5 Reasons Why Domesticated Women Are Superior


As men, we naturally enjoy and gravitate to feminine women who are happy and willing to serve our wants and needs as sexual and domestic partners. Humans are very social creatures, and we like to take on life in teams. This has worked since the dawn of human civilization. I’d like to share with all of you a list of traits that all men appreciate in a woman who openly embraces her natural sex role. These are a series of examples of my most endearing memories of past lovers and experiences with women who showed their unprovoked willingness to take on desirable feminine roles.

These memories have stuck with me because the traits these women demonstrated were very attractive to me as my biology dictates, as well as every other man’s. I would also like to note that it is unfortunate that these specific memories particularly stuck out to me over the years because these qualities in women in America and other Western cultures are so rare and fleeting. These qualities should be more abundant and commonplace:

1. Retrieves Things For Me Without My Asking


I went out to a show at a casino along with some good friends and this girl I was seeing at the time. We stopped to get some food at a Panda Express; the Subway of Americanized Chinese food. I was eating with chopsticks, but the rice was not sticky enough for me to pick up decent sized bites. The girl I was with noticed this, and asked if I wanted her to get me a fork. I scoffed “no that’s fine you don’t have to get up and get me a fork.” She retorted “Oh don’t be silly it’s nothing!” and put her food down, got out of her seat, walked over to the other side of the Panda Express, and brought me back a fork with a smile and an obvious satisfaction that she helped me and made my life a little better. Something so small and seemingly insignificant, but that memory has stuck with me for years.

2. Enjoys Cooking And Letting Me Be A Man


A few weeks ago I had a friend and his girlfriend over along with a girl I was gaming. We were all hanging out in my living room chatting and discussing plans for the night. The topic of dinner was brought up, and the girl I was with outright said (to my friend’s girlfriend) “OMG we should both make an awesome dinner together in the kitchen and let the boys chill and play video games!” What a doll.

3. Excited By The Idea Of Being A Dedicated Wife

Happy Wife

I dated a girl for a little while about a year ago who told me she would be happiest if she could just quit her job and live the rest of her days taking care of me and having dinner ready when I got home from work. She did not want children, but just wanted to support me and live a happy, simple life embracing monogamous womanhood and the joy of nesting and caretaking. The most admirable part about this memory of this girl was that she was 20 years old.

4. Abstains From Activities That Jeopardize Loyalty


Dating a girl who does not have any “guy friends” (i.e. orbiters and suitors) and has no desire to go out, party, drink, or get fucked up because she would rather maintain a reserved, graceful, respectable, and trustworthy relationship with her man is immeasurably attractive. I have dated women that maintain that it is unethical to hold close relationships with other men as a taken woman. This is partly due to the fact that they understand true male-female friendship is a falsehood. They also understand that they do not need male validation besides from the man they are exclusive with. In the same vein, all men have incredible respect for women who uphold their grace and femininity and would rather not be seen being a sloppy, drunk, uncouth embarrassment to a man, to herself, or to those around her.

5. Rubbing My Back


I once dated a girl who enjoyed making me feel comfortable and massaging my shoulders, neck, and back. She genuinely cared about my physical state, and also recognized that I work hard and often times would come home tired and achy. She was delighted to work on my knots when we were just sitting idly and relaxing. One specific memory we were actually away from home on vacation. I was laying on my stomach on the bed in a hotel room, doing some work and answering emails on my laptop. She was busy chatting on the phone with a far-away relative who she does not talk to often, but as she was talking I felt her move over and straddle my butt and just start going at my back with her phone wedged between her ear and shoulder. I was extremely appreciative of her selfless efforts to please me.

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181 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Domesticated Women Are Superior”

  1. A lot of that describes my viet wife, as seen in “A Man Wants a Wife, Not a Co-Worker”.
    She arrives tomorrow after a month in vietnam.
    Off-topic but you can get cialis online without prescription these days. Only $2 a pill.

  2. If ANY modern woman does any of these things for you, it’s highly likely that she’s looking to get something out of it. Don’t be taken in.

    1. Of course. Still, you can enjoy the process while evaluating her as a person. It is consistency – absolutely no indications of backsliding or irritability over months to years – which shows the truth and true character of a person, man or woman.

        1. Indeed, time is all. When a chick says “I love you” way too early, you know she’s doing a love-bomb technique on you. (Often used by cults and the like – google it.) Just another female manipulation.
          Interesting thought, what’s people’s minimum time to when they think the L-word should be used by a girl? In my mind it is at least 6 months down the track. Yeh, I know it’s not a directly game-related question: it is related to the traditionalist theme though.

        2. “Interesting thought, what’s people’s minimum time to when they think the L-word should be used by a girl? ”
          Doesn’t matter what the girls says.
          Actions do.
          It’s easy to say the word love, it’s harder to prove it by your daily actions…
          Men, the only way you can tell if a woman loves you is how much money she spends on YOU!

    2. It should be noted that selflessness is just another angle of selfishness. As people, we only help when it rewards us in some way. Even take the person working the food line at the soup kitchen. They crave the joy they receive from helping those waiting to be served. If we receive absolutely no benefit then we do not participate.
      That being said. It takes a mentally and emotionally mature person to realize this. The overall rewards from being selfless on average outweigh the rewards we obtain from being selfish. Genuinely selfless people understand this, and that is why they are the happiest of people.

      1. Of course, but a mature woman who really loves you will do these things as a sign of gratitude and appreciation, to keep you with her.

        1. Tell me how that was “trollish” dude? Dissect your own mangina comment;
          “a mature woman who really loves you will do these things as a sign of gratitude and appreciation, to keep you with her”
          She will “do those things” for what reasons?
          “to keep you with her”
          Then one might ask why she wants to keep you with her.
          1. She is losing her desirability to other men.
          2. You are providing provision for her – nobody wants to lose a free meal ticket, whether its food, mortgage / rent, sex etc.
          3. You are attractive to other females, she wants to ensure she keeps you for her own greedy-ass self.
          Women dont do anything out of the kindness of their heart for men dipfuck.
          I suggest you first open your eyes, the go read Briffaults Law.

        2. You’re still not getting it. There’s a difference between “I’m going to make him dinner to make him forget I slept with his friend” and “I’m going to make him dinner so that he stays with me”, even if both of them result in the woman wanting something from the man. One is dishonest and an attempt at deception, the other is an implicit social contract between two people. Obviously ‘unconditional love’ is a lie, I never said different. Who’s the dipfuck here, especially when you’re not even capable of understanding the basics of human social interactions?

        3. “Women don’t do anything out of the kindness of their heart for men dipfuck.”
          I agree with that one. It’s always a tit for tat with women.

      2. Not trying argue for the sake of arguing here, but I felt the need to point out that your post was a little contradictive. You first say that “selflessness is just another form of selfishness” (which I agree with), but go on to say that “genuinely selfless people…”. By the original logic, there’s no such thing as genuinely selfless people. Everything that everyone does is to further their own goals, whether directly or indirectly.

        1. He was referring to acts which are not consciously self-directed before and at the point of the act, but objectively rewarding.

        2. yes, but!
          if a stranger gives a homeless man a couple coins that does not further their own goals,
          those selfish goals are an adopted road towards being less selfish and more selfless,
          some sort of balance.

      3. Oxytocin and other neurochemicals. Supposed altruists are merely addicts to a prosocial behaviour.

    3. I agree that that’s the case for most women since ages past.
      Imagine the amount of feminine potential squandered, wasted and corrupted for such a stereotype to be formed (stereotypes are formed because they hold true most of the time).
      Men properly bred are noble. Women properly kept are selfless.

    4. Yes, any time it’s happened to me, she invariably turned out to be working for the CIA or Mossad

    5. Bang On. Most women only do this to extract something in return. Sad truth, and even sadder state of affairs with modern women.

    6. This reminds me of the fake geisha type. I live in a more traditional country and women who are considered reserved do this things to some extent (maybe not the not having male friends, although men know if a woman think they are her friend, that is just what they are, nothing more), but we still see women with an excessive aproach to submission as supiscious, because most times they have cards under their sleeves, like slowly and subtly changing men into “betas”.

    7. Of course – that’s the whole point of Traditional Sex Roles Week; to remind women (and men) of how we should act in respect to one another to get the most out of mutual relationships. Essentially – if a man wants to have a long and healthy relationship with a woman, then he needs to be a MAN. If a woman wants to have a long and healthy relationship with a man, then she needs to be a WOMAN. These traits should be second nature when you are with a man you love and appreciate. These are traits and habit a woman must adopt to get the most out of a relationship. If women just did these things for the men they want to be exclusive with, they would instantly see how HV they are to the man and how willing he will be to keep her around and offer HIS resources that you value.

      1. Lol. For every halway decent bitch worth fucking their are 50 thirsty simps that will do all of the above things for HER.

        1. Sadly, women don’t have a reason to do these things in our culture anymore because most Western men will give up all their resources without the woman meeting him halfway or even 30/70. If you’re an American woman then it’s basically just been open season for the past few decades, and it’s only getting easier. Just a glimmer of hope that the people who actually take “The Red Pill” and join this revolutionary community of proud and disciplined men will continue to grow and turn things around.

        2. “If you’re an American woman then it’s basically just been open season
          for the past few decades, and it’s only getting easier.”
          American are basically fucked no matter what we do.

    8. My advice is to enjoy the ride, but never do any of the following:
      1. Pool your assets
      2. Cum inside her

      1. Cumming inside of her gives u a 18 year debt which u can’t see unless she say so. The courts even back her up if u even try to challenge it!

    9. I think we’re missing a major point. If you are lucky enough to get a woman like this, who will honestly commit to you for the rest of her life, that trumps anything hundreds of sluts can possibly do for you. You can have things which are truly rare, like a solid family, and you’ll be more likely to die happy. Of course, it would be much better to do as kings did thousands of years ago and have hundreds of beautiful, caring, devoted wives, as well as a harem of fun, slutty concubines, but most men can never gain such a glorious existence. For mere mortals, the choice is between a selfish woman who genuinely wants to take care of you and bear your children, or tons of sluts who won’t give you a family or any real fulfilment. Of course, if you suck, your choices get much worse- picking between ugly unfertile sluts who just want your money and absolutely nothing! So make your choice….unless you truly believe you have what it takes to rule an empire!

    10. Of course she wants something out of it…. Men are providers, women not so much (economically). There is no way around men being the beast of burden, so to speak, not even in today’s world.
      But I think I intentionally missed your point.

    11. I know women aren’t wanted here but I’ve been reading dozens of these articles since yesterday and don’t find myself all that offended, mostly sad. I’m sad so many me feel discouraged, forgotten and unappreciated. I do all the above things for my husband. Yes I want something out of it: for him to feel loved and appreciated by me. I adore him and am grateful for him and want him to know it. I will add that he treats me wonderfully and loves me too and doesn’t degrade me or make me feel like I’m not of great value to him. He treats me wonderfully. But the key for us is embracing traditional gender roles and mixing it with love. I cook every night, raise children, work hard to take care of my appearance and the house, encourage him to strive and have hobbies and work hard, I show him affection and praise and he takes care if our family. Find a Mormon woman. Many of us still embrace traditional roles joyfully. My husband knows he’s my greatest blessing because I make it known

      1. I love your response and I hear you!!! I am one of those women, that when I’m with someone, I don’t mind doing the above, because I naturally do these things. But of course I must have a good man. My last relationship, the guy took me for granted. When men find a woman thats like this, their job is to nurture it and appreciate it, not take it for granted or not treat her the same. The guy I was with, thought I had enough love for the both of us, that he could just do nothing. He got lazy on me, he even said to me, somewhere along the way, you became the man, and he became the woman and he laughed and he let me.. I didn’t find it funny. It took me a minute to realize that he wasn’t reciprocating. As long as I didn’t say anything, it was smooth sailing but as soon as I said something because he wasn’t pulling his own weight and I wasn’t feeling appreciated, we argued. I got rid of him. I wrote an article on my blog and a lot of women have something to say about it but its how I feel, check it out! https://indepthwoman.wordpress.com/2016/03/25/do-women-really-want-men-to-lead/ its true what you said, it not about getting something materialistic out of it, its about letting a man know he’s appreciated and knowing that he’s loved. I don’t think I cam just stay home as this article stated but to each his and her own.

  3. Enjoyed your points. And I’ve only had one woman give me a *real* massage sometimes. Was really nice.

  4. “I have dated women that maintain that it is unethical to hold close relationships with other men as a taken woman.”
    Well said.
    I can’t count how many “taken” girls at the office having lunch with guys co-workers…
    These same cunts then pretend to be so holy and good to their bf/husband.
    Unbelievable crap.

    1. I refuse to have any close female friends (someone you’d have constant 1-on-1 time). Having opposite sex friends just doesn’t work out when you are in a committed relationship. It is guaranteed that your significant other will be paranoid or uncomfortable when you are spending routine 1-on-1 time with a member of the opposite sex that isn’t her. Why would you want to build a friendship in the first place if you will eventually have to tear it down?

      1. I try to keep a base level of jealousy in my wife. Women will not love/lust (for) you if other women do not find you attractive.
        Furthermore, it’s useful to build up a pool of willing female helpers.

      2. Why would a girl look for another man when she says her current boyfriend/husband is everything for her?
        hmm let me answer that one….
        Because she never loved her bf/husband and always looks for something better. Yeah that sounds about right.

    2. I’ve never seen a girl that had many straight male friends be loyal. It is just asking for an incident.

      1. You should see these “committed” whores at my office…they could be models for a Sunday church TV special…Even older office women pair up with a guy coworker for lunch.
        When you see this you realize why was I trying to get these same girls to become my girlfriend when they will continue their lunch “dates”.
        That’s what they are..fucking lunch dates, nothing less and usually much more…

        1. The whores get their validation and more if they really want it I’m sure. A seriously think a statistically insignificant number of women are worthy of any relationships in America. And that might be a generous concession.

  5. Massages are great. I had this girl in college give me one out of the blue in her dorm room. We worked on a project together and were meeting up to go over it. Not only did she rub me down head to tow, she scratched my back and and did this thing with her hair where she draped it over me(she had gorgeous long hair). It was the most phenomenal thing.

  6. I constantly reiterate #4 to my friends. Never date a girl that loves to go out to clubs and get drunk. Seriously, what do you think happens on “girls night out”??

      1. He’s not feeling insecure he is explaining why you should never marry a woman who does that….and you just proved his point.
        Tits or GTFO

    1. That old chestnut about being the average of your five best friends? If her friends are slutty…

    2. In my world: we paint pottery, see movies, go bowling, play pool or racquetball, have dinner, go to museums… Whatever we find an intriguing groupon for. Or we gather in one of our homes and stitch together.
      I like an occasional glass of Pinot Grigio (I especially like to put the leftover wine into coq au vin blanc) but getting drunk every weekend is expensive and it ages people really quickly.

        1. What about cats? I don’t think they like zip-lining, kickboxing, whale watching or neo-impressionist paintings.

  7. My old roommate had a fairly solid measuring stick for the long-term relationship value of a chick. He noted that when you first start seeing a woman, they will often offer to pickup food before coming over to your place to hangout. If and when that behavior begins to dwindle, just the simple act of asking, she’s clearly ready to start lowering your expectations so that if she can lock you down in a relationship, you aren’t banking such behavior. There’s a lot of similar things you can pick up on, like the first time she shows up dressed like shit…I’m sorry, dressed in “comfy clothes”, or the first time she shows up and has magically forgotten to shave her legs. Once things start sliding, there’s no going back.

  8. Don’t court women who tell you about all the places they’ve traveled to as singles, especially if they’ve gone to warm or tropical places with high male unemployment. That just signals “female sex tourist.”

  9. Dating a girl who does not have any “guy friends” (i.e. orbiters and suitors) and has no desire to go out, party, drink, or get fucked up because she would rather maintain a reserved, graceful, respectable, and trustworthy relationship with her man is immeasurably attractive.

    I look forward to the day when women have a sense of shame again and show reserve in public, especially around men. Kind of like in this science fiction cover art:

    1. Now available on amazon.com.earth.sol: “Bang Kepler-62e” by Roosh.
      “Excuse me, do you know where I could find a good Bose-Einstein condensate around here?”

    2. I’m partially like that since I hate partying and get tipsy with one vodka. As for guy friends I only hang out with guys in a group setting and at work (since the women are whores)

  10. If I did #1 to my boyfriend he would have told me I was being disrespectful by not listening to his wishes. It would be unreasonable to expect a woman to know when not to follow your directions and when to.

  11. I have a long and sordid history with flight attendants and bar tenders. Yeah, they are party girls, but they do know how to be servile. I am thinking about stepping it up to bank tellers.

    1. After I became financially established, bank teller pickups started to happen to such an extent, I thought it was a roundabout form of customer service. Nothing lites up a woman when she sees that the guy in front of her has a hundred or a thousand times the amount of money she has. Then I realized that’s why so many stinkies work there in the first place. I quickly opened up a host of accounts at various banks and began moving money around in circles then showing up at the counter in person for an in branch transaction.

        1. For sure, it’s a hack that only works after a certain stage in a man’s life. But, as men, I argue, intense and focused pursuit of wealth should be a high priority. Not everyone can become a lawyer or an driller in the Bakken but there’s always a way if a man is willing to pay a reasonable price over time.

        1. There are lots of these kind of hacks. Ever notice how young stinkies that start working at the gym shortly thereafter seem to date guys that go there? I’ve been going to the same gym for so long that some of the former hot counter girls now have daughters that work there.

    1. Luck’s got nothing to do with it. Now that you have something to shoot for and all the tools to make it so, you’ll have no one to blame but yourself. Get cracking!

      1. It’s amazing the things we mention from girls in our past. I remember one who would welcome me to her place with a dirty martini and another who would take her contacts out so I could see her in her glasses (it’s a thing I have)

    2. Don’t get ahead of yourself – keep in mind, I’m a bachelor. Although I have had all of these nice experiences and then some, obviously the bitch fucked up hard somewhere along the lines and it never worked out in the long run. Sadly, these examples were fleeting.

  12. These are such simple things, but it’s amazing how often girls in relationships just default to expecting their man to do little things for them, and never give back. Then when the relationship ends they find themselves baffled that the man left because they thought that their V or the promise of their V was enough.

    1. Jeremy I will say this with kindness but it was your fault. You acted like a pussy.
      An alpha is a leader by definition. You do not ask for permission you take what you want. You do not wait until something is given to you that you think you deserve. You ask for it. And it is not a question, it is an order.
      There can only be one leader in any relationship and that better be you, or else you are no man.

    2. “I’ve had relationships where I was doing almost all of the cooking for the two of us, and paying for most of the dates. Then when we had serious discussions about how I felt about things, I mentioned this and her default response was, “well you never asked.”… As if my asking was a required part of her giving to the relationship…”
      He’s right..if you ASK for it, it doesn’t COUNT.
      Her actions are her only worth, not her vagina or words…

  13. It seems a bit odd to not want kids AND to not want to work outside the house. As a man unless she is running her own garden, making her own sauces/condiments/ jams, making own breads and pastas, cooking from scratch, etc I don’t know if I would abide by no work/no kids. Otherwise there would be too much time for mischief.

    1. “It seems a bit odd to not want kids AND to not want to work outside the house.”
      That’s nothing new, it’s called a concubine.

    2. Mischief? That’s why you have the woman work for YOU at home. Why send her to work for another man?

  14. You know what is even more superior? Correct! Being a GAYNIGGERFROMOUTERSPACE!

  15. “I dated a girl for a little while about a year ago who told me she would be happiest if she could just quit her job and live the rest of her days taking care of me and having dinner ready when I got home from work. She did not want children,…”
    Sounds to me she’s just lazy. I absolutely agree that the best place for a woman is at home…with her children. If she doesn’t have a desire to have children she shouldn’t have the ‘privilege’ of staying at home. Her – financial – contribution (in this day and age atleast 50%) in that case should be expected to be a little bigger, since she hasn’t got a real reason to stay out of the workforce. No children = get your ass to work.

    1. ” . . .in this day and age atleast 50% . . .”
      Minus the second car, the increase in eating expenses, maintaining two work wardrobes, etc.
      If she’s any good at tending a home you might be cutting off your nose to spite your face.

    2. Even if a woman has children, they are only a daily responsibility for a few years until they go to school. By that time she is still home alone 6 hours a day.

      1. “By that time she is still home alone 6 hours a day.”
        That’s when she gets bored and hired a personal male trainer, 25 yo ready to fill her pussy with his juice…

    1. Not really, it’s her bitch sisters and mother who do it, so that’s more crab-basket. Looked at another way, watching cinderella backwards is about a woman leaving her man to join the corporate world and discovering how shitty it is.

  16. I would add some more points:
    6. Has sex on demand.
    Self-explanatory. A domesticated woman knows the power of sex, and its therapeutic benefits to her man’s mind, body and ego.
    7.Knows the importance of frugality.
    In addition to all things mentioned, no man has ever been happy with a woman who drains his resources unnecessarily. Indeed, from an evolutionary point of view, women need resources, men need sex. But a woman who understands the importance of frugality to conserve resources is a keeper and an undeniable asset. You have a financial bookkeeper at hand, who’d help you to keep your finances in order. Men can also have instances of spending binges, which can screw up resources. A domesticated woman who understands the value of conserving your resources will additionally help you to stay out of the red. Modern women usually think of their resources as their own, and a man’s resources as theirs as well. Men don’t have their privilege. Since women usually don’t feel good about the idea of being a financial backup to men, the least they could do is not to squander his resources.
    8. Defends your territory (your honor) verbally against outsiders.
    Your woman is your “symbolic” territory. Your “symbolic” territory is your ego. Everything women do for men, is to feed the male ego, because every man needs to have a healthy ego . True, men have to defend women physically to protect them. But women also have to defend their men’s honor. How? Do not criticize or ridicule him in public. Defend his honor. All valuable women ferociously defend verbal attacks on their partners, both from men and women alike. Nothing can emasculate a man when his woman criticizes him in public, or sides with the opposing party. It’s a symbolic loss of territory, and symbolic disloyalty – even if it is not physical disloyalty. It’s a huge sign of disrespect. No man likes a woman like that; except a masochist. American women fail miserably in this regard – they don’t know how to respect a man.

    1. In my long term relationship, if I want it or she wants it but we aren’t in the mood we have a quickie until the other person gets off. It’s your role in a relationship for both sexs to keep it sexual even if u dont want it! This “no means no” feminist bullshit only fucks up relationship. Before the feminist movement and still in countries, there is no such thing or law as rape in marriage via your partner.

    2. “…because every man needs to have a healthy ego ”
      Every man needs to let go of his ego just like women have mastered in order to enslave men.

  17. When you’re with a real man, a woman will naturally start to do all these things. I recently stopped going out to bars all together. I’d rather stay home or do something lowkey, like watch a movie and do laundry, while baking something in the oven. These “girls nights out” women have, are just reasons to still feel validated by getting attention from other men for the night. Its never enough from just one man, they need attention from every man.

    1. Here we go, another “man up and become a REAL man” bullshit. Ashley, in the ultimate issue, you women emasculated the men, and then you turn around and complain “where are all the real men?”
      You are so fucking stupid, it isn’t even funny. I can’t wait for you cunts to be replaced by VR porn and artificial wombs. Human women are WORTHLESS!

      1. Dude, when you jerk off, wrap your dick in tin foil. It totally feels like you are fucking R2D2.

        1. “Who let that happen”
          So you are implying that women are basically incompetent dumb animals who cannot be held accountable for their own actions, which is why you ALWAYS blame men for EVERYTHING.
          Ashley, why don’t you just come out directly and say that you think women are nothing but a bunch of dumb, stupid animals, since that is clearly what you are implying. You are implying women are mentally incapable of taking responsibility for anything.

        2. And if you are so vastly inferior to men, that you are incapable of taking responsibility for ANYTHING, then why would you dare to demand equality?
          “It’s mens fault that they allowed us women to emasculate them”.
          So, if you murder someone, Ashley, is it a man’s fault because a man didn’t stop you from murdering someone? And thus, the imaginary man should be held accountable for your act of murder instead of YOU, the PERSON who committed the act of murder?
          You white women truly are subhuman filth. You are complete scum. You should all be exterminated.

        3. I 100% agree that women should be held accountable for their actions. But so should the man if his woman starts walking all over him. If you both do your part in the relationship, like she stays thin, looks feminine, does the household duties with a smile, and he he keeps her in check, maintains his frame when she shittests you, etc … She maintains her duties, and you yours.

        4. ” But so should the man if his woman starts walking all over him”
          Q:/ Why does a woman need to be controlled so much by their man?
          A:/ Because deep down she is loose whore with no morals.
          You’ve proved my point Ashley. All women are whores.
          Now please go fuck off.

      2. I think the modern diet, work culture and lack of exercise did more to emasculate men than women did. They, like us dudes, just go for the cream of the crop.
        All we can do is watch our nutrition, work out a lot and better ourselves physically and mentally.
        Unfortunately, it still wont amount to us getting laid or getting gf’s for most of us regular guys that live in the USA.
        Chicks here are just plain fucking arrogant unfriendly cunts.

        1. You have a good point. I travel to countries where men can be men. In latin America I’ve had plenty of women treat me like a king. Women with some money who aren’t interested in green cards. Work out, eat well, own your own business, and travel! Good recipe for being honored as a man.

    2. I worked nightclub and concert scenes for many years in my 20’s during which time I realized that I would never get married. The bad news is that the behavior is appalling for any man looking for wife material. The good news is that for a man looking for available action pronto, well, it’s right there and begging for it. Never underestimate how many women will bang in a club or at a concert if you are a guy in a power position at the time. Nothing funnier than telling a chick she will have to blow you before you let her backstage (it’s a lie, you don’t make good on it) to meet her favorite rocker and watch her eyes go side to side as her hamster crunches the cost benefit analysis.

      1. Women truly are dumb stupid animals. It’s amazing that women are insane and stupid enough to actually think themselves as equal to men. Women are nothing but overgrown children.

        1. Exactly, even the word domesticate implies a fucking animal…
          That’s what they are…just animals.
          No one will ever debate whether a dog is superior to a cat, they are just animals.

    3. I rarely side with women on these forums. Usually they have no idea what the fuck they’re talking about. But today, I see a comment I fully agree with, and now I see other men actually doing the bitching. I fucking love ROK, but some men here don’t want to be men. They want women to be dutiful, supportive, and feminine, but dare not to be courageous, perseverant, and masculine. This is basically the same thing as feminism, except with men whining instead of women. PROTIP: it’s just as ugly. Traditional sex roles week is about both roles. I know we hear this more than women here the analogous message, but we really do need to man up. Get your ass in the gym and lift until benching 300 and deadlifting 500 is child’s play. If you have sons, teach them how to be men. If they’re not born yet, start the lesson the moment they get out. If you’re not getting laid, learn game. If you’re broke, get money. If your girlfriend/wife is disrespectful, evict her, and replace her with someone who will appreciate you. But always realize that this world gives no fucks about you. Everyone only cares about what you can give them. If you have nothing, that’s your worth. Men in the Western world are emasculated, and women here are stripped of their femininity. But you know what? If you’re emasculated, guess who’s fault that is buddy? You have the power to change your own destiny. Only you can make yourself a man. Remember that.

    4. True this will happen, but what I wonder is since women are competitive for the best males, why aren’t they making themselves more feminine to try for the most masculine men?
      Like no kissing,staying virgin,not drinking or smoking not dressing slutty etc.
      You know like what your grandmas were like or moms from traditional nations.
      Instead of acting feminine when he does come around, why not be submissive and feminine from the get go like he would be dominant from the get go(not like hed be beta then alpha it up when his dream women shows up)
      being a lady and a man are titles that you have met your sex expected roles. If you don’t then you are a wiman and a guy…just adults whom didn’t live up to that standard.
      If you want the lady you got be a man and if you want the man you have to be a lady.
      guys don’t get ladys and wimmin don’t get men…they get each other…cuz they are failures

      1. Because being In North America, women have options. They are aren’t striving for male attention like they are in Ukraine. Here, a bitchy land whale will still get attention from men and they don’t have to put ANY effort in. I do agree that women need to be traditional, feminine, and sweet from the beginning, but women here don’t need to do anything to impress men. They think they’re so hardcore going out on weekends, sleeping with men in bars, drinking their faces off, and gossiping the next day about it with their equally immature friends. Then they wonder why they can’t land a good man.

      2. Because while men verbalize those as desirable, in real life they treat the virgin, nonslutty, traditional like crap and reward slutty, promiscuous girls repeatedly, starting from the early teens.
        I know plenty of women, thin, sweet, shy, that never had dates, often were helpful to men but never attended parties or prom, because the men wanted “to get some” and chose those that would give to them. It continues in college, where Susie slut gets knocked up and/or married, then later divorced.
        Eventually, The good girl is left with nothing but the divorced, hagged out, crap attitude about woman leftovers, of multiple women. Some poor reward for staying good and going against the grain.
        For most men, they will never stop thinking with the penis until it starts having problems, and then a good sweet kind woman is what they seek, someone to nurse them, be forgiving of all their poor choices in life, to nurse them. Again, an extremely poor bargain for the good girl.
        There are are fewer good woman as they have reviewed their options and found that this best deal, to get them men, love, pleasure, material possessions and children is to be slutty. While being good unless exquisitely beautiful, gets one nothing but used up leftovers.

  18. Damn, I’d really like to get a hot handjob from that chick on the far left on the top picture. She has long nails and long nails are sexy as fuck. Women need to start acting more feminine, grow your hair long, grow your nails long, stop acting masculine and start acting soft and feminine.

    1. The ones with long nails signal their high maintenance lifestyle because they’re incapable of doing lots of things (and handjobs would be painful). It’s usually men who are paying for her to get her nails done.

        1. Id rather have a gf with sexy manicured nails and skip the massages.
          Men are visual creatures. Thats why we dont go hitting on chicks that look like truck drivers.

        2. More picturesque (if you think so) high maintenance, but otherwise useless, bitches for you; more massages for me.
          I’m with ya, dude.

        3. Haha. Unfortunately, I get to enjoy neither.
          Such is the sadness of having a big mortgage, stressful career, no social circle, and living in a frozen, desolate, unfriendly place full of blue-pill mangina jackwads, and bitch-shield sporting unnapproachable cunts.
          to hope perchance to dream…

      1. Bullshit. Can’t even tell you how many HJ’s I’ve gotten from girls with long French manicures. I dated a stripper for a while and she had her nails done very often, and ot didn’t hinder her one bit. Girls with long nails will still text 24/7; they’ll stroke the pipe just the same. Besides, who the fuck uses their nails to stroke a cock?

      2. Guess we men wouldnt want any part of that. I prefer girls that wear sensible flat shoes, nice, comfy, baggy sweats, short, easy to manage hair.
        Its whats inside that counts.
        LOL. NOT!!!
        Thats why we dont allow females to comment here.

        1. Princesses do not keep house.
          No wonder you think “good women” are unicorns. Unicorns are what you are after.

      3. Who gives a shit what they are? I want a woman who looks good. Long nails look good. Long hair looks good. Make up and eyeliner on a woman look good.
        Best to just fuck hookers. That way you don’t have to be emotionally involved with them, and you just buy whatever you like. So if one hooker doesn’t have long nails and long hair, fine, just move on and find another one that DOES. That’s the good thing about women, there’s always another one around the corner.
        Woman doesn’t want to live up to my expectations? Fine, fuck off then. I can easily replace you.

        1. “Best to just fuck hookers. That way you don’t have to be emotionally involved with them, and you just buy whatever you like. So if one hooker doesn’t have long nails and long hair, fine, just move on and find another one that DOES. That’s the good thing about women, there’s always another one around the corner.”
          AMEN! +100 points.
          Men should customize their sex lives just like their iphone cases.

      4. …paying for her to get her nails done etc etc etc.
        Thats how it is. Man pays the bills, wife looks sexy.
        If woman manages to look sexy to begin with, she should be able to grab a man who can afford that.
        If the man expects to woman to pay “her share” and “work full time or else she is a bimbo” he will get a worthless feminist who will bitch left and right and poor sex every other month. Why? Women with options know better. You get what you pay for.
        Of course todays young women have heared “love and flowers and life without money” from their poor public shool teachers for years and now have trouble to remember one simple truth – “money makes the world go round” and thats all you have to keep in mind.

        1. I was referring to the type who do indeed receive money from men but don’t mind bedhopping and lying about it.
          Anyone who doesn’t find money important doesn’t understand what it is.

  19. Man I just love it if women did those things.
    But the part of “letting you be a man” should not be expected of her to do. We are suppose to be the man to begin with and inspire submission on her part. An alpha male doesnt need permission to be dominent. He has to be dominent to begin with.
    Even with traditional girls(except east asians whom are pretty docile), you cant expect them to let you be a man, you just have to take it without her “approval”. The more beta you act with them the bitcher she gets(sometime worse then western girls). The more dominent you are she will submit.
    Women are submissive by nature, but to those that were alpha to begin with. It would be like a sort of pussy begging like “please let me be a man”, instead of “Im the man no ifs and buts”.
    This rule applys to all women. Dont believe me look at the older deceased Tsarniov brother, he had the typical american girl but his dominent nature inspired her to submit. If she was with the typical american beta shed be bitching at him left right and centre.Women dont make men but men make women.

    1. Stop flogging that ridiculous “Asian women are docile” bullshit. They dominate their men and the entire family. Why do you think Asian men are such purse-carrying wussbags?

      1. Which part of Asia are you talking about? I know in traditional Chinese families, a daughter is expected to marry a man young. If she does not marry a man by her late 20’s then her family will make her move back home and they arrange a marriage. I actually know of a girl this happened to in Dongguan. She was 27 and hadn’t married so her family made her quit her job and move back home to get married. Chinese women do NOT run the family.

        1. She runs HER family. Until she gets married, she doesn’t HAVE a family to boss around.
          And seriously, drop the docile bit. Asian men are pussywhipped because the woman wears the pants in the family.

      2. in comparison to other women the Asian girls are more docile and are quite then other women. They don’t get riled up in emotions as much, they tend to be more logical so don’t need to be as dominent.(ironically the race I have never seen following feminism like white indian middle east and black women in that order)
        Even in India or middle east where they have the honor culture, the women will still mouth off,fight with you and shit test you more than a western woman would do. They just don’t care. They do this everytime when you act a bit beta and youll get whipped hard for it.They only submit when you are aggressive, some even take it alil far but the point stands. She respects you for being aggressive jerk then a timid doormat. All women do this, being overtly aggressive is better then being too nice.
        Just be the man from the get go and she will eventually follow. Feminism is just a huge shit test and the betas in charge at the time fell for it and screwed the world over.

  20. I guess I’m a semi keeper then 🙂
    1) unfortunately my observation skills are not always functional.
    2)I enjoy cooking but still haven’t learned how to make real food yet. But I promised him a rib eye with beer for valentines (homemade).
    3) My bf would rather have me work at least part time than be a full time housewife. (He considers full time housewifes to be bimbos).
    4) partially agree, unless she’s working with more guys than girls or the guys are nicer.
    5) Giving messages is fun and a great stress reliever for me (kinda like a stress ball) and relaxing for my bf so win win. 🙂

    1. You mean giving MASSAGES.
      You don’t give messages, you send ’em.
      Guess you’ve proven your point number 1. 😛

  21. I don’t want to be picky but I can’t help noticing that you forgot to mention that her family should own a liquor store. Other than that, it is up to the General’s high standards.

  22. The question of motivation for acts of kindness or selflessness is a valid one; this is where we ask “Qui Bono?” When the answer is ‘both of you,” you have your answer on motivation. The modern, doomed-to-fail notion of marriage as an equal partnership is a *massive* lie. Both should benefit, but it’s never equal, and it IS very much a service contract; IMHO, this is why odd ideas like per-arranged marriages test out as equally happy as more conventional marriages do- the effort put in by both parties contributes more to happiness than does love or lust. Strange concept, but it’s true. Lust separates out over time anyhow; it still exists, but does take a backseat to love, as expressed in acts of service. So there’s a certain cost-benefit equation even to love, in that sense. End of the day, it doesn’t matter, so long as both parties can foster happiness in the other.

  23. If there is a need to mention these 5 mandatory traits in women, you know a society is doomed.

  24. These aren’t reasons why domesticated women are superior, these are reasons why they are more convenient FOR YOU PERSONALLY. Very weak.

    1. Good to know that your standards are such that you are looking for a man who inconveniences you more.
      And if this list is the sort of thing that inconveniences you . . .

  25. Is this a joke? “Letting” you be a man, “straddled my butt”, and why were you lying on your stomach in the first place? Were your feet up in the air like a dandy little ballerina too?

  26. Well, admittedly, this isn’t really so much a list of “Why domesticated women are superior”, but rather, “How domesticated women are more convenient FOR men”. Seems to me the benefit for women seems to be an afterthought…which is rather troubling.

    1. You weren’t a debate team geek, were you?
      You might want to spend some time considering the abstract concept “advocacy.”
      That said, we could start with keeping them out of the rice paddies, salt mines and gulags.

      1. Not really; though I am familiar enough with it to understand some of the terms.
        Though clarity seems to be your weakness, since you sorta lost me when your last statement.

    2. Don’t worry about that. Most women who’ll do this are fully aware it ultimately benefits them in the long run. And this is directed at men, I suppose. But if you’re curious as to what benefits this can bring to women (not listed) you can just ask.

  27. …I do all these things for the man I love.
    It’s because I love him and I know that he likes it.
    It’s not because I’m getting older — I am, just as we all are. But I am still attractive, and judging from my much older sister and my mother, I will continue to be thus to men who are within my age range, yes.
    The hormones that bring about feelings of love and attraction are high between he and I. We are very big on gender roles. We have been married 10 years and were married 9 months after we met. So we’ve only known each other 11 years, and we are still attracted to each other.
    I do things he likes me to do because I like him to be happy. All relationships are reciprocal — he does things I like him to do, because he likes me to be happy.

  28. Domesticated? What are woman, animals? They’re humans just like us… Usually a big fan of ROK but I didn’t like this article. Maybe because I had a good relationship with both my parents, and they had a good relationship with each other- year, my mom knew her job was watching the kids and cooking and my dad was working, but they were still respectful and treating each other as equals, she wasn’t ‘domesticated’, or a servant.

  29. This is really all about communication. You need to let her know what you expect. I met my husband and did all of this from day one or well let’s go to day three when we moved in together. I continue to do so 10 years later. No one is perfect but it is possible to get things darn near. FIRMNESS, FLATTERY with EXPLANATION of what you want is key. An example is when I met my husband I wore skirt suits and the occasional pant suit, but when i got home from work I went right for the active wear. He told me activewear was for working out and not for casual dress (firmness). He said my figure was beautiful and I shouldn’t hide it in sloppy clothes (flattery). He asked to see me in jeans and a nice blouse (communication). I also may not have done a couple things for him at first out of fear of what he might say about it as I had just come from a relationship with a middle aged writer who was a wannabe pro skater (yes freaking skateboards) who said to me “Stop fucking doing everything for me!” Pardon my language 🙁 …..
    My point is simple. The game of expecting is Bologna. COMMUNICATE!

  30. That’s kind of sad that these tender moments have been so fleeting. I married my lover when I was twenty one, and the biggest reason ( besides awesome sex ) that we have kept so close and faithful for eight years of marriage is the nightly massage. He works so hard for his family that it is a joy to give him pleasure, to relieve his aching body in the best way a wife can. And if anyone dares to tell me that I am repressed or brainwashed into a 1950s housewife role…I say they should try it sometime. Might actually make you happy.

  31. Im a woman and I completely agree with most of what you say and I am and do everything on this list. I love taking care of my man. Maybe that’s just because I wss smart and lucky enough to find a real one. He does a great job making decisions while valuing my opinion weather he agrees with it or not. I find a man like that very worthwhile and I love making him happy.

  32. Oh and I don’t really want anything out of it. Just for him to be a real man. Take care of me in the ways I need, keep me in check, and just love me even though I’m nuts at least I know it. And I do my best to serve my man I like that role it turns me on even. Any woman who says different is lying maybe tthey don’t know they’re lying…but their lying. Once you experience a man who treat you like your supposed to treat a female (not what society says) you never go back. Sorrh if women aren’t supposed to comment here or don’t. I just enjoy your article’s quite a bit. Thank you!

  33. They don’t make women like that anymore specially in America. You could probably find a good women in other countries like in Asia, South America or part of Europe were women don’t believe in hard core feminism.

  34. I assume these women mentioned in this article were lying somehow? otherwise wtf didnt you marry one of these fine ladies? yes yes, marriage = evil I know. but the point is, if the ladies were actually sincere and werent tricking you, you should be settled down with one of them. finding gold then tossing it back. SMH

  35. Usually domesticated women are shamed for being lazy moochers by feminists, some MRAs and MGTOWs.
    Shit, if all I had to do was stay home and cook and clean for the rest of my life that would be heaven on earth.

  36. If you men gave, you would get in return. Women cannot simply dote on and adore a man who does not treat her with the same affection. The women you constantly criticize can and often do all of the things that you mention above out of love. These are not rare qualities. The reason that they appear rare to you is likely because you have not given enough of yourself in a relationship to generate that amount of mutual respect and compassion. I sincerely hope that all of you find this kind of love because it is beautiful. But when you do, I think you will come to know that you were wrong to ever look for it here. These articles and checklists are absent from reality, but more so they claim to draw on a past idea that never truly existed. Men and women can have beautiful relationships together not when they demand certain things from one another, but when they both give and grow together. If it is really love that you’re after, you will not find it here. You will find it with an open heart and eager eyes – with the right girl at the right time. Chances are this message won’t get through to you, but that is alright I suppose. I don’t need any affirmation; I have found that thing that all humans covet – yourselves included. If you are ready for it, why are you fooling yourselves here?

  37. What an absolute load of shit :L
    It’s nice no matter what gender you are able to help your partner out, but women are not slaves to men.
    No woman in my family has been subservient to a man for generations and all had lifelong relationships and businesses where they just did what needed to be done as a team. Maybe things that needed strength the guy would do and things that needed fine finger work the woman would do. Just because it’s more practical. Never focus on someone else what a waste… that is causing them to sap your life energy away. Sap away your hope and your dreams… I’ve met too many housewives that have their marriage going downhill / their husband admits they are bored with her because she has nothing in her own life to interest him. Because as soon as you focus on a man and do all the shit they want they’ll get bored of the chase and end up making those mistakes you’re trying so hard to “prevent”. Heck, I would do the same thing if I had a boring house husband with no life. Humans aren’t supposed to be stuck indoors. Only two WHOLE humans make a pair. The home is a place to sleep, the world is a place to travel!
    I’ll cook for my partner AND we’ll go out and get totally wrecked together because we’re best friends too. We enjoy fun with each other as “lads” and fun with each other as “traditional roles”or whatever you want to call it! Sometimes i’ll buy him coffee and sometimes he’ll buy me coffee. I’ll meet my guy friends for coffee and he’ll meet his girl friends for coffee. We get excited when we make new friends that we can introduce to each other and so far so good. We have a huge pool of friends and we’re now a signature couple.
    There are many types of men and many types of women. You forget there are more than 2 genders. I’m not talking about homosexuality but THE BRAIN. There’s no point me staying at home doing cleaning and other mundane tasks when I can have a highly successful business, pay for someone to do that for me and can spend more time going out travelling, learning and having fun with the one I love…and i’ve never met anyone with an IQ/educational/emotionally intelligent equivalent that has found me unattractive. In fact they find me rather mentally stimulating and can’t get enough…so fuck gender roles. Just be kind, be modest with your achievements but show your passion, get rid of ego and make sure your partner wants to do this too, admit your faults, admit any anxiety as a victim, love people, love your partner, live for yourself but don’t let them know that and you’ll be fine. Me being ME is the best thing I ever did to find my perfect mate. We will never let each other suffer and enjoy give and take

  38. Great. Ill just get rid of my childhood friend from age 7 because some communist cunt feels threatened that his wife has friends

  39. And then she poisons your coffee. Seriously, sit-coms are NOT real life. No functional family stays like this for long. Those movies, ads, and TV shows with “domestic women” were CREATED to make women want to live life that way. It never really worked out like that in real life.

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