The Value of Machiavellian Game

I was at the gym a few weeks ago when a young man approached me just after I had finished my squats. He explained that he was a beginner in the gym and asked about the best way to progress toward being able to lift an impressive amount of weight.

“Oh, that’s easy — just keep following your 5×5 program and…”

I stopped myself.

“Sorry, I misspoke. It’s simple, not easy. Just keep following your program consistently, push yourself, and good things will happen.”

I walked away from the interaction pondering what I had just said. My correction was only subtly different from my original statement, but I believe it advocated a completely different mindset. Humans are wired to take the path of least resistance, and there are few things worth accomplishing that are actually easy to do. There are clearly two are clearly two different spectrums to consider when evaluating the method of accomplishing a goal. The questions you will ask yourself are:

Is it easy or hard?

Is it simple or complicated?

Easy vs. Hard describes the distance to the goal. Something is easy if it is tangible, immediate, and low-effort. Things that are hard require sustained effort and go against our natural state of intertia. There are few “Easy” things to do that will set you apart from the average person, because if it were easy everyone would do it.

The other spectrum, Simple vs. Complicated, describes the complexity of the solution. I have found that my best accomplishments are borne out of habits that are relatively repeatable and easily communicated. Complicated things require more explanation, more nuance, and are easier to forget or ignore due to the many steps involved. When you are evaluating different paths to a goal, this is how you may see the combination of these factors out:

Easy and Simple

If your life is a bank account, the Easy-Simple situations are the withdrawals that, over the course of time, will leave you broke. It’s both simple and easy to get fast food — just head to the drive-thru and hand over your money, and you can be eating delicious poison within minutes. It’s easy and simple to play video games, or lurk on online dating sites from the comfort of your home. These solutions are accessible and require little dedication. The exception here is the direct solution to fixing a minor problem — supplementing zinc to fix a deficiency, for example. However, any large-scale change (rather than just a hack) that is marketed as Simple and Easy is likely fake.

Easy and Complicated

The wisdom to recognize these deceptive situations is of paramount importance. Easy-Complicated situations often contain a needless number of details, but promising quick and reliable results without putting in much work. In other words, this is the domain of marketing gurus. Pyramid schemes, goofy exercises, and workout supplements come to mind as things with mechanisms that are difficult to explain but supposedly require low amounts of effort to show results. The complexity of these solutions is often baked in to distract you from seeing the true hard (but simple) solution.

Hard and Complicated

Some things worth doing will fall into this category—achieving mastery, rather than competency, in an area is often Hard-Complicated. However, for the majority of life’s goals, a solution in this quadrant means you are not taking the most efficient path to your goal. Which brings us to…

Hard and Simple

These are the solutions you should search out for most of your problems. We live in a world where most goals have an established blueprint for success, and more often than not these steps are easily communicated in a few sentences. However, the implementation of the advice will require dedication, sweat, perseverance that few are willing to muster. Want to build muscle? Start a business? Improve your diet? Make more money? These things all have fairly simple steps, but require significant effort to execute over the long term. Key indicators for these methods is that they are sustainable and easy to summarize, but you must fight against your inner inertia to do them over the long term. They also tend to show small but incremental returns that help verify their worth

There are exceptions, but for most goals in your life, you will be best served by following the Hard and Simple methods of making progress.

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138 thoughts on “The Value of Machiavellian Game”

  1. Again again, muslim guys do it right. Dominate women 100%. Asians are quite strange: neither men or women are able to dominate, both sexes are generally submissive. Western folks let women rule and the entire culture serves women and their “security”. Solution: live in the West, have an asian GF and treat her like a muslim!

    1. Some Muslim guys also can’t even figure out which hole to stick it in(I wish I was kidding). They also like to buttslam little boys and each other, are largely illiterate, and the majority of the ones that I observed were very lazy.
      Is that still “doing it right”?

      1. Stupid comment. Arabic (muslim) culture has its own rich traditions. They are not all terrorists, you know. LOL

        1. Did I say “all”?
          Also having “rich traditions” is pretty irrelevant to the point at hand. The USSR had “rich traditions”, as did Nazi Germany. Afghanistan has “rich traditions” and so does Egypt. That doesn’t mean you’d want to live in those places or that the average citizen in those places had the slightest bit of “redpill”. Even the Hell’s Angels have “traditions” and dominate their women completely but somehow I still doubt that you would want to be one of them.
          Point is, don’t idealize the Muslims just because Sharia law treats women like shit. It’s entirely possible to treat women like shit and still be a feminized fag.
          While some of those countries are better I still wouldn’t want to live in them. The reality in Dubai, for example, is one of a small super-rish class supported by a massive population of destitute underclass workers. Saudi Arabia is similar: A different set of rules apply for it’s rulers. While what you see on TV is nice, you as an average person can expect to have your media censored and be vulnerable to imprisonment for the crime of…..having a shot of liquor in the house.
          Honestly, the only Muslim countries that I both know anything about and would look at would be Jordan or Turkey, although Turkey is dubious due to rising civil unrest.

        2. I thank the Arabs, rightly so, for Algebra (though as a school kid I wasn’t so happy with their discovery). They made fantastic contributions to astronomy as well. They preserved Western literature that we ourselves did not when we fell into the Dark Ages after the fading of the western Roman empire.
          That said notice a common theme here? All of their “rich traditions” are from centuries ago. Today, well, what do they have to their credit? Oil, bomb vests and…..?

        3. “All of their “rich traditions” are from centuries ago. Today, well, what do they have to their credit? Oil, bomb vests and…..?”
          Indeed, but most Islamic radicals see their decline as being a result of turning away from Islam, they believe they were being led by ignorant leaders who were at the mercy of the European colonial powers. Their solution is to adopt Western science (which they argue has origins in the Islamic world) but reject Western morality. In many ways Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries have adopted far more strict interpretations of sharia compared to centuries ago. Anyway the point is that in the West we tend to see Muslims as backwards because of their religion whereas they see it as a result of colonialism and a turning away from Islam. I do believe they may have a point although it is debatable, after all it is the USA that props up Saudi Arabia and most of the Middle East. Who is to say what they could achieve if the US pulls the plug and allows the Islamists to take over which they certainly would.

        4. I’m far from idealising the Muslims and wouldn’t mind living anywhere, my standards are very low.
          The muslim man is not less of a slave to his wife regardless of what the law allows him to do or not do with his wife. The wife is allowed to work and keep all of the earning to herself but the man is required to support his wife BY LAW.
          The same goes for the Western man although the situation here is different in the sense that the economic climate requires more slaves than just 50% of the population. So the women got “liberated”.
          Something has gone terribly wrong in both the Arabic and European world. What’s the common feature – Abrahamic religions – all feminine doctrines.
          I think men (everywhere) need more than women do to evaluate their position and role in society. Be slave no more.

        5. Fair comment. I do wonder though, that when people play the “The West victimized me, that’s why I’m a failure” card, do they understand that the same claim could be made by 99.99% of the oppressors own people? In other words, sure, English rulers dominated the Indians, but then again, they did the same thing to the common Englishman. How is it then that the common Englishman could shrug it off, yet the common Indian found relief only in wailing about injustice?
          And so on.

      1. Yep, solid observation. They were always at war, whether internally or internationally, and not only did not back down from others, but went out and challenged the biggest kids on the block just for kicks e.g. – China, U.S., Korea, etc. Talk to a Japanese father’s daughter in the year 1920 wrong and you’d find yourself shived and bleeding in short order by her father who would stand gloating over you.

        1. Indeed, Japanese aggression was always linked to honor, loyalty, and the desire to fight and die.
          But WW2 and the pacification that followed ended that.

        2. The West often beats opponents into submission and ultimately pacification.

      2. I just got back from Japan, and their society is a lot more openly red pill than ours, despite all of this talk about shoushoku danshi.

        1. Then how do you explain anime and manga otakus? Most of them are about as blue-pill as you get.

        2. I know it is, but you were saying that Japan is a lot more openly red pill, yet there’s those groups I mentioned, who very clearly aren’t.

        3. You’re going to get outliers in any society, especially when there are 120 million people. They are far rim the norm.

        4. For instance, just to sit at an information counter in a Shopping mall or hotel, you have to be a hot young chick, an employer can put age and sex requirements in a want ad legally. They know people would rather deal with a hot girl.

      3. When their country was nuked TWICE, that tends to remove their aggression pretty quick…

        1. Depending on how you look at it, Japan was really “nuked” three times. Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and more recently Fukushima (in terms of fallout).

  2. The bottom line is NEVER put your trust in a woman … actually come to think of it, most guys these days act like bitches as well so you can’t really trust them either …

  3. Machiavellianism, for all the hate leveled at it, is just the default mindset of any intelligent, mature person. It is impossible for any truly intelligent man to buy into a dichotomy moral good vs evil, let alone childish (and unproductive) fantasies like equality.
    Not to say you can never be good, but self-interest is a prime necessity that far overrides any delusions of morality. There are those who understand this reality, and then there are those who think its merely the opinion of “terrible people”.

  4. Before I discovered the red pill and was actually able to attach some nomenclature to my instinctive thoughts, I was always bothered, and still am, by the fact that women respond so well to poor treatment. As a logical person this is one of the hardest things to grasp. How fucked up does a populace of women have to be to actually crave and even demand being treated like shit? I don’t know about you guys, but when someone tries to treat me like some human turd I have them fucking off out of my life pretty quickly.
    If I say, “Hey, I admire your tastes, you’re blowing all these other girls out of the water with your unique style.” That will not be well received. Though genuine as it may be, it’s not something I can actually say without losing my shot.
    On the flip side, if I say “Hey, my sister had a shirt like that when we were growing up… then my dad found a fucking job.” Eyes get wide, and a “nah ah no he di int” expression forms on her face – I’m in.
    Perhaps it’s part of being a man and compliments are like a biennial occurrence for most of us, but I actually – mind blowing shit coming here – like being treated well. It’s pretty fucking awesome to be quite frank.
    One of the things in the very long list of shit I can’t stand about our women is their fondness and outright demand for being treated badly. Show them no respect and their like gnats to horse cocks – they’re all over it. There’s some kind of mental defect there, and it’s spread far and wide. I can fuck someone like this, provided it’s not much of a hassle, but respect it? That’s simply an impossibility.

    1. I spent years trying to figure that out too, but I also noticed that there’s some guys who do very well with women despite not treating them like shit(mostly a few officer candidates I knew). The conclusion I came to is that it’s about the ability to take control of and lead a woman, and I started looking more closely at what people do.
      I saw that the guys who have no aggression and no leadership over women (ie, simps) generally get nothing. Guys who treat women like shit(high aggression) but haven’t developed their higher level life skills(no leadership) tend to get a lot of pussy, but don’t keep it around. The ones with both tend to have a lot of opportunities, but they also tend to attract different types of women (more domesticated) and to keep them around for awhile.
      I’ve known PUA instructors who had the same results in their lives. They started getting female attention when they turned into an asshole but it wasn’t until they developed their inner game that they started to have women treating them like a King and begging to serve them……even going so far as to wear dog collars or “property of” tattoos(no relation to what bikers do)

      1. Perhaps it’s a combination of our present culture and the overabundance of beta kiss ass type men, but only the small amount of decent and well raised women out there are going to respond well to a more patriarchal leadership model. The average woman wants no part of that. She wants a guy that gets her pussy wet. They’re simply too feral and too independent (in their own minds anyway) to latch onto a guy like that and see it for the good it truly represents. I agree with you that’s the ideal way too approach a woman that’s truly relationship material, but for the run of the mill type running around out there, it’s really not feasible. I don’t doubt the successes of those officers in attracting a more domesticated woman, but they have to have access to those types of women – that’s the hard part.
        When I go international, like in my trip to the Philippines last month, the woman I was with got a very subdued version of what I am to the domestic product. She ate it up through correspondence and very much so in person. It was invigorating to simply be strong, yet tactful. I was never crass, terse, or cocky in any way – it was never compulsory to getting the job done. I could be how I wish I could be with the women here. It’s unfortunate that it has to be that way with American women. Given the preference I prefer white women overall, but I don’t have the desire to look through a thousand spoons to find a knife anymore. Not when it’s so easy to hop on a plane and get it elsewhere.

        1. It’s a vicious cycle. Simp behavior breeds attention whoring, which rewards simp behavior….and so on.
          Society is just too permissive. One thing I notice from early 20th century film is that the women seem to be trained to obtain their validation through “charm”. Nowadays they just try to be “hawt”.
          You do have a good point about access. Due to the location of this school, it attracted a lot of traditional WASP women who were at the school because they were trying to find a husband. Lack of greek lifestyle and nightlife meant that the majority of the party chicks attended the major state uni down the road. Most guys don’t have that opportunity.

        2. This might be a fun conversation some time, but I get what you’re saying about your lady. The biggest trend I’ve noticed in those women who are unicorn material? Lack of exposure to American cable TV and pop music….and unfortunately it’s hard to find that without going overseas.

        3. Indeed, another big one is their conduct on social media. That’s the killer right there. It makes research on a chick lightening fast and they can be categorized appropriately into nail and bail, or something more promising. I prefer no social media at all with a woman, but if she has a private profile with 30 friends and family or so, then that’s fine and dandy. All the stuff about TV – reality TV emphasis here, especially on shows that show women being cunts – Real Houswives, Kardashians etc and the music is all good points too. If I found an American white girl that liked classic rock and country, had no Facebook account, and her favorite TV shows were on Animal Planet – then I know I was on to something, but I haven’t met a girl like here and doubt I will.

        4. Yes, you will not meet a girl like that there…but who cares as long as the Philippines and the likes still exist.

      2. Good point… inner game and confidence enables a great alpha to control a woman by keeping her moral high….
        both the beta and the asshole alpha easily identify themselves with the external…. thus for example holding a girls drink for a couple of minutes while she goes to pee, leaves the beta like a simp and the alpha asshole making some harsh wisecrack or refusing…..
        the wise alpha would hold it, but drink it, bin it, lose it, and then have some wise crack when she comes back… or he’d just hold it and use it as a means to educate her that she cannot ever think of him as her servant.

    2. It’s because they’re complimented by manginas on Facebook, in person, etc. so often that they don’t give a shit about them anymore. Plus a lot of said manginas think the way to get the bang is to be a pedestalizing pussy. Wrong.
      People appreciate nice things that they don’t often get. They take for granted the nice things they constantly get. If you don’t believe me, suck it up and give a fake compliment to a homely girl you see today. Watch as her eyes light up.
      I’ve incorporated not responding to compliments into my asshole game. When a girl I’m out with tells me I smell nice, look nice, or whatever I just smirk slightly and don’t acknowledge it because not acknowledging it demonstrates higher value.

      1. What you say ties well into the differences in how people treat things that are free versus how they treat stuff they had to pay for.
        Giving something away for free, whether it’s a tool or even a part of your own space (like a compliment or your confidence) makes it have a value of zero. Making people pay for it means they will value it.
        I think this might even be one of the reasons why a woman who is not hungry still expects to be wined and dined before getting bent over. It’s stupid – just a meal. Heck I have bought dinners for homeless people (particularly the ones I can tell are truly down and out and not addicted jackwagons) so a dinner is not a big fucking deal, right? But women need that “ritual” so as not to feel like a “whore”.
        Wouldn’t it be nice if feminism where to address the “dinner before getting fucked raw so not to feel like a whore” thing instead of the usual man-hating?

        1. That’s a thing? I haven’t bought a woman anything in quite some time.

      2. No the problem is you at your deepest level dont believe that compliment that you are giving her. You are too out come dependent.w i dunno what it is you expect ..for her to jump on your dick or blow you right there…..
        Keep it simple man. You wanna compliment go ahead and compliment. Thats your purpose . That is what you make of the world. The very fact that you are analyzing her reactions to the things you say makes you sound needy and looking for validation. Maybe you have mommy issues. Go to a therapist and sort that out.
        My advice. Stop moaning … Seriously stop moaning like a li bitch on keyboard. Stop expecting her or her daddy to come pat you on the back for giving a compliment. Do what the fuck you want. Period

      3. “Plus a lot of said manginas think the way to get the bang is to be a pedestalizing pussy.”
        Is it just me or do most of these manginas come from single mother households or if the poor simps parents happen to still be married the husband is also a mangaina?
        I will never understand why women, who for the most part hate manginas, will raise their own sons to be the very same manginas that they once hated by raising them to put women on a pedestal. Talk about setting your kid up for a life of misery and failure. Do women really want their own sons to be used and screwed over by women adding yet another casualty of the system? My god. Might as well just castrate their sons or get an abortion.

        1. Because women have no idea how to raise boys and help them develop into men. Only other men do. Expecting a woman to raise a well-adjusted boy by herself who then goes on to become a great man is like expecting a blind person to be able to paint a precise copy of the Mona Lisa.
          99 times out of 100 it just ain’t gonna happen.

      4. ”give a fake compliment to a homely girl you see today. Watch as her eyes light up.”
        The thing is, most of us can’t relate to being judged completely on our looks like girls are. Your suggestion is a little sad, and I’d have no problem complementing unattractive girls if it didn’t feel insincere and condescending…. It’s also not very helpful for her to develop inaccurate opinions of herself. What bothers me more, is girls that hold power not due to their character, but their looks. These same girls will intentionally put their instagram profiles on public settings for the world to see, but god forbid you (some anonymous person) view it and let her know — you ‘stalker’

    3. because hos respond to authority, they are better off going after jerk who at least has some dysfunctional authority then after another egalitarian mangina kid who has no authority over his relationships.

    4. Dude. It took me a long time trying to understand this. It made no damn sense. Why must I have to treat you like a common prostitute for you to grab your attention. This is one of the many reasons why chivalry is dead and i’ve been fortunate enough to have traveled out of the US some and have fun with non-westernized women. I don’t understand it all.
      Must be all of those romance novels or Fifty shades of grey.

    5. So true. Altough it’s very hard for me to behave like that, because I’m a genuinely nice guy.

    6. it’s not acceptable to talk about anymore, but most (nearly all) women are masochist.

  5. This article does not say anything new that we already know.
    The more we repeat the same old same about women the more we stoop down to their level. And not only that, the more we discuss their irrational traits, the more validation they get. They like being centre of attention and don’t really care what you say about them, so long as it is about them. You call a woman a bitch and she likes it, if you call another woman a bitch, she’ll accuse you of being rude and sexist.
    Look, woman is just a hole where you stick your dick in, she is also a baby machine. Apart from that, if you marry one you basically adopt her and must be ready to be like a parent to her. That’s all.
    When is an article on RoK going to cover the subject of the male beauty? Yes, male beauty. Or are we too brainwashed to consider it a taboo? Maybe we are as the hellenic culture was interested in the male beauty and today’s culture interprets it as homosexuality.
    Esther Vilar is the only one that had the guts to say it as it:
    Men are not aware of their own beauty and no one mentions it. There is so much rubbish written and talked about the charm of women. Even children and animals are considered graceful, adorable and delightful – but never a man. Men are at best praised for their steadfastness, courage, reliability – all qualities useful to women, having nothing to do with physical appearance. It would be difficult to find a description of the male body except in a medical textbook. And outside of these, who would ever dream of going into great detail about the exact shape of his lips, the precise shade of his eyes in a special kind of light? And as for the delicacy of his nipples or the pleasing shape of his scrotum and his testicles – just imagine a man’s amazement and amusement if they were the subject of hymns of praise.
    Men are not used to having their looks discussed. Grown women, as a rule ugly creatures, have time and opportunity to admire men, but rarely see them. It is not that a woman is mean or envious; it is that she thinks of him as a machine – a machine for the production of material goods. And who regards a machine as an object of beauty? It is something that functions, and men judge themselves similarly. They are far too worn out by their role as providers and by the eternal rat race to think of being objective about their own looks.
    All this is a pointless discussion anyway, for basically men are not interested in the possibility of being beautiful. What point would that give to their labors? Women must be the ones who are beautiful, helpless, adorable – they must be, in fact, lacking a more precise definition, `the fair sex.’

    1. Why would we encourage the feminine trait of vanity in men precisely? It’s fine to advocate taking care of yourself and noticing certain physical traits as “attractive” on a man in order to help men adjust their appearance if possible, but celebrating “male beauty” is pointless unless you’re, as you bring up, one of those ancient Greeks who were renowned for buggering little boys as a pastime.

    2. I think this guy is some kinda troll.
      Here’s an example of what he’s been saying around here:
      I find I get most manly and freakishly horny after I do some tree chopping and walk barefoot on the snow back home. I usually buttfuck my wife after that and she screams and bleeds with pleasure.
      That’s just an example. He doesn’t want to talk about Machiavelli- wants us to talk about being beautiful? This is the last time I’ll respond to him. I encourage others to do the same.

      1. Russo men buttfuck all Russo women. That’s why Russo women are experts at anal sex.

    3. Brainwashed is right. Many “Men” are already shallow superficial metrosexuals. “The Beautiful Ones” ala Rat Utopia Universe 23. Mike Sorento primps and preens maybe more than the average modern woman with her disheveled hair and Pajama pants in public.

      1. It’s funny how when someone mentions male beauty (in the broadest sense as possible, btw) and everyone thinks metrosexuals and gays.
        Man, unlike woman, is beautiful, because man, unlike woman, is thinking creature.
        This means:
        Man has a thirst for knowledge (he wants to know what the world around him looks like and how it functions).
        Man thinks (he draws conclusions from the data he encounters).
        Man is creative (he makes something new out of the information achieved by the above processes).
        Man is sensitive (as a result of his exceptionally wide,
        multidimensional emotional scale, he not only registers the commonplace in fine gradations but he creates and discovers new emotional values and makes them accessible to others through sensible descriptions, or recreates them as an artist).
        Of all the qualities of man, his curiosity is certainly the most impressive. This curiosity differs basically from that of woman.

        1. Esther Vilar also explains the difference between Men and Womens clothing. Men have more pockets. Not to carry lipsticks and brushes and compacts. He has lots of pockets to hold TOOLS. Read the book again. You gonna get your hair did to go change a cylinder on a Detroit Diesel?

    4. male beauty was big in ancient greece, so for that reason alone perhaps it should not be dismissed completely, but is it not true also that as we have become more self-regarding we have become less effective, more prone to female-like neurosis and self-doubt, in other words weakness.
      If image and presentation is important then that it is for a purpose isn’t it. Men should not under any circumstances objectify themselves. If they must be objectified it should be part of the action of their narrative

  6. A down to earth practical approach to life is perfectly fine and Machiavelli makes an awful lot of valid observations and is unjustly looked down upon by most cultured folks. The trick is to balance that out with some level of Aristotelian virtue (that serves your self-interest) such that you don’t fall down the rabbit hole of utter Darkness and lose your humanity entirely.

    1. Agreed.
      I would not to what Machiavelli suggests. But I will study him to avoid being screwed by those who follow his teachings.
      It is like a nation that intends on being peaceful. Just because they don’t want to invade another country, doesn’t mean they don’t have an army themselves or don’t study warfare. When the time comes and they are invaded, they will be better prepared by studying the tactics of their enemy.

      1. Also keep in mind that a lot of Machiavelli’s attitude came about because he was thrown into prison and tortured for being on the wrong side of a political dispute. The subtext of his writing is his resentment against people who had no compassion for his suffering.

  7. The thing with Machiavelli is that the book “the prince” was mainly his observations from an unstable time period. It’s more of a pragmatic approach to things. With the way politicians and nobles were acting. He wasn’t really saying you should behave that way all the time.
    The problem with many people (mainly men) is that once they wake up to the reality of things they become nihilistic degenerates; not giving a fuck about anything anymore. Nevermind the people who use Machiavelli thinking to act like a jackass when it isn’t necessary.
    And don’t get me started on people who use “social darwinism” and “survival of the fittest” as well to justify their actions as well. Charles Darwin himself would be angry if he knew people were using his theories for such justifications.
    Such rambling…. Anyways, my point is don’t drop all of your standards. Adapt if need be but don’t compromise your own character out of bitterness or pseudo intellectual bullshit.

    1. “Nevermind the people who use Machiavelli thinking to act like a jackass when it isn’t necessary.”
      Recognize that for what it is: the rationalization machine in action.

    2. I agree, I’ve seen the same happen with people who use Robert Greene’s books (48 Laws of Power etc) and treat them like they are a bible and lose all perspective. Balance is the key. There doesn’t have to be an angle to everything.

    3. Guys.This is 2014.
      Comments and articles about stupid dead authors and philosophers from thousands of years ago is truly some beta-gay hipster shit.
      All these self-professed intellectual “great thinkers” commenting here…is enough to make me vomit.
      Create and define your own world view. This isnt Sparta. Lol.

  8. A deep and correct appreciation of the reality of nearly the 90% of the white women today.

  9. Very interesting your last paragraph under point no 3; “Women are similarly heartless when it comes to cock-blocking and undermining their girlfriend’s relationships out of jealousy”
    Met of with a Group of 7 of my gf’s “friends” over easter at a house party, i was the only guy there. I was showing them a good time, we drank, had fun, all good etc etc, I could also see some of them would eye fuck me as soon as my gf looked away, I was my usual, charming, cocky, putbithceswheretheybelong self. The NeXT day or so my gf came to my appartment I noticed quickly something was wrong. She said “you are not nice to me!”. I understood quickly what was going on, her snarly friends (whom all are dating beta pussies which i know for a fact) had planted this idea into her head from their mornid cessridden pool of envy and jealousy. I think because they have doormats as BF’s they couldnt take it to see me showing complete dominance over my gf in a social setting which included her “friends”. Then of course also they are jealous because they all want a guy like that too. The manipulation took form like “he should show you respect bla bla bla. I explained to her that they were all jealous she had find her such a nice, handsome guy while they were stuck with their spineless doormats. I told her also that most of the girls were not even her friends, which i actually think sunk in. I pointed out how happy shes been telling me shes been with me all along and why on earth would you let your so called friends steer your happiness like that. She tried one more time “yeah, but you are not nice to me”, I pulled two movie tickets out of my jacket in the hallway and said “Im such a romantic nice guy I even saved the tickets of our first trip to the Cinema 2 weeks ago, you tell me thats not a nice man!”. That seemed to do the trick, she hasnt mentioned it ever since, and if she does Im going to b52 bomb her back to stone age mentally before kicking her out.

    1. In themselves, women are nothing, mere “foam tossed to and fro on shallow water,” as Nietzsche said. Hence their endless competitiveness re: looks, envy, and need for mob validation.

      1. Your girl is now especially primed for aloof game. Run it for a bit (“hey, been really busy with work–catch up soon”–but don’t use the word sorry), then see whether you aren’t rewarded with the best BJ you have had in years.

        1. I’m going away for 10 days on Friday, she’s on her period. She texted me while back said she want to come to my place tomorrow, but we can’t have sex, but she could give me a bj and maybe anal. Hahaha. One if the best texts I’ve received. Seriously though this is all my work. I’ve shaped her, I’ve earned it. Your above quote from Nietzsche is a pearl which leads us to; women take the form you shape them into, but it will take hard work in order to do that involving much emotional control. Unless you want a fat wreck or a used up mom.

        2. You want to know what I do to dicks like you who want to “control” and use women? I have my own game and it’s called, “Make him think he is going to get some but never let him have it, and then he starts begging like a little bitch, never talk to him again”. There, he was just given a taste of his own medicine. Thank God not all guys are like the people on this “website”.

    2. Female friendships are often not the real thing. Many a female BFF is really nothing more than a partner in gossip, killing time, and commiseration. Women will turn on each other just as readily as they will on men, though usually for very different reasons. And when women need someone in a deep sense, to whom do they turn? A man, whether he is their lover or their Father or some religious figure.

      1. Absolutely correct. The sadness of this reality dawned on me when seeing how my aunt can fight with my mum. And my family is hardly unique, seen it many times. Example; one sister gets pregnant, the other is trying to get pregnant herself and reacts with jealousy where every other sane human beeing would be happy on the pregnant girls behalf. This is not something I made up, I saw it happen. Egoism in arguably one of its lowest forms. Even the bond between sisters can not numb this subhuman dark cave of female psychology. Scary, I know, it is.

  10. There’s a lot of truth here.
    There is a thing called Machiavellian intelligence develop in the 1970s which studied Machiavellian factors in the social behaviour of chimps and suggested that communication and language evolved not to facilitate cooperation but to deceive those around one about resources, food, sex and of course fidelity
    Having spent months and months dealing with estate agents while I tried to buy a property I can confirm that nearly everything they say will tell you is the quientessence of communication as deception, beyond anything that could be described as marketing, however understanding that this is a principle that applies to human communication generally, including between friends and family, and of course colleagues and women, is something which I have been slow to understand, often at great cost.
    More than this though, it is often precisely wolf that seeks dress like the sheep (not just mutton as lamb). There is often deeper hypocrisy and cant to be found in precisely those realms of affairs where the highest principles are claimed, the most beautiful words spoken. Sociopaths are attracted to those areas of life whereb they can practice without it weighing heavily upon their conscience. They want to bully and inflict damage or violence for a good cause, that they may sleep sweetly at night, knowing that their victims deserved what was meted out to the them.
    This is why social justice in particular is profoundly machievellian in character, and so incredibly easy to abuse. You proclaim high ideals, equality, justice, fairness etc while all the time you look to further your own ends, groups interests etc., and having betrayed everything you said you stood for at the deepest, almost sub-conscious level, you can do evil without fretting about the consequences of your actions.
    That’s why increasingly I find those who are more cynical are better truer company. They know their fallenness, or better still don’t really care.
    As for women, they need desperately to rediscover how fallen they are. Is there any other possibility for an honest woman. In the meantime the authors advice is not only true (assume women are unworthy), they are likely to save men terrible disappointment and woe.
    One last thing though, while I think it is absolutely correct that one is likely to be laid low by high ideals, I have some reservations about too great a separation of means and ends. Much of the machievellianism of leftist social justice causes is achieved precisely by separating means from ends, such that any means is justified by the ends in question. It is debatable whether this is necessarily the best way to go about things, not least because if all people have something of the machievellian within them, then they may also have some ability to detect bullshit and deceit, just as we may have isuch an ability in being able to call out feminism etc on its absurdities. There is in other words a need at some point to distinguish machievellianism from pragmatism (or perhaps a necessary worldly cynicism). The first requirement perhaps is to be able to detect machievellianism when it occurs before us (to find the right side of paranoia), and then perhaps to be prepared to do what is necessary (rather than what is essentially good or right) if required of us in any given situation.
    I’m not sure what people here think of Steven Covey’s 7 habits of effective leadership for instance, but I know it argues for integrity, something which is directly as odds with machievellianism, so perhaps instead one should act with integrity, while being alert (and sufficiently paranoid) to Machiavellian, and be able and prepared to act where necessary without undue sentimentality or hand-wringing

    1. “There is a thing called Machiavellian intelligence develop in the 1970s which studied Machiavellian factors in the social behaviour of chimps and suggested that communication and language evolved not to facilitate cooperation but to deceive those around one about resources, food, sex and of course fidelity.”
      You’ve just put into words what I have figured out on my own. Just take a look around. That’s what humans use communication and language for, too: deceit. The whole premise around becoming Red Pill is realizing this truth, that everything we are told by society, women, and our rulers is a lie.
      Political science is based on this fact, and as the ancient philosophers knew, man is a political animal, not a rational one. Rationals make up a tiny 10% of the population. The largest segment of the population, SJs, are 40-50% of the population, and are minions of those in power who blindly follow authority and the “official word.” SJs merely enforce the status quo, even if it is based on nothing but lies. SPs are another 20-30% of the population and are primarily driven by sensation. They are flexible, aesthetically-aware, “here and now” people that, with hardly a moment’s notice, will go where their senses lead.
      In other words, yes, we are surrounded by frickin’ idiots. Lying, deceitful, frickin’ idiots.

      1. yep, communication has been about deception since the tower of babel, or the chimpanzees depending on point of view. Took me a while to realise you were referring to Myers Briggs personality types….would be interesting to know how personality types are distributed between the sexes.

  11. I am happy to relate that last night I ran excellent Machiavellian game on a typical hot young American brat: 20, 5’9, quite skinny (she starves herself like a good piece of male objectification, to be sure), and all attitude, of course. Having knocked her off (is it necessary to add that the sex was rough?), I walked her to her car and mentioned taking her in a few days to a nice restaurant downtown for our second date. In truth, she won’t hear from me for at least a week (I’ll be working on my other vampires meanwhile), when she will get a text around 9pm: “Hey pussycat, come over if you want.” Sorry it has to be this way, but I’ve long known her type all too well, and it really is kill or be killed in regard to her. Say it ain’t so!!!

    1. You know an article chronicling all these direct game tactics and true slut nature would be a good contribution to the manosphere.

      1. Direct game would be something like this: You’re kicking it in a bar or club chatting up a cutie. You’re well-dressed, been confident and charming, made her laugh, told her an interesting story, caught her eye fucking you, etc. Now you take her by the hand and say: “Look, let’s get out of here and go chill at my place. I have some good wine there and will play you some good music. I know you don’t want to stay here all night around these lame guys.”

    2. This isn’t direct game. What I am doing is building expectations, then disappearing and returning: the goal being to prevent flaking and to keep her craving me.

      1. THEY know this game too. Well not all. Most are glued to their cellphones, waiting, anticipating, champing at the bit for a text to come in. But the one’s who aren’t…watch out. They will return it right back, your game that is. I only learnt of this through a friend who happens to be a female. She told me girls know guys wait 3-7 days before texting and how they manipulate texts to make YOU crave her. They’ll return it back (i.e will wait days before replying) and if you do not ask them with at least 3 days in advance for a Friday/Saturday hangout (even to just fuck) they’ll flatly turn you down. It can be aggravating when you think you have this game won…but at the same point exciting when your opponent isn’t as stupid as you originally thought.

        1. Perhaps what’s missing in this analysis is whether or not the guy is good in bed.

      2. More like giving her the perception of a greater relational time-line ensuring more altruistic behaviours from her. Cause and effect! But beware, women often play this game too (hence the issues around divorce).

    3. I may have an opportunity to become a part time bartender at a bar frequented mostly by 20 somethings. I’m in my early 40s….but look younger and clean cut. I know you’re a bouncer who does well with getting numbers cause of your position. what are your thoughts on a guy like me doing bartending in order to notch up some younger women? Do the bartenders do as good as the bouncers like yourself in terms of pullin young ass?

      1. They do not, though I think it’s because at my place most aren’t good looking or good talkers. There are no doubt many bartenders around who pull lots of fine young tail.
        My advice is: wear clothes that accentuate your build–assuming you are muscular. If you aren’t, maybe work with a trainer for a bit or follow the New Power Program by Michael Colgan–it’s good stuff.
        Tell the girls you are 35 – 38. And try bad ass game: you used to be a navy seal, are an ex marine; into rock climbing, sky diving, etc. But where are your pics? Ah, damnnit–you just lost your phone, lol.
        An older man, you are full of stories that suggest an interesting life–quite unlike the generic young guys there. E.g., you once were on vacation in [far off exotic place] when your car broke down and you had to spend 4 days alone in the woods eating flowers and insects.–To be a great player is like being a great politician: you must master the art of BS and lying. In a better time and place, I’d be morally opposed to this approach–but today these young hotties require it.
        Talk about really fun, out of the ordinary dates–not just meeting for drinks. You have to have superb interactions to cut down on flaking these days.
        When, every 3 months or so, you meet with a non-idiot who seems reasonably well-bred, try using very polished and elegant manners: “How do you do? It’s my pleasure?” etc. Do this here and there even with the typical brainless 23 year old cunt.
        In short, experiment so as to stand out.
        Be warned: once they percieve you are interested, many young hotties will try to use you for free drinks, and it will rarely be worth your trouble. When they ask for a hook up, be playful and sarcastic in response. Make them understand they have to earn the hook up. Use this as a transition to talking about a really fun date–but can she keep up with you? 😉 Subtly imply that her age makes her inferior to you: again, can she keep up? Manipulate her before she manipulates you, brother.

  12. “I conclude therefore that, fortune being changeful and mankind steadfast in their ways, so long as the two are in agreement men are successful, but unsuccessful when they fall out. For my part I consider that it is better to be adventurous than cautious, because fortune is a woman, and if you wish to keep her under it is necessary to beat and ill-use her; and it is seen that she allows herself to be mastered by the adventurous rather than by those who go to work more coldly. She is, therefore, always, woman-like, a lover of young men, because they are less cautious, more violent, and with more audacity command her” – Niccolo Machiavelli

  13. Lots of truth in this article. Fact is if men are said to follow many instincts and ingrained reactions or expectations, what makes women exempt? They are just as huMAN as the rest of us.
    They only seem worse because of what we let them get away with. I don’t let women get away with it.
    Per the article, my own example is when I got a good view of a thong from a coworker – the typical “Oh I just got to pick this thing up off the floor” view – nice thong though. But she as already engaged and I didn’t like her anyway. So, wanting to get more mileage out of humor (because there was nothing more I wanted from that skank) I said to her: “Pull your pants up. I don’t recall sending for a plumber”.
    The reaction was priceless.

  14. Раковски is a buttfucking (or buttfucked) troll. He is a Russo female posing as a man loving male. Don’t reply to him, guys.

  15. The best way to understand women? Get (figuratively) fucked over by one and recognize it. Once upon a time, a very long time ago, I fell for a total bitch. She used me as a wallet and emotional security blanket even though she knew I was emotionally tied to her. Not suspected I was emotionally tied to her, damn well knew I was emotionally invested in her.
    When you fall for a bitch, especially if the bitch knows you’ve fallen for her, she uses you. That was the last time I let that shit happen. I took what is now called the ‘red pill’ and the rest is history. No more would I ever allow myself to see women as fragile things in need of protection. I saw them as the narcissists they are, and how quickly they would use someone that actually cares for them.
    Now? I fuck chicks like that. You want to offer pussy? I like the package, I’ll take it. No more Mr. Nice Guy helping out the narcissists. You aren’t giving me access to the honey hole? You don’t get serious attention. You’re a fat cow? Go be cry and be fat elsewhere. You want money? Get a job that pays well slut. You had a bad day? I might listen after we fuck.
    I lost quite a few female ‘friends’ during my transformation. I did get to fuck the bitch. Ms. Mad Skillz in bed wasn’t as good as she made herself out to be after all. No big surprise there.
    Now, it’s like my neighbor Jadwiga. Her blue pill beta boyfriend probably thinks she’s a faithful little woman. Really, she’s a narcissistic slut that lets me fuck her brains out when her daughter isn’t home (divorced, she initiated), and she isn’t at his place. I’ll be leaving work in a bit to go fuck that Polish (immigrant, but completely Westernized) slut. She uses him for money (bitch can’t hold a job) and activities for her daughter. She ‘uses’ me to have orgasms. I use her as a cum dumpster. Poor Joseph, if he only knew the girl he’s head over heels in love with was fucking another guy while she professes ‘True Love is a Big Deal’ on her whorebook page. At least she doesn’t have to worry about screaming the wrong name during sex.
    Moral of the story: Western(ized) women are narcissistic liars. They take hypergamy to new levels of depravity. Don’t get attached, don’t get one pregnant, and certainly don’t marry the slut.

    1. They take hypergamy to new levels of depravity.
      Absolutely, and it’s getting worse by the hour.
      Was at an outdoor bar last Wednesday, warm and sunny out, couple of hundred people there, live band all that rot. I got eye fucked and winked at by no less than 6 women who were their with husbands or obvious boyfriends in tow. My favorite one was when the husband was talking to somebody else, with his hand around her waist and she looks over her shoulder at me (about 10 feet away), eye fucks me, winks and smiles discreetly. He just kept jabbering and occasionally turned to smile his big dopey beta smile at her. Poor stupid saps.
      Any guy here with any level of looks probably sees this all the time as well. It’s shocking how a fast a girl with a rock on her hand will scan a crowd and look for something “better” and then actively try to get the “better” man’s attention, even with her stupid trusting husband present 1 foot away from her. Hypergamy indeed.

      1. So this begs the question Jeff, why encourage your fellow man, your brothers in arms on this site to get married?

        1. I can’t remember where it was anymore, some message board for guys with relationship trouble. There was a guy that went by the pseudonym ‘Dr. T’ who was a lawyer. Years ago, he was telling men: ‘When it comes to Western women, don’t marry, don’t cohabitate, and certainly don’t get one pregnant.’
          He detailed all the fun things that the courts would do to a man in the cause of ‘FOR THE CHILDREN!!!’ and boy that made sure I finished my red pill. He detailed some of the most horrifying things women do, even before it hit mainstream radar. He was the finish of my blue to red (as you would see it nowadays) conversion. The shit he used to post, astonishingly horrible behavior by women, sanctioned by family court.
          He’s why I know a woman’s nature is immutable. These women, they do it once, they tend to do it repeatedly. No remorse. He said the coldest liar in the world is a woman that can knowingly look a man in the eyes after giving birth to someone else’s child and telling him that the other man’s child ‘has your eyes / nose / jaw / et al.’ without blinking.

    2. You proudly proclaim…, BOAST……to knowledgeably fuck this depraved petri dish?
      Your words of derision, careless glee, and mocking tone betray your desperate desire to masquarade yourself for an anonymous online audience as “superior” to both the woman and man you both are unwittingly cuckholding. Posting this on ROK is roughly the male equivalent of female attention whoring on Twitterbookgram.
      You are worse than the whore you deride not only for your actions against a fellow man but for empowering this bipolar conniving wretch of a human being in her malicious actions.
      Fiat Alpha. Too many of you these days.

      1. Wondered if I was the only one that thing this guy was a douche too after reading his comment.
        Just like DoucheOfJeffersons follow up comment bragging about how many women with their boyfriends were “eye-fucking” him at the bar.
        Seriously. These guys really think they are “alpha”?.

      2. Read the beginning of my comment: I used to be that Blue Pill, until I was fucked over by a total bitch. That was a bitter, bitter, lesson but I did take it to heart. I learned, in that time of introspection that followed, that women are narcissists. They may have varying degrees of that behavior inside their heads, but they all have it.
        As far as ‘cuckholding’ Joe the Blue Pill: You think if Ms. Jadwiga “I’m a slut and I admit it” wasn’t fucking me she’d be faithful? No. Not in the slightest. She’s a slut. Sluts open their legs to guys that give them moist panties. We see it all on here repeatedly, whether it’s about game or dealing with women in general:
        You make her panties moist? Congrats you get the honey hole and more. You don’t make her panties moist? You aren’t getting any. You fail a shit test, her panties dry up, and she finds someone who does. You don’t perform in bed to sate her, and dominate her a little, she’s going to get some from a guy who does.
        Blaming me for the actions of a slut, as I’m not raping her she’s willingly performing sexual acts with me, is hilarious. As if I am the cause of her being a slut. She was that before I met her, I just happen to treat her like one, unlike Mr. Joe the Blue Pill.
        Apparently that’s what she needs: a man to treat her like a slut. Maybe I am a ‘douche’ as you put it. I guess I could stalk her a bit, find out where he lives, and send him a pair of her panties with a note detailing her willingness to fuck another guy. Then again, he’s a Blue Pill and probably would write it off as a mean guy taking advantage of her and he’s a failure because of X, Y, or Z.
        I can’t wake the guy up. Well, not directly anyway. Maybe he’ll find out she’s a slut and it’ll red pill him. I don’t really know, but I can’t fix him. He has to wake up about her on his own, and that will probably be a bitter pill he swallows when he figures out she’s using him. That will be the day he learns what red pills know: you can’t turn a slut (or whore) into a housewife.

    3. Saying every woman is a narcissistic bitch is like saying every man rapes. (Westernized)

      1. Not really. The majority of women are narcissists to varying extents. A very small minority of men rape.

  16. This does not have to be so complicated. It does not require such a long, pretentious column that references Machiaville as inspiration.
    Truth is simple. Women are by nature whores. Western culture has unleashed the whoring nature of women to the extent that they have no other values and no virtue.
    With that as reality, act accordingly.
    Would you fuck a whore? Yes, at the cheapest possible price.
    Would you marry a whore? Not unless you are a masochist.

    1. Understanding and extrapolating how the classics of our civilization apply to modern times is always a good thing. First it exposes us to the minds of men who are far greater than most of us will ever aspire to be. Second these great men came up with great ideas, the same ones we profess, but with far less obvious “tells” in place in their time than we have today, hence why they are great men.

      1. True, but the trouble for Wi Tu Lo is that he is obviously a very stupid man.

        1. Correct me if I am wrong but I was under the impression that one should seek to refine an idea by pruning its excess until its essense is at is simplest form and only a man who hasn’t grasp the truth of the matter has to ramble to find a point to grasp on to.
          To that point, wouldn’t Wi Tu Lo the more understanding of this truth for the simple fact he can describe the same truth you did without needing the same amount of words; his version being condensed enough to be considered an axiom?

        2. Wi Tu Lo does not reduce my article to its essence: he crudely simplifies. To a person who can read the English language, there is clearly much more to my article than the claim that women are whores; see, as proof, the three part numbered section, with the first sentence of each section in bold.

        3. Reading ur 3 points was… like reading a thesaurus. If u ascribed the morality of a whore to women, than Machiavellian game would naturally flow. You would see women as nothing but a business deal. One would never use emotion to guide ones decisions n do the proper due diligence in the escrow period, n no one would close any deals if they had doubt.
          To those who r uninitiated, ur post might open some ppls eyes. However you shouldn’t call “the choir” stupid just because he prefers words that can reach a broader audience. This is ROK, not ur journal. Criticism isn’t only expected; it’s welcome.

        4. Dear Sir: I am very sorry that my writing has caused your small brain to hurt. May I suggest that you take a few aspirin for relief. Best regards, CC

        5. But seriously, let me address your “criticism.” Although they are related in many instances, narcissism, being a whore, and lacking a sense of justice are obviously quite different things. Hence it is clearly inaccurate to reduce my article to the claim that women are whores, or to say that the three parts of the numbered section is like a thesaurus.
          I do not think people are stupid just because they disagree with me. Given your respective illiterate writing, and gross misreadings, I do think you and Wi Tu Lo are stupid.
          As a writer, I always try to use the right words for my purposes. The fact that you and some other less educated readers may find them “big” or “hard” or whatever does not make my writing “pretentious.”
          You seem to think you are doing something useful by telling me that ROK is not my journal. Being vastly superior to you in intellect, it goes without saying that I already know that. It also goes without saying that I know the article in question IS my own, while you, like Wi Tu Lo, ARE just another obscure and harebrained commenter. So enjoy yourself–I will not waste more of my time engaging such Inferior men.

        6. Lol, u think I claimed that ur article was hard to read. If anything, it was entertaining, I like reading other people experiences, it assist me in affirming or reevaluating my own viewpoints. However what trolled my sensibilities was actually the dismissive way u counter argued anyone who didn’t sing ur praises for what I thought was little more than a journal entry with personal commentary attached. With a little poke at what still appears to b an inflated ego, what could have been handled with gracious deflection if u did not feel like defending urself or questions that might have exposed the weaknesses in my argument, u instead attack what u assumed was an intellect inferior to your own. I was actual disappointed in ur displays of immaturity in the post before this one. However now that u have decided to use wit and reason to show ur astonishment at my disagreement, I had to respond. I wasted all these words on such a preamble so the following wont be ignored out of hand.
          If u ever fucked a slut, u will see the narcissism inherent in claiming the the right to fuck unproven pussy cost hundreds sometimes thousands of dollars. So to any man who has witnessed their going rate, whore = narcissist.
          Next simplification is to point 3. Fucking whores is like buying a lotto ticket. Same price, 1 in a gazillion chance u’ll get what u actually want. More then likely, u will be disappointed in the decision just made as well of the fact that u be trying to buy a new ticket sooner then u know u should. Do these whores care if the deal was just? Ill answer that with the fact that they take their money up front n have their pimp/bodyguard next door.
          As I said, ur way of relaying truth helps me get through my time at work, but is not concise enough to be anything timeless. Cant wait to see the venom this will incur.

      2. Yawnnnn.
        Another benign, droll and pointless comment.
        Dont you have anything more productive to do than “trying to help us”?

    1. Good luck with that line of thinking. I spent enough years of my life as such and I don’t want to return to it.

  17. Bottom line.
    Don’t deceive yourself to anyone’s true nature. Especially Women.
    solid post.

  18. Great article. I would point out though that you focus on the narcissistic ego of a woman as “bad.” The ego is not bad but is organic and a part of the human condition. Calling it bad and attaching a label doesn’t allow one to accept it as a natural occurrence and to then act accordingly. Calling it bad gives rise to non-acceptance and indignation which is the biggest obstacle to seeing the truth about women.

    1. I think you are on to something. Freud provided a hugely insulting description of female sexuality. Pretty much the whole of feminism can be seen as an attempt to disprove what he said (Although in the process they’re pretty much proving him right)

  19. I wouldn’t say the “asshole” approach will go down to well in a traditional country or setting. Assholes demonstrate strength, which is in a low supply among Western men nowadays. Also most women in the West don’t have a strong male role model, so they are drawn towards a hyper masculine imitation of what they perceive a man to be. Although in reality, a lot of assholes aren’t the type of men we want to build a civilisation, as they are incredibly anti social.
    I am speaking from personal experiences here, in a country like Russia, women at a younger age are looking at setting themselves up with a man to have kids with and to provide for them. If you are drinking every night or depicting behaviour which gets the feral coed girls wet, you aren’t going to get very far. It’s more of a matter of economics and pragmatic self preservation, than doing what is right.

  20. Glad I read this.
    “Machiavellian game” is straight up necessary to keep a relationship alive. For example, in one chapter of the Prince, Machiavelli weighs the benefits and losses incurred by acquiring a reputation for liberality.
    He mentions that yes, liberality is a quality that can attract high esteem from one’s peers, and yes, those in power tend to be in liberal. However, Machiavelli notes, that with the reputation of liberality comes the EXPECTATION of liberality…and when a prince is unable to live up to that expectation, he becomes the recipient of acrimony from his subjects.
    Relation to game: Getting too many gifts for your gf is a quick way to dry the pussy up. The exact amount of “too much” depends on your income, of course, but the lesson to learn is that the momentary excitement your gf has over that expensive car, bouquet of flowers, shit, even that trite Valentine’s Day card will ultimately give way to a more constant ingratitude that stems from the expectation of more gifts in the future.
    The irony is that if you flip the script and frame yourself as the one in the relationship who should be doted upon with gifts (morning blowjobs? anal sex? the options are limitless!), your gf’s attraction to you will probably increase if you can be smooth about it.
    Machiavellian game really is exciting. For me, it’s a rush.
    Anyone have any thoughts how one might combine Machiavellian game with Charisma game? I’m playing around with those two styles right now because they work most naturally for me.

    1. Re: charisma game: try humor, Sir. If you are a decent looking dude who can make women laugh, while coming off as cocky and confident, you should get lots of tail. And if you aren’t decent looking, you should still be able to get more tail than most guys.

  21. Is anyone else glad that women are this way? It frees me and allows me to not have to feel bad about the terrible things I’ve done to them. I do not have to worry about showing mercy or restraint as I know if they were in my situation they would have done the same to me. As a bonus, even the women that hate my guts respect me, as we were both playing the same machiavellian game, I just happen to win.
    On another note, I’ve noticed women are not even very good at being deceptive. Even the so called things that women are suppose to be strong at, men are better at it. The problem is, is that men aren’t naturally wired to be deceptive and machiavellian, and this leaves them prey to women.

  22. C Contrary-
    Are you east or west coast?
    How much time does it take to pull girls as a bouncer?
    What’s the oldest bouncer in your club?

    1. East coast.
      It will vary according to your particular game skills. I myself try to have very good interactions–to be a “good clown,” as Roosh would put it–and simply collect numbers. Same night take downs are increasingly rare thanks to cock blocking. Even if a cutie wants to go home with me, her friend–often less attractive, which is no surprise–will usually get in the way. Yet I do find it’s easier to talk to girls as a bouncer than when I am out night gaming. In the former role, I am there doing my work thing, laid back and not there “for” them. Whereas otherwise I am just another dude coming at them. In short, night game isn’t what it used to be.Today women get to the bar or club already sated on male attention. It wasn’t like that in the days before social media and online dating.
      The oldest bouncer at my place in his 40s.

  23. Here’s another point about women that I don’t see a lot of discussion on: most of them have no idea how to fuck, especially some of the more attractive ones. Oddly, some of my best lays were with horny 6-7s.

    1. I concur. The last American girlfriend I had was a 9 or 10. Sadly, she was also a feminist.
      She would never let me take charge in the sack. Sex had to be initiated by her, and she had to initiate any change of position. I started to feel like the woman in the relationship. One time she actually freaked out when I tried to initiate sex.
      It’s all the social training that these women get, telling them that they have to assert their will against the patriarchy. They have more loyalty to the ghost of Bella Abzug than to the man who is spending his hard earned income on her.
      At least with a 6, you can cash in on her low self esteem and assert your innate masculine will. Sadly though, this only will last for a couple of lays though. Then you get tired of looking at her fat ass or her butterface.

  24. Great doc on Machiavelli “Who’s afraid of Machiavelli?” by BBC 2013.
    Can be seen on YouTube

  25. Ian Ironwood wrote an interesting piece about the dominant man…which I think is a better interpretation of Red Pill relationships.
    What is most interesting about this piece is it reveals that women read ROK and Red Pill websites. Word is out feminism doesn’t make a happy relationship. And the sooner they admit they crave to be dominated the happier they are.
    Just as nature intended.

  26. @ccontrary:disqus
    You sir, time and again, your articles are always spot on. The way you word your thoughts and the truths that are enlightened. You are indeed a wise man. Your philosophy on life is very much like my own. Look forward to reading more of your articles. Also curious as to some other thoughts you had on western society and how best to navigate through it to get what I want. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. FT1X

  27. Does Machiavellian game consist of lying about your age to just get the notch? This would be Machiavellian in my mind because if you “did the right thing and told the truth” the chick may have been digging you until she finds out your age….especially if you’re over her supposed threshold….let’s say in your early 40s and she’s in her 20s etc.
    Like some feedback. I don’t like lying…but I do like young women!

    1. I think what he was trying to say was that:
      Just cause you have morals do not project.
      This doesn’t mean:
      Since they don’t have morals, delete yours.
      Do what you feel comfortable with, you shouldn’t be rationalizing behavior for temporary gains.

  28. It might help to note that Machiavelli should by no means have been considered serious in his writings. The prevailing theories are that “The Prince” was a deliberate attack on the Medici family, who had both removed him from his position and tortured him. “The Prince” was written in such a way that it would be chillingly immoral in the eyes of the reader, but so seriously that it would not be taken as anything but a legitimate work, and was dedicated to one of the Medici family. These were his sworn enemies. However, it cannot be expected that the general public would know this, as research was more difficult at the time and he was not a massively important man.
    Another important note one must take is that “The Prince” was written in the vernacular Italian, rather than in Latin, as most such “mirrors for princes” were written. This means it was designed to be read by anybody, not just the prince, and it was expected that the outrage it would spark due to its highly controversial nature would be linked to the subject of the dedication: A member of the Medici family. Thereafter, if members of the Medici family were seen acting in a manner that could be linked to the book itself, the public could accuse the Medici family of acting in a manner reserved to the cruelest and coldest of monarchs. The theory goes, then, that Machiavelli truly was manipulative, but did not agree with the ideals of monarchism. In fact, none would but the monarch themselves, as the monarch’s actions could be seen by nearly all outsiders as inhumane, unjust, and, in some cases, even evil.
    You can see the fallacy in comparing one’s game to purported Machiavellian principles. Even Machiavelli himself was against such actions, and only wrote his seminal work in an effort to undercut a ruling family who often acted as monarchs. Machiavelli remained a staunch supporter of free republic, which assumed the basic good of the masses, sacrificing his name and reputation for the purpose of protecting the ideals of republics. Having game requires a particular lack of empathy and disregard for respect for others that, coincidentally, matches ideally with the monarchs Machiavelli attempted to dethrone.

  29. “He who wishes to be obeyed must know how to command”
    ― Niccolò Machiavelli, The Prince
    Only when a man becomes to be a worthy will he have a worthy woman. You Mr. C are very unworthy, that’s why you surround yourself with sluts, cunts, and whores.

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