Why Is A Woman-On-Woman Murder Involving Two Minority Groups Being Buried?

Unlikely and Non Traditional Combatants

On January 18, 2014 a young woman was beaten on the street outside a nightclub. Annie Kim Pham was attacked by a group of women outside The Crosby in Santa Ana California. She was taken off life support and died on January 28th 2014. She was 23.

Informative Quotes

After becoming aware of this tragedy, I have noticed this case may be a harbinger of things to come in this new modern world we live in. What first drew my attention was that nobody intervened to stop this fatal attack. Another thing I’ve noticed is that the usual social justice warriors have nothing to say about it aside from criticisms of alcohol over-consumption. I’ve also noticed in the comment sections of various newspapers is that some people have just now become aware of what the world truly is. Allow me to show you the highlights of what I have discovered.

“We don’t see this as a hate crime or anything of that nature,” Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido said.

From what I have read in the Los Angeles Times, the victim in the case was Vietnamese-American and the alleged perpetrators were Hispanic. If this is true, the victim identity politics industry will have a tough time spinning this. I have noticed that due to the lack of the traditional scapegoat, this news story is not is getting as much traction as I thought it would.

“It breaks my heart that five people attacked one young woman and that certain people watched and didn’t try to stop it,” said Councilwoman Michele Martinez.

“We don’t want people to think it’s not a safe place to visit,” Martinez said.

In this day and age of civil liability and the demonization of men, only an ignorant man would engage a woman to defend another woman from physical violence especially one that is not related to him in such a public venue. As for thinking the area is safe, I’ll have to disagree with Councilwoman Martinez. When someone literally got beaten to death on the street in that area, that’s a pretty good indicator that it is dangerous place.

According to her uncle Eric Doan, Annie Kim Pham was a graduate of Chapman University where she studied psychology. I found this interesting as this university is known to be “progressive”. Further research will find out if they taught her things that led to a misconception on how the world is.

One of the defense attorneys in this case has already started to make statements. According to the Los Angeles Times:

“Nationally, Ms. Zavala has been vilified and the poor lady that died has basically become a saint,” Molfetta said. “I’m sure she was a lovely woman and had a great future ahead of her, but Ms. Zavala is a good woman too.”

Another issue that was brought up that is pure speculation is that her ex-boyfriend was at the club with her and didn’t render aid in her time of need. This became really interesting to me when I found out she has been married for a year to Giang Ngokhanh. I found no mention in the news that this gentleman was at the club with her though.

Preliminary Conclusion

This case in its infancy is quite compelling and I will further research it . The reality that men will no longer intervene is huge. This instance doesn’t fit the typical news media narrative but still got attention.  I will follow this case can report back with new developments as it progresses. To be continued…

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135 thoughts on “Why Is A Woman-On-Woman Murder Involving Two Minority Groups Being Buried?”

  1. “It breaks my heart that five people attacked one young woman and that
    certain people watched and didn’t try to stop it,” said Councilwoman
    Michele Martinez.
    Same old same old. 5 people attacked. Not 5 women. Given the attackers where male there is no chance in hell they would have used people.

      1. Those gang banger’s cholas can be vicious — more nasty and foul-tempered than the vatos.
        **This** incident is a good example of where we are headed, if we continue to allow societal constraints on women’s behavior to break down further.

        1. Frankly this “incident” is just evolution. Women who talks shit historically were useless and regularly killed. Had she just apologized she probably would have bee left alone, but I bet she ran her mouth like what are you going to do bitch. Well they showed her. Frankly gang bangers getting rid of shit talkers doesn’t bother me none. if this was a 5 foot man he’d know he can’t go up to a team of gangbangers and run his mouth without a beat down.

  2. I’ve made the joke so many times, I don’t even laugh anymore. When they said “We don’t see this as a hate crime or anything of that nature”, I thought, well, of course, there’s no white man involved. Because, you know, only white males can be racist or sexist or _____ist. So if there’s a crime involving a white guy vs a non-white guy, it’s automatically a hate crime. Hooray for the patriarchy!

    1. Yup. In the UK the Guardian called the death of Trayvon Martin the “Shot that rang out around the world”.
      Yet just a few days earlier two white guys were robbed and murdered and nobody in the media gave a damn.

    2. well there were incidents that the uk has called hate crime against whites like the killing of a scottish teenager for example. and time when they didnt for minorities like a scotsman rapin an killing farah noor adams wasnt labeled as hate crime back in2006. when they try them and get motives then theyll see if its hate crime i suppose. either that they give women the benefit of the doubt.
      or perhaps american women just dont care cuz there threatened by east asian women hence why its not gettin attention.

    3. Indications are that Kim Pham started the fight.
      Regardless of who started it, I have seen too many petite girls with big mouths, especially white and Asian girls. They think they are untouchables, perhaps because they have always been spoiled princesses and had people falling over backwards to please them.
      These girls need to shut their mouths and stop writing checks they can’t cash, especially around feral ghetto she-beasts.

      1. So this is what it comes too. Women so empowered that they start killing each other.
        Quick, pass me the motherfucking popcorn!!

      2. I could see that.
        This is a hot little piece of ass who no doubt had an endless male fan club . She attended college and was probably Middle Class or higher.
        She most likely learned “We’re all equal” from her libtard femi-dyke Marxist teachers. She probably mistook the she-beast for human beings.

      3. Don’t care what the indications are. Had she had a pack of women with her, feral thug life wannabes or ivy-league princesses does not matter. She would be a live today. Because thug life wannabes don’t attack groups with anything but their words.
        They are opportunists who prey on those they sense can’t defend themselves. As these two are about to learn in prison. Hehehe

      4. http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/insight-therapy/201401/feminine-foes-new-science-explores-female-competition
        check out the link. Ironic that these 2 articles come out on female competition and aggression towards each other.
        Ive been a recovering beta orbiter for a long time. And I did learn that women do hate other races, the ones that get the most hate is white,asian and latin girls(in that order but can argue for asians being #1).
        When Id hang with my ethnic female friends (indian,middle east asian black latin etc), the white girl makes them the most insecure and really pisses them off(even if didnt mention an attractive feature thats prominent in that group). When Id hang with my white female friends the asian girls really get them riled up(sometimes latin).
        Even among ethnics the asian girl comes at #2 and just hate them for their small bodys and smooth skin.
        latinas dont seem to get as much hate but they are jealous of the curves. But like the white women is alpha to ethnic girls cause of their skin, eye and hair color along with features.
        those latin women that killed that asian girl mustve saw her as competition for alpha males and thus wanted to get rid of her. If they cant risk injury in a fight, theyll use other means to win(manipulation) like in the link..

    4. Also, no man in general. No white knight to save the day, and no nigger to lynch. Just pure Hispanic on Asian, woman-on-woman murder. Fetch me some popcorn lads, this gone be good!

  3. why? Because nobody gives a shit. The only ones giving a shit are butthurt fags that think they must be anti-feminism to get pussy, because until now they didn’t get pussy. Of the thousand murders happening every day I’m not reading anyone anyway.

    1. Wow, way to minimize a young woman’s death!
      There’s some real feminist empathy for ya…

      1. I don’t give a shit about feminism and the retarded gay shit you learnt on the internet. Why don’t you go cry on every death that happens in the world every day if you are saying me “I’m minimizing on some shit I read on the internet involving people that I don’t know and could even not exist.”

        1. butthurt fags that think they must be anti-feminism to get pussy

          I don’t give a shit about feminism

          At least keep your cover story straight, you retarded feminist troll

  4. Don’t expect feminists of any color to decry this hate crime because all of them seethe with hatred towards Vietnamese women.
    Viet women are attractive and talented and succeed here without wallowing in feminist self-pity and entitlement. In stark contrast to western females they remain feminine and are cheerful and positive towards men.
    Viets in general are recipients of much abuse from the usual oppressed minorities, who resent their willingness to work hard, pool their resources, and develop commerce instead of whining over every mouthful of government-provided food.
    There is no government support for loafers or single parents in Vietnam. If a poor vietnamese doesn’t try to eke out a living, they will starve. Those who emigrate here retain this attitude.

    1. Yep Uncle Elmer. I see the same attitude in eastern european women here in Germany. They have to work hard at home just to get enough to eat so they tend to bring that attitude with them to Germany.

    2. UncleElmer –
      I agree with you on Vietnamese values/lifestyles as far as most actual Vietnamese women in Vietnam or FOB recent immigrants to America.
      But this chick was a typical American liberal arts/social sciences 23 year old party girl, who just happened to be of Vietnamese heritage.
      Based on news reports, it looks like her values/lifestyle are very typical for Orange County Asian-American young women. Party with friends, Instagram selfies, fairly easy occupation, expensive cars, hip restaurants, etc….
      She made the mistake of not backing down / getting away ASAP after the fucking gangbangers sicked their cholas on her.
      As a dude, if confronted outside a nightclub by a large group of gangbangers, I would get the fuck away immediately unless I had backup.

  5. “The reality that men will no longer intervene is huge.”
    In the UK police have been arresting and jailing men who intervene to defend a woman or to settle a dispute between women. One newspaper comment section I read was from a man who claimed to be a retired cop who had himself been jailed once and warned twice for intervening to defend women from harm.
    Another case in the UK was a woman got on to a bus with a baby stroller and bumped it into a man standing on the bus. Some words were exchanged and the man beat the crap out of the woman. The bus was full and even the womans husband was sitting on the bus. But no one defended her. The man simply got off at the next stop.
    When the “bad men” realise that the “good men” will not defend the proverbial “woman in the street”? When men will no longer be the unpaid body guards of the nearest woman in need? Just watch the crime rate against women skyrocket. It will be over the moon. It is already escalating very fast in the UK and people are noticing that old people are being attacked by “youths” more and more.
    It is going to get MUCH worse before it gets any better. I have been pointing this out for 5.5 years now. No one wanted to listen. Well? I wonder if people will listen to me when we keep pointing to all the dead woman that the situation is creating?

    1. Basically, women had the luxury of the disposability of the men (their incomes, their protection, etc.) and all they had to do was put out semi-regularly and look reasonably attractive.
      Now — some are thinking — they can “have it all!”. The incentives have shifted and, well, you know, people respond to incentives. So, basically, the men will stop caring and we can rely on feminism to run shit successfully.

  6. Asians are not in the politically protected group. That’s why there is no significant reporting on this.

    1. Maybe not globally or nationally but I hear about this shit almost every day in Vegas and my buddies in California do too.

  7. In this day and age of civil liability and the demonization of men

    Yup, it’s a toxic combination all right, racing to save anyone, man or women, from being beaten up carries many external risks, such as finding yourself in the dock, on top of the immediate risk of being beaten yourself if you fail. Meanwhile standing by and not getting involved carries no risks. Maybe someday someone with the power to change things will have a cui bono moment, till then self interest dictates than you don’t get involved in stranger’s fights. (It’d also help if white knights were to refrain from indulging women in their ‘lets you and him fight’ games, while we’re at it.)

  8. I live near Santa Ana and once dated a girl who worked for the city and got to go on some ride alongs with the PD. I literally laughed out loud at what the Councilwoman said. Santa Ana is not a safe place with the exception of the upper class white areas which have some remarkably beautiful homes where you could probably get away with leaving your doors unlocked. Santa Ana was once a good city, many decades ago. Now, 90% of the city is mostly barrios, cholos, bangers, prostitutes, welfare warriors, vagabonds, high schoolers shooting each other, and pregnant 14 year olds walking around. We don’t call it “Stabba Ana” around here for nothing.

    1. In the US, cities start off nice then degrade. Very hard to find that home in a nice place you want to live in for 50 years. After 20-30 the area turns to trash and you must move on.

  9. Councilwoman Michele Martinez.: “It breaks my heart that five people attacked one young woman and that certain people watched and didn’t try to stop it,”
    Shockingly stunted on Martinez;s part . . . Martinez et al are the very reason no one did step in, Liberals mandate males subdue their initial (and correct) reaction to protect and reinforce the best thing to do is wait for law enforcement. Further, they start grooming males to be more like females from an early age. No doubt most of the males on scene were under age 30 so they likely stepped back, maybe called 911, and took videos for their own enjoyment.

    1. Yep..if a male interfered he might end up in jail….so more and more men are no longer interfering.
      Since I am 50 I have MANY times in my life stepped between an angry man and a woman to calm things down. I would still do that in Germany if it happened…..but in an anglo country? Women are equal. She can defend herself.
      Also now I do not get up for women on trams and things like that. If there was a seat for me when I got on? That seat is for me. I paid for it. The women who come after me? They can help themselves. The only time I help women now is when they have a small baby and are trying to do things like get in and out of trams. I look at that as protecting the child, not helping the woman.

      1. I would have defended Pham not because she was a women, not because she was a hot piece of ass but because ‘the enemies of my enemies are my friends’.

      2. I tad older than you, living here in AmeriKa, unless I know a person and what they are about/where their loyalties are, I would not step in.
        Wife and I have had this discussion many times, she disagrees . . . she recently stepped between two <18 yo males (Thug Clothing from Walmart) – – – both threatened her, the cops got there and gave her ŜhiŤ,
        Kids in peril? 100% Family? 100% . Property? 100% following the leads found in the book below, it’s not just about guns, it’s about maintaining safety and freedom. A good MUST read for Alpha’s.
        Others involved in an incident? ? Well . . . . we’ll see.

  10. Ugh, I’ve been seeing this girl on my FB feed for days, mostly because I’m Asian and I have a lot partygoing friends. So many people are white knighting for this girl, I honestly couldn’t care less. No one said this shit when Albert Song died.

  11. Hmm…the victim was very attractive and feminine while the attackers were built like linebackers and ugly to boot. The comparison was too much for them and they reacted with rage. Typical female behavior.

    1. Why did those criminal women think that vietnamese girl was photobombing? She could have been mooning the camera and still make a photo of those 3s better looking.

      1. Drunk, low-class gang-bangers’ girlfriends — the epitome of classless, disgusting dregs.

    2. The she-beasts saw the opportunity to silence her. Still, most women don’t know when to shut their mouths, and given that secretly every woman hates any other woman, this attack justified in the she-beasts mind..

  12. its doubtful this case will be studied in the way the murder of kitty genovese was. The author is right it doesn’t fit the profile for such attention. But also we don’t have all the details yet as there trial is still to come. The question will be could someone have intervened to stop this, and if so why didn’t they, but I’m not sure that question can be answered yet

      1. part of a course I once did. Its quite an interesting case. It will be interesting to see if the case referred to in this article will demonstrate something similar with regard to how traditional values of public spiritedness / masculine selflessness in protecting women etc have been eroded by modern society, but I do think ones needs to consider the evidence carefully first, and as such its a bit early to say anything really

        1. From my understanding, the Kitty Genovese case was largely over-blown by the media; nobody actually saw the murder, and those who heard it didn’t realize that it was a murder.

        2. I think you might need to go and actually study the case. Your characterization is WAY off.

        3. “as such its a bit early to say anything really”
          I disagree. I noticed the rapid increase in violence from young men 5.5 years ago when I was doing my original research in to what was happening and who was driving feminism.
          All I needed to do was to go through large numbers of news articles to find the ones about young men, often teens, committing needless violence against other people. “Thrill” violence. When you see that sort of thing happening? You know things are already very bad. Well? It has been 5.5 years people refused to even discuss this issue and how to solve it so you can rest assured it is going to get much worse yet.

        4. but here the violence is woman on woman, though young men may be in the background. At this stage all that can said with much confidence is that crimes like this seem different – I think it is highly likely its a crime that reflects modern mores, but its the detail that matters, and that will follow

        5. there were a lot of people who witnessed something. The issue came to be about what they (thought they) witnessed, and why they didn’t intervene. It was interest to a lot of researchers with different agenda, particularly with regard how to people might assess a situation in a way that allows them to walk on past. It touched on a lot of things, individual psychology, group psychology, ‘attitudes’, and of course race & gender relations. The ‘overblown’ interest it attracted reflected the number of agendas it tapped into

        6. Female on female violence is increasing….but not at anything like the rate male on female violence is increasing.
          Male on female violence, if you check it out, is skyrocketing. Police forces across english speaking countries are fiddling the figures to make it appear less so.
          Male on male violence is also rapidly increasing, especially where older men are the victims of the crimes.

    1. The Genovese case would be sweept under the rug today. It’d barely make the local news.
      Newsman: “The killer is described as a [Black REDACTED] male, in his early 20s.

    2. Dude have you ever been around a fight before?
      Most of those fuckers were probably drunk. When you are drunk you are either totally chilled, or you are totally pissed off and crazy like the Putas obviously were. When you are just leaving a bar and you see some shit going down most people will be like wow, what going on. Deer in the headlights. Gawkers. Rubberneckers.
      That shit happens fast. Very fast. You gonna rush in all hero-like and start pulling people out of there? Its not going down that way when you have 5 drunk wound-up people punching, kicking and screaming. People that infuriated are like a crazy on meth. Their strength is multiplied. You on the other hand dont have that craziness in your head.
      My guess is the hot chick smarted off to a couple of gang-banging Mexican putas. Its unfortunate. But shit happens. There are always troubles around bars late at night in every city. People get beat up, shot, killed.
      You always take a risk when you go out at night clubbing.

      1. I don’t disagree with that. Passers by are typically ill-prepared to intervene in the face of unexpected violence,, unless for some reason their blood is up or they are otherwise trained or prepared to ‘play the hero’. The author seems to think men would intervene if they weren’t afraid of their actions being misconstrued. I’m not sure this is the right analysis, but it does seem worrying that nobody intervened. The last time I saw a fight in the street I called the police who came round and broke it up. The fact that I took the recommended action didn’t stop me from feeling a little bit like a pussy afterwards though. In the case of the girl getting beaten to death would our fathers generation have just waded in without thinking? I thinks its not unlikely. But then back then the principal aggressor wouldn’t have been another woman….probably

  13. The reason the media and politicians have a hard time taking a firm stance in this murder is because racism is seen as something white people do to black people in this country. I’m hispanic, and let me tell you, racism happens between every ethnicity and race.
    The media doesn’t acknowledge or report racism between blacks and Hispanics. I know this because of the nasty comments about blacks I hear from time to time when I’m around my people. Sometimes the people I hear from look just as black as the people they are disparaging. They even use the N-word. Politicians don’t know this because their liberal college education spoon feeds them a specific message that doesn’t line up with reality.
    As for Annie Kim Phan, I guess the Hughes brothers weren’t that sensational with the opening scene in Menace II Society, where the Korean couple gets killed in the liquor store.

    1. I concur. The hate between black and brown is pretty strong. But it’s not racist for them to disparage each other, because that’s just how people of color act. :facepalm:
      I swear, liberal fucktards (politicians and academics) tend to much more racist than the people that they call are trying to call out.

  14. I don’t see race. I only see 1st world and 3rd world. 1st world is Western White and Eastern Asian. The 3rd world is everyone else.
    White Knights are not the only Blue Pillers.

    1. What? Of course you see race if you think the 1st world is white and asian. The derp is strong bro. Plenty of third world whites and asians out there.

    2. Put down the weed, because there are no shortage of white criminals and white biker gangs and white thugs in all over

        1. Where did you see “hispanic” on that chart? You didn’t because it is rolled up under the “white” column. That means the “Whites” are 74% of the population and make up 69% of arrests while blacks are 12.5% of the population but account for 28.4%.
          If the latinos where given their own column, the Whites would account for 65% of the population and 48% of arrests.

        2. Whites commit 65% of the crime according to your own chart. Hispanics were probably rolled into black and if the hispanics identify as white, then why should they be counted as anything other than white?
          You are trying to purposely muddle the stats. You want to call the hispanics non-white in crime but are counting the hispanics as white when counting total population.
          Non-hispanics are 83%, African Americans are 13.1%. non hispanic Whites are 63% of the population doing 69% of the crime.
          Of crimes done by people over 18, that number rises almost to 70%. No honest discussion can be had on race and crime until we address the adults committing 70% of the crimes according to the fbi statisitics. Whites; whites are just 55% of those under 18 but are respondsible for 70% of the crimes done by people under 18.
          Until we have an honest discussin about crime, why 55% of the population is doing 7/10 crimes no crime problem can be resolved. In fact the decrease in crime from the 70s is directly attributable to the fact that the largest crime committing group, Whites, demographics have been decreasing since the 70s.
          Even if black crime fell to zero, 70% of crime would still be present because whites are doing them

        3. No. Hispanics are ”rolled in to the black” . The crime report uses the same population demographics and the US census. Hispanics are counted as “white” in both reports .
          I do not want to call Hispanics anything. I believe they should be considered “native” or given their own column. But until that happens, they are
          counted as “white”.
          Whites (with the Hispanics counted) make up 74% of the population but commit 69% of crimes. Blacks make up 12.5% but commit 28% of crime. Do you understand proportionality?
          “Whites; whites are just 55% of those under 18 but are responsible for 70% of the crimes done by people under 18.”
          So tell me. Since the chart that you linked has no column for Hispanics: Are there 0% Hispanics in the US. Or do Hispanics commit zero percent of the crime?
          “No honest discussion can be had on race and crime”. I’d love to have an honest discussion on race and crime. In order to do that we have to remove Hispanics from the “White” column.
          And they might:
          The potential Census changes don’t please some Hispanics
          even though many feel boxed in by the current race categories: white, black, Asian, American Indian. When the Census added a fifth in 1980 — “some other race” — so many Hispanics chose it that it is now the third-largest
          race group behind white and black; 95% of those who selected “some other race” are Hispanic.

          According to OMB, “White” refers to a person having origins in any of the original peoples of Europe, the Middle East, or North Africa.
          The White racial category includes people who marked the “White” checkbox. It also includes respondents who reported entries such as Caucasian or White; European entries, such as Irish, German, and Polish; Middle Eastern entries, such as Arab, Lebanese, and Palestinian; and North African entries, such as Algerian, Moroccan, and Egyptian.
          According to OMB, “White” refers to a person having origins in any of the original peoples of Europe, the Middle East, or North Africa.

          ‘Cuz Moroccans, and Egyptians are white, right? Arabs are white?
          And correction: Whites make up 77.1% of the population in the 2010 cencus.

        5. In fact the decrease in crime from the 70s is directly attributable to the fact that the largest crime committing group, Whites, demographics have been decreasing since the 70s.”

          No, the decrease of crime started in the late 80s and it is due to Roe v Wade in 1972 and the fact that 1/3 blacks are aborted.
          De’ markus was floating in a jar of formaldehyde in the dumpster behind the Planned Parenthood clinic instead of playing the knock out game.

        6. The percentage of black people has actually increased, just look at the graph above your post its almost doubled. And more whites than blacks are aborted so that may explain why there is less crime

        7. You didn’t adjust for hispanics. Your counting hispanics as white when counting the total number of whites but excluding them when counting crime but non-hispanic whites are 63% of the population. commit 70% of the crime.
          You’re reading the 2000 numbers not the 2010 number. Learn to read. If a Palestinian blows up a train you going to count him as white now? Whites from your own source, non-hispanic non latino are listed at 196 million out of 308 million. 63% of the population.

        8. Whites make up 63% from your own source and commit 70% of the crime.
          Propotionality is useless because the white population is 3-7 times that of the black one. 7/10 of crimes are done by whites means I am more like to be beaten in the head or hit by a drunk white guy. I do’t care what color the criminal is.
          Hispanics commit no crime, crime is a white people’s disease. Black americans who commit crime do it because they have some deep dark distant white ancestry and the white ancestor passed on the criminal gene to them.

        9. Hispanics were probably rolled into black

          Try again, you illiterate apologist:

          Lynda Garcia, a fellow with the ACLU’s Criminal Law Reform Project, says […] law enforcement generally classifies Latinos as “white.”


          [San Francisco PD] officers have been identifying Latinos as white […] for years.


          the Florida Department of Law Enforcement classifies Hispanics as white.

          [1] Huffington Post, FBI to Track Latino Arrests for Uniform Crime Reports, June 25 2013
          [2] San Francisco Chronicle, SFPD underreports Latino, Asian arrests, Aug. 15 2012
          [3] The American Prospect, Hoodwinked, Oct. 13 2004
          Go get your GED so you can pay your baby mommas that child support you owe.

        10. More whites than blacks are aborted

          Do you just manufacture all your information intentionally or did you not learn English in your country?

          Proportion of U.S. Abortions, 2004
          * Black: 37%
          * White: 34%
          * Hispanic: 22%
          * Other: 8%


          Non-Hispanic black and Hispanic women have higher rates of abortion (40 and 29 per 1,000 women aged 15–44, respectively) than non-Hispanic white women do (12 per 1,000).
          The higher rates reflect the fact that black and Hispanic women have high unintended pregnancy rates (91 and 82 per 1,000 women, respectively), compared with non-Hispanic white women (36 per 1,000 women).


          Blacks comprise only 13% of the population of America but account for 37% of all abortions.

          [1] Guttmacher Institute, Abortion and Women of Color: The Bigger Picture, 2008
          [2] Guttmacher Institute, quoting Jones RK and Kavanaugh ML, Changes in abortion rates between 2000 and 2008 and lifetime incidence of abortion, Obstetrics & Gynecology, 2011, 117(6):1358–1366.
          [3] Guttmacher Institute and U.S. census ACS, cited by Abortions in America, Operation Rescue, 2009

        11. Unlike your ghetto daddy I don’t have baby mamas or child support. You offer no links. If latino arresy are under reported and you claim whites are counted as latinos then whites are being under reported in crime, you’re only making youself look silly. Now why don’t you drink some shine and dig some sang you toothless ghetto banger.

        12. You offer no links

          Are you so retarded you don’t know how to Google a quoted phrase — with a source already provided?
          Your Disqus history shows you’re a joke. Most of your comments are you being an apologist for ‘poor, oppressed’ blacks and their violence and whining.
          Whining + made-up numbers + 3rd grade logical reasoning skills =
          minority violence apologist ‘hernandayoleary’
          Go back to crying for 40 acres and a mule.

        13. Typical black
          Too stupid to read.
          Too stupid to understand percentages and proportions.
          It’s no wonder you people are where you are.

        14. Since the majority of violence is done by whites any mention of latino or asian or black violence is plain old retarded. Its like a man in a tent laughing at the man in a shack. Your both poor.
          At least I have a history, easy to post anything hiding behind an anonymous moniker why don`t you put your really name up and type those things big man…If you can`t say something behind your real name it don`t count for nothing

        15. There’s a lot of retard in this discussion. The numbers show that blacks are WAY more violent in ratio to their population representation.
          Hell, just look at the knockout game and you get a great idea on what is happening in the US, and that violence isn’t coming from whites.

        16. Hey fuckface. Just link up one video of a mob of whites assaulting a black. Just one.
          Because I can point you to hundreds of videos of mobs of blacks attacking single white people for no reason and either beating the shit out of them or killing them.
          Go to youtube or world star hip hop. And until you can post some videos of white mob violence on blacks, you’re full of shit.

        17. Any white or asian that’s lived proximity to large numbers of blacks knows the score, and has either been vicitimized or nearly so by blacks.
          “Avoid the ‘groid” isn’t racism. It’s common sense and should be called a survival instinct. Just like avoiding poisonous plants and grizzly bears.

        18. you mean like dylan roof? And the blacks who attack whites aren’t doing it for no reason, they are doing it because the white typically insulted them in some manner their own white privilege blinds them to seeing. Not to mention most of these people have psychiatric problems that the government doesn’t treat because we don’t have a universal healthcare system like most civilized nations do. Then throw on the fact the whites have ruined their schools and education and dumped their drugs, weapons and violence on them and you have uneducated people with a chip on their shoulder with psychiatric conditions, so whose fault is it really. I blame whites, we did this. They are our creation.

        19. I don’t see all these people closing their stores and moving to white neighbourhoods. Why don’t the arabs close their gas stations if black area so bad.

  15. can you imagine the outrage if a white male killed this innocent asian girl?
    But, of course, the villain can never be brown

  16. Had I been there… I would have left. If any anglo or viet tried to stop it short of shooting, they would have had five Latinos on their back, on their way to death or critical injury just like the woman. If that putative white knight had a gun (and skill), they could have saved a life, but would be in jail with multiple felony counts against them and about to lose everything they own for daring to interfere with those five wise Latinas. Illegals in CA are privileged, the skin color and ‘no habla engles’ gets them off for practically everything, this goes double for females.

    1. …they would have had five Latinos on their back, on their way to death or critical injury just like the woman.

      I would go one step further… If any man tried to intervene, the entire scene would have changed into a male-on-male fight and that would have been the story to come out.
      Realistically, women start most of the fights at bars, leaving the men to take the beating.

  17. No fucking way in the world would I intervene. Since my white straight maleness is the focus of every evil in the world,the rest of you cunts can fend for yourself. If this case becomes a big deal I have no doubt it will eventually be a white mans fault.

    1. I wouldn’t intervene either because my being Black would cause everybody on the right to call me the bad guy and the instigator, the left wouldn’t back me because I’m an evil supporter of the 2nd Amendment, and Vietnamese, Latinos, et. al. would still treat me like a piece of shit.
      Just keep walkin’, like Denzel in Book of Eli.

      1. I’m not going to intervene beyond calling the cops. I’m certainly not going to defend any third world trash arguing, fighting etc..in public places….My life is valuable and there are people depended on me. I’m not going to risk myself for any of them, that’s for sure.

    2. Yeah, that’s good advice to be giving out because then you’d be in trouble. I blame feminazis.

  18. Reminds me of a joking proposal I made to my girlfriend last night – that we should force Pacifists to wear an armband, declaring their status.
    Put simply, it is not Good to constantly bail-out Evil. Helping somebody who made a mistake is one thing, but when the “mistake” was intentional, and in line with their stated ideology, they deserve the consequences of their actions as much as the successful entrepreneur deserves his (the etymology of the word “deserve” is more than a little relevant here).
    If somebody is a pacifist, then it is morally schizophrenic to defend them from predators. Not because of a “revenge” motive (since they’re the sort who’ll try and jail you for defending yourself), but because they must suffer the consequences of their choices.
    I have no idea whether Mrs Pham was a pacifist or not, but Douglas points out in the article, there is good reason to suspect that she *may* have been. But even if she, in particular, wasn’t, there are so many pacifists in today’s world that Men will leap to the default assumption that any victim being assaulted is a pacifist – that, should you choose to defend them, they will turn against you when the cops finally arrive ten minutes later than they would have been needed.
    “The horror… the horror. Exterminate all the brutes.”

  19. “It breaks my heart that five people attacked one young woman and that certain people watched and didn’t try to stop it,” said Councilwoman Michele Martinez.
    Do I need to say it? I will; This what we usually hear from a mayor, city council member or police officer whenever a woman is attacked, raped or kidnapped. The blaming of the general public for not intervening. I have paid attention to this, and I hear garbage like this far less when a man is attacked.

  20. I go the bar area where this happened quite often. I would have to point out that the area is actually quite safe, lit up, and patrolled by police. This lady died before the club bouncers could go to her aid just About 20 feet away.
    It is true that the girl who died is being paraded around like a saint.there’s an altrar on the place where she died. I have a friend who works on the Starbucks across the street from that, she saw news reporters taking turns with the altar.
    I would hit up the bars around there every weekend up until a few months ago. What I think happened is that an uppity Asian girl from out of town tried to get crazy with some Mexican girls. Two or three blows later, she’s dead.
    My question is, where were her friends to try to stop the beating or avoid it altogether?
    A lot of the narrative on the local news (oc register) is aimed at straining the image of the city of Santa Ana.

    1. Its was 3 women and 2 men, the bouncer tried to stop them but its hard for 1 man to hold back 5. And rich upper class people can’t fight for shit. I grew up in a working class area where you had to fight for survival or get you ass beat down, if you didn’t know how to fight you learned because everyone was going to have fight at some point. I moved to a rich area and people will talk shit but no fight ever happens and when they do its 2 people who can’t fight for shit. In the poor area you wrestle and beat each other up for fun because you ain’t have no bike or nintendo. Rich people won’t have your back like that, they ain’t going to jump in
      they were beating her on the ground, and since she is so small, and many mexican girls are big and fat, it don’t take many blows for 5 people to beat a small person to death. Its not like a dude on his feet, it just take one good head stomp of an unconscious person or one sitting to kill her.

  21. Very sorry about the woman, but I AM NOT SAVING ANYONE!
    Society has treated me, a white, self-made man, as toilet tissue.
    Feminists say “My body my choice”, I say “me too”.
    I’ll call the cops; that’s all.
    Too dangerous as a male today to get involved in anything insanely crazy like fights, marriage, joint property or cohabitation.
    Remember gents: safe sex only! I don’t mean condoms, I mean videotape the consent and the entire act.

    1. Whats sad is that if you did call the cops they wouldve charged you just for being at the scene

  22. Oh..and I am truly very sorry that Annie Kim Pham was assaulted and died as a result, and for the pain this must cause to her family and friends.

  23. OT.
    Someone asked me the other day on this site if it was coming true that the state was being seen as the parents of the children.
    Well? The is the lead story on the daily mail at the moment….which shows you how much of a propaganda piece it is.
    A reminder from Aaron Russo what Nicholas Rockefeller said were two of the purposes of feminism. When a child is banned from school (punishment) for what his parents put in his lunch box? Who is the “parent”?

  24. The dead girl’s name was “Annie Kim”? The evil study group may be the culprits.

  25. Yeah, Asian girls worship whites, but they aren’t sweet and demure all the time. She could have started this shit. AWALT right. Not my business though, one less asian woman my blackass couldn’t get dead and gone won’t see my crying.

  26. Why did those criminal women think that vietnamese girl was photobombing? She could have been mooning the camera and still make a photo of those 3s better looking.

  27. Lesson for everyone
    1. Avoid unnecessary conflicts.
    2. Know your surrounding (people included).
    3. Fight to win, use whatever you can to win and GTFO…..there is no such thing as a fair fight.

    1. “If you find yourself in a fair fight, you didn’t plan it well enough!” W. Hock Hocheim.

  28. I saw a video with an asian and a latina girl today, and there was a lot of fists in that video too.

  29. Identity politics is alive and well! Hooray! What next? Blacks vs Hispanics vs Asians? Shit, looks like a good time to head to Montana.
    Also, why is a married woman at a club? lol, a “liberated” woman who has a worthless degree at a club while married. Something tells me that hubby isn’t exactly running that show.

  30. “Nationally, Ms. Zavala has been vilified and the poor lady that died has basically become a saint,”
    George Zimmerman called, he wanted to let Ms Zavala know he feels her pain.

    1. XD nice one…on a sadder note, this probably wouldn’t have been so heavily reported if it had been a man.

  31. Great post! For a little over a year now, I’ve stopped feeling concerned for the safety of strange women. I don’t think women realize just how much the monopoly on aggression men have – along with our protective instincts for the species – protects them. Indifference has set into me. Now, with the exception of my family and a few others, I seriously doubt I would risk my safety or expend any energy “protecting” a woman. And the more narcissistic/sociopathic women become, I suspect more and more men are feeling the same.

    1. I hear ya. I hate my gender is becoming and has become. I wish someone would fix it. I’m only sixteen and see the problem.

  32. No one gets involved anymore because the potential downside is too great. Possible injury or death are probably two of the main reasons, but all too often getting involved leads to loss of money, employment or even arrest. Keep in mind that cops hold do-gooders in complete contempt, to say the least.
    Sorry, but unless I know one or more of the parties involved, I’m just going to walk away whistling and playing pocket pool the entire way.

  33. Large scale change happening in western society: Chivalry is being replaced by large scale Anti-Chivalry…not just “men hating women” but “large groups of men actively/passively preying on women”
    Saudi Arabia and India are both Anti-Chivalric societies. Not only do they “not protect women” they consider women, as a group, to be trash, and legitimate targets for any reasonable abuse. They think our tradition of Chivalry is weird and stupid.
    We are now shifting to become like Arabia and India. Our chivalric social structures are acid-washed out of us, etched away one atomic layer at a time.
    Congratulations Feminists, you fucking stupid cunts.
    Sorry to all you non-Feminist gals. Your lives are about to get very miserable.

    1. I’ve noticed this change. Feminists have oppressed men and it’s they’re friggin’ fault this is happening. I understand why men are so pissed off. Nothing they do is “right”. Open the door for her, you’re a misogynist. Don’t open the door, you’re an ass. My boyfriend always opens the door for me and I always say thank you. I do the same with everyone who does that. The door opening is just an example. A man can’t be a real man these days. It’s sad, especially for girls like me who are looking for, as this site puts it, alpha male. I don’t want a beta bitch. I want a real man, not someone who’s going to agree with whatever I say and treat me like a princess. I don’t get why a girl would want to be treated like that. I don’t just want a real man, I need one. I don’t feel whole without one honestly. Feminists have made it so men can’t be men and men are getting pissed and are pissed and will stay pissed. I feel bad for you guys, you’re so oppressed. What next are they going to take away your rights?

  34. Large scale change happening in western society: Chivalry is being replaced by large scale Anti-Chivalry…not just “men hating women” but “large groups of men actively/passively preying on women”
    Saudi Arabia and India are both Anti-Chivalric societies. Not only do they “not protect women” they consider women, as a group, to be trash, and legitimate targets for any reasonable abuse. They think our tradition of Chivalry is weird and stupid.
    We are now shifting to become like Arabia and India. Our chivalric social structures are acid-washed out of us, etched away one atomic layer at a time.
    Congratulations Feminists, you fucking stupid cunts.
    Sorry to all you non-Feminist gals. Your lives are about to get very miserable.

  35. PC thought is that victimhood = sainthood. The only demographic with no access to victim status is the white male heterosexual. (And minorities forfeit their victim card if they defect from the political left.) When the victim is a white male heterosexual, the story won’t even receive this much press.

    1. Totally right! I was hoping someone would mention that. Why does female violence against males go so unreported. Someone put a link to a The Talk where they were laughing at a guy who got his penis cut off. I almost puked. I felt literally sick. That’s just not right. That’s evil. I can’t believe they laughed about that. Violence against men from women needs to start being recognized as a problem. Men get beaten, set on fire, castrated, and killed for being “potential” rapists. Like, pardon my French, but what the fuck? And I’ll have you know, that’s coming from a sexual violence victim, so if I think that’s nutty there’s a serious problem with their thinking. One of the first things they teach in consuling is that not all men are out to hurt women, in fact it’s a very small percentage that are. Men should not be killed and tortured for another man’s mistakes. That’s just not right. Ugh. This fact frustrates me, sorry for the rambling about it everyone. It just sickens me how oppressed men are and how they can’t be men and how they are forced into manniquin shells that don’t fit them. Feminazis are making men more feminine. Seriously? Bring back the real men! Good luck guys and try to stay strong. It’s got to be tough being demonized just for being a man. You’ve got my sympathy.

  36. Hispanic women are disgusting. Fat pigs, whores, oily skin and hair, and bodies shaped like spongebob.

  37. Having lived in the Hood for most of my life. These things happen often. Don’t hardly even make the news and often not solved. But the dead person or persons usually are male. What makes the story standout is the dead person is female, with a degree and Asian. One kind of common victim is a male on leave or back home from military service.The guy is in good shape has some rather effective fight training. But is no more a match for 5 people then a small cute woman. #1 this kind of guy is not going to pull a gun or knife. The pack likely will and no martial arts trains for multiple attackers well. The thugs may not need to produce a weopon. . Marc Young says it best of all, talk your way out, just leave or even run, Only fight your way out if that is they only way your getting home OK. And last but not least. Animals will often leave anyone alone who they think have the slightest chance of fightig back.

  38. Im hispanic and i never heard of this incident (Not even in hispanic channels). Im not taking sides i dont know who started it and dont care tbh. Maybe the asian lady started the fight, maybe she didnt. But i will say this. In southern usa so many mexican chicks are just as toxic,tatted,fat as black chicks.

  39. “The student may ask a question if the student has done all of the assigned reading,” Walter Persig – Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. Have all you read all of ocregister.com, Webslueths.com, and facebook/justiceforkimpham? Notice especially ocregister January 22, 2014 “Not Guilty Plea” text messages at 2000, 2240, and 2330. Mrs. Khanh went on a murder-suicide mission against anyone anywhere because her commuter husband did not show up on Friday night as expected.

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