Why Do Women Suddenly Want To Become Video Gamers?

“Your a fukking pussy, u probbly couldn’t beat my retarded bro wit both of his hands tyed behind his back.”

I was 13 going on 14, rummaging around in an online gaming community then known as “The Zone.” The game of choice was Age of Empires.

“Oh yeah, you wanna know why I got such a nice tan?”

“Cuz you a fag?”

“No, because I drug the bed outside last afternoon and pork-roasted your whore mother on it.”

“Fuck u, u jar of dog piss. 1v1 in Room 19.”

“It’s on, shitheap.”

Ah, the joys of newly minted adolescent boys trading cheap insults about slutty mothers and dog piss. We did, indeed, do battle and my reputation was well earned. My Spaniards ran rough-shod over his woefully unprepared Persians. He called me a “dick-sucking cocksucker” before whisking off into another game room, obviously licking his wounds after being castrated by a gay jar of canine urine.

Any place where men come to gather and congregate—especially during the tumultuous teenage years—isn’t what anybody would call a “safe space.” We form bonds—often life-long—with other males and we battle back and forth in groups. At the global level, it can take the real, important ways of war, politics, and general power conflicts. Human history has been overwhelmingly influenced by males simply because, as I shall sketch out, that women are not interested in agency or seizing power simply to exercise agency or have real power.

This dynamic is fully on display in the video game community, as men have built, nurtured and maintained the community for years. Even when called nerds, treated like losers by women, men who loved video games still played them. It can be a brutal place from a shit-talking standpoint, either you can develop a thick skin, or you find out you aren’t cut from the right cloth to handle the banter. Competition can be fierce and reputations are difficult to make and easy to destroy. It is a mirror to real life, as people will shit-talk you, talk behind your back and often times don’t act in accordance with your wishes and best interest.


However, a curious and recent development has occurred, with women demanding access to this largely male-exclusive enclave. As usual, the typical female narrative emerges: those sexist brogamers have prevented women from engaging in gaming for so long, it’s time to change! They have swept into the video game community, set up shop and are making demands. As we see elsewhere in society, men are not men until they have a woman in his life, most likely “reforming” him so he fits her image of how men should behave.

Why did women wait until now to be gamers? And, no, I don’t mean some person who plays solitaire on his laptop or “Words With Friends” on her bejeweled iPhone. The primary reason is simply that the star— the power— of the industry has passed. No, I’m not saying video games are dead or anything of that sort, what I’m saying is that women don’t want actual power but the appearance of it. They don’t want challenges, they want simple solutions fed to them by media, “9 Ways to Feel Better Right Now,” “10 Reasons It Isn’t Your Fault You Married A Cheater,” and so on. They want empowerment, which by the nature of the word, means they want power handed to them, not taken.

The power that has been drained from video games is their ability to challenge the gamer. Video games are soft these days. I remember playing the original Super Mario for NES. There were no save games. Either you got it all right in one try, or it was start over from the beginning. Nowadays? Assassin’s Creed doesn’t even have a save function, as the game only proceeds if you don’t make a mistake. At worst, you are set back at most a few minutes, not an entire two hours. Early video games had shit for graphics, now some games have no substance and all flash. Guess when women wanted to be a part of the community?

A lack of real difficulty is the primary reason that women are now increasingly becoming gamers. The power of video games has been drained; there are no more frustrated afternoons where you try to find a way to kill a Red Dragon in Baldur’s Gate or deal with a horde of zombies in Resident Evil. Now, walk-through’s are nary a second away on Google with no worries about screwing up a game in epic fashion that results in a waste of 20 hours. Modern gamers are coddled.

It must be noted that the rise in online gaming, particularly for console games, has also been instrumental in drawing women to gaming. One of the primary reasons that Tomb Raider bombed with women—aside from the intimidating cleavage of Lara Croft—is that it involved a solitary female, isolated from society, fighting beasts and monsters. No group collaboration, no mindless affirmations —-just a woman and her guns fighting murderous creatures. Women—surprise!—need story lines and relatable characters in order to enjoy video games. Simple conflict doesn’t code for women, it has to have an emotional context to be understood. The desire for power, for wealth and fame apparently doesn’t work for women, it has to have a context. Once again, why are men so “over-represented” in positions of power?

Video games are not purely about entertainment through challenging the gamer to step up his game to meet the increasing difficulty of a game as it progresses anymore. Apparently, the most recent Mass Effect had significant homosexual themes. Insertions of homosexual characters into a story is a political act meant to challenge the “tolerance” of the gamer. By dumbing down games, it allowed not only women to find a home, but to increase video games popularity. Just like how liberals destroyed the educational system in order to “have access for all!,” video games have been reduced to a vessel for political correctness, illusions of personal accomplishment and personal fantasy – which is my final point.


Take this article about a woman who revels in her rank narcissism and celebrates a female character who is a “complete human.” Apparently, she sprouted a ladyboner over the game Left Behind. In it, a limitless girl is girly but also methodically murders “a bunch of motherfuckers.” The author seems upset that “nobody wants to be a woman.” Well, yeah, no shit Sherlock. What man wants to be a passive-aggressive, back-stabbing person who thinks that power is gifted, not taken? Men, generally, don’t want to be women because we want to take power, not have it handed to us. However, she betrays what often hurts women when it comes to gaming and why they are flocking to it now: she wants what she perceives as powerful entities affirming her life as a woman and girl. You know, the resultant behavior of women after the death of God in a society where paternalism has shifted to the government and corporations.

She is moved to tears when Left Behind ends. Why, you might ask? Because it has affirmed her as a person, a woman who is both girly and can brutally murder people. She blurs the lines between her life and the video game in a way that betrays her damning and self-defeating narcissism: it isn’t good enough for her to kill people as a girl in a video game, but that that female character has to reflect her own life experiences. This isn’t some Xena fantasy, it has to be Xena plus taking selfies with your bestie after a falling out. I bet Andrea Dworkin is turning over in her shallow grave. She reinforces the idea that she only plays video games to act out the girl and woman she wanted to be in real life. Since she was never that woman, she has turned to video games which don’t challenge her at all, but give her an interactive movie that reinforces her fantasies:

That’s part of what makes Left Behind so special: Here, Ellie is the sun, the lightbulb that the rest of the universe rotates around. And she shines.

She never got to be the “It” girl, so she turns to a video game that neither challenges her abilities, but gives her an outlet to slake her desire for historical revisionism and naked self-possession. This is another reason that women have gotten into gaming. Playing Tomb Raider does nothing for women because a solitary female killing off wolves with a shotgun isn’t aspirational nor self-reflective. Emotional context is necessary and, as the preceding female highlights, that context is often centered out of self-delusion. The woman is moved to tears because she finally has found a game that reflects her desire to act on those who upset her (the killing aspect; she doesn’t confront people in real life) and her desire for a media outlet to value her relationships with other women (the Randi Zuckerberg problem).


This is the psychological progression: going from emulating Carrie from Sex and the City in real life to demanding an interactive video game so she can pretend to be Carrie on her Xbox. For this to happen, however, the challenging nature of male-centered video games has to be neutered. The banter I cited above? It has to go, because questioning people’s personal identities is challenging for women, so men can kiss busting each other’s ball goodbye. Mainstream games that approach the difficulty of Paper Boy for SNES? Sorry, but that doesn’t affirm anybody’s identities nor advance diversity or equality. It must be pretty triggering for a gamer girl to not measure up in the fantasy world of video games. Who can she blame if she can’t beat a video game? White males?

What these female gamers are demanding is a “safe space” where their egos go unchallenged, undisturbed. The disruptive nature of male behavior—equally disruptive of male and female egos—leads to upset female gamers who simply want a space to be, where they get to act out what they either can’t or, most likely, don’t have the girl balls to do in real life. They demand games that are simply interactive movies, revolving around emotional relationships (what they call “complex” and “real” human relations) between people with, apparently, fantasies of killing people and blowing shit up… after taking selfies!

The roaring cacophony of political correctness that dominates modern dialogues betrays the utter emptiness of modern society. These female gamers are not happy women in any sense of the word. Their lives are so despondent and lacking in true substance that they turn to video games, not to pass the time or indulge in destroying the Packers as the Bears in Madden, but as an outlet for the lives they don’t live in real life. When men question whether a woman is a true gamer, men are hacking away at a part of their beating heart. They start with themselves then see men as not-female and he must be doing X, Y or Z because she is a woman as men are not women. They port out the typical female-as-a-victim-of-men rhetoric that reveals their true unhappiness—the inability to find love and contentment with a man.

They are not simply looking for happy relationships with women. These women are seeking approximations of happy, loving relations with men. If that is the cloying worship of a gang of online gamer betas, so be it. If that is the fantasy of an alpha male romancing a female lead in a video game then game on! Inextricably bound up in the issues of seeking the trappings of power and fantasy is the fantasy of men loving them for who they see themselves as, not who they really are. The fantasies of power easily gifted to them is part of the fantasy, but it isn’t complete without the concurrent bestowing of sexy men upon these fantasy women. Male worship is expected and positive attention from sexually attractive men is fetishized.

This movement exposes more than a few things about women. It exposes how often they see themselves as powerful and capable in their own minds, but fail to display that in real life, so they turn to media to smooth the ruffled feathers of their egos. They don’t like challenges of any sort, especially to their self-identity. They crave male approval and will go to any length to secure it, even if to devalue it once it becomes rote and expected. Women want to be gamers now simply because it is easy—easy to fantasize about their idealized self, easy to secure male approval and worship, and easy to rock the boat and demand the world revolve around them.

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269 thoughts on “Why Do Women Suddenly Want To Become Video Gamers?”

  1. I feel my head exploding.
    The observations of the situation and circumstance are correct and relevant to gamers I’m certain. But man, c’mon. You want a man only space where you hang around with buds, shoot the shit, insult each other and learn camaraderie? Go out fishing with some buddies. Take up shooting at the range. Learn how to hunt and then meet up with friends at 4:30 am in the woods. Start having poker nights where “gaming” actually means risking real life cash, even if only a little bit (nickle/dime poker). Do something.
    Women do not invade these spaces I mention because they do involve some level of skill. You cannot get “do overs” without first having the world see you humiliated (a fate worse than death for a female) and YOU get to set the terms of the company you keep, not some bitchy, snarky entitle Grrrl Pwrrrr! ™ type with an internet connection and too much free time on her hands. Sarah Palin to the side, the vast majority of girls, even country girls, do not hunt, nor fish, not care to. Men would be advised to take up the masculine arts and masculine leisure again and to walk away from false virtual “worlds” where life is only simulated and can be manipulated to give women agency.
    You can’t program that largemouth bass to jump on cupcake’s line, is what I’m saying here.

    1. I know some kick ass women hunters, fisher”men” and poker players (but then again, I come from a pretty remote “northern clime”. You are right though, they won’t show up. But it isn’t because they all can’t or don’t want to – it is because you can control who is invited. That is the key. Good comment though. Real f2f male camaraderie is a dying thing and online gaming communities are a poor replacement.

      1. Yeah, there are outliers, but nothing like an “invasion” which suggests all the girls coming in and preening and telling boys how girls are so much better. I don’t mind a good country girl who can fish (or better, clean a fish correctly), but normally they just aren’t interested “en masse” in showing up.

    2. Ok I need to know if its bad to have taken girls out to the range to teach them how to shoot? I haven’t done it in a while but I used to for anyone I felt serious about.

      1. I’ve done it many times. My wife for example, and my daughter. We have many firearms in the house, and it is incumbent that everybody be proficient in their use. If I’m not home and some thug breaks in it would be a travesty that my wife or daughter would be unable to defend themselves when surrounded by a sea of high powered firearms.
        It’s not a bad thing per se, and it’s one of the few areas of life where women can do well and compete on a level field with men, given their reflex/hand-eye advantages.

    1. Technically they still are not, they just don’t know it yet.
      Let enough Princess Sunshines fail the men on the field or have to be ‘rescued’ over and over again to the point of resource depletion, and they’ll be left to rot.
      Was in the military, but before they let broads in combat roles. They uniformly couldn’t keep up on even basic morning 5 mile PT runs, and their physical requirements for situps/pushups were substantially lower than that of men in the same age bracket and most of them STILL couldn’t meet them. Panetta’s surprise move was little more than veiled hatred of women, he clearly wants to see them die violently.

      1. Author Col. Tom Kratman (A Ranger in the US Army, retired) explores the cost of female infantry on male morale and fighting ability in one of his books. He points out that we’re hardwired to change priorities to defend women who are in life-threatening situations, which would threaten any goals set for an infantry battle. He also believes that the visceral impact of seeing mutilated female bodies would result in soldiers refusing to give quarter to enemies trying to surrender.

        1. It’s likely to make people fight stronger than not in my opinion. If they are have relationships which isn’t allowed. But would likely occur then they are likely to fight harder. Women have fought in combat roles in many countries and many conflicts namely Eastern Europe against the nazis and most people on this board appreciate Eastern European women.

        2. the women in WW2 were fighting for their lives, don’t confuse desperation for honor. they never volunteered to fight, but were faced with the option of either fighting – and maybe having a 10% chance of survival- or outright giving up and 95% chance of rape/death/etc.

        3. And most were basically either artillery or, when forced into it by circumstances only, snipers.

        4. Well, it’s worth noting that the guy who discusses this is an actual infantry colonel, and a Ranger, who taught at the US Army’s War College and has a serious boner for military history besides. I’m wondering if your opinion is formed more by actual combat experience or pop media’s penchant for masturbating in front of a full-length mirror every time a woman hears a gunshot. For me, it’s all second-hand knowledge, but it makes sense.
          Women have NEVER fought in infantry battles in the modern era, other than in isolated individual situations. We haven’t seen a matched infantry battle since Viet Nam. (The 6-day war or Iran/Iraq war doesn’t count- too mismatched, and no women were there in infantry, anyhow)
          From what I’ve read, there are several other factors that make women a terrible liability in combat. Strong women are far weaker than weak men. They can’t physically carry crew-served weapons, which means that attrition issues can’t be compensated for- you can’t have a women handle a SAW or crew-served weapon. They’re not physically capable.
          Be serious, now. Picture a traumatized man who has to choose between providing aid to an injured woman or pushing forward, leaving her, to achieve a limited goal. Which would a man reduced to instinctive behavior choose? The net result is less pressure on an enemy. Women are targets of opportunity- they can be used to completely stall an attack, especially if they get wounded rather than killed. The psychology of this stuff is widely studied, and case studies in modern conflicts all point to this, but modern militaries can’t incorporate this information tacitly, or be penalized for sexism.

        5. The Russians, Red Army had 2000 Female snipers in WWII. About 500 of them survived the war. A few of them were actually quite good. I’ve read some where that the female snipers were great at it, as they would not hesitate to kill another women or child, where as a male would.

        6. indeed. that sniping midget must’ve killed more men by himself than all the russian divisions sent into finland, combined.

        7. Yeah, Simo Häyhä was fuking hard core. No spotter too. It’s amazing how much damage one man, his rifle and side-arm can do. lol

        8. Aye, a souped up 91/30 without a scope, a country boy no nonsense attitude and a hell of a lot of intestinal fortitude. Entire soviet divisions were hunting for this little bastard and he kept going out day after day racking up major kills. Gets half his face blown off and shrugs it off later in life as part of the job. We need more men like him and less guys playing video games.

        9. I didn’t actually know about the guy until you mentioned him. Google his name, and this came up:
          “Who Was He?
          Simo Hayha had a fairly boring life in Finland. He served his one mandatory year in the military, and then became a farmer. But when the Soviet Union invaded his homeland in 1939, he decided he wanted to help his country.
          Since the majority of fighting took place in the forest, he figured the best way to stop the invasion was to grab his trusty rifle, a couple of cans of food and hide in a tree all day shooting Russians. In six feet of snow. And 20-40 degrees below zero.
          Can you spot Hayha? Neither could the Russians.
          Of course when the Russians heard that dozens of their men were going down and that it was all one dude with a rifle, they got fucking scared. He became known as “The White Death” because of his white camouflage outfit, and they actually mounted whole missions just to kill that one guy.
          They started by sending out a task force to find Hayha and take him out. He killed them all.
          Then they tried getting together a team of counter-snipers (which are basically snipers that kill snipers) and sent them in to eliminate Hayha. He killed all of them, too.
          Over the course of 100 days, Hayha killed 542 people with his rifle. He took out another 150 or so with his SMG, sending his credited kill-count up to 705.
          Since everyone they had was either too dead or too scared to go anywhere near him, the Russians just carpet-bombed everywhere they thought he might be. Supposedly, they had the location right, and he actually got hit by a cloud of shrapnel that tore his coat up, but didn’t actually hurt him, because he’s the fucking White Death, damn it.
          Finally on March 6th, 1940, some lucky bastard shot Hayha in the head with an exploding bullet. When some other soldiers found him and brought him back to base, he “had half his head missing.” The White Death had finally been stopped…
          …for about a week. In spite of having come down with a nasty case of shot-in-the-face syndrome, he was still very much alive, and regained consciousness on March 13, the very day the war ended.”

        10. The Finns know how to make a good rifle. I own an M39. It’s a tack driver.

        11. you know, Simo’s rep did half his work for him… a sniper takes out a couple of guys, a rumor starts that it’s Simo, and half the troops are shitting themselves and making stupid fucking mistakes.

        12. Part and parcel with war, and if it works, good for Simo. Nothing like a friggin’ invisible “angel of death” who you just feel is watching your every move to put the kibosh on taking war lightly.

        13. Wasn’t harshing it at all, was making a point about the psychology of war.
          Losing Vietnam was what destroyed the american ability to make war. before Vietnam, we were ‘unstoppable’. and then we get our asses handed to us by a bunch of pajama pinheads. Broke American military power forever. (Now we have to spend ten times as much just to break even… without fear on our side, we have to rely on nothing but money)
          Prior to Vietnam, no jihadist would ever even THINK about committing an atrocity on american soil.

        14. I can’t claim to be a military strategic expert but from time spent in Israel I saw more females donning the IDF uniform than men. In the modern era many women have fought in wars and from talking to men in these conflict areas they were far more ruthless than men even more ruthless than the child soldiers. In the Ethiopian-Eritrean civil war about 40-60% of Eritraes army was female. Eritrea won the war. In chad-libya the “Toyota wars” many people fought who defeated Gaddafi were female. Gaddafi himself was known to select his personal regiment from all female virgins. Many of the Central African conflicts have female soldiers.

        15. The Viet Cong had a reason to fight. They wanted all foreigners out of their country. American kids were just there because they were told they had to stop the spread of Communism. You had 90 year old ladies creating and planting IEDs back then.

        16. Agreed. As long as those men are on our side. Maybe we can trade the enemy for all our loser gamer-boy tools.
          I will not stop ridiculing “men” who play video games.

        17. I am not too concerned about the reasoning behind the defeat, I am talking about the overall psychological blow of picking a fight… and then losing.
          You can see the same thing among boxers. Morale is a real thing, and has won and lost wars beyond counting… and picking a fight and then LOSING cost us morale more or less permanently…. prior to viet nam, the only war we REALLY ‘lost’ was the civil war.
          If we wanted to be taken seriously about VietNam, we should have either A. left it alone, or B. Carpet bombed the fucking country.

        18. See you are proving exactly what you say with the statement “then we get our asses handed to us by a bunch of pajama pinheads” …NEVER HAPPENED. In NO way ever did the Vietcong win a decisive victory militarily against the US. In fact we crushed them ten times over.
          Yet unfavorable media reports questioning the US’s purpose and resolve in the war, and classic inept politicking from DC equals America lost the Vietnam war.
          When in reality American simply got tired of looking like a lumbering giant beating up on a toddler and decided it was better to just quit while it was ahead and leave the toddler alone.
          But your final assessment is correct.
          The Psychological conditioning the US received from that conflict has poisoned it’s military effectiveness to present day.
          As well as emboldened future enemies of the US for decades to come.

  2. Am I the only one that’s tired of these ‘how’/’why’ and ‘man up’ articles. I’m not saying this is a bad article but I doubt any man worth his weight will give two shits on why women want to become gamers. Whatever happened to articles about money, lifestyle, historical figures and philosophy?

    1. this site is about hits…when it started it had those goldmines about money, lifestyle, historical figures and philosophy. Right now this is the place where blue pill guys are cleansed to take the red pill.

      1. True that, I don’t mind the red pill articles for newbies here and there but I find no relevance in this article for blue pill individuals

      2. agreed, silly article. however i don’t think i have the right to complain that much about the article selection. now, if i were paying a subscription, you bet your ass i’d be screaming bloody murder about these lukewarm articles..but as things stand now, i’m thankful for the good articles and skip over the bad ones like this.

        1. Whoa !?! But people that visit this site for free can see every published article someone who subscribes can see…so what are the perks of subscribing ?

        2. well suppose they put all the articles behind a pay-wall. no money no articles. then what? my point was, if it’s free, you don’t really have a right to bitch about it.

        3. They will lose out on more hits if they do that. I mean one of the main reasons this site got so famous was Tuthmosis’ articles. can you imagine if those articles were behind a pay-wall ? Can you imagine even if the fat shaming week articles were behind a pay-wall ?
          Those articles were not just god for men, but good for women and society, it was the harsh reality check that only ROK had the balls to do.
          This site could not spread it’s message and convert blue pill males….which I think is the true purpose of this site based on how certain articles seem to share the same message.

    2. Write one then. If I see a problem that needs fixed, and I have the ability to fix it, I fix the problem instead of complain about it. Your writing is generally decent in your posts and you don’t suffer from “third grade grammar” like a lot of people on the internet do, so you’re qualified to at least attempt to write the kinds of articles you’d like to see.

    3. Nothing wrong with self improvement, but there is a battle to be fought on the political and social fields. If the complainers didn’t dominant these arenas, there wouldn’t be so many problems facing men. Unless you’re rich, you can’t just shrink away and start living in your own worlds.

  3. When I was a new chief mate on an oil tanker, during a monthly safety meeting I saw a few guys watching the TV behind me in the crew mess while I was going over the procedures for a helo airlift for injured crew. I put a fire ax through that TV without saying a word, and went back to the safety meeting.
    That’s exactly why women want to play video games. They’re just compensating for not having an ax.

  4. didn’t even need to read the article. i’ll tell you why: women are followers. they follow the herd in doing whatever’s hip.

    1. Most of the women complaining about video game sexism barely even play video games. They’re just getting their dose of activist good feels.

    1. Games were a safe haven where men could be men and the industry is now being emasculated. Some fucks should be given.

      1. Let’s be careful about how we describe males who play video games. Calling them “men” is a bit of a stretch. Try overgrown boys.

      2. This. I don’t have a problem with women playing video games. I don’t even have a problem with companies deciding that in order to capture that part of the market they need make aspects of their particular game more female-friendly.
        But that’s not what this is about. This is about women finding some tiny sliver of the culture that doesn’t cater exclusively to women and stamping it out.

    2. Gaming is an $80 billion industry, targeted largely at the 40 and younger crowd – the ones that will be running the show once the boomers die off. It is a hugely influential industry.

  5. Remember guys, there is NO WAY POSSIBLE that Israel did 9-11!!!!!! It must have been Bush, of course, or the CIA. NO FUCKING WAY was it Israel’s Mossad that did 9-11. Remember to never criticize Jews or Israel, and keep giving your annual donations of 20 billion dollars a year to Israel.
    Good goyim!

    1. ugh, would you kindly go fornicate yourself with a lead pipe? it’s bad enough we have women trolling, now we gotta deal with you paranoid fuckwads?

    2. *plucks opening notes from ‘dueling banjos’*
      Well, there goes any claim to reasonable discourse in this article. Thanks for just shitting on everyone.

  6. They have made games to easy. I was so disappointed w/ Ninja Gaiden III. It was literally press ‘x’ to win the whole time. I do like the new Tomb Raider, I’m playing it on hard mode right now actually

  7. If females are invading your space, then your space isn’t masculine enough.
    I’m glad I got rid of all my games two years ago.

    1. Realy because then no space is masculine enough women invade all hobbies and male spaces its just what they do. I would challenge you to name one “space” in which women have not invaded at all.

      1. There’s a difference between “One pwrrrr grrrrl in a billion tries this masculine thing and scrapes by” and “The girls are everywhere cluttering up the, say, sports bar with useless chatter” that I believe he’s referring to. One is an outlier, the other is an invasion.

      2. I take Muay Thai classes where females are almost non-existent. Even if few show up once in a while, it doesn’t bother me as they don’t influence the program.
        Look, it is a problem that the modern society lacks male space, but to think that video games are some how the last bastion of male space is ludicrous. Anyone with functioning fingers with an ability to stare into a screen can play games. There’s no real danger or physicality to it. It’s the most gender (and age) neutral environment possible and some of you guys are shocked that more and more females are invading it?

        1. Your problems seemed to be just with gaming in general which is fine to each his own. But to say people should abandon their spaces just because of increasing female presence I believe is wrong you should defend the spaces you are in and find the most comfort in. Would you just stop doing your hobby or interest just because of a increase in women doing it.

        2. What you may not be seeing is that when women invade masculine spaces they soon set up shop expectations that men have to “stop doing” XYZ (foul language, or sexist remarks, or who the fuck knows the 5 billion other slights they’ll feel). Also the behavior of men changes, they stop being so crude, they start rushing to “defend” females, and comraderie is lost. And all of this to the side of the general lowering of standards for the event so that they can “compete and have fun in a supportive, group oriented, safe activity!(tm)”.

        3. “Your problems seemed to be just with gaming in general which is fine to each his own.”
          I have to disagree with you on this one. I loved video games when I was a child but as the saying goes, I also ‘talked like a child, thought like a child and reasoned like a child. IMHO, if you’re either 16 [and younger] or make a living playing videos games. You shouldn’t be playing video games.
          Furthermore, why is anyone indignant (or even surprised) that women would eventually want to play video games. It takes zero physical or mental effort to play video games. That’s right up a woman’s alley.
          Skroll said it best: If females are invading your space, then your space isn’t masculine enough.

        4. I would say its only some men that do that and that it is an outlier then a standard. Evidence of this by how much backlash their has been to girl gamers. But again like I said to Brigadon why abandon your space why not fight for the spaces we have and enjoy. What do you think would happen to male spaces if we just kept on abandoning them because women started to move into it. That’s a path that leads to no male spaces and I would rather fight for every last male space that I enjoy then before giving up on it then just let them slip away without fighting back.

        5. I gave a solution in my first post (down at the bottom of the thread). Choose activities where *you* can control the invite list and make sure they’re activities that women generally cannot be arsed to care about because they’re highly physical and messy. What you don’t do is sit in the same space where you cannot control access and let them dominate it over time and shrug and say “well, screw it, I’ll just put up with them”.
          Unfortunately in public “group” type places, you simply cannot control entrance, hence the problem I noted. If 800 chicks showed up to, dunno, go spelunking in my club and stayed and started their incessant nattering and control freaking and behavior controlling, I see no reason whatsoever to remain with that club. Now I may go out and start my own separate group and invite my friends from the former club, but there is no incentive to stay just to stay in the old group.

        6. I agree you formed your own group and moved on but you still stuff with the over all activity that you enjoy and instead of abandoning created the space you wanted in the community/ activity you liked. That is what I am saying and that is all I’m saying when it comes to games that their are enough men who do like it and who would also like a masculine space in it and what is so wrong with not abandoning games and instead working to preserve it.

        7. The venue does not appear to allow it. Even setting up Man-O-War-Video-Hall would find chicks creating accounts that look “masculine” by their name and trying to insert themselves. Eventually (given the omega/beta nature of hardcore games) some guys are going to say “but but but…vagina! I love vagina! Please, let’s let vagina play” and they do and bam, square one.
          That’s the whole damned problem with the internet really. ROK is one of the few places I’ve seen that try to control for it, but there are chicks even now signing up and commenting and usually some ignorant (of the policy) guy answering her.
          In real life, there are no mistaking sexual identity, despite the movie Tootsie telling us otherwise.

        8. You would find the problem of but but but vagina everywhere though. Not all men that like to say sky dive are necessarily alpha and would keep women out no matter what.

        9. And thus we’re back to my point of real life and controlling access. Internet communities are by and large incapable of such. Real life, well, you can tell that Bob is a girl because of the whole “tits” thing.
          I think we’re both actually agreeing and talking past each other.

        10. I think so just a case of miss communication it was still a fun discussion though even if it went nowhere.

        11. My local barbershop, run by a bunch of 70 year old Italian guys, stack of play boys right out on the table,sports on the television, men playfully shit-talking one another, decor hasn’t changed since the 50’s…. nary a woman in sight.

        12. We need more places like that. Keep in mind that may never happen, as those men are in their 70s. They were young when the world was a vastly different place; a place that actually resected men.

        13. “It takes zero physical or mental effort to play video games.”
          What is it with this trope?
          The experiences you had playing games as a kid encompasses the entirety of all genres of games?

        14. There is mistaking sexual identity because no one looks closely at 4s and below. Someone pointed out a tranny to me one time and I said “I thought it was just a really ugly woman”

        15. More or less. I was partial to RPGs and real-time strategy games but played whatever was fun [fighting, first-person shooters, et al] with my friends. I don’t think all video games are mindless, I just think my first chess tourney was more challenging and applicable to the real world than any video game I had played at the time. Moreover, no video game required the physical endurance I needed to participate in 90 minute soccer games every day.

      3. most of the ‘hard’ sports have a vanishingly small to nonexistent female presence.
        I have jumped over 60 times, and only 1 time has there been a woman on a skydive, and she broke her leg.
        most hunting trips you will never see a woman. same with deep sea fishing. they come, but they stay ‘at the camp’ or ‘sunbathing’.
        skateboarding? snowboarding? pretty much totally stag.
        Basically anything that requires ‘effort’ or ‘physical training’ or where you can hurt yourself if you fail, the presence of women is vanishingly small.

        1. I agree 100% those are mainly male but just like article stated and is true video games also used to be. Would you stop skydiving or snowboarding just because a lot of women started doing it or would you still hold out continue with you hobby/interest as if nothing had happened.

        2. I would find something harder. like free climbing, base jumping, or water-tower marksmanship.
          “How can you shoot women and children?” “Easy, just don’t lead ’em as much!”

        3. So what your saying is your interest and hobbies are dictated by women and what they want to do? I mean no offense but that doesn’t sound very masculine or red pill that sounds almost subservient to abandon the things you enjoy doing just because women show a significant presence. Now I’m not saying its not ok to want to have your space be as all male as possible but then why not rather do something about it then just abandon it.

        4. And what can you do about it in video games? Not a damned thing.
          Other activities? Usually not a damned thing. If you can, great, make it so, but trying to dislodge a bitch parade after they’re installed is nigh impossible thanks to simpering beta male white knights.
          Ever play a hard sport that used to be masculine and where females invaded over time? For example, baseball leagues here in flyover country (amateur). Men would put in 110% effort, curse, spit, come home bloody and fatigued prior to chicks invading. Now that the leagues are “co-ed” it all went soft and the fun vanished like a puff of smoke.

        5. What do you suggest? gunning them all down? Nothing short of that will work.
          How about you go ahead and show us all how it’s done… I haven’t seen a good ‘death by cop’ for a while.

        6. Their is plenty you can do you can “man up” a term I see used here a lot and be a part of solution. Contribute in discussions about it offering differing opinion also by speaking out you can boy or games that are to subservient to feminist wishes and focus of buying and supporting the games that stand out. You can if you have the skill and interest maybe even make games yourself and make the type of games you want to play and see and not worry about women or political correctness. Theirs plenty to do now I’m by no means saying you have to do these I’m just saying that those who find it a worthy cause who want to save this space should. And that places where to work towards those would be spaces like ROK and the red pill and a voice for men and if people have those ideas about defending their territory they shouldn’t be discouraged or looked down upon because they want to do so.

        7. It’s not “feminist games” really, it’s girls invading things like COD4-Expansion Whatever (forgive me, I really have no idea what the expansion names are).
          Discretionary invite lists are the way to go. Maybe there’s a way for gamers to do it now, but it’s not my bailiwick and the author doesn’t seem to think so, so I’ll take him at his word.
          And your post in no way answers my question about non-exclusionary things like real sports, etc. (baseball, above). You get one chick on the team and suddenly there are fifteen, the play slows to a crawl to accommodate the cupcakes, the men stop acting masculine and become white knights (or just leave) and you can’t extract cupcake with anything short of a nuclear weapon. I see no need whatsoever to stay in that kind of group.

        8. No persistence. If it doesn’t work right away they quit/don’t even try.

        9. In that specific group no but in my opinion you can work to preserve by putting enough effort in to save the things you love to do. Go and create that space if it doesn’t exist and if you don’t care enough about that activity to defend it like such then yah I will agree just abandon it at that point but only after some effort.

        10. I used to play a lot of full court basketball and it was pretty funny when some random chick came out to play. I’m not talking girly girls either. It was pretty funny watching the response whatever dude was guarding her got. If he played off her and let her shoot, it was, “Ahhh, you got schooled by a girl!”. If he swatted that shit into the cheap seats it was, “Awww man, she’s a girl!”. Lol

        11. I used to play a lot of full court basketball and it was pretty funny when some random chick came out to play.
          LOL! I used to play a regular game in a nearby park with some guys. Once, a girl from the neighborhood who was a former local high school star and was then on the women’s Olympic basketball team showed up. She could only handle the physical contact for about five minutes. She never showed up again.

        12. The thing is, when enough women get involved then the corporations get involved and suddenly the product starts to suck becuse its becomes heavily marketed towards women.
          One product that is a testimony to this is Hollywood movies. FInd me one modern movie made in the last 15 years that doesn’t have some dumb, hokey, female centric theme to it, in one way or another where everything ends happily and everyone falls in love, etc.

        13. Yes, that and having women appear to be the rational, pragmatic party trying to lead the stupid, naive man to his destiny. I’ve stopped going to see mainstream movies outside of attending one with the intent to get some ass afterward.

        14. dude, you sure as shit meant offense, don’t pussy out, admit it and roll with it. I would have a hell of a lot more respect for you calling me a weenie than saying ‘no offense’.
          That being said, it is simply easier to abandon a pursuit than to devote my life to opposing something that more or less is inevitable.
          Sure, I can keep chicks out of stuff like skydiving. It’s easy, especially when you are in a group… but short of sabotaging a chick’s chute, if some dude wants to bring his GF along what the hell am I supposed to do?
          Frankly, I don’t mind the occasional idiot femme, but if it gets to be too much there are a MILLION other things I plan on doing in my life… moving on to something else won’t short me any.

        15. Yeah, I can’t wait until the inevitable clamor to let women play in the NBA starts (probably soon after the WNBA folds, due to no one watching that boring shit). If it ever happens, my theory is that the horde of manginas who run the league will impose new rules once it becomes evident the women can’t hang.

        16. Oh whoops im a woman and i snowboard… you assume all women are vapid, empty creatures with no interests except for men. not so.

        17. I’m a woman and I’m an engineer and have worked construction. Fuck. *cuts uterus out*

        18. The Departed, Inglourious Basterds, Django (arguable due to the whole getting the girl in the end), The Expendables, The Road, 300, The Dark Knight…((this will never get read…sigh)

      4. I think what he means is that playing video games isn’t really masculine, it’s just something only guys ever did because it required skill and imagination (early days if vidya). I noticed the sentence where he says “no value added” is the best part. You can’t gain a single thing from playing video games. That’s like saying: “watching sports is masculine and now women invade and want to watch it with me…”. Typically only guys watched sports but its not masculine at all.
        Getting your fat ass up and going and playing a pick up game at the park with your buds is masculine. Sitting in front of a screen and playing games is fun (i play a good bit off and on) but i have a life. I get upset when i couldn’t make time to change the oil in one of my cars or i missed the gym that day…not
        “boo hoo, there’s an icky girl in my game”. Its not different then them and effeminate men taking over every television program out there either.

      5. In motor racing you hardly find any women at all.
        Funnily enough in computer games, which simulate motorsports down to last bolt, women are also nonexistent, just like it is with any more advanced simulation of anything (like combat flight simulators).
        The reason for this is obvious: These video games are highly competitive, require learning and mastering highly customized controls or even building them. (With just a gamepad controller you gain nothing in this space.)
        Have you ever seen a woman building a customized rig specifically for playing video games? See?

      1. Heh. When people write ROK I always read it as Republic of Korea, which is how it gets abbreviated at work.
        But in this instance it really works, though, since Korea is the home of professional video game stars. All male, of course – it’s Asia.

    2. Women are invading video games because they’re getting fatter, more antisocial, and they know there’s a legion of white knights on the online gaming community who will give them things for free. If you look at the kind of games they play they’re the typical stupid ones (mostly MMOs) that require no skill. Even then, they fucking suck at them.
      You’re right about the gaming community in general not being masculine enough.
      Thankfully they still shy away from strategy and RTS games that require skill, resource management, and crushing enemy nations and tribes.
      While I enjoy shooting and fishing there’s something to be said for a few hours of escapism now and then playing as Sparta and ruthlessly creating an empire in Rome: Total War II.

      1. An hour or two on a video game is all fine and well, nothing wrong with it as far as it goes for light entertainment. Looking for some kind of masculine community from it though? Meh, don’t see it as a value add in life.
        If we want masculine communities they’re going to need to be either tightly controlled online (like ROK) or they’ll need to be in real life doing things women avoid (per my post below).

        1. Competitive video gaming like counter strike is like 99% male.
          The same about poker. Don’t know if that could be perceived as a video game but with all of the software poker players utilize it very well could.

        2. I have never played a poker game that utilized anything electric except the light bulbs overhead and the refrigerator that holds the beer. I was speaking more along the lines of inviting a bunch of men you are friends with in real life over once a month (or whatever) and not so much along the lines of professional tournaments.
          The quantity of men playing a given game is irrelevant, the broads will come in and shit on everything and are (according to the article) in the process of doing so. As somebody else mentioned below it’s to be expected, video games require no actual danger or risk and anybody, even chimps, can pick up a controller and “play” in time. It is “gender neutral” in the way that allows females to show up without having to provide any real value.

        3. There’s lots of trash talking on games like Starcraft and Dota where if you mess up once, even your teammates are gonna make you feel like shit. Nothing wrong with that. The “toxic community” keeps all the manginas and feelfags away.

        4. For a community that prides itself on being “alpha”, there’s a LOT of people on here that get extremely butthurt when you criticize the habit of gaming.
          FACT: in 99% of cases, gaming provides no tangible benefit and saps your masculine energy.

        5. Criticizing gaming comes off as a feminine shaming tactic. Game types vary wildly, yet it’s ok if you watch hours of mainstream sports because it’s a nice, socially sanctioned activity that men have been “allowed” to engage in.
          Women get to attend these games and hopefully end up on the iumbotron kiss cam to attention whore to the masses. Reminds me of a chick who catches a basketball out of bounds and holds it until she can snap a selfie, disturbing the flow of the game and giggling like a narcissistic idiot.
          Your interpretation of a “tangible benefit” is important to none other than you. You care too much about what other people think of you.

        6. I used to heal in vanilla and BC WOW and even girls that people would never meet in real life would be given loot and attention they would never get in real life.

        7. wow….
          I talked about games because video games are the topic of this post. I hold the same opinions of any activity that involves sitting on your ass for hours, passively receiving programming.
          But you know, because you call it “feminine” doesn’t mean I’m wrong. Shaming tactics are perfectly valid and not restricted to women. You ever watch Full Metal jacket?
          You want to know what’s feminine though? Your rant. Your entire “rant” is almost identical to the way that BBW fatasses defend their “lifestyle”.

        8. I am probably he farthest thing from a ‘mangina’ on the face of the
          earth, but I don’t want to hear a bunch of mental adolescents spouting
          shit that would get hem hospitalized it we were face to face when I kick
          back to spend some of my valuable time playing a game. I like
          interacting with people of maturity and class, hearing some generation y
          punk using his demeanor to present the most compelling argument for
          extremely late term abortion makes my ubermasculine blood pressure rise.
          Yeah, I ‘can’ take it but why the fuck would I
          ‘want’ to. Video games are entertainment, a recreational activity low on
          the scale of importance, if I have to listen to a bunch of shitasses
          forget it. I enjoy teamwork with true compadres anyway, sans that, gamin
          in solitude is preferable.

        1. There’s nothing better than crushing your enemies, seeing them driven before you, and hearing the lamentations of their women.
          I wish Western soldiers were allowed to do that in real life and decisively win wars the old fashioned way.

      2. Strategy-wise, games like League of Legends have plenty of girls on it and I’ve come across some beastly players. It’s so stupid how people have shaped their views on girls who play. If the girl sucks at the game: “She sucks because she’s a girl” but if the girl is good at the game, no one gives a shit. And just for your information, there are plenty of girls on lots of games but many of them don’t believe they need to mention their gender at all.

        1. They have no publicity because they’re ugly. Besides that, nobody gives a shit about women’s “accomplishments” (if you can call gaming an accomplishment in the first place). The only time women do not mention their gender is when there is a) nothing to exploit or b) their SMV is too low to receive any attention. AWALT.

      3. I don’t think it’s female gamers that are the problem, it’s the women with GTs like “girlygamer86” that are the problem, and those who scream “you can’t shoot me, I’m a girl”. White knights don’t help the situation either, they actually reinforce this negative, but unfortunately accurate stereotype of “girlygamers” and due to this encourage the behaviors.
        The thing these girlygamers fail to realise is that the guys are not in any position to be nice to said girl because they do not know her, nor are they in any position to try and score with her. Even my other half admitted if he only knew me on xbox live, he wouldn’t show me any mercy or feel obliged to help me, as they are nothing to be gained from it. Though also admitted he probably wouldn’t be with me if I was a “girlygamer” type.
        “Girlygamers” also need to realise they are not a special fucking snowflake for gaming, and sadly around 90% of female gamers do believe they’re a special snowflake and deserve preferential treatment due to them having a vagina. Most do not even attempt to play the main campaign before going online, and clearly have no idea what they’re doing seeing as they probably skip the instructions and tutorial.

        1. Truth. Female gamers are not the problem. It’s the once who want to be catered to. I join in on the berating of them when I come across them. It’s funny when they think I should help them because “Well but we’re both girl gamers!” I come across them all the time in GW2. Preteen and teenage girls trying to get me to plvl them and I’m just like “Lolnope. Do it the hard way – just like I did.” Then they get all mad like we should have some kind of camaraderie just because we both have vaginas. Fuck that.

      4. I play strategy and RTS games all the time and I’m sure I could beat you. News flash: having a dick doesn’t help your fingers got the buttons on the controller better. *gasp* it must be a shock to find something like this out. Sounds like you should go back to being a redneck – maybe video games aren’t for you.

    3. Agreed. Waste. Of. Fucking. Time.
      But then I’m relatively old and out-of-touch, but so are a lot of other idiots my age who waste time on this shit. Come to think of it, they’re still married and banished to their little ‘mancaves’ where they have nothing else to do while the Queen rules her Castle. Fuck, Kings used to rule their fucking Castles once.
      All the hours spent gaming could be used getting fucking educated or starting a business or getting fucked or traveling or something.
      Forget waste of time. Waste. Of. Fucking. Life.

      1. Odd you should bring up mancave, I actually was in a conversation where it came up. Bunch of fuggin’ hens going on about home improvements, mentioned needing to “build a mancave for hubby” in the same way one would talk about building a cage for a dog. Asked me what kind I had, I told them “The entire house is my castle, I’m not condemned to have one room of many, like most men”. Left it at that.
        If looks could kill.

    4. If females are invading your space, then your space isn’t masculine enough.
      This isn’t about females invading the space because they want to participate. It’s about females invading the space because they see a group of men who are just, you know, doing whatever they want without the benefit of a guiding female hand.

    5. You’re a moronic elististic imbecile.
      What difference does it make? If you are a well adjusted human being, having games will not have deletrious effects on you.
      Folks, this is what happens if you’re a fool who blindly follows other people from the manoshpere.

  8. I say let girls embrace gaming and boys get back outside play guns, sports catch frogs etc. Gaming hasn’t been that good for boys. Let’s cheer the girls on. Because in a couple of years boys will be back to being boys, strong upright etc. and girls can get early diabetes and antropy.

    1. According to my 17 year old son, there is a quiet movement of that going on right now. Based on the kids he’s named and I know, they are usually from families where there is a traditional (masculine) father in place. All anecdotal I know, but I do see them at my house on occasion, where they’re out in the garage tearing the car(s) apart or taking apart/repairing some other thing using tools and trial-error. Lots more hunting and fishing going on in this neck of the woods as well, by a lot of teenaged boys.
      Maybe it means nothing and is an anomaly, but I sure hope not.

      1. heh, boys are finding their space again.
        My area, the boy scouts has become a joke, so the local fathers are quietly organizing other things in it’s place.

    2. It’s true. Gaming has unfortunately, become the last outlet for boys to act like boys. But it’s not a very healthy outlet.

  9. real question is who cares? they want a video game where they can act out their fantasies, fine by me. its when they bring their bullshit equality garbage to video games that i feel my blood start to boil. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME, YOU WANT THE SAME NUMBER OF FEMALE CHARACTERS AS MALE CHARACTERS IN CALL OF DUTY?! Then they go on to say that games often portray the women as nothing more than sex objects, often through damsel in distress scenereos or where the male hero gets revenge for the murder of a female.
    This is just a result of feminism. This has been going on since the 80’s starting with Donkey Kong/Super Mario. Now all of a sudden its misogynistic to make the female the point of the game.
    About games getting too easy, I agree, but thats not a feminist thing, thats a market research thing. I remember a ton of games I wouldnt buy as a kid because they were just too difficult (battletoads?), but now kids who can’t even read can play through hundreds of titles. This started with the N64 (maybe the equivelent Sony system too, I dont know). The real challenge in video games now comes from online battle, where you really can know if you are the best in the world, whether its NHL 14 (my game of choice), Call of duty, or GTA (I dont really play the other two).

  10. I get down on some video games in between long ass shifts on a roof. There is nothing to do here but lift weights and amuse yourself. I think “left behind” was actually supposed to be “the last of us” right? Minor correction. Also, even if you dont like the video games the point seems to be as usual women are trying to elbow their way into male dominated arenas for male attention.

    1. Left Behind was the name of the add-on where you can only play as the dumb teenage girl running around with her idiot friend.

    2. Believe it or not, women do things for reasons other than getting male attention. The girls I know, they wear makeup because it makes them feel good about themselves, they play video games because they think it’s fun, they dress in pretty clothes because they want to, they don’t give a fuck about “getting male attention” they do things for themselves, not for men.

  11. I am sorry but turning trash talk online by munchkins into some sort masculine right of passage is stupid.
    If you want to talk about how munchkins are a sign of a lack of male leadership, morals, and discipline I’m all for it.

    1. beats ‘female approval’ as a rite of passage.
      You gotta get your rites of manhood where you can find them.
      My rite of manhood involved killing a very large animal with a bow… an animal (elk) quite capable of turning me into hamburger if I failed.
      But not every boy can do that now. Not that many elk.

    2. Well ideally, munchkins would be allowed to trash talk one another face to face on the playground as part of their socialization and maturation, but the soft sensibilities of institutional feminized faggotry have seen to it that Johnny, Nick, Bill, and Jake can no longer play king of the hill or smear the queer because they might get hurt and it’s exclusionary towards the girls and the one male 3rd grader whose parents indulged his transgendered lifestyle. Shit-talking anonymously in a fantasy setting is idiotic, agreed, but I’ve come to realize that it’s an outlet being used for normal male growth because all the better alternatives have been marginalized or outright eliminated, and the boys themselves are unguided and fatherless in a lot of instances.

  12. “I bet Andrea Dworkin is turning over in her shallow grave”
    Andrea Dworkin would not fit in a shallow grave, although a stomping game where you had to get her to fit would be fun

  13. I knew several girls that played VGs. They all had older brothers. When i saw familys with nothing but girls (or younger brothers) they werent into video games or thought they were lame.

  14. In my little world, cryonics acts as “female Kryptonite”:
    And I share that space with some of the richest men in North America, like casino entrepreneur Don Laughlin, Canadian electronics retailer Robert Miller, and mathematician/financier Ed Thorp, one of the pioneering quants.
    Frankly if more women started to show an interest in cryonics, that would alarm me because they have a tendency to ruin things when they start their meddling.

    1. How do you ‘ruin’ ‘freezing your head until your brain turns to jelly in the hopes that some day someone will care enough to actually wake you up’?
      Cryonics? seriously? it’s not female Kryptonite, it’s ‘anyone with a brain’ kryptonite…. why would future people wake you up anyway? You are part of an elite that they hopefully have outgrown, you have absolutely no useful skills, will have to be entirely re-educated to even be human in the future culture, and are probably more valuable as replacement parts.
      One of the great things about cryonics is that when the economy collapses, the motivation for keeping corpsicles sucking up energy is gone. Spoiled meat.

  15. There’s money to be made from woman gamers. That has to be something to do with it, the market has to expand somewhere.

    1. Amazon.com + stupid boring Animal characters+ kinect+Facebook integration= Video game exclusive for Women. (think Animal Crossing meets QVC on an xbox360) Be sure to include a report/ban patriarchy function.

    2. I saw a group of girl gamers on Twitch tv. They were playing pen and paper dungeons and dragons. They were young, cute, slender, and white. Channel is called Missclicks. SOMEONE is paying them. Soros? EA? They get thousands of viewers and donations. In fact, on twitch, if you’re an attractive female, you make bank, even if you have no clue what youre doing while playing Goat Simulator. Tits=automatic donations. Even tho nudity is banned on twitchtv. And women complain about privilege!

  16. Not just gaming, the feminist “social critics” whine about all sorts of trivial “misogyny” they find in all sorts of media. What you’ll find with the left is that they have very little tolerance for dissent, and even less control over their emotions. If someone in the room isn’t a leftist, they feel uncomfortable and can’t see that person as a valid human being, and must devote much time and resources to complain about it.
    Consider Return of Kings. This site alone is like a rock in their shoes, they just can’t stop bitching about it and hatereading it at the same time. And this is the only large manosphere site compared to thousands of feminist ones, but they just can’t get over it. Video games is just one of those places where guys act like guys (i.e. not giving a shit about feelings or something), and the very existence of such a space threatens them.

    1. feminist frequency? there was another article on Sarkesian, who turns out to be a puppet for a male feminist pulling the puppet strings behind the scenes

      1. I heard she got caught on youtube or whatever that she hustled all those people out that 150k. Who put her up to it. Now that s..t we need articles calling out these remodels because feminist sites praise them but once they are caught the do not say anything about it.

        1. yeah, they just get swept quietly under the carpet, and in this case everything continues as normal. Same is true with Femen, who are run by a bloke. In both cases it seems to be partly about politics, partly about money. Its strange how ‘radical’ causes now seem to mesh with the pursuit of mammon

  17. Not so sure I follow he point of this article. I mean, I get that women want to invade male spaces etc. but the whole “Women playing games that are specifically relevant to their ego” I think is a misguided idea. Girls play games because being “nerdy” is cool, and most girls that are “gamers” tend to play 2 kinds of games: retro games (Zelda is huge, N64 games, etc) because they are super hipster and being a “90’s kid” is all the rage right now – and the typical mega popular games that everyone gets into (Call of Duty, Mass Effect, Elder Scrolls, etc.)
    Now, the content of games evolving to cater to women is a different story. There is certainly a “progressive” shift in the story of games to include material that is relevant to women these days, but I think this is a result of girls playing more games nowadays not the other way around. I think there was an article about that recently.

    3 Ways Women Have Ruined Video Games

    1. I don’t follow the article either. One could simply make their own clan and only talk to or game with them.

    2. I too don’t follow. It’s akin to asking “remember when the only people who played video games were young nerd boys?” Heck remember an early episode of “The Simpsons” where Homer was chastised by a woman for learning how to play video boxing in an arcade in the early ’90s?

  18. Not gonna lie, this article was kind of boring. The whole time I kept thinking who gives a flying F—. It was tough to make it through.

  19. IMO, playing video games is ok for someone quite young. It’s fun and challenging. And, hopefully, not the only thing they do with their spare time.
    But when we get older, it’s time to toss them out and get on with other, more important things.
    I realize that’s not the subject here. But I don’t see video games as part of how a young man develops into a mature man. So, when a grown man moves on, he can give all his games to some woman. Let her waste her time. While he’s at it, he can give her his TV set too; there’s a reason why women are the only ones who watch anymore.

  20. Read almost until the end. Very long article, but I suppose I got the point. Women are not interested in achieving they’re interested in being handed the happiness.
    Video games used to be for boys only and then it was much harder and nicer.
    I agree with those concepts, I am a retro game system collector. I love playing with my friends (obviously men) some Ninja Gaiden on NES or maybe sometimes something newer like Guitar Hero and smoke a water pipe (shisha). Drinking also happens.
    That is so much more rewarding than what it would be to play a game that takes 60+h to finish and it’s not actually hard but just time consuming.That’s why I don’t like new videogames.
    Also to the Author: Age of Empires 1&2 are awesome for PC!!!

  21. Girls: Develop your own games, setup your own servers, pay the fees. Problem solved. No one prevents you from that.

  22. Who cares? Challenging games like Dark Souls and The Witcher are selling like hot cakes and always will.
    The dumbing down of video games isn’t only due to females. It’s largely due to lazzy ass dudes fed by stupid Michael Bay movies and such. Do you think females are responsible of how crappy CoD and BF are nowadays? The fault belongs 100% to the braindead teenagers who have lost taste for challenge (but the wheel is turning… At least a bit).

  23. The last bro zone in the gaming world will be Eve Online.
    Funny thing is, that game is hard enough just to play it let alone play against others, but there are elements that could appeal to women as well. But the kind of female gamer that survives in Eve Online is likely to be nothing like the ones playing WoW or Elder Scrolls.

  24. “These female gamers are not happy women in any sense of the word. Their lives are so despondent and lacking in true substance that they turn to video games, not to pass the time or indulge in destroying the Packers as the Bears in Madden, but as an outlet for the lives they don’t live in real life.”
    OK. A little off on this analysis. Young men that play video games tend to be HUGE fucking losers. You don’t think these dorks that play video games aren’t trying to escape the bitter realities of their own dateless, sexaully frustrating lives? Only women that play video games have empty lives that they are compensatin for? Right?
    Video games are f0r children. Any man that plays video games on a regular basis is a fucking loser. Plain and simple. Just becasue we played Nintendo and Atari when we were kids, doesn’t mean its accetpable to do as an adult. Living your life vicariously through a video game is sad an depressing.
    Men: Do not play video games. They are for children. Go out and live your life.
    Jesus fucking Christ, guys. Grown men playing video games? I wonder why our society is falling apart???

    1. I can say the same about people watching movies, youtube clips or listening to music.
      Most people do it purely for the entertainment, not to take anything out of it. Most of the things on the TV or on the radio definitely can not be described as “art”, yet most people listen to pop songs on repeat and watch mindlessly dumb tv shows.

      1. Amen. Although I agree games are mostly for kids, other than simulators, movies are nothing more than LARPers getting paid millions to LARP. Do NOT look up LARPing, you could end up on a Brony site or something.

        1. Some people at college where all acting weird and they said they where LARPING. it was pretty sad.

      2. there’s something to be said for a mindlessly dumb cartoon at the end of a fucking long day, to make you laugh a bit, and cut the tension before heading to bed. Family guy, Simpsons, and bobs burgers are my favourites, but never get invested in them. thats lame.

      3. This is true, and I understand the entertainment aspect of it. However, for so many young guys, and even guys my age (32), video games are the focal point of an entire lifestyle. This is sad and pathetic. Video games are an addictive vice like any other.

    2. Right? They could spend those hours reading and writing comments on the internet! Guess what doofus, we’re playing a multiplayer video game right now. You write your comment, I respond. It’s called “Disqus” only it’s got shitty graphics and other people determine your score.

      1. Video games are for children, and virgins who live in their parents’ basement. Which one are you? I’ll bet you’re the latter.
        And FYI, engaing in internet research and discussion is far different than playing mindless video games.
        Adults do internet research and engage in internet discussion. Children and loser adult virgins play video games. Sorry if this hurts anyone’s feelings, but its the truth and we all know it. Get off the video games and step into the real world.
        Playing video games IS THE ABSOLUTE MOST beta thing a guy can do.

        1. So designing and selling video games is Alpha? What do you say of the 11Bravos spending down time to Gears of War in between firefights? Betas huh?
          My Ranger squad leader would disagree with you. Whatever works for you, hero.

        2. I have no idea what the fuck you just said. You made no sense at all. Those video games are ruining your brain young man.
          I think you’re referring to the SEALS that contribute to the game design, correct? They are very alpha because they are soldiers who live in the real world, and between missions they want to make extra money by helping with game design.
          They are likely very alpha. You and other gamers are likely very beta.
          Am I understanding your last comment? It was poorly written and difficult to understand. But I think I got the jist of it.

        3. You got SEALs from “Ranger” and 11Bravo? You’re so Alpha you don’t understand the difference between Army and Navy?

        4. Furthermore, just beausue the random stranger playing the video game claims to be a SEAL, chances are he isn’t.
          I highly doubt Navy SEALS have the time or inclination to play video games.
          Get off the video games and get into reality junior. You sound gullible.

        5. If I were gullible Id take your inane bullshit as truth. I was playing video games as an 11Bravo IN Iraq WITH my Ranger squad leader. You’re telling me He’s Beta yet you don’t even know what a Ranger is to know they aren’t SEALs. Do yourself the favor and shut the fuck up.

        6. You mad bro? Take your anger out on some video game enemies. Or play Zelda or some other gay shit. Real life sounds too hard for you.
          Or just have a video game circle jerk with your online “ranger” buddies.

        7. Haha. I ain’t mad. Sound retarded all you want. I’ll quote myself, “Whatever works for you, hero.” You think playing video games is beta, I think avoiding the recruiting office is beta. 😉

        8. HAHA! No you were not. You were getting real life confused with your video game. Sadly, I do bet a lot of guys in the military play video games.
          Hard to believe the US hasn’t won a major war in 70 years.

        9. If you’re making money testing or designing video games, then more power to you. That is a good use of you life and time. However if you are like most gamers, you’re just wasting your youth on nonsense. Video games are pointless escapism. I’m saddened by the large number of adults who participate.

        10. I don’t. I wouldn’t touch the military with a ten foot pole. That shitty institution took two of my buddies, and not in combat. Rather through suicide. As much as I disapprove of video games, I would rather they played the games and never joined the military. I wished they had lived vicariously through the games, rather than squandering their lives for a rotten, pointless political agenda.

        11. Actually, neither, I make money off creating art sets to sell to independent video game developers.
          And yes, when you help design video games for a living, they sort of tend to lose their appeal.
          But as far as escapism is concerned, I think that some escapism is very, very important. This world sucks, and giving yourself a coronary spending every moment of every day fighting against it is counterproductive.
          Not ’30 hours a week in the basement’ escapism, but a couple of hours every couple of days when you cannot get away and go hunting is damned important. It’s refreshing, and as good as a mini vacation.
          My ‘couple of hours a week’ drug of choice is heavily modded minecraft.

        12. You sound like a Woman, after pointing out how absolutely stupid you make yourself sound, you provide that shit? Please, stop writing to me. I don’t want to get banned for talking to a split tail. RoK, I didn’t realize this was a bitch I was talking to. I realize my error. Don’t ban me.

        13. This world does suck. Maybe I shouldn’t be so hard on these gamer guys, I just know that most of them are young millenial types, many of whom have been given little masculine direction in life. I was addicted to video games…when I was 13 years old. Then I got into high school and discovered women. I left the games far behind.
          To all the young guys hooked on video games: I know the current crop of girls in your generation are really, really shitty. Believe me, I know what you’re facing. Maybe even shittier than my generation. I also know that your job prospects are not great, mostly through little fault of your own. However, video games are not the answer. They are a drain on you, like any other vice. Leave the fantasy behind and start living. You can always pick up the games again when you’re older, for nostalgia.

        14. You sound like a phony. Plus, I enjoy one-upping little homos like you. You sound like you fancy youself a military tough guy. That would be cool to meet in person for a 5 min fist fight. You can practice your street fighter 2 moves.
          Since we’re making the attacks personal, your mom is an ugly cunt.

        15. And one more thing I should add…her cunt stinks. Just like her battered asshole, which you came out of. Goodnight everyone!

        16. The Army is Hobe of the Betas. You can’t get more beta than taking orders from females in uniform. Sorry to burst your bubble.

        17. He’s too busy taking orders from females in uniform… and he feels very “alpha” while doing it… no wonder the male gender is in ruin, with these little faggots who thinks they’re alpha because they dress with funky uniforms and take orders from females in uniforms.

        18. I don’t think he thinks he’s alpha, I think he simply thinks he’s better than you.
          And if he’s even gone through boot camp successfully, he’s right, aside from any rangersealairbornespecialforcesgreenberetwhatever.
          I love how civilians automatically assume that they are the social equals to officers, when they aren’t even the social equal to a boot private.

        19. Actually, there is one thing more beta than video games:
          Comic books.
          *runs away.*

        20. Blame that 70 year streak on the corrupt politicians who send them into unwinnable conflicts to begin with!

    3. True, video games are a waste of time, but the real world is so micromanaged by legal and social regulations that doing stuff isn’t very fun or affordable

    4. You just responded to a retarded statement with another retarded statement.
      If you read the Terminal Lance Comic you’ll see that even Grunts (who don’t tend to be around women let alone ordered around by them as women are banned from combat units) in the US Marine Corps and Army play video games in their down times.
      It’s really no different to watching movies or TV serials in your spare time. Many video games are marketed towards adult audiences, and we’re not just talking blood, tits and gore either.

  25. Dude you are about 19 or something aren’t you? Boys and girls play games. Any man or woman that plays games is lame. End of debate, pointless article. Must try harder.

  26. Take any really difficult game, and at the highest competitive levels there are no women to be found.
    Street Fighter comes to mind.

    1. I will cry infinite tears of sadness if the FGC ever gets emasculated… If it does I reckon James Chen will be the one to blame hehe

  27. If I could go back in time and tell my younger self 10 years ago any thing it would be to A. (Insert female name here) wants your dick her boyfriends a bitch and B. Don’t play video games.

  28. The whole female gaming empowerment thing ruined the story campaign of Battlefield 4. EA and Dice felt the need to shove a female character into it and eventually the dialogue becomes all about how amazing and wonderful she is. Of course, it starts with one of the main characters hating her, she’s a woman after all fighting alongside Marines, a profession ripe with with patriarchal oppression, but, dammit, she can do everything a man can do! Eventually, the Marines learn to love her and never shut up about how great she is. Completely ruined it.
    Of course, EA hired Anita Sarkeesian to oversee their games and make sure to ruin them, so it’s no surprise.

  29. 2Wycked sounds like the kind of guy that plays Dark Souls.. a game I NEVER hear of any woman playing…

  30. This article is all over the place. Game’s are too easy, women are offended by the fag, goof, dog piss smack. Games have to be more like SITC. Game’s are like any other media. The more broadly based a product, the more people will use it. When Anita Sarkeesian conned her way into a windfall two years ago, the manosphere had a melt down, rightly pointing the fault’s in her premise, research, and the big one, that she didn’t even like to play games in the first place. But since then what’s happened? New platforms, new games, more players. Things kept keeping on. Bitching about women writers bitching about whatever is what it is but my point is this is counter-punching against a phantom. The reaction to their message “IS” the message they are looking for in the first place. I say fuck’em. Fuck the women writers that get their fevered lies into print, clicks, etc. Play the games, teabag motherfucker’s , talk all the smack you want.
    On a side note. Call Of Duty Day. The day in Oct/Nov when a new game drops. Let’s make that a bigger thing. Buy it. Play it. I don’t want to make it about the game. I mean gamers argue about COD all the time. No, I mean think of it as a FPS that defines it’s self as the anti-Sarkeesian. A big fuck you to the haters, a sharpening of the rough edges that men are being constantly softened by the feminism stink that pervades society as a whole. Play it, call people the worst/best sort of grade school smack you can think of, game up on the inevitable feminists ciphers that will attempt to prove their point by making examples of themselves.

  31. 1. Play any online game as a woman
    2. Admit that you’re a woman in game
    3. ??? = Instant male worship.
    4. Profit

    1. Its the same with online dating and Facebook, Twitter. All attention seeking hoes due to no father figure or not enough attention from daddy!

  32. If you’re a female gamer, you can pick up beta orbiters like a magnet in a box of iron filings. You don’t even have to be serious about it, just take a couple selfies with an Xbox controller and the hordes of slobbering CoD and WoW players will descend upon you.

  33. There are some women that are legitimately into video games, but they tend to be the tom boy types in my experience. Most of the others are attention whores I’m sure.
    What this piece neglects to mention is the rise of ‘geek chic’ over the last decade, which has been incredible profitable to women. Why do you think so many hotties get involved with Comic Con? Almost every second actress now professes to be a ‘geek’ that ‘loves comic and video games’. It’s a promotional tool; a great way to extract dollars from nerds.

  34. I think I’ll make a video game with the central character a fat chick and all she does is walk around and good looking guys gawk at her, then offer her a cupcake. The highest cupcake score wins.
    I’m sure it would sell like crazy. It hits all the narcissistic points for fat American chicks.
    Please don’t steal my idea 😉

  35. I have to take charge against this article, I worked in the industry as a game designer for several years and once lost a gig in the Bay Area because I wore a shirt that said “Fuck Art Let’s Fuck” which went over badly with the largely female work force of the company. I also worked in a country that is halfway towards Mad Men, there was one hot female programmer, but the rest of the staffing would always be artists or HR. Overall, despite the PC-mania in Cali, I prefer a culture where women are included in game development and respected for their skills and creativity. The game industry has stagnated creatively over the past 15 years on the male-oriented front of console gaming, and was too cynically predatory in the female-oriented front of social and mobile games.
    Discouraging women from playing and making games is basically defacing the value of games as an art form.

  36. I take strong issue with this article: liches were the hard fights in Baldur’s Gate, not dragons.

  37. Everytime women catch a whiff of an all-male space, they immediately must infiltrate it. The first women in there are usually the ones trying to get attention from men by being the “tough girl who can hang with the boys.” Pathetic, I know, but most women hate other women, and hate doing things with or around other women. I can’t necessarily blame them. Other than sexually, women tend to be quite a bore. But then more and more women invade the male space. Suddenly, the women realize that other women are there and then adjust their behavior accordingly; heavy censorship, political correctness, infighting, etc. Then the men start behaving differtly because whenever women are around men behave differently. All of a sudden a girl shows up and everyone becomes a fucking pussy beggar, falsely thinking that by identifying with and appeasing women will get them some sex. Clearly this always ends the same. The guys don’t get sex, and the institution become feminzed and becomes a rotten shell of what it used to be. Guys start dropping out.
    Kind of makes you hate human nature doesnt it?

  38. Video games are a wonderful waste of time. Right up there with marriage, dating, many college degrees, catch and release fishing, bird watching, trying to talk sense to women. Video games might be a cheaper waste of time than others. I almost forgot, eating right, NOT smoking, exercising, none will make you any more immortal. Even a healthy 21 year old millionaire can die. Not counting the geniuses trying to test to see if the Universe is a computer simulation or not. Those geniuses suspect I’m playing some kind of video game just sitting here breathing.

  39. Great. Now after so many young men wasting their lives as video game addicts, the women start. Great. Goes to show men always lead the women and they should try to get it together. I see 30-something video game zombies around here who do nothing from dawn to dark, and they look like lost men in the dessert, or victims of 24-hour interrogations. They don’t even eat.

  40. Interesting article. I would not say this is the case for all women, but there is definitely a trend I’ve been noticing about them (for the large part) being unwilling to improve to a point that dominates other players.
    For this reason, Esports may forever be considered in the masculine realm. While there will certainly be narrative-heavy games continuing to be released on the market (as they should in my opinion), perhaps what we’re seeing in these transitive years is a new split of skill-groups?
    Either way, no bad vibes to either group I hope.

  41. I think the most common trait that ‘grrl gamers’ have is that they were social rejects before they got into video games, while most male gamers became social rejects after they got into video games. The difference is that the guys are doing it as just another activity that ends up dominating their time (as opposed to futbol or a sport or whatever) while the girls are using it as a crutch for another activity they’ve failed at (socializing etc).
    Speaking of which, anyone got that mario timeline that correlates grrl gamers with the big bang theory’s launch?

  42. Dark Souls is probably the last of the classics, as it is one of those games where choices are permanent, and the consequences are deadly.

  43. evilwhitemalempire Sent me this vid. It goes into extremely great depths..that of which this article cannot even begin to cover.

  44. As I said before, a decade ago or even 15 years ago, I was getting called a loser by girls my age because I played video games. Now I see these same tarts putting on fake ray bans, buying call of duty or The Last of Us, or playing retro games, calling themselves gamer. They have dominated the gaming media, of course they aren’t developing shit, but they instead dominate the part of the industry that requires the least amount of work, and most malleable part of the industry to bend to their whims. The only reason why their into gaming now, because it’s profitable.When they destroy gaming, it will be up to us Omegas to pick up the pieces, and when we do, they aren’t getting let in again, we’ll kick them and the betas who supplicate them out.

  45. – Guys! this isn’t to do with quality of what gaming is played by both sexes but instead to do always with the mantra of ‘individualism’. Games of today, promote the same causal pathways as the modelling industry, you’ve got a grounded base of Cosplay & the desire to become a protagonist (in thought, offline and online) has now become the attraction hyped by the fact that just enough attention will warrant them an opportunity to enter the mainframe of ‘game heaven’ e.g. (Bioshock). Now nearly every trailer has a making of “x model playing y character” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UWOEFkauoYY can’t even play Metal Gear anymore without someone ruining it thanks Quiet https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRV61n7MbU4

  46. Thank god I still have my original Game Boy from 1989 as well as Super Mario Land, Pokémon Red and Blue, Pokémon Gold and Silver, etc. Not only can I play alone and offline, I enjoy that 25-year-old brick. No wonder it’s a Game BOY, it’s meant to be sturdy as fuck, which it actually is, haha.

  47. This is quite possibly the gayest and most stupid thing I have ever read.
    Females have been playing games just as long as males have.
    Given your above points, technically I can say all males are intruding on our turf for playing the games I play.
    You might use good grammar but you are an absolute idiot.
    I’m guessing you dont have a partner.. Do you? I don’t think even the most insecure girl would go for someone as mentally challenged as you, sir.
    Grow some balls and get over the fact some girls, obviously, kicked your ass at all your favourite games, so now you’re having a whinge trying to make it sound like its some new thing that females play videogames.

    1. No girl has, or ever could kick mine, lol. Your mosquito brains can at best beat the average child.

  48. Silly author. Plenty of girls have been playing games forever, since they were kids. Girls are invading “your” games? These girls that have been playing forever don’t even need to bring up their gender because everyone is so en-fixed on the game. Gender should NOT be an issue when it comes to video games. People should be gender-blind when they play games. Furthermore, there should be no general consensual reason to be deemed a “gamer”. Play because you want to play. Games are for everyone, not just for guys. It’s kind of like saying “NO ONE ELSE FROM OTHER COUNTRIES IS ALLOWED TO EAT SPAGHETTI BECAUSE SPAGHETTI IS FROM MY CULTURE AND THEY AREN’T ITALIAN.” Most players are guys, yes. But it doesn’t mean guys are only allowed to play. If the “girl gamer” isn’t good at the game, fine, but you shouldn’t have to bother because that’s her issue and shouldn’t be yours.

    1. If they were gender blind they wouldn’t keep complaining about how misogynist the games are. Nobody said girls can’t play, just that they shouldn’t whine about stuff just because they don’t like it

  49. I think this entire article is a butthurt response to women having the same interest as men in video games. Realizing the fact that you don’t have to have a penis to be good at something always draws this reaction from men because they can’t accept it.
    Video games were designed for everyone and anyone who is interested so to say that online gaming is a “male space” that women are “invading” is completely selfish and wrong! Video gaming is not a “male space” women can and should be allowed to play them too, get over it!
    Also, I think if your treating gaming as a penis extension, then don’t! Video games are NOT and have NEVER been masculine! Being able to sit on your ass, in front of a TV all day, getting fat, unlocking achievements in a world that isn’t real doesn’t define you as more of a man and it never has. So, to try and dumb female gamers down by saying they’re only getting into it because gaming is “easier” and all those other negative assumptions is irrelevant even if it hey were true.
    So if it really bothers you that women play video games, don’t play video games! You want to know how to be a real fucking man? Join a football team, go out in the shed and build or fix stuff, go surfing, do something else, get a life!

    1. 1. You don’t get to define masculinity
      2. Games today are easier
      3. “Selfish and wrong” are just emotions
      4. Gaming has been predominantly male since inception
      Never underestimate the hamster’s ability to completely reverse reality

    2. Resulting to personal insults huh wench? Put a lid on it, the article is true. Most women got in it for attention.

  50. Trash talking is part of growing up. It allows guys to test each other’s boundaries, recover from conflicts, and get acquainted with brutally honest opinions.
    Sheltered boys grow up to be delicate little bitches, constantly seeking social approval, whining at every insult, and tattling on authority until the space becomes completely restrictive just so nobody will say the “horrible things” that hurt him so much.

  51. The problem isn’t women playing video games, but many of the women who do play video games regularly and use gaming forums often tend to be attention whores who bask in the attention of the male 99% majority who contribute nothing worthwhile to the forum otherwise. They make it very clear in their “online persona” – avatars, sigs, typing, etc. that they’re female.

  52. While I definitely agree that there are a ton of females who have jumped on the bandwagon because of reasons mentioned in this article; posing on Youtube with all their video game paraphernalia (attention seeking) in the background, there are truly some women who enjoy playing games as a hobby. I’ve been playing since I was 5 and my first console was the SNES. Just like a guy might enjoy cooking and is a chef. He’s not doing it to impress a woman, he genuinely enjoys making amazing food. There are special snowflake women who think they’re awesome simply because they have a vagina and play games, and they annoy the heck out of even me, so generally I agree with the article, but not every one of us needs to feel catered to (getting emotionally positive affirmation from video games) nor agrees with the feminist agenda of altering scantily clad females in gaming. There is a huge double standard (no one complains about how muscular men are portrayed in games) and as someone mentioned, most of these feminists don’t even play. They are just being controlling.

  53. Video games were created to be a fun activity for everyone, not just men. Why do women “suddenly” want to play video games? Easy answer, they’re fun. Not everything in this world is created strictly for men, believe it or not. You guys talk about “man spaces,” which includes pretty much everything, but it seems women get nothing to themselves, there are no “female spaces” that doesn’t seem very fair to me.

    1. Mangina much? Women have ruined video games, let them make their own then. At best they could make elf bowling……

  54. Women aren’t just now noticing video games. I’ve been playing them since I had basic motor control. It was part of how I bonded with my father – playing Super Mario Bros and Legend of Zelda and Galaga. Now that I’m older, I’ve just graduated to different styles of games. The Mass Effect Franchise, Guild Wars, The Elder Scrolls franchise, BioShock, etc. I like games because I like games. I pretend I’m not a woman when playing online, anyway. Too much “Get in the kitchen” bullshit.

  55. Yo, you stupid bros literally took over the My Little Pony fandom, I don’t want to fucking hear it because your puny little brains can’t handle someone playing your precious “boy’s only” games.

  56. Women haven’t ” suddenly” been in gaming they’ve always been in gaming since the 70’s. I’ve played since the late 80’s but to some I meet I’ll always be the newly joined and noob to “their” games or I’m a casual cooking mama player no matter what game I say I like. As far as I’m concerned these games have always been my space too.

  57. I have been a female gamer for 25 years and can’t believe people are still producing nonsense like this. Just because you are clearly insecure, that doesn’t mean you have to spread a bunch of lies and garbage. There are bad female gamers out there, but guess what? I’ve crushed a lot of bad male gamers, too – somehow I haven’t posted an offensive article about it though. I hope I get to face you in any game that you play – you are the best kind of competitor to beat.

    1. Ha most female players are garbage and you know it, chill the hell out. And for someone of my skill level, most men suck to me. But the article is true, most female video game players now are only in it for the attention. Video games Have suffered due to women wanting us to bend them for them. Them and their manginas dumbing down our games and filling them with social messages.

  58. Wtf. I can’t believe you’ve got your panties in a knot about something that is so totally incorrect! Yes there are some young girls just deciding to try games now that’s it’s a more acceptable mainstream hobby, but the vast majority of us have been playing since Nintendo or before, and until recently we have kept pretty quiet about it. Like you probably also did until recently (remember? back when it was not cool to be called a ‘nerd’?). I think it’s very ignorant to speak so aggressively about a large demographic that you obviously know nothing about. Probably better to do a little research before writing a whole fucking article.

  59. Hamburger Hepler wanted video games that had a “skip the gameplay button” so she can watch only the cutscenes. She was a video game story writer for Bioware.

  60. The remark about Mass Effect having homosexual themes is 100% true. That series was awesome. But you can feel the huge change from the first one to the third one. You can even make your character have his romance with a faggot. How fucked up is that.

    1. Yeah that was sickening and it really pissed me off, desensitizing the youth with their perversions.

  61. Been gaming since 92…never been a “new thing” for me. Mostly shooters and action-adventure and I rarely play with randos online. That’s what real friends are for. And if a guy fawns over me for being a “gamer” then he’s probably a creepy loser that doesn’t meet women in real life so it’s not really a bragging point.

  62. Literally this entire article is bullshit. I’m a gamer who happens to be a woman and I’ve been playing and loving games since my dad bought me an N64 as a little girl. Since then I’ve played games on PC and almost every console imaginable. I’m a PC gamer and I play RPGs that offer a challenge and I play on the hardest difficulty. I enjoy the rewarding feeling of accomplishing a game on its highest difficulty. The real question you should be asking is why a certain subset of women have decided to insert extremist politics into video games, thereby provoking extremist reactions from men such as most of you on this site, making life miserable for those women who have always played video games (usually on the tomboyish side). It’s incredibly frustrating seeing men and women taking sides against one another instead of loving each other as they are supposed to. You guys sound like a bunch of scared, paranoid individuals. Chances are you all live in a capitalist society. If more women are playing games it simply means that there will be demand for games that appeal to women, it does not mean there will be no more games that appeal to men (see almost every video game ever – there are very few that try to appeal to women. Dragon Age: Origins was one of my favorite games in terms of characters that appealed to me as a woman). Look at any other industry: there are movies that appeal largely to women, there are movies that appeal largely to men, and there are movies that appeal to both genders. IF THE DEMAND IS THERE, THE GAMES WILL BE TOO. STOP being paranoid and give us girls a BREAK.

    1. This article is spot on, we get it, you are a genuine player, but you are a tiny minority. This is a generalization, don’t act stupid. I am Mexican, and when people bad mouth Mexicans I do not throw a fit because those generalizations are true for most of my kin.

  63. I ran into this post by accident because I am researching various topics for a personal project I am working on. The project is about how hardcore gaming is something that more academics should be doing. It examines video games through the lens of a variety of academic disciplines.
    This project is a labor of love for me. I have been a gamer since I was nine years old… that was 1979 and I killed two 2600s that year… the second one I had to buy myself with money I made doing odd jobs for my neighbors like weeding gardens and washing cars.
    Female gamers have “always” been here. We played text adventures that didn’t recognize fucking conjunctions. We were in the MUDs killing fucking orcs. We were in the hallways at cons rolling dice and later tapping and untapping mana.
    I was really angry when I read this piece and then I decided to read some of your other pieces… now I am just sad and I feel sorry for you.
    We are both fans of horror movies, Stephen King and X-files. We like the exact same things and could have amazing conversations and just geek out over the things we love, but you have such a twisted view of male/female social dynamics that I am pretty sure you wouldn’t be able to take the chip off of your shoulder and chill the fuck out long enough to realize that we have been living in the same worlds.
    I will leave you with this. I am married to another geek, we’ve been together more than twenty years. He kicks my ass in “Carcassone” and I slaughter him in “Dominion” (we both stopped playing Magic around the time of “Fallen Empires” the fucking spore counters were just irritating and the banned cards lists started showing up everywhere and sucked all the fun right out of it…)
    Sorry… got off track there for minute… it’s late. The point I was going to make is that we are both “go for the throat” competitors… and we have been insane about each other since the day we met… at a bookstore both buying “Wild Cards: Dead Man’s Hand”. We have brought another player into the world and taught him how “real gamers” play.
    You judge a gamer by how they play the game, how they use their fucking brain, not useless superficial shit like social conditioning and gender roles.
    I wish that I could have spoken to an “alternate” you. I might have enjoyed that conversation.
    P.S. I would have thrown “Chattery Teeth” out for “N.” from Just After Sunset… one of the best subtle intertextual references to H.P. Lovecraft and Arthur Machen’s work I’ve ever read, and even though you don’t deserve any good tips from a female geek… Give Edogawa Ranpo a read, amazing Japanese Horror writer from the 1920’s to the 60’s.

    1. Generalization, chill the hell out. He is not saying that literally every girl video game player falls into this. But for the most part yes, most girl video game players suck so bad and only do it for attention.

  64. I remember playing the original Super Mario for NES. There were no save games

    Back in the day, reason for this was limited memory and expensive memory chips.

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