What To Say When A Girl Accuses You Of Wanting Her Just For Sex

A fairly common shit test that women employ at the middle stage of seduction deals primarily with the woman’s self-image. Unlike many other shit tests, it is just as frequently encountered by romantic beta men as by aggressive players, appearing seemingly out of thin air as a certain ‘light bulb’ flickers on within the woman’s head. The test usually pops up during escalation, which causes your level of intimacy to advance to the next level. For example:

  • when you touch a new area of her body
  • when the chemistry between you two deepens
  • when either of you mentions something you might do in the future
  • when you go in for the kiss
  • when you have already kissed her and you’re making out
  • when you’re in bed and undressing
  • rarely, when you first meet her in a club and try to dance with her
  • and very rarely, after sex, when she wants to know the status of your relationship (or lack of)

During any single growth in the intimacy between you that implies that something more is going to happen, a curious phenomenon appears in the woman’s mind: “Wait, what does this look like? Do I appear easy? What will he/observers think about me?” In other words:

A woman never wants to feel like a slut, even if she is currently doing something slutty.

It is at this moment that her defenses engage. She is not a slut, nor does she want to look like one! She is going to put up some resistance, pleasure be damned! That is where the famous phrase appears:

“You just want me for sex.”


“Do you like me just for my body?”


“You just want to sleep with me, don’t you?”

The universal rule of all shit tests is that rational answers are generally not good answers, but it is made even more prominent now. No matter what, do not try to explain yourself, convince her that it’s not really like that, convince her that you value her as a person, or engage in a prolonged discussion. That is exactly the fodder that she needs to reject you and prove that she really is a Nice Girl ™ who cannot be lured into sex by a few sweet words and reassurances. The more you try to convince and soften her, the more she will clam up, and the chance for further escalation is going to fade.

A common misunderstanding

Being the stone-cold player that you are, you’re not going to make the mistake of trying to convince her. Instead, here are a few effective answers (all of which should be delivered with a grin, followed by a brief look into her eyes, and then continuing the escalation as if she hadn’t raised any objections):

Her: “You only want me for sex.”
You: “Why is that bad?”

I call the answer above “pulling a Juan Antonio”, as it was immortalized by the protagonist of the excellent movie Vicky Cristina Barcelona in the scene in which reacts to a similar accusation with a shrug and a simple counter-question: “Why not?” Don’t treat wanting to sleep with her as something that needs to be justified, and she won’t either.

Her: “You only want me for sex.”
You: “And you like that.” *

A classic example of so-called “asshole game”. You need some nerve to run this successfully. There are few men who can nonchalantly launch stuff of this caliber and really mean them, but those who can shall be richly rewarded by women.

Her: “You only want me for sex.”
You: “No, I actually want to steal your organs.”

Agree and amplify at work. Make fun of her with an absurd proposition that goes even further than hers.

Her: “You only want me for sex.”
You: “Do I need a reason?”

Her: “You only want me for sex.”
You: “And because you talk so much.”

Her: “You only want me for sex.”
You: “Just shut up and kiss me.” *

Her: “You only want me for sex.”
You: “No, I like your law degree.”

Her: “You only want me for sex.”
You: “Do you only want me for sex?”

Her: “You only want me for sex.”
You: “I haven’t decided yet.” *

Her: “You only want me for sex.”
You: *grunt**

* = an answer that I have personally used with success

Never allow a woman’s last-minute doubts about her image to stop you. Learn to defuse her reluctance in a playful way and she will reward you with fornication.

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110 thoughts on “What To Say When A Girl Accuses You Of Wanting Her Just For Sex”

  1. Girl- You just want me for sex?
    Guy- No, blowjobs are pretty cool too.
    Girl- You just want me for sex?
    Guy- Only if the sex is good. It is good, right?
    Girl- You just want me for sex?
    Guy- No, I’m using you for all the shit you have scattered on the floor of your apartment.
    Girl- You just want me for sex?
    Guy- We should have sex and find out.
    Girl- You just want me for sex?
    Guy- I prefer fucking over sex personally.
    Good article.

    1. The article has been up for maybe 20 minutes and comments are already full of more excellent suggestions. I’m dying over here 😀

      1. Cheers man. Articles that actually have real situations and ideas to implement are the best in my opinion. It’s gives the less experienced and perhaps more timid guys something to work with. Good work.

    2. Honestly….I don’t like the approach of just being a smartass to everything. The fact that you even get asked this question should be a red flag because if your game was tight, and she did feel a “real connection with him” you wouldn’t be getting asked the question in the first place.
      Answers like that are just a band-aid.

      1. It’s all in the delivery dude. You can say just about anything you want as long as it’s presented properly. I am a smart ass- that’s why it comes off that way, but I’m a damn funny smart ass, and when a woman is at the “you just want me for sex” point she is already well aware of how I am- therefore creating no surprise when she hears something like the above.
        As for the whole, “feel a real connection to him” thing- I don’t want to feel a “real connection” to some whore, and I don’t want her to feel one for me either. So if she senses a lack of a connection- then she would be correct. These lines aren’t for the future Mrs. AV8R (who most likely doesn’t exist). They are for some harlot that I plan to pound out a few times before I return her to the rent-a-car lot.
        I’m certainly intrigued about your airtight game that allows you to have women feeling a real connection for you after a short to medium length interaction. For the benefit of us all- do pray tell.

        1. Agreed that it’s all in the delivery.
          I’m surprised the caveman has not been mentioned yet. Just say yeah, grin and caveman her.

        2. Of course it’s all in the delivery….and canned responses are almost always going to come off as this:

          Forget the canned, memorized, responses and just be real.

        3. “Forget the canned, memorized, responses and just be real.”
          It’s piss-poor advice to be telling guys to just go out into the storm without a raincoat. Those canned lines are my own creation- therefore, they are real, and if a guy here chooses to use one of them and it works- then it’s real for him too. If I sat here and thought about it for 20 minutes I could have anywhere from 5-10 more decent ones too. If the readership here wants to utilize them- they should go for it, because with the right delivery- they work. Guess what happened when I used the “No, blowjobs are pretty cool too” line? I got my dick sucked- that’s what happened. This website wouldn’t even be in existence if “just being real” worked dude. There is no shame in having a game plan or having some funny/witty shit to uncork if the opportunity presents itself.
          “You just need to understand that when it comes to game, women do the choosing.”
          Yeah, and 7 comes before 8. When it comes to their choosing they’re going to pick the guy that they’re attracted
          to, which means any guy out there should be maximizing his ability to be fit, funny, interesting, charming, and challenging. If none of that comes naturally to a guy, then he’s going to have to work at it. Not just some of it- all of it. This is coming from a guy that’s naturally good with women, and conversing with people in general, yet I still put in the work to be proficient at all of it, for reasons other than just getting pussy too. If women are going to be the ones doing the choosing, then a man needs to be doing every-fucking-thing possible to make sure it’s him she chooses. If that means a guy has a few stories, anecdotes, and go-to lines in mind should a situation pop up where they’re useful- then he should use them without reticence.

        4. Its called fake it till you make it, I had the same experience when I worked as a salesman..At first I felt like a fraud, then one day everything changed and everyone believed and bought what I said.

        5. There’s a difference between knowing a snappy response. What this post advocates is
          “She says X, therefore the correct response is always Y”.
          Which it may not be. The first thing guys need to work on is improving their active listening skills. The more you are able to observe the more congruent your responses in the conversation are.

        6. Any one think about relations just fuck and run away no one want do his best to pleasure his partner Yes cos you like to seduce and fuck that’s what the most of men want sorry

    3. girl-you just want me for sex?
      guy-why yes I would thank you
      girl-you just want me for sex?
      guy-well I didnt know I had a choice
      girl-you just want me for sex?
      guy-yes plus cooking and cleaning
      girl-you just want me for sex?
      guy-someone thinks highly of herself
      girl-you just want me for sex?
      guy-only if youre using me for sex(or my time and wallet)
      girl-you just want me for sex?
      guy only if you love me(or is this beta)
      girl-you just want me for sex?
      guy-Do you belive your only asset is to be a human blow up doll…cause thats just sad.
      hope these are good.

      1. girl-you just want me for sex?
        guy-with the time and money spent,it be eaiser to get a ho( or strong independent women lol) that aint afraid(or confident) of an erect penis.

        1. girl-you just want me for sex?
          guy- I cant I have a headache, maybe lil later.
          girl-you just want me for sex?
          guy-who needs a woman when you have the hand…safe sex(or did I cockblock myself)
          girl-you just want me for sex?
          guy-we just met…but ok if you insist

      2. “girl-you just want me for sex?
        guy-someone thinks highly of herself”
        That one has a lot of potential.

    4. My preference because it is true in every respect is:
      Girl: You just want me for sex! (In my experience this is always an assertion not a question.)
      Guy: At this moment, Yes!

  2. Girl- You just want me for sex?
    Guy- Have we had sex? How drunk WAS I?
    Did you take ADVANTAGE OF ME?!
    R-A-P-E !!!

  3. Girl: you just want me for sex
    You: how can you think that of me
    Girl: you just want me for sex
    You: I’m really offended… Storm off
    Girl: you just want me for sex
    You: I’m gay
    Relax, just kidding. Good article

  4. The issue I have with this article is that it’s based on the assumption that it’s true that you just want her for sex. Just pussy-chasing is, truth be told, the lowest level of the game.
    If you’ve got the game to do so then it’s smarter to go for women who’ve got more to offer than just sex. For example one of my subordinates was seeing a girl a few years older than him and was getting her to pay some of his bills. Another guy had a woman with fashion expertise and he was able to use her help to develop his own style….and so on.
    In a case like that (or if you know how to develop a real feeling of connection) you aren’t likely to get asked the question in the first place.

    1. actually, this question occurs a lot in the ‘midterm relationship’ game as well. and the techniques hold similarly.
      frankly, whether the relationship is instant, short term, mid term, or long term, you really DO just want her for sex. If you are looking for anything else from a woman you are an idiot.

      1. And for most guys, that thinking is why they never progress beyond one-night stands and hookups.
        While any woman who is worth investing in will desire you sexually, only a fool wants just sex. Women can have a lot to offer besides sex and it would be stupid to pass that up.
        I also have to ask how you know that those techniques hold similarly? Do you have experience(to include observation) from the real world that those work or are you just saying that because of what you read on the internet?

        1. I have had a variety of onenighters as well as being in a long term relationship with my slaves (14 years and 9 years)
          Unless you are willing to re-create your woman into what you want her to be, the ONLY worthwhile thing you will ever get from a woman is sex. Looking for something else is a waste of your time, it does not exist in nature.
          And ‘building a better woman’ is not within the scope of this article. Sure, it is rewarding, but it is entirely a different sort of animal.
          Sure, I still play the field occasionally, but at my age, I am seldom willing to put up with the worthless nature of most women today… and I especially never go near a bar.

        2. Nobody’s mentioned “building a better woman”, it isn’t directly related to anything said.
          “The only worthwhile thing you will ever get from a woman is sex”.
          Really? Please tell that to my second cousin who got a girl to buy him a new car, and please tell that to a friend of mine who’s girl at the time(one of several, actually) was invaluable in helping him set up his consulting business.

        3. Oh yes, an an exception ALWAYS proves the rule is worthless. Fucking cunt, get out of this chat. Now that I know you are a woman, I will not speak to you again. I don’t wish to get banned, and my only excuse was “I didn’t realize that Hell_Biker was a woman.”

        4. So how is that “I know you are a woman”?
          Or is it just that anyone who disagrees with you is obviously a woman? In this case you are both wrong and stupid(if your past post history is anything to go by).
          We both know what you’re doing. You don’t like what I have to say, so you are hoping that if you accuse me of being a woman I’ll get banned and you’ll be able to censor those you don’t like.
          Sorry, but you’re a fucking man-child.

        5. Also worth pointing out that if your previous posts are anything to go by, you’re a pussy and hypocrite.
          “Real men do not fear the ban hammer”
          Except you, of course……

      2. Too true. Any relationship not about sex is better with another guy. Less stressful, more fun. But sex requires a female be involved (or at least to optimize).

        1. immature and emotionally broken women abound. Welcome to the real world. Do you think that we do this because it doesn’t work?
          I do not ‘date’. It’s a waste of money when you can fuck a woman for free. If this were the 1950’s, my attitude would likely to be different, but if it were the 1950’s, I wouldn’t get a blowjob in the middle of a crowded metro station just for collaring a woman.

      3. or a gentleman.
        If you’re only interested in women for sex (or because you’re looking for other ways to take advantage of them) you’re either immature or a misgynist. Only an equally immature and emotionally limited woman would talk to you or worse, date you.

        1. “If you’re only interested in women for sex (or because you’re looking for other ways to take advantage of them.”
          *CATFISH CAUGHT*
          MODS: ban this creature.
          just another female currently trading sex with betas and worried about it’s market value decreasing as betas read this website. quit whining and improve your own offering to men if you are worried about sex value…or it that too difficult, rather be a troll.

    2. Yes, for me sex has to be part of a package with other benefits. Just like, I have a biological need for carbs, but that doesn’t mean I’m eating sugar straight out of the bowl. The carbs need to be accompanied by other nutrients.

    3. Wrong.
      Your intentions for the relationship, whether you want sex or a relationship and sex, don’t matter to the girl. What matters to her is how she feels.
      This is a shit test. Fail the shit test, no sex, and maybe even you get dumped.
      The article is spot on good advice, whether you want a pump n dump or a Mairraige. Answer her question logically, or start qualifying yourself and you fail the test.
      Maybe your beta provider friend gets a different shit test than this one, but he will get some sort of shit test, and he’ll equally have to pass that test, and the same confident responses will

      1. “Beta Provider friend”?
        Don’t talk about shit you know nothing about….you haven’t heard them, read anything they’ve wrote, or have had any contact that would allow you to figure out what kind of person they are.
        Would a “Beta Provider” be able to get that kind of stuff from women? Would a beta provider be able to get girls needing therapy because of breaking up with him?

  5. The first time this happened to me, i did this.
    Her: “you only want me for sex”
    Me: silence for a few seconds…”yes”
    She laughed and I continued on. I wasn’t trying to be clever, this was years ago before i knew anything about game etc.. and I didn’t know how to respond so i thought fuck it just say yes.

    1. Surprised that wasn’t on here. All the other fancy shit is fun and all but keeping it simple and just saying “yep” with a smirk is all you need.

      1. actually the point of ‘I like your law degree’ is that she doesn’t have one.
        You could also use ‘physics’ or some other highly complex degree that uses a simple term, like ‘doctorate’ or ‘nuclear science’.

      2. Actually, the last solution (which I’ve personally used to great effect) is this:
        Her: “You only want me for sex.”
        You: *grunt**
        Surely a grunt counts as the equivalent of silence, nodding or smiling 🙂

      3. Me and my brother had a standing joke any time a girl said she was a sociology major..one of us would pipe up and say “Oh you can do anything with that!” Which of course is because its a worthless degree and your chances of doing anything are exactly the same.

  6. Girl: You just wanted me for sex!
    Guy: Of course I only wanted you for sex
    Girl: Your such an ass and patheitic
    Guy: Sorry let me clarify. I would have wanted you for your feminity and your abilty to cook and clean, smile and being graceful under pressure. But that seems non existent epescially considering the fact that I fucked you 5 minutes after buying you a tequila. Hey you only wanted me for that tequila….. you gold digging bitch?
    Girl: No I really like you. It just that I need a couple of drinks for sex
    Guy: So what did you like about me?
    Girl: The fact you were so generous in buying me such an expensive drink. I love when men can spend alot of money and not feel guilty
    Guy: So I wanted you for sex and you wanted me for money. Is that transaction legal in this city?

  7. it’s actually highly contextual, but I prefer to respond with a light jibe
    “You only want me for sex”:
    “Well, I certainly don’t want you for your cooking. (after she mentions not being able to cook)
    “I just figured you could help me run up the mileage on my car” (after a decent drive)
    “I was originally planning to rob you, but we both know you’re broke.”
    Just so long as whatever you say is amusing and does NOT invite further conversation… especially never say ANYTHING that involves a real question. If there is a question, it has to be completely unrelated, or be completely absurd.

  8. “You just want to sleep with me, don’t you?”
    Hell no! When I’m done with you I’m sending you home to clean up.
    OK. I’m not a complete bastard. If you’re short cab fare, you can pay me back later, at the usual 10%.

  9. Her: “You only want me for sex.”
    You: “Actually, I’m just using you to get close to your sister.”

    1. That is a great one. I am not sure it will get you laid, but there are more important things in life. I know this is heresy, but in a few years will you really remember the random piece of ass you got or will you remember the time you got to be a smart ass and really rip on some arrogant bitch?

  10. SHE: “You only want me for sex”.
    ME: “Honey if want me to want you for anything ELSE….
    Then it isn’t going to be up to ME. It’s up to —>> YOU.”
    I fucking hate that question. Any woman who says “he only wants me for sex” is NOT GOOD FOR ANYTHING ELSE. Only women want things from men they don’t even know – when when she hasn’t even sucked his cock yet. Can you imagine? How fucking selfish and greedy can they get?
    A man wants her for just “one thing”?
    How is that a problem anyway?
    What are the alternatives?
    • Should I want 1000 things?
    • Should I want 100 things?
    • Or should I want nothing to do with her at all.(!)
    Those are your choices, bitch. So be glad a man wants “only one thing” from you before you fucking even made an effort to know his name. These bitches are lazy and useless. The refuse to accept that they have NOTHING OF VALUE to offer but a fuck hole…. but instead of accepting that, they blame the guy (of course) for “only wanting one thing”. So now he’s a jerk because he only wanted her for sex. What the fuck else should he want?
    When a man only wants you for “one thing”
    —>> it means HE DOESN’T LIKE YOU.
    Accept it.
    Its a shit test and nothing more.
    When woman asks “so what do you want from me?”
    “What? Why are you pretending I am holding you hostage? You’re free to go. “

  11. Oh god! Another little teenybopper virgin writes an article lol
    You have absolutely no experience with women, it’s obvious.

  12. In summary, don’t get serious and don’t explain.Just deflect.
    Girl- You just want me for sex?
    Guy-..no,for the drugs and rock and roll too.
    Use movie lines and modify and ham it up.
    Girl- You just want me for sex?
    Guy- {Big Lebowiski} :That’s Just, Like, Your Opinion, Man
    Girl- You just want me for sex?
    Guy {Wizard of Oz} Yes, my pretty.You and your little dog too.
    Girl- You just want me for sex?
    Guy{A few good men}: You want the truth? You want answers? YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH.
    Girl- You just want me for sex?
    Guy{Joker from Batman}:Why so serious?

    1. Lol
      Add some more to that:
      Girl – You just want me for sex?
      Guy (Terminator) – Hasta La Vista, Baby. * and then kiss her*
      Girl – You just want me for sex?
      Guy (Bond) – Shaken, not stirred. (Implying the kind of sex you seek)
      Girl – You just want me for sex?
      Guy (John Mclane) – Yipee KiYay! (and playfully look down at your boner)
      Girl – You just want me for sex?
      Guy (Adnan Januzaj- style) – No, I want to go to Nando’s with you ONLY after we finish here.
      Girl – You just want me for sex?
      Guy (Putin) – I want to own you later on too.

  13. Here is an awesome one I used,
    Girl: You only want me for sex
    Guy: So what (and stear her in the eye and don’t back down)
    Women respect unusual blunt honesty and they want to fuck you more too because they’ll wonder why you’re so different than other guys who fumble around making up a bs answer like no no its not that

  14. Girl – “You just want me for sex”
    Guy – “Yeah, so I can have babies with you”
    The horror…haha

  15. Some great lines being shared here, guys .. a real fun read!
    Reminds me of when I was in a wine bar with this chick, and as I was topping up her glass she said: “You just want to get me drunk to take advantage of me, don’t you”.
    Back came my deadpan reply: “Nah, I’m gonna take advantage of you anyway”. She laughed out loud, then later invited me back to her place for ‘coffee’.
    Keeping frame is key. Never be apologetic for what’s on your mind (which is the same as what’s on her mind too), and you’ll be able to divert such shit tests on the spot.

  16. Never had any of this nonsense happen to me in 40 years of shagging many women of all ages so I have to wonder what sort of dopey girls would even do this stuff.I have to laugh at this one
    “when you’re in bed and undressing”
    Aside from the fact that normal people undress first before getting into bed why would some girl start with these questions at that point? She already knows she’s going to have sex by just coming to your place, or she having you come to hers.If this is the bullshit that you Gen Y boys from the underclass have to contend with then you need to condition your females better because I would find all of this very rude. And if she doesn’t thank you for shagging her then she’s rude and spoiled, drop her. I don’t think I’ve ever had one female not say thank-you when she was leaving, or I was leaving.All females with any breeding will always say thank-you.

    1. “I don’t think I’ve ever had one female not say thank-you when she was leaving, or I was leaving.”
      – Lol.
      She said thank you when she was leaving, because you let her go. She couldn’t wait to get away from you as soon as possible.
      And she said thank you when you were leaving, because she wanted you to fuck off. She said that in relief, after she realized your ego was bigger than your tiny dick.
      And besides normal women usually don’t say “thank you” when leaving after sex. It’s just too formal.
      That’s what whores usually say when they are leaving – after you’ve PAID them. All females who’ve been “bred” in the escort/prostitution business will always say thank you after you’ve paid them post-sex. That’s the breeding they have, because an unsuccessful hoe usually doesn’t express gratitude to her Johns for choosing her for sex. Every John expects his hoe to show gratitude to him after he’s chosen to fuck her, and pay her after sex.
      So you’re not fooling anyone – and stop ranting like a conceited bitch.

      1. You seem to know a lot about prostitutes there blanket boy.
        “And besides normal women usually don’t say “thank you” when leaving after sex. It’s just too formal.”
        Sometimes I forget that I’m dealing here with the rather uncouth lower 10% and omega types whose fat females are just like themselves.
        All upper class females will express their thanks to a man so you apparently associate with trash in your crappy little world.

  17. Possibly the biggest flop of my game career came during a scenario like this where I totally bolo’d the shit test. Shame on me, I should have fucking known better, but alas I was too young.

  18. “You just want me for sex.” Answer: “It’s too early for us yet,” or “I’m not ready for to go there yet,” or “Not on a first date,” or “Too soon.” You get the idea; better if you mean it, good sales tech.
    Above done while making out, caressing her arms or legs, even better on the bed. Had females practically rape me. Works even better if you decide to leave, done elegantly. The next date will astonish you.
    Most of all have fun with this; it is a game, a pleasurable one.

  19. Well I also want you for
    1) Raising children
    2) Cooking
    3) Talking about interesting things not including latest episode of Jersey Shore.
    But since you can’t do any of that, I’ll settle for the sex.

  20. No way babe…. I want you for your girl-friends too (some of them are hot as sh*t and I can’t wait to bang them after I get tired of you).
    Nah… BJ’s are great too. I want to rake you over the emotional coals so you’ll always remember what you had, and hate yourself for still wanting when you have to look at that lame-ass dude you married…

  21. This is corny. There are plenty of girls who just want sex. With the help of feminism women are realizing that relationships are not needed and we can do pretty much everything on our own. The only thing men are really good for IS sex. Why not establish that you’re not looking for more in the beginning? It’s not that hard. You sound like a bunch of losers passively agressively walking around on egg shells because you’re too much of a punk to say what you really mean. Go after the dynamic you actually want.

  22. So all women who have sex are sluts. Are guys sluts for having sex. If not why not? Just wondering about the double stranded.

  23. Girl-You just want me for sex?

  24. Please define “success”. My personal untested brainstorm to add to the pile. “I wouldn’t say ‘just’.”

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    come to the right place, in this article you will learn how to take a woman to
    bed after the second date. The reason I say the second appointment and the
    first date is very important. And that is because if you sleep with a woman on
    the first date, she will see you only as “someone just had sex” and
    have trouble getting it back. And back to get her into bed …
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  26. I just had my current #2 woman tell me “we don’t always have to have sex” right after we did it in the morning. I just smiled and said “What do you think?”
    Let me ask you fellas: when a woman has her period, there’s obviously no need to hang with her. What’s the best excuse you’ve used?

  27. Girl- You just want me for sex?
    Guy- It’s our nature. We will change our nature when you change your nature of nagging, bitching, barking and twisting reality to fit your opinion…until then….

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