Why Asian Women Are Better To Date Than American Women

“Once you date an Asian girl, you will never go back.” Men often hear something similar to this from other men who have dated Asian women, meaning women directly from Asia, not American women of Asian descent. This is important because American women can be completely obnoxious and entitled. When an American-born Asian women  behaves in that manner, it is actually tenfold more annoying.

Living in Hawaii, I am surrounded by Asian and American women. So I have tried to take advantage of this and go out on dates—if you can still call them that—with Asian women as well as American women. I immediately noticed stark differences in the way they conduct themselves.

Pre Date

Arranging the date is far easier with Asian women. The Asian woman listens and happily accommodates with any recommendations. She is just glad to be in your company and whatever plans you make are almost irrelevant to simply being with you.

The American women is indecisive, whiny and wants you to make all the decisions.  If you offer up something she does not approve of she will say so, but not offer any alternatives, not to mention the 30%  chance she will flake all together.  As a man, you are already annoyed with her but you move forward with the date anyway.


In Hawaii things are naturally quite casual, but for a first date you still step up your dress a little. At least some jeans and a button up. This is Hawaii, again, and unless you have been here you have no idea how casual it is. George Clooney said it best in The Descendents,  “Some of the most powerful people in Hawaii look like bums and stunt men”. However Asian women will actually tend to overdress a bit. But when she opens her door in a nice sundress, hair and makeup done in a subtle but striking manner, combined with the pleasant aroma produced by her favorite perfume or body spray, you are fine with it. You feel good knowing she put forth effort to look good for you, for herself and doing so in tasteful way. You are proud to have her on your arm.

Your American date meets you at the bar or in the parking lot of her condo. If she dressed up at all it is in a dress too tight and too short for anyone not earning meth money on a street corner. She has on so much makeup that Bozo the Clown would be resentful. In Hawaii she will usually just show up with her hair pulled back in a ponytail. Maybe some jean shorts a size too small and a tank top or t-shirt with a bra that shoves her tits up into her throat. Revealing much more while simultaneously making her less attractive. Sure, you want to bang her, but that is all.



So begins the general conversation one would expect to engage in on a first date. For an Asian women this means listening and politely asking questions, while showing a genuine interest. Again, she is sincerely happy to be in your presence and is actually quite enthralled. She doesn’t interrupt or make judgmental comments. She wants to know more about you, not your income or how you can benefit her. She will drink  water, maybe a martini or craft beer you recommend.  Conversation is pleasant and she answers all your questions with a refreshing authenticity.

The American woman immediately orders a draft beer or maybe a shot of Jameson. At the very least the latest trendy drink, perhaps a mojito. She wants to talk about her and only her. When you talk about yourself, she interrupts and somehow still makes it about her. Negative comments pepper the conversation like “I can’t stand my roommate, she is such a bitch” or “My job sucks, everyone is a bunch of assholes.” All this while texting friends and checking Facebook every three minutes. By the end of dinner she is bombed and semi-belligerent, swiping’ spoonfuls of desert off your plate after she said she was full and didn’t want her own. She will make the obligatory “let me pay” gesture. But we know she never intended to anyway. Only thing she brought was her ID, iPhone and some backup birth control.

After Dinner Antics

We come to the end of the date and as you walk the Asian women back to the car, you find yourself with her arm hooked around yours and you are opening her car door for her. Not because you feel obligated to do so, but because you actually want to. She deserves to be treated well, and you reciprocate. You may end up getting coffee somewhere and then drop her off back home. Maybe a kiss, maybe not. But you are okay with it because it was a pleasure to be out with her, you feel content. She expresses her gratitude for the evening, so much so it is almost uncomfortable. When you get home you find a text on your phone thanking you again. A delightful experience.

The American women will often request you go out to do more drinking and bar hopping, even inviting friends. If you just want to get laid, you go along with it. Not saying it isn’t fun, it can be.  You end up in some dive bar and she hammers down more Fireball shots on your tab. Maybe she lunges at you in the bar and you end up in a full make out session right there, perhaps more. Classy? No, but still fun. You end up going back to her place and she may or may not invite you in for some easy sex. If not it is only because she wants to appear like she has a sliver of class. It’s all an act because you will be balls deep on next date, no question. No gratitude, no “thank you” text messages. Just an entitled attitude because this is what all men do for her. It was a fun date, sure. But you have little to no respect for her and any chance of her coming to the company Christmas bash went right down the toilet, the same place her head now rests.

Asians win. Flawless victory.

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825 thoughts on “Why Asian Women Are Better To Date Than American Women”

    1. True, but you’ll get points just for being white, so you probably still come out on top. You must also add the fact that while Korean women might be vapid, materialistic, and all of the other things wanna-be-westerners may be, at least she’s good-looking and slim too.

    2. Korean have the advantage of having more high status that most other Asians, the Hallyu is so powerful right now, Korean pop culture along American dominates countries such as China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Thailand, etc and is starting to grow stronger outside Asia such as in Arabia, Iran, Peru, Cuba, Paraguay, etc……

    3. It doesn’t. For some reason South Korea, unlike their neighbors, has chosen to adopt American liberalism issue-by-issue, and that includes feminism. Add that on top of your traditional Asian girl marrying for money first, and it’s not as sweet as people think. Not fat though.

      1. Excellent summation. I am distressed at the success the terrible American culture has had around the world. I despair when I think there will be no place left untainted by the rot in the west. South Korea has already walked the plank. Which Asian country will go down next? I am betting on Japan, which has exceed the west in some types of failures.

        1. Asian men that aren’t pussies such as yourself should shame weeaboos. These guys are pathetic.
          One thing to note is that the reason weeaboos exist is because they view Asian culture as one that is accepting of omegas.

        2. Nah, weaboos and K-popers are just like every other fanbase, we just like Asian stuff, like Believers are obsessed with Justin Bieber and Directioners with One Direction, nothing to do with Alpha, Beta ,Omega, then the Believers love Canada because they think Canadians are more accepting of gays and Directioners love England because they think British are more open to Multicultiralism? for your information, South Korea actively promotes their culture , because they want more profit, they have sell TV series to Latin America and music to Asia. Oh yeah, Xu is Chinese so he is a different story

    4. Also, Thailand is the castration capital of the world.
      And I’ve never met a married Filipino whose wife wasn’t beating the shit out of him regularly.

  1. My wife is white, but I’ve studied Confucianism since I was a teenager, and she’s been very supportive for quite a long time. This is not a NAWALT moment. I created this situation. My dad was the dark triad personified so I had some game even as a youngster. I’m interested in learning game, but to keep succeeding at my marriage and at work.
    But my point is, those values- Confucian values/l- they have their ups and downs. Filial piety and leading by example can go quite a long way towards creating a healthy family. My little girl is on her way to being a hard ten, and she has a sweet, feminine personality. I attribute this to my relatively extreme emphasis on the importance of being ” Clannish.”
    Asian values can be helpful. Just my two cents. And no, men should not get married. I am not endorsing that.

  2. I agree to this article. But I disagree on certain nationalities, like South Korea, modern Japan, and some parts of Philippines. The corruption brought by American globalization has already destroyed a population women there.
    But overall, they’re better than Russian or Ukrainian bitchy whores who are only after money. Asian women are a safer bet for marriage, tend to be and are often incomparably better than women from the former soviet bloc, when it comes to female morality and loyalty. And they’re not transactional. The only problem is their bodies tend to be more mannish; but you can always keep a Russian or Ukrainian hoe on the side to feed your sexual fetish.
    Marry an Asian princess, and keep fucking a Russian or Ukrainian mistress.

    1. “The only problem is their bodies tend to be more mannish; but you can always keep a Russian or Ukrainian hoe on the side to feed your sexual fetish. ”
      Ah yes, that weird fetish for women who don’t have the bodies of teenage boys.
      On the other hand, Asian pussy is noticeably smaller so they’ve got that going for them… which is nice.

      1. I think their bodies are quite feminine.
        Slavic women’s mannish deep voices are a big turnoff for me.

    2. Yup. Westernization is a double-edged sword. On one edge, it helps Westerners (mainly Whites) to score with Asian women, but it has also lead to some of the same destructive social conditions that we see in the West.
      I’ll at least say that for the time being, at least the vast majority of NE Asian women are 6 and above, and while fat and otherwise gross chicks exist there, they aren’t in abundance, nor do they pretend to be hot as is the case in the USA.

  3. It’s the way white people are raised in America. The family structure has really just deteriorated. For all of my white friends, their parents are closer to their friends than their parents. As for me, I’m still scared to death of them, even though I’m 25 and don’t live with them any more. The reason Asian women are better than white women is, IMO, because of the family structure and set up that they were raised with. This doesn’t just apply to only Asians either; it can apply to anyone who had a more traditional upbringing.

    1. I agree completely. I seem to be the outlier. I’m white, but my father was raised as one of four Jewish boys in a blue-collar family. Whenever I fuck up, I’m always terrified of what he’s going to do. My mother, on the other hand, is the exact opposite. My father is not my friend. He and I both understand that. My mother attempts to be my friend. I tell her that she’s my mother, not my friend.

        1. Seriously, didn’t ROK just do this? Redundancy at it’s finest….oh wait…I see where this is going.

  4. Asian women good!
    White women bad!
    You pay now cause women all over world same same.
    Asian women small-look like child
    White women big tall and writer cannot get one cause he like little Asian children.
    And that, is the end all be all of race mixing in the kosher influenced PUA society.

    1. Race mixing? WTF? Looks like we’ve got an ESL time traveler from the 1940’s in the comments section guys, lmao! Race mixing? LMFAO!

    2. This is retarded. The threat of white men race mixing en masse is only a thing because the quality of white women has plummeted so low. If white women behaved with some dignity this wouldn’t even be an issue.

  5. I think it’s fair to say that anything is better than American women. That said, this is overplayed. We just had an article on this.
    Asian women are not as likely to suffer from liberalism, but in the end, they’re still women.

    1. I have noticed the quality of women mirror’s the core beliefs of men, if decent women are exposed to liberal pansy genderless pussybeggars, they will start to rot from the inside once they see how much they can get away with. American men leaving ‘Murica do not get away from their problems, they take them anywhere they go.

      1. Good point. The main reason that Western women are so out of control is because in general Western men have been extremely weak, soft, noodle-armed pussy-holes. Western men have been this way for a good 2 generations. We let our women get away with murder…literally. When is the last time a woman got the death penalty in America? Casey Anthony can fucking brutally murder a 3 year old girl, then dance on a fucking bar and get away with it. Western men are weak. Western women exploit that, to everyone’s detriment.
        I truly blame the value system of the Baby Boomer generation for all this mess. They are a rootten group, but they still believe they are the most special group of human beings to ever live. They feel they deserve not only their parents’ WW2 inheritance, but they also believe they are entitled to their childrens’ labor in the form of Govt emtitlements, Social Security, endless pensions, etc. With the exception of few good ones, I cannot wait until the Baby Boomers are gone. Thankfully, their beloved Obamacare will hasten their own demise. If we can learn anything from the Boomers, it’s how not to live a virtuous life.

        1. You know, we do have our own version of the boomers in EE, they kind of made aggressive amorality the standard of social behavior, one political observer described it as “all manners of prostitution”. However, this kind of thing is more of a symptom than a disease, there is something bigger and more dangerous beneath the surface.

        2. The problem is simpler than that. It’s just a lack of tradition in society. The problem is that people take religion way to literally. The point of religion was basically to pass down the wisdom of the ancients. We currently live in a society with lots of knowledge, but not enough wisdom. The problem is simply just a lack of tradition. When women aren’t raised with a lack of tradition, this is what you get. It doesn’t matter whether women work or what kind of benefits they get if they have a sense of tradition and culture. The same problem exists for men today.

        3. Crazy huh? Jodie Arias is still breathing after the insanely brutal murder of her boyfriend. If it were a man they’d probably have a public execution.

        4. She butchered that guy brutally. Then she has the nerve to sit there in court and cry as if she was the victim. I think that behavior is typical of most women who would find themselves in that situation. Typical of most guys I suppose too. The point is, women commit the same crimes and never do the same time. EVER. I’m pretty sure the USA has not executed a woman in decades. In Texas, they execute men on a monthly basis statewide.

        5. The media pushes consumerism and degeneracy. Look at who owns the media.
          Hint: it’s the same people that turned pre war Germany into a degenerate hell hole with insane inflation and have been kicked out of every country they’ve ever been in.

        6. I actually had a girl get mad at me for not defending Jodie Arias. This was at work, and she was blathering on about how she “understood why she did it.” When I didn’t agree, she gave me the stink eye and the cold shoulder ever since.
          Sick fucking world, man.

        7. F**k you Gen X or Y. I am getting seriously pissed at all you asshats that want to blame everything on my generation. How weak ass pussy is it to blame your problems on the other guy; in this case the boomer. I was born at the peak of the baby boom, 1955. I lived with shortages of school rooms, jobs, housing, and women. The first no fault divorce laws were passed when I was 14. So you keep on blaming me, or my cohort, for all that followed. BTW what blow for men’s freedom did you strike at 14? I would really like to know.
          The divorce and women’s lib movements started long ago. Read some history for god’s sake. The Seneca Falls Declaration of Sentiments, 1848, might be a starting point for your education. Everything of importance did not happen during your lifetime, and some things even happened before there were computers. I got married the first time into the steepest portion of the divorce boom, like a sheep being led to slaughter; unknowing and unwarned. Yes things are sh*tty now. But they have been sh*tty for some time and at least you know how things are and have the information available to you to deal with the shit sandwich that is the western world.

        8. You won’t get much support here. The writing is on the wall for your generation sir: “The Worst Generation” is what the boomers will go down as. There’s some good guys in that generation, don’t get me wrong, but the bad apples are the ones who will be remembered.

        9. Too many American men are just realizing this. Smfh. I am a firm believer that “tradition” should be looked at critically. But this is coming From someone raised in different countries. However, the travesties that I see taking place with American women (reflecting our culture of course) is unbelievable.

        10. I think you mean hypocrite. A Hippocrate is a large container use to transport a hippopotamus.

        11. Agreed. Nobody likes a dirty hippy. They have been a drain on the good will of people and many treated our veterans like crap. Not all baby boomers are or were bad, but I have seen and met some really crazy ones.

        12. What matters is how much weaker a cultures men are than its women (as supported by their allies…) In the west men are up against their own women plus all of the ethnic minorities who are aligned with them in their efforts to ‘take down’ the western ‘privileged’ male… Asian men are up against Asian women, without the involvement of the cultural wrecking balls tossed in by our favorite chosen tribe, so they’ve got a much easier battle (though this is no excuse, western men need to man up, even if this means being racist sexist classist a–holes.)

        13. Real “hippies” work. Boomer hippies are simply spoiled, selfish angry wastes of oxygen.

        14. Thank you sir! You just summed up everything that I saw at the revolution. Now where do we start to change the world?

        15. Uh, I think it was “The Feminine Mystique” by Betty Friedan and Dr. Benjamin Spock’s Baby Care Manual that really began to screw up Amerika!

        16. The problem is that we aren’t taking ‘religion’ literally enough. We’ve had so many decades of picking and choosing what man considered the ‘wise parts’ of the Bible, which were the ones that allowed him to live a morally untethered lifestyle while still feeling as if he is a believer. Grabbing only pieces of the Bible is what eventually leads to the moral relativity we have today. Without God, few people feel the need to abide by any tradition because tradition involves sacrifice and the average human’s first inclination is to partake of the actions that will give him immediate pleasure.

        17. At least shes still in jail.
          I wouldnt be suprised if in 20 years men would be considered even lower than dogs….

        18. Take it from a Boomer…the Red Pill started with men, like me. I cannot stand what’s happened. When I went to university, the socialists and rest of the red scum, used to stand in the student union and recruit. We used to go toe to toe with them, all the time. Now, the pussies of the millennial generation take their shit, and agree with them. My son went military, give him bullshit, and you’ll have your head handed to you. He’s as pissed off as his ole man.

        19. You make a massive mistake with Boomers…we’re split by the anti-Vietnam crusaders and those of us who were born in the later half of the 50’s and early 60’s, and viewed them as a bunch of cowardly jerks. Our President was Reagan, not the other assholes who’ve followed him. We were the ones who brought you the Information Age, your generation gave us the wonderful world of diversity. Your generation doesn’t read, write, or speak on the phone, anymore. Sports, once the bastion of Manhood, now incorporate your attitudes, not ours. Look around, this isn’t the world we created, and no, we didn’t coddle our children, we expected them to take our attitudes with them to the rest of the world. I didn’t fail with my kids, someone else did. I don’t have any grandchildren born out of wedlock. My kids are now stuck with the hellhole their contemporaries have created. Look in the mirror, see that face, what have you done to change the world lately? Rather than bitch about it, why don’t you do something about it?

        20. “Getting away with it.” True. It’s always the lowest people in a society that make it a lifestyle to get away with what they can legally and socially. As a rule men don’t do that. They’ll be responsible as far as they’re able to reason things out. Women naturally will take advantage of societal loopholes; stuff that men would have shame about doing. Women don’t suffer from shame. They ACT like they do, and that’s one of the games they play to hide their real personalities. But they really don’t

        21. Don’t forget those same people that made a mess of Germany then turned around and backed Hitler, who promised to clean up the mess. They thought they could control him the way they thought they could control the Communist Party in Russia. They’ve been slavers since the times of the Old Testament, and refuse to change. Only enough to take advantage of the society they infest.

        22. Hey, we left you guys an economy and manufacturing base where you could drop out of high school and get a job that paid for a house and a stay home mom. And you could retire from it with a pension. Then the Xer’s came along and partied it all away. Right now I make a living going into companies and showing them how to run the fucking things. Everything from how to treat people to sensible supply chains to the reason for their existence in the first place. Everybody after us got the government they deserved. Now that you can’t move out of your parent’s houses isn’t our fault. Stuff we learned by hard knocks can’t be drilled into you people. That’s why it’s we boomers who’re left that are the main people talking about emigrating.

        23. C’mon now, we couldn’t just go and hurt someone’s feelings. I can’t believe the lack of common sense and, hell, I can’t even describe what things have turned into. And modern people don’t even get it. As long as they have the idea that they can walk outside and buildings aren’t falling down their heads are in the sand. Culture and Democracy (if you want to call it that) have to be maintained. And the past couple of generations didn’t give a shit enough, and now they can’t figure out what or where their problems are coming from.

        24. Mess? Germany was the Happiest nation for an entire decade in the world with the highest standard of living, with no gold and only 10% military GDP…..J EWs had to declare war on her as they set a bad example throwing them out of banking and prospering

        25. Racial Integration, Abortion, CIA escapades, Going off the Gold Standard, Budget Deficit spending, and feminism.
          Thanks Boomers!

        26. Yea, Affirmative Action, Racial Quotas/Hires and Integration, Abortion, Feminism, Going off the Gold Standard with Fiat debt notes…all great stuff. Thanks

        27. Germany had been in a terrible depression and then was taken over by a mad man who dragged them into a war that cost millions of German lives along with 36 million in Europe. Stop living in La la land.

        28. Stop the BS. One generation had it very good. That was because of WWII. WWII destroyed all the first world countries except for the U.S. No competition and we could sell anything to the rest of the world. My father was part of that and made lots of money exporting to Europe and Latin America. A one time thing. Then Europe came back and then Japan, then Korea and finally China. The U.S. has not fallen behind. The others have simply caught up. You are not going to have it easy now. You will have to get off your lazy asses and go to work. I made it and made it very well. Now my kids are making it very very well. First grandson finishes his first year studying engineering and he will have it good. The number of jobs available to non college graduates is continuing to diminish. You had better get a good education and one that will pay you a good living or you will be on the street. The world owes you nothing. You want that helping hand? You will find it on the end of your arm. Stop being cry babies and grow up. Stop waiting for some big mouth politician to save your ass. You save your own ass.

        29. Dick Nixon took us off the Gold system. Conservatives gave us slavery, JIm Crow, Segregation, fought against voting for women, fought against child labor laws and gave us sun downer laws. They have given us nothing positive.

        30. You and who? Other Fascists? It really burns your ass that people have freedom of speech doesn’t it. So all the billionaires are socialists? I very much doubt you got a university education.

        31. I am a Vet and never was treated bad by hippies. I was treated bad by a few right wing assholes.

        32. Fascists? Freedom of speech? What the hell ARE you talking about? Challenging me on my college education? I’m not going to argue with a fool, Harry.

        33. You’re mistaking the WWII generation for boomers…I think you’re in need of a review of history, perhaps remedial education would help.

        34. The Jew media is mostly to blame for what the past couple of generations has become. But the issues you mentioned weren’t destroying the country because we kept them in check. It’s the current atmosphere in the country that’s allowing them to wreak havoc. What has happened in our country is persistent and long-term pussyfication of our young people.
          Manufaturing and technology sent overseas and never coming back, black people able to shoot cops and then sue when they get shot back, illegals breaking laws and courts being forced to not deport them OR put them in jail. . . When a white American shoots a cop or breaks the law, he goes to prison. White have to have documentation to get a license or bank loan, illegals don’t. All this crap is on YOU guys.

        35. Slavery was terrible, because that imported Africans into America. Bad. Very bad. Segregation was pretty good. Deportation would have been a whole lot better.

        36. I don’t disagree with you. I’m saying that the Boomers are not a homogeneous group of people. We’re split up between the anti-Vietnam protestors and the Reagan 80’s optimists.

        37. BS. I was in Vietnam served 4 years in the Air Force and sorry I did not like Reagan.

        38. Wow… what a surprise, to a misogynist also making racist comments… shocker…

        39. You cannot generalize about women either … but that fact seems to be lost on most people commenting here. 🙂

        40. Doth protest too much boomer haha. You know your generation messed everything up. Just repent for the sins of your abysmal generation, a shameful generation that will go down as one of the worst in US history.

        41. I think culture has more do with things than race. Example as John Wayne said “American women dress for themselves. Latin women dress for their men” He should know, he married 3 of them. There are cultural differences but whether or not will like them is something totally different.

        42. So Jo you never got anywhere with a woman. You should get some Cary Grant movies. He knew the way.

        43. You forgot us realists. Sorry was in business for 20 years and loved it. Made a good chunk of change and retired overseas a mile from the beach. However, socially no I am a Liberal.

        44. I’ve gone pretty much anywhere you can get on a woman (and got a kid to prove it,) but nice try on the attempt to deflect to ad hominem.

        45. We are all entitled to SS since we paid into it. We are also entitled to pensions if we paid into them. Those are investments and have been since about 1936. The problem is the American preoccupation with material gain. You ask for a woman who is compassionate and yet you make obtaining material gain the priority of our society. You want God back into schools but worship Mammon instead. Before being critical of someone else, take a look at yourself.

        46. Be careful. Saudi Arabia has tradition in their culture and women are treated like cattle. There are two things that are important. Compassion and wisdom in a society.

        47. Hm. The love of money is the root of all evil. This of course is not valid since many things cause evil. Jealousy, love of power etc. Put that sword in its scabbard since he who lives by the sword shall perish by the sword. Most people who lived by the sword did not die by the sword. Alexander the Great died form Typhoid fever. Chingiss Khaan got drunk and fell off his horse. There are others. Reason always triumphs over faith. The Bible is simply not reasonable. Too many magic tricks. You might find a few phrases that have truth value but not the whole book. Teaching children how to think logically and teaching them compassion is a better way.

        48. Moosik. The media sells advertising. Advertising is paid for by corporations and individuals to sell the products they produce. That is called Capitalism. As an individual you have the right to pick and choose what you will purchase and what you will not. Being stupid in any society no matter its politics or economic system you will still fail as a human being.

        49. Can I get you a crying towel? The blame game. Blame society, Obama, Trump, even dumb old Bush, women, the Ruskies or Mexicans, Chinese but not yourself. Stop whining. Do you think you are the only person who has had it tough in this world?

        50. I volunteered during that time in Vietnam. Went TDY then. I believed our government. Later I found out that Johnson had lied. No different than Bush lied. Our military is there to defend this country against an attack and nothing more.

        51. Ah so you would have preferred Nazi Germany right? The Gold standard was a terrible joke. It provided no way to create a budget or for a government to borrow when necessary. The great depression was the result of your Gold standard. If you do not want equality for women move to Saudi Arabia.

        52. You weren’t the target of my particular position. And THAT is the point. While I viewed the protestors as simple cowards, the honesty of the US Government has ALWAYS been in question. Babyboomers are not a monolithic group, but you try telling that to these Millennial fools who think they’re so much different than their parents.

        53. Captain. I think you and I both are guilty of getting off the subject. Let’s try to stick to why so many American men prefer Asian women over American women. I wish to include Latina women in this mix also. I just have the opinion that both Asian and Latina women are not as selfish as American women I have met. I say this in general and not in specifics. However, being selfish and narcissistic seems to be the name of the game today in the U.S. I compare Harry Truman who was President who paid for his own postage, rode coach and when done with his service got in his used car and drove back to Missouri. with the man we have elected with a private jet with Gold plate seat belts. We are living in a time of Mammon and we cannot expect our women to act any differently than we do. If we do not like our women this way, then we will have to change society, Are any of you up to the task to change? I very much doubt it.

        54. Uhhhh no Mr. Nutz. It was due to the emasculation I suffered in Public Education. I am in therapy to develop in inner-Alpha Male. I stand by my statement concerning the effects of the Boomers on America and us. Oh, my apology, your last name is McNicholas, not ( numb ) Nutz. Still your first name is “Harry” – could it be too much hair?

        55. Well dickless I hope the state hospital does you good over the next 20 years. You deserve it. So what positive thing have you done for America. Looks to me all you do is complain and blame someone else for your situation. No cajones.

        56. Excuse me, but that is lie. I have a life that is more fulfilling that your own. I can say this, I would to share my accomplishments with you but I do not want to cause trouble for my compatriots. At this time, I am not in a hospital but undergoing recursion and phenomenology therapy.
          So what have you contributed to society? Have a criminal record or do you know how to prepare and submit a Federal 1040 form?

        57. My response was directed to a comment regarding boomers. As for American women, I’m fine with them…however, I’m not interested in little girls, so, I don’t have to deal with the crap the Millennial’s are dealing with. So, who can blame them if they decide to search elsewhere for female companionship.

        58. It isn’t personal. There are many exceptions to the mass psychosis of the counter-culture types, but you can’t seriously look at the decay since 1971 and not see how your generation as a whole is responsible – even if you resisted. It was a sophisticated pyschological warfare operation by the Frannkfurt School, which relocated into top American universities such as Stamford, Harvard and MIT, and has steered graduates into self destructive anti-American ideas. It might have started before, and made worse since, but the ’68er’ counter-culture marks the significant change in American culture towards jewish ethnic supremacy/ communism.

        59. I am a member of Generation X. You know why its called Generation X? Because around the time I was in high school the boomers who now worked most jobs in the media collectively decided our generation stood for nothing, because we weren’t all super activist and caring and muh 60s and we in no way could possibly measure up to the boomers, so they called us Generation X – the generation that stands for nothing.
          The carving out of middle class incomes and not being able to get jobs out of college started impacting my generation first – when GHWB was President. The boomers had their cheap educations, affordable health care, low priced housing market, lack of immigrants taking jobs and parents with money to rely on. They could have done something to stop or at least acknowledge the lack of opportunity that has impacted every generation to come of age since the 90s, but they preferred to sit on the sidelines and play blame the victim and oh look what losers all these younger generations are compared to us.

        60. And they were so full of themselves! We had to sit through the Big Chill and endless movies about Viet Nam’s ignored veterans(though they did get that shaft). Being a teen-ager during the Baby Boomer Mid-life crisis was rough. They lied to us about pot, after smoking their brains out. They screwed their brains out, and we were left wondering if we could get AIDS from a mosquito bite. They will forever be the albatross around Generation X’s neck. They had awesome college aid when they were in college, then turned around and cut it out for us to give the rich ones tax breaks. Their social experiments failed. I now several kids who were born and raised in communes. Now as middle aged adults they LOVE being “tied down” in boring old nuclear families. They had some good music that ended around 1980.

        61. Democrats gave us slavery segregation, World War I & II, IRS, CIA, Federal Reserve. Funny how the gold standard for 140 yearz didn’t cause a great depression until the federal reserve came along, you dumbass.

        62. Conservatives gave us slavery and segregation. World War I was started by the Europeans and not the U.S. World war II was started when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. What is wrong with the IRS? The CIA came from WWII Strategic Services and has served this country perfect. The Federal Reserve was set up to prevent another Republican caused depression. The Gold Standard caused many depressions including the one that started in 1929. There had not been another one since we got off the Gold Standard. Your comment are silly nonsense.

        63. Huh. Joseph Stalin was Georgian and had studied to be an Orthodox priest. Yes he killed millions of people. The correct figure is 18 million. I thought we killed all of you lousy Nazis in WWII but I guess I was wrong.

        64. Trying to mask the scent.
          He was a marano who ran with jews, married 3 jew women, allowed jews to emigrate to the US while other went to the gulag’s and introduced the death penalty for “antisemitism”.
          And killed 60 Million White Christians.
          Your turns coming shlomo!

        65. You have an aversion for the truth. Why don’t you move the Saudi Arabia. The royal family there are jewish anyway.
          The depression was a result jewish bankers like Rockerfeller calling in loans and taking money out of circulation. Allowing no more borrowing allowed them to destroy the economy and buy everything up for peanuts.
          Yes we would have preferred usury free Nationalist Germany!

        66. More BS. Jews gave us slavery and the Fed was set up so 12 jewish banking families could have a monopoly on issuing money.

        67. You are a Nazi Chris and believe Nazi propaganda. Slavery has existed way before there were any Jewish people. The largest slavers in history were Muslims. They took 20 million slaves out of South Africa. 3 million out of Southern Europe and unknown millions out of India. Hindu Kush means Hindu misery due to the millions of Indian people who died crossing them as slaves of the Muslims. Jewish bankers did not invent anything. In Germany, the royalty did not trust Germans to watch their Gold There was no currency and most used Gold dust. They did trust the Jews in the Ghettos. They would bring their dust to the Jews to watch. The Gold was weighed and put into leather bags. It was weighed again when they came to pick it up. So where was the profit for the Jews. At the bottom of the bag was a tiny bit of dust which the Jews collected. Jewish people have prospered because they had no choice. Prior to WWII 50% of the doctors in Germany were Jews. Get an education. Life is hard. It is harder when you are stupid.

        68. Another racist moron trying to make a comment. Crawl back under your rock.

        69. So moron there are no Black people in prison? You are a racist pig and not worth anything.

        70. The House of Saud has ruled Saudi Arabia for hundreds of years and you fking moron are Arab and not Jewish. Have you ever been there? I have. Stop being stupid You will live much better.

        71. You are a moron Chris. Trying to educate you is like trying to teach a pig to sing. I would fail plus annoy the pig.

        72. Your a lying Christ killing jew. Worse then a toxoplasma infected pig.
          The offspring of Cain and his Edomite wife whom God hates. A curse unto all nations.
          Duet 23:2

        73. Arab means mixed just like jews a mixed people.
          Deut 23:2
          Anyone here can research the jewish roots of the Saudi royal family. Anyone here can research the jewish roots of the Jordon royal family. Anyone here can research the Domeh of Turkey
          Anyone other then you.

        74. You are a full class moron. The Saudi Royal family can trace their ancestors back to the time of Muhammed. Arabs are of the desert. Now of course if you went back 10,000 years yes they would be related to the Jews. Go back 10,000 years and you might be related to the Jews. Thomas Jefferson. It had always been assumed his family came to the U.S. from France which is true. However, they had only lived in France one generation. They had immigrated to France from what is today lebanon. Jews, Arabs, Berbers originally all were Caucasians. 10,000 years go they moved into what is now the Middle East and North Africa.. Many mixed with the non Caucasians. Many people from the Middle East migrated to Europe and brought agriculture and the raising of domestic animals with them. They mixed in with the Europeans especially with the Indo Europeans. Some Jewish people can trace their lineage back for at least 2,000 years. They usually carry the name of Cohen and were Jewish priests. Then it becomes harder since so much mixing has gone on. What did Jesus look like? There are of course no pictures and no paintings of him from that period. We can though deduce what he did not look like because of the characteristics of Jewish men at the time. He had neither long hair nor beard. Why? Jewish men did not wear long hair and neither did they wear beards. Dark hair, olive colored skin and dark brown eyes was how he likely looked. Sorry no blonds and no blue eyes.

        75. You’re a first rate Christ killer with a lot of babel. Did you pick up that skill in Babylon?
          skipped ove the Donmeh.
          Arab means mamzer. Of more then one race eg Cain and his Edomite wives.
          From Jewish Virtual Library: the most comprehensive online Jewish encyclopaedia in the world: “The distinction between Edomites and Jews was blurred by Johanan Hyrcanus’ forced conversion of Edom/Idumea to Judaism in 130BC. During the 1st c. BC. Pressure by the Arab Nabateans pushed the territory of the Edomites to within 15 miles of Jerusalem.” http://www[DOT]jewishvirtuallibrary[DOT]org/jsource/Society_&_Culture/geo/edom%5BDOT%5Dhtml Strabo further testifies to the colonisation of Judea by Edomites in Geography [Bk 16.2.34].
          Even before Johanan Hycarnus forcibly converted the Edomites to Judaism, and absorbed them into Judean society, the Kingdom of Judea was a shadow of its former self, with only a tiny remnant of true Israelites inhabiting it, as most had been deported by King Nebuchadnezzar II beginning with the deportation of 10,000 Israelites in 597BC, (See, 2 Kings 24:14) and followed by the deportation of a sizeable portion of Judea’s population in 587BC, (See, 2 Chronicles 36:20, 2 Kings 25:11-12, Jeremiah 39:9-10) with ONLY 42,360 of these Israelites ever returning to Jerusalem and Judea (Ezra 2:64-65).

      2. This is sometimes true but not always. A lot of us burned once (or twice) older guys have taken off the rose colored glasses before we leave the country. As a result we take things in hand and don’t let the Asian women we meet get out of hand. Once a woman is out of hand you need to walk away as fast as possible. No amount of game or alpha will do anything to restore what should have been the default roles.
        I will agree that I see some weak assed game from white guys in Asia. I can only imagine how a local guy feels watching a good woman ruined by a weak beta western man.

        1. So what happens when a man gets out of hand? Sounds like to me you are really a wimp pretending to be a man.

      3. The rude entitled Asian customers Ive serviced over the years tell me that American women aren’t the only brats. Ive met British people nicer than Asians. I’ve also met Asian nicer than caucasians. It’s all an upbringing not culture not race.. how you were raised is how you will be as an adult your upbringing can reflect in relationships, in your career, and throughout your life.

        1. Same reason women from other poor countries marry westerners. Think about it you stupid son of a whore cuck

        2. Russia is not a poor country. I do not know girls from Bhutan rushing to marry Westerners. Must be millions lining up in India. Your comment is simply not valid. I have friends who have married girls from Japan. Japan is not a poor country. The same with marrying girls from Germany and Switzerland. It is simply attraction.

      1. It’s the only topic that makes me feel a little bit better about how shitty American women are while simultaneously pissing off American white women. Talk about two birds.

        1. Every “game article” there is I still feel like im a clown being trained for a role. it works but its short term..we need to seize power for real.

        2. I think a lot of the younger generations of American men have the potential to be red pill and wake up to the nightmare that is American women. Unfortunately liberalism, feminism, and blue pill behavior in general is at its peak right now in the mainstream.

        3. The problem is that too many American women are too self centered and selfish. Society teaches them but unfortunately it also enforces this view by American males. You can live next door to someone for 20 years in the U.S. and never meet them or know their names. That is terrible.

        4. So how is it working out with the hookers ABZ? Didn’t your father teach you how to treat a lady? How many of you would ever say to a woman “Madam may I kiss your hand?” More likely you would say “Madam kiss my butt”. It works all over the world to treat women like ladies and not like whores. Even whores want to be treated like ladies. I have traveled all over the world and it works everywhere.

        5. I don’t anyone to teach me anything and no i don’t waste my time kissing their hand when I can do better things to them. At least, whores are honest in what they want unlike fake women who fake love to get money for nothing.

        6. Your attitude is to treat women like whores? Sorry I do not think you are a very good person. Also, not very smart. You have learned nothing about charm or how to use your head. The only kind of woman you could get are street walkers.

        7. At least street walkers give you fun, from normal women you will get nothing unless they really like you and that’s still fake as hell.

        8. Prostitution isn’t only streetwalkers and no I don’t use streetwalkers. I bet that your the one who use them since no women will come with you for free.

        9. Ah so you head to the short time house. Again you are so hard up you cannot get a woman to look at you and must use hookers. Sorry I have been married for 50 years. You are stupid and sorry there is no way to fix stupid.

        10. Being married is like paying a hooker to stay with you full time, it’s more expensive in the long run.

        11. When I was dying twice in the hospital my wife was there. When I had to go overseas for 13 months to defend this country, she stayed behind and was faithful. Your value as a human being is not much. No wonder some decent woman would not spend a minute with you.

        12. lol how your so sure she stayed faithful? You can never be 100% sure & to be honest I don’t give a fuck what you think about my value since I don’t live to please anyone but myself. In my opinion women are good for one thing… to open their legs!

        13. When you live with someone fro 50 years you are sure. She also would never do anything that would embarrass her family. Yes, you sound like a very selfish person and no friends. By the way, no I am not impressed with most American women. Like men they are too selfish (like yourself) and only think of themselves. I prefer Asian and Mexican women. John Wayne married three Latinas and he made the right comment. “American women dress for themselves. Latinas dress for their men”. Sorry I am not going to argue with John Wayne. I said most but not all. My daughter is American and has been married to the same guy for 20 years. No cheating, she has a masters in economic geology and is chief geologists of a large copper mine in Nevada. She is also an excellent mother and wife and great cook. To attract someone like her you have to have the right stuff. You will never attract a great woman acting like a jackass.

        14. You said your not impressed by american women and on that i agree with you and as a man who live in Europe i also think that most women from my continent are selfish and not good enough to be with. I agree that asian women make great girlfriends but why would i settle with one girl when there’s plenty of fish in the sea? doesn’t make sense at all and i hate to waste my time chasing women in bars so might as well i pay for it.

        15. Chasing in bars? All you are going to find in bars are bar flies and lounge lizards. Take a step up. You want to meet the hot one? Go to a high class gym and start working out. I go but not looking for babes but do have friends and yes they are hot. You are looking for love in all the wrong places.

        16. Where did I said that I’m looking for love? That’s the point that I only want sex and same goes for most man on this website.

        17. Then continue to go to the short time house. That is the only woman you will get. Sorry but Asian women are no different from those in the U.S. and are looking for love and not just sex. That is why they make great wives and great mothers. The same with Mexican women. You haven’t a clue as to what you are missing in this life. When you are laying there on your bed dying you will never know what it feels like to have someone who truly loves you.

        18. lol Asia & Mexico is full of bitches waiting to get fucked by middle class man who are considered rich in those countries. Not everyone could find love so don’t judge anyone dude!

        19. That is BS. All you know are hookers and nobody else. No decent Mexican or Asian woman would have anything to do with you. Why go all the way to Asia or Mexico to find a hooker. You can go to a brothel in Nevada and they will take your money.

        20. Where I live they are illegal and there’s no much Asians living in my country and who do it for free. BTW the women you date aren’t free if you buy them dinner & drinks so that’s still payment.

        21. They are also illegal in Vegas,all of Clark county. Also, Washoe county where Reno is located. That does not stop both from having lots of hookers or street walkers. Years ago during the summer I worked at a small hotel in Vegas and the hookers would come to eat breakfast at our coffee shop and talk about their johns and sugar daddies. I was enthralled. Sorry I was making a 1.50 an hour. Out of my budget. I think making prostitution illegal is a losing idea. All it does is make the women totally controlled by the pimps. They are also at the mercy of crooked cops. In Ely, Nevada White Pine county Nevada there are three brothels and they cause no problem. The women are treated well and actually do lots of charity work for the town. What country do you live? Sounds like Saudi Arabia.

        22. Why would you think I live in saudi? I told you i’m in Europe but where I live it’s illegal especially if it happens outside.

        23. I said it sounded like Saudi Arabia. What country do you live in Europe? I spent some time there and I do not recall any country being hard to find a hooker.

        24. Those aren’t hookers and man go there since those clubs are legal but they don’t do everything so they are a rip off. There is some parlours that do everything but not anything like sugar daddies etc etc. Also there’s no Asians or Mexicans you have mentioned.
          BTW i’m not broke but of course I can’t go at those places all the time.

        25. Damn what a boring place. No Asians and no Mexicans? have you considered moving to a more interesting country? Malta reminds me of Utah.

        26. Can’t just move like that cause 1: It’s hard to find jobs abroad 2: I have a disability (use a wheelchair) so it’s not easy to do that. That’s one of the reasons why I think what I think about women since most don’t care about or only want friendship.

        27. Sorry about your condition. You would find a lady here in Mexico who would be happy to be your friend. I am married and have been for 50 years but I have friends at the gym who are extremely hot women and I am friends with them. No I am not hitting on them. We are friends. American women? Not likely. “What the hell you looking at?” is their attitude. I spent some time in Austria and a common expression was “Madam may I kiss your hand’ In the U.S. the woman would say “Why don’t you kiss ,my butt?”Sorry Buddy that life has been hard for you.

        28. There’s many people who has disabilities worse than just a wheelchair so you don’t have to feel bad. The problem is not the condition itself but people’s attitude (especially women) toward me since they are afraid to have relationship, even if it’s just a hook up. I’m not trying to justify paying for sex but seems like that’s my only way to be intimate with women as long their attitude stay the same toward people with disabilities and as long I keep being afraid to approach them cause idk what to talk about.
          Female friends i do have but mainly i prefer hook up or maybe relationship and like i said there’s no Mexican women i know about.

        29. In your situation go for it. I see nothing wrong with prostitution as long as it is legal and women are do it freely and are not abused. I have kind of been in your situation years ago. I contracted many diseases at once. Typhoid, para typhoid., Malta fever (yes Malta fever), hepatitis ( I jaundiced) and finally a slow acting muscle/nerve virus that left me for some years crippled and could not walk. I could not even have a sheet on my legs. For those years I also developed seizures. I finally got better but still lost about 30% of my leg strength. Just be kind to the hookers. They have to work also

        30. Why in my situation I should go for prostitution but someone who is ‘normal’ should not do it? Also at first you were judging me for doing that and telling me that’s the only women i will get and now your ok with it lol.
          I always treat hookers with respect as long they make me happy and to be honest i don’t use street hookers (only escorts, massage girls and strippers) and even normal women I try to respect but seems like they only want assholes who mistreat them.

        31. Why in my situation I should go for it but a normal person can’t? Also i’m always kind to any type of women maybe that’s why I get rejected whenever i try talking to them.

        32. If they are nasty with you, just walk away and forget them. Arguing accomplishes nothing and only raises your bp. There are millions of good women out there so why waste your time with a bad one? Too many men are P whipped. Oh she is leaving me, what can I do? Well, you can get some cajones and find another one. You cannot change her. You can only change yourself. Be kind, a gentleman, good manners and charming. If she is a bitch, you simply drop her and find another one. You may find the one you settle down with or you may not. So what? I have friends who are happily married and friends who are happily single. I do agree that the majority of American women I have met have been self centered. The majority of Asian and Latina women I have met have not. There are just my opinions based upon about 55 years of experience with different women from different countries.

    2. Yeah, but still. Most American cunts’re overweight and the cute ones blow up on you without warning. They don’t respect you or the law, or common decency, or even themselves. Their only purpose in life is to ingest semen and say things that makes you want to slam their heads against the wall.
      So can we truly ever write enough articles ragging on these bitches without simultaneously promoting yellow fever.
      Seriously though, I fucking adore Asian chicks.

      1. If I were a father I would never allow my daughter, Asian or otherwise to dat you.

        1. Sorry punk I am a father and a grandfather. You are that piece of crap I find just under the toilet seat. Low life with nothing to offer.

        2. You are a boomer, who has never had to suffer anything because you are part of the largest voting block. A spoiled brat who thinks his access to technology and political supremacy makes him greater than nature. The toxicity of this delusion, and the destruction it has wrought on this country, are your legacy.

        3. That doesn’t really prove anything that you pretend to know what his life has been like.

        4. Boomers will sell out their kids, their legacy, their entire nation for their free gibmedats ie Medicare, Social Security check.
          They are about worthless… Abortion, Integration, Debt Spending, Going off the gold standard was the beginning of the end. We have a lot of cleanup to do

    3. Yeah, I lived in Hawaii from 2002 to 2007. My experiences were many. I had women from other countries, and from the USA; and ample women already in Hawaii for whatever reason (college, work, local, tourist).
      I could always spot a married chick: poor outdated dress, saddened look (like a lost puppy) at the bar, and a tan line on her wedding finger; if she was American.
      Asian women these guys so highly covet, haha, they prefer to cheat during the day when their “alpha, hard working, (read beta provider) man who “hates American women” finds out a player like me was over (or several), while he was making her shopping money.
      In both cases, they were the same. Just their level of discreetness was different.
      Also, two hot middle eastern women (hard nines both, and not just because they were exotic to me) were willing to cheat on their boyfriends.
      Numerous white, and Hawaiian women. Australian, European (East/West no difference), African, Japanese (when their husband or bf is working), Chinese, South Asian…………………Alaskan women, blah, bliggity blah, blah blah…
      Puzzay is puzzay, and it has needs.
      I also concede that their are women of character from every caste, race, or nationality.
      They just take forever to find. So if you are going to take the risk, wait for one with true character.
      Mine is a hard nine. Has a masters, project manager, speaks four languages, with tits and ass to match. She is South Asian. Not to mention model looks. A real ball buster when I met her. Everything many “feminists” claim they are, or want to be. Yet she is not a feminist. LOL
      You know what, it was because she hated weak men. I tested her for nine months; then I decided to marry marry. Only after I realized I did not want any one else. It would take too long to establish what I had, and there was no guarantee I would get there.
      It is a risk of course. But only because of the state. Without the state, women would have nothing. Then there would be balance.

      1. women are only “strong” cause of the state. These weak men would easily slap her back in her place with no effort.

        1. No, some women are just strong. Granted, most of these stronger types are no physical match for us. But they are able to use their collective wiles, and tricks (sexual innuendo not hinted at here) make them devastating.
          My wife found someone for me in five minutes on the internet. This dude was trying to hide.
          Not every woman is weak because she can’t bench three hundred pounds.
          Never forget, some women you disrespect/underestimate at your peril.

        2. My daughter would kick your ass. I also know many Asian women who could do the same.

        3. A the big macho. Could not run 100 steps because his beer gut is so big he would have a heart attack.

        4. “My daughter would kick your ass. I also know many Asian women who could do the same.”
          If you had any background in martial arts then you’d know how ignorant that statement is, unless you’re privy to knowledge that the man you’re speaking to is blind or crippled or something.

        5. Yes I have background in Martial Arts having studied both Aikido and Kung Fu in Asia and yes there are women with training in Martial Arts who would kick your ass. I doubt you have studied any and simply beer talk.

        6. It is not strength that wins the match it is skill and speed. The first one in with the punch most of the time wins the fight. We are talking street fighting and not the boxing ring or UFC where there are all kinds of rules and regulations. When I was in the Southern PI I was told by the Moros that the local leader of the pirates was a Chinese woman. Anyone who desired to be leader had to fight her. She never lost. The niece of Kublai Khaan remained in Mongolia and she had a challenge. Any man who could beat her wrestling she would marry. They had to put up 100 horses. She soon had over 4,000 horses and no man beat her. She did marry but for love. Never ever underestimate your opponent. You might consider yourself good at Karate or Western boxing and then some little Japanese girl dumps you on your butt.

        7. Why is an Orthodox ‘Christian’ even partaking in such a disgusting bit of commentary? Do you think Jesus would approve of this article or the racist and other hateful comments all over it, including the anti semitic ones? Wasn’t Jesus a semite?

        8. Women work as geo techs at the mine where my daughter is chief geologist and they have to haul 20 pound sample bags out of a 300 foot deep pit and when it is -40F outside. most of the “trucks’ are driven by women because the company found they were the safest drivers. Mines take no prisoners and you either do the job or you are out. They pay the same man or woman but you have to do the job. Some women couldn’t walk up a 30% grade but some men could not walk up a 30% grade. You root hog or die man or woman.

        9. I do know martial arts since I studied both Aikido and Kung Fu in Asia. Yes there are Asian women who would kick your ass. When I was in the Southern PI the local leader of the pirates was a Chinese woman. Anyone who wanted her job had to sword fight her. She never lost. You are wimps and simply degrading women to try to push yourself up.

        10. Because Christ came not to bring peace but a sword and to hate the enemies of God.
          Why don’t you Edomite Christ killers go back to your talmud.

        11. Only an asshole would distort Christ’s words so much, and ‘edomite’ … hahaha… that’s precious. Edomites lived in the middle east …not northern Europe.

      2. “South Asian” and “hard nine” are mutually exclusive
        Jungle Asians are trash tier

        1. True, unless you get them out of their element, and have one that is a model already who takes care of herself.
          Then, not so much.

    4. i think people should stop making topics like this. these threads alway bring more the hatred toward asian womans

      1. All women Mei Mei. These men commenting are wimps and most are likely still living in the basement of their parents house. If you are a real man, you use your charm on any woman. It is American culture that has hurt not just women but men also. They do not know how to charm anyone. How to be respectful, kind and interesting. American men simply do not know how to treat a lady.

        1. “American men simply do not know how to treat a lady.”
          Not true. Thing is, if you want me to behave like a gentleman, you gotta behave like a lady. If you don’t, I won’t. Simple.
          Very few Western women today behave like ladies.
          Use your charm and wit ? good one but the amount of attention women receives has made them attention-junkies. They get a higher kick from rejecting a man than to be with him. Once that addicting is there, she can never get rid of it. That’s how it is today, even if a woman likes you, she is still power tripping and she still needs her daily dose of cheap attention.

        2. There are plenty of American men who know how to treat women – men who were raised properly. These are clearly angry little twats who probably got rejected by the kind of ‘slutty’, ‘hot’ girl that they rant about now (and never actually tried to meet a decent girl). Their comments border on psychopathic. They remind me of episodes of Law and Order Special Victim’s unit or Criminal minds where the ‘unsub’ or ‘perp’ is acting out at people they imagine have wronged them. Would be funny if it wasn’t scary and sad.

    5. Dead on. It’s not that Asian girls are so much better, it’s that white American women are the absolute bottom of the fucking barrel.

    6. Terry years ago when I was going to college, I dated a Chinese lady. Now I knew nothing about Chinese women so I asked some friends. Oh remember that Chinese women are very subtle. Well, after dating Suzy for 3 weeks she said to me “Harry ,when are you going to buy me something?” What the hell happened to subtle? She was never subtle. However, she was not like American women. She was very straight forward, honest, never late for a date, dressed perfectly plus had a great pair of legs and nice butt. Unfortunately, for me she was a bit too high maintenance spoiled by her father.

    7. Inferiors races always want mix with superior races, that’s why whites are obsessed with Asians.
      In fact, “white supremacism” always was a lie to manipulate masses.
      Educated racist like scientists, world leaders and historians have
      always known that Asiatics is the true master race.

    8. Asian girls’ family always comes first, even if you marry them. And they are very status conscious. They expect you to have a high status job and a house.

    9. If you have such a deep dislike of women, I can only assume you’re gay or asexual, in which case this website probably doesn’t welcome you.

    1. While OTOH, trying to f*ck an American privileged princess in her mid-twenties could best be described as “throwing a hot dog down a hallway” (a diseased hallway, at that)

  6. American women, all the way. It’s not a real woman unless her gut has a gut.
    Seriously though, western women are only for practice. Don’t marry ’em. I’m seriously considering a Filipina since the article a few days ago.

  7. Oh look, another article preaching racism towards white women and promotion of Yellow Fever. Just fuck off already, no shit Western women (aka western Asians, Western whites, Western blacks and so on) are in general horrible but that’s because of the horrible culture we have. Take your Asian women into Western culture and she quickly turns into the slut you so abhor.
    tl;dr your waifu a shit. Stop with this “white women r so evul” rhetoric. It’s simply not true.

    1. Yeah, it is. You should try both and see where your opinion lies after experience.
      I had an ex from Hong Kong that was a total doll. She’s a professor of chemistry at Brown now, but she used to hit me, which was cute at the time, but annoying after a while. Taught me to value cross-cultural relationships, though. American girls are for fucking, not for building a family with or begetting kids with. Too risky a gamble.

      1. I have talked to many men who lived in Hong Kong and the only thing they use to tell me was how materialistic the women are there. There are tons of stuff about how terrible hong kong women are on the internet.

        1. No experience, but it’s probably relative. Most other Asians coming to HK likely find the women pretty materialistic. Come to think of it, I do have some experience with recently arrived Hongers in BC, and while hardly the ideal breed of humanity, I never found them pegging the trash meter the way most native born North Americans do.
          Singaporean women are extremely up front about their material desires as well. But wanting to be kept in some semblance of standard, is still far less disgusting than doing naked kegstands in front of entire frats worth of horny dudes. While puking. American style.

        2. Singaporean girls call it the “5Cs”
          – car
          – condominium
          – credit card
          – club membership
          – carats
          If you have those, you’re all set.

  8. What is it with White guys and Asian girls? White guys are the only guys that like Asians that much. Asians typically have no boobs and no butt and they all look very similar. At least some western white women have that much. White guys can keep the Asian women cuz to me they are the least attractive of all the races of women. Give me a sexy Indian or Latina over an Asian any day.

    1. Who said anything about white guys? The author is Hawaiian, so it’s a good bet that he’s Asian or half-Asian himself.

    2. Coming from a white man, I’m not big on Indian or lantinas. We have a very beneficial natural arrangement.

      1. Not sure about Indians, although I imagine there are some hot ones, but Latinas?
        I can’t see any straight man turning down some of the hot latinas that are out there if given the chance. The only natural arrangement that matters is cock in pussy.

        1. I’m not saying there aren’t some fine Latina girls. My buddy has a Latin classmate who has an thick accent. I’d say for any man they’re worth it on accent alone

    3. “Give me a sexy Indian or Latina over an Asian any day”.
      Latina,Yes. Indian,how much fucking Bhang is in your curry?Terrible figures only superseded by their ugly faces.You might find some exceptions but by and large they are are the bottom of the pretty scale.

      1. Lol, not only a miss with Indian, Latina too! seriously why hype Latinas when they are almost the same as Asians! I mistake Mexicanas for Filipinos where I live, Latinas emigrated from Siberia to Latin America hunting mammoths many years ago!

  9. Didn’t ROK just recently have an article very similar to this a few weeks ago? The manosphere is beginning to get a little redundant.
    And for the record, yes Western women suck. Especially the white and black ones. But there is this silly idea going around that somehow women from other parts of the world are better than their Western counterparts. It’s simply not true, fellas. Women are women, no matter where you go. They are all the same. They will all follow whatever herd they belong to.
    Somehow I have a feeling that the guys writing these articles don’t actually have any real experience with foreign women. Seems like a lot of speculation being passed off as experience.

    1. While Asian women may be much more attractive on the surface, there are horror stories involved with them as well. Weigh the pros and cons for yourself; based on who, what, and where you are, you might find that the pros of Asian women outweigh the cons.
      I have experience with foreign Asian women (Japanese in Japan, some Chinese and Korean in the States), and for the most part, AWALT, it’s just that a lot of guys (especially White guys) will get points and perks with Asian women that they wouldn’t get with other types of women, particularly American women. This, along with the fact that most Asian women aren’t fat is going to make them more generally attractive, it’s as simple as that.
      Then, some of us have Yellow Fever and like NE Asian women in particular.

      1. I went so far as to marry a Japanese woman, once and yes, AWALT.
        ..besides, if one has actually spent any substantial time in Asia, one has run into the very sort of girl decried on this very site many many time who is – wait for it…Asian born in Asia! Japan is full of stupid sluts who behave just like north Americans, trashy dressing, phone obsessed, clown makeup wearing valid idiots. We have to take into account that there is a selection bias because the women who leave Asia have motives to get some education, or learn English, they’re already not the type to just screw around with their phones all day. The dumb skanks usually don’t want to leave their own country and one rarely encounters them out side of their home turf unless you are going to a specific tourist hangout, like Guam or saipan in the case of Japan.

        1. That’s true, but there are quite a few Asian women that come to America that are the same way. Some chasing an easier way of life, some looking to become Americanized (of course, an American guy, especially a blonde/blue one can take advantage of this for easy sex), and some thinking that life in the West is more carefree, and they can get away with stuff that they wouldn’t under the watchful eyes of their families.

        2. (of course, an American guy, especially a blonde/blue one can take advantage of this for easy sex)

          Fucking Jesus, how much more are you going to obsess over this in your comments here? How many more comment threads are you going to stink up with your butthurt fixation on Asian women who prefer white men — whether or not it has anything to do with the article beng discussed?
          Get a new obsession, chief.

    2. Just saw your comment now, I have to agree, anyone with experience with foreign women for any length of time should be able to see beyond the thrill of seeing a women do some real cooking and cleaning. Underneath the same red pill truths apply. Foreign women aren’t the answer, they are simply the least worst option.

    3. I have dated white American women sparingly in the past decade. In part, because I spend so much time overseas. And, in part, because they make me want to puke every time they open their whinny mouths.
      But, I generally agree with your points. Women are women. They have the same genetic imperatives. They want you to provide, they want you to pay, they are measuring you as sperm provider and a house provider. In fact, with foreign women, that expectation is as strong as it was 50 years ago. You can catch a little slack on that expectation with some American woman.
      However, it is also true that most foreign women are conditioned to hold up their side of he bargain. Keeping house, cooking, caring for the kids, and fucking you like a whore, are something they know is part of the bargain. American women are too entitled to remember that nothing comes for free.

      1. Excellent point. Western women seem to have no idea of reciprocity at all. They feel they are the deal. They feel they don’t have to live up to any expections at all. It’s pretty gross.

      2. I am married to an Asian woman that I met in Asia. I agree wholeheartedly that women are women everywhere. The OS is the same where ever you go. The difference is in the cultural controls placed on them. The one thing going for Asian women is that they are still conditioned to see wife as a job title and not a retirement plan. They make the same deal for the same reasons as all women do. It is just that they are more likely to keep up their end (YMMV). American women (of any ethnic background) are so far from their end of the bargain they can literally not see that it exists.

    4. No, Western women do not suck. Grow a pair, be dominant, and you’ll have yourself a quality white chick in no time.

      1. Until she calls 9-1-1 and tells the ‘White Knights in Blue Uniforms’, “I feel afraid”. Then you can wear an orange jumpsuit and be dominant with your cellmate.
        Until the laws are reformed (fat chance!), American Women are bad risks for any kind of relashionshit and better off being used for ‘pump and dump’ (like they want — at least until they turn thirty and see “The Wall” making it’s approach).

      2. Oh for sure! It is not as if we are not bomarded with “hate the white male” message on college campuses. — OH WAITE — WE ARE. Dont be stupid.

    5. Look man, there is a difference between a woman/girl who spent her youth working hard, who was taught good manners, respect etc..and a spoiled girl who’ve had anything handed to her. So yea they are “the same” because they are both humans but that is where the resemblance end.

      1. Sure, the old nature vs. nurture argument. It’s almost as if you think these foreign women live in grass huts and have never seen an i-phone. Jesus Christ guys. Foreign women live in the 21st century too. They’re not that fucking traditional. They have all the Facebook and reality TV they can handle. By and large, women are THE SAME the entire world over.
        I have a feeling all the dudes here that are spouting this shit about foreign women being different have never actually been with a foreign woman.
        Furthermore, what makes these guys think the “angelic, totally different” foriegn women have a thing for Western guys? You don’t think they know Western guys are big pussies?

        1. Well it’s my experience. I’m going to stick with that for now. Just because someone says “oh they are all whores and they are just like the ameriskanks” doesnt mean im going to believe it, because it’s not what I’m seeing.

        2. You fucking faggot, in northern China I’ve seen guys beat their wives on the street, i know two white English teachers who were assaulted, one knocked out cold off his bike, one stabbed with a mear cleaver, I’m 6’1″ and get towered all the time by big Chinese dudes. I grew up in queens with Chinese guys who carried glocks in their jansports and we’re constantly beefing with the local niggas from Jamaica Queens

        3. Why do you include guys beating their wives on the street in your list of tough-guy examples there? Because only a pussy would beat a woman.

    6. You’re completely off base. Talking from experience here. Take a couple of months off to visit a more traditional part of the world. That’s all.

      1. A more traditional part of the world like rural America? I’ve seen the world, and it has its good points and bad. It’s not some Nirvana where all the ills of our society are solved, not with politics and not with women either.

  10. Rule #1 for the red pill man must be: Never pay for anything. If she says “please buy me this one dollar shot and I promise to suck your dick until the end of time” you still don’t do it. Sure you will exclude some chicks that might otherwise have banged you had you paid for a dinner or two but outright refusal shows status and options and an unwillingness to be a sucker. You have a finite amount of money but an endless supply of pussy out there. This whole game is an evolutionary jousting match between the sexes.
    Use the Leonidas Logic: Give them nothing, and take from them everything.

    1. It’s worthwhile for men to remember that Modern Women have absolutely NO honor or ethics, and feel no shame whatsoever for lying or stealing. They will say/promise anything while having absolutely NO intention of fulfilling their promises.
      Watch what they DO, and do not believe anything that they SAY.

    2. “If she says ‘please buy me this one dollar shot and I promise to suck your dick until the end of time’ you still don’t do it.”
      If she was so degenerate that she was making a promise like that, why would I even want to be with her?

  11. Asian women may be obedient and good cooks, but they are hideously unattractive. I dont understand this whole yellow fever thing present in American men. If you want to fuck a swineface/fishhead, I guess go ahead, but I question your judgement.

  12. I think the truth is that many Asians, Latinas and East Europeans are simply more attractive on a physical level because they look and act more feminine. This seems to confuse a lot of men here into thinking that this means they will make better girlfriends and wives. It doesn’t, Eastern Europe, Latin America and Asia are all full of whores. Okay they may not be infected with feminism to the same degree as Western women and they may know how to cook and clean etc.. but if you are a pussy then you will get walked all over, cheated on and divorced. You have to be red pill to the core especially with Russian women whom I have experience with. The same applies to Asians. This article reeks of someone who just wishes women were nice and pleasant to be around. You may say, well why is that a bad thing? Well, it isn’t but it’s pointless unless you are fully masculine and red pill. If that is you, then you probably do have a greater chance of meeting a nice compliant, feminine woman who will make a good mother amongst non Western Women. Sadly though, I think many men put foreign woman on pedestals and see them as the answer to their thirsty prayers without truly internalizing red pill truths. Of course, if you are simply looking for some casual flings then naturally, you should go for the hottest chicks you can find, many happen to be foreign or non white (because they act more feminine usually) in which case great but when it comes down to it, the only defense you have against being played is the red pill.

  13. Doesn’t really apply to Asian women born in this country. They’re just as bad as whitey. You need one right off the boat.

  14. The 3 types of game/masculinity/culture articles lately:
    1. American women suck because of _____
    2. My girlfriend cheated on me last week and I’m so angry I decided to write a shitty article about it
    3. America/the world is terrible, it’s only going to get worse, and then we’ll all die
    All of us have been guilty of talking about these at SOME point, but these topics are whiny, lame, and super overdone. The constant negativity is pissing me and a lot of other loyal readers off. We have to start coming up with better content.

        1. …and I am sure it will be earth shattering. I am a Twitter follower of Kilmister and he is teaming up with a pornstar on an article for a couple other websites. Who do you write for? Stop complaining and show us what you got.

      1. Yeah, having a preference is beta as fuck. Oops, I forgot I’m not supposed to reply to women on here

  15. I don’t go for Asian broads ’cause most of the time they don’t have big breasts or full asses and I want something to squeeze. I need curves! In the traditional sense, not the fatty redefinition. Plus I can get a white bitch acting like an Asian. It’s more difficult, both on finding a white girl who is physically acceptable and has a good baseline personality but I’m not going to run from them just because culture has damaged what I can fix.

  16. Instead of re-treading topics, it’s time for ROK writers to dig a little deeper.
    For example, have you ever heard of the United Nation’s goal “gender normalization”? Do you know that that means?
    It’s worth looking into. It’s one means by which Western feminism spreads its poison to other societies and cultures.
    It’s time American men that are sick of the feminist state learn something about how it is spread throughout the world, mostly using YOUR tax dollars.

  17. Asian chicks are pan-faced flat-asses with the figure of ten year old boys. They are soulless insects in human form. Conformists, materialists, and traditionalists in the bad sense, i.e. the feel entitled to have the man pay for EVERYthing.
    It’s easy for a pale, doughy cubicle beta to get asian women, because he has an automatic DHV, and has to rely on that to get women.
    An alpha can get, and tame, any race of woman he wants.
    To preach the virtues of asian women is to profess loud and clear that you are a gameless beta.
    White women are still the most highly prized in all the world, because they are the most beautiful, and they have some modicum of creativity and intelligence, sometimes.
    As another poster mentioned I’m sick of all the kosher-inspired anti-white racism in the manosphere, If you can’t find a beautiful white woman and train her to be the feminine submissive that you want, you can hardly call yourself an Alpha. If you have to go overseas to hunt women based on your financial and foreign status (shooting fish in a barrel), you can hardly call yourself an alpha.
    It’s time to take off the training wheels gentlemen. Stop bitching like a bunch of little phaggets about how terrible American women are, and start DOING something about it, goddammit! Women are HIGHLY TRAINABLE, but only by ALPHA MALES. If you cannot get a woman to behave properly, you are not an alpha, it’s that simple!

    1. Why would someone go through all of the trouble to learn game, and still get shot down most of the time, when they can stroll to their prize? Asian girls sound like a much better ROI to me, unless someone is just object to dating Asians, which is understandable. Many people realize that they can quote their favorite redpill posters all day, hit the gym, and self-improve until the cows come home, but they’ll never become Alpha, which is arguably determined by genetics.

      1. Yeah, but there’s a lot of guys out there who are naturally Alpha but who have been conditioned into submissive, subservient behavior patterns.

      2. Culture plays a big role in why there are more asian female white man couple combinations than any other for interracial dating and marriages. Which makes the white man and asian women the big winners and everyone else who wants to make excuses (for their / others failure in relationships) and hate on them the big whiny losers. See “guest” white supremacist post.

    2. “White women are still the most highly prized in all the world, because they are the most beautiful, and they have some modicum of creativity and intelligence, sometimes.”
      – Only for pump and dump.
      They are also highly trained as sluts/whores.
      We’re not talking about sex here, we’re talking about dating – and that’s where Asian women beat white women with more traditional values.

      1. Geez, it’s pretty obvious by ‘all the world’ you mean ‘on my TV.’ Yes, American women are desired, at least the ones on TV, for sex. Ask an Immigrant from the US if he or she would want their kids involved with one. The answer is not just ‘no’ but ‘oh, hell no,’ and it’s not because of bigotry or racism, but because of their reputation as being, on balance, likely to be a dumpster fire of a human being.

    3. I disagree that they’re the most beautiful in the world. It depends on where you were raised and your level of exposure. Part of their attraction is status-based as well. White people still maintain the highest status.
      I will say there are certain qualities that will be attractive across races, namely a proportioned, symmetrical face/body. However, there are men who have a preference for body shapes that aren’t typically found in white women.

    4. Look, idiot..only 4% or so are really alpha. And you cant make a beta alpha, only slightly less beta. So you can’t just say “you all need to be alpha” because that is not going to happen.

    5. “White women are still the most highly prized in the world.” ROTFLMAO! Dude, try being a typical white woman in East Asia and see how easy it is to get a date on a Friday night, lmao! Now, let’s reverse the scenario and try being a typical East Asian woman in America and see how easy it is to get a date on a Friday night. Wrap your head around that for a moment. It’s a world of difference, and the outcome does NOT favor the typical white woman. Get out of your cave every so often, man, hahahaha! You’re saying the most obese women on the face of the earth are the most sought after? Face it, man, the era of the West dictating the ideal of beauty to the rest of the world is over. It’s done, man. Get up to speed or get left behind.

    6. Wait, I must have glanced over this, did you just call an entire portion of humanity “soulless insects in human form?” Huh? And you have seven upvotes? Is this ROK or is this Stormfront? What’s going on here, did I miss something?

    7. Fact that 30 white supremacist betas hiding behind the computer thumbed you up isnt surprising. Its CLEARLY obvious that youre a WANNABE alpha who has never traveled the world and engaged in the beautiful women of the world and they dont come in only one color LOL. Imho, the most beautiful women can be found in black / darker skinned/ african women and asian beauty is actually something that cannot be compared to other typical beauty in the rest of the world. I also think only asians in general can pull off looking like the opposite sex (in the face) and still maintain a likeable physical attractiveness whereas androgyny applied to other races tend to do a disservice to females in particular because they just end up looking like a man. Also, the very same characteristics you allege Asian females to have can be found in MANY white women found especially in the west that have no family values and are not typically bred to serve family and the husband due to stronger cultural predispositions in sense of obligation to family and community without the excuse of religion (as is the case with white religious families bound by religion though that is seeming less and less the situation now with morality down the toilet). I think its safe to say that western white women especially are the best for ” pump and dump” and NO high quality woman is “trainable” except for closet opportunistic and entitled street walkers ( namely vast majority of western white women )(yes yes, we understand you like closet street walkers with no soul and consider them “high prized”)

  18. I love how people in the ROK community brag about how ‘redpill’ and ‘alpha’ they are but still pedastalize girls from EE/Russia/SE Asia/South America etc, NAWALT on an indirect level. Women might have different characteristics in different parts of the world but they have the same OS(operating system) ALL of them. Hypergamy, hypergamy, hypergamy

    1. I don’t see anyone being put on a pedestal, simply demonstrating the difference between going on a date with an Asian women vs an American women.

      1. Read the article:
        “Maybe a kiss, maybe not. But you are okay with it because it was a pleasure to be out with her, you feel content.”
        My pedestal-radar is beeping.

    2. hypergamy isn’t a problem it’s natural
      american women are fucked up because they’re too masculine, they’re not “real” women

    3. Funny. How do you know that the American women are the one with the universal behavior ?

    4. The West is dead and ROK advocating promiscuity in a supposed “screw you” to cultural Marxist society all but enables its death. They’re playing right into their hands.

    5. I am pretty much on board with this now.
      Pretty sure that it just boils down to economics.
      Big government equals cuntiness from women kuz they can get away with it. They cause drama between men to figure out who gives them tingles and everyone else can go fuck themselves.
      When women are exposed to the true brutality of nature they quit their bitchin and get in the kitchin.

    6. Agreed. Unless they grew up sheltered from Western influences and feminism and you meet/keep them in Asia, they are no different from American women.

  19. Dollars to donuts, those cheering the demise of America, and highlighting how terrible white women are, are from The Self Chosen Tribe of Vampires. It’s all just an elaborate propaganda ploy.
    If you believe the west is doomed and beyond redemption, you are a spineless little pussy. It’s time to start pushing back, and shaping this country to our will. This is exactly what our forefathers did.
    You know why American women behave so badly? Because 99% of American men have become spineless, snivelly, politically correct little bitches! It’s just one gigantic shit test and all you fuckers are failing miserably. Take her firmly in hand, put her back in her place, and quit fucking whining about a situation that is easy to change if you’d only Nut the Fuck UP!!!

    1. I hear you, but social conditioning from a young age and at every institution you come in contact with is extremely difficult to overcome on a macro level. Men are bred to be betas and believe they will be starved of pussy if they don’t conform.

      1. Precisely. The problem is very deep and requires quite of bit of self reflection and wisdom; qualities which tend to be in very short supply among the average modern person.

    2. What if your little princess files a false rape charge against you or falsely accuses you of molesting her kid? Are you gonna have the same tough stance?
      Gender relations have changed massively in the last decade, hell just in the last 5 years. If it were as simple as just being dominant, we would all do it and we wouldn’t need sites like these. I think the situation is much more complex than you are willing to acknowledge.

    3. Show us instead of telling us bro. Let’s see you step out in front of the freight train of American liberalism and feminism and the Police State without getting run the fuck over.

    4. Generally speaking I agree. Would have used different language to make the point but yes…feminists did a bang up job of de-masculinizing the majority of the male population, with the help of the media/govt/etc……so take it back. Please.

  20. I have been way more into Asian women in the last few years. Get along with them and some of them look very nice.
    However still can’t get it out of my head that they are the consolation prize. White women may be the pits, but their faces are vastly superior.

    1. I view it as that a White, unwesternized, hot woman is the top and an Abo, western, unattractive woman is the bottom. A White, western, unattractuve woman definitely falls below an Asian, unwesternized, hot woman. Not the consolation prize. More like second or third place.

    2. So I want RoK readers to be honest and tell me wich one of these guys(mediterenean,latino/mestizo,black(
      Wolof and Afar )native american,and white would have the most chance at a asian woman?in fact wich ones despite being goodlooking would be passed over for a fat balding white guy by an asian female?

  21. Just stop,its like the media who tries to push the blacks down your throat.What the fuck is going on?

  22. I’m not attracted to Asians, don’t like the food, and not sure If I want a wife. My best friend is Asian, and his wife treats him pretty nice, so I guess I don’t disagree. Just not for me…

  23. That first picture with the 3 white land-whales waddling across the park had me loling

  24. I like how the first photo shows the 2 hottest women in all of Asia vs 2 nasty regular Americunts. Other than being thin, Asian women aren’t exactly the world standard of beauty. Your average ‘off-the-boat’ Asian chick is pretty mediocre, if not disgusting.
    Having horrible teeth and smelling like fish is not necessarily better than a chubby Western whore.

    1. Some of you guys are insane, lol. It’s perfectly fine to have preferences but to claim average Asian women as disgusting, with horrible teeth and a fishy smell is ridiculous.
      I’ve come across some extremely nasty White women as well. Average is average, nasty is nasty.

      1. I didn’t say the average Asian woman was disgusting. I said the average Asian woman is mediocre, possibly bordering on disgusting. This pretty much describes every group of women worldwide; most are mediocre, many are totally gross, and a handful are gems. I’m just saying their not all they’re cracked up to be. It seems like guys here are trying to chase some idea women, who does not exist.

  25. funny, this isnt alway the case in either situation. Maybe it more reflects Hawaii and not say Minneapolis?

  26. Some of you guys are reading way too much into this. The author simply states the difference between a date -singular- with an Asian women and an American women. No where does it say ‘white.’ He is also not saying who to have a relationship with or marry. He even states that the American women can be more ‘fun’ and easy and we should take advantage. Some over-the-top ‘red-pillers’ want to talk about taming women. Why? Who wants a reformed and entitled whore? Bang them, don’t reform them. Relax, Super Macho Man.
    Just because you may not find Asian women attractive, does not mean others do not. I personally do, and I find many American women attractive. Big deal, get over it.
    This site is great, but sometimes I picture the commenters as people who talk a big game behind their screen and that is about it.

  27. I’ve gone out with Japanese women, and while submissive and thin, they absolutely bored me to tears..it always seemed like they had nothing to say.

  28. Fuck women. They’re all whores, sluts and bloody manipulative cunts of miseries.
    The only pleasure a woman can give a man is through sex (either oral, anal or vaginal). Otherwise women are technically useless. Take an Asian broad, or a White broad or a East European broad. they’re all the same dipshit. I hate it when such articles are published, she can do this, she can do that, blah blah. A woman is useless the minute you finish shooting your load in her. You actually want to kick her bitch ass out after you’ve finished fucking her, irrespective of her race. I detest women but only need them for sex. Otherwise, they’re useless parasites walking on the face of this earth to push men into slavery and misery. Stop pedestalizing women and recognize that they would be useless for men if they didn’t have the holes we wanted to fuck.
    Don’t expect to care for you. Care for yourself. Stop relying on women to give you happiness. The only happiness you get from women is sex, so use them only for that. Be self reliant. Stop believing this beta bullshit about some women being better, NAWALT blah blah blah. All women are the same bitches and whores of misery. Fuck them and spit on them.

      1. Bullshit. The only issues I have is when men talk this NAWALT bullshit. In the end every man is a lone warrior. You’re born alone, and you will die alone. That hoe will not go with you. Stop believing this NAWALT crap about women. Fuck them. The more you care about yourself, the more you will make your life better. That’s what every man should be – selfish and self-reliant. Love yourself first. Always put yourself first. Fuck women, pump them and dump them. Make them choke on your dick and spit in their mouths. Live for yourself, and see how those female human parasites want to cling to you because you’re a self sufficient ‘host’. Only focus on self. and self-improvement, to make your life meaningful. Don’t expect a woman to add meaning to your life, because women themselves are meaningless, just living off the civilizations that men already built. THAT IS THE ULTIMATE TRUTH, so stop white knighting for the female species.

        1. I never said rape. Who’s talking about raping here?
          I just said fuck them, i.e to “take” her like she’s a real hoe during sex, which all women are. That’s all. I never talked about raping.
          No need to apologize for being selfish during sex. Self first, self first, self first. That’s how men should be. Fuck women, fuck those broads.

        2. Listen dude, I know you hate women, as you stated. But unless you are bangning prostitutes you are contradicting yourself. Because despite what you might tell us, in order to fuck these women you are on some level pandering to them to get what you want. Regardless of how you treat them after. Someone like you needs to either fuck hookers or stay away from women all together.

        3. I don’t pander to women. I focus on self improvement. That’s why I mentioned that women gravitate because they’re essentially parasites. I just fuck them and dump them. I actually avoid women, but they gravitate because I display nonchalance and a care damn attitude to them. That’s what I say other men should do as well. Don’t pedestalize women.
          My language might be harsh and cruel but my message is clear. The more you care less about women, the more you attract women. That’s how dysfunctional women are as creatures. NAWALT is nonsense, because that is just choking beta faggotry down the throats of gullible men. So remember no woman is different from another. They all have the same vapid soul but in different bodies, of different races. When you realize the truth, scoring women becomes easier. And that does not mean banging prostitutes, because all women are nothing but whores.

        4. You can still not pander to women without being hateful. What a waste of energy that is. I don’t see the author, or anyone here for that matter pedastalizing anyone. It says dating an American woman can be vastly different than an Asian women. It does not say make them your wife or even a girlfriend. It also says American girls tend to be easier and we as men should enjoy the fun that comes with it. You come off as resentful because something has happened to you. Confidence should not come with anger and rage.

        5. “Asian women ‘better; to date than American women”
          – Enough pedestalization with the word ‘better’. Fucking a woman is not a waste of energy, it’s a natural release of energy. That’s why nature created women. Confidence comes with drive, and drive comes rage. The rage to improve yourself.

        6. I actually agree with what you say. The more I focused on my needs, the more and better sex I received. It sounds counter-intuitive, but I’ll be damned if it didn’t work.
          It feels really bad and awkward at first because most men don’t possess this mentality with women, but it gave results like no other. Of course, I do it in a measured way, not full psycho.
          I know most men would disagree with this, but truth be told, I’m selfish in bed and it hasn’t been a problem with repeat lays…
          Once you get them to want to please you, they put in work to get you and themselves off.

        7. Damn this nigga on his pimp game.rock clapping gif.
          I’m at the point where if a transaction between me and a hoe isn’t gettin me money,no such transaction takes place.I’m that Jaded.
          shit fuck paying for women,making them pay you.thats alpha.
          and whats up with all this alpha bullshit?who cares??youre a organic compound originally created by stardust mixing with each other,after billions of yrs of evolution we came upon our current human form and developed a alpha-beta social hierarchy thanks to agriculture.because I know damn well aint no primal humanoids have that alpha and beta bullshit.its a fact.read ””sex at dawn””.in human tribes,all men of the tribe gangbanged the same woman.whoever’s sperm was the strongest,won.but all men got laid.
          humans ,bonobos have a fertility all year round.most other apes only have sex during mating season.so we are obviousely not like other apes.this alpha-beta dichotomy is pua fantasy.
          and even if it was real.who fucking CARES?when you die do you get a reward for having been ”alpha”?I rather be beta and enjoy life.I’m not saying I’m beta,but I don’t base my actions or self-worth around intangible concepts made by robotic complex multicellular organisms known as humans.
          All I care about is wether my dick is wet,my belly full,and that hand full of green.
          how I get any one of those is irrelevant,so long as I get it.

        8. This mentality needs to be taught to the younger generation coming up in the USA…self reliant..luv yourself first!

        9. who fucking CARES?when you die do you get a reward for having been ”alpha”?I rather be beta and enjoy life.I’m not saying I’m beta,but I don’t base my actions or self-worth around intangible concepts made by robotic complex multicellular organisms known as humans.


    1. Right on bro. All women are cunts. Even asking a girl out is pedestalizing. In fact, I’m so sick of women I’m going to start sucking cock. Who needs bitches anyway?

      1. You can be the cock sucking faggot that you want to be. But I never implied that men should become faggots, because I never said men should fuck men. I said fuck women, pound her holes till she can’t walk, spit in her mouth, pull her hair till her eyes glisten with tears, and kick her ass to the curb when you’re finished with her. Now I am sure a lot of men will think I described how to rape. I didn’t. This is actually how typical modern women throughout the world like to get fucked, like real trashy hoes in bed, with the ’50 shades of pain’ thing in the 21st century. Forget the romantic lovey dovey NAWALT motherfucking female anuslicking crap. Don’t pedestalize women even if you fuck them. Got the point? Does non-pedestalizing women mean that men should become faggots? WTF is wrong with you?I wonder how men can act so retarded so as not to understand what I mean.

  29. Anyone ever take into account that there may be a lot of new readers here and maybe they have not read about this before? Just saying.

  30. Too bad this is only a option for white men in general.if you are mediterennean,latino,black or middle eastern/south-asian ,asian women won’t be seen with you.
    even if you are goodlooking,she would rather have,and or thirst for the fat,bald blond guy.
    I love asian women but they only share the nordic looking dudes love.
    oh well,I’m all for wm/aw couples,eurasian bitches are hot.come on now asian women,stop being SO hypergamous.ya’ll do got a pussy don’t yall?you are attracted to men instead of just status right?I mean,yall gotta get off too right?so be kind and give some of that pussy to the niggas and the Ese’s.
    and white beta dudes.I love ya’ll man..I feel ya incel plight… but stop being so god damn greedy,getting mad when we get with one of your trash bottom of the barrel white hoes,trying to cockblock us from even that,when you got all the latina,black and asian women jocking on you dick because of your race.heck theyd rather have your fat ass then a tyson beckford,Godfrey Gao or marlon teixiera.so let some of us ethnic men have a share in the pussy.we’re not asking for all asian women,just let us have a atste god dammit,I’m a hardworking ,goodlooking decent man and I want some asian pussy.
    ya’ll done already impregnated native,asian and african women for centuries with ya half breed kids runnin around all over the place so keep it calm,dogs!

      1. its not something to brag about when the world’s most hypergamous,materialistic and mercanery women prey on you.tbh,I’d rather have a woman be sexually attracted to me(my looks mixed with some eprsona) than my money/status..but thats just me
        asian women will date you because you’re white,but any white guy will literally do.

    1. Actually its a blessing in disguise if you are non white (especially non American) and dealing with Asian women. You separate the chaff from the wheat merely by your appearance.
      Also pro tip, if you are living in Asia and are non-white and want to get laid, you will need to become fluent in the language.

      1. Explain what you mean?even Tyson Beckford/willy monfret/Jacky Ido
        would be passed over for a complete blonde loser by most asian women.I think a non white guy getting a asian girl is like a camel going thru the eye of a needle.heck,even arabs have more chance with jewish girls than a non white has with a asian woman.

  31. to be fair asian girls are masters on putting on make up, like a 4 can easily be an 8.
    But other then that totally they win

  32. This new trend on ROK is ignoring an absolutely critical factor: NOT ALL ASIAN WOMEN ARE THE SAME!! In fact, some Asian countries, the women are equally as bad as the West (I’ve travelled to 6 Asian countries so far)
    For example, did you know women from Singapore, Shanghai, and Hong Kong are MORE materialistic than Western women? Also don’t bother with women from Malaysia either, so many of them have dreadful entitlement issues as well! If you meet an overseas Asian girl in your country, ASK HER WHERE SHE IS FROM!!!!
    Women from different Asian countries are so different from each other you will literally crap your pants once you visit their countries. I would recommend you pursue girls from Thailand, Philippines, Japan, and Vietnam without too much hesitation. Chinese and Korean girls seem to be hit and miss, you’ll likely have big cultural/religious differences with Indonesian girls (it’s the largest Muslim country in the world). But if she’s from Singapore, Shanghai, Hong Kong, RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN!!! Maby I should submit an article on ROK educating guys on different Asian girls

    1. pls do.that would be interesting.btw,even within those countries it differs. a girl from sichuan is not the same as a girl from beijing or tibet . a girl from Java(lax liberal nominal muslims who are glad to fuck white dudes) is not the same as a girl from aceh(strict muslims).a girl from Izmir is not the same as a conservative muslim from anatolia etc
      hell even in my father’s country,the netherlands,a frisian farm girl is almost like any foreign traditional girl while a woman from the Randstad is worse than any american whore.

    2. Sorry, but no one is worse than American white women. They are the bottom of the barrel. There is no going lower.

  33. Love asian women, but they aint got shit on latina women. Just go to Brazil or Chile and you’ll see!

    1. Latinas look like some kind of Filipinos, like dark skinned Chinese, the Latinas with sexy bodies are basically Whites living there. One of the reason why Latin America is after Asia the biggest market for Hallyu, is because Latins feels identified with Asians as they see resemblance in Asians with them. Korean music like SHINee is popular in Chile, and in Cuba a Korean TV series was the most watched

  34. Disagree. Asian women can be total bitches to asia men if they think u are beta, which most of them are. Speaking from an asian perspective, I would say its easier for white guys since they associate whiteness with power and because of their colonial history. At the same time, asian women despice darker skinned people. I would say they are fucking hypocrites. You only see one side of the picture.

    1. Totally agree. This article only pertains to white men, as Asian women will lick their own shit off a white cock after getting an ass pounding from a white man, while looking down on darker skinned men. All Asian women wish they were born white, for they act white and dress white. But this trend extends all over the world among all non-white race women, except Latinos. Arab, Indian, African, Asian women all are suckers for white cock. You correctly mentioned the colonial history thing and how it has still stayed with these former colonized races. Even mixed race women prefer white men. The only women who don’t prefer white men are the white whores of modern women of the Anglosphere. They’ll fuck anything but white. The usual sight is to see a white woman on a weekend whimpering like a sow on all fours and tears rolling down her cheeks while enjoying getting assfucked by a non-white man, after getting picked up from the bar. That’s the scum of white women trash.

      1. this nigga telling the truth!my mo is puerto rican/cajun mixed and my dad is white dutch and asian women wont give me the time of day because I look too mediterenean while my blonde older brother with blue eyes can totally slay them.I’m also a head taller than him.hes 5’5 with no shortage of brown pussy.

      2. disagree with african and arab women ..though.
        and any blodne guy can slay in colombia or peru and the women go bananas for blonde guys in brazil so what are you talking about?

      3. Americanized Latinas prefer Whites and/or Blacks. The college I go to Ive never seen a Latina dating a Latino.

        1. All the Latinas are Mexiwhores, I dont even bother trying to hook up with them anymore.

  35. I’ve been trying to work on my “guess the Asian ethnicity” skills recently. It’s a good one to play when you’re talking to a new Asian woman. Try saying “ok, I know you’re definitely ______” and fill in the blank with something you know she’s not. When she tells you you’re wrong you can either say “yeah, you’re way too hot to be a ____” or if you want to try a neg out you can do a “yeah, you’re not quite hot enough to be a _____.” Try to learn a few interesting, uncommon facts about the different Asian countries and cultures once you learn what she actually is if you don’t know already. It’s a great starting point.

  36. A friend of mine married a Chinese woman 3 years ago. He claims that all women are ball-breakers and that it is really about choosing the lesser evil.
    His wife has her ups and downs, but compared to his previous gf’s she is a walk in the park.

  37. You people, including the author sound ridiculous. Clearly you are attracting trashy women, which btw, come in all packages, from all places. You write of the entitlement an American women feels, yet your article is oozing with the entitlement you feel. How dare a woman want to drink beer instead of water?! How dare she be interested in how much money I make?! A good woman drinks water and recognizes that I am God’s gift. That’s all I’m getting. Lame.

    1. you can complain about it when you can field a seal team out of women, When a woman invents antigravity, or can take a man her own weight in a fair fight. When I see more women than men as firefighters, cops, riggers, miners, or any of a billion things that men do that women cannot or will not.
      Until then, we are superior. It’s not entitlement to claim I am a better warrior than a woman when I can knock her the fuck out with a single punch. It is not entitlement to demand classy behavior from women when I am likely to be footing her fucking bills.

  38. Why no one should date asian men:
    They’re short, arrogant, entitled, afeminate, judgmental and ever here of a little thing called ‘little man syndrome’? Need I say more? I’m sorry you’re all too big of pansies to find the right balance of fun, independence AND class. She’s out there, but she’s overlooking you.

    1. What the hell are you even talking about? You sound like a pumped and dumped single mom.

    1. A lot of them don’t. That’s the whole point. Men here that ain’t getting any are not to be shamed, they are here to learn how to get some… and many of them (The ones that actually apply lessons learned here) WILL get pussy irl.
      Busting on guys here not getting any is kind of like busting on a fat guy who’s straining and killing himself on a weight machine trying to get into shape. Sure, laugh at the one that’s mainlining twinkies, but the one that’s trying his ass off to improve himself is worthy of respect.

        1. There’s a fine line between being honest and being a douchebag. Try to learn where it lies.

        2. dog, fuck you and your standards, im not looking for anybody’s approval.I must touched a nerve. if the shoe fits lace that bitch up and wear it. if you think idolizing and worshipping asian women is going to help you get laid more power to you. but its not lol. im done responding to this petty shit. now go play in traffic lil boy.

        3. heh, I was going to repartee, but I like the wit, intelligence, and creativity in your post. I am letting it stand and allowing others to judge you.
          In fact, I will repeat it in case you decide to retract it later.
          3is: “dog, fuck you and your standards, im not looking for anybody’s
          approval.I must touched a nerve. if the shoe fits lace that bitch up and
          wear it. if you think idolizing and worshipping asian women is going to
          help you get laid more power to you. but its not lol. im done
          responding to this petty shit. now go play in traffic lil boy.”

  39. The fucking joke is that articles like these make me think that the white race is doomed to extinction. White bitches fuck anything but white men. And with articles like these, white men are supposed to fuck anything but white women. I fucking don’t care. And neither any man should. Fuck all women, as long as you hold a fancy for her, and she has her orifices ready for you. When it comes to pussy, smash and trash. Fuck women, Fuck women, Fucccccckkkkk women!!!!! They’re only worth for sex, nothing more they are, useless damned vapid bitchy skank rotten parasites leeching off men since antiquity. Fuck them and spit on their vapid holes, piss on their sow faces, bitches of misery they are.

      1. My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius,
        Commander of the Armies of the North,
        General of the Felix Legions,
        loyal servant to the true emperor, Marcus Aurelius.
        Victim of feminist society,
        Ex-boyfriend of modern skanky bitches,
        And I will have my vengeance,
        in this post or the next.”

    1. The irony is, a site like this proves that the socialist/communists have destroyed the West. From the beaches of Normandy to beaches of Iniquity in two generations.

  40. This is some racist bullshalga. I don’t mean racist in the internet way, I mean racist in the old fashioned way. And that lead’s into my real point. This is the internet, and me coming off like a alpha, mountain of a man, Shaft/James Bond hybrid will produce nothing but ‘bullshit’, and ‘fuck you’s’ in reply. But so what? ROK is great but for every good article there’s one like this. Listen no matter what woman you want, white Asian black Russian American, the rules that apply, apply for them all. Be bold, make yourself and what you want clear. And don’t backslide. That’s it! To say that Asian women are choice or the best of a bunch is just bullshit. The best of the bunch is the one you want. You decide what you will stick your dick in, it’s up to you to make the bar for that clear. You want to fuck Scarlett Johansson or Lucy Liu either one has to know and have it in their head ‘these are the parameters, these are what’s expected’ otherwise your in for a costly, exhausting time waster.

    1. Way overanalyzing. He says fucking the American women is fine as well.Simply pointing out that in the way they conduct themselves, Asian women are superior.

  41. I am seeing way too much overanalization of this article. He pointed out that while fucking American women is just as fun, Asian women simply carry themselves better. That’s it. Calm the fuck down. American women are pains in the ass, and fucking them is easy and fun. But you don’t take them home to mom 9 out of 10 times. Spare me the training them bullshit, they are already ruined and used.

  42. What the fuck is going on with ROK? Every time I come onto this site theres a new yellow fever article worshiping asian woman. Fuck this abhorrently beta bullshit. This article sounds like it was written on an anime forum by some cheeto encrusted fat fuck with hentai posters on his wall.

    1. Seeing his photo is right at the bottom of the article and you post anonymously using weird anime references and something about cheetos, I am guessing you are the no pussy getting loser.

  43. Why do Russian, Ukrainian, other CIS and Asian women tend to usually smell like fish, down below? Is it because they fuck around too much? I thought Asian women smelled like fish because they eat seafood a lot. Whereas soviet bloc women because they don’t usually use condoms for sex; they either go for raw dog anal or raw dog sex which involves interchanging between anal and normal.

    1. Most Russian women are filthy pigs in the sack. They will fuck anything, anytime, everywhere.

    2. Not to call you out but if you messing with a woman and it smells like fish below you get the fuck out of there and protect yourself.

  44. You make some good points. However I have Zero attraction for Asian females. I find them bland and boring to be around.

  45. Some complain that this article by Kilmeister is too similar to mine on the different rates of obesity among Asian versus white women, but Kilmeister is discussing differences in sluttiness, attitude, drinking behavior, manners, and flakiness. This article is a valuable contribution and lends an important perspective. What some of our younger pussy chasing readers might not realize is that not long ago, none of this sort of information existed. Every man had to figure out for himself, if he could, the dynamics of the dating market and the characteristics of women from different ethnic backgrounds. Let’s not be too quick to criticize a worthwhile article.
    I must also disagree that dating Asians is some sort of beta move. The boner seeks the highest quality pussy it can obtain. Most men who date Asians also date white chicks. There is some excellent thin white pussy out there, and there are some skanky Asian girls, but as the author points out, Asians are more likely to be thinner and better behaved. It’s just an observation.
    Finally, one potential weakness of the comments section is the failure to recognize that there are legitimate differences in sexual tastes among males. Some men are attracted to Asians and some are not. Just as some men prefer Latinas, short girls, or big breasts while others like blondes, tall chicks, or small boobs, we all have different tastes. No comment writer should assume that his tastes in women represent a universal beauty standard and that men with different tastes are somehow less capable of bagging pussy.

  46. I find women hide behind positive racial stereotypes as a false disguise to help aggrandize themselves to the competition in the dating market. Asian women tend to play the whole “smart chaste” act, when you know they are whore-like because they abandon Asian males who are their own race! This proves they are the same twats as other females.

  47. This is kind of a stupid article. It shows pictures of fat white cows and some nice figured Asian women…..uh yeah…that’s not a first grade mind trick. As if gorgeous fit white women don’t exist. Are American women more spoiled as a whole? Yes….but, I think caucasion women are more attractive. Just me. And you can find some with traditional type values even if they also go to college for career. The biological need to procreate is still there. I mean…I could write a counter article and show two whale sized Asian women and two fit American women. Sometimes there’s more to chip through for USA women….but not all of them are psycho feminists.

  48. Anyone who complains about he content here is nothing more than a cro magnon forehead douche. The authors do this for FREE, morons. You want to complain, write your own article. Oh, you can’t because you are half illiterate and spend most of your day online pretending to be ‘red-pill.’
    All these articles hold useful information for different people. Some people may be here today for the first time and never read anything about this topic before, it’s not about just YOU. These ultra aggressive macho types are the reason groups like this get a bad rep. See that psycho Saturn. So either write your own articles or be quiet.

  49. I have to say, I have dated some pretty awful Asian women. It’s not all roses with Asian women although as with any group there are good ones and bad ones.

  50. As a Korean guy who’s known 100s of Asian women, it’s always hilarious to see these yellow fever articles from white guys who have no clue what they’re talking about. Asian women can be just as; if not more disgusting than white women. Just because you’ve dated 2 Asian women doesn’t suddenly make you some sociological expert on them. Start viewing them as *WOMEN* and stop viewing them as your beta fetish fantasy.

    1. What I got from this. You are mad because Korean women shit on you and not white men There is a reason there are no Asian male sex symbols in the western world. From reading the authors article(s) and seeing his picture above, he does not seem to have an issue getting women.

      1. Most of them don’t. A lot of white women view the average white guy as pathetic and useless as well. Why are you so vitriolic towards Asian guys? Are you compensating?

    2. Agreed, Fred. I’m an American living in Japan, and although it’s true I’ve had way more success here than back home, I’m not so deceived into “Asian women are better,” but rather – Asian mindset is better (in general). I have plowed through literally hundreds of Japanese and Korean women, 95% of them having been exposed to American culture for a number of years. They are, as you say, just as bad if not WORSE than American women. I’ve seen some cruel women that were only good for a ONS for life. However, the very few Asian women that I treated with respect were ones that didn’t speak a lick of English, and never traveled to the West in their lives. There is a big difference in >mindset<, not race. A woman truly does fill the cup which she is offered.

  51. Turn them upside down and the equipment looks the same. I was Married to one it ended badly. After Our children were no longer a financial benefit to her, she left them with husband #2 and started looking for Husband #3. I was left to pick up the pieces of our children’s lives after she had left me financially crippled for years. Date one!? They are lucky if I don’t shoot them first.

  52. I’m really getting tired of this. I think RoK jumped the shark.
    Let me get this straight, so you think a group of women that hate their men with a passionate degree that no other women can even come close to matching, women that are hell bent on alpha genes and make up insane hamster excuses about patriarchy, women that hate their own fathers and brothers so much, are “the best”? Are you being serious? White guys are beyond themselves looking for someone to worship them, and fail to see the same exact faults they criticize in white women that are sometimes even worse in Asian women.
    How the fuck can you sit there and say you want to have a serious relationship with the most vile, vicious self hating Asian woman that gives you a free pass because of your race? Imagine if 50% of white women dated out and talked about white guys being patriarchal and not as tall or hung as black guys. Then you guys would change your mind.
    RoK is ridiculous now. New low. This is coming from a half asian guy with a Chinese wife who would leave her the fucking second she said anything bad about her own culture / country. Most of her friends are the same way.

    1. Who the hell said anything about a serious relationship? Settle down. Your fault for getting married, not ours. We just bang women, you wife them.

      1. Doubtful. Take what a man says he bangs and divide it by three.
        You want to do some internet bragging, faggot?
        I never even tried to get pussy when I was younger. Literally I can stand at a bar or go outside and get approached. Women have called me beautiful, gorgeous… I can dress like shit, I’ll complain to a woman, one of them told me it’s impossible for me to look bad.
        On that note my wife is the first one I ever pursued. She changed me into someone who doesn’t drink and tells me to stop being degenerate. Never set foot in a club in her life. Never drinks. Gorgeous face and loves her family so much she cries when she hears songs about families.
        Have fun fucking leftover brown self hating American Asian cunts, faggot. I’ve lived 100 lives you ever did.

        1. Johnny, no one ever said there are not exceptions.
          It’s great that you found one, and It’s the reason you are blue pill. For the rest of us, culturally repressed asian women tend to shut the fuck up faster. Again, exceptions exist, but as navy guys can tell you, Asia has higher quality whores for cheaper than San Fransisco. And that’s the article in a nutshell.

        2. Ohhh okayyy, we get it, you’re mad. You sound like an insecure loser and nobody gives a shit about you or your fantasy internet persona. Spare us more roid rage. You took an article that discusses a singular date between an Asian and an American girl and turned it into some justification for why you were dumb enough to get married. Write your own articles dildo.

        3. How exactly am I blue pill for marrying a woman that has exactly NONE of the qualities that I know women have since they’ve been chasing me relentlessly since I was 13?
          Beta males care about pussy. I absolutely do not care about pussy because I know it’s no more than a few hours away.
          I get women commenting about my looks on Facebook. How many men do you know like that?
          No blue pill here brah.
          I’m happy. Does that make me blue pill?

        4. Red pill men do NOT talk like you. A real confident man does not brag online about dumb shit like this. Not to mention anytime someone starts in with the “I am rich and handsome” talk it is almost always bullsht. Stop.

        5. Actually, it does. Humans learn through pain. You cannot understand the forces acting upon the modern man if you have not lived through those forces.
          It’s a bit like a scholarly pacifist trying to ‘understand’ what a trench soldier in world war 1 lived through, and explain his reasoning… without having been there, you cannot truly understand what it is like.
          If you are happy, you ARE blue pill, because being happy means you truly cannot comprehend the forces that are at work within our country… being happy means you have absolutely no understanding or empathy for the thousands of men getting raped in our prisons, the thousands of men getting screwed over by the justice system, the thousands of men getting torn apart every moment of every day. Being ‘Happy’ even in the face of absolute despotism means that you simply do not and cannot understand what the fuck is going on.
          Blue pill is absolute narcissism, complete ignorance, and willful inattention.
          However, it must be nice to be happy in hell. too bad about the rest of us, eh? After all, it’s not like they will eventually come for YOU too.
          And BTW, I am not calling you alpha or beta. I do not consider beta an insult, nor alpha a compliment.
          And if you did manage to hit the lottery, it’s nothing to brag about either. It’s not like it was something YOU did.

        6. meh, let him keep running his mouth. Red pill guys tend to be more bullshit-resistant, so that sort of crap simply prejudices his argument instead of reinforcing it.
          Me, my ‘bragging’ consists of saying that while I am in the lowest 20% income bracket, I still lead a decent life, and I am my own boss, without having to kiss any man’s (or woman’s) ass. And I bang regularly without having to pay for it.
          (lowest 20% income… I am not including welfare people. They are not an income bracket. the only ‘welfare’ I get is the occasional checkup at the VA)

    2. I’d say close to 50% of white women (under 30 and living near major urban areas) are doing just that with black men.
      White women only show any real respect or deference to maybe the top 10% of white men.

  53. This article in a nutshell:
    American women suck because they are all hypergamous promiscuous sluts who dream of finding their tall Prince Charming and in the meantime running away from their families to ride foreign cock and bashing patriarchy and the white man!
    Asian women are great because they are all hypergamous promiscuous sluts who dream of finding their tall white Prince Charming and in the meantime running away from their families / home countries to ride western cock and bashing patriarchy and the Asian man!
    Btw as someone who is not technically white, let me say something that I think is true. The absolute top quality white women prefer white guys. Similarly I think the absolute top quality asian women prefer asian guys. I’m talking about quality of personality. A woman is a fucked up degenerate if she dates on race only or severely hates her own. Just some thoughts.

  54. “She deserves to be treated well, and you reciprocate”….aaaaaaaaand FAIL! You sound so blue and fluffy….would you like a cocktail with that blue pill?
    She’s still a woman. The biggest difference between Asian women and Western women is Asian women hide the demon in them much better. Eventually that demon will come out, and when it does, it does take prisoners.
    Just ask the swarms of western men in Hawaii stuck in loveless, sexless marriages with their Asian-born princesses who don’t lift a finger while the “hubby” works himself to the bone….under the threat of divorce and losing the wife, kids, cash and house.

    1. What exactly do cavemen like you not understand about this article? Not once are long term relationships or marriages discussed. You are an idiot and you don’t get laid, Instead you act like you do and then offer your bullshit advice online in between having sex with a blow up doll. So many morons on here today. All I read was how American women act entitled and trashy on a date and Asian women seem to be more docile. Show me the discussion about relationships and marriage.

      1. I was just going to say something similar. It sounds like Kil Mister dates plenty of American and Asians for fun and is not trying to marry anyone. Sounds more like a commentary on how the two different women act on a date.

      2. You’re right, he doesn’t talk about relationships and marriage…although from the tone of the article, it sounds like that ain’t too far off his list.
        As for your attempt at being an internet warrior – LAME! If “you don’t get laid” is the best you can come up with, then you have failed in life.

  55. people should stop making topics like this. these threads alway bring more the hatred toward asian womans

  56. Asian women are pure while the western women are slut machines devouring Alpha, Beta and Gamma when whenever their mood changes. Great post. Asians win hands down.

    1. well, you still have to be on your guard, but averages tend to give you slightly higher odds for a successful LTR with some asian ethnicities than with most whites.
      There are, of course, outliers… avoid second generation american japanese and third generation american chinese, for example, and white eastern european girls from non-EU countries tend to have higher averages than ethnic Chinese, but still… never assume that a woman isn’t a beast until she proves it by bearing 5 kids for you and remaining loyal for fifty years.

  57. I wouldn’t last five minutes on a date with a narcissistic bitch like this guy. I’d definitely pay the check just to make him go away. I don’t know where he finds his women (online dating???), but judging by his drivel, there’s a reason he’s scraping the bottom of the barrel, dating what sounds like nothing but white trash and unsuspecting foreigners. Every bit as obnoxious as the “American women” he describes.
    20 hours ago · Unlike · 5
    And going off of Kate’s comment about he’s every bit as obnoxious, I wonder how much those Asian women pay attention to his every whim b/c they’re looking at him as an American. It’s not that he’s attractive or romantic, it’s purely that he’s American. But with an attitude like his, yeah, it’s not wonder he’s not getting the classier American women.
    16 hours ago · Unlike · 5
    Yep, and all black people steal. This article is ridiculous.
    41 mins · Like · 2

    1. a stereotype is a useful construct created as a way to minimize risk.
      Something only becomes a ‘stereotype’ when circumstances have proven, again and again, that a certain rule holds true.
      In other words, you are far less likely to go wrong by trusting in a stereotype than you are trying to ‘prove’ a stereotype false.

  58. In case you didnt know, Asian women have cutting off their husbands cocks way before Lorena Bobbitt made the headlines. Theres a reason Asian women are called “Dragon Ladies”…..

  59. Asians for a pump and dump? Yes. Long-term relationship…prepare for emotional immaturity, shopping addiction, insane jealousy, laziness and looking like a dude when they hit 40.

  60. I know the rules about not responding to females…so I hope nobody replies to my comment as I wouldn’t want anybody to get banned. But as the daughter of a White man/Asian woman , I hope what I say provides some food for thought:
    I wouldn’t know how to classify my father….not an alpha and not a “nerd”. My mother is a tiny “fob” woman who is an “artist”. My brother has always and will always resent my mother because she left him during the core developmental years of his life to pursue what I guess is “art”.
    My parents did an absolute number on my brother and I. I remember when I was just about to hit puberty my father telling me I should only date white men, and I can still remember the lump developing in the back of my throat as he told me this.I realized that I was the product of shame on the part of my mother, and a desire to live out some fantasy on the part of my father of angering Asian men and white women.My father believes Asians (esp/only women)are honorary whites, and my mother believed Eurasians ARE white.My parents expected my brother and I to be seen as white and accepted as white. When my brother turned out Asian/First Nations looking, and I turned out First Nations/Latina etc looking, my parents had no clue how to deal with our experiences with racism and depression etc which ensued.
    I do not believe for a second that asian fem/white male couplings have anything to do with practicality. I believe they are mostly rooted in EGO. A LOT of af/wm couplings are far more twisted than you could imagine.Many asian mothers married to white men DESPISE their eurasian children….either out of some twisted envy or because their children can’t seem to “sufficiently erase” “mom’s Asian legacy”. I have also witnessed white fathers who either hate their Eurasian sons or develop a sickeningly patronizing attitude towards their sons….especially if the son looks very asian/not like dad.I went to an “international school” growing up and from what I witnessed, so many of my friends came from sick and twisted family dynamics.I feel there is a lot of undocumented dysfunction in being eurasian. Even the so-called “well adjusted” eurasians often have deep seated issues, either turning the pain in on themselves, or deluding themselves into seeing themselves as something they are not and inflicting pain and racism on others (even including people who look very much like them). One might argue that a dysfunctional af/wm union is better than a wm/wf union where the woman is a product of a sick consumerist society and constant white knighting…..but my argument against such a thought is that at least the kids don’t end up as miserable as my brother and I.
    I’m not going to go into too much detail about my woe is me childhood but I faced a lot of bullying from very messed up adults.
    My brother faces a lot of racism from white men, from white women, and from Asian women (esp aBCs)… he is tall, and athletic and nothing like silly stereotypes.but still, he faces so much racism.someone like my brother will be your future son, and you glee in humiliating your future sons on comments sections and forums.
    Additionally, Asian women can be extremely hateful, cruel,petty… Sure, I have experienced the typical ostracism and gossip from white women, but I have had some of the most negative experiences with American born Chinese and Filipino( not westernised) women .The “Asian group” at my school can often be heard making plots to make some beta orbiter do their assignments while they go enjoy “sushi and bubbletea”. I have seen Fillipino and Chinese non westernized women slap their boyfriends in public. sure, these women may not do this to white men….but I implore you to consider why so many of these women are so quick to go on about how “bad” their own men are….and what kind of consequences this has on eurasian kids.you speak of loyalty. A woman who makes fun of the penis size of her future sons, brothers etc has no loyalty, only shame and a desire to pretend she never really existed.
    And to those of you who say you are only “banging” Asian women; I truly did not get the impression from the article that this “ode to Asian grlz” was simply about banging. I believe the author of the piece is highly likely to marry or impregnate an Asian woman.
    I know I sound terribly angry with this comment. I am not an angry person. I am just very hurt, very sick of all the misconceptions and expectations and foolish lies about being Eurasian and about “exotic relationships”. I sit on both sides of the fence, and there is not one that is a fantasy land of hot, thin women….

  61. You should follow up this article with How To Spot A Ladyboy Before Things Get Awkward.

    1. Don’t be desperate. even the most effeminate trannies never appear above a four. If you aren’t fucking dogs, you won’t get caught with a laddie.
      Simple rule. If it’s ugly, don’t fuck it. If you are truly attracted, and it turns out to be a dude, well, yer stuck with taking it in the pooper… but hey, you are willing to fuck anything that breathes, right? so it’s no big deal.

  62. I’m truly triying to figure how this one is going to play out in the end guys! We all know that the formulla for ” Men ain’t shit was first tested on the Black community and is now pretty much a stereotype by default that must be proven not to be true by Black men when dealing with relationships.
    But the Black men is a minority. When the American White Women will see this trend of White men being with other races on a large scale as she gets fatter, how is the shaming going to work on the majority group that is the White men in this extremely liberal society that is technically progressive? When Black Women get upset at White Women for being with a Black guy, they can’t tell her to GTFO of here, she’s the majority group.
    So they focus on bashing the Black men instead of looking at themselves as a group. Will White Women turn to this GTFO tactic against Asian or other Nationalities instead of looking at themselves? And what about the White man. Will other White Men will start to look down on White men being with women that are Asians or from other nationalities?
    As she gets more fatter and educated, how is she gonna react so this soon to be mass scale rejections from a portion of White men? This one will be fun to watch!

  63. Ah, yes, all Asian women are exactly like this. And all American women are accurately portrayed here. Oh, how I love human diversity!
    Obviously the author needs to get out more, and maybe have some respect for women in the first place. Does he even realize that “Asian” does not just mean Chinese, Japanese or Korean? Also, it’s not the women’s job to roll over and listen to you blather on, or to just agree with everything you say.
    Maybe his experiences with American women is based on the fact that losers attract losers. Also, his fetish of a certain race/ethnicity is really disrespectful.

    1. Go fuck yourself. respect for women gets you friend zoned, disrespecting women gets your dick sucked. Wake up and smell the stupid, maybe you can shower it off.

      1. You can admit the degeneracy of the culture without becoming a degenerate yourself. Since apparently you have embraced degeneracy though, I can see why the West is dead.

  64. The mind of American women in a nutshell. Below average looking, 4’s and below = attractive…Average looking, 5’s and most 6’s = Hot…..Attractive, 7’s and 8’s = a model who lives everyday likes it’s her own personal movie……Very Attractive, 9’s and 10’s = Well, they are very attractive and I guess they have a right to act like they do. You better be a super alpha to deal with them.

  65. Just came back from Tokyo… god, i miss those wonderful creatures. Now i see whales EVERYWHERE.

  66. Some of the many good reasons for dating a feminist:
    1. Feminists goes for (surprise!) equality, so you will have equally split checks on your date nights.
    2. Feminists usually tries to be financially independent, so you won’t end up paying her bills and buying her a new car.
    3. Many feminists are sex-positive, so if she will like you, you will get to sex early. However, if she is not into sex, she will tell you that early as well so you won`t end up wasting each other’s time.
    4. Many feminists are not afraid or ashamed to pick up supposedly manly hobbies, so there’s a big possibility to find a woman who shares your like in sports, camping and fishing, firearms etc.
    5. Many feminists are interested in or even educated in topics like history, politics, sociology etc. (as it becomes necessary to understand much of the feminism discourse), so there you have a possibility to have interesting and thoughtful discussions with your woman.
    6. Most of the feminists don’t read rugs like “girl mags” (or at least don’t take them seriously), so you won’t become a laboratory rat for “10 ways to manipulate your man with sex” or some other bullshit.
    7. Feminists consider their partners equals, so you will get respect and loyalty, of course, as long as you give back the same.
    * Sorry for bad English, if any, it’s my third language.

  67. You don’t need to go as far as Asia. Colombia is really close and women are the farthest from feminists than I’ve ever met. For them looking good for their partner is essential. Most have a flawless smile, beautiful faces and bodies beyond hot. I can’t even begin to describe how far they’re from their american “competition”. They even maximize that by adding plastic surgery. Trust me, I’ve been there… a LOT.
    Learn Spanish!!

  68. Although I’m married, I travel to Asia quite frequently and I think this seems to be true. (At least in China, Korea, and Japan.) However, the younger the lady she’s probably more globalized and is closer to what an Asian-American woman would be like.

  69. I’ll tell you what your sorry asses should try.
    STOP asking for pussy all the fucking time. Get a life, a decent, respectable job, and stop whoring around. I have my own job, paying me $500,000 a year. And I look better than all the cheap trash you guys like to pick up all the time. Trust me. I don’t need dickfaces like you to provide for me. All you’re good for is one fuck. Maybe not even that. THAT’S IT. Stop thinking you have the monopoly on commenting on how women aren’t getting better. The woman you’d end up liking will be the one you’ll never get.
    Peace out, assholes.

  70. Excellent article. I particularly appreciated the photos highlighting the stark difference in fashion and demeanor of these groups.
    I simply cannot respect a woman who fails to look good. My peers always insist that women who are feminine and take interest in their appearance are awful. And they are partially correct as this was conditioned by high school and modern western civ but they still turn a blind eye to how insufferable their tomboy, punk rocker, proto-feminist girlfriends are.
    But that is off topic.
    Interestingly they also seem to stereotype Asian women as the kind of infinitely demure and innocent tropes you often see in our media. I assume that there is truth to this, particularly relative to loud western women, but largely exaggeration.
    I guess there is some commonality between between all modern men, in one way or another Asian women are desirable.

  71. Have to agree – Asian women win. I have been going to China every few months and learning Mandarin (okay, “learning” is probably a kind word for butchering the language). But the reason is simple – the women, and the business environment – so much better than the communist-like US (which boggles the mind, when you are as old as I am). But you need to travel around – the women in various provinces change dramatically, in looks, behavior, etc – but regardless they are like a breath of fresh air for a man.
    Asian women in America definitely lose something in translation. So keep them where you meet them if you want the “best” mixture.

  72. I hope all you manosphere fools get the Asian chicks you want, seeing as they (particularly Chinese girls) come with the following traditional expectations of men:
    1) Husbands of Chinese girls are expected to provide her with a house.
    2) Husbands of Chinese girls are expected to present her family with a check for $10,001 at the wedding, which is it’s own expensive and embarrassing week-long affair.
    3) Husbands of Chinese girls are expected to *support her mother and father*, often in the house that he has provided her. This means yearlong visits from your in-laws.
    4) Chinese mothers and fathers in-law will insist that the children of the marriage are sent to China to be raised by them, in China.

    In other words, while y’all may claim to want women with “traditional” values, I don’t see you preparing to meet the obligations that accompany it.
    They may seem sweet and diminutive, but they’re just lubing up your unsuspecting American assholes for the Real Reaming.
    Happy hunting!

    1. Actually, as long as the woman doesn’t act like an americunt, I have no problems helping support the in-laws. It is, however NOT expected… Boys support their parents, that’s why Chinese girls are often killed at birth.
      The 10,000 dollar check and the ‘raising kids in china’ is sheer invented bullshit, unless there’s some backward place in some province that doesn’t normally expatriate. Sounds to me like you got had like a major fool if you believe that shit. There is, however, a long ‘dowry’ tradition where the father owes the new husband money, but that is seldom exploited by Americans.

      1. A buddy of mine married a Vietnamese in Saigon recently-and since her dad was a Chinese who knocked up her mom and disappeared, my friend paid for everything-engagement party, wedding (including flying his own parents in as part of the tradition) plus the dowry to her mom…and it clocked in at about $10,000 for everything.

  73. I just have one question, what is wrong with ordering mojito? Ordering martini instead makes you so much more classier? And drinking “craft beer you suggest”. Although, I do think there are valid points in this article, I also sense hunger for control and power over “your date”.

    1. So? Have you ever seen what happens when women are in control? I have. It’s not pretty.

    1. *Snort* no woman belongs to a man when you can take her away from that man.
      Japanese, especially, suffer under a constant inferiority complex because of how easily big, muscular, well-hung American men can take their best girls away from them.
      It’s not surprising either, because physically, American men ARE generally physically superior.
      They like to claim intellectual superiority, but there’s beginning to be quite a bit of evidence that the japanese have fudged their IQ numbers considerably in the global propaganda race. Sure, the best and brightest came to america and scored fantastically, but the ones that stayed behind? They might actually be several points BEHIND american guys. That’s gotta suck.

        1. *ROFL* Recognizing male, and especially my sort of male, superiority is hardly a feminist attribute. But whatever. If you are an american male, and you cannot take a girl from someone like an asian man, you have got something seriously wrong with you.

        2. Good luck with that. Japanese women usually date/marry Japanese men because of the intense social pressure not to be different and not to consort with “foreign monsters.” Unless you find a Japanese outside of Japan (and that usually means they’ve been rejected from the group for having something wrong with them), the only other way to get a Japanese is to move to Japan and leave again, taking one home with you (and good luck getting a good job there, being gaijin and all.)

        3. Lots of Japanese women outside of Japan. Don’t get a job there, it’s hell on earth. But touring and boinking? easy as pie. As is taking one or two of them home with you (Not that I’d want to.)

      1. lol this is outdated stereotypical bullshit and it’s funny because 2 years later people still spout the same crap. The middle and top tier of Asian women from Asia have always belonged to Asian men. They prefer Asian men over white. The physical attributes doesn’t mean shit to a girl from Asia (who are looking at foreigners). She only wants status, money and mixed-race kids. All of those red flags. If you can steal a woman away from somebody, that means she’s a slut, not wife material.

  74. me, I just wanna know where you got the header picture.
    She looks like she’d make a champion sketch model.

  75. Do not fuck non-white women, white men. You are contributing to the extinction of your race. If you do decide to betray your own kind and fuck non-whites, your miscegenation will mean an end to blonde hair, red hair, blue eyes, and green eyes.

  76. Am I the only one who’s going to go out on a limb and say that the date with the American broad seems more fun……?
    As far as Asian women being any less whorish or materialistic than American women, well that is a myth at best, and complete bullshit at worst. Having lived in Japan of 3 years, I can tell you that the behavior of the girls there would blow even the slutiest sluts of the American broads out of the water. Don’t believe me? Look up Enjo Kosai for just one example. You literally have middle school girls whoring themselves out. Read a statistic one that as many as 20% of j-girls between the ages of 20 and 35 have once worked in one the countries fine sex establishments. And Japan is not a poor country by any means. These broads just do it for designer handbags….
    It’s not limited to Japan either. I knew one German fella who was licing in Thailand and worked as a Private eye. Made his living off of busting bar girls on the creep, who many men thought they were going to take home one day and make into wifeys. In Korea mothers give daughters plastic surgery for their coming of age parties, and in China many of these broads are refusing to date within their own race due to the surplus of men in the country. Talk about Hypergamy at it finest! The asian chicks are sluts too, but because its not as culturally sanctioned there as in the Anglosphere, they are better at hiding it.
    All that being said, at the end of the day if you do pull an Asian chick, at least she will clean your apartment and do your dishes. Just don’t expect her to want to fuck you anymore after she pops out a few of your kids.

    1. “but because its not as culturally sanctioned there as in the Anglosphere, they are better at hiding it.”
      And that is the key. Eastern culture still has standards. Western culture has made these behaviors something to emulate because it means you are “free”. Free from ‘bourgeois’ values, that is, but the average useful idiot doesn’t see that and enables the socialist march through the institutions.

  77. Women directly from Asia are just as bad. Unless you are moving to Asia permanently then you’re going down the wrong path. The Asian women that immigrate here long for the western woman lifestyle that she sees in American popular cultural exports. The Asian women that shack up with a Western man who she knows is eventually going back to the US is even worse, not only does she want what western women have but she is using you to get it.

  78. This article was great. I’ve been dating my Korean girlfriend for about a year and I can’t believe the difference in her from American bitches. All they want to do is complain about their birth control and have me pay for dinner.
    My lady makes me dinner all the time and dresses to the nines when we go out. Let’s get back to the dynamic of women being ladies!

  79. The consequences of white male / Asian female offspring: suicidal young men, like the dude who wrote this blog. I would feel sorry for him if it wasn’t so hilarious. But this shit is tragic since a lot of what he says is true. Someone oughtta contact him so he doesn’t actually blow his brains out.

  80. What a bunch of chest thumping from a lot of men who are selfish whiny babies. American women won’t walk 3 feet behind me!! American women want me to spend time listening to her problems, American women want the same money for equal work. They are out of control!! This is basically an article about men who long for the days that women bring their slippers to them at the door, give the sex whenever THEY want it (without regards to the woman’s needs—close my ears, they have needs), and bow passively to the men’s whims. Grow up!! Take that same attitude and ask yourself how would you like it you were a woman!! Do you really think the Asian woman are that interested in you!! They find you as boring and trifling as American women. They are just too polite to say so.

    1. I’ve read this site for a while and I’m not sure what to make of it. On the one hand what people here say about the decayed Western culture is true, but the solution always seems to be screw it all (literally) and be as hedonistic as possible. That’s not a solution, that’s being conquered a whole other way (as opposed to being a bratty Western woman’s boytoy).
      Now what is said about Eastern women may generally be true compared to their Western counterparts. In fact I think it is true. But articles like this are stereotypes in and of themselves; not necessarily of women but the weak male (in his native sphere) who needs or craves “exotic” lovers.

      1. The time required to revert western culture back to civilization is longer than our lifespans.

  81. “She wants to know more about you, not your income or how you can benefit her”. Please tell me where you are finding your Asian women.

  82. This is a generalization. I am a white woman over 45 now. I may have been somewhat like this in my 20s. If I met someone I liked we did not go to the bars, we met for coffee, went to eat somewher, went to the park etc, went for a drive or a walk.

    1. Do men even look at you anymore? I seriously doubt it. So this article does not even apply to you. Harsh, but it’s the truth.

  83. It’s a shame that Return of Kings would promote racial mixing. It’s not healthy nor is it natural. The truth of the matter is that White females are only indoctrinated with feminism because White males are too pathetic to even be men. If White “men” were men then we wouldn’t be seeing White girls run around like headless chicken. Despite the bad state in which they are, I cannot and will not racially mix. There are some decent White girls out there and I will endeavour to find them.

  84. one who only dated and now married to an asian girl. they have class and then now how to turn it on in the bedroom.

  85. The thing that I find shocking, having dated I guess four Asian girls over the past three years or so, is how great they are are once you get past an often stern facade. They are simply endlessly kind and gracious, and utterly loyal. Plus, of course, super slim. (If you have a thing for spinners, you’re out of your mind to focus on American girls!) I dated one who was 5′-2″, 88 lbs., 31 y.o., and she did not think she was slim but just had an average body. In my humble opinion it was one of the most gorgeous little bods that God has ever placed on the Earth. Just ridiculous. Will attach a snapshot.
    The only thing I can think of that you might not like about many asian girls is that they often have braces — well into their thirties. It’s definitely odd at first. Most of them from metro areas speak English perfectly and almost without accent. They don’t think about age differences the way we do either.
    I wouldn’t date the really desperate low-class ones, because there are a lot of scammers and just gross bar-girl types there. For sure don’t go that route.
    What I find most surprising is that the ones I’ve known naturally bring out your good side. Without even thinking about it, your manners improve and you go into “protector” mode, which is pretty much now nature intended it to be. The girl is the girl and the guy is the guy.

  86. In my opinion, Asian women are the less attractive and I’m not only talking about their appearance, I’m also talking about their culture, attitude… I just don’t find them attractive. Very different culture, different values…

  87. To all commentators : if you don’t like asian women, you can say you don’t like them, but stop denigrating them for everything.

  88. 333333333333As an Asian woman, this “article” and most subsequent comments are racist, stereotypical bullshit. Try viewing women less as objects and more as actual human beings.

  89. As an Asian woman, this “article” and most subsequent comments are racist, stereotypical bullshit. Try viewing women less as objects and more as actual human beings.

      1. A feminism infected, American woman of Asian descent. Does the curtain match the carpet?

  90. I read all the responses and wow. So men are weak ? How are men weak. ? If we yell at a woman we get charged for a crime. If you hit a woman you get charged with crimes. But if women lie to the police the men get charged. Seems to me the law is stacked to punish men. I think to be a strong man is to not date American women.

  91. I have never dated an Asian and I have approached a few who seem kind of cute and very receptive. After a few minutes of talking to them, I realized the lack of ass and tits was just not for me.

    1. Lol, try one of before you judge! Not to mention big tits sag and flop after a few years, and ass = fat bitch at 35.
      I tried it and have never looked back, euro girls now interest me as much as dogs do. And I’m not a dog person.
      In fact I liked one Asian girl so much I wifed her up.

  92. Not my cup of tea. Except for Tia Carerra, and only because she’s got Spanish in her which gives her a European figure.

    1. Actually spend time with/bang one? If not you should, for the experience if nothing else.

      1. Seriously, just not my thing. If I found one who was a Euro cross, like a French Vietnamese, and had boobs and a nice ass, sure, no problem. It’s not the culture, I admire most of their cultures, it’s just that flat chest flat ass thing. I’m into the Scandi girl look mostly (and that includes Slavics). And if you can find a pretty girl in Scotland or Ireland with red hair 1) alert the authorities as to her existence so that they can put her in a national preserve and 2) sign me up.

        1. Fair enough. I was born in Sweden so Scandinavian types bore the shit out of me, you know the grass is always greener and that…
          I thought like you for a long time, and then stayed in ME/Latino grasslands until I got fed up with the insane temper tantrums and violent tendencies and endless yapping so I decided to take my cousins advice and try Asians. Last ME girl had like Gigantic Epic Boobs, yes capitalized intentionally lol, specially made bras and all. That fixed me for good, and tbh I don’t think about it or much ogle boobs any more.

        2. I have an innate inability to not ogle boobs and/or women still. On young women. For as long as I can. heh

        3. I’m with you on this. Stationed in Korea years ago and found the whiny voices of the Philippine women annoying. As for the Korean chicks, let’s just say that they shouldn’t stand next to a wall, someone might put a tack in them.

        4. I think that they can have quite charming facial features if they’re symmetrical. Otherwise….yeah….need some Euro mix to make it happen for me.

        5. And it’s not as common as people think. In South Korea alone it’s estimated about one in five women have had plastic surgery to make themselves the “ideal” Korean woman. For Philippine women they have massive grills that reminded me of gorilla teeth.
          Fun fact, a lot of them were jealous of the Russian and Ukrainian women that worked there.

        6. I ogle boobs on slim young black haired girls because it’s what’s attached to them that adds and determines the value lol.
          This Swedish chick at work is screwing with my signaling, she is built like an Asian girl except for a massive rack for her minute size, and she looks Asian from behind because she has jet black ass length hair, but as soon as I look at her face my brain starts giving errors.
          Her face is nice for a Scandinavian girl but I want to put an Asian face on her in my mind… Then she would be perfect 10.
          Edit after thinking about it I did realize I bang small chested girls from behind mostly haha, maybe something Freudian there.

        7. I hear Korea is all about money and appearances, is that true or hyperbole?
          I’m sure they were jealous, probably even of ugly euro chicks, like in Japan.
          North east Chinese I found to be too self assured and quarrelsome, the one child thing has fucked up all their women… I love the way they look, but can’t stand them more than a few weeks/months. The constant validation thing is just too much.

        8. Yeh I read about China’s 1 child policy has created lots of little princesses & princes, and with there being a shortage of women there as well, that also would have upped the ‘I’m special’ factor for the young women. Maybe fun for the parents but not so much for their future husband/wife.

        9. Yep, exactly that. If you don’t reply back to her texts within 2min you are fucking some other girl… And the texts come every 15-30min lol.
          Seriously disturbed shit… They can be super pretty and feminine but that kind of thing is just whacked out.

      2. So out of curiosity, if you bang an Asian woman, are you horny again in an hour?
        Heh. Because lolknee isn’t here, I have to fill in with this shit.

        1. Nah, I do it in a way I find most satisfying… Your aware of the sound effects right?
          Well lets just use the good ole ‘rapey’ and leave it at that.

  93. I am no expert, but it seems to me the author is exaggerating the differences. Yes Asian women are better, but not to such extremes.
    Women are a mediocrity, there are very little differences.

    1. How can I put this, I agree with most of what the author says, but he should specify he is talking about so called nice girls. There are carousel riding sluts there too, but they are not the normal yet. In the west they are, this makes a big difference.
      These girls generally expect a ring if they let you poke them lol. But if you’re interested in LTR/family building they are no1.
      For casual stuff you can hit the touristy/expat bars and get pussy in 30min or so should you want it, and I’m not talking p4p.
      My experience is north east Asia only, SE is more p4p oriented for foreigners from what I understand, but still good girls are to be had for marriage.
      Edit to add: almost no crossover between sluts and good girls, it’s black and white. Many good girls will be virgins until marriage so that’s to consider too, you have to teach her. But it’s an advantage as well since you get to customize what you’re meant to keep.

  94. You can always tell which comments come from yellow fever patients; they’re the first to say “Tits and ass don’t matter.”

    1. Actually some of them do have ass and hips, tits usually not so much but those are an easy upgrade. Weirdly enough look for the short ones, they put the energy into hips and ass…

  95. Just for the record. The author is talking about dates, nothing else.
    And he’s talking about the nice girls, so the type you want to interview for the position of wife/mother, not a quickie in the bar toilet.
    Asian girls are as family oriented as good girls in the US were in the 1900s or so. Maybe 1950 but not sure. They are old school and you have to respect that to have standing and respect back.
    But if you feel like you’re ready for that thing, and can accept the culture difference and traditions, you will probably not regret it. The percentage of failed marriage is below 20% at 10yrs usually, so it’s long haul.
    Long term advantage is they almost never get fat and age very slowly, and tend to cook healthy meals.

  96. I am looking forward next year to my 25 year silver wedding anniversary with my Japanese wife. I have no regrets.

  97. I’m of Philippines heritage (I am half Filipina, half British), so I already knew all this. Lolz! (^_^)

  98. I’ve only been involved with women with a full bush. Learned that from an Asian girlfriend. Something about it says “reasonable and courteous”. Unlike American women that prefer premature aging tanning, pimply razorburn, ignorance and entitlement.
    Sounds weird, but it has worked in avoiding unnecessary woman drama. Why, I don’t know. Just going with what works.

    1. Yeah… One told me she knows European girls shave, so do I want her to? I told her not to be silly. I don’t want to change anything about them, they are good like they are. I told her that’s what I thought, she blushed and giggled. Gotta love that.

      1. The good ones get wet when logic is applied. One that doesn’t isn’t worth the hardon anyway, much less anything else.

  99. Completely true. Sadly, Asians are 2% of the population around here (SE USA), so it’s pretty slim pickings for me. When you consider less than half of those are Asian immigrants, with the majority being American girls with Asian background, which I’m not interested in whatsoever (Asian Americans are worse than white girls to me) it’s pretty slim pickins. I’ve never been to Asia.. Probably time to head over.
    Oh and I will say the tightest and juiciest chick I’ve ever experienced was an early 20s Chinese 6.

    1. Do it man 🙂 go to Asia, you won’t regret it.
      A very easy way is to check something like worldfriends or so, it’s not a dating site but it can be used as such, pick a reliable country, filter for it in profiles, pick one that gives max boner, send mail, pick next one, send mail, etc. just random stuff to see if they are replying or not.
      When they do, game it but go very very easy, then if you notice warming propose to come visit 🙂 then you already have a local guide/translator and likely reliable bang. And an exotic holiday. Win win win. .????. Profit.

      1. I have a similar M.O. using other sites before with Latinas (will check out worldfriends), and it pays off big time. Win win win and the girls always end up happy and satisfied too. Girls in the west seem bitter and jaded, even after an amicable LTR splitup. I have hit up a few Asians girls this year, laying the groundwork for a possible visit.
        The chicks I have talked to are virgins, they keep talking about how it makes them happy to take care of a man, how it brings them joy to make sure he is well fed, and not sick, and happy, and she enjoys taking care of a man, they even call me sir. They will throw their numbers at me without asking, plead for me to visit. I don’t even care if it’s play acting and not their “true feelings”–at least they know the important way to behave and act, even if they are forcing themselves to do so. Western girls just act like cunts and say you should just love me how I am.
        It’s such a culture shock that the other night I hesitated and lost the opportunity to approach this thin, attractive American girl out at a bar. I am on the verge of losing all motivation of interacting with western women. Their attitudes and behaviours and mindsets are just toxic and disgusting to me. I don’t even want to put up with it long enough for an easy lay. So yeah, a trip to Asia is on the agenda. Thanks for the advice.

    2. Just go…. Travel is worth it, especially if you are a single man in good health. I will recommend you pick up some female pen pals before you go. Cherry Blossoms catalog is a good start. Buy some addresses of women in countries you want to visit. Introduce yourself and filter out the ones you realize you are not compatible with (trust me.. she is doing the same to the men she is writing to).
      17 years ago I struck up a conversation with this chick in Thailand via Yahoo messenger. Back in 1999 I had enough frequent flyer miles to take me business class anywhere in the world and after scraping enough $$$, I was going somewhere come hell or high water. So I picked Asia (originally was going to Chile) because the Asian crisis made the region so damn cheap. I had an awesome vacation for just a few grand.
      My Yahoo messenger friend ended up being a tour guide and translator during my trip. I really had a good time with her as we spent months ‘feeling each other out’ with online conversations. I liked her so much I kept going back to Thailand multiple times to see her. Long story short.. we have been married for 12 years now. Headed back to Thailand with her to visit the in laws on May 4.
      She was one of the best decisions I made in my 46 years in the realm of the living.

      1. Wow, that’s awesome and congrats. I have more experience with Latinas than Asians, and have met several on trips abroad, but always worry about bringing them back home to the USA. After all, I think white women theoretically should be my top choice, it’s merely the American culture since the 1960s has made them such garbage. It can just as easily *if not more easily* turn Asian or latina women into garbage.
        I approached an early 20s Asian girl in my city today.. she plays in our local symphony and I caught her leaving the show, and walked and talked for a good 10 min. She was very receptive, and asking questions of me, but when I went for the number close at her car, she hesitated a sec, and then said she had a boyfriend (and I’ve seen a guy hanging around her before). I never have a good response for that. Anyway, I do pretty well pipelining and meeting girls abroad but if you have any advice for meeting any international girls in the US, whether online or in person, that would be nice to tide me over till the next trip… I do try the local college that has a few but the Asians are typically studying and eschewing the social activities.
        I don’t know if you are the same way, but the attitude, behaviors, and general appearance of Asian / latina women has almost completely turned me off American girls and made them disgusting to me. If facebook can say there are 57 genders, then I will partially agree — there are more than basic male and basic female, because the foreign girls I’ve met are in a completely different class of woman, miles ahead of the rest. Anyway, truly glad to hear of your happiness and success, brother.

        1. My experience with the Latina girls is far more limited… the hi-light being a bisexual half-Jew-half-Peurto Rican butter-face with a perfect 19 year old body. I don’t miss that girl. It was way more trouble than it was worth. Stay away from the wild ones….
          Besides the “high-light” I can say the hispanic girls tend to be a bit emotional & high strung than other women. It can be fun in the short term, but I really don’t like the drama. I like having a stable home I can retreat to from my day job. A ‘safe place’ where I can recharge to face the battle of life the next day.
          Back to the Asian girls… In my 20s I had a very strict criteria for women I wanted to be with:
          1. Not fat
          2. Not a bitch
          This girl from Taiwan who was a grad student at Columbia U fit the bill. Word of caution on Chinese girls… they can be VERY sweet to you, but there is a mean steak in them. Think of (Breaking Bad Reference) Walter White vs. Heisenberg. There is evil under that smooth skin. I noticed that her friends would bad mouth her about me, our relationship, etc. to the point she felt guilty and sad she was dating me. The guilt dissipated when she was isolated from her friends (when she went on trips with me). She would become happy again. It became apparent her friends were really jealous because she was happy. So they stripped the happiness from her with constant Harpy like behavior. See the fight videos online of Chinese teenage girl beating the shit out of some fellow girl. That is the version of life my GF was in (minus the physical violence).
          As for relationships overall… The absence of Feminism is wonderful. My wife has a degree in economics and is a finance person at a Fortune 1000 company. She got a real, hardcore education back in her home country without the bullshit SJW nonsense.
          The wife is a Navy brat who had to get up REALLY early in the morning to help her Mom make doughnuts to sell at the naval base. Your family would starve at the military pay at the time if you didn’t hustle. She now makes a solid 6 figures in finance.. which is a long way from selling doughnuts in the village back in Southern Thailand.
          Needless to say, the wife is motivated and we are on the same page as far as money (future time orientated).
          Keep looking. Get the introduction catalogs. Go for volume and keep a strict criteria as to what you want. In the end you will be very happy with the woman you end up with (and she will be happy with you).

  100. Asian women are more materialistic than American women (at least if they are Chinese, Korean, or Japanese). Sure, they’re less slutty and less disagreeable, but they have their weaknesses too.
    And there is a serious danger when it comes to Asians that I am worried about, probably because I naturally gravitate towards Asian women and can get hotter Asians than I can White women. The danger is this: Since the White male/ Asian female combination seems to be partly based on the ugly fact that Asians prefer White men to Asian men, then what about our potential kids? Asian men seem to be screwed in the dating market in the US (OKCupid data backs that up- even Asian women prefer White men to them) so I don’t want my potentially half-Asian kids to be male. It would be cruel to take advantage of that unevenness in the SMP by scoring a hot Asian chick but then subjecting my male half-Asian child to doom in the SMP.

    1. This is correct. WM/AF kids grow up having mental issues and identity crisis. Males go through the same crap that Asian men have to go through and Females are hyper-sexualized and have the same self-hate their mothers had. Oddly enough, the opposite is not true. AM/WF kids end up being more well balanced and are successful in life.

      1. Interesting. I didn’t know that AM WF kids end up alright more than WM AF kids. But my main point is that Asians lose out in the current Western SMP more than any other group except maybe Black women. The SMP is just not built for them. Asian women kill it in the SMP. It’s kinda like how you see lots of sexy Indian girls dating white guys but you don’t see many Indian guys that would be considered sexy. And if their women are all dating men of other races, what are Indian men to do? They can’t exactly score White women. Some groups end up being odd-man-out in the modern, multicultural SMP. For that reason, I’m wary of having non-white kids. If I did, it would have to be in an area where being mixed is extremely common. Like Hawaii or something.

  101. If you’re a white guy who thinks asian women are the solution, you’re delusional. Do you honestly think high quality asian women(HQAW) are attracted to white men? HQAW have no problems finding wealthy, attractive, and accomplished partners in asia. Its the desperate and poorly educated LQAW who hang out in foreign bars that hook up with white males. Your biggest mistake is hooking up with bar/club sluts.
    You see this happen all the time. US GIs/tourists go to bars/clubs and meet the “girl of their dreams”. She leaves you as soon as she gets her green card or you’re not making enough dough. She doesn’t care about you, shes using you for your western card.
    The fully Americanized asian women who reject their asian side are just as toxic. They are basically no different then slutty white girls. In fact, they are worse. Self hatred of your own ethnicity indicates heavy brainwashing from degenerate American culture and very poor family values. Its no different then those white girls who are into hip hop and black thug culture. They are almost always LQ white women.
    Stick to your own women. I don’t know why so many white males have an asian fetish. Asian men have no interest in white females(bitchy, fat, wrinkles by her later 20s, slutty, ugly, etc). Quit hating your own race and date your own women.

    1. bar club! lol, what kind of dumbass think he can find a quality woman in a place like that.

    2. So you automatically assume everyone to be as stupid or more stupid than the average GI? Lol!
      If you are a successful western man with options you have a choice to make. Low quality western men don’t have access to high quality women, at home or abroad.
      But if you are a good catch in your own country, you also are abroad, and can score high quality well raised traditional minded women from any culture you want.
      You are some stupid cunt who always goes for the lowest possible outcome of anything, so your advice is probably good for other cunts like you but hardly for men who are a bit more accomplished.

      1. Did my post strike a nerve? Truth hurts huh?
        My advice is good for over sensitive, whiny, beta male cunts such as yourself.

        1. Hahahahahahaha yeah you got me, nailed…. I’m hurting….
          No but is that all you can come up with?

        2. I can see no other reason why you’re so anal about this, except for the fact that you’re a beta pussy who can’t stand the truth.

        3. So what you are saying is that you have nothing to back up what you are saying, and it’s just a random brain fart you had.
          But I find it quite telling that you don’t even consider that the reason I am responding is because I know you are wrong.
          Either you are a bitter white fat bitch hitting the wall, or you are an armchair supremacist of some sort. But my guess is your short of being able to reproduce, one way or the other.
          My genes will continue when yours are gone for good. We will see who had the last word then.

        4. I’m asian and i’ve lived in both the US and Asia. You have no idea what the fuck you’re talking about. Typical beta pussy trying to act like you know shit. I’ve seen those losers bringing whores to the states and getting dumped the moment she gets her green card. I’ve seen the type of girls who hang out with white men. Both are trashy in general. The man is a loser, the woman is a desperate whore. The HQAW stick to asian men. They certainly avoid filth like you.

        5. Sorry to burst your bubble but that’s simply wishful thinking and nothing more. I’m married to a traditional Asian girl from a stable home, and I know several other white guys married to Asian women of very good family. And no they didn’t get dumped as soon as the wife got the permit to stay, and neither did I. Most of us have or are in the process of making kids.
          I’m well aware of what you’re talking about, but pretending that it’s the only type is just stupid. Bad stuff happens to stupid people all the time, but not everyone is stupid.

        6. Lol, I gave you my qualifications. What qualifications do you have you beta cuck? Live in your own delusional world, where you believe you’re some high quality alpha whos getting top pickings.
          Delude yourself into thinking that poorly educated 3rd world bride with a busted face, is attracted to you for your personality. Shes in it for your western card. My goodness, you’re the kind of retard that gets used by these types of women.
          Please post a picture of yourself and your wife.

        7. You must be confusing qualifications with claims. You just said you are Asian, as far as I can tell that’s the only qualification you claim.
          So now Japan is 3rd world? That’s where my wife comes from.
          All of my friends who have foreign wives have been with them for years after they got permanent status etc, my aunts ex husband has been with a Chinese wife now for 20 years. I don’t like Chinese girls personality myself but each to his own.
          You of course will come back with some more stupid shit claiming I’m a beta cuck blablabla but you are still going to be wrong, and deep down you know it.
          Let me hazard a guess at why you’re so angry- you had your eyes on a local Asian piece of ass and she was playing along until a white guy came and took her, sound about right?

        8. You honestly think its high quality Japanese(and other asian) women who hook up with foreigners? Lol, no. Its the desperate, low quality women who can’t score a handsome and successful asian male partner.
          Why are asian mail order brides so popular with you guys? You honestly think its the attractive and educated women who sell themselves to a complete stranger? You have zero qualifications to make claims. Prove me wrong by posting a picture of your wife as well as her education level.
          Btw, I have a asian girlfriend and I can also flat out tell you that most normal asian women have no preference for foreigners. The ones who are attracted to foreigners usually work in bars/clubs or have daddy issues. Its exactly the same situation in America with white girls who love black thugs.

        9. I have seen low quality women as well of course, but I’m saying its not the only scenario out there.
          No I’m not going to post pictures of my wife online, I’m not that stupid. But if it is of interest to you she is university educated, and used to work for the office of a top 500 US company prior to her moving here. My cousins wife is from SE Asia and of a high level family with lots of servant and houses etc, and is also university educated. Neither she nor my wife have worked in a bar or attend them often, and in fact I’m the first European or non Asian foreigner my wife ever knew in person.
          I’m fully aware the majority are not interested specifically in foreigners, but some of them are open to it if you match their expectations otherwise, like income and career etc.

        10. This argument is going in circles. No point in continuing it since you obviously won’t change your mind and neither will I. The only thing I can say is I’m actually asian, lived in asia for much of my life, and quite familiar with the culture. You are none of this. Assuming your wifes qualifications are true, let me remind you that outliers to not represent the average.

        11. I never claimed to represent the average. And you are correct I’m not Asian. However I do spend much of my time working for Asian companies and I go to Japan multiple times a year, and I have friends and married in family from many countries.
          I am just saying that you don’t have to go for the bar girls just because you’re western.
          And I can promise you my wife’s qualifications are real. To her I’m a good hard working salaryman who happens to not be Japanese…
          You are however correct to say that outliers don’t represent the average, but this is true with all import girls, including especially the Russian and Ukrainian ones.
          Mail order brides are not what I’m talking about. I’m saying that guys can go to these places and dress really nice and maybe get a girl who will we crazy enough to do the whole foreign husband thing.
          It worked for me, and other people in my family.
          And the reason I am saying all of this is because I consider ROK to be a place for men who want to be and are the exceptions to the rule.

    3. how is what you posted different from American women ? they do the same thing except the value of a dollar is more in those foreign countries

  102. Asians are mercenaries. The epitome of a whore.
    Nothing agains it, just be very aware.

    1. Whores only give you limited time with their pussy. If you take good care of an Asian girl she will give you kids and healthy food and a clean tidy home.
      Not exactly the same.

  103. One of the best things about Asian women is that they stay skinny with their petite little bodies.
    Western Asian women or anything western are the worst kind of women on the planet! Don’t waste 15 years of your life like i did!

  104. No offense but im tired of seeing these “Sellout Articles”
    I mean im not against ROK, but im not into women with flat asses and tits that rival a 12yo girl…
    I mean you act as if only White girls are sluts and Asian girls are pure and decent. Give me a break. I heard quite a few divorce/horror stories regarding asian women….

    1. You probably missed that this is an article from 2014 then I assume. Clean your glasses man.

    2. The west had better wake up. White men deserting the girl next door, deserting their homeland while the yellow cup floweth over. Native western women left alone to their own devices make a mad dash to the fridge and actually need door service on trash pick up day. This mudshark is quite a honey with the UPS guy, the paper boy or any guy who operates a cargo dolley or wheelie trash bin. Now she appears to be expecting quintuplets:
      A carion scrap eating frenzy devours the west. Run white man run, to the east. With a gong cymbal ”boooush” you find your sweet asian woman who can cook.
      eeh . . did I say ”scrap eating?” . .

      1. Look bad to you? My wife made this for me for dinner.
        Indonesian and Macau cuisine. No dogs involved.

  105. It is better to feed a western woman the red pill than to avoid her. All women think the same everywhere. I’m not American. But when I visit my country Nigeria, I’m seen as an American boy, so therefore i must have a lot of money. The women respond to my advancements cause i came from America, just like a regular western woman responds to successful men. You see, the red pill is a motherphucker. The bible points out that a good woman is hard to find, so not all women should you feed the red pill. Find one that her views are a little different from others and classically condiction her to your liken. Thats what a King would do

  106. Only white losers date Asian women. Like the fat, bald and pedophilic white creeps that want to fuck 18-year old Asian girls who look like 14-year olds compared to Western standards.

    1. Really? I’m not bald, or fat, or anything else you described. I can mostly get any girl I want who’s not already taken, in Europe, the US or Asia.
      I’m 6ft, good build, blonde and blue eyes, born in Sweden.
      But then again, I’m not dating anymore, I married a Japanese girl and made babies with her.
      But I think impotence like yours must be a burden and you must have much self hatred if this is what comes out of you.
      Either that or your a white fat cunt who is angry with the world for not wanting her.

      1. Wow, you are really taking the time and responding to everyone posting anything negative about race mixing. I wonder why you bother.
        Have fun with your children that won’t look like you, you will be closer related to my children. (White and Swedish).

        1. I happen to know many mixed couples and they all seem to work better than the non mixed ones.
          But I mean specifically western men and Asian girls, other mixes seem to be on par with local non mixed.
          To the point where I don’t know of a western + Asian girl couple who are serious who have split up. By serious I mean married and kids if possible etc.
          it’s not perfect, nothing is, but if you want kids and a wife who will stick around, and are ok with the obvious things like the way the kids will look, it’s a good option imo.
          Most guys at some point in their thirties want a wife and kids.

    2. Ironically, the same is true in reverse across the pond. Here in asia, only ugly, money grubbing loser asian women date white men. Most asian women prefer avoiding white male. The locals make fun of such women.
      Its the reason why the friendliest asian women are the ones who are poor and actively trying to immigrate to the west. You find these types at bars, clubs. Many of them are literally prostitutes.
      The truth is, loser white men deserve loser asian women.

      1. This I will give you is true. But it does have to be the pond you fish in 🙂
        I meant the last part about deserving.
        However I would point out as I have before that someone who is successful locally can and do find good Asian girls.

  107. This article is funny! Asian women are worse than American women now. 99% of them are liberal and feminists. Not the good kind either.

    1. Really? I guess my wife didn’t get the memo. Or her friends, or all the Asian wives of westerners I know.

      1. We have a saying in TRP. AWALT (all women are like that) maybe you’ll learn someday. Maybe not lol

        1. Well, I know a lot of Asian women and my wife more than me, and neither of us have ever encountered a feminist among them. So I’m not sure what your point is.
          AWALT is applicable only to very high level generalization, not to individual level necessarily. If you are the best male for a woman, she will stick to you. That’s how it works, if you don’t make sure, you’re not going to keep a woman.

    1. Pappy my ass, and life is not the military service man.
      If you want a woman to keep, for breeding etc, Asians are better. If you know what you are doing as a guy you will make sure she loses more by leaving than by staying, and you make a point of taking good care of her.

  108. What an excellent article. Absolutely 100% true. I have a beautiful hot young asian gf, and she is always considerate and just wants to enjoy spending time with me, no matter what it is we do. American women are the worst, and Americanized Asian women are 10 times worse than even them.
    Brilliant article, spot on.

    1. Wife her up and put a bun in her oven :-).
      I did and the feeling is just like being King.
      But if you do, make sure she doesn’t hang out with bad influence people, women are very much social animals and assume the sentiment of the herd.
      My wife only hangs out with Asian born wives. She doesn’t need me to tell her not to hang out with singles or locals, she is smart enough.

    1. You obviously must have missed the fact that it’s an old article. But I don’t blame you, your parents were cousins? Now if you don’t mind we have a way to handle this, please follow me…

      1. Even if it’s a repost of an old article it’s still in with the latest articles….

        1. You idiots do realize the founder of this site is a turk and its not a white supremacy or white nationalist site right?

        2. Once again, why does that matter? If you yourself check the articles posted, you will find a lot of them being about how you can find better wives somewhere that usually are not white women. And also most the readers are white.

        3. It matters because a lot of people seem to be confused and think that this is a white supremacist or nationalist site. Or maybe I’m just stupid and failing to realize they are trolling because roosh has recently gained a lot of recent popularity and exposure and they are trolling the site because they are offended by a turk traveling all over Europe fucking their women and profiting off writing about it.

        4. There are a lot of articles of nationalist nature, Roosh is not the only contributor.

        5. No, there really aren’t. There are a lot of articles and posts that are high jacked by nationalists. Obviously roosh isn’t the only contributor, it’s gotten too big for him to write all the content. All these idiots on here thinking a turk would start a white nationalist site are delusional. And you seem to be of that ilk. You should probably click the about tab.

        6. There are a lot of articles on here that are conservative, but not really anything overtly racist or that could really be categorized as white nationalist. There are a lot of stupid people flooding the site and spinning articles and pushing that agenda. Like i said, you should probably click the about tab. This site actively promotes race mixing which is way outside of the tenets of white nationalism.

        7. And this isn’t a recent article it’s an old article from the archives and is actively promoting race mixing.

        8. There are different contributors, they might have different viewpoints, there have even been articles on Return of Kings discussing the “Jewish Question”, there has been ones on nationalism and white race survival etc, this is the same stuff you would find on Amren, minus the Jews.
          Just check the archives.
          I find these sort of articles nationalist anyhow. I guess anything is subjective.
          But yeah, my first post was that I was tired of the race mixing propaganda, what is the purpose of it on any site?

        9. You don’t read too good. The whole Jewish question article basically defended the jews and lauded what they have accomplished. I understand there are several contributors, this is still rooshs site, he vetted all his contributors and is not white or a white nationalist. If you really followed this site and understood what it was about you would realize that. It’s anti sjw liberal brainwash culture which is so rare and refreshing in our current climate that some of the opinions expressed get misconstrued as being things they are not. You need to be of a certain level of intelligence to truly enjoy and contribute to this site. You are not of that level of intelligence.

        10. You need to read all the articles i linked to again slowly and carefully, aloud if need be. You are in the wrong place.

        11. You have already lost the argument when you insult someones intelligence. At least I’m smart enough to realize race mixing is bad 😉

        12. No. You lost the argument when you failed to have the base level of intelligence to engage in it in the first place. If race mixing is bad, you’re in the wrong place. Why is it bad? Because it creates an environment where incel whites like you can’t get laid?

        13. You are the one arguing that only those that agree with the writers have a right to post, like there should be some sort of consensus just to get to post a response. “If race mixing is bad, you’re in the wrong place” <—-Why do I have to think race mixing is good to respond to a post about race mixing? I don’t have to agree with all sentiments expressed by the writers of Return of Kings. All I did was express an opinion about the constant articles about race mixing. Oh and race mixing is bad for so many reasons it’s hard to begin, first there is the obvious one, whites and east asians are generally the peoples with high average IQ, when they race mix, it’s like taking a shit in the gene pool, also, who doesn’t want children looking like themselves? But I’m sure that will not persuade you since you live in fantasyland in which everyone is of equal intelligence. How about medical reasons? There is tons of medical negatives with race mixing, the one we read most about in the papers today is transplants, for example there are people with cancer in need of bone marrow transplants, and they can’t find a match, because their genomes are so mixed. So that’s basically a guarantee of death. Btw, I don’t know what “incel whites” are.

        14. “who doesn’t want children looking like themselves”
          This is so unfounded. I am white and ashenkanzi ethnicity and my son is half Chinese. I can see myself in him no doubt and I can see my male family members in him. Not just in the way he looks but in his mannerisms and his habits sometimes too. He still has my genetics and it’s obvious I think some of the other arguments of why race mixing may be a negative thing in a lot of circumstances are reasonable, but this particular argument is kind of poor unless you specifically want a child that looks like you racially. I think this has to be a personal thing than something that is all across the board.

        15. Then explain why is there a lot of parents that had mixed race kids writing on the internet how they regret it because “they don’t look anything like them”, explain why white people is the group least likely to outmarry, explain a lot of things. I want children that look like me.
          Why shouldn’t white people work to preserve their race and genes? (which are recessive).
          I know a lot of Jews mix it up though, that I’ve noticed. And there is a huge organization within Jewry right now pushing Jews to marry Jews, also Israeli Jews tend to look down on American Jews in my experience. (If whites pushed for whites to marry whites there would be outrage).

        16. I’m not saying that white people should not work on saving their race. I think the issues around white people not having enough children have little to do with the minority who race mix and more to do with anti natalisim, which is being pushed heavily on white culture. The majority of white people still have white spouses, and they just need to start having more children. We also need to repeal women’s suffrage. Women being ‘liberated’ does not suffice for birth rates.

        17. Obviously if people keep racemixing the whole population will slowly change though since there will always be people that “pass” for white.
          Greeks etc were blonde-haired in the past.

        18. Not when a very small amount of people race mix. Where I am from in the UK mixed race people only make up about 3.5% of the population according to the census and the number of mixed race babies born in recent years. The UK is about as liberal as you can possibly get. Even more so than the USA. You would be arrested here if you openly spoke against race mixing. It’s heavily promoted in the media and yet most people would still rather marry and have children with someone of their own race. I think the issue is more along the lines of white people not having babies at all. I don’t think it’s reasonable to band interracial marriage. I am anti fascist and I want the government out of peoples business. I do however think feminism is cancer, and you can thank it for destroying the white race along with LGBTQ propaganda. Did you know that most young white girls today identify as bisexual? If you ask me that’s a lot more concerning than the 3.5% of people who race mix.

        19. Also, I myself am white skinned buy not fully white. I am about 25% ethically Jewish. However, I do not wish to have children with a Jewish man. I am against Isreal, and I am not in favor of the degenerate things that Jews as a cultural group of people are pushing onto the population. I want nothing to do with it. However I know a white man who cared about ethnic nationalism would not like me in his gene pool. I am also more attracted to east asian men, so I thought I might as well get with one as opposed to another white skinned man. Also Jews are paying the price for being inbred. They came from a small group of about 330 people and they are paying the price for not allowing race mixing for centuries. 1 in 5 Jews now has a genetic disease. Often two copies of the same gene are needed to create a handicapped child. If anyone should be race mixing it should be Jewish people.

        20. And yet as I stated before, Greeks were blonde in the past.
          “Did you know that most young white girls today identify as bisexual? If
          you ask me that’s a lot more concerning than the 3.5% of people who
          race mix.” <—Based on what research? The California study (California lol), which is the largest one I know, only 3% stated they were homo, bi or trans.

        21. It’s also a problem that people no longer know who is “white”, and octoroon can be “white”, and so on.

        22. Maybe if it’s that much of a requirement for you can always demand any woman you agree to have children with has a genetic test on 23 and me or something beforehand.

        23. There was actually a man on TV I can’t remember his name who was a white nationalist. I think he was like 13% black but he looked 100% white and he found out via a DNA test.

  109. It’s true that most Asian women are better than American women but most of them aren’t angels either. Look at the prostitution scene in Thailand or the Philippines & you will know that all they want is money, anyway at least they are more honest about it than americunts HAHA.

    1. You are right in terms of other races mixing with whites. Minorities mixing with other minorities is fine.

  110. High quality asian women (in asia) are not attracted to foreigners. High quality asian women have no problems getting a handsome, wealthy, successful, highly educated asian male partner with similar cultural values.
    The problem with going to asia is that in general, its the low quality, desperate, gold diggers who open themselves up to foreigners. You might think they are “traditional” women who want to treat you like a king. In reality, they don’t care about you. They only want you for your green card and money. Don’t make a decision you’re going to regret.

    1. Usually slim Asian prostitutes are preferable partners for men than fat white feminists. Just something I’ve noticed.

    2. Yes, only lower class asian women open up to foreigners with a few exceptions but they a very rare. These women have high notch count,more of an opportunists than traditional.
      On the flip side they are still better than what average western men can get back home

  111. How can you write a few paragraphs that represent millions of women?
    Unless you have met every single American woman on the planet, who are you to make judgement?
    Women are equally as powerful in the world, and are not going to take any crap from a few assholes who think starting a shitty blog is gonna make them seem more masculine.
    If you are truly this ignorant, I guarantee there is not one woman who will want to get anywhere near you.
    And I hope you know the affect of this website. Young girls see this and come to believe that they are worth nothing with out a man, when really they are capable of anything they set their minds to. So you can continue your blog, but KNOW that you are completely incorrect, and you should find some better things to do with your time.

    1. It’s called generalizing, once you meet a sample, you extrapolate to predict the behaviour of all the others. Usually 4 or 5 will give you a good idea.
      No woman is worth anything without her man and their children.
      But if you don’t believe that, be happy with your house full of cats.

    2. You call the blog worthless then you say it will influence girls . Make up your mind idiot

  112. If youre serious about dating real American women with values and virtue, you meet them at Church, Period. They are out there in droves I assure you, But they wont tolerate nonsense either.

  113. I’ve had LTR with 3 white-American and 2 American born Asian women and I have to say my experience is they all had good and bad qualities. 1 of the white women and 1 of the Asian women even turned out to be sociopaths.
    I think modern day society has turned most women into narcissistic and sociopathic whores, regardless of race/ethnicity.

  114. Once you’ve been around the block a few times, you realize ALL women are crazy, wherever they are from (Russia, South Africa, Brazil, China, etc.) To think they are special Unicorns because they are from another country is to be naive.

    1. But if you don’t share a language, it takes you longer to realize how crazy foreign women are.

  115. Wants you to make all the decisions? Listens? Grateful? (But not submissive) Haha! Must have never dated an African American or Caribbean woman. In my culture I was taught to cook for my other half, clean for my other half but at the same time work together as a team . I was also raised in the south where manners are everything. We like what we like and we don’t have to make excuses as to why. I know some batshit crazy Asian women and I know some very humble Asian women the same for any race. Travel the world and learn something. My boyfriend is Irish-German (Caucasian persuasian) and Im Bahamian-American (African decent) we are very content with this because we’ve adapted to one another’s differences. Simple.

  116. Yeah. I realized when my ex white girlfriend opened up a can of campbell soup for dinner. Now, I have a yellow fever and I’m Asian. Lol.

  117. All women are the same, it’s either they show it to your face at the start, OR.. they hide it and when you get to know them better, their colors reveal…

  118. Inferiors races always want mix with superior races, that’s why whites are obsessed with Asians.
    In fact, “white supremacism” always was a lie to manipulate masses.
    Educated racist like scientists, world leaders and historians have
    always known that Asiatics is the true master race.

      1. My husband is Chinese and is about 5.5 fully erect. I thought that was pretty standard? I have also dated quite a few Chinese men before him and that seemed to be the median size.

        1. You are half correct, Asian men average 5 inches, 1 inch shorter than white men average. At least according to the Trojan condom company’s research and marketing.
          Unless, of course, you have more experience with Asian and white cock than Trojan condoms, then we all should defer to you and your expertise.

        2. 1 inch doesn’t really make a whole lot of difference, though, does it? I think the whole Asians are small joke is taken far too seriously. 5 inches is enough to satisfy most women.

        3. He already knows the size of his own penis. I doubt he will be shocked. He’s plenty big enough for me so that’s not a concern.

        4. I am sure that he does know the size of his own penis, but I can’t imagine it would make his day to learn that his wife is broadcasting it on the Internet. (Didn’t you volunteer this information before on another thread, in response to some size-queen slut’s comment?) …Or that he would be pleased with her informing the world that out of all the asian men she’d had sex with, he ranks as average.
          I’ve read a number of your comments on this site, and find myself agreeing with them for the most part. Yet I’m at a loss as to why women these days — red-pill ones included, apparently — are so indiscreet. So many women think nothing of sharing with their friends (and anyone else within earshot) details about their boyfriend/husband which the latter would be absolutely horrified to have disclosed. Yes, men spout locker-room talk and boast of their conquests, but when they love a woman, they are typically protective of her intimate secrets. (The only time I’ve ever heard a man saying his wife’s vagina is anything other than tight is if he doesn’t really love her or is hoping to divorce her.) Matters which a man’s wife would have once been reluctant to confide to a doctor are now shouted from the rooftops. Modern women have no filter and a woefully pejorated definition of loyalty.
          By the way, the above isn’t intended as a personal attack. Going on the comments you have made previously, you do indeed seem to care about your husband (and your son) — it’s just that this sort of thing genuinely baffles me.

        5. I am just fed up with people saying that asian men have small penises. I don’t see how being 5.5 inches is anything to be ashamed of. My husband and i are very honest with each other and we both make fun of each other. He’s told me things that other women would find hurtful. He has told me that I am very naturally hairy, he makes jokes about me being a man, among other things. My husband, and I know him better than anyone here, would not be upset about me posting that, particularly when I am completely anonymous and cannot be identified. If I knew something would upset him, I would not be posting it publicly. He knows I have been with a lot of asian men prior to him, and he constantly jokes about it. He will laugh in public when we see other asian men and he will loudly ask me if I have any knowledge of them. This doesn’t bother me, I just joke back. He even likes it when I make mean jokes about him. Although I can laugh about it, and use my claims as anecdotal evidence to defend asian men, I also genuinely don’t like that I had lots of partners. I was at a point in my life then where I wasn’t happy, I am much happier now being with one man.

        6. I am just fed up with people saying that asian men have small penises.

          So am I — and I don’t even have a dog in this particular fight. It’s become a socially acceptable form of cruelty these days, and I think it detestable.

          I don’t see how being 5.5 inches is anything to be ashamed of.

          I don’t see how any physical trait which is not one’s fault and about which one can do nothing is something of which one should be ashamed. …Whether it be small breasts, small penis, or a deformity. One can do something about one’s behaviour (i.e. avoid being a rake or a slut) but what can one do about a fixed physical attribute? Yet one often hears women disdaining asian men or saying (like the slut to whom you replied on the other thread) that they will only have sex with men with penises of a certain size or above (whenever I hear such women say these things it just makes me think that they must have loose, sloppy vaginas which they are too damned lazy to tighten up and that a normal male would find them a pretty lousy lay). These spiteful and unprovoked attacks say far more about the attacker’s noxious and defective personality than they do about the object of their ridicule.

          Although I can laugh about it, and use my claims as anecdotal evidence to defend asian men, I also genuinely don’t like that I had lots of partners.

          Would to God that more women were as candid as you are and would warn younger women against premarital sex. Your marriage is an outlier — women who are promiscuous typically lose the ability to bond and to form stable marriages. The sexual revolution has wrought carnage in the West. …But antidepressant manufacturers are doing just great.

          I was at a point in my life then where I wasn’t happy, I am much happier now being with one man.

          It sounds as though you and your husband have made a good match. I wish you both every happiness.

        7. Lh, Yes, tiny Asian women are more easily satisfied by tiny Asian dicks. But one inch shorter means an equivalent less amount of girth also. You sound like you have experience.

        8. I think the whole Asians are small joke is taken far too seriously.

          I don’t know that it’s taken seriously at all. Whenever I hear it, I wonder what effect this must have on young Asian males. I don’t know any, and would be hesitant to ask a man such a thing anyway, but I’m sure it must be humiliating for a great many of them. There was an Asian professor in California or somewhere who took up the cause of sexual sterotyping of Asians, but I think sadly he was largely ignored.

          5 inches is enough to satisfy most women.

          Overhearing the conversation of modern British women when they’ve had a few drinks would disabuse you of this notion. Perhaps much of it is social brainwashing — women are like children and conform readily — but not all of it. Strange, given that the average vagina is shorter than the average penis, but perhaps it’s another expression of the female propensity to want more of everything.

        9. I do my best to warn younger women when I get the chance, however, getting them to listen and not take offense is another thing. The problem is a lot of women who are promiscuous use the opportunity to sleep with men who wouldn’t otherwise commit to them. This is when pair bonding becomes an issue, when the quality of men a woman can obtain commitment from doesn’t match the quality of her casual sex partners. Women also don’t seem to understand that just because men will sleep with them it doesn’t mean they are attractive, so these women will get an inflated sense of their own smv.

        10. Does body size actually make a difference to the size of a woman down there? I am 160cm which is smaller than the average white woman, although I wouldn’t call my body mass ‘tiny’. I am very prone to weight gain but I suppose that’s just fat and nothing else.

  119. Some white supremacists here are beyond delusional. Multi-multiculturalism is bad. Okay, I get and understand that sentiment. But then you turn around and want to date Asian women?

    1. First off there arent many white supremicists on this site so you are wrong right off the bat. Second off, there is good multiculturalism and there is bad multiculturalism.