Have A List And Check It Twice

That frustration of going grocery shopping without a list is immense. You end up buying things you don’t need nor like due to pretty packaging and product placement within the store.  I have quite a few things in my fridge I would never have decided to buy if I thought ahead. I’m sure someday there will be a use for that jar of orange marmalade sitting behind the can of coffee. The same concept can be applied to picking up woman. if you don’t know what you like before you go out, you could get something you really don’t need or want.

I’ve heard many stories of men making excuses for why they selected a woman that does not meet their ideal. Usually some issue like fatness, drug abuse, poor hygiene is glossed over by things like “she has a good personality”. This is unacceptable.

Thinking on the fly without a plan is not recommended. Like buying that pound of onions at the grocery store because they were on sale, some things that seem nice  might not be what you really want or need.  That art history major with the cat called “Trotsky” can be a good selection for Sunday fun but definitely not for a wife.

How does a man know what he wants? He thinks about it before hand. One should list the features and attributes in woman he is seeking.  He should also ascertain where women with these features are located. He must also be realistic in his desires.  Always shoot for the stars, but if one is not bringing anything to table, he should not be demanding the world.  This isn’t some cosmopolitan wish list for lonely hearts but a method to cut down on wasted effort and time. The objective is to keep it simple and to adhere to the objective standards created.

What features and attributes should a man look for a woman? Well it depends what he wants to woman for. It also depends on his personal tastes. It also depends on how bold he is. Allow me give you a few example shopping lists:

A woman for afternoon delight:


A woman for semi regular status:


A woman for regular status:


These are merely simple examples of  features one could look for in a woman. A man can make his lists to his own a specific needs and wants. It is important that he’s objective though. No making exceptions for undesirable woman because he gets distracted by the pretty packaging such as yoga pants. Also intoxication should not be used to short circuit this decision making process. The discipline comes into play when women are rejected immediately when they do not meet the criteria.  This prevents wasting time and money. Because for every undesirable woman you waste time texting with, hearing about her nonsense stories, or playing the “whatever reason she’s not having sex tonight game”, focus could have been on more productive ventures. The system only works if you actually reject people that do not meet your criteria. It doesn’t work if you decide to take home that woman with the herpes sores on her mouth because you are having a dry spell.

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68 thoughts on “Have A List And Check It Twice”

  1. “Discreet.” It’s easy to meet a ‘discrete’ woman–that’s anyone who’s not a conjoined twin.

      1. Just imagine two chicks screaming while you’re fucking one pussy. There’s an experience few men have shared.

  2. A list is all well and good, but ultimately you have to decide for yourself if the fucking you are getting is worth the fucking you are getting.

      1. Exactly. Men and women speak 2 different languages.
        Man: “Yeah I love you “[until some thing better comes along]
        Woman :”I love you” [How can I get you to improve yourself]

        1. Woman: ‘I love you” [ How many of my friends can I show you off to and make jealous before I dump you for a hotter looking cock ]

      2. I was about to say that.
        Bitches only give it up to men they WANT or WISH to control, covertly… women care not for the men they ALREADY control (husbands, orbiters, WK’s etc…) Just remember that the next time some cute, 7.5/10, green-eyed artsy chick with the bangs is sucking you off over the counter.

  3. Ah, A grocery list….time to go shopping for ….a meal. lol Practical good advice. Just make sure the produce is fresh and not spoiled.

  4. It generally takes about 20 minutes of interaction for a woman to talk her way out of regular or semi-regular status.
    “Yeah, so I was just talking to my ex-boyfriend yesterday.” -I’m so happy to know you’re still friends and continue to hang out.
    “So I just got this tattoo of Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz on my back.” -I’m sure it has so much deep personal meaning.
    “I do have a dog, her name is Zoe, she’s a Yorkie.”-I’m just dying to hear all about your little yippy yappy sweater adorning faggot dog.
    “I can say that I identify as a feminist.” -lucky fucking me.
    “So you’re a pilot, what’s that like?” -it’s a lot like flying an airplane.
    And on and it goes… it’s getting more and more difficult to stick my dick into things I don’t respect.

    1. Hahaha. The “Tin Man tattoo” and the “deep peraonal meaning” made my day, thanks man.
      One of my ex girlfriends had a skateboard tattooed on her ass. She said one day all the guys were getting skateboards tattoos and demanded the girls also get them. Dafuq?!

        1. My favorite so far has been a boat anchor tattoo. Yep, an actual Popeye style fucking boat anchor.
          Bitch wasn’t even in the Navy.

    2. “it’s getting more and more difficult to stick my dick into things I don’t respect.”
      Easy solution, let them blow you instead.
      Pussy fucking should be a reward only reserved for semi-regular to regular woman traits.

      1. I don’t know how assholes like you ever get laid. There’s a difference between being traditional (i.e. liking the woman at home, her being virgin for you, etc) and being a dick. ‘Stick my dick into things I don’t respect’. #1 pretty sure she’s a person. Even if she’s an idiot, she’s a person, not a thing. And stick my dick into? Maybe just stop having sex it sounds sooo unpleasant for you. I agree with a lot on this website but I don’t treat girls like pets/things/etc… they’re people too and deserve kindness like anyone.

        1. I know I wasn’t directing it at you, I meant to say it to AV8R. Must’ve clicked the wrong ‘reply’ button, sorry!

        2. “I don’t know how assholes like you ever get laid.”
          I don’t exactly go around beating women with tire irons, screaming obscenities, and tipping over the baby strollers of single moms. It’s called reality- you’re either a young guy or your a woman (your post is incredibly feminine), which means you’re either suffering from a deficit in real world exposure to relationships and male/female interactions, or you’re some dumb broad that’s under the misapprehension that she’s armed with the knowledge of what gets men laid and what doesn’t. Regardless, an asshole like me does get laid, and it would probably piss you off to no end to see that it’s not terribly difficult for me to do so.
          “#1 pretty sure she’s a person. Even if she’s an idiot, she’s a person, not a thing.”
          Excuse me while I go file this information in the same place I keep all the fucks I don’t give.
          “Maybe just stop having sex it sounds sooo unpleasant for you. ”
          Nah, I’ve got a pretty good thing going here.
          “they’re people too and deserve kindness like anyone”
          Yep, and that’s exactly what they get if they deserve it. However, I suffer from a hairpin trigger for bullshit, and it doesn’t take very long to expose itself with today’s stock of women.

        3. “However, I suffer from a hairpin trigger for bullshit, and it doesn’t take very long to expose itself with today’s stock of women.”
          That’s the motto every sane man should have with his fuck toy….oh I meant special lady.

  5. A woman for regular status:
    Appears Attractive
    No Drama
    No Games
    Not Crazy
    Pleasant Talking
    Scanning North America………………………………No results found.
    Please try South America,Asia,or Europe.

    1. A “useless slut scanner” would have this result.
      Scanning North America for Useless Sluts..
      10:01 AM Scanning..
      08:21 PM Still scanning..
      11:56 PM System out of memory, aborting process..

    1. Nothing says “I love you” like giving her 5lb of saturated fats to porky her up, then feeding her delusions that fatness in slutty lingerie turns me on.
      Mine gets vegetables: at least two uses.

  6. most attractive western women are broken..
    you should let her demonstrate to you she isn’t broken instead of the opposite.

  7. Lol good luck finding one that fits that list in the anglosphere. Why do you think so many men end up marrying a neurotic wall victim ? Perhaps %1 fits that list and those are taken of course.
    Rest of us can compete over the remaining 99% arrogant skanks whos only skill in life is to attentionwhore on facebook and craigslists.

    1. And also all these fitness skanks now with six packs posting pics all fucking day long about their dumb ass workout….
      ***NEWSFLASH LADIES*** you don’t need a six pack to suck cock unless you want to blow King Kong…

      1. I love fit girls, and posting pics is how I know they’re attention whores. You may think it’s annoying but try reframing it as a HUGE tell 😀

        1. Most girls posting online are attention whores…that doesn’t help my frame.
          Tattoos are still the best indicator of sluttiness…

  8. Allow me to add a point. What I do is write down I offer side by side to what I look for in a girl, both physically and psycho-socially, and what I offer is always greater than what she can offer. Instantaneously I see my superior value.
    That last paragraph is very important. Being drunk or seeing a girl in yoga pants tricks you into thinking you can shortcut your way out of your standard. I like a girl who is charming/playful and or can hold a good conversation. That’s what I value. That opposite of that is a plain, dry, humorless bitch. It takes time but once you’ve established your values, it’s like a heuristic in that you just toss out girls you know don’t do it for you and you quit WASTING PRECIOUS TIME.
    Last night I was talking to this girl I knew with her girlfriends at a bar and as hot as she was, talking to her while I was fun drunk was unbearable. She was nice but her conversation skills were weak and I calmly bowed out. My friend said “she was hot why did you leave?” I just said said the same thing. If she’s playful but stupid I can work with that. You can master all the playful teasing and silver tonguery but if a girl seems to have the speaking capabilities and personality of a 7th grade down syndrome kid…I’m out – don’t care how hot/cute/sexy/fine she is.

  9. This article does raise a couple of very important points, on why every man should have an “ideal” woman in his mind – even though the notion may appear “unrealistic” (especially to blue pillers/manginas/ feminists/sluts) in modern times.
    Most self-respecting men tend to, or already have, a “list of qualities” (ideal) they seek in a woman.
    But there will be a lot of problems on the way that these men will encounter, all designed to chip away at men’s reluctance to lower their “ideals”.
    Some of them are:
    – Accusations of following double standards – more so by manginas, feminists and sluts/whores
    – Constantly being told that they are losers who would end up being alone, if they don’t lower their “expectations” (ideal).
    – Accusations of being stuck in an “outdated” (traditional) mindset
    – Accusations of being “idealistic”, “egoistic”, “chauvinistic”, “arrogant” and “choosy”, and not being realistic and humble (” you’ll get yourself out of the gene pool “)
    – Mocked and reviled constantly for even talking about this
    The main problem is that the whore/slut dominated feminist mindset of modern society has actually created a “modern” society of men who are trained to follow an effeminate “herd mentality” to lower their “expectations” (ideals/standards) in women, and behave very much like pigs to accept any kind of woman – irrespective of her past (just like how a pig eats everything and anything, including shit).
    And when men do become these trained “pigs” – they are then often hypocritically accused of being pigs by the same society which trained them to become pigs – when these men with their pig-like minds, sexually chase women out of their “league” (younger/older/committed).
    The sexually gluttonous pig inside these men needs to be satisfied sexually, irrespective of what it’s eating, so it will eat anything and everything because it has no ideals/expectations/standards.
    That’s what a man in a feminist dominated society is often trained to become, and what he often becomes. And it is often disgusting to note the hypocrisy when manginas and feminists alike revile these trained “pigs” of men, later, for not acting like respectable “men”. It’s a tragedy most men have, or will suffer at some point in modern society.
    A man is nothing without an ego. And it is this ego itself which makes a man develop his standards, his ideals, his expectations, and it is this ego which sustains his identity. All self respecting men had, and have a healthy ego. That is what defined their masculinity. That is what makes a lion out of a man.
    A lion never eats grass, but a pig will eat shit, because it eats anything.
    So, do not let feminists destroy that precious ego in you. Refuse to follow the “herd” and stand up for your personal ideals or “list”. Else you’ll end up being reviled as a “humble” but “lecherous” , gluttonous pig. Since eventually most men will be reviled at some point in their lives by modern feminist society, it’s a much better and respectable option, to be reviled eventually -as the “arrogant” lion.

    1. Bit of a long one, I think that I get the gist of it though. So tell me, why would a Man give a toss about what some foolish random person that he doesn’t know from Adam thinks about him.
      Basically it’s just the bleatings of the clueless sheep. Like the people who hate on Game, simply more bleating.

    2. Why is idealistic even used in a bad way?
      Isn’t striving for the best what makes life worthwile?

  10. I never bring a list to the grocery store and I rarely end up with something I don’t want. Why would I buy a big jar of orange marmalade? I’m a man, man.

  11. I’m at the stage in my RP development that all a woman needs is to appear to be attractive and be receptive to game. The better I get, the longer my list will get.

  12. “Always shoot for the stars, but if one is not bringing anything to table, he should not be demanding the world”. So many seem to put an ungodly or should I say Godlike value on their own self worth that this article will leave them single.

  13. There is one common trait in each shopping list.
    Guess that pretty much rules out 99.9999 % of the females I encounter in my life.

  14. Its best to make a list for yourself first (goals) as well as friends than women last! If a women is above 80 on my list than ill push towards a relationship but there is 2 many women trying to be men today, bloody hard to find a women that’s marriage (feminine) material.

  15. I think crazy is fine for semi-regular status. Crazy means good sex. So, semi-regular sex, and only sex of course, is good with a crazy broad.

  16. Ever notice how promiscuous girls look different? Their features are more hardened or something. This is like, racist against “sluts” probably.

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