4 Lies Men Are Being Told About Women

We’ve all been there—at the bar with our buddies talking about our wives and girlfriends and the endless bullshit they yap about. Eventually one of them recites one of the many of the ridiculous relationship maxims Western men have been brainwashed to follow: “Welp, ya know what they say! Happy wife, happy life!” Like mindless drones, we all nod in agreement and pathetically clank our beers to reinforce the falsehood.

What we don’t realize is that these tenets are not only untrue, but their application is best used by women when dealing with the men in their lives. These fables are so deeply woven into the fabric of the male psyche, it rarely occurs to us to flip the script and apply these credos to ourselves. And don’t get it twisted, gentlemen, this has affected all of usFrom men who are new to the red pill to those who swallowed it a long time ago, no man is completely immune to the effects of these tall tales cloaked as wisdom.

It’s not easy to deprogram the male mind from defaulting to the “execute feminine imperative in any and all situations” setting. Be that as it may, the first step in ridding your brain of these viruses is pragmatically breaking down the most prevalent aphorisms so as to render them transparent and subsequently fictitious.

“Happy wife, happy life”

“If mama ain’t happy, nobody’s happy” is another variation of this fallacy. In other words keeping your wife or girlfriend happy by focusing all your energies on her needs and wants according to how she’s feeling at that very moment promises happiness for both parties, while any deviation from this all but guarantees misery. This adage is by far the most damaging because of the money, time, and emotion that men invest trying to adhere to it. More importantly, it causes men to neglect many of their own needs such as physical fitness, financial shrewdness, and overall self improvement. Living by this unhealthy pattern ultimately turns you into a supplicating pile of mush waiting on your woman hand and foot while apologizing to her for her cheating. But hey, she’s gotta be happy right?

This, of course, is another classic example of women assuming that what works for men also works for them. A man getting attention from attractive women turns them on so they brag about all the “guys who are texting me” because surely, the laws of attraction are symmetrical. A ball-busting, wise cracking egomaniac with a devil-may-care attitude moistens her panties so the same thing is a sure fire boner maker right? You get the idea.

This experiment, however, proves that the “happy wife” proverb is not only false, but it applies directly to men:

“Everywhere this article has been reported on they leave out the obvious, critical detail: WOMEN don’t react well to always being agreed with by men. If the experiment had been done with the opposite approach (wife agrees with hubby) it could go on for years because both of them would come to find it satisfying and pleasant.”

Men are simple creatures. All it really takes to keep us around these days is regular sex with minimal bitchiness and neuroticism. Sprinkle in an air of agreeability and you’ve got yourself a happy man. An American woman’s definition of happiness is a moving target and it’s proving increasingly impossible to hit. Accommodating her ever changing whims is quite the opposite of what keeps her coming back for more. Dread, jealousy, and outright cockiness is the recipe to keeping your girl hot for you. Replacing the word “wife” with “hubby” makes this a real nugget ‘o knowledge but don’t hold your breath for that amendment.

“Women age like a fine wine”

As recently pointed out, women don’t handle rejection well. This axiom is the manifestation of that reality. Women simply do not age well. Sure, there are a few exceptions to the rule. If a woman takes care of herself by staying fit, eating clean, not smoking, not drinking excessively, not riding the cock carousel, and has good DNA there’s a small chance she could look good into her early to mid thirties. But odds are Father Time will collect his debt for having afforded her a decade of absolute power over men. That said, the idea that a 38 year old woman is more sexually attractive than a 21 year old because she’s “like a fine wine” and has “more experience” is laughable.

Regardless of how many women tell a 33 year old former party girl she’s a great catch because of her great job, her impressive diversified portfolio, and her Masters Degree, she knows that her SMV (sexual market value) is determined by her physical beauty and not much else. She also knows that each passing year lowers her SMV, which means she will experience increasing rejection (directly or indirectly) from the opposite sex. Her inability to handle rejection will push her to the “fine wine” canard to cope with her decreasing desirability.

The problem with this coping mechanism is that it doesn’t apply to her sex. It applies to men. Men age much better than women. Not only do we age better aesthetically, our experience also increases our SMV as the years go by. Sex, traveling, and education are just a few things that supplement our increasing attractiveness as we get older. An older woman with a PhD, thousands of frequent flier miles, and a porn star-worthy notch count is far from being a fine wine. She’s probably closer to a half empty domestic light beer that’s been sitting in the fridge for a few weeks teetering on the edge of undrinkability.

Beta males would never argue against this motto in front of women and more often than not they will outright support it while choosing to remain ignorant of the fact that it applies to men. People don’t think of men aging like a fine wine because wine generally has a feminine connotation. Further, replacing the word “wine” with “beer” (which has a masculine connotation) makes the saying false because beer does not age well and is almost never referred to as “fine”. Mix that grammatical breakdown with the typical mid thirties woman who, by this point in her life has a well-fed entitlement monkey and a bionic rationalization hamster, it’s no wonder no one has ever publicly challenged this statement or turned it on its head.

“Women are your better half”

This phrase is particularly egregious because your woman is not your better half. She is generally unaware of anything outside of herself, she is more impulsive than you, and she is a slave to her emotions. Hardly the characteristics of a better half and those are just scratching the surface of the ocean of frailties she has. Tragically, the Anglosphere is rampant with men who proudly declare this self deprecating slogan that simultaneously emasculates them and pedestalizes their women.

While women love getting the initial kudos (you go gurrl!!) that come with being labeled “the better half”, they are ill equipped to live up to the title and they know it. Deep down, they’re not looking for an inferior mate. She’s looking for a man whose perceived value is higher than hers. When a man verbally acknowledges that his woman is superior to him in any way, even with a seemingly harmless expression like this one, she loses attraction for him even if his value is higher than hers. Uttering this phrase whether in her presence or not psychologically lowers your worth in her eyes. Say it enough times and her vagina will dry up like the Sahara. You’ll also notice her increasing attachment to her phone (that would be her actively looking for an upgrade—a better half).

How are women better served by endorsing this terminology? This one’s obvious:  Men are physically superior, more intelligent, more logical, take more risks, are better providers, aren’t governed by our emotions (which has proven to be extremely dangerous), and are much better with money. The list goes on but those traits alone show that men are the undisputed better half—especially within the context of a sexual relationship with a woman.

Girls don’t want to be superior to their men. In fact, when the responsibility of leading the relationship falls on them they fold like a bad hand at poker. They simply cannot handle it. If you want a steady diet of hilarity in your life, hang out with a couple whose relationship is lead by the woman. If you’re wearing your red pill glasses you’ll be stifling laughter the entire time.

If women acknowledged their men as their better halves it would psychologically keep them in their place as far as the sexual hierarchy of their union goes. Everybody wins.

“My wife is the boss”

I’ve been in sales for the better part of the last 15 years and I’ve heard every reason under the sun as to why they can’t or won’t buy. I’m ultra competitive by nature so when I don’t get the sale it’s a bit of a blow to my ego. Comes with the territory. But the one objection that frustrates me more than anything is when a man says to me “Well I’ve gotta run this by the boss” referring to his significant other. Some men even flat out tell me they have to get permission from their wives. When I hear this I feel like jamming the red pill down their beta throats, but I digress.

This cliché is similar to the “better half” in that the more you say it, the more life you breathe into it. Remember, women make horrible bosses and if she’s in charge of financial decisions you’re headed for trouble and blue balls.

On the other hand, women love being owned by a man. They adore, respect, and love a man who is in charge. Back in my beta days I talked to many girls who loved nothing more than to unabashedly brag about the fact that their man was in complete control. This made them happy and relaxed from relief that the decisions are being made by the real boss.

What has to be done?

There are many more of these ludicrous slogans buried subliminally in the Anglo culture. They all vary depending on the context and medium they’re presented in but each and every one of them has one underlying design and purpose: to advance the feminine initiative while making the needs of men insignificant. Unfortunately women and men alike have bought into the message and it’s crippling relations between the sexes. Men aren’t absolved of blame either—we have to do our part by shaking ourselves free of these pseudo edicts by not fortifying said conjectures with our approval. That would be something worth raising our glasses to.

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412 thoughts on “4 Lies Men Are Being Told About Women”

  1. Well said.
    Treat them like treasures, they’ll seek something better.
    Treat them expendably, they’ll act more dependably.

    1. Sadly, this is just the way the world works. Always has, always will. It’s amazing to me how many men never figure this out. Ever.

      1. I’m one of those guys who just can’t seem to get it into my head that treating them as inferiors works. But that’s because it’s so hard to believe. It’s so incredible!

        1. Spend lots of time here, Dalrock and the-spearhead, therationalmale along with other manosphere blogs and it will slowly sink it. After my brother’s out of the blue divorce I really started researching but having been steeped in the blue pill for over twenty years it is taking a huge amount of red pill marination to remove all traces of blue pill. I’ve been at it for over two years now. The most helpful thing for me is to find youtube videos and good posts and reread them over and over. Be prepared to spend years going over this stuff again and again. That blue pill brainwashing takes a long time to remove if you’re anything like me.

        2. Thanks George! But you know what? I’m much worse than you! 🙂 I’ve been on the red pill for well over 20 years. I’ve even written four books on the subject (the first book’s available now on Amazon). Yet it’s still very difficult for me to work the Alpha Male strategies. I understand them; I even understand the evolutionary psychology behind them. I can see that they tend to work (incredibly well sometimes), but it all just feels so, I don’t know, depressing I guess. Anyway, thanks for the post!!

        3. Ah yes! The depression is true. In my case it is my christian values and the reading of christian manosphere sites that have helped me a lot in overcoming the shock regarding the true nature of women.
          Strange thing is that it has also helped me to be a man and not be ashamed of who I am when the missus pulls out the shaming stick.

    1. My best friend doesn’t ask how I killed the guy, he pulls out a shovel and helps me bury the body.
      My best friend would take a bullet for me without hesitation.
      My best friend is actually enthusiastic to engage in conversations about barrel twist rate and ballistics.
      My best friend competes to buy me more drinks than I can buy him.
      My best friend can knock on my door at 2 in the morning with his life in shambles and find a place to talk and sleep.
      My best friend can be called every derogoratory name in the book by me, and vice versa, and see it as a compliment and form of expressing mutual admiration.
      None of these qualities do, can or have ever applied to any woman I have ever met, anywhere, at any time.
      In short, if I married my best friend that would make me a homosexual. No homo bro.

        1. Damn straight he would. That’s how the friend thing works for adult men. Ask any soldier (the only example I can think of where these kinds of friendships still form).

    2. in her eyes you being her ‘best friend’ is very important, because it gives you more authority than her BFFs, Mother, co-workers, boss etc…. you just keep it constantly out of reach… because in reality women don’t have that much concept of what friendship really is…. women are more about social validation and acquaintances than true life or death friendship.
      the concept of a ‘better half’ in my mind always came from the idea that women are softer, gentler, sexier and more gracious than men… not because they are actually better… in my mind it was a tongue in cheek, ironic expression used by men for men, to talk about the wife in a sweet, yet subtly derogatory way……
      of course in this age of feminism and beta men…. it’s taken at face value now. doh!

      1. When ever my wife says I am her best friend I say, “That is only because all your female friends are backstabbing lying sluts.” She then agrees with me.

    3. Yeah I too used to use that and fall for that “she needs to be your best friend too” but she has done things to me that my best friends never did (and the sex too – no “jousting” here 😀 ).
      I have given up on the “best friend” angle because in practice, it’s simply impossible. When that notion falls under attack, I’m sure the feminists would presume that this means it’s back to the kitchen but I’m not even going that far. I’m simply saying that as one who bought into that crap and attempted to apply it, it’s simply not possible. It’s like trying to put a square peg into a round hole. The Best Friend approach could be abandoned on that alone lest we might as well be trying to defy gravity by holding our breath.

  2. Women thrive on emotional turmoil.
    My wife shit tests me daily and wants regularly scheduled drama. When she starts in on it, I give it right back to her. She loves it and soon returns to her normal, sweet disposition.
    In dance, you learn the simple concept of “resistance”. Your female dance partners depend on you to provide a solid frame for them to hang on. If you are a flaccid noodle they hate it. A relationship is no different.
    I am by nature a nice beta (“ok, whatever Honey”). To keep the peace I must pry myself off the easy chair and act alpha (“I have had enough of your impudent behavior! Do you need another spanking?”), or there is no end to the histrionics.
    Yeah it’s a lot of damn work. But if you live with a woman you must do this. Feminist directives for men to be helpful, understanding, and egalitarian are the exact opposite of what women want from their partners. They get that from their friends whom they are on the phone with 13 hours per day.

    1. quick question elmer, did you bring her back to the states? or are y’all living in vietnam? trying to explain her cuntiness

      1. She lives in the US with me. She is not cunty, just a normal female. Actually a traditional Vietnamese woman, and they are really good to their men. So far American culture has not affected her as she has viet friends and relatives here. Her cultural roots are very strong.

        1. Maybe not in her case. I don’t know about where he lives, but in Fayette-name where I was stationed for a while in the military (Fayettville, NC) there was a huge Vietnamese community such that they practically had a whole village of their culture which reinforced itself. Sort of like the ethnic enclaves that were originally filled up with immigrants in NYC, they were quite resistant to assimilation beyond a basic level, for the longest time.

        2. I spent two god-awful years on Ft.Bragg back in the 70s. Your observation is correct, they form strong cultural enclaves. They resist change because the culture is mutually supportive. They love their food traditions. Any get-together is accompanied by veritable feasts. And lovely, cheerful women who take a lot of joy in putting it together.
          I am thinking later this year will return to Vietnam with my wife and spend 6-12 months there.

        3. Exactly. She will swallow the feminist pink pill, and suddenly believe that all men are put on this earth to support her, pacify her emotions, and satisfy her every whim.
          As I’ve said before a dozen times on these comments. The worst thing you can do to a nice asian girl, is expose her to the stinking hypocrisy of western female values.

    2. Based on this, to men who have not yet married, does the cost-benefit analysis really stack up? Consider firstly their declining value and secondly the constant effort (as you outline) just to keep things on an even keel?

      1. indeed. constant struggle, 24/7. not to mention the looming threat of divorce-rape..

      2. ask yourself what you want from a woman… categorize it…
        maid / housekeeper : is better than a wife, because she will do exactly what she’s told, never needs cajoling, can be replaced without question and works only on a fixed financial incentive. she will be polite, maintain your privacy better than a wife and always be respectful… or you fire her….
        sex / gorgeous chick on your arm (kudos)
        can work in an LTR (politician’s wife), but most likely more convenient when you want it, rather than dealing with shit tests, her periods, her friends and family and trying to sleep in bed with a snoring hog…. never mind trying to figure out the incentives you need to put in place in an open ended relationship that has no business like parameters to it and is subject to all kinds of whims and fashions….
        personal assistant / secretary
        again this can be easily hired (and banged on the side), infact interviewing for your PA is probably better, easier and cheaper than online dating… they come to you and you ask the hard questions….
        now you probably have your answer…

        1. Some good thoughts. Increasingly my philosophy these days when confronted with the bullshit aphorisms of feminism or women generally is to ask them to detail the benefits/costs of what they are suggesting – i.e. “what are you specifically bringing to the table for me?”
          Last year, one chronic attention whore who I unfortunately had to mix with (doing my MBA), wanted me to break plans I had to visit a fuckbuddy, so I could orbit her along with 3 chumps she had roped in to that point.
          I responded to her, “so you want me to break plans just to give you attention? What will you do for me in return?”
          Her response, “you’re being mean”, “why are you being an asshole?” etc. etc.
          I”ve come to the realisation that women HATE having to define their position on anything, make their message explicit or demonstrate what they bring to the table. The murkier the better for them.
          FUCK THAT.

        2. Yesterday’s article that referenced Patrice O’Neal led me to the most succinct way to handle this. “Why?” is the best way to dismantle anything a woman says because they’ve never had to think about why they say or do anything. They’re never prepared.

        3. Aye, ambiguity gives them credible deniability if things don’t go as they actually want them to go, or they get caught doing something that others might disapprove of, such as giving a bad boy classmate a blowjob and being caught.
          Always remember, they avoid accountability at any and all costs. The fog of war they erect is a tool to allow this avoidance.

        4. yes, that’s a large part of the beta attitude…. remember the beta attitude we hate in men, is hard wired in women….. it runs so strong she’ll flip her hair and show you her wrist to display her interest in you sexually, instead of come over and say hi…….
          girl did this to me in the street the other day, no one else was around and it was like … “hey you wanna fuck me?”….she was only a 6 so I let her go……. but once you understand the woman’s mind….. its crazy…..
          women are always hedging their bets….

        5. It really gives me the irrits. I see this plenty of times in the workplace – have a team meeting or discussion and women will put themselves forward and initiate discussion/conversation etc.
          Then LITERALLY five minutes later at a morning tea/social event, revert to retarded “i’m just a girl” behaviour and sit there waiting for men to strike up conversation.
          I”ve seen it time and time again. How the FUCK does a woman’s mind operate like that?
          My respect for women dwindles as I get more red pill.

        6. the only solution to an LTR (if you can pull it off) is alluded to in the article on CH that the author links to….
          what you want is the woman to worship you… to get that you have to navigate all kinds of shit tests and etc…… what’s more i’d say your chances of achieving that decrease exponentially from the first minute you meet her if you make the slightest mistakes or reveal any weaknesses…
          to have a woman worship you, imagine you are Geogre Clooney taking a groupie home…. there has to be no room for her to have anything other than stars in her eyes….. .anything she says is brushed aside… she steps into your world and you light it up for her….. she can see no flaws….
          the benefits are that you feel loved, adored, served, sexed up and so forth……
          the downside is much like owning a dog… you have to constantly tend to it, clean up it’s mess, pay its vet bills, register it, take full responsibility and liability for it etc. etc. etc….. you can’t just take off when you feel like it, because you basically need someone to tend to the bitch…. feed it, water it, sex it etc…. just ask a few soldiers how women perform when left alone for a while…..
          AND the downside risks today are more dramatic than they were 100 years ago…..

        7. Yeah, I can picture it as you write it. But I still struggle emotionally with the duality of it.
          The simultaneous worlds operating concurrently – one, composed of the true biological, psychological and behavioural realities which must be acknowledged and adhered to; the other, consisting of the constructed framework consisting of modern social and political correctness and legal and social frameworks which will damage you.
          There is a real asymmetry of power and the man can rarely have the upper hand. Obey the modern framework and watch as you get put into the friend zone and/or get your ass handed to you legally and financially. Obey the true framework and lose your idealism and joy of ever having a heartfelt relationship based on principles of fairness, equity etc etc (with still the sword of Damocles always hanging over your head).

        8. One analogy I’ve read about game compares it to a stand up comedy routine. Most comdeians starting out develop one really solid five minute routine that always makes people laugh. At first they are stoked. After a while though… after seeing hundreds of people laugh at the exact same moments at the exact same shit they begin to lose respect for the audience. Even resent their gullibility and easiness. So it goes with women.

        9. i don’t see the powers that be as too much of a threat… only if you let her go awol after being drawn into repeated and pointless emotional firefights… …. it’s more the lingering stench of her daily bullshit that gets to me…..
          life is wonderful, you can do anything you want, wake up happy, have a great day doing almost nothing, detach from the matrix… but women don’t want this because they are the matrix….
          in time this constant hassle factor just wears you out…. it’s exhausting…. like owning 10 lap dogs that you constantly have to take out for pathetic little walks…. you have to stroke them, clean up their poop, feed them etc. etc…….
          in the end you have no time for yourself….
          what is the most important commodity in life ?
          to me it’s freedom and once i have that freedom, it’s peace and quiet to do my own thing, interspersed with real exciting times…. real adventure….
          women never get to the real adventure because they are too busy desperately trying to entertain themselves with anything they can get….
          you know those girls you’ve banged and they are all desperate to fuck, humping you like a rabbit to get it over with….. that’s a woman’s approach to life as well…. animal…. like rats, scrambling to survive.

        10. >>life is wonderful, you can do anything you want, wake up happy, have a great day doing almost nothing, detach from the matrix… but women don’t want this because they are the matrix….
          Wow, good words. I printed this and hung it up in my home office.

        11. Women are lucky that respect isn’t a key ingredient of men’s attraction to them.

        12. Back in my previous life as a superyacht captain, myself and the other captains were ALWAYS banging the stewardesses/cooks. They were typically early twenties hot babes that wanted to “travel and see the world”.
          We used to trade those thots like baseball cards.
          Yeah, good times.

        13. They’re like children. That’s why high school never ends for them.
          Shit, I thought everyone knew this.

        14. Back in the day, when a ship’s captain was basically the most mack daddy position of all time, bitches pined away for them. Houses were BUILT with Widow’s Walks for a reason.

        15. God only gives us time, and you don’t know how much you’ve got until the end. Everything else is trading your time for something else.
          You can’t buy any more at the end.

        1. “A Man wants a Wife, Not a “Co-Worker” :”
          That is, before getting married. 10 years later not so much, for starter the co-worker wouldn´t outweight him…

      3. On no level does marriage stack up.
        Of all the guys I know who are married, I don’t envy any of them. Even the ones who seem to be really happy in their marriage,.. never do I ever look at them and wish it was me. I usually just feet pity, and immense relief that its not me.
        Financially you are fucked. If you rocked into a casino, and the roulette wheel odds were that you lose 50% for red (divorce), and you lose 90% for black (marriage with kids). Who the fuck would play.
        Statistically, take a look at the divorce numbers. All those dickheads with their love-locks. Soul mates who sprout out bullshit on their facebook “I’m so happy I found XXXXXX (insert gold digging bitch here)”. The numbers are stacked against you from the outset. And thats before the white knight lawyers and judges start picking over your carcass.

    3. women don’t thrive on emotional turmoil, they crave to be filled with something… a cock, a fist, a BFF, some kids, a career….. anything will do… their lives are empty… their imaginations weak and their approach to life one of whimsical amusement.
      left to their own devices women will create melodrama (soap opera). feminism itself is largely a soap opera of exaggerated drama…
      women do not love unnecessary and inane emotional turmoil any more than men do, in fact it hurts them and ages them just as much as it does men…… women simply create this as an easy and unimaginative way to provide themselves with some entertainment. ANY is better than none is the woman’s mentality.
      never mind the quality… women want some crap to fill their space…. they won’t look for a good movie to watch, they will just slouch into some soap opera…. the same goes in real life….
      they rarely have a solid focus and commitment to strive for a goal, they expect it to all just fall into place…. when it doesn’t that’s an instant soup in a cup drama for them… just add hamster and 100,000 words….
      her life is just as filled up having a blazing row with you, as it is if you hold her down and nail her in the ass to show her whose’s the boss….. women are empty…your job is to fill them up with what YOU want.

      1. Absolutely.
        An old girlfriend of mine told me once in a moment of clarity,”If I ever start bitching at you just throw me down and fuck me.”

    4. Dance?? Are you referring to Tango? In Tango the entire dance is dictated by the Lead ( which is almost always the MAN) .

    5. I have some sympathy for women. I don’t think they can help themselves. Their physiology and hormones are a psychic curse (female nature). These “shit tests” can sometimes take the form of a frenzied , negative feedback loop ie hysteria. This loop can only be stopped by firm hand and stern voice ie a man.

    6. My wife shit tests me daily and wants regularly scheduled drama. When she starts in on it, I give it right back to her. She loves it and soon returns to her normal, sweet disposition.
      Serously, what the fuck is it with this!!!! I have been married for 10 years and if I have learned anything about my wife its that the less I resist here abuse, the more of it I get and the more I resist the less I get. Sometimes I come home exhausted from work and just nod my head to her whining, but most times I let her have it with both barrels. The more I give her the two barrel treatment, the less she complains about stupid things.

  3. The pedestalization of females is ingrained in our day to day figures of speech. Our society literally pretends that females are the superior sex and any questioning of this fallacy will get you shot down by manginas and females whether they’re self proclaimed feminists or not.
    I urge you to refrain from using these figures of speech, and thanks to the author for highlighting this issue.

    1. Actually it’s surprisingly easy to question these things. The white knights are an issue, yes, but the women tend to go cold silent when you deny these “realities”.

  4. I always remind girls that man age like vine and girl like roses. They agree and find it cute, but then I explain that when the rose loses its petals only the thorns are left, and I say it with a big smile.

    1. I think there’s a lot of truth in that statement. Most men put up with the thorns, convince themselves they don’t exist or are simply to engrossed in the girl to notice them.

  5. All four ultimately reflect something we all know: a) women are solipsistic and self absorbed b) women see themselves as the centre and purpose of the relationship.
    The relationship exists essentially to meet her needs and must be conducted accordingly.
    The earth doesn’t revolve around the sun, it revolves around her.
    To compare, note how most MSM articles giving sex advice to men say to focus on her needs, not be selfish etc. etc. Rarely, do MSM articles give relationship advice to women on the same basis. The language used, the assumptions built in, all presume female primacy in the relationship as default and immutable as the laws of gravity.

    1. Not to defend women per se, but most all of these sayings came from mangina pussy men.

      1. Which raises the question, where do mangina pussy men come from?
        I suggest that is from centuries of women campaigning to put these ideas into their heads so that the sayings can come from “them.”

        1. Aye. They all smell rather like they have roots in chivalry, which was the very first feminist movement in history.

        2. In fairness though, the origins of chivalry was a martial code for knights (actual not ‘white’) who spent a life time killing people.

        3. Oh, I’m well aware. Chivalry being from the French word chevalier or “horse warrior”. The martial aspect was great, and there’s nothing wrong with having honor and courage, but the blue pill adoration of women to the point of nausea granted females (noble only of course) social status that they hadn’t had before, which eventually led to legal status, which led to where we are today. Most all of the blue pill wussery we see today comes directly from the French noblewoman’s hand when she deigned to write in a bit o’ “treat us like special snowflakes” into what was at one time a warrior’s “ethics manual” (so to speak).

        4. Have you ever seen one of those nature shows videos where the male chimp brings gifts to the female chimp in order to get some? I think the manginas have been there from the very beginning…

        5. Buying a whore isn’t quite the same thing as simping a precious princess – and I’ve also seen those nature shows where the male chimps form a gang, find a neighbour child, kill it and eat it.
          And the whole thing making the chimp females hot.
          Sure, there are a few manginas just about everywhere, but they are usually the exception, not the culture, bonobos and sea horses not withstanding.

    2. the best way to prove this is to NOT have sex with her….
      the other day I was tired after a long day, chilling watching TV and girlie was horny…. pushing for sex… i could have got the motor running, but i decided to see what would happen….
      within 30 minutes she’s freaking…. she’s too old, she wants to visit a sex therapist, she doesn’t feel sexy…. she lost her mind….. it’s the funniest thing to see….. get a woman horny and then just start chilling… they lose it….
      it doesn’t count that 25% of the time she has her period. that she can have a headache, too much to drink, be busy with her BFF, none of that matters….. it only matters when YOU don’t respond to her sexuality…..

      1. You describe what I call “emotional seizures” women get. These frenzied “fits” of madness and irrationality. It’s a cycle that can only be broken by a fella’s stern voice or hard banging. I have observed, after a good hard rogering , the girlfriend, for a time is quiet ,more logical and sensible. It is short lived and the cycle repeats. I wonder if after sex some sort of Prozac like hormone is secreted calming them down??

        1. I thought everyone knew this. A good banging will keep her dizzy for a day or two. That’s all it takes.

      2. I think it’s because for a woman, her sexuality is central to her value. Women aren’t forced to prove and develop their worth and value the way men are.

      3. Agreed. I rejected the girl’s advances a while back and she clearly couldn’t handle it.

  6. “there’s a small chance she could look good into her early to mid thirties.”
    More accurately, into her early-mid 40’s. They are far outliers, but it happens occasionally – e.g. – Jennifer Aniston who is only now starting to show the looks of a hardened woman, but just 3-4 years ago (still in her 40’s) was still smoking hot. I’ve seen one or two others in that age bracket who managed the task as well. But as you say, it takes basically the planets aligning and the universe resonating on a single wavelength for it to happen.
    All three of the sayings covered piss me off, not because they exist, but because they are so widespread and so oft repeated by supplicating, dopey-smiling betas. The mindset of these effeminate underlings has always escaped me. What’s worse is the women who openly expect you to repeat these bromides on command.
    Anecdote (yes, I like story telling, I actually write a bit in real life). Worked with a “team” and had to meet with women managers on occasion (you may now feel sympathy for me). I ride a motorcycle, and one of them noted that my bike looked nice. That started a conversation, amongst all the women, about motorcycles and how they would “never allow” their husbands to own one. I was silent and had a “go fuck yourself” look on my face, and one of them asked how I was able to convince my wife to “let me” buy one. I said that I didn’t ask her since I had the money readily available and that our relationship is between two adults, not one adult and one child who needed permission from mother.
    If looks could kill, I’d be dead by five separate murderers. I said nothing else except “Ok, let’s get down to business…etc”.
    And of course, the office wuss boy simps who cannot wait to castrate themselves before the public by uttering these statements are so numerous that they stretch to infinity. Bunch of un-men.

    1. G.O.F you are doing God’s work, keep at that shit. I too ride a bike (an 07 nightster) and am quick to tell anyone who raises those kinds of questions that nobody “let’s” me do anything. Free men make their own decisions and others can fucking deal with it. Which is why avoiding marriage is key.

      1. It’s a pain in the ass, because we have to deal with the effects of their lack of leadership day in and day out. It’s my greatest wish that men would learn to be men again, most all of the problems in our country would vanish overnight were that to happen.

        1. Well, as the old saying goes, “you can wish in one hand and shit in the other and see which one fills up first.”

        2. Yeah, I know man. Though I am here and at other places, as well as in real life, trying to wake men up to their inner warrior. Somebody’s got to start the ball rolling, I figure, why not me? These sites are a God send, not just for talking here, but for referring other men to after we talk in real life.

      2. I have been on motorbikes for 36 years and i have never contemplated to even ask a woman about it. I just do it. I am married and it has never been a problem.

    2. I have two sisters who are outliers. Both in their mid-40s and have squeezed out kids. I have friends who have seen my sisters on FB and they are like “No offense bud, but your sisters are hot!”.
      One of them is even one of those “fitness queens” who makes a living a personal trainer. But back in the 80s when I was a power lifter it was me lending them my books on nutrition.
      I think they are the reason why I was averse to marriage. I have living proof in my own family that getting married and having kids was not an automatic track to becoming a lardass, like it was some kind of magical unstoppable force. So what I started to see was a huge lie, where women really want to eat like a 9 year old at a birthday party and simply not admit to that. Meanwhile, the man has to be treated like crap and told how much beer he can drink or has to check with her when he wants to buy a gun or new fishing rod.
      Then these women sit there saying “I hardly eat yet I can’t lose weight”..
      So it’s possible to maintain good looks, I have seen it. And it does not even require being in the gym 3 hours a day. The one sister who has been a stay-at-home mom since the late 90s has a few percentages less fat then the fitness queen (and they are twins too!).
      All that it takes is to stay off the GMO, the high fructose, and the flouride and stop acting like there’s a lifelong contest of “she who burns the least calories wins”. These days I see women in their 20 with asses like they were 50 and their hair is thinning.

      1. Absolutely agree on the staying in shape part. As I’ve noted on other threads, my wife is in her mid 40’s and could easily pass for a 20 something (granted, a mid/late 20 something). She even has long hair, specifically because it’s my preference and she knows it. It’s possible and it’s clearly not that hard, but if it takes even a whiff of effort modern chicks generally refuse to consider it. Good for your sisters though!
        ” Meanwhile, the man has to be treated like crap and told how much beer he can drink or has to check with her when he wants to buy a gun or new fishing rod.”
        How men put up with that shit is beyond me. Had a neighbor lived behind us (now moved) who was one of those dopey smiling pastel shirt wearing betas in front of his wife, but moped and grumbled when she wasn’t around about how she “made him” sell his guns because “guns are eeeevil”. It got tiresome after I heard it the 15th time in a year and I told him to either grow a damned pair of balls, stop being a pussy and stand up to this woman and buy his guns as he wished, or stop telling me about it. Screwball didn’t even have the courage to take offense at me for saying it, just mumbled a bunch of “Oh, sorry man, didn’t mean to repeat myself” crap. Meh.
        Meanwhile, the man has to be treated like crap and told how much beer he can drink or has to check with her when he wants to buy a gun or new fishing rod.
        Bought me a new Ruger SR45 last month actually. My wife’s entire involvement with the transaction was after I arrived home and showed it to her and she said “Wow, that’s nice!”. Again, how men don’t grasp that they’re supposed to be leaders and if they are the women naturally fall in line and become pleasant is really troubling.

    3. “I had the money readily available and that our relationship is between
      two adults, not one adult and one child who needed permission from
      nail on the head.
      If anything, your girl is the more childlike of you two, not the man.

  7. How about the “Behind every great man there is a great woman” bullshit?
    The narcissism is unbelievable.

    1. All that really suggests is that the man in question is heterosexual. Perhaps to extend further, that having sex with women is great for a man’s self esteem. That’s true, but that has little to do with his success in life. Great inventors didn’t become inventors because they were fucking. quite the opposite i’d imagine haha.
      It ought to be rephrased: most great men of history were heterosexual.

      1. So, “In front of every great man is a grateful woman giving him head” would probably be more accurate.

        1. God damn it, I was going to post “a woman lets every great man behind her.” Well played, sir.

        2. The only time I will work under a woman is when she is in the cowgirl position.

      2. Newton & Archimedes may have made some of their discoveries fucking. Wouldn’t you understand volume better if Archimedes had a skinny girl get in the bath tub,& a fat girl.

        1. Herp Derp. You PUA nerds are such degenerates and tards sometimes. You guys were probably the same BP guys reciting fallacious BP maxims to yourselves. All that ever comes out of your cake chute is “muh pussy” and “muh dik”. Time to get off ROK and look in the mirror.

      3. Tesla, arguably the greatest man who ever lived, was voluntarily celibate. He had better things to do than waste his time with women, and he knew it.

    2. That’s only true if by ‘great woman’ we understand a woman who fulfills her natural role: supporting her man in every way so that he finds it easier to maximize his abilities and achievements. Otherwise, in many cases it’s more like “he managed to be great in spite of his nagging bitch of a wife”.

      1. Hence it begs the question “what is a great woman?” And I would love to see that question answered. Of course we would have a pretty good idea already.

        1. Back when the saying was true and relevant, the great woman was the one tending to the children and taking great pains to ensure that the man had an otherwise smooth family life, such that he could focus on doing great deeds outside of the family.
          Today it means that “Womynz be betterzzz you go grrrrlllzzz”, more or less.

      2. Very true. The saying itself has nothing wrong with it. Most alpha men with a great wife would admit that they could not have “had it all” had they not had someone capable of keeping their domestic front on lockdown. From parties to making sure the kids were kept in check and learning, a man who had a great wife in times past surely wore the pants in the family. But his pants needed to be pressed, after being washed between child feeding and dinner making. His woman did all that.
        And even an old alpha was grateful.
        The problem came when feminist co-opted the saying like they do anything, and everything else. They had to take owner ship of that saying.
        Now, their female progeny will have to re-learn how to take i back. I sense a lot of swallowing, and painful tears in their future.

        1. You said a mouth full there, the “good woman” in the expression is the exact opposite of the err.. “women” available to a young man today.

        2. My uncle, a 5’4″ Chinese guy from Hong Kong, came to the US in the 60’s. He got married to a fellow Hong Kongese and he made untold millions.
          I will venture a guess that had he attempted this in 2014, he would have wound up working as a waiter. He would never have found his security in his wife.
          Different times, man.

        3. Bullshit. No man needs a fucking female to reach his full potential. Thats another fucking myth thats been fed to us since we were kids.
          Truth be told…
          You will do better in life WITHOUT a female “behind you”.

        4. ‘Woman inspires us to great ideals, and prevents us from reaching them.’ – (IDK who said it)
          ‘Inspires us to great ideals’ is perfectly true, but they’re not the ones in our interest.

        5. Or to the side, or the front, or the back, or above, or beneath. Blah blah blah. Either way, if a woman is coming with me, she better be able to hold her own. Or she will still be doing so, alone.

        6. Bullshit. No man needs a fucking female to reach his full potential. That’s another fucking myth fed to us since we were kids.
          Truth be told…
          You will do better in life WITHOUT a female “behind you”.
          I had to write it again, because it is so true.

      3. 5 ) Wimmenz are better when it comes to the care of children. Just ignore the 56 millions abortions in the US alone.

        1. Maybe they need the abortions to prevent such devilish offspring that you ignorant men make.

        2. I know I hate children. Can’t stand them. If I ever got pregnant, I would do society a favour and gladly become part of that statistic. How does that reflect on me, in your view? I can guarantee you there are millions upon millions of men out there that would take better care of children than I.

        3. OMGGGGG! Repeat after me, everybody!: “Douchebag! Awkard! Creeper! Douchebag! Awkward! Creeper! Douchebag! Awkward! Creeper!…”
          See how it feels, bitch?

        4. Women are the gate keepers of the uterus. Use birth control to prevent “devilish offspring”. Besides, if you think a guy is the devil why would you even be with him?

    3. I like the line from Bruce Almighty better:
      “Behind every great man there’s a woman rolling her eyes.” Probably because she doesn’t get it.

    4. If you’re not a monk, it is far easier to be a great man if you have a great woman than if you were worried about not getting women.
      It is not the woman that helps, it’s the lack of worry :
      – A string of women works just as well as a great woman as long as you can maintain them effortlessly and focus on your work.
      – A naggy wife is far worse than no woman at all.

      1. Yes. But as a curiosity, the vikings saw a nagging woman as more ideal than a ‘soft’ one.
        But not the nagging we are used to today. She was to nag him to great deeds, so he does not rest on past achievements.
        So nagging could maybe be used to something useful?

        1. It could, if women were nagging men to conquer more lands and crush enemies. It is far different than modern nagging about things she wants you to do in the house.

        2. Because it would be your house too. Take some responsibility. I’m not saying that after a hard day of working you walked into your house and have to clean the bathroom and wash the dishes and vacuum, but you need to do something. If something happened to your lover, and you made them do all of the house work, you would be in a shitty situation.

    5. Slater: Behind every good man there is a woman, and that woman was Martha Washington, man, and everyday George would come home, she would have a big fat bowl waiting for him, man, when he come in the door, man, she was a hip, hip, hip lady, man.

    6. Behind every great woman there’s a man bending her over and putting it in her ass.

    7. It’s untrue until you complete the phrase with “rolling her eyes and texting.”
      There, I fixed it.

    8. Behind every great men is a woman nagging, bitching, complaining, and criticizing.

    9. Ohhh, you made me bust my gut laughing, keeep the good ones coming chris rock

    10. Even worse is how nowadays they make sure to say “BESIDE every great man there is a great woman” instead of “behind.” You know, gender equity & all.

    11. I’ve always said that no one can ‘have it all’. At some point the quality of a life drops off when you try it. Women are no exception (even though they think they can do it). I think many are now waking up to the fact that if they want to have a career that their children may grow up in day care or with a nanny…and not be ‘just fine’. We’re seeing the results of these decision over the last few decades.
      No one can have it all…this includes women (I hate to break it to them). Yes, you’re only human..just like men.

      1. Absolutely agreed. This is basically why I’m resolute in NOT having a family. I’d rather have a career. I can openly admit that I am human, just like men, and with that in mind, I have the right to make the choice to not stay at home and raise children, as they have that right. That said, though, that doesn’t mean I get to have them and then dump them in a daycare. Clearly, that leaves me with the choice to not have them at all, and it’s a pretty clear decision to me.

        1. Lineage follows the father. My husband already has a child. I have nothing further to offer here.

        2. Your DNA dies with you. It goes against basic human evolutionary biology/evolutionary psychology. All the women I’ve seen who have no desire to give birth to one of their own have some serious emotional problems. Some of them are bat shit crazy. Even the most ardent man-hating feminist will bite the proverbial bullet in her 40s and opt for in vitro fertilization and single motherhood to satisfy her maternal longings.

        3. How many articles and interviews of career women who passed the age of becoming moms have there been proving that point? Many and I suspect many more to follow in the coming years.

  8. This article is Red Pill 101….
    The Red Pill must be consumed daily for the rest of one’s life….it is NOT just a one off since the forces of evil are out there constantly trying to bring you back to the feminine matrix…..this article must also be revisited once a year…FOREVER.

  9. Is it not possible that a lot of these sayings were originally meant to be said sarcastically? They certainly work better that way. It seems somewhere along the line men actually started believing them.

    1. Calling the wife the “boss” or the “better half” does sound like it was originally sarcastic.

  10. I think most men who use these four lines, even ones in relationships, use them tongue-in-cheek and deep down don’t really believe them.

  11. Maybe not strictly adhering to the category “lies men are told about women”, but its fairly common.
    Consider this scenario. A friend has a new girlfriend and objectively, she attractive. Whether the first viewing of her with him is in person or on social media, the comment is usually some variation of:
    “gee, you’ve done well for yourself” or
    “you’re punching above your weight!”.
    The implication being that she’s superior to you and deigned to do you a favour by dating you.

    1. Yeah, I’ve seen that. Goes hand in hand with “Man, what have you done to deserve somebody like her?!?”
      There are times I kind of find myself wishing for an extinction level event, usually when I hear pussy wimp men mouthing these ballsackless bromides. I try to let those thoughts pass without further introspection.

      1. When people see my girl I hear this shit all the time. Normally along with “man, you must have busted out all the stops!” or some similiar shit. I normally shrug nonchalantly and say something like “not really – just being a fucking man will do most of the heavy lifting for you.”

  12. Don’t forget about the biggest lie of them all…
    Men are inferior.
    Oh, are they? K, look around you, the building the computer…the everything. All men.

    1. Yep. The “look out the window” test.
      I recently completed my MBA at a European university. When I relayed this to some of the guys (from Sweden, Finland and Canada – make what you want of that), they looked uncomfortable and gave those awkward laughs you hear when someone dares to publicly challenge political correctness.
      One of them (who is not a bad guy) said, “ehh, some people would view that as sexist”. I replied, “so you’re telling me what I said is wrong?”
      Deathly silence.

      1. I always use the “change youth tyre” example. Funny how so many women are left at the side of the road when they get a puncture… spare is in the trunk!!! Also you’d be surprised at the number of blue pillars that haven’t a clue how to change a tyre. Or who services your car? Oil change? Men, all men……

      2. And that’s sad. Putting aside the subject at hand, those people are really telling you that they’re denying reality. I hate feminism for many reasons, namely for this whole men are inferior nonsense, but, also because in order for it to function we have to deny things like reality.

        1. I now understand what it must have been like to live in Stalinist Russia or East Germany.

      1. The men at nasa today couldn’t do it. Their biggest challenge has gone from exploring the universe/ finding alien life to finding a good muslim

        1. Yeah, but to be fair they’re quite busy building the self esteem of Muslims and don’t have time to pencil in “rockets” like they used to.
          Good frickety fuck I cannot believe we’re being led by the nose by an emasculated, dominated by his wife, snarky little beta man child. Ugh.

        2. The only people being led by that worthless narcissist are the pajama boys of the world.
          Yeah, he fooled a sh*tload of women who weren’t smart enough to see past the lies into voting for him and we all know black people vote based on skin color. That got him elected. He isn’t a leader of squat. He’s just a guy who got elected.
          Put him in a situation like squad leader where he had to EARN respect from real men and he’d sink to the bottom.

  13. How about this one, almost always said by some snarky know it all feminist type, usually in a crowd of other women.
    “Well, girls DO mature faster than boys” *snark..fake smile…snark*
    Counter argument:
    “Why yes, that’s true. Maturity means that the organ in question has quit growing and expanding and is now at the furthest point of development it will ever reach. Most girls do mature around 13-17. Men on the other hand don’t mature until 25 or so. The conclusion of course is that mature men are by needs smarter and more capable of dealing with the world than any given woman who is stuck intellectually and emotionally at the age of 13-17 for the rest of her life”.

    1. “Well, girls DO mature faster than boys” *snark..fake smile…snark*
      Yeah, that’s why I prefer younger girls.

    2. actually, males NEVER stop maturing, they hit the same level of maturity girls are at at around age 25 or so, and continue to mature until they die.
      Of course, the definition of ‘maturity’ is subject to much debate. since women never understand higher levels of morality than ‘delayed gratification’

  14. “If you want a steady diet of hilarity in your life, hang out with a couple whose relationship is lead by the woman. If you’re wearing your red pill glasses you’ll be stifling laughter the entire time”
    My best friend, who actually was a hardened red piller in his early days have turned complete blue pilled after some years in a relationship. In the beginning of the relationship he was still the real deal, banging other girls left and right. He pragged to me how much of control he had over his gf (which was true), telling a story of how he turned off the phone for four days doing an easy NEXT on his girl without her actually deserving it in my opinion. Instilling complete dread, and he never read anything on game ever. It was just his nature.
    Now its a different story, he wont answer calls if hes with her, wont separate the two worlds. Hes a different person when with her. You feel dumb when you have a friend who will only pick up the phone to talk to you during work hours. And of course youre the only one who tries to keep some kind of contact. Worst part was when we were alone out drinking, i kept pushing him on whats the deal with this relationship. He actually started to cry etc saying that she loved him so much etc she would take a bullet for him… blablabla. Im still in shock that such a great guy could succumb to this completely cowardly beta cunt. He has experienced some personal problems in the past. I told him if he ever needed help or somebody to talk to I was there for him. All he needs is to call. His response to that was that he has his gf that he talks to. After recently swallowing the red pill and never looked back ever since, i cant even explain how much it pains me that my former best friend would reduce to such a pathetic man who will go to his gf for emotional support.
    1 month ago i called on his birthday to wish him, he said he would have to call me back, he was at a Family b-day party (with his gf). He never called back that day. The next day and the day after that he tried calling me during working hours, i did not pick up. We havent spoken after that. I have had it. Even though we have been best friends for 16 years, I will not go on beeing treated like that. I have my fucking limits.
    Is it worth trying to shake him down, blowing some truths into him or do we simply leave him alone without an explanation and let him figure it out himself?

    1. I’d try one last time, but I’d be direct, and have a list of URL’s in hand to give to him on a piece of paper.

      1. At some point in time, there will be a shakedown, as my patience for bluepillers as friends is second to zero

    2. sounds like she’s slowly pulled the legs off his chair one by one….. he’s emotionally shrink wrapped after years of her psycho babble abuse… misery needs company……

      1. You are right, this is not something that has happened overnight, this has taken years, and he now is brainwashed to think he is emotionally dependant on her

    3. Trying to talk to your beta buddies about The Red Pill is useless. I’ve tried it several times and it never goes well. But don’t give up on him. When he’s ready to (re)take the red pill he’ll let you know and when he does, have that glass of water ready for him.

      1. I know mate, ive tried also several times, but now I mostly keep my mouth shut. Its damn hard though. My colleague went over to a female attention whore co-worker for advice on how to score on Tinder even though I gave him some pointers (Ive met two girls via tinder and banged them both at first meet (separately)). He said he trusted my advice, but surely, a females opinion must be the best!! Will not give him any more advice after that. I got seriously pissed, but I kept my mouth shut. Don’t want to get into deep discussions with this stuff with blue pillers, white knights and attention whores, but I cant help wanting to share my experience with the next guy. I want to help guys who clearly are on the wrong path, but they just don’t want to fully intergrate the mindset, its very frustrating. Well, wel, their loss I would say.

        1. Dating advice from women only works FOR WOMEN and not men. Yet men keep going to women for dating and relationship advice.
          Now if he took her advice and did the opposite of what she said it might have worked. I have done this several times with some success.

      2. You talk to them after they had their ass handed to them in the divorce court or caught their wife cheating.
        Until that time they are firmly plugged in to the matrix.

    4. There is a good chance she is telling him he is not allowed to talk to you. Sorry the wife doesn’t want you to come over and play cards anymore.

      1. I don’t think shed dare to do it so blunt, but for sure shes giving him psychological torture every time he leaves the apartment to hang with me, bec she knows what we are up to and shes doesn’t have any control then.

  15. Women age like fine wine? Is there anyone who believes this? There are some women who age better than others, but those are the exception. I’ve seen a few…just a few, mind you….50 year old women that were still bangable. The reality is that most women come apart pretty quickly after menopause. This process is accelerated in most American women by years of hard living…..boozing, dope use, smoking, lack of exercise, excessive sun exposure, etc.
    Here is an extreme example, before and after pictures of a female musician that attempted to outdo Keith Richards in the hard living department. No great beauty to begin with, the transformation over a few short years is nothing short of horrifying. This is what you can look forward to if you hook up with one of those all Murican party girls.

    1. True, so does spankings, yellings, golden shower, etc. Generally abusive and degrading behavior. Notice how the nice guys in movies and shows are always beta tools who get taken to the cleaners but just like in real life somehow women never leave the psycho shithead who treats them like garbage? You know why? Because they love it.

      1. it’s not because they love it, no one likes being abused… it’s because it keeps them occupied ‘entertained’. it fills their life up….. gives them something to complain about…….

        1. I disagree. There is a definite masochistic element in there. I have seen it time and again and it is unmistakable.

  16. Some lies about women and men:
    1) Women love responsible, hardworking guys. (No they don’t, they love hawt guys, or guys that sell drugs, or guys that march to the beat of their…. oh fuck it, they hate responsible guys.)
    2) Women care about humor and personality. (Not unless it’s Russell Brand instead of Jerry Seinfeld and they don’t give two flying fucks about a guy’s personality as long as he’s hawwwwttt.)
    3) Women want a man with money. (You’re goddamn right, but you’re also goddamn wrong that that’s enough to make her want to raise his babies. In actuality, she’s raising the pool boy Fillipo’s nine dollars an hour kid. Shazaam!)
    4) Women are more emotional. (Because being an emotional, sensitive being, a woman would indeed seek to financially rape a man while accusing him of raping her).
    5) Women are more caring. (As long as it’s a foreign kid and not their beta husband’s poor little son, or as long as it’s younger than second, no third trimester – no, fuck it, kill all these fucking babies, ladies! You goooo grllllll!!!!!)
    6) Women are angelic little critters worthy of respect. (Go fuck yourself, while jerking it to a video of a woman getting tripoded by 9 inch sausages in light, medium, and extra chocolatey flavors).
    7) Men are all jerks, but I’m not. (Boy howdy I do sure wish Jane next door would stop “making love” to that jerk Brett so loudly, it’s rattling my bed, I hope she one day comes to realize that mister Brett is a jerk and that I’m a real true blue fedora wearing gentleman, yessiree!)
    8) Men are dogs. (Whoever the fuck said this obviously never see how women react when a natural alpha walks into the room. It practically sounds like a kiddy pool getting filled).
    9) There’s someone out there for everyone. (Wrong. There’s plenty of women out there for every alpha, but nobody out there for a dude who looks like Woody Allen, without the cash and height).
    10) You’ll meet a nice girl one day. (You sure bet you will, once she’s finished jamming 348 cocks into her vag, sometimes three in one day. Maybe you’ll be the fourth! Lucky day!)

    1. 8) Men are dogs. (Whoever the fuck said this obviously never see how
      women react when a natural alpha walks into the room. It practically
      sounds like a kiddy pool getting filled).

      Cosign this. See it all the time.

    2. This is an excellent piece of writing!
      ROK needs some witty humor. Roosh should ask you to write a weekly piece to lighten the mood. Many of themes of ROK would be easier to absorb by betas and white knights if they could laugh at themselves in the process.

  17. I hate to say this but “churchanity” is to blame for this: “the 2-become-1 phrase” was then interpreted as a 50:50 split (legally & culturally) with the wife as the “better half” since a “man is not a man till he leaves his parents and is reunited with his wife”… emphasizing ‘a man must do, a wife must wait for’…”attitude” to everything. At the same time then, all the verses about the wife not withholding sex 1 Cor 7:3 were conveniently “ignored”…while the character of what makes a noble wife Prov 31 was stopped being taught. Cherrypicking sadly became more prevalent.
    Men who did break into the political, business sphere would often then reflect (and embellish the “helpmaker”) role back to their constituents and echo these maxims. Betas would then try to echo this back to their younger audiences and so teaching within churchanity became a pursuit to rising to the top echelons of society while incrementally forgetting other traditional church teachings.

    1. Another good one is Ephesians 5:22:
      “Let women be subject to their husbands, as to the Lord”

      1. yup in fact the more you delve into it the more you realise “whats not being taught”….

  18. you forgot “women are the fairer sex.” go out on any Friday night and witness the loud foul mouthed drunk tatted up smoking perverted freak shows that pass as women and see if they are fairer in any way shape or form.

    1. Yeah, whomever came up with that one obviously never worked as a bartender and had to clean up the women’s restrooms after the bar closed.
      Compared to the mens room, the womens room was a freaking battle zone of disgusting….I don’t even know a word for it…

    2. “Fair” means “light.”
      Pwecious Pwincesses don’t spend a lot of time working the fields.

    3. I’m guessing you live in the UK. I’m more afraid of women in the street in the UK (and some parts of the US) than the men. At least men know they won’t be able to get away with it.

      1. no..from the southern US. you want to be scared come to the south and see the women. however…I was married to a woman from the UK once. Chinese UK woman. thought she’d be different. no different. useless slut. parents were from china but put her into the west…same result.

  19. Ohhhh dude. A vice I have: I just can’t let that shit go. I’d be fucking fired quick, because I would feel it my moral duty to take this guy to the bar and fucking educate him. “My wife is the boss.” WHAT!? Are you fucking crazy? Do you have no balls? no brains? No soul?? Wash that horse shit down the drain and reach back into the recesses of your genetic memory – you are underneath your fucking man boobs and shitstain clothing a warrior king. You were BORN to fight and fuck and enjoy this planet – NOT be some sniveling fucking craven who asks a WOMAN for permission to do ANY goddamn thing.

    1. True mark of a man. He’s willing to let ANYTHING and EVERYTHING go.

    2. True mark of a man. He’s willing to let ANYTHING and EVERYTHING go.

  20. Women age like a fine wine? Zoinks! A Pinotage is at its best when it’s about 7 years old. Surely not.

    1. “I like my women like I like my Scotch: 18 years old”
      “I like my women like I like my Scotch: 12 years old and mixed with Coke” haha

  21. There was once a time when the phrase “I’m white free and over 21” or something like it was common. So we can work to get rid of this crap too. Remember, it’s not going to be based on getting the feminists to yield. Screeching hysterical people cannot be reasoned with. Real change comes from the power of argument. It does not matter how stubborn people are, when they get an argument for their ideas, or even something like using some tired old saying, even if the experience only strengthens their resolve NOT to change their views, their views are still tempered.
    This is why “the system” allows “free speech” while making people incapable or averse to discourse. If you burn books, people will see Naziism. If you make kids unable to read them you stay under the radar for example.
    So get out there and start knocking this crap down. I recall in my life a few rare fellows who would not be afraid to knock down some of these old saying and “say it like it is” and every one of them got looked up to like leaders.

    1. Its my experience that raging sex starved penisterical maniacs on this site are also quite impossible to reason with. They are also higly irrational, oversensitive, cant listen, always jumping to conclusions and imagining problems into existence.
      Testosterone withdrawl is one ugly bitch.

  22. I’ve always detested “Happy wife. happy life”. It’s always from some defeated beat man who gave up years ago. This tells me the man’s happiness is unimportant and irrelevant. It’s insulting, not to mention women never seem to be happy for more than a day at a time. And that’s being generous.

    1. The saying is incomplete. A wife is a reflection of her husband, so she needs to make him happy to be happy herself. It’s a half-truth twisted into female-serving propaganda.

  23. Jesus H Christ this website is depressing. I can’t stop coming back though.
    Knowing red pill shit is like the worst and best thing a man can know. A career? Family? Religion? God? Love? All of these things simply don’t exist or aren’t worth pursuing in the real world where love isn’t something obtainable and woman’s nature pretty much destroys any religious argument from the get go.
    I’m lucky enough to have a job I enjoy and am on the upper end of good looking apparently, and tall enough. But even I struggle to want to wake up in the morning knowing that my sons will have to deal with the same bullshit. Yeah, pounding pussy is good but eventually we all want to strive for something beyond being a gorilla. Otherwise we just wake up every day waiting to die.
    I can only imagine how some of those completely undesirable dudes you see walking around on the street manage to fight their way through the day without blowing their brains out. I struggle with the temptation all the time. Thank god I’m married. For what it is, finding a decent woman is enough to keep me going.
    Thanks, women.

    1. Those undesirable dudes generally deal with it by going on a shooting spree at a campaign rally, movie theater, or elementary school.

    2. I’m right up there with you, Johnny. This stuff can be pretty depressing, though ultimately it is freeing. I think part of the problem in a modern society is that human virtues are no longer en vogue. It’s hard to find meaning in a mechanistic view of things without some sort of spiritual or moral guiding principle. Both men and women having lost their faith , morality and ethics are spiritually devolving. Virtues like honor, integrity, ingenuity, temperance are all but gone from this society. This is is the reason that feminism has become dominant. Men having lost qualities like honor, self-respect and integrity have virtually handed the power to women. Women have internalized this lesson well, this is why many of them are leading the “cock carousel” life-style. We men have communicated to women in no uncertain terms, that things like religion, ethics or even simple human consideration are the products of the bygone era. Women never had any ability for self evaluation or morality (just read Schopenhauer) Morality demands responsibility for yourself. Having dumped morality we also dumped responsibility. This in turn has given us a society where only suckers play by the rules.

    3. ‘Thank god I’m married’.
      I think this might be the source of why you find this site so depressing, because it debunks everything that you invested in regards to marriage.

  24. “Women age like fine wine.”
    Haha, no. The angry fucks I encounter everyday are post-wall women 90% of the time.

    1. From below: Women age like roses. They eventually wilt and leave nothing but thorns. (Credit: ptica)

  25. As the decay continues…ROK is full of guys who must watch from afar the grand tragedy unfolding in western society. A society where real men can’t discuss truthful, actual and factual ideas without being marked as a psychopath or sadist. Where ugly and fat bitches have “options” and women are allowed to write books about how mean billy was to her in homeroom and be proclaimed “educated.” The article does a great job telling us the 4 lies but what about the biggest lie of all? That the point of life is to get married and have kids. Gentlemen. Continue to game. Continue to con. Continue the act. It’s the only way life could ever make sense. Repeatable cycles found in nature. FT1X.

  26. Women and men age just the same, but while those wrinkles and grey hair make a man seem experienced and wise, they make a woman look used up and expired.
    Strength (financial and physical) comes with age, thus older men are often more attractive than young boys.

    1. All their periods and cycles are rough on the body. Men’s hormones are relatively stable on a yearly basis. Some women bleed so much they have their periods stopped to prevent anemia.

      1. False. Get your information straight before making a fool of yourself. Women’s periods are actually very cleansing and allow an outlet for toxins to leave the body.

      1. you are absolutely delusional to think women age the same as men. For one there is childbirth which is absolutely brutal physically on a woman’s body and then there is estrogen which causes women’s stress levels to rise higher than men which also ravages the body.

    2. women don’t age the same as men. childbirth ages the shit out of them and estrogen causes them to have higher stress levels than men.

  27. “Women age like a fine wine.” No need to argue with this. I’d just urge guys to get on Match.com or OKC and see what’s available in the 40-and-older bracket. And those are just the ones with photos — the real nasty ones keep their pics off the Web. We’ll talk after you’re done rinsing out your eyes with eyewash and screaming “THE HORROR! THE HORROR!!”

  28. One annoying thing I always hear guys in relationships say is “When there is a disagreement between me and my girl, my girl is always right. I have never won an argument because she is always right.”
    This ticks me off to no end. Is the guy so STUPID that there has never been a time that the guy had a good idea? Do girls even like hearing this nonsense?
    I don’t even understand.

    1. “Looks like you’ll be sleeping in the dog house tonight!” *wuss beta whipped dopey smile*
      “No, I’ll be sleeping in my bed. If she’s mad at me, she can find someplace else to sleep. My home, my castle.

      1. I mean, it’s as simple as that. Call the bitch out if she’s being unreasonable. Even if you somehow made the terrible decision of marrying a spoiled bitch, and if she can threaten you with the power of the courts (divorce+fake rape) to get what she wants, and you have no good choice but to feign defeat to her, at least DON’T GIDDILY PROCLAIM TO THE WORLD THAT YOU LIKE BEING ABUSED!!!
        Seriously though, I hear guys saying this, as if they were bragging, even when their woman is NOT around. (Most of the time guys say it in the presence of their woman to stroke her blimp-sized ego)
        #5 Lie men are told by women: Your woman is infallible.

  29. I’m in sales too, sharpshooter, luxury furniture. And while, the”happy wife, happy life” thing may not be good for those who adhere to it, it certainly drives a lot of my business. Just think what would happen to the economy if more men were capable of saying no to the feminine looking 6000 dollar bedroom set.

    1. Men appreciate luxury items as well. There’s nothing wrong with getting an opinion from your wife on something, and even considering it in balance with your final decision, as long as it is you who makes the final decision. What’s wrong is being a coward and hunching over like a little puppy dog under the leash of Miss Dominator.
      You’re right of course to an extent. The motivating factor for your industry would turn from trying to please the wife as a salesman, to the wife actively working to please the husband enough that he’ll but it for her before they ever walked through your shop’s front door. You’d then be able to sell on actual logical points and facts and quality. Which is how it used to work and is a net good.

      1. You’re right of course, the smoothest, easiest sales are when dealing with traditional, male led households. Sell on quality. It’s when the woman’s in charge and her finicky nature’s going to have some poor schlep being dragged all over town for days on end.

        1. I find salesmen appreciate when they discover that I’m the one making the final call, most of the time. The discussions turn directly to quality and price, numbers are run and the sale made, while the misses gets to pick the color (usually) or pattern she likes. She’s happy, I’m happy, the salesman is happy to not have to sit for hours and pander to a woman’s ever changing mind, and money is exchanged.

        2. Women can also botch certain sales, like sports cars and motorcycles…I was also in sales, and if the guy has to ‘consult’ his wife on a sale, I knew the deal was fucked. I guess it depends on what suits her…

    2. Actually, it was Wall St and the banksters appealing to “empowered” women that tanked our economy. How many of those homes bought with mega-mortgages were initiated by woman who felt they were entitled to live in a suburban palace? The housing bubble could not have taken place without appealing to female vanity.

      1. Or…government forcing banks to lower lending standards such that idiots that would never pass a true credit check were allowed, by dint of a government gun, to get a loan they didn’t deserve.

        1. We have Barney Frank and Clinton as the villains in that story. When it went bad they called it predatory lending like anyone in their right mind would loan out money you know you wont get back.

        2. Nice rebuttal. Fact filled. Overwhelming logic. Fearful reasoning.
          When you can debate civilly like a man I’ll be glad to entertain a discussion with you. If you wish to throw out invective and ad hominem and passive aggressive attacks, there’s no need to continue the discussion.

        3. Actually this is true. Due dilligence workers were told to approve “questionable” loans to people who don’t even have the income to match the home that they were buying. I remember close to the peak of the bubble where everyone was into the “spruce the house up, make profit” deal. But some of these people had no idea that location mattered AND the average cost of homes with the same schematics (x rooms, x bath, x sqft).
          Then you have short sales galore.

      1. I actually appreciate finely hand crafted furniture. Watching the Amish men in their work is like a breath of fresh, clean air from the year 1870, when things were mostly on the right path and life was good.

        1. Good furniture is not the same thing as luxury furniture, or at least it shouldn’t be.
          Nowadays if I want something decent I pretty much have to make it myself. I’ve still got some of the Mission Oak my mother picked up in the 50s when you couldn’t give it away for firewood. I’m typing this from an old, oak teacher’s desk I bought from the original, 80 year old, owner. 20 bucks.
          A century old and no reason it shouldn’t go a few more centuries. Shit’s even back in style.
          How many centuries is the useful life of that “luxury” furniture made today?

        2. Well, since I mentioned the Amish, I would hope you’d understand that I mean quality. My furniture is hand made by these gentleman, who live one county over (central Ohio) and it’s been in our home since before my son was born, e.g – over 17 years, and going strong.

        3. You’ll maybe get 10 years out if it. Crazily enough, that’s actually a selling point. They actually train us to talk about the “cons” of hand-made furniture. It’s heavy and hard to replace. Pfft

        4. I’ve got one piece of contemporary Amish. Nice work. Can’t wait until it gets a good century of mellowing on it, because I’ll have been dead 50 years or more.

    3. I was out at a mall with a girl, and she ran into one of her girlfriends looking at furniture for her and her husband (who was at work). I noticed that she had a purple phone and purple coat and said maybe you should get this (purple) sofa. She sends him a picture of it and then starts talking bad about him because he said OK, while she said it looked hideous. I said “dam woman I suggested it because its the same color as your coat & phone so a guy would assume its your favorite color” She had to put her coat on top of it to see I was right.

    4. Most advertising is geared toward women. Even when it is geared toward men it’s ultimate aim is to sell shit to men so that they can impress women.

      1. A little off, but I boycott companies that run “stupid man” ads. Hey I’m sure they don’t want my stupid money.

    5. This is a very good point. I’ve sold everything from cars, to furniture, to home improvements (vinyl siding, windows, gutters, etc.) and 9 times out of 10 the wife or girlfriend had the final decision. I made shit load of money doing this. As great as it was to make money doing this I always felt sorry for the poor bastard handing me his credit card at her direction.

  30. The biggest bag of bullshit ever used in marriage and relationships. Simple SIMP shit.
    My god and the comments on here are fucking spot on about the other sayings.
    Women…well they just age lol

  31. good shit. that happy wife happy life shit always piss me off to hear, partly because the people who say it actually believe it smh

  32. This article seriously makes me feel like I was born into the wrong civilization.
    What’s with all the fucking white knightery in the Western World? This seems to be a distinctly Germanic/Nordic phenomenon. Tacitus even mentions in Germania that the Germans were white knights. Seems these days that the English have taken up the mantle. Ugh.
    You know, Western society is very supplicant in general, come to think of it. Especially these days, though historically as well. Western may not have invented the use of ass-kissing as a political tool, but they sure took it to the next level.
    Putin on the other hand REFUSES to kiss anyone’s ass or let anyone kiss his:

    1. Yeah, the 1,000 years of brutal warfare between the city-states of Europe after the fall of the domineering, all powerful and militarily badass Romans was surely the sign of Western supplication and meekness.
      Not to rib you too hard of course, the white knight shit is unbearable and is likely from Nordic heritage. The reason the English took it up is because they, too, are Germanic (Angles and Saxons, Jutes and Danes being tribes from Germany/Denmark respectively).

      1. It definitely is from northern heritage. Chivalry was a northern european concept which had its roots in Christianity AND proto-Germanic traditions.

    2. This is a funny video, these priests are not supposed to kiss anyone’s hand but instead, present their hands to be kissed. This is an orthodox Christian tradition. Putin did not kiss the first priests hand and the second priest was shocked by that and ended up kissing Putin’s hand as if to say, ‘this is what you should’ve done’…Putin was like ‘fuck that’…body language is gold sometimes.

  33. “Happy wife, hapy life” is actually generally true. It’s just that the average schlub interprets it improperly. A wife is only happy if and only if she thinks she did well in the mating game; meaning she perceives her husband as a proper alpha. Meaning, the way to make her happy, is to, in beta terms, try a bit harder to NOT please her.

    1. I think you’re right but most men who throw this line out are bitches who just conform to their wife’s every whim. They don’t come from a place of alpha.

    2. It’s incomplete. The full version is: “Alpha husband, happy wife, happy life”

    3. Ahahaha! Another “alpha”. How’s the mobile sales telephone “career” working out for you? :D:D 😀

    1. Maybe wine that’s left to sit out without a lid. Outside. For about a year. Exposed to all the elements, animals, etc. So that when you come back to it, it’s really no more then some festering piss water with dirt in it.

  34. This is interesting and all, but I come to this site to bitch and moan about Jews. We all know they’re responsible for feminism, socialism, and everything else that would otherwise keep so many young men from the success they so richly deserve, so let’s get back to it.
    Fucking Jews.

    1. I thought this was a site devoted to self improvement. Not hating anyone. You’re intentionally trying to make it a “Hate Site”? Feminists would undoubtedly appreciate that. Smells like “Operation Lollipop” to me. Only in the reverse sense.

      Black Propaganda In Feminism

      1. Well, it is clearly and obviously a gay site. Not sure why the gay men writing the articles hate women so much, but I’m sure they think they have their reasons.

        1. I do not hate women. I Love women for what they are and what they could be. I do hate feminism. I’m not gay, gays aren’t allowed to comment on RoK. Are you just being facetious? You sound like a miserable cunt. You’ve been preselected to receive a “fuck you”. Because, “fuck you”. :).

  35. I’ve heard “Happy Wife, Happy life” so many times. Yet 90% of the time I detect not one ounce of happiness from their statement. I never understood how they could see that basing their happiness off of one individual is not healthy.

  36. This is why I love the Manosphere: you guys point out the garbage clogging up my brain. Please keep it up, only then can I deprogram the shit out of my head.

    1. Decent people love decent people. If you are behaving like an arsehole you get arseholes in your life.Both sexes are the same. Not too late to change yourself.

  37. The biggest lie about modern women is….that women are more trustworthy than men.
    All modern women are liars – they are themselves the biggest lie among them all.

    1. Sorry your girlfriend dumped you. Your beer belly and baldy head just weren’t doing it for her 🙁

  38. Good one SharpShooter. Guys new to the manosphere should make sure this is one of the first things they read.

  39. BEhind every great man is a great woman. So for every loser, There’s a nagging, shrewish bitch who dragged him down.

    1. …nonsense. Behind every great man is whatever he’s standing in front of.

    2. Yeah bitch, we make or break you, you have absolutely no control over your life.
      You should like start a revolution or something, maybe after a few hundred years of beating the crap out of you and gaslighting you we might like let you vote or something, but we will keep making derogatory remarks at you in the street and never promote you at work, well just hire the hot ones to make the place look pretty. But youll still be our bitches.

  40. Man, I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks that most women are lyin ass bitches half the time.
    +1 for the article.

  41. “If you want a steady diet of hilarity in your life, hang out with a couple whose relationship is lead by the woman.”
    Whenever I hang out with a couple like this, I always heighten my inner alpha: talk about foreign travel adventures, mention how much money I am making, etc. The husband will hear my words at face value; however, the words will usually strike a powerful chord in the wife. The fact that she’s married to a beta male is made visibly real via comparative analysis, and her visceral response is normally an unpleasant one.

    1. Inner alpha? Haha! Another telephone salesman desperately trying to pretend he has a life 😀

  42. The reality of American women are the following:
    1) They are mostly sluts. By the time they get to you, they have been fucked by multiple men. They are used goods.
    2) The are incredibly entitled. They believe the feminist bull shit, they believe they are entitled, and if they don’t get what they want, they believe they are victims. When they decide they are a victim, they point to the man closest to them as the culprit.
    3) The know about the Violence Against Women Act and the hair trigger authorities have with rape allegations, and they will use that against you as soon as they are unhappy.
    4) They know that they divorce industry is set up entirely for their benefit. They realize that if they can trick you into marrying them, and especially to have a kid with them, they can live off of you for years and years.
    Above is a recipe for disaster for a man. You cannot overcome having this much stacked against you. So just don’t even try.
    Use American women for sex. No need to play it honest with them. Use them for the only activity they are good for, then dump them.

    1. I agree except for the last part. Even just using them for sex is still giving them attention. Women are aware that they can sexually manipulate countless men (sometimes without even making any contact). So men must remove this aspect of control from these entitled western sluts as well as any other manipulation/control tactics they have – by starving them of any and all attention. Plus using them for sex opens up a range of undesirable consequences, ranging from false rape allegations to STDs.

    2. Women love a good fuck, just as much as men do, not sure why men hate that so much and bitch and whine and cry about it so constantly. Decent women reserve relationships for the decent men, and there are none of them posting here. You get what you give out. Clearly you want a relationship but no woman will give you one. To be fair though, no woman in her right mind would want anything at all from your miniscule cheesy, crusty dick, so you’re quite safe.

  43. “Men are simple creatures.” is another false load of crap that feminists like to condescendingly spew. Men invented countless items, and came to understand all the complex math, science, philosophy, etc. in order to bring civilization to its current technologically advanced state. To say men are “simple” is quite demeaning.

    1. Yep. Reinforced by crap TV shows like Everybody Loves Raymond (which makes me cringe) and The Simpsons (but at least Homer has balls). Women love to spout this particularly in the context of relationships – ‘men are simple to please, ‘women are complicated’, as if this conveys female superiority. The reality is that female NEEDS from a man are higher – protection, resources, attention etc. ultimately illustrating the neediness and lower status women have.

      1. They only need protection from men beating, battering bashing and raping them. So when you stop doing that, you will be able to stop beating, battering and bashing one another in your effort to get to the woman to hurt her. Once again, men harm themselves and blame women.

    2. “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” by Leonardo da Vinci
      The biggest mistake we have is that complicated=good. That is a lie.

  44. A single life
    Without a wife
    Is a blissful life
    Devoid of conflict and strife!

  45. My motto in life : ” Better be single, than with the wrong woman.”
    I say this all the time to all my buddies.
    Having a good woman in his life is a feeling which a man will relish, but having a bad woman (which unfortunately is the case with the majority of modern women) is worse than singledom.

    1. The handful of older dudes I’ve met who are single seem much happier and vibrant than the married ones (me included). Of course they take care of themselves and don’t let themselves deteriorate. But the married ones are all glum and have “deer in the headlights” looks about them. In my next life…

      1. Yep, women who are not married sure are happier. Time men stopped pushing the marriage agenda then, I guess.

    1. Rapist spotted. Please forward details of IP andemail to relevant authorities, he is breaking his conditions of parole by posting pro rape propaganda.

    1. Yep, aged like wine – sour, vinegary and desperately trying to hold onto their youth. Well, not all men, obviously. Just you and your cohort 🙂

  46. We all know that “women age like fine wine” is generally not true – though there are always those statistical outliers. HOWEVER, to say men age better is not exactly the truth either. Men age better ONLY with some attention put into fitness, diet, and style. Women won’t look at a middle aged apple bellied, combover- wearing slob no matter how badly they want a father figure in their life. Unless he is absolutely fucking loaded, of course.

    1. most guys who look like shit have probably been beaten down by marriage. most single older guys look good

  47. My response to the line ‘happy wife, happy life’…is always, ‘no wife, blissful life.’

    1. And she feels exactly the same, no husband, no chain, no pain on the rain. Win win.

    2. My response to the happy wife happy life line is, grow a pair and get divorced if youre so bloody miserable. Or did ya only get married cos you was afraid noone else would shag you.

  48. Funny story here that happened last night that proves to me personally that this, and many other ROK points of view, are spot-on.
    Background: My girlfriend of a couple months (a fellow graduate student in my program), is supportive, thoughtful, kind, and overall a wonderful girl- very different from the spoiled, entitled bitches I used to hang around with. She defers to me and respects my judgement on nearly every issue- she makes the rest of my life easier and more manageable, and pushes me to become a better person academically and physically (we are exercise physiology students so we spend a good deal of time in the weight room). In short, we have a very fulfilling and fun relationship.
    At a local sports bar we are watching some baseball and pouring Budweiser pitchers down our throats. We get on the subject of our exes, and she throws this out- (This is not absolutely verbatim but it is as best as I can remember): “My last boyfriend was such a pussy. I wore the pants in the relationship, definitely. I had to do everything. Not only was it annoying, it was exhausting being with him. I like that you’re in charge, that you pick something, we do it, and it usually ends up being a good choice. I’m a lot happier when you’re in control of stuff. It just works.”
    Straight from the mouth of a girl- this stuff here on ROK is gold.

  49. This experiment, however, proves that the “happy wife” proverb is not only false
    Come on, get your act together. The study is a parody. In other words fake. If you know anything about statistics you will get the numerous inside jokes peppered throughout.
    The use of this “study” by the “manosphere” makes us no different than feminists and their half-baked statistics.

    1. Haha! No kidding. A salesman. Well, wow he must have the key to universal success then 😀 A thought that has never crossed his mind, apparently, is if his crappy salesmanship isn’t working, he needs to change that, instead of trying to the change the vast majority of his customer base.

  50. As a woman, let me just say I agree with the vast majority of this. A man who agrees with everything I say and always tries to make me happy comes across as weak and needy. However, I have been told by every man I have ever dated that my intelligence and interests in many things are greatly appreciated. My fiance is 12 years my senior. Most women my age annoy him, though I assume that’s partially because of emotional immaturity of the average 20-something woman. In your opinion, what makes a woman — particularly a much younger one — marriage material as opposed to a fling? Also, it may help you to know that I love sex and cooking. I probably just answered my question.

  51. I was recently on a facebook thread where the first two were mentioned, and they weren’t mentioned by a bleeding heart liberal either, they were mentioned by a blue pill conservative, so I dropped some red pill knowledge, this dude was shocked, and appealed, I guess most men who practically grew up with these fallacies quake when exposed to red pill truths.

  52. I think even in the mainstream beta community, the term “better half” is used with at least a tinge of irony.

  53. I’m in sales too. So many whipped bitches come in here, drive a car, and then say they need to “talk to the wife”. These are cars that THEY will be paying for, and THEY will be driving, but still need to get permission from the slave master. Idiots. Does make me happy though that I don’t have to deal with that.

  54. “But the one objection that frustrates me more than anything is when a
    man says to me “Well I’ve gotta run this by the boss” referring to his
    significant other. Some men even flat out tell me they have to get
    permission from their wives. When I hear this I feel like jamming the
    red pill down their beta throats, but I digress.”
    Just curious, what is your actual response to this objection? In a high pressure, low percentage sales job I had we were basically informed to call them out for being spineless. 95% of the time they got pissed/insulted and hung up. What are some better ways to get around this?

    1. Well typically it’s nice that in an equal relationship two people would agree on something and would want the other person to have an input before they invest together on something big (since the male is not always the one paying for it). Just saying.

    2. Yeah some guy in a shop who declared himself the manager wheeled out his big fat battleaxe of a wife when I tried returning an item. ‘Oh, you wanna talk to the boss’ he said as he did it. Ive no frickin respect for that coward at all. And you know who won the battle? Me. Skinny single bitch.

  55. Very good article. One thing that women prize very highly is “security”. That is safety from harm, starvation and financial distress. She wants to know that while she focuses on looking after the home and offspring that food and funds will be in steady supply. A strong man provides this. You mention “security” to a woman and her eyes light up. Women constantly worry and yet at the same time want a man to free them from worry. This is because they cannot control steady access to the necessities of life. A man strong man can.
    Saying that a woman is “the boss” is a cop-out and flight from responsibility for decision making. This shows fear. A real man takes responsibility and doesn’t let fear rule his life.

  56. It is amazing to me how such brilliant and crafty writers, that some of you men are on this page, are so bull headed and ignorant.

  57. Absolute bollocks like most of debunked misogyny on this site 🙂
    And btw, every time I meet someone who calls themselves an ‘alpha male’, they wind up being a salesman who shouts a lot at people whose employment conditions require that they don’t respond in kind. Any man who tries to use the words alpha male in a serious conversation is either a) gay and in a closet so huge there is no escape on the horizon or b) has mummy issues and is crying himself to sleep alone every night.
    As for the rest, as I keep telling you poor, angry, frightened manboys:
    The chains men devised for women have been snapped. And that’s what terrifies the author of this article and so many manboys. I call them manboys because they’re not men, naturally. Men don’t behave like this. I am surrounded by smart, caring and wonderful men. They have no need or desire to harm women or control them. And they have happy fulfilled lives. Unlike the poor, enraged manboy author and some of the commenters, desperately and fruitlessly trying to cram women back into the cages they devised.
    We won our freedom from the shackles of marriage, each generation sees women more and more realising we don’t have any need for marriage. We only need your sperm to conceive (a partner is nice but by no means necessary to raise a happy, healthy kid. Money is necessary. And one willing and loving carer). We have jobs, lives and can live beautifully man-free. And when we see articles like this trying to hearken back to the bad old days of pretending women were different from men so misogynists could pretend oppressing and controlling an entire sex was acceptable, we all see how needy many men are and how low their self esteem is.
    The good news is, it’s not too late for you poor, lonely needy manboys. Some women will happily enjoy men’s company if they are decent men. And there are plenty of decent men out there. Actual men. Not scared, hysterical manboys like the author.
    The thing is though, the notion that women need you – that died with the pill and when women forced men to give them the right to work. You no longer get to behave like sub humans. Or rather, you do, but you will live and die alone or surrounded by women exactly like yourself. You reap what you sow.
    Educate yourselves. Here are some simple rules for the manboy who is struggling and cannot find a woman to love him.
    1. Make no gender assumptions. They have all been debunked, comprehensively. If you still believe in male and female brains you are about 25 years behind on current scientific thinking. Male and female babies are treated differently from the second they are born. This accounts for nearly all thoroughly debunked gender differences. Even one outlier – and there are millions – immediately makes any gender assumptions pointless. These are facts. Accept them, move on.
    2. Accept and understand what feminism actually is. If you believe that women are not yet treated equally to men in society and you believe they should be you are a feminist. End of. There are angry feminists and amused ones, smart ones and dumb ones and they all bring their own personality to the mix. But that is all feminism means. Anything else is all in your head and tells us a great deal about the person doing the assuming.
    3. Make no generalisations about either sex. There are smart women, stupid women, women who will lie, women who don’t want children, women who are engineers, mathematicians, nurses, fry cooks, unemployed, killers, heroes and cowards. Just like men.. If we all woke up tomorrow and discovered women were just as physically strong as men, a lot of you would be getting a great big shock about those nonsensical ideals you have about women being naturally sweeter, softer and more nurturing – or the opposite.
    4. Understand that as a sex women have always slept around. Just like men. Cultural and societal conditioning and brutal behaviour controls enforced by men over time – not coincidentally beginning around the same time our ancestors realised that when women fucked around their own sperm might not win the race to the egg – forced women to try to pretend otherwise. But women’s natural behaviours never changed. All they did was get good at hiding their true natures. A proportion of humanity will always lie to their partners, both male and female. Neither sex is naturally monogamous although both sex is capable of choosing monogamy if they want to. Those who try to pretend otherwise ignore these facts:
    -Sperm wars – why do sperm fight and kill one another? Because they have to if they want a chance at a fertilising an egg, because women have always slept around. http://ezinearticles.com/?Sper
    -Books like Nancy Friday’s The Secret Garden (and hundreds more like it) – which men didn’t want to publish back in the 70’s because some men (like the author of this woeful, adolescent, poorly conceived diatribe) could not bear to know that women are just as lascivious as men in their desires and fantasies.
    -The fact that if a woman doesn’t want sex with her husband that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want sex – it just means she wants it with someone other than her husband.
    -The overwhelming evidence in paternity tests. Boy were there a lot of surprised men around when DNA testing became possible.
    – The thousands of nerve endings dedicated to nothing but pleasure around the clitoris.
    -Logic. If men are sleeping around who are they having sex with? Are there just one or two really really busy women and all the others sitting with their legs tightly crossed? Hardly.
    Freeing women up from the burden of unwanted pregnancy has allowed them to do what they always wanted to – have recreational sex. The fact that you are just now seeing this does not mean it is a new thing.
    5. If you feel tempted to say “women do (insert ridiculous generalisation here)” change the word to men. Now you see how nonsensical you are being. Generalisations about any group – including men or women – tell us a huge amount about you and nothing whatsoever about the group.
    What we are seeing is the slow stripping away of the fetters and chains a male dominated society placed upon women’s behaviours. As with all societal change the privileged do not want to give up their privileges. But just think manboys – when you stop pretending we are all so different, when you stop assigning debunked gender roles to women, you can stop beating and bashing and battering one another too. You can stop sending one another off to war. You can stop refusing one another paternity leave. You can stop pretending you don’t have feelings and emotions. You can stop half killing each other for the prize of “alpha” male which comes with alcoholism, suicide and depression. You can stop forcing each other to pretend to be something that you’re not at the same time you stop forcing women to pretend they are something they are not. What a relief it would be for you to just let it all go and be yourselves, whatever that self may be.
    And what we are left with is this – men and women, apart from a few basic physiological differences, are basically the same. The evidence is all around you.
    Some men want to stay home and raise children. Some women never want to have children. Even one outlier completely debunks any generalisation about either sex. Be honest with one another. lots of women just want casual sex too, now that they are not being abused and punished so relentlessly for admitting this. Think of the fun you can all have when you stop trying to control women.
    By the way, if you state that women do not enjoy and are not entitled to recreational sex what you are actually saying is this: “I suffer from sexual dysfunction myself and don’t like admitting that and hate the thought that millions of other women are out there doing what comes naturally” or “I want women to remain in the gender roles I have assigned for them and anything else makes me uncomfortable” or “I am a very poor sexual lover and can’t make women orgasm so I will blame them for my failings” or “insert other sad excuse here”.
    And yet antoher myth, perpetuated by men and internalised by some women, is how hard the female orgasm is to come by. Female orgasms are easy, they take a tiny bit of practice and some mechanical skill. Tongues and fingers work beautifully. You do not need flowers or candlelight or any of that stuff. You just need friction on the clitoris. You could be reading war and peace and still have a cracking orgasm with a little tongue action. And many of us get to have multiple ones all in a row. No wonder manboys are so jealous 😀
    To sum up – treat all human beings you meet with the same respect. Do not expect or ask for specific behaviours from anyone based on their sex. Make no assumptions about anybody based on their sex. The way you behave will attract the same sort of people and behaviours. If you want monogamy in a woman, be monogamous. If you want kindness, be kind. If you want love, be loving.
    Or continue to froth, rant rave and shriek your desperate and lonely hysteria at the world and die alone or surrounded by the kind of women you deserve. Your choice.
    Life is good for women these days. Manboys, not so much. But real men are enjoying it too.
    I’m sorry manboys – as a sex women are going to keep on doing what they want, when they want, if they want. Your permission is neither requested nor required 🙂
    Good luck. Some of you are really going to need it 😀

    1. PS, I just copied and pasted this from a previous comment I made on another gay man’s article on this site. You’re welcome 🙂

    2. Alpha males are the ones that walk round like monkeys with their jeans half way down their arse copying the fashion of prisoners who are signalling their availability for sex. In fact they spend so much time implying the betas are gay and making up stories about the birds they shagged, Im pretty convinced they are atually gay.
      I got a whole theory on the alpha male from my 10 yrs observations in the wild, and this place is giving me so much more data. I really should start up a website for it. It pisses all over laddertheory.com

  58. So THIS is where all those poor bullied guys who couldn’t get a date in high school come to whine and cry…

  59. When you post women hating nonsense we ALWAYS know why, and that includes the men who pretend otherwise. You’ve been dumped. Poor diddums. Try harder to be better in bed and not so much of a douche. Better luck next time!

  60. Well I’ll post a reasonable, intelligent comment amongst the “women hating nonsense” responses here.
    Interesting when I actually stop and think about it, SharpShooter’s articles’ points are very true.
    Why is the idea that a woman is a man’s “better half” constantly perpetuated? How is that ACTUALLY true? I can’t think of a case where these white-knight thoughts are true or of any real use.
    Thanks again to RoK for great thought-provoking ideas that shatter years of man-shaming beta programming.

  61. Everyone get out. You have to get out. NOW. If you see this comment before they delete it, I’m begging you, run for your life. They’re coming. Roosh is not who you think he is. I can’t say any more but please, just GO.

  62. “Men age much better than women. Not only do we age better aesthetically, our experience also increases our SMV as the years go by. Sex, traveling, and education are just a few things that supplement our increasing attractiveness as we get older.”
    LOL the fact that you seriously believe this shit shows just how delusional you people are. You think wrinkles, balding, gray hair, and sleeping around actually makes you more valuable. Ha!
    And it’s hilarious that you say that men are more intelligent than women when the author of this article likely has an IQ below 50.

    1. Cassie, denial of reality doesn’t actually change reality. That’s insane and so are you. You can sell your tripe to all the young how women on the arms of older men. Your bitterness and jealousy only proves the author correct.

  63. The line about “gotta run this one by the wife” is just a standard throwaway line to get an aggressive salesman to shut up. Even single guys use it and it works.

  64. I always thought sayings like ‘She’s my better half’ and ‘She’s the boss’ were supposed to be tongue in cheek.

  65. Good article, but the age old saying is “Men age like a fine wine, women age like milk”. It is not “Women age like a fine wine”. Got that one mixed up I think.

    1. Agree, never heard “women age like fine wine” in my entire life. That’s just a laugh, everyone knows that isn’t true. Always heard “MEN age like fine wine”.

  66. What a horrible sexist piece of shit… Ekhm… Writing! Women don’t even think any of these things mate, this is just something you came up with in your head that feeds your inferiority complex. What happened to you mate is that you always wanted more sex from attractive women that you could get, and because of the rejection you personally experienced you felt compelled to write the above to outline how all these mean women who hurt you are to be punish by “father time” and how they are just the bane of your life for not fulfilling your wishes as desired. You are a ridiculous piece of work, grow up already. It’s not women who came up with all the above – it’s strong alpha males who honestly felt the above about women because they never felt threatened or rejected by women to feel such strong hate towards them as you. I dated alpha and beta males, and hand on heart a true alpha can appreciate his woman and give credit when due and true woman appreciates and respects him, who is her love and her leader. Betas are sad little wankers like you who troll the net writing misoginistic crapticles like this. You let your gender down, you let your mum down but most of all you let yourself down here mate. Sorry for you.

      1. And you sound like a confused delicate snowflake with that “ghost of kitty” nickname mate.

    1. Rita <—- troll parasite trying to keep the western female parasite scheme going.
      Western women have earned every word and scowl of scorn they get. Rita, your egotistical Jezebel attitude proves it, once again.

      1. I’m sad that you can’t get laid but that’s no reason to be expressing such radical views mate.

  67. But, Points 1 3 and 4 are said by men, with sarcasm. I thought that was obvious. Theyre all just things old blokes say to appear like theyre being nice, but are openly implying his wife is a nag.
    Its sad you ever spent a moment thinking they were true, but no one was lying to you sweetheart. Women dont say these things.
    Number 2, Ive only ever heard applied to men. So keep blooming petal, youll get there in the end.

  68. Women are only useful for providing sex and children. Emotionally and intellectually, they offer little companionship, and they’re incapable of loving men the same way men are capable of loving women. They’re shallow, materialistic, and mentally unstable. Occasionally, you’ll get a smart one like Ayn Rand that can actually contribute something of high value to society, but usually they’re parasites.

    1. And that’s the fact, Jack. Women don’t love men, they use them and pass off their parasitism as love. Men lay down their lives for women. Women use men until the better deal comes along.
      How many women have you heard of that killed themselves because their man cheated on/divorced them? Very rare. How many men do you know of that killed themselves because their wife cheated on/divorced them? I know three men that have but there is a reason why the vast majority of suicides are by men. The reason? Womyn !

    2. Ayn Rand contributed to society lol? She is a perfect example of the parasites she claims to hate.

        1. No, I disagree with them. I mean the fact that she used Social Security and Medicaid later in life.

        2. I’ve read all her works, so feel free to quantify exactly what you are taking umbrage with.
          She paid, against her will, into those programs. Reclaiming what was stolen from you isn’t an issue for most.

        3. I have never read her work. I have seen some interviews and have read excerpts from her work. So I wouldnt say that I am a fan. But the whole “Rand was a hypocrite for taking government assistance!” is such an obvious fallacy, that the only ones who employ it seem to be people who also believe the Wage Gap myth.

        4. Or people who never read her. I know she was an atheist and leftist try to cow christians with that as well when she is cited.
          Her points stand, so they try to discredit her with half truths or attack her personally. Same as it ever was with the useful idiots.

      1. Stop making fun of him,it doesn`t work.Try to encourage him to see the highlights of being single.
        In the words of H.L.Mencken “the happiest people on earth are married women and single men”.
        Once he gets that in his system,he`ll live a happy fulfilling life.His money will be spent on what HE wants and he will bang whomever HE wants.Give him my best wishes.

    1. I prefer Slayer and Amon Amarth, but the QR singer has a great set of pipes. Reminds one of Scorpions vocalist Klaus Meine.

  69. “Happy Wife, Happy Life”….I have to respectfully disagree with this…sort of. I think if you have a happy wife, you will have a happier life. Problem is, what we have been taught about how to have a happy wife is completely backwards from reality. You become a subservient simp who buys everything for her and worship the ground she walks on, and she won’t be happy. She will not respect you, nobody can be respected if they lick your boots. She will think she could have done better than some beta.
    However, if you are a man of honor that she can respect, someone that can take charge, she will be happy, and so will you.

    1. Dude, you’re looking to take a fall. Now she has finished having babies, she’ll be looking around. You’ve given up your life for her, living each day in a tiny cubical in a job you hate, long commute each way. Too tired to have any hobbies when you get home …….. that isn’t living man, and she won’t take any of that into consideration when it’s time for you to go. Yeah, she’s a happy wife, at home all day with the kids, who wouldn’t be …… while you have no life.

      1. I don’t think you get me at all. Why don’t you reread my remark and get back to me.

    2. Jim, no matter how you put it the “Happy Wife, Happy Life” motto is dysfunctional at best and simp mangina at worst. No person is responsible for the happiness of another person. Each person is responsible for their own happiness. Some men look at women as children who aren’t responsible for themselves and their choices in life. That’s simply not true. Happiness really is a choice, the choice people make for themselves.

  70. Have I ever been envious of married couple I have met? Never, not even once. Have I ever seen someone’s wife and thought wow this man is lucky? Never, not even once. Sure, sometimes I can have sexual fantasy over someone’s wife, but that’s about it!

    1. As red pill as I am, I have to admit there is one or two instances where I have seen someone with a wife and thought they were lucky insofar as said wife being presentable, feminine and a good role model and in terms of raising children. However, I am only going by what I see and do not know the full extent of things.

  71. There should be a law that allows a man to slap in the face any woman over the age of 25 who spouts crap like ‘women are more mature.’ I can count on one hand women I met who actually have significant maturity.
    When women are older, they are fine with dating younger except when you are 20 and they are 25.

    1. Thanks for that link Rodney Carrington is great!
      My favorite is “Dancing With a Man”

  72. When someone says “happy wife, happy life” in earshot, I reply “nervous wife, happy husband”.

  73. When a man says “I love you” he’s thinking what he can give to the woman, when the woman says “I love you” she thinking what she can get from the man.

  74. Look what happens when you replace the word “life” with “wife”.
    Wife is a sexually transmitted disease.
    Few men try to cultivate a philosophic wife.
    Wife was not meant to be easy.
    Is there wife after death? That is the question.
    Unhappy? That’s wife.
    Wife is an utter mystery to me.
    “How’s wife been treating you?”
    Thinking has made my wife a misery.
    The brave man laughs wife in the face.
    What is the purpose of wife if not reproduction?
    Suicide is preferable to a wife of misery.
    Is there wife in outer space?
    Is there such a thing as a normal wife?
    The strongest force in the universe is the wife force.
    Money is the essential ingredient for the enjoyment of wife.
    If we didn’t have a social wife, we would never meet anyone.
    I have worked hard for my wife’s savings.
    The arrogant are always undone by wife.
    The chance of there being intelligent wife on other planets is slim, based on current knowledge.
    Thinking has made my wife a misery.

  75. For some reason fathers generally don’t explain to their sons that women age sexually a lot faster than men. You would save your boy a lot of grief by enlightening him about this.

  76. I have never seen a woman in her 30s who actually looked younger than her age. its like you can easily spot women of 30 and over. so it is true women age horribly.

  77. Men age like fine wine, women age like milk.
    I tell them that to their faces all the time.
    I’m in sales, too. Used to be “Don’t Pitch the Bitch”. Nowadays these mewling manlets always have to “run it by the boss”. Makes it SO much easier, the poor fucking chumps.

  78. “women age like fine wine”
    lol…this would be the more correct saying “men age like a fine wine and women age like milk”
    “happy wife happy life”
    lol….most beta saying of all time. The correct saying would be “happy husband happy life” If there is such a thing as a happy husband
    the other 2 quotes in this article are just as laughable. When I hear a guy say something along those lines I say nothing and smile while thinking how this guys life must suck!

  79. “Women age like a fine wine”
    Is especially stupid because a woman above the age of 40 is unnatural.

    1. Over 40 isn’t a woman. That’s sombody’s grandmother – or it used to be the case before feminism. Now you see old women batshit crazy pursuing careers or just skanking it as single divorcees trying to fool someone into believing they have anything above zero smv. All they have is hobag value.
      Matt Forney’s article ‘3 Reasons Why You Should Not Date Older Women’ (2016) is good advice to not date or mate ‘down’. Why? –
      1). They’re mentally ill
      2).They’re insecure
      3).They’re immature
      (As her age goes up – you’re going downer and downer)
      40 is considered grandmother age and I just can’t picture my own grandmother from anything but the neck up and her hands holding a plate of cookies. Remember, from the neck down – her body DOES NOT EXIST. There exists nothing beneath a grandmother’s nice dress and apron. That’s why their faces are the main focus with their grandmotherly sweetness.
      Now that’s a grandmother who most likely started out like this:
      On the other hand, career women are vain and selfish. They become cougars without families or grandchildren to bake cookies for. A decripid lonely cougar is not what you would consider grandmother material. Would YOU eat her cookies – hmmm?
      Try eye bleach now and imagine a thousand proper grandmothers holding plates of cookies to erase image. That old skank could have went down a different path, but many women dive into career and stay there. In time they all become wasted western wretches who in the beginning stared out like this:

  80. I work in the health industry and am surrounded by women. One particular practitioner who I think is quite good with patients made the remark, “When I get home my boys(husband + 2 college aged sons) better get out of my way. It’s my psycho week.” I never would have known with her behavior being professional and appropriate around her patients. But when she got home she was going to unleash nasty. Why? Because her husband ‘allowed’ her to be horrible. Soulless cringing men…
    And as far as happy wife happy life, she’s the better half. No uh uh, not happening, war. It’s going to be all out war if you think you rule in my house.

  81. i liked this line in the ‘Women Age Like Milk’ category
    “odds are Father Time will collect his debt for having afforded her a decade of absolute power over men”
    that is a good quote there Donovan.

  82. The puppet Walter from Jeff Dunham: men age like fine wine. Women age like milk.

  83. Ever since becoming RPA I never use those expressions anymore, and I cringe when I hear other guys say them.

  84. I could have written this article. The very same thing happened to me in a bar this past week, except I called bullshit. Since I was surrounded by whipped, beta cucks, I was pooh-poohed.

    1. always tell the truth. believe or not you have greatly influenced them and at the time they stood on their “lie’ but doubt of the validity of the “lie” set.

  85. I told my ex, “I am not responsible for your feelings, I can’t change them and they aren’t my fault.”
    She still emails me weekly asking if we can get back together, then gets wasted and says I never loved her and I am a psychopath.
    Never put your dick in crazy my brothers.

  86. “My wife is my boss” is the most cringeworthy for me to ever hear.
    Basically a man lost his balls and attached them to his wife.

  87. If you can get rid of toxic laws like VAWA, Yes Means Yes, the family court with its huge bias in favor of women and other laws that place a metaphorical gun in women’s hands and aimed at men’s heads, maybe the generations that have yet to reach adulthood will end up having marriages based on “If he’s happy, I’m happy” instead.

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