Hidden Ovulation Is A Girl’s Best Friend

Mewling, sticking their butts in the air, rubbing on things.  These are the typical signs of an animal in heat.  Women are no different except they run a lucrative biological con game by pretending they’re always in heat.

Going into season every month makes human females unusual among animals, but they are only really fertile a few days each cycle.  The other 90% of the time men are getting played. With most animals, it’s blatantly obvious when the female is ready to ovulate and she never lies.  With humans, it’s nearly the opposite.

1. High Heels – Lordosis

Cats, dogs, horses, rats, it doesn’t matter.  When the female is ready to mate.  Her back arches and her butt and genitals are put on prominent display for passing males.  The formal name for this is the lordosis reflex.  Human females do it too.


A few days of the month, her ass protrudes more than usual and the small of her back tightens inward, pushing out her boobs for fullest display.  This is the posture that gives her that sexy walk that makes men slaver for her.  The time is right and the man that has her may well spread his genes.

So imagine the attention she gets if she can fake it—every single day.  Whether foot-binding in China, corsets in Victorian times, or high heels today, this has been one of the most popular forms of counterfeiting through the ages.

2. Perfume – Pheromones

Around that right time of month, she exudes a subtle feminine scent bound to attract suitors from miles around.  So naturally, she finds a way to simulate it every day so she can extract whatever she wants to the max by using perfume, which radiates the olfactory promise of sex. Perfumes, of course, have been part of her arsenal since at least the beginning of history.

Ancient Egyptian Perfume Bottle

Ancient Egyptian Perfume Bottle

3. Makeup – Facial Flushing, Bedroom Eyes

As ovulation grows near, her face grows flushed, and her eyes and eyelids grow sultry, shadowy and dark.  Even her eyelashes seem to somehow darken and swell.

As with the other signs, humans are hardly the only example:


With makeup she can make it look like she’s always about to drop an egg and even exaggerate an effect that would normally be subtle.  The harder she’s trying to get things from men.  The more makeup she uses.

Sumerian Makeup Kit

Ancient Sumerian Makeup Kit

4. Lipstick – Flushed, Swollen Lips

Right before that egg drops her lips flush valentine card crimson, plump up, and get that smooth, juicy, kissable look.
Thankfully, it’s easy for her to fake it with enough lipstick and lip gloss.


Women come programmed to play con games on men to manipulate them at their expense for the good of the species.  She doesn’t have to be taught to use these tactics (at the minimum, she’s naturally receptive to being taught them). Otherwise, it’s hard to explain why these tactics would be so consistent across time and place.

The very existence of hidden ovulation tells us we’re biologically set up to be used.  It’s not a bug but a feature, which makes men more similar to seahorse males that share in the costs of reproduction by actually carrying the babies himself—or male praying mantises that lose their lives to become baby food.  Natural selection cares absolutely nothing for our individual interests or pleasure. Pleasure or pain is just a bait and whip to get us to perform our functions until we’ve outlived our usefulness to the species.

However, men are natural problem solvers.  As individuals, many men don’t content themselves to let nature play out on autopilot.   We try to manipulate fate in our favor and hack the system.  Should we have been able to spread all over the planet and hunt woolly mammoths to extinction?  Human intelligence allowed the species to move beyond its obvious preset plan.

We can become conscious of the underlying biological truths of our species and use this knowledge to maximize our own interests instead of living by instinct alone.  If the most successful reproductive strategies grow more complex, with more work performed on the conscious level, the effect is necessarily eugenic. Becoming more aware and hacking the reproductive system is a service to the human species just as was learning to start fires or throw spears.

A good beginning is for men to understand how they are being manipulated. The first step in avoiding the trap is knowing of its existence.

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181 thoughts on “Hidden Ovulation Is A Girl’s Best Friend”

  1. I suggest using surrogacy in Mexico for reproduction (if and when you decide to take that route) and American women only for sex, not wives.

    1. Mexican women are braindead, stumpy tramps. Not good genetic material for breeding.

      1. Children inherit their character from their mother, and intelligence from their fathers. Braindead would be due to a stupid father, trampiness would be due to a slut mother.

  2. What about moon phases? Seems that women ovulate en masse prior to the full moon. Are there any gynoastronomers in the audience that can verify that?
    In terms of behavior, it seems those “Empower Bun” hairdos are meant to kill boners while reinforcing a regal self-image in women who sport them.

    1. Before the age of electricity the moon was a very good way of timing a woman’s ovulation. Computer/TV screens and artificial light upset the body’s circadian rhythms hence why many women have different times of the month (also why it’s easier to fall asleep if you’re not around electronics 1 hour before bed).
      If you go out on a camping trip with your bitch for at least a month with no TV/laptop/iPhone around, her body will reset to its natural rhythm, which is timed to the moon.

        1. I wrote a Spearhead essay about it last year :
          Free App Promotes Testosterone Production While You Use the Internet
          “Studies have shown that exposure to broadband light sources, primarily the sun, affects melatonin and testosterone production. Many of us work on our computers or “iPads” late into the night without consideration of what staring into a bright light source may be doing to our our hormone cycles. Feminists may have a point when they accuse us of living in our mother’s basement based on some of the irascible comments we leave on their thoughtful media essays. Perhaps the computer is robbing us of our manly vitality and making us just plain bitchy.”

      1. I always thought the menstrual cycle and the moon phases were simply a coincidence, since other animals have menstrual cycles of various lengths not timed to the moon.

    2. the ones i have known for long enough to be familiar with their cycle often mensturated on the full moon…. i assume most women have some sync to the moon, but not necessarily the same sync….. like not all musicans in an orchestra are playing on the beat…..
      it’s easy to tell when they are ovulating as the cervical mucus goes all clear and sticky… after ovulation is also easy to spot as the acidity increases in the vagina again and that same clear sticky mucus goes all white and stale.

  3. Oh man, that picture at the top just ruined my day.
    It doesn’t matter what the girl on the right looks like.

  4. I find a girl’s lips get really juicy after she sucks my cock for an hour.
    Walking in public with her after a kinky session probably sends out these kind of implicit signals as well.

  5. This is why it’s so important to break down a chick on the first couple meetings you’re with her. Women’s mouths usually create a deal breaker for any kind of long term commitment within 20-30 minutes of first interacting with them anyway, but it’s important to take a good hard look at what this person is as a human being.
    I start by taking away all the make up- mascara, lipstick, foundation, and concealer.
    I then take away her hair curler/blow dryer, combs, brushes, shampoo/conditioner, and myriad of other products she dumps onto her scalp.
    Then I remove her heals that make her taller, her bra that makes her tits look bigger, the dye that makes her hair a different color, and all the jewelry and trinkets she’s using to draw attention to herself.
    I then mentally release her into the wilderness butt-naked, and then visualize what she looks like three months later.
    That’s a human being in its purest form. Imagine this girl now – this solid 7 or 8 to begin with is now an animal. Her hair looks like shit, her breath could start a brush fire, and her pussy smells like a Red Lobster dumpster on a hot summer day.
    That’s what your getting guys if everything ever turns to shit in our modern world. I break this person down for one reason. If all that was left of her was just her personality and who she was as a person – would I go to bat for this individual? Would I protect and do everything in my power to see her survive? If you took away all of her tricks would she be worth it?
    If this is a modern American woman, then the answer has always been, and always will be – fuck no.

    1. Whenever I see a girl without makeup, heels, perfume and she looks great (pink cheeks, natural flowing hair, neutral smell, dressed casual) then when I see her out or on dates with the heels, gag inducing perfume, overdone makeup it always turns me off. And vice versa: seeing a girl enhanced and then without makeup seeing a mole covered, dreary rat looking creature.
      “Women’s mouths usually create a deal breaker for any kind of long term commitment within 20-30 minutes of first interacting with them anyway”
      Had that this happen a couple days ago on a date. Hearing the words “independent” “strong” “lady” and aggressive attitude had me dropping her off by her car after she insisted on checking out my place. Went home ate a great meal and set up to meet with 2 other girls. Best thing a man can do. A great majority of men would’ve fucked her but you have to put them in their place and let them go home and cry alone with their cats as independent aggressive “ladies” and have some damn self-respect, instead of being a gigalo.
      I don’t think EVERY American girl is bad. A lot are unbearable, but I have experienced the rare gems and they truly are the last of a dying breed. For every 10 girls you go through, 1 will be a high quality girl. Patience and persistence pays off.

      1. Quote — “Had that this happen a couple days ago on a date.”
        When I’m meeting women regularly I’m constantly weeding through them and giving them nothing. One that sticks out I met over a year ago. I stopped by a bank branch I don’t normally go to and I hit it off really well with the girl I was dealing with; got the number, set up the meet up – the usual shit.
        I show up at her place and walk in. Immediately I notice about 8 moving boxes scattered throughout the apartment. Conversation goes:
        Me- So you just moved in I see.
        Her- Yeah, I’ve been here about three weeks, but I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had time to unpack everything.
        I take a glance at the kitchen sink – dirty dishes: there’s a fucking shock.
        Then I spot what I’m looking for – her laptop, it’s open and she’s been watching Family Guy on it.
        Me- Well, it was nice meeting you.
        I walk out and left her there completely stunned and she was looking good for the night too.
        I’m fucking sick of women and their “I’m so busy” bullshit. This chick had time to watch Family Guy and go on dates, yet couldn’t find a few hours to unpack a handful of boxes and make her apartment not look like the back of a fucking U-Haul van. Working at a bank as well? 9 to 5 bitch, I know you’re not busy.
        I’ve got many stories of walking out and leaving a strong independent bitch with the bill. Ultimately, it feels better than fucking them if I’m honest. I’ll get laid from a different one- no sweat.
        Quote — “For every 10 girls you go through, 1 will be a high quality girl. Patience and persistence pays off.”
        While I don’t doubt your personal experience, I have an inclination that you and I have different definitions of what constitutes a good girl. I’m ruthless when it comes to judging women and I’m pretty sure if I met one of your good girls I would have her feeling like she just got waterboarded after about an hour of dealing with me.
        There are good girls in the US. I know there are, but I put the number at about 1 in every 113. Not 1 out of 10. I will keep doing my thing and seeing what I can find. Most likely I’ll retire at 50, and move to the Philippines and marry a girl there… where divorce is illegal.
        Good for you though on finding some personal gems.

        1. That is a little harsh… you don’t have to marry her or even go LTR but you could have at least seen how her personality was and maybe even could of had a fun evening with her. It was just a date, damn.
          Why so serious?

        2. Quote — ” That is a little harsh…”
          I’m a little harsh.
          Quote — “you could have at least seen how her personality was”
          Within three minutes I knew that she was a lazy excuse making slob. I didn’t feel the need to spend an entire evening with her only to discover all of the other ways she completely sucked.
          Quote — “Why so serious?”
          Because who I spend my time and money on matters. Are you not serious about your time? How about your money? Would you hang out all day at Disney World and still pay full price to get in if you knew all of the fucking rides were broken and Mickey Mouse called in sick? I wouldn’t. Sometimes a dude just isn’t in the mood for the typical female horse shit. That was one of those (many) times. You can play nice if you want – it’s rarely my style.

        3. I applaud you what you did. Its called self respect and not wanting to hang out with trash. Too bad more men dont do that.

        4. i second that….
          always remember that you have to invite the vampire in… she can only bite you once you offer the invitation…..

        5. I just don’t really care if she doesn’t have her life together, it is just one night. Wtf do you care if her apartment is a little messy if all you really want to do is hook up? Good luck finding a hot, intelligent, responsible 20yr old girl that isn’t some religious weirdo that won’t fuck before marriage. Do really want some chick that acts like a fucking accountant or something?
          Just making the point that it is easy to get a little too caught up in the whole “women suck” thing. All you really did was deprive yourself of what should have been a pleasant evening.
          I have no problem being a jerk but what you described was just bs. Unless of course you are looking strictly for LTR/marriage worthy women, if so w/e.
          Full-time job, good looking, own apartment (and vehicle I presume), doesn’t sound like an awful young woman in this day and age.

        6. “Because who I spend my time and money on matters.”
          You hit the nail on the head brother. The one thing I love about your stories is that you consistently break camp at the first signs of trouble. For you slow motherfuckers, this is called ‘decisiveness’ it’s a very masculine trait every man should have.
          Most guys waste valuable time waiting for these whores to spell it out for them instead of looking for the signs. Personally, I wouldn’t waste an ounce of dick [let alone time] on a chick who can’t even keep an empty sink, just to get some strange.

        7. I do… I read the blog for there opinions on TRASHY western females. I’m not a PUA or anything and I believe there are some good girls out there. If I have to wait until marriage, so be it. As long as she’s te one for me. Don’t really care how gay that sounds

        8. True, It’s important to distinguish between wife material and one night stand material.

        9. “seen how her personality was”
          So you are implying that women have a lot more to offer than their bodies.
          Besides a woman’s attractive physical characteristics, what on earth do women actually have to offer?
          Kindly name all of them, and how exactly do I benefit from them.

        10. Quote — “I just don’t really care if she doesn’t have her life together, it is just one night.”
          Good for you, there’s a problem with this though. You see, you weren’t in this fucking story, were you? However, I was – and I do care.
          Quote — “Wtf do you care if her apartment is a little messy if all you really want to do is hook up?”
          Because I can just as easily hook up with women that wash their dishes and don’t make up bullshit excuses as to why they can’t unpack a few boxes. I’m guessing you’re one of those types of dudes that leaves your fucking Christmas lights on your house until June. You like slobs? Have at it. Want to be with a woman that doesn’t take care of shit? Go for it. Want to hook up with trashy bitches with no class all the time? By all means, tear it up. I’m not desperate, and I’m not selling out some basic principles for pussy.
          Quote — “Good luck finding a hot, intelligent, responsible 20yr old girl that isn’t some religious weirdo that won’t fuck before marriage. Do really want some chick that acts like a fucking accountant or something?”
          What the fuck is this about? Explain the direct applicability this has to the following: I left a girl’s apartment because she’s a lazy lying slob and I didn’t want to be around her or spend my time or money on her. A point – kindly make one.
          Quote — “All you really did was deprive yourself of what should have been a pleasant evening”
          I deprived myself of absolutely nothing. I did exactly what I wanted to do without a speck of remorse.
          Quote — “I have no problem being a jerk but what you described was just bs.”
          What I described was not playing the game when I don’t want to, I didn’t pretend I cared, I didn’t crack jokes, I didn’t make comments or show false sympathy for her “busy life” that doesn’t exist. I left, and it was 100% the correct decision. If you like stretching out situations that you don’t want to be in just to appear nice – do it. That’s you, but it’s not me.
          Quote — “Full-time job, good looking, own apartment (and vehicle I presume), doesn’t sound like an awful young woman in this day and age.”
          Doesn’t clean, makes excuses, lies, and is lazy. Sounds like a pretty typical young woman for this day and age.

        11. Just to get some perspective on this, what exactly was your goal with this girl before you saw the apartment?

        12. Looks are primary of course but there are women that I actually enjoy being with after fucking and then there are others that I would prefer to never see again.
          I like submissive women that don’t constantly shit test, for example.

        13. Guys like you actually encourage the bad behaviour by putting up with it.
          And religious weirdos?? Yeah, I can’t stand the snark of atheists either. Glad we agree on something.

        14. Good. There are some great girls out there, you just have to weed the rubbish out from day one. Too many men waste time on stupid bitches, that have shown lots of deal breaking behaviour…. The worse ones, are the men that marry them. Complete idiots

        15. Some fools just don’t get it. The op is trying to convey he has principles. But I think he fails to realize that its ALL just some BULLSHIT. Dating fucking reproducing. Creating life and perpetuating society. Straight up just feces of a bovine nature. Op made a personal desicion to not put his dick into it. He did a cost benefit analysis and decided it was not profitable, he’s too good, bitch is rank, or whatever the fuck. The end result is his dick didn’t enter that vagina that night. No big deal. No need to criticise his choice. The truth is you decide what your truth is everyday and that’s about as important human existence gets for anyone. I don’t give a fuck who you are. Dalilama oppie the clown. Its all just some buuuuuulllllll shit. Personally I would have wiped her face with my cock and called it a day. And then fucken that’s it…really think about it. The absolute reality we live in. Nigga there really ain’t no mutha fucken spoon neo. Perhaps I may be insane. But at least I’m also insanely honest F the 1X.

        16. Because some guys enjoy snark more than sex. Not a condemnation, but why pedestalize the pussy?

        17. subservience and responsibility.
          Everything else is just women trying to convince themselves that they are men.

        18. good, because that is enormously gay. But whatever, as long as you are a man and practice self-determination.

        19. The goal is what it always is with me – evaluation. If she proves to be a true one in a million type I’ll shoot for LTR (in the last six years I’ve found none that make the cut), if she’s entertaining and has a good demeanor, but is flawed in LTR deal breaker ways – aim for fuck buddy. If she’s not what I’m looking for, but I’m attracted enough I might go for the one nighter.
          The fact of the matter is dude, a guy can only listen to the same bullshit come out of a woman’s mouth so many times before not caring about fucking her. Everything she said was the same old shit that I’ve heard enough times that it could make me puke. If she had said, “you know, I haven’t unpacked because I just don’t give a damn”, I probably would have still taken her out. Her need to throw the same tired shit of being busy out there was the end for me. Going on dates and watching cartoons ain’t busy.
          In the last couple of years I’ve developed a hairpin trigger for this nonsense and expunge it from my life immediately. The point I’m making here is this – I don’t need her pussy dude. I always have at least one girl that I’m regularly fucking and most of the time I have two. I’m not concerned with trivial conquests like notch counts or anything like that. Perhaps you’re at a stage in your life where soldiering on through anything to get laid is a top priority – I’m not at that point anymore, and was never really there to begin with.
          Her breakdown-
          LTR? No – she’s a lazy ass slob. I’m not – cleanliness is important to me.
          FB? No- I don’t want to spend time at her place, and I don’t want her slobby ass coming over to mine.
          ONS? No- Once again, I don’t want to trip over boxes while I make my escape. I also don’t want her at my place and potentially trashing it out. Also, I never do ONS at my place. It’s not their priviledge to know where I live.
          Conclusion – she just wasn’t worth my time, effort, or resources and I didn’t want to spend even an extra minute more than I had to being around her.

        20. lol, I’m thinking this was just a fat girl. If not you got a stick waaaaaaaaaaaaay up your ass and she is the lucky one. Lighten up.

        21. It’s all about exposure and experience my friend. You know this. Deal with enough women and you can size them up very rapidly – with damn good accuracy to boot.
          It’s guys that don’t have much experience that are all too quick to let shit slide, or go through hell and high water just to get a smidgen of pussy.
          Pussy is replaceable, a truly valuable woman – as rare as she may be – is not necessarily replaceable. Too many men just put up with anything and everything for mediocrity – that can’t be, and never will be, me.
          Glad we’re on the same page.

        22. Cheers man, glad you enjoy my posts. I would write some articles, but I need to learn how to write first- I write how I talk, I need to buy some books and develop writing skills. Anonymity is a concern too, but can be dealt with. I’ll keep it under consideration. Thanks.

        23. Which is pretty much why I avoid them completely. Im not gay, but I have trained myself to just stay to myself and focus on my own life only. I will certainly look at them and engage in conversations with them but thats as far as it goes. Sex is something that only immature thirsty simps and da bruthas crave – at all costs – including their own life and liberty. Me, I have a rapidly advancing and extremely lucrative career, many fun and exciting hobbies, a great fitness and nutrition regime and an amazing house that I am remodeling to please my own tastes.
          In other words, fuck bitches, get money.

        24. “I believe there are some good girls out there. If I have to wait until
          marriage, so be it.”
          Lol. Thats for the Sunday morning laugh with my coffee – ya sap.

        25. The main thing women “have to offer” is the ability to prove your manhood to other men by showing them that you are worthy of a female / pussy.
          Low self-confidence and low self-esteemed faggots find this is a way to proudly show off to society that they have a purpose in life and their value . The ones that get married and spawn little rugrats to “futher their lineage” are even more beta-faggotty.
          Break loose of the old ideas you fucking faggots.

        26. The only “great girls out there” are the ones nobody wants to fuck anyway.
          Good luck with that.

        27. I’d like to help out with proofreading and editing if you’re interested in writing. Freelance editing was actually my first business venture, back in ’94 (I was 13). I did pretty well, actually. I want to do more of it–just for fun, pro bono. Let me know what you think.

        28. Nihilism is the belief in nothing. I merely stated that human beliefs are manufactured and tailored to the individual’s own tastes. Create whatever delusion or belief you want and that’s it. To answer your question nihilism probably buys you nihilism. We all make our own beds. The question is, can you really sleep in it? 🙂

        29. Not when it’s made of nothing.
          Creating life and perpetuating a culture do not need to be justified. They simply are, for the same reason personal property is.

        30. Haha, you guys are crazy trying to attach some kind of weird honor code to fucking. It is just fucking. If you refuse to screw a hot 20yr old girl cause her apartment is a bit messy, you’re not badass you are just a douche. Keep waiting on the sexbots that one guy keeps talking about.

        31. If I spot a guy fucking an amputee on a pile of old newspapers in a nearby park – I’ll be sure to stop by and say hello to you. After all, it’s just fucking, right? According to you, it’s weird to have standards for the women myself and Triple OG have sex with. Where does that leave you? You’re a peasant – the fucking soup kitchen of men – serving the derelict and bum populations of women. The ability to walk away without a sentiment will ALWAYS triumph over some sniveling little pussy beggar like yourself. Given the choice between being me or you – I’ll take me every damn time.
          Furthermore, building on the scavenger foundation laid by OG, have you ever heard of the pilot fish? They swim around sharks, whales, and other large sea creatures and eat the ectoparasites and remnants of their larger host species meals. If you called the sea home – that’s exactly what you would be. A little piece of shit that swims around piggy backing off a larger more dominant creature – grabbing for scraps and taking what you can get. However, the pilot fish has something going for it that you don’t – it knows it’s an incabale faggot. It doesn’t question the methods and techniques of its host. It shuts the fuck up and takes its dimunitive share of the pie. Take a lesson from the pilot fish – and shut the fuck up.
          In closing, since I’m done dealing with your ass, I’m going to continue doing things exactly my way – if the whole world thinks I’m a douche (like you, woman?), it changes absolutely nothing. I don’t have to lower myself in a bid to get laid. That’s your territory, and I’m certainly not envious of you.

        32. That’s a hell of a good offer Shinobi and I’ll use it as motivation to get cracking on some ideas I have for articles. There’s no way to privately contact on here though, so we’ll have to figure something out down the line.

        33. lol, ok. I would like to know one thing if it is not too much trouble for you, king shark or whatever it is you think you are: What are you looking for in a woman?
          I don’t think you have a clue what you actually want in a woman. You sound like a prick that picks on girls because there is no threat of physical retaliation. I’m sure you get off on your little power trips but is there anyone “quality” enough for your royal dick? Please describe these women you claim to be fucking; what makes them quality? You are really good at bitching and moaning about a girl’s minor faults, what exactly do you find attractive about women? I’m sure the world would love to know just what qualifies a woman to do some recreational fucking with the great “AV8R”
          Or maybe you’re just a headcase too scared to fuck a pretty girl and enjoy yourself. Idk maybe you can explain yourself better because right now you just come off as an insecure bitch.

        34. I made a new email address for it, that’s [email protected]. You can do the same and we’re in business, just email me directly. Feel free to send me writing at whatever level of completion you feel comfortable with. I’m more than happy to offer constructive criticism, although you seem like a pretty competent writer already. I have no doubt your articles will go over quite well.

        35. You must be young or a fucking idiot. It isn’t ‘just fucking’ and you’re completely missing the point. Sex is power and the pendulum swings both ways.
          I could fuck a different bitch every day of the week and choose not to because it doesn’t increase my value and would negatively affect my bottom-line.
          If you’re willing to squander life’s most precious commodity [i.e. Time] to fuck a random 20 y/o that’s your prerogative but before you do, ask yourself one question: Am I comfortable giving a woman this much power over my actions? If your answer isn’t ‘No’ start adjusting your priorities.
          Personally, my time is too valuable to be monopolized by some random wh-oar just so I can to pound one of her funholes.
          Especially considering the endless surplus of sluts readily available to suck and fuck a man once he feels like fucking. Skanks won’t be scarce anytime soon so don’t feel like you have to swing at everything champ.

        36. ‘I’ll get laid from a different one- no sweat.’
          Oh there will be plenty of sweat and begging on your part lol
          “For every 10 girls you go through, 1 will be a high quality girl.”
          You have some pretty low standards there, ‘pardner, especially since your pool of candidates in you lower class area is rather slim to say the least.
          I usually accept 1 from a 100 but every female that I know is a 9-10. We have no fatties or fugglies where I live.That’s ‘hood and blue collar stuff.
          ‘There are good girls in the US. I know there are, but I put the number at about 1 in every 113’
          In your area I doubt that I could find even 1 in a million. They just don’t exist in the boondocks because if they are good they leave as soon as they can.

        37. Maybe your idea of a ‘good girl’ is an unshaven non-bathing stinky nudist blonde Russian bonobo like Maria aka Mashenka. Did you fuck her mother and sisters as well? I am sure they’d constitute the ‘9’s that you ‘fucked’.

        38. If that’s how you justify your existence then that’s how you justify your existence. Now go and achieve the greatest dream your mind can fathom. Until we have more matters to discuss in the future or not I bid thee farewell. Good luck to you sir. Ft1x

        39. You should go into forensic psychiatry and may learn something. To be honest, the opposite side of the scale (ie extreme neatness) is also a red flag too. Usually a lot worse than a little bit of messiness. Aren’t serial killers particularly neat and meticulous? Dirty dishes means she may be relaxed rather than sloppy if the dishes have been left for less than 24 hours. Do you want a meticulous harpy whining at you to pick up after yourself every minute of the day ? A slightly messy house means a relaxed and generally happy go lucky person. Extremely messy and dirty is another thing.

        40. Dreams are not meant to be achieved, they are meangt to be endlessly struggled for. If you ‘achieve your dream’ you set your sights way way too low.

        41. I get what you’re saying completely. Certainly, someone with an OCD level of anal retentiveness towards cleaning is a complete no-go; much in the same way a hoarder/pack rat type is completely unacceptable.
          I’m not asking for much with this, I assure you. It’s like this – if my trash can is full, I empty it. When I cook a meal, I clean as I go and take care of all the dishes, clean the counter tops, and put everything away when I’m done. Is the grass getting long? Time to cut it. Car dirty? Wash it and vacuum it out, and so on. I’m the kind of person that likes to just knock shit out and get it done. I don’t sit around and wait until things are unbearable, or wait until the very last second to start/complete a task. In short, I’m not lazy, nor am I a procrastinator.
          This is nothing more than basic grown-up adult human being shit in my opinion. I suspect most mature individuals conduct their lives in a similar fashion.
          I expect a woman I’m spending time with to be of a similar mindset with this. Drawing from personal experience with my previous five year LTR – if you’re a clean person, and the other is messy, only one suffers in this situation, and it’s not the messy one.

        42. Retard, just because a woman say “yes” to a guy, does not mean that “she has offered a gift”, or exhibited a brilliant “quality”.
          She just said “yes”
          Faggots like you are the real problem. It is pussy-worshippers like you who pedestalize women and validate woman worship.
          I bet you also love to drink the piss that comes out of that special place of women that you worship. Get lost.

        43. Agreed. But most women these days don’t even have that to offer! Thanks to feminism, submissiveness in a woman has become a derogatory term, so most either don’t submit, or fight it.

        44. It’s hard to take guys seriously that think they could fuck a different hot chick everyday and they just “choose not to”. Drop the ego. Look at Roosh, he games for a fucking living and it still takes effort. The way a lot of guys talk on this site you would think they just walk out the door and drop their pants then POOF sluts be sucking their dick. 99.9999% of guys would prefer to be getting more/better sex. What exactly are you and captain OCD doing that makes hot chicks instantly put out for you? And have you tested this new girl everyday theory or is it just your presumption? I’m betting you are just kinda full of shit.

        45. “It’s hard to take guys seriously that think they could fuck a different hot chick everyday and they just ‘choose not to’”
          => Just because you can’t doesn’t mean it’s implausible.
          “99.9999% of guys would prefer to be getting more/better sex.”
          => I’m the 0.0001% who would prefer to be getting ‘more/better’ income for a ‘more/better’ life. I’ve had enough pussy to last three life times. I’m not desperate.
          “What exactly are you and captain OCD doing that makes hot chicks instantly put out for you?”
          => We approach them for starters. Otherwise, I don’t DO anything. I make a lot of money, drive a foreign car and have a handsome face. These things are highly desirable to most women. A sense of humor goes a long way as well. You must suffer from anxiety or something because I’ve never had an issue getting pussy on the reg.
          “And have you tested this new girl everyday theory or is it just your presumption?”
          => When I was younger, my roommates and I went out every night of the week. Bringing a hot girl home every night was a competition. So I did. Our apartment made the Bunny Ranch look like a monastery. My nickname was ‘The Closer’ because I’d be home fucking by 10 and out again at 12 looking for something else fuck. Practice makes perfect and I’ve only gotten better with age.
          I’m betting you are just kinda full of shit.
          => You sound jealous kido. That’s a female trait. You’re mad because I have the luxury of turning my nose up at pussy whilst you waste valuable time on hypothetical pussy (you may not even fuck) out of fear that you won’t see panties for weeks.
          If you’re so desperate for pussy that you’d fuck a slob, stop stroking your dick reading about Roosh’s adventures and start getting laid.

        46. The only thing unusual about this is the girl’s behavior and the fact that some guys would actually lower themselves to fuck those bitches. Why every man isn’t behaving like AV8R is, I don’t know.

        47. When in doubt, I always follow the ‘Brad Pitt’ rule.
          Imagine you’re 90’s Brad Pitt, sex icon and whatnot, and this girl has invited you over to her place. You really think she wouldn’t be giving every damn square inch of the place a spit-shine if Brad Pitt were to come over?
          Why should you expect any less?

        48. Oh so now you fuck two hot girls every night, my bad. Of course it’s so clear now…. you have a “handsome” face. So you are saying you and AV8R are just super fucking pretty… Oh and you both make lots of money…. And I’m guessing you both also happen to have 10in cocks… Former navy seals also?
          Would love to see a pic of your amazing face that magically brings home multiple model quality women every night.

        49. You would love to see a picture of my face? Are you trying to pick me up or something? If not, you sound jealous AND creepy. For a second, I half thought were were about to say “a/s/l ???”
          Also, to be clear: I never said I always fuck two girls in one night, every single night. I meant there are plenty of times I have. I assumed the meaning was implied.
          There were a few times I’ve fucked three girls in one day. These aren’t magic tricks. I’m not Criss Angel. All a man needs is a good line of bullshit, basic conversational skills and the confidence to execute. I have genetic advantages but I know a few ugly guys that have put up football numbers despite their looks.
          Regardless, I don’t live that way anymore because it was weak, undisciplined and I realized fucking a bunch of random women wasn’t going to get me closer to what I wanted out of life. I realized that women would still be there to spend my money and waste my time once I got mine. Spoiler Alert: They were.
          The need to fuck as many women as humanly possible came from an insecure place which I’m sure you can somewhat relate to since you wish to live that way, can’t and have to live settle for living vicariously through guys like Roosh. I can only image how you must feel. Which brings us full circle to my initial point.
          There seems to be a sharp dive (in the Manosphere) between Men who are actually interested in becoming better men and boys who don’t know how to get pussy, want to learn how to get pussy and are indignant at men who have no problem getting (and at times turning down) pussy.
          Again, if you’re so desperate for pussy that you’d fuck a slob, stop stroking your dick reading about Roosh’s adventures, stop reading books on how to get laid and start getting laid. Don’t be mad at me for having living the kind of life you’re afraid to.
          Also, don’t ever talk about the size of my dick again faggot.

        50. Just want a pic so I can show the plastic surgeon what to shoot for. I have no dreams of fucking a model everyday because that shit ain’t real, if you were fucking new chicks everyday there must’ve some busted skanks heavily mixed in there because it is hard to even find really good looking women in those kind of numbers. Anyone could fuck a different fatty everyday so please it’s cool if you like “curvy” girls but don’t act like that shit is cause you’re a Mac or something. No pics of you, how about some pics of the thousands of women you claim to have fucked? Surely in all your pimping glory you got some pics of all these dimes.
          You call yourself triple OG pimp and boast about having a notch count in hundreds if not thousands; if you can’t back that shit up it just sounds ridiculous.
          I don’t mean to single you out because there are a shit-ton of phonies on here but it gets old seeing so much douchery mixed in with the quality stuff this place has to offer for men.

        51. You’re an idiot. Let me address you quickly because I’m not wasting any more time on you but clearly you don’t get it.
          1. You’re not going to get a picture of me dude. Just know that there’s a very strong chance I’m much better looking than you.
          2. I don’t fuck busted skanks, which is why I took up for AV8R in the first place.
          3. I don’t fuck fat girls.
          4. My Disqus handle is ‘Triple OG Pimp C’ because Pimp C is in one of my favorite rappers. Not because I think I’m a pimp.
          5. I don’t boast or brag, I just share my life. I don’t look to others for validation and definitely am not looking for validation from you.
          6. In regards to “it gets old seeing so much douchery mixed in with the quality stuff this place has to offer for men.” You barely have 100 upvotes so I doubt you’ve been here very long and no one respects your opinion. Get off your high horse.

        52. Dude has to be either an 18 year old Aspergers case, a woman, or a true to the core dumb mother fucker. I love the picture call out, as if anyone here is going to expose themselves and risk jeopardizing their livelihoods for some idiotic piece of shit on the internet.
          This is the only website/forum environment I’ve ever commented on or joined – I’m here because the readership and commentators are clearly a cut above the other PC kiddie glove crap that’s out there. Intelligent men interacting with other intelligent men, intelligently. This fucker doesn’t have the credentials.
          This guy doesn’t belong here, period. Basic reading comprehension and the ability to recognize that everyone doesn’t see the world through his eyes is the mark of a degenerate moron.
          At least we know what we’re dealing with.

        53. You’re right. He’s just a little prick with a sense of entitlement well above his lower class station. Now watch the pyjama boy get all hysterical and become the underclass shit that he is and become real vulgar when he’s outed. It never fails.
          He’s obviously a bitter woman hater because no woman above a fugly 2 will give him the time of day and even she wants dinner first. These blanket boys really are bitter little twerps with small dicks and no money. That’s one female stereotype that’s true.

        54. It’s all just bitter grapes with these blanket blog boy losers. The girl in his stupid story was a 200 lb heifer he was hoping to get lucky with but even she rejected him when he was too short and ugly and too cheap to even buy her a soda. When she saw his puny dick she kicked him out. It was just too much for her. Even fat girls have some standards.

        55. He’s just trolling. Any time you see that dumb twat who’s always talking about “blanket boys” and “pyjama boys”, there’s always a couple more trolls. More than likely, they’re all the same person.

        56. I was thinking the same thing. There’s no way this is a grown man. It’s either some dumb kid or a high-functioning autistic using the internet while his guardian is at work.
          @scratche:disqus Get off the internet. Move out of your mom’s basement. Gain some life experience. Come back when you can contribute more than sarcasm and skepticism to adult conversations.

        57. Being labeled as “harsh” or being accused of having excessively high standards is not about you preferring a clean person or someone who is not lazy, it is about you making initial judgments that could be incorrect. Maybe with this particular person, they were not incorrect, but if you judge this swiftly, consistently you could possibly overlook a really nice, attractive person. I am only commenting on this because 1) I have interest in pistis (i.e., conviction of truth) and 2) You chose to share your perspective which lends itself to commentary.
          Essentially, we all have moments of poor judgment, character, slothfulness, laziness etc. and it is wise to not judge someone at their worst because we all have a “worst”.
          Logically speaking, we base scientific conclusions on an isolated data point, but draw conclusions after analyzing a data set.
          Basically, your validity and reliability are poor, buttercup.

        58. There are a lot of guys on this site that just plain hate women. I mean you won’t even have sex anymore because it “gives women power over you” or “wastes time”? Holy shit.
          I think most men on this site understand marriage and LTRs are a thing of the past and should be avoided in favor of individual development. That being said, there is nothing wrong with having an enjoyable evening with a decent chick. Live a little.
          I used to be bitter as well when I was younger but information on sites like this helped me to understand things more clearly and accept the world as it is. Women are not supposed to behave like men; they are different! That is why they can be fun and interesting (and a pain in the ass too, i know).
          I am young >25, I have a relatively low notch count >30, and I am just a normal guy not a PUA; maybe with time I will become as fucked up as you guys but I hope I have grown out of that bitterness phase. Oh and you mentioned my lack of upvotes so i’ll throw in the obligatory WOMEN SUCK!!! Hope that gets me some love from the homies.
          That Lance Christopher guy seems to have his shit together: understands the situation, doesn’t bitch and moan about it so much.

        59. Wow, you seriously don’t get it do you? Do you even know you don’t know enough to know what you don’t know? or do you float through life oblivious? Listen, work on yourself. Until then, try not to breed.

        60. What don’t I get? Am I supposed to become a monk or something? You haven’t been very clear with me, mostly you have just attempted insults. If you have a clear message for me then please just say it.
          If you still think it is an honorable thing to set up a date, walk in the apartment, spot a dirty dish and bail, then we are never going to see eye to eye. That is wasting your own time and the chick’s for no reason other than just being a shithead. If a man was that rude to you it would justify a fight. This guy’s actions are no different than girls that flake for no reason. AV8R clearly enjoyed the power trip. He may not be a shithead all the time, but he had a shithead moment no doubt.

        61. “If you have a clear message for me then please just say it.”
          I’ve said it several times but I’ll say it again: You don’t have to swing at everything. No one (man or woman) should feel obligated to remain in an unpleasant situation out of politeness. Further, the whole ‘Well, since I’m here’ POV is desperate at best.
          “If you still think it is an honorable thing to set up a date, walk in the apartment, spot a dirty dish and bail, then we are never going to see eye to eye.”
          I agree. We will never see eye to eye. If you think AV8R left because of a dirty dish, you need to learn how to read. The broad was lazy, filthy and more importantly, full of shit. If this still meets your standards I say have at it. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.
          “That is wasting your own time and the chick’s for no reason other than just being a shithead.”
          How was anyone’s time wasted if AV8R aborted the mission as soon as a decision was made? If he had done it your way, he would have spent the entire night with (and eventually fucked) a girl he had absolutely no interest in which would have definitely wasted every one’s time.
          “This guy’s actions are no different than girls that flake for no reason. AV8R clearly enjoyed the power trip…”
          You’re right, it’s absolutely no different. Women ‘flake’ if they’re not that into you. They don’t owe you dates dude. AV8R ‘flaked’ because he wasn’t feeling this chick. His time wasn’t owed to her. Nothing was gained or lost, which sounds pretty fair to me. I’m not seeing how this was a power trip.

        62. For the benefit of all that may read this. I’m going to break this down one more time. Since you and some others can’t seem to wrap your head around something very basic.
          Picture this dude. You’re a girl and you’ve got a date tonight. You, for whatever reason, think it’s somehow a good idea to invite a man over to your trashed out apartment to pick you up. You moved into this apartment three weeks ago and still haven’t found the motivation to unpack about 8-10 moving boxes – this is after living there for three weeks, with a job at a bank – bank job equals bankers hours. You have a sink full of dirty dishes that you’ve been clearly unmotivated to take 10-15 minutes to clean, dry, and put away. Instead of taking care of your home, you elect to watch cartoons (Family Guy) on your laptop while sitting on your couch. You took roughly an hour and 45 minutes to get ready for your date to arrive. He arrives, and asks you about your recent move, and you tell him that you’ve been soooo busy and haven’t had time to unpack everything.
          As a man, what does this situation tell me?
          What she has time for:
          1 She has time to lay on her couch. Why doesn’t she have time to unpack 10 boxes of shit?
          2 She has time to watch Family Guy. Does that seem busy to me? No, it doesn’t.
          3 She has plenty of time to get herself ready for a night out. She’s definitely not seeming busy now.
          4 She has time to cook, why doesn’t she have time to clean? Looks like I’ve got a lazy bitch on my hands here.
          5 She has time to spend a night out having a good time. Fun and easy are much more desirable than responsibility.
          Hmmmm, she’s definitely lying about how busy and stressful her life is.
          How many lies am I going to hear tonight? How many excuses are coming my way?
          I was flat out not interested at this point. Five minutes into her second impression she completely blew it.
          I knew exactly what her character was like. She was sized up quickly and efficiently. I had no desire to be around her whatsoever.
          I left.
          Is that hard to understand dude? Is it so difficult to see the character of this broad? It’s plain as day, I didn’t need to go out and spend money on her when I had no use for her. I didn’t want to fuck her anymore. She was beneath me.
          On another note. I find it hilarious that you sing Lance Christopher’s praises when the guy, in this very section, offered to buy me a drink because of these posts and upvoted the exact comment that pissed you off so much. Interesting, don’t you agree?

        63. I guess i have to ask, why are you so picky with a one night stand? You lose an hour or two (or minutes if you are a scumbag like me) and it is all win for you, all loss for her. You have to understand that you sound like a loser that doesn’t take advantage of opportunities. Bust a nut and move on bitch, unless you are scared of hurting her precious feelings – fag. What the fuck are you expecting out of sex you fairy? Do you want magical shit? It is just fucking you queer; get over it.
          Please explain what is so special about your jizz? It is just jizz you fucking headcase. Keep telling yourself the reason you don’t have sex is because you are saving yourself.
          Anyone that has fucked a girl knows you are a wanna-be.
          A nut is a cheap thrill. You act like your fucking semen is valuable or something; men were designed to spread their seed as much as possible.
          Take your faggy, OCD ass elsewhere. You have no idea what it means to be a man.
          If you can fuck a girl then fuck her, bitch.
          Wanna complain about wasted time? Learn to nut quickly.
          You have no problem wasting time setting up dates; is spreading your seed not important to you?
          You seem to be full of shit; why learn game if you are looking for unicorns that are perfect for you? You said it yourself – you haven’t found one in six years. Take the hint dipshit, it ain’t happening.
          Keep looking for your romantic-comedy bullshit, dumbass.

        64. Quote — “You have to understand that you sound like a loser that doesn’t take advantage of opportunities. ”
          I hope you don’t mind, but I took a couple of minutes to read through some of your prior posts:
          Quote — “I am young >25, I have a relatively low notch count >30, and I am just a normal guy”
          Quote — “Just went through some crazy emotional manipulation with a woman for about a month. So sweet and loving then the switch flipped to ice cold.”
          Quote — “Fortunately I’m broke. She is 12yrs older than me and for all I know married. Maybe in 10yrs I’ll be paying backlogged child support but for now I’m thinking I may have been sperm jacked.”
          So… you’re a 25 year old broke ass that knocked up a sweet and loving 37 year old (LOL so hard) that may or may not be married, yet, somehow, I’m the loser because I don’t take advantage of any and all opportunities? Right.
          How’s fucking anything with a pulse working out for you these days son?
          I’ll stick to being a 6’3, in shape professional pilot with a growing bank account and the ability and options to say no. Is that okay with you?
          Stay thirsty, my friend.

        65. I’m not the one you have to convince. Please refer to article on self reliance by c. Contrary on April 23rd. Have a great day =D! Ft1x

        66. The MILF thing was fun; great learning experience- she wasn’t pregnant, she was just being a manipulative bitch. Don’t regret it a bit. But I guess it would have been safer for me to stay home and jerk off to myself in the mirror, like you seem to be promoting.
          You guys keep telling me to go “live and learn” and all you promote is sitting on your ass whining about how terrible women are and circle jerking each others ego.
          I’m not going to be ashamed of wanting to fuck women; have you ever seen an alpha male lion decide it is only going to fuck a “quality” lioness? No. If she is reasonably attractive I see no reason not to go for a joy ride (and I have learned to always use protection and not just trust women). Someday my testosterone will decline and I will have no libido like you guys so I think i’m going to keep having sex while I can.
          Oh and congrats on being an air cabbie; isn’t the average salary like $36,000 or something? Just getting out of college and I’m interviewing for jobs that pay around $60,000-70,000 to start because I got a degree that requires a person to think. It is a decent start but I’ll find a way to work for myself soon enough. I don’t really care about the money but I thought you should know your career isn’t that great.
          Keep on worshiping yourselves and counting your large stacks of money; the world isn’t going away, you might want to learn to live in it.

        67. That’s right, because pimps break the whores. They don’t go around looking for the “right one”.

        68. Poopy Pimp likes full figured Hottentots with gigantic boot-tays. negroes have absolutely no taste in females and love those fat slobs and hat hatted hooligans who remind them of their mommas lol

        69. The fact that she didn’t clean up her place means that this AV8R pyjama boy wasn’t worth it. He probably annoyed her until she gave in and said,’ sure come over’ thinking that she could use this geek to clean her place up for her (blanket boys will do anything for a whiff of pussy) AV8R was figuring that this fat girl had no standards and may give him a taste if he begged enough but I can tell that even if he owned Willi Wonka’s chocolate factory this loser couldn’t even get a landwhale. Most of these cellar dwelling blanket boys have such creepy personalities and looks that no girl will go near them. That’s why they come on here and brag about their “standards” or pimpin’ pua skills lol

      2. “Hearing the words “independent” “strong” “lady” and aggressive attitude
        had me dropping her off by her car after she insisted on checking out my
        Good move.
        “Strong” and “independent” are code words for a second wave feminist disciple. Her world vision involves taking everything from you, while giving nothing in return. She has no intention of making you happy, and will destroy the rest of your life spiritually, emotionally, and subsequently physically.

        1. But in the eyes (and peanut-sized brain) of the modern female “Strong” and “independent” are desirable qualities. Also “sarcastic” ranks high on their self-perceived list of greaat traits to ensnare a guy.
          These fucking loser females and minorities that get everything handed to them today via affirmative action, diversity quotas and “lean-in” / ban bossy inclusivity PC corporate bullshit have such megalomaniac superiority complexes its fucking rediculous.
          Stay as far the fuck away from them as you can.
          Kings need no such peasantry and low class drama in their lives.

      3. Yep! I know it, man! You REALLY have to look out for those red flag buzzwords. Save you all the crap, hell… might even save your life.

    2. “her pussy smells like a Red Lobster dumpster on a hot summer day.”
      I might use this one. LMAO!

    3. “If this is a modern American woman, then the answer always has been, and always will be – fuck no.”
      Fuck no indeed. USA has become world’s breeding ground for gitrdone heffers and they sure as fuck don’t need three months.

    4. I never permit Maria to wear any makeup or to do anything but wash her naturally blonde hair. I would permit her to shave her legs etc but she’s naturally pretty hairless, even her pussy has only a light down. She’s permitted some perfume of my choosing, some light Floris. She can dress herself since she has good upper class taste.

      1. Ah you’re the scavenger who married the Russian cum dumpster Mashenka who was trolling this site earlier. Nice try, scavenger.

    5. You sir, deserve a drink on me for this comment. You have no idea how utterly true this is. Truth as in the book, “The Way of Men,” by Jack Donovan, is that women offer nothing of significant value to the tribe except their wombs and vaginas. They literally in a bare knuckles all-out struggle for survival can’t do shit for us. I’ve often thought in similar scenarios, take away her right to deceive me with her clown paint aka make up, whore’s uniform, and other toiletries that covers up her vaginal stench, than what is she really to me? This is woman in her rawest form. Imagine how that’ll look at 30, once all the natural semblance of youth fades. The motto for Mossad should be the motto for the modern Western woman, “By way of deception thou shalt do war.” All her makeup, clothes and other treacherous concoctions are methods of deception. At least the Muslims knew this, and nipped that shit in the bud immediately.

      1. I appreciate that Lance, and this is a great follow up comment (standard operating procedure for you). The original post is something that I truly do in real life. Nothing kicks the pedestal out from underneath a beautiful woman faster than seeing her for what she truly is in her most natural state. When I visual a woman in her most primitive form – it becomes easy to take in what she says and how she acts without the distraction of her attractiveness.
        She becomes nothing more than another person at that point. Funny, isn’t it? We hear from modern women all the time about how they hate being judged for just their looks. How they want to be taken seriously. How there’s more to them than just a pretty face and a set of tits. Interesting indeed… because when they’re stricken of all their external skulduggery and they get assessed on the attributes of their character, morals, and personalities – they revert right back to being just fine with being judged on their looks.
        I know they’re trash, you know they’re trash, and if they’re introspective at all (as seldom as that may be) – they know they’re trash too. They’ll never be called on it though, other than from a minority of men. That’s the frustrating part – there’s a reprieve just around the corner in the form of beta/weak men. All a guy can do is be grateful that he has the wits about him to know that it won’t be him getting caught in the bear trap.

      2. What are you talking about? What does this even mean?
        What do men offer other than strength or protection?
        The balance is that men and women offer separate qualities towards a society. It is incredibly ignorant of you to reduce women down to a womb, but for the sake of argument what if a womb is all women offer? That is a pretty important contribution to society, is it not? Of course the womb is representative of the other domestic qualities like nurturing and teaching children that women have done traditionally.
        And please don’t reduce the idea of beauty or sex to being unimportant. Aside from goodness or truth, what else is there in the world to be inspired by??? I am not talking about superficial beauty, but the beauty that any woman is naturally born with.
        I can understand men having bad experiences with women and growing bitter but the way in which some of you talk is mind blowing because I would think a mother, grandmother or sister would have had enough of a positive impact that you wouldn’t be so hateful.

    6. If you’re only talking to women that disqualify themselves after 20 minutes of talking, I feel bad for you son. If a girl really wants you, she’ll at least make an effort to appear interesting and unique and date-able (and marry-able) for the first 1-2 dates at least.

    7. “If” everything turns to shit in our modern world? If you think it hasn’t already happened, you’re one clueless bastard.

  6. How DARE you apply such cold, objective biology to women?
    Don’t you know everything is relative and can be attributed to unoffensive social causes?

  7. Now if we can only find a way to actually tell if she’s ovulating- something more obvious that they can’t fake yet- and select for that specific trait…we’d remove much of the sexual power women have over us.

  8. The only thing which comes to mind when a woman displays lordosis on purpose is to give her a deep anal pounding up her ass. Next time she’ll think twice before teasing any man unnecessarily.

  9. Some of these things are just young woman traits. Most 18 year old have plump, bright lips all the time without makeup, for example. Hip tilting’s definitely ovulation. I refuse to believe that 90% of the stank girls wear is pheromonal, though.

    1. I realize you’re looking for a way to tell on sight, but, if you can find out when her period started, there are all kind of apps to track ovulation. Basically, a woman’s behavior is going to be odd every two weeks: at ovulation and right before her period.

  10. “to manipulate them at their expense for the good of the species.”
    No. This is making the process seem like it is purpose driven. It is for the survival of the individual female, and men and women are in a constant genetic battle. The men to spread his genes, the woman the best children. They are in conflict, and because we are social animal, the conflict is more than if it was a simple herd animal where the most dominate male gets the women.

    1. well said, and such competition may or may not benefit ‘the species’ – if indeed the human race as a whole has any such shared interest

    2. Even in these herd species we often see multiple reproductive strategies among the males.
      It’s pretty typical to see “seducer” males represented that let the alphas do all the hard work of building and defending a harem, at which point, they sneak in and spread their seed.
      In some species, these “seducers” are smaller and can pass for females so they can blend in until the right opportunity arises.

  11. The ironic thing is that the Western women barely even use those things to their advantage, such as good make up, and heels. They would rather be lazy and not do anything with their appearance. And there is this trend among the western women where they think they are more beautiful without make up. Guess what, youre not. God gave you make up and heels, fucking use them you hideous beast you. And if I see another girl in sweat pants and a hoodie with this mentality “long hair dont care, chilling with no make up on” in public places im gonna blow my head off.

    1. “The ironic thing is that the Western women barely even use those things
      to their advantage, such as good make up, and heels. They would rather
      be lazy and not do anything with their appearance.”
      Very true. Women in the US are shamed by the feminist police when they attempt to doll themselves up. Too many plain faces, and too many women showing up in public wearing sweats like they just rolled out of bed.

    2. I agree 100% with what you said. I’m sick and tired of the nasty sweat pants and 4x too large hoodies. For fucks sake, take some pride in your image! This probably isn’t considered “red pill” but last week I was at a restaurant and I saw a group of young 20 year old girls. 4 out of 5 looked like they just got out of bed and the other girl was wearing heels and make up. I went over to her and told her “continue what you’re doing and you’ll make a man happy. It’s nice to see not all American women have given up trying to look nice”. Hopefully the public shaming will change their behavior.

      1. Thank god I live in montreal. I swear I have NEVER seen a women with hoodies and sweatpants here. But don’t get it twisted, quebec women are the most feminist in all of Canadia.

      2. My guess is the American female is worried about “attracting the wrong kind of attention” – so that precludes proper grooming such as washing and brushing their hair, wearing clothes that fit and match etc.
        Of course when they go to the clubs with their friends to “just dance and party with their friends” they wear sexy clothes so they can see hard they can laugh about how many thirsty simps and bruthas fawn over them in their slutwear.

    3. Some of this is complaining just to complain.
      The article is trashing women for wearing those things, and now a bunch of guys are complaining about women not wearing those things.
      This is weak. You can’t have it both ways.

      1. no, the article is explaining the psychology behind those things. re-read, you apparently missed the entire article and only read the headers.

  12. Bravo, great post. Add in the regularity of plastic surgeries now and you have an aesthetically modified entity who has been enhanced by 1000’s of years of beautifying techniques and modern science. Convincing your penis they aren’t what they seem is the challenge, after that you can treat them accordingly like the pleasure units they are.

    1. just keep this image in mind and you won’t go wrong… if that’s not strong enough you can always go farmyard.

        1. Hmm normal reaction I think. The bovine one is like watching a documentary with detached scientific interest. The human one feels .. more personal. LOL

      1. Thanks Ray, I will never have sex again. Recently I read an article that “sex therapists” are recommending husbands avoid being in the delivery room, see above.

      2. Delete this fucking picture please. I nearly puked my coffee all over the screen when I scrolled down to the comments section.

  13. Just because women whine more, does not mean they are oppressed more.
    Just because a woman is crying, does not mean she is not lying.
    Just because a woman is offended, does not mean she is right.

  14. This is a good article, but there are some discrepancies.
    While a woman’s egg only survives for 24 hours, because sperm can survive inside of the woman for 5-7 days she is considered fertile for 5-6. Therefore, she’s fertile for about 20% of the 28 day month that is her cycle. Some women also release more than one egg per month. This is a minor issue, but still.
    High heels were originally used by Persian men to keep stirrups from slipping off of their feet, and continued to be fashionable solely among men in Europe until about the 18th century because they increase height and tilted the person forward (a dominant stance).
    Perhaps my biggest issue here is that it is BECAUSE of constant monthly ovulations and receptivity to sex that we are able to be as intelligent as we are. Human babies, because of the size of our heads, are born utterly retarded. Compare us to most other animals who are up and walking within an hour of being born. We are born nearly blind and utterly helpless. Women, for all of their faults, couldn’t provide for themselves and raise us to viability without pair bonding. It’s not necessarily a lie so much as it is a convergent evolution. They became more sexually receptive to keep us around, which allowed us all to become more intelligent and civilized.
    Personally, I’m totally cool with that.

      1. Perhaps, but personally I feel it’s important to understand the reasons for how we got here to better understand where to go in the future. I don’t personally feel it’s right to treat the human female’s sexual ambiguity as a personal affront considering it’s a convergent evolutionary mechanism that’s largely responsible for our leaps and bounds in intelligence – which is why we’re able to discuss this on an internet forum to begin with.
        Now, where we go from here, well… that’s up to each individual. We aren’t in the plains of Africa anymore, and many of our mechanisms are incompatible with or counterproductive to modern life.

    1. I’m aware sperm can survive up to 5 days, but that’s a maximum limit under optimal conditions. By then, there’s likely too few left and not in any condition to fertilize an egg. For practical purposes, there’s 2-3 days of importance.
      Human intelligence is an adaptation for group life on multiple levels. The guy who’s just a bit smarter than the rest can outmaneuver his fellows in daily dealings.
      If two men split a dollar and one cleverly walks away with 51 cents. By next week, he is King and the other guy his serf.
      The instinct to pair bond makes the most sense if it increases the survival and reproduction rates of the offspring in a favorable proportion to time and energy invested.

  15. What a piece of work this article is. A little boy is pissed off that women wear heels, makeup, and lipstick and he can’t tell if they’re ovulating or not.
    The rest of the site is filled with articles about women NOT wearing heels, makeup and lipstick and trying to look good.
    You can’t have it both ways, assholes.

    1. Sure you can. Stupid and Evil come in many different varieties. As evidenced by the stupidity of your comment.

  16. No shit Sherlock! Women love to mimick biological signs of fertility with posturing, perfumes and make up, and it’s been so since the dawn of times. It is a sweet game of manipulation, and one that has a social utility, as women do want to attract men beyond the limited time window of ovulation, and even after menopause. I think it takes a particularly thick man to ignore this simple fact of life.
    We just play along with our equally artificial surrogates of masculinity: fancy condos and cars, extenuating workouts at the local gym, down to the entirely laughable “alpha male” posing so often preached on this blog.

    Sexual posturing has always been the bait women have dangled in front of men to control them. Any woman who uses sexual posturing on purpose deserves to be pissed upon, spat upon and shat upon after being jackhammered up her holes so that you can fit an igloo inside them. I had a bitch before who used to constantly tease me with sexual posturing, by the time I took her to bed, I buttfucked the shit out of her poop chute while shoving her face down inside the toilet can. The funny part is that even though she kept crying for an hour later, she came back shamelessly for more. That’s what I’ve been telling all along. Women respond to pain, not ‘love’ as the faggot media portrays it. Give them PAIN, because pain translates to pleasure for them. You want a woman to desire you more? HURT HER. That is the brutal truth.

    1. “Give them PAIN, because pain translates to pleasure for them. You want a woman to desire you more? HURT HER. That is the brutal truth.”
      – So true. Women only respond to pain to desire a man, either psychological, emotional or physical. Great post.

    2. And then you woke up from your perverted homo erotic dream lol Only a little simp with a micro-phallus or a closet homo thinks about fucking girls up the arse. What’s wrong PeeWee, isn’t your cock big enough to shag her in a normal way? Or has all of that perverted porn that you watch 24/7 rotted the little brain that you have? You’re a good example of what happens to boys who can’t get any sex, even with some 200 lb pig.

  18. Looks like the pyjama boys are recycling stuff I wrote 30+ years ago. That makeup box is from an anecdote I told about visiting the Cairo museum as a kid and asking a curator what was so special about it since it just looked like an old box to me. He told me it was a Babylonian box 5k years old that women used to carry make-up.
    Men have always known about the female reproductive strategy and nothing has become more complex, it’s all still the same stuff. The female can get pregnant about 3-4 days a months and all men have to do is have sex with her 2x a week, which I’m sure young men will do, and she’ll get pregnant. 90% of females who don’t use birth control are pregnant within a year.
    The human female is the only species that cannot survive without the human male.If predators come along the chimp or orang-utan etc can scoot up a tree even with a baby hanging on its back. Human females can’t do this and are going to need a man to protect them, in fact the whole clan of men are going to have to be in the female protection business for them to survive. They’re not only going to have to kill predators but also keep the area clear of them. It takes a village (of men) :o)
    “just as was learning to start fires”
    The first fires were just taken from fires already there from lightning etc and kept going.
    “A good beginning is for men to understand how they are being
    manipulated. The first step in avoiding the trap is knowing of its
    It’s not going to matter if you boys learn all of this stuff that more worldly men know. You’re like a man in the desert dying of thirst who will drink sewer water or piss. That’s how pussy thirsty you are so all of the knowledge in the world won’t change anything. Aha!! she’s using makeup and lipstick and is trying to fool me! You’ll still want to fuck her and be manipulated haha

    1. “You’re like a man in the desert dying of thirst who will drink sewer water or piss. ”
      Maybe you’re describing yourself? Only a scavenger like you would marry a Russian filthy non-bathing hairless blonde bonobo like Mashenka aka Maria the whore of Russia.

  19. “The harder she’s trying to get things from men. The more makeup she uses.”
    quote of the month

    1. “By way of deception, thou shalt wage war.” – Mossad (motto)
      Think of this statement the next time you see the western whore in her clown paint.

      1. Women wearing makeup is “bad” now? Because alot of men on this site shame women who don’t wear any……

  20. “implying that women have a lot more to offer than their bodies.”
    Some do – most don’t and to be honest, I couldn’t care less. The only thing a woman offers me – that I cannot buy a higher-quality product – is sex. And that’s because in the US it’s illegal to do so – fortunately, there are a number of talented amateurs who are ready, willing, and able to take up the slack. Once upon a time, women had more to offer – but today, they don’t. It is that simple. Heck, most of the women I have sex with do not ask for, and i certainly don’t volunteer my name. They are getting what they want – a good hard pounding – and I’m getting what I want – something soft warm and willing for me to empty a load of c*m into.
    This is what Feminism is all about – and I thank them for it. So her body is all that I want – the rest is just trivia and tripe that I can do without.

  21. BREAKING NEWS: Women use techniques to be more attractive to men. Watch out for high heels, perfume, make-up and lipstick!
    This article is basic.

    1. Your understanding is basic.
      Why do these traits make them more attractive?
      What do they gain from simulating these traits?
      What are the implications of an unusual species trait such as hidden ovulation for men?
      How do the traits they simulate compare with traits exhibited by species with overt ovulation? Can we learn from this?
      If hidden ovulation allows them to play games of deception, how should the male pursue his best interests in modern times?
      If the natural order isn’t sacred, why not take matters into our own hands as many of our ancestors have done before?

  22. Just want to say this is an intergral part of my screening process as far as fucking women goes. I start to underess her mentally very fast. I strip her, I get to know the real her and her capabilities with handling my sexuality.
    In no strict order:
    Can she pingpong my vibe back? If no next
    Is she rude? instant next
    Is she too much work? (not sexually liberated, virgin-obliviousness)
    How would she be without her shit on her face?
    How would her ass look outside of those firm jeans?

  23. Mixed feelings about this. I’ve heard a similar theory that makeup is meant to simulate a woman’s face when she’s having an orgasm, but again, I think this is an over-analysis. Most makeup and accessories (heels, etc) are simulating a healthy looking woman in general. No one is in to pale girls with flat butts and zero hips (except maybe the fashion industry).

  24. Hidden ovulation is natural. What is it that you expect women to do? If she feels like wearing high heels or putting on makeup in order to attract males, then sure, why not. Also, It does not mean that women do all the makeup
    and perfumes in order to trick males into sex. There is a huge chance
    that a male that sees a female in such a state is not willing to
    procreate, but to get laid for pleasure. Actually, most of them go to
    great extends to prevent reproducing an offspring. Even when you look
    at the mantis, pleasure is there for the male, even if it is for a
    couple of seconds, but most of all, his genes get to be passed to the next generation, and
    the female will eat him up for the benefit of his offsprings. So what is
    the problem?
    As for the sea-horse
    sexual behaviour, A recent article has actually indicated the dark side
    of the male being pregnant. This actually occurs after copulation. The male is the one who invests more than the female, he is the
    one that chooses whom to mate with. If he is unable to find an attractive female, do you guys know what he does?
    Well, he will copulate with the least attractive female, carry the eggs in his pouch and then…. WAIT FOR IT….
    suck the nutrients off the eggs for himself, killing the unborn offsprings. In order to prepare for the next session, with a hopefully atrractive female.
    So, let us stop pointing fingres. This is just how things are!

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