6 Reasons Why You Should Know How To Cook

For too long grilled cheese sandwiches, microwaved TV dinners, scrambled eggs and cereal mix recipes have been passed down by men for generations. And for too long cooking has been generalized as a feminine skill. A masculine man is not expected to cook, but now this trait is a mere necessity. As times change (go to shit) so does our expected behaviors as a gender. It is evident that the 21st century man can only benefit from learning how to cook. Some might argue this is a gender reversed trait and supports the feminist cause, but I say no. It is a virtuous characteristic in a man and it’s not reversing the roles of men and women alike but simply improving a man and adding another skill to one’s toolbox. Most men that cook see nothing but the benefits this skill brings them.

My story

When I first started cooking it came out of necessity. I started hitting the gym and I was dedicated towards adding a couple pounds on my frame. I started cooking eggs for myself every morning. The first few weeks the eggs would stick on the pan, burn, or come out raw. Sometimes I would flip the eggs and they would land somewhere on the stove. As time progressed I was able to cook eggs like a graduate chef from Le Cordon Bleu. I was able to create more complex recipes such as adding vegetables, making an omelet, etc.

Eventually my breakfast cooking skills set the foundation for other more complex meals. My skills improved and so did my curiosity for new foods. I was soon able to cook rice, chicken, steamed veggies. It all evolved and soon I would be able to make a more abundant amount of breakfast and dinner dishes. Cooking is now a skill I practice daily. It was a process in which the practical work felt effortless, my theory; the feeling of  hunger motivates you and obscures the practice of cooking.

In no particular order here are 6 reasons why you should know how to cook:

1. It will increase your value


If you’ve studied game or made an effort towards self-improvement you know that in order to be a more desirable or respected man you must add value to yourself. This can mean exhibiting the skills you know. By doing things that most men can’t do you offer more value versus a man that can’t perform the skills you can. In other words you are worth more than another being if you are more productive than someone else. This can apply to any skill but cooking can be another one on the list.

2. You will know more than the average western woman


It is no secret that most western women, specifically American women, have no feminine instinct. A traditional women cooks, cleans and take care of the house, women like this are almost extinct in the states (just imagine my generation in a couple years). By casually hinting about your cooking skills you will already rein superiority over her, if she is unable to cook. It is powerful because she will not know how to do a task she knows she is supposed to know as a woman. The result is a women subconsciously placing you in a higher tier of value than herself. Even if you do not live in America you can boast about the fact that you can.

3. You will impress

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Cooking will not only make a woman a little more vulnerable in a sense but it will also certainly intrigue her and impress her. Assuming she already is attracted to you, it will only add more reasons into her head why she should sleep with you (if you haven’t yet). If you take the ‘Home Made Dinner’ route you will certainly impress and it’s a great aphrodisiac. It is simply a woman’s fantasy.

4. It demonstrates your independence

walking away from your job

Cooking sends out a strong message of independence. It will be evident to people around you and especially women that you do not rely upon anybody to cook you a meal. You are a man that stands for himself at all costs, and cooking is a great metric when it comes to demonstrating your individuality.

5. It is a healthier bet for you


Cooking your own meals automatically means a healthier intake of food. You are eliminating all the other dietary factors that fast food joints and restaurants tend to use such as excessive cooking oil, processed foods etc., even if some places claim to be “healthy” (you never know what goes on behind the doors). When you cook you decide what to put in your body, thus putting thought and making conscious choices of what goes in, especially if you’re a fitness nut. There is nothing better than taking in healthy, clean food that you prepared at your liking, because you know your diet is one of the most important factors when pursuing a fitness related goal.

6. It’s less harsh on your wallet


Cooking will not only filter healthier food into your body but you will also see how it affects your wallet.  You can go to the supermarket and buy a week’s worth of food for the same amount of two days of fast food (assuming you eat the same amount). Farmer’s market and even Whole Foods are still a more convenient bet rather than ordering takeout, microwaving pre-made or processed foods.

Get cookin’

If you want these benefits practice is the magic word. If you already cook, step up your game and try new recipes. If you do not know how to cook yet then simply dive in, it is never too late (or too early) to learn. Tell yourself you are only going to cook from home or you won’t eat at all, and you will see the innovation and motivation hunger brings. Disregarding how macho one might feel, cooking is a skill that requires minimal investment and the payoff truly outweighs the effort.

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116 thoughts on “6 Reasons Why You Should Know How To Cook”

  1. 100% agree. its a life skill that everyone should learn. its not hard to learn how to cook but it takes a good amount of practice and experimentation to learn to cook well. Men should learn how to cook for their own benefit. Men, learn how to grill…it is a right of passage lol. Cooking is a survival skill. A woman who can’t cook…..is worthless. That is always a deal breaker. Ladies, you especially…especially need to know how to cook. pussy is a dime a dozen but a great chef is a thing of beauty lol.

  2. Yup. Restaurants are a waste of time and money, and women struggle with macaroni and cheese. If you want you and your kids to eat decent food, you’ve got to learn and enjoy it.
    Beer makes everything better. Half for the meat, half for you.

  3. It helped me lose weight. Allow me to explain: I cut down on fast food for dinner, switched over to cooking on Sunday and portioning food for dinners all week long (perhaps I am an abnormal male, who will be content to eat the same thing Monday-Friday night) where all I have to do is come home, toss pre-cooked food from Sunday in Microwave and VIOLA! Pork Chops with stuffing and green beans (this week’s example).
    And my younger friends, mothers all of them, have no idea how to cook. Didn’t learn from their moms. They are all baffled that I know how to cook. Ex-girlfriend thought she could cook until I made her lasagna. She gave up after that.
    My mistake, obviously….

  4. This is the sort of self-improvement stuff that the ROK haters tend to gloss over when they criticize this site. Good article.

    1. This article seems more suitable for bachelors.
      I love to cook, and cook well. However, I leave it to the wife. Partly because it’s part of her wifely duties. But primarily because I have more important things to do.
      It’s a different thing when camping/hunting. It’s pleasant and fulfilling to teach your son how to hunt, prepare and cook our own meals with nothing but bows and arrows, a SAK and a pair of binoculars.

      1. It’s still good to keep in your back pocket. My dad “cooks” once a week, but doesn’t know where the utensils are, or the ingredients, and looks like he is floundering the whole time.

        1. How do you know that Janus isn’t 55 years old and married a Swedish supermodel and now has a fuck-you bankroll and also has a kid?

        2. Thank you, Josh.
          I’m turning thirty three. Wife’s hot, not Swedish though. I’ve a steady source of passive income, but I enjoy my work in the academia (Descartes and Confucius). Live in an ultra-modern SEA city, but love making things out of iron and wood (tools, weapons, armour, furniture…etc) and hunting with weapons made by my own hands. 2 kids (1 boy and 1 girl), and teaching them the basics of game.
          Game is a necessary societal safety valve. But the more destructive (but poon-effective…haha) aspects of it make game unsustainable in its current form.
          I’m currently reflecting on post-Game. Think about it, aren’t Confucius’ ren (“To rule with virtue is like the North Star in its place, around which all other stars revolve, in homage”) and Descartes’s generosity (legitimate self-esteem) nothing but versions of alpha-maleness?

        3. Wife + Kid = beta?
          Wait wait wait – what is beta about a man having a wife who hold up her end of the relationship agreement?
          Can you tell me of some more optimal arrangement to raise children? No my friend, you clearly dont know what “beta” means.
          If he wants a wife and kid, and is still happy with himself and doing what he wants, that seems pretty fuckin alpha to me. Alpha isn’t “Im gonna bang a million bitches tonight”, its being able to live the life that you want to live without having to compromise or apologize for it.

    2. Feminist: Hahahahaha! Cooking? You are not real men, you are pathetic!
      RoKauthor: You mean it is a task for women?
      Feminist: No, hell no! That demeans me! Do I look like some sort of working class scum?
      RoKauthor: Not with that weight!

  5. Great article. Girls are often impressed by it, but you have to be careful otherwise you will end up being a housemaid. I’ve seen this happen before, mostly to beta chumps admittedly, but you always have to be aware of the possibility that she may and will take advantage.
    Out of all the countries i have lived in, i found that it was really only Italian women that knew how to cook properly, at least among the younger women i associated with, and even then it wasn’t in the great numbers it would have been 30 years ago.
    A lot of American and Australian women claim to know how to cook, but the food they produce is horrible.

    1. Totally agree. Australian women cook once and claim to be masterchef. Its the same with gym memberships, one visit and the selfies are already loaded on Facebook wih the beta-orbiters circling and liking. I also agree with culinary skills attracting hand-grenades. The way to avoid this is to load off the guilt back onto them, hinting that you do well for yourself due to cooking skills and that they had better up their game. Just sit back and be amazed at the lengths a broad will go to prove something to a guy that she likes knowing full well that he isn’t interested in her (beyond doing the deed of course).

      1. Yep. Aussies are like that in general though i think. They do something a few times and think they are experts and/or knowledgeable. It’s one of the tragic flaws in our culture. Aussies spend a lot of time bashing ‘yanks’, but at least in America you are expected to demonstrate your knowledge or expertise and if you don’t deliver you will be totally called out on it.
        I stopped dating Australian women a while ago too. There are too hot and interesting foreign women living in our cities to bother with them, and many of those girls can cook well too 😉

    2. “… ah, so it’s crème des champignons en casserole avec poulet à la Campbell’s Soup, is it … I thought only broke college students who can’t cook would make this sort of thing.”
      When this happens, your first instinct is that she’s trying to cook, but she doesn’t really know how. That’s when you inspect the spice selection in her kitchen. If it appears there are enough spices to cook something reasonably tasty, yet she hasn’t managed that at all, it is better to assume malice rather than incompetence or ignorance.
      Sometimes they’ll pretend they can’t cook so you will.
      You shall know them by their being the biggest “foodies” you will ever meet until it’s their turn to show mastery in the kitchen …

  6. I like to eat good food, so I learned how to cook good food.
    When it comes to dinner, I’ve got no use for a woman but to clean the dishes.

  7. My moms cooking was horrible so I learned from a very young age how to cook for myself. Once you get good you can experiment, which is fun. I havent wasted money in restaurants and fast food joints for years.

    1. My mother wasn’t a good cook either, like the stove had only two heat settings; Off, and High. Whenever my father used to cook, those were the good dinners, and always varied, like he chose what to cook because he saw a restaurant on the way home, korean, ethiopian, thai, vietnamese, peruvian, was usually something new and great.

    2. I’m on the other side of the spectrum. Just like OMYG, I’m also the child of immigrant parents. Thankfully, both of my grandmothers know how to cook really well and passed it onto my mother, so for the past year or so I’ve been asking my grandmothers and mom about their recipes for traditional Hispanic dishes.
      Even more hilarious, being raised in a traditional household was the funny reactions I got from the three of them when I told them I wanted to learn how to cook. Even back then before I started going on this site, I had to explain to them that modern women don’t know how to cook, and when it comes time to alive alone, I need to learn how to cook to survive.

      1. Looks like we’re on the same boat. My mother is also a very good cook and my family traditional (family members even joke around by saying she should open her own restaurant). As of now I try to learn as much as I can about cooking from her.
        Considering your Hispanic too I want to know your how the men in your family viewed your interest for cooking? Typically the men never cook in traditional Hispanic households, with the exceptions of BBQ’s of course.

        1. Well, my both of my grandfathers and my dad avoid the kitchen whenever they can. But all of them understood my reasoning because they’ve all lived alone at some point in their lives, so the three of them have had experience in the kitchen. Lucky for them though, once the three of them married, they’ve all had the luxury of having their wives cook for them ever since.
          And of course, they’re all great with a grill. Usually when we do our asados, the men cook the meat, and the women make the sides. Turns out great every time.

  8. Before I took the Red Pill I stupidly let my (now ex) girlfriend cook for me. She did it every night and complained and whinged and carried on like it was her time. “You never cook blah blah blah”. Now that I have kicked her out of the apartment (just before the magic Australian 6 month defacto legal deadline) I have been cooking up some serious storms. Whats great is that I spend an entire Saturday morning or night after work cooking up a storm that results in frozen dinner meals over a week. There are currently two curries, one massive pasta and bean casserole and ravioli meal in my freezer, rending my need to cook again for a fortnight null and void. It also impresses the many female visitors I have showing them my elaborate frozen meals and means I don’t have to cook for them, in a “joking” way I pull the classic line that seals the deal: ‘you had better impress me lady because I have no reason to cook now that I already have 10 meal servings in my freezer’.

  9. I have no objection on cooking for a man I love, my father or a boyfriend I might have someday. I don’t get why modern women seem so afraid of the kitchen. But a men that cooks is really good, shows independence and it’s very masculine to me. Well, a man taking care of himself is very masculine in all aspects. It makes him look grown and not a momma’s boy.

    1. I think women treat cooking as a chore. Notice how you said “no objection” to cooking for your man.
      A woman should take pride in her cooking and the enjoyment of watching a husband and children actually enjoying the food.

      1. She is brainwashed and doesn’t even realize it. The shaming and entitlement ooze from her comment though she thinks she has cloaked it with encouragement for men to behave like women. Sad, really.

        1. No kidding. “I have no objection to cooking…” Ah, her Highness deigns to demonstrate her universal genius to the servants below stairs. American women don’t cook primarily because they can’t (having spent their childhoods either at the mall shopping or pretending to be boys in after-school sports or at the library). I think that not cooking as a political stance comes after the fact.

  10. Why do you think all the best cooks are men?
    Women these days see cooking the same as they see cleaning a toilet, as a menial degrading job.
    When I cook, I cook for the joy of it, to create something masterful, wonderful, something that brings pleasure to the senses, and I do it almost every night, and enjoy every moment of it.
    If you really want to start getting good at it, try to do all parts of the meal yourself. Make some fresh bread, its less than 50 cents to make a loaf, and when it comes fresh out of the oven, steaming and ready for a pat of butter, you won’t ever buy that shit they sell in the store.

    1. My old politics professor–who was a feminist–told me the reason that men are the ‘best cooks'(i.e the top chefs) is because men have a tendency to ‘professionalize’ everything. My response was ‘you mean that men find a way to take something and make it better?’ She just laughed. She knew i was right but didn’t want to admit it hah

      1. I always thought it was just regular old “pride”. As in – Take pride in all that you do.
        But maybe that right there is the kicker, why would a women take pride in anything these days? She doesn’t know how to actually do anything useful, except spread her legs. Feminism has seen to take away all that women used to have pride in, a clean house, hot fresh daily meals, fresh food from the garden, preserves in the pantry, and well-behaved children.
        These days it’s just “You go grrrl! Be a sexy slut, you powerful womyn!”

      2. I would say that evolution has made us more creative. We had to have this creativity to get pussy and food. This manifests in all art forms to include cooking

    2. Ha ha, yeah. Ingredients in commercial bread technically make it more cake than bread. And that’s not to mention all the preservatives.
      Good bread needs only four ingredients, nothing more.
      If you are up for learning more from a master baker check out Richard Bertinet. The man is a genius.

      1. Well, once you get basic bread technique down (ingredient ratios, sponge prep, rising/rolling/punching) and are able to consistently get a texture you like (fluffy, dense, etc.) then that’s all you need and are free to experiment. Sometimes I’ll add yogurt and curry for nan, and use a perforated pizza pan for extra crispy bubbles. Great for dipping in pureed garlic fresh from the garden.
        Oh yeah, MEN, learn how to grow fucking food, the things from your own personal garden blow away all that stuff flown in from mexico that is sold at the grocery store.
        Want FREE food? Walk around the neighborhood in fall, look for apple trees, ask those people if you can pick them. Easy. I’ve got a few gallons of apple sauce I made last fall, for free (except sugar).

    3. I stopped buying mass-produced sliced bread a couple years ago now. I just got sick of the preservatives they dump in the bread. I won’t go back to mass-produced bread, the difference in taste is that big for me.

      1. I had to stop making my own bread. It was so good I had trouble keeping my fat down. I need to find a low cal recipe.

      1. Wow, don’t put all your eggs in the same basket now Peter… You shouldn’t imprudently generalize that all good cooks are men, based on the random comment of some stranger on this “pickup” site… Wake up man, all of you guys, wake up… Go find a passion and pay a hooker… Problem solved, its all about your gut feeling, look for your passion and orgasm yourself to death doing THAT thing… like a sport, swimming, running, etc…

    4. Guess what the feminist response to male chefs is? “SEXIST MEN PUSHING WOMEN OUT!” The fact that feminists despise cooking…well, that doesn’t matter does it?

  11. Yes, number 2 like you wouldn’t believe it. I’ve never met a regular (ie not a chef) woman that could cook as well as I can.
    Oh, and the health benefits are amazing. No more junk in your system like #5 says.
    Spot on!
    Definitely CSB:
    I met a little slut that views herself a chef. She even tries to sell chef services. She had a party, and I brought a dish to pass to be polite. Her guests loved my food (a Moroccan Turkey sandwich wrap) so much more than her food she was shocked.
    Little skank just couldn’t believe it was ‘that’ good until she tried it. I spent the next couple of months getting polished by her, and yeah, I showed her how to make a few thing other than our cum staining white sheets.
    After I got bored by her in the bedroom, I stopped giving her lessons. No, last I hear she never made it as a chef. You can’t teach a skank to cook.

    1. Stop calling women derogatory terms. She was a woman, not a slut and not a skank. Do you think your mother would appreciate it if you referred to women like that around you? Also yet to meet a regular woman who can cook as well as you? Well I’m not about to go and sell myself as a Chef, but I can cook from scratch and enjoy it, but it doesn’t mean I’m going cook every single day. Me and my fiance take turns, as we both enjoy cooking, and that way we each get nights off.

        1. please. like my magnificent tits are worthy of being seen by a desperate virgin who spent his life in his mothers basement on 4chan…

      1. “Stop calling women derogatory terms.”
        I have a power word. A power word of such magnificence and, well, power, that it renders your not so powerful command powerless.
        Brace yourself, here it comes:
        “Do you think your mother would appreciate it if you referred to women like that around you?”
        She hates it when I beat her to it. Mom knows a skank when she sees one, but she’s a bit slower on the draw than she used to be.

      2. My girlfriend and I usually just ignore our phones and prepare a meal together. It’s a good time to connect after a long day at work. When my nephew’s around, he shares easy parts of preparation and sets the table.
        if you’re sitting there browsing a site like this whilst he’s cooking dinner, you’re missing out on a chance to deepen your relationship.

  12. I learned at a very young age that women could not be counted on for cooking, so as a younger man, I learned to cook. Start by tasting everything. Then start combining. You’ll be surprised what tastes compliment each other. Here’s an example…people are always shocked when I tell them chocolate is bitter and has no fat. Most people never realize that the fat and sugars are added to make it into candy, yet it has plenty of other uses.

    1. Cocoa mass definitely has natural fats in it. It’s quite high in them, like coffee.
      Healthy stuff, though.

  13. When you meet middle aged woman that are only just learning that whole-wheat pasta is better for their family you know number 2 is 100% correct.
    Cooking is a fantastic thing to do. You never stop learning.

    1. ” . . . whole-wheat pasta is better for their family . . .”
      . . . than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick? Yeah. Absolutely.
      You left your adjective undefined.
      By the time a grain has been processed into pasta none of the purported benefits of whole grains are left intact and the pasta is of poor quality.
      If you wish to eat whole grains for health, than eat whole grains. Do that for a while and you might begin to wonder why anyone bothers to go to all the trouble to make them into pasta in the first place, which, as a food, is only a step or two removed from a Twinkie (hint: whole grain Twinkies aren’t “better”).
      Taking the effort to relieve yourself of that wonderment will teach you just about everything you need to know about food and nutrition.

      1. LOL. You remind of a passive aggressive Australian that once tried to convince me that brown rice isn’t actually rice.
        He was also an insecure know it all.
        Congratulations on you superiors culinary ways there chief.
        And yeah processing grains removes essential nutrients. Wholewheat pasta is made from less processed grains. But I guess that means jack shit as you say.

        1. Whereas I am saying that brown rice is what rice is and suggesting that you do your own research so as to convince yourself of it, since I know full well that my simply saying it won’t convince.
          “Wholewheat pasta is made from less processed grains.”
          As are whole wheat Twinkies. If the reduction in the amount of processing is below the noise threshold of effect it, in effect, isn’t actually less processed.
          You might also wish to research the concept of “precision.” It can be an aid in keeping you from being taken for a chump.

        2. Twinkies? Is that another one of those plastic tasting American things? Did you stuff your face with a lot of those before deciding to start taking care of yourself?
          “Precision” as a concept of any kind is purely subjective.
          I live in Europe and have been raised on a Mediterranean diet. I am not sure how precision would work in a culinary tradition that is essentially rustic in it’s history.
          Whilst “precision” is something I respect when it comes to haute cuisine I have no need for it in my own cooking as I am not trying to be awarded a Michelin star. I have eaten in a number of Michelin star restaurants and very much realise that I simply do not have the time to take my own cooking to such an accomplished level.
          I may come across as a chump to you but you come across as someone who has no real love for food. I can not stand people who cook with ego, you make the worst food and all your guests are forced to spend an evening pandering to your ego rather than simply enjoying a good meal with people who are enjoyable to be around.
          Good luck in your quest for “precision”.
          Dullard x 2

        3. “I live in Europe and have been raised on a Mediterranean diet.”
          Why does my suggestion that you simply try the Classical version of the same throw you into such a rage that you start ranting at the voices in your head?

        4. I’m in a rage? It’s you who has approached me with the unnecessary aggression. You have launched an attack on me simply for expressing my views on a certain food. You might want to re-accesses who it is who has got them self in to rage.
          Here’s some advice, you might want to elaborate on what exactly you are trying to be precise about. I am assuming milling techniques but for all I know you are referring to the steroids programme that has made you such an aggressive unpleasant ass hole.
          It’s easy to tell that you have no real love of food simply because you have no acquired respect for other people’s love of food.
          I sure as hell would not want to eat anything you have prepared because while you have piled layer upon layer of you over salted precision you have overlooked the most essential ingredient of love. Simple love for the food, yourself and love for the people you are cooking for.
          Dullard x 3

        5. “You have launched an attack on me simply for expressing my views on a certain food.”
          Ahhhhh! You’re a feminist. I didn’t realize.

  14. I agree. Men should know how to cook. Since birth my old man would tell me “orale cabron a cocinar” me: “porque” him: ” porque aqui los viejas son pendejas”.. cool article im glad to see my peers advancing in life with ideas of a man.!

  15. Women seem to do most of the work at restaurants, I’ve noticed. If you want to spend less money on women in general, cook your meals at home and pocket the savings.

    1. “Women seem to do most of the work at restaurants”
      But they do not cook for food……they serve it. If you check out the kitchen in a restaurant chances are you will find men.
      One of my romanian lady friends was 23 when we were friends. She was a tiny and slim woman…..very beautiful. When I asked her what she trained for as a job she said she trained as a chef.
      I laughed at her and asked her “didn’t anyone tell you that you are too small and to weak to be a chef? Being a chef is a very tough job. Almost no women can do it. They are not physically strong enough.”
      She said no, no one had told her that it was a bad idea, indeed many people encouraged her….you know…the whole “follow your dream you can be anything” rubbish.
      So I asked her “Tell me, do you think those people who supported you and told you that you could be a chef did the right thing by you or not?”
      She thought about it for a bit and admitted that no, they did not do the right thing by her because she was never ever going to be able to be a chef. She concluded that if someone had told her the truth that person would have been acting in her best interests.
      So at the time she was a waitress who did a little cooking. She really disliked being a waitress because obviously such a beautiful woman as a waitress is going to get a lot of attention from the men, especially as they get drunker in the evening. She was really very disappointed how her life was turning out.
      Telling women “you can be anything you want to be cupcake” is very damaging for women.

  16. This is a solid article and all 100% true. I cook (hard not too when you are a bachelor and live alone) and it’s an essential skill that men should learn. Women are impressed by it, for sure. I’m sure in regions like EE or SEA a young woman would PREFER to cook instead of watching you slave over a stove and cut ingredients, but all women are impressed when a man shows the independence and prowess to cook a good meal. I have not met a woman yet who is not turned on by a guy who cooks (well).
    Also, about it being seen as a “feminine” trait – marinade and pan fry a steak for yourself and tell me you feel like a broad as your eating it and enjoying the spoils of your work. It’s not like you’re baking cupcakes.

    1. Yep. I cook for myself too. My mother taught me to cook when I was young. But I go for simple things because I like simple. Sausage, fish, chicken for meats along with vegetables like tomatoes, lettuce, potatoes…..some cheese…..
      I have also taken to apples and oranges with my meals….very tasty. Spanish oranges taste just fantastic and they are very inexpensive here in germany.
      I had been eating mostly sausage, potatoes and breads because this is what is great in germany…..but switching to more vegetables and fruits has really pepped me up a bit.
      So no…nothing “feminine” about a man cooking for himself. But a woman who cooks a good meal? That is a plus on her part.

      1. The reason I added the word “feminine” in there is because I have met some men that have this ‘misconception’ of an alpha male, where they argue that a real man does not belong in the kitchen and a women is there to cook for them. I added this to direct this to the men with this misconception and it is simply a stereotype that no longer holds many truth. It should be that a real man cooks and is a self sustained human being and can thrive by the knowledge and skills that he posseses, using his mind and body, that is an alpha male or a “man” in my book.

  17. Cooking is easy. I have no idea why the typical American woman of my generation seemingly takes so much pride in NOT KNOWING how to cook. They do. They brag about their lack of domestic skills. Cooking is healthier, it usually tastes better, and its actually fun, and it saves you money. I can put about 2 hours per week into cooking and provide myself with great meals that are healthy and clean and delicious. Then I got on a date with a woman who invites me to her house to “cook” for me. Her house is filthy from three giant dogs, the whole place smells like piss and vanilla candles, and she has a cook book out. She crafts this really complex meal for us. Chicken breasts, asparagus and baked potato. You would have thought she was preparing a six course meal with creme brulee for desert. The state of the American woman is pathetic. They literally are not good for anything but a place to occasionally put your penis.

    1. The second half of this post is my experience with the modern disgusting american woman. Nasty animals in the house is a obstacle I can not overlook. I once had a woman brag to me about her “perfect oatmeal”.
      OATMEAL!!! Unbelievable.

      1. Do I even have to ask, but did she mean oatmeal, or instant oatmeal?
        For that matter, did she even know the difference?

        1. And then you have rolled oats, oats, steel cut, and so on. Steel cut cooked with milk/creme, sugar and fruit, lovely. Too bad it hurts my delicate intestines. Celiac’s a bitch

        2. “Celiac’s a bitch”
          You should have tried it back in the day when they didn’t know what it was an intolerance to.
          They had me trying to survive on Jell-O, and nothing else.

  18. My mother had a list of “standard family fare” recipes that she knew how to make for us kids during the week, but it was my father who was the artist with cooking. He’d spend the entire weekend making baked beans from scratch in an old bean pot, or days before Thanksgiving start the cornbread for the stuffing. If there was a party to host, or a dinner party to throw it was Dad who created the menu, and made sure the dishes were coordinated and made it to the table at just the right time. Dad did all of the grocery shopping, too, he loved to go and went most every day. I grew up thinking that men were the magicians with food and women’s role was to keep the kids alive during the school week. Dad also used the kitchen table every Sunday morning for cleaning his guns and sharpening his knives.

  19. Cooking is good to know, good for the wallet as stated, but you can control more of the quality of food you eat. And yes, the tag line is true:Women have forgotten to how to cook; in fact they have become all but useless trainwrecks, even for sex. with STD’s on the rise who wants to even wants to pump and dump a walking biological toxic waste dump.

  20. What is so infuriating about the female distaste for learning cooking, is that cooking is so f-ing easy now. Seriously, women today just don’t know how easy they have it. We’ve got grocery delivery services that will help with meal planning. We’ve got apps for tablets and phones that will tell you what to buy from the store to make various recipes. We’ve got microwave ovens, and an international economy that makes the right ingredients much easier to find…
    Making food that is tastier and better for you than anything you’ll eat in a restaurant has never been easier. It’s shameful how this skill has been neglected by the ladies.

    1. I taught my grandfather to cook after my grandmother died. He missed her Lamb Roasts.
      I showed him that you just put some oil, pepper, garlic and basil in a bowl; toss in whatever veggies you want to peel and cut, grab some rosemary out of the garden, stick sprigs in the roast, pour some oil on it and throw it in the oven at 180 C at roughly 1 hr per kilo of meat, and ignore it. Chuck the veggies in about an hour from the end. When it’s ready, rest the meat for 10 minutes while you make gravy.
      He couldn’t believe it was only 10 minutes work, max. He said “She always made out it was this special treat that took a lot of effort, and she was probably sitting in the kitchen reading a magazine the entire time!”
      I nodded. “Roasts are the biggest con in the world”.
      And young women STILL can’t be bothered. *eye roll*

  21. OMYG….close after cooking comes the issue of making sure the household is well taken care of. I get a cleaning lady to come once every 2 weeks to go over the place in detail but a man should keep his living quarters clean and tidy. It is a matter of personal pride and demonstrating respect for your home.
    Every time a woman comes in to my house she comments that she is amazed I keep the place so “tidy for a man”.

  22. I love cooking easy and fast meals.
    Bad news: the majority of my EE girls who was born in the capital can not cook for shit, I am a better cook then they are. I know two of them who managed to burn a fucking microwave pop-corn, they are that incompetent.
    Good news: But girl from other part of the country and from smaller cities are super cooks, and they love doing it too. You gotta love the recipes from grandma…

  23. Most celebrity chefs are men for a reason. Great article.
    I suggest you guys start with one-dish bakes, customizable and easy (just get the prep and timing correct). Buy one good baking tray, casserole dish and skillet, don’t be tempted to buy a set because they look good, esp. if cheap.

  24. As a guy in his early 20s people (especially women my age) are surprised whenever I mention that I enjoy cooking. Surprising how many girls I meet who take pride in having no idea how to cook, as if being able to look after your money and health is a bad thing.

  25. I enjoy cooking too, but I miss a lot in the article, like a few tips, so I decided to add some. Below are some tips for beginners, for the pro’s for starters the recipe for the perfect sunnyside up egg:
    “Place a lump of fresh butter in a pan or egg dish and let it melt – that is, just enough for it to spread, and never, of course, to crackle or sit; open a very fresh egg onto a small plate or saucer and slide it carefully into the pan; cook it on heat so low (rather off) that the white barely turns creamy (this will take 10-15 minutes), and the yolk becomes hot but remains liquid; in a separate saucepan, melt another lump of fresh butter; remove the egg onto a lightly heated serving plate; salt it and pepper it (never the yolk!), then very gently pour this fresh, warm butter over it.”
    – Fernand Point
    It looks strange, tastes strange, but girls 100% dig it.
    Pasta: Pastamakers know how their noodles taste best. They will give you a precise cooking time. Stick to it, and do salt the water. If there is a time range given, like “9-12 minutes”, buy another brand that’s sure about their own product.
    Rice: There are tons of ways to cook rice. You really cannot do anything wrong except to cook (!) the rice. Cook until water boils, then wait until rice is done. If you had too little water, take more next time (1 cup rice=2cups water), if the water isn’t gone after 30 minutes, use a strainer.
    Potatoes: Always cook them first, whatever you intend to do afterwards except if you want to deep-fry them. 15-20 minutes on medium heat will get most sizes almost done.
    Vegetables: Prepare as you like, but throwing them in a hot pan for 30 seconds before serving makes them a great deal tastier. This is true for Tomatoes too.
    — Fish —
    Don’t do whole fishes unless you know what you do, which you won’t. You can wrap any fillet of fish in aluminium, squeeze a lemon over it, add pepper (and spices, no salt), maybe white wine, wrap it and put in oven for 10-20 minutes. Fish in a pan takes practice.
    — Meat —
    For starters, the smaller the pieces of meat, the less you can do wrong. Second, the thinner the meat, the less you can do wrong. Third, the more fat in the meat, the less it wants to be fried.
    Any kind of meat will turn ot fine in a wrought iron pan, which is about $10. Read the instructions on how to handle it and follow them. If that’s too much work for starters, go with a steel pan, but never, ever do meat in a non-stick pan. Always use frying-quality fat without own taste (sunflower, coconut) except for dishes where this is intended, i.e. italian dishes.
    Keep this in mind for following basic recipes:
    Beef: Steaks want to be in a really, really hot pan with enough fat for about 30 seconds on each side so that it gets some color. After that, put in oven at 90°C for 10, 20 or 30 Minutes depending on how many fingers thick the meat is. Pepper & spice after frying but before oven, salt after serving.
    Chicken: For breast, prepare small, thin slices like you were at a Chinese restaurant. Throw in a really hot pan (with enough fat), count to 30, turn meat, turn heat off. Wait 5 Minutes. For all other parts: Throw in deep-fryer or put in oven until it looks good on medium heat (160° C).
    Pork: Use Chicken breast or Beef instructions above.
    Btw: Throw away the microwave. And if you are American, forget what you heard about Cholesterol and Sodium. Food without salt and (!) fat has no flavour at all.
    For those who read everything, this is real Italian Pasta Carbonara as I learned from an Italian (man, of course):
    (ingedients for 2 servings)
    200g pasta of choice, Spaghetti are fine but I prefer Rigatoni or Penne Rigate
    125g bacon (like for breakfast)
    200ml cream (the one which you would whip)
    2 eggs
    basil (fresh is nice (chop first), but dried is fine) or pre-mixed italian herbs
    150g parmiggiano or grana padano cheese (block!)
    heat water for pasta.
    cut bacon into small pieces, put (little) fat in non-stick pan & fry until crispy, then pour cream over it and reduce heat so that the cream bubbles slightly for 15 minutes. It will turn gooey.
    cook pasta as instructions say, then drain and return into cooking pot
    grate cheese
    mix 1 egg & 1 egg yold (lose 1 egg white) & whip foamy
    When cream is gooey, add little salt, lots of basil, some pepper and half the cheese and wait for it to disappear (stir a little), then add cream to pasta in pot.
    Turn the heat back on and add the egg while stirring (make sure the egg doesn’t stick to the bottom). Turn heat off, put lid on, wait 3 minutes and serve (spread ground cheese over pasta on table)
    Takes about 20 minutes in total.

  26. One of my co-workers told me that a woman in our department “couldn’t even boil a pot of water” and I thought he was being a little harsh because he doesn’t particularly like her. Then a few days later he gave us all some bags of tea to try and she sat there scared, confused, and had to ask for instructions on what to do with it. It was obvious that she wasn’t going to even attempt to make the tea at home out of fear of having to work with unfamiliar kitchen items like the stove and a pot. She goes to Burger King “basically every night” and doesn’t even seem ashamed of it. The sad thing is, she’s not even an unusual specimen.

    1. James Beard’s classic work Theory & Practice of Good Cooking actually begins with a “recipe” for boiling water.

  27. If a woman cannot cook meals like those shown in my infamous screed “A Man Wants a Wife, Not a Co-Worker” you have to seriously question why you would want to live with her. It’s not the lack of cooking quality per se but the attitude that western women dish up about this ordinary life skill. Most men would be happy with whatever meal their woman would serve so long as she prepared it with a cheerful demeanor and displayed enthusiasm for taking care of her man.
    And that is the ultimate take-away I get from vietnamese women; it’s about taking care of THEIR man. The margin of survival is too narrow there and having a healthy husband is paramount. That western women have been duped into disdaining simple domestic arts that go a long way towards their man’s happiness is a tragic perversion of ancient male-female inter-cooperative symbiosis.

  28. Get a slow-cooker. Seriously. My mom gave me a crock pot for Christmas a few years ago and I thought “…. Okay. Gaaaaaay…” Then I learned how to use that shit. Delicious, brotein-based meals that last the whole weak, and all you have to do is throw a bunch of shit in a cooker and turn it on. It’s like magic.

    1. Truth. Cooking in the slow cooker is so easy, and whatever you’re making turns out twice as good as it would have being made in any other way.

  29. The essay gives the why but not the how.
    Invest in good quality cookware. $50 apiece min for decent pan or pot. Get quality knives and cutting boards, expect to spend a few hundred. Get a crockpot and bread machine.
    Join Costco or Sams Club and buy your staples in bulk. Bread flour, oil, potatoes/rice, onions, tomatoes, beef, fish. Buy rotisserie chickens for $5 instead of across the street at KFC where you get the same thing in a “bucket” for $30.
    Learn to make good beef stew and ham-bean soup, and spaghetti. Prepare large bacthes of these and freeze what you don’t eat right away. Buy stacks of sirloin burger patties so when you are coming home from “the club” you can make a great hamburger instead of going to McSquirtBurger for a mayo-soaked atrocity and possibly getting embroiled in an altercation with some drunks. You should always have food to eat at home even if it means tossing it in the micro-wave. Because all American food puchased from restaurants is “assembled” not cooked. Robots can do it, and will once min wage is increased to $15/hour for food service jobs.
    One should travel abroad and sample the great street food in many countries and observe the simple means by which it is prepared and delivered.

  30. This is an old, simple , and excellent book on how to save money in food preparation :
    And there is another factor, somewhat off-topic, in how our government enfeebles vast demographics by giving them welfare to purchase packaged foods instead of giving them food staples (meat, flour, and oil) and forcing them to prepare their own meals. Obesity results.

  31. Shit, I don’t know how modern, western men can even survive without learning how to cook. Especially if you live the Captain Capitalism, minimalist, bachelor lifestyle like I do, you simply can’t afford to live on fast food. Not only because your wallet can’t take it, but your health can’t survive it.

  32. #3 is spot on. #6 is only true if you know how to plan your meals. I know a lot of guys who buy too much at the grocery store and lose a lot to spoilage. If you aren’t using a freezer for your quick perishables then you should probably only buy for 2-3 days at a time.

  33. Never thought about the psychological jump on a woman, you being able to cook and her not. Glad that I learned to cook long ago.

  34. Nothing sexy or manly about being dependent on others for a basic necessity-a good meal. In college (went to the states) I got through because we lived next to a farmers market with great, healthy stuff to buy cheaply but I hate that I can’t cook (did a couple times but didn’t maintain the interest) and have resolved to learn. Another tool in the toolset, as you say.
    I don’t WANT to cook every or even most meals for myself, but I want to be ABLE to.

  35. I have a well seasoned 12 inch cast iron skillet that I use to cook everything with, from bacon to chili to asparagus. I even baked a pie in it once.

  36. I disagree on a few points on this. Yes traditionally women are supposed to look after house and home, and I pride myself on being able to cook (possibly the only life skill my mother ever taught me with any value) but I shouldn’t be expected to spend my entire life cooking, cleaning and serving my fiance, and he knows this. I do his laundry, and he helps with the housework – afterall, we both made the mess. We take turns with the cooking, and I have the time to go out and persue my own career aspirations. It’s a new age, men should be able to look after themselves. There’s nothing more unattractive than a grown man, who wants nothing but a housemaid he can fuck.

    1. Men just do things for the partners because they see a task that needs to be doing and do it. Insecure women are petty and keep score because they’re solipsistic that way and see a relationship as transactional and would rather avoid making any effort whatsoever.
      Next time I’m with a girl like you, and she has a flat tyre, I’ll say “I don’t know. I changed it twice before, I think it’s your turn.”
      What does your fiancé think about you commenting only male-focused blogs? Seems greatly-disrespectful to me, but, let’s face it, if you were happy with him, you wouldn’t be here.

  37. I’m outing myself as a peasant, but my favorite meal that I cook myself is steak, grilled veggies, and beer, just like my savage Germanic ancestors.

  38. Yeah, about Point Number Three.
    As far as I’m concerned, getting laid shouldn’t even be A reason you’re learning how to cook because all you’re really doing is reinforcing the girl’s feminazi views in the long-term.
    “Yeahhhh, alright! He cooks his own meals! Good thing, too, because I fucking hate cooking! Women in the kitchen is sooooo 1959!”
    You may be getting your rocks off with this chick as a result of your mad skills in the kitchen, but ultimately, her toxic feminazi views are still going to be firmly in place by the time your sexy time is over.
    This is NOT an accomplishment. Not in the grand scheme of things.

  39. 5 and 6 are good reasons, but…to me, this is just enabling feminist fantasies about the “perfect man” being a metrosexual male wife who lives to serve her, and there’s no need for her to bring anything of value to the table.

    1. To me it’s more like the scene in “Prizzi’s Honor” where the guys get together to have a well-cooked meal — they’re showing mastery and independence as well as their rituals of community among themselves.
      I cook for my guy friends. Making a chick cook early on is my kind of “shit test”, as in she’d better know her shit in the kitchen.
      Also, keep in mind that in “Prizzi’s Honor”, the would-be wifey gets whacked, just so you know. I didn’t see her bringing a lot of value to the table, if you get my meaning …
      “But she’s my wife!”
      “But we’re your life!”
      You’re gonna let some ragazza turn you metrosexual?

    2. Who the hell is cooking for ugly feminists? I use cooking game on 8-9’s, where involving her in the preparation of the meal is part of the seduction. A good bottle of wine, teaching her how to hold a knife, the constant dance of brushing past each other to place ingredients.
      Feminists can go eat a cronut.

      1. True that. I’d be careful about doing that for any potential LTR candidate, though. Once they see it, they’ll expect it for life.
        And good luck finding any female in North America who’s NOT a feminist–whether she identifies herself as such or not. Which makes them all ugly…on the inside anyway.

  40. A man who cooks, places evolutionary pressure on the limited feminine roles their neoteny blesses them with. It’s attractive to a female when she cant measure up by just being another vagina, but must work for the prize. When every girl can get plastic surgery, a high-school 2.0 degree and a beta bux provider, finding a man that makes you less of a mate by walking into the room, shows women where they can improve their lives, so they can be in yours’. It shows independence of woman, which is the ultimate tell of someone who won’t simp for attention, and when his focused attention is one something, like her, it will be no where else. Now she just has to chase his masculine attention.
    Wonderful article, as usual, except when they aren’t (intentionally). I learned to cook 13, years ago and now that I can control how much I eat, life’s downhill battle when there is good food waiting at home.

  41. Cooking is a women’s role – men who cook are just puzzies who probably closet fags – real men let their slut do the cooking (perferably after sex)

  42. I couldn`t agree more.A man who can cook and dance will never be short of pussy.Dance first,then cook…..they will drain your sack every time.The best part,you can move on…and on…and on.

  43. Reason #6 has its limits. As your skill improves you’ll spend more on ingredients and start making more complex stuff.

  44. I stumbled across this site from a fb friend posting a different article. Then I seen this one and thought to myself…”hey I got a few minutes why not read it?” I’m glad I did. It’s a shame that 99% of females can’t cook or their version of cooking is making some shitty ass hamburger helper. I pride myself on making my husband a meal every night. On nights we don’t eat a home cooked meal, which is basically maybe 2 times a month I feel less of a women. It is my duty as his woman to make him a damn meal. Shit it takes what 15 mins to prep and depending what you make 1 to 3 hrs to cook. It’s not hard at all. My man works hard as hell everyday (which I do too, but I work from home) he doesn’t need to come home and cook for himself too, he is married now. I have friends who cry daily about how their relationships don’t work out or why aren’t they married? I mean if you were more worried about YOUR man and not every other man and or posting stupid selfies to get likes maybe you might be lucky as I am. Shit get your ass on pinterest and get a recipe. These basic chicks post pics of instant mashed potatoes talking bout “homemade dinner.” As you can see I take on the more traditional role as a woman and my man is an alpha male. We didn’t need to discuss on what roles we would take it just happened naturally bc this is how it’s suppose to be. We are going on one year married and 6 years together. We must be doing something right? And it ain’t clubbing and me spending all the money!!

  45. It may be necessary and useful for men to cook (especially for health reasons), but it truly is a woman’s role. A basic true principle is that men should act as men and women should act as women. I see no good reason to celebrate men cooking.

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