7 Things You Need To Know About Filipina Girls

I’m sure many readers of this blog have grown weary of the dating scene in your own country and have considered looking elsewhere (overseas).  The Philippines is a popular choice for men like you, and for good reason: Filipinas make great wives, which I can speak from personal experience.   Here are a few things to consider if you want to look for love in the Philippines.

1. Filipinas are not “mail-order brides.”


This term (often used by those bitter about Westerners seeking foreign wives) is neither fair nor accurate.  It’s true that in past decades men would buy mailing addresses of women in catalogues.  But even then they weren’t “ordering” a wife.  They were simply getting contact information and it was up to the woman to respond or ignore letters from long distance admirers.

Now the term is completely antiquated.  I first met my wife online and we met in person some time later.  Most of the guys I’ve met with Filipina wives have very similar stories—none of them “bought” their wives.

2. Filipinas are very open to dating and marrying older men. 

I’m significantly older than my wife.  Some of my friends who found love in the Philippines married women 20 or more years their junior.  Not all Filipinas marry older men, of course, but they are much more open to it than Western women.

Let’s pretend a Western bachelor in his late 30’s or 40’s is thinking about settling down and getting married.  His options in his home country may be limited to women who past their prime in terms of beauty and fertility even if he is successful and reasonably attractive.  He won’t meet many women in their 20’s who are interested in romance with him unless he is rich and famous.

His options are much, much different in the Philippines.  This same bachelor would probably have 19-year-old women telling him he is “guwapo” (handsome).  Filipinas are especially attracted to Caucasian features, so this average-looking guy would find he has suddenly been promoted to rock-star status as far as his dating options go.

3. Filipinas consider the practical implications of marriage.


Some may argue Asian women are only attracted to Western dollars, not men.  There are gold-diggers everywhere, but I think this is an unfair assessment of Filipinas.  Money does play a role, but it does so in virtually every woman’s decision of whom to marry.

I think Asian women in general understand the practical implications of marriage that the Western world largely ignores.  An older man can offer stability and maturity while a younger woman will usually be more beautiful and fertile.  A Western man may be able to offer a level of financial stability that an Asian woman could not find with a man in her own country.

4. Filipinas are slim, petite, and attractive.

Someone recently posted an article here about obesity among American women and reached this conclusion: “The rise in the desirability of Asian women is due to their lower rates of obesity.” I can’t really argue with this author’s assertion. The obesity rates in the Asian countries I’ve been in are nowhere near the 50% you’d see in America.  Most guys who visit the Philippines are simply blown away by the beauty of the women.  Their dark hair, dark eyes, naturally tanned skin and slender figures are a welcome change of pace for many.

5. Filipinas tend to be conservative in terms of sexual values.  


This is not to say that all women in the Philippines are virgins until they marry (though it is not unheard of), but most Filipinas tend to express their sexuality only within some kind of committed relationship.  They are, generally speaking, not promiscuous and very faithful within relationships.

6. Filipinas value family and motherhood.

Feminism and secularism has convinced Western women that the 20-something years are best spent climbing the corporate ladder and riding the sexual carousel.  Women in the Philippines, by contrast, place a high value on becoming wives and mothers.   Filipinas can and do work outside the home, but she’ll always consider her family the first priority.

7. Filipinas are proficient in English. 

A typical woman in the Philippines speaks at least two or three languages: Tagalog/Filipino (the national language), English (taught starting in the elementary school years), and one or more local languages.  I’ve had the opportunity to travel to other Asian countries and I found the people in the Philippines much easier to understand.  This can be a big advantage if you are thinking about finding romance.


Final Thoughts

Does all this sound too good to be true?  Take a vacation in the Philippines and you’ll see what I’m talking about.  You may never want to return home.

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567 thoughts on “7 Things You Need To Know About Filipina Girls”

  1. Yes, it’s good to see that the term ‘mail order bride’ is all but dead. And these malignant American misandrists can’t move fast enough to convert every 2nd/3rd world woman to their f*cked-up paradigm. Gratifying to know, however, that they will fail in that endeavor.
    Good article, especially for the 40+ readership.

    1. How Filipinas achieve that despite being one of the more empowered women? they rank among the top 10 more powerful women according to gender statics? besides I think Thai and Malay women are a bit prettier, you can see it also in this video

      1. well Thailand and Malaysia is more developed so more time into looks I suppose. Many filipina women carry spanish blood in them giving them an interesting look..

  2. An upbeat article about nice women that is a welcome change from raywolf’s rape-saturated article yesterday. The condoning of the rape/disembowelment/murder of a young Indian woman by “Ruler” (who I hope is banned) was the last straw for me. I’ll be taking a break from this depressing place. Over and out.

  3. I definitely want to try out the Philippines. It sounds like an awesome place to pick up girls especially if you’re an above average looking white dude who is totally under appreciated in your home country.

    1. I haven’t been there yet, but after two months of daily chatting on Skype I had a little hottie totally fall for me. She didn’t even care if she moved here or I semi-retired there. She was for all intents and purposes ‘in love’. She blew it when she started getting obsessive and controlling and jealous so I told her to fuck off (been there done that). Too bad, I would have liked to play “husband/wifey” occasionally. NEXT!
      And fucking talk; just talk, talk, talk.
      “Why are you quiet? Why aren’t you saying anything?”
      “Because I don’t talk unless I have something to say.”

  4. Here’s a logistical problem that I see when it comes to overseas courtship. While I am busy with my day job, I am only allotted a certain amount of (generous) vacation time.
    However, how do establish a relationship that leads to marriage with a person you have to pay $$$ to travel overseas to meet, or have her come here for a limited period of time?
    Time and money seem to be a huge factor that steers me away from this avenue (not like I wouldn’t pursue it otherwise).
    One other question – what are good introduction resources/websites to meet these women?

    1. Depends on what kind of work you are doing. You should do something practical that gives you more freedom to work on your own terms (doesn’t have to be total freedom, just more leeway in scheduling work around your life rather than your life around work).
      What I plan on doing here soon is going to trade school and learning to weld (and other stuff if I can) then plan on traveling to where the most lucrative work is for that set of skills. If you’re doing a desk job or some other 9-5 job you should consider getting away from that and doing something that can give you job mobility. Infrastructural work is ALWAYS needed somewhere so if there’s a dry spell where you’re at, just go somewhere that is. Put yourself out on the internet and you should get work depending on where you’re at. If a skill set is in high demand where you are, you can rake in more money due to the scarcity.
      And such work doesn’t just limit you to the US, you can take it ANYWHERE more or less. So you got more wiggle room. The end goal, however, is that you are gaining more control over your life rather than less. Less a slave to an office chair and to job cuts and lowered wages.
      But either way you are going to have to WORK for it. Unless you are smart at investing or something, then you will have to put in the effort, but the effort is better spent at something that’s going to give you more control over you life and more stability for having a family and being married.

      1. I have a skillset that allows me freedom, but I would make it a point to bring her here. not move there. I got a good thing going. Not trying to disregard your sentiment, but I’m also curious how others have managed this dilemma.
        And how they met these girls in the first place 😉

        1. vietnamcupid.com
          See my Spearhead essay “ForeignBride Product Review : Finding a Model That’s Right for You”.

    2. You dont need any resources or websites to meet women in the Philippines. Just go there for a few weeks. You will make many new friends easily. People there are not snobby asswipes like American cunts.

  5. I have a friend married to a Filipino woman. His older brother was married to a Filipino woman so he decided it was the best option for him too. He tells me HER mother watches out to make sure her daughter pleases the husband (him) properly and the mother’s role is to make sure he’s happy. The wife can cook a dinner for 20+ guests with no fuss and she’d still find time to make herself presentable and cheerful.
    She’s never grumpy and she works a full time job too. They have a handsome boy who is the most well behaved young boy I have ever met.
    I wish I knew about the Filipino women before my two dreadful LTRs.

    1. That is exactly my mother-in-law’s attitude. My wife takes it very seriously.
      It’s awesome.

    2. I can’t say much about romantic relationships with Filipinas until I get my boots on the ground in Phils, but as an employer of a couple of them, I concur with your assertion that they are never grumpy; they brighten up even the worst of days with their positive attitude. They’re hard-working, diligent, responsible, honest, respectful, etc. (and no, they are not beholden to me for ‘sponsoring’ them; they are permanent residents and free to work whereever they wish). When I forgot to take my laundry out of the communal laundromat one day, I came back later to find it so well ironed and folded that my clothes looked brand new again (even all the shirt buttons were fucking done up!).

    3. I have had two Latina LTRs, am currently in one of those two, and I have to say the culture is about the same in the country I’ve been going to.
      Her mom LOVED it when I sat my foot down and told my girl (her daughter) that I expected to know where she was at all times – even though she was only going to visit her family.
      Similarly, her friends and family have been instructing her on how to be FEMININE and how to please me and to be a good, submissive woman.
      Holy fucking shit…what a difference from Anglo America. God, this place sucks. (Unless cheap techno-gadgets and worthless sluts are what’s important in life to you.)

  6. I know a few Filipinas and they can cook. I mean, man can they cook. Many western woman can’t even shake a stick at the Filipinas that I know.

      1. Bravo! I make a mean cha gio, but alas I’m not as pretty as your Mrs.
        Fuck I love Vietnamese food!

  7. More foreign bride/gf boilerplate? Scam-a-rama-ding-dong!
    Flawless sexy hotties from the Ukraine, from the Phillipines, from Antarctica! They cook, they clean, they lick your taint, and apparently they want nothing more than a middle-aged foreigner who can’t speak their language, who will drag them away from their country and family to some shitty American ‘burb. Oh yeah!

    1. Since when have the young been afraid of leaving home for foreign countries? Ask any of the millions of Polish/Baltic/Romanian girls who live across Europe. Ask any of the Mexicans who enter America and leave families behind. “shitty American burbs”? Have you ever seem Ukraine before? They would fucking love to have that life. Believe it or not marrying a handsome, educated American man who wants a family and traditional life is damn appealing. For sure there are scammers but it should be fucking obvious who is scamming you unless you’re totally stupid (some men are). All marriage is risky but a foreign wife is increasing less risky than marrying a native these days. If you’re in shape, have a decent job and want a family, consider going foreign.

      1. I’m a bit less optimistic. If you lack street smarts you will get played either way.

        1. For sure, i learnt Russian and lived there so that gives me an advantage others don’t have, sometimes i forget that. Any Westerner in a foreign country is a target. The guys who get scammed in my experience are usually dreamers.

        2. I married a Russian hottie and while I don’t regret marrying her, I do regret bringing her to Canada where she eventually made Canadian girlfriends who infected her with the western femnazi mentality. I never changed a diaper; I never did laundry; I never cleaned the house. 😀 I should have been more forceful with her and put my foot down more often, but femnazism is an unstoppable tsunami.

        3. Yeah Id have to agree, bringing a foreign wife into the West is a mistake, unless you can isolate them from wider society. I know a lot of immigrants manage this and thus keep feminism at bay.

    2. Good reminder. Every man should be extremely cautious with women, esp. foreign ones who have a strong incentive to being good liars.
      I find it quite puzzeling that men who claim they don’t want to marry, or should I say acknowledge the dangers of wedlock, would consider some broke ass third world country chick as a suitable option to jump the gun.
      If they are that great, fine by all means have fun, but don’t sign no wedding contract. My advice If you want to go foreign/exotic just go muslim, christianity is dying with the West, 7 seconds to convert and you can have all the fun in the world being a patriarch with multiple wives.
      Persian women are simply superb.
      PS: It goes without saying that if you marry foreign you stay abroad, I can’t understand why you would bring her back, want to come back … seeing as what is said about the decline of western values/society around here.

      1. If you are lucky enough to find one absolutely. My girlfriend of about a year now is a recovering muzzie (she’s going Catholic – I’m Irish Catholic but don’t care one way or the other – she thinks it’ll make me happy and hates Islamic third-worlders anyway) – second generation American from Yemeni parents (from one of the noble lines so she is light skinned). Drop dead gorgeous. And knows I ain’t ever getting married again. And I’m a short guy (5’4) and she’s smaller, so bonus! heh…
        Anyhow she has hit this sweet spot of being sexually adventurous and modern enough to not be tedious, yet the way she was raised still has a strong influence on her – she is insanely loyal to me, and knows what it means to be a woman, and to belong to a man. We talk openly and frequently about the red pill issues (in my hopes that it stays this way), and she hasn’t found anything she disagrees with in it yet. She openly despises modern American women and tells me all the time that these are not women, they act too much like a man should (as though she needs to convince or remind me, lol)
        Today I’m a content man. Tomorrow will be whatever it needs to be to remain that way.

        1. if all this is true, she is saying then you got yourself a winner. But Id be wary though that with her more western mindset that shell “forget” her pill and start pulling child support on you or force marriage(an ultimatum as they call it).
          Careful this sounds like a honeymoon stage, cuz shes telling you what you want to hear.
          Remember shes dating a short divorced man, who knows whats running through her mind or body. She says she hates the 3rd world tradition of her people, thats the first step for her going all out empowered woman(always seems to the higher up girls for some reason).
          But so far so good I suppose.
          Ps just a heads up girls from the gulf get hella fat pretty quick with kids or if they get close to 30. I take it shes young?

        2. I think you will discover that your “recovering muzzie” girlfriend is going to travel down one of two paths: (1) she will eventually feel lonely for family and cultural ties and will return to her community, painting you as the villain who took advantage of her naivete, a la “the Princess and the Marine” disaster; (2) or she will become increasingly aggressive in distancing herself from everything her Muslim heritage offers, including the family values and traditional femininity and will become a rabid feminist, a la several girls I knew in college who went from conservative Muslims to the worst Western bitches in a few years and never recovered. So enjoy the Yemeni pussy while you can, either way, you are in for heartbreak.

        3. totally agree.But chances are quite high that she wont be able to go back home. Shell be on her own.

        4. No doubt, do doubt. I have not doubt whatsoever that your predictions are probably true. But there ain’t any heartbreak on the horizon. I’m not marrying this chick, just enjoying a good time with a decent woman while she is one. If things turn out great, then great. And if they don’t, I’ll just keep on moving along. Not trying to sell anyone on a blanket approach to dating Muslims or Arabs of whatever stripe. Just a comment on a recent experience.

        5. Yawn. Great tired typical internet fag response. Keep up the good work though. Cleverness is just around the bend. Bro.

        6. Yeah man, nothing to disagree with here. Yeah she’s young, the yes the allure of our fat, disgusting, weak ass, daddy-only-feminized-state culture is probably stronger than any influence I can exert over her in the long run. I’m not concerned about it, if it goes there, then I’ll go elsewhere. Honeymoon stage, yes I think probably so. No doubt it’ll end when she realizes I’m serious about not kids, no marriage I’m sure.

      2. Hate to break it to ya, But persian women are a major hit and a miss. The ones that look striking usually had plastic surgery(nose job typically). They are basically the koreans of the middle east.
        lil fun fact apperntly many foreign models from europe and latin america in the middle east is more prominent then local middle east girls.
        Middle east isnt that welcoming of foreigners marrying their daughters. If youre in their homeland, dont be surprise if they come and kill you or beat you real bad for going near their daughter,aunt,niece,cousin etc. And theyll walk free.
        Multiple wives is impossible due to do unless all nations have women out numbering men 4 to 1. Int the middle east there are more males then females. So there is competition for brides, even the wealthy ones go looking to foreign nations for wives. The less liberal will import hookers from FSU. Only a handful of wealthy powerful men can get a
        2nd wife.
        Gotta keep my bros informed.
        But your 1st 2 paragraphs I totally agree

        1. Importing hookers from FSU? Florida State University? Damn, is it like that down there? Lmao

        2. This is the reason why I can’t really understand why someone would marry outside of his culture, to some extent I would even say outside of his etnicity/color.
          If you end up in a LTR in a foreign country, you’ll always be “El Blanco” nobody will ever consider you as a rightful citizen/national. You will be the outsider. And it can be dangerous.
          Now, and I might very well be mistaken, a Caucasian muslim is high value, as long as you convert obviously. I imagine that some families would be happy for their daughter to marry an afluent white devoted to Allah. (Me I don’t really care for religion. I mean I do, but survival trumps all). I can’t voutch for the reaction of all the local non-family related males or some jealous cousin.
          You might always bring her back to the West but outside of her cultural matrix, you might be the witness of a dramatic change of personality (going out on a limb here).
          Refering to my second paragraph, same thing will happen in a culturally strong latin american family, asian family, muslim family, USA based. It’s not uncommon for some families to not have gone through the acculturative process, as this seems to be what some ROK’s readers are looking for. You might hope that they’ll be more open to your difference and willing to let their daughter marry outside of the circle (’cause obviously they’ll expect you to marry her, which poses a major conundrum) but it’s no certainty.
          FInding a good partner is a rollercoaster ride so one should make it easy on himself and find someone from whatever ethnicity but who shares the same values and value system (cultural norms). Now if you throw in the mix money, green card, residency, or any other incentive, eventually living abroad, it might be quite impossible to find someone decent or have a stable and safe life.
          I have no knowledge of rural areas. But why not marry some “smalltown” girl and living there. Less competition, less “big city mindset”, less feminist bullcrap, right? You’ll probably have a hard time fitting in but someday you’ll be part of the community, esp. if you go to church. She might even go back to the city with you, and as long as it’s not too eagerly (nothing worse than a smalltown girl who wants to make it in the city) you might have gotten yourself a winner. Some of these girls seem more level headed and know their priorities (family, clean life and god, let’s hope she is not too overzealous though).

        3. coming from the muzzy community and getting to know full blooded middle easterners. Your white god factor is nonexistant. In fact works against you(unless youre gaming indoneisan). They think very low of whites due to their very liberal family values(aka crappy western culture) thus lousy spouses.Basically avoided like the plague
          They d rather marry their daughters to another middle eastern tribe or nation which is already a big ass deal. but when given the option of whites, they rather have an indian or pakistani groom(they are seen as the mexicans of the middle east) since they are seen as more moral.
          The only time they will allow a white to marry in is through conversion that is through after doing whatever they can do to discourage the union. When they lose and allow this union they will at least demand the conversion.(this is as liberal as it gets for them)
          What patterns Ive notice of these conservative girls marrying out is typical in nations that dont have a community of their own. So in the US its not likely shell run into anyone in her group. But if she was in an urban area of a western european city. You wont be an option.
          When they go to US they know they wont find many people form their communitys.
          THis gets me wondering if I was a father from those nations and I had a daughter, no way in hell am I emigrating west until I marry her off to good beta provider. Who wants their daughter to act like a westerner, which she will when interacting with the local men and women(which is why ethnic enclaves are important).
          Any redpiller can agree with me on this.
          But the whole idea of staying in her poor host nation may seem like a good idea at face value, but she married you to be the best dam provider and expect you to take her and the future family to the “rich land of prosperity”. If you cant give her that youll run into problems, YOu are literally stuck between a rock and a hard place.
          Depending on where you get your bride, you should pick a foreign enlcave in the west where alot of her people reside. In an attempt to give her the security she wants and the feminity you wanted. She got the rich country but you ensure the culture is there.
          Ex: you are american and marry a filipina and move to hawaii or canada in a neibourhood full of pinoys. Or a latina in texas.
          small town girls are always a good option even in the states….wonder how good amish girls are?
          1 last thing,agreed they actual do change over time when westernization kicks in and they get worst then white women which is why many of their men chase white girls….an now asian girls. had heard indian and persian women complain about this. Obviously shut em down(an i was blue pill then)

      3. If I ever marry again, yep, she stays in her fucking country and I semi-retire there. Bringing them here gives them more leverage over you. But in that case why even bother getting married; just keep her as a girlfriend. Fuck marriage. Period.

      4. I am married to a Pinay. But I avoided most of the downsides you guys are talking about by simply marrying a woman from the Philippines’ middle to upper class. Her hard adjustment was coming to the US and having to do Yaya (maid) work. She had never cooked, cleaned, or done laundry in her life. The maid would come and wake her in the morning to let her know that breakfast was ready whenever she wanted it. It is hard to come down from the heights to not having any servants here in the US. What I do not get is any family member wanting to come here to the US. They have education and professional jobs in the Philippines that they would never get in the US.
        The saying about Pinays among those of us that have married them and brought them back to the US is if you want hot sex, marry a Filipina. If you want a loyal companion, get a dog. Yes AWALT. You have to sit on them hard right from the start. If they threaten to leave, walk them to the door and tell them not to let the doorknob hit them on the ass. The difference is she is trainable and her culture and family will be a restraint on her bad instincts. When my wife complained to her mother about having to work like a maid she was told to roll up her sleeves, get off her ass, and get to work. The second directive from MIL to wife was if you don’t drain his balls the woman down the street will. Overall that is a MIL that I can live with, and which you will never get in America (North, South, or Central; I was married to a Latina before).

  8. Good article JoeSmith. Do you have any proposals as to where one should live ? I’ve heard Philippines could be somewhat dangerous, compared to other Asian countries.

    1. You have to be a lot more aware of theft (burglary and snatchers) but I have never felt in danger as far as my physical safety goes. I know some expats that live in Davao and Angeles City. Both seem to be good places. Manila is crowded, polluted, and relatively expensive compared to other cities.

  9. My Dad married a fillipino girl the second time around. He was working in Manilla and met someone 25 (he was 50). They married and moved back to Greenville , where he was from. He somehow agreed to sponsor her family to come over to the States …..all 36 of them. They all lived im his basement when they first came over till they found a job. His house is now home to a Phillipino fiesta every weekend on the back yard. It’s just my dad and 37+ Phillipinos ( all speaking their own dialect). The only food they like is rice and they put that shit in everything. My Dad just sits on the porch drinking his beer shaking his head. He would have been better to be a MGTOW. He’s know as the man who is responsible for bringing all the Phillipinos to Greenville.

    1. good thing you brought this up….happened to my dad too.
      THis is the lesson he taught me. If you are gonna marry a foreign girl..NEVER SPONSER HER FAMILY. They will chew your wallet and your mind and will mess with your marriage(and my folks are from the same country). NO JOke

        1. ya no worries.
          a bigger heads up would be, the more conservative her culture is, the more she will demand her family to come whom will be more involved.
          Having a mixed family I notice that the middle easterners and the indians are the worst girls at this.
          Guess this proves why latin asian and eastern european is most popular(i got 2 of the former in my family and there good)

    2. Sorry, but you’re Dad’s a fool. He should have laid down the law from the very beginning. Love is for fools; you have to own a woman otherwise she’ll own you. If she threatened to leave him if he didn’t bring her family to the US, he should have said, “Fucking leave then.” The age gap doesn’t help matters; if he’d had married somebody in her mid-30s he’d have more leverage over her. If she’s hot and 25, she’ll be happy to leave him for the handsome young men constantly hitting on her in the US.

  10. Marrying
    a Filipino American girl and I can attest that many of these assertions even if
    for those girls who live in the states. They are far more family oriented
    and pleasurable to be around and even with the Americanized you don’t need to
    lay down the law nearly as much. If you can’t swing a trip to the
    Filipinos then looking stateside is still an option if serious dating/family
    rearing is still something you are considering.
    My advice if you are considering dating a Filipino American, see
    how intact their extended family is. By family I mean how much contact
    does she and her parents keep with not only their aunts, uncles and but close
    friends who are their ‘aunties’, ‘uncles’ and cousins. A large familial
    network of blood and close friends is a pretty good indicator that the girl
    will largely hold to many of the positive aspects of Filipino culture that the
    OP mentioned above. If there isn’t any, well that’s a huge red flag.

    1. Across races, I’ve found that to be a good indicator of the quality of woman. All of the most dysfunctional women I’ve met had familes that were broken, absent, or were raised by neurotic parents.
      Those (few) female acquaintances I respect as well as my wife all come from large, religious families where the parents are still married and happy with each other.

  11. One future trend will be the increasing efforts of feminists and government pogues to try to prevent guys from exercising their options to marry foreign women. I can imagine a future where they try to end what little happiness men can get in the USA, by tightening up visa requirements, border controls, marital barriers, restrictive immigration policies, etc.
    They’re starting to try this now. Bottom line: the matrix wants to keep you here, beholden to and enslaved by fat, unfeminine “women” who do nothing for you. Foreign women are deeply threatening to the system here.

    1. Quintus Curtius
      To dovetail into your observations, note the new growing trend among women.
      So there we go men, the young white chicks would rather curl up with fido than deal with messy, nasty things like “kids”.
      Feminism is so fucking destructive it is amazing that you cannot use it’s application as justification for self defense.
      So…we’ll stop allowing men the freedom to marry foreign and the young women here will simply ignore them or ignore their genetic legacy and duty to have kids, and all of this will work out just peachy. Peachy I tells ya’.
      Damn but women are so stinking stupid.

      1. They can’t always help it…..most of them have never had any exposure to anything other than spoon-fed MSM Bullshit.
        Dogs and other pets are an indicator(reminds me of the first episode of How I Met Your Mother). As much as they may fight it, that nesting and caregiver instinct finds a way to come out.

        1. Oh, no doubt it’s the mothering instinct, no doubt at all. But they’re too effin’ filled with feminist propaganda to ever conceive of not being a selfish so and so and maybe actually settling down with a man, no, get a dog ladies, don’t submit to the Pay-treeeee-ar-keeey. Meh, makes my head hurt even conceiving of this level of idiocy.
          But as I say elsewhere, try not to get mad at women for being this way, it’s the nature of women and no amount of anger will make it change. Still, some days, you just wanna go out and dig up some of those long dead ’60’s feminists and re-kill’em a couple of times. heh

        2. “Still, some days, you just wanna go out and dig up some of those long
          dead ’60’s feminists and re-kill’em a couple of times. heh”
          How civilized. Listen, the reason for women acting this way is due to the pump and dump strategies employed by gamers. They are the sole reason why they don’t settle down.

      2. Heh. You want a taste of that feminism? Check out a movie called “The Wall”. It’s based on a book that is considered a feminist read. If you can stand to sit through it (it’s mostly ethereal blah blah blah I blah blah blah me ) you’ll understand this connection between feminists and their dogs. You’ll see this all over Seattle: A Subaru, brown sandals, and a dog.
        I hope to see a day when whey have to eat those dogs.

        1. I love dogs, I have two of them. They are truly man’s best friend. They’ll protect you and keep you company. I hate feminists though.
          Speaking of cars and sandals, here’s a joke:
          A rich man and a poor man are talking when the poor man says to the rich man, “My wife’s birthday is this week and I don’t know what to get her. What did you get your wife for her birthday?”
          The rich man says, “I got her a diamond necklace and a Mercedes”
          When the poor man asks why he bought her both gifts, the rich man replies “If she doesn’t like the necklace, she can take it back to the jeweler in her Mercedes and she’ll still be happy.”
          A few weeks later the two men cross paths and the rich man asks the poor man what he ended up getting his wife for her birthday. The poor man responds, “I got her a dildo and some sandals, so if she doesn’t like the sandals she can go fuck herself.”

      3. The critical mass has been reached between white men and white women, at least in the Anglosphere. White men’s aggregate reluctance to save themselves by putting the boot back over the necks of white women are causing the women to desert en-masse to either black, bi-racial or brown men who will put them in their places. I don’t think the average white man can live a happy life with a white woman in 2014 without her trying to emasculate him. Likewise, these white women usually show deference for guys like me. The Scandinavians are the perfect example, the descendants of the fucking Vikings for Godsake, behaving in an absolute despicable fashion, letting their ancestral homelands be turned into feminist cesspools. Men walking around with baby strap carriers.
        The reverse is true with Asian women, they are quick to show deference to white men (it’s no secret Asian women would bend over backwards for white men) while foregoing Asian men. White women and Asian women all seem very apt to have mixed race babies. I myself am bi-racial, have had white women tell me, I want a “mixed race” baby. I know Asian women, who want to fuck white men just to past down those partial Aryan genes. Question is, is this, can we stop and should we stop each other from fucking each other? Is this the inevitable route the planet will take? Even before the subversive mass media, you had the creole population of Louisiana, hell even George III of GB married a mulatto (Queen Charlotte of Mecklenburg- just take a look at her painting). I still want a tantamount of race preservation in places like Germany, Scandinavia and Japan, but I think due to biology, people want to fuck people who are not like them. Supposedly our genes are stronger when everyone has a combination of heterogeneous DNA. Is it inevitable that we will become one big Brazil?

        1. I think you underestimate the degree to which the hivemind has white women vapidly regurgitating Cathedral narratives about ‘some stupid white male’…and how that dovetails with your unique experience as a bi-racial guy, with solid game, in a heavily-swpl socio-culture. Of course those white chicks you hook up with will tell you those ego-stroking refutations of white guys. To the contrary, a white girl with a black ex-bf will likely also complain said black ex-bf to her new white bf.
          But your point about white men generally being pussies in failing to put spoiled, bratty princesses in their place? True.

        2. In majority white countries bottom feeder white women going with blacks is necessary to sort the wheat from the chaff. In countries with no clear racial majority such as as many south American nations and i’ll include south Africa here as well the racial hierarchy is in place with black, brown women getting banged by white men while black and brown guys are pretty much the bottom of the sexual market.
          As a mixed guy its a catch 22.

        3. You’re daft. George III wife was certainly fugly looking but she was no negro lol And btw, have you ever seen a real negro from the west coast, like Nigeria or Cameroon?
          And btw, negro/caucasian marriage in the US is minute and in real life the man is twice as likely to be white.
          Sort of like the mayor or NY or the old Jeffersons show with a white man married to a negro. George used to refer to their kids as Zebras.

        4. “But your point about white men generally being pussies in failing to put spoiled, bratty princesses in their place? True.”
          That’s the point though. That’s why they stray. Women marry guys they feel are good providers. White men have that in spades, but they tend to get cheated on by a multitude of guys, not just white.
          Women don’t have any racial pride necessarily, whatever option is deemed the best at any particular moment is how they prioritize.

        5. “The Scandinavians are the perfect example, the descendants of the fucking Vikings for Godsake, behaving in an absolute despicable fashion, letting their ancestral homelands be turned into feminist cesspools. Men walking around with baby strap carriers.” < – that is gold.

        6. “But your point about white men generally being pussies in failing to put spoiled, bratty princesses in their place”? True.”
          Patently false. Civilized white men are unworthy of beating their womenfolk, even behind closed doors. Vibrants like Lance have a propensity, due to genetic and environmental factors, do it openly and get arrested.

        7. The racial hierarchy in South America is real, the whiter you are the higher your status, in general. South American women go crazy for tall blonde blue eyed men. Their ideal man is Chris Hemsworth not Idris Elba.

        8. There is a racial hierarchy in SA but it has more to do with socio-economic status than specific phenotypic traits or respect for white patriarchy. In Latin America they say “Money Whitens” It’s actually more of a class-based hierarchy. Women love money and power. Class trumps race.

        9. Dude, your world is EXTREMELY black and white. There really are other ways to put bratty princess to her place, that have nothing to do with physical violence.

        10. Nonsense; the statistics have been clear for many years; black men are over twice as likely to marry outside their race as black women. Also, black America severely chastises black women that even date outside their race as traitors, while praising black men that date white women for sticking it to the man. As a white man from a working class family how did I become the man that everyone hates? Neither I nor any of my ancestors oppressed anyone, unless you count choking out your lungs on coal dust or starving to death in the potato famine as oppressing others.

        11. Biologically what you say about DNA is true. The broader mix of genes means that genetic errors (causing disease and disorder) can be diluted and bred out.

        12. This has been my experience. Black men will happily bang any woman white or otherwise that comes their way. Black women will sit back, mad, asking where all the good black men have gone and complaining about all the jungle fever.

        13. Depends on the Country, Argentine and El Salvador girls go crazy for blacks (they don’t have them).

        14. Anywhere there aren’t a lot of blacks, blacks will do well. Blacks do best when perceived as unique and exotic because the whorish women all want to know if the myth is true.

        15. The only black girls I see going after white guys are biracial daughters of a white woman and black man brought up in a white cultural environment. Fully Black, culturally black women are very “ghetto;” physically and emotionally unappealing to white men. I was with a black prostitute twice and both women were very disrespectful and aggressive. Needless to say I did not enjoy the experience, I prefer Asian women to the point of exclusivity. Once you go Asian you never go back.

        16. I agree but I’ve recently met African born women that moved to Canada… they seem quite open to inter-racial dating…
          And in my observations they seem more intelligent, cultured, and feminine than their north american counter-parts.

        17. stickin it to the man? dude they can have those pigs, they are doing yt a favor by taking them off our hands

        18. Re “I don’t think the average white man can live a happy life with a white woman in 2014 without her trying to emasculate him. ” : That’s like the social media meme of “The key to a long and happy marriage: She’s always right!” LOL”

        19. What are Cathedral narratives? (re “Cathedral narratives about ‘some stupid white male’.”)

        20. Do you actually believe this rubbish, or it’s just kikenig vomit? : “Queen Charlotte of Mecklenburg was a mullato”

        21. “I know Asian women, who want to fuck white men just to pass down those partial Aryan genes” — Who can blame them? What do you say to those insane women who want to breed with a jigaboo like you? BTW, was your mum a mudshark? or was she raped? or is your dad one of those kikes who got down wit sistaz to give him nig-cred etc?

        22. Opposites attract and I am BADLY suffering from yellow fever. As the saying goes, “Once you’ve had Asian, you’ll never go back to Caucasian. I do know that I will NEVER marry another Westernized woman again. Good post.

        23. I remember Canadian television host Ben Mulroney (FYI: son of Brian Mulroney who was Canada’s Prime Minister from 1983-94) making the following statement on television: My father had this saying “happy wife, happy life”. It almost made me puke. If that isn’t “sexist”, I don’t know what is. So, basically, a man’s job and only purpose in life is to please his wife. If I reversed the roles and said “happy husband, happy life”, feminists and women in general would immediately call me a male chauvinist pig. Talk about a double standard.

        24. If there ever was and feminist society before the 19th century it was the vikings.
          Researchers have found that viking raiders were 50/50 women and men, and if a man touched a woman without her consent he would get a fine, depending on whitch bodypart. A woman could get a divorce, and if a man had a child with another woman it would be expected of him to pay child support.

        25. Wait until that white woman get comfortable with those men they will go bitch mode soon. The thing about cross racial relationships is that people conduct with better manners to someone they are not very familiar with but soon as they take theor shoes off and rest them on that coffee table the fireworks fly and I don’t mean the good kind

        26. ” I myself am bi-racial, have had white women tell me, I want a “mixed race” baby”
          Only the worst White women would say this nonsense, typically those who had no father around.
          ” Is it inevitable that we will become one big Brazil?”
          No, most White couples don’t race-mix. Over 90% of Whites marry other Whites. America will go the way of every empire before it.
          Any White woman who wants mixed-race kids is literally mentally ill.

        27. Additionally, I know this because my sister-in-law had no father, was a basketcase, screwed over all the top-notch guys who wanted to marry her, married a mestizo, and now the kids are flunking out of school and the marriage is toast.
          You should know by intuition that any White woman who says she wants mixed-race kids is a disaster who should be avoided at all costs.

        28. Those Hapa kids tend to have lots of identity problems.
          Just go read the blog called “Longing For Death.” Having mixed-race children without thinking of their future and identity is cruel.
          Just look at Obama. He’s half-White and hates White people with a passion. If you read his book, he clearly had severe identity issues that informed him and made him full-on antiWhite.

        29. White men who seek Asian women, everyone I’ve met, are losers who are extremely beta. Without fail. Every. Last. One.
          They say they want Asians because they think Asian women are more submissive. These types of men are literally too wussified to get a White woman, and lie to themselves, saying they prefer Asian women.
          Asian women all look the same. Also, Filipinas are considered low-class Asians, the equivalent of Mexicans in North America.

        30. I think it depends on how the Kid turns out. Obama looks black so he tries to identify with Blacks and thus hates whites.
          I’ve known mixed kids that looked more white (basing this mostly on hair texture) and they couldn’t stand most blacks.

        31. whatever. I´m am a norwegian successfull (rich) lawyer who left my younger white beauty wife for a asian, because I realized that since I find asian most attractive, why the f… shouldnt I have one!?! I just dont care what others think, the biggest loosers is those men who dont have balls to marry asians because scared of criticism from similar idiots about mixed marriages. you wimps are the real beta-men.

        32. You wrong Obama did a lots of good things to whites than to blacks since he took office. For you to say he hates white people doesn t make a sense. He was raised by his white mother.

        33. which is EXACTLY why he hates whites! His MOTHER was the most racist person he ever met!

        34. Respectfully disagree. Asian women are some of the most beautiful beings alive. I don’t understand the wussified comment. If you like very slender girls with beautiful hair just head for the mid to southern philippines. Seems to me you are worried about being judged or criticized by others about a mixed-race relationship. I think the “loser who [is] is extremely beta” may be you. No real man I know worries about class — that’s for old ladies and social doyennes and it accomplishes nothing.

      4. It must be said, the two women pictured on the first page of the article entitled, “More young women choosing dogs over motherhood” definitely do not fit the description. A more accurate title could be, “Dogs help aging women cope with loneliness and depression.”

      5. I’m sure they will be so proud when their dogs graduate from college and have a little dog of their own.

      6. It’s amazing how many women fight tooth and nail (and dirty) in courts for custody of kids they can’t stand.

      7. What’s the issue I’d rather women with less value find happiness with something else and not hijack a man’s life and money and I don’t want children this means nothing to me
        Less abortions killing babies

      8. I take it back the fact that I realized these women would “fix” their male dogs just shows how they want their men to be like. Reason why I would never have a dog at least not a male dog no way in hel would i subject it to that fate

    2. They also need you here to pay taxes and buy their made in china crap.
      It’s already beginning, if you pay attention to the right news sources you hear that the US government is starting to go crazy hunting for tax money overseas(unless you have connections, then it’s tolerated).

    3. Let them try. Unmarried men without kids have way less to lose and the matrix is going to get burned down. I remember back in the 90’s it seemed like there was a push to make men into family men with a simultaneous push for men to completely sell out their entire existence to it (up to and and including working 6 days a week so wifey can drive an SUV because minivans were too “housewife-ish”). When I used to commute on a motorcycle I’d see all these guys in their old minivans looking bitter and going bald in their late 20s from the stress of being stuck with a fat cow and her screaming spoiled brat kids.
      They’ll wish they let the red pill men leave.

      1. A classic image of the late 90s to 00s: ” I’d see all these guys in their old minivans looking bitter and going bald in their late 20s from the stress of being stuck with a fat cow and her screaming spoiled brat kids.”

        1. hi im cathy im here to find a nice man and nice friend im simple but im wanted who i meet

        2. hi Cathy. The social contract has changed in Western places, what do you think is the role of a island women in a western man’s environment where no job, or health care is guaranteed, and women must be educated and work for their freedoms. Do you think this has hurt the family unit?

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      2. I realized why kids were getting outrageously spoiled they picked it up from their spoiled immature mother

      3. In the 90s and 00s I was working at mega corp and had co-workers and managers playing games, lying, backstabbing, etc to get ahead so they could pay for the expensive houses in the right neighborhood their wives demanded.

    4. The best thing to be in America in 2014 is a white woman. For the longest white men didn’t realize, they envied absolutely the world domination of white men, and they didn’t seek to destroy this power dynamic, but put themselves in your place. They envied the fact that you could fuck and impregnate your slaves and foreign women while impregnating them too. They envied your agency. They will not willingly surrender all the power that has fallen into their laps. Now, they will restrict you from avoiding them or paying for them by restricting foreign women. They will fuck all the black, brown and whatever else guys while limiting you. – From a talk with a white woman this morning over coffee (post-fellatio). No joke.

      1. In 2014 there two types of white women: those who fuck black and those who don’t. While the number had reached an all time high it’s due to peak and level out soon.
        If white men ever do get the balls to reclaim their place, women will have a lot to answer for. However, I think technology will probably step in to create alternatives for men in the near future so a comeuppance will probably be narrowly avoided.

        1. “In 2014 there two types of white women: those who fuck black and those who don’t.”
          This is true. Class [or lack thereof] isn’t even a factor anymore. Anyone who believes otherwise can’t see the writing on the wall.
          “If white men ever do get the balls to reclaim their place, women will have a lot to answer for.”
          I wouldn’t hold my breath for two reasons:
          1) White women aren’t the least bit concerned with what white men think.
          2) There is absolutely no honour amongst thieves. Men like you are the 300 (i.e. a dying breed) and white Beta males are the advancing Phalanx who would leap at a chance to sacrifice their brothers and deal another blow to white patriarchy because your culture now awards it.
          If you need proof check out the comment section for ‘Reasons to Date a Girl with an Eating Disorder’ Majority of those trolls were men.

        2. It really comes down to statistically which women are either naturally predisposed to dating exclusively within their race and those who aren’t.

        3. Speaking from a red-pill white man’s perspective, white women are at the bottom of the barrel (generally speaking), so it doesn’t really matter who they want to get with. Living in Asia, I personally refuse to even acknowledge most of these masculinated women.
          True alphas go for feminine women- and the most feminine women are Asians. Luckily for us, Asian women overwhemingly DO prefer white men over black. And that, my friend, is a fact.

        4. I agree with everything you said with the exception of “… Asian women overwhelmingly DO prefer white men over black…” This is a generalization.
          Asian women, who date outside the race, do prefer white men but it’s not simply because they’re white. Further, the rate of exogamy by Asian-American females is still low and falling due to a surge in immigration from Asia. I say this with very strong emphasis on the word ‘Asian-American’ Most foreign-born Asians still have an overall distain for white men and culture.
          For example:
          I have a number of female friends from China who won’t even look at white men because it’s frowned upon back home. Anyone who consorts with white men are labeled ‘bananas’ and quickly ostracized.
          Granted, these are women who still spend their summers in China but it’s telling nonetheless. This would lead one to believe that Asian women with an affinity for white men are either:
          a. USR (US Raised)
          b. Limited in options for Asian mates or
          c. Already ‘turned out’ by Western culture.
          It’s also worth mentioning is these women frequently use the word ‘creepy’ to describe white guys. Which are their words, not mine.

        5. White males are more abusive to women than any other on the planet. That is historical fact They enslave their young girls and women until their lives are taken in the millions in Europe. No man sexually satisfies a women better than a black male. Koreans know that and love it. Most Asian women don’t know that, but those that do tell the others. Also poor Asians push their girls to the white male for his $. The White male can not go any where in Asia like a Black man can with out fearing for his life, especially in the Philippines where he molest poor young girls and boys terribly. The children of Asian women and White males are very often born with the common dominant features the African, Austronesian and Asian have, wiping out the White male race. The White male don’t have and havn’t had what it took to satisfy his own woman for centuries. This has been well documented since Alexander the freak and his boy Homer. Last but not least. It take a real man with the right tools to handle a Black, White or Latin woman. Maybe this is why they like Black men so much and the White males who deal with these women hold their ground and are cool with the Brothers. This is true. Asians have not forgotten the hits they have taken from Whites and never will. The smile at you, not with you. Don’t get it twisted. When that tsunami hit SE Asia, they showed how much they hate you when they refuse to allow you to come into their country to aid them. Everybody have a price, dealing with the world biggest population, sound like your in love with the bargain.

        6. the daughter of the king of thailand was married to a white american man. i think thats about as high class as one could get….

        7. But the reality is not like in hollyweird/talmudvid fantasies. Very few white women like Negroes, and even most of those who do, do not want to be seen to. Even the ones who are with Negroes tend to be young and stupid and brainwashed by K-media, or old/fat/ugly or otherwise desperate.

        8. It’s hard to argue with this, in a way: “white women are at the bottom of the barrel (generally speaking)”.
          It depends
          where you live.
          It’s an exaggeration of course, but understandable, especially if you happen to live in some sewer like Toronto or New York, or some “college town”.
          I guess you are speaking of mating-material. In that case, I disagree.
          However, even as some woman just to talk with or argue with or even hang around with, I find Asian, then E. Indian, then Arab, then wogs in general more interesting and respectful than the typical North American white [email protected]
          Even Kikesses and Negresses are more interesting and fun to chat with or even argue with than miserable brainwashed sadistic screwed up White lowlife fembots.

        9. You are well-named. Yahudi, you nation-wrecking kike scumbag. Only one of your sort or some moron whose kikebrainwashed could write or believe this nonsense: “White males are more abusive to women than any other on the planet.”

        10. I can’t understand your attempts at communication in English. I don’t get what the point was of you writing “A COON?”

        11. I don’t know about you, you nigger-loving kike fiend, but all the black african, south american, and muslim arab women who’ve had the pain of receiving me over the last century were exasperated in their gasping and screaming to high heaven. Hurts when you see the minority women go with white or caucasian men, doesn’t it? For every one white girl to fuck a nigger, there are two black girls getting with a white man.

        12. im a filipina and if i want to have a stable family, i would marry my filipino boyfriend. He treats me nicely and not a sexual object.

        13. hahah..yeah right and you´d drop everything including your pinoy bf if a rich, old fart comes along and dangle his cash in your face…

        14. Im actually filipina too. Obviously. And I would prefer marrying a caucasian than an immature douche bag Filipino my age.
          Come on girl you just have to be open minded on something’s. It’s a part of their culture. Broaden your horizon.
          The number of Filipinos marrying foreigners is fast rising over the years..don’t you think it is something?

        15. I’d say your are partly right.
          But I’ve know career women working for a multi-million company both came from respected families in Ph. Married Caucasians left their social statuses in Ph and became ordinary citizens in the U.S and I’m actually following their footsteps coz I’m their family..;)

        16. Lmao. You actually believe that. I lived in Korea and only after the white men fucked them out did they Date black
          Asian for the most part will fucked anything anytime. Been there and done thousands

        17. Yes money. I just fucked them.and dump yhem. Maybe when I an 70 I will marry one

        18. Cause you are a white hunting wore. Most of us hump and dump you pokpok . Yes rising because of the Internet. You whores dominate every site

        19. White is way better than black not being a racist but black looks Stinky . :3 and make ridiculous things pff.

        20. exogamy amongst US Asians is high about 30% OVERALL. But note its much higher amongst US Born Asians, even Asian men, the exogamy rate has increased. However due to the recent surge in FOREIGN Born Asians, many of which have married before coming to USA, or lack of English means they stick to their own….. But many US Born/Raised Asians do still Inter-Marry… Even in the Large Asian Regions like So-Cal/San-Fran/Vancouver and New York Etc… the IM/IR Rate is high, I see many, many White/Asian and White/Hispanic Couples/Mixed Babies… in Middle Class Areas, White/Black is still low…

        21. What a bunch of stupid lies and misinformation. Actually, your post is nothing more than an angry post from a black man who hates white guys.
          Your BS #1: You said “The White male can not go any where in Asia like a Black man can with out fearing for his life, especially in the Philippines where he molest poor young girls and boys terribly.”
          FACT: As a white guy married to a Filipina, I’ve met lots of white/Filipina couples and I’ve been to the Philippines myself and never once feared for my life and neither did other white guys I’ve talked to who have visited there. Most Filipinas will tell you that white guys will have no problem finding a girlfriend or wife in the Philippines, in fact they will be able to pick and choose. The reasons for this are many: marrying a white guy and leaving the Philippines means that the Filipina and her future children will have a much more prosperous future. She might even be able to send money back home to help her family. Her children will be mestizos and they will be very handsome/beautiful by Filipino standards. In the Philippines, most movie stars and celebrities are mixed race of Spanish(white) and Filipina. White guys are also seen as more trustworthy and faithful than Filipino guys who have a reputation of cheating on their wives. I’ve even heard that white guys are rumored to have larger tools than the average Filipino guy. Finally, us white guys don’t even have to go to the Philippines to find a Filipina wife or girlfriend. I met my Filipina wife right here where I live in Canada as did the other white guys I mentioned here. It just goes to show that many Filipinas, even those already living abroad, genuinely like white guys, they don’t just marry a white guy, because it’s their ticket out of poverty.
          YOUR BS#2: You said “The White male don’t have and havn’t had what it take to satisfy his own woman for centuries.”
          FACT: Since all the pleasure-sensing nerves are located at the entrance of the vagina, as long as a guy has a 4″ penis and can last 10-15 minutes, he can satisfy a woman. Failing that, he can use his tongue or a dildo. Of course, this is just the physical aspect of sex. More important is how you put your woman in the mood for sex. Do you pay her compliments, buy her flowers, take her to a nice restaurant, etc. to give her a reason to want to please you in bed? I think that white guys do these things as much or even more than anyone else.
          YOUR BS#3: You said: “White males are more abusive to women than any other on the planet.”
          FACT: It is not white guys, but your brothers who are constantly referring to their women as “bitches” and “hoes”. Considering that the crime-rate in the USA for blacks is 6 times the rate amongst whites and this includes violent crime as well, which race of people do you think can be expected to be more violent towards their women?
          Yahudi, stop being so angry and frustrated with us white guys. Why be so jealous? Don’t worry, if you clean yourself up a bit, get some nice clothes, open your wallet a little bit and act like a gentleman, you too can have a nice Asian girlfriend. Now, go get laid, instead of spreading your lies and venom here! 🙂

        22. I disagree. The higher your “class”, the more educated, travelled and therefore more open-minded you would tend to be. Hence you’de be much more open minded to marry someone of another race or culture. Just one example of many: Facebook founder White (Jewish) multi-billionaire Mark Zuckerberg chose an Asian (Chinese/Vietnamese) wife. As a university-educated, young, handsome and very rich man, he could have easily found someone of his own race and culture, yet he chose not to. His Asian wife Priscilla Chan, a medical school graduate, successful, young and beautiful would also have easily been able to find someone of her own race and culture, yet she chose not to.

        23. Besides feminism, there is another ideology that’s spreading much faster throughout Western civilization. It is far more dangerous and far more violent than feminism. It’s called Islam. The clash between the two ideologies is imminent.

        24. White men who seek out Asian women aren’t masculine. I’ve known plenty of them.
          Are they good guys? Some are, yes.
          But they definitively aren’t masculine.

        25. They have a whole army of nonWhites wanting to wipe us out.
          All these White men pretending they’re hypermasculine because they married Asians are just that – pretending. They’re betas, to the last one.
          Asian women tried to latch onto me so many times before I got married it’s not even funny. White women have standards and actual tests that these beta White males can’t live up to, so they run to Asia and marry a girl who will marry them because they’re White, then these losers destroy their ancestral lines. I wouldn’t even call a White man married to an Asian White anymore.

        26. Who cares?
          Filipinos are bottom of the barrel, even by Asian standards. Even the Japanese won’t marry them, nor Koreans. That you, as a White man, did so, says a lot about your lack of self-esteem.

        27. Exactly. That’s what I keep saying. White men who marry Asian women are losers. I’ve never met one who wasn’t a loser, and I’ve met quite a few. They have ZERO presence.

        28. White men trying to be hypermasculine? LOL. Asian women don’t go for that. Asian women like white guys who are easy-going, fun, polite and financially and emotionally secure.

        29. No lack of self esteem, just my choice. You’re right. I could have married some typical moody, selfish, entitled white woman who would be spending all my hard-earned money and arguing with me and bitching and complaining about everything and use sex as a weapon. I could be cooking my own meals and packing my own lunch and doing my own laundry right now. I just CHOSE not to.

        30. Yeah, right. So why did highly successful multi-billionaire celebrities and entrepreneurs like Nicolas Cage, John Lennon, Mark Zuckerberg, Kevin James, Rupert Murdoch and James Gandolfini all marry asian women?

        31. “Yeah, right. So why did highly successful multi-billionaire celebrities and entrepreneurs like Nicolas Cage, John Lennon, Mark Zuckerberg, Kevin James, Rupert Murdoch and James Gandolfini all marry asian women?”
          Highly successful doesn’t automatically translate to good with women. Zuckerberg is probably gay, for one. Murdoch is nearly 80. Cage is a weirdo. Most of the others are fat and most likely weren’t good with women.
          Lennon was from a different time and was on psychedelic drugs during the ’60s, so who knows about him.

        32. “I could have married some typical moody, selfish, entitled white woman who would be spending all my hard-earned money and arguing with me and bitching and complaining about everything and use sex as a weapon.”
          That you say this tells me you suck in bed. If you were good in bed, you’d be the one using sex as a weapon, not her.

        33. ” I could be cooking my own meals and packing my own lunch and doing my own laundry right now.”
          My White wife, who makes more money than I do, a lot more, and and has two degrees after bachelor’s from prestigious universities, does these things for me, and we have two kids (so far).

        34. “Asian women don’t go for that. Asian women like white guys who are easy-going, fun, polite and financially and emotionally secure.”
          I have Asian women who are friends. They tell me the opposite.
          Maybe your girl is an exception.

        35. ” I could have married some typical moody, selfish, entitled white woman
          who would be spending all my hard-earned money and arguing with me and
          bitching and complaining about everything and use sex as a weapon.”
          This sentence tells me you hate White women, probably because you felt rejected by them all your life, and you think you somehow got revenge by marrying an Asian, as if that will make White women care about you more. You look like a loser to normal White men and women.
          Oh, I forgot to mention, my White wife does my laundry too.

      2. “If we can’t get *them* out, we’ll breed them out.” Longshanks, Braveheart
        Powerful white men have been bred out of the matrix by those wanting more power and property for themselves.

      3. Not so sure about that. Though most of your argument has validity. These arguments are mutually exclusive. I’m sure they like the BBC but that’s isn’t exactly a fact. Bottom line we are all gonna be similar yet unique as evolution occurs.

      4. Your whole post is laughable. Yes, she blew you and then told you how she was going to screw over all White men. You really have no clue what’s in store for idiots like you.

    5. They’ve already done this in Denmark with the Love Bridge Laws, that are supposed to project muslim women from force marriages but oh so conveniently make it impossible for only the most wealthy of Danish men to have wives from outside the EU.
      Funny how American women always profess their love for Denmark.

      1. No, the Danish immigration laws are designed to stop people from the third world flooding into that very small country. Broadly speaking to bring a foreign spouse into the country you both have to be over 24, and you must have a high income. The “love bridge” idea comes from the bridge over the River Oresund which is the border with Sweden. Danes can get a Swedish residence permit for their spouses, and both live in Sweden, with the Dane commuting to work across the bridge into Denmark.

    6. They already started. A few years ago some female senators passed a bill (now law) that forces US citizens to divulge any felonies/criminal convictions to prospective foreign fiancees before applying for a visa. Now, that in and of itself doesn’t sound so bad but it’s clearly discriminatory. For e.g., there is no law that forces you to do the same before you marry an *American* beeoch.
      The politicians argue that this helps to protect the foreign prospective bride from possible abuse, etc. I won’t completely argue against that. However, I fully expect them to continue adding legislation, piece by piece, so that it will eventually becomes very onerous to find a spouse overseas.
      There are other crazy laws already on the books. In the US, Canada and all of Western Europe it is technically ILLEGAL to fly to another country, meet someone, have sex with that someone who is of the LEGAL age of consent in her country if that person is below the age of 18.
      For e.g., 18 year old guy makes his first trip abroad to some country in Europe where the age of consent is 16. He meets a hot 16-year old and has sex with her. Let’s say he then dumps her or does something to make her mad. All she has to do is report that guy to the US consulate and he is ROYALLY FUCKED! Upon returning to the US, he will be immediately arrested, prosecuted, branded a pedo and his life is basically over. It’s just nuts. Logically, local age of consent and any other local laws should be exactly that. But instead, feminists and their mangina politicians want all their oppressive national laws to be pan-national! This is especially true for any laws that curtail the natural male sex drive or anything that offends western women in any way.
      Notice that they don’t have these types of pan-national legal enforcement for anything else. For e.g., if it is illegal to smoke pot in Texas and a Texan flies to Amsterdam and smokes there, he is NOT arrested upon return to the US (as long as he’s not bringing any drugs with him).
      Look for more ridiculous laws in the future.

      1. heard about that. Doesnt have to be a consulate either. The cops she calls will take to the consulate to make it “easier for the poor girl”.

      2. Hmm, no, and for at least one reason. The USA is a federal republic where the age of consent is reserved to the states. Thus 31 states have it at 16, 8 at 17 and 12 at 18. If you think about it for a moment, your argument would lead to people from Arizona being arrested when they returned home for having sex in Alabama.

        1. A guest is correct, sorry.
          The federal nexus here is crossing the US border. Entering or leaving the US with the intent of having sex with someone under the age of 18 IS a felony. States’ rights issues are trumped by that border.
          Admittedly “intent” is hard to prove …

        2. Intent is hard to prove, in theory, but they have been many successful prosecutions. I’m surprised most readers here aren’t more aware about this, since these types of stings have been featured on US news programs for at least the past decade.
          Usually “intent” could be as little as finding condoms and lube in the man’s car (seriously).
          What’s really crazy is the stupid Federalizing of state laws through tortured use of “Federal Nexus.” Who gives a flying beep about “intent” (other than feminists). If a US citizen crosses a *state* border (e.g. California to Nevada) and does something PERFECTLY LEGAL in that state, how could any sensible American support the arresting and prosecution of that individual?
          It just boggles my mind that these kind of ludicrous laws could be passed and enforced with zero outcry from the “freedom loving” population. Absolutely mind boggling.
          In theory, you could even be prosecuted if you permantly relocate to another state and subsequently have legal sex in your new state of domicile. The law only talks about “crossing state borders with the intent of having sex with someone under 18”.
          So 18-year old California guy meets 17-year old Nevada girl on the net. He decides to move to Nevada, find a job, marry the girl and settle down. In theory, he has broken that federal law and can be prosecuted! On the other hand, if he had been born in Nevada and did the exact same thing, he would be perfectly fine.
          ‘Murica. Land of the stoopid.

        3. Thanks. To be fair, the legislation your linked to for me, does state quite clearly that it is about rape, molestation and prostitution. The point that I was making was that consensual sex with someone under 18 is quite legal in many areas of the world, and this legislation does not alter that fact.
          Still, I can see grounds on which the government might want to prosecute. Give the man power and the man will abuse that power.

      3. While I don’t like what the feminists have been up to let me explain something. That law about reporting felonies or “domestic abuse” only applies to marriage brokers. There’s nothing to stop me from marrying my fiancée who I may have met in another country.
        And as far as having sex with a girl of legal age in another country there’s nothing they can do about that either. If I had sex with a girl of 15 in France (the legal age) there would be nothing the gov’t could do about it.What they mean about travelling for sex would be that you had made arrangements for this purpose but it would be very hard to prove intent even if you did. You could just say that you happened to be in the country and met a girl there. Anyway I don’t know of any cases where someone has actually been prosecuted for that or for drug taking. What I do find disturbing though is that they use the age of 18 even though the aoc in most of the US is 16.
        What next? Prosecuting someone who drank alcohol in France where the legal age is 16 just because the US has an absurd 21 yo drinking age? btw, this law has to be unconstitutional because you’re a legal adult whether you’re 18 or a hundred and the same laws apply equally.
        You pussy whipped pyjama boys make me sick. You’ve done nothing but watch kid video games and jerk off all day. Do you think that the Boomers “The Greatest Generation ®” would have tolerated this shit?

        1. Edit: Damn recycled posts. I didn’t realize how old this was. If you care to read what I wrote it’s below, no need to consider it unless you’re curious:
          The so-called greatest generation dutifully handed over their gold when fedgov told them to. The greatest generation was the first well conditioned and manipulated (socially engineered) generation. Much of what they fell for from government and corporations is considered tradition now. The boomers have been no better, quite a lot worse in putting up with and creating more government interference into our lives. The millennials are now actively working towards agenda 2030.
          And there are things fedgov can do should it choose to. But for ordinary people it probably won’t. But if you get someone like the wikileaks guy, who isn’t even a US citizen, fedgov will find a way to get him even if it means using other governments to do so.

      4. UK age of consent is 16. I’d be surprised if UK law insists on 18 abroad, irrespective of local legislation.

      5. Edit: Damn recycled posts. I didn’t realize how old this was. If you care to read what I wrote it’s below, no need to consider it unless you’re curious:
        The idea of fedgov demanding people follow its laws while outside its territory is nothing new. The US federal government is one of I think two countries that tax citizens who live and work outside its territory. The US federal government has quite a list of things it expects those of US citizenship to follow no matter where they go. Although almost all these items are financial.
        And using substances which fedgov doesn’t allow overseas won’t stop the consequences from a positive test after returning.

    7. If that happened, I foresee a future in which guys will move to hot and exotic countries instead of bringing back women to their native counties in the western world.
      When I travel abroad I always see poor but extremely happy people enjoying life, whilst in Europe or the USA people tend to be more sad and they often complain, so in the end I think moving abroad wouldn’t be such a bad move for us…

      1. So very true. Almost all communication in the USA has been reduced to rude comments, criticism and sarcasm. I cannot have a “real” conversation with the average person here without it being quickly diverted to absurd nonsense. It’s like living in a fucking sitcom. I think people are unconsciously emulating the dreck they see on TV and in movies. They don’t know how to have a real conversation or any empathy anymore.
        At least abroad I can have a real conversation with a real human being. Just that is enough to make me count the days on my calendar until I leave permanently. (I’m not kidding, I really have a countdown calendar for not only my next trip out of The Matrix, I have another one for the day I will have enough money saved up to leave and not come back.)

    8. I agree. It’s one reason they’ve made customs feel like prison when you are coming back into The Matrix. It’s to show us peons who is in charge.
      Look for more male shaming for men who travel abroad alone and more witch hunts to scare other would be bachelors away from looking for a mate abroad. This human trafficking (women being sold into sex “slavery”) PR push of late reeks of Cathedral propaganda.
      I am ready to check out at my earliest convenience. It enrages me to feed this system with my hard earned tax dollars. For me, it’s at least better to try to build a new life somewhere else alongside a good woman rather than continuing to be taken advantage of.
      Every time I come back here I realize what a hollowed out society we live in. Basic human relationships have been ditched in favor of quarterly profits. No wonder the USA has the highest rates of mental illness in the world. It’s time for me to check out of the insane asylum.

    9. A few years ago there was an attempt to prevent men from marrying foreign women. Some feminist cunt was advocating this for “homeland security” reasons. It never went through.
      That said, I do know a friend whose philipino wife became contaminated with the feminazi virus and divorced him.
      For God’s sake gentlemen, if any of you have aspirations of marriage then do do outside the anglosphere. Do not bring any FW back to the USA.

      1. I agree. I have a great woman right now abroad, and I have no aspirations of bringing her into this über-toxic environment of Feminism and Leftism.
        Better to relocate myself than her.

    10. They’ve already made it as easy as possible for her to say “abuse”. And that gets her out of the marriage and a she can stay(doesn’t matter if it is provably false). But I can’t imagine they could ban it outright..just make it as hard as possible. In Spain already 20% of the men marry outside of Spain..mostly from Brazil and Colombia.

    11. I think that is sad, I should probably leave the country as soon as I can then.

    12. You are dead wrong. The visa requirements as of April have become even easier with an increase extension of no visa below 30 days from original 21. There are also easy extensions of up to two years but you basically can live there indefinitely with a travelers visa. The extensions of travelers visa can be renewed every two months. Aside from that there are marriage laws so if you get married you can bring back your wife. That will never change, this is law in every country and always will be.

    13. So true: “increasing efforts of feminists and government pogues to try to prevent guys from exercising their options to marry foreign women”.
      Yes, while they encourage interacial breeding in the K media and society, they also target White men who actually fall in love and want to marry Asian women as having “gotten a mail-order bride” or stigmatise them as “sex tourists.”
      Negro men with Asians (or with White hos from lesser developed European countries or S. America, who want to get to the US etc, are not likewise stigmatised and slandered.
      So the K’s etc want Whites to matewith 1. Negroes. 2. any otherrace, but also take the opportunity to slander White men who do, esp. sincere White men who marry for love. Why the paradox? Partly they can’t help themselves, but also it’s ‘killing two birds with one stone’.
      White fembots are more threatened by it of course.

    14. I agree with you about how fembots / The Matri(arch)x is psychologically threatened by Asian women, However, this will NEVER happen, due to other, more supported goals: “I can imagine a future where they try to end what little happiness men can get in the USA, by tightening up visa requirements, border controls, marital barriers, restrictive immigration policies, etc.”

    15. Let them try. If I find a foreign women I love and want to marry I am willing to go live in her country. I have no problem living in the Philippines, Brazil, Russia or Peru. I make more money working overseas than i do in the USA,.

    16. Just the other day, I saw a vid with some bitch in Thailand interviewing people about how Thai women were being taken advantage of by Western men.
      Bacically, if you can just live like a normal dude, feminists find it offensive..

    17. They already did this in Australia when a feminist was president (we didn’t elect). She changed the pension from 3 months to 1 month. So many pensioners has to return to Australia every month now compare to 3 months.
      She was the most un popular president so they removed her before the next election. Even the school kids hated her and throw sandwiches at her.

    18. This was predicted in science fiction. In one popular series the future Government of Earth puts caps on the number of women allowed to emigrate from Earth to Mars, basically sends the excess men to Mars to do the shit work of making a colony. Earth reverses itself when someone invents sex bots that can get pregnant.

    19. My problem is the genocide of my race by third world immigration and forced integration.
      ” It’s Asia for Asians, Africa for Africans, white countries for everyone.”
      I have no problem with you having an Asian wife. Just live with her in Asia.
      Don’t bother to come home.

    20. They already do that in Scandinavia and some other western European countries. They make very strict rules to marry people from other countries, especially from non eu countries

  12. Sounds like a GREAT place for a vacation…but I’m white and want to “keep it in the race” if you know what I’m sayin…
    Also, I understand women and their true nature well enough to know that you can be burned by any one of them from any race and any country…

    1. Their nature is universal, however the cultural conditioning provides restraining mechanisms on women in varying degrees. A femicunt American chick, of pretty much any age under 70, can be counted to to be almost universally intolerable in character, morals and virtue. A foreign girl from a very culturally traditional area where the role of women has been instilled in her from the day of her birth forward, with strong reinforcement from all of her female role models, will have her nature culled and her attitude will reflect it accordingly.
      Now bring her back to the States, and you’re screwed unless you keep the hammer down at all times, I’d think.

      1. Well put. How women are socialized effects how the express their nature. A traditional, well raised woman will express her feminine nature and find her validation from forming strong family relationships and derive satisfaction from making those people happy.
        One who isn’t, will seek validation through whorish, attention seeking behavior and thrill seeking. She(or even he, for feminized/gay males) will regard successfully conning someone else as an accomplishment, rather than a despicable act.

    2. Yeah, aint that the trruth. My Dads wife is about 35+ lbs overweight now. He’s in his 70’s and she in her 50’s. She snd Dad don’t speak much anymore. She’s speaking tagalo with her family and leaves him out. She looks at him like she wish he would hurry up and die. We bring him over to our house for American food and conversation when ever we can. He’s a f’ing stranger in his own home. She married an older man to come to the USA and brought her whole damn family. I’m sure 25 y.o. Asian Pussy seemed like a good thing at the time, but he regrets it now. Not me…never would go that route. My boys look like me. Married a good ol southern girl who like football and fishing. It’s not perfect, but pretty good most of the time.

      1. There are guys in there 70s fucking 25 year olds in Angeles, Subic, Cebu, etc. Sure it’s P4P, but who’s happier, your Dad or the old fuckers in Phils (or Thai or where ever) chafing their cocks and rotting their livers daily? 😀

    3. Well, bang yourself a grip of Filipinas, then marry a white girl to breed thoroughbred children. That’s what I’d do, except replace Filipinas with Northeast Asians and replace white girl with tall Black woman.
      Why not have some fun in your youth if you can? Personally, I separate recreational sex and “duty sex”. The world that we live in allows it, so why not?

      1. So fucking true. I’d hate fucking a virgin and going through all the formalities of acculturating myself with her family, but if I had to marry anyone, it would be an inexperienced 18 year old virgin from a great background. Of course I would have to break her in, but at least I’d be the first and hopefully only, this would be a “duty.” However, I would prefer outside of the “contract” to fuck sluts, in the 18-24 year old range. This is fun, they know what to do without even asking. The only thing is, these days 99% of the women in the West are sluts, and are rare off-limits actually marriageable.

        1. thats how it should be, just like back in the day. We bang sluts,not virgins. ANd when time comes we marry them. Im not a fan of pumpin n dumpin a virgin cuz you just ruined a good woman and created the very thing we hated.
          If you meet a virgin, she should be encouraged to keep it. It shes a slut we encourage that and not take her seriously,

  13. All the Filipinas I’ve met seem to be very…flirtatious. They’re definitely not shy. They’ve got this cheeky sexual energy to them, it’s hard to explain unless you’ve experienced it.

  14. This is paradise on earth. Now try to figure out what biblical place you are right now !

  15. 100% Disagree with the sexually conservative part.
    Every Filipina I’ve ever met was insatiably, cock-thirsty and very clear about it.
    Likely due to the Spanish genetic influence.

    1. Agreed. In fact I’ll go ahead and point out there is a reason Pinays are the whores of the east. I’m curious about this presumption of loyalty. My experiences growing up in the military and later serving in the Far East showed me Pinays (fillipinas) are easily the LEAST trustworthy.
      In short women are women no matter where you pull one from. The burdon is on the man to keep his bitch in check.

      1. That squares with my experience as well. There are a lot of Filipinas where I live, and most of the guys in my social circle dated or married one. I can’t think of a single one that didn’t cheat on her husband/boyfriend.
        The loyal ones must have stayed in the PI.

  16. The fact is, unless a north american woman is fat, or physically deranged in some way, she can not be loyal and will not please you one ounce, she simply does not have any morality integrated so she would need some aggrandizing scam-like incentive to stick around, an 8/10 male can only date a 5/10 female in north america if they want a remotely successful LTR. But how can you be content with someone who is 3 notches less in value? the answer is… you can’t and it’s unacceptable/frustrating so you will not treat her like she is on some pedestal, eventually this causes the 5 you are with the seek better value so she learns how to apply makeup in better ways, might even lose some weight, than leaves you suddenly. Confusing but event the lowest ranking females seem to hate males that are already too good for them. Might as-well just go straight for the 8’s. The sub-8’s seem to have some kind of mental de-rangement, and if you get cheated on you’ll be less bitter if at least you got an 8 for a short time, almost like an achievement whereas you’ll be bitter if a 6 cheated on you. Its an insult to work hard and feel bad about any woman who is less than 8. IN some ways it is actually better to just have the rude obnoxious slut, at least they are honest and their personality is see-through so you know what to expect, and the ugly may seem mysterious and everything but she only wishes she could be a nasty cold hearted and insolent twat.
    Always remember north american women make EXCELLENT hookers but TERRIBLE wives and should be avoided by all means possible! Also, if these foreign women ARE better, than they won’t be for too long once all north american males flood the dating markets they too will becomes entitled prizes.

    1. So did your step-dad bang your girlfriend or what? Wah wah its always the girls fault, never my own for being such an enormous douche bag!

      1. stupid comment
        You sound exactly like a 22 yr old american woman.
        Maybe accuse him of living in his moms basement next?

    2. I have optimism that the foreign dating market won’t be totally ruined because the USA is only 5% of the world’s population and Europe is similarly in the single digits. And, there’s only a certain segment of that population that are both male and willing to take the international plunge…
      That said, many of the best men are and will be leaving in droves for greener pastures. If anything, the dating market in America will be an even bigger clusterfuck than it already is soon.
      The “brain drain” of intelligent, hard-working men will further put the crunch on this already declining society. I welcome seeing that happen.
      See ya poolside, chaps.

  17. Out of curiosity, is there any kind of freedom to bear arms there for the citizenry? That’s the one question I asked when I was scouting for a suitable wife candidate way back when, and the answer almost universally came back as “no”. Ol’ Ghost here though, he doesn’t go through life disarmed, so I kind of had no viable option (to me) than to stay here in the States.

    1. The only reason they haven’t banned guns here is because they know most people are too weak-willed to ever use them against our rulers.

    2. I’m with you on that I don’t want to live anywhere where I can’t bear arms or that is is restricted to a heavy degree.

      1. Not really, but of all Asians, I think that they’re more likely to give a Black guy a chance.
        As far as being bisexual, in my experience, I haven’t seen or heard that, but if you’re the kind of guy that really turns on a girl, you can probably convince her to be bisexual for you, if only for one night. This isn’t particular to Filipinas to my knowledge though.

        1. Yeah but Filipinas are on the lower-rung of Asians, it’s like fucking Mexicans (not the white ones) or El-Salvadorians out of all Latin America when you could be getting Brazilians Argentinians, and Colombianas. I’ve personally slept with Japanese, Chinese and Korean girls. If I absolutely had to fuck an Asian, those would be the nationalities of choice, with Japanese and Koreans coming in at the upper-echelon. I may disparage them, but I still prefer my white girls in the sack, easily available and pretty high quality these days, where I am at. But don’t settle for less in terms of “pursuing” women. Only if a chick is absolutely throwing it in your face, at zero cost to you, then why not, but life is too short to settle for less. Women don’t do it, and neither should we.

        2. agreed, With all this talk of how great SEA women are, how come we leave out north east asian women? I think the women in east asia are great not just the south east. In fact I think the quality is better with northern east girls. Japanese and koreans in particular.

        3. Generally I agree with you, but it’s clear you harbor a preference for white and fair skinned women. I on the other hand do not.
          When I was in Japan I discovered that I was almost never viscerally aroused by Japane females like I was for black, Mediterranean, or mixed South American women. And as I traveled around the Far East, I only got wild with lust for darker curvier Asians (country Thais, Cambodian, Vietnamese etc)
          Even after growing up in a predominately white / mixed environment as a child; I have next to no affinity for white or fair skinned women at all.
          For me if a white or fair skinned woman makes it easy or low effort I may bite, but generally they aren’t on my radar.
          I find it interesting that so many in the “Red Pill” community pedestalized white women seperate and apart when it’s clear by our own experience that – in this day and age – white women are hands down the worse women on the planet.

        4. When I was in Japan I discovered that I was almost never viscerally aroused by Japane females like I was for black, Mediterranean, or mixed South American women.
          I’m partial to East Asians in general, but Japanese women just don’t do it for me. Koreans, though. That’s another story.

        5. I’ve done some asking around, even with Filipnas. It’s true they do have a thing for Black Guys…hahahha. The bi-sexuality is more of a personal choice, as most Filipnas are kinda of conservative.

    1. TRuTH. Go to Thailand for that sort of thing. I love Pinays, easily the most “cool laid back chics” on the planet, but easily eclipsed in beauty, grace and femininity by Thais and so on.

  18. Future ROK Article- I have to get with foreign trash because attractive white girls are well aware I am a douche bag.

    1. Or because the locals are by now waaaayy, way trashier than anything commonly on offer abroad.

        1. When almost every “attractive white girl” has a partner count 15+ and and is dumb enough think talking about how they fucked a black guy once is somehow attractive then yeah I’d say foreign women are a better option.

        2. ouch. Wonder why white men ie fathers brothers cousins uncles allow their females to behave like this?
          Do they encourage it?are they just pussys and dont care?
          Other races typically dont stand for this, but getting hard to fight it cuz this mindset is invading their homes everyday.

        3. You’re right. I have to wonder where these poor dregs from the bottom 10% are from. No foreign women from a good class would even bother with them anymore than the top US females do. American girls are generally sweeter and more innocent in Nature (The White ones anyway). Even the upper class American girls in my area have better manners and dispositions than you’ll find in other countries and don’t have the same degree of materialism and trying to catch a rich husband attitude. Yes they do but that’s because these are the only men they know and like usually goes with like.
          Who but a poor loser would even want to go to some poor country to find a woman. These blanket boys on here can’t even get a poor female in the US. Even poor fugly girls have standards.

        4. Where are you from? Here on the West Coast I see no evidence any of this is true. White women here go through one man after another until their looks fade. They have the sort of “sweeter and more innocent” dispositions you typically find in a woman who’s been turning tricks for a few decades.
          I don’t know why any man, from the smoothest player to the most forgettable dork, would bother with a white American girl over about 23.

    2. More like, ‘attractive white girls aren’t worth all the shit they stir up’.

  19. Why does every topic about dating girls outside your tribe somehow spiral down to whether or not you are an inferior specimen of your race?

    1. Because there’s always going to be the argument that you wouldn’t be dating outside your race unless you were incapable of attracting the cream of the crop of your own race as a mate.

      1. Suppose that is true and you are not the most popular in your village, if you don’t get what you desire where you are, what’s wrong with seeking happiness elsewhere? If your people don’t treat you all that well, then they don’t have a right to complain when you move on.

  20. I’ve also noticed that out of all the Asian ethnic groups, Filipinas tend to be more open to dating black men. I’m black, and I can’t tell you how many Filipinas have called me handsome, told me they like my skin tone, and said they like black men.

    1. You’re right, many of us Filipinas love blacks as well. My ex bf was black 🙂

  21. Among Asians Americans filipinas are the most obese, so maybe they are thing there, but they balloon up once they get here. Also keep in mind that Asians are medically obese before their BMI says they are since they are more pron to unhealthy fat distributions.

    1. Filipinos seem get diabetes really easily. If you were in a LTR with one you really want to do what you can to keep her thin or you’ll have a sick woman on your hands.

  22. Filipinas can be small. I knew one that had to be an inch or 2 shorter than 4′ and weighed like 75 lbs. She was in her 20s. She had a squeeky high-pitched “Chinagirl” voice that went straight for the nervous system. She looked and sounded for the most part like a child.
    I always wanted to ask her if she got pursued by pedos a lot. But even I could not wrap my mind around being with her. Surely there are some short guys on their game who would not have a problem.

  23. What’s with all this worship of ‘foreign women’ in the manosphere?
    All women are fundamentally the same, regardless of whatever superficial differences in their behavior that culture produces.

    1. My wife is not the issue here! I hope that some day my wife will learn to live on her allowance, which is ample, but if she does not that is her problem, not mine. Just as the rug is your problem; just as every bum ‘s lot in life is his own responsibility regardless of who he chooses to blame. I didn’t blame anyone for the loss of my legs; some Chinaman took them from me in Korea. But I went out and achieved anyway, ha ha!

    2. Yea ? so maybe all women are fundamentally nice and sweet, just like those foreign girls, and it’s the Western Women who deviate,

  24. interesting article. i read an article in the economist years ago about happiness, and how researchers considers filipinos to be among the happiest people. reasons given were strong family relationships (if one person is sick, the entire extended family respond with food, support, etc), focus on laughter and recreation, and a non materialistic culture.

  25. I live in a Navy town, so there are Filipinas everywhere, or LBFM’s as they are lovingly referred to (little brown fuck machines). I’ve dated a few, and they are a little crazy. They age well too. But their society is matriarchal. The women control the finances in the marriage. Mostly it’s ultra-beta sailors that marry them and bring them to the states. They bring them over and the women run their lives.

    1. Why marry and be stuck with just one? Work your ass off in your home country and save your money and your erection for vacation time a few times a year. Albeit you have to have a job or own a business whereby you can spend 20% of your life on sexcation, but such jobs and businesses are out there! 😀

  26. Most of what JS says here is pretty right. My experience with filipina is that they do try hard to please you in bed. The best sex ive ever hwd was with filipina. They are materialostic but are generally are happier with less than average say chineses girl. But they are hard to domimate. They do have a way of bending guys to their will. Generally they do like to run things.

  27. You forgot: Filipinas are feisty. They also have short vaginal cavities. I’ve had sex with about 8 Filipinas in my lifetime and I’ve never been able to fully penetrate any of them…

    1. Are you sure they weren’t trannies? Flippos like Puerto Ricans make good trannies. And btw, did you pay these “girls”? I only ask because the typical pyjama boy loser on here is incapable of even picking up 1 girl in any country, let alone 8.

        1. Exactly! The most expensive pussy a man can get is the supposedly “free” pussy!!

  28. Filipinos are non-white will not reproduce white children and preserve the ethnicity I value. End of discussion.
    The most basic fact of marriage, family and identity is overlooked. Insane to me.

    1. As a smart beta male that predates the PUA scene, I spent many years in the Philippines enjoying beautiful appreciative ladies. I eventually married a Kenyan gal instead. Love them all. You can have the white ladies and your racial purity. All yours.

    2. So…a person whose great grandmother was Filipino but whose grandparents and parents were white isn’t white? I’m serious, white is too fucking broad a term considering that various groups have been included and excluded from the definition over the years. Frankly, moral values and world outlook trump race in my book and too many white girls are significantly lacking in that department in this country.

    3. Asian girls are pretty when they’re young. Hell, most women are pretty when they’re young. My point is after the f**king and the stir fried rice, you gotta talk to her. What do you have in common? She’s not an American and doesn’t know ( or probably care) about anything a man like me cars about. Call me a redneck and I’ll plead guilty, but if she doesn’t know or like SEC football, NASCAR, and bass fishing….got no use for her.

      1. Most women born here in the US don’t know nor like SEC football, NASCAR, and bass fishing either.

      2. You must be new to the Red Pill, let alone this site. WTH are you trying to find something in common with a woman for?
        Seriously, the only thing you two need to have in common is that she knows you are the head and if she wants to be happy YOU better be happy. And YOU being happy is job #1 for her; period.

  29. Although I am not generally attracted to Asian ladies, the author is correct in stating that they very much value their family and children. If I were to consider a family, I would certainly place these ladies above most western women. As in every culture, there are the good and bad everywhere.

  30. Whenever I see a another guy with a Filipino woman it pretty much says to me “I’m a nerd and not good looking enough to pick up any local hot chicks so I have to travel abroad to find someone to sleep with my sorry ass.” Fucking betas

        1. Well, I doubt you are a “dude”, because if you were you would refer to yourself as a man. But if you are, that’s even worse because you are a dude who talks like a woman and has the attitude of a bitter woman. Men, at least ones that get laid, don’t start haterading whenever they see a couple like you say you do.

    1. Pay, fuck, and chuck. Rent by the hour, day, or week.
      Alpha, Beta, whatever; I don’t give a fuck as long as I get what I want. 😀

      1. I think your statement hits the nail on the head. Life is all about getting what you want in the way that is best for you.

  31. This same bachelor would probably have 19-year-old women telling him he is “guwapo” (handsome).
    They also say “me love you long time”
    Flippo girls are some of the fugliest looking girls on earth.They look like something that is a combination of the original jungle people from the stone age mixed with fugly Chinks with a bit of Spanish thrown in. A bad genetic combination. The only girls worse looking are the women of Tonga.

    1. Depends on what you like. Sure there are lots of fugly ones, but my fuck there are some fucking hotties too!

    2. Roosh who got shot down by the Jante code (lol) and couldn’t even get a bj from a hooker there in Denmark will be working on his new book, Bang Tonga! I was actually too quick to condemn Tonga since the climate in the south islands are much better than Manila. Imagine the worst hot humid day in August in NYC and that’s what Manila is year round.

    3. Just discard the ugly ones and get the beautiful ones. It’s not difficult, you know. There’s plenty of beautiful Filipinas.

  32. Truth be told, the chicks featured in these pictures don’t represent the average Filipina. The one’s you’ll be meeting will be significantly less acctractive. But even considering that, still – overall – a good investment. Filipina’s make great wives but are – severely – lacking in the physical department. Well, at least the face…the bodies are oke. Just something to take into account.

    1. Agree but also disagree. It depends on what (whom) you find attractive. If your idea of “attractive” is the long-legged, somewhat wiry, sensuality-dripping Russian woman, then the Philippines will be a bad choice. Not many of those there.
      However if you like the Asian-Latino type, then you’ll feel like a kid in a candy store.

  33. You might want to take a cautionary pause before you commit to a Filipina.
    I have personally known six white guys (in Canada) who have married these girls and things were not all that rosy
    We have a lot of the girls that come to Canada as nannies and they are looking to advance themselves When my kids were small, we had 2 Filipina nannies and they were great.
    Yes, they are good cooks and give off a feminine, submissive vibe that is hugely appealing to American and Canadian guys who are fed up with loutish demanding unfeminine harpies that are home grown.
    ALL the guys I know, once they became involved with a Filipina, were required to sponsor a few or more of her relatives to immigrate to Canada. Also, they had to contribute money to send to her relatives back home. The family usually came from dirt floor shacks, yet the girl in Canada learned to put on airs of higher sophistication. Well, fair enough Who could blame her?
    As time goes on in the relationship, she gradually changes the game. All the guys I know were required to bust their butts buying and improving homes, yards, cars etc. The guy was hounding into being a mule to support her improving tastes, and give kids (if any) the very best that could be extracted out of our poor Canadian (or American) guy. Slacking off a bit with these girls is simply not an option in most cases.
    And so they know their rights? Hoo boy. They have a network of other Filipinas who all advise her on the law and how much and in what way to get the most out her Canadian hubby.
    Yeah, they will marry and older guy (if he has money) or a dweeb if he is not TOO dweeby and has money. Poor guys are not allowed. This proves that (within reasonable limits) these girls can have strong stomachs and will do what is necessary to secure a source of money.
    Now, here’s the thing. When the kids are about 10 (or they hit 40 plus) the sex dries up. She’s done her thing – provided kids, cooked meals, etc. Now, she doesn’t want him on her back anymore and shuts down the pussy. This apparently is common in many east Asian and oriental cultures. In richer circles the husband is expected to get a mistress.
    In Canada and US, this is harder.
    When the guy finally gets the point that she is shutting down on sex and affection, the marriage starts to crumble and she often winds up filing and getting half the house and everything else.
    There is no free lunch and no clean deals.

    1. I have seen this same game with Latinas. I was married to an Argentinian. Not any more, of course. Do not marry any of them. Do not put them on a pedestal. They all want money. Read the Manipulated Man. Must read. The only solution today is to have multiple girlfriends at all times. Never take it too seriously. Focus on your work. I have come to the conclusion that marriage is over as an institution. Do not marry foreign women. Just have fun.

  34. I thought ONS were easy in phillipines or anywhere in SEA for that matter.
    forgive me for not having a holistic view of women(foreign included)
    THat practical sense of marriage is a very thin line to gold diggers especially to older men so be careful. It seems like more out of necessity then love. Remember girls from poor nations are far more clever than 1st world bitches. Do they really believe it due to culture? or is she trying to play you cuz hypergamy going into overdrive for that high value man.
    Thanx to the manosphere I dont trust everything from females entirely, in the back of my mind I always assume an ulterior motive(do not wanna be a fool) on her part.Its in their nature.
    You can go
    to my comment on “obeisty in white women is the cuase of asian populatrity”or whate ever its called. The white guy I knew just got his wallet, body and mind trashed by his philipino ex wife(dunno if shes foreign or western born cuz that would be important).
    Foreign brides hustle. 1 indian dude from my dads work killed himself when his arranged bride divorced him for citizenship(WTF).
    Then there was 1 minute segment of scam marriages and 1 them showed of how this persian guy sponsored his future “wife” from Iran, then sees her runnin around with her bf from Iran.The rest of the 59 min was focused on 2 white women getting hustled by 2 men from africa n Morocco(BS bias for white women).
    Although I dislike western women, I will give them 1 thing though. They are more likely then foreign girls to love you when you are broke. Considering of course your game,looks and lifestyle is in check. When your money is gone your foreign bride is gone or at least her foreign femininity.
    But as foreign brides go, Ill go with OP on this, SEA women especially Filipina women are perhaps the best wives, with their Latin and Slavic sisters close behind.
    I can see why you guys see them as perfect cuz of how bad your women have gotten. Even in hyper liberal Sweden, they have the most Thai brides then any other nation….coincidence i think not.

  35. They sound awesome, however I can never really feel attracted to the vast majority of asian women.

    1. do they remind of white people with down syndrome or something when they dye their hair?

  36. remember women from poor nations have the mentality of slavic girls from FSU. They think Logically with their ltr prospects and go with the best deal.They dont base decisions off of emotions like western women do(whom make a shit ton of mistakes).
    To some of us, we think this is good,buts its a thin line to being hustled real bad. Cuz she knows her assets and why you like her. They have a dogs instinct on reading you. Dont be that “dumb gullible narcissistic arrogant first worlder” thinking hes hot shit in some dumb turd world nation. They may not be as rich or “educated” as you, but they know how too scam you
    They know by looking at you weather you are a winner or a loser in your country.
    This kinda what some asian american girls think, that they can get any white guy or that every guy wants them. They even made a tshirt “everyone likes asian girls” o somthin like that.

    1. They know by looking at you weather [sic] you are a winner or a loser in your country
      They know that in every country but these dopey losers on here naively believe that they can jump class just as they believe they can get a female out of their class with “game” (lol) in the US. Whenever I’m in another country I’m still with people of my own class which is why we have no problem understanding each other because we all travel in the same circles and have similar interests.. In fact I would have no problem regardless of whether I’m in NY, Moscow, Bombay or London etc etc and would have a bigger problem in the US with the lower classes from the ‘hood or Podunk. These people are like from another planet to me.

      1. Sorry man, but the US is the one place where “class” is entirely a construct of an individuals intentional out look on life. We do have a class structure if you will, but it’s more of a “I’m gonna be successful vs I’m content” kinda class.
        In the US you are either about making money or you aren’t period. All others are just wallowing in a world of fantasy as they masturbate their own egos with grandiose delusions of superiority.

  37. Asian women age horribly, not just physically, but personality-wise as well. They always end up crazy old ladies that don’t give a shit, and you’re going to be married to that. And if you want kids, you are going to have short, brown Asian sons who will marry Asian girls, erasing your genes completely. And even if you are old and don’t care, Asian eyes scrunch in an ugly way during, rather than getting brighter and lighting up like Caucasian eyes. They have a horrible body shape: no boobs, ass.,or waist, so as soon as they gain a pound, look out. We’re talking barrel waist and massive calves with a huge, round face. Asians are unbelievably overrated. I’ve lived in Russia and Korea… Koreans are cute in a boring way at best, even with surgery, whereas Russian women range from cute to downright drop dead gorgeous. You’ll never get that level anywhere in Asia, much less someone who can give you tall, attractive children that look a little bit like you.

    1. Russians age just a hard as anybody else; I know, my ex is one.
      I recently saw a pic of my ex and four of her friends whom I knew back in Russia in 2001; they were all hot back then. Three of them are fat and ugly now; one remains hot; my ex is somewhere in between.
      All those crazy babooshkas come from somewhere.

  38. 8 – Filipinas are culturally catholic. If she doesn’t go to mass, her mom does. You are marrying/dating a catholic family, and all that comes with that. And this may be cool with you, but you need to keep it in mind.

  39. Filipinas are beautiful, feminine and great in bed. They’re absolutely a joy to have and put your average fat american to shame. However, Filipinas also tend to be poor and will see western men as a source of opportunity. There is also an entrenched culture of scamming western men, and they talk to each other about getting money out of western guys. A lot of guys have been burned by them.
    So go to the Philippines, but be very careful about bringing one back. A lot of other men have had their downfall this way. Safer bet is to go there and enjoy them in their home country.

    1. “Safer bet is to go there and enjoy them in their home country.”
      You got it!

    2. You brought up very good points. You’re right Philippines is a very poor country, and some resort to dishonest practices to feed themselves or their starving family (which is not an excuse). I think it’s mostly a survival thing, so guys have to be careful. But there are many good ones there -as well as crazy girls who are nuts, so use common sense. Don’t look for a wife or gf in bars, or anyone with shady character.
      Also growing poor we tend to usually work harder given the opportunity and do our best to support and help our American husbands. We treat each other with love and respect. Loyal to him and been together for 15 yrs. Living In northeast.

  40. Lol, I’m Filipino. I’m 24. I live here in Cebu, right in the middle of the Philippines. I really hate this kind of articles that puts our women in pedestals. Our women are exactly the same with the women in your country. They just tend be wifely to Foreign men just because of the fact that you guys are Foreign. We are a slave country, and anything foreign is already deemed exponentially more dominant than everything local here. There is no divorce here, only annulment; and annulment cases are the very primary source of income of most lawyers here. Filipino husbands are treated like crap. AWALT applies everywhere, even in the Philippines. Women are just so manipulative. And by the way most women below my age, do not know how to cook anymore, unless they are culinary or hotel management students whose main agenda is to study to work abroad; to work for our master countries. Just please stop pedestalizing women in general.

    1. …you mean you won’t “sher me l0ad”? …hahaaa it never gets old, joke-lang.

    2. Yup. AWALT.
      The only advantage to filipinas would be a higher SMV for yourself, and probably the girl, Asian game advantages for someone who is demonstrably well off, and a lack of insane divorce laws in the Philippines.
      One other thing … American women are absolutely NOT AWALT. They are far worse. They make damned near any foreign woman look good.

  41. The author of this article should be banned from ROK. As soon as I read “I met my first wife online” I realized this guy has absolutely no social skills and the big obvious…HE HAS NO GAME. Anybody following the advise of this guy is just taking a step back in alpha evolution. This contradicts the entire philosophical logic of this forum.

    1. I didn’t know much game when I was young, but I slid by on my looks.
      I’m still emotionally cool and aloof, but once the net came along I did quite well via online tools. I’d say that if you have women falling in love with you without even meeting in person you have game, but game of a different sort.
      Of course it takes looks, a deep voice, charm, sense of humour, etc.
      I’ve learned that it’s easier and cheaper in the end to just P4P, so game is irrelevant to me now.

    2. Its doubtful that ANYONE reading this site is really what is considered alpha. So, go easy. This is a site to help guys.

  42. As a dude that’s spent way more than my share of time in the PI, I simply must disagree with most of this article:
    1. True, they aren’t mail order brides, but with their options limited to nursing school, waitressing, or hooking, most can be had for a price.
    2. Older men? Hell yeah! You’re ROCK STAR RICH!!!
    3. They CAN work their ass off for you, but you GOTTA stay on top of them. They WILL make you their bitch if they get a chance.
    4. They are slim and attractive, except for the one’s with feet designed for walking up the side of trees. Watch for girls from the province, they don’t know to brush their teeth!
    5. Sexually conservative? Did you get dropped on your head?
    6. Just because she needs money to help her father in the hospital and her gay brother, well, you get it…
    7. “pro-pishent in Engrish.” its the official national language, but it doesn’t stop them from butchering it. And be prepared to text….a helluva lot.
    BONUS: These chicks are super fun, but conniving as snakes and crazier than hell….like watching-you-sleep crazy. but it is good to be the king!

    1. Most of the things you said I had already heard, but care to expand on the “conniving” part? I plan to visit soon and I’d love to read more from someone who has had some experience.

      1. Sure man. Here’s the big picture: In the PI, there’s no such thing as any kind of “women’s rights”. To be clear, I got no love for feminists, but women there do have it hard. Their options are: marriage, school (nursing school is huge), overseas work, service industry, or hooking.
        For chicks with no money, brains, or good sense, which is most of them, getting by on their ass is a legit career choice and lots of girls with day jobs do amateur hook-work to pay the bills. Not saying you won;t meet a really nice girl, its possible, but these women are PRO’s at pulling heartstrings. Here’s some typical scams:
        -“sher me l0ad”- they love to text and when they get your number, they will ask you to give them cellular minutes (load) via text which they then sell at a discount to other phils.
        -“sponsoring” – Girls will glom on like you’re god’s gift and ask you to “sponsor” them to stay out of the bar, i.e., pay their way so they can escape the horrible life of drinking and partying til dawn. However, I’ve banged girls who were sponsored by three different guys..nuf said.
        -Sick mom/dad – They ALL have a mom or dad in the hospital and ALL have a gay brother that refuses to work but needs to be kept in purses and want you to help.
        -run-o’-the-mill shakedown – The PI is one of the fraud capitals of the world. Protect your phone, your PC, and your money. Do not let women anywhere near it. A scam that has happened, not sure how much now, is the underage rape victim (ref. Cpl Smith who had to hide out at the embassy for 3 years).
        In all, you can think of these people like crackheads; they’re broke, they need money, and no one will look down on them for getting over on an American. That said, the PI is still a great time, so long as you don’t start believing that a 12 hour plane ride made you a genuinely charming, good-looking dude; you will be no-shit wealthy and women will see it; stay in charge, don’t take any shit, drop bribes when necessary, and you can definitely have a great time!

        1. I know I shouldn’t be here but I have research going on about marriage between a filipina and foreigners. And I would like to tell you that share a load doesn’t really need you to give her, she doesn’t care if you don’t…. And why do american guy marry the not so beautiful filipina, those filipinaa are hopeless they want u for ur money or just to escape!!!! Dammit american guys could make my blood boil!!!

  43. The Philippines is where fat white slobs who can’t get laid anywhere go to lose their virginity. I can’t believe this shit is on an “alpha male” website. Whats with all the RoK articles recently pedastalizing/worshiping Asian women?

    1. Because there are a lot of white men who are tired of American white women

  44. I’ve read forum comments where women confess to fucking with their dogs because of the loneliness – of course, they don’t meet men because they have been destroyed by having been pumped&dumped (so they say).
    I suppose these women with dogs will ultimately make their re-entry into the sexual market even more difficult as they’ll be suspected of allowing their mini-dogs to lap …

    1. Sorry, misplaced. This was in answer to GhostOfJefferson’s comment about women replacing men for dogs.
      As for the main article, I see the point but personally don’t find Filipinas attractive enough to bother – they have faces too and when I look at the older ones, well, that’s what I’d have after 20 years.
      My counter would that rather than indulging Filipinas, white men should toughen up and start again making white women understand where the north is. When that happens the girls will stop shagging dogs and blacks and whatnot and will resume popping out white kids, as they should.

  45. I live in Asia and I’m not going to pretend I don’t understand Chinese culture, because I don’t. I can’t really begin to wrap my head around it.
    First thing I notice, for whatever reason, is that when I spot a foreign guy with a Chinese girl usually she isn’t great looking. She might be “hot” in a rare case but with a lot of makeup and just seems super aggressive. The rest of the time I see normal beta guys with really nice looking girls that range from beautiful – pretty. In the US these girls could easily compete with the hottest / prettiest white chicks but they are with normal, plain looking Asian dudes.
    My take on this is that outside of the west, dating is literally the complete polar opposite. Women here literally have no vested hatred towards beta males / their own race like is so prevalent in the US. I think there is something in the US’s bloodstream that makes women absolutely batshit full of hatred. Women here date to marry and see a man for his utility as a provider, and eventually they will fall in love with him, and I see so many Asian – Asian couples all over each other like they’re madly in love that it blows my mind. Again, I’m not judging, I know that each and every man, be he black, white or Asian, short, fat or tall, all desires the same companionship, and I also know that the USA is completely fucked up for pitting the races against one another like that. In short, third world / second world countries seem vastly more stable / happy than the USA, and you can tell how these poor folk are happy just by looking at them. It’s really amazing.
    The USA, for whatever reason, is just gloriously fucked up. It’s hard to get a true understanding on it until you travel. It really is. It’s like the killer of all good things, right down to children and family. I mean you can compare the culture of a place like Botswana to a place like Detroit just to see what I mean. Most African countries now with the exceptions of South Africa, Congo, whatever, are probably 100,000 times more civilized than black America – no offense, but America made black america that way, not their blackness.
    I also think that the women that chase foreigners are a different entity. I really don’t have experience with them that much even though for their purposes I am a foreigner / white boy. Maybe because I am God fearing or a nice person or whatever I don’t really use my position as I would otherwise, so I don’t come in contact with it, but it seems that the majority of women don’t really pay much attention to me, other than the occasional eye fuck or whatever, but that’s mostly because I’m good looking with swag.
    I think the women that chase foreigners are the equivalent of the bad girls in the US like Kim Kardashian who only love bad boys / etc., and are living out their fantasy or what they think they deserve. Again, not all, but I think it might be the case in general.
    I’m sure Filipina women are quite nice, and yes, foreign women are more marriage oriented, but they might only be doing that for the white face. Women are insanely clever like that. They will do take things as far as they can, as long as they think they can get away with it, and in the USA, women can get away with near murder.
    Either way, I don’t really know, I thank god for giving me a white face because being born white (or even black) is like a divine gift in the west these days, but I don’t misuse it because I know exactly the kind of desperation a man must feel like to be ignored and go through life lonely. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone, even a farmer in rural Kenya or China, or wherever. All men want the same things.

  46. Also I would avoid having kids with an Asian woman. The kids have a hard time and look weird, and have to suffer the knowledge of knowing mommy hated dudes that look like him.

      1. Kind of looks like Kim Kardashian… not really into that dark look, I dunno why. I think white women with dark hair are the hottest in the world… ala Eva Green or Marion Cottilard. But everyone has their own taste I guess.

        1. I agree, a white woman with dark hair and blue or green eyes does it for me, that’s why I love France. Plus they seem more interesting to have around as company outside of sex. I’m pretty much over the blondes. Had my fair share, and they seem pretty trashy and skanky on average. They have become almost cliché at this point. I tend to spend my hunting time pursuing the types you’ve mentioned. Blondes…mmm… yeah, but she’d have to make very easy for me.

        2. Yeah, blonde / fair hair girls are overrated as fuck.
          There are some that are quite good looking but you know the entitled and / or extreme leftist views will become tiresome.
          I always preferred women of color just because they aren’t so stuck up. Asian girls tend to be the next worst thing to stuck up white chicks but I’ve had good luck with Indian (hit or miss with the looks) and black chicks. African girls from the mainland, the ones with the long braided hair, my heart rate just goes through the roof when I’m near one. I have no idea why.

  47. tread lightly here friends, Filipinas likely age the worst and easily get that cobra look about them. Go to any military base where they are in high numbers and see what I mean. Likely some of the uglier women of Asia, but there can be gorgeous ones.

  48. Are white women REALLY that bad?
    I haven’t been back to the US in ages so I’m genuinely curious…. would people still hesitate to date one? Even an educated / not super attractive one? Honest answers please.
    I mean yeah I’ve had my share of bad experiences with them but there were a handful that I remember fondly… one of my ex lovers was quite nice even though she loved the cock of numerous guys (mostly nice guys)… but her parents were still married and she seemed relatively normal. Of course they got snatched up at the age of 18-22. I imagine any white woman past the age of 23 or 24 and who is still single probably has huge issues.

    1. They really are that bad in the Anglosphere. These women (especially the millennial generation coming of age now) are the most entitled women to have ever existed in human history.

    2. They’re actually worse. Media gives them 1000 bright ideas about how they can “have it all”, and American courts make sure that they get it.

    3. “Are white women REALLY that bad?”
      This site would not exist if this were not true.

  49. As an older guy in my 40’s, if I ever wanted to settle down, a nice Filipina would definitely be a top consideration.

  50. Filipinas are not immune to Hamsterism, however.
    If you want to marry one, live in the Philippines. Rent a house, do not buy. More than one American has been kicked out of a house he bought by his filipina wife and her new boyfriend. Getting a fiance visa and green card for you new wife may get you ditched after a few years.
    Stay in the Philippines for a few years, and determine if this one really is a keeper.

  51. If you have to travel to a third world nation to get a wife, there’s something wrong with you. These chicks are desperate as fuck to get out of poverty, that’s why they get off with fat ugly old men who they’ll screw over financially once they get the chance.

    1. ” who they’ll screw over financially once they get the chance.”
      Because that never happens with American women said nobody ever.

    2. I’d rather be screwed over by a cute 25 year old Filipina than a used up 35 year old entitled American woman. Because it seems like that’s the choice. (at my age, anyway).

    3. I’m not a fat ugly old man at all, and I would consider these women, and have done so recently.
      So tell me again, if I desire a more traditional, younger, attractive wife with a good attitude & who can treat a man better, there is something wrong with me?

  52. It’s understandable that one might make the trip for some fine islander snatch, but please don’t marry these broads. There was an article posted about how women lack solidarity amongst themselves, how about us RoK acolytes show some solidarity by abandoning the institution of marriage in it’s entirety. Even if it’s marrying some desperate third-worlder. She might seem different, but give her enough time in the States, and she will succumb to the dark side of Western ideology.

  53. I’ve found that most people assume the only reason a woman from a foreign country would be interested in American men is money or o the green card. The reality is that men in most of those countries treat women horribly..women are always looking for their night in shining armor..except for the US it seems. I’ve been able to date women who were attractive, richer than me and had traveled to the US multiple times on tourist visas. Its funny on facebook you can see a solid 9 post a provocative foto and get 2-3 comments only. Its another world there..and one you should visit.

    1. That’s true, yet those who haven’t actually set foot outside of the USA cannot understand that concept.
      I have been overseas (latin countries) and I can tell you that it’s true. The women in other countries have no issue being direct about what they’re looking for in a man.

    2. American men are pretty plain and too vanilla for my tastes, rather unexotic and uninteresting – far too pompous and arrogant. European men, of non Anglo variety, are by far more superior.

    1. “are not attractive at all”…in Scott’s opinion. In my opinion, some are very attractive, some aren’t.

    1. Have you tried gaming a chick that is taller than you? It is an uphill struggle all the way.
      Hah! See what I did there?

  54. Before you drink the Kool-Aid, I would advise that you find out why Filipinas keep advertising themselves to Western men in the first place. It is a business. They want something from you. It can be anything, from the status of having a White husband, to getting White sperm to make lighter-skinned babies, to U.S./U.K./Canadian citizenship, to money.
    Here is a statement. “American men make great husbands.” Would you believe someone who told you that? The American men are not programmed robots.
    There is so much more to a great marriage than marrying a woman or man from a certain country.
    There may be some marriages with Filipinas that are o.k. But to tell Western men to look over there and get themselves a Filipina because they make great wives, is a laugh.
    If it is so great to marry a Filipina, then why is it necessary for Filipina dating sites to keep pushing their advertising in your face, constantly?
    There are a lot of White women who are not fat, who are not feminist, who have good Christian morals, who take care of themselves and want to be committed to a good man. You just have to know where to look. And it takes time. If everyone could snap their fingers and get their mate from God in an instant, lots of people would have done so by now.
    A lot of Filipinas are Catholics. Catholicism is a religion of idolatry. Mother Mary worship. It is like paganism. It has rituals like witchcraft.
    Forget about the advertising. This Hubpage could save you heartbreak or even your life.
    Why Do So Many Men Report Bad Filipina Dating/Marrying Experiences?

    1. “Catholicism is a religion of idolatry. Mother Mary worship. It is like paganism. It has rituals like witchcraft.”
      LOL. Where did you learn about Catholicism? You sound like a Jack Chick comic strip.

  55. Sigh….my best kept secret is now out with this article. I myself am Filipino but raised here in the United States. So, for all intents and purposes, I am American. Whenever I go back to visit the Philippines, I am constantly surprised at how well local women maintain “old school” Filipino cultural values (e.g., minimizing sexual promiscuity, worrying about being too old and not married by the age of 25, respecting their elders, not cutting their hair too short so as to avoid looking “butch”, cooking, cleaning, pleasing her man and raising the children as the primary role of a woman etc). For those who want to go down this path and meet/marry a Filipina, I recommend two things: 1) look for an educated Filipina (preferably someone with a university degree) and 2) avoid being the financial provider for the rest of her family (as some have already discussed in the comments above/below).

  56. Oh, f*ck. Please don’t write more articles about the Philippines, I’ve been eyeing the place for two years now, I don’t want to see flocks of men spoiling the local talent.
    Ok, just joking. Sorta. The article is spot-on. The Philippines is a feminism-free country, and I suspect it will stay like that for at least two or three generations. I mean, we’re talking about a country that doesn’t even allow divorce. A country where family is everything, where social control of women is high, and where women are taught to be proper and nice and respectful. A surprisingly high amount of girls remain virgin until marriage, if that’s your thing, although often (but not always) there’s a religious angle to it you might or might not like.
    At any rate, many, many things need to change before the tattoed, Skrillex-coiffed, ball-busting, Social Marxist, ekwalitee-pushing, humanities-toilet-paper-sheepskin-toting woman will become mainstream, if — and that’s a big big if — that will ever happen.

  57. If you marry a Filipina, do that in the Philippines and STAY THERE. Never bring her to America or Canada. She’ll westernize pretty quickly and as other people have said, she will have an enormous support network of other Filipino wives who will school her on all the laws.
    In the Philippines she will be under the watchful eyes of her family,
    the law will be on YOUR side, not HER side, and the only money she can
    extract from you is the money you will willingly give her. Nothing more. She’ll also be aware, very aware, of the fact that there’s PLENTY of women to go around in the Philippines and you can get sex pretty much whenever you want, cheaply and quickly. If you can’t pick up a woman, you just barfine a bargirl.
    I recommend “A Long Way To Go For A Date” by Henry Makow. A horror story if I have ever read one. (Now, Henry Makow is one of those “Illuminati Jews trying to conquer the world” kooks, and that might put you off a little bit, but the books is 100% factual and has nothing to do with that.)

    1. Excerpt:
      “The Filipina ‘scams’ foreign men into marriage by projecting a hyperbolic, stylised and false image of herself in order to appeal to these men. This image is usually presented as one which is unconditionally loving and accepting, non-materialistic, simplistic, passive and most significantly, very sexually eager. From the perspective of the foreign men, these qualities may seem lacking in genuine Western women whom are unlikely to have any ulterior motives for entering into relationships with their own men and whom do not exhibit those characteristics. Thus these men find the (false) appeal of Filipinas very alluring as they present themselves as an ideal ‘alternative’. Most of these men at first are unaware of this false persona, which is why relationships of this kind appear at first to be harmonious, at least at the stage when the Filipina is yet to attain her goal(s). Posts by Filipinas and purveyors of Filipina dating or mail-order bride websites often attack women of other races, particularly American women, as seen in this excerpt:
      “Many Westerners, especially American men who get married to a Filipino girl swear that Filipina women make among the best wives in the world. On the other hand, the American women continue to be aggressive, demanding and are not comfortable to be in their natural role as a woman. So what has made the Filipina women popular among the Western men recently? In this site, we will explore the qualities that make the Filipina women so desirable.”
      Source: paulaaquino23.hubpages.com/hub/datingmarryingfilipinagirl
      Sources such as these are indicative of the common misconceptions perpetuated by Filipina about Western women in order to appeal to foreign men and are intended to disguise the underlying financial motivations of the Filipina and her culture. In a sense, the Filipina presents a hyperbolic image of herself and projects her true self onto the Western woman.”

      1. TanfromAustralia 4 days ago
        “When I had my annual birthday pool party late last year, I originally had about 30 people on a list which I had intended to invite…people from my level of socio-economic status, such as doctors, lawyers and property developers.
        I also invited my (former) best friend and his filipina whore. Upon reviewing my guest list, I realised that most of the people on that list were very financially successful AND HAPPILY MARRIED.
        Since it was to be a pool party and everybody was going to be scantily dressed, combined with the filipina whore’s insatiable ambition to whore herself through any means possible to travel up the social/economic ladder, I immediately smelled danger in the air.
        I did not want the filipina to whore herself to these wealthy men on my guest list as they had families I had to consider. I knew she would use the pool party as an opportunity to slither into these men’s lives.
        In the end, I had to trim my guest list down to only a few people whom I knew she could not exploit in any way. I told my other guests that they were not invited because I was only hosting a “family only event”. The people I ended up inviting were people such as gay men and poor men.
        Alas, the extremes I have to go to in order to contain a social disease!”

        1. macrophor 4 months ago
          “This is a very important hub and its one of many that are trying to get the message through unfortunately by the time a foreigner victim reads a hub like this it’s usually because they are looking for answers after they have been a victim and spat out. The men that are in the ‘before’ stage are busy searching the dating and chat sites or public places in the Philippines for a type of woman that doesnt really exist. Filipinas by nature are lazy, they need training in how to cook even the most basic things like boiling an egg, they dont understand hygene and think that keeping a house clean is done by sweeping alone. So they are not good housewives at all. In bed, well theres a great dissapointment as well but I wont go into specific detail, however they do start having sex from about 10-12 yrs of age usually with the uncle or brother. Dont believe me? Come to the PHILIPPINES and I will prove it to you. Go to any Village or province and you will find they are ALL related to one another. Therefore when she says she is a virgin she isn’t and knows how to contract so that you will believe her. The lies and deceit is beyond imagination, these people have nothing else to do all day except think of ways to improve their techniques on foreigners and they are getting better and better. I would almost advise any foreigner to not even talk to them because they are not even worth speaking too. I don’t say it because there are about 10% that are good and wonderful women so unless you can identify which is which you cant make judgement. However 10% is an unbelievably small percentage and the scams, lies and deceit come in as many forms as there are women. It’s totally mind blowing.
          Scamming comes is many forms and it doesnt matter if it occurs in the course of a day, weeks or years. Its a crime of dishonesty, misrepresentation, fraud, gross dishonesty and mental abuse and it’s very hard to detect and to prosecute. The Philippine courts have no interest in the matter and western lawyers are just too costly to pursue cases and bring them to trial. It’s almost the perfect crime for the scammers to get away with and very damaging to the victims because they rarely ever get the justice they deserve. The only way to tackle this problem would be to have television and radio warnings that warn foreigners to stay away from these sort of countries. However we know that this will never happen and would be viewed as racist by womens groups.
          If you are looking for an Asian bride then be prepared that you will be told lots of lies. She could be already married, have kids, have set out a detailed plan of what she is going to gain from you. They are very patient and can play the game for years then suddelly turn on you like a pitbull.
          My advice to any foreigner searching for that idilic woman in the orient is to observe, ask lots of questions and watch out for any little things as clues to the big picture. If something she said or did doesnt feel right dont ignore it, rather question it in your mind and try to find out why she did. Never let your guard down. A simple request like her wanting a baby may sound fair enough coming from a woman (with maternal intincts) but ask yourself where can this lead. There are leads everywhere but you must follow their trail. Is she doing this or that to get her to a certain position. A baby is a good reason to buy or build a house for example. So by having a baby she is closer to your assets and even pension or other government grants your western government may be able to give her and so on.
          In the beginning stages of a relationship, check her integrity. Pose as someone else on chat and see her response, will she flirt with you or tell you that she already has someone like a good girl would?
          Above all remember that, if you the foreigner was as poor as her family is they wouldnt even feed you, yet they will tell you they dont care about the money and only want someone to love them etc.”

  58. Pinoy women like men…and when i say men i mean actual honest-to-goodness old fashioned men. There are always exceptions but this is usually the rule. If you choose to dive into this realm…
    1. Give up and sell your video game consoles.
    2. Learn how to use a hammer.
    After that you should be ok.

    1. What a stuck up bitch…..
      This fat acceptance bullshit needs to stop also by the way.

    2. Western men are pretty entitled and whiny too, complaining about women all the time is a beta, pussified trait. Can’t stand em.

  59. In every 8 minutes, a married man commits suicide in India
    Indore: Every eight minutes a married man commits suicide in India due to alleged misuse of Section 498A of IPC against them, taking the toll to around a whopping 63343every year, revealed Save Family Foundation executive member Amit Lakhani while addressing a press conference organised under the aegis of Forum Against Misuse of Section ‘ 498- A’, here on Wednesday.
    Sharing the data obtained from National Crime Records Bureau ( NCRB), Ministry of Home Affairs, Lakhani said more incidences of suicide by married men and his family members than by married women due to false police complaints against them accusing of dowry harassment, domestic violence, maintenance and child custody.
    He further said 63343 men commit suicide annually in India , ie a married man commits suicide in every in 8.3 minute in our country.
    In Madhya Pradesh, he said, around 1454 husbands commit suicide annually which adds up to four married men committing suicide daily. Not only the husbands but their family members, including women, are victims of the misuse of the Act, Lakhani said. Around 2286 women are arrested annually on the basis of false cases, he added.
    After years of legal turmoil, 82.5 percent of the total FIRs filed under Section 498- A ( non- bailable) were found false. As per the data, one man is arrested in every hour on the same grounds, said Lakhani. Quoting domestic violence against men as ‘ legal terrorism’, he demanded that gender neutral law should be implemented and practiced. The foundation members will support the political party who works for the welfare of men, he said.

  60. There are some real upsides to the women there, but this paints them with an overly rosy lens. I’m in Canada, and know some Filipnos here.
    I talked to a friend of mine who is Filipino about marrying a fellow country woman. His answer? “FUCK NO!”
    I asked him why? He said the cultural is incredibly matriarchal, all the local women look out for each other at the expense of their husbands. He said that how they get power is to make their husbands completely helpless in the house. My friend said that his cousins from the old country were completely helpless in the house. Would starve if not cooked for, couldn’t clean anything worth shit.
    I said something along the lines of “that sounds awesome!” His response that it’s a form of control. Piss her off? No food for you. Or clean clothes to go to work in until you cave into her demands. They’re all meek and feminine on the outside and total pitbulls in the house.

  61. This article is a little too optimistic, while I do prefer Asian women and encourage other men to try them out I would be very cautious about actually marrying one and bringing her back. You fail to mention that virtually all of them will demand you begin monthly payments to their relatives back home. The demands will grow for ever more money as their relatives all imagine you to be fabulously wealth like Magnum P.I. with a mansion and your own private helicopter. Instead you will fork over hundreds of dollars a month that would be better spent elsewhere. A lot of these girls also have bastard children in tow, now your Lovenest with your LBFM is suddenly ruined by an unwanted step child. I’d recommend guys go to Asia and enjoy the women without getting involved in marriage.

  62. Not sure what all the hate is about. Average 40somethings get to fuck tight 20 year olds and you’re surprised they want something in return? Sucks if you can’t afford to keep ‘m happy, worth it if you can.

  63. I respect your conservative views on the roles of men and women, but I
    am offended by two of the things you said.
    “Money does play a role, but it does so in virtually every woman’s
    decision of whom to marry.” This is a gross misconception. In a society
    where women have the same opportunities as men, women don’t marry for money any more than men do. In this day and age, a woman who wants money will choose a career that allows her to earn it, and she will marry whoever she wants.
    “His options in his home country may be limited to women who past their
    prime in terms of beauty and fertility.” The whole idea that men should
    have younger wives is unfair to women. Old men are also past their prime in
    several areas. Don’t you want to enjoy retirement around the same time? Men
    already have a shorter life expectancy than women, why make it worse?
    In short, the reason why Filipinas gladly marry rich old men is probably
    because they don’t have equal socio-economic opportunities yet.

  64. Filipino women are brain washed by movies and think white men are better looking and affluent. Also most of them are stupid which makes them easy pickings.

  65. All this talk about white men & Filipinas. What about us black brothers? How do they feel about us over there?

  66. I am drawn to the Filipinas particularly for their femininity. I cannot see myself “dating” a woman who has been “Americanized” and those roots grow DEEP here. Most of them are lookers, but traditionally, most Filipinas are conservative, honorable women whom protect their family and resist temptations of men passing their ph numbers,attempting conversation and the whistles and comeons are easily dealt with by ignoring for most Filipinas. There are definitely exceptions, but it’s not as dark and hellish as many disgruntled men state. Most Filipinas desire a loving, close family.

  67. marrying an asian woman is a blessing. A western woman wants to be in your head and in your wallet all the time. A western woman is far more interested in impressing her girlfriends than raising a family. Marrying a western woman will take 10-15 years of your life!-Marrying an asian woman will ad 10-15 years to your life, beautiful years!

  68. I live in Hawaii (Honolulu) and there are many Filipino people here. I have male friends who have gone to the Philippines to party and have sex, just like in Thailand. They had no problem meeting girls online, usually “gaming” type site, and hooked up with young 20ish (sometimes 18 or 19 as well) girls and took them to their hotel and got jiggy.
    The guys I know who married a Filipino girl have all gotten divorced. And YES, they were all significantly older than the girl. Don’t be fooled into thinking these young, sexy, hot Filipino girls actually WANT TO STAY MARRIED to an old guy!

  69. I found out a different way.. My wife after getting her papers to remain in the uk found she wanted to be independent. Forget that she had 2 step children and wanted a baby at a cost to me of £3,000 for a reversal and just walk out while im at work, take money and leave no note…. I must of met the devil of them all. It cost me an incredible amount of £23,000 fighting in court for my wife to come here. To top this she lost me all my female friends by jealousy and in fact didn’t even like me. It was the biggest hurt and mistake in my life.. I loved her with all my heart and we only had 10 years difference… To ad to insult she gained help from other Filipinos who had no husbands and screwed their own lives up and helped in ending ours in escaping a true life with me and the children and wanted for nothing but obviously not enough. This put me off women for life and would never trust again. It costs lots of money as you marry her, you marry the rest of the gold digging family. I WAS A FOOL. I can be fare and say maybe not all the same but my experience doesn’t make me wanting to get back on a plane. Asia as been invaded to believe that the west is best because of stability and their values are dying. I searched the globe to find true love and a traditional lady. I fear it doesn’t exist anymore… Damieon. The Isle of Wight

  70. studies show that canada is the best country in the world to be a woman but it fails to mention that its the worst country to be a man ! lol

  71. Interesting article, how ever it is really sad that they are more into older men, i have dated an Asian girl who had an old husband, he passed away and she seemed to be loyal to him. Everything looked good “loyal” ” Family oriented”, but the problem came in when i realized she did not have any explanation of having fun! Usually she talked about business, making family etc.. By having fun i mean sitting somewhere having a cup of coffee or a drink, a nice dance, etc… none made any sense to this lady, while finding true love takes time, she had other ideas about life. Unfortunately in US girls are becoming more materialistic, and look into surface rather digging in, that is why men end up meeting someone from abroad hoping they understand the values. On the other hand marrying someone alot older than you will only bring you loneliness and depression as if you loose this “daddy” like the asian girl i was dating you will have really hard time to find friends.

  72. It is a fact that more and more White men will marry/mate with E/SE Asians, as Euro/American women continue to regress towards bestiality, and as more White men realise they don’t have to tolerate the constant abuse and ridicule they are subjected to in the K’d “West”.
    Negroes and others also mate and breed more with Asians, but Negroes the least, proportionately, since with a few exceptions they are at the bottom of the pecking order in desirability. With a few exceptions, the Asian women they mate with tend to be the most depraved and materialistic and stupid, and desperate for a first world visa/passport. I have met such stupid women – the kind who believe some fat short Negro who hangs around a bar all night as some low level drug dealer, when he tells her that he’s a pro basketball player, or a “rapper” and “DH” (aren’t they all, in their minds?)
    You will very, very rarely see an Asian woman with an African or other third world Negro, only with US/Canadian/Euro/Brit-Negroes. I knew a stupid Japanese woman who married a Jamaican musician, and went there with him, thinking Jamaica is some sort of easy-going island paradise where everyone lives on the beach or in the mountains. Stupid twat soon found out it’s a third-world sewer, full of thugs, killers, rapists, and fled back home.
    Indians and Arabs etc also go to places like SE Asia looking for 2nd or 3rd wives, or temp-wives or whatever, but they are less desirable than White men, though obviously much more acceptable than Negroes.
    So the union of generally more driven White men (though of course many are just louts with cash, or bums who are sick of being treated as second or lower class citizens in the lands of their birth, and have no interest in a career as a walmart greeter), and generally better-looking and more curious Asian women will continue, no matter what anyone says or thinks about it.

    1. Typical white male living in the Anglosphere who spends his time obsessively writing long diatribes on race and having an unhealthy fixation on black males. White males mixing with East Asian/Southeast Asian females is ‘awwwright” but suddenly a white woman with a black man is bestiality. Just saying the historical racialist figures you look up to would look down on you for even CONSIDERING fucking an asian woman.

      1. Psychologically disturbed, mentally deranged loser. People born in the Anglosphere are insane and emotionally damaged. America has the highest rates for psychiatric disorders and the unhappiest people on the planet.

  73. I think this is a load of crap. My husband, a black man is dating a Filipina woman who is 51 and married with grandchildren. He is not the first. Since i found out about this relationship, i have learned that infidelity is very common among many Filipina women. I stay because i have too much at stake and i am unwillingly to release a dime for the trash, both of them. I am an older woman with a MBA, BA, and very successful. He doesn’t measure up and is very insecure so he got someone who would feed his ego and take the little money he has left.

  74. This list is so of shit is humorous The total opposite is true to this stupid list. No hot chick in her early twenties has feelings for some old fat westerner. Just google something like “my filipina wife or something like that” there are hundreds of horror stories for your reading pleasure

  75. This article is complete garbage – not all filipinas are small, I’ve seen more than a few who after popping out babies get fat and lazy, yeah, they start out small, but they aren’t exactly into sports and fitness, whereas many european and black women are much more inclined to keep physically fit. Look in any gym, see any filipinas? No. But you do see a lot of hard body fit women of other races. I, myself, am only 5’4 and 118 lbs which I’ve maintained for the last twenty years, and I wear a size 0. Most filipinas come up to maybe 4 ft 10 inches to the taller ones at 5 ft. When the weight packs on, and it does, they tend to grow sideways and look as wide as they are tall. And at least taller women don’t look like children.

  76. im tired of you white boys lying in these blogs and saying that asian women are more attracted to white men THIS IS A HUGE LIE!!! ESPECIALLY WHEN IT COMES TO FILIPINA WOMEN! I i know a lot of amereican-filipinas that told me with their own mouths how much they love black men and they dont even want to date white men i also heard the same thing in the filipines. im not saying that pinay women are races because thats not true either. the truth? pinay women have their preference just like women in america. some of them like white, some like black, some like neither they stick to their own kind and date nothing but filipino men. im dating a pinay woman and she dont like white or filipino men just black men and most of the women in her family feel the same way. the truth is….white boys are not as popular in america as they use to be but they are in the filipines but so are black men. white boys lie about their status in the filipines to discourage black men from going out there because they know if MORE black men go out there these white boys would be completely ingnored. The only reason pinay women go crazy for white boys is because white men think their money can buy them everything and those filipina girls dont give a fuck because they getting paid and using them white boys like the tools they are. the other reason is….SOME asian people are stuck in the past and dont know how much america has change so they dont know that white men dont run shit out here the way they did before. these white men know that so they fool these silly asian girls into thinking that they are more important than they really are in their own country so those asian women worship these pathetic liars and hop on their little dicks, but SOME filipina women are too smart to fall for that bullshit and they pimp those white boys aaaahhhhhhhaaaa!!!!!

    1. Me too. I love black man and wish to date one someday.. <3 Whites are too over-rated, they’re almost all over here.. I rarely see blacks here. 🙁

  77. “Feminist.” See the last names of a disproportionate number of feminists in America, France, Canada, the UK – the West. Those surnames aren’t Western. Those last names throughout time have sought to destroy their hosts. That continues with this lot’s assault on free speech. This lot renames free speech and dissent to “hate speech,” and seeks to outlaw hate speech. The biggest advocates of hate speech proscription censorship laws are the Southern Poverty Law Center and its sister organization the Anti-Defamation League. A book titled “The Harm in Hate Speech” by this lot’s anti-Christian bigot and ethnic supremacist Jeremy Waldron advocates removing America’s First Amendment free speech rights.

    1. French men love capricious and adventurous women, it’s no wonder why they aren’t making long articles bashing their own women and fixating on foreign women like da Muricanz.

  78. im married to a lovely filipina woman. im 60 shes 41. i am very physically fit and so is my wife but filipinas are not superficial woman. they are conservative and loyal, but make no mistake they are just as sexual in bed as any other woman. most are hard working and will stay by your side through the good and bad. most are not spoiled and are looking for a long lasting love.of course like woman must try and see through the gold diggers. some lie and say they are church goers, make sure they are, those are the ones you want. one other thing, most are poor and their families are money grubbers, so you must be careful because they will try and pressure your wife for money.

  79. Pilipinas do not engage in sexual acrivities outside of comitted relationship? Very funny joke. While my husband was in the Navy a while ago, he had lived in Philippines for about a year. These filipinas whould come to the ship and have sex with multiple American soldiers in hope to get to US.
    American men that are attractive and “have game” would never even consider to go on a sex-trip to a 3rd world country. Plus they want their kids to look like them. Basically flashing their genes into the toilet is acceptsble only for those white males who are not competitive within their own race/ethnicity.

  80. Im a filipina. I think its not bad to like and date a white man. but when a white man thinks of me as submissive, gold-digger or anything negative – then i would surely not like him.
    Filipinas are not generally submissive, although we’re feminine. We are conservatives who have AVERSION towards perverts, sexists, womanizers and rapists.
    I have a filipino boyfriend and he treats me nicely and gives his best in our relationship – that’s the reason y i also give my best in our relationship. I am very faithful to him and wish that he will be my husband. Almost all of us dream to have families and husbands to care for.
    some of us (very few) go for mail order bride because of poverty. But that is only 0.000001% of all filipinas lol.
    Although i know that there are also nice white men…but i hope they’ll not decrease due to the GROUPS that divide men and women (in america)…and also the guys there who’s teaching men to sexually harass women (ex:. filipinas)

  81. pinay are willing to marry westerners (any westerners) because it´s their free ticket out of the country. for some they pretend to like the guy and “secure” the love, them when they get to the guy´s country, they ditch the useless scumbag (as some pinay love to say about their partner) and go for a newer “model”…”the end” for the guy and “once upon a time” for the pinay!

  82. Lol America is where they come because they are sluts! I mean who marriages someone they just meet! Love is a connection not a frist time based! Of course the marry older nasty men the get what the America women rejected! Ha ps i am not,jealous my god made me and proud of who i AM!

  83. GET REAL…. who would want to marry a White Fat American man? 70% of Americans are overweight men…. ugly people…. The real reason is MONEY… That’s just it…. you want to make a Filipina lose interest with you? Tell her you don’t have money….

  84. I almost got married to a Filipina girl 20 years younger than me (she was 30 at the time). She was slim, absolutely pure of heart, bottomlessly sweet and well-meaning. and would happily spend hours and hours giving the hardest, slurpiest bjs ever. I couldn’t possibly have endured any more! I once asked her what she thought her body was like and she said “average”. Good heavens. Anyhow, I ultimately broke it off because I just didn’t see how being with someone so dumb was in the long run going to be good for me. One thing that bends my mind is to remember how tiny she was — just a feather, about 80#.

    1. sorry to tell it the only dumb one had been you. As you had been seeing her as dumb as she put you as only important in her heart. I am far away to be rich and my loved one loves me deeply. She is fighting for our love for so Long time already in a way you never would get in any White woman.
      And the truth is you only used her for your own needs.
      Don´t call People who are truely loving dumb people as you are dumb to throw real love away

  85. I’ve just fallen in Love for a Filipino girl after just 3 days we have been chatting together on an online dating website after having wasted years of my time chasing British or even foreigners girl living in the UK (included many from the Philippines) without the smallest success (not even a single face to face date and so few written replies (mostly saying just “I’m not interested, thanks”) that I could count them in just one digit number. The problem seemed to be that I wanted a reasonably younger than me woman because I’d like to have some children with her (I find this just the most natural thing if you truly love the person you are with) and I’m already 47 y/o. On top of that I’ve got already 3 kids from a previous marriage whom I visit every week since they live with their mum. As a 34 y/o she has the right age and she loves me too and we will get married as soon as we could sort out her UK Visa, for I can’t go to live in her country because my children are not even teenagers yes and I want to stay close to them.
    My question is: why Filipino girls don’t mind about age gap and previous children while for everyone living in the UK that’s so important that they won’t even give anyone like me a chance? Are they honestly in love for us, older Westerners or they’re just opportunists? And most importantly, why they can’t find a better matching boyfriend in their own country: surely there are plenty of them around so how is it possible that they don’t fall in love for any of them? I’ve been tempted to just dismiss the whole thing by saying that the girls in here are too demanding or spoiled or materialistic but that will just be an easy way to avoid digging deeper into the facts. After long (and hopefully right) reasoning I’ve come to the conclusion that Love is not such a pure and not rational instinct. Instead it is really much influenced by reasoning although of an unconscious nature, something that we are not even aware of. We just perceive it as Love or not Love but it’s not. So I think that this Filipino girls who fall in love for westerners foreigners are really and genuinely in love for them because they feel that they have so much more than their Filipino counterparts not in terms of good personality or selfishness but rather of financial security. There must be an instinct on women that allow them to unconsciously shut down the feelings of love if the suitor is not enough financially stable and it must be a very old instinct that must have shaped not only human evolution but perhaps started even earlier, in other mammal species and birds. It would be very interesting to do some social experimentation to test my theory (and it may well been that someone has already theorised the same and run some tests to prove it, I don’t know). And it comes as a natural consequence that if Western women would find themselves into the same financial hardship as their Filipino counterparts are nowadays they would also fall, if my theory is correct, under the control of this instinct, thus falling in love for much older guys from others wealthier corners of the world. Anyways I’m glad that this instinct exists and that it gives people who otherwise would never feel anything for each other, experience true love and an happy life, which I find as a bit of a miracle! Wish me luck with my Filipino woman whom I love so much!

  86. Filipinas are USERS and just extract money from u….
    I don’t know about the
    Filipinas living in Philippines but I can say certain things very
    surely about Filipinas living in Dubai.
    I had a relationship
    with a Filipina and I got to know about her secrets just 2 months after the
    relationship started. I really could not believe that how
    come a person can have secrets like that . Then I started researching
    about Filipinas behavior and their consideration for a relationships.
    I went to each and every Filipino colleague of mine just to know how come
    a girl can be so secretive. I kept researching for six months just out of
    curiosity how come people be so fake. During that time i broke up with my GF
    but kept friendship alive. Then slowly slowly she told me the below mentioned
    things about Filipinas and i got confirmation from almost all colleagues of
    mine + other Filipino friends of mine and reached to these conclusions and
    trust me 90% of them are like that and it is very normal for them (may
    be this is what their culture is or this is how they take the
    1. They make
    relationship with other nationals just to suck their money or to get passport
    of some western country, if the guy is White.
    2. Almost all
    Filipinas just play with guys for money ( they can date a guy just for 1
    time meal at KFC) and have more than 1 boyfriend for sure. If ur GF who is a
    Filipina is faithful and loyal to u, u need to wake up from ur illusion. She is
    not faithful, she is just clever and knows how play.
    3. Here in Dubai 90%
    are single moms and most of them lie and don’t disclose their marital status
    and their kids.
    4. Not all but more
    than 50% are into hidden prostitution. They have links and sleep with White
    guys or locals just for 500 bucks (sometimes even 300).
    5.A Filipina can leave
    her husband and kids just for a teddy bear, nice chocolate (not even expensive
    ones) and 1 rose. U need to pamper her with these 3 things for three
    days in a row and 4th day she’ll be in ur bed.
    Their image in Dubai
    is really bad. people think that they are easily available puss** and
    treat them like tissue paper (use n throw) almost without any efforts just
    because they behave cheap and low standard.

  87. By the time Filipinas reach their late twenties the prospects of marriage are slim to none in their country. There is no welfare or social security in the Philippines. Her future will consist of working the rest of her life without a husband or kids. The only way out for most is to marry a western man. Some Filipinas are great. Some are gold digging bitches just like some western women. The big problem is that you will probably only find this out after you marry them since it is a long distance relationship. It’s a throw of the dice. My recommendation is to trust your intuition and follow it! Don’t gloss over any bad vibes thinking it will get better as time goes on. I have been married to one for 15 years. She puts up with me so she can’t be all bad.

  88. lol dude you are lame, you claim they will married men even if they are 20 year older than her, of course, they care mostly about money, and a greencard and only a fool will believe she is doin it for love lol

  89. one thing is for sure, once she get her greencard, and stay with you a few years married, once she know she got you by the balls, she will dump your ass, if there kids she will put you on child support, , you gonna have to give her half of your assets, and pay her alimony, lol like i said only a fool believe what this guy saying on this blog, i dont mind going there and fuck me a few filipino women, but married them??? bring them to the states?? they will become feminism, same as american women, is a matter of time

    1. Harold you are wrong, as a Filipina never try to Play the games of a european or american woman. On all what i learned abouth german and austrian girls as i am Born in german and live in Austria, i am just only glad that i found my beloved lifetime filipina on whon i will be her loving Balik Bayan

  90. Whoever wrote this article in regards to Filipinas, aka Pinays, hit the nail on the head in every section. I am in a relationship with one and have intimately spoke with several online, it is not just a “fluke” that I found a “good” one. It is actually difficult to choose which one you would like because the majority are as mentioned in the article and are much, much more respectful, religious and husband loving then American women. After visiting the Philippines I realize American women, as a whole, have absolutely nothing to offer in comparison to Filipinas. And it’s not the Filipinas’ fault, they are being who they are, they made a choice to be that way, just like American women made their choice, that’s why the divorce rate here is over 50%.

  91. My brother married a filipina. She’s crazy hot and dotes on him constantly. The thing is — and I have never once seen this in a white girl — she has supermodel proportions and yet is only 5′-1″ tall. I don’t know her all that well because they live across the country, and she doesn’t seem super smart, but does seem guileless and ridiculously sexy. I don’t have a picture of her but you should see her at the pool with her micro-bikinis and black hair down to her waist and tramp stamp with his name. Hot!!!! I have no idea where they buy clothes for her because she’s so thin.

  92. It is really funny for me when i read all that comments here.
    In my past i had been in relationship with so many European Women.
    Result is that they can´t even deal with a man anymore. For me Men and women are equal but the truth is that White women want to controll the life of the White man she “belong” to.
    What they knwo best is to cheat you as her man.
    Since i am dating Asian Women i also got hurts but finally now i am the man of the best and most beautiful women in word and we love each other that strong that it will be a lifetime love.

  93. Good and accurate information. I have just turned 52 and 8 months ago met a beautiful girl from Manilla, this month of June she turns 20, and she has many qualities I have been looking for in a woman. Yes, it was a little tough at first, but we have really grown to love each other deeply. I am visiting her in October, I have been there before and understand their culture. She comes from a wealthy family and really looks forward to settling down with me in Australia.

  94. Wow, thats a first. A person has made me feel disgusting to have pinoy blood running through my veins…

  95. First Joe I fuck.your wife whenever I am in town. I do foreigners wives always as most are so damn ugly and social losers that they flock to me for a decent lay.
    Lol every point in this blog is incorrect. Most Pina will fuck you on first Daye if you are white and will bang a refrigerator if white. Joe has to lie to himself but even he does not believe it
    Only losers with Asian fetishes marry these whores. Most cannot get laid in their own countries and have to come here to get laid. This blog is so full of shit as you losers that come here.
    You marry the pigs. I will just fuck them

    1. BTU – tell us what you really think!! 😉 But your comments are spot on. I have dated five Filipinas, ages 19 to 36. Each went down on me within 5 minutes of getting into a private room with her. These were just normal girls, by no means escorts or anything, and for the most part extremely inexperienced. They were great in some ways, but in 4 out of the 5 cases there was just one lie after another. Many times there were even lies where there was no really advantage to be gained by lying — could NOT figure that out. But of course often times the lying involved money. There was one young girl who I would help out with things she absolutely needed — until I realized she was shamelessly marking up the price of everything by a factor of ~4. They do steal, boy do they ever. For sure never send over more money than it amuses you to simply incinerate.
      The English is generally pretty poor. That’s not in and of itself the end of the world. But they often hide behind the poor English and act like they don’t understand you, when of course they do.
      In some ways it could be interesting to bring one over to the USA and get married, but I can’t even imagine the social ostracism that would give rise to. I live in a conservative New England community, and that sort of thing just isn’t done.

  96. I’m a Filipina but I was born and raised in the U.S.
    To be honest, anyone who shames any woman for not being conservative, motherly-like, or is put down for acting/looking masculine, they are backwards thinking traditionalists. We live in the 21st century and we have opened so many doors for both men and women to explore their individuality. The past was filled with mistakes, but this is why we have to remember that at least our present is way better than back then. We still have global complications today, but at least our societal progress continues to diminish our ignorance little by little.

  97. It really depends that Filipinas do the beso-beso thingy with acquiantances and especially with strangers, unlike but most Westerners even and women men kiss their acquiantances cheek to cheek even though I’m Filipino.

  98. I am solving a lot of problems by moving there to retire. I will marry my fiance who I have visited many times and met the family. They are dirt poor and need some help with medical issues but guess what? A small amount of money here is a lot over there. Think with your head and not your dick and you will be ok. You will get what you put in. You might think you are getting a sex slave or a maid, well you are wrong. Treat her with respect and you will be rewarded. I am 65 and she is 46. The medical issues were real and when one daughter died because they still believe in with doctors, I bought a pig to feed the mourners. Another grand son has health issues. You have to spend time with them. Country people are more for me and the city people are like the city people here. I will say one thing, for being some of the poorest people in the world, they are some of the most grateful. We can afford some things that they can not. Use your head and try to live there for a bit to see what it is like.

  99. I married a filipina and have a great marriage. She’s highly educated and makes good money. We have a one year old girl and life couldn’t be better. She is slim, cute and looks great for her age. Can’t say the same for a lot of fat white women I see here in the US. She values family and me. She is legal here, so didn’t marry me to have to stay in the US.

  100. This is a very good article. I am twice the age of my Filipina girlfriend (soon to be wife) and she is really wonderful. I was warned by friends that she is only after my money, which is a laugh, My last divorce cleaned me out and left me with nothing and my girlfriend knows it. She never asked me for any money while we were corresponding, and now that we are together, she has been the quintessential partner. She takes care of me like no one ever did. She is a great housekeeper, cook and lover. She is warm and affectionate, and I am never lacking in that department. We are now setting up a little business in her home town so we can make a living. We are working together on this and her family helped. The trick is, meet a girl from the provinces, small towns, not in red light districts of the big cities and tourist spots.

    1. Many of us are very affectionate. I love hugging and kissing my husband, and he’s not used to it, different upbringing. But now, I think he loves it. Glad to hear you found a good girl.

  101. Excellent article. Your description of Filipina women are spot on. I have date different asians while traveling Chinese, Filipina, Korean, Vietnamese. They are wonderful ladies. But if I have to choose the best, among my experience you guys are better off with ladies from the Philippines. Based on my interactions and my own experiences talking with them, Filipinna ladies seem to have a good heart, beautiful, smart and loyal of all the asians mentioned. They are hardworking, humble, family-oriented and does not look at their phones, they can actually hold a conversation and if you are lucky they are very, very intelligent especially girls who have college degrees. Even smarter than the Chinese I tell you. They have high respect for men and because they are from a third world country they are not entitled and work hard at a career while being a caring wife to you. Their culture teaches them to be loyal to one man only and when they date it is for marriage. would give Filipina girls total 9/10. I am 28 years old, white male btw. Actually, the only downside to filipina ladies are their clingy nature once you became their boyfriend and they are shorter on average about 5’1 – 5’4. I married one and I just found heaven on earth, I tell ya!
    Here is my breakdown to their fellow asian sisters:
    tall, beautiful, patient, can be loyal but materialistic… they might be academic smart but besides that they don’t continue educating themselves after school. The communication in english is also tiresome. They are often cold and expects you to pay for everything.
    feminine features, pretty but superficial “pretty”.. However, probably worst in my list. They judge based on race, status, money. Filipinas/ Chinese/Vietnamese also date you based on your job but they carry their on weight and are not entitled.
    somehow similar to Filipina girls, only… their english is not good and limited knowledge. But they have a great personality and cute too.

  102. Filipinas have all the stregnths of Latinas, but none of the weaknesses. Every man should date each once to know what I’m talking about.

  103. Filipinas are no different from Colombianas, Dominicas, Ukrainians, and Russians. They have more good qualities than most women in United States/Westernized countries do.
    Why stay in US and wait to meet one woman who might just like you as a friend when you go to a foreign country and meet many women who would love to know, date, and even marry you?

  104. Yep, they are great. My Filipina fiance arrives tomorrow on a K1 visa. After being treated badly by American women, she is a breath of fresh air. Of course I treat her like a queen too.

    1. Sorry, your post provides a sorry insight: “[A]fter being treated badly by American women …” tells me that you are a loser. I’d be much more interested in your story if it started out, “I’ve dated a lot of American women and had some great relationships, but I met a Filipina I really like and it is even better because of X, Y and Z.” But that wouldn’t be you.

  105. I agree with everything you wrote. However, as someone who DID marry a pinay and later had to divorce the psycho, an entire article can be written about the downsides. Old saying: Opposites attract – TEMPORARILY.
    Marriage is dead IMO. Feminist/gynocentric laws will help her steal most of your hard-earned assets and your kids. Your friends and church will side with her. Better to just visit occasionally and have a little fun. And even then you must deal with dirt, noise, crowds, beggars, liars and scammers. Just not worst the hassle. MGTOW.

  106. Yep, I met my Filipina online, and it turns out we were both teaching in South Korea at the time. We met and the rest is history. That was eight years ago, and still going strong. Of course, we have remained in the Philippines and the adjustment is mostly on my part, but has nothing to do with having a Filipina spouse.
    Being married to a Filipina is great! Living in the Philippines is, let’s say challenging. LOL

  107. .after reading so many trash comments from trash minds and burnable souls, i see why the philippines kicked us out. especialy compelling was all the racist shit

  108. This is just so much stereotypical bullshit. Women (and men) are pretty much the same the world over. I’ve had a couple of Filipina girlfriends, and they were as freaky as any I’ve ever had

    1. In the US or in the Phillipines? It’s not genetics that makes a good girl, it’s family and culture. White women would be my #1 preference, but the culture has ruined them, of course It will also ruin lesser girls. Any girl raised in the west I expect to be garbage.

  109. I think this article only applies to Filipina women who belong to the lower middle to lower class in society. Sorry, i just dont buy it.
    Source: Filipina pianist in Austria married to a young and poor but extremely intelligent, handsome and non-balding European (without the hint of a beer belly). All for love and not for money. No kids, just a dog.
    Please change title to: “Things You Need To Know About Lower Class , Green Card Chasing, Poverty-stricken Filipina Girls. “

  110. I think most people are judging the stereotipical asian girl/elder caucasian man relationship for being solely about looks and money, with them having nothing else in common.
    I have two uncles who married a fillopino, and once the honeymoon feelings disappear and the women gets older these relationships turn into disasters.
    The filipinos only spending time with other filipenos and the money suddenly inadequate (no matter how much) and the men being completely freezed out.
    And worse of all, children being right in the middle of it.
    All the relationships like this that i have heard of have ended like this (and i’ve seen it happen to at least a dozen couples, severel were threatened that she would take the children back to the filipinos never to return).
    Beauty fades and money you’ll always want more of.
    However the two relationships (which i know of) that has lasted were the couples where the two shared the same humour or outlook on life.
    I wish you all the best of luck 🙂

  111. They Love GOD and Family , you don’t see that too much here anymore and they are very good looking .

  112. yes as you been to the Philippines, as well as I have just add a little to what you said. yes as you said a older man can get a younger wife in the Philippines, but you need to treat them as she your Princess Cinderella, and she will do everything for you and never leave you, like give you a bath every night, sex anytime you want it, do about anything you want her to do. you will feel like a king or maybe a prince, but on the other hand it you treat her like a slave then you will have many problems, and she may leave you or put you in jail, which be very rare, and you will not be her Prince Charming, and you will not get treated to well either, by her, she needs to be loved and for you to love her back and give her your heart, and you will get 10 times back from her, but if you just want a woman to cook for you and clean your messes then do the beautiful filipina woman a favor don’t get a filipina woman. find a American woman that will not do anything for you anyway, and you can treat her mean, but please don’t treat your beautiful filipina lady/wife mean

    1. I like the way you said all this, and it could be said for any so called import bride.
      I think it’s our responsibility as western men to do our best to make the cultures fit
      After all we are the ones more than any other running around the world snagging girls.

  113. Filipinas have too much baggage. Damn- I need $, I need this, I need that…I am not saying other woman are like this but aside from asking for money they have this hidden depression or oppression and poverty. All these qualities are not attractive. In the article it says they are sexually conservative, that’s a general statement. Not the 1 that I was with. Anyway, after I broke up with 1 I hooked up with another and all I can say is: baggage. Way too much probs. I was browsing around b4 settling with this 1 and they all have similar trends: they are berried and not motivated when it comes to fixing their probs. No man wants to be with a problematic woman. 1 or 2 probs once in a while is ok but if it is consistent it’s MOB.

  114. While not slagging off Filipinos in any way – lovely people, great spirit – there is simply no arguments that can justify race-mixing. Period. It’s wrong on a moral, cultural, biological, practical and philosophical level. it’s abhorrent.

    1. then white women should step up their game in a serious fashion. there is one excuse for race mixing and that is the fact that one cannot get it up for these white liberalized hippo-suarus rex like creatures.

      1. You said it brother. I wasn’t going to wait for that shit to fix itself anymore, and I’m happy.
        Date ONE Asian girl, not born in the west, and then tell me you like western girls… I’m daring anyone who reads this to do it.

        1. What areas of Thailand would you recommend for a new visitor? I think Thai and Indonesia have the best looking Asian girls. Perhaps Japan also, but way to many urbanized girls there.

        2. It depends what you’re after in Thailand. I’ve been here 10 years. Tell me specifically what you’re looking for and I will let you know where to find it.

        3. Hehe you may be right, but I would invite you for a stroll around Osaka and pick me a girl you would not bang… And I’ll up it to I’ll set you up with any girl you pick at about 70% rate or so of success.
          That’s what made Japan for me. I want to bang them all, all about 67 million of them.
          ok that would make a wild week or month maybe hehe.

        4. For starters just hit the tourist hot spots which are Phuket, Samui, Krabi, Koh Chang, and Chiang Mai. If you choose to come back I would recommend the smaller towns and villages which is probably a more rewarding trip.

    2. It’s wrong for whites. Since whites are so great they shouldn’t mix with anybody else and shouldn’t care what the rest of the mongrels do. Keep whites white and don’t mix with others. Teach your women it’s wrong. Keep all your white shit white and don’t worry about everybody else. Other races mixing with other races expedites your agenda.

      1. But you’re the stupidest person Ive spoken to in weeks and I LIVE in Asia, so how are you great?
        Whites are not great, anyhow. They are just another race. In the modern era, they are the fastest failing race, also. Western culture has destroyed its women. Population is declining. Caucasians are failing, man. It cannot be denied. The majority of white women aren’t fit to breed with – that’s a simple fact. If I want a proper wife and plenty of children, then why not seek out an Asian bride? I cannot get such a woman in the West – not without great effort and great risk of failure, anyhow.

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