What Freedom Looks Like In Modern America

The patriarchal father of the past looms large. He would love and cherish his children, and when he discovered their misdeeds, he was quick to punish them. Decisively so. He would saddle them with chores and restrictions. He was quite the tyrant. Yet he would give them more and more freedom, so slowly they hardly noticed, as his children obeyed his will. With each passing year, he showed less and less oversight, and more and more freedoms to his offspring.

If ever a child abused these freedoms, the father would immediately deny him these hard-won freedoms. Freedom relied on responsibility to bring order – without responsibility, freedom was out of the question. Freedom could not bequeath order where there was no responsibility.

Nowadays, this sequence is reversed, if it remains at all. Parents grant children freedom and privileges before they have shown any aptitude to use them wisely. And the father lacks the conviction to restrain a child when the child misbehaves – if only because the father himself indulges. He lacks conviction to mete out meaningful punishment, and fears he is out of touch. He always has a submissive posture – go to any place where parents and children gather, and you’ll see a wayward father trailing after his child. The viewer is in doubt as to who leads whom.

He may be overworked, which limits his time with his children. He cannot bear to see them unhappy, so he spends his every moment with them placating their wants, hoping this will please them. If he dares punish them, he worries he is being draconian, too “paternalistic” even.

He worries that he doesn’t outwardly love his children enough. So he avoids any action that could be mistaken for being hateful – he avoids doling out strict punishment, because he cannot bear to see them cry. The masculine desire to do right by his offspring is corrupted into an effeminate instinct to keep them from feeling hurt or offended. And his children will superficially reward him with a smile when he relents and gives them what they crave. The more he placates them, the more spineless and entitled they become. They learn to unleash a tantrum at the merest trigger. And their father only wilts before such emotionalism.

The patriarch is not popular nowadays. He is a man of deep conviction – he is close-minded, unreceptive to innovation; so we write him off as dim and dull. As we’ve strayed from his example, the problems we set out to solve have only multiplied. Perhaps it’s time we gave him his due.


We say we want freedom. Yet we crave the fruits of restriction and self-denial. We slave away for an appealing physique; we study difficult languages to live in faraway lands; we enter strange and discomfiting situations to near ourselves to beauty; it’s clear that sacrifice is no foreign, abstract thing – it is very much a daily reality. To say otherwise is to admit to a life of sloth and stagnation.

Everybody wants to be a bodybuilder, but nobody wants to lift no heavy ass weights. – Ronnie Coleman

Here in America, we are bombarded with offers of tasty, addictive food. We know it to be bad for us, that it will fatten and age us, yet we indulge. Hundreds and thousands of people devote themselves to the craft of making these foods as addictive and cheap as possible. They pay no concern to the food’s effect on health, so long as the customer gladly pays up. To be an American is to believe that God smiles upon every corporate dollar made, no matter how ill-gotten. The American clamors for his right to consume anything and everything, and then wonders why his country is beset by the moral plague of fatness.

The people of America have grotesquely abused this freedom to choose. Their sins can be seen from every street corner, as they waddle about as their limp sweatpants pay no remonstrance to their swelling bulk. As King David wrote thousands of years ago, they are entombed in their own fat as they speak proudly. They have manifestly failed to stay trim. When a man ceases to act like an adult, it becomes necessary to stop treating him as if he were one. Freedom is no solution for a wayward child or a lapsed drug addict – the American people are no exception. If it is freedom they cannot handle, then it is freedom they shall be denied.

Already, one can hear the cries of “freedom” ringing out, objecting to any measures to stem the tide of fatness. “Draconian, paternalistic!” they will say. Precisely. Paternalism is a virtue when dealing with children.

Of these naysaying freedom fighters, I must ask, where were they when Edward Snowden revealed how the American government spies on its own people? When American officials were threatening war in yet another Middle Eastern country? When bureaucrats are confiscating guns away from law-abiding men? Or when the government was facilitating death at the hands of Mexican cartels by selling them guns? When government universities expel students with unconstitutional speech codes and flippant standards of evidence for sexual assault convictions? They were watching American Idol.

The public can’t be bothered to care about those freedoms. Already, the only freedom the establishment protects is the freedom to consume, the freedom to define oneself by one’s selection of multinational brands and syndicated television shows. To buy and consume freely from one company or another, to admit no impediment to the American dollar, that is the freedom to which the government of right and left have joined to protect. Heaven forbid an embargo on iPhones. But raise the prospect of questioning their treasured sweets, and the sausage-fingered rise up in digital fury.

A few Western men are discovering the obvious superiority of women abroad. Thin, feminine, graceful, they say of foreign women. Let us take after them, and consider a thought experiment – that there exists two countries, Freedonia and Patria. Abstinence and restraint are unheard of in Freedonia – everyone indulges to their gut’s content. And they have figures of piggish proportion to show for it.

Meanwhile, in Patria, Pop Tarts and Tootsie Rolls are nowhere to be found. The markets in Patria are simple, spartan affairs. Aisles are lined with produce and spices, sacks of grains and legumes, with meat and seafood, and simple oils and condiments.

As Hilaire Belloc noted, we have a word for men short and tall, dwarf and giant, but no word for a man of medium stature. So too, in Patria “cooking from scratch” is unheard of – because that is all they have ever known. To cook any other way is to propose riding a bicycle without wheels –utterly incomprehensible. The men and women of Patria are broadly aware of the basic principles of cooking, with curing meats and fermenting crops. Corpulence of any kind is confined to the sick and disabled.

One has to ask, what kind of man would opt for a nation free in name but wracked by sloth and cowardice in reality, where beauty is obscured by fleshy extrusions of fat? For a land where indulgence is the rule, and discipline the exception? For a home where children cannot rely on their mother to prepare a healthful meal? Would you trust a man so disposed with the care of your business, with the hand of your daughter, with the pulpit of your church? Only a man under the spell of gluttony and decadence could prefer a nation like Freedonia, yet these men abound today.

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108 thoughts on “What Freedom Looks Like In Modern America”

    We need to shrink the Government to it’s bare operational necessity to maintain essential public services and minimum Police only to protect us in emergencies.
    We demand taxes no more than 5% to support these services. For services outside the core ones people can opt-in or out.
    No more funding black projects, all R&D (DARPA) from the Gov. should be released for economic growth and new jobs.
    Can we all pledge to do that?

    1. As a Rothbardian anarcho-capitalist (in the tradition of libertarian thinker Murray Rothbard), I agree. In fact, I would go even further; I would abolish the State and make way for voluntary governance over forced governance.

      1. I agree but let’s start by shrinking the enormous monster the Gov. has become including the military.
        Just asking that the Gov. will REVEAL it’s true colors….just watch.
        When a prisoner steps too close to the prison walls he gets shot.
        All this bullshit article about Freedom is a fucking JOKE.
        Are we FREE to reduce our Government?
        I think we have ZERO POWER over the Government…..but I hope I am wrong.

    2. What’s freedom? I’m going to argue that in a little over 15 years, the UK has turned into the most surveilled and least free nation of the world. A recent study put england and the US and 6 and 5 respectively in terms of freedom. They were outdone only by some EE state, Russia, North Korea and China. I mean WOW. Whilst we would not have registered on such a list a couple decades ago, we’ve really shot up the rankings. Shows us what to expect in future.
      Like George Carlin says, we’re free to choose from 20 brands of chocolate, but not free to choose our own futures. And feminism worsens this agenda.

      1. Carlin was a blessing, like Hicks to wake us up to the Evil Gov we have now…
        We can change our Gov. but only if we collectively demand the same thing and take specific actions to get what we want.
        We need a platform to rally and organize ourselves.

    3. Most of you would become slaves if anarchic-capitalism is put in practice. Yes, the Welfare State has done some shit, but is the only way in capitalism to have a civilization. Take the safety net, and you will die, or worse, you will live a short and horrible life (think England early 19th Century).
      Or you change capitalism for something better, or you build a very strong Welfare State to avoid the worst parts of it. Pure capitalism will simply eat your bones.

      1. To the extent people lived short and horrible lives in the Industrial Revolution was because of the inherent physical dangers of completely transforming agricultural lands into giant factory filled urban areas, all done with equipment and methods which were relatively new and not perfected. From afar, that generation were guinea pigs whose efforts have enabled us to live comfortably some 300-400 years on. This came at great sacrifice, but ALL progress requires sacrifice of some sort. The sacrifice of that entire generation to endure shitty working conditions and reduced life expectancy was an acceptable one to them because it was the way forward, the only way forward.
        It has nothing to do with capitalism, and it’s not a given that one will go by the wayside without a safety net. The fact that we even have a safety net to offer is owing to the fact that we’re wealthy in the first place, which in turn is owing to the fact that people who came before us generated a lot of wealth, with no safety net available, because it simply wasn’t possible. For them, they could simply stagnate in poverty, or improve their lot through sacrifice. Given the choice to improve one’s lot, capitalism is the best system to achieve that under

    4. To shrink the government we have to return to sound money. Nationalize or phase out the Federal Reserve system and the government will be forced to discipline their spending; thus seizing to grow. With gold and silver, the only way to raise new funds is through taxation, and that of course would be political suicide. If gold and silver aren’t important, why do governments and banks hoard it? Gold is freedom. Paper currency is tyranny. “Paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value–zero.” -Voltaire.

      1. We can shrink the Gov. and keep the Fed for now.
        The point is to start taking a critical mass action towards the Gov. to see the power of the people.
        The hardest part to this is the FIRST ACTION.
        Once we can collectively change 1 thing about the Gov, we can change more after.
        The point is to rally everybody to collectively demand a precise CHANGE in the Gov. with specific demands.

        1. Oh yes it will be bloody because Evil will use violence to stop us since that’s their only way of control.
          All the debates in the world will never change the US Gov. because all politicians work for the same elite controlling group.
          All you see on TV is a giant puppet show to keep the illusion of CHOICE alive but the reality is we have no choice about our Government and everyday it is getting bigger and bigger until no other country can save us from it.
          The US Military and Police officers are only here to protect the elite and high ranking Gov. officers. They are not here to protect us. I see them like mall cops, obeying their master boss like a dog on a leech.
          The REVOLUTION starts by EDUCATING all POLICE OFFICERS to QUIT THEIR IMMORAL JOBS and join the People to fight the banking cartel.
          The greatest work for all mankind is to evolve out of slavery, that’s the true enlightenment.

    5. Kurt, it is a nice idea but the interest groups will not let the money stop flowing.

      1. Yeah I know….that’s the real battle waiting to happen…
        Occupy Wall Street was a great start but they didn’t have a list of specific demands towards the Gov so the movement fizzled out due to lack of collective action.

  2. Men used to bring forth discipline and toughness while women brought an abundance of love and self acceptance. That produced well balanced and happy individuals, like we see in foreigners. But feminists, by attacking gender roles, prevent both sexes from bringing their best contributions to the table.

    1. yeah it’s not just the men…. these MBA career girls that want a kiddie as some kind of trophy for their facebook page, are generally stressed out, pandering, and unable to control their kids…. it all starts with the mother….. the father plays a miniscule role the first 2-3 years…. by that time, if the mother is no good at it…. the father is screwed….
      the first part of this article goes on about how men pander to their kids etc. etc. but alot of the time they are doing it for damage control, due to the mother being a bitch….. it is sad, but a man is smart enough to chose the path of least resistance…

    2. Focusing solely on feminists is to ignore the vast number of other contributors.

    3. ..And now it’s completely, all lost. These times..good times.. are long gone.

  3. I don’t think the problem is too many choices. The problem is lack of restraint, as noted in the article. I would take option 3 – Libertadia – A land where choices were free, but men were the natural leaders of the society and civility and virtue ruled.

    1. Choice is a good thing. We are defined by the choice we make. But there are real choices and false ones. In questionnaires for example people are often asked to choose between options that bear no resemblance to real life situations, or which give them no option to say what they actually want or actually think. That’s what we have in the West. Consumerism creates false choices so that we choose what will help us to part with our money.

  4. Freedom isn’t so bad when all the information about actions and consequences, differences in abilities, and risks and rewards are also freely available. In other words, freedom where we can make informed decisions. We have a freedom saturated with feel good lies and positive affirmation, as well as parasitic power structures that hide behind a wall of complexity buttressed by our consumer induced apathy.

  5. Easily one of the best articles on RoK. The solution to all this is found in the name of this website.

    1. Have wondered this myself. If you consider yourself a patriarch then you must be fundamentally opposed to democracy because democracy and leftoidism are one and the same. The “people” as a whole have not the will nor the foresight to decide for themselves.
      Like wayward children they need the firm hand of a man……a KING to guide, restrain and embolden when necessary those virtues which produce strong families and by extension strong kingdoms.
      The masses need a rock to cling to and look towards as a righteous example of strength and excellence. How can we come back to this point?
      My thought is that when men find the strength to make a final stand for their convictions and possibly die for it, then we will have kings again.
      The death ground strategy as written about in the 33 strategies of war is what I’m referring to. No land is worth owning, no freedom worth tasting if you aren’t willing to fuckin destroy whatever is in the way of it.

      1. I keep hearing about such neo-monarchism. Platonic philosopher kings versus corrupt athenian democracy. It is slightly despairing though. There seems to be a consensus amongst some that democracy by its nature will always become corrupt and totalitarian. It seems to be going that way, but is that because of the nature of democracy or because our politicians, and political insitutions are not doing their job. The immediate problem seems to me to be the ease with which democratic institutions can be manipulated by powerful forces, particularly by lobby groups pushing powerful ideologies through carefully crafted rhetoric and corporate capitalists pushing policies that advance their interests. All of this is possible because of institutional failure but is it necessarily the institution of democracy itself that is at fault? Women voters outnumber men it is true but not massively. But how often do you hear that it is the majority, the ordinary people who are ignored and passed over in favour of minorities? The fact is that the key to power in our current advanced democracies does not simply depend on force of numbers – it does not depend on any form of direct representation that measures Rousseau’s general will of the majority.
        Further you fail to address one of the key issues raised in the article which is the moral legitimacy of the father. The father raised up in this article is not merely a benevolent despot, divining the best interests of his family, and ruling in their interests without their say. Rather he has authority based upon his ability to bear responsibility for those who may be less responsible than him. In modern democratic speak this would be described in terms of leadership rather than any kind of rule by dint of a monopoly of force.
        The children in this scenario are given freedom, choice and responsibility to the extent that they demonstrate responsibility; that is to the extent they evolve towards adulthood.
        A key criticism of the patriarchy of old was that it lacked or had lost legitimacy, and reflected only a monopoly of force. The opportunity here is to renew and reinvigorate an institution that has been shown to work better than modern alternatives that are falling flat on their faces with dire consequences in terms of societal breakdown.
        We should focus on the failures and absurdities of the levelling forces in gender feminism with a view to making the case for male leadership within the family. Without making such a moral case, then you will not persuade anybody of anything. At least not more than a handful.

        1. I meant to show that a benevolent king is much like the benevolent father you describe. His subjects are his children to command and guide. So really it goes both ways in that sense. I despise democracy as we know it in the modern world because I dont believe for one instant that just simply breathing gives you the right to vote on where the country you now find yourself is going.
          If it were based on some other system such as we had at the founding of this country I could get behind that more. Property ownership gives one a right to vote in his country. This way you at least insure the voter is tied to the soil in which he chooses to cast his vote.

  6. All these shameful things, are, in fact, a side effect of freedom. Our exceptional wealth, abundance and freedom gives us the ability to choose our own path… which, for most, is nothing to be proud of. The fat, the ignorant, the utterly average- they are reaping the rewards of freedom. Makes you question everything, doesn’t it?

    1. People had the same freedoms, more in fact, back in the 1880’s, yet were thin, supple, active, alert and intelligent to a fault.

      1. Yes. In fact, one could argue that even the century of freedom (19th century), people were healthier.
        It was the State that was subsidizing and supporting these unhealthy stuff in the mid 20th century. And so these side effects are not so much effects of freedom as they are results of a statist society that not only benefits a statist State but also keeps bad companies prosperous (with the help of the State).

        1. Exactly correct. Industry subsidies, tax breaks, tax penalties towards competitors, etc. all born from mercantilism via statism. In fact, much in the same way that feminist entitlements in society are enforced by the state’s guns all in the name of “freedom”.

        2. “people were healthier” Nope, they were not.
          “It was the State that was subsidizing and supporting these unhealthy stuff in the mid 20th century.” If you are talking about the United States, you are correct. But the US is not the only Government in the world.

  7. There used to be social consequences for being fat or disgusting. In fact, shaming used to be a check on all sorts of bad behavior.
    But that was “intolerant” so now there are fat slobs everywhere who have no reason to discipline themselves.
    It’s always somebody else’s fault or something these idiots want the government to try to solve, which leads to a loss of liberty and epic failure.

    1. Diet and lifestyle have changed a lot since the 19th century. Modern humans have become fat as a result of the increase in cheap carbs, high salt and high sugar diets combined with a lack of activity and sedentary lifestyle. But you can’t blame others, people have to take responsibility for their actions or face the consequences.

  8. The seven deadly sins:
    1. Wrath
    2. Greed.
    3. Sloth
    4. Pride
    5. Lust
    6. Envy
    7. Gluttony
    How many of these apply to the problems we see in the West? The “freedom” to stuff your face and become obese is born out of lust, greed and gluttony. Fat acceptance is simply the pride of fat people unwilling to admit to their problems. Criticizing thin girls is born of out of envy and much of this is wrapped in a lot of wrath towards those who point out the problems. So as you can see, the cries of “it’s our freedom and our rights” and simply attempts at covering up a multitude of sins.

    1. There is no “Sin”. There is legal and illegal.
      It is a fat fuck’s right to stuff his face just as it is your right to call him a fat fuck.

      1. Sin is matter of personal faith and so it’s your choice to believe in it or not. If i call someone a fat fuck then its simply a personal insult which can be dismissed and the fatty can assert their right to eat until they die. Nothing changes and people will just carry on getting fat as they are now. Honestly look at those sins and even if you don’t believe in God ask yourself this: if we lived in a society that really regarded them as socially unacceptable, would we have as many problems as we do with obesity, debt etc..?

      2. The German troops who we are constantly told ‘holocausted’ all those jews were acting legally at the time they ‘holocausted’ the jews.

  9. I really do not care what people choose to do with their freedoms. Wanna be a fat fuck? Have at it. Want to be a fucking retard who’s knowledge base consists of 95% buzzfeed articles and 5% Huffington Post editorials, by all means. Smoke dope all day? Please do. Fuck sheep? Go ahead.
    None of this bothers me until the state decides to start subsidizing people’s bad decisions and attempting to economically insulate every dumb fuck around with other people’s money. I’m also bothered when the state decides to restrict my and every other responsible person’s freedoms because a small minority are barely aware enough to avoid drowning in a shower.
    Freedom only works when it’s conditional on an proportional amount of responsibility. These days, freedom is entirely conditional on whatever itch a person is feeling at the moment and how much social justice will be achieved in scratching it.

    1. Yeah, I’ll go with that. We can also stop subsidizing states. You get no more than you pay in for tax monies. Fark off leeches. You want to jerk off to DeadFatGuy and Pajamas or Vapid Bint and Daily Lib all day, feel free, just don’t expect me to pay one penny to you.
      Even better, let’s kill SCHIP, Welfare, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, release hospitals from the requirement to treat emergencies, Repeal the ACA / Obamacare, defund the Military-Industrial complex, shutter the EPA, CIA / NSA (most will be folded into the DIA, but still), FBI, Head Start, DEA, NIH, WIC, FDA, USDA, USAMRIID, SEC, et al. There’s too many to list in one post.
      Finally, take marriage away from the state. The state is no longer allowed to use the word marriage in any contract. You can sign up for a life term, unlimited liability cohabitation contract, or not. By removing marriage from it, the homosexuals can have their equality (since nobody is ‘getting married’), the churches can continue to have marriages (even if they aren’t technically legally binding, just a religious thing), and the state has it’s enforceable contract.
      Finally, let’s just get rid of school requirements. Parents can teach their kids whatever the heck they want. You want to send your child to ‘school’ it’ll be private.
      That’s just the tip ‘o the iceberg of course…

    2. 100% agree. Fatties want to be not only tolerated, but ‘accepted’. Females want to whore around in their 20s and still be seen as acceptable marriage material, apparently. People want the healthcare system to bail them out when they smoke and drink to excess. People want endless welfare so they don’t suffer the consequences of there consumption choices.
      Freedom is great, but when you want the state to legislate away the purely natural consequences of your bad decisions, that’s not freedom, because you take someone else’s freedom via taxes to achieve the goal.

      1. Females whore around since the age of 15. IF NOT EARLIER! 20 y.olds are ‘experienced’ whores. Every neighbor knows them by that age LOL xD

    3. I agree with the last paragraph 100% but where I depart is a society where there’s “freedoms” for someone to as you say to ” fuck sheep”.
      Any moral right minded sort of people living in a free society(property ownership) upon hearing that there is someone who fucks sheep in your neighborhood will at the very least burn this fucking sickos house down and run him off or string him up in the public square.
      That is what SHOULD happen because that is fucking disgusting and anyone who possesses the “proportional amount of responsibility” for their freedom is going to justly kill this fucking pervert and show to his children so they can see and believe in justice.
      Furthermore a society which allows “sheep fucking” has to be debased and immoral from the get go as you would have to knowingly MAKE LAWS which provide for protection for this sort of thing because any normal person would never allow that near their children.
      You may not care what people choose to do with their freedoms but I fucking do and no godamn sheep fucking perverts or any sort of faggot deviants are going to be in the society which I call home.

      1. I can only find one flaw in your argument. I, however, believe it is a significant one:
        Civilization was invented by sheep fuckers.

        1. And civilisation is decaying because you’re not backing them up against a cliff’s edge in the Scottish way, but then again, none of us here are True Scotsmen …

      2. “Furthermore a society which allows “sheep fucking” has to be debased and immoral from the get go”….
        How is it that it is immoral to fuck them….but to kill, skin and eat them Okidoki?
        Once you start using “morality” for the base of your state laws then we are back to the deep shit we find ourselves in now.

        1. We are in “deep shit” stupid fuck because the citizenry have zero morals and equate like you just did…killing for survival and other pragmatic means the same level as having intercourse with a godam animal you fucking euro perv.
          By all means fuck all the sheep you want. You have that “right” in our current societies. In fact I hear they have brothels specifically for this kind of thing throughout europe. I’m sure you are aware of that and perhaps are a frequent customer.
          A miscreant like you better not get caught in my town motherfucker you are gettin lynched with the quickness.

        2. Another thing you fuckin brain dead moron. Law making does not exist in a vacuum and inherently has morality attached to it.
          You get that retard? You cant fucking separate the two as a righteous people DO NOT NEED LAWS. Laws are for the unrighteous fucktard. Since no one is inherently righteous and can follow the law 100% of the time…we need laws and the morality attached to them to keep a society from disintegrating into hovels of neanderthal sheep fuckers like yourself.
          I bet you have voted before too in whatever piss weak fuckin country you come from. People like you should have zero say in where their nation is going because you are a fucking IDIOT. For the love of god do not reproduce.

        3. Are you a retard or simply just stupid?
          Do I have to explain my point a bit…. S..l..o..w..e..r ….so you can grasp the meaning of my comment?
          For fuck sake…save your red-neck hate for feminists.

    4. Agreed. Subidizing/incentivising a lot of things has led to the UK resembling the film ‘idiocracy’ in many respects.
      MY favorite bit:
      voter : “that’s what you said last time. You’re a dipshit.
      South Carolina, What’s up?”
      (all the voters start rioting)
      (US president (Obama?) gets out a gun and start shooting into the celing, silencing everybody)

    5. I don’t know. I don’t want a nation of fat, retarded, drug addicted sheep fuckers waddling around me and my family. I agree that the government has no right to regulate such things, but perhaps our culture should regulate itself. Forget this, “don’t judge others” attitude. Shame the shameful.
      Why is regulation always associated with government? Do we not have a notion of regulating ourselves, culturally? Have we become so decadent?

      1. Unfortunately given that this has been glossed over for 5 days now- especially since it was here on RoK- I would have to say yes.
        You can even take the next empathetic step and see that those people would be happier if they weren’t retarded and/or fucking sheep. OR you can simply realize that the quality of life for everyone goes up if there are less retards fucking sheep in the world.
        Yet those same people will never see the light of day even if we berate them in an effort to self-regulate our society. Its not like they don’t realize that being a fatass or a junkie or a whore is bad. Its just that they are too goddamned weak to do anything about it. This leads to us all being made to suffer.

  10. patriarchs or fathers barely exist now that’s the problem. over 40% of women have children out of wedlock and there’s over 50% divorce rate. fathers rarely get their kids in divorce and the 40% that have kids out of wedlock most don’t know who the damn father was. so that’s upwards of 70%+ of kids now don’t have their fathers around which is the way feminists want it. However the little experiment we’ve done for the last 50 years giving women full control over children and the father minimal exposure has proven nothing more than a disaster. I love it when women complain about men now a day, I tell them…statistically women raised a lot of men so blame them

    1. not to mention this experiment has caused population ageing in just 50yrs. lotta strain on young workers to keep up the pension like in japan. kids are investments and seniors are a burden(as mean as that sounds)

    2. yet the entire mechanism of the gender equality industry is premised on the existence and in justice of structural patriarchy. How do they square that with the reality on the ground? By pointing exclusively to any remaining areas where men predominate

  11. Patriarchy = Freedom for the majority. Healthy children and families.
    Feminism = Raw power for lesbians and haters. Hatred of children and families. Collapse of society into factions and war.

    1. Socialism = Feminism = Nazism = Satanism
      All things ending in ‘ISM’ is bad for us.

  12. Tremendous article. I have read through the article after just finishing another on a news site about an 18 year old girl suing her parents for financial support after she has vacated the home. The parents stance is that she can live in their home and attend a private school if she follows their rules. She disagrees with this and has asked a New Jersey court to force her parents to pay for her high school tuition and continue funding her lifestyle. Kudos to the girls parents for standing up for their values and not caving into the girls entitlement agenda. All of this only reinforces the description of the many young girls out there today that this website puts forth.

    1. you forgot to mention her friend’s lawyer parents who are financing this absurd litigation. Entitlement needs a sponsor.

      1. Stories like this get me thinking — it must be really hard to be a parent these days, especially if you’re trying to be the kind of stern patriarch Emmanuel praises in this article. You might be able to impose strict rules and accountability in your own house, but still get undermined by the kids’ friends or even, (in this case), parents of friends.
        If the child is a girl, she probably has legions of beta orbiters and go grrrl enablers validating every terrible decision she makes. This is on top of advertising and pop culture that encourage kids to undermine their parents.
        It seems like parents’ choices are either a) lock the kids inside without TV or internet or b) let them do whatever they want.

        1. when you get a father / parents trying to impose strict rules on their children – something which would once have gone unquestioned – but in a society which does not ground, support or validate such a foundation of values then children, who will always rebel at the best of times, are going to question the authority that is put to them. This girl is a piece of work, but she’s a product of this culture. Interestingly she is pitting her her proxy father the state against her own biological father. She will submit to whichever proves strongest.

    2. She is the very poster child of young modern women, encapsulated in one grimacing, hateful little package.

  13. Another good post. We have never had so much freedom yet we have never as a society exercised so little individual or collective responsibility. Its like Bugsy Malone as a form of government – stupid kids pretending they are adults. Annoying movie, even worse as the political philosophy of the entire western hemisphere

    1. Um…I have far less freedom today in 2014 American than I would have had in 1880’s America. Every single article of the Bill of Rights is now violated with impunity, we have gross domestic spying, we have to queue up for government permission to board certain vehicles, we’re taxed higher than serfs, every single industry and business is regulated and controlled to levels that would have caused revolt in the streets in earlier times. We’re forced to hire based on government whims, and can only fire based on government whims. We are so restricted politically that two parties control the system with an iron fist and disallow real competition at the polls.
      In what possible way am I more free today than a century ago?

      1. you have a bigger TV than your forefathers….and with hundreds of channels to choose from. What more freedom do you want?

    2. “We have never had so much freedom”
      Ha, ha, ha….
      “there are none so hopelessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free.” Goethe.
      There is not even any such thing as private property in the US today. Just stop paying your property taxes and see how much you own that property.

  14. plus this type of upbringing of mama will love u no matter what cuz ur speacial. you get a messed group of youth that indulge in whatever dopamine rush(sex drugs junk food crime) without responsiblity.
    women can love unconditionallly but cant raise kids.
    earning fathers respect is what creates healthy disciplined people of society.
    when we get degenerate youths like this i can see why immigrant families will honor kill them.
    we need to be disciplined not decadent goin to one pleasure after another…theres no personal growth.the bar keeps getting lower…no sense of shame.

  15. You know why freedom and choice is in North America? Coke or Pepsi, Colgate or crest, Democrat or republican. In other words the same product with slightly different labels.
    It’s a nice bit of sleight of hand,really, making people think they have a stake in the big game when everything is pretty much decided for them, so that they won’t become restless and peak behind the curtain.

  16. Great post, Emmanuel. Keep it coming.
    Kudos to you for writing this realistic treatise about the family dynamics in modern day America.

  17. Good piece, thanks.
    But the “lack of conviction” by “the father” didn’t arise from nothingness. I know, I watched him getting “convicted” in Amerika’s civil and criminal courts over the past half-century . . . in the schools and universities and workplaces, and especially in the family, until all his authority was stripped from him.
    Kinda tough to show “conviction” or proactivity or authority in any way (including towards his children, which are effectively owned by his wife) while living in nations long-ago conquered by feminism and covert matriarchy.
    Just TRY acting masculine in ANY place or context in the U.S. You will discover very quickly about how male “conviction” works here. It’s quite an industry, and immensely profitable.
    I cook simple, healthy, tasty food from scratch every day, and it is no sacrifice to stay thin. The bloating of the Amerika body exactly parallels the vain, egotistical, empowered bloating of the Amerikan mind — especially the minds of females. Their bodies mirror their psycho-spiritual states. Indeed, the personal is now fully political.

    1. Agreed, We come round to the realization that in order for men to reclaim any sort of authority again….he must get very VERY violent!

      1. Hm you sound like a femtroll or govt spook, and not a very good one at that.
        Uh… Colonel. lol
        There’s nothing about violence in my comment, or in the o.p.
        Authority only comes from God, i leave the violence to him too, he is much more effective. And timely.
        Anyway, thanks for attempting to lead me/this site into incitement. Clumsily done!

  18. Some powerful shit man. Made me think, even though i myself had shared same thoughts.

  19. But we, who may be part of the movement that winds up taking over everything after the Administration of Men Without Chests collapses, should remember one thing.
    I agree, as does Aristotle, that tyranny is only justly imposed upon those men who do not have the ability to be free by nature (i.e., do not have the moral self-control to live as free people); but we should imagine ourselves to be in the position of the governed, if we wind up having to take a more authoritarian tone in order to clean up this mess. We should be careful not to crush whatever decency remains in the people. We should always be on the look-out for the man who is naturally free, or the man who is on the verge of being so. These we should treat with respect, striving to honor the dignity they have striven to preserve, especially given the modern circumstances. And we should remember that it is easy for movements to become less monarchical and more tyrannical, in the wake of violent social upheaval such as we have experienced in the past century.
    I don’t doubt that there will soon be a large backlash against the decadence of this civilization. We should strive not to let that backlash become a mindless massacre. I agree that the return of a Natural Law Monarch, probably Catholic, is necessary. But we get the government from God that we deserve. If we let the backlash become a mindless massacre – as opposed to a calculated and careful chastisement and excision of the criminal and degenerate element – we will wind up in a worse state. Who can doubt that feminists are spoiled brats who need daddy to confiscate their privileges? Who can doubt that Keeshon and his sister Lashonqua will probably wind up murdering and looting and need to be shot? Who can doubt that 2/3 of the formerly decent White Middle Class community will show the feral side that has been simmering on a steady diet of Dexter and CSI: Special Kiddie Rape Investigative Unit? But imagine yourself, if you are a decent man that sees the problem and strives to keep your hands and soul clean. Will you bow to the Paternal state if it treats you like a child? We should take care not to bruise the healthy man.

  20. I don’t care what any liberal fuck has to say. There are clearly objectively superior and inferior people in the world. This isn’t based on race, religion, or sex, but rather on the individual. Alpha males are superior to the stinking masses of beta filth that inhabit the world. They are nothing but pawns. Pieces that we can use to our own ends. They are worthless, because they think they are.

  21. Good, I like this direction for the website. It’s not just gluttony though and I was honestly surprised to see the article go in that direction. Gluttony is just one aspect of a larger culture of indulgence. Dildocracy is one word for it. I want to see this site pursue this thread more.

  22. EG,
    “The patriarch is not popular nowadays. He is a man of deep conviction – he is close-minded, unreceptive to innovation; so we write him off as dim and dull. As we’ve strayed from his example, the problems we set out to solve have only multiplied. Perhaps it’s time we gave him his due.”
    A wise comment. You see I was in the mold of which you speak. With my children they were to do as I asked. They were spanked when they needed it. Funnily enough my son only had to be spanked twice in his life and once he did not deserve it.
    The time he deserved it we were in feminist hell hole sweden. His swedish pal, the son of our friends there, told him that in sweden adults were not allowed to hit children. Joshua, being ever the inquisitive one, decided to try this out. So one day on a train he started playing up. This was so unusual for him that I gave him some room and let him go. But he kept going. So he was put over my knee in the middle of the train and I spanked him.
    All the swedes around me gave me horrified looks. So I just smiled and said “It is ok I am from Australia!” And they settled down ok.
    Later at dinner he admitted he wanted to test me out to see if I would spank him even in a country where it was supposed to be a crime. I told him that as long as I lived I reserved the right to punish him for any misdeeds. He would never be too old for me to punish him.
    And yes. Men like me are hated on and despised in the west. Men of character. Men of conviction. Men who know how to raise children. Men who know that children need a firm hand.
    Look how many young men respond to me. They hate on me despite the fact they have absolutely no hope of achieving in their lives what I have already achieved in my life. Despite all that I have done for other men.
    Yes EM. Men of character, wisdom, life experiences, conviction. The patriarchs. We are no longer welcome in our own homes let alone our own lands. And so we are leaving. And those left behind? Good luck with that.
    Just imagine how both my sons view their world having seen how I was treated, eh? Good luck enslaving them for the rest of their lives to the albatross around their neck of “wife and children”.
    When men and women alike start showing a bit of respect for men like me? Maybe things will improve in the west. But I am not holding my breath and I am not going back.

  23. Well EG,
    “We say we want freedom.”
    I tried and tested one path to freedom in 2009. I wrote a free ebook about it in 2010 and published it. It gave the detailed steps for a man to rescind his consent to be governed and free himself from the legal system that is an enslavement and extortion system.
    More than 100,000 men have heard about this book: Living Free in the Femnazi World.
    And yet about 10 or 12 people have used it to my knowledge. How about that?
    Men SAY they want freedom. But they don’t. And that is very clear. When a few more brave souls want to follow my example? I will still be here. I am finding all this talk about how men want freedom to be very amusing given how they have rejected that book for more than three years now.

  24. I remember my mom saying “wait till your father comes home” and I would nearly shit my pants at what was about to go down. Wonder if this is even said anymore…

  25. Re: fatties and obesity there needs to be massive food stamp reform. Right now nearly all foods can be purchased by welfare /food stamp types. There are no significant restrictions on what folks can buy. I think the ONLY prohibited items are tobacco products and liquor. Food stampers can buy skittles, soda, pork rinds ie junk foods of any kind. This is criminal. States should hire a team of dieticians to go thru the food supply and approve only healthy foods. Why is this not done? Big Food/corporate interests and the gals/fems. Any common sense reform on the food stamp program is made into the never ending “war on women”…..

      1. Oh good anecdotal example using a jerk checkout person at the Whole Foods. The point remains. Should people who use taxpayer funded food programs get to buy whatever they want? I say no….

  26. When you take away standards and behavioral norms, people become slaves to their own passions. I’m not a religious, but the older I get, the more I agree with the old Christian truism that sinfulness is slavery.
    As Emmanuel points out, vices also distract people from reality and makes them easier to control. People who manipulate passions can make themselves rich and exert tremendous influence on culture.

  27. I think the final conclusion we must all eventually come to, is that a classical liberal political credo of “freedom, freedom, freedom” simply is not possible in practice.
    It’s not enough. It’s a mirage and can only have the appearance of working successfully in a genuinely conservative society. It must eventually fail, because it is based upon the false premise that people are on the whole good. Consequently, it assumes that despite being free to act as they please, people will not buck the obligations they incur, nor dodge the consequences of their own actions. But I think our past informs us that the opposite is true. People are bad. Which is to say, people are selfish. Christians (at least in the West) would explain this as original sin. But whatever your explanation, it seems an observable truth about people of all times, places and cultures. And selfish societies don’t last. This is our natural disposition. Something must restrain it.
    Over time we developed several forms of restraint; the personal (religion), the social (family, community, work, church), the cultural (schools, media, entertainment, etc.) and the legal (retributive punishment based upon individual moral agency). All of which acted upon the individual by making him fearful of the consequences of poor behavior. Fear of God. Fear of social shaming. Fear of running counter to cultural norms. Fear of the law. When these restraints fall apart, human nature shows itself for what it is. Only the illusion of human goodness provided by generations of a conservative society would lead us to believe that people can just be “free,” and everything else just kinda takes care of itself.
    After all, what is feminism but freedom of action without limitations, obligations, or consequences. That’s not freedom. That’s license. And license for one, means oppression for someone else. Until eventually there’s no one left to pass the buck to. Corruption. Violence. Then everything collapses.
    We don’t believe it, because we don’t want to face the consequences of it being true. 1) People aren’t good, they’re bad. And that’s a hard truth to stomach. 2) Restraints are necessary. They’re not there to kill your fun. They’re there to keep society from devolving into chaos. 3) We can’t redeem ourselves. The march of progress doesn’t end in glorious perfection. It ends with piles of corpses. We must turn towards God to redeem us.
    But people don’t want to face these truths. They never have, from the Garden onwards. So we rebel. And that’s why their side has such an easy sell. It tells people what they want to hear. Until reality forces a correction, and that correction is never pleasant.

    1. “People aren’t good, they’re bad. And that’s a hard truth to stomach.”
      Its hard to stomach because its not true. Some people are bad, some are good. Some are a mix of both.

  28. “Liberty cannot be established without morality”.
    And that is why true liberty and freedom have never existed in the USA.
    The painting you chose to illustrate your blog, Emmanuel, perfectly depicts the attempt to gain liberty for oneself, without morality towards others.

  29. Patria sounds like the USSR at its peak. Supermarkets where simple, spartan affairs. All produce was fresh. There was no processed food. Few preservatives where added. People where taught to live a healthy lifestyle, to educate their mind and strengthen their bodies and prepare for war that could happen at any time. After Stalin’s reign of terror (though I am not certain as to how true this is), life in the USSR was very good. Children had mandatory physical training in any discipline they wanted. Sports clubs where basically free, they pushed you hard and weren’t afraid to call you a pussy or kick you out if you did not work hard. Children could become champions. Children could learn how to fire a gun, jump from parachutes, skiing, survival skills, etc in youth military training camps. Some professions required Adults to uphold a minimal athletic standard. And 2 year mandatory service was probably the best thing that could happen to a young man, as it allowed him to transition from a boy and into a man, after which he would generally start a family at around age 21.

  30. A bit confusing. You are against campus speech codes, fine, but you want to tell people what they can eat?

    1. You are already being told what to eat. They just do so by getting you to tell yourself what to eat. They do it by appealing almost irresistibly to your time-poor life and your hardwired genetic desire for sugar and fat. A real dictatorship isn’t one where the dictator has to tell his people to comply, it’s the one where the people comply themselves because they rationalise it as the best they can do right now or where the unhealthy option is the cheapest and easiest option available.

  31. I’ve absorbed two good mnemonics out of this article to hold onto its essence:
    (1) Everyone wants to be a bodybuilder, but nobody wants to lift heavy weights.
    (2) If you stop behaving like an adult you lose the right to be treated as one.

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