Mothers Have Become The Main Source Of Harm To Children

Back in 2013, Aurora Snow wrote a letter to her son. For those of you who don’t know who she is, Aurora Snow is a retired (aged out) hardcore porn actress with 384 films to her name. In fact, one of the first porno’s I ever owned starred Aurora Snow, though I didn’t know her name at the time. In Grade 7 a scummy little classmate of mine used to sell stolen DVD’s and video games out of his locker. And being a horny little ragamuffin, I bought one of the DVD’s; Gangbang Girl 27, starring Aurora Snow, Kami and seventeen well endowed gentlemen.

Regardless, I never knew the name’s of the two young women getting a hardcore train run on them until Aurora’s letter to her son went viral in 2013. Her letter itself is full of hollow rationalizations. For example, she claims to have done porn because;

Your mom grew up very, very poor. In early 2000, I was going to school at UC Irvine, and although I was a high school honor roll student, scored high on tests, and spent week after week filling out applications, I was still drowning in student loans.

Aurora obviously doesn’t know the meaning of very poor. She grew up in the prosperous town of Santa Maria, California. Money was obviously such a non-issue for her that she went to university instead of scrambling to get a job right out of high school. Poor for Aurora probably means that mommy and daddy didn’t get her a new car for her sweet sixteen, or that she didn’t have her own television in her bedroom.

She goes on about how the money in the industry was awesome, and the attention given to her made her feel good… essentially the only truthful parts of the letter. Then, at 28, with the wall flying fast at her preternaturally aged Porn & Party body, Aurora suddenly decided it was time to check FAMILY off on her list of Things I Totally Freakin’ Deserve.

I was a free spirit who could pick up and go at a moment’s notice, but those feelings faded when I realized what I was missing.

A free spirit who had to be a human dumpster for men in order to buy her next meal. What was beginning to go missing were her youth, looks, demand.

My priorities shifted. I was no longer the girl willing to do anything, instead I became a woman with a goal. I wanted a family, but first I had to find someone to create that family with. Not an easy task either. A dear friend of mine introduced me to a nice Midwestern farm boy who also happened to be in the entertainment field, creating TV shows. He was warm, charming, and very family-oriented.

I lost all enthusiasm for the more in-depth version of this article I was planning on writing when I read those words. Here is a porn star who freely admits she did everything and anything for money; being gang banged by every ethnic on the planet besides pygmy, receiving hard anal, having two penises in the vagina at the same time, literally guzzling semen… if you had the cash, Aurora would shamelessly do it. And what’s her punishment for a life of selfish whoredom? She gets to settle with a genuinely nice man, one who’s completely okay with the fact that his wife has had sex with at least 500 different men (though I would not rule out a number closer to four digits), and pops out a son. A literal son of a whore.

After living her 20’s like the selfish slut she and most of today’s women are, Aurora Snow got to start up a family at 32. She got to have her cake and is now eating it without a single, solitary worry. She’s bringing a child into the world who is screwed from the get go. Her letter was written for when her son gets a little older and can actually understand just what a disgusting human being his mother is, but he’ll know long before she pulls the letter out for him that he is the son of a literal whore. Kids at his school will be showing him pictures of his mommy getting pummelled by strange men. Her son’s childhood will consist of everyone laughing at him, snickering behind his back, questioning his parentage, asking if his mom can come perform at their parties. Images of his mother being gang banged will haunt his psyche forever.


Imagine if that was your mother in the above picture. What would a normal, mentally sound human being feel seeing such a nightmarish image?

Aurora’s son will be the one paying for her selfishness. I suspect her husband down the road will also pay his fair share for giving comfort to a horrendous human being like her, most likely in the form of cuckoldry or a divorce. Lord knows he likely has already contracted a few STD’s that came from her dream job. As for Ms. Snow… we all know it; she, herself, will never pay a price for her terrible choices in life. Women never do. Women can sleep with a hundred men, put themselves into tens of thousands of dollars of debt, can lie steal and cheat everyone they come across, spread disease far and wide, party away their 20s’s and even a chunk of their 30’s and in the end they’ll still meet a nice man willing to shower her with unchecked love and affection, not to mention oodles of cash and as many children as it takes to boost her ego. And it’s the children which face the shame and consequences of their mother’s actions.

A little while ago I wrote an article about a particularly repugnant woman named Rebecca Sparrow who chastised a couple of young mothers, even while she herself is a horrible human being who got to live the life of a party whore and then, at 35, got married to a doctor and started a family at the late age of 37. She writes at length about how horrible her children make her feel for daring to act like children. As Return Of King’s founder aptly puts it;

Roosh opinion

There’s this woman, who’s ultra libertarian political ideology caused literal physical harm to her children. She adopted two Haitian children, one boy and one girl, and moved them in with her one year old son. The Haitian boy began physically assaulted her real son. So she gave the Haitian boy back, like he was an unwanted toaster she got for Christmas and returned to Wal Mart for a refund. Her son, in his formative years, lived in a household where a person not of his skin colour physically assaulted him. Do you think he’s going to share his mom’s multicultural ideology? And will she face any sort of karmic justice because of the harm that resulted from her egotistical adoption?

Fellow ROK contributor Captain Capitalism gives us this example of a single mother whom claimed she couldn’t afford a present for her child. So he bought her daughter a present, and then eventually found out the mother splurged on a big screen television for herself.

Runsonmagic brings us Jenny Erikson, a mother who frivolously divorced her husband (who helped with housework, went to church, provided for and was active in their daughter’s lives) because of what basically amounts to: hey, why the hell not? Her daughters, who were very young at the time of the divorce, now live in a broken home. And is Jenny facing any harsh penalties for shattering their innocence and sense of family?

The examples of women causing their own flesh and blood children emotional and physical harm are numerous. And these mothers just don’t care. And they aren’t facing any consequences. A mother can literally kill her daughter and walk away scot free. The vast majority of divorces are initiated by women; to hell with their kids emotional health. The majority of criminals come from single mother homes. Children are far more likely to be sexually abused by the step fathers their mother’s shack up with than by any step mother their father’s become involved with. Postpartum depression is very common amongst new mothers and is often excused because she just can’t help it right? Isn’t it all those chemicals? Well

Approximately 25% – 85% of postpartum women will experience the “blues” for a few days. Between 7% and 17% may experience clinical depression, with a higher risk among those women with a history of clinical depression. Rarely, in 1 in 1,000 cases, women experience a psychotic episode, again with a higher risk among those women with pre-existing mental illness. Despite the wide spread myth of hormonal involvement, repeated studies have not linked hormonal changes with postpartum psychological symptoms. Rather, these are symptoms of a pre-existing mental illness, exacerbated by fatigue, changes in schedule and other common parenting stressors.

So many, if not most, mother’s spend those first few days after the miracle of birth hating their child because its existence inconveniences hers. It’s an open secret that most women are mentally ill to some degree; millions of women in the United States alone are on some kind of anti-depressant or other personality controlling medication. It makes you wonder how many of today’s mothers, not so far down, ever stop hating their kids.

On the numerous mommy blogs populating the net, there’s a clear and pervasive undercurrent of hate and frustration with the children whom these blogs are supposedly centred around. Mothers write 2000 words about how frustrating they find whatever crime of the day their child did (that little weasel Timmy knocked over my latte and that snot nose Ynattirb drew all over my painting RUSRSLY?!!!): but then they temper it by adding, after all their anger and expletives “yet i love them lol”. Like that somehow makes insulting and belittling their children in front of the world okay. If men lived by mom logic, every time our kids caused us the slightest hint of anger we could walk up to them and sucker punch our children to the ground, hoofing them in the gut while they’re helpless and so long as we apologize afterwards everything’s hunky dory so suck it up champ.

Today, western society has put all the power of a child’s well-being and care into the hands of their mothers, with dad legally relegated to a kind of advisory role. And yet the vast majority of women in our current culture are incapable of being decent human beings in regards to themselves: their children stand no chance. Lately we’ve seen cracks and fissures erupting in the great Social Experiments, foremost amongst them feminism. While the thought that all these idiotic and harmful ideologies will fall within our life time is comforting, the fact remains that the damage to future generations has already been done.

It’s being done today, right now, to children all across the west. And the vast majority of those doing the damage…those who are laying the foundations for the failure and frustration of the next generation…are mothers. The women of today are the some of the biggest losers of women that have ever existed at any point in human history. They focus exclusively on themselves and what they want. Their own flesh and blood children are no exception to this selfish rule. And yet we continue to give them near total control of our children to these piss poor examples of motherhood. We’re not holding them accountable for the harm they’re doing to the most helpless of human beings.


If there is to be any hope for future generations, we need to acknowledge that by default women (especially today’s women) are not good mothers. They need to be controlled by and submit to men, and men need to be given the green light to enforce the superior will of man on their families. Misguided people rile about the Patriarchy, but under the patriarchy we created strong, moral societies whose humanism gave the world some of the greatest peace it’s ever known, and whose social achievements put us on the moon. Children were raised properly and brought up to be good people, and everyone benefited. Humanity prospered. Society was just, people were happy, and progress wasn’t an abstract dream but a wonderful reality.

After only a few decades of Mother’s rule our society stands on the brink of a deep darkness. The legacy of feminism and matriarchy is shaping up to be hollow celebrity worship, crony capitalism, mass drug induced escapism, mass poverty and a world where progress is now a hijacked euphemism standing for the tyranny of politically correct demagogues who want to take away the hard fought for rights of individual freedom.

Mother doesn’t know best. The great people’s of the past knew that, and the women of the modern west have proven it beyond any doubt. It’s just a damn shame so many children have to pay the price to prove it.

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317 thoughts on “Mothers Have Become The Main Source Of Harm To Children”

    1. What is amazing is that we live in a world where a woman like this is LEGALLY allowed to produce a child…..

      1. Laws are what created this kind of dystopia. More laws only makes it worse. What you want is less laws. Recursively. Until you have no laws. Then there will be no women like this. Because they are not the kind of women any man would bother protecting. And absent laws, and without a protector, she wouldn’t last long enough to cause much harm.

        1. Be it disease, or murder, she would not live to thirty.
          However, I doubt she would not have kids. You know some dude would use her as a cum dumpster, and then we would find both of their starved corpses lining a dumpster somewhere.
          Not a world I want to see.

        2. >> Because they are not the kind of women any man would bother protecting.
          You would be surprised at the legions of omegas willing to excuse and promots “woman’s sexual freedom” Sad but true.

        3. Easier said then done. Don’t you know that not women are like that and that SHE is CERTAINLY not like. (except when she is)

        4. You don’t get it. A super-abundance of laws, is essentially the same thing as no laws. This is because “a law that is not promulgated is no law at all,” and a situation where there are too many laws to understand or obey properly, is tantamount to a situation where the laws are not substantively promulgated. Whenever there are no laws, or no substantively promulgated laws (as now), it produces a situation where the arbitrary whims of the powerful are the “law” of the moment. When there are mountains of laws, and when there are no laws, many – probably most – women are like this.
          There will always be conflicts between people. “Might makes right” is not the moral answer to every dispute. The process of finding the moral answer to the dispute is the process of justice, which is the process of law. The trick is to have only those laws which are necessary to safeguard justice in accord with natural law. Anything else – whether anarchy or hyper-regulation (which are the same thing) – produces the same result: a mere power struggle between competing whims.

      2. No, the amazing thing is that women like this are legally allowed to walk free, such that producing a child is even a possibility.
        I’m all for forgiving the repentant harlot, as Jesus did. Now that we have such things as convents, I’d send here there. And it seems that he harlot whom Jesus forgave was a woman in a tight spot.
        But women who behave like this for free, or who embrace it when they could have found honest work doing something else? Women who even celebrate this stuff as “empowering?” Labor camps.

        1. Our weak, impotent, forgiving mentality to harlots is what has actually created our modern society of sluts today.
          Jesus didn’t forgive the harlot. He only allowed her to walk away – because the ones who were trying to stone her were the ones who actually committed the sin of adultery/fornication with her. That is the REAL reason why he said ,”Let the one who didn’t SIN FIRST (with her), cast the FIRST stone.” And when everybody left, (as they had actually sinned with her), he said to her, “Go and leave this life of sin” (to repent sincerely).
          Modern women’s idea of repentance is writing a “letter”, a post, a blog or a tweet in public view on the internet/media (much like a confession in front of a priest) and asking the morally corrupt public itself to condone/absolve/forgive them – very much like a priest. And of course, these women would be “forgiven” as the forgivers would be other slutty women on the internet/media and weak manginated men.
          Bottom line: modern women deserve to be stoned, not forgiven. Because sincerity itself is lacking in them, which is necessary for true repentance.

        2. Well, Jesus had a habit of forgiving people, so, when He said “neither do I condemn you,” I think it’s safe to say that He was not holding her crimes against her… i.e., forgiving her. The forgiveness was contingent upon something, however: “go and sin no more.” I am all for forgiving repentant persons, because that is what Our Lord did and taught us to do (“if your brother sin against you seventy times seventy…”). But what forgiveness can an impenitent person want or receive?
          Just FYI, the Catholic faith teaches very clearly that simply telling your sins to a priest, does nothing for attaining forgiveness; it is nothing like “writing a blog post” and seeking absolution “from the morally corrupt community.” You have to actually repent of your sin and intend never to commit it again, relying on God’s help, and you accuse yourself before Christ with the priest as witness, not to the priest as a man. This confession is also only *necessary* (though still helpful otherwise) when you have committed a “sin unto death,” such as separates you from the Church and damages your relationship with Christ in a fundamental way. The Church teaches that you can actually be forgiven even of grave sins without confession to a priest, if you experience perfect contrition… but you should still go to the priest, because he is the witness to your repentance and is in charge of making sure that the faithful are not harmed by the mysteries (St. Paul says that many died in Corinth because they received the Eucharist without examining their consciences carefully), and that the mysteries are not profaned by those who treat them disrespectfully (as St. Paul again says in Hebrews, “for we have an altar of which they are not worthy to eat”). The priest is also bound to judge your confession in accordance with canon law and proper moral theology. In other words, nothing like a blog post to ask forgiveness from mere mortals with stupid philosophies: you confess to an ordained representative of Christ, who judges you with the authority of Christ using the doctrines of Christ’s Church as the basis for judgment.

        3. Such women can be usefull.
          2053, Transylvanian Pact troops are liberating Constantinople (or London) and lot of islamic sows and their pigglets needs to be dealth with, many uses suicide bombing tactics.
          Most male soldiers aren´t that willing to open fire on them and their spawn, then put the debries in the recyclers, espthey are too busy anywhay.
          Thankfully, some are able to carry out that task just fine. Nothing funnier than a woman like her, a chainsaw + some captured enemy soldiers.

        4. It is a good thing, thought.
          Back then such scum as J had to deal with reproduced and thrived whenever possible, just as much if not more than the builders of Rome and its Empire.
          Today they wouldn´t (cause the sluts may put out but that´s it) and if they do, would even feed their own children to dogs for a few days if faced with famines, no promise of heaven.
          They are collectively setting themselves up to fall big time, in times of troubles it comes crashing down like the WTC towers.
          Freed from the chains of idiocracy, Atlas Shrugs.

          Not much better for gold diggers.
          Alphas may care about not getting herpes and not supporting someone else´s children but that is all, they don´t forgive because they don´t have all that emotional BS to begin with.
          If you do have that and gets mad as a result, the woman may be a hoe for having some fun time with another dude but then you too are a hoe, a butthurt little hoe because you made a single woman´s approval into something important to feed your ego*.

          Thank you, there is nothing as nice than some nice Schadenfreude in the morning.
          * Not that I am against ego-feeding in itself but that should be for important, better things in life.

        5. “2053, Transylvanian Pact troops are liberating Constantinople”
          Maybe in the next millennium Kostas.
          You mad that Turks raped your women and brainwashed their descendants into believing they were their conquerors, even when they weren’t?

        6. In that case, ottoman empire would have lasted a few generations, because turk themselves where too dumb and uncreative to maintaine such an empire.
          Parasites, they needed smarter peoples than themselves for it and when they lost hold on europe, without hosts, their decline followed.
          Also, turks would have to prefer women over men, which we both know they don´t.
          And what about the Mongols?

          Pathetic “betas” deserves to be cuckolded, bucking while John Galt is banging.
          Sure the female is guilty of fraud and contract breach if she is married (pay for a box of condoms and a few dates?) but hurting a little pussy´s betas precious feelings? Sweeeet! “Beta” is the one being weak by needing a female´s exclusivity to validate its existence in teh first place. Why, to feel like a man? Except while the beta may be one step above a female but is not a man, only a slave.

        8. Agree. This woman couldn’t find honest work to do to support herself instead of the porn industry? This decision, alone, tells you that the woman has some sort of mental problem (and should be treated) but not have kids. Plus, something is truly wrong with the guy who picked this bad apple up off of the ground (white knight or just plain dumb).
          Women like her, usually, end up in porn for reasons besides the good money. It’s usually something in her past or a mental issue (relating to needing attention).
          Now, just like many other reality TV stars today, her kid will grow up and have to deal with the fallout. It’s the kids who will suffer for (in this case) the woman’s decision in life.

        9. that graphic is hilarious, that’s how butthurt I feel right now, this one girl from the bar last night didn’t text me back

        1. Uh, no one in our culture ever defends those guys. But there are plenty of people who defend women for being reckless. When do reckless men ever get sanctuary? Everyone knows that men who knock up women and then leave are “no good.” The issue, though, is why is no scrutiny ever placed on the woman and her actions. We disingenuously pretend that she is some perpetual victim when she needs to merely reap what she sows for once in her life. If starved, pathetic beta men can restrain themselves a bit, perhaps they would?

        1. I’m picturing the ‘foomp’ sound of a mortar launch and a medical crew with umpire’s masks.
          Foomp! “It’s a boy!”

        2. I have a vision of the baby just sliding out of her gaping enlarged orifice… I think I just grossed myself out with that thought.

        3. Nothing personal, but part of me wonders if it would not have been better had the mortar suffered a “misfire,” thus destroying the mortar.
          Ouch, but it was a sad, sad thought I just had.

        4. Hi guys, I am a 60 year old retiree with failing health who aborted 2 children and had only 1 when I was 35 and then I divorced his dad because he was keeping me down. For some reason I don’t have anyone to take care of me now and my son never bonded with me for some reason. I am confused and alone but I know that if we legalize all the Mexican immigrants I will have someone to change my adult diapers in the care facility. I won’t know a word of Spanish but I’m sure it’ll work out for me.
          ~Signed, a typical baby boomer.

        5. Exactly.
          Although, you forgot to mention: “My complete lack of discipline coupled with my complete incapacity for rational forethought, has led to the complete destruction of all the capital in Western society: the Federal Government is hopelessly in debt and all of its programs will be bankrupt because I, being a caring and sensitive woman, knew that the government should make the magic money fairy pay for all the things that let me feel like a morally good person without having to ever feed an actual homeless person with my own two hands. Past that, the pension plan at my government job (or government-regulated job) will certainly be bankrupt within the decade, and I have saved nothing because I assumed the pension and the state would take care of me. I’m letting all those Mexicans come in, ’cause I’m so nice, and because I am so nice I’m also fighting to put them all on the dole. You, being a white male working chump, will be expected to cough up all your dough and to cast it into the bottomless money pit where it will do absolutely nothing to save this country, but it will still financially ruin you, personally. Even when you are personally bankrupted, everyone will still blame you – because I spent so much time bad-mouthing your dad and all the other men who could never give me sensual tingles and ecstatic validation every day of my life, that I never stopped to consider that some day my only son would be caught in the misandric cross-fire. Oops! Who would have thought that giving women an equal say in things and letting them off of their husbands’ leash would instantly turn our civilization into liquified s#*t? Now, hey, what’s that you say? Oh, you shouldn’t say things like that! You didn’t learn that misogyny under *my* roof! I like to think that I raised you better than that…”

      1. Wait until it dawns on the little future bastard (because we know she will keep the beta bucks in the home righhhht?) figures out that he exited the “hall of shame” with the biological imprints of all the one eyed monsters that lined his incubation chamber plastered all over her cervical walls as if they were portraits of past “heroes.”.
        She will figure it out, when she goes into to kiss her “beloved” son, and he turns way in disgust.
        I sympathize. It is not his fault.

      1. LOL.
        The ultimate boner deflator for the husband of a pornstar : She repents to become a frigid good saintly woman who offers missionary style sex once a month.
        “No anal, oral and doggy style sex please – I’ve repented” : that sentence would be a sex drive killer into the ears of her husband.

        1. perhaps he likes it when she uses her strap on……. or maybe she brings a few old porno buddies over to do him on a sunday…

      2. Pretty sure that was his thinking, he realized that a “good girl” would be faaar too boring.
        True, a lot of men does that but they only do that after getting married, as the wifey grows fatter, more nagging and more expensive.

    2. equality in a relationship. If I want a “captain” to give me commands, I’ll go and work on a ship. men are not more logical than women. I know only one man who can boast being a tad more logical than many other people and he’s practically a borderline asperger. Average Joe is as emotional and hormonal as any average woman. Manosphere guys just deny this because they want to feel better than women and for them being better is the same as stumping someone down. Manosphere guys are just a bunch of selfish dicks who want everyone to do as they wish and then try to dress their selfishness into scientific mumbojumbo. Nothing more. I believe that power corrupts even the best of us . I absolutely hate any kind of power plays. It doesn’t matter whether relationship is based on equality or traditional values, power struggle between a couple is always destructive for it. Well, I guess we’ll have a permanent disagreement here. I really do consider equality as a fundamental value and do not see men as superior. o, sorry to burst your bubble, but this type of relationship can work and it works pretty well indeed! Not to mention there are studies showing that couples who share home chores are happier and stay together longer than those where roles are very different

    3. Roosh, cunt alert at 12 O’Clock. I know you’re busy so you don’t have time to moderate 24/7, but this Oloinen bitch just commented here and left the exact same comment on the “How To Know If You Should Do Something For A Woman” article. I’ve flagged both posts in an effort to help rid RoK of cuntlery. Please assist as soon as you’re able. On another note, this is a great site. Thank you for making it happen.

      1. Picture a dick and suck on it. You probably already are sucking on one as we speak. Your a fag, tattletale, and a cunt. YEAH GO AHEAD FLAG THIS SHIT, PROVE MY POINT!!!

  1. Almost every morning I hear how a mother takes her little childeren to the school. There are cursing, screaming from the mother’s part, and sobbing and crying from the chillderen part. Cursing includes: (“I am gonna smack the shit out of you you little shit!” “Come now or I will slap you!” I overheard she proudly declared she slapped the childeren repeatedly for misbehaving because “that is the right thing to do, and the child has to know who the boss is!” etc…
    She is a horrible human entity, and I am positive the kids are having a horrible childhood.

  2. I can’t help but feel sad for those other men tricked by a less famous and less attractive version of Aurore Snow. On another note..most pain free pregnancy ever.

  3. When I read stories about how women can get away with everything because there’s some fucking schmuck that will ‘love her unconditionally’ I deeply believe that those idiots deserve what’s happening to our society nowadays. It’s a pity that all of us men will eventually pay up for the attitude of pussies who would literally sell their soul to the devil just to get a 10 sec sniff at some cock-ridden pussy.
    Then I always remember a story my grandmother used to tell about the divorce of my great-grandmother during the 40’s (here in Portugal). My great-grandmother broke the home, divided the family. As a direct consequence she lost 99% of her social circle, simply because she was a divorcee. In that time, a women was still judged by her actions.

    1. I grew up in an Irish Catholic community not far from Boston. There was ONE kid in my school whose parents were divorced. Everyone knew it. He ended up hating his mother for what she did. Apparently she didn’t brainwash him to hate his father, like women do today.
      The solipsism of ‘reformed’ whores who try to get their kids to not follow in her acrylic platform hooker shoes completely astounds me. If your mom’s a well known local whore, let alone a washed up porn star, the kid’s either going to be a Mennonite with trauma issues or a 2nd generation whore. Anything else is just a fantasy.

      1. Lol at “acrylic platform hooker shoes”. Cheap ass whores with their two-bit slutwear and heels.
        Funny thing is they feel they have an innate superiority to men by virtue of their ability to earn money, gifts and consideration simply by spreading their legs and being pleasured.
        Pretty much sums up all Moms. Dont you think?

    2. On the other hand, back then someone like Jenny Erikson back then would still be sucking a man´s lifeblood.

      1. “Back then”, if you go back to when things were half civilized, Jenny Erikson would have been either beaten to a pulp, burned or at a minimum excommunicated. Not just from Church, but from the town she lived in as well. So that the wolves could sort her out. “Back Then” worked quite well, as the trajectory of human development it engendered shows. It is Now that doesn’t work.

        1. If it was so great, why was it willingly abandonned?
          Mind you, willingly abandonned by men, if they had collectively said no to feminism and its antics, all it would be today is some bitchy upper-class wives.
          The thing is, they did so because their views on women, those poor, innocent angels.
          She would not have divorced in fear of consequences, she would instead have continued living off her husband and since he would be the provider, the children would have had to deal with her mostly.
          She might not dare to beat her husband but it would always be the children wo are naughty and never learn, innocent mother just had to be harsh and punish them.
          And some old woman gets burned, how did that come to be? Yes, it all started rumors and who exactly spread those rumor? Surely not an upstanding´s man´s devoute wife.

      2. Back then a divorce meant no settlement, no alimony. So she would’ve been on her own unless some other man decided to take care of her. In that situation, the man ridding himself of a tape worm would be very beneficial to him. That would be way better than today’s situation where the corrupt law forces her ex-husband to give her resources even though she doesn’t give him anything. She’s allowed to still be a parasite.

        1. >>. She’s allowed to still be a parasite.
          Nay even encouraged to do so by the corrupt judges who judge in favor of woman being able to maintain her “standard of living” after the divorce.

      3. There were no options for divorced women. It kept them engaged in the relationship. They also were near virgins which increased the odds that the man was the best sex she had ever had. Lastly, you couldn’t rape your wife. So maybe she didn’t have true love for the man, but she had an appreciation for what he provided.

        1. In practice, they often wheren´t virgins, hovewer having a bad reputation was a big no no.
          What of the man´s point of view?
          Imagine being married with someone like Jenny Erikson for good, at least the dude she divorced is now free of her, maybe find a better wife, certainly have a better, more interesting life.

  4. This isn’t related to the article but I love these guys. Not all Canadian men are white knight manginas, and certainly not these RCMP dudes.
    “Shortly after that, one officer said, “So did she deserve to get hit?” He then laughs.”
    Yeah sure she swerved to avoid a deer….she had just left a party….she was fucking drunk and went off the road and the RCMP know it.

    1. “The woman’s partner has been charged with assault and is due to appear in provincial court in Amherst later this month.”
      Shit’s depressing. She goes to his house, starts shit, and he gets charged.

      1. They have bitch cops where you are too. One little fat arse RCMP thought she’d fuck me up because I’m handsome and she’s fugly; she lost. I come from a line of crazy ass, pink cheek, Irish descended
        little motherfuckers who don’t take shit, and we’ll spend tens of thousands to put them in their place! 😀

  5. Lol from wiki
    On March 12, 2013, Snow appeared on The Young Turks to discuss racism in pornography and the reasons why some Caucasian pornographic actresses refuse to do interracial sex scenes.[19]
    Snow is currently a contributor for The Daily Beast and usually writes articles about the porn industry.[20]

  6. If women are rationalization machines, and they are solely bringing up our youth i wonder…
    Are we going to become a culture of rationalization hamsters ?
    Hell, west already comes up with tons of chaotic theories to justify it’s actions around planet.

  7. Articles like this are why I love this site. I’ve said for year that the worst enemy to children is the uncontrolled, unrestrained mother.
    I’ve seen single mothers who buy their kids literally anything they whine for because “I never want them to want anything and not get it”. They proudly say this as if it’s some kind of moral gold star on the mommy report card. Yet, the kids don’t eat anything that doesn’t come out of a box. To them, making hot dogs is “cooking”.
    The best way to deconstruct a civilization is to “empower” these creatures.

  8. Someone explain this to me:
    My dream, along with that of most other reasonable men, was to have a stable career, a nice house which would be his castle, and a loving, doting reasonably good looking wife to love him – and two or three loving, wonderful children. I mean, honestly, even the biggest thug sitting in jail at Riker’s doing 400 years for triple homicide, at one point must have thought about that idea, even when I was 4, or 5.
    It is pretty clear to me that women possess no such dream. In fact, if they are to get married at all, it will be to a man who meets a tremendously long list of demands, most of them physical (actually, all of them, come to think about it), but ONLY after they get gang banged, skull fucked, or just roughly fucked by no less than however many men she meets prior to that point that fit her physical requirements – this being a small percent of real men but over a 30 year period, a large amount.
    It is obvious, then, as a result, that women are fundamentally different in such a profound, PROFOUND way, that there is simply no way that they can even be considered to have a soul or anything like a conscience akin to what a man does. Every man, in every culture on earth, strives for excellence in spirit and duty. What the FUCK does a woman strive for besides alpha cock?
    It really is like comparing human beings to some sort of different species – one that talks like a human, walks like a human, but simply lacks, LACKS, the fundamental qualities that make a human a human being.
    Women will drive men down the path into the abyss. That’s just the way it is. They have such monumental power that to give them freedom is taking a step towards spiritual suicide. Literally everything wrong with the world probably has it’s source in women’s sexual preference and / or (but mostly and) the behavior of mothers.

    1. There’s really nothing to explain. Accept your valid observations as truth, and then come to understand the wisdom of our forefathers in not giving women nearly any of the rights of an adult male. They had the female’s perverse world view squarely pegged and knew not to give her a long leash.

    2. I believe women DO have that drive, moreso than men. Combine that with modern feminism and you’ve got a recipe for neurosis as a majority are trying to be something they are not. That’s why they behave in such a bizarre manner: they’ve been brainwashed out any health means to satisfy their natural instincts. Finding a man they can look up to has been replaced with the carousel, a family with a circle of dysfunctional “BFFs”, and meaingful relationships with facebook likes.
      My wife and I were talking about this over the weekend and she put it very well. In her words, she dislikes modern feminism because “feminists are attempting to go against nature, and when you go against nature it never works out well”.

    3. “Literally everything wrong with the world probably has it’s source in women’s sexual preference and / or (but mostly and) the behavior of mothers.”
      Not everything wrong, but women’s sexual preference is such a bad influence on the world, it’s staggering. I thought about this about 10 years ago watching the Sopranos. Tony Soprano runs protection rackets, manages fraud schemes, and murders people for turf or market share, then has the gall to think of himself as a “captain of industry”. If every woman in his life who knew about or suspected his evil deeds decided to shun him, his life would suck. But the immoral women don’t care and they reward his bad behavior. Carmela (annoying as she is) was at least an ok wife, homemaker, and mother, fulfilling Tony’s aspirations of family. And then there’s all the women he had affairs with, most of whom were attracted to him because he’s a gangster. They’re all complicit in his evil, and have all helped make NJ & the USA a less efficient, less fair, and more violent place.

      1. That’s because you are judging women using male standards. Women don’t really have a concept of justice, fairness or morality the same way men think of them. Whatever is beneficial to a woman at that particular time is good and moral whatever is detrimental to her is bad and evil. For this reason a mob boss like Tony Soprano is only bad and immoral if he is banging her hotter competition, but instantly becomes “misunderstood”, or having a “heart of gold” once he turns to her.

    4. i actually had a realization the other day.
      they arent humans the way you and i think of “humanity.” “what it means to be human” does not include women for 2 reasons.
      firstly, a vast majority of thought on the topics of existence and humanity and what it means to be human was thought of and written by men. as a result, a lot of what these men thought of as human traits are actually exclusively male traits. a lot of men writing either never even considered the notion that women are THAT different, or, if they did, never even considered it possible that women would engage in such debates, and so did not consider them in their assertions.
      the second reason, which really only compounds the first reason, is that you, as a man, in studying the great writings of philosophers and in educating yourself on what it means to be human, and in making your own realizations and observations, are doing so from a mans perspective and thus are incapable of realizing the extent to which women are different. add to that your education that men and women are equal and more or less the same, and you find yourself in a situation where you project supposed “human” qualities onto women when in fact these qualities are masculine, and women are incapable of having these qualities.
      at this point you are holding women to a standard they cannot meet because they are judged to have qualities that they cannot have. integrity, honesty, responsibility, selfless love, etc. these are qualities that a woman is incapable of inherently having. sure, in situations where they are necessary, or if they are taught, they can IMITATE the behaviors associated with these qualities, but they cannot truly have them.
      most of what you know to be human applies only to men. forget every notion you have of women based on the false premise that they are “human” and begin to observe instead. they ARE human, you are just mistaken as to what exactly a human is.

    5. Women are scum. It would not surprise me at all if some thoroughly evil nonhuman entity created them just to fuck with humanity.
      Wretched scum, all of them.

    1. Nothing wrong with adopting ethnic kids.
      EVERYTHING wrong with adopting kids BECAUSE they are ETHNIC.
      And you want a colored doll to play with and show off with, and otherwise prove something with. Something only liberal, sandal sporting, lisp talking, floppy haired, slack jawed, cream pants wearing daisy boys and women would do.

        1. Christians and liberals kind of fall into the same basket. Both do things because it gives them a warm and tingly feeling. But as long as those kids have a good home with a family will love them, that’s more than most people could ask for, so good on them.

      1. Something only liberal, sandal sporting, lisp talking, floppy haired,
        slack jawed, cream pants wearing daisy boys and women would do.

        Exactly. The author wrote a good article, but assigning the multi-culti slave to the label “libertarian” was entirely incorrect. Leftist, yes, libertarian (a label shared by many men on this site), no.

      2. “Nothing wrong with adopting ethnic kids.
        EVERYTHING wrong with adopting kids BECAUSE they are ETHNIC.”
        Cosign. I think it’s a new fad, you’re even cooler if you can get them from another country. Here’s an idea…if you really wanted to help, adopt kids from within your own borders that need the help as well, hmm.

        1. Much cheaper. The going rate for a blond kid without obvious issues is huge. Why do you think the Texas CPS kidnapped all those Mormon kids a few years back? (Aside from satisfying their own, inhouse pedophiles, that is)

  9. I used to be uncomfortable and concerned with the out of control promiscuity of females who expect to be able to ride the carousel and then settle for a beta provider.
    This feeling vanished once I took the red pill, I now know the true nature of the beast and I’ve consciously decided that there is no need to settle down with these women, and I won’t.
    Society had conditioned me into believing I had to settle down hence my concern, I have too much pride and self respect to settle with an ex-carousel rider and pretty much all of western women are now wired this way. This was my worry, to settle down with a women that didn’t deserve it.
    Fortunately for me and with the help of the manosphere my fears are now gone, I’m mid twenties and thank God that I’ve discovered the truth before I was stuck with one and children. My life could have been so different, I could have been trapped by our feminzed anti male society, I’m overjoyed.

    1. Except the media keeps churning out new articles and stories about the benefits of marriage for men. But what they don’t tell you is the cost to men if the marriage ends in divorce, and chances are that it will end in divorce.
      The writing is on the wall, but most people would rather not read it.

      1. Most of those articles are based on flawed studies, such as “married men live longer”. They are totally ignoring a strong selection bias: healthy men live longer, and healthy men are more attractive marriage prospects. The guy doesn’t live longer because he got married: his marriage proposal was accepted because he’s the type of guy who lives longer. Those “studies” often have their cause & effect backwards

        1. Yep. Another myth is that “married men earn more money”. But marriage is not magically getting them better jobs, men who are married speicially seek out higher paying jons because they need the money. They cant slack off like me and do a job they enjoy that earns them less than what they could maximally earn. Plus, how much of that “extra” money do you think the married man gets to spend on himself? Not to mention the “exit penalties” of divorce, alimony and child suipport.
          As a man, marriage is definitely not a good strategy for becoming financially better off.

        2. Actually this has been disproven. If you control for “living alone’ or “living with some one” all advantage of having a wife on life expectancy goes away. Living with someone merely means that there is some one there to call 911 when you have a stroke at 70. Having a same sex roommate does just as much as having a wife; and doesn’t take 50% of everything you will ever have.

        3. Dalrock has a long and detailed article about that. The key phrase is: they selling a cost as a benifit.

      2. Semen is a carcinogen. A poison. Get it out of you any way you can.
        Just remember, females are an even more dangerous poison.

        1. bahaha! your giving women way too much power, you all complain how much women cost you, and at the same time complain about women with degrees and jobs…make up your mind, or just admit your mysoginy..

      3. “Except the media keeps churning out new articles and stories about the benefits of marriage for men.”
        If that isn´t an obvious red flag…

      4. and even if it lasts, you can’t fart in bed or even come and go from your own house without excusing yourself….

      5. If gays had half a mind they would be trying to ban gay marriage. That dike from GLEE fought against gay alimony, I guess she was too busy moterboating to have an adult conversation about finances & pre-nups

    2. yeah, because woman enjoy the ‘invisible jail cell’ als., raising their fat ass husbands kids, while he drinks beer, watches sports and tries to get it up once a week for boring fat man sex… pahleese! don’t kid yourself, your not single because you ‘choose’ to be…

  10. Holy shit, this rings so true to me.
    My mother pit me against my father endlessly. I mean, endlessly. Why? Beats me. Probably because she resented marrying him. For a while, it worked, and I hated my father. The power women have in molding their sons is astronomical. However, it took me a decade after she died to figure out the damage that she had done to me and still does to me.
    However, I still resent my father for marrying her. The signs should be there, man, they’re always there. Right? But most men are too afraid to be forever alone, so they latch onto whatever slot they can dip their coin into, I guess.
    But for what it is, I’m alright. I can only imagine what a son would feel if his favorite, naturally-induced past time is terrorized by the chance of seeing his mom getting railed by Mandingo AND Sanchez AT THE SAME TIME inside of a moving 1996 Dodge Caravan.

    1. I’d say cut your father some slack, and sympathy.
      No, the signs are not always there at the beginning. Women can change personalities overnight and normally give no signs of this potential that anybody with less than a PhD. in psychiatry could spot.
      It bothers me sometimes when young bucks (not pointing to you specifically) say that men deserve what they get for marrying a girl because “you should have seen xyz”. Well sometimes brother, you just can’t, and it has nothing to do with thirst or idealism. Many modern women are psychotic by and large, and if you’re not used to dealing with a sociopath liar you don’t stand a chance.

      1. I’ve played college football and currently have a ton of NFL buddies I still hang out with when we get the chance and from both experiences, I can co-sign.
        We just refer to them as professionals, but there are a ton of women (and men honestly, but for diff. intentions) who can hold out/hide their true motives for years to get what they want. You just have to do what it’s called, Play.The.Game!

      2. You’re probably right. I always listen to the advice of older men, so I will take your word for it.
        I do think it’s unusual that a lot of men will tolerate everything short of outright abuse from their SO. Some of my friends have gfs / wives that cheat on them / insult them or demean them.
        If I loved someone dearly, I would never cheat on them, nor ever say hurtful words to them. Words can be daggers, and coming from a woman you love is enough to be a SLIGHT indication that she doesn’t put you first. Of course most men are blinded and live life with their fingers plugged into their ears. Sometimes I wonder if that’s a better way to live.

        1. It’s only a better way to live in the short term. The consequences have a way of buttfucking you when you least expect it.

      3. Always TEST before you get involved. You can minimize the risk by only getting involved with girls who demonstrate that they are willing to make sacrifices(with no expectation of any gain resulting from it) just to make you happy. If they’ve got an excuse ready any time it’s inconvenient for them to do something for you then show them the door.

        1. Oh yeah, no question, but I’m long past needing to do that, was responding to the OP in regard to his father. Back then there was no real way for men to even begin to know, we had no common pool or source of knowledge like today, if you didn’t have a wise father, uncle or grandfather to pull you aside and tell you truth about dealing with women, you were hosed.

  11. I work with a woman that literally complains about her daughter all day and during the whole lunch hour. She has literally ruined my lunch hour because she just complains. Ironically she will call her daughter during “business hours” and talk to her for an hour acting like she’s her best friend. I hope I can meet my co-worker’s daughter one day so I can tell her that her mom complains about her all day.

  12. “Mothers have become the main source of harm to children.”. Jesus Christ. I have never read such a delusional article. Please let this be an April Fools joke.

      1. The government, and those who support it.
        But I guess that’s kind of the obvious answer. At least for those with a functioning brain.

        1. Women have always been the main source of harm to children. Anybody who claims otherwise is the delusional one.

  13. Just a small correction: Santa Maria is a complete shit hole where much of the population is on welfare. It is not a prosperous area as you state here. It is in Santa Barbara County, which, as a whole is wealthy, but Santa Maria itself is the ghetto of the county.

    1. Not a small correction. That’s a big correction. Socal native here, Santa Maria is nothing. Just checking the US census you’ll find this:
      Per capita money income (2012 dollars), 2008-2012:
      Santa Maria: $18,465
      Rest of California: $29,551
      Hell, the people in Santa Maria make less than those in Bakersfield.

      1. excuse me, but this woman grew up in the eighties. When I lived in San Diego, Santa Maria was total clearcut middle class.
        Don’t mistake a shithole that is for a shithole that was.

        1. Not really. Santa Maria has most always been poorer than the surrounding areas (like Santa Barbara), mainly because it’s primary industry is agriculture.
          Not that it’s a shithole – never said that. There are middle class parts to it, but it wasn’t, and isn’t, a ‘middle class city.’

        2. ‘poorer than the surrounding areas’ is not the same thing as poor.
          Hell, i grew up in germantown, MD. It was the ‘slums’ of montgomery county… we only lived in a house that was 230,000 dollars (80’s money) and right down the street was the ‘housing projects’… row homes that cost 110,000 each. We were miles away from the 2+ million dollar ‘east coast beverly hills’ houses…. total abject poverty by mariott standards. (Our neighbors)
          And then when my folks divorced I had to move to benning road in DC… and I found out what poor really meant. This girl’s protestations of being ‘poor’ are utterly ridiculous, I am betting she never missed two meals in a row in her life.

  14. Hate him or love him, I have always enjoyed Jay-Z’s music growing up bc of the knowledge he drops/reaffirms. In his song “The Ruler’s Back” Jay states, “You can’t date skew-os and wife it.” Point, blank, period.
    It’s one thing if you are actually “ok” with this type of mileage, but for those who feel they must settle or rationalize with a woman of this type, you’re essentially throwing in the towel and you are adding to the destruction of a tradition family unit that has existed since the beginning of time. And for those who think they could be ok with this type of arrangement, just catch yourself in a situation where the numerous amount of men who have deflowered (I’m being facetious) your lovely wife, your everything, previous to your marriage are around. I don’t see that being a healthy experience for you or your children.
    Good article, I didn’t check (but if correct) great facts. Best line..
    “after all their anger and expletives “yet i love them lol.” I have heard this on too many occasions and it makes livid on the inside.

  15. Just goes to show what happens when a woman is told she can have it all and then reality reminds her she can’t. Mothers in their teens and twenties have energy to play with kids. Stay at home mothers have the time to look after children. Mothers with dominant, happy husbands have safe, happy lives, as will their children. Workaholic, single, bitter 30-somethings are disgusted at the amount of extra time their children steal from their own leisure. ‘You mean I can’t sleep around, work all day, spend myself into the red and have children? Free womyn shouldn’t have to choose! Dapatriarchy!’

    1. That’s actually an interesting observation. Modern women have channeled their natural youthful energy, used for all of human history until the last few decades for keeping up with the kids (without being resentful) into instead partying and whoring it up. Then they hit 30, pop out a kid, don’t have the energy they should have used at 19 to care for the bundle of joy, and come to loath and resent him. So in essence the Cock Carousel is their replacement for healthy motherhood. Absolutely awful what a mindfuck the Sisterhood/cultural Marxism has perpetuated isn’t it?

      1. Bingo…..the worst part is that it’s not an accident, they were more or less conditioned to be self-centered, disconnected drones(look up the book “Deliberate Dumbing Down of America, there’s a free .pdf).
        And do you know why? Because intact families with loving kids produce adults who are self-aware, self-realizing people with functioning brains…..and the people in power don’t want that.

      2. I think what happens is that as living standards go up the hedonism and moral decay sets in. Sure cultural marxism and feminism are the blight of the western society but are they causative or effective? In other words is the marxism and feminist ideology just a symptom of a general systemic decline? To my mind the answer is the latter.

      3. I’ve been thinking about it and I believe every self-respecting man should tell his wife (or wife to be) that she must have kids young or never.
        Meet the requirements:
        1, first child before 26, bar medical issues,
        2, no children from other men, bar his being dead, if she has children and is separated by death, first rule still applies,
        3, within marriage only and she must meet further criteria to be marriage-worthy, no welfare-scrounging baby-mamas,
        4, high N women need not apply, they make shitty mothers,
        5, stay at home mother and home schooling.
        If you want kids but she won’t meet the criteria, you may have to move on, but tis for the good of the future.

    2. Single moms feel they are some kind of Superwomen for what they do.
      But what they DID, was spread their fucking legs. Doesnt take a whole lotta brains to do that.
      Which explains a lot.
      Keep building dem prisons.

    3. “Stay at home mothers have the time to look after children.”
      Part of the problem is the view that they are better at taking care of children, when that is actually not the case.

    4. Actually, most would get married by 25 if they actually found someone who meets the list of all their demands.
      if you make 100K a year, you are “poor”.

  16. The better that children are raised, the more advanced the civilization. Our tribal ancestors sacrificed and sometimes ate their children. After that, unwanted children were simply exposed. Later our ancestors severely beat their children. Slowly, the lot of children has improved as we advanced. Our modern childrearing ways are recessing farther into the tribal all of the time; single motherhood, giving children little attention, barbarities like abortion, etc.
    The reason patriarchy is the way for all civilized people is because it is a system that fundamentally protects children.

    1. And don’t forget traditional, monogamous marriage.
      It isn’t there to benefit men. It’s there to benefit the children, as a monogamous marriage means the primary focus of the men is their offspring’s success. I don’t have a link to the source study (It’s on academic search engines that I no longer have an account for), but they postulated that the reason a lot of 3rd world countries are shitholes is because of polygamy. In a polygamous society, men pay little attention to their offspring and instead invest most of their resources and time into getting more wives.
      The result is that European societies generally provide their offspring more resources and support to draw on when they start their own adult lives, and that the adults are more successful economically.

      1. I can confirm that anecdotally. I had a SWPL gf in college who spent a semester in a Zulu village in South Africa. The woman of the family she lived with was one of the wives of the local witch doctor. He moved between villages staying with his various wives. Most of the men couldn’t afford wives so they just got sex wherever they could.
        Much has written in the manosphere about how civilization depends on beta males investing. The best way to do that is to provide them with a loyal wife who will have children that are guaranteed to be theirs. American betas are checking out en masse. As I said earlier, we’re getting more tribal every day.

    1. As do men as a result… hence the bad boy epidemic. The bad boy epidemic taken to an extreme equals men living by the gun and creating epicenters of extreme violence, which, of course, women absolutely love.
      Invent sex-robots, and we’ll have men of all colors on Mars in the next 6 years.

      1. Yes… It may sound like the fantasy of an omega nerd, but it bares repeating because unfortunately, it’s the truth: the only (and I mean ONLY) permanent way out of this impasse is via technological replacement of the female. The age of sexbots is the age of male salvation.

      2. That is how natural selection works.
        Natural selection made humans into a relatively intelligent specie and when societies attempts to stop it, the pressure will only increase, until the offending society is flushed away.

  17. “So many, if not most, mother’s spend those first few days after the miracle of birth hating their child because its existence inconveniences hers.”
    A very doubtful claim, supported by nothing. Any grudge created by the inconvenience of a child isn’t supported by a few examples of nutty women. Perhaps it’s certainly more prevalent now than it was 60 years ago, as children aren’t born into marriage and more are considered ‘accidents.’ But no way to tell if it’s ‘many, if not most.’
    Regardless, things go both ways. The price paid by the children, especially by sons, is the fault of the father and the mother. 70% of all births among African Americans happen out of wedlock. It’s supposedly at 30% for non-Hispanic whites. Boys who don’t have a father in the home are more likely to go to jail, drop out of high school, and to knock up girls out of wedlock.The cycle perpetuates itself, causing more problems for young men. It’s easy to blame the women, but guys shouldn’t get a free pass.
    Remember: You create a matriarchy when you have out-of-wedlock children.

    1. Traditional families are now the counter-revolutionaries. We’re hip, chic and cool, as it were. Rebellion in a brown paper bag.

      1. Didn’t you get the memo? “Rebellion” isn’t cool when the left is in charge. We all have to be good little serfs.

        1. Plus nothing legitimizes the whole cool factor of rebellion and being counter-revolutionary than when Authority forbids rebellion. Heh

    2. Need to build more prisons and make sentences tougher and longer. Keep the vermin off the streets. And out of my fucking sight.

  18. It’s pretty simple.
    If a woman is too self-centered to be able to live with a man, there’s no way in hell she’s going to be able to do the job of taking care of someone who (unlike the man) isn’t capable of fending for himself for an evening if you feel the need to chill out.
    And all these are a symptom of a single problem: these people are a product of a system that is focused primarily on social competition, and they never learn how to care about another person.

    1. Social competition is fantastic for males, we govern our feelings far better than women. For women though it absolutely morphs them into non-caring monsters.

  19. This waste of a woman is a perfect example of a complete lack of any self-respect and dignity. I reserve my pity for her son who will have to grow up knowing that his mother is a whore and his father a likely beta male weakling.

    1. I don’t know, at least she got paid, while most kids’ moms slutted around with “lovers” for free. And at least his Dad didn’t marry some fat slut who loves her “career” at a nonprofit and her cat, but is reluctant to give blowjobs

      1. Wow, are you Miss Cleo? You described my friend exactly, except he says when he eats his wife out, she smells like shit because she is so fat and can’t clean well.

  20. I’m going to go against the author here and cut Aurora a break. Criticize her certainly, but she was earning an honest living producing a product that the author enjoyed. Us men have to accept responsibility for our own behavior. If porn is truly bad, then don’t buy or use it. But if it isn’t, then don’t condemn the women giving you happiness anymore than you hate the guy at McD’s selling you a fatty burger.
    Ok, she’s shallow and pleasure seeking which is what we’d expect an adult star to be like. But to her credit, when she left the industry she sought to have a child in a marriage with a good man. The vast majority of American women don’t even seek a decent man or respect them. She at least VALUED such a man. If she divorces the poor guy and treats her son badly, then certainly she’s a bad person but plenty of non-adult file star women do this.

    1. Usually love a Chubbs article but I’m with this guy. At the end of the day everyone’s parents fucked us up somehow. This kid is gonna have it worse than most and, well, sucks to be him. But what are you gonna do, outlaw porn stars from ever having kids? Outlaw porn? Neither are ever going to work. This girl sold a product you and all of us consume. We enabled her to act like this.

      1. Us?
        Got a mouse in your pocket? Pretty sure there’s no way to speak for the whole here.

        1. You ever watch porn? If yeah, you gave her an incentive to work as a porn star. If no… you must be like 6 years old

        2. Thanks for teaching me a new idiom. “Got a mouse in your pocket?” I had to look it up. Learned something new. Thanks.

        3. Why do you assume moral degeneracy? Modern society is pornographic enough without me having to seek it as an adult. As a kid, yeah, I saw some of dad’s Playboys. The moment I had my hands on a real girl it kind of took the sheen off of paper women I could never have. Doubt that justifies this bint’s career.

        4. I never said you were a moral degenerate. I don’t think there’s anything degenerate about watching porn. I wouldn’t want my daughter to be in porn because it’s a shallow lifestyle that leads to unhappiness and pain, but by the same token, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with acting in porn. These women are just supplying an economic demand at the cost of their own happiness. Not my problem.

        5. I wouldn’t want my daughter to be in porn because it’s a shallow lifestyle that leads to unhappiness and pain, but by the same token, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with acting in porn.
          Contradicted yourself there in exactly one sentence.
          Honestly I could give two shits what you think of porn, my point was that just because you happen to indulge and revel in it and use it as a blame-mechanism (“It’s not her fault really, she’s only responding to YOUR demand!”) doesn’t mean everybody else has or wants to.
          Also, if you don’t know, there’s a pretty strong movement in a lot of the manosphere to reject porn due to the demonstrated unhealthy “remapping” of the male brain that it does. I find that solid reasoning enough from a practical standpoint, regardless of how you feel about degeneracy or sin, to not indulge. No need to have my mind remapped and reprogrammed by the feminists, thank you very much.

        6. You probably don’t like to watch the Travel channel then if you have no intention of going to the countries in the show. Or looking at aviation or gearhead programs about different kinds of planes and cars to pilot and fly.
          Or heck, don’t you even sneak a peek at sexy women walking around? You can’t have most of them, but it’s a masculine trait to check out attractive members of the opposite sex.
          I think women are the same way as men when it comes to exceptionally good looking men (they get like us and go gaga and stare too) but since most men are not in the league sufficient for that reaction, it appears as if women are not as interested in voyeurism as much as men.

        7. Having sampled a lot of what life has to offer in my youth, I must say that the best way to wire a man’s brain is through classy prostitutes at a brothel. It’s a wonderful experience that I use this analogy to explain: Compare and contrast begging for food or getting it under careful doses administered by the state (marriage) versus being able to take some spare cash and go to a restaurant and order what you like off the menu. It’s mind blowing in a wonderful way.
          Your theory reminds me of Islamic law which requires putting women in veils to protect the men from lust. Porn provided me as a youth with relief and the ability to interact with women without feeling the urgent need for them. I could enjoy eating a meal without being close to death through starvation.
          Porn, video games, TV, alcohol, etc. are all things that are dangerous, certainly, if abused but that’s life if we think about it. Certainly, some advocate clean living and I agree that makes a lot of sense. But also, it’s nice to enjoy what life has to offer too, in moderation. That includes RoK. 🙂

        8. I look at women all the time, who are real in real life and not on some streaming video, and read plenty of books. I simply have no use for porn. It really does nothing for me at all, outside of any moral context. And to your other examples, I’m the same way with sports. I cannot stand to watch sports on television or in the bleachers, but I love a game of baseball or football with some friends. Some men are all doers, some men are all watchers, and most fall somewhere in between.

        9. You’re scraping here. I’m all for going for *real* women, however you wish to get to them. So much so in fact that I’d encourage men to pursue them in real life instead of sperging away in their basements to fantasy broads.
          And masturbation is fine as well, why would you need somebody else’s idea of sex to initiate that? Serious question.
          If porn was for you, that’s fine. His contention was that everybody does it, ergo, little cupcake in the article was absolved of some of the blame for being a cum dumpster. Well, sorry, homie don’t play dat with collective guilt shaming.

        10. Did not contradict myself at all. I wouldn’t want someone I care about to be in a profession that makes that person unhappy. If it’s some random girl like Aurora Snow, I don’t care about her happiness and see nothing wrong with it.
          Also, never said it’s not her fault. She fucked up her kids life with her choices. Absolutely. But we gave her the means to do so by watching porn.
          You’re trying to put words in my mouth at this point. Read what I said comprehensively before you respond.

        11. Serious answer: I don’t fully understand your question but the best I can do for your question of “why” is that I think you asked/proposed that porn caused issues with men so I was pondering different ways that men handled their sexual urges and making comparisons. Is that useful?
          Regarding the cum dumpster: If men are pursuing women and seeking pre-marital sex, then they regard many such women as cum dumpsters but just at a different scale.

        12. Yeah, you did say it directly though, sorry.
          I’ll dissect it:
          I wouldn’t want my daughter to be in porn because it’s a shallow
          lifestyle that leads to unhappiness and pain,

          Items you’ve explicitly declared to be wrongs by not wanting your daughter to experience them. Unless you feel that your daughter suffering pain and unhappiness is somehow value neutral? And if they’re value neutral then why would it matter whether your daughter did it or not as far as your preferences go, why would you give a fuck? You don’t have an opinion on what kind of salad dressing she chooses in the future because its value neutral, but you sure do about this, right? You clearly don’t want her to suffer (pain and unhappiness), and suffering is a wrong by your declaration that you don’t want your daughter having to deal with it. And then…
          but by the same token, I
          don’t think there’s anything wrong with acting in porn

          Except the pain and unhappiness parts…which you’ve explicitly declared as not value neutral, but wrongs.
          Hence the contradiction straight from your own mouth, in quotes.
          As to the rest of your post, you’ve already been shown that when you say “we” you are making a blanket statement with no basis in fact. Many have watched porn without question, sure, that’s fine. Others realized early on that real women were a much better and pleasurable option. Others realized later in life that it is a tool of feminism that rewires the brains of young men in a bad way if done to excess and now advocate against it.
          My point is made on both fronts, the contradiction in your own words, and the rejection of the blanket minor absolution via “but you enabled it” that you’re granting her. That contention holds no more water than blaming men who drink whiskey, as a group, for individual drunk drivers (“but, they wouldn’t be drunk without alcohol, and since we all drink and create the demand we’ve created the environment for them, and sure they’re to blame but look at what we’ve created that let them do it! etc”).
          No offense man, but that’s about as far as I’m going to take this discussion.

        13. Wasn’t clear on the why, I meant why would a man need somebody else’s sexual fantasy to spur him on towards masturbation. It’s been a while on this end, but I recall being able to get a hard on, unbidden, by a girl passing by with even a slightly low cut top and a sweet smile. Hell, at 18 I could probably get a boner thinking about linoleum flooring. Hope that helps clear it up a bit.
          If men are pursuing women, even cum dumpsters, for sex, then at least they’re pursuing actual living women in a real world way.
          Again, all of this is tangential to the question of “we”. Not all guys are or have ever been into porn, ergo, we don’t all share some kind of implied collective guilt/blame for the environment that enables this poor, sorry excuse of a mother in the article. That’s the entirety of my point, and nothing else, the rest is sidebar conversation at best.

        14. I see your end point that not all men use porn and therefore share any guilt for the woman’s situation. Regarding the rest, if we’re discussing the topic I’ll share my own perspective. I don’t take the sexual fantasy too literally in that I think of the whole scenario portrayed as exactly what would happen but rather take what I like out of it. It’s similar to you seeing a pretty woman walk by with a slightly low cut top and imaging having sex with her on the street with that top on. You get turned on by the woman herself and not the whole image literally including the top if you can follow what I’m saying.
          Of course, porn is no complete substitute for live women but it helps to relieve some of the urges when done properly as I stated above. There were times in my life that I had low sexual market value and porn for me helped get me through them. There are a lot of beta males out there, porn or no, who can’t manage their urges and wind up becoming sexual beggars. Pursuing women in such a manner is counter productive ESPECIALLY when it works. I know plenty of men who got enough game to get laid and then wound up being used by such women. The years I spent with porn seem productive by comparison.
          Finally, it’s worth pondering that we live in an incredible dysfunctional time when masculinity is under attack and “game” is semi-legal, a man can get fired or arrested for approaching a woman at the wrong time, the state provides women with incentives to join a kind of nunnary (single motherhood, divorce, etc.) and professional women can buy their own drinks and when they do want men to pay for them, may insist the men spend even more money to impress them.
          I would hypothesize that without porn, things would have escalated and gone crazy in a kind of Mad Max scenario. Perhaps it would be have been good if it did and we got it over with.

        15. Again, not a contradiction. Pain and humiliation are 2 things I don’t want my daughter to go through because I’m related to her and I care about her. If a random girl named Aurora Snow wants to do those things for money, I’m all for that because I like to see naked chicks (that I’m not related to). I don’t care about her eventual pain and suffering.
          The drunk driving comparison is not even close and still missing my point. Everyone drinks, not everyone drives drunk. You, as someone who drinks, would only be at fault for another guy driving drunk if you were buying him drinks and you knew he had no other way home (FYI, this is illegal in some states). That’s the comparison with porn. We are making her rich and famous by watching her shit. We are buying her drinks and then giving her the keys.
          And finally your personal crusade against porn is irrelevant. No one cares that you don’t watch porn anymore. You’re like those chicks who post on here and say “not all women are like that!” So the fuck what? Go somewhere else if you want to feel special.

        16. I like that analysis, but I beg to differ on the porn being a tool of feminism. I suppose we could quibble about that in the abstract, but most feminists HATE porn because to them anything that provides men with cheap happiness is the enemy. They want men to be sexual monks working for the state and women for nothing in return. Sure, there are a few feminists who are liberated about it but they are the exception. Most feminists regard porn as oppression of women (feminism is similar in thinking to hyper chivalry).
          Regarding neazy’s contradiction: I think he may have confused the lifestyle of porn (similar to acting in general) that provides easy money to young women who don’t know how to handle it to the occupation itself which he may not consider immoral. My father in law didn’t want my wife to be a professional ballroom dancer (and she is talented) because he didn’t want her to fall for the sleazoid male dancers.

        17. I disagree with both of you (I think) in that Aurora was suffering. Perhaps she liked the job or at least considered it a day’s work and learned how to view it as an occupation. Heck, I consider the notion that sex work for women is oppressive or painful for women to be a slapshot at male sexuality in that women are burdened by having sex with us.
          Well, actually, most women do consider it to be a burden and this is why so many of them are f’ed up from normal, multiple sexual encounters. Women are generally not as comfortable with sex as men.

        18. Didn’t say she is currently suffering, she obviously liked being in porn that’s why she did it for 10 years. But she will be suffering down the line when she tries to do normal mom things but her past won’t leave her alone.

        19. I don’t see much problem actually. “Normal mom things?” I would presume taking her kid to the doctor, parent teacher meetings, etc. shouldn’t be affected. If she goes to soccer practice or something like that, there will be whispers certainly but keep in mind, as I said, that most mothers nowadays have checkered pasts (previous husbands, divorce, etc.) Heck, a retired porn star is NORMAL compared to about half of American women!

        20. No, it’s not normal. That shit other girls did is hidden from the world. This mom is on camera. For everyone to see. And everyone who knows her will see at some point because human beings are too curious to not look into it once they hear the rumors.
          At best this kid will be tormented and she will have to deal with a child who has serious issues. At worst she will have picket signs outside her door trying to get her to leave town/have her kids taken away/whatever. Shit, just read these comments and look at how people are reacting. And the guys on here LIKE sluts.

        21. Going by the guys here who “LIKE” sluts is a bit of a mixed message. They seem to have a love hate relationship with them. They want game to get laid but simultaneously hold it against the women which I don’t think is fair. Regarding sluts who keep it hidden versus porn stars: Sadly, one of the things that annoys me about young women today is all the piercings on their faces that make them look like circus freaks and tattoos. MOST young urban women today look like the washed up porn stars of yesteryear by the time they’re 25.
          There’s a couple of ways the young woman can get herself accepted by the community. One of the easiest is to go to church and express the sentiment that she’s retired and wants to settle down and if the pastor/priest backs her up, then she should at least not have her son get picked on. Quite frankly, most churches are looking for new members and my wife and I are practically mobbed to sign up.
          But sure, it’s a matter of opinion as to whether her kid and herself will get picked on for life or not. I don’t think she should have a serious problem in modern society. You disagree. Shall we agree to disagree? ‘night.

      2. There’s a saying that if you want mediocre results, then seek to be average.
        Considering that RoK is full of criticism for the status quo of society, then it’s worth exploring alternative options to the traditional status quo dating. Looking back at the normal American women I dated and the paradigm of buy them dinners and then get sex and then marriage and maybe 1 out of 2 chance they won’t divorce me, I have to wonder if maybe Aurora might be a better risk. She at least isn’t going to wonder what sex with other men is like. She’s gotten it out of her system. In addition, she didn’t play games with men via sex like the beta males usually experience in traditional dating.

        1. don’t get a wife, get a slave instead. They are Obedient, the sex is great, and they are terrified that you will get rid of them.
          Of course, it helps if you are into the ‘straight scene’, but who wouldn’t be?

        2. I think every man needs to actually live the experience of turning a ho into a housewife before he gets the truth of the adage at a fundamental level.
          A woman doesn’t get 500 cocks out of her system. No one goes into porn just to pay the bills, though that’s always the justification that they give because it lends them victim status and makes them sympathetic character (or more than they’d otherwise be). They go into it because they are crazy, crazy, mad obsessed with fucking like rabbits every waking moment of the day.
          It may be that she has herself an open marriage with this cowboy, in which case, all is cool.
          More likely though, he thinks he’s got a wife who is “past all that”, while she’s taking the shaft from every one of his buddies willing to take her cell number down when she throws it at them.

        3. I don’t think a woman saying she wants to pay the bills is automatically a victim. Let’s turn this around: If you could get work as an adult star and bang 500 women, could you then never settle down for a single woman? Perhaps not.
          From personal experience, I have no problems after my adventurous younger days settling down.

        4. Most women in porn don’t wake up one day deciding they want a 1000 cock carreer. It’s almost always about “just once, to get over this financial hump…” (as often as not caused by drug addiction). Or, they start by stripping (to make some money on the side). Or their alpha boyfriend think’s it’s cool…Or, they’re “going to show their old fashioned parents”
          And once in; they thrive on the attention. And get used to the money. On a porn set, the girl really is the star of the show. She gets to attention whore like nowhere else; with 1000s of men watching her with lust.

        5. That’s what I’m thinking. Sure Aurora’s case is a little extreme, but I don’t necessarily judge a girl by how many cocks she’s had, any more than I want her to judge me be how many pussies I’ve had. If I’m ready to settle down now, I have no problem acknowledging that there may be women in the same boat.

      3. Excuse me! I did not “enable” her to act like this; and so did neither any other man here.
        What she did was out of her own free will. She could’ve either chosen to be a prostitute in private, or she could’ve chosen to be a prostitute on tape (which she chose to do). Either way, she made the choice to prostitute herself, and that too out of her own free will. You can’t shift the blame on all men even if some men are bad. Try saying the opposite to women, and you get the classic “NAWALT” pose. What’s even worse when you put the blame on men if women deliberately choose to slut it about, even if men tried to stop them.
        Real Men don’t need to carry the burden of the deliberate sins of women. I ain’t choosing to fall for that emotional trap. That’s what loser Betas do.
        You need to read “How I found freedom in an unfree world” by Harry Browne. It sure will change your mind about how you perceive the world as a whole.

        1. Dude, I don’t give a fuck if you specifically bought her porn and enabled her or not. It doesn’t matter. My point is that men in general enabled her to act like this by watching porn and giving her an incentive for her behavior. If acting like a whore had no benefits, she would not act like a whore.
          She absolutely deserves blame for the shame she and her child are going to experience and the miserable life that she’s going to lead once people in her town find out her past. But using her as an example of why women are screwed up? I don’t like that.
          The Rebecca Sparrow article hit home because that’s common and actually how a lot of women live. Successful porn stars are not common. They’re a very rare breed, a fraction of a percentage of the population, and an article denouncing her life choices and then trying to apply it to the rest of American women doesn’t make sense. You wouldn’t write an article like this about a street prostitute, and then try to apply it to the rest of the America’s women. That’s basically what this article is doing. Only difference is this prostitute had sex on camera.

      4. I think the brilliant point of the article is to show us (and women) that you can’t have it all.
        If a woman wants to join the porn industry, then she probably should not have children. In my opinion, that would be the responsible choice (and since we’re all being equal today we should hold women to the same standard).
        She could have picked any other line of work and then she would have the choice to raise children. You can’t have it all, sorry.
        It reminds me of movie stars complaining about their lack of privacy (big money, fame, little privacy) – you can’t have it all.
        Anyone pushing the line ‘you can have it all’ is delusional.

    2. Are you sure you are Red Pill ? She pisses away her youth and only when it was fading she was suddenly “ready to settle down”. If she was young 30 more years, she should just make porn 30 more years. She could see her options dwindle and was afraid to end up lonely crazy catwoman that kids point their fingers at. It was a selfish act, do not think anything else.
      Only women who gives their physical prime to a deserving man and spent it raising her kids and generally being a moral person, deserves our respect.
      She deserves nothing. Unfortunately, because of the sea of desperate white knights, she will still have it all.
      But do you seriously think she would stand a chance in Thailand or similar, a 32 year totally beyond belief washed up super slut ? I dont think so.
      Only the west is sick enough.

    3. Prostitution has been around since the first cities. Whether it has been legal or illegal, it has never been a respected line of work.

      1. One could say the same about most work, sadly. On the man-show, Adam Corolla laughed that if a man worked as a manager of a McDonalds, he could never pick up a woman doctor because he STILL works at McDonalds. Most men are beta male workers.
        What is respected then? Doctors. But not always. At one time, doctors were viewed with distrust for valid reasons and not paid much. Until recently, doctors were a profession that was middle class until insurance kicked in and the AMA and ADA set up limits on the number of graduates.
        Schoolteachers often make good money (especially for the hours) and are portrayed as saints but oftentimes they are just working like the rest of us. Perhaps people laud them since they all had to kiss up to teachers to get good grades. On the other hand, daycare workers who deal with children are treated with contempt and low pay. Go figure.
        Other disrespected but well paid lines of work: used car salesmen. Timeshare salesmen. Or heck, lawyers. I’d prefer dating a prostitute to a trial lawyer. One woman I actually dated worked for the IRS and prided herself on locking taxpayers up.

        1. As the saying goes, it’s all about the children. When kids sit around and talk about what their parents do at the beginning of the school year; the guy with a mom who is a nurse or doctor, is going to feel lots better about himself than the one whose mom is a whore.

        2. That’s an interesting comparison which leaves little room for anything in between. I think some school teachers are no longer doing this exercise for these reasons:
          1) So many kids are from single parent homes and either have mommy in rehab and daddy raising them (know a lot of those) OR there is no father (bastard child.)
          2) A lot of kids don’t really understand what their father does. How many kids understand what it means to be an insurance salesman? What exactly is insurance? How many adults care to think about this? Don’t you HATE insurance commercials on TV? It’s like watching dentistry commercials. Bleah! So a lot of kids don’t know or want to talk about what their parent does.
          3) Mommy in the above case is no longer a whore. She’s something worse to many liberal teachers: A housewife.

    4. “If she divorces the poor guy and treats her son badly, then certainly she’s a bad person…”
      The damage to him is already done. He is the son of severely damaged goods. His youth is going to consist of other kids sending him gifs and videos of his mom getting gang banged. A good day at school for him will be if he doesn’t find a picture slid into his locker of his mom’s semen covered face and none of the other kids spend all recess hounding him about whether his mom still does it for fifty bucks.
      I don’t envy that kid’s childhood.

      1. That kid’s gonna be tortured, we all agree on that. So is the son of any porn star. But a quick google search shows that currently there are about 15,000 actresses registered with adult talent agencies. Out of 150 million women in the US, that’s .0000006% of the population. Even if we multiply that number tenfold to account for girls who just did 1 scene in amateur porn or whatever, the number of porn stars out there who are fucking up their kids’ lives with their past career is statistically insignificant.
        I liked your Rebecca Sparrow article because that’s actually how a lot of women live or at least want to live. But when your article is titled “mothers are the main source of harm to children” you can’t use a porn star as your main example. Women as bad as her are so rare they might as well not exist to the rest of us.

        1. I’ll respectfully disagree here. I thought the main example was a great example to use for the article’s title.
          She represents a large portion of ‘working’ women (and their thought
          process), today. It’s called the Sex and the City philosophy.
          The woman had to give it some thought (at some point) as to having kids, marriage and raising a family. There is plenty of honest work out there…but you may have to actually work.
          She chose to take the easy route (big money, much attention and very little work) – the selfish route.

    5. I have to disagree here. The woman has to make a choice at some point (if she truly wanted to get involved in the porn industry). You can’t have it all.
      The responsible choice (or question) would have been: If I get involved in the porn industry then should I give birth or raise any children? or will a man accept my past to get married?
      Because this simple step is accepting responsibility for your actions (decisions). This woman is a prime example of how women think they can have it all. The women thinks she can be a porn star (her right, or course) but there are no drawbacks to it?
      It’s delusional thinking ……and it’s this very thinking that is ruining it for them.

      1. I don’t see her denying there are drawbacks to the porn business. I think she was seeking to justify/rationalize her behavior and explaining how she eventually left the business. That’s not the same thing as claiming to want it all and view that as an entitlement nor saying the adult film business is without risks. Just the opposite. She said she considered it difficult to find a nice guy to get her out of the business.
        Truth be told, the worst women I dated were “normal” women who had been chased after by betas and were relatively sexually chaste. These women viewed men as beggars and saps to be exploited.

        1. Good points here. I don’t think that she so much ‘left the business’ – I believe she was aging and it was more of a ‘time to retire’ from the business move (or they’ll show her the door).
          Overall, my point on her (and many other women)….they pretty much are selfish and self-centered. She wanted what she wanted, at the time, and now her child, husband or other loved ones will pay for it (more of the Sex and the City philosophy at work).
          Men are still paying (to this day) for bad decisions but we’re supposed to give women a pass (no accountability or responsibility?). That’s what I meant by ‘having it all’.
          Women are striving for equality…or I thought so.

        2. One thing you should learn from RoK and other men’s forums is that we have long known that women don’t strive for equality. Feminism is at best a goodie grab and at worst, a man bashing bull lesbian club. The few “nice” feminists are apologists who seek to mislead men (and the world) into thinking feminism isn’t all that bad because not all feminists are bad. Ok, but few evil social movements are made up entirely of bad people.
          Anyhoo, the guy she married had a choice. Millions of men (including myself) like adult entertainment so it’s rather hard for me, and us, to judge such a woman as bad. My primary concern would be whether she has VD or some kind of emotional issue but aside from that, I don’t view her any worse than many bourgeoisie women who go to school and bang a fraternity. Or even worse, frigid career women who want to have it all and offer men financial burdens in exchange for her having children in her 30’s.
          None of this is new, FYI. The world’s oldest profession has had such women quitting the profession and getting married when they hit their 30’s for millennia. This is not a problem due to the feminist movement.

  21. Porn is proof to the world that women will do anything – literally anything – for money. There’s tens of thousands of women in this industry and a much higher number of sluts who would break into the profession if they could. Talk about a red-pill realization.

    1. Tens of thousands? Try million+ now worldwide at this point. I’d say the number could easily be a solid 3% of the female population has done porn, amateur or otherwise; the number of women that would entertain it could be higher.

    2. I think it should be encouraged… eventually it will be of such low value that all women are expected to put out in the bedroom like pornstars… and then we’ll all be happy….. a pornstar is doing men of the world a valuable service by demonstrating what a woman is capable of and what men should demand sexually…. no more starfish missonary… deep throat and anal is a must.

    3. As do the men who do porn. That is the lifestyle for the alpha male. Although, the horrific thing in a decade is that if he has children, they will go online and locate all of his exploits. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to comprehend the psychological harm that will result.

  22. I don’t blame mothers because that would give them agency. I blame husbands for not controlling their wives and fathers for not raising their daughters.

    1. I’d love to hear the legal opinions you can render which allow a man to rightfully keep his wife in check in this modern world. Alphaness is fantastic, but the moment she cries too much and calls the cops, you’re basically screwed for the rest of your life, even if you did nothing at all.
      Agree on the daughters however.

        1. Right, exactly. You don’t even have to use force, you can call the cops because she’s sprung a valve and went apeshit on your arse, and the cops will arrest *you*. It happens far too often to be chalked up to as some kind of weird anomaly.

        2. Heck, my GF was crying over one of her pets and the neighbor (a prozaced up hag whose husband had a camper van he would leave in every time she had her weekly cunt-up) almost called the cops. That would have been the end for me as i live in one of those “the man must be arrested” states. That was the last time I lived in an apartment.
          I can tell you what it’s like living like that, with a woman who was probably one of the worst drama queens I ever met, who could go from zero to screeching crying faster than a Porsche could hit 60, knowing that the enemy was just outside the foxhole, ready to hear one thing and call in the cops. I had so much acid bubbling up it was burning my eyes.

      1. Okay, but who are the cops? Who’s the president? Who gave women the right to vote? The answer is always a man. It may not directly be a husband, but men allowed feminism with their own weakness. Either weakness or their insane drive to push society to its limits. The patriarchy was suicidal. I don’t entirely blame women for all of it because that’d be like blaming a child. You just can’t hold someone fully responsible if you don’t even expect much of them in the first place.

        1. Since I’m not female, I do not accept collectivist guilt. Yes, men did allow that. I did not. The question then stands, how do modern men who reject this crap do as you suggest, without basically going to jail and losing their jobs for what may turn out to be decades of their lives?

        2. The point wasn’t that men should take collective guilt, but that women shouldn’t take collective blame. That’d be taking them too seriously and treating them like equals. But I never suggested anything for modern man. I’m an ethnic minority, so I just plan on moving back to the old country and marrying there. Men can be blamed for marrying feminists in the first place, although this itself may be the result of feminist indoctrination by their mothers. It’s like a vicious cycle.

  23. Sharia law.
    In a divorce Mothers get custody until puberty, then fathers get custody. The Result is no divorces. (Father has real authority).

    1. like someone said the other day…. ‘tell the gays they can get married but NOT divorced… then see how much they want it.”

    2. Children should be tested for paternity at birth, paternity fraud should carry the same penalty as rape. A man should get custody of any children from a marriage that are his. He should not get child support. Women should get custody of any children born outside of marriage, they should receive no child support and no government checks. An adopted child should go to the man that adopted them. No man should ever be forced to pay for a child that is not his unless he adopted them and they are in his care.

      1. Lol. Russian societies have even worse problem with incest than them- Mothers fucking sons, daughters fucking fathers. Even their porn focuses on that.
        Incest is not the problem, the custody of the children is.

        1. Betas deserves to be cuckholded. Their hoes may deserve to be punished for fraud and contract breaches but hurting a little beta pussie´s precious feelings is a good thing.
          Only thing state should do is milking the betas tears of unfathomable sadness.

  24. Just to extend the discussion:
    – I’m pretty sure the pill is in due part to blame for additional issues that we are seeing. Women described don’t “posses” that ”dream” to extend the family name. Lineage used to be a sign of a successful family, with appropriate tree (feminism promotes self interest).
    – Such behavior needs to not be rewarded, I propose a ROK Jail for such thirsty betas watching porn. Were seeing a rise of the new “queens” Sasha Greys ie. Belle Knox at this rate (tinder, snapchat will be the least of our worries)

    1. Yeah, the pill has contributed to all this mess but that genie isn’t going back into the bottle.

      1. It could, if we create enough red pill fathers who can successfully raise boatloads of red pill sons. There’s always hope.

        1. numbers is everything now but we need more solutions…but changing the hearts and minds where shareholder value is based on performing emerging market values…as Roosh says if you want to be a successful entrepreneur start investing in SexTech or even this…

        2. Feminist,PC, Social-media laden society > Red Pill upbringing.
          Its too late, all the red pill thinking and teaching wont help your sons.
          Having kids is stupid. Sentence your son to life as a slave or be a real Alpha and go childless. Dont have kids for your glory and vanity, for the preservation of your self-imagined “lineage”.
          Think of doing your potential “would-be” son a favor. By NOT bringing him into this world.
          Yes, sadly enough – it has gotten that bad thanks to the modern female.

        3. I have a son, 17, who is doing fine and keeps women spinning on plates with apparent ease. We won’t win this if we don’t get on the battlefield.
          Defeatism always ticks me off.

    2. Hundreds of millions of women take hormones daily to alter their normal biology for going on 5 decades…
      what’s the worst that could happen?
      It’s not like hundreds of millions of men were pumping themselves up with steroids or other hormones to control their masculinity each day…

  25. Parts of Europe with high rates of single motherhood, have children that grow up much less degenerate than here in America.
    The cause of increased degeneracy here in America is that single mothers are encouraged rather than discouraged to ride the cock carousel while raising their kids. Thus the kids end up being raised by a endless string of doormat betas and dominant, often abusive alpha daddies.
    If you read the old fairy tales, there is often a villainous stepmother. Our ancestors knew what’s up: a villainous stepfather can screw up a kid a million times worse than a stepmother.

  26. “Kids at his school will be showing him pictures of his mommy getting pummelled by strange men.”
    That’s just the beginning of it. Crucifixion will look easy by comparison to what will happen to this kid when he gets to school. Just think of how vicious kids can be over trivial shit.
    If ever there was a kid who should be taken away by child protective services, this is it.

    1. No kid should ever be taken away by CPS. Since CPS should not exist, period. Once can argue that dad may be better suited to raise kids than moms. But government’s are worse than either. Heck, they are worse than wolves as well.

  27. Hm. Settle down for a beta provider once the clock starts ticking? Seems all too familiar in high power urban cities like DC and Seattle. I’m glad I’ve found this site, I was beginning to question whether or not I was insane for believing the things that I did.
    In this case, regarding the beta provider, I hope there was a contract before getting into that marriage. As for the son growing up? This will either make him strong for dealing with people shitting on him for having a pornstar of a mother, or he’ll just have suicidal tendencies.

  28. What a lot of people don’t realize is that, up until the dawn of the ‘social experiment’, in divorces the children were most often given to the FATHER, with the understanding that he had the resources and responsibility to raise the children to be productive citizens.
    They were right.

  29. Remember everything that women were “given” boils down to ONE thing, ONE thing that if we defeated it and made it a movement it would be the end of the beta/WK crap that has men giving women the store for two generations.
    It would be a movement that men are encouraged NOT to be a slave to their balls. I think the rise of feminism and matriarchy went hand in hand with convincing men that if we don’t “get laid” we are worthless. What’s the first fallback argument that comes from the piehole of a feminist in an argument? “What the matter, are you bitter because you can’t get laid”?
    That’s a statement from university think tank to your ears. They knew how to game this. They knew that if men could weigh the “cost” of dealing with women logically, they’d be pretty much ready to hang up the penis (metaphorically speaking – don’t panic) and just drink beer and collect guns.
    But no, the same media engine that slutified the girls had also a secondary target: convince the boys that their measure is all about “getting laid” and all about doing “whatever it takes” to get laid. This denied the power of argument. NEVER underestimate the power of argument. When someone has a dumb idea and gets rebuked for it, even if they do not change their mind, they do change their temper.
    But with 2 generations of men acting like women are some kind of borg collective and countering their bad ideas equals “not getting laid”, women were free to have all of the dumb and unchallenged ideas they could come up with. Ever notice how the “protected” groups get worse by the year? There’s no power of argument.
    Funny thing is, everybody who fell for this, and went where their balls led them wishes later they kept their pants on. I hear it a lot “I had a truck, guns, a dog, and beer – and then I ruined all that and got married”.
    (on the other hand if you need to taste womanflesh bad enough go get into a more honest business arrangement – see a prostitute).

    1. I have a motorcycle, guns, a dog and beer, and my wife has no say in the matter whatsoever, and she knows it, and she couldn’t be happier about that. The moment I puss out and start asking permission or “checking just to be sure” she’d be on my throat and transformed into a demanding harpy in a New York minute.
      Frame men, frame. Always keep the dominant position, never give it up, not even if you think you have no choice. She will never forgive you for not being her leader, and you’ll get to become a sexless chump in a sexless marriage.

      1. Yeah I pretty much do what I want now, though my girlfriend of 4 years is no feminist by nature, she has daddy issues with an appalling sense of entitlement. Fortunately for me (and I’ve even told her this) that I was not looking to get laid when I met her. Still, I’m ready to call her out on her crap and I have friends lined up to help me move equipment and vehicles. I’m ready to call her out and make my demands for a real relationship and if she does not want to do that, then I pack it up and leave. I just need to get some of that private eye wearable camera stuff to record the breakup just to cover my ass. I’ve been the very beta/WK chump that I complain about, so I’m on no high horse here. Though I’m not her bitch, the “cost” of my stance so far is to be treated like a roommate. Because I stopped being a slave to my battle-scarred balls I can handle this but there’s still that “Chump Zone” eating away at me and something is going to be done about it.
        If I laid out all of the details of my chumpiness and what I did the last 4 years I would probably earn the Vagina Medal with “Big L Clusters”. Reading sites like that have helped me cope with this reality.

        1. Yeah, you gotta go in from day one with dominance. It’s what has to draw her to you in the first place. If you play chump for 4 years then try to lay down the law like a badass she’ll throw you so much shit and shit tests that the end result may not be worth it.
          Glad to have you here at these kinds of sites. We’ll get you locked and loaded so that your next relationship has you firmly in the captain’s seat.

        2. Thanks.
          Yeah you are very likely correct in this matter. I have wargamed this though she’s got enough problems that even her siblings want to help me. With me she goes into a screeching rage in an instant or used to – I put a stop to that by simply saying “when you grow up let me know” and that’s that. In that past I used to let her escalate until it was me climbing the walls.
          But in mid 2012, when I was in a climbing the wall session for the 1000th time, I had some inner clarity. I was at the control booth in my head, the control room rocking about as usual, and saying to myself “Well, here I go again. How did I get here?”
          And I never forgot that, and started to look at how I would get there with the goal of never going there again and I never have. You see I lost one “right” – the not to decide how I am going to handle a situation and the right to decide whether or not I want to put up with anything. All around me all these people with their quips, needs, and wants and I was the white knight out to slay every dragon even if it killed me.
          But as for the relationship – this one is complex and likely never existed anyway. I might have well just been a benefactor for a random poor person and that would have been more productive.
          This one was and is difficult and I learned from a sibling that she is a hellion in youth, but this I could figure having been physically attacked once (no actual recording of her attacking me means if I reported it I still go to jail) and once she dragged me down a staircase by my hair for telling her to cry all she wanted I had no fucks left to give.
          I just might have to get a U-haul and do an emergency evac on this one. Real friends are already standing by.
          I could write a novel on “what not to do”, and I should. I’m convinced that I’m the King of the Chumps though much of what is written here I kind of sensed years ago – like in the 90s I could not help but notice how women get as fat as they want but sit there telling men what they can and can’t do and how to act.

        3. You may need to just do that….get out, quietly, while you can to save yourself.
          The system isn’t designed to help men who have been abused (verbally or physically). You’ll be laughed at by friends, police, etc.. or people will simply shake their heads if you every try to claim it (our society only thinks of equality on certain issues – this isn’t one of them).
          The best thing to do is get out…let someone else deal with her problems. You need to look out for you.

    2. Good points and agree.
      The problem, today, is that society (and women) tend to paint men in a corner. The argue about how powerful and independent they are (remember they don’t need a man). But, when the time comes (i.e. hit the wall about 30) they argue that men need to ‘man up’ (i.e. someone needs to marry that used up woman).
      It is a win-win scenario for women (see Sex and the City philosophy) because they can “have it all”. Women ride that carousel through your 20s and then when they are ready (done riding) they shame a man into marriage (i.e. man up).
      If men just ignored all of it, then the game would be over.

  30. Look on the bright side, at least the husband can get super easy sex due to her decade of behaviour conditioning.
    Pornstars are the easiest lays, all you have to do is pull out your dick next to them, and they automatically do what they were “trained” to do. No fancy dinners or smooth talking required, just walk up to her, introduce yourself, chat a bit, pull your dick out, and continue talking casually to her as she does the only thing she knows to do around a penis in the open.
    Remember, they got lots of money to play with penii, so many times in fact, that it became a reward system.

    1. The super easy sex due to her decade of behavior conditioning that her husband can get would be anal.
      No need to lube, just bend her over, apply some spit on dickhead, insert it in her loose poop chute and pound away.
      WTF? So what, I married a famous slut….I think that’s the solipsism you’re trying to feed us aren’t you?

      1. I’m just trying to find a silver lining to that dark cloud that Aurora Snow’s husband is in. I’m not celebrating his decision, just pointing out the easy sex.

  31. I remember a friend once told me that he personally knew a whore in Thailand that got married. It was the most bizarre concept to us both. Whores and marriage? Just how thirsty do you really have to be in order to damn yourself to the depths of such an unnatural agreement with a piece of flesh? What could you possibly gain? Just another strange phenomenon that I must observe as my lifeless body continues its existence of satiating it’s hunger in this not so far off dystopian society that I live in. Whores with kids…what’s next guys marrying guys?

  32. This some real shit man. Like that one porno bitch and rap groupie Superhead that sucked up all the rappers and athletes and then wrote a book about it that she dedicated to her son…wtf.
    Our generation is really fucked when you think about it. If you grew up in the inner city, you’d see how many kids get snatched up by child protective services over dumb shit the brain dead, young, incapable, unwilling, and just plain self centered uncaring mothers allow to happen. I remember one year this bitch left her 3 kids ages 2-4 alone in the house by themselves at night to go the club for new years eve. They burned the house down and killed themselves unfortunately. Stories like that are far too common.
    But man, the government don’t give a fuck about the people or the plight of the people. Black, white, man, woman, etc…they don’t give a shit. The system makes them far too much money with broken misguided people producing more broken and misguided people to keep juvenile courts full. Which keep a lot of ppl paid hand over fist.They’re all in bed together. And they laugh at the people who keep running on a fucked up loop.

    1. CPS nabs children because they can. They’re a government agency. Staffed by pedophiles. Nabbing kids for their own consumption is what they do. Nothing to do with mothers.
      But Duh, the people in government give a fuck about the people in government. And absolutely noone else. What else is new?

  33. I am honestly annoyed by the “nonracist” bullshit on this side.
    No mention about the inherent stupidity of adopting a child from a different ethnic group, nevermind a BLACK one.
    I mean, really?

  34. A female athlete pouring hormones into herself to win a tacky Olympic gold medal is some kind of hero, but a girl that decides to become a sexual gymnast and show the world just what a woman’s body is built for and capable of is a disgrace ?
    Can’t you see the hypocrisy in this ?
    It’s not about her crazy sexlife, it’s about our pathetic juadeo-christian attitudes towards sex.
    Sexually, a woman’s body is built like a tank…. girls that want to put that to use are not exactly role models, but they do a damn fine job.
    It’s actually thanks to pornstars that you can expect a little more than starfish in the bedroom…. what did the fist-fucking olympic bull dykes who have a higher T count than Mike Tyson do for the planet ?
    Credit where credit is due.

    1. Again, think about the children; What do you think would make a kid more proud, when asked what mommy does for a living during first day of school; to be able to answer “win olympic gold”, or “suck cock”?
      Those tank like bodies were built to rear children. And raise them. How good a job she does at that, is how a woman should be judged. All else is merely fluff.

  35. > They need to be controlled by and submit to men, and men need to be given the green light to enforce the superior will of man on their families.
    If we’re talking about motherhood per se, all they really have to do is re-discover their femininity and motherly love. There are actually plenty of women out there who would like nothing more than to settle down and raise kids and provide love for their families. But society (especially other, broken women) shame them into being dominating and demanding and searching for empty ‘fulfillment’ through a career instead.

  36. As I mentioned in another post on this site, we have very good welfare incentives for single mothers in my country, so you get the lowest common dominator slut being supported to breed. We also have a smaller group of tired, used up, career women that dispair being alone and over 40, so they’ll have IVF treatments (government health care funded, of course) to breed.. As they spent all their money on shoes, vacations, bars and bullshit, when they did work, they also have access to the single mothers pension as well. This week, there was a couple of articles in the media on importing Asian nannies for $200.00 a week, so the poor lazy dears can manage. There was also an article on allowing nannies to be tax deductible. Child care is partly government subsidised as it is.. (By the single, tax paying, white male, of course)…Then they wonder why children have many behaviour problems or manage to get themselves taken advantage of… If mother was there for them, and not farmed off to strangers or stuck in front of a television set, there wouldn’t be as many social problems…..

    1. Nope, without the father present, they can never answer at least one of their inner questions. At least not until they get out from her male strippers den, and learn to live on their own.
      They still will be behind those who had a two parent home with parents who actually loved, and invested in them.

      1. My personal preference is for the crony-capitalist/quasi-fascist/statist order to collapse and make way for a free and truly liberal order where private property rights and individual liberties are recognized—in short, I want the statist order to collapse to make way for an anarcho-capitalist society where governance is provided voluntarily rather than through the monopolizing and coercive entity known as the State.

  37. It is a myth that women are automatically the better parent. If I had to choose I think a single father is better to raise kids. Men would instill more important values in their kids like duty , honor, integrity etc Women just don’t think this way. Frivolous.

  38. “There’s this woman, who’s ultra libertarian political ideology caused literal physical harm to her children.”
    Where did you get the idea that Stacey Conner is an ultra libertarian? The linked article mentioned no such thing, and I would suspect her to be the near-opposite of libertarian.

    1. Yeah. Billy Chubbs misunderstood libertarianism right there. A more just thing would be to have understood the Haitian boy’s situation before adopting him.
      And then, when the Haitian boy did assault her flesh-and-blood, she could appropriately punish him and then deal with any thing this Haitian boy may have gone through before.
      And yeah, I see no evidence of libertarianism in the original Yahoo story that Billy Chubbs linked.

  39. To my surprise, my wife is clueless when it comes to raising our three children. She screams and yells at them constantly, argues with them (you fathers out there know that arguing with a child is counter-productive because it puts you at their level), and has absolutely no control over them. I spend most of my time at home after work engaging in damage control to make sure the kids don’t go completely haywire. The funny thing is, it takes men to teach women how to be good mothers. 80% of people in society don’t seem to realize this.

  40. Aurora Snow’s letter represents the typical justifications American women throw at men to justify their sluttiness.
    I’m sure the first words the poor kid learns as he grows up would be: ass, anal, cock, gag, bitch, slut, cum, fuck, gangbang, suck, pussy, cunt, bitch, dick, cock, twat – et al porn verbatim.
    His sexual education will begin in his infancy while children learn it at adolescence. Imagine the psychological trauma he’d see in porn when his mom’s pink anus gets ravaged by a black whom his farm boy father probably calls derogately a “nigga”. The trauma he’d feel when he’d feel when he’d see his mom licking cum from an organ what he’s learning is an organ to pass filth (urine). I’m sure he’d want to be dead as he grows up, to have been born from the vapid cunt of that woman. It’s kinda cruel poetic justice and revenge; and it serves the complacent men of the hypocritical white race in America right who can’t control the slutty scum of white women. I wonder whether she doesn’t take away his virginity. What a slut, and what a pig that farm boy was to put a ring on the finger of this sperm toilet.
    If her son ever disowns her after learning of her “past”, you’d definitely find society shaming him for being an ungrateful son, and to man up to accept his “reformed: mother. More hypocrisies.
    Another example of what modern America has become. We have become a degenerate hypocritical nation of sluts, hoes and bastards (due to the sluttiness of the mothers). We haven’t declined as a society; we’ve rather extinguished as one.

  41. I would like to see this “Midwestern Farm Boy” . I mean your wife was not just prolific but a PORN STAR and not just any porn star. She chose to do the pretty hard core stuff ie gangbangs etc. I can imagine the poor son and his dad having a conversation…”Ok son. We need to talk about your mom”…Painful.

    1. Pretty bad…and I guarantee you he will probably find out about his mother’s past from another source, first (i.e. a friend, YouTube, internet, etc…).
      Then, they will have that conversation “ok son…we need to talk about your mom..”. It is sad.

  42. And the most surprising point… What, Aurora Snow’s retired?! (Dang, I was hoping she’d compete with Lisa Ann on the MILF porn circuit… )

  43. its sad that hos like these are allowed to reproduced. they are meant to be passed around n enjoyed like a joint.
    but with all this talk of slutty western moms i cant help but wonder do their kids feel any type of shame knowin there mom was a ho.
    cause id be rather uncomfortable n upset thats probably cuz of the conservative upbringing. i use to think as a kid that everyone had virginal moms but shocked that quite a few were outta wed lock births.
    so any one here have non virgianal moms? an if so does it bother u guys?
    cause i cant imagine knockin up someone elses left overs. i wouldnt want my kids to suck on used up tits.

  44. The mangina beta males who cater to these used up sluts are also just as guilty, for without their support, these women would literally die alone at age 40. But those men will pay the price, they will suffer very badly in divorce and also being emasculated and abused by their wives. So karma is instant for them.
    As for Jenny Erikson, she is getting the living daylights trolled out of her on her blog in the comments section, it is HILARIOUS. Go there and troll that fucking whore

    1. Our society shames men into betas, beta marries woman, has kids, woman gets custody, kids are raised improperly by single mother (and without a father), and so the unguided boys grow up as betas, repeat.

  45. The thing you forgot is that when it comes to accountability of actions, women have the agency of a house plant, possibly less so.

  46. Conventional wisdom, the wisdom of thousands of years of human experience, has all but been discarded over the past 50 years. We are not better for it. The West has been deliberately poisoned since before most of us were born, and it is in its final death throes now.

  47. Rebecca Sparrow loves her children dearly, complaining about them is just her writing schtick for relating to ordinary non-wealthy women. I don’t understand your vitriol towards her just for marrying a dr and having kids late. You seem to think she deserves a ‘punishment’ but she has already had to deal with the worst pain imaginable so give her a break.

  48. Holy fuck man, every time I think about the future of her kids imagining it as Billy described it, my heart just breaks apart.
    Porn stars truly don’t deserve to breed.

  49. “There’s this woman, who’s ultra libertarian political ideology caused literal physical harm to her children.”
    What is the connection between a “libertarian political ideology” and what this woman did?
    Is the author a Fox Newser who hates liberty?
    “literal physical harm” as opposed the metaphorical type of physical harm.

    1. Not a connection at all, correct. I suspect (or perhaps, hope) that it was his spell checker and it finished “lib” with “ertarian” instad of “eral” and he didn’t notice.

  50. All of this is so true. Yet, politicians and the media say EXACTLY the opposite. Single mothers are to be celebrated according to them. They are victims. Fathers are to be demonized, even if the mother is single entirely of her own choice. It’s the fathers’ faults that these children are in broken households.
    This reality is so incredible that I can only think it must be by design. I mean, wouldn’t at least one politician have the courage to point out that women and feminism have caused incredible and irreversible harm. What about Anderson Cooper on CNN? He is gay, so he shouldn’t have any dog in this fight. Why doesn’t he report on reality instead of make-believe? Nobody points out the obvious, so I just assume that the harm is being done intentionally. Yes, essentially, a conspiracy.
    Ah, it’s hopeless. Enjoy the decline. Just make sure you don’t get any woman pregnant because she will financially rape you using the full power over the feminist state, and your kids will end up completely fucked up.

  51. > In early 2000, I was going to school at UC Irvine,
    Just want to point out that I attended this university at this time and you know what tuition ran for the 2000-2001 school year? About $4500. This was not Belle Knox / Duke U tuition by a longshot. A part-time job paid my tuition.

  52. Aurora Snow justification about her entering into porn to her son, sounds more like a typical Russian or former FSU girl’s modern argument about choosing to casually socially prostitute themselves (as seen on all social networking/dating sites, or even in society) for the sake of extra money.
    “It’s just another Job! “ – as these bitches say. Let’s call this abbreviation as “IJAJ “.
    IJAJ mentality is a common mentality among modern women who use it to justify social and professional whoring.
    The men “defending” Aurora, because we men “created” porn – have to see the following points:
    1. Why did she choose to release that letter to the public to the “Daily Beast”? Was it attention-whoring for public sympathy, which she could use to manipulate her son into believing that her choice to enter porn was because she was a “victim of circumstance”? A truly repentant woman would not show that letter to the world.
    2. Aurora Snow had a successful career as a pornstar, then later as a porn director (she’s directed around 10+ porn flicks). Even if starring in porn might be a pressing need due to “circumstances”, I don’t think directing porn is an indication of difficult economic circumstances. If men are the “exploiters” of women by directing porn, what is to be said about women who direct other women in porn?
    When Jesus saved the fallen woman from stoning by the public, he did say “Let the one who didn’t commit sin (with her) be the first to cast the first stone”.
    But he also said to the woman: “Go and leave this life of sin:” – i.e. true repentance.
    Aurora snow’s actions and rationale for justifying herself (which are nothing but typical modern feminist slutty solipsistic attitude of an American woman) – are unacceptable. Women, besides being a symbol of fathers’, husbands’ , brothers’, honor – were also symbols of sons’ honor, since antiquity.
    The only ones who’d truly feel honored by associating with her are the porn production companies and performers she’s worked; and definitely not her son.

  53. Just a thought: I’m probably wrong on this one.
    A lot of dudes say, if you don’t like what she did for a living, don’t watch porn.
    I think a lot of men turn to porn because they can’t get any in real life. If women sexually selected on character alone, then men would have the incentive to get their asses out of the house, make a living, work hard, and find a wife. Unfortunately for the last 50 years ago that stopped being the case. Yeah, obviously there are a lot of men who are socially inept but that’s probably got to do with genes and shyness, which women have too. However, contrary to the case with men, shy women are often seen as highly valued / desirable. Same thing with short women, while short men are undesirable.
    Porn is just an extension of woman’s natural sexuality: selling their vaginas for short term use to the highest bidder / most alpha guy around. Obviously we’d all love to see each and every man on the planet waking up next to a woman (note: I didn’t say a hot woman) just a WOMAN who could love him like he loves her. That’s not the case though. So men turn to porn, and hookers.
    Obviously there were hookers in the past. But the extent that they existed probably doesn’t even come close to the number of porn stars that there are now. If I had to reasonably estimate, I’d say world wide the number might be over 1,000,000 since the industry started, taking into accounts different countries. If you consider the fact that 3% of the female population of Japan has been in porn (read that somewhere) then the number is probably much higher globally.

  54. Haha, our pornographic culture really is evidence of our decline as a country / culture.
    However, porn is probably what is keeping it barely intact right now. A lot of beta guys with absolutely no chance of marriage to these walking cum buckets jack off three times a day to satiate their needs, preventing them from outright just saying fuck it and either not going to work or going berzerk in a movie theater.

    1. Multiply that number into 3, and you’d get the approximate figure of dicks which have ravaged her. I’m assuming her poor farm boy husband now fucks her using his head, instead of his dick head.

  55. To be frank, all the white woman has to do is to offer her holes to a thirsty man. White women are the most blessed women by nature, in this hypocritical game of a slut keeping her cake and getting to eat it too.
    Even if she’s been anally ravaged by a few mongrels before, there’d still be many many thirsty men willing to wife up her bestiality loving ass.
    There are many, many Aurora Snows in the modern world today, and finding men to marry them. Why? Because they KNOW that there will be men to marry them.
    Such has become the vile, depraved state of the modern man.

  56. My mom was a hardcore feminist (not sure if she was virginal or not when she married my Dad) and because of her attitude I was shy around women for a long time. Honestly I think the only reason she wanted boys was to show her feminist friends that she was capable of dominating males. She was also a hipocrite.

      1. No, picking the worst example of a woman (in a mans opinion), a porn star and god forbid, she becomes a mother (gasp!!) Shaming her, because, we all know that being a great mum all comes down to choices she made in the past. You don’t empower men, by degrading women. A true alpha man would already know that

  57. Studies show that nearly 75% of child abuse cases are perpetrated by mothers. This country really needs a legal doctrine that dictates who can have a baby and who can’t.

  58. I want to disagree with the payment thing. SHE WILL PAY in a way that you dont understand. She will rich her 40’s feeling ‘used’ tired and asexual hooker. She will pay from the disgust of her son. She will pay watching her son suffer because of her choices and getting fucked up in every possible way. And believe me, this time of payment -long term payment is far worse than any other.

  59. Just out of curiosity, do ROK contributors watch porn, or is that something that comes off the table during the self improvement stages?

  60. Elements I disagree with, primarily relating to the shaming of women who have a lot of sex. I feel liberated women should be encouraged, as a general rule, but of course you’re right about her being a whore as she was paid for her trysts. And then she became a whore for a second time when she sold sex for male slavery (marriage).

    “A wife is just a whore with an exclusive clientele.”
    – a lesbian i overheard

    Until men stop marrying women, the mothers and wives owning exclusive filial and marital male slaves will continue to purge their betters (girls, young women) from the field of competition.
    Marriage is the nucleus of all evil and it’s a ridiculous concept to begin with; who the hell has the right to demand perpetual care and financial support when they’re not willing to perpetually earn or deserve that care and support?

  61. Roosh ….
    check out that Chanin Starbuck Spokane Washington Mormon Mother of 5 story on NBC Dateline mystery…seems she was riding the cock carousel but none of that was admitted as evidence at her ex-husband’s trial…he was even raising a child fathered by someone else after their first divorce….

  62. All you misogynistic, insecure fucks putting this woman and every other woman down because you’re too cowardly to deal with your mommy issues and be stand-up men in a world of flakes, I bet you’re all praising the “alpha men” who raped her in all of these movies. THOSE guys are your heroes. YOU love watching what THEY do to women because it’s what you want to be doing to them yourselves. And you’ll sit there watching and drooling like the Republican scum you are, all while calling her a slut. No wonder women hate men so much – you give us so many fabulous reasons to. Hopefully, every woman will just start looking to fuck trees instead of you dumb fucks.

  63. I feel terribly sorry for Auora Snow’s son…I think she’s going to have to move to SLC where they ban porn like Asia Carrera did in order to not expose her children to her past. Yep the heaping pile of shame her son is going to face in his future, is going to scar him for life, so much that when he becomes old enough to leave, he’ll leave for good.

  64. Its an extreme example but I get the point. What’s the difference between an actress in the adult entertainment industry who has sex with hundreds, and a dedicated amateur who lost count long ago? There’s always a beta male to pay her bills…

  65. No women don’t know best. They SHOULD submit to men for their own good, their children’s good and the good of the society. If you allow women to rule the society they will only prove how incapable they are. And I have no doubt about it.

  66. Billy, if you, like the others of us here in the Manosphere, want to see sex work like prostitution legalized and its patrons not shamed, then you are going to have help create a culture where sex work is seen as just another job option, like any other. We are going to have to mainstream sex work so that sex workers can get married to those nice mid-western farm boys and nobody will bat an eye (or write a blog about it.) Otherwise, prostitution will never be legalized and we men will continue to be shamed and ridiculed for patronizing them.

  67. This guy’s an asshole. Holy crap how did I get here? He’s a bag of cocks. Why did I waste five minutes skimming the idiotic nonsense. Fuck you. Fuck you backwards ass ignorant pseudo logic with about as much real intelligence as a high school debate case they made themselves in an afternoon. Fuck your wife abusing masturbatory fans who just want to have their ego stroked by the last Neanderthal to drag his knuckles across a keyboard. Fuck your woman hating face through your fucking ear. Fuck this blog. fuck your first three rebuttles consisting of freedom of speech and a rehash of what you already said in your article and most of all fuck me for wasting my time on your worthless mess of letters you call an article. I hope you don’t go to hell so you can blush in the face of God for how stupid and hateful you are.

  68. Is this the place mysogensits come to jack off? Holy fuck I haven’t seen so many people masturbating on the internet since i opened a link to a circle jerk Gif on a prank.

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