innate desire to be men, you get the nutrients needed to grow feminism into what it is today. As the author suggested, there have been many attempts throughout history to get feminism off the ground (albeit it wasn’t called feminism back then). We as the author does, must ask ourselves why it worked and worked so well this time.
    Many men at the time saw the state of women – being husbandless, childless, and (relatively) destitute – and readily championed the feminist movement. I would wager many of us would’ve been feminist back then – even as many of us remain “blue pill”. Unfortunately, we didn’t take into consideration the utter lack of morality in women, nor the psychological effects of the narcissism that resulted in their wounded psyches.

    1. Messing with the natural order of things have always created a shitstorm.
      Our ability to change our enviroment really messed up the evolutionary process. Maybe this will be our demise.

      1. Let me take you on a journey. Cellular life was, as far as we know, something not creating oxygen, but then photosynthesis created the byproduct oxygen which was toxic and killed off lost of species. A real disaster. The plants now ruled. Then the ability to steal carbs from other living things by eating them and burning them with oxygen became the animal way. Evolution is patient and infinite. In a sense, everything man-made is natural. I belief a philosophy of harmony with evolution is best. I think evolution inspires the nature and borders of morality, explains how to learn Game, defines good politics and civics, good economics, etc. We are the process of evolution while we are alive, which is why stagnation is bad. We should seek stability in homeostasis, for example. And we should recognize the current political order has homeostasis and simple ride the corruption, wait it out, and enjoy the decline. A time for a new turning will come. (Cf. The Fourth Turning, Strauss and Howe.)

        1. The fourth turning is an exeptional book. That is the only thing that gives me hope in the future.

  5. Feminism derives from Marxism. Marxism derives from Judaism. That is why almost all of the major feminist figures are YKW. Don’t believe me? Then research it yourself; it is no big secret.
    What is the real purpose of Feminism? Same as all Marxist enterprises; Divide and Conquer. Divide the women from the men. Divide the the wife from her husband. Divide the family. A people who are divided are ripe for exploitation and abuse.
    Feminism is working as structured so far which is why our nation is a vastly more dysfunctional place than it was decades ago. But Americans, men mostly, are starting to wake up. The next decade could get interesting.

    1. Correct, look at the driving forces in Marxism, Feminism and Multi-culturalism, it is overwhelmingly Jewish.
      I think more people are waking up to that fact though – that the things they despise about modern society have been engineered and pushed on us by jews.

      1. So called multiculturalism is nothing more than the willful pre-planned annihilation of the original American culture. This was done with malice aforethought. It’s chief promoters, as you indicated, are the same tribe who brought the toxic brew of feminism to our shores.
        The goal is the same, as it always is, Divide and Conquer.
        We need to wake up; sooner, rather than later.

      2. “the things they despise about modern society have been engineered and pushed on us by jews.”
        And the things they love about money society have come about by Jews also.

      3. True fact: Marx, Trotsky (real name Bronstein), Lenin (real name Ulyanov), and even Stalin (real name Djugashvili) were all J-tribers. In fact, Stalin’s real name in Russian means “son of a Jew”. Communism / Zionism / Feminism are slightly different shades of the same color, and no one was more surprised than me to find this out a handful of years ago. Part of the red pill experience, I guess.

        1. Technically Djugashvili has nothing to do with “Jew” (and it’s in Georgian, not Russian, in which жид/zhid is the way to describe them), but he was sure a Tribe-lover and had plenty of jews at the top of his murdering machine.

        2. Stalin was not a Jew. His second wife may have been. Stalin purged the Soviet system of Jews. He was a monster, but God bless him for putting a bullet in Trotsky/Bronstein’s head. “America” became anti-communist when Stalin purged the Jews.
          Putin is even better w/r/t this.

        3. You can include Objectivism. Ayn Rand’s real name was Alisa Zinov’yevna Rosenbaum
          Have you noticed how The Ayn Rand Institute supports Israel, like all the time under every circumstance?
          And this is the so called “philosophy” that hates “collectivism”.

        4. He specifically concentrated his zionist hatefulness on the most-jew-aware Race in the world, the Ukrainians; Rus’ battled the Khazars (potential members of a Lost Tribe of Israel) even before they converted to judaism, formed the Cossacks to liberate Slavs literally enslaved by the jews when the latter came to dominate the Commonwealth of Poland-Lithuania as tax farmers (no surprise given that the jew religion is obsessed with slavery, and that jews were overrepresented in the Trans-Atlantic Holocaust of Africans); the jews also masterminded close to 20,000 deadly terrorist attacks from the 1800s to 1917, and of course, finally the jew international bankers and jew revolutionaries of all social strata (mainly distinctly non-‘proletarian’ ones) effected the communist conquest of a Nation that was not only becoming a principal threat to the Rothschild empire but was also rapidly improving the quality of life of its citizens (eg. yid bolshevists assassinated Pyotr Stolypin BECAUSE he was getting land into the peasants’ hands quickly and generally improving life for them; plus, judeo-masonry conspired to get Russia involved in the fratricidal WWI)

    2. “Feminism derives from Marxism. Marxism derives from Judaism.”
      But what does that say about all Abrahamic religions? I think Christianity is the cult of Esau and Islam is the religion of OPEN war, vis-a-vis the religion of STEALTH war on non-chosen. The borrower is slave to the lender, so be the head and make all other nations the tail through political-banking control. I am not sure the NWO is Jewish per se, but they have that cultural heritage and have refined it. Institutional debt slavery was codified in the very first part of the Jewish Bible perhaps 3000 years ago. The tax farm system has been assidiously perfected ever since.

        1. Romans ran tax farms, which is when the proud Roman soldier-farm became a wheat-and-circus beggar. IMF is the tax farm central command. The tax man in the Bible is notorious. If men don’t get this topic, they get nothing politically.

      1. Modern Judaism, rabbinic Judaism, is a younger religion than Christianity and largely developed as an anti-Christianity. Biblical Judaism is centered on the temple; rabbinic Judaism is an attempt to invent some new kind of continuing relationship with God once all of the fundamental necessities to that relationship as described in the Torah are gone. Its great meetings and definitive developments are all post-Christian, and are often of a deliberately anti-Christian character. Biblical Judaism opposed usury and required the forgiveness of all debts once every 50 years, and the New Testament regards tax collectors as almost the most immoral people in society; the Church forbade usury until the time of the Reformation. It is absurd to say that the Bible or Abrahamic faiths encourage economic warfare.
        The real issue is not Abrahamic faith, per se, but rather, apostasy from Abrahamic faith. Every (rabbinic) Jew is an apostate twice-over (once, for rejecting the Christ, and twice, for not recognizing that, apart from the temple, Judaism is nonsense); every Moslem is an apostate Christian (that Islam is an early Christian heresy that went rogue, is easily seen). The only way Christianity gives us trouble, is in its apostates. On the one hand, Protestants are the first real Apostates from Christian tradition, and it’s no coincidence that Protestantism is tied in with the “enlightenment,” and that Protestantism brought back usury, and that many “reforms” (such as that of Henry VIII) were transparent attempts to simply steal other people’s money and property; “reformed” Christianity is the first crack in the system, that led ultimately to “democracy” and “equality,” and all the other things that disarmed men in favour of female ignorance and entitlement. On the other hand, apostate, liberal “catholics” are second only to Jews in their zeal for cultural Marxism.
        Think about it: traditional Christianity – Catholicism – was always the bulwark against these things. It really is not Abrahamic faith, but apostasy from the same, that produces these problems. When things fall, they fall to a level of evil that corresponds with their former level of goodness. A snail is not capable being very “good,” so it is hard to imagine what the difference between a good or bad snail would be. A dog, can be better or worse. A man, even better or worse. An angel, best or worst of all. Even so, the Israel of God (formerly the ethnic people of Israel, but now the Catholic Church), being the true household of the faith, also produces the worst heretics when they fall from the faith of divine origin into apostasy.

        1. Sorry bud, but Jewish usury scams are encouraged in the OT. Eg. Deut. 15:6, “For yahweh your God will bless you as he has promised, and you will
          lend to many nations but will borrow from none. You will rule over many
          nations but none will rule over you.” That said, Catholicism is superior to Puritanism as it incorporates European paganism to an extent.

        2. That’s hardly a detailed battle plan for world domination through usury; it’s a simple blessing pronounced upon Israel, saying that if they keep the commandments of God, then “there shall be no pauper amongst you, as the Lord your God will bless you in the land He shall give you for your possession.” I.e., Israel will be prosperous if it keeps the covenant. God nowhere says, “thou shalt get the goyim over a barrel with high interest rates, and siphon off his capital over the centuries, so that the Lord thy God may bless thee with the world domination of Jewry.” The Old Testament can be summed up thusly: “And the Lord God said: ‘foolish Hebrews: hearken unto me and obey me, and I will give you a tiny patch of land and protect you there, and gradually wean you off of the barbarism common to mankind, so that there may at least be one people and one place on earth that is more or less free from idolatry and imperial vainglory, whence the Messiah may come. Hey! What did I *just* say?!’” Biblical Judaism is not about world domination through usury; it is about eking out an existence in a small patch of land until the Messiah can come and bring the Kingdom of God.
          The passage quoted from Deuteronomy then goes on to outright forbid exploiting the poor man as you help him in his needs.
          “If one of thy brethren that dwelleth within the gates of thy city in the land which the Lord thy God will give thee, come to poverty: thou shalt not harden thy heart, nor close thy hand, [8] But shalt open it to the poor man, thou shalt lend him, that which thou perceivest he hath need of. [9] Beware lest perhaps a wicked thought steal in upon thee, and thou say in thy heart: The seventh year of remission draweth nigh; and thou turn away thy eyes from thy poor brother, denying to lend him that which he asketh: lest he cry against thee to the Lord, and it become a sin unto thee.
          [10] But thou shalt give to him: neither shalt thou do any thing craftily in relieving his necessities: that the Lord thy God may bless thee at all times, and in all things to which thou shalt put thy hand. [11] There will not be wanting poor in the land of thy habitation: therefore I command thee to open thy hand to thy needy and poor brother, that liveth in the land. [12] When thy brother a Hebrew man, or Hebrew woman is sold to thee, and hath served thee six years, in the seventh year thou shalt let him go free: [13] And when thou sendest him out free, thou shalt not let him go away empty: [14] But shalt give him for his way out of thy flocks, and out of thy barnfloor, and thy winepress, wherewith the Lord thy God shall bless thee. [15] Remember that thou also wast a bondservant in the land of Egypt, and the Lord thy God made thee free, and therefore I now command thee this.”
          So, the commandment is against dealing craftily when loaning money, and with actually sending the debtor away with generosity after a period of servitude. It is true that this is mostly directed at fellow Hebrews, but there are similar requirements for treating foreign slaves with kindness, and general condemnations of usury as morally repugnant (Ps. 14, 5; Ezechiel 18:8) even if technically licit with foreigners (Deut 23:20).
          Christ flat out tells us to loan without expecting repayment, so any practicing Christian, even without the contributions of the Paganism that you think benefited Catholicism so deeply, should really be quite free from any suspicion of the supposed “Abrahamic” penchant for nickle-and-diming one’s way to world domination, no?
          I’m not denying that modern Jews do seem to have a sick attraction to dehumanizing philosophies that tend to put them in a good position to exploit others. I’m not saying that modern Jews don’t seem to enjoy guilting Christians for an assumed anti-semitism even while they have the most inexcusably racist and bigoted views about non-Jews. I’m just saying that this is not endemic to Abrahamic religion; it is a product of apostasy from Abrahamic religion, which rabbinic Judaism has perfected with the most sublime irony.

        3. “That said, Catholicism is superior to Puritanism as it incorporates European paganism to an extent.”
          It incorporates aspects of the native beliefs and traditions wherever it plants itself. Santeria is an example.
          Its really unfortunate that indigenous European traditions and religions were destroyed and ruined by that Middle Eastern cult called Xtianity. But its dying all across the globe. Buddhism is all set to supplant it everywhere, which is good news.

        4. “I’m not denying that modern Jews do seem to have a sick attraction to
          dehumanizing philosophies that tend to put them in a good position to
          exploit others.”

    3. Excellent, insightful, courageous words sir. Happy to see like minds. The truth about a rotten situation always seems to become classified as anti-Semitic; I wonder why?

  6. Legit. Men are better than women in everything, even at being women. Look how hot are the trannies today

    1. In a way, I really feel pity for women.
      Every day I am glad that I was born as a man.
      I do not feel superior, it is just that man can have a happy life much easier. Our needs are more simple.
      Women need an alpha provider, kids, social network, handbags, clothes, shoes, they have the wall, monthly hormonal imbalances, they are directed by fickle emotions not by logic and reason, and the list goes on.

      1. NAWALT, Andras. There are plenty of women who don’t go in for the handbags and shoes and even clothes swap rather than buy new clothes. Some of them are hippie types, some yogi types, some religious types, some back to earth types. There are many types.
        If you remain plugged into mainstream media and mainstream culture you won’t see or meet them.
        It may be though that men like you may not find them sexually attractive, even though most of these types are thin and attractive, they are not necessarily sexy looking because they don’t artificially inflate that aspect of themselves through makeup.

        1. “It may be though that men like you may not find them sexually attractive”
          I would never presume what another person – male or female – considers “attractive”
          The presumptuousness of some people that comment here in amazing.

      2. Not really. Most of them dont really care about or need sex. They dont lust after it and think about it every 15 minutes like men do. The corporate Diversity-Inclusivity-Equality-Matriarchal Complex ensures ample employment opportunity for all females at the expense of the expendable male.
        Women have it better than anyone in this world.

        1. ” Most of them dont really care about or need sex. They dont lust after it and think about it every 15 minutes like men do.”
          During ovulation they do.

  7. This is spot-on. The day feminism went mainstream was the day that labor-saving devices became common in middle-class households.
    Previously, feminism was solely an upper class phenomenon, as only upper class women had that sort of boredom.
    “Idle hands are the devil’s workshop.” – Applies equally to men and women.

  8. Feminism exists solely due to the excess and surplus of both time and money in our society. These surpluses were created by our previous great prosperity (i.e. men’s capitalistic ingenuity and labor.) So it is correct to state that the middle class causes feminism. It is also worthy to note that excess and surplus more importantly cause the rise of leftism and r-selected behavior within our traditionally conservative and K-selected species. Leftists and the r-selected preferentially insinuated themselves into the cause of feminism to subvert it for political reasons: those reasons include accelerating the breakdown of the family and breaking down our culture’s values and mores. Feminism is a vehicle for continuation of our cultural degradation in order to move our society(s) towards Socialism and Communism. Two great reference works: _Agenda: Grinding America Down_ (documentary movie available on Vimeo) and the Anonymous Conservative’s _r/K selection Theory of Evolutionary Biology_ (book and website): http://www.anonymousconservative.com/blog/home-page/
    Feminism will do more to move our top tier countries towards Socialism and Communism than any other ideology.

    1. “Feminism exists solely due to the excess and surplus of both time and money in our society”
      By following this logic to its natural conclusion, success is ultimately failure and should be avoided. Success is never having loved and lost.
      For the r-selected, convenience means more consumption. For the K-selected, convenience means more production. You can use a car to find a job farther away to make it practical or to go muddin. I’m not saying to go muddin is necessarily wrong, just that the wrong sort of people have been included in this democracy of a white man’s representative republic. The lines of race are only crudely approximate to the cans and cannots, and more and more crude as time goes on. I estimate that 90% of black American and 60% of white America is garbage that can not be function as civilized. The population becomes educated only when success and failure is individual and not institutional. Intelligence and civilized culture are culled more than inculcated. If we only got back to free market solutions, derelicts would not have options. Success is only evil in the hands of evil.

      1. When surplus and excess lead to a place where aggressiveness, competitiveness and other traits considered “masculine” are not only discouraged but actively worked against as we see today, that’s when civilization takes the turn for the worse. The r-selected rabbits are totally focused on removing the fangs and claws of the K-selected wolves in order to artificially level the playing field to increase their chances of survival and procreation. Removing aggression and competitiveness are key to that process. Because those are the main components of masculinity, masculinity must be wiped out. That’s the evil and there’s where feminism comes in. So you are correct.

      2. If women cannot vote, could it contain the spreading of the r-selected (aka socialist) ideas?
        It seems to me men are more k-selected by nature (if they are not brainwashed)

        1. Yes, but only if men are willing to escalate force to maintain control. Not all men are ‘real men’. What women reward and sculpt as inner game in men is the fortitude necessary. Allowing the wrong men to vote will lead to perdition, just more slowly. Violence is a tool of quality control, IMO. The more K-selected, usually the more strategic with violence, which is why men are more logical then women. Men evolved under harsher selection and had to be more logical.

        2. There have always been r-selected men walking amongst the K-selected. But the K-selected being the more aggressive and competitive should win out in any head to head battle. The key is to not allow the population of r-selected men to out-strip the population of K-selected men. That is why Feminism is working on converting men to r-selected behavior through their ideology. De-masculinization of the society is critical to forwarding their agenda, and thereby the agenda of the left.

    2. “Feminism exists solely due to the excess and surplus of both time and money in our society.”
      So its analogous to internet blogs then.

  9. Good rational analysis, which I don’t see enough. However, I believe that the dissatisfaction of women was social vis-a-vis their increasingly weak husbands. Work would only be a distraction, as it is today, but the pain of the situation is acknowledged sooner or later.
    American men gave up their male sovereignty by degrees to get along and ride politically for free. Each man today takes his economics as his responsibility but he forgoes the privilege of political agency as a super civilized cosmopolitan. The Gilged Age beat men down and the ‘answer’ was somehow the Federal Reserve System. Seignorage is sovereignty.
    The American men of WWII were shellshocked and indoctrinated to serve the state. They returned home, worked dutifully in the economy, and let their wives raise the dilenquent Baby Boomers socially and psychologically.
    Idle female hands are nothing without power. American (and Western) husbands have been giving away political power in the home slowly but constantly ever since the feminist propaganda could be funded indefinitely. Men who are not conquerors do not deserve good wives. There is a balloon payment because men would rather ride the political coattails of their forebears than fight and not have a sure thing. It only ends when the sure thing is unacceptable to the majority of post-civilized men.
    I think household conveniences sped up the process, but did not cause the process. We see the sissification of a people’s men in the history of the Romans, Persians, Spartans, and I doubt is was idle time from technology. Female idle hands are the devil’s workshop, which is why women of successful men eventually tear down what their husbands and fathers built. That’s the way I see it.

    1. Yes, this has happened many times in history.
      And everywhere this happened, the next step was the total descrution of that culture.
      Problem is, it is now an almost global issue.

        1. And what a “wussified” response and solution to the problem he offered.
          He was right on one topic. It is extremely difficult to be a man in todays society.
          No jobs, no pussy, no fun.

        2. No honor and no opportunities.
          What we can do is to starve the beast. Looking at the current state of worldwide econony, a major crash is near. (2-3 years top)

        3. The important thing is that the message is getting out and some outlets are sticking their necks out to broadcast it. Not all people are ready to be forcably unplugged from the matrix all at once. Guys like him deliver the right message in a way that doesn’t stimulate people’s amygdala unduly. People can’t get messages when their amygdalas are in hijack. (this guy could be a crocodile wrestler at home, right?)

        4. Most men already know ‘the message” or they are married and therefore against it. Women that see “the message” will forget it about 30 seconds after they see it.
          Just more worthless crap for someone to make money on, as usual at the expense of the lonely, single, expendable and worthless male.
          Nothing is ever going to change. It will only get worse.
          For men, that is.

        5. I doubt it. I think what you will see is vastly increasing numbers of unemployed, underemployed and homeless men.
          This, unfortunately is a battle that we cant win.
          We have already lost. Dont fool yourself.

        6. I can see why you feel that way but it seems to me that we’re starting to turn the corner in favor of men. No doubt it will be a long process as it has many enemies. The first step in any recovery is to admit there’s a problem. That step seems to be well underway.

      1. There is also opportunity in crisis. Can you image how much a group of men who are the next greatest civilization will do? The NWO thinks they are them, but they destroy and I think coupon clippers are too averse to being productive, so they are leeches with that dependency. I wish I know how to combine with like-minded men. Stupid people combine much more readily than smart people who are fewer and must figure it out for themselves and still arrive at the same place to be unified. Tough in this social reality, but massive failure will probably give the right stuff a chance somewhere sooner or later.

        1. In crisis likeminded people will group together, just as we do here.
          The internet is a superb tool, I would say it is as significant as the plane. Instant communication with anyone.

        2. How many wolves does it take to take out/over-ride a whole herd of rabbits? It doesn’t require the majority of men to stand up and be men to fix this. Maybe not even 10%. Remember that only 3% of the American colonists told the British forces to stuff it when they came to disarm them – which led to the Revolutionary War in the US.

  10. Technological advancements allowed women to work outside the home, but women have always worked outside the home. Feminism, based on encouraging women to sleep around and not to reproduce, is an ideology based on cultural marxism and rooted in the Frankfurt school.

  11. I ask them, taking the credit for Suffrage (separate from Feminism, distinct movement of Ladies and aristos): Who gave women the right to vote? Men or women? Men, wasn’t it? Watch them fume.
    I’ve never met a poor feminist activist. Always supported.
    Technology scares feminists. Imagine the day when Jezebel doesn’t need trampy girls writing articles, robots do it instead. I’d argue the freezer is the biggest piece, women could prepare meals ahead and use leftovers. There should be more female inventors, but those arguing for women in STEM can’t take the pace themselves. Nikola Tesla foresaw feminism, that women with spare time would contribute to society (he figured well).
    Men used to cook quite equally with women pre-Industrial revolution, but then the factories preferred to hire men.

  12. That’s bullshit. First of all women have always worked outside the home, on the fields and later in factories and mines. Second there always were feminism and feminist ideas but women couldn’t organize themselves and couldn’t achieve much locally. The means of better communication is speeding up feminism globally, that plus women getting more and more education. Now in the 21th century feminism is more popular than ever and women everywhere are raising. Women are half of the human race and you taliban wannabes cannot keep us down anymore.

    1. If you want your feminism you can keep your feminism.
      I will be at the sidelines watching it crash and burn.
      You have been warned. Just do not run at us asking for help. We might just say no.
      Now, could you let the adults to have a productive conversation?

      1. All talibans, fundamentalist and extremists are afraid of knowledge and wish to see the civilization burn. But most of all they are all afraid of women, especially women and wish to control and opress women. I wonder why.

        1. The Taliban are not fearful of women. They desire women to stay home with their families and be women as they feel, as many here do, that women are corrupted by the freedom to do as they please. Whether they take that to an extreme is probably not debatable.

        2. Educate a man and you educate a person. Educate a woman and you educate the nation where women are still the primary educators of all humans born. And how education and enlightenment can lead to prosperity I think I don’t have to explain this.

        3. Says the Western Entitlement Princess who knows nothing of Afghani culture. As if Afghani women pre-Taliban era were “corrupted by the freedom to do as they please.” Learn some world history for christ sake. Afghani culture is not your disgusting culture. Now log off and go ride your horse you nutty broad.

          Avoid Women With Horses

        4. How nice of those noble Talibans thinking for the good of women and saving them from the corruption of their own freedom… Meanwhile everywhere those Talibans have set foot darkness and terror reign in unspeakable proportions. Same thing happens pretty much everywhere where women are opressed.

        5. But education about what? The current education system is a disaster, a ponzi scheme, which creates drones not prosperity.
          Education should be done by the parents, not by the state. Also the performance of female teachers in the education of boys is more than questionable.

        6. Oh gee. I know. Those crazy Islamic ideas.
          ** Being loyal to your spouse – not fucking other guys behind his back.
          ** Not stealing or lying.
          ** Helping the poor and the needy
          Jeez those people really need to get out of the stone age.

        7. This is only your opinion unsupported by anything, the educational system is fine, maybe not perfect, maybe improvements could be made but not the abolition of the entire system. Thankfully education is here to stay.

        8. And you and the lady and her thuglets in the bottom pic look kinda like whats floating in my toilet bowl

        9. Yes, because everyone always lived like the rich family in the first picture. And women never worked outside the home and tons of orher stuff like that.

        10. Those ideas aren’t a property of islam or any religion for that matter.
          As for the taliban rule it’s not even from the stone age it’s like taken from a horror movie.

        11. Thats because Feminism has enabled the government to give more free stuff to the Free Shit Army.

        12. Your head is full of garbage, non-recyclable debris.
          People are disinterestedly telling you the truth.
          Feminism is an intelligence test. If you fail it you lose in the game of life.
          And there is no consolation prize.

        13. No, not male but a taliban like you. I understand why you’d feel uncomfortable in today’s society.

        14. At least my posts are relevant and on topic. So far everything from you has consisted of nothing but pulling my ponytail to get my attention.

        15. I don’t dispute that the Taliban take their philosophy to an extreme to everyone’s detriment. However the down side of women having the freedom to choose whatever they please whenever they desire to choose it has been proved over and over again. Most women are children: they think like children, they act like children they even write like children (read any news outlet controlled by women like Jezebel and it’s obvious the emotional maturity level is ~ 2nd grade, maybe 3rd.) Women need the protection, provision and guidance of men just as children need parents. This need not translate into oppression and certainly in the USA, because women are being given free rein to choose what they want when they want it, women do most of the oppressing – most especially those who disagree with the Feminist message.

        16. First of all nobody can make good decisions if feed with the wrong information.
          Clearly what’s happening now is mixed messaging. Also the biggest omission in this article is no mention of Civil Rights Movements role in the second wave of Women’s Rights.
          Eugenics experiments run on people of color for decades is now being rolled out on non-Elite Whites, have fun.

      1. Would be wonderful if all talibans gather in one place to practice talibanism there on themselves, you would do the world a favor.

      2. “Hmmmm, a western branch of the Taliban. Great idea!”
        You’d have to blow up Mt. Rushmore like they blew up the Bamiyan Buddhas.

      3. “And no, we cannot keep you down, but we can choose to leave your world behind and screw our brains out in Asia occasionally.”
        Isn’t that taking Feminism to Asia? Women aren’t supposed to have the freedom to screw men they are not married to, particularly men from completely alien cultures. So you are actually spreading sexual revolution and feminist ideas by importing them into Asia with your sex toursm.

        1. I’ve been to the Philppines and traditionally they are extremely family oriented people like all other Asians. If some of them are engaging in promiscuity with men outside of their own culture then its because of socio-economic factors.
          Its is only Western Europeans and their descendents that are not family oriented, because they never have been. Not to the extent of the rest of the world anyway. Individual freedom and “independence” is more important to the Western European than anything else in the world, including family.

        2. And how is independence the opposite of family values? What you mean is independence from husband/wife and children.
          What about independence from the taxed economy or from religious fear?
          Or independence from addictive/destructive things like alcohol, sugar and tobacco?

  13. ‘The golden of capitalism’ – when slavery was legal. WW1 was productive and that cost the lives of 8 million people. You fucking imbecile.

    1. Did the liberal arts program at your community college lose its remedial reading comprehension classes due to lack of funding?
      “The late 19th century and the early 20th was an incredibly productive
      time: between the industrial revolution and the First World War there
      was a swell of technological creativity resulting in not only the
      creation of so many of the machines and technology we take for granted
      today but also the means by which to mass produce and sell those
      I do believe that states that the time BETWEEN the industrial revolution and WWI was incredibly productive. This is quite different than your interpretation of the above statement that WWI itself was productive. It’s certainly not too much to ask that if you’re going to offer your opinions on the piece, you actually read it, and utilize the arrangement of the words within as they are typed. Now, that may not be as easy for you as calling the author an imbecile while demonstrating your own stupidity, but it’s certainly worth a shot.

  14. Once the domestic labour saving devices were invented, the traditional value of women’s skills could only go one way – down.
    And now, what do most young women now have left to offer?
    For most feminism seems to have left them with twos ‘skills’;
    1) make money (though often not as much as they spend)
    2) Do sex (mostly unexceptionally)
    That’s it.
    I think the current doubling down of feminism comes from a place of desperation – it’s the last thing standing in way of most men seeing what women truly have to offer them.
    Which is not much.

  15. Feminism and modern capitalism are fated to grow or fall together. After all the consumerist, economic and technological growth we see today could not be possible without women. The female consumer is so powerful today that all businesses and media mus pay tribute or defer to the whims of this market.
    I believe in capitalism, but I am not sure of a way to break capitalism loose from its dependecy on the female market.
    I think such a change will be necessary in the years to come if we are to dredge ourselves out of this hole.

      1. Capitalism is a lie. A self destructive lie. An explosion in low motion. A long, dark and cold night.
        Capitalism is near its end. The revolution begins at the individual level.
        Dear Central Bankers of the World,
        You are all going to shit in your pants and cry like little girls when we come for you. This is when your fiat money will come in handy, because you will need it to wipe your asses and dry your tears.
        Yours sincerely

  16. There’s a BBC/PBS show from a few years ago called 1900 House. It put a middle class family in a living museum, and they lived as though it were 1900. The young proto-feminist maid the family hired had to adopt the 18th century technology and lifestyle too. She said exactly what you say — it was not politics or feminism that liberated women. It was the vacuum cleaner and the clothes washer. She figured it out within about a week of living as a turn-of-the-century working woman.

  17. The Frankfurt School cultural Marxists changed Feminism from being about women being able to vote to the “sex-positive” destruction of marriage and family over being “not haaapy” it is today. (Thanks, Leftists. You suck.)

  18. Everybody worries about the coming robot revolution, and how it will put large portions of the population out of work, especially those on the left side of the bell curve.
    This article points out something that nobody notices. Automation (of housework) has already thrown millions of people out of their traditional work roles, leaving them nothing useful to do.

  19. Betty Friedan wasn’t a bored housewife. She was an active member of the communist party. She had an agenda.

    1. And another J-triber, but all just a coincidence of course. Her and Steinam and all the top fem-bots likely constantly crossed paths at synagogs.

  20. Feminism was created and funded by the Criminal Elite (psychopathic men at the very top of the proverbial pyramid) for a few good reasons: more women working = more tax dollars and more purchasing of unneeded material goods (all designed very carefully according to planned obsolescence criteria, of course…) AND the destruction of the family unit so that there would be much less resistance to their agenda. Good men are the only ones who can bring down evil men, so feminism is also designed to emasculate, subjugate and take the power from good men. Point of fact, the CIA heavily sponsored Ms. Magazine and Gloria Steinem (who prior to being one of the first famous feminists, worked as a waitress in Hugh Hefner’s Playboy club…). Feminism has always been promoted by big corporations (run by men) because they wanted to create much bigger markets for their useless products and we all know how easily women are manipulated into thinking they need / desire something and then how they follow the herd mentality to get it. Women don’t lead or invent anything, not even feminism as it turns out.

  21. Betty Friedan was not middle-class. She was married to a very wealthy man, lived in a mansion on a river, and had maids do her housework. She never had a job in her life, except for working as a Marxist journalist when young.

  22. Let’s play Count the Jews. Gloria Allred – yid. Andrea Dworkin – yid (and DON’T look for pics. Some things cannot be unseen). Emma Goldman – yid. Rosa Luxembourg – communist yid.

    1. On the other hand, since the sneaky Zionist Jewish Bankers love to control both sides of the debate, they introduced guys like Strauss to encourage insult-based game to further drive a wedge between men and women. Now, many of these tools of the Judenkeit aren’t consciously aware of the purpose they’re fulfilling, just working out issues created by the sick Jewish religion and “culture”, but the clannishness of this Tribe facilitates their promotion and domination, especially in cultural and financial matters.

      1. “the clannishness of this Tribe facilitates their promotion and domination, especially in cultural and financial matters.”
        Jealous much?
        Just because your people decided to give up tribalism and buidling the community up (how’s that workin’ our for ya?), doesn’t mean the rest of us should do the same.
        Its like you want the rest of the world’s people to become as lost and listless as you are.
        No way!

        1. No worries, Moishe, we’re reinstituting our original White Pagan religions and getting rid of Zionist supremacist OT-obsessed Puritan Christianity. We’ll show you the meaning of Folk.

    2. I found this new text called “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” and it’s really given me a lot to think about. I had no idea that the Russian Revolution was actually funded by Jewish Bolsheviks.

      1. Sadly, The Protocols were spot on in predicting not only the jew bolshevik domination of Russia and Ukraine, but all sorts of other jew scams, like their ownership of the media, and even the use of subterranean explosives in false flags to terrify the Goyim (a la 9/11).

      2. And when the jew bolshevik scum whom Moishe the Marxist idolizes RITUALLY MURDERED the Tsar (PBUH) and his entire family and servants and pet dog, they 1) scrawled part of Harry Heine (jew)’s poem about how the jews betrayed Belshazar of Babylon (not the last time a yid betrayed a Gentile nation – see Micah 5:7-9) AND mockingly left a copy of The Protocols, which the Tsar (PBUH) was assiduous in distributing.

  23. ‘bankers’ is such an empty term, why not blame the reptiles or the illuminati or the jews, the dumbfuck phrases masqueraded here makes me wonder if a school of dingbats here swallowed a black lozenge.

  24. Just saw a fascinating example of how feminism was co-opted by capitalist (male) interests in order to serve their own purposes in the first episode of the documentary “The century of the self”. It tells how a public relations expert was hired to defeat the taboo against women smoking. His approach was to have a group of debutantes take part in a big annual New York parade and on his cue they would all whip out a cigarrette from under their skirts and light up together. His already prepared media release said that these women were fighting male oppression by lighting “torches of freedom”.
    Such a cynical use of feminism to get women to start smoking is illustrative and not a little amusing.

    1. Fascinating documentary.
      An eye-opening part was when it pointed out that Edward Bernay’s PR campaigns, based on phony surveys of doctors, were responsible for the establishment of bacon and eggs as the Western breakfast.
      So many of the touchstones of Western life are recent creations by a small cadre of extremely manipulative, wealthy Semitic gentlemen.

  25. Even though this article is correct, I feel like it is seething with political correctness. First of all the invention of innovative and ergonomic gadgets didn’t make women prone to feminism. Secondly, Feminism is a direct result of the downfall of the European monarchies of the early 20th century, the proliferation of Communism and Hitler’s rise to power. The Frankfurt School of Philosophy (Marxists Inc.) basically were a group of mostly Jews (this is not a criticism of Jews) who fled Nazi Germany and settled in America during the 1930s/1940s, in that time cultural subversives such as Theodore Adorno and chiefly Herbert Marcuse had corrupted America’s academic institutions with Cultural Marxist sympathies. When the beleaguered Third Reich fell, many of these carpetbaggers went back to Germany and some stayed in America. Their goals were always tied to Antonio Gramsci’s “March Through the Institutions” philosophy, which stipulated that Western economies and the proletariat had resisted head-on Marxism, and it was because the proletariat was so tied to God, Church, family, and nationalism and only when you pried these things away could the state and media subvert the nation and control the minds of the youth. You can even see it today in America and Western Europe when people try to promote the traditionalist Christian culture are always stigmatized somewhat “mysteriously” by media forces on both sides of the Atlantic. Even in Israel are the fissures beginning to show between out of control Jewish feminists and traditional conservative Jews (what goes around, comes around). The overwhelming success of Cultural Marxism in America by disgruntled European Jewry (not accusing Jews as a group) has been one of rapid change and sheer transformation. You can tell every time you see a new filthy movie being peddled out of that pit, Hollywood.
    The filth being propagated to our youth and previous generations has ruined about three to four generations of Americans (especially American women). There is no recovery from this except to try and shield the next generation from it. Any woman past 18 in America is beyond the point of no return, she’s set in her ways and will be sure to get her Cultural Marxist propaganda spoon-fed to her in college. The defeat of Tsar Nicholas II, Kaiser Wilhelm II and I hate to say it, Hitler, led to the proliferation of feminism. These groups shielded their countries from the wiles of international feminism and corrupt Western decadence. They all paid for it, and yes Hitler was evil but not nearly the monster that Lenin or Stalin was. Make no mistake about it, feminism did not spread due to the invention of ergonomically efficient devices, that’s just silly, feminism comes straight of the Leninist-Trotskyist camp and has succeeded in the West. So long to the Church, the family, traditional masculine and feminine virtues, long live those noble monarchs who resisted central banks to the teeth! So long to the natural order! Long live our new International Finance Democratic Marxist Cabal! Carry me out on my shield! My God I’ll never submit to such a ghastly monstrosity of a life. Save us all.

    1. The only thing Adorno got half right was the problem with the culture industry, but yes, they were refugee Marxists trying desperately to salvage the wreck and they largely succeeded.
      Marcuse’s ‘One Dimensional Man’ is a decent read though if you ignore the politics.

  26. No discussion of how feminism came to be can be complete without a discussion of contraceptive technology. The sponge. The dutch cap. The pill.
    The male pill will be as paradigm-shifting as all of these.

    1. Something wrong with using a condom or are you saying Men aren’t suppose to be responsible for their role in reproduction?

      1. No, I’m saying that bursts of feminist activity have coincided with advances in contraceptive technology. It’s not all down to affluence, although that’s obviously a big part of it. I’m simply pointing out an important aspect that MS overlooks in his article.
        Condoms are fine, as far as they go, but a male contraceptive that a woman with baby rabies cannot put a pinhole through, or cannot in the heat of the moment try to persuade you to dispense with (Oh, I just don’t like the feel of the rubber, it’s ok – I’m on the pill! Promise!) will be a game-changer for men.
        There’s also the matter of pleasure. Nothing more disgusting than feminists (male and female) criticising men for not liking condoms because they deaden sensation. As if pleasure for the woman is all-important, but men are sleazy and disgusting to want to enjoy sex more than a condom will permit. It’s an inequity that the nonhormonal male pill will level.

        1. True but I have never complained of deaded sensation myself and the one time I didn’t use one with my ex-GF she got pregnant and we took care of it at Planned Parenthood.
          I do agree pill for men will be a revolution on parent planning, but will more men chose not to have children at all?
          Are moving closer to eliminating men from child reproduction period with advances in IVF and now implanting woobs in women who had to have their removed because of cancer? Technically this means even Transexuals can have children at some point in the near future especially if more is down with DNA and Cell development.
          We are entering into an interesting and potentially scary moral dilemma.

  27. John Stuart Mill says in his “Principles of Political Economy”:
    “It is questionable if all the mechanical inventions yet made have lightened the day’s toil of any human being.”
    That is, however, by no means the aim of the capitalistic application of machinery. Like every other increase in the productiveness of labour, machinery is intended to cheapen commodities, and, by shortening that portion of the working-day, in which the labourer works for himself, to lengthen the other portion that he gives, without an equivalent, to the capitalist. In short, it is a means for producing surplus-value.
    In manufacture, the revolution in the mode of production begins with the labour-power, in modern industry it begins with the instruments of labour. Our first inquiry then is, how the instruments of labour are converted from tools into machines, or what is the difference between a machine and the implements of a handicraft? We are only concerned here with striking and general characteristics; for epochs in the history of society are no more separated from each other by hard and fast lines of demarcation, than are geological epochs.
    Mathematicians and mechanicians, and in this they are followed by a few English economists, call a tool a simple machine, and a machine a complex tool. They see no essential difference between them, and even give the name of machine to the simple mechanical powers, the lever, the inclined plane, the screw, the wedge, &c. As a matter of fact, every machine is a combination of those simple powers, no matter how they may be disguised. From the economic standpoint this explanation is worth nothing, because the historical element is wanting. Another explanation of the difference between tool and machine is that in the case of a tool, man is the motive power, while the motive power of a machine is something different from man, as, for instance, an animal, water, wind, and so on. According to this, a plough drawn by oxen, which is a contrivance common to the most different epochs, would be a machine, while Claussen’s circular loom, which, worked by a single labourer, weaves 96,000 picks per minute, would be a mere tool. Nay, this very loom, though a tool when worked by hand, would, if worked by steam, be a machine. And since the application of animal power is one of man’s earliest inventions, production by machinery would have preceded production by handicrafts. When in 1735, John Wyatt brought out his spinning machine, and began the industrial revolution of the 18th century, not a word did he say about an ass driving it instead of a man, and yet this part fell to the ass. He described it as a machine “to spin without fingers.”

    1. The Philosopher’s Drinking Song
      Immanuel Kant was a real pissant
      who was very rarely stable.
      Heidegger, Heidegger was a boozy beggar
      who could think you under the table.
      David Hume could out consume
      Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel,
      And Wittgenstein was a beery swine
      who was just as sloshed as Schlegel.
      There’s nothing Nietzsche couldn’t teach ya
      ’bout the raisin’ of the wrist.
      Socrates himself was permanently pissed.
      John Stuart Mill, of his own free will,
      after half a pint of shandy was particularly ill.
      Plato, they say, could stick it away,
      ‘alf a crate of whiskey every day!
      Aristotle, Aristotle was a bugger for the bottle,
      and Hobbes was fond of his Dram.
      And Rene Descartes was a drunken fart:
      “I drink, therefore I am.”
      Yes, Socrates himself is particularly missed;
      A lovely little thinker, but a bugger when he’s pissed.
      — Monty Python

  28. It is an undoubted fact that machinery, as such, is not responsible for “setting free” the workman from the means of subsistence. It cheapens and increases production in that branch which it seizes on, and at first makes no change in the mass of the means of subsistence produced in other branches. Hence, after its introduction, the society possesses as much, if not more, of the necessaries of life than before, for the labourers thrown out of work; and that quite apart from the enormous share of the annual produce wasted by the non-workers. And this is the point relied on by our apologists! The contradictions and antagonisms inseparable from the capitalist employment of machinery, do not exist, they say, since they do not arise out of machinery, as such, but out of its capitalist employment! Since therefore machinery, considered alone, shortens the hours of labour, but, when in the service of capital, lengthens them; since in itself it lightens labour, but when employed by capital, heightens the intensity of labour; since in itself it is a victory of man over the forces of Nature, but in the hands of capital, makes man the slave of those forces; since in itself it increases the wealth of the producers, but in the hands of capital, makes them paupers-for all these reasons and others besides, says the bourgeois economist without more ado, it is clear as noon-day that all these contradictions are a mere semblance of the reality, and that, as a matter of fact, they have neither an actual nor a theoretical existence. Thus he saves himself from all further puzzling of the brain, and what is more, implicitly declares his opponent to be stupid enough to contend against, not the capitalistic employment of machinery, but machinery itself.

    1. Since therefore machinery, considered alone, shortens the hours of
      labour, but, when in the service of capital, lengthens them; since in
      itself it lightens labour, but when employed by capital, heightens the
      intensity of labour; since in itself it is a victory of man over the
      forces of Nature, but in the hands of capital, makes man the slave of
      those forces; since in itself it increases the wealth of the producers,
      but in the hands of capital, makes them paupers-for all these reasons
      and others besides, says the bourgeois economist without more ado, it is
      clear as noon-day that all these contradictions are a mere semblance of
      the reality, and that, as a matter of fact, they have neither an actual
      nor a theoretical existence.

      Arguably the longest and most ponderous sentence ever.

  29. The thesis of this article is not really a secret and has been well acknowledged by Economists (and some intellectually honest,but marginalized Sociologists),but a huge kudos to the Author for expounding this in simple,clear language.
    Indeed Feminism did not contribute to the paradigm shift in today’s work force.Most Women did not( and still do not) read Feminist literature,discover they are oppressed and decide to chuck the traditional family system and enter the workforce.
    Absolutely yes,labor saving devices freed them from most household duties,but in addition the constantly escalating cost of living made single income households nonviable (thanks in large part to inflation,taxes,rent control,burgeoning household debt).
    Around the world and for centuries, in low income households women have worked outside the home,purely out of economic necessity and not against some batshit notion of fighting patriarchy.
    What Feminism does deserve full credit for is getting the State to make laws that breakup families,encourage and subsidize frivolous abortions,push women into roles that they are just not equipped to handle,promoted excessive selfish and narcissistic traits among women,pushed males into roles that are self destructive,and wreak economic havoc on the workforce.

  30. Wake up man-
    All these bs ideologies everyone howls over were started by the central banker Illuminati.
    Dr. Henry Makow and his book “Cruel Hoax” is the truth about the how’s and whys of feminism. Makows site is http://www.savethemes.ca

  31. The pill gave rise to feminism; once women could reliably control when to have children they were no longer slaves to their wombs. The rest is just shrill hysteria and deluded nonsense on their part.

  32. It’s impossible not to notice that feminism is aligned with fatceptance. As women moved out of the kitchen, nutritious home cooked meals became a rarity in favor of TV dinners and fast food depriving future generations of both healthy meals and familial bonding.
    I often wonder if feminist deliberately destroyed the families of western civilization, or if they”re just not smart enough to grasp cause and effect.

  33. feminism is degradation, degradation is the favorite tool of judaism to subvert and control itz enemies, the number one enemy of the jews are the white peoples, thus white nations are the main target for the implementation of feminism, abortion, divorce, pedophilia, miscegenation, turd world immigration, homosexuality, degenerate art and entertainment, christianity and other jew inspired religions, etc….
    real men, white men, fight judaism by taking a stand against the various jew programs of degradation, do not indulge in them, speak out against them, ridicule those who support them, take vigorous actions to obliterate these unnatural practices from our homelands.

  34. Another cause would be the rise of fast food replacing the mother’s role as meal preparer.
    “And yet Big Food has convinced most of us: “No one has to cook!
    We’ve got it covered.” This began 100 years ago, but it picked up steam
    in the ’70s, when Big Food made it seem progressive, even “feminist,”
    not to cook. I’m reminded me of KFC’s brilliant ad campaign, which
    sold a bucket of fried chicken with the slogan “Women’s Liberation.”” – Michael Pollan
    So KFC hasn’t merely made us fat, it’s made our women into abject feminist cunts.

    1. All I can say is get to SEA, Eastern Europe or South America before its too late. But relax you have at least a decade if not more, at least twenty years.
      I’m on my way to Brazil by the end of summer 2014. I am doing it on a shoestring income so its been very tough to save money.

  35. You, delusional and disgustingly self entitled men, is why we need feminism. It is why WOMEN started the feminist movement. Because men like you think that if you assist a woman then you deserve a blow job. Actually I can carry my own damn boxes, thank you very much. Also, this is not “your civilization”, it is ours. We share it, with all of human kind and the plants and animals. So, no you are not welcome in my vagina. Women are not yours to be “used and abused”. We are not your fuck toys. We are equal beings who are intelligent, strong and capable. No woman reads this article and the comments and thinks “Wow these men are so right. I should have no rights. I should go make dinner and find a man to blow.” Seriously men, if you can even be called that, you need a reality check.

  36. anyone who knows anything about Feminist movements knows that the creation of appliances actually created MORE work for women, not less because household standards rose. despite all the modern conveniences we have, the average woman still does approx. 20 hours of housework a week. I’m pretty sure you didn’t use any facts in your research because it sounds like you just pulled all of this stuff out of your ass. Before you talk about about what caused the Feminist movements, how about we stick you in a house all week where you do nothing but cook and clean for other people all day, every day. And then we can see if you wouldn’t want to start your own rebellious movement the first chance you got.

  37. Communism wasn’t an accident. Karl Marx was funded by industrialists and bankers (Engels himself was an industrialist). The Bolsheviks got massive amounts of funding from Kuhn and Loeb banks. The Soviet Union got bank loans. Communists created many political organizations in America in education, media, and civil rights groups. Communist academics infiltrated the universities to subtly twist the minds of new generations. Communism is the root of feminism in the bogus egalitarian belief that all humans are the same. It plays on victim mentality where any groups that are perceived as disadvantaged is because of oppression of the perceived dominant group. It plays on jealousy where anyone that is rich must have stolen from the poor. It’s true aim is to usurp power by destroying the culture and those who cradle culture (ie. by oppressing teachers, lawyers, musicians, doctors, intellectuals, etc.)

  38. You disgust me. Yes, improved quality of life and technology vastly helped women’s rights, it doesn’t mean that feminism as a political viewpoint is redundant.
    And men invented these things because they had time and freedom, which women didn’t have, even in the upper class, because of social norms and societal gender roles.
    What the fuck is so wrong with feminism anyway? Want to go back to the time when a man earnt all the money, and had a neat little wife cooking and cleaning for him at home and sucking his dick when he came back? ….Oh wait…of course you do. You don’t care that women might not want to do that once they get the chance and the technology to escape it, you just care that you get nice submissive woman who don’t threaten your fragile cut-glass ego.
    Anyone with an ounce of respect would prefer equality than an unfair system that keeps them at the top at the expense of others.

  39. Feminism is totally derived form the Frankfurt School, which ensconced itself in key US universities (Columbia most notably) during the Nazi years. Feminism was not a naturally occurring enlightened “rights” movement, it was planted and directed by the Marxists of the Frankfurt School for the sole purpose of destroying Western (Judeo-Christian) society and replacing it with a Communist totalitarian one. Nothing has changed since the 1920’s with regards to Feminism’s motives or purpose.

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