The 7 Essentials Of Happy Manhood

1. A Man Needs Adventure

Man needs adventure like he needs air. It tugs at him from his very core, calling him to go. Go where? Somewhere, anywhere. One of my gals blew my mind one night when she said “you know, we discovered the whole Earth, yet we’re afraid to go anywhere.” How right she is.

Adventure is a powerful catalyst for a man’s growth. It means going into the unknown, unexplored, undiscovered. It is the facing down of danger, uncertainty and unfamiliarity. It is a means of sharpening your awareness, your resourcefulness and your calm under pressure. Adventure grows nerve.

Notice how when you don’t go anywhere for a while, you start to feel bored, stagnant and repetitive. Even an otherwise interesting life can become a mundane routine without an occasional foray into the unknown. Adventure restores your relish for the quotidian and banal. And since life consists mostly of this day-to-day stuff, learning how to enjoy the little things is vital.

Take a trip to somewhere you’ve never been. Go alone. Hitchhike. Couchsurf. Book a ticket to another country and scare the crap out of yourself. You’ll come back home brimming with life and renewed enthusiasm for your life goals. Works every time.

2. A Man Needs A Tribe

Humans are group animals. We have an inherent need to belong to a group of like-minded people and to jockey for status within that group. The higher the status we’re able to achieve, the better we feel things are going. There’s a primal reward mechanism in our emotional circuitry that sends us feel-good chemicals for ascending to the upper echelon of a worthwhile hierarchy.

Not only that, but a good tribe supports you, encourages you and, equally as importantly, calls you out on your shit. They keep you honest and they keep you hungry. Even if you’re an introvert—actually, especially if you’re an introvert—you’ll never feel whole without earning your place in a strong tribe.

But pick your tribe carefully. If you don’t, their pettiness, childishness and complacency will rub off on you. But if you pick well, the bonds you make and the warmth and inspiration of other, similarly driven people will keep you on the straight and narrow of responsible manhood. And you may develop friendships that will last a lifetime.

3. A Man Needs Exercise

A man who doesn’t test and strive to surpass his physical limits only really lives half of life. Life is in the body as much as it is in the mind. Your body is the vehicle that navigates the roads of existence. And you can choose to drive through life with a primitive model-T or a badass, tricked out sports car. The choice is yours.

Perhaps the very best form of exercise for a man is heavy lifting. The benefits are innumerable but allow me to enumerate a few anyway. It reduces stress, improves your look, skyrockets libido, reverses aging and imbues you with a ton of confidence. While calisthenics, swimming, yoga, etc., are all fine and good, they simply don’t bring about the incredible physiological response that ass-to-the-grass squats, heavy deadlifts and heavy presses do.

Try a few weeks of heavy lifting and you’ll quite literally feel like a different man. Give it a few months and you’ll be hooked on the feeling. Just ask Arnold:

4. A Man Needs To Know How To Fight

A man’s got to know how to defend himself and those he cares about. If you’re burning your candle at both ends and living an exciting life of travel and adventure, chances are good that at some point, some idiot is going to get in your face.

Learning how to fight also entails understanding when not to fight. But when it can’t be avoided (or when you just feel like, fuck it, I want to fight) then you can’t just stand there and get your ass handed to you. Learn how to throw a punch, an elbow and a knee. Learn how to shoot a double leg and how to choke a fool out. Learn basic headlock defense. Learn something useful.

With Brazilian jiu jitsu, boxing, muay thai and mixed martial arts gyms mushrooming all over the world, there’s really no excuse not to at least learn the basics of self-defense. You may never need to use what you learn. But it’s better to have the skills and not need them than to need the skills and get the crap kicked out of you (or worse).

5. A Man Needs Women

Men need women. Lots of them. The hotter the better. You can have all of your other ducks in a row but if you can’t attract and seduce the kinds of girls you want, you’ll never feel complete as a man. And don’t let anybody feed you the feel-good B.S. that whether or not you possess this ability, it has no bearing on your worth as a man. It does and everybody knows it. So do something about.

The man who ‘gets it’ can go basically anywhere in the world, enter into just about any social situation and probably manage to hook up with a cute chick. This is a skill (yes, a skill!) that maybe 1% of all men have taken the pains to refine to a high level. Call it ‘game’, ‘seduction’, or ‘pick up’, this ability to get girls is simply non-negotiable for a man who wants a full life.

When you can fill your days and nights with the company of beautiful, sexy, quality girls, your whole existence will be incredibly rich and colorful. For all the mischief they cause, without women, the life of men would be missing all its juice.

6. A Man Needs Money

God, we’ve been duped so much. Ever hear that “money doesn’t buy happiness”? Well, that’s only semi-true. Money doesn’t buy happiness by itself. I’ve met a lot of miserable men with fat bank rolls. I bet you have too. But it’s rare to meet a broke dude who has the ability to enjoy life the same way that a man with means can.

The idea that you can be broke and happy is a slap in the face to any guy who has ever been truly broke. I’ve gone from relative rags to relative riches twice and I can confirm that the only enjoyable parts of being a bum are the lack of immediate responsibility and the prospect of building a new life the way you picture it.

It’s true that living in your car can satiate the need for adventure. But that excitement soon gives way to the realization that you’ve got to crawl out of a big ass ditch and make something of yourself before life passes you by.

Money isn’t everything but it’s a lot. It gives you the ability to live according to your own terms. It’s not the end but it’s certainly the best means to a lot of your ends, whether it’s traveling, enjoying fine dining, indulging in your hobbies, or what have you.

7. A Man Needs Alignment

Alignment is hard to describe to somebody who hasn’t felt it. If you’ve never tasted sugar, then no matter what I do, I won’t be able to convey the taste of it to you. I’d have to force a spoonful of sugar in your mouth for you to comprehend it.

When you’re moving in the direction you want, according to your own vision of how you want your life to look, and you’re doing everything in your power to make that vision a reality, you’ll feel ‘aligned’. The methodology to achieve this feeling is really quite simple: you ask yourself “what do I want?” and you do that thing. As a corollary, when you encounter something you don’t want to do, then you do not do that thing.

This is a topic I explore in my book, Real Natural Manhood. And it’s often misunderstood. You may say “how can you ever achieve anything in life if you avoid doing some things—many things, in fact—that you don’t want to do?” This question sounds valid semantically but if you simply try what I’m suggesting, you’ll see for yourself just how it works.

What I mean is this: if, for instance, your most burning, overarching desire is to travel, own an online business and chase tail all over the world, then you will do whatever’s necessary to make that happen. And you will want to do it, even if you want to do it. If, on the other hand, you become a doctor because your parents guilted you into it, and you married because you were pushed by your church pastor, and had kids because our grandmother kept insisting that you owe her grandkids, then every action you take will have the fragrance of reluctance. It will all be an act.

Supporting somebody else’s vision for your life is the saddest kind of waste a man can allow. Martyrdom has no place in the superior man’s life. Everything must come from a deep sense of “what do I want?” Then, any sacrifice you make won’t be a sacrifice. It won’t be some empty martyrdom. It will be a challenge that you welcome because it’s on the road to where you want to go. And that’s the difference.

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92 thoughts on “The 7 Essentials Of Happy Manhood”

  1. Top notch work Vincent.
    Life is too short to go through it without goals, friends, adventure, tail and health.

    1. I agree about the Tribe . But what tribe?? Fraternal organizations like Elks, Masons, Lions seem to be dying out. Sites like ROK are virtual tribes I guess.

  2. A man needs to know what he wants. Billions of dollars are made trying to tell a man what he has to have in his life: Bud Light with the boys, a Ford F-150, Wrangler jeans, the right cologne to attract women, etc. That’s bullshit.
    Men are told to seek adventure, which they should, IF that’s what they want. If you shave with a straight edge razor, ride a Harley, and bare-knuckle box because that’s what’s prescribed to you as “manly” and you don’t care much for any of it, that’s about as unmanly as it gets.
    I don’t care if you drive a pink Mini Cooper. It’s not my car of choice, but if that’s what you want, then do it. “This is what I want” and “It’s not for me”. Pick one. So long as it’s not “I don’t know”. The indecisive man will drown.

    1. Amen. A man needs to not care what somebody else thinks he “has to have” or “has to do” to be a real man. Doing what appeals to and suits YOU is the only thing a man needs to worry about, not measuring up to some loser’s checklist of requirements.

      1. Right, this article has a real “frat boy” mentality, to keep up with the joneses and be “cool” I have to get hot women and money to enhance my status in the tribe. Fuck all that bullshit. Some people are loners and that is fine, doesn’t make you less of a man.
        And men “need” women. LOL. I need sex (or rather to blow my load) but I hardly need women.

        1. Yes!
          Enough with the sterotypes!
          How about a man needs to:
          1-Learn how to meditate.
          2-Learn how to stay healthy, drug free, strong.
          3-Learn how to enjoy silence.
          4-Learn how to live without shallow entertainments.
          5-Learn how to anticipate and avoid energy vampires…
          Should I continue?

    2. Good points. Occasionally, I will wear a pink shirt because it suits me. Some suggestible marketing victims say it’s not manly. Apparently, the fashion overlords have opined that pink is not approved for men this year. Opinions are like assholes. Fortunately, I’m not a follower.

      1. Even if you do everything that is manly and you don’t wear a pink shirt, somewhere down the line, you’re going to do something that falls short of a 1950’s masculine archetype. If it makes you happy, who gives a shit?

      2. Yes, prior to WWII, pink was a boys’ color– as a gentler version of the macho red, and light blue was a girls’ color as it was associated with the Virgin Mary.
        Granted, there are many shades of pink, and the association of it with a fight for breast cancer is its own scam, but that’s another story…

    3. But there will definitely the line. If you are fond of drag queen’s acts and dress openly like girls (dress, high heels, handbags…) six days of the week, then while I respect your decisiveness, I would in no way ever call you a man no matter how many “manly” repetitions in your sentences! Yes, there is the line or let’s fuck away this website together!

  3. Excellent article. Emphasis on the adventure part. A man wasn’t made to sit in a cubicle, 40-60 hours a week for half his life

    1. Office jobs are truly soul crushing. Shitty food, shitty people. Dealing with your nagging boss and the office politics. Ughhh I’ll never work at a friggin office or firm. I hate that shit. I prefer blue collar work. It’s more manly. You hang out with your bros, lift heavy things, get fresh clean air outside and sunlight, get decent pay. It’s hard work sometimes. But hard work is good, turns you into a strong minded disciplined man.

      1. @ Gio
        Well said. That plus if one is moving his ass around with manual labor that keeps his physical condition from completely turning to shit. When I worked in carpentry I was in much better shape than when I worked in I.T. and this includes when I had a gym membership during my I.T. period.

  4. One of my favorite articles on ROK – sums up quest for happiness on earth for men in about 70-80 years in the infinite time and space continuum.

  5. I like the article, it’s true on everything , but I’d have to disagree on the chicks part.
    First of all, you really can’t call women as “essential” for a man’s happiness, at least not in the modern world. Women today are men trapped in female bodies, and most men are actually fucking men trapped in female’s bodies, especially in the equality-seeking feminist western world. Secondly, sexual experiences with women are sporadic experiences in a man’s life. Even the married man doesn’t fuck everyday, nor does he get to fuck his married broad everyday. A lot of players also experience a “dry spell”, when it comes to women.
    “Essential” means something you need all the time, something which is “absolutely necessary”. There are a lot of men in history who’ve achieved greatness in life without the modifying or sexual influence of women. By making women “essential”, you’re hinting that female agency in life is necessary for a man – which had been logically disproved in an earlier article on RoK. There are a lot of men who sleep around without going anywhere in their life, the sole purpose of their life is to satiate the needs of their dicks. It’s like their dicks rule their minds, and womankind rule their decisions.
    Thirdly, the only happiness a modern world woman can provide for the common man today is nothing but sex. But the attitude she exhibits for the ‘favor’ of sleeping with you, is enough to destroy the self-respect of any self-respecting man, and put him off. But I’d still sarcastically say that ‘NAWALT.’ The real seventh essential of happy manhood is not women, but the transmutation of male sexual need or power or desire. Google ‘sexual transmutation’ to know more.
    Either you seek to channel through it sex with women, or you seek to channel it through creative pursuits, or you seek to channel it through spirituality. Different strokes for different blokes. Either ways, the sex drive gets satiated. But for the ordinary man, women become important for him because women represent the sexual release his body wants. For the evolved man, he has risen above that to learn how to transmute his desire.

    1. I wholeheartedly agree with Confucian about not including women in an “essentials” list.
      After having gone through almost five, plugged-in decades of believing that women were essential to a happy life, I am no longer convinced. This belief comes from the conditioning we receive, not from reality.
      I can see women being part of a “nice to have” list. For some guys. For me, though, distance and time are needed to ensure that I’m not dragged back into the cult.

    2. “The real seventh essential of happy manhood is not women, but the transmutation of male sexual need or power or desire”
      Somebody had to say it!

    3. I get what you’re saying, but there’s nothing that says you can’t be creative *and* spiritual *and* sexual. Many great men were all of that, with judicious balance. I do agree that making women the centre of your life is not the way to go.
      Maybe the key is in knowing that you *can* get sex with women when you want to. It’s only when you are able to have as much as you want of something, that you can become free to take it or leave it. Deciding to go without something because you are not able to get it, even though you want it, is a very different position than that of someone who has been there and can take it or leave it.

    1. Exactly. I’m not particularly enamored with the life-minimalist “money is at best a tolerable evil” crowd. One should not let material items become one’s focus and goal in life, but making good money and enjoying the finer pleasures of life, including travel, fast cars and fine Scotch, well, it doesn’t suck.

      1. the only people who have a problem with getting alot of money are the people with little to no money. they get bitter and say anything to make themselves feel better about not havin any real paper, I have yet to talk to anybody with at least 50-60k cash at hand who detest money

    2. Money doesn’t buy happiness directly but it buys you the freedom you want which then allows you to be happy to do the things you’ve always wanted to do.

  6. If you are going to put women on the list, you should also have children on the list. We need to pass the torch to someone. Whether it is our own children or just someone to mentor, the need is there. I tend to agree with Aristotle, that the proper age for having children is about 18 for women and 37 for men.

  7. 1. A Man Needs Adventure
    Sort of. Man needs to build and destroy.
    3. A Man Needs Exercise
    A supple and strong body is preferable but it is not essential because the body and not the soul is immortal.
    5. A Man Needs Women
    Wrong. This is a lie fed by the feminine strategy of manipulation. It is the woman that needs a variety of men to ensure a wide selection of genes. Which is why they all (secretly) dream of being gang-banged. A real man needs other men’s company more than he needs women. An young man needs a male mentor, an old man needs to be that mentor.
    6. A Man Needs Money
    Wrong. Man needs power. There are lots of idiots with money, but a man with power is always exceptional.

    1. I would like to suggest that money/power go hand in hand and typically you will not have one without the other, or rather if you have one you will get the other.

      1. Another cliché.
        Man’s power is not the power over other people. Money gives the man an illusionary power over women. A man with money is women’s target (not vice versa) as they are always in the look out for the best provider – hypergamy.
        Man’s power is his curiosity, his power to resist women’s power, it’s his endless curiosity, his abstract thinking, his ability to fight another man like animal and afterwards have a game of chess with the same man.
        Man’s power is outside the realm of women.

    2. A man should learn to play a musical instrument well.
      A man should be able to ride a dirt bike well, ripping it up with his mates.
      A man should play a contact sport when he is younger.

  8. Sorry,
    I just don’t really agree with this article or any people who say shit like “you are not a man unless you do x x x and x”.
    This seems like something written by someone very young who wants to define what it means to be a man. While I do agree that people should try some of the above “7 essentials”, some stuff just isn’t for you. I work out pretty heavy but have no interest in joining a martial arts school to prove that I am a man.
    If a man wants to jerk off to porn all night, work a regular joe schmo job and avoid women in his life, more power to him.
    This article is kinda blue pill in my opinion, almost like it was written by an undercover woman trying to tell us what she thinks a real man should be.

    1. “Just do anything” means “there is nothing to define a man”. That erases differences between somebody like Aristotle as compared to some puking homeless street bum, hey, they’re both manly! Well, no, not so much.
      I think some points can be disputed in the article (specifically “needing” women, though there is an undisputable biological urge to want to fuck them). But that doesn’t mean that there should be no standards which define a man. Going full atomization “anything and everything” is one of the things that has gotten us to where we are today.

      1. Exactly, we need standards although I’m not necessarily saying the standards in this article are the best ones to follow because there are problems with them. if anything goes for men then anything goes for women and you end up with the kind of women we have today. In fact a lot of the comments here are awfully close to the worst piece of advice any man can get from a women which is to “just be yourself”.

  9. I would add also some kind of PASSION, where you become an Expert at. Obviously the author has found his passion in one of the 7 things above.
    But for other men it may be their job, it may be science, art or a certain sport that they participate in.
    For many PUAs those are women, travel, writing and Red Pill community to a degree, but one should never discard the passionate workers, builders, scientists and artists who create our civilization and make life so interesting.

  10. Excellent summary of the important basics. I’ll add that having $$$ is probably most important for putting the women in your lives into their proper roles and mind frames. Being able to pay all the bills, gives you the right (in their minds) to make all the important decisions — and if you make good / fair decisions, your woman will really trust and respect you, which will dramatically improve life in the bedroom, in the kitchen and w/in all the social media she navigates. She’ll be quick to overlook your flaws and be more eager to please.
    Anecdote: when I was a starving student, I dated a hottie who had a rich, self-made alpha for a Dad. He paid every bill w/in earshot and always picked up restaurant / bar tabs regardless of how many people were involved. I never met him, because we lived across the country at the time, but my little hottie could never “forgive me” that I hadn’t yet made the loot to do what her Dad did. She thought I was cheap / selfish, when in reality, I was just a poor graduate student w/ maxed out credit cards. She turned out to be a psycho anyways, and I was glad to cut her loose after 2 years, but her criticizing me about financial shit really hit deep at the time. In hindsight, it was good motivation to make some decent $$$ and strive to be alpha.

    1. Precisely how a woman manipulates a man to turn him into her own personal slave. And in exchange for what? Just because she has a pussy, nothing more, nothing less.

  11. I have adventure, can fight and exerciser regularly and have decent money. I don’t have a tribe or women. Must fix, work in progress

    1. I can´t fight, don´t have money (yet) but have lived some pretty good adventures. No tribe and no problem with that. I need a woman same as a black man needs the KKK. Not even for sex (turning 45 soon, had enough of that already).
      So yeah, what a man truly needs? his health and fricking financial independence. Anything is possible with those 2.

  12. Good list. I like the Alignment piece particularly. I do often see some contradiction to this in the manosphere however and wondered if anyone else noticed it too. There is much talk about living the life you want, not according to someone else’s expectations. I agree with this 100%. I’m a guy who does NOT want kids. Some men in these blogs will state that I have some sort of duty to have children, even going as far as saying you’re not a “real man”(sounds like feminist shaming to me) until you’ve had them. I some ways, I’m going my own way which some will say is the wrong path. But if I know I want a different path, shouldn’t I follow that train of through to get “aligned”? I think so personally, just odd that I see the contradiction sometimes.

    1. I don’t think it makes you less or more of a man to have children. That being said I think it’s a terrible overall strategy for our kind to not have them. Kind of like how feminists not having kids is ensuring that their lines terminate. We need more men who are masculine and red pill either naturally or through education, and that’s not going to happen if we self-terminate most of our working stock. Think of how much damage we can do to the current system if we raise several red pill sons, and grandsons, and they do so as well.
      Just my thoughts on it, but you’re right insofar as it doesn’t define you as a man (or as not being a man) by necessity.
      Understood however that I’m likely not representing the view of those people you were talking about, just giving my own $0.02, and YMMV.

      1. Makes sense. I’m not having kids but I feel like I could mentor other young guys without good male role models to help make them the next red pill generation.

    1. agreed. It sounds like a college kid wrote this – I mean this could be a rap song. “get money fuck bitches don’t miss with my niggaz. nigga you wanna fuck with me I’ll pop a cap in yow ass. lived in the projects now im hustling yo yo” lol

      1. You are right! yo yo!
        nigga rap is primal. I guess the tap into basic primal shit, and it turns out to be the same shit this guy things he’s a genius for writing a “book” about.
        I’m gonna get some rap songs and live by them.

        1. I got Chief Keef’s “Back From The Dead” mixtape a year ago and it honestly helped me so much more than I could explain. I was coming out of a 3 year relationship with a total cunt, eating blue pills everyday, paying for our apartment, and losing all respect as a man. I always had a lingering feeling of suppressed happiness, and knew I was worth more than this life that I was told I needed. I eventually found out she cheated on me, and it was the fire I needed to get my life back. Kicked her ass out within 8 hours, and she was erased from my life. Oh and I fucked her a month ago when she came begging for my dick again, and never talked to her since. Chief Keef and other trap shit is based on this primal urge to say and do whatever the fuck I want. Sure, its also marketing because it sells, but I don’t want exactly what Keef raps about But, it makes me say fuck it, gives me confidence, gets me jacked up. So yes, rap music is fucking awesome and honestly turned me towards the Red Pill before I even found RoK. thanks all for everything though, I feel so much better about myself now that I know what’s up. – college kid.

  13. You NEED adeventure. You NEED a tribe. You NEED to know how to fight. You NEED exercise. You NEED alignment. You NEED money. You NEED. women.
    You NEED to buy the author’s book, Real Natural Manhood, available at today!

    1. Buy his book so we can continue supporting him telling you more of what you NEED!

        1. Dude’s trying to treat red pill men like low hanging marketing fruit. But even if you’re a young dude trying to find your way you need to think for yourself first and try to seek your own path before taking some other dude’s views as gospel. These are decent suggestions by the author, but pushing them as necessities can create the wrong mindset on an impressionable reader.

  14. Thats a long list, all i need is a belly full of wine and a girls mouth around my cock

    1. This is the good stuff. I know the clickbait pays the bills, but this is the real mission.

    1. If you’re truly free there’s no need to buy Vincent’s book.

  15. More quality control is needed on ROK. Much appreciate the efforts of the authors but please lets stick to more sound principles. Repeatable cycles in nature. Life’s a science. The science of what exactly? The science of Fuck Shit. Ft1X.

  16. It’s best to strive to be a well rounded man. That’s why it’s absolutely crucial for young men to study and learn about different things that interest them. Learn it all. History, science, automobiles, Game ,politics, business, human psychology,food, cultures, traditions. Study everything. Learn everything that you can while you are still mentally growing. Develop, hone and master different sets of skills. Educate yourself. Study philosophy. Learn how to cook and clean for yourself. Fix your own car or bike. You don’t need a woman do that for you. You don’t need a woman for anything other than sex, REALLY! You’re 20’s are a great time for learning self reliance, self discipline, sacrificing “Fun” for a better more financially stable future etc. Stay focused and never lose sight of the big picture, a better future. Get that dough and disregard them hoes.

  17. I absolutely love this article, pushing yourself out of a comfort zone, raise your testosterone and keeping your vision really is essential for everyman..great work!

  18. Straight talk with no bullshit. What you get when a man writes an article. Lesser men would pander to their audience. Women would try to inspire and validate each other, and tend to avoid brutal and uncomfortable honesty. Men give it to you straight, whether you like the truth or not. Cheers.

  19. Real man doesn’t need anything. He takes what he wants. Only pussies are needy.

  20. A man only really needs God. No atheist in life’s foxholes. You encounter him when life slaps you up side your head, trusted people put the knife in your back, finances become lean. The true strength makes it appearance then. Can’t be faked or posed.

    1. Nope, it is not about “G-d”. Man needs a set of principles by which to guide his life. “G-d” is merely the representation of those principles. Without those principles, “G-d” does not exist, this is why “the word” is so prominent a feature in Christianity. In Islam,”G-d” is sometimes referred to as “The Reckoner” and to “reckon” is to think. To “think” requires one to have something to “think” upon. “G-d” is the all knowing and “G-d” is only “G-d” because he “knows”. If “G-d” knew nothing then there’s no point in “needing” “G-d”. One only needs “G-d” in order to learn and to “know”. Buddhists and Taoists seem to understand this for their goal is to merely “know” and, for them, there is no “G-d”. They cut through the personalities and superficialities and get to the point, “knowing”. Evolved Christians get this too and so their focus is about the “word” for the “word” communicates that which needs to be known. And that which needs to be “known” forms the frame by which man guides a proper life. “G-d” is merely the vessel by which these principles are conveyed but “G-d” is not the only vessel by which these principles are conveyed.

      1. Tell that to the varied-background survivors of near death experiences

        1. What then would you say to a Buddhist and a Taoist who have endured a near death experience? There is no all knowing or all seeing G-d in either of those beliefs. This is not to say that persons who rely upon a god for happiness, fulfillment, identity, and power are doing something improper. Instead, they are persons who have chosen what is best for them.

  21. Dirty Harry would add no.8 “a man needs to know his limitations”.

  22. “5. A Man Needs Women…. This is a skill (yes, a skill!) that maybe 1% of all men have taken the pains to refine to a high level. Call it ‘game’, ‘seduction’, or ‘pick up’, this ability to get girls is simply non-negotiable for a man who wants a full life.”
    No this is not a skill. Only tall and good looking and get girls approaching him without much luck . I’m 5’11 and all I do is say “Hi”, put my hand on their waist or lap, see what happens and off to the bathroom/my place.
    That is not a skill…that takes no work or effort…plus I get permission to be so sexually aggressive because I ma tall + good looking….I was never in a bad position. I, and many other guys born tall and/or good looking, just happened to be born with something women desire. AA is not difficult to overcome, you just push through it and boom everything falls in place.
    I have tried to teach this to a 5’3 guy and a 5’1 guy….they are still virgins( I do not count banging a hooker a lay cause you had to use money…my money cause I felt bad he was a virgin so I paid for a hooker as a birthday present).

  23. This was a great article. I saw nothing controversial in it. I’m kind of shocked by the controversy in the comments.
    I think a big part of our community isn’t serious about self improvement and are both losers with women and losers in careers; hence their extreme misogyny, working class right wing beliefs, urging of trade jobs over educated jobs, belief that acquiring wealth does not matter; etc.

  24. Great post, these suggestions make complete sense. I will be putting these into practice as habits in my own life. Great Arnie Video!

  25. Calisthenics and swimming are “fine and good”? tell that to the elite special forces doing 8 counts for hours and damn near drowning. Do you see them pumping iron all day? no. What a crock of shit. A man needs to learn to not let other people tell him how to be a man.
    And oh yea according to this article homosexuals cant be masculine. Tell that to Brett Jones. fucking frat boys.

  26. Good article, but lifting is overrated nowadays. Cardio is just as important. Lifting for girls is stupid. Lift to get stronger.

  27. More nonsense.
    I don’t need a group, it’s good to have some people but I’ve lived around a bit and usually it is better to go alone.
    I just got back from a holiday in Korea and the expats there, men and women, travel thousands of miles to live in a weird land full of attractive people and their natural desire to be ‘in a group’ means they end up spending more time in some cheap knock-off of a western pub than they do scoring with the girls.
    I found out that something as relatively common-sensical as learning the language to score is looked down upon, cos ‘the group’ and these chumps are happy banging wannabe western sluts who dye their hair blonde and make themselves look stupid.
    In the meantime, Ive been walking about with my Japanese girlfriend and all of them giving me chumpy stares and fucking fails all around.
    Fuck a group, learn to hold your own

  28. All in all a good article, sums up the main points but we must remember that although our desires are universal as men, they are very much distorted and influenced by the time period we individually occupy for a very short time. Man at another age probably also felt the NEED to kill another competitor for survival in order to make his easier or to fuel one of his most basal instinct. This time period of globalism and advanced technology and knowledge
    overload is vastly different from any others that our ancestors
    inhabited. Survival and the need to radiate although always there
    motivating us in the morning to wake up and produce, is no longer the
    pressing need as there is plenty of food to be obtained for a fraction
    of the time of our labor to keep us alive.
    Down to the nitty-gritty biological rules that still override any moral
    topology in many of us (the real reason why most of us real-life nobodies are in such a
    site), a man craves SUCCESS much like that of the lower animals we share
    this place with. And success usually means the following where if one
    has one then also the other are also usually coupled to it but not
    1. Rise in influence
    2. Number of partners
    3. Enhanced Intelligence (since it lead to the above)
    On a more humanistic level – especially in the nihilisied world of today where traditional values and expectations have been overthrown, I think also a man most needs some DOUBT and mental stamina about what the world tells him to like and not like and what to get and what to avoid to be able to filter out the noise from the good signal.

  29. Hey this is racist where’s the Essex fan girls page, what do you have to say about the best in the UK Essex girls? oh thats right you have been there looking at the little girls nonce

  30. Good post, although I do disagree with men needing money.
    If a man has a sense of direction in life and exercises regularly/builds a physique he will be ‘richer’ than 90% of other men out there.
    What we really need is to build, men need to build something and progress in order to be happy – this can be interpreted in many ways – build a business, build a timeless physique, build a physical object (e.g. house).

  31. What a bunch of one dimensional, tedious, shallow, pathetic teachers you are

  32. it’s a bit narrow minded to make a bold statement as : ,, a man needs women, a man needs money” from my point, a man should experience all of these but saying that a man needs them is a bit of a forced thought. just my opinion.

  33. the part about “needs women” is confusing to me, because I hear it discussed and argued all the time that men are not supposed to be “needy”, the man that is the most powerfully attractive to women is a man who wants a woman but doesn’t need her

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