Girls With Skrillex Haircuts Are Like Sick Parrots

There is a curiously disturbing sickness in parrots where they pluck their own feathers out.




Why does this happen? According to the University of California (pdf):

Feather-picking can occur for a variety of reasons.. medical and behavioral. Medical causes of feather-picking include poor diet, exposure to toxins, infection…parasites, or other diseases.

Behavioral causes of feather-picking may include stress from various sources, including lack of stimulation (‘boredom’), sleep deprivation,and sexual frustration. Boredom may result from lack of appropriate toys, not enough foraging opportunities, or not enough interaction with other individuals (human or avian)…”

Don’t these problems seem familiar to you in the women you meet with Skrillex haircuts? When I first saw the pictures of Game Of Thrones actress Natalie Dormer sporting this new “style,” the parrot illness immediately popped into my mind. Here’s how she looked with long hair (I would bang):


But now? Not even with a stick:


This is far worse than merely having short hair. A shaved head screams that there is something mentally ill with the girl, especially if she did it to herself intentionally. The university paper has recommendations to solve this problem:

How do I manage my feather-picking bird?

-Balanced diet
-Good sleep
-Regular bathing
-Reduce stress
-Proper mental stimulation
-Reduce sexual frustration
-Medical intervention

Women may think I’m making fun of them with this parrot analogy, but I am not. It’s simply a warning that they are alienating themselves from this world and need help.


Men are becoming wise to the problems that women with Skrillex haircuts have. It’s an iceberg indicator of mental complications that are too immense for any one man to deal with. Some fault for this should be placed on those who lied to women with shaved heads that it looks “cute.” The ROK team are probably the first humans who bravely object to what—let’s be honest—amounts to self-mutilation.

The lies given to shaved women were not intentional. But nevertheless they were lies. We know this because we as men have been lied to as well, about education, career, and relationships. This web site deconstructs lies to help both men and women fulfill their natural roles.

If you are still in doubt about how lies affect women, check out these sad cases of women who found out the truth too late:

There are always two sides of the coin, and those two sides represent two different outcomes. If you’re a woman, read the stories above, and decide which side of the coin you want to end up on. Ignore what men prefer and find attractive at your own peril.


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285 thoughts on “Girls With Skrillex Haircuts Are Like Sick Parrots”

    1. My thoughts exactly. A whoooole lot of grandstanding goes on here regarding the whole “would not bang” thing. Gimme a break. You would still fuck the shit out of her, but she wouldn’t be quite AS attractive to you as she would have been had she not styled her hair in the way you prefer. Incidentally, I actually find this hairstyle pretty sexy, unlike actual short haircuts. Their hair is still long, just piled to one side. The contrast actually does it for me, although this particular chick has too angular a face to pull it off well, it makes her look like a Siamese cat.

        1. Wow, she makes the picture worth looking at, despite the horrific animal face beneath hers. She literally outshines a disturbing cat image enough to make a picture awesome.

      1. Please. All that’s missing from the shaved side of her head are a few staples and blood clots .. cos that’s the impression it gives me. Like someone who was sick and needed to have their head shaved to have it cut open. She was a hundred times better with her normal hair.

      2. I think it has to do less with her fuckability and more with her fucked-in-the-headness. Remember, we’ve got to spend a hell of a lot more time tolerating these bitches than fucking them; psychotic appearances like this serve as a warning sign. Why mess up a smooth sailing bachelor life with some mentally whacked cunt?

        1. Brother I’ve been a committed bachelor for life since before I even hit puberty. No girl ever manages to disturb my almost stress-free life, crazy or not. 😉
          Personally, this hairstyle does it for me. Damaged girls, “bad girls” turn me on, as the fact that they would make horrible partners and/or mothers never even enters the equation for me, as I don’t evaluate potential lays based on that blue-pill criteria. Short hair IS a boner-killer for me, but not this cut. This one dooze it for moi.

        2. Remember that she is an actress playing a part, and her hair cut is fashionable and also part of a movie role. It therefore says nothing about her… Mike Tyson can get a face Tattoo… Rihanna and Miley can shave their heads, they are performers / artists….
          The scarey thing is when Cheryl in reception decides it’s cool and hubby John who drives the forklift gets an eyebrow piercing and a tattoo on his neck……
          see my article about anal sex for a quick fix….

        3. yeah… nothing like some hate fucking with a nasty girl that has too many piercings and a half shaved head… yeah i can dig that…. yellow rubber gloves compulsory, speculum optional.

        4. You’re making excuses for her. She had the power to say “God no, I’d look ugly as hell!”

    2. Fucking right I, for one, would still bang the bitch. I’m sure she’s got a great doggy view. Yeah, lingering white hand prints on hips. Yeah!

    3. One word, Comb-over. If you can part the hair a bit on the right side to cover the bald spot then it would be OK.

    4. You’re assuming we choose to fuck any moderately-attractive woman that wanders into our field of view. If she’s in a club looking like that, and there’s girls on her same level with beautiful hair, I’m running game on them. The hair is a big red fucking flag saying ‘Do Not Touch’. If you see a mangy looking dog on the street with crazy eyes, do you stop to pet it?
      I’ve been around long enough to know any form of deliberate uglification is a clear sign of mental issues, and crazy girls, skinny or not, are a drag. The cliché about crazy girl sex being wild and better is a load of shit, because the crazy outweighs it. I’ve always found it better to find that shy faun and be the man to cultivate the sexual animal inside her, which means you’ll always be ‘the one’ she measures other guys up to inside her head.

  1. Solid article and a fantastic analogy.
    I am loving the recent spotlight on short hair on women that this site is shining.
    Any time I express disgust at idiotic shit like tatoos, short hair or excessive piercings on a woman there is always some white night who will bullshit about how they find these things attractive. The end result is that women don’t actually hear the truth and think that what they are doing is smart.
    The recent Tuthmosis article blowing up is a good sign, since many women will now be faced with reality.

    1. And broken women’s solipsism means that even if 99% of opinions were against theirs, they would ignore them until they find the 1% enabler.

    2. p.s. found this gem of a comment in one of the articles you linked:
      “My friend is 30 & is going out with a swedish guy, a 6ft blonde hunk, and she is desperate to get pregnant from him and have her ‘perfect babies’ – as she calls them.
      He doesn’t want kids so she takes the sperm filled condoms, freezes them in the fridge freezer, & when she’s ovulating, (she has an ovulation chart hidden in the airing cupboard where she does all her plotting and scheming) she takes out the frozen condom, cuts the knot off & defrosts it inside her. She keeps telling me it will work.
      Frankly, I’m worried she’ll get taken away in a little white van and I have suggested some behavioural therapy and sexual counselling but she says its a waste of money and it’ll interfere with her getting pregnant. She’s wearing rose tinted Baby Goggles & she needs help. This baby making thing can get out of hand. Whatever happened to love and human nature?”
      Gentlemen, make sure YOU dispose of your condoms in an effective manner.

      1. ” . . . love and human nature . . .”
        . . . is a baby making engine. Never forget that, especially if you don’t want to be a cog in that particular machine.

        1. The rational way to deal with it, would be to sign a contract that gives the guy zero financial obligation and two days a month visiting rights IF he wishes to see the kid AT ANY TIME in the future.
          But with sperm donors getting sued by lesbian couples for child support, the legal system doesn’t have a way to deal with this scenario so people go rogue.
          The 50s and 60s paradigm of divorce and child support needs to be upgraded big time… This is the trouble when you have a bunch of dusty old 60 year old degenerate egoist baby boomers running government.

        2. The sperm donor signed a contract. The lesbian couple honoured it and took his defence.
          He was sued by the state, the legal system itself, and with the invalidation of the contract owes money to the state.

      2. Don’t think that will work. Freezer will kill the sperm and so will the spermicide on the condoms.

        1. Ssssh! Don’t spread the wisdom! You realize there’s a Swedish man walking around free, because if this woman’s plans worked he would be a slave to her and the state?

      3. A feminist will say she is crazy…
        … for wanting to have children.
        “Don´t you realize you are being manipulated by the Patriarchy? You will face a tidale wave of responsabilities, making you even more oppressed than you already are! “

      4. You guys are so gullible 🙂 This cannot possibly be true.
        Firstly, the spermicide in the condom would kill the sperm. Secondly, latex does not withstand freezing – it breaks – try it for yourself, put a condom in the freezer and see what happens. Thirdly, NO WOMAN would ever put anything frozen inside her vagina to DEFROST inside her; this is sheer insanity.
        It is so funny how people lap up any odd tripe they read on the internet 🙂
        Having said that, I would like to thank all male contributors to this site. I read it for laughs, but have to admit that it is also doing a splendid job of teaching women how to look and behave in order to entrap men 😉
        Keep up the good work 🙂
        Kisses to all XX

        1. Speaking of odd tripe on the internet.
          FOUR emoticons?
          Your snark hamster is working overtime today?

    3. Agree… you never see girls with ” idiotic shit like tatoos, short hair or excessive piercings”, with a good looking, well built, successful alpha type guy.
      They are always with some hipster pussy-whipped betamax.
      You know the kind of guy I mean…. with the trendy straggly beard, the beanie in the heat of summer, canvas man-bag over his shoulder,…etc.

      1. There is a difference between looking ‘alpha’ and being alpha. There are many guys that are tall, muscular, good-looking, but are beta to the core. They simply don’t know better. They’re totally indoctrinated by the feminine imperative from an early age on and have never experienced enough adversity at the hands of women or at the hands of the system to warrant some introspection or even to google around and ending up in the manosphere. Some ‘alpha looking’ guys even make it to mangina status.

        1. yes, alpha is a state of mind and a state of being not the size of your biceps… Yoda is a fine alpha….. and he’s only two feet tall….

    4. Tattoos on women are simply another way that women mistakenly project their desires in men upon their own appearance. Women absolutely love tats on men. Every single woman alive loves it. I think tats blow, but from a chick’s standpoint, I get it. You like badboys. Then using chick logic, they mistakenly believe that if they love tats so much on men, men must love tats on women. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Women do this quite often. Every woman I’ve ever met has said that she’s EXTREMELY passionate about her job. No matter how horrible and boring her job is, EVERY woman parrots the same thing. What does that tell you?

      1. i quite like the little tramp stamp on the backside…. it’s like a farmers brand on his cattle…. every alpha should leave a mark on his girls.

  2. Jesus H. Christ … what she did to herself is downright criminal. Makes you wanna weep.
    Nice contribution Andras. Looking forward to read more from you.

    1. Thanks. Roosh helped a lot with the editing, so it is more of an 50%/50% between me and him.
      But he provided me good examples how to format my future articles.
      Hope you guys enjoy, and spread the world on facebook, twitter etc..make this go viral also! We have to spread the word, it is time to stop this madness.

    in the miss universe 2013 contest, the ugliest contestant was from Switzerland and was sporting not only short hair…but a fucking skrillex hair cut.

      1. I tried jerking off to her (rather abundant) nude pics, but failed. Couldn’t even get the semblance of an erection.

        1. I’ll tell you exactly why. The NWO funds the success they want and the failure they want. Why has rock music been peppered with Satanic affections from the mild to the extreme? These stars are role models of behavioral conditioning. You know how many future wives have been salted by Miley Cyrus alone? I bet over 100,000. Madonna? Gangster rap? It’s what they want. The economy is a giant trust so big you can’t see it.

        2. I don’t understand how one can invest so much effort into bleaching their teeth to blacklight-sensitivity, yet still possess such a putrid, thick white coating to their tongue. Isn’t she rich enough to afford an Orabrush?

        3. At least gangster rap informs its listeners they’re nothing but whores, bitches, and sluts, and will be treated as such.

        4. The thought of jerking off to her never occurred to me, and even though I’m 45, I like to do so a couple of times a day to keep the prostate cleansed. It’s Friday night and I’m heading downtown, so hopefully it’ll be a non-masturbatory day.

        5. Mad Max? Saw it when it came out. At the drive-in. On acid. While drinking a case of Miller beer. At the time its was godly.

        6. She basically made herself an ‘It’. I imagine only a tiny portion of the population finds that sexually-attractive, and they’re all on Tumblr.

        7. The Traditional Chinese Medicine and Indian Ayurvedic blogs went wild with tongue diagnosis on this one. The white film on Miley’s tongue is a sure indicator of bad health.

        8. Kashmir, if your name is any indicator, you should know that in Ayurveda, as well as TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), there is “tongue diagnosis” and indeed many TCM and Ayurvedic blogs had jumped right on it when that pictured first circulated. Liver, pancreas, a hole host of health problems are stewing inside Miley’s mortal coil.

        9. Not so much. The main consumers of gangsta rap are middle class white males aged 15-45.

        10. According to the Mayo Clinic, “the appearance of a white coating [on the tongue] is caused by debris, bacteria, and dead cells getting lodged between the inflamed papillae.”
          Medical solution: Salt water or peroxide rinses and tongue scraping.
          My solution: Amputate the damn thing.

        11. I personally like playing it for all of my plates. “Baby By Me” is my current favourite.

        12. I have a “jerkoff test”. Before expending any resources on, say, grabbing coffee with a girl, I try to jerk off to thoughts of her naked. If I don’t enjoy the experience, she’s not worth my time.

        13. I remember those days. Saw it on Beta Max smoking Thai Stick and Acapulco Gold. And Miller was the bomb. I couldn’t touch Miller now. One of the first and few movies to catch something undefined in young men of the day. If that makes sense.

    1. re: natalie dormer’s fatal shaving off half her head
      , would just like to clarify its for a film role in the next hunger games where she plays some punk with half her hair missing, so its not that she did for no reason just to self harm. even though ultimately the outcome is the same

    2. Sorry, but this article is just so sad and beta. These women are more rich and successful than any of you will ever be. They don’t give a fuck about any of you. They don’t even know you exist. And they can get hotter, richer guys than any of you at any time. Stop being betas and go get a life.

  4. Yes! Feather picking. You nailed it.
    Natalie Dormer as she appeared in Casanova is one of the great little cuties of all time.
    When I see what has become of her, and not just her hair, it just makes me want to cry. She is obviously ill, physically and mentally.
    She needs help. Won’t somebody please help?
    Maybe we can organize a charity run or something. Show our support for her recovery by wearing ribbons made of blonde hair.

  5. Yaknow, I’m on your side, but posting links to a sensationalist rag like the Daily Mail doesn’t help your cause nor does it prove your point. It just makes it easy for leftoids to dismiss what you say without looking at it. Please be more discriminating when offering citations in the future.

  6. Hmmm, the with-hair pic looks like my exie when she was 24, though I’d argue my exie was hotter; she even has the same weird shaped little titties. As for the Shrillex, yeah, nasty indeed.
    Makes the job of scalping her that much easier though, if only it were three hundred years ago. If only. Bitch is lucky there isn’t such thing as a time machine, cause I’d love to drop her Shrillex ass off somewhere in the 18th century just to see what happens. 😀

    1. A Skrillex haircut doesn’t warrant a gruesome execution, even in Saudi Arabia. It’s still disgusting to most (eligible) men, and that’s punishment enough.
      But then again, I don’t know if that was a “joke”…. so….

      1. Sam’s failures as a man make him glorify violence. Sam is blue pill. It is evident in what he writes.

      1. Ha ha, just pushing the envelope. And by the way, that scalping pic was from some old ass movie. Sheesh.

        1. No, that´sn twilight.
          From what i read about it, HG have some pretty hardcore, youths having to kill off each others and all that.

  7. I 100% agree with the post, and like even more the responses from ugly women… Go on now nasties…

  8. guess i’ll take one for the team and say i would try to get with natalie. I’ll take one for team since many consider her ugly now.

  9. The disturbing thing isn’t really the hair, nor the alarming amount of metal in her ear.
    Look at her face in the newer photo.
    That girl’s broken. She saw or did something that broke her. Casting director with really weird tastes? Producer?

      1. She could be about to turn lesbian. BTW, Cornell has discovered what many of us knew; a widely quoted homosexuality study is a fake:
        ‘Young ‘pranksters’ skewed landmark sexuality study’
        “How could it be that 5 to 7 percent of our youth were homosexual or bisexual!” Previous estimates of homosexuality and bisexuality among high schoolers had been around 1 percent.
        So imagine the surprise and confusion when subsequent revisits to the same research subjects found more than 70 percent of the self-reported adolescent nonheterosexuals had somehow gone “straight” as older teens and young adults.
        “We should have known something was amiss,” says Savin-Williams. “One clue was that most of the kids who first claimed to have artificial limbs (in the physical-health assessment) miraculously regrew arms and legs when researchers came back to interview them.”

    1. Unfortunately, the casting couch is a real thing. I’ve talked to a few girls who tried to make it in Hollywood. They gave up once it became obvious they’d have to sleep with a number of producers and directors to get in.

      1. When I worked in the music business, the programmer for VH1 channel, who shall remain nameless would, only put videos on high rotation if rent boys were sent to his office. If you’ve got the position of power you might as well use it… Hunger Games is only a decade away…

        1. Yep. I used to work with two-bit rappers and artists. Some of them were pretty damn good.
          One of the complaints was the utterly vile things they were expected to do if they wanted to achieve any mainstream notoriety.

      2. Given the amount of sexual experience of the average western woman, sleeping with high power, high status male producers while using the rest for attention, seems a fair trade.

        1. These were girls who were 16 or 18 and trying to break into (small time) acting, probably not that experienced.
          You do raise a valid point, though: in a world where it’s no biggie if a girl N=2N in a weekend, it seems reasonable for men of any reasonable station to expect a woman to N++ if they expect the remotest sort of favour or accommodation from said gentleman.
          Also, great handle, Ternarydemon.

    2. Not really, what she does is completely calculated, she admitted she planned this for years.
      She is likely a sociopath and she was always corrupt. It doesn´t mean she will kill somebody but she would have her own parents showed alive in a meat grinder if the cost/benefices went that way.

    3. She’s been in tons of movies and shows. She’s worth millions and certainly way more successful than you will ever be. She’ll also snag hotter, richer dudes than you. Get over yourself, she doesn’t care what you think of her. She doesn’t even know you exist.

      1. Because money is all that matters, right? Doesn’t matter how many times she had to take it up the ass, or how many producers shit on her face. Ergo, WHORES are the pinnacle of womanhood. At least expensive whores.
        How much do YOU charge, sweetypie? Your dad must be so proud.

  10. Normally I agree completely with what is written here. This is not one of those times when it comes to Dormer. She did it for a role. It was her job. I think you get that.
    Now, other women who do it for “fashion” you are spot on.

    1. +1 on this. Though I agree with the article stating girls with skrillex haircuts ARE damaged in some way, you cat really blame dormer on this one. Apparently, the hunger games book have a female character with a shaved head.

      1. The Capitol would be hipster heaven if it wasn´t in the loner term future, because there you can´t claim to have liked something before it was cool.

  11. Look at it this way: they’re doing you a favour. They’re not just waiving a red flag, they’re firing a flare gun into the air, the dazzling phosphorous signalling her “issues” for miles around. Makes them easy to avoid.

    1. Good point.
      These haircuts, like tattoo’s and copious piercings, are a huge red flag waving in your face.
      And you shouldn’t be tempted to view them as the “crippled foal”… an easy catch.
      Any girl crazy enough to fuck up her own body, wouldn’t not hesitate to fuck up yours (probably while you are sleeping).

      1. Very good points. These haircuts, tats, etc are warning signs that should only be ignored at your own peril. When I was younger I used to falsely believe that damaged looking tatted out broads were an easy sexual mark. Not so, necessarily. They are very cynical and likely very shrewd; the kind of broad that would drop a pin in your ear canal while you’re sleeping.

  12. Thanks for the article.
    No way to endearingly call cunts cut like this “girls”, the few I’ve met are repulsive in looks as well as manners – In the past only village idiots would sport such cuts, to advertise their status to people and get treated accordingly.
    This self-demeaning “style” appears to have seeped out from the most radical men-hating lesbian fringe into mainstream during the past few years.

  13. Self-mutilation occurs in many forms: this damn-fool haircut, piercing, ugly tats (most of which look to me like someone’s been bitten by a horse), self-harming and cutting, morbid obesity…. All of this makes women look cheap, and the norming of it can only be because misery loves company. But we must not forget there are plenty of women who are not so damned stupid as to go with any of this, or to not rationalise it when they see it in others.

  14. The contrast is unbelievable. Its smiles like that that help me to understand why some cultures consider smiling a threat of assault, She looks like a stereotypical mental patient

  15. A fantastic expose of this ugly phenomena. Natalie Dormer has gone from 8/10, would bang with reckless abandon, to 2/10 King Henry VIII wouldn’t touch with a stick.

    1. King Henry VIII cut her head off… he knew what life was all about….. instead of pump and dump… wed and slice…… sounds good to me…. why pay alimony when you pay the executioner a shilling.

      1. Haha, the irony is that Anne Boleyn was actually one of those rare women who really was badly slighted out of no fault of hers. By all accounts she was an exemplary wife, only with the misfortune of having a spontaneous abortion twice (the last time, it is alleged, when she caught her husband cheating in the adjacent room).
        Of course, she could have still decided not to wed the king who was publicly known for treating his first wife very badly, but I guess the preselection was just too strong for her to resist. So I guess even there some responsibility lies with her.

    2. all true, she did do it for a film part though [next hunger games], so it wasnt a spontaneous “i’ll ruin myself” more of a “i’ll ruin myself for a multi million dollar franchise”

  16. Holy fuck what happened to Natalie Dormer?
    She is a bombshell in Elementary, and firmly a seductress in the Tudors. Jesus Christ talk about a train wreck. Looks like she begs for heroin under an overpass.

  17. Women with those types of haircuts look like something from Max Max Beyond Thunderdome.
    Ooof! Issues, issues.
    One way to REALLY spice it up would be the haircut on a fat chick. BARF!

  18. Dormer might have ruined herself for the time being, but just wait for the sick drops on her next album.

  19. -Reduce sexual frustration
    -Medical intervention
    Dr. Wolf prescribes :
    BDSM for breakfast
    Anal for lunch
    and Cum Swallowing Once a Day after (a light low calorie) Evening Meal.
    Subject can be deemed cured once hair grows back and daily squirting occurs.

  20. “Women discovers that viewing men as “sperm donors” was a surefire way to fail the dating game”
    LOL, they must be retarded! What next, they discovers the sky is blue?

  21. Andras, you nailed it with elegant simplicity. I think parrots and people hurt themselves just to feel alive. I speak from very slight experience. The lack of patriarchy is like a cage. The parrot needs a more wild existence, which is to say a more parrot ‘societal’ existence. People need a societal structure as well, and liberated women can only destroy societal relationships. Wherease the parrot NEEDS to be outside the cage, the women NEEDS to be inside the cage, albeit a good one. Men don’t make good cages anymore. No one man can do it without political support from patriarchy brothers in male popular sovereignty. Give up seignoriage to the elite, and your sovereignty is sure to follow the money. Or we can cull ourselves for a feral existence and become so free and so poor we don’t call it poverty. Then wild bitches can take the fuck care of themselves and learn to appreciate having things, even a penis inside them.

  22. those poor ill women need to be saved and shown that their real happiness lies in being the wife of a man. they need to focus on making this happen so this means having long hair, losing weight, learning to cook and clean, being sexually available at all times to their husband, following a conservative moral code, and home schooling the kids.

  23. also, women with skrillex haircuts can not be trusted around children in case they spread unsound ideas about the necessity of female voting.

  24. Already posted this on the forum but what the hell. Here’s an anti-skrillex haircut bomb I dropped a while back:
    I was at a punk show (ground zero for female hair abominations) and opened a girl I was standing next to. After chatting with her for about 30 seconds over my shoulder, we turned to face each other. Behold, the boner-destroying Skrillex haircut.
    I looked at her a with concern and asked “Oh my god, are you ok?”
    Her: “What do you mean?”
    Me: “Didn’t you have brain surgery?”
    Her: “No??? Why?”
    Me: “Your hair. I had a friend who had a tumor removed and had to shave half of her head like that.”
    Her: “… um, no. This is just a hairstyle…”
    Me: (affecting incredulity/disgust) “Wait, you mean that’s on purpose? Why?”
    Her: (obviously embarrassed) “I have to go meet my friends.”

    1. I really doubt she cared what you (some random person) thought about her hair. Get over yourself.

  25. I think she cut her hair like that for an upcoming role in a movie. I can only hope and pray that’s the case otherwise what a fucking waste. I swear attractive women are becoming a rare commodity these days.

    1. The title of the movie is “Boner Busters” featuring Jennifer Lawrence and Miley Cyrus as spunky, relatable grrrrrrrrrl pwr crimefighters who use the power of Strong, Independent Haircuts™ to defeat the evil forces of personal aesthetics and male attraction. Featuring Adele cast as Griselda Gunt, the Boner Buster body acceptance coach. Sponsored by Haagen Dazs!

    1. She was the best candidate to illustrate just how much damage this kind of hairstyle causes to a woman’s look. (actresses are photographed much more than an average girl.)
      Also, because she is a celebrity other girls might feel more inclined to try this hairstyle out. I felt it is better if we make a preemptive strike before this gets out of hand.

  26. I think its more of an attention seeking behavior for some and for some(like all girls) just imitate these hairstyles cos they think its cool and shit.But nice article anyways. Csak így tovább!Jó látni hogy Magyarok is vannak itt.

  27. My God! This Shrillex haircut bullshit has to stop. It’s hideous. Young women are such complete sheep that they are lining up in droves to get these monstrous haircuts. Kudos to ROK for continuing to harp on this issue. It must be addressed. Jesus H. Christ…western women are such a fucking mess.

    1. True. Women are extremely sensitive to memes. The crazier, the faster it seems to spread among the herd.

  28. I came here to laugh at the fact that the twitter feed for the other hair article is STILL constantly getting tweets. What is wrong with people that they get so outraged at OPINIONS? But this.. the title… as soon as I saw it I just lost it. THAT is bust-a-gut funny.
    Also, I had no idea I had so many comments here. I knew I touched the most nerves on that “20 Things Women Do that should be shamed” piece a while ago.

  29. I originally wanted to say it was for a movie. But no. She was sooooooo beautiful in the first picture. Also, whats with all the piercings???

  30. actors gain and lose extreme amounts of weight for roles all the time, and i’ve also read multiple reports on various sights that she did this for an upcoming movie role. if i condemn and withhold facts without doing my research to prove my point im just as bad as the self serving feminists. ill happily stand corrected if im wrong.

    1. What kind of movie warrants an actress to get a Skrillex cut? One of the legitimate plots (perhaps the only one) would be some kind of parody on Western women, but that’s probably not the case. Hence it would only serve for plane janes to emulate it.

      1. The kind based on a post-apocolyptic dystopian novel inspired by a reality TV show and written by a post wall fat woman.

        1. Didn’t the women who slept with Nazi’s get their heads shaved? Maybe all these chicks with skrillex haircuts are just thirsting for some fascist cock.

        2. Go watch a movie from 2000 called ‘Battle Royale’. Exact same plot of ‘The Hunger Games’, except ‘Game’ ignores the brutal violence, moral ambiguity and dystopian despair for the more tween-friendly question of which dreamy boy will the heroine end up with, and she’s somehow noble and empowering for being a passive-aggressive slug expecting other people to do the murdering for her.
          Total fucking ripoff. The dude should sue.

        3. All of Beat Takeshi’s stuff is awesome.
          And yes, total ripoff.
          Battle Royale rocked. Battle Royale 2 was ok too.

    2. It is more about the damaging effect of a bad haicut, than about the actress.
      The main problem is that it can have an effect and spread into mainstream, causing real damage. Just imagine girls all over the world using this hairstlyle because “Hollywood” does it too.

  31. Back in the day, the shaving or cutting a woman’s hair by force was considered a severe punishment. This was typically done to prostitutes or Jezebels that lost protection from their man or pimp. This act is frequently depicted in historical movies and dramas.
    In the WWII period film Malena, Monica Beluccis character gets her hair shaved and is beaten by her fellow towns women for being a Nazi collaborator. She gets run out of town. She gets to come back only after her husband, who was thought to be dead, finds her and brings her back under his protection.
    In Deadwood there’s another storyline where a prostitute gets her face branded with a tatoo.
    You know why eastern european women don’t shave their their heads? Because men and other women would have nothing to so with them because they have the mark of the fem-beast.

    1. Hah, imagine telling your grandmother that nowdays girls do it intentionally.
      And then they wonder where all the good men gone…
      What a silly world.

      1. The grandmothers wouldn’t believe WTF’s going on; they’d collectively shit their pants.

      2. The 2nd wall: The good men still exist, they just aren´t as wealthy and established anymore, even compared to just 10 or 5 years ago.
        Inflation in the USA is far above officuial statistics and not dissing on Uncle Sam, most iof the western govs twists inflation datas.
        At least there is a good side to this mess, they will remain all but invisible to the fiends who would ruin their lives and take away their children.

  32. No. Just no. This article is BULLSHIT. First of all, what do those “sad cases of women” have to do with the Skrillex haircut? NOTHING. At all. Okay maybe some women who got the Skrillex haircut are sad, but that doesn’t mean anything because EVERYONE has high and low points in their lives, REGARDLESS of what fucking haircut they chose to get. How can you even compare women shaving a part of their head to parrots self-mutilating out of boredom/other mental factors? If a woman shaving a part of her head to obtain a trendy hairstyle she enjoys is the same as self-mutilation, then a man who does the “side shave” hairstyle for the same reason is doing the exact freaking same. It is NOT self-mutilation. It is self-expression. “Ignore what men prefer and find attractive at your own peril.” Really? REALLY? Last time I checked, all kinds of people find all kinds of things attractive. What is unattractive to you may be the hottest thing in the world to another man. That doesn’t make him wrong. That doesn’t make you right. Most important of all, a person (regardless of gender) should do what THEY feels is right for themselves without worrying about whether other people find them attractive or not. Someone must live their life for THEM, not everyone else. They are their first priority because it is THEIR life. If who they are happens to attract someone to them, that’s just a bonus. Another thing: Why is it that this article is titled “Girls With Skrillex Haircuts Are Like Sick Parrots”? Shouldn’t it be titled “PEOPLE” instead of “GIRLS”? No of course not, not according to you, because women are the ones who need to bend themselves to the likes and dislikes of certain men. Take your arrogant beliefs and kindly shove them up your ass.

    1. If all you said was so obvious and true, a 308 word rebuttal would seem rather unnecessary. Only precision-guided munitions of truth bring such reactions as they detonate on the landscape of society.

    2. The way people treat their bodies and express themselves to the world is an exact and telling representation of the kind of person they are on the inside. Long and well-kept hair is a naturally and universally understood sign of femininity. Shaving your head is a masculine trait that men have developed over the course history out of necessity. Women who adopt this appearance are expressing non-desirable traits.

    3. No, wrong.
      All women who have a skrillex haircut are sad. FACT!
      Look, you’ve got to treat your man-hating views, we are actually the good guys.
      We’re here to guide women to a better way, we protect them from their poor choices.

    4. TL;DR version: “I have a Skillrex Haircut, and just exposed that I’m a Narcissist .”
      Let your freak flag fly, my sick little parrot. We appreciate the warning. Saves time approaching you.

    5. Your very long, unoriginal comment only garnered 2 “upvotes”.
      Your inner hatred for men is shining through. Please, let it go before it destroys you.

  33. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo movie comes to mind and of course she was bat shit crazy which only proves the point of the article.

    1. Damaged women love those fucked up rape/daddy issue movies…. Come to thinkof it…. I once shared a Netflix account with a girl (whom I dated but we broke up and mooched off of her Netflix for over a year before she changed the password), and the shit in her recently watched was so foul. I think I feel an article coming on.

    2. Plus it’s one of the most misandrist movies you can find. EVERY male
      character is either portrayed as a total piece of shit (rapist,
      psychopath, murderer, blackmailer, etc), or as a meek and useless drone. It’s only the heroic female protagonist who can save the day, despite
      having been so damaged in life (by evil men, of course). Unsurprisingly that film came out of uber feminist Scandinavia.

        1. His health was so bad a heart attack after climbing seven flights of stairs to his office because the lift was not working, at 50, I shit you not!

    3. The thing is, the author himself was a seriously ***ed up, pseudo-communist 100% bluepille epsilon.
      And she was supposed to be hard, thought less than the author intended.

  34. Good stuff – great article! This will get the kitties and their hamsters all fired up.

  35. As far as I know, Natalie Dormer had to cut her hair taht way for his role in the upcoming Hunger Games sequels. So, there is a chance she didn’t do it on purpose.
    As for the article, I agree that the skrillex is among the worst red light in a woman.. It denotes low self esteem, probable addiction to heavy illegal substances, a desire of violence against her own body, etc. Only an incurable STD or being morbidly obese would be worse. Having 2 cats and declaring herself a polyamorous feminist would be better.

  36. If girls with Skrillex haircuts are evidence of parrot disease than this website, and its author, is evidence of down syndrome.

      1. Actually, while Down’s Syndrome is a genetic disorder, it often has many effects regarding the way a person would operate mentally (as well as many other things). But I know what you mean to say, it isn’t nice to throw that insult around.

  37. It goes much deeper than this. Think about it. The NWO/TPTB/ETC, using these pop stars as trendsetters, idols, etc. The skillrex haircuts, the open sluttiness and the fact the higher a womans N count, the more impossible it becomes for her to emotionally bond to a good man. Family structure is destroyed, men are trivialized, wiminz are empowered (lolz), the next generation suffers with no fathers and divide and conquer becomes more of a reality. Thanks feminism.

    1. You are aware of which country and year you are living in, right?
      If you are seeking emotional bonding then it is you who have a problem or if you dont, you sure as heck will have.
      Beside, the real Hunger Games are coming.

  38. I am just thinking…
    We now know girls are very sensitive about their hair…
    What else could we pick on? Their ass? Their legs? Their skin? What are your experiences?

        1. Then the responses to your article shall be glorious.
          Still awaiting it.
          Any topics traveling through your mind? I might begin writing mine today…

    1. Make-up applications causes conflicts even among women.
      Cellulite occurs more frequently in models, genetic too.
      Histrionics are instrumentally useful to know about, ways women use emotional outbursts.

    2. The fake tit explosion of the last decade. Girls that mutilate their bodies with a couple of bolted-on balloons that appear to stand further apart than Mercury and Pluto. The only acceptable exemptions are post breast amputation surgery or an A cup.

    3. Acting in a parody of what they misunderstand alpha male masculinity to be in an attempt to be taken seriously: basically, belligerent, aggressive, argumentative, swearing like a sailor, drinking like a lush, vocal fry voice. If men were really like they imagine we are, society was collapse in a week because we wouldn’t be fit to keep it running.

  39. But in this case she did it for a movie, its ugly but maybe after the film she goes back to the nice hair cut

  40. Dormer cut it for a movie role, I believe. She looks so much worse though. I tend to avoid girls with hair like this. It’s just not a good sign.

  41. I went ahead and made a little meme for your delectation. Please feel free to improve on the idea 🙂

  42. This is a pretty shit article. The girl is gorgeous with or without half of her hair.

  43. “It’s simply a warning that they are alienating themselves from this world”
    We need to alienate ourselves from this matrix-world!
    Through natural alchemy, Sacred Union, and living the entire
    mythological body of the Goddess, Laura is powerfully creating global
    transformation on the Venus path. Taking on the darkest forces on Earth,
    Laura reveals the influence of the false matrix and conquers the hidden
    agendas that are affecting our personal freedom. She opens the gateways
    for ascension, reveals the source of ancient symbols, and brings to
    light the true Holy Grail.
    Experience a profound heart opening with Laura Magdalene Eisenhower
    and Dr. Dream for a multiple-modality, Galactivation Breakthrough
    Experience! In the last 38 months, this experience has been facilitated
    166 times, in more than 100 cities around the world!
    And NOW with new energetics to share from the aetheric grid, prepare
    your Self for a Journey of Galactic proportions! Allow the collective
    energies to forever shift your conscious awareness on our Universal LOVE
    Journey of Ascension.

  44. those parrots are multing which is a natural process for birds and those girls are beautiful, so whats your excuse for being a total dick?

    1. Girls say they want to be treated equally.
      Be careful what you wish for, because the guy in the green hoodie just might give it to you.

    2. Oh my GOD.
      We need that dude to write an article here and give him an honorary crown and Kingship.
      Now THAT was alpha!

  45. Hot to Not is only a haircut away.
    It changes her whole image. Gone is the sweet smile, and bright happy eyes….. to be replaced by a bitchy smirk and cold snake eyes.
    And what is fuck is all that shit riveted to her ear. She looks like one of the cast of “waterworld”… one of those ugly freaks driving the souped up wave-riders.

  46. Why did the author fail to mention that she was asked to shave her head for her role in the next Hunger Games?

    1. Thanks for your input.
      But that comment has already been mentioned like oh, say 30 times already?
      Did you ride the short bus to school?

      1. It bears repeating since numerous posters are acting like its not a factor. Laziness and sensationalism on the author’s part, and willful ignorance on some poster’s part. But thanks for the heads up, tard. Special bus indeed.

  47. Wait, do you have any way to prove that there is something wrong with a woman with this haircut that doesn’t involve comparing women to a completely different species?

        1. -Women talk nonsense non-stop like parrots.
          -Women express their inner problems on the outside like parrots.
          -Women’s great asset is their hair- parrots great asset is their feathers
          Should I continue?

        2. Well actually, while a lot of people value parrots for their amazing colours, many consider them great pets because they are extremely intelligent compared to other varieties
          of birds. So if you want to fully compare a woman to a parrot, consider what a man would be if a woman is an especially intelligent and gorgeous sort of creature. If you take the relative intelligence of a bird that (according to you) has the ability to express its innermost feelings effectively and you transpose that relative intelligence onto females as a demographic, what do you get?
          When parrots talk nonsense, they are doing something not many birds can do, it’s really amazing. Even if a parrot loses its feathers, it doesn’t make it less than truly amazing.
          I do agree with you on that. Women are amazing and gorgeous, just like parrots. While actually plucking out mass amounts of hair signals mental disorder, shaving hair does not. Unless you think women shouldn’t shave at all.
          In short, both women amd parrots are freaking amazing.

        3. Haha, nice try.
          Parrots are dumb compared to ravens.
          If women are parrots, men are ravens.
          “Even if a parrot loses its feathers, it doesn’t make it less than truly amazing.” Ask anyone if they want a featherless parrot or a parrot with healthy feathers in their home.

        4. To start from the bottom. Dude. Dudedudedude. Do you even realise how cool it would be to have a featherless parrot? It may not be deemed physically attractive by most people’s standards, but it would be unique in its own right.
          I don’t know what makes you assume that women are so much dumber than men. So much so that you would compare them to a different species. Aren’t men and women members of the same species? Also, I think you mean crow. They can recognize people’s faces and they make “caaaw caaaaaaw” noises but in most urban areas they spend the majority of their time picking through garbage.
          Going back to the top. A parrot doesn’t pull out its feathers to ignore what people find attractive like you said women do. Actually, I don’t think parrots generally care that much about what people think of them.
          As well, if it’s just your personal preferrence we’re talking about here, nobody really cares about that. It’s just that you seem to want to speak for all men, and I can tell you a lot of men don’t really appreciate that. I’m pretty sure you guys don’t like being told what to think, that goes for whatever side of the argument you can find. That’s just something to think about.
          Also you mention that a random girl with an undercut gave you a really disappointing handjob while texting her boyfriend. Like man, isn’t that hella game according to you guys? Also, how does that even stand, haven’t you ever seen someone without an undercut do worse things? I once dated a girl with an undercut, she was truly the sweetest thing. She really stuck to the values she held dear to her and she wasn’t aggressive or anything in the least.
          Dude, I think it would be kind of silly to say a haircut determines personality and you are somehow the wizard of woman-code. I’m not sure if you like women or what, but if you think you know a lot about women, why would you write in a way to enrage them as you see you do on a consistent basis. I don’t know what exactly that’s supposed to accomplish really, because when they get upset, you get uspet, and they get more upset, then you get more upset. In the end people give even less shits about what you have to say because all you will do is enrage them.
          I mean, do you insult the female demographic all the time like that in real life like it’s nothing? If so, I may have just figured out why you think so many women are just aggressive or have something wrong with them. People tend to not appreciate those who make their points with insults, especially ones that generalize a large group of people.
          So what I’m saying is, maybe they don’t like you because you don’t like them and also make angry articles about their “kind” on the internet.

        5. Do you think the parrot cares about what other people want it to be?
          What gives you the idea that women are stupid compared to men in general?

  48. This type of behavior is evidence of a slave mindset. People who are familiar with BDSM know shaving bold your female slave is done to dehumanize and enhance feeling of submission. A desire to do that to your self is an indication of psychological trauma. A deep dissatisfaction with one self and desire to punish self. Very disturbing.

    1. In a deep unconcius level I think these girls punishing themself to feel something. It is like when a girl attempts to cut her veins open. A cry for help.
      If it is not a sign of a sick and unhuman society I do not know what is.

      1. yeah it is self mutilation. We are shaped to be stronger by the society and unfortunately, sometimes lose parts of our selves. Like sick parrot some cannot take the captivity of modern culture and explode in rage.

        1. We are like red pill parrots who realized the cage is made of lies and illusions.
          We are now flying free and watching the caged birds suffer.
          Maybe if we shout enough, our voice will be heard and they consider what we are saying.
          I would love to help them, but there is a sand in the line which I will not cross and they on their own after that.

        2. “We are now flying free and watching the caged birds suffer.”
          And the control freaks with their hamsters CANNOT STAND that!!!

    1. kinf of al qaeda

      WTF is this? Is that even English?
      I don’t eat out. I cook at home so you can enjoy your shit all by your self.

  49. I think whatsherface looks hot with that cut, it’s extreme, but she’s still feminine.

  50. In the “baby goggles” article:–women-let-hunger-family-wreck-chances-finding-love.html#ixzz2r7BbUJMp
    My “wtf” response went off immediately when I read the line:
    Psychotherapist Phillip Hodson, who specialises in family, love and sex, advises caution: ‘The first thing you should be asking yourself is not “is he good father material?”, but “is he good relationship material?”
    The fact that the very idea of actually putting the time and effort into being good relationship material never enters these women’s heads is one of the most self-damning things I can imagine, and this Dr. P. Hodson fellow should be ashamed of himself for not laying it out in black and white for them.

  51. You are probably a fat ugly fuck who has never seen a vagina and only knows what it looks like because of porn.

    1. And you’re probably a fat feminist cunt who can’t get dick unless it’s from a guy too drunk to differentiate a woman from Moby Dick

  52. She cut her hair like this for her role in the upcoming hunger games movie.

  53. I hate to break it to you, but Natalie Dormer is hugely successful, rich, and beautiful. And even worse, she doesn’t care what you think about her hair or whether you’d bang her. She doesn’t even know who you are or acknowledge that you exist. So your feelings about her are moot. I’m sorry if that hurts.

  54. This blog makes me want to shave my head in order to guarantee that men like you will stay away from me forever. My boyfriend thinks this cut is hot and has been trying to talk me into getting one for months. I wasn’t really considering until I read this.

    1. Please. Do exactly that.
      I’m sure you would be in compliance with the Truth-In-Advertising laws.
      You may even get a tax deduction for making a Public Service Announcement.

  55. cant be stressed enough….long hair that isnt half shaved, is hot on girls with maybe about 20 exceptions on this whole planet.

  56. Wow, I thought that too! Even made the connection to sick animals like mangy dogs. I’m glad some women are thinking outside the box, but they’re still infantile in that it’s in the area of beauty. And it shows a lack of sense too. . . Why mess with the only thing you have of value right now?

  57. I hate that hair style but I’d still bang the shit out of her. Sometimes there are exceptions to the rule.

  58. Re the ‘women who is happy without kids’ comment. Disagree there – for both genders, the amount of parenting instinct varies considerably, just like with any other mammal. Take, for example, cats. Some will have such powerful maternal instincts that when they have milk, they’ll adopt and feed ANY fury infant mammal, even species that they’d normally prey upon. Others will swat away kittens and refuse to mate. Evolution allows it, because cats are semi-social and female cats from the same litter will share a den, allowing infertile females to contribute to the passing on of DNA that is closely related to their own.
    You aren’t totally wrong, either, just missing 3 important points:
    1 the proportion of women (and men) over 40 who say who say that they’re happy to not have had kids is very high, whilst the number who genuinely don’t have a powerful parenting instinct is very low;
    2. The parenting instinct surges and fades. Again, this happens to both genders. It’s why I’m loathe to say that anyone, male or female, should beat themselves up about having kids if they don’t strongly want them. Yes, most people are going to be upset when they don’t have kids at 40, and they’re still getting surges of parenting instinct. But they’re temporary (there will be bad months, but just as many when the parenting instinct is dormant), and if you don’t surround yourself with the kind of environment that triggers the parenting instinct, nature steps in, your biology realises that it isn’t going to happen, and the instinct recedes. There will be a few painful years around 40, but they’ll be gone by 50. Which makes it a plausible trade-off, given that you’ll be around $200,000 to $300,000 richer.
    3. In my experience, the women most likely to have minimal/absent motherhood instincts are ALSO those who are most likely to take a ‘head over heart’ approach to dating, never create drama, and who are the best to be in a relationship with if you like the ‘friends who have sex’ model of relationship. They tend to disdain romance, not out of cynicism, but because they aren’t emotionally-driven people, and prefer a more relaxed relationship with a guy they’ve known since college and would be hanging out with anyway. They also tend to have genuine ‘mixed-gender’ friendship groups, rather than separate ‘guy’s night’ and ‘girls’ night’ friends. This doesn’t seem to be a common thing in the US, but in Australia it’s done a lot – I’ve seen several friends in fantastic marriages, and one of my best relationships was with a girl who I’m still friends with who fits that model exactly.
    That latter part informs a lot of my opinions about that kind of girl. We had a great 5 year relationship, still hang out a lot, and I’m good friends with her husband (who wasn’t so much a ‘beta’ or ‘alpha’ version of me, but rather a ‘version who happened to be living in Madrid when she moved there and I chose to stay here’ – same humour, same physical appearance, same interests, same time to 0.1 sec when sculling a middie-glass and for a jug of beer, both fit and good-looking, studied the same things at uni…). Probably the only scenario where you can state with absolute confidence that I know she didn’t cheat – because I was friends with her in high-school before we dated, had the same group of friends at school and uni, and I’ve been friends with her for 12 years after we broke up, except for the 3 years she lived in Madrid. Add that to my knowing all of her friends for many years, being close friends with her brother and parents, and having dated one of her friends, and if she was a cheater, I’d know about it (even cheating on me was kept secret somehow, word would have gotten round if she was cheating on her husband – but more the point, I know this girl like she’s my sister, and I know how she thinks).
    Sounds like I’m describing a dream woman (and she IS beautiful too), but she wouldn’t be your type – zero motherhood instinct (main reason I broke up with her was because I wanted kids, and she didn’t; her husband has the same issue, but overlooks it because of her other qualities). But I don’t think you can separate that from her good qualities – that it’s like dating a hot version of ‘one of the guys’, who you’d happily spend the same amount of time with as a friend, who finds it hilarious instead of offensive when you insist on going doggy-style so that you can watch the soccer over her shoulder (though in return I had to agree not to complain about being woken up by her ‘making use’ of my morning wood at 5am), absolutely trust-worthy and absolutely zero drama.
    I’m not saying a ‘not all woman are like that’ – she had the same desires and instincts as anyone else. Just different people have those instincts sitting at different levels, and the advantage of dating somebody whose emotional/hormonal instincts are very weak compared to their rational drives, is that they’ll approach their relationship choices rationally. I don’t doubt that she’d be more turned on by some mysterious stranger, than by the kind of friendship-relationship that I had, and that her husband has – but being rational, she’s capable of prioritising long-term fun over a 5 minute romp. Probably didn’t hurt that I always kept myself fit (even had a modelling/acting career while at uni), and worked really hard at being good at sex – but she was also sensible enough to consciously make sure we never went more than 24 hours without having sex, in the same way that you’d make sure you don’t forget to pay the rent. Just a sensible approach to life in general, rather than someone who self-destructs a good relationship because she’s lost control of her latest biological urge.
    Also, whilst we were friends in the same way as with ‘the guys’, she always had long hair, wore dresses instead of jeans, and had a Helena Bonham Carter feminine-formal style.
    It actually strikes me that a lot of the problem you guys talk about is US-specific, and not for the reasons you expect. ‘Dating’ is a US thing – over here, we’ll have one-night romps with strangers, but you don’t have a relationship with someone you met in a bar. The norm is to meet through mutual friends (less chance of infidelity, as you know their friends, who will side with the wronged party), and only get into a ‘relationship’ when you have known each other for some time. It seems that in the US you get people MARRYING someone who they know less than their friends! That’s just CRAZY to me in Australia – even 3 years seems way too short before deciding you know someone well enough to merge lives with them. No wonder people treat each other like shit in relationships in the US – if you’re basically fuckbuddies with no stake in each other prior to dating, how can you expect them to consider your interests? For that matter, if you haven’t known someone long enough to know whether they’re trustworthy and reliable to their own friends, why would you trust them in a relationship?
    In fact, I’d say that’s the number one rule: unless you know a woman/girl well enough that you know she’s reliable/trustworthy as a friend, you’ve got no business relying on her as a partner.
    And by ‘friends’, I don’t mean ‘nice guy being a shoulder for the girl to cry upon when upset’. Every time I hear someone complaining about being ‘friendzoned’, they’re always such shit friends to begin with. Tell me, do you define your ‘friends’ as ‘people who I always have ‘serious’ conversations with, and who I get to do everything for me’? I’ll guess that you don’t. In fact, I’ll guess that your friends are the people you have a great time with – now, some of them might provide emotional support as well, but that’s not sufficient for a friendship.
    And in every friend-zoning case I’ve encountered, if you took the girl and asked ‘pretend you’re in town for 1 night, you really want to have a good time, so you can invite 5 people to paint the town red with; no hook-ups or sex involved, but just the people you’re going to have the most fun with tonight’ – in every single case, the guy would NOT be on the list, because they aren’t friends, he’s just someone who’s whiteknighting because he likes her and she’s encouraging it because she likes the attention.
    Conversely, when two people really do enjoy each other’s company, and hang out because they are in fact friends, and will have more fun with the other one there, then unless one of them is truly hideously ugly, they’ll attempt a relationship at some point. And for that to work, they need to be people who prioritise their rational selves over their instincts.
    Then again, the relationship ended, and it ended because her biological instincts weren’t strong enough. I wanted children, and she doesn’t have a motherhood instinct.

  59. Did you see the bloody comments on the second article ? It’s like the trolls from feminism came by knocking at the door and made a statement about saying how happy and fulfilled their lives are by occupying their time with their childless lives. Well then, may this serve as to what petty lies are, as to when you need to reinforce the feeling that something unnatural as having a family is being contradicted by what feminism and haters of the patriarchy tell, trully goes against that natural order of things, you just see tha real issue behind education taken to the furthest reaches of their lives. tl:dr. Think the cat-lady from the Simpsons who come from the very same background and tell me if that is what happiness feel like? . To quote: “They say that ignorance is bliss, tell me is that true?”

  60. Natalie Dormer is still incredibly hot, just sayin’. It might not be her best look, but if you take a 10 and give her a bad haircut, she’ll still be at least an 8

  61. What the fuck. This is one of the dumbest things ive ever read. I cant believe the number of people that agrees with this bullsh*t. Wow. Whats next? Men with undercuts an alarming mental illness?

  62. Maybe she had to have an operation on the left side of her head. HAVE SOME COMPASSION! lol

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