The Disturbing Relationship Between Feminism And The Occult

To begin with, I want to share a real-life experience of a friend who was in a “relationship” with an Eastern European girl who dabbled in the occult. To condense his long saga, his girl was your typical “traditional,” “feminine” girl who cooked for him and provided great on-demand sex (often with incapacitating post-orgasm hangovers). Everything seemed “perfect” between them for six months or so, but all along this time, little did he know that she was a closet “witch” who was casting “love” spells on him “to bind” him to her.

Succubus, witch, and “girlfriend”— all in one. He later discovered that he’d gotten more than what he had bargained for.

A spell gone horribly wrong

Gradually, things got predictable and boring as the relationship progressed and the passion faded. Her subtle, capricious demands soon became overt domination, which prompted him to seek an immediate closure to the relationship. This triggered the worst in her.


Hell hath no fury as a witch scorned

He then proceeded to have a harrowing time. He shared how he discovered she was stashing used condoms with his dried semen, shaved hair and pictures for her occult experiments to “bind” him before he finally kicked her out of his home. Not to mention she had even tried to “hex” his food to complete the binding on him.

Things then turned very ugly, with her first trying to stalk him (after he kicked her out), then psychologically intimidating him, and when all that failed—she tried to screw up his social and professional reputation however she could.

He was strong enough to resist her attacks, but his relationship was a compelling enough inspiration to learn about the occult, and to discover the common ideology it shares with feminism. Since readers may or may not believe in the paranormal, the point deduced from this story which will be primarily focused upon below is the surprising link between feminism and the occult.

The first revolt against patriarchy

The glorification of the female form, beginning with Lilith, the supposed first wife of Adam (who disobeyed him and is considered to be the first “feminist”) is an integral part of the occult, unlike in the patriarchal Abrahamic religions.


According to occult belief, Lilith was Adam’s first wife, the archetype feminist that every man marries and then divorces. She constantly argued with Adam and refused to lie under him during copulation by saying they were “equal.”A text of the “Story Of Lilith” can be read here. Her refusal to submit to Adam is said to be the first revolt against patriarchy.

Occult and feminism in the modern world

Feminism has its roots in the occult and witchcraft. A point well established by Mitch Horowitz, author of “Occult America” .

Modern progressive feminist society has in many ways become a covert, occult-driven society. Reverence for the “Goddess” or “Divine Feminine” (a concept common to witchcraft, feminism, liberalism), beginning with the rise of the “Goddess movement” in Anglo countries and coinciding with second-wave feminism in the 70’s, has become more prevalent in the present day. A resultant product of five decades of feminism and its associated spirituality (occult).

Today, we’re bombarded day in day out, everywhere by occult symbolism through media. Just type “occult symbolism” in any search engine on the web and see the results for yourself.


Blue-pill (beta) culture, which typically romanticizes the concept of an ideal, sentimentalized love, has all its roots in the occult, as seen with the recent increasing consumerism of romantic occult-themed cinema by modern societies, especially by the younger generation.

Most female occultists of the past and present held the belief of the psychological superiority of women as compared to that of men. Similarly, masquerading as a movement for women’s rights, feminism—as a cruel ruse—tells women their natural biological instincts are “socially constructed” to oppress them.

Feminism’s social engineering, designed to destroy gender identity by interchanging gender roles, is actually a movement for women to covertly promote a hatred for men, as well as indirectly serving as a driving force for the occult (or its concepts), for they both often share a common ideology.

Feminism’s mission to give any woman however worthless and undeserving she may be the power to lead men like bridled horses or yoked oxen whichever, whenever, and however she wants to is analogous to the witch who‘d supposedly “control” a man to do her bidding, through “magical” manipulation.

Connecting the lines from the dots

Is it a mere coincidence that the repeal of the Witchcraft Act in the UK in 1951, coupled with a revival of occult/witchcraft coincided with the rise of feminism? To illustrate this question further, an excerpt from an article which came out a few years back (you can read the article in full here):

“Why has witchcraft gained such a hold in our Christian-based society? Certainly there are several factors. Many witches are fervent feminists. This is probably the main contributing factor to the rapid growth of the movement. Following ancient rituals faithfully, the Wiccan religion is female-dominant—the high priestess leads the ritual ceremonies. The fertility goddess always receives the primary worship. Wicca is tailor-made for women who desire power and authority over men. True Christianity is solidly patriarchal. This fact grinds away at feminist philosophy. Feminists who have not been able to successfully change Christian teachings to their own liking have embraced Wicca.”


Another article that came out last year shows how witchcraft and the occult is actually growing at a rapid rate more than any other faith in the Anglo sphere. Considering these trends of revival of witchcraft in the West, the Anglo sphere seems more or less likely to be significantly paganized by the end of this century, especially with more and more feminism-bred women choosing it as a “spiritual” path.

Witchcraft around the world

After “registering” its first legal witch, Romania, the famed land of Dracula, became the first country to legalize (and tax) witchcraft as a profession in 2011 (a likely possibility sooner or later in the West, considering current trends).

In Russia and other parts of Slavic Europe (with a  long-etched history of witchcraft), occult-beliefs are still prevalent. A lot of modern, educated women still practice witchcraft (usually “love magic”) covertly—or if not, still believe in it.


The WHO estimated that there were more witches and sorcerers in Russia than practicing doctors in an article which was published four years ago. You could read about a visitor’s journey into the heart of occult in modern day Russia; another article about the revival of occult in modern Russia; and another interesting article about the occult roots of the Russian Revolution. However, Russia seems to be taking proactive action in recent times to crackdown on witchcraft while promoting a reversion to Orthodox Christianity and patriarchal values. Other parts of Europe have seen a recent rise in occult practices, possibly due to occult glorification through media, and these rising trends are also seen in some parts of Asia and Middle East.

In matriarchal societies in Africa, witchcraft has always been practiced since ancient times. Africa faces a similar problem as seen in Russia: more witch doctors than real doctors. A lot of women still use “love spells” and “potions” to bind or control their men, and a lot more people rely on witch doctors to physically heal themselves.

What does the future hold?

The conspicuous correlation is the one between feminism and the occult in places where both are on the rise. It’s often said that ignorance is bliss, but knowledge is power. It’s the power of this knowledge and awareness about the link between feminism and the occult that every man should arm himself with so that he stays away from those women who share occult sympathies. As my friend learned the hard way, the risk isn’t worth it.

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545 thoughts on “The Disturbing Relationship Between Feminism And The Occult”

    1. Don’t leave out Christianity. A slave religion built on top of another slave religion displacing the dominant male hierarchy religion.
      People forget that, especially the New Testament, is a ‘we are pretty much all equal and we slaves will inherit everything’ stupidity. I am amazed at how many red pill men blindly subjugate themselves to a slave religion and the effeminate ‘men’ running it today.

      1. “Don’t leave out Christianity. A slave religion built on top of another
        slave religion displacing the dominant male hierarchy religion.”
        What exactly is the displaced ‘dominant male hierarchy’ religion?

        1. Grecco-Roman Paganism. I suggest some Nietzsche, he covers it quite extensively. Its the sort of thing that when you see some random dude post about it on RoK you assume its one of the many nutjobs that lurk in the comment section, but it this case its actually a real thing.
          the tldr of Nietzsche is : Christianity idolizes the weak, who the strong voluntarily protect. vs Roman paganism idolizes the strong who use their strength to accomplish their goals.

        2. Because anal homo sex and orgies is obviously male dominant. LMAO There is nothing more effeminate than Greco-Romanism.

        3. Yeah, you are so right. Perfectly summed up 3000 years of European history right there. Oh wait, no, you didn’t. Perhaps you should actually know something about a subject before commenting on it. Dumb Hollywood memes don’t cut it. Guess reading the books neccessary for that is too much work for you, huh? Idiot.

        4. Stop getting your history lessons from flash cards. In Ancient Greece in the time if Socrates if you caught a man sleeping with your wife you were sanctioned to rape him, put an eel up his rectum and close it with a hot iron. The wife was stoned. It was all about power.

        5. Some men these days would probably find that enjoyable.
          So the wife was stoned while they stuck an eeel up her lovers ass?
          Wow, weed has really been around a long time.

      2. You know nothing of true Christianity. The God of the Bible is one of war, perseverance, and strength, who asks that men build themselves. Jesus himself declares that he comes not in peace, but to cause destruction among civilizations. He sacrifices himself for your sins, so that you may sin when necessary. After forgiving everyone who accepts him as savior, he returns to the God of the Old Testament, who remained unchanged throughout the New Testament, creating the brutal circumstances of Jesus’s own life – essentially nullifying any notion that ‘peace’ is essential. This is why it was okay for Christians to kill during the decline of the Roman empire and the Crusades – because the Old Testament still applies, as it did to the Jews who killed Caananites to take their promised land. Essentially, Jesus saved the Crusaders the trouble of undergoing the rituals required by YHWH to clean the blood of the men, women, and children they slaughtered. Christ doesn’t enslave; far from it. Christ makes you free, so long as you recognize what you do wrong.

        1. “He sacrifices himself for your sins, so that you may sin when necessary.”
          Indeed. In Romans, Paul states clearly that if a christian sins, it just doesn’t count. “There is no condemnation to hose that are in Christ Jesus”.

        2. Ugh… really people? I’m not even a Christian yet I still feel the need to weigh in. Christian dogma is very simple. The objective Good is obedience to God. Not ‘obedience’ per se, but to God specifically. Sin is disobedience to God and is directly analogous to disease.
          Christ is/was the cure to the disease. Thus a Christian has accepted (into his heart, as they say) the treatment necessary to cure the disease all men are born with, so that eventually he will be healthy and permitted into God’s presence rather than being quarantined.
          But…”Sin when necessary”? Are you people insane? If God commands you do to something… anything, it is by definition Good. Be it killing babies or picketing funerals, it doesn’t matter what the act is or how anyone feels about the action, obedience is the one and only standard by which the Christian can expect to be judged.
          Further, Christianity is only a “slave religion” only so far as it’s acknowledgement of the plain and simple fact that might makes right. A Christian believes there is some overwhelming power out there stronger than any man or group of men could ever hope to be. Thus said power is the one who makes the rules that we have to abide by.

        3. Damn straight. The original Christianity was fucking awesome, before it was hijacked by pussies, satanists and communists. Regular Joe is talking out of his ass.
          If God is anything like the fucking awesome God of unrelenting slaughter, murder, torture and oppression and eslavement of the wretched female, then i’d gladly give my soul to Him.
          According to Koran only males will go to Heaven; females go to burn in Hell, where they had already crawled out from.

        4. “The objective Good is obedience to God. Not ‘obedience’ per se, but to
          God specifically. Sin is disobedience to God and is directly analogous
          to disease.”
          This being the case, what does it mean to say that God is good? Isn’t it simply saying that “God does his own will”, or if you prefer “God is good because he does whatever the fuck he wants to do”? And if what God wants to do is – for instance – to drown everybody in the world except for eight people, then that’s cool?

        5. To say “God is good” from a Christian perspective is simply a tautology. God is good because there is nothing stronger in the universe to say otherwise. Might makes right. That’s everything there is to know about Christianity.
          With that being the case, if God decides to drown everyone, level a city, or tell parents throw their kids down a well, then by virtue of the source, all those things are Good. Why? Because the biggest baddest mofo in the universe says so.
          Think about it. For literally any abstract concept to exist objectively, there must be a fixed standard to measure it against. A basic unit of measurement, the meter, is one example. Currently, 1 meter = Length of the path traveled by light in a vacuum in 1⁄299,792,458 of a second.
          So an abstract concept, 1 meter, is an established objective fact, not a relative one. It *IS* the distance traveled by light in a vacuum during a small fraction of a second. Relative truths are defined as those contingent upon a moving point of reference. Like saying “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. Thus the speed of light is used to define distances since it is a fixed point of reference.
          Same thing with the abstract concept of Good. A Christian believes in an all powerful God who has always and will always exist, no one and nothing will ever be more powerful. Might makes right. Fixed point of reference.

        6. The speed of light can be measured. Light can be observed with one of your human senses. God cannot be measured in any way. Where is your Christian God? Please point him out to me. You can’t. Why didn’t you finish your argument? It’s not just a tautology, it’s fucking retarded. God can’t be observed, therefore no fixed point of reference, therefore bullshit. Q.E.D.

        7. … at least let Paul finish his sentence: “… for those who walk not according to the flesh but according to the spirit.” He goes on to say “We know that God works all things for good for those who are called according to his purposes… What shall we say to these things? if God is for us, who can be against us? He who did not spare his own son but gave him up for us all, how will he not also with him graciously give us all things? Who shall bring a charge against God’s chosen ones? It is God who justifies? Who is to condemn? Christ Jesus is the one who died, Moreover who was raised, who is sitting at the right hand of the Father interceding on our behalf? And what can seperate us from the love of Christ?” After listing a bunch of things he says “no, We are more than conquerors in him who loved us. For I am convinced that neither death nor life, nor [anything else] can seperate us from the Love of God in Jesus Christ.”
          I’d encourage you to read the whole book and follow Paul’s argument. Romans 8 especially is greatly encouraging. Our God cannot tolerate sin, yet our God has saved us from Sin and death. He has opened the doors for us to be the men he wanted us to be all along: made in his image and reflecting his most masculine qualities: Men of men, strong, free, dominant, and upright.

        8. It means that only by God’s character can we know what Good and Evil are, God is Good by definition and Evil is the opposite of everything God is. God is sovereign as well and not subject to the review of any creature, So when God judged the wickedness and unjustifiable violence among men who slaughtered innocent people and refused to give glory to God the Father, then he rightly brought judgement to bear upon them by the flood. The same is true about the wicked sodomites who sought not only to have homosexual sex with other men, but also to do so by force. God brought his judgement upon the wickedness of sodom. This pattern continues all throughout, the only nations God decides to destroy are ones which flaunted his law and rejected his Lordship.

        9. God is measurable in those senses because he has revealed himself in the Christian Scriptures: The Bible. Therefore is objective. QED

        10. So in other words, no proofs except for the words of a a bunch of goat humping nomads over 2000 years ago.
          Doesn´t mean there is no Architect at all, one simply can´t know
          but the bible? Yep, the bible is BS. You could state there are good parts but the good parts doesn´t make the whole perfect.
          If something like Satan really does exist, the bible, tal-mud and quran is what it would have written.

        11. Hey Samson Option God loves you and has a great purpose for you, but you can’t be bitter towards his daughters like that no one can and expect God to hear there prayers you need to repent and come to Jesus Christ who through his Holy Spirit will heal your wounds and deliver you from destruction.

        12. Ok I am sick and tired of people saying that the crusaders were Christians, they were not they were Roman Catholics.
          If they were they would follow all the teachings of Christ.
          You would think when Jesus commanded us to love thy neighbor he didn’t mean sometimes but all the time.
          Maybe turn the other cheek might also ring a bell.

        13. Yeah, you go and turn your cheek you fucking Christian pussy.
          Your faith is a lie and your God never existed.

        14. As a Christian, what you are espousing is damnation. You are a false prophet, a blind man leading the blind. The New Testament never tells us to sin. On the contrary, we must STRIVE NOT to sin as the sacrifice of Jesus Christ was done only once. Hence we must not willingly subject ourselves to sin since Christ only died once on the cross.
          What the New Testament demands is that we lead Godly lives and shun all evil. Not commit sin for the “greater good”. You sound like the communists when you say that.

        15. No, it is Faith first. Obedience and a good life are simply the result, the fruit, the proof of real faith. You’re inverting cause and effect to put behavior first. That’s not biblical at all. See for example, Paul’s letter to the Romans. Or basically ANY of Jesus teachings.

        16. No measure of hate, love or even compassion, so they must be “bullshit” too… Just, must be measurable to be real according to your cigol…

        1. I do have pretty big feet, and large hands. In this corner of the internet who knows…

        2. No doubt. Some people here listen to esteemed Jewish Men such as Henry Makow and Brother Nathaniel.
          You probably have no idea who they are, though.

        3. Giving a fuck about other peoples opinion is not one of my stronger impulses at this point in life, nor was it really ever after high school.

      3. Hey Roosh, tell us about the Jante code again, it’s hilarious.I’ve never seen Dr. Bigg laugh until he read that. When I asked him what was so funny he said that he could just imagine this pencil necked geek in some Copenhagen bar bobbing up and down and flitting from girl to girl like some hummingbird looking for nectar. He said that in the US his excuse for being a loser must be the Yankee code and in Japan the Yakazumi code etc haha

      4. You are obviously uneducated and know nothing about the Bible.
        Men and women are created equal according to Genesis 1:27 and no God did not displace men in authority as a matter of fact Christ came to restore authority to man. Unfortunately men have this habit of blaming women like Adam when in fact God put man in leadership.
        Like Adam, today men continue to allow “the devil” oh no I said it, to convince women that they must disobey God and defy there husband’s God given place in the home. All the while men are allowing it to happen and then blaming the women. If you have the authority doesn’t that hold you responsible?

        1. Fuck right off you delusional idiot. Men ARE superior to women in every way and are meant to oppress those vile, wretched creatures, but it’s obvious you are an brainwashed mangina/white knight bitch.
          Kill yourself you piece of shit.

        2. Can you believe it? Here we have proof on the very pages of Scripture that doublethink is older than Orwell. That Two Testaments being put next to each other and held both as Gods Law in effect, is just a huuuge example of doublethink embedded into a tome.

    2. i disagree with you on it being time for a witch hunt because of these reasons. first occultism and its accompanying symbolism is simply human nature. if folks really think about it men have generally been pussy worshipers more than willing to sacrifice themselves to the golden uterus in hopes of propagation. we all came from simps and captain save a hoe. the human brain is inherently occult. addicted to its own endorphins. greedily creating venues to feed its craven desire to more dopamine. pussy, satan,church or stadium, they all give us what we want, more endorphin straight to the limbic system. females are the same way. no more witch hunts please. think about this fact, here we are in the “scientific” age with the fruits of materialistic science all around us and what do we do? same old shit, but this time with nukes and killer drones. there are some that say the evidence points to us having been here before. course i can’t stop you if you insist, need a light for that torch bud?

  1. So women in the occult think that their make-believe gives them “power” over the real world. And this differs from the christian belief in the power of prayer how? If prayer in the real world worked like it does in the bible, every christian who mastered it would have Green Lantern-like superpowers.

    1. Well said.
      How is a shaking chicken bones in a Voodoo Healing spell any different than “Dear Jesus please cure Nana’s cancer, amen.”

      1. What does this have to do with men and feminism? “They” are drugging boys in public school, for instance, and you find it necessary to bring this up? My religion if I have one is none of your [email protected] business. That’s all that needs to be said in the manosphere. If there is a religion that promotes feminism then we discuss otherwise leave it out. Lots of believers in the MRM as well as none. We both share the same views on feminism and that’s what’s matters. Nothing good comes from divisive statements like that above, but, same would go for unsolicited evangelizing. Got it? Importantly, only good things will happen if we work together. It’s not hard.

    2. Your interpretation of “prayer” is that of a wishful thinking 5 year old. A common mistake, sadly even amongst adults.

    3. Prayer is not a magic slot machine. There is no guarantee. God provides but he doesn’t make you breakfast.

      1. He doesn’t? Then i think it’s time to dump the lazy bitch and search somebody who does.

  2. Ah yes.
    It’s the “witches” now.
    The REAL enemy is never mentioned.
    It’s always, “feminists” or “manginas” or “white knights” or “blue pill” eaters, or “betas”.
    The REAL enemy cannot be named on ROK.
    The jew cannot be named.
    Which makes all the shameless “alpha” wannabes really kosher apologists, since the jews created and funded feminism.
    No mention of sex slavery in israel, no mention of israel controlling the US government through bribery and murder.
    Never mention the “jew” on ROK.
    It’s quite amazing for those of us who have intelligence higher than a slug that ROK is really about omegas acting like alphas whilst ridiculing what they call beta.

      1. Please list all articles written on this site that have ever bashed the jew.

        1. Exactly.
          No article on ROK ever mentions the jew.
          The writer is just a jew who apologizes for them.

        2. This is not meant to be a jew hatin’ forum. I’ve noticed the lack of jew hating articles in “Dog Fancy” too.

        3. This is meant to be a forum of truth. If the truth leads in a certain direction, only a fool (or someone with “a dog in the game”) would deny it.

        4. Explain “meant to be”. Note that you use the passive verb there. “Meant to be” by whom? You? Me? Roosh? How is it that you speak for whoever-it-is?

        5. “meant to be” is synonymous with “intended”.
          You could argue this is a forum for self-improvement (with the women and in other life aspects) but if it’s going to be governed in a way that keep people’s heads in the sand, it’s not going to successful in the long-term.
          Truth is the seed of self-improvement. You have to be honest not just with yourself, but with your appraisal of the world at large.
          No one here advocates hunting down Jewish people, my god. It’s about making a complicated world a better place, and if you limit the understanding you defeat the purpose.

        6. “Intended to be a forum of truth”. Again – says who?
          And if you think that “No one here advocates hunting down Jewish people”, you haven’t been following the comments.

        7. Hahahahahaaaa. This is what happens when you give males a blog. The “discussions” devolve and degenerate from “this is a safe space for male self-improvement!” into clusterfucks of barely coherent slurs. Y’all don’t even know whom to hate and heap the blame on anymore! Women are evil cunts, well actually it’s the nigger’s fault if you want to get technical, well no the kike is really the root of all evil, blah blah blah. Bwhahahahahaaaa!! Destroying yourselves from the inside. Fascinating and so entertaining to watch.
          Say what y’all will about Jezebel, but their comment section has zero racist remarks, and their articles don’t have titles like “How to tell if he has a big dick just by looking at him.”
          I’m heading over to Jezebel. Y’all are some pathetic losers. Lololololol.

        1. You can read Wollstonecraft’s and Mill’s writings to see for yourself.
          BTW, another creator of modern feminism, Margaret Sanger, came from an Irish Catholic family.

        2. Sanger was a Saint.

          Sanger, 1939: The minister’s work is also important and he should be trained, perhaps by the Federation as to our ideals and the goal that we hope to reach. We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.

        3. I don’t get why he is a liar, wollstonecraft and mill were around a long time before the cultural marxists and even before marx / engels.

        4. Excellent idea. Yep, it takes a woman. Even Abe Lincoln couldn’t figure out how to get rid of the dumb negroes. I’m donating and supporting Planned Parenthood. Obama should pardon Dr. Gosnell so that he can get back to doing his good work. In your heart you know that eliminating the negro from the US is the intelligent thing to do. They are nothing but a drain of resources and White life. And you all know that’s true.

    1. Good thing we have mighty Power Alphas like you here to fight the hand of the Evil Jews holding us all down in our lowly serf roles.
      The rebellion of the Power Alphas against their Evil Jew Overlords is very fucking nigh! Beware, Jew Overlords… beware!

      1. I’m not an animal.
        So I don’t fall into the “alpha”, “beta”, “omega” category, as those terms are logical fallacies in and of themselves.
        But good try.

        1. Logical fallacies? Explain that because what you are saying seems to make no sense.

      2. I get the sense that these Jew bashing comments come from the Jezebel crowd. They are hoping to undermine ROK by associating it with racism. Probably better to erase comments that are purely racist. They are off point and its not worth sacrificing the true mission of ROK just to avoid any sort of censure.

        1. It’s certainly not coming from intelligent red-pill men who have done research and have formed logical opinions.
          The true mission of ROK is to find truth, not to indulge in Political Correctness.
          And on that note, you have some work to do developing your intellect, son…

      1. What’s the difference between a Jew and Santa Claus?
        -Santa Claus goes down the chimney.

    2. Jesus Christ, you’re a fucking faggot. THE JEWS AS A GROUP ARE NOT THE FUCKING PROBLEM.

      1. Adamantine materialism, a flair for assuming mysticism outwardly, a supreme contempt for other races, a complete disregard for other peoples’ rights, cleverness in imitation and improvisation, contempt for all labour not associated with high profits, great energy in the cause of money-making, a hatred of all nationalism but their own, a high degree of loyalty to their own family and their own community, an implicit faith in the power to corrupt gentiles, a brilliant capacity for intrigue, and a pathetic inability to keep pace with any deeper thought or higher idealism are the chief characteristics of the Jewish race. On all these attributes, volumes could be written; but it should suffice to express the resultant of these forces very simply in the following tendencies:
        1. An inability to avoid forming a state within a state.
        2. Complete inability to view their Gentile hosts as possessing equal rights with their own.
        3. Predetermined specialization in all those processes which bring high profit. Hence, in capitalism, almost exclusive preoccupation with finance, distribution, and exchange as distinct from productive industry. Professional work undertaken either for profit or for the sake of social advancement.
        4. A natural tendency to utilize social and economic advancement for the purpose of gaining political power.
        5. An unholy dread of nationalism as a factor which would draw attention to their racial nature and expose their operations.
        6. The deliberate debasement of the standards of culture in the land of their sojourn.
        7. The elimination by competition of the Aryan who merely wants to get enough for himself and not more than anybody else.
        These resultants seem to manifest themselves in every land that the Jew inhabits.

        1. I think genital mutilation should be added to the list – like number 1 or 2.

        2. Mitzvah Bpeh = state sanctioned mutilation, topped off with a little pedophilia. Isn’t that lovely?
          Apparently, 70% of Hasidic boys in New York have this done to them. Ironic how those accused of anti-semitism are the only people willing to help save these children.
          The Talmud states that Mitzvah Bpeh must be done. It is required, or else the boy is not Jewish. Think how many infants have been fellated in these events throughout history. It is chilling.

        3. Mitzvah Bpeh
          Moron. That isn’t even a word.
          The Talmud states that Mitzvah Bpeh [sic] must be done.
          No, it doesn’t.

        4. I wish I could believe you on this point. The world would be a better place if you were correct.

        5. You can’t even provide a citation for this moronic assertion: “The Talmud states that Mitzvah Bpeh [sic] must be done“.

        6. Do you want that in MLA or APA format? Google it for fuck’s sake.

      2. It’s the elitist Jews (who make up approx half the elite) who are.
        Obviously the Coen Brothers aren’t running the Federal Reserve and Bob Dylan isn’t bulldozing Palestinian kids in the Gaza Strip.
        Most Jews are good people, but they enabling the problem by being overly quick to dismiss any valid criticism of their kind or culture. But that being said, the tribalism and reverence of money ingrained into Jewish culture as a whole isn’t doing the Gentile any favors.

      3. Maybe not. But the jews have a lot of power and have done a lot of shit to degenerate this society.

      4. How did German men pickup Jewish women in the 1940’s?
        -With a broom and dustpan.

        1. Actually he didn’t, as all the scholarly evidence (produced under threat of imprisonment) point to there being no gas chambers used for extermination.

      1. So you are piece of shit Mason?
        You are an enemy of human race and should be neutralised.

    3. Interesting that the author doesn’t note that Lilith is a figure in jewish religious texts such as the Talmud. The origin of this “goddess movement among, let’s be honest a handful of wing nuts in the entertainment industry, is jewish occultism. The myth of Lilith is what attracts creatures like Madonna and other grrllll power dimwits to the kabbalah. Who invented “feminism”? It wasn’t the Amish.

    4. Sex slavery in Israel? Bribery and murder? Those sound like examples to me, of how to establish a fine country. We should seriously learn from them, for they know how to control their women and foreign affairs.

    5. To be fair Drew, it’s not just the Jew but the CIA as well. The Langley Lovelies would be doing many of the same things, I’m sure (and they are)

    6. It might appear to be The Jews, but I think the evidence points to Judiasm as a covert power base for uberJudaic money priests to enslave other nations with debt. Israel has a central bank like everybody. Jews leverage goyem, but the money priests leverage all others, and the rank-and-file Jews are non the wiser, smug in their not-too-shabby Chosenness. Christians are smug in their Salvation. Sheeple devotion to group ego makes me want to puke. Enters Wicca. lulz

      1. Dude, the wealthiest bankers are Jewish and they are the main driving force behind the Elites and Illuminati.
        I like your comment on “not-too-shabby Chosenness”. Since when is Supremacy laudable?
        And the Khazars weren’t even “Chosen” lolz, they were converted by their King back in the 10th century.

    7. You’re a paranoid anti Semitic fucktard. The red pill movement is literally being held back by dipshits like you. The day we have a red pill politican or social leader who speaks well of the red pill and wants to point to people like Roosh is the day that people will get to make you and your fellow travelers the face of the movement.
      Go eat some neo nazi cock. I’m sure not much has changed since the SA brown shirts;)

      1. Ask yourself who has more power and influence in the US government? Jews or our contrived enemy the Muslims?

    8. I don’t get all this Jew bashing.
      It’s unfortunate that ROK attracts assholes like this. Not ROK’s fault, it’s just that there are very few places that racists can make comments.
      I can understand that ROK might not want to censure comments because that is what the rest of media does. And, of course, now society at large, under the oppression of the feminist state, lives under censure. So, it’s not something many of us want to see more of.
      Still, seems like a good idea to me that ROK stays on focus. Racism is not the focus of ROK. Thus, deleting purely racist comments might be a good idea. Or at least flagging them.

      1. I don’t like the idea of censoring comments no matter the content. As a Jew I don’t even care about the Jew bashing and hate. But when Jews become the focal point of any discussion from nutrition to feminist occultism, something is wrong here. It’s like you can’t read any comment threads, without the discussion going to the usual topic. Maybe rename the site “Return of SS” or “Return of Nazis” and be done with it. It seems to attract the right crowd anyway.

        1. It’s not Jerry Seinfeld. Not the chill Jewish guy playing guitar down the street.
          It’s the NWO and guys like Sharon an Netanyahu publicly bragging that they control the USA. It’s about the obvious decline and manipulation of our society.
          Why is this so hard to grasp? It’s like talking to a woman about feminism. Lolz. Cue the Hamster!

        2. Yes cue the hamster to jewhate no matter the topic. Keep going, you will get the Purim exit. 2014 style. Guaranteed.

  3. How is a shaking chicken bones in a Voodoo Healing spell any different than “Dear Jesus please cure Nana’s cancer, amen.”

  4. Has any body seen the original Wicker Man (not the Nicolas Cage version from a few years back)? If 2Wycked is going to review another movie, it should be that. It touches on everything mentioned in this article.

    1. Yeah, those pagans knew how to do a christian martyrdom right.

    2. I loved that movie. We need more movies where Christians are killed horribly.

    1. Actually no. There is a book called “The Great Cosmic Mother” that carries strong religious undertones. Paglia hints at this in her text Sexual Personae. I think she describes the ways of men as being a “Sky Cult” and describes the way of women as being an “Earth Cult”. The Wiccan religion seems much like Witchcraft as well and makes things earthly central to its beliefs. This article is only ridiculous if you come with preconceived notions rooted in an ignorance of these things.

    2. More Jezebel wiccan trolls thumbing up…so many wiccan bitches out there…

    3. Even if the magic does not work. It is still manipulation which is what makes it dangerous.

  5. Thankkyouuuu its about time, someone wrote this…theres a reason why we had witch hunts!!

    1. Yes. The inquisition, for all it’s shortcomings, was onto something. Malleus Maleficarum is one of my favorite readings.

  6. The Jew-haters make me laugh. Apparently we need Ashkenazi Jews smarter than us gentiles to tell us how to screw up our own societies. Our own weaknesses have nothing to do with it.
    The same goes for the ridiculousness of Holocaust denialism. According to the denialists, the Nazis sucked at killing Jews, and they needed Jews after the war to come up with a plan to show Germans how they should have done it. If Hitler had survived the war and learned of this better plan, he might have said, “Verdamm! Why didn’t I think of that?”

    1. No one brought up the holohoax but you jew boy.
      Interesting how not a day goes by that you parasites cannot mention the holohoax, the center of kosher Talmud culture, aka theft from the Gentiles.
      Do you get paid per post from your spot in tel aviv?

    2. Ah that’s OK. The forum’s Jew haters all agree that I as a Jew have some sort of super powers that allow me to control them. It’s very empowering.

        1. Wait, Tribalism and Usury is helping Jews to simultaneously spread feminism, post-christian nihilism, capitalism and at the same time top the Nobel Prize lists? Or be so over-represented in medicine? Something else is going on here…

        2. They have a culture that stresses education for their own, much like the East Asians. You don’t find the Asians engaging in parasitism and subversion, or considering themselves to be a superior race.
          But mostly it’s Usury and Cronyism.

        3. Parasitism is when you get something from nothing. Living in Govt susidized housing while hitting the crack pipe is parasitism. Jews contributed to the well being of US and other countries. I won’t even bother you with a list of medical and scientific discoveries, those are a bit over your head I know, but did you know that a Jew named Charles Adler Jr invented and built a first traffic light? Do you think that Edward Teller was a parasite? Be real.

        4. Or you can define it as producing *nothing tangible*. Of course there are exceptions. NAJALT, obviously.

        5. Please, feel free to cite Wikipedia and the Nobel Committee. Lozzlozzllozllzlolo 🙂

    3. Ashkenazi intelligence is a function of culture, nothing else, just as with the East Asians.
      Anyone who emphasizes education and intellectual rigor with increase their intelligence level; I’m sure that’s the case with many of the constituents of this forum.

    4. Hitler gave the Jews waterfront condos, sports cars, and free healthcare! World War 2 did not even happen! The world is square! This a a conspiracy theory deeper than Jews , it is a plot by multiverse to fool us all.

    5. What’s the difference between a boy scout and a Jew?
      -A boy scout comes back from his camp.

  7. Great article!Highlights the present state of things in America, and the media we see everyday. This article brings to mind Stanley Kubrick’s “Eyes wide shut” which talked extensively about the insinuation of demonic occult into every man’s life in the West.
    The main reason why society sucks today is because of the disintegration of religion in the West. The average man in the west thinks that religion has failed him, that’s why Christianity no longer exists, but what has become of it is a horrible marriage of it with paganism. The article correctly points out to the current state as to where our society is headed, we are sure to end up as a satanic nation within the next 50 years, with witchcraft and occult. You can see the state of how things are in the universities, campuses,tarot websites, psychic websites all talking about feminine divinity.
    Black magic has a deep connection with ritualistic Kabalist newage Jewish shit. Modern Jews, atheistic to the core, all practise black magic. You see the trend with young girls in colleges and campuses, who learn witchcraft, just to “seduce” to control their dream lovers. Love spells everywhere, peddled through websites and media. What the fuck? Is this a nation which was built on the foundation of Christian values?
    Fuck us for bringing our nation to this depravity. Look at the Grammy award shows, any celebrity (Madonna, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Keisha, and all the new hoes) or any music video. Satanic occult symbolism everywhere.
    Don’t you think this is poisoning our women and our society? Fuck all those who complacently disagree. The first step to the degradation of society is the disregard of religion. And that is what has happened in our country. It’s time we saved it, or in the future we would be living in the United Satanic States.

    1. For religion to survive Christianity and Islam both need to loosen up. But then again, IMO they were both created in response to the hedonistic excesses of Judaism.

  8. Feminism is basically a religion. Just swap “heresy” with “misogyny”, “theology” with “woman studies”, “inquisition” with “rape accusation”, “fight for equality” with “crusade” and so on.

  9. What a sad society we live in with all this satan worship. I think our descendants would soon be holding up this flag on our soil some day…..

  10. that’s pretty crazy… very recently .I hooked up with a girl who said she was followed “some” Wiccan beliefs. When I gave her a funny look she corrected it to “some.” Some firm believer this one was.
    I didn’t even think it was a real thing. What weirdos.
    She definitely did not have power over me or men in general. I dumped the psycho.
    But! did give me top 3 blowjobs of my life. Only bested by a feminist (lol) and a hottie. There’s something to be said about that succubus power
    Like the women followers of Baccus during their frenzies Wiccans only have power en masse. That’s why most legislation worked to keep it down in the past. Unfortunately this satanist shit is almost *approved* in this society. Because “individuality” and what not.

  11. Ridiculous, no. The SAME EXACT THING happened to me. Admittingly, you end up behaving like a real beta. I’ve since been restored to alpha. This chick was a new age, yoga loving, goddess referring, central American Jew who wore a shit load of makeup. I thought she just needed some help. Deep down I always knew there was more going on. I went through the psychological and emotional wringer with all of the games she played. Police were involved, between us and others. I never got into do much trouble in all my life. When I finally got away, holy shit!! Now I’m restored COMPLETELY with a full education in what to NEVER accept as a man. Incense burning, name in honey type of shit, GOD only knows what I’ll never know really went on behind my back. Good read guys,totally identify and now confirmed!!!

  12. Lots of Wiccan bitches out there.
    What it boils down to is, “my Gods are female and blindly worshipped. I too am a female, and must therefore be worshipped in the same way.”
    There’s no religion like self serving religion…

    1. Satanism is basically all about self worship. Pretty childish and idiotic if you ask me.

  13. Bitches think they have a connection with the supernatural.
    They do not realize they are just crazy. If you want your life to be “interesting” (in the Chinese curse way) get an occult pussy and some hard drugs.

  14. This is why freedom of religion can only go so far. Things like Wicca and Islam rot away the foundations of our society and lead to what we are seeing today. Religions in general are simply means to an end. They may be irrational, but as long as their ends are good, so are they. Those of you bashing Christianity should consider what kind of society it gave us, compared with what a secular, Muslim, or Wiccan society gives us.

    1. Wicca is not a ‘religion;. It’s a noxious spiritual poison meant to destroy women and their lives, by arousing evil tendencies to destroy men, eventually destroying society, the goal of Satanists. All Wiccans are actually disciples of Satan, even though they ‘believe’ in a horned god and divine goddess. In their ‘religion’, they believe the ‘god’ dies and is rebirthed, while the goddess hibernates. So you see the superiority of women in that cult of darkness.

    2. Islam created the world’s most successful civilization for a thousand years, leading in science, mathematics, astronomy, medicine, architecture, poetry and art while Christian Europeans embraced illiteracy in their stone huts. Plato and Aristotle were destroyed in Europe as heresies and the Renaissance was fueled by Europeans getting access to the Greek classics — only available in Arabic, since the original Greek texts had been burned by Christians — in Islamic Spain. Islam is a stubbornly patriarchal religion that is immune to feminism and gives men the the right to have four wives. By the 17th century, the Muslims ruled half of Europe and produced a far more pluralistic and religiously tolerant society than Christians. Islamic civilization began a downturn starting in the 18th century when Muslims under colonial brainwashing began copying European culture and ideologies and abandoning their own values. This trend is now being reversed, slowly but surely, among Muslims as they get back in touch with their history and heritage. Islam is the future and the saving grace of Western civilizations.

      1. Red pill Islamic wisdom (sayings/quotes of Muhammad the Prophet):
        On Women:-
        Narrated Abu Bakr: During the battle of Al-Jamal, Allah benefited me with a Word (I heard from the Prophet). When the Prophet heard the news that the people of the Persia had made the daughter of Khosrau their Queen (ruler), he said, “Never
        will succeed such a nation that makes a woman their ruler.”
        “I advise you to marry virgins, for their wombs are fresher, their mouths are sweeter and they are more content with little, and less likely to deceive.”
        Narrated Abu Said Al-Khudri: The Prophet said, “Isn’t the witness of a woman equal to half of that of a man?” The women said, “Yes.” He said, “This is because of the deficiency of a woman’s mind.”
        “The virtuous wife, if her husband bids her, she obeys him; if he looks at her, she pleases him; if he gives her an oath; she fulfills it, and if he is absent from her, she guards herself and his property.”
        “There are three (persons) whose prayer will not be accepted, nor their virtues be taken above: The runaway slave until he returns back to his master, the woman with whom her husband is dissatisfied, and the drunk until he becomes sober.”
        “If blood, suppuration, and pus, were to pour from the husband’s nose and the wife licked it with her tongue, she would still never be able to fulfill his rights over her.”
        “When a man calls his wife to satisfy his desire, let her come to him though she is occupied at the oven.”
        “The good wife is out of this world because she helps free you to concentrate on the life to come. She does that by doing her house duties (instead of the husband having to do them), and by satisfying the husband sexually so protecting him from sexual temptation.”
        “Woman has been created from a rib and will in no way be straightened for you; so if you wish to benefit by her, benefit by her while crookedness remains in her. And if you attempt to straighten her, you will break her, and breaking her is divorcing her.”
        “The woman is like a rib; if you try to straighten her, she will break. So if you want to get benefit from her, do so while she still has some crookedness.”
        “I was shown the Hell-fire and that the majority of its dwellers were women who were ungrateful. They are ungrateful to their husbands and are ungrateful for the favors and the good (charitable
        deeds) done to them. If you have always been good (benevolent) to one of them and then she sees something in you (not of her liking), she will say, ‘I have never received any good from you.”
        On life wisdom:
        “The greatest struggle for the sake of God, a man fights in his life is against his own lust.”
        “The ink of the scholar is more holy than the blood of the martyr.”
        “Riches are not from an abundance of worldly goods but from a contented mind.”
        “He dieth not who giveth life to learning.”
        ““That man is nearest to God, who pardoneth, when he had in his power him who would have injured him.”
        “To spend more time in learning is better than spending more time praying the support of religion is abstinence. It is better to teach knowledge one hour in the night than to pray all night.”
        “The knowledge from which no benefit is derived is like a treasure from which no charity is bestowed in the way of the Lord.”
        “Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave.”
        “Go in quest of knowledge even unto China.”
        “Philosophy is the stray camel of the Faithful, take hold of it wherever ye come across it.”
        “An hour’s contemplation is better than a year’s adoration.”
        “To listen to the words of the learned, and to instill into others the lessons of science, is better than religious exercises.”
        “Verily the best of God’s servants are just and learned kings and verily the worst are bad and ignorant kings.”
        “Poverty may well become a cause of infidelity.”
        “The proud will not enter Paradise, nor a violent speaker.”
        “Poverty is my pride.”
        “The Lord doth not regard a prayer in which the heart doth not accompany the body.”
        “He who knoweth his own self, knoweth God.”
        “One learned man is harder on the Devil than a thousand ignorant worshippers.”
        “That person who shall die while he is studying, in order to revive the knowledge of religion, will be only one degree inferior to the prophets.”
        “Who are the learned? Those who practice what they know.”
        “Learn to know thyself.”,_Hadith_and_Scholars:Women

      2. Possibly true. A lot of Islamic theology is fanatically, brutal redpill.
        And a lot of it is available in red pill articles already, some on this site and elsewhere, especially on life wisdom and women.
        a possible unison of Christianity and Islam, both the only surviving
        red pill patriarchal religions in the world, could save the world from
        feminism. Coincidentally, both religions carry the corporal punishment
        for heresy, witchcraft and sorcery. In contrast, Judaism has already
        been corrupted into satanic witchcraft (kabalah) and atheistic anarchy
        to be in hand in glove with occultists to promote feminism.

      3. “Islam is the future and the saving grace of Western civilizations.”
        Only if they did not seek to destroy Christianity. Judging from the way Muslims behave in Europe at the moment, I highly doubt it.

        1. Islam recognizes Jesus as a prophet. They only want to destroy Atheists. Multiculturalism is a tenet of the Frankfurt School.
          Barbara Spectre, head of the European Institute for Jewish Studies in Sweden, discusses the divide-and-conquer strategy.

        2. Christianity is already destroyed in the West. You call blessing dogs, female priests/bishops and marrying homos, “Christianity”?

        3. right… that’s why mudslimes in Denmark and Sweden rape women en masse and protest christian crosses and Christmas trees because “they are a symbol of hate”

      4. don’t agree with the last bit, but good defence. I often wonder if the Mongols also did a lot to destroy the good parts of islamic civilization

  15. My Father always said “never date a witch.” I didn’t know what he was referring to until I was much older.

  16. Brilliant, fearless piece of red pill writing this article is. Kudos! And well researched too, thumbs up! Witchcraft is destroying the new generation of women in America. Occult conditioning by media (the twilight Bella Swans, the Underworld Selenes) are fucking the minds of our daughters and sisters into making them the Biblical Whores of Babylon. Look at the role models women in our society have. The piss drinking satanic Ke$has, the sex cult Madonnas et al. Fuck the complacency of our society for accepting this shit peddled to us by satanists and wiccans. As long as Earth ‘Goddesses’, Tarot psychics, diviners and fortune tellers exist in our society, feminists will never be uprooted. Christianity needs to return in a solid patriarchal form to remedy this spiritual corruption of our society. Feminists and Witches are one and the same. The sad thing is that we’ve peddled the same poison to other parts of the world with our media, thus spiritually corrupting women everywhere. What a fucked up civilization we’ve become.

    1. If what you said is correct about our daughters and sisters becoming Whores of Babylon, then it would also be correct to assume that we are nearing the end of days. So I would think that most of Christianity will not be able to return to solid patriarchal, Christ-centered form… only a handful of us will, and we will be hunted down to near extinction soon. We can do nothing but fight to the last man until Christ returns. Then we will reap the rewards of our strife in taking the difficult and narrow road following the Way, the Truth and the Light in Jesus Christ. God be with you brother

  17. I once worked at a college, grading entrance exams. The woman who worked with me was a Jewish, lesbian, Wiccan (triple word score in Feminist scrabble). She also wrote the entrance exam questions.
    At any rate, all incoming freshmen had to respond to the questions in writing. One time, she came up with a classic. It read something like this…
    “In the mountains of Nevada, there is a peaceful Wiccan temple. The women of this temple go there to pay tribute to their female Gods. Recently, the temple was vandalized. In an essay of 500 words, discuss why you think religious freedom is important.”
    No chance for the students to agree/disagree. To engage in critical thought. Just tell her why supporting Wicca is important. Pure manipulation of power. I cannot count the number of times I wanted to spit in her face.
    Of course, she climbed up the ladder of that institution, where she is now full time.

    1. I’ve had similar experiences at college. Girls around me acting as if they had supernatural powers, downloading books on witchcraft to practice “love/sex spells”, and all that wiccan new age crap. I too felt the urge to spit on them, but the truth is the new generation of women are all into this. We’re a fucked up satanic society today, I must say.

      1. Yes, she “knows” something you don’t. She has access to knowledge that normal society cannot grasp. Meanwhile, she can’t tell you where Central America is on a map.

      2. Another loser who can’t get laid. Yep, this time he struck out (the 1001 st to be exact) was because of the witches haha

        1. There’s a reason why your brain is bigger than your dick. Can you guess what it is?

    2. What college was this? A small private liberal arts fartsy or a state public?
      I have lost all hope for the university system in the US.

      1. Sadly, a state funded community college in Nevada – your tax dollars are hard at work!

    3. Yikes. A present-day Test Act. (Incidentally, the pre-Vatican II Catholic Popes condemned “religious freedom”.)

      1. That is just the tip of the iceberg. After the freshman gals/beta boys pass that, they wil have to repeat the femenist mantra in English, Sociology, etc.
        By the time she graduates, the college will have created a monster.

    4. Religious Freedom is important so you can have the Church of Satan in Newton, CT. (google it)

    5. Big deal breaker if you meet a women into this crap. Delusional, mentally ill and an idiot. Instant dump..

    6. Freedom of religion is impotent because religious types of any stripe always begin persecuting people they don’t agree with the second they have the power to do so.

  18. While agree that many feminists practice Wicca, and the satanic/illuminati symbolism in pop music is rampant (thanks Mark Dice). Blaming the occult in general is oversimplification. Hermetics is not very female friendly, Crowley was a super alpha and hell even Masonic lodges dont allow females. Unless of course this is just occult bashing, then carry on.

    1. Crowley was a faggot who practiced homosexuality. Promoting homosexuality along with feminism is the basis of the occult, all meant to demean masculinity and patriarchy. Women are necessary for the sex rituals of the occult. Occult, feminists, homosexuals – they’re all different facets of the same picture. Let’s not mistake that.

      1. Shh. You’re not supposed to know that buttpoking is an essential part of the occult.

  19. Women are just bored children, they never stop playing with dolls just as we men like playing with guns. It’s not a big deal.
    The difference is that the man is a child, who is sentenced to always play the same game (his “chosen” profession) and he subjugate himself to the women’s powers. No wonder, women believe they have witches like powers.
    Woman is a spoiled child who can not herself believe that men would give her some much power over them in exchange of a pussy.
    So why do you expect a spoiled child to behave?

    1. Exactly. That’s why men need to wield the rod.
      “Spare the rod, spoil the child.” Men need to wield the rod against feminists, occultists, and all the noxious wretched creatures of society which degrade civilization.

      1. Not really.
        You would only make the child more rebellious. Women will grow up only if men allow them too. Patriarchy does not allow them to grow-up as it sentence the man to be the woman’s slave. The man is expected to support the woman.
        The only way to accelerate the child’s development is by withdrawing the support and allowing the child to learn to look after herself. BUT men will never be able to withdraw the support if men continue to sell themselves for sex with children (women).

        1. Au contraire. Patriarchy is the only way to control them and secretly they crave to be controlled and stopped. Look to the world around you, patriarchy is dead and the “children” didn´t grow up, they grew much more annoying.

  20. I heard that that feminists are possessed by demons and the only way to turn them back into real women is to fuck them in the ass and slap them around a bit.

    1. But if you successfully exorcise them you’ll get sprayed with their shit 🙁

  21. First it’s Jew bashing, now it’s anything that doesn’t form part of the cult of Abraham bashing (the irony…). I think it’s time for me to move on from RoK.

  22. What the fuck is wrong with ROK? When did all the Nazi wannabes start showing up?

    1. What’s Nazi on RoK? We’re just discussing the already established relationship between feminism and the occult. Is this difficult for you to digest?

      1. The link between feminism and the occult is essentially Jewish in nature. Hollywood, Cabala, Frankfurt School.

    2. I have not yet read one article on ROK where the comment section did not mention Jews. Doesn’t matter what the topic is. Author could write an article on nutrition and the comments section will always go into a full “Mein Kampf” mode.

      1. It could be an article called ” water is wet and helps thirst” and the comments would start about the Jewish h2o conspiracy. Let me help the anti Jew understand. Jews stick together based on their faith, a Jewish man takes care of his children and makes his wealth generational, they congregate at temple and keep their community small and spread the wealth amoung their friends typically other Jews . No grand conspiracy just reasonable family values from a small tribe. Mormons are doing the same thing but they are new and just getting started. Try to do some shit in Utah and not be Mormon or deal with Mormons , you will find a low ceiling on that shit for sure. Instead of worrying about Jews build your own shit, play dirty, take care of your kids , and make generational wealth and form a religious community that excludes others and concentrate your wealth and influence . Let simmer for 2500-3000 years, remove once you have survived slavery and exterimantion attemps and formed your own country after developing devastating weapons by focusing on science and technology while maintaining your tribe and excluding outsiders. Enjoy the hatred of outsiders at your success. Easy as pie. Have fun.

        1. Lol, someone’s putting fluoride in the water. Granted, it could be the CIA

        2. ^^^This ^^^^ Snap…take that anti semites!!! Good summary Atlanta Man. You can replace “Jews” with Greeks, Lebanese, Persians and Armenians…
          Fellow doc here btw ….

        3. Damn you! Do not spoil the plot to destroy America’s white male population by sterilizing them by poisoning the water supply! Then they will all by bottled water! But guess who owns all the bottled water companies…….

        4. This is a good example of the entitled mindset that rubs people the wrong way. How the fuck is what you’ve described good for society *in any way*?
          And btw, I don’t think Mormonism regards outsiders as “cattle”

    3. It may have something to do with the jewish-led banking industry collapsing the us ecomony and getting bailed out and escaping prosecution.
      It may have something to do with the endless mideast drama (Libya, Syria, Arab Spring) that we get dragged into on behalf of Israel, who gets free undeserved foreign aid yearly from the us
      It may have something to do with the jewish-led entertainment industry performing blatantly satanic rituals in front of audiences of millions.
      It may have something to do with roughly half of the sandy hook actors having a jewish background.
      It may have something do to with the Dancing Mossad at 9/11 and the general rise of the internet with its concominant information dissemination, but the first four points all happened in the last 6 years, and points 2 and 3 within the last 2 years.
      If you take an in-depth, objective look at Judaism, it’s a religion that discriminates against *everyone else*.

  23. The funniest part is watching women choke on all of their “Law of Attraction” bullshit.
    They’ll swear that, if they believe something enough, good will come to them or manifest in their lives. But, when you ask “Well, what about all of the bad stuff that happens to women? Are you making it happen to yourself?” You’re blaming victims and a hopeless patriarch and misogynist.
    When good happens, its female magic. When something bad happens, it was teh men.

    1. The “Law of Attraction” is just a vapid mish mash between subconcious thinking and the Law of Intention.
      The Law of Intention is something different, that’s extra-dimensional (string theory posits the existence of extra dimensions) that says, essentially, if you 1) desire for something to happen, 2) intend for something to happen, and 3) expect for something to happen, then the likelihood of what you’re inteding/expecting/desiring to happen will increase.
      Deepak Chopra and Jose Silva (author of Silva Mind Control) both endorse the existence of this law.

    2. The law of attraction is real, and I’ve successfully used it in my own life.
      Our catch is that most people(esp. new age, occultist women) have no idea how it actually functions. What they don’t realize is that it’s “always on”….so it’s not as simple as just casting a spell and getting results. What matters is what you tell yourself subconsciously throughout the day.

      1. Sounds like what you’re describing is subconscious thinking, which is a psychological phenomenon. The Law of Intention, which the “Law of Attraction” only hints at, is purported to be something else entirely – an extra-dimensional phenomenon.
        Keep in mind if you reflexively call out “bullshit” to the above paragraph, you’re only using 10% of your brain while doing so. Lolz.

        1. No, I was referring to the law of attraction. The point I’m making is that your subconscious thinking has a much greater effect on the law of attraction than your conscious thinking does.

  24. Let’s not forget that American Christianity, especially the American Episcopal church, has been thoroughly poisoned from within. The current bishop of the church, Katharine Schori, caused quite the shit-storm in 2006 when she said in a sermon:
    “Our mother Jesus gives birth to a new creation—and you and I are his children.”
    Mother Jesus? That kind of thinking, along with Episcopal support of gay marriage, has sent that church’s attendance numbers into a nosedive. Some of these women are not content with Wicca, many are Episcopalian.

    1. What has happened with the American Episcopal church, is the herd mentality operating within America. American women already drunk with the power of feminism, have now taken over Churches, similar to the Wiccan priestesses leading the occult temples. The degeneration of Christianity with its marriage with paganism in the West has led to disappointment with many Christian men, who’ve felt abandoned by a patriarchal religion which afforded the last hope against the torrent of feminism. Christianity is not to be blamed for the problem; it is the betas running the churches who’ve allowed Christianity to degenerate so much as to allow women to run the Churches.

    2. “The current bishop of the church, Katharine Schori”
      They already failed when females are bishops.

    1. Witch…rhymes with Bitch, Itch, Snitch and Ditch. Words are often invented by the sound they create. Good company you’re in

  25. This is a good post. Although it looks wacky at first glance, further reflection shows there is something here to be learned. Don’t dismiss this stuff out of hand, guys, just because it contradicts your dearly held beliefs.
    1. The witchcraft persecutions of Europe in the 16th and 17th centuries arose for certain reasons. Those reasons need to be studied. Women have tried to claim those events as their own, but the reality is that more men and boys died in them than did women.
    2. Women are, in fact, more susceptible to supernatural suggestion than are men. And they are cunning deceivers who know how to use these things to manipulate and ruin men. If you don’t understand this, you’re in for a rude awakening. Seen in this light, the book “Malleus Maleficarum” is more of a allegorical warning than anything else. Read the book and judge for yourself.
    3. As the traditional (Christianity-based) moral code in the West has broken down, it has been replaced by degenerate cultish garbage. Women are peddling this shit (vampires, witches, idolatry, etc) and it has had a negative effect on gender relations. The occult is the smell of the West’s decaying corpse.

  26. This is a good post. Although it looks wacky at first glance, further reflection shows there is something here to be learned. Don’t dismiss this stuff out of hand, guys, just because it contradicts your dearly held beliefs.
    1. The witchcraft persecutions of Europe in the 16th and 17th centuries arose for certain reasons. Those reasons need to be studied. Women have tried to claim those events as their own, but the reality is that more men and boys died in them than did women.
    2. Women are, in fact, more susceptible to supernatural suggestion than are men. And they are cunning deceivers who know how to use these things to manipulate and ruin men. If you don’t understand this, you’re in for a rude awakening. Seen in this light, the book “Malleus Maleficarum” is more of a allegorical warning than anything else. Read the book and judge for yourself.
    3. As the traditional (Christianity-based) moral code in the West has broken down, it has been replaced by degenerate cultish garbage. Women are peddling this shit (vampires, witches, idolatry, etc) and it has had a negative effect on gender relations. The occult is the smell of the West’s decaying corpse.

    1. Agreed. Human killings, especially of young pre-pubescent boys is an integral part of the occult rituals. Crowley himself admitted to this. And the recent rise in occult murders and disappearances of young children in the States are all testament to the fact that the occult is a dangerous threat, combined with feminism to modern society. You have occult movies promoting cannibalism and vampirism to young women. TV shows like “The Craft”, “Sabrina the Teenage Witch”, I mean what role models are we promoting to young girls? To grow up into degenerate women who’d control men?

      1. ……..and which major religion condones the sacrifice of young children?
        (hint…it starts with a J)

        1. Well put. In the Satanic Bible and the Satanic Witch, Crowley mentions the same thing. He mentions that people who disbelieve in the existence of the Devil are the ones most likely to be never cured of demonic possession, if a witch puts a spell on them.

        2. An ever better trick is convincing people you’re *someone else*

        3. The “facts” don’t change because your comment lacked them completely to begin with. It doesn’t matter if you attributed The Satanic Bible to Big Bird, the book says nothing like what you’ve attributed to it.

      2. Crowley did most certainly not, good sir. His terms were ” a unborn child of perfect such and such “- meaning in those post-Vic censored times, semen. Eg- the integral element in some ESOTERIC ceremonial magick rituals,is successful male orgasm.( Sorry to be crude, but I am a 35 year researcher on Crowley, and know all about him, soup to nuts. The good, the bad,and the oh so ugly untruth.
        Please, if you are going to argue on this subject, you cannot use random information, if the subject is celebrated as a controversial icon. Why? Because people like lies and smut, and the media likes making money off this. People love a good dose of dirty linen, and he manufactured it to size, as well as had more lies than money to fight libel/slander in the media, in court.
        Crowley, for anyone who hasn’t fallen asleep yet, actually when one is familiar with his work, his peccadillos, his various ways to obtain publicity, and his terrible sense of humour ( terrible, as in any publicity is good publicity, but makes us scholars of him-seem like total degenerates/witless/lacking moral codes ) has succeeded in the area of religious/esoteric study in a way no other has ever approached.
        He, using his inheritance, studied at his whim. Which took him thru years of dedicated work; yoga( Raja, Hatha, Bhahkti, you name it ), buddhism, Taoism, Western cerimonal magick ( The Golden Dawn ), various branches of Christian thought ( from family taught Plymouth Brethern, Gnosticism, Goetia ), Freemasonry, various branches of Philosophy ( All major philosophers/accepted schools of classically taught Philosophy, Confucius), major undertaking/understanding of the foundations of Scientific Theory/practice, indeed too many to list.
        This is a man who could have graduated from Cambridge, had he cared about the diploma. Who climbed one of the highest Mountains in the world, before modern mountaineering tools, without oxygen- and nearly succeeded.
        Does this sound like a man who would be so idiotic to actually think killing a child would make things manifest? His hagiobiography, which I have read more times than I can count ( got into it for the mountains, ended up with a lifetime of study to figure out what he was going on about ) attests in plain language, exactly how this would be taken, and why, and why he had to couch it in such terms.
        I believe Roosh has something written on this site ( or his good sir writers ) on how at the moment of supreme pleasure, one may attain a moment of mastery over the subconscious.
        Think about that. Think about exactly, what that means. Control, to drop into ones most unknown, powerful, and mysterious inner self – a idea, a wish, a vision. Which then, is taken by the sub con ( this is dumbing it down, no ones quite sure WHAT happens, all is known is it WORKS )- and put into action.Compelling you to success. Magick so to speak.
        Whatever you take from this, I tell you one major thing. Crowley is the only man ever, to use ever discipline to figure out exactly how/why/what caused major “prophets” to achieve their visions. Then work out, what was common, to make a scientific study that showed how to REPEAT the process ( imagine, you too could do this- given decades of hard work ) in order to tap into, a part of …well, you/the universe/god- and come back out with not only with a entire system of how you achieved this, but something entirely new. Which is achieved rarely. The accomplishment of the finding of the Benzene Ring- a fluke. But this system, is how to pretty much meet whatever our finite minds can comprehend of the infinite, and learn.
        Reguardless of how many drugs he took or women he shagged, the man was a genius thru his own hard work, common sense, science applied, logic understood ( and broken, at one point briefly- in order to understand the mind’s workings ) – every tool a man may win by hard work of his own, on the backs of giants.
        Whats funnier, is he did not care if people preferred to believe the lies. He wold laugh, and think one deserved it. While the wisdom of the wise, distilled down ( its all there, in the Order of the A…A…) for anyone, male or female to work. One man, only has actually done/succeeded what he taught, in this century. ( Nicest chap I ever met, also. )
        Don’t believe just anything you read.
        “Here dwelleth Monsters.”

        1. Now I will go tape my mouth shut, and post nothing to make up for this. Please forgive, but its so awful to read such lies about such gruesome things. I can’t bear it. Too many real bad things to fear, let alone old wives tales.
          And Crowley was a real MAN. You may do well to take heed, if thats what you fancy ( in reading material.)

    2. “Women are in fact more susceptible to supernatural suggestion than are men.” Truth. “Hysteria” begins with “hyst” which is Latin for womb ( as in hysterectomy) which was a codified psychiatric diagnosis for women in the 19th century. Estrogen makes women physiologically incapable of sustained logic and reason . This is why women are more prone to cults and fads. Think Charles Manson and his bevy of rich white psycho chick followers. Think of Barrack Obama and his army of single moms who faint and fall out at his rallies.

    3. Quintus-Catholocism has its roots in the occult. Judaism especially Kaabalah and some aspects of Islam too-islamic mysticism. The Protestant reformation around the time if Enlightenment was a move away from the occult in most religions. But harnessing the power of the occult whether men believe in it or not will help their game. As many of these threads have discussed the power of a cult little tricks from the occult.i call it the pussy pascal wager.

      1. Another ignorant protestant. NO protestant can call himself Christian since Protestantism was a move against organized religion, Christian dogma and patriarchy,.

        1. Agreed. However my statement was one made of relativity not objectivity.To categorise a group together not to asess their claim of conviction of the Devine.

        2. Bullshit. Protestantism is a protest against indulgences and a return to the faith of the early church. It is an attempt to shake off the corruption of the church that preceded it.

      2. Well, gee beaver if you think Catholicism had roots in the occult, you’re gonna shit yourself when you find out about what Christianity (and all other abrahamic religion was based on) Zoroastrianism.

    4. I find that the words “supernatural” and “spiritual” and always be replaced, wherever they occur, with the word “imaginary” with no loss if meaning.

      1. Paul is on point here and at delicious tacos site, I read all his posts cause they are damn near as good as the articles and insightful as well. Bravo PaulMurrayCbr, bravo.

      2. That’s a viewpoint that’s typical of an underdeveloped pineal gland. String theory, which is gaining wider mainstream acceptance, allows for the existence of extra dimensions; the vast majority of near-death experiences involve reported “supernatural” occurences.
        Your “finding” is a mere musing and not the subject to an involved deductive investigation.
        Keep eating tacos, my friend.

        1. Pissed he corrected your English further down in these comments huh? Go to delicious tacos site , there is better shit than you will be able to write there as well, also The Last Psychiatrist . You are kind of a dick, not that you care…

        2. Now there’s a man who thinks that “dimension”, in string theory, means “a place that you can go to”.

    5. Yes, but this is 2014 dude. Women follow any new trendy trend that comes along. You know that.

    6. Agreed. There is definitely something twisted and perverse going on, whether you believe in supernatural or don’t.
      By the way, i recommend looking up a guy named Aloysius Fozdyke and his articles in He claims to be an insider.

    7. More susceptible to retarded ideas.
      Pre-renaissance christianity destroyed western civilization, the first one, held it back for a 1000 years.

    1. Her dad’s a big time Pedo. A real humanitarian, Bob Geldof is.

  27. Given women’s predilection towards all things psychic, has anyone here tried to use “psychic” content in applying game? I know a few women who are into the whole psychic, reiki, astrology stuff and now I’m wondering if using it in game isn’t an untapped resource.

    1. absolutely. It’s called ‘priest of satan’ game and it works very well.

  28. I immediately recognize the Kesha ‘Die Young’ video still and the Nicki Minaj ‘Roman Holiday – Live on CBS’ video still and have a very different take on the ideology in question here.
    I don’t see Nicki Minaj or Kesha (a lesser ‘artist’ than Nicki) being lauded by feminists at all. I see these two performances/videos as being a stick in the eye of mainstream American culture. A parody of its excesses while also a sneering nihilism at the traditional Cathedral beacons that we customarily rail against here on RoK.
    If you’ve ever felt pressure from your family/friends/community to ‘man up and put a ring on it’, and then you are ostracized for not doing so, and you embark on a lonely period of miserable, slow recovery from that emotional hell – I think you might consider Nicki’s material in a different light. Her vicious hatred of the status quo is something I find refreshing, and I damn sure found it cathartic when I was down and out.
    I know this is OT to some extent, but worth mentioning as a counterview to the kneejerk tendency to bash all American chick pop stars automatically – as though they are all equally mendacious tools of gender feminist brainwashing..

  29. I know the official exorcist for my diocese. He says the number one reason why he has to do what he does is because people are screwing around with occult items they don’t really understand: Ouija boards, tarot cards, seances, etc. Scoff if you want, but stay away from those things and the people who use them no matter what.

    1. The saying “heebie jeebies” came from “Ouija”. Strong hint there.

    2. Really? No shit you have an official exorcist?? That’s kinda both cool and scary. I read alot about the exorcism that was the inspiration for the book and then movie “Exorcist”. The director William Freidkin , a nonbeliever read the official Catholic reports of the exorcism and all the crazy , supernatural , inexplicable shit that went down and it made him question his atheism….

      1. Every Catholic diocese is supposed to have an official exorcist. He told me that nine times out of ten, the people who request his services need a good psychiatrist instead. That tenth case though… the things he’s told me convinced me that you need to have your balls screwed on tight to be an exorcist.

        1. Ghosts are indeed real though. So are demons. So are the reptilians. In fact, they may all be one and the same.

        2. Yeah, man, whatever you, like, say, man. Hey man, you want some weed, man? Yeah, man, this shit is, like, soooo good man! And you don’t even need intellect, brains or actual knowledge you know!
          Yeah, man, this shit is goooood…man!

  30. Beta men are less able to fight wars and conquer. Female societies fall pray to male societies easily. I wouldn’t worry too much.

  31. In the Sixties and Seventies the occult was sold to us — naive fools that we were — as “empowering oppressed women” and “healing the environment” and other false nobilities. Occut symbolism and ideologies are rife in America.
    In the Eighties the occult was sold to young men as “rebellion” against authority and against a corrupt culture — thus the endless death-metal bands, the stupid occult/demonic logos and values and pretentions, peddled to western boys already very alienated from the culture. And lots of those guys bought the occult jonestown-juice. Oh yeah looka how cool I am, black clothes with metal studs, demonic logos, and headbanger tunes blasting. I’m REALLY rebelling now, aren’t I mommy? LOL.
    Occultism and Feminism are essentially the same phenomenon, and always have been, going back to the beginnings of the species. Despite the advertisements and come-ons, there is NOTHING masculine or manly in ANY aspect of the occult. If you enter these practices or groups as a male, you WILL be used as a tool for the collective purposes of power-and-control-freak females. The only “men” who enter and remain in occult activities and groups are weakling and inferior men, who cannot compete with other males, and so turn to artificial elevation and artificial masculinity in occult practices, as the (lol) High Priest etc. Like Obie, they get to play I’m The Big Man, despite the obvious fact that they’re not.
    The U.S. is the most occult nation ever extant on Earth, and its origins — like the origins and development of the Russian, French, and American Revolutions — was steeped in, and guided by, occult influences and organizations. Those Fantastic Founders worshipped by the Righties were largely dupes of forces they did not understand. Look where it led; I rest my case.
    Similarly, the occult has taken over the churches of the modern west, largely through the influence of feminism, general group-female influence, and of other “improvements” of “progress.” Christianity and Judaism have been reversed from their origins, and turned into tools of the enemy. Don’t be deceived further. Christ, the OT prophets, the apostles and martyrs — these were the MOST masculine of men, not the wimps and sissies portrayed modernly. True Christianity is utterly masculine and absolutely assumes male leadership over females, beginning with God our Father, through his selected son Jeshua and subsequent MALE leadership. Real Christianity is anti-feminist and anti-occult.
    I could write ten books on the relationship between the occult, feminism, and America/the West, but this article was a good introduction to the topic, and a warning — especially to young men who are vulnerable to more cultural deceit — that the occult is NOT the friend of men or masculinity. It’s not the friend of women either, but is being used by elites and by females collectively — and by the cowardly manginas who go along — as a tool to destroy fatherhood, masculinity, and our relationship with our spiritual fathers, and with our ultimate Father.
    Thanks Oracle and ROK.

    1. This man speaks the truth. (Someone ought to write an article on the timeline) of how this was sold to young men in the 1980s+

    2. Norway is the most occult-saturated country in the world. The USA isn’t even close.
      Nuns beating schoolchildren are complicit in turning people against Judeo-Christian paradigms. Priests molesting boys are complicit also.
      A friend of mine, who is no pussy himself, hates Christianity with a passion. He was beaten by nuns in the late 70s. He, and a great many other men, appreciate the heavy metal of Metallica and Slayer, Testament and Exodus, Pantera and Anthrax, et al. I say there’s a logical connection.
      James Hetfield is no pussy – and he’s been wearing much of the regalia you rail against here for decades.
      You provide facile explanations when perhaps some navel-gazing is due of the Judeo-Christian set – upon all the myriad ways they royally fucked everything up of their own accord.

      1. If self-proclaimed atheists did the same thing perhaps they will merit the same hatred.
        But then truth is truth regardless if the supposed people representing it does not represent it.

    3. Oh, and God doesn’t even exist so you are pretty much out of luck if you count on him.
      And if God exist then Satan does also, and i’d rather serve Satan.

  32. Hollywood, the Cabala (the main document for occult instruction), and Feminism all have Jewish origins.
    The corruption of Western Society is laid out in blueprint in the writings of the Frankfurt School and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Both of which are Jewish documents.

    1. And the Illuminati was created by the Rothschild family, a jewish banking family that has funded European wars for centuries and has been rumored to have half of the world’s wealth, which they have reportedly held for centuries.

      1. “Jews are innocent!” cried the American man without a foreskin.

  33. Interesting, I had a very similar experience with an Eastern European woman, nearly marked down to the T.

  34. Exodus 22:18 “Do not allow a sorceress to live” QED
    Like to seriously applaud ROK on their intelligence on this one!!!Roosh, Oracle Z (you have just earned your 5* General points)
    Such deviation is the course of the survival of civilization… Whether its Twilight/LordofRings/HarryPotter you name it the common thread is simple, …you have a continent – lets call it ‘Africa’ (doing everything they can now to try and escape witchcraft, and then you have the same “cats” (sociologist degrees/so-called educated pple in the west) doing everything they can to try and get themselves into sorcery. The result is the same (Sex Rituals/Rights of passage etc) require these women to learn from a “second set of books” just like (Eve in the garden of Eden and the apple) = feminism and homosexuality as the continued power struggle masking the true plan to override “masculinity and patriarchy” or otherwise Christianity (God’s Law).

  35. The elite in the West are obsessed with the occult. Just look at Bohemian Grove, which is attended by top politicians, bankers, business men, actors and journalists every summer, where they take part in rituals like mock sacrifices of children to the god Moloch.

  36. Religion is just silly, so is astrology, so is fake science ( gender studies is peer reviewed bullshit) . The Jews were the first monotheistic religion and they were not accepting applications so some Romans threw a Jew on a cross then called him god and fell to their knees and began aggressively recruiting. People need to let this religious bullshit go, just like alchemy it is no longer relevant to reality. Let the Jews do their thing with their one god and let’s all go study science instead of church on Sunday , it is more productive. Also since y’all love copying the Jews with this monotheism bullshit, copy them an become a doctor, physics major, or engineer and make something useful. Religion is like a bad relationship that people won’t let go because they are scared no one else wants them so they stay with someone that treats them like shit and holds them back. It is more productive to masturbate , at least you get some pleasure and you know when it is over. Starting a cult for profit, that is a different story…..

    1. Spoken like a below average complacent true male cunt from Atlanta in modern day America.

      1. Ignore the ignorant little wanker. Probably brought up by some hair hatted hooligan moma

    2. “The Jews were the first monotheistic religion and they were not
      accepting applications so some Romans threw a Jew on a cross then called
      him god and fell to their knees and began aggressively recruiting.
      People need to let this religious bullshit go, just like alchemy it is
      no longer relevant to reality.”
      If the dead jew on the stick stayed dead it would not exist.

      1. Zoroastrianism predate judaism by centurys and its monotheistic lmao no knowledge of history

    3. AG you just kicked the hornets nest. You will be shocked at all the churchies that follow ROK. Really surprised at all the religious types that are regular here on this very cool but often naughty site. I wonder if their pastors knew they were regulars on a site with articles such as “All Women Love Rough Sex”….

      1. And…Women rough sex, that’s a fact supported by Religion throughout all history, knights, soldiers, farmers, all knew that women needed regular “crackdown” at sex. It was in our “modern” and “enlightened” world (18th century onwards) that such a knowledge became rare amongst men.

  37. I would say that the occultism in feminism (and basicly any female project) is especially outspoken in black feminism. Females refering to themselves as queens (ex; Queen Latifah) and goddesses. The magical powers of the womb. Women as givers of life (instead of birth) so as to emphasize their divine nature.

    1. my impression was that a lot changed in terms of religious terms after people realised that there might be a connection between those women being ‘givers of life’ and the fact the 9 months previously they’d had a good hard seeing to. Goddess worship in other words may have been premised on as assumption of parthenogensis (i.e. spontaneous pregnancy without male intervention).
      In some senses we are moving towards this same (false) assumption, at least in a practical rather than a magical way: women have children as single mothers, through sperm donation, using turkey basters etc. I even recall reading about scientific innovation suggesting that sperm may in the future be manufactured without the need for male gametes.
      Come on guys, its time for our Stallion seed to get the credit it deserves

  38. The real disturbing and frightening thing about this article is the link for the article from the Trumpet by Dennis Leap from the september/october 1999 edition. What the fuck?!!! No one probably even knew at that time that Fort Hood in the military is an occult base!
    I wonder how a satanist or witch would bother to protect a christian in the case of an attack on our soil. We are now putting our lives in the hands of people whose ideologies conflict completely with our society. Fuck our system for allowing this to happen.

  39. This is also pertinent when a western woman tells you she’s “spiritual.” Let me translate this from womanese into English. What this means is this in womanese, “I would believe in God under the auspices of organized religion but since all organized religions especially those bad boy Abrahamic religions want to put the lock and chains on bad female behavior and limit us as being under the authority of men, I’d rather forego this.” Therefore, whatever emotional high they receive from the latest Eastern spiritual fad or worse astrology or the occult she’d gladly believe this over religion. There is no organized religion that could ever put women over men, because the simple fact thereof would be the absence of all organization (women over men). The biggest revolt against God was not the French nor Bolshevik Revolutions but the feminist revolutions of the 1960s. Men pathetically laid down 10,000 years of human patriarchal development and growth without a shot. At least we’re waking up.

    1. And who were responsible for the financing of the French and Bolshevik revolutions? And what is the background of the majority of Bolsheviks?
      (hint – the same general group that created feminism)

        1. Not as an ideology or a movement, though. Rome was a long. long time ago

        2. It has many guises. Feminism is its latest incarnation. It is in other words the curse of eve. The desire of women to dominate man. Even as they desire to be dominated.

        3. Or Einstein, maybe it’s the desire of the Elites to play “divide and conquer”, create a distraction mechanism for the masses and to increase to tax base (by pushing women into the workplace) with the purpose of skimming more money from it.
          Women are just the unwitting patsies in this scenario.

        4. ” maybe it’s the desire of the Elites to play “divide and conquer”,
          create a distraction mechanism for the masses and to increase to tax
          True. But the groundwork is already laid in human nature. Without the tools that the flaw of females provide they could not have succeeded.

        5. Never confuse them with facts. If those fuckers aren’t Jewish then one of them was married to a Jew. It’s like 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon.

    2. Women have no problem with bad boy Abrahamic religions… if they’re kept in line. Chicks dig jerks.

  40. Fuck Women. FUCK WOMEN. FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!
    FUCK ALL WITCHES, BITCHES OF MISERY!!! Fucking men’s lives, these demonic scum are. To hell with their beliefs, let them plough their assholes with broomsticks, magic wands and our dicks!!!No mercy to witches, fuck them and spit on them, and THEN FUCKING BURN THEM!!!

  41. The irony is that lilith actually just means owl, not demoness or anything.

  42. “In matriarchal societies in Africa,”
    This is an interesting point. The matriarchal nature of Africa is probably the cause of its backwardness.

  43. we need to resurrect vincent price as the witchfinder general. He can start with the Jezebel crowd

  44. Men generally think along the lines of – What can I give to the system?
    Women mostly think along the lines of – What can I take from the system?
    This is why – countries where feminism is powerful, the welfare system is highly prevalent and active, because the ‘needs’ of women are pre-eminent in a feminist society and women always ‘need’ welfare.
    The more feminism in a nation – the greater will be its welfare state. This is why nordic countries have the highest rate of welfare.
    The disparity between men and women’s desires is also manifested in the welfare system of any society, where females outnumber males significantly in terms of taking welfare.
    Of course, on the surface it seems as an advantage, however, it becomes a detriment to men when it runs the risk of men bearing the burden of women.

  45. Yeah, Wicca (female-centered religion) and feminism (female-centered ideology) have common origins. I wouldn’t classify that under “disturbing” so much as “No shit, Sherlock.” If I were a man, I’d be far more concerned about a woman stalking me and trying to ruin my professional reputation than her laughable attempt to “hex” me. If waving her arms around and chanting “hocus pocus” over a few black candles and a lock of my hair helps her blow off steam, good. Much better that than a false rape accusation.

    1. Then why are the elite so into occultism?
      Witchcraft has is origins in the Cabala and Feminism as a modern movement was created by Jewish radicals in the 1920’s with an assist from the Rockefellers (who are part crypto-sephardic Jews and part Rothschild lackeys) and the CIA.
      The common origin is not female.
      Having glasses is no longer equated with intelligence, thanks in part to hipster girls.

  46. I don’t mind the proliferation. It makes me feel more secure that my sons will have an easier time picking out the dupes and idiots when it comes time to look for quality womenfolk.
    Getting one of these New Age bullshit artists to talk is a fantastic proof to the old adage about how it’s better to sit quietly and risk being considered a fool rather than opening ones’ mouth and removing all doubt.

    1. But if they keep performing their occultish ceremonies at the Superbowl halftime and at the Grammy’s there may be no more quality women left.
      The entertainment industry seems hell-bent on corrupting all of them.

  47. I don’t see this as a threat personally. While I have noticed there seem to be a lot of feminists involved in Wicca and other New Age type spiritualism, you forget that the numbers of Atheists and other non-religious people are rising dramatically as well(probably more dramatically). 32% of all adults under 30 identify as non-religious. I doubt occult beliefs will aid feminism for very much longer. A few generations down the road and religious/spiritual believers of all sorts will be in the minority in America.

    1. You can blame the betatization of (what’s passing for) Christianity for that. Nobody respects betas, and everybody loves kicking them around.

      1. Catholicism died with the Second Vatican Counsel and Protestantism died in the 1970s with the changing of old doctrines and the ordination of women. The only real Christian branch left is Eastern Orthodoxy. If you want true Western Christianity be prepared to be in an extreme minority vis-à-vis the sedevacantists in Catholicism or the Missouri-Synod Lutheran Church for protestants. Mainstream Christianity is the work of evil and promotes shameless homosexual and feminist principles. I hope it burns to the ground.

    2. ¿How can you be Majority in a few generations if nowhere Atheists have higher birthrates than religious people? by the way there is a factor that needs to be taken into account, many people in the occult, will likely downplay their participation in those practices and if it comes to self-reporting surveys, many of them will state they are not religious.

  48. In Anna Karenina, princess kitty and Vronsky go in for table turning and spiritualism. While Levin thinks it is not believable. Kitty ends up with the farmer, Levin. Vronsky seems like a dilettante who will fall for anything. Tolstoy didn’t seem to think very much of spiritualism.

  49. I’m currently writing a book simply titled “Coven”, in which the main male protagonist learns the women in his family are witches. He has to decide whether or not he wants to learn magic himself (from another witch girl), sparking a journey of self-validation and realizing his worth in society.

  50. Just tell them you are a pagan warlock. Stay away from wicca though, it is very emasculating, besides they define a warlock as a traitor. In my younger days, I used some minor stage magic to pretend to have real powers. Works best with the younger naive ladies. My girl started talking about witchcraft the other day, I opened up an old box of occult paraphernalia and her eyes got big. She was really wet that night.

  51. Clint keeps it real back in 1971 with the original Krazy Kunt Stalker flim. A must watch for all men.

  52. Now that women (by even some commenting here) have accepted the relationship between feminism and witchcraft, I don’t think any sane man would bother to have kids with these women, or have a relationship with them. The only way patriarchy can return to save the situation is through organized religion, not nihilism which is as good as witchcraft itself. Fucking growth rate of 30,000 new converts to Wicca every month in America? The satanic media has already peddled the poison deep into the veins of American society and every where in the world. A lot of Russian women practise witchcraft. A lot of American women turning to witchcraft. Google russian or slavic witchcraft and see the prevalance of black magic in that part of the world today. Google luckymojo and see the kind of spells they put on their site. The world is headed for destruction with the return of paganism. It won’t be soon when people would have orgies as rituals on the roadside and human sacrifices to appease their ‘Gods’. Fuck witchcraft, these people need to be burned. Want to thank ROK for touching this sensitive but ignored truth we see today. Great job.

  53. For those of you who are familiar with David R. Hawkins M.D., you know him as a pioneer in the science of consciousness and truth. I just finished reading his book Truth vs. Falsehood: How to tell the difference. The basic premise of the book is that truth can can actually be calibrated via kinesiology. The calibration levels in the human domain from 1-1,000 (1 being the consciousness level of a single celled amoeba and 1,000 being the theoretical level of consciousness of Jesus Christ ‘Christ-consciousness’, the Buddha ‘Buddha nature’, and Krishna). Anything below 200 is considered untruth and destructive of life and anything above 200 is considered truth and supportive of life.
    Early Christianity, prior to the Council of Nicaea, calibrates at 840 (extremely high). Mahayana Buddhism calibrates at 960. Most sects in Hinduism calibrate extremely high as well. Islamic Sufism calibrates at 700 (not as high as the others but extremely high). Hasidic Judaism at 605 and reform Judaism at 550 (supportive of life). Atheism calibrates at about 190 (the level of pride) which is still a level destructive of life.
    Wicca calibrates at 160 (destructive of life), Black Magic (20; around the same consciousness level as child serial killers), Occultism 135-185 (destructive of life and untrue), Black witchcraft 5, Voodoo 45.
    It’s a very interesting read and has changed my entire outlook on everything. These examples are just a few but are applicable to the subject at hand. Point is is that occultism, black magic, and other nonsense peddled as new age is complete nonsense. It is in fact destructive in its practice of all life and should not be entertained.
    I’m not saying that anybody needs to be burned at a stake or even criminally penalized but it should not be given any support especially when it takes is form as feminism.

    1. Dr Bigg you changed your name or was your medical license suspended for impersonating a man?

        1. He has a hardon for Maria and is jealous of Dr. Bigg. I just began reading this pua blog and it’s obvious that the boy is obsessed with something he’ll never have. Maria wouldn’t piss on this negro if he was on fire. I’ve seen her pic and she’s like a 10+++ with an 150 IQ which is 10 deviations above the average negro.

  54. The coincidence to be noted is that this article is published right around Beltane festival – the festival of sexual debauchery which occurs every year on May 1. May 20 is the time when wiccans mock the ascension of Jesus Christ. The four most powerful months in the year when occult energies are the highest are February-March 20, April 20-May 1 (the darkest time of the year when black magic spells have the maximum potency), August 1, and the entire month of November beginning November 1 (in the Ars Goetia, Asmodeus the demon of lust, holds supreme powers during that month).
    Notice the age group of the girls (age 7). Explains a lot of missing children who are kidnapped for these rituals.
    About demonology:
    Human sacrifice, anal defloration of women and young girls, sex rituals, homosexuality are practised at the highest times during these years. in UK, women go to the Beltane festivals to fuck like bitches in heat during that time. Crowley’s “do as thou will” is the code of witchcraft.

  55. One surprising trend to be noted is that of an emerging trend of young girls who call themselves as “Christian Witches”. Probably influenced by the Sabrinas of TV. Don’t know whether the term “Christian Witch” itself is a parody of Christianity or a parody of Wicca.
    “I am A Christian Witch. I use witchcraft to worship God, Jesus,and the Holy Spirit.”
    Lmao! The height of contradictions. Do notice the donate button, she seems to be desperate for cash, probably because the spells don’t work for her.
    I wonder how these women will attain
    salvation when the Bible specifically forbids witchcraft!!!
    Exodus 22:18 “Do not allow a sorceress to live”

    1. ● “You must not practice magic.”—Leviticus 19:26.
      ● “As for a man or woman in whom there proves to be a mediumistic spirit or spirit of prediction, they should be put to death without fail.”—Leviticus 20:27.
      ● “There should not be found in you . . . a practicer of magic or anyone who looks for omens or a sorcerer, or one who binds others with a spell or anyone who consults a spirit medium.”—Deuteronomy 18:10-14.
      That “Christian Witch” is a comedy of paradoxes.

  56. As that dude in the Youtube video points out, that period when all that crazy stuff was going on in NY was summed up as “spiritualism.” That’s what it was called at the time.
    Ever notice how many women say the are not religious but “spiritual”? I never know what the fuck they mean by that, other than some new age nonsense. Now I think I know it’s something much darker that the sisterhood has pulled them into.

    1. ‘Spiritual’ is the new buzzword/codeword that Satanists/pagans use to camouflage themselves. Deception is the prime tool of these people.

  57. Considering the proliferation of witchcraft, the future of the next generation of Anglo/Russo or most women throughout the world……

  58. I’m having an eerily similar problem to the guy mentioned in this article (have had a stubborn hex which won’t go away, put on me by an ex-Slavic girlfriend, ). Any ideas how to end it? I’m a Moor though.

  59. This is common outside of the Western world. Stories about women using witchcraft to spite other women or to obtain affection and love from men. I used to live with a Witch from Eastern Europe like this man did. She had a string of men lining up to give her gifts, do anything for her; and these were not all betas either. Very eerie. Luckily my advanced PUA reading which I have been doing for the last couple years, managed to make her tricks backfire on her.

    1. Didn’t she try to cast a spell on you? Mine did. I can’t seem to get it off me. Been to various ‘healers’, but they couldn’t heal me. Problem is it’s fucked many aspects of my life. God damn that witch.

      1. Send me a pm, we can discuss this more in private. There are a lot of ways to get rid of it, some of it easier than you would think. However in the West, there is little attention to these matters.

  60. Fuck wiccan bitches up their fat pale gothic asses. Occult symbolism everywhere. Note the devil sign, the pentacle ring on the forefinger, and the red scarf (mimicking the cabalist red string). We’re heading towards spiritual destruction.

    1. “Fuck wiccan bitches up their fat pale gothic asses.”
      Lol. Do you think that will teach them a lesson? Anal sex is a staple for a wiccan bitch, on the contrary it will make her fall in love with you, and cast a spell on you to make her yours. Better than fucking them, BURNING them is a better option. Torquenada needs to return.

  61. Whenever you see the establishment (political, banking elite) support the two pillars of feminism and homosexuality run, because the 3rd wheel is always trying to put a spin on the occult and the result always leads to war.
    From the SS Nazi signs, to media icons were seeing today, the trend is the same, women gravitate to those they know who is in charge…..
    btw can we get some ground rules: Some of you have posted 16-20 times each in this thread. Bullet point your comments, rather than writing more afterpoints….

  62. I am 100% in favour of jilted women casting spells on hair clippings. Or praying for vengeance, for that matter. The connection between feminism and the occult only bugs people who believe that the world really is inhabited by bodiless spirits, or that wishing hard enough for something makes it so.

    1. All witches are nutjobs, good at blowjobs. They need to collect sperm for their sex rituals.

    2. Being a “witch” should have warned you of that, bro. I’ve known quite a few wiccans and pagans. Never have I met one who didn’t have at least one ( and in most cases it was several) form of mental illness.

  63. Obviously occultism is an elite interest. Feminism is a creation by the elite that of course many women automatically support.
    There are many symbols and signs practically everywhere we look in our current world. I.E.: WTF is the all seeing eye & the pyramid (among other symbols) on American money when the US was basically a 100% Christian country when the bill was designed?

  64. While it’s a given that feminism has infected the mainline Christian denominations, back in the 90s I was surprised that the occult was making inroads as well … many years and many jobs ago, I was working on the website for an officially sanctioned women’s agency of the Methodist church. On their website’s recommended reading lists were about a half dozen books penned by outspoken wiccans. They were removed a couple of years later after the word got out, but that was one of my first indications that something was rotten in the state of Denmark.

    1. All countries in the world have paganism in their roots. Denmark is no exception. The problem is that paganism is ignorance. Look at Stonehenge in Scotland. It has become a national tourist attraction. So promotion of occult is a rising phenomenon, and nothing new in Europe today. We’re heading towards an apocalypse eventually.

  65. A lot of feminist wiccan cunts are gonna be butthurt from this one…..

    1. Actually, they’ll be laughing at you. Your fear of them has just made them stronger.

      1. That is a silly comment. Why do you keep posting so much?
        Your time would have been much better spent doing something productive, like say making some microwave popcorn.

  66. Boy, I’ve never read an article with such stupidity in it. The author is, naturally, ignorant of the Pagan movement. His quoted experience has more to do with a Charmed episode rather than reality. But then, such frightened boys need to reinforce the fantasy to make up for deficiencies in the genitalia department….

    1. What’s stupid? The established and proved relationship between feminism and occult witchcraft? Maybe you could enlighten us with your knowledge of the Pagan movement. And your penis envy highly suggests you’re a female, and probably a wiccan.

      1. Yep, a small-minded person will always jump to an incorrect asumption and defend a logically inept argument.
        Firstly, it is not a proven relationship between the occult and feminism. That’s utter bollocks, and underscores the ignorance of the author. Had he any knowledge of Pagan traditions he would have been a little more accurate with his detail. And yes, I have great knowledge of Paganism, and other religions too, for that matter. which is why I laugh at you.

        1. “Had he any knowledge of Pagan traditions he would have been a little more accurate with his detail.”
          You’ve already implied that it’s accurate. Can you enlighten us with your ‘great knowledge’ of Paganism to make it more accurate, Pagan?

        2. You don’t need to be Pagan to understand the lack of logic, only a little bright in the intellectual department. Think feminism and think history, maybe that will give you a clue…surely you’re not that dumb? Are you?

        3. We don’t need to think, we NEED TO KNOW. It’s been proved that witchcraft is a female centric cult. It’s been proved that witchcraft and feminism have common ideologies and links. If you can disprove that, then disprove it with your facts. Enlighten us with your ‘great knowledge’. Don’t evade it with silly quibbles.Produce your facts. Don’t make us think, make us believe with factual proof. If you can’t, then just shut up.

        4. Really, then why was the modern witchcraft revival started by a man (well, two men really, if you allow for Alex Saunders)? It ISN’T female-centric (you’ve been watching too much Charmed) it’s balanced between male and female. That’s why you have Priests and Priestesses, why you have gods and goddesses. Jesus, even someone with such a low IQ could figure that with a cursory glance. I guess you missed the entire logical fallacy I mentioned with regards to history. If you can’t work it out…well, that’s your problem. Nor do you even consider the Odinist perspectives or the Astaru. As noted, ignorant.

        5. Anything which speaks of equality or balance between men and women is essentially female-centric. Men and women are not equal. God intended patriarchy for this earth. If a couple of beta faggots started the revival of witchcraft, even then it doesn’t the change the fact that witchcraft’s core is essentially female centric, even if talks of ‘equality’. Just like how feminism is. Feminists initially began whining for equality when feminism first began, and today they’re asserting superiority over men. Witchcraft is the same. Female equality eventually leads to female superiority. History is proof to that. But women never assert superiority unless men hand it to them. Feminism rose with the help of men, just as witchcraft did. That does not change the fact that both are female-centric.

        6. ” Men and women are not equal”
          They are. Your problem is that you are confusing different with equal.
          “God intended patriarchy for this earth.”
          And where is this stated by god? Oh, that’s right, IT ISN’T.
          “If a couple of beta faggots started the revival of witchcraft, even then
          it doesn’t the change the fact that witchcraft’s core is essentially
          female centric”
          Wrong again. Really, learn what words mean before attempting to use them. Witchcraft ISN’T focused on women. Do learn about what you’re attempting to debate.
          “History is proof to that.”
          Perhaps you should learn the meaning of the word “proof” too. Show me this female superiority of which you speak. Perhaps it’s because you’re weak and intimidated by women, that’s why you’re SCARED of them….
          Now be a good boy and go an get an education before you embarrass yourself further.

        7. ” Men and women are not equal”
          They are. Your problem is that you are confusing different with equal.
          You lost me at that. Are you a feminist? If you are, you’re wasting your time here.

        8. Oh for crying out loud, do you have a brain? Get a fracking education and learn what words mean.

        9. “You lost me at that.”
          Sorry, I thought you could understand basic English. Obviously not…

        10. Equality exists as a mathematical concept. Not as a biological concept. It is inherently antithetical to hierarchy.

        11. Men hold the vast percentage of IQ’s over 140. Therefore, in a non-survival setting, they are the more important gender.

  67. A resurgence of solid patriarchal Christianity, unadulterated by modern feminism, will eradicate the scum of feminism+witchcraft+new age cult bullshit which has corrupted the western world. Solid patriarchal christianity can only salvage this situation. We need Putin like measures here in America to crackdown on this poisonous satanic shit which will destroy our future generations. Unfortunately, that seems highly unlikely when society (especially women) itself is so sunk deep into occult shit, and being fed occult.shit on a daily basis.

    1. Yes, you Christians will wiped out in the future. FEMA camps are already being prepared for you.

  68. Damn straight!!, poor fools who date women with even a passion for watching/dressing/imitating/ the usual shit (GameofThrones) the signs are there folks’ …they started with this stupidness such as ”Buffy the Vampire Slayer”…seriously wtf now its American Horror Story: Coven, Twilight etc, guys who don’t heed the warning are ‘soothsaythed’ into unreality

  69. I have noticed a huge trend in young women being more into paganism, Wicca, new age crap. Here are some of the common features I’ve noticed:
    1. Tattoos. Expect lots of tattoos. Often full back pieces. Everything from dragons, phases of the moon, Thor’s hammer, and any other number of symbols.
    2. Polyamory. Lots of these women are on internet dating sites such as Okcupid. They are almost all polyamorous.
    3. Super liberal. Most of them aside from a few ethno-nationalists with Thor’s hammer.
    4. White. Most of these girls are white.
    5. Tarot. They tend to read or know the Tarot.
    6. Demisexual, pansexual, blah blah blah. They can’t just be straight, gay, or bi. They’re one of these odd descriptors.
    7. Mental illness. They have stuff like “generalized anxiety disorder”.
    8. Drug friendly. Often use drugs. Marijuana is pretty mainstream, but pills, etc are very common. Mental illness mentioned above means they probably have a prescription for lots of antidepressants, anxiety meds, bipolar meds, etc.

    1. kudos, def need an article on how to identify a girl with pagan attributes…this is indeed a good starting list…

      1. Better to just avoid them all. Finding a normal one these days is easy.
        What lameness this article was. I mean seriously, who would date or even fuck one of those nutcases. As more men lose interest in these damaged females expect more and more of this garbage.
        Look, theres one! Over by the pink unicorn with the silver mane and tail!

    2. The number one defining factor of wiccan women are that, as you mentioned, demisexual, pansexual, blah blah (both promoted by their ‘faith’ and also the orgies/rituals they take part in). Check for beliefs in ‘soulmates’. Most of them wear a pentacle, or if not have a lot of occult memorabilia on their person or at home, plus the occasional tattoo. Check out for an increased fascination for creatures, especially insects, reptiles, cats, etc. Most of them know about the moon calendar. And of course bad tempers and foul language. They’re twin sisters of feminists, in a worse form.

      1. Orgies? Wow, now you’re getting your ideas from stupid horror novels rather than facts! Wow! they wear pentacles, gee! How many Christians wear crosses? Boy, what a retard…
        You really are a moron, aren’t you?

    3. “1. Tattoos. Expect lots of tattoos.”
      “2. Polyamory. Lots of these women are on internet dating sites such as Okcupid. They are almost all polyamorous.”
      “3. Super liberal. Most of them aside from a few ethno-nationalists with Thor’s hammer.”
      False. A great many are actually conservative.
      “4. White. Most of these girls are white.”
      “5. Tarot. They tend to read or know the Tarot.”
      Wow! You got one right. Though it’s not a universal truth.
      “6. Demisexual, pansexual, blah blah blah. They can’t just be straight, gay, or bi. They’re one of these odd descriptors.”
      “7. Mental illness. They have stuff like “generalized anxiety disorder”.”
      “8. Drug friendly. Often use drugs. Marijuana is pretty mainstream,
      but pills, etc are very common. Mental illness mentioned above means
      they probably have a prescription for lots of antidepressants, anxiety
      meds, bipolar meds, etc.”
      Phew! You only managed to get one claim right, and even that was a stretch for you. Just SO wrong it’s laughable! I guess you’re the sort of person that believes any illness is a punishment from god or some pesky demons…boy, you need an education, big time.

      1. You’re a Pagan from Brighton. We all understand that you’re butthurt.
        Doesn’t change the fact that wiccans are all like this shit, in America especially. We give you our solace.

        1. Butt hurt? You really are desperate, aren’t you? I’m not the one scared of women like you nancy-boys!
          And you still know fuck-all about anything you’re talking about.

        2. LOL.
          It’s easy to know that you’re the editor of Greenmantle.
          It’s easy to know about your affiliation to the pagan populace of Brighton, based on your comments on “the puzzle of the Mother of Modern Witchcraft — a village witch who lived in a tower block” discussion 10 months back. Anyone clicking on your avatar can see your comments. So we all understand you’re butthurt.

        3. And your point is? That I know what I’m talking about and you don’t. Good.
          Butthurt? You’re the one scared of girls, nancy-boy.

        4. The point is obviously you’re gonna defend Paganism viciously, even if it’s absurd and illogical. So all we can do is pity you. And enough of the hyena taunts.

        5. I don’t need to defend it – simply because you don’t have the intelligence to attack in any way that can be considered serious. Your ignorance of the subject means that any argument you have is rooted in fantasy, not reality.

        6. How can you defend it, when you don’t have the evidence to support it? All you can do is troll this site in your absurd barks like a rabid dog. That’s why we understand you need solace. Continue to live your life in ignorance.

        7. I bet you are pretty butthurt after a session with your boyfriend, faggot.
          But then, that’s likely the case with most, if not all other “men” in this site. You are a bunch of raging fags.

    4. I totally agree to this list. I have seen a lot of girls who exhibit the same traits. Need an article on how to identify a ‘witch’ slut.

    5. Bingo. And all of these lead to the fact that she won’t cook you dinner.

      1. Why should she? Are you so mentally handicapped you can’t even cook your own food?

  70. In Christianity, men and women are created equal, both in the image of God, representing two sides of His nature. The sexes are not the same; they have different roles, but Christianity does not oppress women. It holds them to a high standard as it does men. Wicca, however, encourages women to consider themselves superior, “divine” beings who manipulate others to their will: yet another false religion that feeds into the human desire to be God. Sidenote, for much more on the occult in the media, check out the website Vigilant Citizen.

    1. ” Wicca, however, encourages women to consider themselves superior,”
      No it doesn’t. It promote equality and balance. You really should learn what you’re pretending to talk about.

      1. Wiccan beliefs, and those similar to it, do not promote principles that encourage humanity to rise above a carnal and earthly existence. It makes the the formless and chaotic qualities of nature the desired value. These are nothing but “earth cult” ideas. “Sky cult” ideas give primacy to transcending nature’s condition and place greatest value on controlling nature’s dangerous chaos. Western Civilization builds itself on the ideas of the “sky cult”. In Christianity, Judaism, and Islam (yes, I said Islam) teach man to restrain the carnal and earthly desires and rebel by “erecting” constructs to promote not only survival in the chaos of the primordial sludge of earthly existence but to rise above it by creating something that allows for man to actualize into the highest conception of self. This “something” is civilization.

        1. “Wiccan beliefs, and those similar to it, do not promote principles that
          encourage humanity to rise above a carnal and earthly existence”
          You couldn’t be more wrong and reveal your ignorance on the subject. And if you knew basic history, you’d understand why.

        2. Actually I do know basic history. There is a reason why Western Civilization developed the entire science of logic upon which its grandeur was created. There is a reason why Western civilization devised the entire concept of individuality and property rights. Cannot think of anything comparable that arose from ideas akin to Wiccan beliefs. In fact, Western Civilization makes possible for the voluntary adoption of Wiccan beliefs. In fact, I can think of no useful thing to have emerged from Wiccan ideas. Say what you want about Islam and Catholicism but those two beliefs rescued Europe from its period of dark ages when paganism abounded everywhere.

        3. “There is a reason why Western Civilization developed the entire science of logic upon which its grandeur was created”
          Then you’ll know that it all came from a Pagan society….

        4. They came from pagan societies that exalted the ideal of the mind rather than the belief that the earthly and carnal was central to existence. Aristotle and Pythagoras were no Wiccans.

        5. Primarily because wicca didn’t exist until the 1950’s, but they follow the same basic Pagan principles…

        6. Wicca is a symbol of those ideas that exalt the earthly and carnal over the deliberative and cognitive features of the mind. Greco Roman civilization was about the deliberative and cognitive.

        7. Will you please educate yourself on a subject before attempting to comment on it? Because your ignorance is just sad.

        8. Will you please stop passing off general and vague comments devoid of detail as a sound argument. It seems that I am the only one offering details and you are not. It’s nice to issue denials but a denial is much more meaningful when supported by evidence and fact.

        9. You needed to do a ritual there to gain some enlightenment because all you do is bark vague arguments here. Sorry for the language, but that’s the truth.

        10. Since you have done nothing BUT make false generalizations, I find your comment reeks of hypocrisy.

        11. Says the guy who knows fuck all and can’t actually deliver a single correct statement about paganism or wicca? Another misogynist hypocrite!

        12. There you go again, saying vague comments with nothing to support it and hoping no one sees that to be the case. You then project upon me that which you are doing, making generalizations. Unlike you however, my generalization come with supporting fact and detail. Your comments are like cheap candy passed off a nutrition: Physically there is something to be seen but substantively there is nothing.

        13. Hey, retard. Look up hypocrisy in the dictionary. You deliver no facts, no details, period. So put up or shut up, moron.
          Oh, and learn how to read.

        14. And so you deny the facts that I clearly outlined to draw attention from those missing from your comments. You then try to change the subject by sensationalizing your opinion of my thought by referring to me as a retard. And in doing so, you commit the same error that plagues all that you’ve said thus far, making a claim with no supporting details or proof. If I am a retard you certainly did nothing to substantiate your claim. Nice job!

        15. So talk about it. What is wicca? A pseudo cult which masks itself as a religion, talking about gender equality, much like feminism. Fuck it. Gerald Gardner’s scum like legacy. Screw it.

        16. And rightly so – and again, I refer you to the word HYPOCRITE (Yet again) as you have made wild and incorrect claims with nothing, I repeat NOTHING to back them up. Not ONE fact, not one citation, just a wild claim. It’s called hypocrisy. Now that’s as simple as I can put it, if you are having trouble, then yes, you are a retard.

        17. Wicca is a religion based on older pre-Christian deities and beliefs. And yet again, like the imbecile that you are, you can’t tell the difference between feminism and equality. Poor boy…too much for you to take in?

        18. What an imbecile you are. Spoken like a true imbecile Pagan cunt of misery.
          God, The Universal Sole Creator, is the deity in Christianity. Not the fucking Earth goddess who hibernates while her dead Horned god husband is reborn to fuck her again at Beltane, like in Wicca. Fuck this heresy. God cannot die. Understand that, This world has a Controller, a Sole Creator. In His absence, this would will instantaneously perish. All you fucking wiccans today are enjoying the fruits of a modern civilization built on monotheistic principles, derived from Abraham. So is that too much for you to take in?

        19. You are continue to repeat more unsubstantiated propositions and claims. Someone else on this thread called you out on that and you’ve done nothing to improve your comments. You do nothing to address the flaw in your discourse and so discourse with you remains monotonous and uninteresting. The central feature of the “manosphere” is for men to deal with their flaws by correcting them in order to promote an improvement of self. You’ve improved nothing about the way in which you discuss “things”. Is it really difficult for you to do a “Google” search and seek out ideas and facts that you can use to counter my claims? I think not. In this age of rapidly available information you have no excuse. You may have a point but no one will ever know because you make no attempt at substantiating the ideas you are in support of. You’ve produced nothing today and any self respecting “Wiccan” would urge you to make, at the very least, half an effort – something you’ve not bothered to do. The whole point of discourse is learn and evolve but you want to remain static and motionless. You do not want to challenge yourself by addressing an extremely minor flaw that can be easily corrected with a brief “Google” search. It seems the only purpose I serve to you is to validate your resentment of some particular thing, and this validation does something for you otherwise you’d change. I need to go because the handle on my refrigerator door is loose and needs repair. Do yourself a favor and acquaint yourself with your own ideas in thorough fashion so you can return with something useful to contribute to the manosphere so as to help make these “spaces” useful to someone.

        20. “God, The Universal Sole Creator, is the deity in Christianity. Not the
          fucking Earth goddess who hibernates while her dead Horned god husband
          is reborn to fuck her again at Beltane, like in Wicca.”
          And yet another who fails to understand religious symbolism. Do you know what this represents? Hmm?
          What makes your god any more real? You do know, of course, the original god of the Christians had a wife don’t you? A consort? Of course not, you are as ignorant of your own religion as any other.
          But like many other religions, you can’t bear to be compared to the oldest religious traditions on the planet.

        21. Yahweh, the God of the Christians, has no wife. Stop peddling lies to defend yourself. All liars like you will burn in HELL.

        22. You really haven’t looked up hypocrisy yet, have you? You have not backed up a single claim.
          Come back when you’ve done that. Let’s make it clear, just one more time…
          Got it yet?

        23. It’s no point trying to talk to a mad butthurt pagan editor about history, especially when you’re trying to show him the truth as to how monotheism has saved humanity. The most virulent feminists have always been men. The most virulent wiccans or pagans will likewise be men. Both types are controlled by the pussy they worship. True men rise above this. With a pagan, you cannot. Let them worship their earth goddesses, and their whores of babylon. Let them decay. But don’t let them enjoy the fruits of monotheistic civilization, and to corrupt it.

        24. Yep. Ignorant of the history of your own religion…thanks for proving the point.

        25. Your use of uppercase is eerily similar to a feminist female troll who was trolling this site earlier. It’s a shame to note that feminism cannot not only feminize men, but also affect their use of the keyboard.

        26. Dear, dear, dear…another unfounded sideswipe. You obviously don’t understand the concept of emphasis…

        27. “And yet another who fails to understand religious symbolism. Do you know what this represents? Hmm?”
          Was the Hmm an orgasm? A climatic response to the symbolic representation of a rebirth?
          All that we know is that paganism is a pseudo cult which has gods and goddesses whose morality is often much depraved than the devotees. Fuck paganism and witchcraft.

        28. You’re a fucking idiot. The Halloween-decoration “religion” invented by Gerald Gardner has as much to do with actual Pagan religion as it does with the weather on Pluto: nothing at all. The fact that you’re willing to say that out loud in public means you’re either catastrophically ignorant or disgustingly dishonest.
          Which is it?

        29. The pagan warlock Paul Pearson can be found on Facebook, if you’d google “Paul Pearson Greenmantle.”

        30. The biggest hypocrite is the man who betrays his own gender, and the interests of his brothers in gender. See where you fall in that equation.

        31. i commend your clear thoughts, dedication, and diction, but your efforts are in vain, wasted, and against rule #1: don’t respond to women. recognize them, stop the hand that gives them attention, and reward your self as it fulfills its aspiration towards self control and improvement.
          i am no saint in this regard, but we must focus. our mission is far greater, as you have stated below. don’t respond to women.

        32. I didn’t that person to be a chick. My bad. I suppose I need to create a new rubric, issue no responses to chicks and the obstinate trolls for they are more than likely to be chicks themselves. In this particular case, the person who refers to him/ herself as “Paul” has the indicators that make him a likely female: trolling a guys only site and declaring support for Wiccan beliefs.

        33. Civilization is worthless and fit only for destruction.
          We must return to the nature.

        34. Actually, Yahweh did used to have a wife. The church fathers didn’t liked it, so they edited her out, what with being a bunch of pathetic, misogynistic fuck ups like you.
          Go get an cancer or something.

        35. No, fuck YOU and everyone who looks and thinks like you.
          People like you are the reason why abortions exist.

        36. Return to nature? I guess you mean things like tsunamis, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, viruses, disease, and all the other reasons for which civilization was created if the first place.

        37. Funny you say that about Wiccans..they always struck me more as hippies pretending to practice an ancient religion than people taking their religion seriously. Then again I’ve known quite a few wiccans and pagans, and have never in my life met one that didn’t have some form of mental illness..most had been diagnosed with several different types. Knowing that makes it a little hard to take their ravings seriously.

  71. All those Christian women who are seduced by the allure of occult and witchcraft, take note of the following:
    ● “You must not practice magic.”—Leviticus 19:26.
    ● “As for a man or woman in whom there proves to be a mediumistic spirit or spirit
    of prediction, they should be put to death without fail.”—Leviticus 20:27.
    ● “There should not be found in you . . . a practiser of magic or anyone who looks for omens or a sorcerer, or one who binds others with a spell or anyone who consults a spirit medium.”—Deuteronomy 18:10-14.
    And many more…
    Don’t rest your ass on two chairs, nor even think of it. Christianity strictly FORBIDS witchcraft. They both are incompatible. So there is no question of being a “Christian witch”. That is the height of being led astray. Don’t fall for the allure of occult. It’s meant to destroy you, your spirit, your faith, and eventually your life.

    1. Nobody gives two fucks about your outdated, primitive, savage Christianity.
      Go back to bronze age.

    1. Stop endorsing this stupid NWO/Illuminati/Conspiracy crap! According to Roosh, 9/11 truthers, Holocaust deniers and ilk are ridiculous losers and there is no proof to any of this occultism bs. Stop complaining about the world and get some pussy you loser!

        1. Both have the same Illuminati hidden hand symbol. Bravo on your observation!!!

        2. Sorry man I was trying to be sarcastic. Ben Franklin was a sick shit as well. They found the bones of kids in his London basement.

        3. the rant is less on these men, its more about the girls who are copying the same salutes, tatoos, (they may or may not know they are doing it) but the point is that this proves there is a relationship between feminism and the occult…just check your average beyonce, katie perry, clip you dont need to be that wise to know theres smth wrong with these clowns…

  72. 1. I am responding to this based on experience, because I was married to an East European woman and still have numerous friends from different countries in that region. The account of the alluring, demanding girlfriend is sadly all to frequent an occurrence in certain classes of women from those areas. It has nothing what-so-ever to do with the occult, and is instead merely a symptom inherent in populations subjected to years of communist rule.
    2. I am further responding to this based on experience of being a Christian minister engaged in interfaith work and having many close friends who follow a pagan paths. The misplaced ideology that feminism is either engaged in “wise-craft” and/or descended from the first “rebellion” in which, Adam was mislead by the wiles of the female are not only incorrect, but actually descend from misogynistic patriarchal practices that lead to these exact same excuses being used by the church (in medieval times) to justify the horrific torture of innocent women who were nothing more than experienced folk-herbalists and mid-wives. The essence of those practices (predicated up the belief that the priest was the font of all knowledge because he had the knowledge of god) was such, that anyone who professed knowledge contrary to that understood and/or believed and/or accepted by the clergy were not only accused, but all too frequently convicted of heresy – during the middle ages, very few people were actually convicted of witch craft. Those same self-serving and ignorant men, held religions convictions that, any kind of knowledge arising outside of the church was earthly and/or worldly and must therefore have came from an occult source – i.e. the Devil.
    In light of what we know now, there is no excuse for this kind of nonsense being espoused by so-called Christian Minister, many of whom appear to descend from the Born Again Christian movement; and yet, when challenged most of them demonstrate an appalling lack of clerical education and/or historical contextual knowledge.
    It is also highly erroneous and extremely poor science, to suggest that the fact two phenomenon occur together, automatically leads to any kind of conclusion that the two must some how be linked – i.e. that the feminist movement arose out of the new age spiritual movement.

    1. Either you are goddamned assfucked pagan witch or wiccan masquerading as a Christian minister on this site, as no Christian minister will ever keep in touch with a pagan because the Bible itself strictly forbids it. If you are, then you are Satan’s agent in the clergy which has eaten away the foundations of modern Christianity today. Stop trolling this site.
      Pagans and sorcerers have always masqueraded themselves as innocent ‘herbalists’ in history to blend themselves into society to corrupt it. Even modern day websites on Herbalism have an ‘innocent’ link to witchcraft, all meant to seduce an innocent reader away from God by showing witchcraft to be a ‘cure’. Fuck men like you who condone witches.
      Fuck your ’20’ years of so-called ministerial experience. Fuck your experiences with these so called witches and pagans that you call herbalists. How many times did you get laid by east european witch pussy, you paganism condoning ministerial faggot? Regarding your so-called interfaith work with them, it shows that you have broken the Biblical law to even keep contact with these people:
      “As for a man or woman in whom there proves to be a mediumistic spirit or spirit of prediction, they should be put to death without fail.”—Leviticus 20:27.
      “There should not be found in you . . . a practiser of magic or anyone
      who looks for omens or a sorcerer, or one who binds others with a spell
      or anyone who consults a spirit medium.”—Deuteronomy 18:10-14.
      People like you are responsible for the corruption and denigration of Christianity into a pseudo cult of men with no understanding or application of the Bible, and who wear crosses. It’s the complacency of ministers like you that enabled the rise of feminism, paganism and all the evils that afflicted the western society today.
      The so-called ‘herbalists’ have a deep history in Voodoo and witchcraft. Using herbs to cast spells, make potions, is essential to witchcraft. There can be no way you can condone. The marriage of modern day Christianity to Paganism has led to the collapse of the foundations of Christianity, and it needs to purge itself of the demonic innovations due to contact with Paganism which has corrupted its fiber. Ministers like you are the hypocrites Jesus spoke out and for sure, you will fucking burn in Hell. Your response is worthless because of the hypocrisy of your belief. You can rot in Hell with your pagan friends.

      1. Unfortunately, you are not only very badly mistaken, but clearly uneducated about scripture.
        1. The old testament laws are no longer in force. However if you do want to quote them and keep them, ensure that you do so fully. You cannot pick and choose.
        “… 25 In the fifth year you are to eat of its fruit, that its yield may increase for you; I am the LORD your God. 26 You shall not eat anything with the blood, nor practice divination or soothsaying. 27 You shall not round off the side-growth of your heads nor harm the edges of your beard …” (Leviticus 19:25-27)
        The same scripture you use to justify your oppressive views, condemns you if you do not have a full beard and long hair. Please post a picture of yourself proving that you are keeping “the law”.
        2. While the Jews were prohibited from using divination, god did grant/allow the nations to do this.
        “… for these nations, which you are about to dispossess, listen to fortune-tellers and to diviners. But as for you, the LORD your God has not allowed you to do this.” (Deuteronomy 18:14) English Standard Version
        The Pulpit Commentary about this verse says:
        Verse 14. – Though the heathen whose land they were to possess sought to diviners and enchanters, Israel was not to do so; as for them (the אַתָּה at the beginning of the clause is an emphatic nominative), Jehovah their God had not suffered (נָתַן, given, granted, allowed) them to do such things.
        NB: Further commentary showing the correct use and understanding of words / terms relating to divination can be found here –
        3. Although the views you express are commonly held by many, they are erroneous.
        Firstly, the historical context relates to “nations, which you are about to dispossess” of land god had reserved for the nation of Israel. There are no scriptures demonstrating that the prohibitions contained in old testament laws applied to any other nation than Israel.
        Secondly, nothing in scripture shows, that members of other nations other than those being “dispossessed” were to be executed because of divination. Even though scripture refers to “all those before you” who practice such things, the historical context still remains at a time when nations occupying reserved land were being removed from it.
        Thirdly, the new testament only says, that Christians (also referred to as “spiritual” Israelites) are to abstain from (i.e. not engage in) these things. Nothing in the new testament shows that Christians are to go around judging, condemning, executing or abusing others who do. In fact the whole emphasis of the new testament is on “love” and peace not anger, wrath or abusive speech.

        1. Bullshit. Utter Bullshit.
          If the Old testament is to be not followed, then why is kept in the Bible? For decorative purposes?
          Jesus himself says in the gospel of Mathew 5:17 “Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them.What does that mean? You wanna talk the New Testament only, then let’s talk.
          You wanna read an entire list on sorcery, read this you ignorant east european witch pussy loving faggot!

          By implying that “Christians” (spiritual Israelites) have nothing to do with pagans and are not supposed to judge them, then you are implying Jesus came only for the people of Israel, and not for the world. Contradictions which spew from ignorant ministers like you who have no understanding of the Scripture, is why Christianity has degenerated into a pseudo-cult of contradictions, and people are turning to occult shit because what you answer to them is all a crock of self defeating bullshit contradictions. You are already been led astray. Eat shit, you pagan sorcerer masquerading as a Christian minister.

        2. Did you actually read anything on the link page you referred to? Because, it does not appear that you have …
          Galatians 5:1-26 ESV: “For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery. Look: I, Paul, say to you that if you accept circumcision, Christ will be of no advantage to you. I testify again to every man who accepts circumcision that he is obligated to keep the whole law. You are severed from Christ, you who would be justified by the law; you have fallen away from grace. For through the Spirit, by faith, we ourselves eagerly wait for the hope of righteousness.”
          It should be perfectly clear to anyone who actually reads that, that anyone insisting on following the old law – (i) is severed from Christ; (ii) has fallen away from grace; and (iii) is not following the true faith – making them an apostate.
          Now let’s see what else your linked webpage shows:-
          Firstly, the scriptures quoted show the apostles in the presence of those practicing sorcery and do not mention any prohibition on Christian ministers doing the same. After all, if ministers did not associate with them to speak to them, how would they be ministered to or learn about the Christ?!
          Secondly, the scriptures quoted show, that it is not the communicating with or being in the presence of these ones that is unacceptable to God – it is whether someone is doing those things. Galatians 5:19-21 ESV: “Now the works of the flesh are evident … I warn you, as I warned you before, that those who do such things will not inherit the kingdom of God.”.
          Despite your eagerness to act as judge & jury (something reserved only to God and his son), as I neither engage in nor practice sorcery, I am not condemned by scripture as you have so frequently claimed.
          Furthermore, having read the things you have stated on this webpage, it is clear that you are an internet troll who engages in immorality, foul / abusive speech; hatreds / strife / arguments; and enjoy the same. That clearly places you among those described by Galatians 5:19-21 ESV: “Now the works of the flesh are evident: sexual immorality, impurity, sensuality, idolatry, sorcery, enmity, strife, jealousy, fits of anger, rivalries, dissensions, divisions, envy, drunkenness, orgies, and things like these. I warn you, as I warned you before, that those who do such things will not inherit the kingdom of God.”
          Of course, now you have been seen for what you are – bad association. Any genuine Christian cannot associate with you because of your complete failure to exercise self-control; your lack of humility; your inability to reason, listen or weigh carefully what is said to you – might rub off on them.
          In future, it would seriously help your credibility, If you responded in an adult manner rather than with salacious insults and profanities. No doubt it has become a habit for you to speak in this way to people with that potty mouth of yours; BUT it merely makes your arguments sound like those of a petulant child rather than an adult!

      1. I don’t think I misunderstood, I read it quite carefully. Yes, there are and have been cases which are as described, but the majority of cases do not involve what is being talked about here.
        One should be careful about generalization or accepting as factually accurate news media articles written with the intent to sell newspapers by means of sensationalist headlines and claims.
        The issue is that this type of misinformed propaganda generates the kind of hatred and mindset demonstrated by the abusive response posted by FtH below.
        The old testament laws are frequently quoted in support / justification of oppressive views as if they are in force today, which anyone who has studied scripture knows were done away with. (Matthew 5:17; Romans 7:6; 2 Corinthians 3:14; Ephesians 2:14-15; See also
        Scripture tells us to put away wrath, abusive speech and to let our reasonableness to known to all men. Nothing in the scriptures and no amount of foul and/or abusive language justifies the false allegations thrown at me.
        Furthermore, as a minister it is my role to interact with people and to assist them where I can. Scripture neither requires or prescribes any specific building, church or denomination for someone to find god.
        “pace dorum”

  73. For anyone here throwing around the word “nazi” and making claims of rampant anti-semiticsm, I invite you to check out the websites and works of heroic and honorable Jewish Men such as Henry Makow and Brother Nathaniel Kapner:



    These are brave and incisive men. Makow for instance was an English professor at the University of Winnepeg who was fired for having anti-feminist views.
    Read up, gentlemen!

  74. The term “oppression” has become mystical, it exists wherever it is claimed to exist, it’s existance cannot not be denied by those (the privileged) who do not see it.

  75. What’s up with this Jewish/Christian Fundamentalist crap? Next up you’ll want women to wears burkas when they’re outside lest any part of them tempt men?

  76. Devil Worship 2 Young Women Rape Man in Satanic Sex Ritual man stabbed 300 times
    American teenager was allegedly stabbed more than 300 times while being
    held hostage by two women as part of a Satanic sex ritual. Two women —
    Rebecca Chandler, 22, and Raven Larrabee, 20 — have been arrested and
    are held on $150,000 bond. Larrabee is being held on a $100,000 bond,
    the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports.
    According to a search
    warrant affidavit posted on The Smoking Gun website, the 18-year-old
    victim met Chandler online and traveled by bus from Phoenix to Milwaukee
    to meet her.
    The Associated Press named the man as Ruben Vati,
    18, of Arizona, and reported that he posted on Facebook about the
    incident, although he managed only one word: “stitches”. When he
    arrived, the young man told police, he was bound and stabbed for two
    days. Vati suffered stab wounds to the back, face, arms, legs and neck
    when the sex “got out of hand,” the affidavit said.
    followed a trail of blood to the apartment after the victim called
    emergency services from a nearby intersection. “I think you are here
    looking for me,” Chandler reportedly told the police. Chandler allegedly
    said the sex with Vati was consensual but that the cutting “had gotten
    out of hand.””

  77. How Witches promote Abortion in society
    There’s a long history of abortions being performed by practicing witches.
    Entering the modern era, in 15th century Italy, Pope Innocent VIII was
    so concerned about the rise of witchcraft that he commissioned Kraemer
    and Sprenger’s famous Malleus Maleficarum, a treatise on Witchcraft.
    Commissioned in 1484, the treatise repeatedly links witchcraft to
    abortion and child sacrifice: “Witches who are midwives in various ways
    kill the child conceived in the womb and procure an abortion.”
    See the horrifying video below

    1. Patricia Baird Windle, founder and owner of an abortion business called
      ‘Aware Woman’. She was an avowed witch who raised a stink years ago
      saying “You practice your religion and let me practice mine. My religion
      is a holy ritual child sacrifice.”

  78. I hate to use the “not all X is like that”, but the author boils down all esoteric practices and philosophy to New Age superstitions and spiritual corruptions, that are popular with modern women. But I can’t fault the author and other men, when their main exposure exposure to it is nutty Wiccan girlfriends and emasculated betamales dancing nude around a fire, singing hymns to “The Mother Goddess”, whilst channelling their inner “Wild Man.”
    Julius Evola’s work emphasizes the battle of masculine, transcendental values over feminine nature worship. If you need more proof, there was a book critical of Tibetan Buddhism (who’s cornerstone is occult tantric Buddhism)and the Dalai Lama from a western Liberal perspective called “In the Shadows of the Dalai Lama” (basically Buddhism is inherently misogynist and the Dalai Lama does rituals to bring about a worldwide Buddhist theocracy), which has an aside section detailing how Alchemy was rooted as the conquest of the masculine solar principle over the feminine lunar one.
    If you want a introduction to Esoteric philosophy that isn’t New Age bullshit and distortions, read Traditionalist like Rene Guenon and Julius Evola, or read Neo-Platonic philosophy.

  79. Women can be scary. They bleed with the moon and go crazy like werewolves. They are psychic and have creepy women’s intuition. They are sensitive to different energies, and Wicca is often appealing to them for that reason.

  80. Women in their teens and early 20’s are especially drawn to Wicca and White Withcraft. My theory is that they are trying to figure out how to use their feminine energy. It gets scary if they are trying to do spells on you.

  81. The relationship between Feminism, Witchcraft and Child sacrifice further exposed:
    “Although the vast majority deny that they have anything to do with the practice of child sacrifice, Wiccans are hard pressed to explain a growing number of witches who argue that abortion is a witch’s prerogative.
    Starhawk is a best-selling author and a highly regarded voice within witches’ circles. She is also a licensed minister of the Covenant of the Goddess. Starhawk defended abortion this way: It is in our encounter with the mysteries of birth and death … that we meet the Goddess. So to take away our right to have that encounter [through abortion], to face that often painful and difficult choice, is to deny a woman’s deepest spiritual self.
    Zsuzsanna E. Budapest is a Hungarian-born witch considered to be the “Mother” of the feminist spirituality movement in the United States. She founded the first
    feminist witches coven here in the 1970s, the Susan B. Anthony Coven #1,
    which served as a template for other feminist covens across the country. A prolific writer, Budapest has provided spiritual justification for abortion and offered abortion rituals in her books. In The Grandmother of Time, Budapest wrote, “Abortion is the prerogative of the Dark Mother.” (Zsuzsanna E. Budapest, The Grandmother of Time: A Woman’s Book of Celebrations, Spells, and Sacred Objects for Every Month of the Year (New York: Harper, 1989), 127.)”

    1. Jezebel and Witchcraft:
      “In one of the few instances where they agree, both _Ms. Magazine_ and
      the Bible label the various permutations of spirituality that support
      the feminists and abortion movements as “witchcraft.” And biblically,
      witchcraft is linked to rebellion — specifically, rebellion against
      God’s authority.”

  82. “Of course, while witchcraft, goddess worship and other forms of pagan
    spirituality serve to under-gird and empower the abortion industry, the
    vast majority of its supporters have no conscious interest in — and may
    well even condemn — such forms of occult spirituality. No matter. As
    long as they sacrifice or support the sacrifice of children to the idols
    of convenience — they are, whether they realize it or not, ensnared by
    the devil, having been captured by him to do his will.”

  83. “One of the fastest growing religions in the world – Wicca”. So we can have more nude witches hopefully….

    1. Possibly because sorcery is prevalent in Russia even today. A viral video a few years back, captured a young girl levitating in Russia

  84. What is wrong with love spells? All you men study game to bed women, and then leave her. If women learned spells to bind men, at least women wouldn’t be abandoned.

  85. I once had a Russian/Ukrainian girlfriend who tried to ‘bind’ me by spiking my drink and the cakes she baked for me with her menstrual blood and urine. As mentioned in this article, she was also a covert witch. Lucky for me, I caught her and slapped her in the kitchen when she was doing this. Though I didn’t suffer as the guy mentioned in this article did, I later found on the internet that menstrual blood is often a potent ingredient used to bind men.
    Guys, just beware dating women from Eastern Europe in general, especially from Russia, Poland, Moldova and it’s affiliate states. Black magic is quite common there even today. Though my episode didn’t discourage me from dating more Russian chicks, I just make sure never to eat and drink anything that they make for me. Women will go to any level to control men in today’s world – through sex, influence or even sorcery.

    1. Urine & menstrual blood in your food & drink? And you discovered she was doing this how?

      1. First caught her in the kitchen when she was mixing her urine into my coffee from a small plastic bottle that she had kept. But I had begin to doubt her before most of the time the coffee she used to make from me had a strong smell. I had once found blood in the kitchen too. The fact was that once I caught her, I didn’t relent and threatened to use violence till she told me the truth. Later, I spoke to her girlfriends – who were from her part of the world – who told me it is a common way to bewitch and enchant men there. Now I don’t allow these women from that part of the world to ever stay at my place, I sleep with them, and ask them to leave immediately.

  86. I don’t mind being seduced by a witch if she lets me fuck her ass, on condition if her ass looks like this

  87. This site ought to be called “Return of Fisher Kings”, considering you are an open, bleeding, gaping groin wound on your own phallically fallacious (or fellatious?) empire.

  88. Why are only women given the name “witches”, whereas male Wiccans/magic users are referred to as “wizards” or “warlocks”? It seems to pop up in every form of media I come across. “Witch” is a unisex word. Are people afraid to acknowledge men as witches?

  89. It is true, pornography – a twisting & perversion of female sexuality so as to manipulate & target the male libido, constitutes a weaponization of human sexuality for nefarious purposes, mostly as a hidden means of state social control, Corporate profit and a suppression of higher faculties. Both fluoride and pornography are neurotoxins. The correlation is, sexual liberation and a loss of higher vision lead to emotional & spiritual bondage, and thus, also enable & serve as pretexts for an enacting & imposition of ever more powerful forms of government intrusion and control. The people perish from a loss of vision through a perversion of sight.

  90. The feminists I’ve known including the male ones, have had this pathological obsession with the occult, and now I know why.

  91. Fucking hell..It’s somewhat terrifying to think that ignorance of this level still exists. If only feminists were riding broomsticks to work instead of staying home and watching the kids (which Im pretty positive would be preferable to the author of this insane article) then maybe they could get together and cast a spell that would eliminate sexism, rape, racism and fuck it perhaps bring about world peace. How long do you think it would take before they were hunted down and burned at the stake? I mean the witch hunts were thoroughly successful the first time round, let’s see if we can get rid of another 60,000 women..why not aim for 500,000 this time round.

    1. Why would they cast a spell to eliminate sexism when they want it to be promoted? And why would they want to cast a spell for world peace? Are witches taking part in beauty pageants now?

  92. Witchcraft and the evil eye are real.
    In both Christianity and Islam, the punishment for the sorcerer is death.
    The Prophet Muhammad said, ““if anything were to overtake the divine decree it would be the evil eye.””
    Black magic is itself very much real.

    The above link is to a most enlightening & interesting sermon from 20 or so years ago about the ancient origins of feminism. I encourage y’all to give it a listen if you have about 45 minutes to spend.

  94. Twilight is the biggest faggot film series in recent times. The concept of vampires becoming lovers to ordinary women is satanic, as the concept of a human female falling in ‘love’ with a vampire. The scene below indoctrinates how occult empowered women should treat males like slaves.
    The faggotry of Twilight

    1. Robert Pattinson is himself a faggot in real life. He ‘forgave’ his slut girlfriend Kristen Stewart after she cheated on him. Possibly working in Twilight indoctrinated him into a faggot for real life too.

  95. I know four different men, all of them intelligent and two without a doubt alpha males, who got involved with a woman who was a witch or who looked for occult help in order to enslave them. It works.
    Men who used to be players, very successful, who could have any woman they wanted, suddenly fall in love with an often ugly bitch, becoming a human lap dog with no self will and nobody understands why.

    1. The power of sorcery can do anything to bend a man to a woman’s will….

  96. I had a witch take a hair off my head and after I refused to have sex w/ her we drifted apart and I ended up getting deathly ill….at age 22. Years later, I encountered her after recovering my health, and she wanted me again, and I rejected her again. She ended up destroying my friendships through manipulation, she destroyed my career through spells, and I had to learn witchcraft in order to recover my health for a second time, because, amazingly, my health went downhill for confusing reasons to doctors, but once I did a very mild spell reversal…I started to feel better, and she posted on her facebook about how she was sick, and broke (not in those terms, but it was clear she was having problems. This stuff is real. If her mother is into the occult, run. Tell her you think you are gay. Do anything to get away from these types of women. They do have a certain amount of power, but they do not have the moral fiber to know what justifies making someone’s life a living hell through black magic. And don’t believe if she says she does “white magic.” If a woman does magic at all, she is a manipulative person. Don’t let them have articles of clothes, hair, etc, it will be used to manipulate you through spells. This stuff is real. I studied anthropolgy. Even the anthropology textbooks straight up say, yes, it is real, and all cultures have some occult practice in their history. There is a lot of forgotten knowledge from humanity’s distant past. The Aboriginies teach that if a young man gets very ill or dies, it is witchcraft. It sounds like make-believe, but a human being’s subconcious mind can and will affect reality in the world.

    1. Fuck sakes, that woman deserved to be burnt on the stake a la Torquenada.
      Witchcraft should be banned and the women practicing it should be locked up.

    2. Interesting. I’ve had a similar problem with a witch who I refused sex but couldn’t destroy the spell she put on me yet. How to reverse it?

  97. There is a really good and well researched site that I go to often that explains a lot about the occult and what their overall goals are. Also covers a lot information about MK-Ultra, Mind control, and other occult like activities in mainstream media.

  98. This article is ridiculous. You cannot paint occultism as strictly
    witchcraft or satanism, both of which are seperate entities having
    little to do with each other. Satanism was born out of the Malleus
    Maleficarum, itself a persecution and misinformation of witchcraft.
    Witchcraft is what survives of our (Western society) original beliefs
    and practices before Christianity came about and stomped everything into
    the ground, touting itself as special. It’s more akin to Eastern
    mysticism than “Evil”.

  99. Um, witchcraft isn’t real, neither is magic. Your friend may have been dating some weirdo who *thought* she was a witch but just because one diddles around with spells or candles or voodoo dolls or whatever doesn’t mean that any of that shit actually works (Hint: They don’t. Please see “science” for further explanation.)

  100. You are using the term “occult” in far too broad a manner. Feminism comes from one particular line of occult thinking, the origin of which can be found in Anton Lavey’s book “The Satanic Witch.” There are countless “occult” or esoteric groups that have nothing whatsoever to do with love spells or the superiority of women, or anything like that. In fact, balanced esoteric orders seek to restore the feminine in women, and the masculine in men. What we are witnessing is the perversion of true occult ideals.

  101. Seriously! I agree with this somewhat. Because I had a similar experience with my exgf , I was a satanist for a little while with her. She was part of Brotherhood of Satan. I was kicked out because I questioned the information I had from them. My ex gf definitely was psycho and was bisexual but seemed more like a lesbian not tat I had anything against it.. I did find enlightenment in the dark though and left her. I have explored so much of the occult and Wicca. I cant find anything in it that has to do with men in general. Not even the precious horned god who basically is a lover of their Goddess quickly it means he is her servant! But there were male pagans which you can find in Norse and greek myths and among others. But they weren’t feminists! I do however believe there is enlightened feminism for women being women empowered without the who is better matriarchs against patriarchs without feeling the feeling or being defeated and who isnt man hating, and gender interchanging (true transgender men would agree to this, which I am trans man myself, always have ben since I was a kid and I believe in this type of masculinity in relationship to like king Arthur or Christ like figures). I am actually finding value in the christianity as not a religion or being fundementalist itself for Manilness and still am a pagan, due to Christ archetypes all in oter mythologies, my point is this type of feminism is out of control im sick of it! I been in this situation, and understand the connections.
    I been searching for information how to be a man I found this website and another one called Art of Manliness I was very enlightened about it and understood it. I support masculinity and support other men. It has been a long hard road for me since I was ignorant of this stuff. Especially concerning feminism and the occult. I was wondering why theres a damn hype about now everyone wants to proclaim tey are gay lesbian, bisexual or transgender! And also now there is promotion of damn polygamy and most men I know would NOT share there woman in fact the ones I met are faithful to their wives after all they are hardwire since in hunter-gatherers periods taking care of family and it is dishonorable to sleep with someone else other than spouse unless it was agreed upon if she may be infertile. It is known women can have multiple orgasms wouldnt that mean she need more sex and what if the man cant give it all? Yes I believe polygamy is a result of the shitty feminism, I know this because I was into Wicca for a while, “all acts of love and pleasure are my rituals” and more. But yeah…. I agree with this article.

  102. The opening story sounds exactly like what Yoko did to John. He was the ultimate alpha til she came around.

  103. Suggestion: Don’t make comments about Christianity until you have carefully read, reflected on and studied the Bible. Certainly the New Testament at minimum. Otherwise, you’re really just spewing on something that you are not qualified to critique. It will also help you become a truly educated person, since the best parts of Western Civilization were built on it’s principles. Back when there were such things. Making your evaluations from people, media and churches is lazy thinking. Go to the source document and its Author. Then you can make your own mind up, but in intelligent and enlightened reason, not foolish and juvenile reactionism.

  104. I once knew a guy who said as far as he could see, the biggest draw Paganism/ the occult has is that it gives social rejects common ground with other misfits and outcasts. I wouldn’t really say I agree with that, but thinking back on most of the pagans I’ve known, I can see how he came to that conclusion.

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