Washington Post Caught Plagiarizing US Government Propaganda On Ukraine Conflict

The US government-owned media outlet Radio Free was recently used as source material for a Washington Post article written by journalist Adam Taylor, who not only toed the same line as the source article, but also directly plagiarized part of its contents. The Washington Post or Taylor has not informed its readers that it is presenting US government propaganda as news.

Brief background on Ukrainian conflict

Unrest in Ukraine began in November when President Yanukovych decided to forge a trade deal with Russia instead of the European Union. Protests soon began in the capital and efforts to put them down has led to death and destruction in Kiev and the Western Ukrainian city of Lvov. The protests were ultimately successful in ousting the President, who has purportedly fled to the Eastern Ukrainian city of Kharkov.

The official US position on Ukraine is to drive its politics westward and install a puppet regime sympathetic to its interests and against those of Russia (the US government was purportedly paying Ukrainians to protest). The EU’s position is to gain 46 million more slaves for the IMF and Europe’s consumer market. The Ukrainian people’s position is to improve their standard of living and economic prospects after a neverending serious of corrupt rulers. Russia’s official position is to maintain economic ties with Ukrainian industry and allow its navy to be stationed off the Crimea in the Black Sea, which has access to the Mediterranean.

America’s propaganda efforts in Ukraine

The US government has a propaganda media arm in the Europe called Radio Free Europe, which is owned and run by the US government.

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) is a broadcaster funded by the U.S. Congress that provides news, information, and analysis to countries in Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and the Middle East “where the free flow of information is either banned by government authorities or not fully developed”. RFE/RL is supervised by the Broadcasting Board of Governors, a bi-partisan federal agency overseeing all U.S. international broadcasting services.

Founded as a propaganda news source in 1949 by the National Committee for a Free Europe, RFE/RL received funds from the Central Intelligence Agency until 1972. During the earliest years of Radio Free Europe’s existence, the CIA and the U.S. Department of State issued broad policy directives, and a system evolved where broadcast policy was determined through negotiation between the CIA, the U.S. State Department, and RFE staff.

If you’re unsure of where the US government stands on foreign policy, simply visit Radio Free Europe and read what amounts to wholesome propaganda. The recent stories on Ukraine do not hesitate to paint the protests as an organic uprising for freedom and democracy. What Radio Free won’t tell you is that the US has admitted to spending over $5 billion to subvert the Ukrainian government to install a more pro-Western leader after their previous favorite, Viktor Yushchenko, installed after the 2004 Orange Revolution, lost an election to Yakunovych in 2010. The US Assistant Secretary of State was also caught recently on the phone playing puppet master to manipulate the will of the Ukrainian people to install a leader it knows will serve American interests.

Here is one of the videos that went viral in the heat of the protests last week, showing pro-government “snipers”:

Do you see the logo watermark in the lower lefthand corner? Here is the official logo of Radio Free:


This tells us that the US government was playing an active role in shaping public opinion on the Ukraine issue. In other words, you won’t find videos of protesters shooting at government forces that also contain the same logo.

Washington Post’s sourcing of Radio Free

An article published February 18 on Radio Free Europe was titled Pro-Russian Separatism Rises In Crimea As Ukraine’s Crisis Unfolds. In predictable Russophobe fashion, the writer paints Russia as a meddler that is trying to bully the region. Whether this is true or not, it’s the official US government line that protects its $5 billion investment in effecting Ukraine regime change. Four days later, Washington Post journalist Adam Taylor plagiarized a snippet of the same Radio Free article when he wrote The battle for Kiev may well be over, but is the battle for Crimea about to begin? Judge for yourself:

Radio Free excerpt:

Skirting open calls for separatism, the affable and energetic Podyachy is pushing for Kyiv to lease the entire peninsula to Russia in exchange for the cancelation of Ukraine’s debts to Moscow.

Washington Post excerpt:

RFE/RL’s Robert Coalson recently went to Crimea and spoke to members of the pro-Russian separatist movement there. One politician he spoke to had the novel idea of leasing Crimea to Russia in exchange for a cancellation of Ukraine’s debt to Moscow.

The beginnings of Taylor’s Post article makes it absolutely clear where he stands on the protests, even laying on the propaganda thicker than what we can find on Radio Free:

It’s a heart-warming image. The bloody, protracted protests in Ukraine seem to have achieved their goals: Yanukovych is gone, new elections are due, and Yulia Tymoshenko, a key figure in Ukraine’s 2004 Orange Revolution, has been freed from prison. Ukraine looks as though it might have pulled back from the brink.

The Washington Post and journalist Adam Taylor are reporting “news” that is apparently sourced from US government propaganda. Readers of Taylor’s article may have thought they were reading an unbiased account of the events unfolding in Ukraine when they were actually reading something more in line of a press release straight from the US State Department. Why is Adam Taylor allowed to plagiarize and source US propaganda? Is he being paid by the government to produce such stories? Why is the Washington Post acting as a public relations arm for US government interests? Readers of the Washington Post should demand these answers.

I confronted Adam Taylor on Twitter about the fact that is not only a plagiarizer but a shill for the US government. His response was to call me a “teacher of rape.” Realizing his libel, he quickly deleted the tweet.

Taylor is free to brush off the fact that he was caught red-handed, but the American people have a right to know that when they read Taylor or the Washington Post, they may be reading direct US propaganda. We can only speculate how many others writers for the Post are sourcing from a US government propaganda arm without being as sloppy as Taylor in doing a direct copy-paste job. Taylor receives his paycheck and the US government continues to misinform its citizens, who unfortunately remain in the dark about America’s true intentions in developing countries like Ukraine.

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196 thoughts on “Washington Post Caught Plagiarizing US Government Propaganda On Ukraine Conflict”

        1. What, if you don’t agree with the herd you are automatically a shill or a beta?
          Glad to see you thinking like an individual.

        2. What. Fuck Russia? This guy is a mouthbreather, but how does that automatically make him a “Shill”?
          Edit:have been banned, thanks for showing me how we deal with dissent around here.

        3. mr.weiner at it again I see pushing blue pill poison as usual. How are those televised bread and circuses going?

    1. “Most of the mainstream US media is the mouthpiece for government policy.”
      No shit. It’s that way everywhere and it always has been. That’s how governments rile up support for war. Centralized governments are war machines by their very nature. It’s nothing new and it’s kinda obvious if you think about it.

    2. THats exactly what happened to Saddam. They supported him or encouraged him to do what he did,but the second he stopped listening, theyll destroy your nation. Same story with this arab spring, Mubarak, Gadaffi and Assad(after overthrowing their government in 1949) were supported by them but when the people got fed up suddenly USA is on the people’s side. Such hypocrisy, even the weapons used to suppress the people in Egypt were made in america(literally).
      If USA succeessed with Ukraine it could wind up like in Iran and the Shah after 1953. Then some far wing counter revolution will come in and somehow “demonize” that regin.

    3. That didn’t work out too well for Ghidafi. We threatened him so that he’d drop his nuke aspirations and then off’d him anyway after he complied.
      I think you’d have to be a pretty stupid world leader to do anything the US tells you to do these days.

    4. Until People stop PRETENDING that the Gov. is NEEDED, we will ALWAYS remain SLAVES.
      All this waste of energy trying to decide which Mafia group to “believe” in is exhausting.
      Everyone needs to learn how to live morally good using Natural Laws + Free Will and we wouldn’t need a Government at all.
      All Government workers (Police the most) needs to step up and live morally good by abandoning their involvement in this Mafia organisation called Gov.
      Here’s how to help:
      1) Don’t vote or contribute any energy to Gov and demand that
      Gov. is REDUCED to a bare minimum.
      2) All Police Officers and Soldiers need to quit their jobs. (They are morally wrong for being an officer to being with).
      3) Educate yourself and others about Natural Laws and Free Will and live according to it. (Don’t steal)
      4) Demand that Gov. releases new technologies to the Public to expand our economic options.
      I understand most of you don’t want to actually TAKE ACTION to make a REAL CHANGE but guess what? The Gov. is not sitting on it’s ass like we are and everyday they are tightening our chains a little more.

  1. What the hell does this have to do with what is typically on Return of Kings? (The interests of heterosexual men?)
    This sounds like material released by the Putin. I googled the funding myself. The secretary of state says that they have “invested” $5 billion in Ukraine since 1991. That’s 23 years. This includes commerce, promoting private investments in Ukraine, etc.
    The protesters were not funding in any slick manner. People including from Poland and westerners living in the region would commonly bring them food such as sandwiches. Protesters who committed violence used bricks from the streets (when Kalashnikovs can easily be purchased for about a grand of so) so if 5 billion was spent on destabilizing Ukraine, it didn’t go to the protesters!
    All that said, I hate Obama. I voted against him twice. I have never voted Democrat in my life and independent once. I certainly don’t trust him as far as I can throw him. But in this matter, if he’s supporting pro-western protesters in Ukraine than he’s on the right side. The oligarchs in Ukraine are similar to Russia which is now a corrupt feudal system similar to the former czars. They often are the same oligarchs living back and forth between Kiev and Saint Petersberg. Russia is a mess for the common person to live and Ukraine is worse because of it. The EU isn’t perfect, but Ukraine is better with them.

    1. Russia is last reasonable stronghold of traditional values. If it falls, the only alternative to Feminism and gay propaganda will be Saudi Arabia.

      1. It depends upon how you define traditional values. Yes, Putin is certainly anti-gay and pro-family but his corruption and dictatorship crush the lives of normal men. And indeed, you have a point that the next bastion of “traditionalism” is Saudi Arabia which is an interesting comparison.
        Surely, we should be able to have normal, heterosexual values without becoming a feudal state?

        1. There is no ideal solution. you can’t just support what is closer to your own convictions. I was in Russia last year and I could see that Russia has still a soul. In the west we are just 9-5 guys enslaved by consumerism, feminism and other bullshit. Once Russia is westernized, THERE WILL BE NO ALTERNATIVE to the western model which may be great economically but which is a moral failure.

      2. Traditional values? Like what, locking up oil tycoons because they disagree with his politics.
        Or how about trying to distract attention from general economic malaise by locking up this Pussy Riot trio of chicks.
        The best though was that journalist he had killed a couple years ago for writing about Chechnya.
        Russia may need a strongman as they transition to capitalism, but let’s not make him into something he is not.

        1. You’re a fool LG. Those were not “oil tycoons”. They were criminals who seized Soviet assets after the fall of communism. That was theft, from the people.
          Pussy Riot is a Soros funded propaganda apparatus in and of itself, and they desecrated the main cathedral in Russia. It was a cathedral destroyed by the Soviets, and painstakingly rebuilt in the 1990s.
          No journalists have been killed, and you’re a fool to believe such lies. Especially about Chechnya, as if any American news source ever accurately described what was going on there…

        2. I’d take Soros over Putin any day of the week. Hell, I want intelligent, open-minded people like Soros here. He can be the guy to take down the Ruble. It’s an advantage for us (the US). Having people like that can be game changers, especially during war time.

        3. Despite the fact that you are a feminist troll, I will respond because I love taking down feminist scum.
          1) if what Mikhail did at Yukos was a crime, why did Putin wait 8 years to arrest him and confiscate his property? Why did this arrest coincide with his political speech against Putin?
          2) I like George Soros. Soros is an exceptional business man and trader. He funds pro marijuana legal challenges in this country and he is an example of what immigrants can still do in this country.
          3) All media is biased and has an agenda. If you don’t like us media sources, find others. But it was widely reported that Anna Politikovskaya was murdered for her reporting on Putin. Either you are a poorly informed feminist, you are intentionally playing dumb in a stunningly poor attempt at trolling, or you get your news from that bastion of independent thought, Russia Today. So which one is it?
          4) I find it hard to believe that none of the feminist trolls that come here are intelligent. Perhaps feminism self selects for stupidity. Perhaps you should get a man to lead your efforts, like FEMEN did. At least they were moderately successful.
          5) what is your cup size?

        4. I don’t classify as either left or right because I use my brain to think about an issue before I form an opinion on it.
          You want to suck this dude off because he is using homophobia to distract attention from the economic situation in his country be my guest.
          However, he is not fooling me. I know he is a Closet Communist. And if I ever see him I will gut his paunchy ass without hesitation. Like my man Pacino said in Scarface, I kill a communist for fun!

        5. Dude, I’m not a feminist (not even close). Feminism is a stupid, bankrupt, ideology. My thinking about Soros goes like this. This guy has been accused by political leaders of bringing down governments. Do you want a guy like that on your side or on the enemy’s side? It’s really that fucking simple.
          This is a guy that can take down your enemy’s currency. It’s not just Soros either. A good nation should always want the best financiers. By the way, I actually look up to Soros. I use a lot of his ideas and it’s a mistake to not pay attention to what he says seriously. His understanding of geopolitical economics is one of the best I’ve seen.

        6. Use some fucking common sense. How the hell is he a closet communist when he’s one of the greatest speculators of all time? These are the kinds of guys you need to fund wars and take down opposing central banks. You need them on your side, not the other guys. Guys like him are game changers in wars all the time. Put your prejudice aside and go read the history books. I don’t judge by skin color or race.

        7. Communists don’t respect property rights, just as Putin does not respect property rights.
          Communists don’t allow for a free press just like Putin.
          Communists always have shitty economies, just like Putin’s Russia.
          Communists run authoritative governments arresting those as they see fit, just like Putin.
          Communists don’t relinquish power. So how long has Putin been dictator over there again? I will even let you skip the sham puppet he installed to pretend like he wasn’t in charge.
          Putin was raised in a communist state. Many individuals have a tough time letting this go. I believe him to be one.

        8. This comment was not directed towards you. Either way, my point holds about financiers and attracting the best ones.

        9. How much time have you spent in Russia? People who actually visited a country rarely cite headlines.

        10. You want Russia to become like the West with masculine women and LGBT propaganda in schools? Economic growth is not everything you know.

        11. A little too much koolaid there bud? I hardly think the Russian people are homo”phobic” (lefty shaming word btw) by getting fed up and saying no more assless chaps and bullhorns around our children, take it back to the bedroom please.
          Might want to look up the actual definition of “phobic” .

        12. It is about the only conservative thing I have seen them do, other than that, I find it very hard to understand why a western, traditional conservative would have anything positive to say about Russia or Putin.
          I thought conservatives were about personal responsibility? Why can’t they explain to their children what is wrong with homosexuality? Why are they leaving their child’s sex education up to some dude in assless chaps? As soon as you start talking about limiting discourse, I will start to think you are scared of something (i.e. Phobic)
          Is it better to teach your child about the way the world is, or to put your head in the sand and pretend it is different? Never hide from reality, rather you should seek to explain it.

        13. I have spent exactly 0 seconds in Russia. None the less, I am familiar with the nation as I hail from yet another country that was victimized by the kremlin.
          In any event, does the fact that they are headlines change anything? Are you saying that the stories are inaccurate?
          Here is another headline I remember reading about this thug. Might as well put Tupac Shakur in charge over there.

        14. Why the fck do so many people have this reflex of believing that because one side is bad or labeled as bad that the other side has to be good? Putin is a gangster AND the oligarchs were guilty. It’s not an either/or thing. I hate that comic book mentality Good Guys VS Bad Guys no it doesn’t work that way, in the real world it’s interests VS interests, government VS government, and most people are stuck in the middle without clear choices, whether it’s a pseudo-democracy or a dictatorship.

        15. You keep diverting. It’s not that hard to understand. The Russians no longer want faggotry forced down everyone’s throat from children’s schools to bullhorns on the street. Like we do here in the West. They want it kept back in the bedroom like it used to be.
          There is no “”you WILL all love faggotry or ELSE be shamed labelled shitlib shaming words !!”” constant threat hanging over them now. and they seem happier for it.

        16. How do you figure Telemachus_1 is a feminist when its YOU who are spouting marxist-feminist leftist bullshit?

    2. Obvious that the EU will degrade Ukrainian women. Destroying Ukraine is Obama’s way of coping with the trauma of looking at Michelle.

      1. I agree. Within 20 years, the world will be full of masculine women and entitled sluts.
        You can see a decrease in beauty when you travel from Kiev to Warsaw.

    3. Economically both for individuals and country-wise, Ukraine would likely prosper with EU financial backing. And it would make more sense marrying an Ukrainian woman when Ukraine is a part of the EU and grows, than marrying an Ukrainian woman while Ukraine remains a shit hole with Russian influence.
      Russophilia basically should not be encouraged.
      The only downside to this situation would be the fast degradation of “traditional” Ukrainian values with a fast influx of western values (though social prostitution is tolerated there), once Ukraine becomes a part of the EU. It would possibly result also into the fast influx and rise of western feminism into Ukraine, and Ukraine would soon become an open sex market like Amsterdam. The closet (suppressed) feminism of Ukrainian women , would then sprout out into open, blatant feminism like in western-like (EU) societies. That would make feminism more dangerous, as then we’d have ugly feminists back home, and beautiful sexy feminists in Ukraine.
      Had Russia not suppressed Ukraine for long and actually developed Ukraine, this eventuality would never have happened.

  2. I checked Roosh’s twitter feed and rushed here as I knew this was coming.
    I love this, it never gets old.

  3. Brick-and-morter rags are underwater. Money from the US govt (central banks, this time the IMF) and multinational corporations are the only thing keeping them from closing their doors. Nothing but “Best Bars to Watch the Big Game” and plagered propaganda pieces like Roosh outlined – copypasta across the syndicate. Simple rule: If a country resists central bank desires, expect “unrest”.

    1. Dude, everybody lies in war. It’s the norm. This isn’t something new or something that only includes the US. Why the hell would you expect the news to tell the truth? That’s fuckin dumb.
      As for central banks and restrictions on the currency/banking, the main reason governments did that is so they could fund their wars and protect their sovereignty.

      1. >>”Why the hell would you expect the news to tell the truth?”
        Wat? Never mentioned it, but ok.
        >>”As for central banks and restrictions on the currency/banking..”
        Again. Waat? Me not compute.. Explain in detail what the actual fck you are trying to articulate. Jesus, didn’t know there were bitches trollin tonite.

        1. There’s no inherent reason you actually need a monopoly on the currency (or equivalently, banking). The reason the monopoly exists by the state is almost always for geopolitical reasons. A history of central banking is almost always a history of war finance.

  4. Applause for holding him to some journalistic standards, but in this case, they are right.
    Putin is pure fucking evil and about as subversive of a dictator as you will find. His offers to the Ukraine are a bribe, quite literally, and I have no doubt the Ukraine would be better off in the EU.

      1. What’s wrong with the eu? Common currency, open trade, basic human rights. That’s about all the eu means. If you are thinking about the PIGS, they did that to themselves.

        1. You mean like when the EU forced Cyprus to confiscate uninsured deposits as a condition of receiving bailout funds?

        2. No the eu set standards for each participating government to follow, which is necessary for a common currency. The government knowing this beforehand decided to ignore the standards leading to financial ruin for their country. Their solution was to confiscate bank deposits in their country. A stupid solution for an incompetent government, but nothing to do with the eu. In fact countries like Cyprus benefit heavily from being associated with the eu, as they borrow at cheaper rates.
          Interesting enough, do you know what group of people was rumored to hold the majority of the deposits there? Ya, another telling point about Putin and Russia.

        3. Is this you answer to everything?
          And before you “shill” me too I think that both Russia and America [and their proxies the EU] are engaged in a naked power-play for the Ukraine. Neither side is clean in this one and the meat in the sandwich will be the Ukrainians.
          Edit: have been banned.Thank you for proving my point.

        4. Human rights? I’ve got news for you. You’re on the wrong site. Human rights are what we are fighting against.

      2. with that statement you sound exactly like the typical clutarded Western “fellow traveller” you are.
        The EU aren’t going to send in secret police to arrest people in the middle of the night for “anti-government activities”, torture them, then murder them. The Russians will, have done so before, and will do so again.
        I’ll take some polkicitally correct bullshit that I can ignore if I want to over genuine police state oppression any day. Maybe you should move to North Korea where you will feel more at home.

    1. “Putin is pure fucking evil”
      there you go, spouting emotional comic book style Good Guys VS Bad Guys nonsense. you got too much estrogen

  5. What men should focus on in this piece is the photo of the young Ukrainian woman at the top of the page. Even with death and destruction all around her, she can still put on her makeup, do her hair, and manage to look pretty cute. Very impressive. The pigs in this country refuse to take 10mins out of their day to look decent, despite not having had to deal with 1% of what this woman has. What a disgusting, selfish group of fucking bitches we live with. To all the feminist cunts out there, take a good look at that photo. That is how you earn the respect of a real man. She’s an incredible woman and has value to society. You are completely worthless and contribute nothing beautiful to this world. Fuck you all.

    1. “What men should focus on in this piece is the photo of the young Ukrainian woman at the top of the page. Even with death and destruction all around her, she can still put on her makeup, do her hair, and manage to look pretty cute. Very impressive. The pigs in this country refuse to take 10mins out of their day to look decent, despite not having had to deal with 1% of what this woman has. What a disgusting, selfish group of fucking bitches we live with. To all the feminist cunts out there, take a good look at that photo.”
      – LOL
      Though I do echo your views, I must say you have an amazing way with words and hilarious sarcasm.
      In short: Ukrainian women would still choose to die looking sexy and beautiful with makeup and in heels. American women would choose to die looking as lazy,hideous, indecent pigs.

      1. She also brought what looks like pretty good food. In fact, it looks like she brought sammiches (though I admit my familiarity with Ukranian cuisine ends w/Borscht and Perogies). I wonder if she made them.

  6. That the MSM is staffed almost exclusively of stenographers for the powerful will come as no surprise to anyone awake over at least the last 15 years. These people are power-worshipping flunkies who have consistently failed to do their jobs (ie, report the facts and be adversarial to elites) when it was most desperately needed. When we needed the truth behind the lies being proffered to sell the Iraq war, torture, detention without judicial review, etc. the mainstream press gave us nothing but endless cheerleading and flag-waving. If those assholes had done their jobs and had gotten the real story and/or made it safe for people to come forward with the truth the country would be in much better shape now.
    That they are up to the same nonsense now just proves that it does not matter if “liberals” or “conservatives” are in office—the media worships power and whoever wields it. Full stop.

    1. As Mencius Moldbug puts it:
      “Where does this idea that, if NPR is wrong, Fox News must be right, come from? They can’t both be right, because they contradict each other. But couldn’t they both be wrong? I don’t mean slightly wrong, I don’t mean each is half right and each is half wrong, I don’t mean the truth is somewhere between them, I mean neither of them has any consistent relationship to reality.”

    2. The Roth schilds are on the board of directors at the Economist. That should tell you all you need to know.

    3. We need to shrink the Gov. to it’s bare operational necessity to maintain essential public services and minimum police only to protect. We demand taxes no more than 5% to support these services. For services outside the core ones people can opt in or out. No more funding black projects, all R&D from the Gov. should be released to the public to open economy to new jobs.
      Eventually we all watch each other and defend our property.

  7. First, what the hell does this do on this site and how is it related to the topic?
    Second, the author is either clearly biased or simply did not care to research the background for at least 10 minutes.
    What has happened: after Ukrainian president did not sign the trade agreement with the EU, a few thousand of camping protesters on the main square (mostly students) were beaten up by riot police without warning at 4 a.m. in the night. After that the protests intensified, because people do not like getting beaten up like dogs. For that the government passes a law, which can put people in prison for 15 years for mass protests, wearing a mask/scarf/helmet (anything that covers face/head) is illegal in protests, internet providers must monitor traffic, government can block any “extremist” website and EVERY foreign organization has to submit a statement of their plans and activities. A law which would put Ukraine somewhere between Belarus and North Korea. And that’s when people get really mad and throw some Molotov cocktails. 3 protesters get shot and negotiations begin. But after the standstill, once the protesters take down the barricades, riot police storms the camp killing 25 people in process. And then 60 more in two days after (mostly with sniper rifles). And that’s when the shit really goes down and the Parliament kicks the president’s ass, because even his party stops being loyal to him. Oh, and meanwhile, the white trash hired by the gov’t kept trashing the city. Just google “titushki”. In case you consider this a just regime, I very much wish you to live in such.
    And while I admit that the US has interest in a more predictable and West-friendly government, claiming that they staged a revolution in a 45-million country is simply absurd. Also, the fact the the American media agrees with the events, does not make them less right.
    While I understand your hate for the US and its possibly poor copyright practices, you should dig a bit deeper before accusing someone of “staging a revolution”. I also realize that you probably completely romanticize Putin as an alternative to the “decaying and rotting West” and consider him to be an epitome of masculinity (he is a manly guy after all), but he is just a dictator who pursues his own goals. Nothing more, nothing less.
    Finally, the talk of evil central bankers and IMF and tralalala is not plain boring and 70-year old. Very much reminds of Hitler and the jews. Get over it, really guys.

    1. 1. Roosh runs this site so if he wants it here, it is here.
      2.the point was that this journalist appears to have been parroting US propaganda.

    2. ‘shill’… it’s like the libertarian version of tourettes. We don’t all share the same politics. Welcome to the internet.

  8. Relax. When we go to war with Russia our Airborne Rainbow assault battalions will give them a fearsome drubbing.

    1. Yea, no one’s gonna fuck with the US though. Our neighbors are Canada and Mexico, who are both allies and we’ve got two oceans to our east and west. I actually think a Russian empire may be good for our own interests. Are countries like Iran and Turkey more or less dangerous under Russian rule than they are under their sovereignty. On top of this, there will be civil unrest, which means we can import more of their human capital.

      1. “Yea, no one’s gonna fuck with the US though”
        Your right, when it’s time to lock you up no one will come help you. Don’t be a fool, don’t support Government.

        1. I’m not a supporter of government (not even close). I’m just pointing out something that should be obvious.

    2. Oh man, you had to double down on the national shame, didn’t you? If this keeps up, we’ll start rooting for the bond villain.

  9. Good job calling the “journalist” out on his bullshit.
    That being said? Just because I despise Obama doesn’t mean I have to like Putin. The enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend. The guy’s a gangster jackass who I wouldn’t want to live under.

    1. Agreed. I don’t necessarily buy that the US gov’t has any real sort of involvement with the protesters over there. That doesn’t mean that the US doesn’t want Ukraine to fall into it’s sphere of influence (and lets be real following under the sway of the EU is entering the US economic system) but given the current geopolitical make up of the world I don’t think the US has any real ‘official’ role. Now if this had happened in a place like North Korea or Vietnam? Then I’d buy US State involvement as a real possibility.

  10. Great article.Gerald Celente In his trends forecast last week talked about this very subject.Sadly Rok and Gerald is the only sources that have written or spoke of this information that I’m aware of.

  11. As government and corporations get bigger, they stifle the agency of anyone that may challenge the status quo. This unfortunately is the nature of the beast. The old would quickly die (so they imagine) if the young were allowed to grow – thus Cronus must swallow his children. The only problem is that in the process, creativity, productivity, genius, passion, etc. is also stifled. We churn out and idealize one dimensional people who won’t threaten us (the soldier with no brain, the impotent academic etc. – labeling anyone that doesn’t fit the mold a psychopath), but in doing so, we ensure our ultimate demise and implosion (perhaps if we learned to prune our garden capitalism would be perfected). And then a new generation of heroes – industrialization, tech revolution, and whatever’s next – perhaps semantic internet/3d printing and all of its applications. Some of the posters on this site to me represent the necessary balance between mind and body. The one dimensional passionless people society has been churning are weak and appear almost autistic in comparison.

  12. The global chess game continues…Ukraine is just another square on the board, this game has been played before history was recorded.
    I personally have no stake in either camp – Russian nor the US is on MY side, so I don’t really care. Just see the moves, why get emotional? Putin is an authoritarian despot, Obama is a shill and a corporate mascot, neither of them have my interests in mind.

    1. Ah Clarence . What’s this ” we” shit? I don’t think I’ve seen you agree with a single article on this site. Weirdo

  13. Thanks for revealing this. This is a red-handed example of the Cathedral in action.
    I don’t know what is really going on over there. I don’t speak a word of the language, but I have searched YouTube for terms such as Бе́ркут to see what comes up. I’ve seen a lot of videos that seem to contradict what I see in the ‘Murican press. No surprises there. Stay safe.

  14. Why do we insist on meddling in Russia’s sphere of influence, who was supposed to be our ally after the Cold War? When South American governments voted for communists, didn’t we get involved? Why is Russia not allowed to influence its neighbors as well? Russia is the only standard bearer for common sense on a lot of topics this website discusses.
    This was a good spot by Roosh.

    1. Because if they become too powerful it will have a direct effect on us. It really isn’t about fairness and what makes sense or anything like that. Its about not letting anyone become the toughest kid on the block. It sucks, but it’s how its played.

      1. How is it bad for us if Russia gets an empire? If anything, it’s good for us. Are countries like Iran more dangerous to American interests under their own sovereignty or under Russia sovereignty?
        No one’s gonna fuck with the US. Our neighbors are Canada and Mexico, who are both allies, and we’ve got the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans on our east and west. On top of this, the US has the world’s most badass military.

        1. This is extremely simplistic. Mexico and Canada hate us and can offer little military support. Our “badass” military is shrinking by the day and as theses countries get more resources they can have even bigger militaries (which was one of the main reasons to stopping the cold war). Also the US is in economic turmoil. It is essentially collapsing from within. National sovereignty is at a low point as it is all thru the West.

        2. If Canada and Mexico can offer little military support, how can they attack us.
          The US isn’t in the middle of an economic collapse. You wanna see economic collapse, take a look at Russia over the next five years. The US is just the best horse in the glue factory, and it’s not even close.
          Our job as the hegemon is fucking done. We’re not the hegemon nor should we wanna be. There’s no point tryna bankrupt ourselves by acting like the policeman of the world. We’ve gotta look out for our interests, our ideas, and our values. That means, we just need to survive. We should avoid confrontation and have trade with all nations. As long as no one attacks us (why would they), we’re good.
          By the way, the US military is crazy insane. We’ve got shit and are working on shit no one else is close to. It’s time for us to stop being a war machine and just bide our time.

      1. That’s bad for Europe, not for US. By the way, natural gas (and all commodities) are traded in dollars. Almost international payments are settled in dollars. The US is still the world’s reserve currency.

  15. Good article. Provides some evidence for what most people already suspected was the case. The West does so love human rights

  16. Good post; concise and straight to the point about US and Western propaganda masquerading as “news” and the corporate media parroting the lies and disinformation behind the neo Con agenda. The CIA and US State Department have been planning this overthrow of the democratically elected government for some time under the guise of “NGO’s” that the Ukrainians foolishy allowed to operate on their territory.
    No matter what the eventual outcome of events in the Ukraine is (it is still very early days) the eventual outome of their plan if the Neo Cons get their way, is “doing a Syria” on Russia itself using Salafist Jihadi terrorists to attack Russia’s southern regions with the eventual hope of breaking up Russia into many, small statelets that the West can control and plunder. If that happens, the Western media will yet again side with the “peaceful protestors” whether they are Salafist or just another local paid for rabble that fights the proxy wars started by the cabals who rule us in the West in order to enrich themselves further and acquire yet more power.

  17. Ukraine is up shit’s creek either way. Right now they’re Russia’s bitch, but if they enter the EU their national identity will certainly be eroded with the influx of Cultural Marxism and all its facets.
    And yes that is a direct concern to heterosexual men because we don’t want feminism to spread its poison any further, we ultimately want to contain and destroy it. All those Eastern European girls that have been routinely praised by the manosphere may possibly be corrupted.
    If it were me I’d prefer neither, but Russia seems like the lesser of two evils. However I’m hearing that a lot of those protestors were Ukrainian nationalists that want to be under the thumb of neither Russia or the EU. We’ll see what happens going down the line.
    Oh by the way, this is Adam Taylor:
    Seems telling to me.

    1. THIS! Be very suspicious at how the New York Times, CNN and WashPost, etc. are cheering on the western half of Ukraine breaking away from Russia. You don’t think western feminists are seething at the fact that eastern women are outside their sphere of influence, and that the East is still a place a chick can get bitch slapped by her man in public if she gets out of line, while other men and women look on approvingly? This is a war!

  18. All of these “revolutions” are about resources. Libya was to get its oil and prevent Qadafi’s demand for gold for oil instead of dollars. Syria? The Qatari’s want to start a pipeline from Qatar to Europe and Assad didn’t agree to it. And now Ukraine. Why didn’t the Iranian 2009 election protest lead to toppling the regime (which started all this)? Because it was a genuine dissent of the people and not backed by Western influence of money, weapons, and media.

    1. I think Putin’s trying to build a Russian empire (the so-called Eurasian Union) and I think he’ll try to extend it to the Muslim countries too. He’s gotta protect the natural gas monopoly that you’re taking about and he knows it.

    1. anti-plagiarism software would call it plagiarism. And surely a washington post journalist should have higher not lower standards than a first year undergraduate

  19. Thanks for the excellent expose Roosh. I’ve been waiting for you to comment on the Ukrainian situation. I noticed the propaganda in a WP photo series where the captions continually referred to rioters throwing petrol bombs and bricks as “anti-government protesters.”

  20. The ugly truth is….this is how the game is played. Ukraine has resources and everyone wants them. The RU, EU, and US are all playing the same game. They just happen to play it better than others. In my opinion no one is more culpable than the other. The EU wants its banks, the US wants its resources, the RU wants its people. Its sort of like corporations who gobble up other corporations. The workers are the ones who lose out. In this case the workers are the citizens.

  21. Ukraine’s headed towards civil war and I’m pretty sure Putin’s trying to recreate the Russian empire. Around 1/3 of Ukraine speaks Russian and 1/6th are Russians while the other 2/3 are Ukrainian. Turkey is gonna be in a similar position.
    I think the US should just stay out. I actually think Putin trying to build an empire may even be in the interests of the US and the US could just capture all of the human capital that would leave those countries.
    As for the US government trying to misinform citizens, Russia is doing the exact same shit. This is just war propaganda on both sides. If you want the truth, don’t listen to the news. If you want the truth, pay attention to the markets–they’re telling me everything I need to know.

  22. For the love of God.
    The US Government couldn’t conspire its way out of a paper sack. This is the same government that hasn’t passed a budget on time in years.
    American taxpayers give not a single fuck about what is happening in Ukraine; rather, they’re more interested in the private lives of some fuckhead celebrities and professional sports. That aside, there’s not enough compelling national interest to pay thousands of people to protest.
    You sound like the ghost of Hugo fucking Chavez with a sprinkling of the seed of the Castro brothers.

    1. “The US Government couldn’t conspire its way out of a paper sack. This is the same government that hasn’t passed a budget on time in years.”
      If you’re referring to the US legislature, you are correct. But if by “government” one means who actually rules, sets policy, and influences people at home and abroad, I’m not so sure.
      Searching the internet in Ukrainian leads to some interesting results, including amateur video footage of thugs hired by both sides.
      Beware the teachings of the cathedral…

      1. If you’re referring to the US legislature, you are correct. But if by
        “government” one means who actually rules, sets policy, and influences
        people at home and abroad, I’m not so sure.

        Yes. healthcare.gov wasn’t mismanaged. Response to Hurricane Katrina wasn’t mismanaged either. And keeping some of the US Government’s most closely held secrets out of the public view was most CERTAINLY not fucked up, either.
        Care to try again on that one?

        1. OK, I’ll try again.
          I think we are talking about different things. Notice that I put the word “government” in ironic quotation marks.
          I agree with you that the government as you use the term is inefficient, even largely incompetent. But I’d go farther and suggest that government in the US is a tool of the real powers that be. Do you know what I mean by the term “The Cathedral”?
          Cf. http://unqualified-reservations.blogspot.com/2009/01/gentle-introduction-to-unqualified.html?m=1

    2. Dude. You have no idea what is really going on. No one from Barrack Obama down has any decision making capability in the US. They are puppets who are told what to do. The people who are doing most of the conspiring is the committee of 300 who give the United Nations member states their marching orders including Russia.
      The ignorance that men are willing to put on display never ceases to amaze me. And those of you who are about as ignorant as the average 5 year old then turn around and attack men like me who bothered to find out what was really going on because you are arrogant about your ignorance.
      You idiots actually think that if you do not see it in the newspaper or on the TV it can’t be so. Men in the west are easily the most ignorant people in the world. Even the average cab driver in Germany knows that the committee of 300 gives Angela Merkel her marching orders.

      1. That’s a pretty broad brush you’re painting, seeing as you know nothing about me, my sources of information, nor my background. I therefore ind it laughable that you accuse me of being “arrogant about [my] ignorance”.
        I reject conspiracy theories such as yours in their entirety, because you are relying upon sources even more insidious and uninformed than the mainstream media to form these theories.

  23. Excellent article Roosh, I couldn’t agree with you more. As someone of partial Ukrainian ancestry and a genuine love of Ukrainian and Russian culture it is tragic for me to see the Ukrainians so brainwashed by 20 years of anti-Russian propaganda. In seeking to gain “independence”, they are willing to be colonized by the same forces that destroyed America and the traditional way of life. A force that is hostile to Ukrainian values and only wants its people as a cheap labor force. They are being used as pawns against Russia, the only truly free country in Europe.
    They are in for a rude awakening when Brussels comes to Kiev. I can only hope the more even-headed folks in Eastern Ukraine are able to separate if the government is determined to follow this suicidal path.
    Ukrainian people PLEASE, if you value to future of your children, do not join the EU.

    1. Paid pro-Russian drivel? Give us a break on the bullshit.
      For someone who claims to love the culture, you seem wildly ignorant of the history. Ukrainians hate Russians for very good reasons. Pretty much the same reasons why every other neighbor to Russia hates the Russians.

    2. You should put your Ukrainian ancestry in good use and learn a bit about how Russia was responsible for the starvation of 10 million Ukranians in 1930s and since then has done everything to wipe out the rest of the Ukrainians, their language, and their way of life by russification.
      There is a reason why Russia is one of the most hated countries in the world, especially by all of its neighbors, and it has nothing to do with western anti-Russian propaganda.
      You reap what you sow. Russians have sown nationalistic hate, fascistic oppression and fear in all of Eastern Europe for past 100 years. Now they are seeing the results, scratching their Cro-Magnon craniums and wondering why everybody hates them.

      1. I don’t think the soviet system was much kinder to the average Russian either; they killed plenty of their own too.

      2. 20 million Russians died in that same famine, you’re confusing Russia with the Soviet Union. The USSR was imported in order to destroy the Russian Empire. Stalin wasn’t Russian, but Georgian. He killed far more Russians (mostly Christians) than Ukrainians.
        There were many Russians that fought on the German side of WW2 as well in order to liberate their homeland.

  24. dam first USA messed with the middle east(overthrew the governments of Syria and Iran in 49 and 53 respectively and put in puppet dictators such as the Shah for example) and now they are messing with Ukraine.
    will Anyone here be shocked if some rebel group starts up a civil war in like 20 yrs. Like say Afghanistan. History is repeating itself.

  25. I got to attack your bias a little there Mr Roosh. Yes the US wants Ukraine to come closer to the west, but saying it wants to make them IMF slaves seems a bit harsh to me. Compared to how you lightedly brushed on Russia s interests I do not think this was balanced.
    Both the west and the east want control, and locals are divided in their opinion of what is the better path to follow. Personally, although the EU has stumbled in recent years, I believe that closer ties to US than to Russia is almost universally desirable for a country.
    Compare North to South Korea. Compare East and West Germany. I am not saying US is a saint, but its not the devil either. This is high stakes power politics and with US on one end and Russia on the other, I think US is the guy to cheer for.

      1. Two countries that were absolute paradise before joining the eu right? I think not. I think they can blame their problems on their own overblown socialism. I should note that Ukraine was looking to have a trade agreement with the eu not join it.
        I guess being Greece and Spain would be better off if they were ruled by Russia. The can enjoy the genocide and Chernobyl !

        1. What am I trying to say is it does not matter who rules over you, the IMF or Russia, you are a slave.
          Ukraine will only be free is they stand in their own, but that is not possible.

    1. “I think US is the guy to cheer for.”
      You are an idiot. The US is the war machine for the largest criminal cartel ever implemented.
      I denounced the entire global legal system as a criminal cartel to a large slice of the worlds politicians in my own name back in 2012. In the end about 3,300 emails made it through to the email address I had. I sent it in my own name from my own email address.
      Guess what? Not ONE politician it went to objected to the entire global legal system being called a criminal conspiracy. That tells you they KNOW exactly what they are doing.
      These guys are organising WW III. And they have been at it for a LONG time….and now they are going to get their war started. Men like you are so ignorant as to appear like 5 year olds to those of us know know what is going on.

        1. They are trying to start WW III and in getting WW III on the road the Ukraine is one place where it is very, very highly likely to have a war if not spark a war.
          What my post has to do with the Ukraine is to point out that the governments of USA, UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia, Germany and others are a criminal cartel. When you get every politician you can talk to with over 3,300 such email addresses and NONE of them deny they are criminals? You know you have a problem.
          If you actually studied my work you would realise that I have proven beyond all doubt that the entire global governmental system is a criminal cartel…..and that means they can manipulate WW III into being because men are too stupid and too cowardly to stop them.
          If you read this chapter of my next book you will see I was talking about the planned WW III in October 2008. When I talked to people about WW III in 2008 they laughed at me and called me a “nutter”. So I focussed on the criminality of the family courts, something that NO ONE DENIES.
          Well? Arab spring? Egypt in turmoil? Iraq is flames? Libya destroyed? Syria destroyed? Rioting in the streets in places like Greece and Spain? The US interfering in the Ukraine? All of which has happened AFTER I first started talking about WW III.
          Anyone here think that there is NOT an agenda to get a major war started? Anyone here think that all these things are “just co-incidences”? Because if you do I have a bridge I would like to sell you.
          Even the lame stream media is talking up WW III now.

  26. @Roosh,
    I talked to my fav#1 who was in the Ukraine up until 2 weeks ago. She told me that things are MUCH worse than what is being discussed in the Media. She thinks that there is every chance that a civil war is going to break out.
    I told her that war, in particular a civil war, was very likely to come to the Ukraine 5 years ago. She laughed at me then. She is not laughing now. When I spoke to her the other day she was like “how did you know this was going to happen?”
    I told her I didn’t know for sure, just that given the plan for WW III and the attempt by the US and Russia to create the excuse for a war and the location of the Ukraine that it was obvious that if a war started that the Ukraine would be in the middle of it. So creating internal conflict in the Ukraine just made sense.
    She has a whole new respect for my opinions now that I forecast civil strife that is so severe in the Ukraine 5 years ago. All the previous “colour revolutions” were relatively peaceful.
    Very few people realise that Putin and crew also work for the Committee of 300 and that they are also working to get WW III started while appearing to “oppose” what the imperialist USA is doing. Once you realise Putin and his buddies are in on the deal to get the war started? You realise that it is now a done deal….they are going to get their war in my opinion.
    By the way? If your subs would like to know how controlled the US Media is? Please spread this around.

    1. What? A civil war? Jesus, the media must really be sheltering us from what’s actually going on over there. To hear them tell it, that crooked politican that was released from jail is the second coming and will lead the Ukraine into a glorious feminist utopia unstraddled by the evils of whoever the former prez was.
      They’re making it sounds like the battle is over.

      1. What media are you listening to? All of the people I hang around with know all this shit. We know everyone’s full of lies and horseshit. Why would you expect anything else? I live in the US by the way.

    2. Civil war is gonna break out in Ukraine. It’s gotta happen.
      I also think Russia has no choice but to (re)create the old empire. They’re gouging the hell out of the Europeans on natural gas and they rely very heavily on commodity exports, particularly natural gas exports. Saudi, UAE, Qatar, the US, and Europe want pipelines that run through Syria to Europe to break Russia’s monopoly and Putin can’t allow that. If Putin can get the “Eurasian Union” (Russian empire) he’s talking about. I don’t think China will be too happy with Putin trying to start an empire though. I think we could (and probably will) see a China-Russia war down the line if Putin tries to build his empire. I also think there’s a chance Putin could annex Ukraine.
      By the way, US foreign policy is very unpopular in the US and I think it’s gotta change. Congress won’t be able to get anything through right now and that includes war spending. The days of imperialism in the US are over, at least for now. The executive branch can try, but it won’t happen. Personally, I don’t think it’s any of our (US) business on what happens over there. We got problems here to worry about. I also don’t think anyone’s gonna fuck with the US military. We spend more on the military than the next 10 countries combined. We’re also surrounded by two oceans to the east and west while we have allies to the north and south. No one’s gonna fuck with us.

      1. Well what I got directly from my fav#1 is that she and many people she knows is deeply fearful that a civil war is going to happen.
        She is not one to over-exaggerate. Naturally she is able to have access to people and information I do not have access to. If she says that many people she knows are fearful this is where it is heading? And given the geopolitical position of the Ukraine and the fact russia/china/india/USA/UK are TRYING to start WW III…..the chances that a war will roll across the Ukraine are pretty good.

      2. “I think we could (and probably will) see a China-Russia war down the line if Putin tries to build his empire. ”
        China/Russia are planned to be allies in WW III against “the west”. After that? Who knows….but in WW III….China/India/Russia are planned to be allies along with islamic countries…..the “common enemy” theory…and the common enemy of all those countries are the USA/UK/Canada/Australia etc.
        This is why you have had uncontrolled influx of muslims into the west for the last 30 years. Mohammed your neighbour is going to join the fight on the other side. If WW III gets started? If will be huge….it will make WW II look like a minor incident in terms of number of dead people. 50 million? More like a few billion.
        And while my colleagues and I have worked to stop this? Most men have been worried about how to get laid or how to pay their bills because wifey was stealing from them in the family law courts.
        I actually think that given how stupid and ignorant “the masses” have been over the last 6 years getting rid of most of them is a good idea. In July 2008 when I was offered a job to join the Illuminati and therefore the “theories” that I had been reading about were confirmed I said no. I said no, in part, because I took the position that it was simply wrong to kill 90% of the people on the planet. I thought saving peoples lives was a noble endeavour.
        Nearly 6 years later I have altered my opinion 180 degrees. I see that people care so little about even themselves that they will not lift a finger to save their own lives.
        Did you know that most people who are executed in firing squads etc actually walk to the edge of the mass grave under their own power? Did you know most people who are murdered by brutal regimes never ever fight back? They go to their deaths willingly and resignedly. I never knew that until I did some reading.
        99%+ of people will not fight back even when it is clear that they are about to be murdered. I think that people who will never fight for their own life are not worthy of it.
        After all? When I was young my uncle was a butcher and I used to help him butcher cows. Even COWS used to try and fight back and not be killed…most people have less fight in them than the average COW. Did you know that?
        When men are willing to fight back? They should let my colleagues and I know. I have contacts into the US military and not even men in the US military are willing to fight back yet…..they are walking in to WW III fully knowing it is coming and are resigned to going into it…..I guess they really are the “stupid dumb animals” Kissinger called them, right?

        1. There’s no way Russia and China form an alliance. There’s a much better chance of a US-China alliance. There’s also not much of a chance for India and China to be allies–those two countries hate each other. Neighbors are the most likely to go to war with one another.
          I don’t think it’ll be the West vs the East. I also don’t think this situation will lead to WW III. If you take India as an example, almost all of the current Indian leadership (and future Indian leadership) is Western. There’s also a huge Indian population in the US and the US is very popular in India. India also has a very, very deep hatred with the Muslim world. Muslims in India get persecuted all the time. There’s not a doubt in my mind that if India was to choose a side in WW III, it would be with the West. For similar reasons, I don’t think you’ll see a war between China and the US. The Chinese desperately rely on the US and they depend on the US more than the US depends on them. All of the children of the elite and the best and brightest of China come to the US (which is really good for us). In China, the national government actually has a lot of credibility (I have friends who are children of the Chinese elite).
          As for possible conflicts, I think you could see China-India tensions though. Also, plans between nations break down very quickly during times like this, especially between neighbors. There will be backstabbing–lots of it. Japan and China could go to war. It’s virtually impossible to know how these things are gonna play out ahead of time. These systems are very complex and things can turn on a dime. There are black swan effects we can’t account for and those effects are the only ones that matter.

        2. Again, it’s everyone for themselves. When Russia starts to really build its empire, there’s no way China holds still. There will be backstabbing, lots of it. China is an extremely secular government with a rising middle class that’s really been kinda suppressed. A lot of Western thinkers are actually some of the major guys that the Chinese leadership listen to (seriously).

        3. “We buy all of their shit.”
          You think the chinese need your worthless made from thin air federal reserve notes?
          Wow. How little you know.

        4. “Again, it’s everyone for themselves. ”
          No it is not. No one of any significance does ANYTHING without it being oked or, in most cases, ordered by the committee of 300.

      3. “I also don’t think anyone’s gonna fuck with the US military.”
        How many muslims live in the US? Hhhmmm?
        WW III is planned to be a religious war between Christians and Muslims. You think that the US Military is going to be able to protect you from your muslim population? Really?

        1. WW III won’t be a religious war. The US isn’t even a Christian nation and was never meant to be. There also isn’t a chance in hell a Hindu nation like India takes the Muslim side. Remember that China is a very secular country and is, from a perspective of values and ideology, much closer to the US than it is to Russia. India is much closer to the US in terms of values and ideology than almost any country I can think of (this includes most European countries by the way).

        2. It will not be SOLELY a religious war but it WILL be the nominal christian west vs the muslims + russia + china + india.
          WW III is supposed to be the most horrific and widespread war in all of human history. The sides are to be evenly balanced so they will fight each other into oblivion. That’s the whole idea. India will have no choice but to also come in on the side of china/russia/muslims no matter how much they will not like that idea.
          That is the way it is shaping up.
          You can read all about it over here.

        3. It doesn’t matter what others say. There’s absolutely NO WAY India sides with the Muslim world, ABSOLUTELY NO CHANCE. India is 80% Hindu and there’s a HUGE rift between the Indian and Muslim world. There’s a reason why almost all of the Muslims fled to Pakistan after the Indian independence. I can literally guarantee this. You’d also really be surprised at the amount of Indian influence in the US. A lot of the heads of US companies and even in some parts of the US government have Indian leaders and a huge portion of the Indian leadership have studied and grew up here in the US. The ties run very strong and are deep. The values of Hinduism are much closer to the values of the modern day West than they are to Muslim values (and it’s not even close). I’d be wary of anyone claiming the Muslim world is gonna side with India because that has no chance of happening. Those two sides hate the living shit out of each other and that’s something which won’t change.
          Don’t get me wrong, WW III will be the most horrific out of all the wars in history. It will wipe out a huge portion of the world’s population, but I’m not so sure we’re headed for WW III right now. It may take another few generations. Who knows?

        4. There’s one guarantee I can make. There is no way the Muslim world and the Hindu population of India are on the same side. They fucking hate each other. I have a lot of friends that are Indians here in the US and I’ve visited India relatively often. There will not be a day when India and Pakistan fight on the same side. It will not happen. Not now, not tomorrow, not ever. Hindus hate Muslims with a passion (and with good reason).

  27. Roosh,
    “but the American people have a right to know that when they read Taylor or the Washington Post, they may be reading direct US propaganda. ”
    If it appears in the lame stream media it is US Propaganda. Period. There is no significant news outlet in the US that is not totally, completely and utterly controlled by the Illuminati and they ONLY present what the Illuminati want presented.
    There is not an editor in the country who would last 24 hours if he allowed a story to be printed or aired that was contrary to the wishes of the committee of 300.
    Remember…creating the appearance of “opposing forces” and clashing them together to create chaos is how they further their agenda. The slogan “order out of chaos” is not just a cool tag line. They actively create conflict and mayhem so as to further their own agendas.
    And Aaron Russo and others have told us directly from the horses mouth what that agenda is. Global communism with a chipped population.
    I have linked the interview between Alex Jones and Aaron Russo in this chapter of my next free ebook. In this chapter I point out to women that feminism was a psyop..not that they will listen of course….but it is appropriate to put it in the book.
    Russia is as controlled by the committee of 300 as the US is. Even Gorbachev was recorded saying that the fall of the berlin wall was ordered by the committee of 300. The WHOLE thing is orchestrated like a giant pantomime with artificially created “opposition” so that the sheeple don’t wake up to the fact there is one set of puppet masters at the top.


    1. No one in the US actually takes the mainstream media seriously. We know whatever the media tells us is horseshit. We know everyone’s full of lies and deception. US foreign policy is extremely unpopular at home and there’s too much of a logjam to get anything through in Congress (which I don’t mind).

      1. slight non-sequitur : when timoshenko was in power there was a suggestion that george soros was trying to promote a revolution in kiev in order to manipulate the currency markets (he has form manipulating politics to make money e.g. in UK) http://rt.com/politics/leading-party-soros-prepares/. Now he’s saying he wants to invest in EU banks at exactly the moment this is happening & trying to lobby for the EU to create a marshall plan for Ukraine or something – http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-02-26/george-soros-sustaining-ukraines-breakthrough.
        Ukraine + EU seems to be a long term plan of his and he seems to be getting his way. He likes his progressive causes, but he seems to like them because they make him money. Is he currency speculating?

      1. Um…you do realise zbigniew brzezinski was one of the creators of Al-CIA-DUH….right?
        brzezinski is one of the senior players in implementing the new world order. He is one of the most evil people alive today….I think he is still alive….and he was a mentor of Obama as well.

        1. I don’t think there is a “New World Order” right now. These things rely on a whole host of factors, like capital flows and all sorts of stuff. Obama really doesn’t have much power anyways. You can only count on one thing: there will be a logjam in the American Congress. The World’s Order at any given time always depends on, first and foremost, financial factors.
          I think there’s only one rule in today’s world for nations: it’s everyone for themselves. There will be lots of backstabbing and unpredictability. Circumstances will turn on a dime. That’s really all we can be sure of.

        2. It does not matter what you think. It matters what is so.
          And right now there are no countries of any significance that are not run by the Committee of 300 and working to the agenda of the Committee of 300.
          For example Libya is a country of only 4 million people….and the Committee of 300 was not willing to leave them alone. Even 4 million people out of SEVEN BILLION have to be brought into the fold.
          Think about that for a minute. The Committee of 300 ordered the invasion and destruction of a small african country with only 4 million people in it rather than simply leave them alone.

  28. Great piece Roosh. I enjoy everything you write. My thoughts on Ukraine.
    1. Ethnic. Russian east, Ukrainian/Polish west.
    2. Economic. Gas pipelines crisscross the place going from Russia to Europe. Breadbasket agriculture (black soil). Mess with that and Russia gets hit in the wallet and stomach.
    3. Hegemony. Russia fucked up USA in Syria. USA fucks with Russia in Ukraine.
    4.politics. oligarchs/corruption against poor. Nationalists, commies, liberals, fascists, catholics, orthodox, jews, etc.. added to mix with unholy alliances.
    5. Military. Russian fleet in south east. 700 + Ukrainian tanks and double that for Russia. Ukrainians make great frontline troops. (Historically)(?)
    6. There’s sure to be more.
    Loved the recent comment from USA representative Victoria Nuland “fuck Europe” more here on that

  29. The disgusting displays of clueless moral relativism evident in this article and the supporting comments is disturbing, I put it down to deliberate ignorance of history. If you really think violent oppression by secret police is equal to the signing of some trade agreement with a neighboring economic unit, your brain is diseased by too much easy living in the West.
    As someone who has been directly affected by what Roosh sneeringly calls” in predictable Russophobe fashion, the writer paints Russia as a meddler that is trying to bully the region.”, I find the entire tone of this post offensive.
    I have personally had family members arrested in the middle of the night by secret police in a “bullied country” who were working directly to carry out the policies of their Russian masters who occupied the nation with troops and tanks. Put up against that direct violent extreme State oppression, whatever the EU may or not be trying to do now in Ukraine is of almost no importance. The EU secret police are not going to haul you off to prison, torture you, then shoot you in the back of the head – common historical practice under Russian administration.
    I could not care less if the CIA paid each and every protester in Kiev cash. The actions of the pro-Russian mafia that called themselves the “Ukrainian Government” speak much louder than the empty words of their ignorant fellow traveler supporters in the West. Why are you so eager to stand shoulder to shoulder with war criminal state terrorist mafias?
    Roosh can try and re-write history to make his weak argument stronger, but it simply won’t wash, the history is what it is, and no amount of partisan historical revisionism can square that circle. There are so many lies of omission and outright pro-Russian fabrications present in this article that I would have to write an equally long comment to refute them all in detail, with historical accounts gleaned from first hand testimony of what actually happened to people I personally know. But why bother, no one is going to change their mind just because of some inconvenient facts.
    I have very little support for many American actions throughout history
    either, but those wrongs cannot be translated into any form of support
    for scum like Yanucoyvich. Everyone knows ‘Radio Free Europe’ is a propaganda organ of the US, just like Russia has their own equivalents, and that the US Government always tries to spread their ” approved narrative”, just like the Russian Goverment, and every other Government on Earth. Edward Snowden has only proven what we already suspected.

    1. Funny thing is that many of the people who (correctly) slam ‘Radio Free Europe’ as US propaganda, then go to do their daily self-brainwashing by reading its Russian propaganda counterpart, Russia Today (rt.com), that retarded cospiracy nuttery cesspool that makes Alex Jones look tame in comparison.

      1. I used to like Russia Today initially for it’s cultural coverage of Russia and the interesting regions within. Then it became much like foxnews and other talk-news channels with nothing but propaganda between smug intellectuals (what was funny was they criticized foxnews for being like that. Pot calling the kettle black.)
        The notion that the uprising was funded by 5 billion of American cash is laughable. That 5 billion has been since 1992 and directed at such things as conferences, commerce deals, etc. Russia’s “funding” and help for Ukraine, however, has been to get the oligarchs to sign off on double price gas deals, handing over the port, and favorable trade deals. For Russia. The oligarchs are rewarded like noblemen with crony capitalist estates. Yanucoyvich owned the capital airport and half the infrastructure of the city. His palace is obscene. He’s now (properly) fleeing for his life and is set to be tried at the Hague.
        It’s insane on RoK to suggest that a man’s place is in the former USSR. In some ways, it was more manly but overall, from a human point of view, it sucked the life out of most men. Most men there do not want Soviet times again.

  30. good and accurate article, i’m personally very happy to see western people becoming more aware of what’s really happening with all those “democratic revolutions” and “springs”…and this time more than ever. it is kinda late, but never too late. people should start reading non mainstream articles on international politics and similar topics (and those are not difficult to find if there’s any real interest involved), because mass media under influence of their governments are brainwashing their people…

  31. Good article that points out the shameful state of the MSM in the US.
    The MSM in the US is nothing more than a mouthpiece for the feminist state. They constantly quote statistics (like “1 in 4 women will suffer domestic violence”) made up by women studies departments without ever bothering to research the source. That is just one example in which I happen to know the statistic is entirely bogus. But once I heard that one quoted (even on Fox News), I don’t trust any numbers from the MSM that I do not have time to personally research.
    My personal take on Ukraine is: What’s in it for us? And by “us” I mean the type of men that visit ROK.
    Are we better off with Ukraine being primarily under the influence of Russia or the USA/EU?
    Personally, I think the former. If Ukraine becomes a “westernized” country, that means it will be infiltrated by feminism. In fact, the feminist state will take on Ukraine as a special project with particular enthusiasm, because feminists cannot stand the fact that men like us go there to find beautiful and traditional women. So the place will be spoiled from our perspective.

    1. It’s useful to look at Poland. Poland has been slow to feminize because they don’t share a strong cultural bond with Europe (they are viewed as outsiders by mainstream Europeans) and their welfare state is poor, literally, so the welfare recipients that drive a leftist and feminist ideology have been slow to go there. In addition, Poland is also strongly nationalistic. This is a problem for Ukraine moving in that direction since it’s split between east and west with about half of Ukrainians thinking of themselves as Russians.
      The problems with feminism aren’t due to the EU or strong feminist legislation (although that’s certainly a factor) but rather the inevitable problem of equal pay for women and a strong welfare state that teaches women entitlement attitudes.

  32. This article is hilarious. It’s not plagiarism when the author literally mentions the name of the person/organization he’s quoting from. Its called sourcing. Seriously, just drop that shit, you’re embarrassing yourself. Is it in bad form to quote from a government source? Only if the relevant facts being conveyed aren’t literally true, but this article doesn’t even bother trying to establish that.

  33. I know it is a simplistic analysis, but just by taking a look at Ukraine’s neighbours Poland and Russia, I would rather choose to partner with the EU. According to Roosh, Ukraine is a shithole of a country albeit the beautiful women. On the contrary, in terms of its economy, corruption and services, Poland is way better off than Ukraine and there are still femenine women out there. I understand that joining the EU would have negative consequences on the long term but I’m sure it would bring a lot of prosperity to Ukraine in the short-mid term. On the other side, I fail to see how allying with Russia would benefit Ukraine on the long term.

    1. Putin’s oligarchs exploit the Russian people and the Ukrainian people as well. This is also the system we’re getting in the states. Sure, men were more manly as peasants 500 years ago than they are today, but do we want to go back in that direction?
      Russian isn’t an ally of Ukraine, it is it’s master by selling it overpriced gas and simply taking resources as it likes. Putin’s propaganda mill is pretty hilarious. Remember the spy who was poisoned by Polonium a few years ago? Putin’s media tried to claim that this was a total accident and unintentional and no murder occurred. I’m not joking.
      Then again, the American media is full of equal laughable lies such as Obamacare is great, healthcare.gov is a success, and white on black crime is a bigger problem than vice-versa.

  34. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2565697/House-fit-tyrant-Protestors-storm-sprawling-luxury-estate-Ukraines-fugitive-president-private-zoo-golf-course-half-size-Monaco.html
    “House fit for a tyrant: Protestors storm the sprawling, luxury
    estate of Ukraine’s fugitive president which has its own private zoo,
    golf course and is half the size of Monaco”
    Take a look at those pictures.
    Here is your great man of the people Yanukovych’s modest and unpretentious house, all paid for with only his own money of course. What a selfless pubic servant the man was.

  35. Any real man in the West should be rooting for Russia. The propaganda fed to us about the Ukraine is pure drivel. The Ukraine has always been apart of Russia for over a thousand years. These people are ethnically Slavic Russians. Also, Russia under Putin is protecting their nation and the former Eastern Bloc nations from the Anglo-American cancer of feminism. Look how those Cossack policemen in Sochi took care of those pussy riot whores. The West has been proliferating the plague on poor little Ukraine for over two decades now, whether it’s feminism, fast food, nihilism, materialism, atheistic secularism, degenerate music etc. If Russian tanks and Su-47s come storming over the Ukrainian border, I would smoke a celebratory cigar in its event. Research the Ukrainian feminist group, FEMEN, and that’ll show you Ukraine’s future under Western jurisprudence, where men are second class citizens and criminals by birth. Here’s hoping for a good ole ass kicking a la’ Russe!

  36. Two corrections:
    “The EU’s position is to gain 46 million more slaves for the IMF and
    Europe’s consumer market.”
    Not so. The EU does not care about Westerners. Germanic people’s tax money was given first to the Meds and then to the East Europeans who joined the EU. While filling up Germanic nations with more and more immigrants from the south and eats. These countries discussed only how much money they would get from the hated Nordics by joining the EU, that was their “debate over EU membership”.
    “The Ukrainian people’s position is to improve
    their standard of living”
    Those who have heard Ukrainians talk about EU tell a different story. It is ALL about getting visas to the EU, by the “trade deal” with the EU. Tens of millions of immigrants swarming over the West. And no, it won’t just be pretty young girls. It will be every gangster from one of the most corrupt, criminal countries in Eastern Europe (together with crime states like Romania and Albania). That is EXACTLY what the EU wants, in order to make sure the Northern reaction is drowned out by leftist voters, with the ultimate goal of destroying Germanic peoples entirely to remove them as a threat. That’ll teach those who tried to stand up to the globalists.

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